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There is a lot of curiosity about why I’ve included so much work at this site.  What is my motive?  Well, I spent much of the summer during 2010 reading the Federalist Papers written by Hamilton and Madison primarily, and the Anti-Federalist Papers under Patrick Henry and John DeWitt.

In those books Hamilton used the pseudo name Publius to provide some emotional distance from the subject of understanding what the Constitution would look like that he and many others were proposing.  Putting the debate in the newspaper advocates of the Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers were discovering what America should be.IMG_0890


I realized that while the Tea Party movement was going strong, primarily in anger of a government that wanted to continue to grow and feed itself, the American principles that many had patently desired for were moving out of reach, and action became a necessity.  img_4010So upon completion of my studies of those two grand books, I set out to put the arguments of the day into this forum under my own pseudo name taken from a book I wrote dedicated to justice several years ago.  The goal of this work is not for financial gain, but a personal sacrifice and contribution to the movement that is afoot.  There are many groups out there that have gathered under various banners.  It is my hope to provide them all with thoughts and arguments fresh and unique to our current history so that the context is not lost in the yearning of yesterday’s revolution, but of the one that is before us in this time and this place. 

Much of this work I always did.  I often write while I’m walking and read when I’m sitting, and I walk a lot!  Much of that work has only seen the eyes of my family.  But I share those thoughts now daily so that these ideas can be bounced around between other minds like a pin ball and knocked around by the bumpers that strike them so it can be witnessed what is valid and not valid in modern arguments. 

I collect many radio broadcasts here so that those moments in time can be revisited to the inquisitive mind and not lost to the airwaves of time.  And the video collection is vast!  IMG_0914To date, there are thousands of videos on this site which accentuate the articles I write.  And those articles are many millions of words of fresh material that exists no place else but at this site.  I do have works that are published or waiting to be published.  But this work has no such plans, so that money cannot corrupt the thoughts.

On a personal note, I tend to judge the value of something based on the mind that produces it.  For instance, I admire a lot the works of Edison, because I know the man worked very hard.  I admire Einstein because he was an original thinker, and I think it is a shame that another like him as not come along even though I’d say there exists in the world more brilliant people today than ever there was.  IMG_0723The trouble with those brilliant minds is that they think “within the box,” so their brilliance is covered up by compliance.  I admire people like Thomas Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt because they routinely thought outside the box, and both were adventurers and avid readers that seemed to never waste time.  I can relate to such people because I seldom ever sleep, I work most hours of the day, I exercise a lot, and I spend a lot of time with my family.  Most of those things I do not do separately, but all at the same time.  I reject completely many of the modern limits we place upon ourselves.  In the modern age, the people I admire are people who exhibit similar traits as I do, they work hard, think outside the box, and are adventurers in their own right. 

I enjoy every day of life to its fullest, and the goal of this page is to share a little of that with the reader.  I know for myself I tend to care what kind of person a writer is.  If they are all talk, I tend to not take what they say very seriously.  I would say that I’ve had a very successful life up to this point.  I’ve rejected much of the help placed at my feet in favor of an “authentic” life of my own making and that path has worked out well for me.  I’ve made a living being able to “see beyond the reach of the headlights” while traveling in darkness.  So I share with you here some of my favorite moments of the last year or two.  It’s not intended to be an autobiography, but just a validation that a good life lived can produce original and unique perspectives that are needed in a confusing world.  


The rest that follows is information that I’d otherwise provide to my commercial interests outside of this patriotic endeavor.

Rich Hoffman is a writer, bullwhip performer, and author of The Symposium of Justice, The Tail of the Dragon and The Curse of Fort Seven Mile with several new titles in development.

Hoffman is a man of many interests primarily philosophy, psychology, archaeology, cyrptozoology, paranormal research, mythology, comparative religion, motorcycle riding, old cars, and political science. Those are some of the topics that populate his personal library which encompasses his primary interest; reading.

He has been an award-winning whip artist for over thirty years and is a strong believer in the preservation of western arts which involve whip work, roping, gun handling, and knife throwing. It is those arts that settled the country and are needed to be preserved in our national heritage.

He and his wife enjoy marathon motorcycle trips and is most recently proud of a trip to Key West where they covered over 3000 miles in less than 7 days. His most recent book, The Tail of the Dragon embraces his passion for speed, strong beliefs in personal freedom and enduring relationships.


I enjoy thinking.  In fact, there is nothing more rewarding to me personally than to walk with an idea for days or months and to gather an understanding of what that idea is all about.  There have been complaints from readers that are used to much smaller blogs that the information I provide is too vast and varied.  All I can do is shrug my shoulders.

I write a LOT, and I read even more.  And working with video as an editor for many years, I’ve developed the ability to tell a story in visual images.  So a lot of my material is accompanied by video.  It is recommended that some of these blogs be viewed three times.  Once as a reader, once as a viewer, then again taking in the whole package to allow the point to completely sink in.  My main blog site is,  However, the blogs below are some of my personal favorites.  Some of the videos are long, and are events in themselves.  But I gather them up to provide as assistance to the text.  After all, in a book, such methods are employed.  So it is only natural, using the medium of a computer, to take the use of pictures and text to the next logical level to tell the whole story with video to help.

What is cryptozoology and paranormal science, and how does it relate to physics and anthropology?

I have a unique way of explaining economics.

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I talk about that line here.

Bullwhip Consultant on Films?  Like what, where and when?

An  hour on WLW Radio discussing nothing less than the preservation of the American Republic.  But only if you have the guts to vote down a school levy.

A lot has been asked about my use of bullwhips.  This should explain things a bit.

This one is all about school levies, focusing on the Lakota School Levy in Butler County, Ohio.

A video journey of what progressives are, where they come from, and how they conduct themselves.

I’m on the Red Pill plan.  Read here to see what that is.

Everyone asks me what the heck an Overmanwarrior is.  So here is an explaination.

Everything you need to know about Star Wars and more.  A serious look at the impact it’s had on our culutre.



And of course my home site:


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  1. Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. this is really a great blog.


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  9. Hello. I just wanted to pop in and comment on the design of your blog. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s too loud. It’s doing way too much and it takes away from what youve got to say – which I think is really important.


  10. I’m using Internet Explorer at the moment and your navigation bar looks really screwed up. It might be because I’m using an older version, but I thought you should know. It would be a shame if people couldn’t navigate your site due to it not being compatible with their browsers.


  11. I truly like the fresh perpective you did on the problem. Truly was not expecting that when I started off studying. Your concepts had been simple to comprehend that I wondered why I never looked at it before. Glad to know that there’s an individual out there that definitely understands what he’s discussing. Great job


  12. Enjoyed the photos. The Republic and laws of this land taken from the 10 commandments in fairness should be preserved. When people are too good for God, they will self-destruct. People are needing a standard not set by others because people are basically prone to selfihness. The law of the land must be set based upon Truth and that will only be found in the real KJV of the Holy Bible.


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  14. Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.


  15. Little Miami and others need to join the public in demanding that the state of oh conform to the Ohio Supreme Court ruling on state financing of schools. They also need to spend money on educating our kids not tennis courts and building schools they don’t need just because they have some land. Little Miami continues in my opinion to show they do not understand economics. Great web site and articles.


  16. I visited to your website due to your posting a link on The Blaze to “You are a slave” blog. I am very impressed with your article and have bookmarked your website. Keep up the great work, Overmanwarrior! We need more patriots like yourself to expose humanity with truths.


  17. Please enter me to your blog as we might need your assistance in the future as we fight future bond and levies up here. Heard you on Doc Thompsons show today Wednesday, January 11, 2012.
    Thanks, look forward to reading your blogs.
    Carl A. Frederick Jr.
    2420 Scott Road
    Oxford, OHio 45056


      1. And I’m not saving any tax money. It’s mine. It’s not yours dumb ass. Every tax dollar you take is stolen. It is not given with my consent, but with mass legal manipulation. So F**ck yourself and your advice. I don’t need it or want it.


    1. And only someone insecure with themselves worry about that kind of stuff. Tells me a lot about you. I bet you are about 257 and have so much caked on makeup you look like a cake. I can tell by the way you write.


  18. As a man who promotes homeschooling over any other type of education, I assume that part of your reason is to be your child’s moral compass and serve as an exemplary role model for academic and moral integrity . I’ve just read your comments in response to a man calling himself “f…you” and am concerned for you.
    As you have said many times, parents who truly love their children would never subject them to attending a government run public school. But, I believe that expressing love for your child goes WELL beyond the school you send them to. I know many public school parents who set an exemplary example of respectful assertiveness for their children when encountering opposition and their children, in turn, have learned the skill well. So, what it truly comes down to is not the schooling but the parenting. I hope, for your child(ren)’s sake, that they don’t have access to this blog or ever have to witness your profanity and vulgarity when dealing with opposition, like the poster who disagreed with you. As your child(ren)’s lead teacher, my prayer for you is that you would never condone the same behavior in your students, who happen to be your precious children.


    1. Thanks for your concern, but part of raising children is teaching them to live in the world, and that includes defending themselves. Being passive does not make one “moral.” It simply makes them easy to beat. Children should be taught to be successful, not compliant to those who wish to assert authority over their lives.


  19. I agree that we need to teach our kids to live in the world, as well. But, when faced with opposition, it’s tempting to blast right back at someone to give them some of their own medicine, as you did. But, assertiveness, rather than aggressiveness, will get our kids (and us) much further in life, respect from others, and an open door to developing healthy relationships at home, at school, at work, and in the community. ASSERTIVENESS calls for us to respect ourself and to respect others (even those who aren’t respecting us). But, when name calling and vulgarity are involved we then cross over to aggressiveness. F–you was definitely aggressive with his first comment about toothpaste and was baiting you to respond exactly as he wanted you to and you took the bait. When living in the real world, it’s evident that not everyone will agree with us or treat us with respect. He, for one, is one of those people. It would have been much more productive to put the fire out instead of adding kerosene to it. One way to put the fire out is to either ignore his comments (if we don’t feed the stray cat, he’ll eventually go away), or inform him that his post was unwelcome and that you’d appreciate that he refrain from commenting unless he had something productive to add….and leave it at that. We lose credibility and respect when we lose our tempers and resort to name calling and “stooping to the antagonizer’s level”; we burn bridges as well. As a person who has learned to live in a world amongst those who may not agree with me, I’ve learned that we each have the right to state our cases but we can do so with respect for ourself and respect for the others who may be involved. Our kids need to see us as role models who stive to demonstrate exceptional integrity and behavior. We may not always succeed at it, so it’s also important for them to see us admit when we regret a choice we’ve made and then watch us make changes that will help us approach the same type of situation more respectfully and productively the next time around. When we lead by example and they see us take this approach, they are more likely to follow.


    1. I understand what you’re saying. However yielding to aggressors has not worked very well up to this point. I respect people who lead by example, and I wish the whole world thought that way. But they don’t.


  20. Rich It’s been a while. I hear Congratulations are needed here.Two of your pics, S&W 500 finger in the guard, No No No. Love your blog and website.
    Mt Nutt


    1. Sorry to hear that. But you aren’t the only one. I think the nature of the content invites malicious elements to attempt to keep people from seeing it, even subscribers. Glad you found your way back in spite of those efforts.


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