The ‘Clockwork Orange’ Plan of Leftist Attack on Western Civilization: Planned terrorism using dope-smoking lazy Youth to Destroy America

I’ve heard it with increased frequency, especially over the last several weeks, “You better watch out for the youth. They own tomorrow, and they are coming for you.”  Let me explain a few things; there is no world where a bunch of freaks doped up on marijuana, and a lazy work ethic takes over America. Now we see an intent by the liberal government that has corrupted these young people for most of the last century. This is the kind of leftist radicalism that we saw in the excellent book by Anthony Burgess and the Stanley Kubrick movie of the same name, A Clockwork Orange, where a radicalized youth terrorizes society and shoves the government toward more authoritarian motivations. If you remember the movie, the “Singin’ in the Rain” scene, which was an obvious desecration of the Gene Kelly classic film makes the point clearly. The scene was the rape and torture of a suburbanite couple that was brutal to that song which many modern viewers would quickly recognize as the Liberal World Order playbook. These classic liberals thought they had it all figured out, and their attack on Western civilization rooted in ancient gods from Sumerian civilization is a long story that is playing out presently with increased panic. And that panic I reported from the last several weeks is because they see it isn’t working because of one consideration they never planned on. We see it unfolding in cities like Chicago where unleashed, progressive youth, weaponized to do precisely what the youth did in the famous book and movie, terrorize innocent people so that they will vote for bigger government to save them has not worked outside of the gun-free zones where Democrats control policy. In other places where Republicans have “stand your ground” laws, this youth terrorism has not worked out so well. 

It has been hard for people to realize that our youth in the world has been purposely radicalized to use them as weapons of war against Western civilization. Going back even further to The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler, there is this fantasy hope by the old forces of Baal worship that we see the trend of in the Bible, of Western civilization falling apart and a return to the gods of the pre-deluge days. To what degree evil works in the background of intellect is a debate of philosophy, quantum mechanics, religion, spiritual understanding, and a whole host of sciences that don’t typically appear in political science discussions. I remember a particular dinner party I attended with the director of the play Equus as it was shown in the very conservative Cincinnati, shortly after the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition of art desecration that was so publicly disputed, and I know these people. Yes, they are evil, intend evil, and mean for the destruction of life as we know it, the Christian-based Western civilization. So much of these left-leaning diatribes about the fall of the West is a fantasy that is the foundation concern of the political left. The play I referred to by the director, whom I knew, she had a thing for nudity, and she wanted to rub it in the face of an overly conservative Cincinnati public as a desecration. That was her reason for directing the play at the Taft Theater. This concept of corrupting the youth through easy sex, drugs, music and turning them into street activists against their parents’ generation has a long story of hope from the evil of the world that wants a Christian America to fall, and they have written a lot of books hoping to make that happen. 

But they never understood the value of market-based capitalism, which is the key to Western civilization. So liberal leaders in Chicago have one of the most progressive cities in the world, aside from San Francisco. They have a radicalized youth who can be turned into the streets to do essentially what the “Singin’ in the Rain” scene from Clockwork Orange was about: domestic terrorism to produce political change toward a communist government. Terrorize people to run to the arms of government for their protection; then, once a communist government was put in place, then the destruction of Western civilization, as the radical leftists have been dreaming of for years, can occur. And in the case of Chicago, this action has prompted Walmart to close three stores because they have simply shown it to be impossible to keep open because of the level of theft they see. So rather than collapse capitalism as the political left has hoped, capitalism instead goes where the value is, and it isn’t in state-controlled blue areas. As a result, stores will close in areas where the youth is out of control and inspired by radical politics. That is the real-life consequences of radicalism invoked by the youth, as seen in the movie A Clockwork Orange. Government weaponizes kids to revolt against their parents as trained in public education, and the downfall of society would naturally follow. The state-controlled blue areas are limited to only a few spots around America, leaving it always possible to move capitalism out into state-controlled red regions, which are much more numerous than state-controlled blue areas. Unlike the tendency of the left to gain power through election fraud, we see clearly the trend of actual voter sentiment by social behavior that most of the country does not allow their youth to get out of control. 

That is the ultimate failure of this plan by radical leftists; they thought that the Second Amendment would have already been eradicated and that unarmed people would be free to be terrorized by an out-of-control youth, as seen in A Clockwork Orange. For the leftist political plan to work, where youth could knock on your door late at night, take a family hostage and rape the women in front of their men grotesquely, the Second Amendment would have to have been removed. But in America, that is far from the case. Instead, gun laws have been loosened as many Republicans have learned of this trick and come to understand the strategy. If you want to eliminate the out-of-control violence, as they see in Chicago and San Francisco, get rid of the gun-free zones and let people protect their private property. That keeps these Clockwork Orange youth violence campaigns down to a minimum and completely screws up the lefty plan for destroying Western civilization. Seeing this plan fall apart, the political left has been screaming bloody murder because they really don’t have a plan B. If people aren’t afraid of them, they have no other means of getting their point across. They can’t win a debate on merits, only through force. The same model occurred with communism in Russia, China, and especially Cuba. The youth radicals wearing Che Guevara shirts destroying the Bible-thumping suburbanites was the object of a toast at the Equus play in Cincinnati, the desecration of western civilization to the worship of the pagan gods of old, the pre-Biblical times. But because of the Second Amendment, the backdrop of the rule of law, the plan isn’t working. And so long as there are over 300 million guns in America, it never will. And that is a wonderful thing that is causing the political left a lot of frustration.

Rich Hoffman

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