Fast Draw at the Annie Oakley Event: What the world looks like out in God’s country

For me, the western arts is a religion of sorts, it’s something I think about every day, and I work with some aspect of it several times a day in just about everything I do. And for context, the white hat I wear so much came from my favorite hat shop in Jackson, Wyoming, on an extraordinary pilgrimage I made there with my entire family. I’ve traveled worldwide and seen many of the world’s best things up close and personal. And I’ve been to rodeos they have out West, specifically the one at Cody, Wyoming, which is fantastic and about as good as it gets. A rodeo experience out to Cody, Wyoming, is in itself worth a vacation just to do that. But I will say that the Annie Oakley Festival they have every year in Darke County, Ohio, in the town of Greenville, is one of the best displays of Americana on planet earth, and I never get tired of attending. I look forward to it every time they have it, and when they do, I usually am involved in some aspect or another in the shows they put on. This year I was in the bullwhip competitions, as I usually am. But additionally, I was able to be in the Ohio Fast Draw Association’s competition, a two-day event that I have always thought brought the Annie Oakley Festival into the realm of uniqueness that establishes it as a vacation destination all its own. For people looking to get in touch with America again, I would recommend everyone to mark the last weekend of July on their calendars and make the trip to the Annie Oakley Festival when it’s happening in Greenville and to put the noise of life aside for a few days and experience the festival in all its glory.

I’ve been participating in the Annie Oakley Festival for a few decades. During that entire time, I worked with my friend Gery Deer at the Western Showcase to put on Saturday bullwhip competitions that are always crowd pleasers. I started working with whips on my grandparents’ farms when I was very young, so they have always been a part of my life. When I learned that my great grandfather could crack a fly off the wall with a bullwhip, I decided that was something I was going to do, and over the years, it has become my own version of a martial art. In my recent book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I take many of the concepts I have been thinking about over the years from the Annie Oakley Festival and apply them to the ways of the world that have influences from everywhere. I have thought of the Annie Oakley Festival as a kind of unique American philosophy that shows what all people, no matter where they come from, gravitate to when they have the freedom to be away from government and go to God’s country without a lot of United Nations influence. And from the showman side, I have watched the audiences and come to some very definitive understandings that are unique to the Annie Oakley Festival. The Buffalo Bill Wild West show has always been a definitive presentation of what America uniquely is. Without Annie Oakley, it would never have become the global phenomenon it was. And I find that Greenville festival every year to be the embodiment of that definition, more so than in places like Cody, Wyoming, which is the authentic real deal cowboy life, right in the middle of a desert in the traditional way people think; of the “West.” But it’s the swagger that came from the Buffalo Bill show that Annie Oakley specifically brought to the whole exhibition that I have always loved so much. It’s why that event is a yearly reset period for me, where I clear my thoughts and push the noise aside for a few days and just soak up the American flags and the smell of gunsmoke.

After the bullwhip competitions, I always used to go over and watch the fast draw guys. But I couldn’t make fast draw part of my life for a long time. Getting the equipment to participate was a bit expensive, but more than anything was the time. Many of the shoots last entire weekends and are all over the place. You can’t just show up at Annie Oakley once a year to commit to the sport and compete. It has only been over the last few years that I finally have had the time to commit to it, so it’s something pretty new for me. But it was always their shoot at the Annie Oakley Festival that I looked forward to watching. So, it was really enjoyable to be able to attend as a competitor, and I made the most of it. This was the first year I did both events, the Ohio Fast Draw Association shoot and the Western Arts Showcase, so it was a very busy weekend for me. So busy that I didn’t even have time to look at my phone and answer the many text messages that were adding up due to the news of the world. I was able to get caught up after the festival, but the time off was well worth it. I have provided several pictures and videos of the event to capture a bit of the atmosphere, which I never get tired of.

That’s what makes my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business such a unique book on business and life in America in general. The Annie Oakley Festival has always given me a unique opportunity to see America for what it is and get to know people as spectators wanting to get a piece of that old Buffalo Bill Wild West show that so clearly defined our young country to a world perplexed by it. That challenge is still very true and even hostile at times. But when you are there, you can clearly see what people want and how much of that noisy world they are willing to take. Practicing the combat arts, the fast draw, the bullwhips, and the cowboy-mounted shooting are all exhibitions of the kind of skills that make America, America. And there is no need for apologies regarding the Second Amendment there. No hint to it. People generally agree on how the world is, understand right and wrong, and treat each other well and respectfully. The world does not look so screwed up when you escape the coastal media influences of Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. It’s always good to see people for what they are. Many from the liberal coasts would be horrified by the stoic tenacity of the people from the flyover states, especially those who attend by the thousands the Annie Oakley Festival. But what’s clear when you attend something like that festival in Greenville, Ohio, is that there are a lot more of those people than there are from liberal politics. You just don’t hear from them on the nightly news. They are out working in the fields, and living life as the coastal types fly over, high above in comfortable jets going from one big city to another, maintaining their bubbles that allow liberalism to grow as a concept. That is until they stop by some place like Cody, Wyoming, and see what people really think of them. Or, they drive into the heart of Ohio, way out in God’s country, and see the many yard signs dedicated to Trump, and get a sense that Annie Oakley never really died, and neither did the Buffalo Bill Wild West show. It lives on in Darke County, Ohio, and recharges me yearly. I spend my days between Annie Oakley events thinking about it. It’s never far from my mind. And given the way the world is now, they would do well to learn their own lessons from the Annie Oakley Festival. It’s a vacation destination all its own and well worth the time to do so. 

Rich Hoffman

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Transvestites in the American Military: Why the Second Amendment is more important than a government-run organization

At this point, it should be obvious that the woke policies that have come to Americans through their corporations, border policy, environmental rules and regulations, and especially the military have all been part of the attack by our enemies. And yes, we do have enemies; the ideas of globalism where America would be in charge of the Liberal World Order was always a fantasy designed to lure stupid people to the cause of America’s antagonists. Laura Ingraham actually did a good piece on this exact issue a few days ago when she reflected back on what we all think of our military in the kinds of recruitment ads that we remember from the 80s and 90s, the “be all that you can be” ads that were very catchy, and very popular. No, we don’t have that military anymore. We have woke generals who like to dress up in skirts on the weekends. Who has as priorities all the same ESG priorities that our corporations are mired down with. They consider diversity conditions far more critical than crushing the enemy at the gates of aggression. And we are all being told to like it, or else. Or else, what? It’s time to admit to ourselves that we no longer have control of our military, it has been captured by the progressive priorities of the United Nations, and our inserted Biden administration has given the keys to the car only to provoke our enemies to wreck America on purpose. And they are doing it with smiles on their faces. They have taken our military from us and intend to use it against us whenever possible. 

You can’t blame our enemies. They would never try to attack America with the kind of military that we’ve had and the technical abilities that are possible with it. Everyone would be a fool to take on the American military at face value; it’s been the best in the world. So rather than fight us on the battlefield, they have turned to elite capture to destroy and manipulate us from within. That is most obvious from China and their TikTok platform, which set algorithms that show American audiences much different information than their own people. TikTok directs content to their young people in China by showing interesting, thoughtful things. In America, it’s sex, drugs, and low-level thinking of every kind, and in its own way, is a poison injected into our culture to destroy any opposition to them that might exist. China doesn’t worry about America anymore, nor does Russia. They know. Our military is more worried about what lipstick our generals will wear to the latest press conference than in kicking the snot out of antagonizers. We have become used to just sending in an air raid to bomb a target remotely rather than facing off against terrorists in the streets of a major city. Look what happened in Uvalde, Texas, when there was a shooter in the school; the police were more interested in hand sanitizer for their soft little hands than in engaging the target to end the threat. That is the cost of wokeness and social emasculation in our American culture and is a problem across all our armed forces, from police to even the most elite military troops. It’s not just local news that saw that coverage of police afraid to engage one threatening kid shooting kids in a public school; China was watching, Iran was watching, and Russia was watching. North Korea was too. Think how many terrorists crossing over from the Mexican border witnessed those police in Uvalde terrified to engage a threat. Without question, it encourages their priorities of malice and chaos. 

I’ve heard it countless times when I say to people, “Hey, we don’t need the military in America. We can do the job ourselves.” The first thing people say is, “but they have rocket launchers, and airplanes, tanks; we could never fight an enemy like that.” Joe Biden often repeats those sentiments. The progressives assume that our “assault weapons” would not match a fully trained military. Well, I would beg to differ. We aren’t dealing with a military of Rambos that we might see in the movies. These are not the Top Gun: Maverick types. Most of the world’s military forces, the United Nations-controlled losers that sign up for these modern military tasks, are like those cops in Uvalde, more concerned with hand sanitizer than putting a bullet into a hostile character. It’s evident from me whenever I go to patriotic events, and the military is there doing ceremonies showing strength and reverence, even at NFL games, I am never very gushy about the military. I have never been, even in the good ol’ days of Ronald Reagan. I always looked at the American military as a luxury if it worked. But they would be the first possible enemy if we lost the leadership of America to foreign influence, which is obviously the case today. So I’ve never been a “thank you for your sacrifice” kind of person. I respect people who get into the military and try to do something productive with their lives. But I always have a wary eye on them. Because if they are willing to follow orders to a fault, they will follow the orders of the enemy if the enemy captures the leadership and will turn them on Americans without hesitation.

That is why the Second Amendment is so important and also why it’s important that private people can get access to large weapons and advanced technology. Because if we lose our military, which I would argue based on the transexual priorities they have, we already have, then we must be able to raise a militia to do what is needed to protect our homes and country without the help of the government military. But honestly, I’m not worried about a military run by a bunch of progressive wokesters going door to door for the illegal Biden regime to enforce lockdowns, conduct gun confiscation, or impose authoritarian rule. Even though they have access to the best technology on planet earth, you can beat those kinds of militaries by putting some hand sanitizer out and watching them coalesce around it. These are not the military of Patton or even General Jackson. We might want to think of them that way, and the ultimate insult to us all is that the enemy has taken that image away from us and given us the woke generals of today in their place. But the plan was for us to salute our way to them to our own detriment and eventual destruction. And that’s just not going to happen. Just as in the supply chain problems that we have everywhere as a direct result of progressive politics, the solution is just to do the jobs ourselves. To turn away from the luxuries of institutionalism and make those priorities decentralized and under the control of competent people. Not progressive government losers. All the technology in the world can’t make them good or dangerous. But the world needs to see that with or without a military, the people of America are bold and strong, and it truly is the home of the brave. That isn’t obvious by watching footage of the Uvalde police under pressure. But door to door across the USA, it’s there around the kitchen tables and in the garages. That American spirit is still there. We just don’t see it through the woke corporate media and government propaganda that is too busy trying to get transvestites to shower with hard-boiled Americans than in winning a global war on terror.

I know what my plan is if they ever come to my house looking for a fight; I’ll throw some hand sanitizer out to the end of my driveway and watch them kill each other over cleaning their hands. A military of woke losers is easy to beat, even with the best weapons in the world. If they work for the government and are more concerned about getting the jab, wearing a mask to avoid Covid, and taking showers with pronoun gender troops, I’m not worried about anything they might try to do that is aggressive. They’ll be easy to beat. 

Rich Hoffman

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A Monopoly on Violence: Elon Musk sees it, and soon will the rest of the world

The Government’s Monopoly on Violance

Elon Musk has said it in a couple of interviews toward the end of the year since Time Magazine has made him “Man of the Year,” that government has a lot of problems. He thinks that government should be a referee on the field but not a player in the game. And he has continued to say that one of the biggest problems with the government is that they have a “monopoly on violence.” I first heard these comments from him during a Wall Street Journal interview at a yearly think tank kind of thing they do in Washington D.C.  Then again, shortly after that, at a surprise sit down with the Babylon Bee, the online satire website. Many of us have been saying things like that for a long time. Elon Musk is obviously having an evolution as he runs his two major companies, Tesla and SpaceX, with the challenges of government regulation and global commerce that is trying desperately to move toward Chinese communism. The difference is that Musk cannot be canceled for saying what he does because he is at the front of the train on virtually everything. Actually, at a recent Joe Biden EV Summitt, Musk wasn’t invited, even though Tesla is undoubtedly the most important player when it comes to the electric car market. But instead of it looking bad on Musk, it blew up in the face of Biden, like everything does these days. So for Musk to say things about the government that are consistent with Tea Party positions over the last decade is quite a thing and certainly an indicator of things to come. When people like Musk are critiquing government correctly, many mainstreamers want the overflow of his money who will by default see things his way.

And isn’t that the heart of the problem with the government, that government has a monopoly on violence? That is precisely why they naturally are inefficient in everything they do because they never have to worry about someone calling them out as the big bullies. Or at least, that’s what they have assumed for a long time. That is why they feel they can start riots all over the country during 2020, trying to use racism to blame the Trump supporters for the unrest they created, but their real intent was to remove President Trump from office. But then when people went to Washington, a quarter-million people, to hear Trump give one of his final speeches and the frustrations spilled over into a mob at the Capitol building, the government felt it could arrest the participants and hold them in jail for some undetermined time ignoring completely any due process along the way. They also thought they could shoot Ashley Babbitt for no real reason and that there would be no recourse for their reckless actions. They felt they could arrest the participants of the January 6th, 2021 demonstration without any real just cause because of their monopoly on violence. In that case, they could have arrested people in all the mobs previously that were incited by the government, including on Inauguration Day in 2017 when President Trump was sworn in. The damage to Washington D.C. and other places was much more severe on that day, but as we have seen over the last several years, the government picks what it wants to enforce and abandons all laws when it’s not convenient to them. 

Then we have the FBI, which I have been talking about for a while now as one of the most corrupt law enforcement branches we have these days. They are obviously radical from top to bottom. They are not only corrupt at the top floor of the FBI in Washington. The revelations in the Whitmer case in Michigan prove that several FBI agents were involved in a set up of the Wolverine Watchmen, where several agents had penetrated the group and were trying to inspire them into criminal activity. Like it looks, they did on January 6th. The ideas for violence weren’t coming from the militia groups themselves, but from the FBI trying to plant ideas for violence to cause an action that they could then arrest people for entrapment. The corruption in the FBI is at the top level, the middle level, and certainly in every field office.

I know people who are in the FBI. I also know people in the Secret Service. Over the years, many people have worked for me who move off into these fields, and good for them. We always need people to do these jobs; like Elon Musk says, we do need referees to help keep the game honest. But we don’t need the government playing the game.   And when it comes to law enforcement, a badge doesn’t make a good person. Many people who have left me for some federal job I wouldn’t trust with a box of rocks, it’s not that they aren’t good people or were good employees. Yes, without good leadership around them, they go corrupt quickly, almost every time. I would never permit them to arrest people on fake FISA warrants in the middle of the night. What I have heard from the FBI, especially regarding their actions against President Trump, does not surprise me. And for what they have been caught in at the highest levels, you have to logically conclude that they are doing much worse where they never thought they’d get caught. 

Corruption in federal law enforcement, even localized law enforcement, comes from one common source when the government thinks that they have a right to inflict violence on you. Still, you are never allowed to give it back to them, so we have created a corrupt legal system. When power is given to anybody without some measure of regulation, that power will undoubtedly go to their heads. One of those employees I spoke about who used to work for me became a local cop. He was always good for me; he was a model employee. But without me, he spun out of control quickly, and soon he was pulling over carloads of young girls and scaring them with threats of jail and traffic tickets that they didn’t want their parents to find out about. So he and his fellow officers would force the girls to perform oral sex on them to get out of trouble. And it worked most of the time until someone finally came forward and reported what had been happening. By nature, no matter who it is, authority over others will corrupt everyone. The best measure against it is to remove any monopoly of violence. In our brilliant constitutional republic, we do have a measure of addressing that very issue, the Second Amendment. The only reason we have any sense of justice in America is because of gun rights. The government would have gone wrong beyond repair years ago without those gun rights. What’s terrible about these last few years is that the government has gone further in corruption than ever before because of the Trump election of 2016. They were so insulted that people would vote for someone like Trump that they have turned toward their monopoly on violence to commit some significant constitutional crimes, including what they have done with Covid. We will be sorting out that mess for many years to come, but the crimes were, and continue to be, reprehensible. But good things are happening, and when people like Elon Musk are where many of us have been for a long time, positive changes are on the horizon. And in this case, talking about the problem is the first step in fixing it. We no longer have the assumption that we can trust these government authorities. Left alone, they are prone to corruption at every level, and it is from there, we must take action to correct it in the future.

Rich Hoffman

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My Problem with The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates: The Second Amendment is the best and most efficient way to check the power of tyrants

It was almost humorous to watch Jerry Nadler’s reaction to testimony on the Second Amendment before congress during the last week of October 2021.  It’s not like the question was new, but the answer was perfect and stated what everyone needed to hear.   The Second Amendment is for preserving American freedom, even if its government loses its way and suddenly federal troops under orders from unconstitutional mandates mean that the police and military are suddenly the bad guys.  Further, it’s not for anybody to suspend their constitutional rights while the government figures it out in court, which can drag on for years and ruin lives in the process.  Suppose the government is wrong by not following the constitutions we all swore to protect and start acting out of other interests, like United Nations greenie weenie rules that only they came up with. In that case, a corrective measure is needed. The ownership of guns and their use is there to preserve individual liberty from tyranny.  And tyranny is a lot of what we have seen up to this point.  Fortunately, there haven’t been any shootouts over the preservation of our rights.  I think the reason why is most Americans know that they have those gun rights.  They have not taken too seriously the criminal government officials like Dr. Fauci that Disney has celebrated as some god of the universe.  Luckily the government hasn’t pushed itself onto people yet to the point where pulling a trigger is the only logical answer.  But we have come very close over the last few years, so perhaps this testimony was a suitable warning to progressives just how much rope they would be given to hang themselves.  But to be clear, Second Amendment rights are the last resort against a tyrannical government, such as we have now.  It’s not intended for hunting or to be micro-managed by caliber and to have a government taxing ammunition or deciding what a militia is.  The Second Amendment is for preserving our lives and our Republic from the bad guys. Suppose the military isn’t following those rules and are acting by some orders from corrupt officeholders. In that case, gun rights are meant to be that critical layer of protection for the individual. 

This is the reason I don’t typically discuss the book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.  Not because it’s philosophically wrong or not rooted in good legislative law.  I like the book quite a bit and am very supportive of people who understand it as officeholders.  As was proven during Covid-19, we had tremendous corruption by the various health departments and governors of America until local pushback against unconstitutional mandates, such as sheltering in place and mask-wearing, were realized.  It was the worst display of tyranny that the world had seen in one swipe, and I can say that one of the first to push back against Governor DeWine in my state of Ohio was our good Sheriff Jones, who refused to enforce the mask mandates.  As an example of the Second Amendment topic here, if Sheriff Jones had not stood up as a Lessor Magistrate in the pecking order of government offices and DeWine had instead ordered the National Guard to go door to door with mask enforcement, then that would be the last straw for a proper government.  A defense of liberties would have to be utilized through gun violence.  If not for local officeholders such as sheriffs, trustees, and House and Senate members, we saw through Covid that government would keep taking and taking until there is nothing left.  So I fully support The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates as a concept of federalism that keeps our government honest. It takes the edge away from having to resort to gun violence to protect our individual lives.

The 2nd Amendment is not for Hunting Animals, its is for Hunting Tyrants

But I have an additional wrinkle in my life that many don’t have; I don’t recognize any authority created by mankind as a higher magistrate to me.  I don’t recognize any living creature on the face of this earth as superior to me in any way.  All the titles created by mankind have been to do various jobs, whether work, politics, or social structure.  They only have value within the scope of the act they are attempting to manage.  But in life, I don’t recognize anybody as my superior, so the Lessor Magistrates is a bit of a problem for me.  Because it means you have to acknowledge that someone is your Upper Magistrate, which I won’t do.  I expect political figures to defend their turf under the federalism of our Republic, where the power starts from the bottom and works its way to the top.  And it concerned me greatly for a while to see this gross attempt by the federal government to assert itself as a centralized authority under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, which is still happening by the Jerry Nadler types. Still, many more Americans from the beginning are behaving more along with the proper management of a republic instead of some communist democracy.  But there were several terrifying moments along the way that I thought I’d have to turn to the Second Amendment for justice and to hell what happens after.  But because of the Lesser Magistrates and some good work by our Sheriff and our House and Senate members, they took away DeWine’s powers and restored to some extent the way our government is supposed to be managed. 

Yet, suppose the Lesser Magistrates had not stood up to the Upper Magistrates. In that case, you can bet that tyrannical governors like DeWine would now be turning to the National Guard to enforce their Covid protocols.  The United Nations, behind Covid as a push for a Great Reset, has had to watch this process with incredible frustration.  Much of their plans for a complete collapse of the American economy so that they could redistribute that wealth across the world were perplexed when all these governors stood in the way of a president they inserted illegally into the White House.  Governors like Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis stood up as Lessor Magistrates to the grotesque imposition of the Upper Magistrates, which then took away the pressure for gun violence as a last resort. 

Credit does go to Representative Chip Roy, however, for explaining to Jerry Nadler the essence of the Second Amendment in a very healthy way.  Suppose the authorities aren’t following the American Constitution and are seeking to impose some mandate upon me with a threat of violence. In that case, it’s time to turn to the Second Amendment for justice without a second thought.  Anybody not following the Constitution in any government is violating the agreement we all make under it.  At that point, it may be time for guns to blaze in defense of order and freedom. Compliance with tyrants and unjustified Upper Magistrates is not expected.  We aren’t even supposed to surrender our rights and to sort it out in court.  The point to deal with the conflict is at the point of the crime.  So in that way, I support our government and expect the Lesser Magistrates within the structure of federalism to push back against central authority whenever needed.  But if they don’t, I have my way of fighting tyranny, and it wouldn’t be a second thought for me. I’ve been on edge over this issue now for almost two years and am always a fraction of a second away from my unique way of saying no to tyranny.  Thank goodness for the Lesser Magistrates, though, that hasn’t happened yet. 

Rich Hoffman

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Two Supreme Courts Justices Defend the 2nd Amendment: With a world at war, guns are the only thing keeping peace

Once again, the Supreme Court punted on several lower court challenges in the year of 2020, but not at a complete loss. Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanagh defended the 2nd Amendment and the very conscious decision the Supreme Court has made to not take up gun rights cases over the last decade to defend that amendment properly. There has been for a long time, and still is today a fantasy from institutionalized society that government can manage everything, yet as we are currently in the middle of World War III, all pretense of such a concept has been thoroughly destroyed. We are used to thinking of wars as battles organized by armies where wills are pushed until someone gives up. That has been the way human beings have fought for thousands of years. But that has changed recently, wars are now fought on the battlefields of the media and the purpose of capitulation has changed to reputations instead of actual lives. Instead of killing people, these new attackers fight to keep us from even being born and if we are, they seek to weaken all individuals through collective influence. The end game for the attackers is to institutionalize everything so that a central authority can literally rule the world and in this last year of President Trump’s first term in the White House, we have seen everything and to what extent the attackers of American sovereignty are willing to do to advance their position. And the only thing that has stopped them has been the Second Amendment. So the defense of that amendment of our Constitutional Bill of Rights comes at a good time from our highest court and should serve as a platform of understanding in the future.

I will go as far to say that both major tragedies of 2020, the government lockdowns of our entire economy and the race riots, were military attacks, not tragedies. They were instigated by institutional challenges to authority by government seeking to erode individual freedom for the service of the state. We do have domestic enemies in America, and we have been slow to admit as much to ourselves. We want to trust our government. We want to believe that our institutions are designed to serve our needs as people. We want to believe that our friends and neighbors have the best of intentions. But if they do not honor our flag, our agreement to the rules of the Constitution as a foundation of law, then we are a nation at war. It may not be the kind of civil war that we had in the past where Republicans worked to free slaves from aristocratic Democrats in the South where the battles were fought on actual battlefields and guns were used to destroy lives to the extent that one side would eventually be forced to surrender by running out of people to fight. This new kind of war is fought on the level of people’s lives where freedoms are robbed at the most fundamental decision levels and an ancient appeasement of the great gods of government are the goals of the day.

I often talk about guns as an advancement of civilization while the anti-gunners are seeking to keep mankind chained to the aristocracy of the past, where institutions meant more than individual liberty. The trouble with that mentality is that every society on the face of the earth that has adhered to those rules has perished—the Persian Empires, the dynasties of Egypt, China—the kingdoms of Europe, the great empires of North America before the Indians divided up into many tribes of nomads—the patterns are all over the earth and to my thoughts, were best chronicled in the great book by James Joyce, ‘Finnegan’s Wake.’ Joyce made a great observation when he wrote that fantastic book that many consider to be the most challenging book to read in the history of the world. I spent ten years reading it, and came eventually to understand that the entire purpose of the book was to preserve the history of the world as a kind of skeleton key to all society because of the trends of the Vico Cycle, the tendency that all institutionalized society has to move through four cycles of evolution, theocracy, aristocracy, democracy only to destroy it all to start from the beginning through anarchy. That is the cycle of every institutionalized society and has been with us since likely the age of the dinosaurs, even before it perhaps. Joyce wanted to capture our current history within the puzzles of his book because from the vantage point of Ireland during the pre-industrial age, it looked like mankind was poised to crawl back into the caves of Neanderthals and to begin again as a theocratic society once anarchy and war destroyed all human progress up to that point.

But the invention of the gun has given individuals the ability to say no to that institutional tendency and that Vico Cycle has been stopped by American society, which has made it the enemy of the world that wants desperately to follow that cycle back to the beginning to begin completely again once anarchists have destroyed all current progress, to our medical advances to our very obvious advances to get off earth and start migrating into space. When people talk about guns as some relic of the past, some stigma that puts individual liberty over the goals of the state and speaks of that as if it were selfish, and even evil, what they are really saying is that individuals must give up their thoughts, feelings and ambitions to the needs of a collective state as they had in the past—because those attackers literally want to go back to a society of theocracy where they can rule easily over mankind in the traditional way—because that way of life isn’t so scary to them—they understand it. This rule by the gun and the advancement of individual liberty is a new concept in the world—only 300 to 400 years old, and the old institutionalists are oblivious as to what will happen next, and they are terrified of it.

And when they made their latest global attack with coronavirus to shut down the entire economies of the world, and when that didn’t stop individual will, they provoked these race riots to corral up minds into groups of skin color and tried to use that to push people back to a primitive state of anarchy to collapse everything back into a theocracy, it was gun ownership in America that stopped the spread and maintained civility. It is gun ownership that prevents institutionalists from advancing their plots of menace through anarchy toward a social rebirth into a theocratic culture, which has been done in the past so many times that history has long forgotten the beginning. When people can defend themselves from faulty governments and institutions destined from failure, then the power of the state has been taken away and is truly governed by the people of a republic instead of another failed democracy, and the potential of free minds everywhere is unleashed to its full potential, which is obvious by the antics of SpaceX and several other positive achievements that are blooming in spite of the obvious institutional failures that are obvious to us all. The separation between failure and its corrosive following is that the ownership of guns keeps the chain reaction from reaching all people and allows them to be independent of failure which is the heart of the Second Amendment. And its good that at least two Supreme Court judges understand that.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A Hung Effigy of Governor Andy Breshear: We don’t need parents in government, we need represenatives

I’ve had to explain it too many times to people from outside our state of Ohio, and with them knowing that its not uncommon for me to associate with politicians, especially at a high level, that Mike DeWine is a Republican in name only. Governor DeWine is not a rock star in political circles and is essentially a crotchety old man who falls off the mark quickly if things get too complicated. My idea of a good Republican governor in the wake of a Covid-19 measurement is Kristi Noem of South Dakota. She handled the coronavirus correctly, as did several of the other governors in more populous states, like Georgia and South Carolina. When DeWine won out in the primary I supported him because he had the “R” next to his name but I wanted Mary Taylor. My expectation of Republican leadership is someone like Kristi Noem, in just about every situation and Mary likely would have given Ohio that. But as I explained, DeWine lost me when he shut down the bars and restaurants back in March of 2020 forever and that is the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans do vet their own while Democrats hang together like frat boys who screwed the same stripper at an initiation party. They never turn on each other. But Republicans do because they have values and when politicians go astray, there are consequences that conservatives are quick to express. Democrats don’t stand for values, so they don’t use them to measure behavior. Its that simple.

That is why even as I do speak with respectable Republicans about their division over what’s happening in Kentucky as protestors over the weekend erected an effigy of the tyrant governor, Andy Breshear at the state capital of the dictator hanging from a tree with the statement “sic semper tryannis” painted upon it, I side clearly with the protestors and my opinion of any Republican coming out against that action as weak. I don’t really care what history did at some point in the Civil War and whether or not a party comes down on the side of Lincoln or the rebels of that time period, we are living history now. We just went through the most stupid thing that humans have ever done to themselves across the world with the reaction to Covid-19 shutting down the economy all over earth over nothing, so the context of history is being written. You can’t study something like this in a book, there is no precedence for this level of stupidity, and people victimized by the idiotic behavior of these politicians wants somebody’s ass to pay for all the misery they caused. And who could blame them? It doesn’t matter that Mike DeWine is a Republican, or that Andy Breshear is a Democrat, they both became tyrants against constitutional concepts and they broke the law as the top lawmakers in their states—and for that there is either going to be an ass-kicking, or a change inspired through elections. Something must happen and the longer it doesn’t, people are going to get more and more angry.

The media position in this incident is all wrong, to use peer pressure to inspire behavioral change in the protestors by saying both Republicans and Democrats condemn this behavior of hanging an effigy of Breshear in a tree as a warning. Nobody cares what Republicans and Democrats think if those people don’t do the job they were elected to do and that is to manage their offices that they hold without bringing trouble to the people who elected them. When governors take it upon themselves to interpret their jobs to be parents of everyone, well, they have failed to do honor to their office and must be held accountable. Breshear has been following DeWine in Ohio for most of the Covid-19 shutdowns and going further just to put a liberal spin on things, and that has really crippled Kentucky. What Breshear has been doing has been madness to put it lightly. But so is what DeWine has done and both of these governors have been getting off easy to only have minor threats against them made with something like these effigies. To infringe upon constitutional liberties of people really is an act of war of a loser government against the people its supposed to protect. Protecting people from a silly, overblown virus is not in the oath that the governors take. Protecting their rights to the constitution is, and when they openly violate that, they are opening themselves up to the wrath of a very angry people. Nobody cares what Mitch McConnnell thinks about the effigy against Breshear. Nobody needs a lecture on the First Amendment, but politicians do need a lecture on the 2nd. There is a place for hate in this world and when politicians take advantage of the trust that voters put into them, and when politicians destroy jobs and livelihoods of people and their families, you bet your ass that there is room for hate.

This is the same Breshear who had police writing down the license plates of people attending church services during Easter Sunday services. Without the threats of violence, people like Breshear hide behind the law his desire for complete dictatorship over the people he’s supposed to protect, then blames it on concern for their safety. People see through that and they are angry, and they damn well should be. The 2nd Amendment isn’t for hunting rabbits, its for taking back our government from people like Breshear, DeWine and that crazy lunatic in Michigan Gretchen Whitmer. All those governors have shown that they will violate the state and federal constitutions on a whim and they need to understand that if they break the law that there will be ramifications. When people lose faith in the law and the courts, they will turn to guns and violence. That is part of the deal and is the last line of defense in any constitutional debate. All politicians should understand this basic agreement and know that if they lose themselves to power, then people will be coming after them.

The fear that politicians and members of the media are expressing is that civility is how they gain their power. When people see that civility is being used against them to destroy their lives, as has been the case across the world over Covid-19, then their only recourse is violent rebellion. Everyone should give people credit for hanging an effigy and expressing their anger before actually going through with such a violent task. The warning should be appreciated, not demeaned. Breshear should consider himself lucky that the people of Kentucky gave him a warning before ripping his ass out of his bed at night to throw him out of office. Because honestly, the people of Kentucky have that right due to the gross violations to their constitutional sanctity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or a Democrat who committed the crime, people have a right to be pissed off about it, and what we do from here on out will make history. Because what brought us here is so bad, there is no precedent to reflect on. Compliance is not an option when politicians break the law, no matter how much for our own good they think they were acting. We didn’t elect parents to run our government, we elected representatives. But when those representatives start acting like dictators, well, that’s when things must change no matter what means is necessary to achieve it. Politicians need to stop lecturing us like parents and start listening as representatives. If people are that mad that they’ll hang such an effigy that should be a valued warning that all elected officials should pay attention to. There is no law to protect them when they go so far to step over the law to satisfy some desire for power at the expense of the people they are supposed to be representing.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Of Course People Took Guns to the Capital: We’re not playing patty cake with the Constitution

This has been a stunning week, the notion that liberals have which assumes that people with guns should not storm their capitals and demand justice as they did recently in Michigan protesting the governor there, and in Ohio in front of Amy Acton’s house, who has been the health director of Mike DeWine, the out of control governor who really started the lockdown movement in the United States, is completely wrong. When the laws of a republic do not work, then what did anybody think the recourse would be? Compliance? Give me a break, surely people weren’t that stupid. It is an obligation of all Americans to defend the Constitution of the United States and if forces, such as progressives, try to change the law through executive orders, emergency powers, or other back door antics of imperilment, then it is a mandate for people to defend themselves with that last line of defense referred to as the 2nd Amendment. If the 1st Amendment fails, the 2nd is there to protect the rest. Because if the 2nd goes, so does the rest of the Constitution. I was most stunned that Sean Hannity came out against the protestors with guns at the Michigan capital. He obviously is missing a few parts of the story as he has been lock step with President Trump in getting suckered into the whole Covid-19 thing. I can’t blame someone for not knowing something if they don’t have the intellectual means of obtaining the information. But he should understand that Covid-19 was never about a virus, it was a progressive attack against our Constitution and that imposition is a mandate for us to defend it against that attack. And that’s what people bringing guns to the protests were doing, and thankfully they didn’t have to use them.

Like most of what comes out of the progressive movement, they didn’t think everything through. While its true, most Americans were quick to follow orders and listen to the authorities and hide in their homes to avoid spreading a virus, or to wear masks for the benefit of others, there were enough Americans who could see what was happening to provide a proper resistance, and that aggression is far from over. We gave it a few weeks, like any good society should, but once it was realized that the whole Covid-19 outbreak was a political stunt launched from China and the World Health Organization’s most activist members, many Americans were ready to fight, and that is the reason we have guns in this country. Lots of them. And we will continue to have them or there will be a real fight, a bloody one, because that is the reason there is a 2nd Amendment in the first place, for just these kinds of attacks.

Yes, Covid-19 was an attack on the American way of life. Taking guns to a protest was not a political stunt, it was a warning, that violence could come next and that we are ready to take the fight to the enemy—domestic enemies. If there was anything good that came out of the coronavirus pandemic it was that the enemies of the American Constitution came out in the open thinking they had won the day, and that there would be a “new normal” where the American Constitution would be surpassed by some new guidelines written by the United Nations and flowing down through the World Health Organization and into the global society as a whole. At that point Americans would be considered just another member of the global citizen network. There are many progressives who already call themselves that, and they were betting that this coronavirus would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Until protestors showed up with their guns.

Believe me, that’s the last thing I want to see happen, where we have to pull the trigger on others to defend our Constitution. But, if the American Constitution is no longer the law, then I’ll have to. And I will lead others to the cause, and the other side will not win. I’d rather do thousands of other things, like ride roller coasters at Kings Island, have breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and enjoy a shopping experience at Dillard’s with my wife buying new $200 ties. That’s the American life I signed up for and I agree to live by the rules of the Constitution in peace so long as everyone else does too. But when you see judges like the one in Dallas, Texas who sent a salon owner to jail for opening her business against his orders, then a fight is on the horizon if those progressive forces do not come back into the fold of law that the Constitution affords them. Without that piece of paper written that founded America, there is no reason otherwise to have a peaceful exchange with them as they incur themselves upon our rights, even during some emergency consideration. Progressives do not have a right to tell me what to do any day of the week and if they throw themselves in front of my path, they will be run over. Not my fault, I’m living by the Constitution. If they step away from it, that’s their problem.

And I was glad to see I wasn’t alone. It was good to see that there were enough Americans out there that were not suckers that maybe bloodshed could be avoided. God bless that Texas salon owner Shelley Luther who defied an unjust mandate by a corrupt legal system. Someone from our ranks had to do it and suffer the consequences. What she did took guts, and to be honest, it probably saved lives. GOD BLESS HER! In my own thinking, I’ve been waiting for Trump to catch on and fix this mess. I understand how he got roped into it, but without a president who might turn it around, I have been thinking what strategies needed to happen next and how to implement them. But yielding to progressives in obedience was never in the cards, and it never will be for me. I hope the day never comes, but there were 7 or 8 times over the last couple of months where it came damn close. Luckily, I live in an area with a good sheriff, a strong conservative political party, and a lot of people who think the way I do when pressed.

So it was never a surprise to me that people showed up with guns to draw that line in the sand. The Constitution requires them to defend it that way. What was a surprise was that progressives were so baffled by it. It was as if such a thing was not in their thoughts when they planned this whole damn thing. I think its safe to say that it should be obvious to everyone why they want to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. But its obvious they didn’t understand how deeply connected people relate the 2nd Amendment to their Constitutional rights, which all progressives want to “progress” beyond. It appears they underestimated the resolve of Americans. Not everyone is so educated and resolute, most just want to live their lives as I described. But when you take that life away from them, they will grab their guns and force change on the stupid politicians who caused the mess and disrupted their happiness. And they should. That is part of the wonder of being free. Now that some portion of humankind has experienced that freedom, its not going back into the long history of misery that came out of that bottle which progressivism wants us all to drink from. Gunfire will happen before progressivism takes over America—it has to.

Rich Hoffman

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Hate Crime Legislation to Ban Guns: The Government attempting to disarm the Second Amendment to cover for their own crimes committed

One of the gun control measures that congress intends to pursue when everyone gets back in session and is being floated around more and more recently is to take guns away from people convicted for a hate crime. In fact, it was Columbia, South Carolina of all places who just enacted a first pass hate crime ordinance which is going in the same direction as what is being floated on the federal level, and it is just ridiculous. The trouble with the proposal is that it is purely reactive to the current circumstances of mass shootings, which I have said many times are the result of Democrat policies as an origin, and that it just opens the door for banning guns based on hate speech, which is entirely defined by whatever political party is in power at the time. Such a ban opens all kinds of doors toward future encouragement and abuse of the law no matter how good the intentions are of the people proposing these measures.

My brand of conservatism was common all through the twentieth century. It was the world that changed, not me, and that hard turn to the left that started really in the mid-1950s and culminated into the 60s was a bad decision based on the current condition of the world. I often say to people that I was born in 1968 as a solution to that left turn. I grew up knowing both of my farmer grandparents. Both of my parents stayed married and didn’t embark on that social experiment of divorces that was becoming so popular in the late 70s and 80s. And even more unusual, my mom was a stay at home mom, and she took all kinds of hell for doing it. She was a volunteer at my school to help the teachers with all the kid’s social events and all the other moms simply hated her, because she could be home with her children and had time during the day to do mom stuff. As a result, my view of America and Republican politics in general was not at all different from John Wayne’s America, or any of the typical westerns that were popular on television and at the movies during that period. So nothing I say is all that outlandish, only if it is compared to the screw ball politics of our current time, just as a disclosure for reference.

Hate crimes are a modern invention by Democrats to seek minority votes and to capitalize off tensions that always arise when cultures of different values are mixed together. Most of the time those tensions can be worked out with a little understanding but occasionally things get out of hand and bad things happen. Democrats especially are guilty of stoking those fires of discontent until someone snaps and thus, you have a hate crime. If everyone would just leave everyone else alone, there would be a lot less hate crime in the world. But activist politics pushes the issue and before you know it some panicked teenager raised in a house full of illiteracy is running their car through a crowd of progressive protestors committing a hate crime.

The trouble with hate crime is that it is entirely politically motivated, so that if an enemy political party wants to push your buttons as a target and you respond, you could be said to have committed a hate crime. And under these new hate crime proposals, the authorities have a right to then come and confiscate your guns. If that’s not bad enough, the natural next step is to extend that effort to hate speech, which essentially could be just about anything that President Trump says on a daily basis, because he is from the winning political party and the losers are hen pecking at him because they know of no other way to win an election. Because of that we are seeing massive amounts of banning going on social media platforms, such as Alex Jones has experienced along with many, many others. I understand shadow banning, that is certainly the case with me on Twitter and YouTube. I don’t worry about it too much, but I can see that it’s happening for sure. These are already dangerous elements in any society so we can clearly see that all this hate crime legislation opens the door for gun confiscation by whatever political party is in power, and it just can’t be allowed.

It is not radical to say that the reason we have guns, guns of all sizes and power is so that we can manage our own government. There may come a time, and it is obvious today, that we may have to take back control of our government through the use of guns. Government cannot be trusted without a check on their power, ultimately by the people of an electorate and the electoral system. Even with guns we have come perilously close to complete tyranny as the evidence of the last presidential election is testimony in itself. The FBI sought to help the Democrat party elect their presidential candidate and keep Donald Trump out of the White House, which didn’t work. But when he did, they actively played a part in subverting that election, the evidence is everywhere as revealed most explosively with the Bruce Ohr situation at the Department of Justice. That case is still unraveling, but it is very embarrassing to our government. Going back a few years we saw a similar situation involving the IRS where they targeted Tea Party groups as a way to punish them for existing, using tax laws to encumber the leadership. It was a gross abuse of power and nobody was ultimately held accountable. I was wrapped up in the middle of all that, so I saw it firsthand. It was abuse by our government, pure and simple and honestly, if I was not a gun owner, they probably would have come after me even harder. By my experience, I would say that my ownership of guns has preserved more liberty and saved more lives than if I had not had them. Let’s just say that.

As to the other proposals such as red flag laws, well the tools have always been there. Since the most recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio police and the FBI are finally doing their jobs and picking people up for the messages they put online about announcing their mass shooting intentions. The red flags have always been there, but police and the FBI were just too lazy to act on them. There wasn’t a political will to enforce the laws that were on the books, otherwise the El Paso shooting and the one in Dayton would not have happened. The red flags were there, but the cops were out eating donuts and thinking about something else. That is another reason we can’t trust our government; they are not consistent and driven by performance. They are mostly inspired by politics and when something is hot, they act. When things cool off, they sleep, sit in their cars looking up pornography on their computers, and they have massive affairs with each other. (I know a lot of cops or have over the years. I know what I’m talking about.) They do a good job when pressed and people are looking. But left to their own devices, they aren’t the most motivated bunch.

We can’t trust government to define hate crimes or even hate speech and we certainly can’t surrender our guns to them. The guns are there to ultimately protect us not from thieves and despots, but from the tendencies of government itself, to cover their crimes when they commit them from the burdens of history. And if someone like you or I are witnesses to that burden, we will then become the targets, which is what all this hate crime legislation is opening up as a possibility, for which we all must say no. For myself, I live by the Cowboy Way, I treat everyone no matter what their sex, color or country of origin the same and with great respect. I don’t need a government that is always trending toward criminal behavior to define for me, “fairness.” I’ll keep my guns, and if someone wants to come and take them, then that will leave no other choice but to call for a change in the government itself and return to a time when John Wayne made a lot more sense instead of the race baiters and hustlers of our current times who seek to hide their own illegal activity behind more laws and regulation.

Rich Hoffman

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“Its Only A Flesh Wound”: The Dayton Mass Killer and his liberal, cocaine driven murders

OK, I’m happy to say I told you so dear reader. Within hours of the Dayton mass shooting rampage that has so many calling for gun control, we learned this week that the killer had cocaine in his body, he even had a bag of it on him at the time of his death after he was shot over 24 times by police, and he was on anti-anxiety medication combined with alcohol. Which is exactly what I had said happened knowing very little about the evidence at the time but understanding the condition of the murders. Yet we are supposed to believe that gun control would have averted the killings. And we are supposed to put our complete trust into a police force that put so many bullets into the dead body of the attacker that they actually shot some of the victims with their own bullets. The whole ordeal was actually and remains a mess. It was liberal philosophies that made the shooter who he was and it was state controlled law enforcement that obviously over reacted and put more people in danger due to their “training.”

The killer Betts had 52 gunshot wounds in his upper and lower torso. Many of them were exit wounds but think about it. More than twenty shots fired in any crowded area would be a potential for more people around the target to be injured, and at least 2 bullets struck other people. It is humorous that when explaining this to the public Police Chief Richard Beihl had to describe those wounds as “superficial wounds.” It kind of reminds me of the Monty Python movie The Holy Grail. “Its only a flesh wound.” Of course that police training entailed shooting at the subject so that so long as he was near his rifle that they had to keep pummeling him with rounds of fire and that each of those bullets would bounce off the pavement and be a potential projectile flying into innocent people running away from the crime. They had to make sure that Betts was dead. Ah, but they were under pressure, the police. After all, wouldn’t everyone panic under such a crises and hindsight is 20/20. Well, no, not everyone panics under those conditions.

Sure, there were lots of cops that were around late that night in Dayton patrolling the entertainment district and they engaged the shooter in 30 seconds. But with so many cops also comes the understanding that they all knew this guy was a mass killer who had just attacked people on their watch, and they wanted to make sure some of their bullets got into the body of him so they could claim credit for bringing an end to the carnage, by creating more carnage. 52 bullet holes, that is just out of control, and more about getting their name in the record books than actually stopping the crime. With so many police officers firing into the cocaine liberal Betts, nobody could have taken the next logical step and moved in to remove the weapon from the attacker while he was down, minimizing the risk to the area. I have argued and will continue to, that most CCW holders would have done a much better job and not let their adrenaline get the better of them, as the police obviously suffered from. A typical NRA member with a CCW would have been much calmer and created less carnage in stopping the bad guy.

But that’s not the story of the day, its all about how to detect mental health, and the gun control advocates desire to do background checks and have red flag laws. Would a red flag law prevented this liberal Elizabeth Warren supporter from smoking crack and mixing anti-depressant medicine with alcohol and who knows whatever else, then making a terrorist out of himself? I would argue that just calling oneself a Democrat is a kind of declaration of insanity. Should all Democrats be flagged as potential terrorists? I think historically speaking, we could make that case. Is that where all this is going? Because any time a mind is altered with intoxicants, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, anti-depressants even, they are all potential minds for becoming killers. Most of them won’t of course. But where do you draw the line?

Just like the cops that shot their guns over 24 times into a body within the confines of a crowded street, politicians show they have even less good judgment on the matter. Most of them want illegal drugs legalized so they can get the tax money for their giveaway projects, and they don’t want to consider what those intoxicants do to our society. Maybe everyone who drinks a beer or smokes marijuana should be “red flagged.” I could live without drinking or doing any drugs. I would much rather have a society of gun owners carrying them around in public than a bunch of drunken heathens intoxicated in their spare time and thinking about dumb things. The lessen here is that no politician, especially on the Republican side where they should be leading the way, is addressing the core problem—drugs cause mental depletion, so no mental health scan under normal conditions will root out a potential killer. And we certainly have seen from the FBI to the local law enforcement that they are only human, and they panic too under duress and they may shoot you just for being nearby. So is the proposal of more government patrolling the streets viable, no. Is more government doing background checks and administering red flag laws viable, no. Would an assault weapons ban work, so that government could be the only ones with high powered weapons there to serve politicians who have a lot to hide in the world. Absolutely not!

So what are we to do? Well, first of all, lets admit to ourselves that drugs are a problem and our government should not be endorsing the practice of intoxication—of any kind. People will still want to drink their beer and whatever, but we must stop promoting that activity as normal. And we certainly must understand that endorsing cocaine, depression medicine and marijuana will lead to a less safe society. We cannot give up the Bill of Rights so that people can just sit around and get wasted. I understand that the political class likes intoxicated people who can’t think, because it makes it easier to garner their vote. But the consequences are obvious, and this Betts killer was an obvious example of when such a situation goes wrong. I think a legitimate look into every mass killer would tell a similar story as Betts. He was obviously a clear-cut case, he was a liberal likely caught up in the modern antics of political theater, and being a drug user, had lost his ability to rationalize outcomes. So, he became a mass killer with the obvious hope that it would inspire gun control, which is why he used the high capacity magazine. He was after all supportive of gun control, and his natural aim of throwing his life away, and those of many others, was to force the issue. But all those thoughts are derived from insanity provoked by drug abuse. Given our current culture which accepts that condition, there is always the potential for countless killers to emerge. And until we deal with the drug use, no law created by anybody will stop them. Obviously, we can’t count on law enforcement to save us. Apparently to them, collateral damage is a perfectly acceptable criteria so long as they stop the mass shooters when they do appear.

Rich Hoffman

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Why I Support the Ghost Guns of Defense Distributed: The law of the Bill of Rights is being “law-abiding”

I probably am one of the most law-abiding citizens that anybody will ever meet, except for of course speed limits. I hate speed limits and drive over them all the time because they are just too damn slow. But I love our society and want to see people enjoying it based on the constitution that formed our republic. I certainly don’t support chaos and anarchy or more laws just so a political class can stay in power. I treat people fair, until they do me wrong, and generally want what’s best for even my enemies. With all that said I am a big supporter of all the amendments of the Constitution, especially the first ten. The original Constitution I wasn’t all that crazy about as it was way too Federalist for me. As there are worse figures in history other than Alexander Hamilton, for which I was born and raised in the city named after him, I felt that his influence on George Washington and our Constitution as a whole was way too “big government.” I’m much more Jeffersonian, or even the kind of thinking that Ben Franklin was, and I have a distrust understood by history of people who have too much power and use the legislature to ruin the lives of mankind. So, in that regard I take the 2nd and 1st Amendments very seriously and for me there is no gray area that needs to be interpreted in the Supreme Court.

As much of a Trump supporter as I have been, I do not support at all his turn toward red flag laws, as well as many prominent GOP governors into enacting them to pacify the radical political left. I see the NRA as my gun lobby because they represent me and those like me who see the 2nd Amendment as a necessary protection from the kind of corruption that often occurs when people legislatively stand over other people. And making it easier for that kind of power to reside over individuals is simply not in the cards, so no matter what gun controls are passed, my position is that they are not valid and should be discarded as useless, the way many liberals behaved about marijuana laws and other intoxicants. The behavior may be illegal, but the law turns a blind eye toward the behavior. Prostitution is also illegal, yet you can see prostitutes walking the streets openly just a few streets from the White House. So more gun laws are not something that gun owners like me are going to wake up and say, “oh, alright. Here are my guns.” No, any new laws will be opposed and ignored and will only serve to give politicians a platform to run for office on.

It is for all those reasons and more actually, that I support Defense Distributed’s work as an online open-source hardware organization that develops digital schematics for building “ghost guns.” Ghost guns are firearms that are manufactured at your home by either small CNC milling machines where you can upload the cut files off the internet and make your own guns out of blocks of aluminum, or other metals. There have even been strides in building guns off 3D printers that have hardly enough metal in them to set off a metal detector. The argument against ghost guns is that terrorists could use them to get into airports and shopping centers and cause mass havoc. But the premise is already faulty by the time we get to that statement because first you must assume that the government is competent enough to protect us, which of course they aren’t.

One of the first excuses that the prison that allowed Jeffery Epstein to disappear, either by death, or some other means from high security as soon as names were being named in that case of sex trafficking that looks to implicate so many powerful people, was that the guards were overworked. Unlike years gone by, labor unions control most government jobs, including law enforcement and they take little responsibility for anything that their members do and over emphasize everything else so that taxpayers keep voting for tax increases to give them their bottomless pit of money expectations. There are no consequences for failure in government and law enforcement is attached to that low expectation. To get in trouble as a law enforcement officer, you must do something really stupid, and often many things to keep the union from explaining away the failures.

Stephen Paddock the Las Vegas shooter after years of investigations could not be found to have a motive in the killing of 58 people and causing 851 injuries as he shot his bump stock equipped guns into a crowd of concert goers just trying to live life. There are still reports that the attack involved more than Paddock, but after a lot of money spent on the investigation it was concluded that he shot himself in the end before police stormed his room to find him dead. Trump talked the NRA into taking a stand against bump stocks and everyone lived happily ever after, only nobody still understands why he did it and how he had the kind of money to gamble away $10,000 a day as a high roller in Vegas. Many say he was a professional bank robber. Officially he made his money as a real estate investor acquiring over $2 million in assets making the rest off gambling. But the guy went from a postal worker, to a high roller in a rather dramatic fashion so there is obviously much more to the story, for which we will never know.

And that is always the case with these killers, we are never given the real story. Most of the news we get are in the first 48 hours before the FBI puts down the clamps on information getting out to the media, as we are told to “trust them.” And with each tragedy we find there are more laws going on the books to make our lives even worse with compliance. When none of those solutions and answers are even relevant to the circumstances. The real solution is to put more guns in the hands of individuals motivated to solve the problem—people not hampered by labor union expectations and politics but people who could have stopped Paddock much faster, or any other mass murderer for that matter. And when we do catch some vile evil doer, like Epstein, that they aren’t removed before they reveal more of the dirt behind the scenes of what is really going on.

Knowing how dirty our political and legal system can be, we must guard against their tyranny with the rights we have, which is where I point to the Bill of Rights and say that I can agree with those and follow that law. Not the law of modern politicians who are up to no good and want to use new laws to hide their malice. But the rules of conduct that were intended to create a functioning republic that stands for truth justice and the American way. And for that reason, I support ghost guns because the government, especially one that is involved in so much criminal conduct, does not have a right to take away our defenses and rule over us. We may need those guns to enforce a change in government, so in that context, Trump is wrong to support more gun control. All the governors are wrong. Everyone is wrong, because as much as they want you to trust them, the evidence says that we can’t. And we won’t.

Rich Hoffman

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