Public Education is Over: It’s a nationwide change that isn’t going away

It’s not just the actions at Lakota schools in Northern Cincinnati that brought me to where I am now. I have spoken to dozens and dozens of people over the last few weeks regarding the Darbi Boddy school board drama, and I feel really sorry for the people who have been hoping that public education could be saved somehow. But as I have said to all those people and more, I just don’t see the controversy at Lakota. I see personality problems, but as I’ve said, whenever you get a clash of change agencies crashing into a very static institution, things are bound to get pushy. I never thought otherwise of the school board at Lakota. Instead, there are national trends that are forming in the background that are very much part of the Lakota story. What is about to happen at Lakota, with major resignations coming up due to the pressure of the changes, is going to happen in all public schools. I hoped to be wrong about it and hoped that with a decent school board, some form of public education for the people who do love it might last. But it’s quite clear to me that public education is impossibly broken and that the role of a modern school board is to manage the decline. Long gone are the days when Friday Night Football would rally behind the great local quarterback who threw 400 yards and four touchdowns to unite the community behind the sports page on a Saturday morning. And college recruits were in the stands handing out scholarships like Halloween candy. No, those days are over, forever. The people I have talked to as fall out from the controversies at Lakota are all well-intentioned. But they do not see the obvious because it’s simply too painful for them. They do love public education, and they really don’t have the heart for what’s coming.

Of course, you do want to know what’s coming and why now is such a pinnacle time. Well, institutions are collapsing along with the economy, which is overall the net result of over a century of failed progressive philosophy. They have gone all in, and the public has not been with them. All this became exposed during Covid, the progressive teacher unions, and the highly paid superintendent class that sort of functioned as a barrier between the radicals and the elected school board members. Once the rhythm was broken in the public education cycle, and people learned to live without it, there was no way ever to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. At best, public schools were going to be fragments of their former selves. But then parents learned just how radical the government schools really were. It used to be that many people, including Glenn Beck, were put off by my position on public education at the height of the Tea Party movement.    I was saying that public education was doomed to fail back in 2012 and 2013 when Beck and I had a mutual friend, Doc Thompson, who was trying to broker talk between us to do some radio work on The Blaze, as I used to do on Clear Channel Radio. I was too much of a rock thrower for Glenn Beck at that time of his life, and all avenues between The Blaze and me were cut after President Trump was elected. Soon after, Doc Thompson was mysteriously killed by a train while working directly for Beck in Texas. I was indifferent to Beck. He was a never-Trumper then, and of course, I was all about Trump, so there hasn’t been an opportunity to reconcile. Well, I had Beck’s show on in the background the other day, and he was telling everyone what I said a decade ago, “take your kids out of public schools; they are dangerous for your children. Do it now!” Just ten years ago, it was fringe when I said such things. Now it’s a mainstreamer conservative talk show host with many millions of people listening to him daily saying it. Times have changed a lot, and people are finally starting to listen. 

As I said during the Trump administration, if Covid hadn’t been set loose to destroy the fourth year of the president and hopes for re-election by destroying the American economy, the Department of Education was poised to be dismantled. States were preparing to apply a new funding model to the public school systems, where the money follows the child, not to the school. This would force the unionized institutions to compete for effectiveness. Lakota certainly wasn’t happy about that, and in many ways, Covid saved them from that eventuality. With Joe Biden in the White House, public education won’t see changes, but that’s not saying much. Biden, as of this writing, is at 28% approval. Dinesh D’Souza’s movie 2000 Mules has shown serious proof of direct election fraud funded by Facebook, and institutional politics is trying desperately to keep it all undercover.

Meanwhile, more and more mad moms are getting elected to school boards, moms like Darbi Boddy at Lakota. Even if the school board convinced her to resign, there are hundreds just like her who are winning seats all over the country, and all want the same thing. They want to protect their kids from what they have come to see as an institutional menace to their children where school boards stand between them to keep the peace, to keep those Friday night football games something the community continues to do. But that all came to a crashing end with Covid, and parents found other things to do. 

In the last election, I supported school board members to help bring solutions, people I knew who liked public education more than I did. So a part of me really wanted to be wrong. I knew I wasn’t, but I wanted to be. As they are now, public schools will not survive the transition to a system where the money travels with the student, which will eventually happen. That gives the school boards the task of keeping that managed decline as good as possible so that the failure of public schools does not destroy entire communities. The communities around Lakota have much more going on than being destroyed by a school. Add to the high gas prices, the sudden shortages of items that people used to take for granted, and a political system at the federal level that people didn’t support to begin with; all the old progressive institutions are going to fail, just as the Biden administration is failing. Now that they have their dream candidate in the White House with both houses of Congress under their control, they went too far. They used Covid to grab for powers that terrified many parents who had been on the fence for their entire lives only to come face to face with their greatest fears, the pincushion, rainbow-haired LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ teachers who wanted to turn their tomboy daughters into a Tom and to cram it down their throats and demand that they like it. Well, people are tired of government ramming things down their throats, and they will take it out on their local communities, specifically their public schools. If they can’t get to Joe Biden, they’ll get to the local school board, who they see as just as much of a menace. And more and more, the moderates will be pushed off and replaced by mad moms seeking to protect their children the way angry mommas do. And there is no putting that anger back in the bottle now that people have admitted it to themselves. Public education is over. What we are seeing now is just the beginning. 

Rich Hoffman

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God Bless Homeschoolers: Times have changed, and more people are turning away from the terrible public schools to save their children

I thought it was a waste of time when I went to public schools. I hated most of it. None of the relationships I formed in those school years meant anything to me. I always viewed public school as a massive social experiment, even in the early years, and thought of going there the same as going to prison. You weren’t allowed to think about what you wanted or do what you wanted, which always seemed wrong to me. So I never have been enthusiastic about public schools, and over the years, I have written millions and millions of words about why John Dewy was wrong about forming it from the beginning. I didn’t feel any different when my own kids went to public school. There was a time when my wife was very supportive, one of my kids was in the fourth grade, and the other was in third. My wife volunteered in everything that she could in both of those classrooms. She was one of the “moms” that the school treated almost like a teaching staff member. Everyone knew her, and she was beloved by all the kids. Well, in that fourth-grade class, the school had sent home a permission slip for teaching my daughter about sex by putting on a condom onto a plastic dildo, and of course, we said no. What followed was a complete mess; the school was so angry with us that the full force of their wrath was brought down on us. No longer was my wife welcome in the school. We got mad and fought back. It turned into a significant event in that the police union got involved, and it ended up in the mayor’s office. We ended up pulling our kids out of school for a year until we moved to a different district and started all over again somewhere else. 

That year of teaching our kids at home was one of the hardest in our entire 30-plus-year marriage. We had no family support for it, and the community was entirely against it. We lost all our friends over it, and even 20 years later, we never repaired those relationships. I was alright with the social castigation, but it was very difficult for my wife. It was just a year of homeschooling, but it cost her a lot because of the social pressure we experienced. That’s why it surprised me that both of my kids pulled their kids out of public school during the Covid pandemic, a government-made viral outbreak that they wanted to control through government-taught education. Because my education always involved elements of life outside of public school, and I had never accepted public education as a form of education that was of any value, it was easy for me to see what a stupid set-up it was with the whole Covid thing. My kids have now been homeschooling their kids for a lot longer than my wife, and I had. But they had a much different experience just over 20 years later. Instead of everyone telling them in society how wrong they were, they were getting admiration from their peers. Most people they interact with expressed a desire to do the same thing for their kids if they could afford to, which most can’t. And there are large homeschooling conventions now that didn’t exist in the 90s. The support system is much better than it used to be, which can be seen in some of the pictures in this article, as my kids just went to a large homeschooling convention in Cincinnati. 

Attitudes have changed a lot about public education. It’s certainly not that anybody hates education, quite the opposite. What is evident at an event like the Ohio Homeschool Convention is that people have learned not to accept the bad product that public school is. The concept that kids can learn what they need to in life by a government school is ridiculous and ill-conceived. Many people never thought to accept the question of it because they had no choice in the matter. Most everyone has to go to public schools, so they had to justify the terrible product because to admit otherwise would be personally harmful to their intellects. That was why we had such a violent experience when my wife and I did it. But despite what is projected from the media culture about public schools, attitudes have changed dramatically. Even people who I would think would be all into the public school experience with cheerleading and pom poms are telling my kids how much they admire them for putting their kids first and taking responsibility for their educations themselves. My kids take my grandchildren’s education very seriously, and I’m very proud of them. In my house, we read books, lots of them, education never stops, no matter if you are 7 or 70. I have smart kids, and they are helping my grandchildren unlock the treasures of their own brains, and it’s a beautiful thing to look at. They have chosen not to surrender their kids over to some scum bag government employee covered in tattoos and body piercings who don’t even know what sex they are. And my grandchildren aren’t even thinking about sex in school under the third and fourth grades. When my grandkids come home, there is a parent in the house to greet them, as they always should be. Turn your kids over to a daycare or a public school, then don’t complain when they turn out to be messed up adults. Those babysitting services are not replacements for a parent’s love, as Dewey and the government fully intended to destroy.

So like a lot of things that have come out of Covid, the media seemed surprised that public school enrollment is down as pandemic restrictions have been eased. Parents have seen enough, and those who can are not sending their kids back to those palaces of mental enslavement. What the political left never factored into their calculations about “the new normal” was that it wasn’t going to be the complete obedience that Klaus Schwab talks about in his books on a complete socialist takeover of all things in the world. Instead, the smart people not yet suckered into enslavement were never again going to trust the government, health officials, or a public school system to do anything with their kids. A lot of parents are going to change the way they do things. The violence toward my wife and me mentioned was their attempt to keep dissidents from escaping their control, and they tried everything to punish us, which was a horrible idea. A lot of unnecessary pain resulted, which could have been averted. But instead of getting more control over that period, they have essentially lost it all. People do not feel privileged to have a public school system like they used to even ten years ago. Now, it’s just a necessary evil because they are too busy to do the job themselves or don’t feel they know enough to teach their own kids. But with every teacher who comes on television and talks about gender neutrality and represents themselves as progressive disasters, there will be more parents who want to homeschool their children to keep them out of that government-designed disaster. And to my eyes, with the long game under consideration, that just might save America rather than destroy it, as Dewey always intended. 

Rich Hoffman

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We Have Lost 7 IQ Points Since the Year 2000: The purposeful attack on American culture by the new slave masters

When some education person starts yacking on about more government pre-K education programs, just consider that since the year 2000, human society has lost 7 IQ points. It used to be through most of the previous two centuries in America, people were free to develop their intellects and were actually encouraged to do so, civilization increased in IQ. Of course, IQ is developed in many more ways than just education. But especially since the time of the year 2000, as global competitors have looked to America to harvest its wealth, the old slave mentality of old has come into play. The people who want to rule the world do not want a bunch of smart people running around thinking for themselves. They want human capital to shut up, do the human labor, and to do what they are told for the rest of their lives. And the only way the Desecrators of Davos characters can get such a compliant society is to dumb down the world so that people would no longer think for themselves. If the evidence for such an intent was ever in question, just look at what has happened to America and society in general since 2000. Since the Bush, No Child Left Behind bill that essentially just empowered the teacher’s union to take control of the public schools and ruin them into communist propaganda branches and political think tanks for all leftist causes, we have seen this downward trend in general intelligence.   If you are someone who wants a compliant workforce that looks to you to do all the thinking for them, then you have been successful. But if you want a world of innovation and free thinkers driving society and culture in positive ways, this IQ report is a disaster.

That’s not to even consider the amount of IQ we have lost over the two years of Covid that miraculously went away as the Ukraine war with Russia started. Just about the time, hmmmmmmmm, what could it be? Since the publication of Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health came out, people are beginning to understand it. That book implicates many factors of the medical profession, the money guys, and climate activists like Bill Gates. The government brokers who distribute funds to everyone, like Dr. Fauci, the pharma industry that only has an eye on their next quarterly profit forecast as publicly traded companies, a media industry of prostitutes in the literal sense of the word, who will do and say anything depending on who is paying them. The book presents a disaster of a culture, and it brings the evidence in droves. Yet the gist of it all is that such exploitations could have only occurred in a dumb society, the kind of society where the government says, “wear a mask to slow the spread” of a made-up virus that the government artificially propped up for the power grabs of government. Then there were actually people who were driving around in their cars with the windows rolled up by themselves, wearing their masks. That is the result of a low IQ society. The fault I would point to is the Desecrators of Davos who have been trying to build the world toward globalism since the progressive John Dewey came up with our current education system as a socialist propaganda arm of government to breed enslaved people for the new masters who were above all the world and looking to control labor and the governments of those people with a heavy hand and a parental eye to direct all behavior as if we were all four years old again. 

Yes, the Desecrators of Davos knew they were doing just as what was done to enslaved people in the past; they cut off the feet of slaves who kept running away to keep them in the fields. And they certainly didn’t teach them to read because if they could, they would figure out what was happening to them by the enslavers. The best thing for maintaining human labor was to keep them dumb and thoughtless. The slave masters needed the muscles of the human capital, not their minds. And that is essentially how those types of people have shaped all education systems for well over one hundred years. That is also why we have lost 7 IQ points since the year 2000. That is what the Desecrators of Davos want, those cryptical losers that everyone calls the “elites.” People like the progressives John Kerry, Al Gore, and Janet Yellen. People who can’t survive American politics but have found a home among the World Economic Forum and those who call themselves “globalists.” They are the ones who want to take kids away from parents as early as possible, to put them in pre-K classes as “free babysitting.” But the real intent has been to ruin the minds of the young people and keep them from learning anything for the next 13 to 14 years while the parents slave away for a big house with a dual-income so that men and women can be equal in society and both make the same amount of money. And those same parents start saving for college for those kids while they are still in pre-school, only to lose those children to a Marxist professor who is there to destroy what’s left of the child and turn them into a compliant hack for whatever corporation hires them. That is the wheel that the parents are placed on to run until they drop dead from some illness that the pharma companies keep alive long enough to make all they can until they are no longer useful. Now we have a society that won’t even call a woman a woman. You see where this is going. You’d have to be an idiot to accept such a ridiculous premise, but it’s what they think of us and what they expect us to know and accept. 

Meanwhile, the kids are turned into drones for the Desecrators of Davos while the parents are busy with their lives, serving the state so that they can pay their taxes so that the government can waste money on sheer stupidity, to pay losers like Dr. Fauci to tell us to wear a mask in our cars with the windows rolled up. It’s not for our benefit. It’s not for public health. It’s to torture and abuse us so that we will never run away from our role as human capital to not just our government, but what our government serves, the Desecrators of Davos. The new enslavers in the world who intend to rule us all with low IQs and a smile on our faces because we are too stupid to think of it expect compliance to the rules they come up with. It is easy to control dumb people, and these globalists have always wanted us stupid. They don’t want us thinking for ourselves. They want to control all thought and action in every way possible. That has always been their plan; just read what they say. They think they are so much smarter than the rest of us because they know what they’ve done to our education system. They don’t believe we are smart enough to see what they are doing and what their intentions are. The low IQs were purposeful. And if we lost another 7 points just over the two Covid lockdown years, it would not surprise me at all. And it also wouldn’t surprise me to learn that was part of the plan too. A dumb society is easy to conquer, and the attackers, in this case, want the infrastructure. They don’t want to kill us; they want our labor. But they don’t want us thinking. They have purposely dumbed us down and intend for us all to be the newly enslaved people in the world serving the masters of globalism who wish to rule as the new “elite.” What they have done has been on purpose, it’s no accident, and now after a few decades of their true intentions coming to the light of day, we can see the results in our lowered IQs.

Rich Hoffman

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They Teach You To Be Dumb So You Don’t See Their Crimes: Thoughts from the Ohio State/Michigan football game

Government Schools are designed to Make You Dumb

If you do a root cause analysis on corruption, you will conclude that laziness is the primary driver.  And when you look at the most common trait of a government employee of any kind, on average, you will find that they tend to seek that type of work because they are lazy.  Therefore, it’s nearly a promise in every circumstance that you will get corruption out of government employees that will need to be heavily monitored.  Yet what do you get when you hire government employees protected by a socialist labor union to educate your society?  Well, you get the results of laziness and corruption on a mass scale.  And to look at it another way, what is the root cause of criminal behavior?  Well, it’s laziness again.  People would instead steal something than earn something because they think it is the easier path to a personal objective.  So guess what happens when you have criminals running your government, and they are also in charge of educating your society?  Well, you get the results of what I saw while watching the Ohio State, Michigan game.  The audience of over 100,000 people there in Ann Arbor all caught looking at the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, the illusions, the smoke, the mirrors, the bellowing projection of fear seeking the blue pill distraction of an exciting football game.  But not dealing with the root cause of much of what is wrong with society, a poor education not because we didn’t fund it correctly, but that we allowed people to learn all the wrong things.  

Education to me is a lifelong experience.  I think everyone should read a book or two per week, during their entire lives.  Graduating from college at age 22 isn’t enough to become an “educated person.” I deal with many people who have master’s degrees and doctorates, and I don’t consider these people educated.  It may give them a good start in a field of endeavor, but education is a daily adventure, not a final destination.  In the times we are in now, there are so many opportunities to be educated; we have access to more books and information than at any point in the history of the world.  And being well-read is a responsibility of all people.  If you want a great society, you need an educated society.  But as it stands, and what was evident at that college football game, all college sports, and even professional sports, is that the criminals of our society have deliberately dumbed down our people through the education process so that they can get away with committing crimes on a massive scale. 

One example of this deliberate ignorance was the expectation of the Biden administration into lying to our face about gas prices.  The Biden radicals shut off oil production in America.  Gas prices went up.  Then we were told that a global cabal runs the oil market and that America was powerless to do anything about it, when in fact, we just had a president in Trump who had the oil price issue under control.  But what is really driving up the costs of deliberately sabotaging the oil market is the Biden administration’s commitment to the United Nations climate change agenda.  Those same officials stood in front of the media and lied to everyone about the cause of the rising prices, and they expected their answers to stick.  They also expect the media to report the information as propaganda out of sheer laziness and the crippled mind of ignorance the public education system had given them.  The best way to hide a crime, or many crimes, in this case, is to teach people not to see it.  That is the result of our public education system and our colleges.  They are mass failures, and they were made that way on purpose by lazy, criminal-minded government employees who would rather live by a life of crime than by the ethics of hard work.  For proof, review the contents of the Biden laptop, and everything will become very clear.

Those poor people at that football game are most upset about the high gas prices. Still, they do not want to shake up any controversy with their friends and family over politics and election fraud instead of turning their energies to a football game.  They spend fortunes at those two prominent colleges, and they want to see something positive for it.  Is their education valuable? Did it teach them anything really useful in life?  No.  If anything, it has crippled them intellectually.  But if Michigan could only beat Ohio State, well, then there’s something to cheer for.  Suddenly, a six-figure education is worth the money if Michigan could beat Ohio State only one day a year.  Or, as usually happens, Ohio State wins and justifies all the wasted effort in those educations with a rallying cry all the students and their parents can enjoy. This dominating sports program serves as the face of the school.  Meanwhile, all the bad work is done behind the scenes; all the wrong things are taught for reasons that only serve a criminal enterprise in public service. 

It’s just something I noticed as the students rushed the field at the end of the game, where Michigan won the game.  The pent-up energy was more than a victory; it was a justification for their belief in a system that has let them down.  The results of the football game at least gave them some lipstick for the pig.  But it had emptied their bank accounts on another kind of theft, the looting of minds that might otherwise function from intelligence.  But it’s not all bad.  Education is the most important thing we do, but its responsibility cannot come from the criminal class, the public servants who do those jobs because they are too lazy for anything else in life.  No, the education for things in life must come from you.  You must not look to others to educate you; you must do it yourself.  And it doesn’t end with a college degree, a $400,000 house, and 2.5 kids in a flat marriage to someone stuck in the same rut.  No, education is every Saturday morning from 5 AM to noon, or every morning from 4:30 AM to about 7 AM, reading books, voluminous amounts of books, the great classics, popular fiction, modern commentary, speculative sciences, sciences, the religions of the world.  Everything that’s going on, I can see it all very clearly, but then I function every day in the manner I commented.  I get up early every morning, and I read.  And on weekends, I usually read for 6 or 7 hours per day before everyone else gets up and does things.

You do that kind of thing all your life, no matter how young you are or how old you get.  You educate yourself by feeding your mind good things.  You can still watch the Ohio State, Michigan games.  It comes on at noon.  You can still do your weekly chores.  You can still run the kids around town and drop them off where they want to go.  But while you’re waiting on things, you read a book instead of wasting time on Facebook updating your profile picture to people who really could care less about it.  They only give you a vote because they want the same from you.  Instead of wasting your time, feed your mind, make yourself truly smart, and only then will the blatant antics of these modern government crimes become apparent because the criminals count on everyone not to see what they are doing.  And the dumber you allow yourself to be, the more you trust the education they gave you, the more crime we will see in our society.  And they’ll do it until we stop it, and the results of the Michigan game won’t prevent it. 

Rich Hoffman

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Government Schools are Like Dirty Public Toilets: If you gotta go, you go

Public Schools are like Public Toilets

I often say about public education that it’s like using a Porta-Potty at an outdoor concert full of drunks after waiting for an hour in a long line in the hot summer sun as opposed to a nice private bathroom in your master bedroom.  I mean, if you gotta go, you use the damn thing.  But optimally, you want the nice one off your bedroom.  Public education is garbage and has been really since its inception.  I try to help make the public school in my district better by electing good people into office. Still, so long as the progressive labor unions run the government schools and a corrupt communist-oriented Department of Education sets the policy, there isn’t much hope for public schools.  And that’s the real point from the government and why the governor race in Virginia is competitive.  Parents after Covid have heard the quiet stuff out loud, and it has scared them.  Your children are not your children, they are possessions of the state, and with that simple revelation, Terry McAuliffe uttered that which was never meant to be said in public.  The true intentions of the entire progressive movement, the micromanagement of every aspect of our lives, and the theft of our children to turn them into communist insurgents.  Thankfully this year, and this 2021 election, we have options.  But the damage is decades old and is nothing new to me. 

I started this blog site over a decade ago to cover the stories our local newspapers wouldn’t cover about gross sexual acts teachers routinely committed against the students of my home district of Lakota.  This latest terror in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a guy dressed up as a girl raped two girls brutally in a bathroom, is not unusual in public education. What’s unique about this one is that it involved the trans bathroom controversy, which is going on in most public schools.  The issue is hot in Lakota, which is in northern Cincinnati.  A majority of the current school board members supported it, which is why there are so many candidates seeking to knock them out during this election.  But this has been going on all over the United States because it comes from the Department of Education essentially and the talking points of the teacher’s unions who are entirely in support of all the Democrat Party platforms.  The trans condition is a new wrinkle to the old problem of school boards covering up this bad behavior from the parents to keep all this bad behavior undercover.  Newspapers and local television will cover the football games and all the feel-good stories but ignore all the vile sex abuse in just about every corner.  A quick search of my blog site will list hundreds of stories that I have covered, and those are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more that goes on that nobody will ever find out about. 

I ran into a lot of trouble with Lakota when I covered a grade school teacher taking naked pictures and sexually abusing students in the classroom.  This was ten years ago, and the school board very much wanted to cover up the whole case.  They thought that I was hurting real estate values in our community by slamming the school by me covering it.  They worried that people wouldn’t move to the neighborhood because everyone knew that schools were the only reason people bought homes.  Most adults in my community didn’t want to hear about the sexual molestation of children by school employees because it might hurt property values.  So the coverups continued.  Ten years later, one of the people running for this year’s school board is Vanessa Wells, who had her daughter threatened with murder in Lakota.  Of course, the school board tried to cover it up and attempted to suppress the story, which was a considerable court case.  Vanessa became tired of being a victim, so she put her name in the ring to become a school board member.  Truthfully, the way to solve the problem is to elect good school board members. Still, until recently, until some of these stories started being talked about because parents realized during Covid shutdowns what was going on in the schools, nobody wanted to discuss it.  Parents were happy to get the free babysitting service, and they didn’t want to know the bad stuff.  People voted for big progressive school board people, and the unions ran all over them.  In that way, government schools became like that public toilet that nobody cleaned, and people pissed all over, then expected good results.  

I’m happy to hear that more and more parents are homeschooling their children.  My kids are homeschooling their kids, and the resources I see there are amazing for them.  When my kids were young, my wife and I homeschooled them at various times.  One issue was when the school demanded we give our kids sex education in the 4th grade.  We had to pull our kids out of school because the political pressure was so great that it became impossible to send them to school.  My kids both spent their senior years of high school in Europe, where they were learning about life in real-time, not just reading about it in some art class where their classmates were plotting all the ways they would get drunk on a Friday night at a football game.  I learned firsthand that public schools were a waste of time and were evil in their social intentions, so I’m not surprised at all at the news stories now. I’m happy that so many people have finally caught on to what I’ve been saying for three decades.  The straw that finally broke the back of public education was the overstep of progressive politics, first with Covid, then by driving the transexual issues of unisex bathrooms. 

I am encouraged by each election, as they are all opportunities for positive changes back to tradition.  But the brand of government schools is forever damaged.  A few years ago, if I had said that public schools were equivalent to a dirty public toilet, many people would come to their defense.  But not today.  Now, most people are just saying, “yeah, you’re right.” Public schools and their government overlords and labor unions have done it to themselves.  But none more than Terry McAuliffe letting the cat out of the bag at a debate with his challenger in Virginia for the governor race.  It’s true; public schools have always sought to steal our children, to use them, to abuse them, to turn them into Anti-American activists. It’s the system itself that is at fault.  It was broken from the start, and the school board’s job was not to manage the district and the money but to lay cover for all the crimes because the value of the school to the community was much more important than the kids themselves.  So great evils were perpetuated, and the expectation was to always cover it up from the parents so they’d keep paying for the higher taxes and keep running on the treadmill to fuel the whole enterprise, never questioning anything.  But times have changed, and I think it’s for the better, as ugly as it is.  It’s about time that everyone admits what the problem has always been.  Public schools are dirty and messy, and if you love your child, you would never send them there.  Ever.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote For Vanessa Wells to Lakota’s School Board: Elgin Card is just the beginning of the problem

Vote For Vanessa Wells to Lakota’s School Board

Vanessa Wells, shown in the video above, didn’t foresee herself running for school board at Lakota a few years ago.  She was a mom, just like everyone else sending their kids to school.  She and her husband moved to the Lakota district specifically because the school had a good reputation. Many thousands of similar parents could tell about their experience and reasoning for moving to the Lakota school district.  And that dream was alive and well up until the point in time that a politically immune resident’s son threatened to kill her daughter while in school at Lakota, and nobody wanted to deal with the problem.  At that point, Vanessa considered her options.  First, she decided to pull her child out of danger, out of class, and homeschool her.  That solved the immediate problem of the threat in the classroom and Lakota’s school board having no stomach to do anything about it.  As I say all the time, the kind of liberalism that grows in all public schools emphasizes the institution, not the essence of the individual child.  Of course, the Lakota school board wasn’t going to deal with a foreign agent and all the political attachments to the case by defending the rights of one individual child. That’s not the political climate of any school board or school system—to protect individual rights unless those rights advance a progressive cause, such as gay rights or race-baiting.  Threatening to kill another student when it’s a young white lady born of traditional white parents is grounds for dismissing the issue altogether.  After all, the radicals of the political left are threatening to eliminate white people all the time, and this was just one more of them.

Yet, for Vanessa, that wasn’t good enough.  She loves her kid the way all parents do; she has to defend at least her right to exist.  Hiding at home homeschooling was a retreat away from a system that our tax money is paying for, which has been openly hostile to the type of targets that Critical Race Theory seeks to attack. That’s what was being taught at Lakota schools under various masks they use to deter public outcry.  But the school system’s mission could never have been made more evident. They were committed to the progressive implementation of political goals aligned with the teacher’s union, and anybody who got in the way of that would be run over. Vanessa’s family was just the latest in a long list over the years who have found themselves chewed up and spit out by a government institution that is more committed to creating a real-life Brave New World rather than a bright-eyed child entering adulthood ready to meet the challenges of life. That’s when Vanessa decided to run for the school board and directly fight the corrosive elements that were making school life dangerous for kids like hers. To target Critical Race Theory at its source, the school board created the position of Elgin Card, and that was the feature of Vanessa’s presentation.

You can hear Vanessa explain her personal story and her experiences dealing with the school board in the videos contained here.  She also presented the kind of radicalism in Lakota school’s hallways advocated directly by the six-figure school employee, Elgin Card, which should concern everyone.  Additionally, Elgin Card’s social media screen captures further display the evidence of Critical Race Theory being taught directly in class.  In the videos here, it is evident that Vanessa isn’t alone in this concern.  Many people showed up at a local church to learn what they could do to stop CRT teaching at Lakota.  I was surprised by the showing because I knew many threats made by the usual teacher union surrogates on the same scale as what we see on the national level in politics attached to the Black Lives Matter Marxism movement.  It’s very much happening in all our school districts, specifically Lakota. It’s a big target, one of the most prominent schools in the state of Ohio in an affluent neighborhood.  So, by attacking Lakota, the Marxists behind the Black Lives Matters movement see an opportunity, and the harassment of any resistance to their plans was deep on their minds.  There were plenty of threats made to discourage people from coming to this filmed event.

Vanessa Wells talks CRT at Lakota Schools

But as you can see for yourself, a lot of people came anyway.  I was expecting a crowd of 25 or so concerned parents.  Even with all the threats leading up to it, those who showed up were visible from the footage.  That’s precisely why there aren’t more Vanessa Wells parents out there because when they stick their heads up, the radicals in the school district immediately move to cut them down.  Any way possible.  And they pride themselves in their ability in much the way that blue state governors have become obsessed with Covid mandates to boss around their populations.  The same thing is going on at Lakota.  When parents complain, the school board appeases them with a gently worded email, almost like patting a dog on the head to make them happy and stop barking.  But then they turn around and hire expensive radicals like Elgin Card at Lakota to implement BLM political Marxist strategies, essentially with an openly hostile approach to most of the Lakota student population.  Lakota isn’t seeking to teach diversity and fairness, as they claim.  They are seeking outright Marxism from Black Lives Matters which is evident by the screen captures of Elgin Card himself. That’s why it’s such a great benefit that Vanessa has decided to run for the school board at Lakota and offered to bring leadership to these matters where it is needed.  It would be great if more parents joined her, but she’s a great start. 

It wasn’t easy for Vanessa; I can tell you that.  But she’s a fighter; it’s in her nature. She’s also brilliant.  While it might make sense to just homeschool her child, turning away from a vast evil in her backyard didn’t make sense for her, so she’s working to improve the situation precisely what we should all be doing.  The clear answer to these problems is to replace the management that allowed them to happen, which is 4 out of 5 school board members.  Many people don’t know it, but up until this year Lakota, led by Brad Lovell, was planning to ask for even more money on a tax increase just so the board could hire more people like Elgin Card at more than $100,000 each to bring this level of radicalism to our community school.  Because of Covid and the election year theatrics, they backed off it for now.  But they indeed plan to as soon as they can.  After all, they have to pay for the teacher contract that they just voted for, and they can only pay for those raises with a tax increase which they are now committed to.  And think how many radical teachers are just like Elgin Card waiting to be activated.  Before this new diversity position that the school board created for Elgin, he was the principal at Lakota West.  So, there are more like him waiting for a chance to bring more radicalism to the children of Lakota.  At this point, the only legal means we have to defeat this attack is to replace the school board, starting with Vanessa Wells, and the courage she managed to muster to face an onslaught of evil intent to destroy us all, one child at a time.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Isaac Adi: Fighting the poison of CRT that is now unleashed in Lakota schools

Vote For Isaac Adi

Did I tell you, dear reader, how much I love Isaac Adi!  Oh, I didn’t, well let me tell you how much.  Isaac and I have known each other for a while now through other people; he’s running for school board in the Lakota district I talk about so much, which has been under attack like most public schools for their implementation of Critical Race Theory.  Isaac is a man of color, not that it matters to me, but for visual considerations, people would assume that he might support CRT because of the color of his skin.  But, that’s not how Isaac conducts himself. He’s a smart man from Nigeria who fled that country to come to what he considers the greatest country in the world.  He came to America for many of the same reasons that many immigrants do, for the opportunity.  Opportunities that the rest of the world doesn’t offer.  And now he’s a citizen who has been in the United States for a few decades now, and he considers that citizenship to be a great treasure.  He has read the Constitution many times back and forth and understands his rights as a human being.  I met him recently at an event where we could catch up to each other, and we had an excellent time together.  He was speaking at the event included in this article about the dangers of CRT, which is one of his driving reasons for running for that elected office, which I am ecstatic that he is.

Isaac has raised his family in the United States, as his children were born in Nigeria.  And as he said in his speech, two of them have grown up and obtained Master’s Degrees taking advantage of the opportunities that can only be found in America.  And now he wants to protect those opportunities for a new generation.  But he smartly has seen what is going on in all public schools, all across the country.  Something he would call a poison to the minds of our children.  Over the last year, Lakota schools have made a hard left turn toward outright Marxism using Critical Race Theory as the mask to sell it to the public through “equity” and “diversity.” That is what led to Isaac speaking at that event with others concerned about the same issues.  Another school board candidate, Vanessa Wells, also spoke at the event for many of the same reasons, which we’ll get into with their own topics because they deserve that kind of specificity.  But Isaac’s story was a touching one, as articulated in the video above.  He has a strong accent, and it’s a little hard to hear at times, but it was so refreshing to meet and listen to such a fresh voice from our community who is all in on bringing justice and purity to the school board process, which is often such a sad story.  Most people who offer themselves up as school board members, such as the 4 out of 5 that Lakota currently has, are just monstrosities of stupidity and liberal community activism.  However, which is the point of talking about this Lakota issue, if you want to drive Marxist influences out of your community, you have to start with the school board.  As Isaac says, if the youth are corrupted and destroyed by such an ideology, there will be no tomorrow.  All the work we put into our children will be for nothing because liberalism will gain control of their minds and ruin them forever, which is precisely what is going on at Lakota schools with Critical Race Theory.

What is Critical Race Theory

In many ways, Isaac is the perfect candidate; he’s everything the left politically desires, he’s a man of color, he’s an immigrant, he’s a lot of things they claim they want in the world.  But………………… .he’s a conservative. He’s very religious.  And he’s astute.  He says in his video, which I agree with emphatically, and say all the time myself, if you fail in America, it’s for one primary reason: you are lazy.  For those who don’t achieve success, it’s because they aren’t willing to do the work, which is one reason Isaac Adi wants to be on the school board of Lakota.  He wants to see that other students get a good chance at life and that they don’t fall into the false narrative of Marxism that is very much poised to destroy an entire generation of young people currently going through the public education system.  Isaac wants to be part of the solution, not to add to the problem.   As much as it shouldn’t matter, an older white guy running for the same spot would distract from the situation. Still, with Isaac, nobody could look at him and not say he’s the creation of the American dream, a man of diversity, a man of opportunity, a man of intelligence, and a man of God. He’s precisely the kind of man I want to see sitting down with a budget of over 200 million dollars and managing it on behalf of the community.  Meanwhile, an outrageous teacher’s union full of radical Marxist ideology seeks to steal it all and turn it into political radicalism at the expense of our children.  Isaac is a very nice guy, but he’s not stupid, and I am very excited at the prospect of voting for him this coming fall.

But more than all that, Isaac Adi gets what the problem is.  Through way left political ideology that this current school board, except for Lynda O’Conner, has fully embraced, they are poisoning our children.  Isaac could turn his back on all that; his kids are grown.  He could do as most people do and tune out Lakota because it’s too much a pain in the ass to listen to those idiots cackle like hens in those school board meetings.  It takes a particular person to want to deal with the bureaucracy that is hung on everything in public education and do the management required to fight off Marxism and produce truly educated people for the future of our country.  What this current school board is doing in many ways is evil because they are endorsing the radical leftist ideology with their complacency.  We all are who turn away and allow this poison of Critical Race Theory to corrupt our children and for the school board members to clap it along as if they were building a bonfire with the American flag and all the potential of the future.  Great people like Isaac Adi are what you hope rises out of those ashes to put the fire out and fight off all those who want to start it again.  He is a solution that many didn’t even know they needed, but once they learn how bad it is, they will be happy to learn that Adi is there and that his love for his community runs deep and is pure.  He loves that he came to the Lakota school district as an immigrant and that his family had great opportunities that he couldn’t have obtained anywhere else in the world.  But now it’s his time to defend our community from an encroaching evil that is very real and is on our doorstep.  And history will judge how we all deal with that evil.  The least that you can do, dear reader, is to vote for someone willing to stand up to it.  The best thing to do would be to join the fight against that evil.  But at the very least, you can vote for Isaac Adi and the terror of poison that he is willing to fight on your behalf. 

Rich Hoffman

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America Was Meant to Divorce the Class System: Answering a good question

America was Never Meant to have a Class System

When I posted the video for this article, I received an excellent comment asking a great question.  When talking about a class system in America and recognizing it, this person wanted to know what to do about it.  Here is the comment:

“All well and good, but how do we the people reign in corruption in our government from our meager station? When my best year is working in a machine shop, I made $63,000; someone like Hank Johnson makes $174,000 plus perks.  Look up Hank Johnson’s quote about Guam.”

My first instinct was to reply to this guy and say, “well, this is why I wrote my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, to undo this very notion of a class structure in our political world.” That is, after all, how you fight it.  The thing to do is to understand what is happening then divorce yourself from that class system. Don’t let them call you Middle Class or anything as such.  Ignore their class system, function without it.  Of course, his question is that we’re all in it whether or not he likes it.  And to that, I would say, read my new book; it tells you exactly how to function without a class system, but one of earned merit.  But that is kind of cheap to say, “go read my book.” That’s why I wrote it and why it’s separate from something like an article on this blog.  It’s an actual strategy guide for undoing many of the corrosive forces holding back our current society, whether raw progressivism or malicious communism using a class system to enforce their control over the masses.  Or the cost structure of your company and its success or failure and the ultimate connection it has to your ability to make a living.  An answer to a question like his deserves at least some perspective.  Yes, my book would help him, but some context to the problem is well worth answering.

In the video above, I talk about one of the most important things to both males and females that there is in the world, the pecking order of our species and where we reside on it.  I attended a lecture on Joseph Campbell many years ago in Washington D.C., where this topic was covered, and it has always stuck with me.  Not because I agree with it as an accepted reality, but because it truly is one of the most significant elements of human society anywhere in the world.  Our entire public school system is built around this premise, so the people that want to control us, like the guy mentioned in that question, use the pecking order system as a way to preserve their reality.  Once we become adults and accept our pecking order station in life, whether it’s at the top or the bottom or somewhere in between, we typically stay there the rest of our lives.  The guy who accepts that he’s not very smart marries the safe girl who balloons up into a big hipped pillow of flesh in her middle years has kids that don’t like him, and who stays in middle management his whole life was put there through the pressure cooker of adolescence by society, and he never questioned it.  He accepted it and moved on to living life.  That way, when a government tells him to wear a mask or pay huge taxes, he pays the money without question and does what he can to avoid conflict and work from week to week to catch the next Sunday NFL games, which he genuinely enjoys.  If he’s daring, he may put $5 into the office pool and play the brackets of NFL teams who pick the most winners from week to week.  He might treat himself to BW3s and a cold beer that his wife won’t know about if he wins. 

That previous paragraph might sound like a sad case, but it’s a situation to some degree or another what a majority of people believe about themselves.  I used the example of a guy because it’s genuinely understood.  Women have the same problems but with a different focus.  Did I marry the right guy for my children?  Is this the best house I could get as a nest for my family?  Did I get the best DNA for my children using all my female charms to do so?  Again, these aren’t things we talk about, but they are the things that concern us most.  The higher up the pecking order, the better spouse you get, the more resources you have access to.  How much do you fight to rise to the top, or is it better to keep your head down and accept where they put you in life?  These are the things that keep all of us up at night.  The pecking order mentality is a carryover from years of evolution in our species.  But intellectually, as I argue in my book, America came along to shatter that reality.  And for a period, we did just that.  Over time and with the introduction of progressivism from Europe, masking outright Marxism, the class system has crept back into American vocabulary to present us with today’s problems.  The solution to those problems is to cast off the class system. 

My book demonstrates that the American Gunfighter was romanticized the way they were because it showed that people of all stations in life could throw off the class system.  Gunfighters like Wild Bill and wild west performers like Buffalo Bill Cody demonstrated that through western expansion, not old money from Europe, people could become wealthy and independent through panning for gold, winning at gambling, or gunfighting bad guys in dusty streets.   I would point to the magical Second Amendment and say to anybody that the key to casting off the class system in America is in the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment.  The right to own and carry a gun for your self-defense means that you cannot be forced into a pecking order position where the strongest and fastest can step ahead of you in life and take the best spouse and the most money.  If you can shoot, you can have the world at your feet.  You can be small, fat, tall, and ugly, but you can also be rich just like anybody else in aristocracy, and you can have a clean and independent life if you dare to.  That is the short answer to that original question.  For the long answer, I’d say read the book.  But to get to the gist of it, pecking orders are a shackle on our minds that we need to be free of.  Gun ownership is the first step to taking those shackles off not so that you can shoot people who are in front of you.  But so that you can know that they can’t force themselves on you and push you into a position on that pecking order where you don’t want to be.  And it is in that mindset that freedom is born. 

Only when you stop acknowledging the class system can you bring down the aristocrats of old who want Marxism to put them in the upper class to have the best of what the world offers without actually being the best at anything.  To the point that Hank Johnson rules over the hard-working machine shop worker because he makes more money, well, the assumption is that money indicates where we all are on the pecking order of life.  If an ugly guy tries to pick up a nice-looking woman in a bar, she won’t pay him any mind and will blow him off quickly.  At first glance, fair or not, she doesn’t want his DNA to make a bunch of ugly kids.  But, if that ugly guy has a lot of money, well then, she will likely talk to him. She’ll put up with the ugly kids for the nice house and not worry about money for the rest of her life. That’s the effect of the pecking order. We’ve allowed those rules to shape our culture in such away.  But when someone like Hank Johnson makes more money than us, we accept that he is higher up the pecking order than we are, so we naturally obey him, even when we know better.  The key is to stop thinking like that and to start thinking like a gunfighter.  You don’t have to shoot anybody to make your point.  All you need to do is stop playing their game and know that you can be anything you want; you can make all the money you wish to, if only you dare to in America. 

Rich Hoffman

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Debate is Great: Just so long as the other side shuts up and listens

Despite what many think about me, I encourage debate with those who are not so enlightened.  I can’t promise that my mind will be changed, but I am often very accommodating toward people who don’t think the way I do unless the opposite party decides to get pushy and threatening.  When that happens, and it has, I will get mad and retaliatory.  But over just the ideas themselves, I’ll debate people with other ideas in a polite way all day long and then some.  I figure all knowledge is just a matter of the participants’ education level, and many people aren’t that far along on what a proper thought on anything is.  Debate isn’t about concessions or compromise; it’s about discovering the truth on a matter.  If that is not the goal, then any exchange is a useless endeavor.  And when it comes to debate, I consider it a win/win no matter the outcomes.  There is always the chance that I will learn something in the exchange.  Or, if people listen to me, they’ll learn something and will become better as a result.  But avoiding debate or being bullied into not having a conversation at all for me isn’t ever an option. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Our Education System Trained Us to Be Slaves: Unlearning what you’ve learned

It’s something we must talk about, especially if you don’t like to some degree where we are as a nation, and why the attackers think they can spike the football in our faces and that the game itself is over.  I’ve been warning about this moment all my life and have written literally millions of words and countless articles to the cause. I’ve done television to point out this problem and hundreds of hours of radio as well over the years, so it’s a topic I know a lot about, yet like an addiction, people cling to it the way children cling to a parent no matter how bad that parent is, because its all they know.  Its our education system that has been teaching us all the wrong things in life leaving us to arrive at this time in place trained for the government attack, and our eventual societal collapse as Americans.  They’ve planned this in liberal circles for decades.  As a matter of context, I was at a social party in the 90s full of liberals in a very fancy place overlooking downtown Cincinnati where this topic came up.  Many of the producers of the controversial play Equus were there so I heard from their intoxicated and oversexed mouths the plan myself, spoken to me as a peer, so nothing I am seeing today comes as a surprise.  Liberals always knew what they were planning to do and they built the public school and college curriculum with those strategies in mind and now we are seeing the results.  The most infected generations are now in charge of our society and any rivalry they had with those from the Old Days are over because most of them have died away for the most part.  And now we are seeing the results of their long-planned attacks.

When it comes to college, I deal with a lot of college graduates.  I’ve been there myself much more than I think is necessary.  I never liked it, I never thought it was the thing to do even while I was there.  I have always been skeptical of public education and I would react violently when the school system tried to prepare me and my fellow students for “college prep,” only to find that the entire college experience was a scam not any different than we are seeing from the woke companies coming out of Georgia in reaction to the new voting laws there.  When people wonder why these companies follow so close the rules of a woke attempt in taking over everything we see and hear, well they did it for the liberal colleges.  They agreed to only hire applicants who have gone through the rigor of the social programming.  Mostly, especially the larger companies, they agreed to only hire applicants from college which meant that if you wanted a good job, you had to go through their meat grinder to get there.  And by meat grinder, we all understand that’s what it was, we were taught to listen to the authorities in the form of a teacher, mostly a liberal one, and give up our individual ambitions along the way concerning ourselves with collective peer pressure socially instead.

That has left most of us defenseless in this kind of society where giant corporations like Facebook and Twitter can play the roles in election fraud that they have and people might feel it, but they won’t see it because the critical thinking to catch it has been taught out of them.  We also don’t know what to do with the role the FBI had in creating a coup with Trump to get him out of office because we have all been taught since early grade school to blindly trust the teachers of our classrooms.  Our government is corrupt and well beyond the need for an ass kicking at every level, especially fiscally, but they act just like every public school in all our neighborhoods, taxing and spending using kids as extortion methods of changing our entire society, or else are the modes of conduct.  We have come to accept that behavior, so we have just been pushing all this deep inside.  We hoped that we could vote for Trump and that would change things, but then they saw how well he was doing in the last election they took him from us and let us know that further actions would not be tolerated.  We have been shown that we either put up with all this, or we will feel the pain.  We will have our jobs taken from us, we will be made fun of in the media—just like a high school locker room ironically.  Our memory of being picked on as kids has flushed out into the present leaving most people to see that there are problems, but they have no intellectual capacity to do anything about it because resistance was taught out of them from a very young age.  This is why the government thinks it can get by with what its getting by with now. 

As I said in the video above, the criticism of Trump supporters was largely that many of them were not college graduates—not what I call “broken horses.”  That doesn’t mean they were literally stupid, but liberals were having a hard time dealing with people who grew into adults and could still think critically, because at a key time in their life whether they just couldn’t afford college, or they picked up a trade and just never went, they survived what many people fell to.  College life wasn’t about learning, it was about conforming.  The bad behavior like the drinking, the sex, and all the parties were about smashing personal standards out of a need for relief in what was being taught.  And anybody who wanted a good job, especially in government felt they had to go through that process to make a decent income in life—because way before woke was woke, companies agreed to play ball with the college system to hire applicants, which is why they think they can get away with it now with vaccine passports, MLB, and even our recreational drinks, which as what we are seeing out of Coke.  As a result, most people these days have no idea what to do about the problems they are seeing because literally their entire lives they have been taught by these people and don’t know any other way to think.  They may understand that something is wrong, but they can’t act against their core programming to fix it.

Years ago when I first published this Blog I did an article on those who were most successful in life who did not go to college.  Statistically speaking it is the college dropout and the person who was taught at home and avoided the public education system altogether who has the best chance at success in life and making new inventions.  College won’t make you a millionaire like many think, it will get you a decent job maybe, if you follow the instructions at every phase of your life.  If you dress the way they want you to, root for the college sports the way the system is designed, if you stay in your lane as they say and don’t question reality too much.  Oh, you can question whose house will host Thanksgiving this year—if the government even lets you have Thanksgiving, but don’t wonder if pot should be legalized or not.  The government wants dumb, compliant people, so they want pot legalized, and taxed.  Don’t question election integrity.  Don’t try to live life outside of your social circles as determined by your level of educational advancement because the system has everything all worked out for you.  And when you see them committing crimes, you just get back to your lane and look away—if you know what’s good for you.  That is what has been taught to all of us and now we see why.  The question left for you dear reader is what are you going to do about it now?  It’s going to be painful to unlearn what you have learned.  Can you take it?

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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