Expert Profile Sheet, Media Inquiries, and Broadcast Topics.

For promoting The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, it is my intention to provide great, entertaining segments through studio work, Skype, Podcasts, or Live Radio, whatever means is convenient.  As a framework for the kind of segments that can be attributed to this book here are some examples.

I do these Vlogs every day, even on Christmas Day. The more I can talk, the happier I am

Media topics for broadcast segments:

  • My number 1 reason for writing the book is I want to help people have better lives.
  • We need to look at government as a management resource, not as an opposition to our lives.
  • How to win World War III (underway now)
  • A defense of capitalism
  • The honor of success
  • Why Indians are not Native Americas
  • Understanding the continued support of Trump
  • The benefits of a society of guns
  • How America is not a racist nation
  • Ghosting it as a new management method
  • Winning against corporate influence, as a worker and a voter
  • Overcoming staffing issues
  • Connecting western expansion to the exploration of space
  • We must solve the Marxism problem before settling space
  • The gunfighter broke the love affair of class structure
  • Why Trump is so effective
  • How a relationship with guns can make for a safer workplace
  • Politics is management philosophy, not separate from reality
  • Re-teaching people the merits of capitalism
  • Removing wokeness from corporate and political culture will require a strategy, not armed conflict.

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The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business
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The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business