Disney Stock is Down 31% to the Year: And its never coming back

I warned everyone years ago, Disney stock is never coming back. Currently, as of this writing, it’s down 31% of its value for the year, and this was before the big battle with Ron DeSantis in Florida occurred, where the tax status and self-governing control is in jeopardy. The writing was on the wall a long time ago. Being a Star Wars fan, I was encouraged when Disney bought Lucasfilm, which makes Star Wars products. I have wanted it to work. My wife and I had one of the best vacations of our 34-year marriage in 2019 when we went to Disney World and enjoyed all their creations to celebrate the opening of the Star Wars ride, Rise of the Resistance. No company but Disney could have made a ride like that or built a Star Wars land like what they had in Florida at Hollywood Studios. So I don’t report this news about Disney happily. I’m a fan and have wanted it to succeed. But reality is headed in an entirely different direction.

I’m the guy who used to go to Target in September when the Holiday toys would come out for Star Wars and buy up the cool stuff before anybody else did at midnight. The toy aisle at Target and Walmart used to be filled with Star Wars figures just from the movies that were made in the 80s and 2000s. But after Disney bought the brand, and the company headed in the direction indicated by the Desecrators of Davos globalists, like Klaus Schwab, the brand of Star Wars has died. Gone are the toys or the demand for them. Kids have moved on to their favorite YouTubers, and when you see what Disney has done to a really solid brand, like Star Wars, you can see what they are doing to everything else that Walt Disney built. Disney as a brand is damaged, and it will never recover, and those are the facts. Get your money while you still can.

The truth is that in a free culture like America, the Davos plan for our complete economic destruction by hijacking our brands and destroying them from within with ESG scores will fail. If Disney isn’t going to provide a family-friendly place, then someone else will come along and do what Walt Disney did. America will not be deprived of what we want. We made it in the first place, and we can make it again. Disney World was built when I was a real little kid; I was there when they started digging out the big lake in front of Magic Kingdom. I remember it. It hasn’t been that long. If the family value dollars aren’t going to Disney, they will go to its eventual replacement, whatever that may be. But American brands won’t just go away, as has been the plan by those who hate America, and which to desecrate all the corporate branding directed through finance to a global change state to a one-world government managed by the Desecrators of Davos. The playbook is out, and people can now see what has been going on for a very long time. Being close to Star Wars, I watched how fast Disney destroyed the brand in just a few short years, and now we can see that brand damage everywhere.

Even the great Pirate films with Johnny Depp are going through a wake rethinking with his court trial, destroying his personal brand attached to the Pirate films. Not having anything really coming to rebuild the Disney brand, no new Johnny Depp Pirate films, no great string of Marvel movies like they had with the Avenger films, Star Wars damaged the way it is with woke politics, there is nothing on the horizon that will help Disney recover the damage that has been done to it. There are Avatar movies coming, and next year there is an Indiana Jones film. Those might be entertaining, but we are in a different world now with entertainment where streaming services are driving entertainment value, and the days of the billion-dollar blockbusters worldwide are becoming less reliable. Covid interrupted that cash flow for Disney. They played along with the woke politics of it, and now they are going full ESG, and that is not a replacement of value for investors or fans. That has left Disney in a tough spot that they put themselves in. They incorrectly played the wrong side of politics by fully embracing Rocky Horror Picture Show politics from the radical communist left. In truth, their real fan base is Trump conservatives. 

Disney has always been about family-friendly content and a safe space for boys and girls of all ages. But now that they have come out against the very popular governor Ron DeSantis in Florida, Disney has essentially cut off half of their audience. Some of the squishy Republicans who have booked their Disney vacation a year ahead of time don’t want to take a moral stand at this time. Still, as the trend continues, which it will, they will stop booking those vacations because the nostalgia of doing it is going away. And Disney can’t survive with its top-heavy costs. They are essentially where General Motors was before 2008. They are only floating along with inflated value perceived by theme park attendance. Their Disney+ service is struggling. The current show that is so hot there, Moon Night, which I think is fantastic, isn’t enough to justify its existence.

Disney can’t produce enough content to keep young people interested. YouTube is by far the preferred path for young people because daily content is new and refreshed daily. Production value isn’t a concern for young people of the Minecraft video game generation. They only care that what they see is new. Disney has lost that next generation, leaving them to desperately cling to these left-winged communist radicals because they bet all their chips that America would essentially become China. In 2022, that is clearly not going to happen. Trump is going to be back in the White House in 2024. Ron DeSantis is establishing the new rules for being a state governor, and the political pendulum is swinging back to the kind of America that Walt Disney provided entertainment to. The future of America may well be the most conservative in the history of the world once the smoke clears from all this, and Disney is nowhere close to appealing to those types of people. They are now positioned among the radical types, the anti-family movement. That doesn’t mean that good, family-friendly entertainment is gone forever. It just means that Disney won’t be the provider of that entertainment. They are not agile enough to react to these changing markets, and instead, they are digging in. So those stock prices are gone forever. Their value in 2019 and early 2020 was their high-water mark of real value. Inflation may make things appear to be better than they are, but the public sentiment toward Disney has been destroyed. And unfortunately, it has been destroyed forever. Yet, someone will come along and replace Disney. America will be what America is. The attackers of our culture want to destroy our companies and us like Disney. Like Star Wars. Marvel. But it’s not the company itself that makes the content or buys the product. They just provide the transaction, and anybody can do that. And they will. Disney can die, but the need for what they offered will live on, which will be the next great investment. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Stupidity of Xi Jinping: China thinks A.I. is the future, but what they will learn is far from it

I personally think that China’s Xi Jinping is an idiot. If you haven’t yet noticed, all the bad guys in the world are trying to scare us all into behavioral change. They have picked China as their vehicle of intimidation. But they are taking advantage too of China’s desire to overcome their embarrassment from the Opium Wars a few centuries ago and to restore their dignity as the most powerful country on earth by 2050. At this year’s Davos meeting with the World Economic Forum, where the gang of Klaus and Larry Fink pulled on the strings of their political pets around the world, they put Xi Jinping on center stage to set up the narrative. Didn’t you wonder, dear reader, why Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden recently talked about how ruthless China could be, as if we were supposed to be scared of them, like some playground bully? Wasn’t that a strange position for what is supposed to be the most powerful country on earth?

Remember, don’t listen to what people say; pay attention to what they do. Some people in the world can be controlled by money. If you fill up their bank account, they will do what you tell them to for the rest of their lives. That is certainly the case with Mitch McConnel and most of the current American senate. Once they take the money, they lose objectivity toward all sense of law and order. China is willing to give away endless amounts of money to buy up what they call “elite capture” in America to fulfill their goals of global domination by the middle of this current century. They believe that if they buy up all our elected offices, or at least enough to destroy our election system, then they can become that next power, and Klaus and the gang have let them think that. They have also sold Xi as some kind of genius because the World Economic Forum wants to stabilize the world toward their investments and use Chinese communism as that stabilizing force. BlackRock is the first money management firm allowed in China, so the effort of building a middle-class there around 1.4. billion people can occur under carefully managed scrutiny. 

Yet Xi has become inflated with himself, and he has all the American tech giants eating out of his hand because they think of him as some kind of communist “chosen one.” Reading about how sold out Silicone Valley is to China in Peter Schweizer’s fantastic new book Red Handed is pathetic. It certainly paints people like Tim Cook from Apple as small-minded losers who just got lucky in their fields of endeavor. When Tim Cook had a chance to meet Xi at a Microsoft meeting, he remarked, “Did you feel the room shake?” All the big tech malcontents were there at that meeting worshipping the communism of China, so it’s certainly time for all of us to stop thinking of anybody from Silicone Valley as being smart. We should scrutinize all their products and assume everything we do online or through a computer is going directly to China, and ultimately, the Party of Davos. They are their financiers and manipulators behind the scenes. These losers want us to think of Xi as they do, which could run the world as the ultimate parent. If we step out of line, we’ll be spanked. If we do what they tell us to, they will love us and care for us, and for the Silicone Valley types, who all appear to have daddy issues, a strong central parental figure leading communism is attractive. So we should be skeptical of everything they do, including using Microsoft Teams. China has its hands in everything done by American tech executives. 

And with that knowledge, we should laugh at how these same people have put Xi on a pedestal and inflated his ego to the point where he thinks he’s some kind of mystic. Xi is saying to everyone that A.I. is the wave of the future. Whoever controls A.I. will control the world. And from what I can tell, many people believe that A.I. will take over the world and that China will be the first to harness this weapon like it will be tomorrow’s nuclear bomb, the significant threat that will put the world under the thumb of those wishing to control it. People like Xi.  Xi doesn’t care about money. What he does care about is power, and he thinks A.I. will give him that power and launch China into a reign of respect and terror for centuries once they all put an end to the “western experiment.” Clearly, there are a lot of Americans like Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbucks, and many other billionaires who are signed on to this Chinese communism and are acting as traitors now to our country. But never fret. Their strategy is laughable, and, in the end, they will find themselves grossly embarrassed. For all time and history, remember what I say today, that A.I. will ultimately be too stupid to take over the world. Humans will remain at the top of the food chain for the simple reason that human intelligence has many other factors besides raw brainpower calculations. All the A.I. that is being built now lacks that basic intellect that is still a mystery to those studying the brain. I think A.I. will be a valuable tool in a time when we will need much more labor for a growing economy. But it will not be all-powerful and invincible. Human imagination will prove to be the most essential ingredient and will remain that way for many centuries to come.

But never underestimate intent, what China intends to do. What the Party of Davos plans and who they control. Watch what they do, not what they say. They intend to use artificial intelligence to rule the world and all of us in it. Xi is too power-hungry to see the situation clearly. He has bought the bolstering thrown in his direction by that Party of Davos. Money isn’t the only way to inflate ego, and thus to drive someone to do something they might not otherwise do, so they can get it. Praise can be just as powerful as finance. They desperately want to be relevant in China, which is why they are opening their doors to Larry Fink, who sits on the board of the World Economic Forum. But in the end, Xi will learn all too late that he was just a pawn for a larger purpose. He’s playing his part. They will push A.I. but will discover that with all their captured data, the result will create an average intelligence at best, the average of all the people of the world they have collected information on. And that great average will still be short of the exceptional humans who live and thrive in the world and essentially make everything happen. The significant flaw will be the same as the outstanding flaw of communism, that the collective is better than the individual. The hard lesson that A.I. will learn is that it’s the other way around, and technology will still find itself inferior to the best that the human race produces with imagination and ingenuity. And Chairman Xi will see that all his hopes for a restoration of China’s power upon the world and the respect he thinks will come with it will just be another pawn in the great game of chess that has been going on for a long time. He thought he was the king, but he was only just a rook at best. And A.I. never was going to be able to put the crown on his head.

Rich Hoffman

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Bill Gates and his Army of Prostitutes: What $319 Million can buy with the media

What Bill Gates is Buying

Obviously, we are dealing with it; it’s a global drug dealing operation where pharmaceutical companies are tied to government to maintain a market.  For instance, it was no coincidence that the day after Thanksgiving in America, on Black Friday no less, a new variant of Covid announced from the World Health Organization was unleashed upon the world, the Omicron (Sounds like a Transformer), which shut down travel to and from the country of origin, South Africa.  But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or in this case, the many members of the administrative state who want to advance their drug dealing agenda as they have received millions of dollars from people like Bill Gates to do so, who pull the levers of the media and politics to advance their agenda.  On November 24th, South Africa asked the pharma companies J&J and Pfizer to stop sending vaccines.  They only had 35% of their adults inoculated, and now they were going to stop asking for more vaccines.  So what was the retaliation? Well, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the world’s governments did the deed and came up with a new virus to scare everyone so that South Africa could feel the financial sting of a travel ban.  Thus, you have the new war on the world, and Bill Gates and other billionaires like him are the new Hitlers and Stalins.  The fight this time isn’t with military equipment on the other side of the world; no, this time it was in our own homes and businesses as this new interconnected world was run not by our governments, but by the people who fund it with dark money, soft money, and the allocation of grants from charitable foundations.  And Covid is their creation to change the world to their image. 

I think the new Robert F. Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci is the damning testimony to this long ordeal, and Bill Gates has been caught once and for all. It’s the hot new book that is hard to get.  Millions of people are going to read this book. For me, it’s similar to the Judy Mikovits books that came out before and during Covid, which I had read and kept me ahead of the inside track on what the coronavirus was really about.  Kennedy, in this new book, whenever you can manage to get your hands on one is the court case that all of society needs to have on this matter.  Every media company involved in shadow banning the Kennedy book, every act of censorship of any kind regarding Covid-19 and the perpetuation of its continued terror are guilty of crimes such as sedition and treason to America, and the advocates should be hung for their actions.  Bill Gates by himself has committed gross terrorism against America and the world in general purely on his rationale to use his money as a weapon to steer the world toward zero emissions. From his perspective, we can save the earth from human beings.  Personally, I think Bill Gates lost his mind a long time ago, back when Windows 95 came out.  I don’t begrudge anybody from making a good living and making all the money they want to make.  But they never have a right to use that money to alter my life in any way or to rule over me or any people for that matter.  And that is what Bill Gates has done with his money.  He has decided, and George Soros falls in the same category, that he has more money than all government and should use it to take over our republic forms of government and become our dictators in the process. 

It was reported recently that Bill Gates had poured $319 million into the various media outlets to promote Covid over the last few years essentially.  That is money well beyond the millions he has given to China, the WHO, and various foundations promoting vaccine research and tying it to pharma companies.  If all the money is considered, he has spent in the billions advancing his agenda, bringing up an interesting problem that we all must deal with.  What does $319 million buy in media influence?  Well, I think of these kinds of things like prostitution; what would a prostitute do for $100 or $1000?  $319 million isn’t much money by itself, but if you are an influential leader in the media and you get checks in that amount, or free vacations to some exotic place because you do favorable stories for Bill Gates, then why wouldn’t the media go out of their way to show him and his intentions in a good light?  We are not talking about philosophical geniuses here; we are talking about parrots who repeat what they are told and often take the path of least resistance to a story.  I read over the holidays another great book, The Nixon Conspiracy, by Geoff Shepard, and I will forever have a different opinion about the media, which is still going on.  Essentially the Deep State that we have apparently just discovered has been operating in the background for a long time.  They obviously were involved in the killings of the Kennedys, and they certainly set up Richard Nixon in the same way that Trump was set up.  The FBI was caught with Trump, so all this is much clearer in hindsight than it was at the time, but there is no question we have people in our government, and in these billionaire classes who do not respect the concept of “rule by the people” or any form of “self-government.” And Bill Gates is one of those people.  They use their money like Hitler used tanks and airplanes to invoke influence.  The fear of death is just a method of delivery.  But make no mistake, that’s what we are dealing with, these kinds of authoritarian minds. 

The evidence is abundant, and I would point you, dear reader, to those books.  But the bottom line here is that we must stop the influence that people like Bill Gates and George Soros have over our government or companies and our media so to keep them out of our lives.  We can’t have the money of Bill Gates tainting the prostitutes in the media into retaliating against a country of the world just because they aren’t complying with the vaccine mandates that Gates wants.  And the people enforcing his desire want his money like sluts in a strip club on a Friday night in Vegas.  We don’t have journalistic integrity to police corruption.  We have people in these jobs who will do anything for the money, and it’s been like that from the beginning.  Watergate was all about the media being used by a Deep State to shape governments not by elections but by sentiment.  Anybody who doesn’t think that the election of 2020 was stolen because Trump was a threat to the plans that Gates had, George Soros had, and many other billionaire insurgents who are looking to rule the world with their money, not elections, isn’t being honest with themselves.  Why do the world’s governments think it’s OK to attack South Africa over their vaccine policies?  Well, they’ve gotten away with it in the United States.  They stole a popularly elected president.  They shut down the entire economy.  They created the virus in Wuhan with American money and a partnership with communist China.  So why wouldn’t they attack South Africa with travel restrictions because they aren’t complying with vaccine mandates?  For people like Gates they own the media and everything they broadcast.  Just ask Disney-owned ABC News why they still put Dr. Fauci on as the expert when he should be in jail for lying to Congress over funding gain of function research in China.  Because the message is clear to us all, Bill Gates is in charge of an army of prostitutes, and they’ll do anything for him to get some of it. Including destroying our nation and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Play Nice With Democrats, They are At War With Us: Say NO to more funding

Shut Down The Government

Here’s a news flash, we are at war!  We are not in a situation where we, as Republicans, are required to play nice with Democrats.  No matter what you think about election fraud.  No matter what you think about the border.  No matter what you think about the cover-up of our political machine helping China develop a bioweapon in coronavirus at the Wuhan lab with NIH funding by Dr. Fauci.  We are under attack.  Democrats are trying to collapse our system of government, of our country, and we have the means to stop them. It’s not with elections during the midterms.  It’s not with the reinstitution of President Trump.  It’s actually upon us now, with the vote on the Hill to raise the debt ceiling and refund the government at the end of September.  We are already terribly in debt because we’ve played too nice.  We let the United Nations sucker us with Covid and trillions of dollars of new debt.  What is happening is a classic Cloward and Piven strategy meant to crush the American dollar and America as a sovereign nation.  We have domestic enemies who are helping bring it about.  Yet, we still have the power in our hands to stop it.  We still control the flow of money.  We can say no to raising the debt limit, and we can refuse to fund the government past the September deadline.  What are you afraid of happening?  What could be worse than losing your country?

Look, already, the government has taught people to live without the government. What will the media do when the government shuts down and people can’t go to the National Parks?  We already shut down the government during Covid.  I went to six National Parks this past year, and most of them had just reopened.  At Yellowstone in June 2021, they had only been open a few weeks after the government shutdown over Covid, and honestly, life still went on. Suppose they shut down over a lack of funding. Who is going to care?  People will rearrange their plans and get on with their lives.  This isn’t how it used to be where Republicans were the first to blink in such shutdowns; they would accept the blame for the whole fiasco.  No, we’re in a real new world now.  These days, if you stand up to Democrats by throwing all this in their face, you will be rewarded by voters; even illegal immigrants will vote Republican.  Because everyone likes a fighter, and everyone wants to see people in power defending the underdog.  This is the first time we could have a government shutdown where the Democrats would get the blame.  The public won’t care a bit.  By taking this leverage away from Democrats now, you will take it from them forever. 

And to put an end to the trillions that Democrats want to spend with that communist infrastructure plan they want to pass.  Just take away their ability to borrow money.  The number one extortion piece that China has over the United States is our debt.  Democrats want to feed that power for an overthrow of America. That’s why they are against the Pledge of Allegiance; that’s why they want people to protest the American flag.  Do they hate America, isn’t that obvious yet?  Who doubts that now?  They have virtually come out and stamped their hatred of us right on our foreheads.   So why play nice with them?  Why shake hands?  Why pretend that the Senate is a country club of legislators who all want what’s best for America because they aren’t.   Many of them are domestic enemies to our Constitution, and they say it in the open.  Why not take them at their word?  Why play nice with them?  Would you want history to remember you opening the door and letting in the Trojan Horse that destroyed the war?

Many would argue that the Trojan Horse has already been unleashed, that the battle has already been launched, and that the globalists are already marking the war won.  That it’s too late.  Well, for that to happen, suckers must give them the money like the robbers they are.  Like Jesse James holding up a train promising to let all the women and children live if only the train’s occupants would hand over all their money, the Democrats are doing the same with our country.  Remember, Jesse James was a staunch slave-owning Democrat, and he was and is just like these modern Democrats.  Thieves, radicals, and political insurgents.  They do not want to work together for a better country.  They want to hold us up, steal our money and our lives, and turn over our country to the globe for a reward in an upcoming insurgent government.  So, the robbery is taking place for the naysayers and negative barnacles who think the fight isn’t worth having, but the goods have not left our hands.  Raising the debt ceiling and renewing the federal government’s funding is when that takes place, and Republicans would do well to hold tight, even shoot it out with the bandits.  But don’t hand it over.

Republicans are talking tough about the upcoming vote.  Democrats are threatening to do it all without them, which would be fine.  Never put your name next to a loser.  The Democrats, through election fraud, have managed to take the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.  Let them choke on it.  Let them be the ones to fund all these ridiculous projects.  Let them be on the hook for it.  Let them hang on to it and make them pay later.  There will be a later if Republicans hold tight.  Burn the horse with all the troops in it. Don’t let them in the gate, then go to bed only to slaughter you in the night.  Kill it before it gets to you under hidden schemes and actions of aggression intent for other nations, not those of America.  It’s all very simple; without the shared guilt of a broken economy, of an outright insurrection, Democrats will be left alone and afraid.  They will have nobody but themselves to blame, and when it all comes crashing down, it will be their party that will feel it most.

Then and only then can we talk about reforms.   They can’t steal the votes of the Republicans in our republic.   They can override the votes, but they cannot steal them from a live person voting on the House floor and talking to the media after.  Do not give them the leverage of your acceptance.  Leave them alone on this, and ultimately to blame.  Americans will back a fighter.  They will not support an accomplice who helped rob them of their wealth and country.  The power is truly in our hands.  Democrats only win if we surrender.  At least make them fight for it.  Fire back for a change and play chicken with the intent to crash headlong into their ranks.  Be willing to take damage from the action.  But don’t play nice with them.  Playing nice will be a sure way to lose this game, and in losing, we lose our country to the forces obviously against it.  And even though it may be scary now, remember, history has a long memory.  Finding a little bravery today and standing up to these bandits and insurgents will be worth the memory tomorrow.  Yet yielding to them will only pay embarrassment for the rest of your lives and the memory of it in the centuries to come.

Rich Hoffman

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The World Needs Leaders


“The world doesn’t need more piano players in a saloon, more drinkers, more card players, or prostitutes’ What the world needs most is leaders.” Quote from ‘The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business’
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The Experts in Plato’s Cave: Fear of learning the truth

Plato’s Cave Wall

When things start getting disjointed and the pressure starts blurring reality, I always turn to books for clarity—the process of reading books levels out the mind in very productive ways.  I don’t care if it’s a comic book; reading anything helps solve many thought problems.  And that is certainly the case in the news these days, where various Covid variants are scaring people into looking at everything but the fundamental issues of politics.  I told everyone what was coming when we started learning about Dr. Fauci and his connection to China, how China has long ago declared war on America. Still, we have not matched that aggression, and then there are election fraud problems from the 2020 elections.  There are some big topics out there that could topple our government in a very negative way.  There is some bad stuff going on that is now well out of control, so the perspective is needed. That’s when I turn to books to solve problems, and it always works.  Doing extensive reading brought my mind back to an old topic, the Cave Analogy from Plato’s Republic, a favorite.   In the video above, I explain it and how it applies to the politics of our times.  The problem we all have is that we know what is making the shadows on the cave wall. Still, we have an expert class that insists on staying in control of what we see and hear, even though their information is entirely irrelevant for 2021 sensibilities.

If you haven’t heard it before, this problem of experts attempting to shape reality based on their limited perspective is not a new problem.  It goes back several thousand years to around 375 BC to the times of the Greeks when they were trying to figure out how to operate a Republic as a form of government.  The assumption is that we are all chained to a pole looking at a cave wall and behind us in a cave is a fire burning.  Behind us are people walking around, for which we have never seen.  All we know of them is the shadows they cast on the cave wall.  Other people chained with us to a pole facing in the same direction have learned to predict the movements of the shadows on the cave wall depending on what time of day it was.  Again, not knowing that the shadows are caused by people moving about out of our sight.  Well, one person eventually manages to get loose and turn around and see for themselves the source of the shadows.  Breaking free, they attempt to tell the others tied to the poles what can be seen, but the experts don’t want people to pay attention.  So, the freed person goes by themselves into the world beyond the fire into the people moving about, talking with them, and learning who they are.  Eventually, the person finds themselves moving out of the cave altogether, and outside they see the sun and the more significant evidence of civilization.    

This evidence of reality provokes excitement, so the freed person returns to their colleagues tied to the pole and tells them what was seen outside the cave.  This causes anger from the experts because the threat to them is genuine.  Their entire value in existence has been to predict when the shadows will appear on the cave wall and determine their movements.  Obtaining a higher knowledge of what makes the shadows destroys everything that gives power to their lives, and they find it threatening.  They would much prefer to keep the public ignorant to be important by predicting the shadows on the cave wall.  Learning what makes the shadows for such people is the worst thing in the world.  Well, that pretty much spells out the problems of our modern times.  We have a lot of people in politics who make good livings predicting what the shadows will do.  But we live in a time where information is abundant, and we don’t need experts to tell us what things mean.  We have decentralization of information, and if one expert class attempts to keep us facing a direction we don’t want to be facing, we have the choice to look somewhere else anyway.  If we’re going to know what causes the shadows, we can look for ourselves.  That is the tension of our current political world.

Literature is such a good method of resolving problems because, as in the Allegory of the Cave, Plato had the same issues then as we do now.  There is nothing new about what we see out of the behavior of humanity.  There might be some modern tapestries to what we see, but the essence is always the same.  But what we should expect is to learn from history so that we don’t keep repeating it.  I think we can feel sympathy for those experts who only see the value of their lives in predicting where the shadows come from.  Or we can hate them for their attempt to control us.  Dr. Fauci comes to mind, a government expert who has spent his whole life predicting shadows and trying to scare us into behavior the government desired.  For him, we long ago untied ourselves and could see what was causing the shadows, even as the government has insisted that we not look behind us to where the fire cast its shadows.  Notice how we are talking about a Covid variant, but we never talk about a natural solution such as hydroxychloroquine. That’s when you know the expert class doesn’t care about you; all they do care about is their retention of power, their ability to scare you into behaving the way they want you to do, and they use the shadows to do it.  Once you know what causes the shadows, the experts lose all their power.

We have the same problem with the election fraud deniers, who want to look at the cave wall and let the experts translate what we see.  The election fraud of 2020 happened in the world beyond the fire, so the shadows of their existence don’t even show up on the cave wall.  Yet it happened all the same.  It just occurred beyond the vision of what we are looking at.  If we get up and away from our pole and look, we’ll see the evidence in the corner of the cave just beyond the firelight.  It’s not that the evidence isn’t there, but the experts expect to hide it from us by keeping our perspective from turning around and seeing it.  Because if we do get up and see for ourselves, the experts lose their power, which is terrifying.  Then what will happen to them once we realize how much we have been lied to.  For all those reasons and more, I love time with my books.  They are not connected to the internet.  Nobody is tracking what I’m reading by keystrokes.  It’s just me and my book in my reading chair.  If all the power in the world went out, I would still be fine and able to read history and reflect upon it.  And that is very empowering, especially in times like this.  But knowing something is only half the battle.  The trick is in making history different based on what we’ve learned.  And that is what our next step will be. 

Rich Hoffman

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Debate is Great: Just so long as the other side shuts up and listens

Despite what many think about me, I encourage debate with those who are not so enlightened.  I can’t promise that my mind will be changed, but I am often very accommodating toward people who don’t think the way I do unless the opposite party decides to get pushy and threatening.  When that happens, and it has, I will get mad and retaliatory.  But over just the ideas themselves, I’ll debate people with other ideas in a polite way all day long and then some.  I figure all knowledge is just a matter of the participants’ education level, and many people aren’t that far along on what a proper thought on anything is.  Debate isn’t about concessions or compromise; it’s about discovering the truth on a matter.  If that is not the goal, then any exchange is a useless endeavor.  And when it comes to debate, I consider it a win/win no matter the outcomes.  There is always the chance that I will learn something in the exchange.  Or, if people listen to me, they’ll learn something and will become better as a result.  But avoiding debate or being bullied into not having a conversation at all for me isn’t ever an option. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Debt Attack: It starts with 1.9 Trillion in new spending, but the aim is much more dangerous

To understand the most recent Covid relief bill that our government used to perpetuate massive progressive spending, you must understand that the government behind governments, what some would call a “shadow government” is pushing for all this reckless debt so that they can get rich forever off the interest rates.  Just like the credit card company that is trying to get the latest 18-year-old teenager their first official card to max out and make it so they can forever barely make their minimum payments, the very rich who fancy themselves as the puppeteers of the world governments have sought to secure their financial holdings forever by making it so everyone owes them money borrowed at a high rate of interest for the rest of their lives.  This latest 1.9 trillion-dollar escapade used Covid as an excuse, just as they did when they used it to alter election law to put themselves in power, but its not the end.  The Biden administration is already looking at a multitrillion dollar infrastructure bill to add to it, placing our national debt well out of range to where normal GDP could ever hope to pay it off.  It’s a different kind of military strategy, this one not coming from the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor, or the London Blitz.  These battles aren’t fought with guns, troops, or even nations.  These are attacks from a wealthy class of financiers who want to rule the nations of the world through debt, and they have their people in place within the United States now by using Covid-19 as a power move to alter laws, suspend the constitution, and thus cripple our nation of any righteousness due to the now overwhelming debt that they pushed their politicians to enact to fulfill their global strategic goals. 

Now, I don’t say all that to panic anybody.  Strategically, I see a way out of all this.  It won’t be pleasant for the people who have done all this to us, but I can see a way out.  A path of future explosive growth and a complete collapse of the other world economies that should allow for a great reset of our own.  If the current push is to set the world economies under a great reset toward communist control, which the extremely wealthy shadow government wants, the way to defeat them is the opposite way, by wrestling away the management of our government from them and casting them aside while other new sectors of the economy function under a constitutional republic—the way its supposed to be.  By removing the villains from the process, first by identifying them, then undoing their antics, then cutting them off from future endeavors, there is a bloody path out of this mess, so its not the end of the world. 

However, with all that aside, the continued insults of the little checks they have been sending our way—the latest, this $1400 little thing per person who makes under $100k per year essentially, are a real problem.  They think so little of us that they believe these relief checks are enough to distract us away from all the other spending they are wasting our money on for causes that nobody supports.  This certainly isn’t what people voted for.  When they say elections have consequences that only holds true if the elections are a true representation of the people’s wishes, not a made-up election with fake ballots filled out with mail-ins and flimsy rules made up because of Covid-19 to alter state election laws.  To pass this 1.9 trillion-dollar mess, give most of us a little cheese, then go spend massive amounts of debt on blue state bailouts from poorly run Democrat regions is an abomination of all logic and a true insult.  The $1400 checks will be gone as fast as people get them, just like their tax returns and people will be back to barely scraping by as the government stifles our economic activity with even more micromanaged incompetence by them for the aims of their masters, certainly not the American people who vote. 

Then as I said in the video above, the government caused us to lose that money, $1400 doesn’t come close to covering the massive losses we have all experienced.  Just think of the sports teams who could have had people sitting 3 feet apart instead of 6 and could have filled their stadiums and sold lots of beer to cover their concession costs.  Think of the restaurant owners who have gone out of business trying to comply with fake Covid laws.  Think of all the companies that have folded because of all the stay-at-home orders and the loss of productivity from everyone suddenly “working from home.”  Think of the loss in sales of every company, the raises people didn’t get because companies were barely making it and couldn’t cover their basic business loans, let alone expanding payroll to give out raises.  There are literally trillions and trillions of lost dollars just from 2020 that are lost opportunity cost, stuff that will be gone forever because government tampered with our lives in such a destructive way.  Then they think they can make it right with a silly little $1400 check?  We need about 10 of those checks to get close to where we should be.  Likely 50.  For some companies, the losses are in the millions.  That’s a lot of $1400 checks.  The fact that the government thinks these little checks come close to making things right says they either have no idea how bad the situation is, or they do and just think we are that stupid.  

But it was never about fairness, or even protecting us from a virus.  It was always a corral of us like a flock of beef being ushered into a slaughterhouse by a bunch of ruffians using fear to steer us where they want us to go so they can make money off us by hanging debt around our necks for the foreseeable future.  The kind of debt that this government has signed us up for wasn’t by accident, it was an attack, an assault against us all.  It was the work of a shadow government of financiers who see our government as just one asset in their portfolio and they laugh as we point to the constitution and cite rules and regulations that are supposed to regulate their imposition into our lives.  They will say, those who have the gold rule, and they have stolen all our gold.  They think they own us, and they think these deals they’ve made with this trillion in extra spending will chain us to them for all our lives while they profit off our suffering.  Well, I see a collapse of that entire system that they aren’t prepared for.  And I would urge you to prepare your minds for that time, because its coming close.  They are doing what they are doing now because they don’t know any better, even the shadow government is not prepared for what they created.  When all that comes crashing down, as it is poised to do, there will be a great reset and we have to make sure when it does that, we know what we need to do.  I wouldn’t say its all doom and gloom.  But people will be impacted, so make sure that you aren’t one of them. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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Covid is Over: Ohio and Indiana are taking back their states from out of control government

I enjoyed the exchange, I thought it was healthy.   But I also thought it was a year too late.  We should have been having these discussions in the opening days of the lockdowns.  It was in fact Governor DeWine of Ohio who was one of the first to go too far, and started shutting down restaurants, changing elections, and behaving like a single point failure tyrant expressing every reason why we have constitutional law to begin with, to limit government power from people who show they can’t handle the pressure and get suckered into an international scam as coronavirus obviously was.  Now the masks and all the ridiculous rules are meant to give a cover story to the scandal, so that people believe everything was really just as serious as the government said it was to justify all the trillions and trillions and trillions of lost dollars that was sucked out of our economy in an effort to help the Chinese become the dominate financial power by 2028.  I’d rather have Rand Paul too late than not at all, but we needed him in April of last year instead of blasting Dr. Fauci in 2021, after all the damage has already been done.  What felt good about watching Paul grill Fauci was that it was really the first time in public any politician or media personality had scrutinized Fauci to his face, including Trump.  Everyone tried to play it both ways with Dr. Doom, and he used that reluctance to lie, cheat and scheme all of us right over a cliff.  He deserves everything he has coming as people realize slowly how suckered with Covid we have all been. 

Its not that Covid wasn’t a sickness we had to deal with.  I know lots of people who have had it, some of them many times.  But to project it as a killer, as it was sold to us where we needed to suspend our constitutional liberties, or else, was malicious.  Whether it was on purpose or accident, it happened because our entire society allowed themselves to move away from a constitutional republic and emerge into a dictatorship by governors.  Not exactly what Trump planned when he went along with Dr. Fauci initially, and Bill Gates who were already blaming Trump for every car accident, every sniffle, and every heart attack that suddenly fell under the category of a Covid death.  I think Trump thought he could outsmart these malicious characters who launched this against him during an election year, and once he gave in to it, and DeWine started a chain reaction that the rest of the country followed, election laws were changed which then put liberals in power with scandalous mail-in ballots.  And that was used to perform a coup against President Trump and give us the mess we are dealing with now politically, Democrats in power everywhere, even though we didn’t pick them at the ballot box.

But it took a lot to get people to wake up and start rebelling against this out-of-control government.  I knew it would come eventually, but I didn’t think it would take this long to get there.  People should have been protesting this government during the summer instead of waiting until things were irreparable socially and economically.  But since Dr. Fauci was put in his place with Rand Paul, suddenly people are feeling bolder in proclaiming their distain for Covid-19 protocols.  I suppose that people had to see just how far the government would take their mandates, and how they would refuse to give that power back well past the time to do so.  Its one thing to tell people something, its another to see it for themselves and its obvious that people needed to see the evidence.  Well, now they’ve seen it, they’ve heard how Joe Biden plans to drag all this out until the summer and it proved to be too much for Red State governors, starting with Texas, then Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma then Indiana.  Even with the case counts going way down, and Covid testing facilities trying with everything they can to squeeze more life out of all the testing they can get through their system to justify their existence, DeWine has still been holding on.  He even passed Stand Your Ground laws to make a deal with Republicans in the House and Senate to spare him from the wrath he has coming. 

However, its over.  Covid has been dead and buried for weeks, yet the government doesn’t want it to go away.  It was their biggest chance yet at grabbing total power over everyone and destroying our constitutional republic.  And this should be a lesson to everyone involved.  Government can never be allowed to have that much power, because when they get it, its like crack to them.  Highly addictive and justifies all the power grabs they sought to achieve by getting into politics to begin with.  These politicians need to be punished many times over far worse than what Rand Paul did to Dr. Fauci.  The media that propped up these tyrants need a lesson taught to them too, for the role they played in the mess.  For the way they idolized Governor DeWine for being far worse than any Democrat in Ohio we could have voted for, in taking over the state based on the superstitious whims of his tiny, incompetent mind.  At last, we are freeing ourselves from these terrible people, the latest being the governor of Indiana reacting to the inevitable.  People are sick of Covid and the new government rules pulled out of their ass to deal with it.  It was a hard and costly lesson, but at least finally, people are starting to fight back.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Killer Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa: Government is the cause of mass shooters


As I said in the video above, especially in the case of Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa who was the shooter in Bolder Colorado, that marijuana likely played a role.  Listening to the early reports of the typically psychosomatic conditions reported about the shooter’s life in publications such as The Sun, linked below it is consistent with the type of people who have been shooters in the past who have lost touch with reality, accelerated by the drug, and eventually falling off the edge and becoming one of these latest social scandal mass shooters, who are all remarkably young these days.  Additionally, people like this kid are the primary targets for activists in the FBI who have been caught before tampering with people’s lives in an attempt to drive them toward some social menace.  For the proof of that accusation, just look no further than the attempts by the FBI in convincing Martin Luther King into committing suicide to keep his affairs a secret.  Or we could look at the coup attempts by the FBI and removing President Trump from office.  No matter your reference, a kid like this Alissa radical would be an easy target for such psychological warfare.  As we can see, Ahmad Alissa was a paranoid kid, and his family knew it.  Take a little government prodding to exploit his racist ideology and it doesn’t take much to push a kid into a mass shooting if he thought it might rationalize the kind of paranoia he hears every night on the nightly news. 

Its early and I’m sure we’ll learn about as much about this shooter as we did the Las Vegas shooter, that they were radical left leaning activists, or agents of psychological isolation shoved into an act of violence that the perpetrators would hope might evoke more gun control legislation.  It took most of an entire 24-hour period to even get the name of the shooter out, because they had him in custody and knew that the name wouldn’t sit well with Americans already tired of hearing every day about the crises at the border crossings—the open border society that many people like George Soros and Bill Gates want to see happening.  Ultimately the fault rests on the failures of these kinds of social reforms, in mixing so many people without shared values together and forcing them into a conflict.  In many cases the very bad people in our world pushing these open borders know what they are doing, and they hope for these kinds of tensions in our society, because they hope it drives the kind of social change they are looking for personally.  In this case a collapse of America, a destruction of the dollar, and a great reset into Chinese communism financed by the deep staters who truly want to rule the nations of the world through money.  Some young anti-social malcontent like Alissa wouldn’t or couldn’t know what role they are playing in the scheme of things.  All they know is that they have been provoked to see racism everywhere and they want to lash out at those they see as their social enemies.  Then before you know it, they are in a grocery store shooting it up so that politicians can ride the tragedy for anti-gun proposals among the political class. 

Like the recent shooting in Atlanta, which the media has been salivating to point out, the causes of the violence are not discussed.  All they want to talk about is removing the means of violence—as if more laws would take guns out of people’s hands and that would erode away the temptation to kill people in these mass killings.  But the true cause of the violence is a failure of progressive society.  In the case of the Atlanta shooting, it was another 21-year-old with a sex addiction who went around and killed the targets of his temptations.  They happened to be Asian because that’s who is operating massage parlors in Atlanta.  But the government doesn’t want the story to be about sex addiction, they want it to be about racism and gun control, so that was all that was reported in the aftermath.  As I have said, if sex addiction became taboo, which it should be, then it would eliminate most Democrats from society.  Then of course is this shooting in Colorado, one of many which of course is an open pot state.  It wouldn’t take much research to figure out that Colorado has been a target for big global progressives for many years.  The Denver Airport is just a little hint to their audacious aims at a traditionally red state right in the middle of the country.  Pot legalization is part of that plan, to make people dumb, slow, and open to their own destruction.  It also promotes mass killers, which of course serve the aims of the progressive left.  Its not by accident that these things keep happening in Colorado.  But lets not forget that for the young killer Alissa, even if he wasn’t stoned on pot as a 21-year old gamer like a lot of kids his age are, he was provoked by his government to see racism everywhere, which twisted his young mind toward violence, causing this mass shooting. 

Is it so easy for an intel organization like the FBI to push a kid like this Alissa guy into performing mass murder?  I think so.  Biden just fell down the steps of Air Force 1.  There is a major emergency at the border with Mexico.  The world is laughing at Biden’s blunders.  The economy is going backwards.  Things are not looking good for the Deep State pick of Joe Biden.  Plus, now that they’ve done everything else that progressives want with the 1.9 trillion-dollar bail-out bill using Covid as a cover story, now they want to confiscate guns, so right on time come all these stories conveniently positioned.  Yes, I think we can prove that the Deep State is behind all these things and that its not even a conspiracy.  Just as we all know that election fraud happened in the Presidential election, yet nobody can talk about it, because it’s saying too much for the basic structure of our society to deal with.  The same with the use of the FBI in cases like these mass shooters.  They sure catch them fast after the shootings happen.  Kind of reminds you of the day Roger Stone was arrested with CNN in front of his house filming the whole thing.  Sure, we can prove these things, but the question is, does society have the guts to deal with the answer?

But in spite of that type of speculation what we can see and know for sure is that government is the cause of mass shootings, because their policies breed people with mental health to be empowered to harm innocent people.  It’s the ultimate power grab, to show people they need more government because of dangerous people like these mentally deranged little kids running around killing people for no apparent reason.  That people might be poked and prodded into more gun control the way they were tricked into giving up constitutional rights under Covid-19 protocols, mandated by government for the needs of government for more power.  The cause of the violence is government mismanagement, not a need for gun reform laws.  People can feel safe and would have been if someone had been there with a gun to shoot the killer as the act happened.  And that is as it always is, the only option.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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