A UFO Over My House: The Secret Society Hung League and the ancient religion of astrology and intersteller time travel

Well, of course, I believe in UFOs. There are way too many of them that occur too often not to notice them and to take note of our government’s reaction to them or the response of other countries. I’ve seen them before; I can tell many stories, especially when my daughters were growing up when we experienced paranormal activity, largely because we went looking for things, and unexplained events occurred. I tend to think of “unexplained” as needing more science. When you don’t have science to explain something, we call it paranormal because it exists outside of “normal.” And the governments of the world rule from within the safe confines of what is “normal.” But these are also the same governments who have lied to us about the reasons for getting into the Gulf Wars, who made Covid and unleashed it from China, then tried to force all people to take medicine from their political donors and lied to us about how to treat the virus because they wanted people to get sick with it so that they could control us. These are also the same people who have been telling us that there wasn’t any election fraud, even though we know by now that there was lots of it. So if the government says there aren’t UFOs, or they attempt to say they aren’t in contact with an alien species trading technology for peace, or something else, I don’t believe them. I have seen enough to know that there is something to the whole UFO discussion and that there is far more of it going on than anyone wants to admit. Most people, if taken out of a social setting, will acknowledge that they have experienced paranormal activity of some kind, but because of the social ostracization that comes with admitting it in public, just another form of control that governments use against people, taught to us in those dirty, rotten public schools, that is how these mysterious things stay hidden from the public. Isolating people from talking about their experiences helps keep secrets, secrets. 

I have two daughters, and over the years, hanging around me, they have had their fair share of paranormal experiences. Often we check these out as a family to prove they aren’t real. But too often, there has been something to the reports, and we end up with more questions than answers. One of my daughters has developed a keen eye for UFOs over the years, and she sees them quite a lot. They are often hidden in plain sight because people don’t tend to look up; if they do, UFOs are hard to see. UFOs are hidden in the procedure for airline pilots and military members. They exist outside our process controls for maintaining a pilot’s license. So the reports are often ignored or not mentioned for fear of sounding like a lunatic. But if you look up, anything above 1000 feet, even the big airliners, it’s hard to see. With that said, I wasn’t surprised the other day when my daughter came over to my house with fresh video she had taken from her front porch of a UFO right over my home. The craft was moving too fast to be a small plane and too low to be a big airliner, even coming in for an approach into Dayton or Cincinnati, which we see all the time. This was different; it was fast, and in the 4-second video, it can be seen moving behind a cloud before blending into the sky to disappear. The video was short because it took a moment to see it, pull out her camera, then zoom in on it to get enough of an image. And that’s how these things usually go. The video ended up a little fuzzy because she had to zoom in on it to get it to appear on camera. This was a pretty good one, but she sees lots of UFOs in her life because she has learned to look at things in ways that maybe other people have trained themselves to expect as “normal.” She, nor I, expect normal. I would say that we expect unique things to be hidden behind the expectation of normal, which is why many people don’t see these things. 

As I looked at her video and went outside to look at the spot over my home where the UFO had been, I thought about the various secret societies and their initiation rituals, such as those passed down from the Knight’s Templars into the modern Masons, and in this case specifically the ultra-secret Hung League in China. Because China has been in the news a lot lately over Covid lockdown protests, I always attribute planned crises, such as political positions to these secret societies and consider how much they are behind it. And when it comes to UFOs, it’s the initiation rituals that many of these secret societies have that give away their great interest in the stars and the life forms that come from them. As I’ve said before, many Indians, especially in America, when you get into their belief systems, believe that the earth was populated by Star People from the binary star system Sirius who settled ten planets, earth being just one of them. Hey, if the Indians say to worship the earth, liberals are ready to shut down our society over climate change. But if they say there are Star People who have settled earth and come back often to maintain our life here, they call it “crazy.” Yet, that’s what is said about travel from Sirius and other star systems. When you see the various motives behind secret societies toward astrology and processional interest in the constellations over time, it’s clear that knowledge is power, and the point of the secret societies is to keep that knowledge a secret so they can have power over people in general—the oldest motive in the world. Below is part of an initiation ritual into the Hang League that is typical of these secret societies, and you’d be surprised who is in them and why. I would say that the efforts behind politics make these kinds of beliefs normal:

The Hung League, considered by many the oldest religion of the Chinese, well before Confucius ever came along; these are questions of an initiate. And, of course, in the answer are the coded messages that let the secret society know that the initiate can behold the concepts of astrology. 

Q.           What did you see on your walk?

A.           I saw two pots with red bamboo.

Q.           Do you know how many plants there were?

A.           In one pot were 36, and in the other 72 plants, together 108.

Q.           Did you take home some of them for your use?

A.           Yes, I took home 108 plants.

Q.           How can you prove that?

A.           I can prove it by a verse.

Q.           How does this verse run?

A.           The red bamboo from Canto is rare in the world. In the groves are 36 and 72.

               Who in the world knows the meaning of this?

               When we have set to work, we will know the secret. 

The number 12 is the number of constellations in the zodiac. 30 is the number of degrees allocated along the ecliptic to each zodiacal constellation. 72 is the number of years required for the equinoctial sun to complete a processional shift of one degree along the ecliptic. 360 is the total number of degrees in the ecliptic. 72 X 30 = 2160, the number of years required for the sun to complete a passage of 30 degrees along the ecliptic, to pass entirely through any one of the 12 zodiacal constellations. 2160 X 12 = 25,920, which is the number of years in one complete precessional cycle or Great Year and the total number of years required to bring about the great return. You can also get to the number 25,920, which is the number of the Great Year from a Zodilocal perspective with 360 X 72.

I tend to think of astrology as the science of mapping time as it occurs on earth so that interstellar travelers will always have a reference for where they are relative to where they came from. We think of astrology as the horoscope we read in the paper, online, or in the Farmer’s Almanac, where star power influences us based on when we were born and during whatever period of time during the Great Year, which followers of astrology known as 25,920 years of processional time that our sun moves through all the houses of the zodiac. For instance, during the time of Moses and the Biblical Exodus, we were in the time of Aries, and goats were the offerings to God that were part of the appeasement process. By the time Jesus came along, it was the age of Pisces, the fish that people identifying as Christians put on the back of their cars. It takes 2,160 years to get from one age to another; the next one on earth is the age of Aquarius, etc. But to what effect does all this math matter? Well, if you travel from star system to star system, you have to know what time it is. So each planet will have its unique position relative to other celestial bodies, and any computer calculating space and time will have to understand that relationship. It looks like over time, people living on earth and interacting with these characters from Sirius or wherever else have associated astrology not as a clock for telling time but with its own religion, and that religion is at the center of most of our secret societies. As I’ve said before, Washington D.C. is loaded with a deep commitment to star alignments and the zodiac because it was built by Mason’s deeply committed to this stuff. 

So part of keeping that power over people occurring is the maintenance of secret societies and their true motives. Whenever I see a UFO, like the one in the video over my house, or hear about them, I think of this religion of astrology and the secret of government interaction with interplanetary influences. I don’t think of such concealed truths as scary; it’s just science and the quest to get more science to understand what’s happening in the world. But when members of those secret societies tell you that there is nothing to see, that’s when I say to look harder. And when the things they tell you aren’t real are flying right over your house, and you can see it, well then you know they are lying for many reasons that are important to them. But the truth looks to be far beyond most of their understandings. For them, such knowledge is power over their human competitors for knowledge. But for society in general, the truth is far outside our accepted reality, and to understand it, you must first be willing to look up and say, “hey, it’s a UFO.” And I’ve seen enough over a long period of time to see the connections between government, power, lies, and mass manipulation to maintain that power.

Meanwhile, there are many visitors to earth, and most are just doing their thing. And astrology looks to be their means of programming whatever travel computers they use to figure out where they are and what time it is at home because time moves at different rates depending on where you are in space and how that space is bent by gravity and other quantum forces. And much to the detriment of the secret societies, their secrets aren’t such secrets anymore.

Rich Hoffman

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Why The Desecrators of Davos Want to Redefine Our History: If you know the truth, you won’t listen to them

There’s been a little game going on for a very long time that is the core of all our political movements around the world. Many people recognize the problem and point to secret societies, and all their maniacal schemes are revealed as danger from behind many curtains of concealment as the ultimate villain. But it’s far more profound than that, and it all centers around history and our understanding of it. One thing that is clear coming out of the World Economic Forum events at Davos over the last several years, and we’ve seen it in the United States through attacks such as the 1619 Project, is the desire to reinterpret history so that a modern political class can make a move to change our society into what they want to control. We’ve seen it in the push to remove the Bible from courtrooms; we’ve seen it attempting to make slavery a Republican problem and undo the foundation of America in the first place. The game is to feed mass populations a lot of garbage and keep them from having the opportunity to know the truth about themselves and their own history so that centralized bureaucrats within the Administrative State can easily control them. However, even as much as I talk about politics, I know a lot more about history, and it’s easy for me to see what’s going on, which is why I have been spending more time on history lately. The clear strategy is to redefine the historical narrative so that “they” (the Desecrators of Davos) can become our new gods from the perspective of the “technocrat” and rule the world just as any king or dictator from times past might have tried. I have addressed many of the concerns about artificial intelligence and the future of robots in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, to counter what the Desecrators of Davos have been saying, hoping to scare people into compliance. Instead, the actual game is what we all must stay focused on to understand what they are really after.

Much of what I do in life, I don’t mind saying because, in many ways, the explosions have already gone off, and there isn’t a damn thing anybody can do about it now is operate like the demolition experts in Force Ten From Navarone did in that famous war movie. In that film, the goal was for a small crack team to blow up a dam that would then flood out a bridge to prevent Germans from crossing a vital river and attack Allied forces. So a small group of two people takes their little bag of explosives into the center of the giant dam complex to set it off, only to realize that the charge was too small to destroy the dam. Feeling like they failed, the two guys leave thinking all is lost. But, as the demolition expert understood from the outset, if the charge were too big, they never would have been able to get it behind enemy lines. Therefore, the charge was designed to be small but to set off a chain reaction that would gradually put cracks in the dam, allowing the pressure of the water behind the dam to do the rest of the job, which is what happened. The small charge set off cracks in the dam that grew bigger and bigger until the whole thing came apart. That is how I see the attacks we are inflicting upon the Desecrators of Davos and the many secret societies that have been working behind them with cult-like persistence for many centuries. So the global attackers’ goals today, the rumors of child sacrifice that go on behind the curtain of our society, and the media’s seeming complicit to help cover up appear very scary. But when you understand the goals and how to beat them, things start to make a lot more sense. That is why they don’t want people to understand history.

So what’s going on? Well, there is a push from the global elite, that people call them, to return the earth to a global species of goddess worshipers, to the religions that predate Egypt and most of the advanced cultures we think of in such a way. The truth is, and this is why I have been talking about Atlantis a lot more lately, is that these global forces and their secret societies want to get back to that origin story; they want to erase the ideas of Christianity away as if it never existed and force everyone into this cult of blood sacrifice to the mother earth as things were in societies of Atlantis and even much older. You can always tell what people are up to by what they attempt to keep people away from. Talk about Atlantis was common until the 1930s when the progressive movement in America began taking over politics and our media culture. But the truth is that Atlantis was a major cultural center with international commerce at least 10,000 years ago. Whatever happened to the talk about an island in the middle of the Atlantic, a large island that sunk by many thousands of feet, leaving behind only the mountaintops in the Azores and Canary Islands, the people of Atlantis, who were very tall in stature, which led to the mythology of the Titans in Greek mythology, and the giants of the British Islands, the people migrated into North America where the center of all culture was until a giant comet came and wiped everyone out. The descendants of the cataclysm, over the next 4000 years or so, reestablished what they remembered from those times. We have the many cultures of the world that led to what we know about in Sumer, Egypt, and the events that led up to the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran, with Buddhism evolving in the far East. All these influences are similar yet developed their own evolution, cut off from the homeland of the original earth-worshiping culture.    

The thing that nobody wants to say is why we should ever want to return to Atlantis as the Mason movement obviously wants to, along with many secret societies with the same aim. The idea of devil worship and astrology is to deface the beliefs of Christianity that developed, which created western civilization centered around the pronoun “I” and to return to sacrifices to the forces of nature which govern the universe. The idea that man would use science to dominate nature is a threat to members of that ancient religious order, which is why people like Yuval Harari are trying to scare everyone away from science by saying that humans will cease to exist and will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. But with the evolution of western ideas, which grow out of the Bible, the concept of mankind dominating and owning nature is a threat to the globalist forces who have not yet matured and grapple at the skirt of mother earth because they are terrified of a self-fulfilling future. America represents that self-fulfilling future, which is why they seek to destroy it. As far as Atlantis society evolving out of North America and being a global trading alliance, you can trace the history of the Aztecs to their ancestors in the caves of Aztlan, in the White Sands area of New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona, and follow the Indian legends of prehistory for them and see how things connect. I would point the curious to the Skinwalker Ranch just outside Vernal, Utah, for evidence of this lost society. But it’s all about scope; you have to pull back far enough to see the whole picture before you can understand it, and why the Desecrators of Davos want to limit that vision for their own attempts at global domination, and to know why they want to do it. Then and only then can we make a moral case for America, which is precisely what I plan to do over the coming years. The slow explosion that will bring down all they are holding back and destroy their intentions where they are powerless to stop it. Wait until we get into the empire of giants that ruled in North America during the Archaic period, but that’s for a bit later after the cracks in the damn are more obvious. This will be fun!

Rich Hoffman

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“DOG SEES”: The Ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s and my mechanical bull

What goes through the mind of a slaughter-house worker in the days before the modern electric shock that is applied to animals prior to slaying them? Imagine hour by hour, day by day, week after week in a turn of the century slaughter-house slitting the throat of thousands of animals listening to the turbulent frightful last moments of an animal’s life and what that might have done to a mind over a period of time. Imagine that same slaughter-house with its troubled souls who died of natural causes but were so warped psychologically from their production line slaughter-house methods that the ghosts of those lost souls in anger at their eternal captivity on earth made a deal with what they believe to be the devil and coaxed a man to cut off the head of his pregnant girl friend and throw it down the well in the basement as a sacrifice to the devil. Maybe they did it just to see if they could, to vent their anger at their eternal captivity at the slaughter-house. Then a few years later, for those who know the history of Newport, Kentucky as Sin City, that served as the model for Las Vegas because of the prostitution, gambling and virtually every sin known to man. All the decadence a mind could conger up could be found on Monmouth Street and just up the Licking River in Wilder along the railroad tracks, a hot spot gambling house where a show girl named Johanna committed suicide back stage in that popular building formally known as the slaughter-house. The building would sit empty for many years after these tragedies until a country singer known as Bobby Mackey came along and bought it so he could open a country western bar and play live music every weekend. However, his music would reflect the haunted past of his new bar, as he discovered that his tavern was inhabited by two centuries of turbulent souls who had died and refused to move on to the next phase of life embedding themselves to the building now known as Bobby Mackey’s Music World. (OFFICIAL WEB SITE  http://bobbymackey.com/)

Is Bobby Mackey’s haunted? Yes. Without question. My family, particularly my youngest daughter and my wife have a connection with haunted beings that eludes the logic of my mind. I do not have the same experiences that those two do. My oldest daughter is like me; she’s a bit too skeptical to believe in such things and based on my own observations I will have to determine that it’s because our minds aren’t tuned to see those things that live in between the cracks of reality. To satisfy my youngest daughters interests we have embarked on several ghost hunting adventures and could tell plenty of stories that would curl your toes, that defy scientific explanation, leaving me to conclude that something living in some form that exists outside of our visual, and hearing spectrums does roam the earth in abundance and does play a part in the daily lives of human beings. My family has visited the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Moonville out in Athens, Ohio. We’ve crawled through some of the most haunted cemeteries in the small hours of the morning known, and seen a lot of strange stuff, the most violent entity we encountered was a “Shadow Man.” (Click the link to learn more)


My family has chased down UFO’s with our car only to have the things vanish in the sky right in front of us. Locally at the Screaming Bridge in Liberty Twp, I recently shared my personal stories with a group of Overmanwarriors over lunch to not so much conclude spiritual presence at that place but added to the stories, the preponderance of some places on this planet that are filled with violence for no apparent reason. Some may call them demons. Some may call them ultraterrestrials. Some may call them troubled souls trying to move on to the next life. Whatever they are, they are there, and Bobby Mackey’s is filled with them. That’s why this episode of Ghost Hunters about Bobby Mackey’s attracted my attention because I like the way TAPS does paranormal investigations. They approach each case with logic and try to debunk claims, which 80% can almost always be explained away. When I watched this episode it brought back some thoughts to my mind that I had while visiting Bobby Mackey’s and it is the dog that fixates on the pole that has stuck with me. Later at the end of this show, if you’ll take the time to watch it, an EVP recording picks up the voice of something that says clearly, “DOG SEES.”

“DOG SEES” what? I suppose that scene strikes my interest because I recognize that animals see and hear things beyond human sense perception so what that dog was so interested in at the pillar in the middle of the bar is a mystery, then to have a EVP voice acknowledge that the dog sees something they think is hidden is a bit disturbing. My experience at Bobby Mackey’s is not from one of the ghost tours he offers on the weekends after the place has closed, or even that of a paying customer. Back in 1993, before it was well-known that the place was haunted to the general public, I bought a mechanical bull from Mr. Mackey for a business I was working on, and his staff took me and a friend down into the basement where the well was, supposedly in the heart of the haunted aspects of the place. That’s where the extra mechanical bull we were buying was. We paid $400 for the mechanical bull and left to get a truck to come back and pick it up as a series of catastrophes prevented us from ever being able to come back and pick up that damn bull. I refused to acknowledge it at the time, but it almost felt as though something followed us home and wrecked everything involving that mechanical bull for weeks thereafter. It was as though we had picked up at Bobby Mackey’s an unusual string of bad luck that defied logic.
I have been to Bobby Mackey’s as a customer listening to Mr. Mackey sing his country songs as patrons dance, drink beer and ride the mechanical bull in his popular country night club, and I’ve been there as a business interest in the bowls of the place, and yes, there is some unsettling emotions that come and go from your mind while there. It seemed to be much less when the place was full of people, than when the place was empty. And the basement had almost a wall of energy that seemed unusually aggressive. I’m a person that could have a bomb go off right next to me and I wouldn’t flinch. So I stay pretty calm even under the most troubling circumstances, and there was something about that basement that made me consciously have to fight back an overwhelming sense of doubt.

My experience with ghosts are that they are very much like everyday people, except more primal in nature. If you ignore them, you will find they won’t interact with you very much. If you pay attention to them and try to befriend them, then you could have some trouble. Because for whatever reason, these beings are stuck as a collection of spiritual energy that do not have bodies, and they are stuck for a reason. If you provide them with an emotional vehicle to latch on to and gain some attention, then you’ve given them what they were looking for. I prefer the TAPS method of paranormal investigation that is very scientific as opposed to the Ghost Adventures methods of Zack and his crew. But watch this next episode of Ghost Adventures where these guys return to Bobby Mackey’s and attempt to provoke the ghosts there, which appear to be up to 7 at a time with these guys. Picking a fight with a ghost is the same as picking a fight with a human. If you watch this episode you’ll see the ghosts react the same when called out to a fight. As I listen to the dialog between these ghost hunters and the ghosts I think of the numb to death slaughter-house workers who can’t seem to move on, who are stuck to that building in a primal state of defiance, and think nothing of killing and harming the living, simply because they are jealous of those who have bodies.

It is without question that there are many forces on our earth that science has not yet figured out, that only religion has attempted to touch. I don’t fear any human being, so I surely don’t fear a creature that doesn’t even have a body. And my mind is too secure to be penetrated by them, so there is little to be concerned about in my personal life from disembodied entities. But they are quite manipulative, and they do enjoy interrupting the minds of the naive, or intellectually challenged. They do visit often the drunk, the stoned, the human with vacant brain activity, and they do seek to live out their frustrations at being stuck to a region for an indefinite period of time.

For me—the most haunting clip in the above episodes is that dog, “DOG SEES.” Dog sees what? What is in that pillar that the dog sees and these spirits are so concerned about? That is a perplexing mystery that has me fascinated and might just call for another trip to Bobby Mackey’s so I can see if my mechanical bull is still in the basement. Sure, it’s been twenty years, but so what, maybe the ghosts have been riding it down there and kept it maintained. Who knows, but one thing is for sure. Something is going on at Bobby Mackey’s Music World that exists between our world and something else. It can be seen and felt now, even if science struggles with an explanation.

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Rich Hoffman