China’s Purchase of Deliberate Incompetence: Remember more than 10,000 people died at Tiananmen Square

Shrill, unfettered incompetence is a national security threat. And when a known enemy purchases that incompetence, it’s far, far worse. And that is the proof that Peter Schweizer put together in his book Red Handed, the number 1 bestseller that is out presently. I’ve read lots of books, and I’ll have to say that after I read Red Handed that I went on to read 15 other books as direct spawns to confirm for myself the bombs of information that Peter Schweizer revealed. And what we end up with is a sad story of purchased incompetence. China wants desperately to become the world’s number one superpower. The “only” superpower. China has spent so much money buying up our political and entertainment icons to the point where it’s just ridiculous. In the book, there is a story about Tim Cook from Apple sucking up to President Xi Jinping when the Chinese dictator visited the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, Washington, while on a diplomacy tour in the United States to see Obama. I don’t think that I can ever own an Apple again because of what I learned. My next phone will have to be something else. After shaking Xi’s hand, Cook said, “did you feel the room shake.” Referring to the remarkable presence of Xi, clearly sucking up. Tim reflects the rest of the Desecrators that have taken money or done business with China in that way, especially in the tech industries. They have been seduced into disparaging America and investing that desecration into China with money created by the American capitalist system as the ultimate trojan horse, and it is sickening. A team of investigators extensively researched Peter’s book, and it all holds up. I checked much of it myself, so it’s a safe testimony into a trial we must have on the incompetent fools who have taken China’s money and turned their sheer stupidity against America on purpose for the result of our destruction, which is pretty serious stuff.

However, I do have a different take on the motivations of everyone, specifically China. Xi desperately wants to restore China’s honor in the world after the embarrassments from 200 years ago during the Opium Wars. Xi plans to have by 2050 the complete destruction of the West and be the global leader in everything, including the currency standard and government example, which he has dangled in front of the Party of Davos to lure in trillions of dollars in investments. BlackRock, which has been on my radar for many reasons, currently controls over 10 trillion dollars as the world’s largest asset manager. That is a lot more money than the entire economy of Russia, for perspective. Peter doesn’t cover it in his book how Larry Fink gained his muscle that he now applies to the world to impose climate change standards from the hard left. All that information is in other books, many other books ranging from Vivek Ramaswamy’s Woke Inc to Christopher Leonard’s Lords of Easy Money. Essentially the American Federal Reserve, obviously on purpose, has built up Larry Fink directly and BlackRock and other Wall Street money management firms to bring great harm to American infrastructure, crippling them while transitioning all financial transactions into China. BlackRock is the first money management firm in the world to gain access to the Chinese market and not without a cost. Larry isn’t such an activist for China. In fact, he’s laying down at their feet over every rule they wish to impose on him and his company. As Larry has said, “BlackRock is a Chinese company when doing business with China,” to put the fears away that loyalty to America or Wall Street specifically might compromise their relationship and violate their trust. 

BlackRock is important because they gained all this global muscle by buying up assets that dropped in value to virtually nothing after the Crash of 2008. In a special relationship with the Fed and Ben Bernanke at the time, the policy of quantitative easing was started to pump in cash to save those assets. Over the next ten years, the Fed has created a massive asset bubble that turned BlackRock and others into an enormous weapon of international finance. They have used their leverage to control many boards in America into imposing extreme leftist policies through ESG scores and other catastrophic measures to productive enterprise. BlackRock showed its cards in dealing with China and has shown themselves to be enemies of America in so many ways. Traditionally we would have said of this relationship to be one of national security. It has even given George Soros a reason to blush who has been against Larry Fink in the cozy relationship he has with China. If it not Fink from BlackRock, or LeBron James, Mitch McConnell, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, who actually asked Xi to name his baby, and countless other traders to America for the price of some looted money, what we have learned about the relationship China has and desires with the United States is essentially that of a step-parent marrying into all our families while pushing the dads out to the curb through a divorce. 

That is essentially what China wants to gain respect for, but they have that little problem with the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. I remember it well, but I didn’t remember that there were reports that over 10,000 people were killed when the Chinese government put down a student protest at Tiananmen Square. The way the media reported it, I always thought of it as a much smaller event, such as the tragedy of the Who concert in Cincinnati back in the 70s. As reported in Red Handed, the number was much, much higher, leaving many in America who wanted desperately to do business in China because of the massive amount of people they have there, willingly ignoring the cost of the massacre. That was certainly the position of the Kissinger and the Bush family. What happened at Tiananmen Square certainly messed up all the bridge-building Nixon had started with China. And Xi knows that the only way to put that event behind them is to tear down the rest of the world and show how bad their cultures are too. That is the origin of many of the Woke cultures we are dealing with in America presently. It’s a declaration by China that the West has its own problems as if pointing out negatives could erase their embarrassment at Tiananmen Square. And knowing that has revealed a vulnerability that I had forgotten about. It’s what China most wants to forget, so we should never let them do so as a policy going forward. It is the reason that they have spent so much money buying up most of our politicians in some way or another so that they can purchase incompetence and our eventual destruction, what they call “decapitating leadership.” The more I learned, the less powerful I realized that China actually was. Their power comes from our own people, like Larry Fink, and ultimately the Fed in creating the money that China is using to buy off so many politicians and entertainment figures. But at least we can see how vulnerable they truly are, what they fear the most, which is the memory of Tiananmen Square, and how we can reverse these trends. Yet, we cannot ignore those who sold us all out and acted against our country. For them, we can only call it treason, and they took the money without ever thinking that there would be an eventual cost, which is a problem they’ll have to resolve with themselves as we Drain the Swamp and leave them all without a place to hide, and exposed for the world to see.

Rich Hoffman

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Finance: The weapon of choice for World War III against America

War isn’t always easy to see when you’re in it. When history reflects on these things, reflection provides that sort of definition. And it becomes even more complicated when the means of war is not what the human race defines to look like war or feel like war.   But war it is, and we have a defined enemy now in the world that has been rooted out finally by the greatest weapon the human race has, the book publishing industry. There have been many people who have been watching what has been going on, and they have had their Paul Revere moment and done many tens of thousands of hours of work researching and writing their thoughts into a variety of books that have been published over the last year which paint quite a picture through the haze of war. And now we know we have been in World War III, and the weapon of choice and the means of attack has been finance. Not guns, tanks, nuclear weapons, but finance. The exact model that has been used to steer the world and its governments with sanctions is also used to steer every single one of us with our ESG scores and our 401K plans. It’s been a different kind of attack, and the enemy is now clear to see because the weapons are still smoking. They have been caught performing their task under tremendous pressure, pressure that came from the Trump presidency, and their desperate attempts to squash it. In their haste, they have revealed themselves from behind a veil of conspiracy and put real names next to the attackers. More and more people are talking about Names, such as Klaus Schwab, Larry Fink, and Bill Gates, to join with George Soros and many others from the Party of Davos. Now we know what they want to do and can understand how to beat them. But first, we needed to see them. 

Many have been reluctant to blame Covid-19 at their feet, but if you follow the money trail, it all goes back to them. The desire for the Party of Davos to impose “Green Energy” with the fear of climate change is the giveaway, which I pointed out the first week that Covid-19 was released out of China. We know now, and it’s commonly accepted, that the American Defense Department was involved in building a bioweapon. That much of that work was going on years before Covid was released from a lab in China. The evidence is mounting that the Chinese were being set up to take the blame by the Dr. Fauci types brokering the exchange. Much in the way that Joe Biden poked a stick into Russia, baiting them to attack Ukraine where so much corruption has happened, which is revealed in the Biden laptop. There is nothing like a war to erase the evidence and distract people who are now onto the Party of Davos. A smoke screen was needed, and Putin was pretty much shoved into action by that Party of Davos in the same way Covid was released. Ultimately, all the objectives for this war trace back to the desire to control fossil fuels and shove us all into a zero-emission world as defined by the left-winged activists who populate the World Economic Forum, who intend to attack the human race from beyond any country, to the very root of all existence, our money supply. 

The plot was revealed most ostentatiously when President Biden sought to go around the American Constitution and back door all means of management when a vaccine mandate was imposed on America’s businesses which put human resource departments in the role of government enforcer. And the government they were enforcing for was not the American government, but the Party of Davos, as defined by them in a corporate way which had been forming under the weight of ESG scores and a new way of investing in public companies. Quickly, companies rushed to comply with these invisible masters without considering the source until eventually, the courts caught up and ended it. But the United Nations crowd had been attacking America from just such a method for decades through their Agenda 21 and now 2030 strategies, which is in every zoning board in America now. All those methods point to the Party of Davos as the origin, including the cancel culture rhetoric, the buying up of progressive DAs to undermine our legal system. All these methods have been imposed on us through finance and the flow of money, which gets the attention of corporations. And which culture in America where politicians dance to corporate influence to get donations, the Party of Davos had their vulnerability, and they meant to exploit it. But they were caught in this, too, by their tampering with the Federal Reserve in the United States, which was never constitutional. Like the Covid vaccinees, they exploited a loophole in our system of government to manipulate the value of our dollar and use that inflated power to buy up American companies with public stock options to take over their boards and inject poison directly into western culture for an economic takeover by that mysterious Party of Davos. The broker, in this case, was Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, and his direct ties to the Federal Reserve just as he sits on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum. 

By controlling our money and our jobs, the Party of Davos intends to control the political nature of the entire world. They have influenced much of the bad behavior we have seen over the last several years. Who was it that called those five states on election night to stop the counting so that the election could be stolen from Trump, our pick, in 2020? Look to the Party of Davos, for Covid, for election theft, for the push of Russia to attack Ukraine. To prop up China as the next baddie globally and convert the monetary standard to them and away from America. All this has been an attack on our very way of life, and it started with ESG scores, of controlling our behavior to the values of Davos and not American politics. And to take our power away, they sought to change the way we measure value, from actual profits to whether or not we had people of color or homosexuals on our boards of directors. And while we answered those questions with the same hair on fire compliance that we did the vaccine mandates, the Party of Davos convinced our Federal Reserve to dump money into Wall Street to prop up BlackRock, State Street, and Blackstone into agents of environmentalism.

The Party of Davos was going to get its grip on the world using the excuse of Climate Change to do it. The crazy left-wingers in the American government behind Covid and behind the quantitative easing in the Fed thought that the ends justified the means.   They would save the earth from climate change by destroying America from the inside out, and they almost got away with it. But, as I said, they have been caught. We see behind the veil now, and their covert behavior is out in the open. Many are shocked and aren’t sure what to do about it. But the first step is in understanding the problem and admitting to ourselves that this has all been a massive worldwide war. And it does mean that we must take a stand here and now. Otherwise, history will remember our cowardice, and they won’t forgive us for it.

Rich Hoffman

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Foreign Power Attacks Ohio’s Energy Grid: The Real story of corruption behind FirstEnergy, The Fed and Mike DeWine

ESG scores (Environmental Social Governance) are for business what CRT (Critical Race Theory) has been for public schools. Once parents found out what the game was in sliding CRT under the door and trying to program their children into outright Marxism using race as the mask, they became enraged and have started the process of retaking control of their public schools. Businesspeople, too are on the cusp of a similar necessity. That is why I have never accepted the FirstEnergy scandal as being what the FBI tried to paint it as. Over the summer of 2021, I watched pretty enraged at a press conference the Ohio FBI had boasting that they had received a settlement from FirstEnergy over a bribery scandal they had been investigating, which involved the Speaker of the GOP House, Larry Householder, and many others. It was a story that put Ohio in the number 1 state for corruption in the entire United States, and Governor Mike DeWine was right in the center of it. The FBI proudly bloviated that FirstEnergy settled the case with $230 million, which they indicated was an admission of guilt. The story for me was always about a much more sinister kind of corruption, one that actually points to ESG scores and environmental wacko policies that are an attack on our infrastructure in America from foreign interests. In this case, it all points back to the Party of Davos, the billionaire types who attack countries without a country of their own and seek to impose politics on those countries that bypass their elections domestically. What these finance companies like BlackRock, Blackstone, and Icahn Capital were doing to the nuclear power capability in Ohio was no different than if a country like China had attacked them with missiles and planes to take them out and destroy our power grid. And here was the FBI helping them do it. And the money for all the power leverage came straight out of the American Federal Reserve, created by Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and Jerome Powell over a ten-year period to put money behind ESG rankings to impose climate change politics on us all.

After that FBI press conference, around December of 2021, Blackstone bought up 1 billion dollars in stock, which will put yet another activist investment board member on the Board of Directors at FirstEnergy, which will continue to direct the company toward a zero-emission world, to get their ESG scores at the targeted range. Back in 2019, when this ESG imposition was just becoming a practice, the management of FirstEnergy thought the regulatory burdens were ridiculous as these money management firms were pushing them to implement zero-emission standards. Of course, these requirements come from the United Nations, which are driven by the World Economic Forum, which sets them with Al Gore, Klaus Schwab, and the BlackRock CEO himself, Larry Fink. These are extreme left-wing wackos who wouldn’t get the time of day in a political theater, but when they tie themselves to our money, now suddenly they have all the power in the world. And it is through those methods, FirstEnergy was imposed upon through ESG scores to move their coal and nuclear plants to zero emissions by a ridiculously impossible deadline, which would essentially shut them down. FirstEnergy tried to fight back; they funneled $61 million in donations to the GOP through Larry Householder to protect them from these United Nations standards reflected in the ESG means of measurement. The GOP created House Bill 6 to roll back some of the environmental burdens that were killing companies like FirstEnergy. Suddenly the FBI was busting members of the GOP, but not these radical investment firms connected to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. They were clearly attacking the American power grid to destroy coal and nuclear and replace them with wind and solar. 

Many of my friends in the House and Senate in Columbus wanted to distance themselves from Larry Householder as he was strung up and ran from his seat. It looked like dirty politics to me, and internal power struggles between Householder and Governor DeWine. But some of the other people who took money from FirstEnergy were never-Trumper types leftover from John Kasich, so there wasn’t much of a desire to fight to defend them in public. But the issue continued to bother me. That year of 2021, my wife and I traveled extensively in the West, everywhere from southern New Mexico and Texas to Montana all the way out to Utah and Idaho. I wanted to get away and think about some of these big things clearly. And during that trip, I saw what many truckers have been talking about, the changes to our country that were happening, with these giant wind farms, everywhere, from Iowa to Texas and everywhere in between. This wind power thing was much more advanced than I had been led to believe. In fact, at the Iowa 80 Truckstop, the largest of its kind in the world, I had a chance to see up close the trucks bringing these massive wind turbine blades to their construction sites. This was an enormous project that was going on everywhere, yet not much discussion was happening about it on the news. How was all this happening? Indeed, Americans weren’t imposing this on themselves. 

Doing a lot of research from then until now, it’s quite clear what has been happening. These wind power farms were not coming from the people of America but from energy companies and states seeking better ESG scores to stay compliant with their shareholders, like Blackstone, Icahn Capital, and of course, BlackRock. And the rate of manufacturing has been consistent with all the money the Fed has been printing through quantitative easing over the last decade, creating a dangerous asset bubble that directly contributed to the rise in power of these money management firms. The leverage and power these gained in managed resources, which allowed them to buy all these stock options, to start controlling these companies at the level of the Board of Directors, came directly from the inflated wealth the Federal Reserve created through their ZIRP policies and quantitative easing. Otherwise, BlackRock would have never had the financial leverage to impose these ESG scores on all these companies. And how convenient was it for Blackstone to buy up $1 billion in stock after the settlement story broke about FirstEnergy driving the price down. And guess who pushed FirstEnergy to settle the case, Icahn Capital. 

So as everyone can see, the story is much more sinister than an Ohio energy company trying to prevent itself from being put out of business by ESG politics that come not from the American government but from the United Nations and the Party of Davos. They sought help from the GOP-controlled House because it was their only option. But obviously, the game was rigged against them from the start. And now we see too late that the United Nations fully intends to close down all coal and nuclear power plants in the country and switch us all over to these solar and wind options. We know from California wind and solar alone is not sufficient for the power needs of our economy. But for the enemies of America, that is kind of the point. These finance companies taking control of these Boards in companies all across America over ESG scores are not on an America First agenda. They seek a zero-emission world and massive wealth redistribution from rich countries to poor ones, where they have already leveraged their financial bets. And we have been the pawns in the game because we have let this attack happen, unchecked completely. 

The actions we can take immediately is to understand how ESG policies became part of our SEC rules, at the Federal and State levels.   Because those rules are directly attacking our business infrastructure from elements outside our county.  We need to remove those ESG policies, legislatively.  From there, we need to stop our Fed from funding Wall Street so that an open door to foreign investment can flow money into the backdoor of our country and buy our political system behind our backs destroying our vote through finance and attacking the very heart of our republic without a single shot fired by military aggression.  Make no mistake about it, it’s a war just the same. 

Rich Hoffman

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A Trip to the Zoo: The crimes the Fed committed with BlackRock

I have nothing against Larry Fink. I also don’t have anything against snakes, wolves, and other predatory creatures. And it was at a recent trip to the zoo with my wife, two daughters and all my grandchildren on an unusually pleasant day in the winter of 2022 where I was thinking about these things, and specifically Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock. I was thinking about the progressive attack by them and their ESG scores which is undermining the entire political system of America. Some of the exhibits at the zoo were in low light for the benefit of the animals, and some of the best-camouflaged ones were hard to see. For instance, some of the snakes were right in front of our faces but blended into their environment so well they were hard to see even just a few feet away. I had a nice time seeing some of the dangerous animals with the kids and who could be the first to spot them. We had a nice day at the zoo. Still, it was more than beneficial for me to understand a great menace to American culture and understand the author of much of the desecration that has been happening to us through woke culture. And ultimately, what food fed those beasts. When people ask where the problems of our world start, it’s hard for them to see, but what I’m going to report here is something that should make it easier to understand. 

Larry Fink is not my kind of guy; he voted for Hillary Clinton. He’s a Democrat. He’s an old flower child from southern California and a political science major in college. He always wanted a career in politics, even as a young man. He ended up working on Wall Street, and he had some big hits on the upstream. It took several years, but eventually, he founded BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, and has amassed a tremendous amount of power because of it. Larry and I are political opposites. While he votes for Democrats, I vote for conservative Republicans. I have no reason to be angry at Larry for those things. But I do knowing what I do about his relationship with the Federal Reserve and what he has done with the money. Of course, other money management firms have also benefited from this relationship with the Fed. But Larry is undoubtedly the cutting edge. When the housing collapse occurred in 2008 after Larry had just recently lost $100 million for investors, the Fed, led at the time by Ben Bernanke, called him up to clean things up, which BlackRock did. It bought up all the bad debt and turned it into assets that saved much of the industry, and Larry was becoming known as the man with the Midas touch. That federal relationship would then continue for the next decade, making BlackRock climb in power and wealth to now over 10 trillion dollars in managed assets. 

It’s not hard to figure out what happened. After the 2008 financial meltdown, the Fed had a balance sheet of $900 billion. During ZIRP (zero interest rate policy), that number went to 4.5 trillion through quantitative easing, which took place from 2010 to around 2019. Then, after Covid in 2020, the balance sheet went up to 8 trillion, creating a massive asset bubble, which directly built up BlackRock’s wealth. You can almost chart the growth rate of BlackRock directly to the quantitative easing that the Fed was pumping into the economy over that period. BlackRock had direct government contracts attached to the Fed, which has now given them that direct wealth Larry Fink uses to impose woke policies on American CEOs through ESG scores as he was put on the Board of Trustees at the World Economic Forum, the Party of Davos in 2019. The problem with all this is that Larry Fink is not some genius who could make money happen out of thin air. BlackRock was built with a public/private partnership with the Federal Reserve through experimental financing, and that inflated asset bubble wealth that Larry Fink has used to lure in many stock buys of major American corporations, and to manage many private 401K accounts tying most of us in some indirect way to a massive evil that leads straight to the doorstep of the Party of Davos, is being used to bypass our political system altogether to impose on America climate change and other progressive platform positions that are totally unacceptable.

Like the snakes at the zoo, it was hard to see what Larry Fink was up to. But like some unsuspecting varment, many have been eaten by the snakes of Davos, for which Larry Fink is just one. This isn’t a conspiracy theory of the mysterious Illuminati or some other cabal of secret societies. No, this is just out in the open, hidden in plain sight. Many people don’t like to think about finances or politics, so understanding this incestuous relationship that the Fed has with Wall Street and progressive politics has been just another way to camouflage the snakes right in front of our faces, and they think they are so well hidden that we won’t ever see them. But we do see them; some of us do. And now that we know the game they are playing, we have a lot of reasons not to like Larry Fink. If it’s my vote against his, we could consider fair elections in a healthy republic. But when Larry uses the government to get artificial power and then uses that power to bypass our election system, to impose on society woke politics and climate change which we may or may not agree with, a line of disaster and much anger has been crossed. This is corruption that is beyond reasonable. And our own government has helped camouflage this behavior using our money and value to do it. Only to have that money and value used against us as a weapon. And that’s not OK. That goes quite a bit beyond reasonable political theater, but to a hydra of corruption, that is everything that President Jackson initially warned America about during his administration. 

I was thinking about all this that day and many other days since the start of 2010. I have read more than 30 books about these issues, some from the good guys, some from the bad guys, since November of 2021. After watching all the Davos coverage from 2022 in late January, it all came together for me. A few weeks later, I found myself at the zoo with my family thinking about snakes and other predatory animals and the Party of Davos. Snakes just the same, only with different kinds of skin and manner. But they all feed off the overly trusting and unsuspecting, using their camouflage to strike. The real crime here isn’t so much in Larry Fink. He’s just a snake doing what snakes do; they eat and feed off the lives of others. No, the real crime here is the Federal Reserve itself. If good people were in charge of the Fed, much of this massive corruption could have been managed. But, the truth is, we can’t always know that the 12 members of the Fed have their minds about them in the right way. Suppose they get into trouble covering for socialist presidents like Barack Obama, who regulate too much. Why wouldn’t they reach out to Larry Fink, who has other political plans that are very progressive? The answer is that they do and will every time they are given an opportunity. And now we have foreign influence from well beyond the shores of America running our money and our government. Not through the political process, but through money management, through firms like BlackRock, Blackstone, Vanguard, and State Street—companies we all deal with. Now they are imposing on us progressive politics and using our money as a weapon, so who should we be angry with, the snake that just wants to eat, or our inability to see it, before it is too late?

Rich Hoffman

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The Real War is at the Doorstep of Davos: Ukraine is just the latest distraction and justification to raise gas prices

I’d rather not, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the story that is in the news right now, and because it is, I should say something about it. But my thoughts on it are not what the news is espousing. For me, it’s just another attempt by the world, and specifically, Democrats, to use Russia as a punching bag to cover all their vast incompetence. Biden has to give a State of the Union speech. He has nothing but bad news and an economy with inflation creeping in, pushed there by a giant asset bubble created by the Fed through over a decade of quantitative easing. Call it Modern Monetary Theory, call it Keynesian economics, call it whatever socialist theory of modern academia you want. Too much money chasing after too few goods and personal productivity will be a disaster, and it is for Biden presently.

Additionally, Biden has been a disaster in foreign policy, specifically regarding Afghanistan. Covid has been traced back to a Chinese lab in Wuhan, and his own science guys that he picked to be on his staff were part of the deal with the Department of Defense. There is a lot of embarrassment to go around on Covid, and now people are sick of the rules and are pulling off the masks whether or not the government likes it. The Biden vaccine mandates were a loss in the Supreme Court. The President’s bosses at the World Economic Forum didn’t seem to understand when they came up with the plan to begin with that the American Constitution would win on that, leaving the Davos crowd perplexed.

Yet that isn’t even the start of the story. As I have been saying more lately, we aren’t talking about conspiracy theories concerning the Party of Davos. It’s not the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, or the typical Illuminati tin foil hat talk; we have actual names like Klaus Schwab and Larry Fink who have made the conspiracies real. The World Economic Forum board has announced themselves with ESG grades to change the world’s economy from fossil fuels to 100% emission-free standards, which are directly connected to each and every one of our 401K plans. We’re not talking about theory here; it’s a fact, and it’s in our faces every day. The testbed for this behavior was Covid. The Party of Davos watched how various countries reacted to the lockdowns and how the economy behaved. They have made adjustments to their plans based on what they saw—watching their summit from Davos this year, which included Janet Yellon and Dr. Fauci, it’s clear they are perplexed about how to deal with their intentions for a Great Reset. The populism that is going on around the world is a problem for them, so they very much want a distraction. Putin tends to like playing the bully in the room. The whole thing comes out like a night of WWF big-time wrestling with Vince McMahon to those who see the big picture. The Russian invasion is a scripted wrestling match with Putin playing the bad cop, and the Davos guys are trying to help Biden out by looking like the good cop. But behind the curtain, they are all shaking hands and patting each other on the back.

Then we have the China situation; Russia is in partnership with them. The Davos gang uses China to prop up as their stabilizing authoritarian model, which will help maintain global banking. They have invited Xi to be the keynote speaker at their World Economic Forum that they had in January. They are invested in China, but now that all these books are being written about all the American politicians and celebrities who China pays off, some damage control must be done. China’s hostile intentions toward America have been uncovered, and the bad guys need a distraction. Russia invading Ukraine is the perfect thing to do; it diverts everyone’s attention away from the real problems, which are massive.

To make matters worse, and this traces right back to the doorstep of the Party of Davos, they have a real need to push people away from gas cars and to convince people to buy their electric cars, which through ESG, Ford, GM, and most of the other car companies have joined in the effort to manufacture purely electric vehicles instead of those driven by oil. To pull that off, they need an excuse to push gas prices up over a reasonable limit to change behavior in the West in the kind of cars they are buying. When people wonder why election fraud happened, now they can see why the Party of Davos could not afford another term of Trump. They had all these plans, and they had to have a president that would follow the party line. Not that party line from the Democrat Party, but to make the Democratic Party follow the Party of Davos. This is simply part two of the ESG scores that started this process years ago, of monitoring the environment, then social behavior behind a new kind of governance created by the Party of Davos, an authentic thing. Just follow the money from the Federal Reserve to BlackRock and Larry Fink, then back to his Board of Trustee position at the World Economic Forum. You will have your answer. He’s just one of these desecrators of American life. The Party of Davos has many of them.

Now knowing all that is very inconvenient. When people say, even people who should know better, “why isn’t Biden turning on the American oil reserves to bring down gas prices?” That is because Biden was put in place to tear down the West’s machine, prop up China in the East, and be the new global economic model for the world run by the Party of Davos, who is essentially the United Nations. Biden is doing what they put him in power to do. The American people didn’t elect him. He was put in place by the people who wanted to control the entire world. And people are catching on to it, so they called up Putin to cause some trouble in the world and get everyone to look at it. They did it to stop the rise of populism in America and other places, which is their most significant threat to all these long-established plans. And to keep those plans something of a secret, even as the conspiracies are blowing up everywhere, they need this Ukraine war as a diversion in a political year in America in hopes to continue their desecration and a total takedown of Western Civilization, finally. So if I’m not all that excited about the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin, well, it’s because I know it’s just Russia, Russia, Russia all over again. This time it’s not Hillary Clinton making up garbage on President Trump and our legal system ignoring the incursions. Now it’s Biden, a compromised globalist himself and one who was put in place to destroy our country, not help it. And he needed this diversion, and the Party of Davos gave it to him. Putin is just playing a part in the fake wrestling match.   Besides being a diversion, the primary objective is to increase gas prices from 4 dollars per gallon to $6 or $7. It’s a repeat of the Obama era war against fossil fuels, and that real war is at the doorstep of the Party of Davos. Not in the Ukraine where they want you to look.

Rich Hoffman

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Why You Must Always Be Ready: The biggest secret in the world

In the video above, I answer a question that I get asked a lot, “what’s in the backpack?” Well, I carry that backpack with me everywhere. When I’m not at my house, it’s always nearby. And of course, watching the video, you will quickly see what’s in it, my .500 magnum, which is one of my conceal carry guns. And additionally, that backpack is heavily armored. If someone shoots at me from behind, or even from another direction, I can have a way to absorb the bullet harmlessly and take away the danger. It’s a big pack for that reason; it covers a lot more body area. Then hearing that the next question is, “why do you feel you have to be so well-armed and to defend yourself so heavily?”

Most people would be happy with some little Glock tucked in their pants. But not me. I want to be ready for a small war, and there is a good reason for it. I put those thoughts into my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, which has become highly relevant in the early years of 2020. When I was writing that book, I knew that it would stir up trouble, and it has. To my mind, it’s the good kind. But one thing is for sure; you don’t have to go out into the world looking for trouble. Trouble will come to find you, and for all kinds of reasons. The main reason is that the world’s bureaucracies were all built to conceal a dark truth about human nature. They were built to conceal laziness and the unambitious, which is in the majority. Everyone wants a trophy for success, but not everyone wants to do the work to become the best at something. And when people discover they can’t loot off you for their own efforts to make them their own, then they seek to get rid of you in any way possible to erase your memory from their minds. And that is why it’s important to be well-armed and always ready for trouble when it comes looking for you.

While I was writing The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business a few years ago, I had a confrontation with a consultant from a very expensive and powerful firm that teaches Lean Techniques worldwide to the biggest corporations that there are. When he found out that I had my own theories on process improvement and that I took exception to his constant beratement of “shooting from the hip,” as if it was a reckless assertion toward productivity, he became irate when he discovered I was writing that book. “what are you going to say that hasn’t been already said, the field is crowded with opinions on process improvement. Pick your poison and get with the program.” My response was, “well, I want to create a system that doesn’t involve poison, something that is more reflective of what is really going on in the world.” That’s when he lost it and pretty much swore himself to be my enemy, which didn’t work out very well for him. There was no provocation to try to make the guy mad. He went there on his own. It was the realization that a kind of scam was being exposed that he secretly feared was the real issue. And ultimately, this secret is a big problem out there in the world. I knew it was, but watching some of the violent reactions that played out, knowing that the secret would be put into a book I was writing, was just too much for him, and many, many others. 

The truth of the matter is what I said in the video when people find out they can’t steal from your efforts to hide their own lazy and unproductive natures; they actively seek to eliminate you from the discussion, whether it’s cancel culture, outright violence, social ostracization—whatever means they can come up with. And we are seeing that play out on a mass scale these days in business, politics, media, and even neighborhood soccer games. It’s everywhere. But what’s worse for them is when you don’t care, and you don’t need what they offer, which is kinship in a team environment. At that point, everything they have ever been taught turns out to be a lie, and they can’t handle that knowledge. There is a great yearning in the world for nobility and individualized respect. While traveling all over the world, I have found that when people see those elements in you, they often pay reverence instantly. People crave the kind of individualization that evolved in American culture and, ultimately, American business. But there have been many who have shaped this European collectivist mindset into global affairs and have evolved a kind of socialism during international trade that has found its way into every aspect of business. And the big secret was to hide the incompetency of the many from the eyes of the few. So when people often criticized me for “shooting from the hip,” they meant that I should always sit down and consult with others to figure out the best next step. Even if my idea ended up being the way to go, the bureaucrats wanted to believe that they had some hand in the process and wanted to share credit for the endeavor. But to a person like me, that all takes too long, so I cut them out and take my shots without them, which denies them of the theft, which makes people angry, very angry, for being exposed. That’s why I carry the backpack, and it has come in handy often. 

After dealing with that guy, and many others like him over the years, I felt it would be good to address the process improvement problems that all businesses have, especially these days with all the woke problems that are entering our places of employment. There are many great techniques for process improvement out there, but most of them never address the real elephant in the room. What makes people corrupt, and why do they intentionally sabotage process flow in a business? I often point to the time clock, even the salary people, and say, “look how quickly they leave for the day.” Their minds were never on their work; they just collect their paychecks and associated with other people waiting for someone else to do something. They are too lazy to do things independently and often leave all the heavy work for the few with a mind to do it. And there is no fancy consultant class that can address that issue. To deal with that, we must deal with the real problem that sits at the heart of all process improvement needs, the lack of human capital and raw individualized leadership. That is why I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, to empower the types of people who really do all the work and to prevent those who get in the way from doing so. And also to explain that consensus building and teamwork are only distractions away from productivity. In the world we have today, it is the few who make everything happen and the many who try to hide behind those exploits and take credit for them as their own. If you let them take that credit, they will love you. But if you don’t, they will do everything in their power to get rid of you, even if it means killing you any way they can. Sometimes they become so jealous that their minds lose all reason, and their thoughts become a Shakespeare play. And the only way to have real peace is to carry a backpack like the one I do and make sure that their intentions do not become your reality.

Rich Hoffman

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The Stupidity of Xi Jinping: China thinks A.I. is the future, but what they will learn is far from it

I personally think that China’s Xi Jinping is an idiot. If you haven’t yet noticed, all the bad guys in the world are trying to scare us all into behavioral change. They have picked China as their vehicle of intimidation. But they are taking advantage too of China’s desire to overcome their embarrassment from the Opium Wars a few centuries ago and to restore their dignity as the most powerful country on earth by 2050. At this year’s Davos meeting with the World Economic Forum, where the gang of Klaus and Larry Fink pulled on the strings of their political pets around the world, they put Xi Jinping on center stage to set up the narrative. Didn’t you wonder, dear reader, why Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden recently talked about how ruthless China could be, as if we were supposed to be scared of them, like some playground bully? Wasn’t that a strange position for what is supposed to be the most powerful country on earth?

Remember, don’t listen to what people say; pay attention to what they do. Some people in the world can be controlled by money. If you fill up their bank account, they will do what you tell them to for the rest of their lives. That is certainly the case with Mitch McConnel and most of the current American senate. Once they take the money, they lose objectivity toward all sense of law and order. China is willing to give away endless amounts of money to buy up what they call “elite capture” in America to fulfill their goals of global domination by the middle of this current century. They believe that if they buy up all our elected offices, or at least enough to destroy our election system, then they can become that next power, and Klaus and the gang have let them think that. They have also sold Xi as some kind of genius because the World Economic Forum wants to stabilize the world toward their investments and use Chinese communism as that stabilizing force. BlackRock is the first money management firm allowed in China, so the effort of building a middle-class there around 1.4. billion people can occur under carefully managed scrutiny. 

Yet Xi has become inflated with himself, and he has all the American tech giants eating out of his hand because they think of him as some kind of communist “chosen one.” Reading about how sold out Silicone Valley is to China in Peter Schweizer’s fantastic new book Red Handed is pathetic. It certainly paints people like Tim Cook from Apple as small-minded losers who just got lucky in their fields of endeavor. When Tim Cook had a chance to meet Xi at a Microsoft meeting, he remarked, “Did you feel the room shake?” All the big tech malcontents were there at that meeting worshipping the communism of China, so it’s certainly time for all of us to stop thinking of anybody from Silicone Valley as being smart. We should scrutinize all their products and assume everything we do online or through a computer is going directly to China, and ultimately, the Party of Davos. They are their financiers and manipulators behind the scenes. These losers want us to think of Xi as they do, which could run the world as the ultimate parent. If we step out of line, we’ll be spanked. If we do what they tell us to, they will love us and care for us, and for the Silicone Valley types, who all appear to have daddy issues, a strong central parental figure leading communism is attractive. So we should be skeptical of everything they do, including using Microsoft Teams. China has its hands in everything done by American tech executives. 

And with that knowledge, we should laugh at how these same people have put Xi on a pedestal and inflated his ego to the point where he thinks he’s some kind of mystic. Xi is saying to everyone that A.I. is the wave of the future. Whoever controls A.I. will control the world. And from what I can tell, many people believe that A.I. will take over the world and that China will be the first to harness this weapon like it will be tomorrow’s nuclear bomb, the significant threat that will put the world under the thumb of those wishing to control it. People like Xi.  Xi doesn’t care about money. What he does care about is power, and he thinks A.I. will give him that power and launch China into a reign of respect and terror for centuries once they all put an end to the “western experiment.” Clearly, there are a lot of Americans like Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbucks, and many other billionaires who are signed on to this Chinese communism and are acting as traitors now to our country. But never fret. Their strategy is laughable, and, in the end, they will find themselves grossly embarrassed. For all time and history, remember what I say today, that A.I. will ultimately be too stupid to take over the world. Humans will remain at the top of the food chain for the simple reason that human intelligence has many other factors besides raw brainpower calculations. All the A.I. that is being built now lacks that basic intellect that is still a mystery to those studying the brain. I think A.I. will be a valuable tool in a time when we will need much more labor for a growing economy. But it will not be all-powerful and invincible. Human imagination will prove to be the most essential ingredient and will remain that way for many centuries to come.

But never underestimate intent, what China intends to do. What the Party of Davos plans and who they control. Watch what they do, not what they say. They intend to use artificial intelligence to rule the world and all of us in it. Xi is too power-hungry to see the situation clearly. He has bought the bolstering thrown in his direction by that Party of Davos. Money isn’t the only way to inflate ego, and thus to drive someone to do something they might not otherwise do, so they can get it. Praise can be just as powerful as finance. They desperately want to be relevant in China, which is why they are opening their doors to Larry Fink, who sits on the board of the World Economic Forum. But in the end, Xi will learn all too late that he was just a pawn for a larger purpose. He’s playing his part. They will push A.I. but will discover that with all their captured data, the result will create an average intelligence at best, the average of all the people of the world they have collected information on. And that great average will still be short of the exceptional humans who live and thrive in the world and essentially make everything happen. The significant flaw will be the same as the outstanding flaw of communism, that the collective is better than the individual. The hard lesson that A.I. will learn is that it’s the other way around, and technology will still find itself inferior to the best that the human race produces with imagination and ingenuity. And Chairman Xi will see that all his hopes for a restoration of China’s power upon the world and the respect he thinks will come with it will just be another pawn in the great game of chess that has been going on for a long time. He thought he was the king, but he was only just a rook at best. And A.I. never was going to be able to put the crown on his head.

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Get Distracted by Joe Rogan: The Hydra of evil that comes from Davos

Don’t get caught following the laser pointer like some dog. That includes the mask mandates, the Canadian trucker protest, January 6th, Ukraine, social justice news headlines, and especially the treatment of the podcaster Joe Rogan. I’ve had a weird outer body kind of experience lately, something unique to me because of my lifestyle. I work on this news site. I read a voluminous number of books from all different categories, and I interact with very rich and powerful people nearly every day. So, it’s a unique life, but then I hit upon an extraordinary book, one that provided a lot of glue to pull everything together, the motivations of election fraud in the 2020 election, the origin of Covid. The hostile intent of China. I think it’s one thing to have common sense and to have an ability to see things for what they are, not necessarily what people present to you. It’s quite another to finally get that ah-ha moment of confirmation and have a Perry Mason experience where the whole case can then be summed up to a jury for prosecution. And after reading the incredible book by Christopher Leonard, The Lords of Easy Money, I had that moment. And I can say he didn’t do it on purpose. All he wanted to do was figure out why the Federal Reserve was continuing a reckless policy of quantitative easing after several years of ZIRP (interest rates at or near zero). It helped that I have an old friend who pops in and out of my life all the time between stints in Federal prison; he’s a sovereign citizen who has always professed the evils of corporate ownership of our property. He has an IQ of around 190, he’s too smart to follow the laws of stupid people, so he finds himself into all kinds of interesting adventures, and he’s too intelligent for the people who inhabit the legal system, lawyers, prosecutors, district attornies, etc. Knowing people like that can add perspective to everything else, and that has left me tracing it all down to the doorstep where the smoking gun is still sticking out the window of an assassin’s sniper shot. I dare say I see the intended killers of America from within the windows of that house, and we have them.

Knowing all that, the recent story about Joe Rogan and his censorship on Spotify has all been about one thing, yet nobody has picked up on it. I’ve never been much of a Joe Rogan fan. The kinds of things they talk about there are like talking to a baker about cake mix. If people care about such things, I’m sure it’s the most exciting conversation in the world. But for me, there is only one thing I want to do with cake, and that is to eat it. Joe Rogan is left of center and is not something I value. When I think of him, I think of smoking pot with Elon Musk. His podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, has many millions of listeners and a big 100 million dollar deal from Spotify. Most people don’t have much time to get into the deep things in life, so they find his conversations interesting. I find them worthlessly liberal. So it was perplexing for many to see the woke left to come down so hard over Joe Rogan by several old hippie musical artists who were upset that Covid questioning came up on his podcast that punched holes in the official narrative. It didn’t make sense to people who listen to some of that music, like that of Neil Young, who has always been about thumbing their nose at the “man” yet now seemingly doing the work of that same “man.” Some invisible system of controls that these old hippies were the sudden spokespeople.   

It’s all a distraction; it’s an attempt to pull the country back to the center or left of center by taking a famous podcaster and moving the Overton Window to a new place. For many years there have been vast conspiracies about the Bilderberg meetings of the Illuminati. Of the Rockefeller family and the massive strings they have on the politics of America. I have even pointed out that when things start getting too real and investigative journalism threatens to find that doorstep with the assassin’s bullet still chambered in the sniper rifle, a barrage of UFO stories permeate the news cycle to get us all to look at the distraction as if it were the most important thing in the world. But the killers live in the House of the Party of Davos, and they have been caught panicking now that their long-laid plans are suddenly in jeopardy because global populism is blowing those plans up as we speak. Trump was supposed to be gone by now. People were supposed to have all been trained to do what the authorities told them to do with Covid. People are supposed to be looking at Russia’s Putin when it’s China that owns most of our Washington D.C. political class, the Hydra that has grown from the warnings of Andrew Jackson and is a behemoth of insatiable fury and corruption now is loose, and people can see it. Some of the heads of that Hydra are Bill Gates, Mitch McConnell, Mark Zuckerbucks, Tim Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, LaBron James, and many others, all connected to the same swamp monster. But instead, they are starting to fight back, and that populism push goes well beyond the Trump movement in America. It’s a global issue, and it has these global killers worried.   We know now who they are because they had to show themselves to attempt to get their arms around these stories, which are now spiraling out of control. 

And in their feeble attempts at control, they tried to make Joe Rogan a distraction, to show that the political left would eat its own if they misbehaved and did not take the word of the “expert” class at their source, and to stop there. The Party of Davos has admitted control of American and global politics, our media culture, and now through woke ESG policies, many of our multinational corporations. And it’s getting hot in that assassin’s house, and they want a distraction. That was what the whole Joe Rogan controversy was all about. Rogan isn’t all of a sudden a hero of the conservative movement. He’s just an average guy who is just asking the kind of questions that members of a block party might consider under the drunken haze of alcohol and a college football game on in the garage. There isn’t anything all that sophisticated going on with Joe Rogan. But the objective was to get us to look at him and be warned that it could happen to any of us if he can get the woke treatment of potential censorship. I always warn that those big 100 million dollar deals aren’t always for talent. Sometimes they are just a payoff to get control of a market because once you take the money, they own you forever. That’s how the Hydra mentioned was born and set loose upon our political system. It didn’t come from nowhere, but money fed the beast, and now it is loose to do its destruction. And with Joe Rogan, that indeed turned out to be the case. They let him in the door, paid him well, and ultimately we saw the result. Joe Rogan had to apologize for his crime of asking questions. And the world saw the pain it put him through; all of it was a warning from that Party of Davos, the unelected malcontents straight out of Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. These villains fear most the rise of populism around the world because they know it leads to their undoing. And they hope they can put everyone back to sleep by pointing at Joe Rogan and saying, “there is the radical,” and that we might all follow in that assumption. But remember, it’s just the laser pointer trying to get us away from their front door, where they are caught and exposed for the first time in over a hundred years.

Rich Hoffman

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A Review of ‘The Lords of Easy Money’: What’s behind the smokescreen they don’t want you to see

As bad as things seem, I’ll have to say I feel privileged to live in a culture that can produce books like The Lords of Easy Money. The new book by Christopher Leonard is what I consider a real treasure to a rich culture. After reading it, it spawned in me an insatiable appetite for solving some of our modern problems, and right there in those pages, everything was clear to see. I took last week off everything essentially to read an additional 12 books of all types of wide-ranging subjects connected to the subject of the Federal Reserve and the history of Banking in America and the Constitutional problems that are part of it. I think I slept 3 hours last week as my reading list was very aggressive. Good books are better than sleep to me.   We’ve all talked about this before, but never has there been a writer who was able to put their finger on the problem quite like Christopher Leonard has. For me, it was the big block in the puzzle that put everything else together, and I feel greatly enriched by it. Because of it, I am much more inclined than I was before toward the banking policies of Andrew Jackson as he let the charter expire for the second attempt to put centralized banking in charge of our central government. These subjects are too complicated for our news reporting, so they never get talked about, yet the corruption at play here is mind-blowing, and it is there that we must focus on in the future if we want to save our nation. I’ll have a lot to say about this book in the months to come, but for now, we’ll talk about the tip of the iceberg. 

The problem starts with the American Constitution and Alexander Hamilton and his debates with Thomas Jefferson over the merits of centralized banking. Hamilton’s interpretation comes from Article 1 Section 8 at the very end, “to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution and Foregoing powers, and all other Powers by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Office thereof.” In other words, if the government thinks it needs it, it can have it. This is also why the duel between Aaron Burr and Hamilton should have happened on the day before Jefferson and Hamilton had this discussion. Hamilton’s argument opened the door to the kind of crazy lunacy regarding fiscal policy that we see today. Lucky for us, we have had great presidents, such as Jackson, who fought this battle before. It has taken a lot of time for the crooks and thieves of Wall Street and politics to become emboldened to the level they are now, to rob openly, loot, steal, and sell out our country in the fashion that The Lords of Easy Money articulates. But make no mistake about it, Christopher Leonard is not arguing against the Fed. He is, in fact, a Democrat. He’s not at all crazy about the Tea Party movement or President Trump. He wants the system to work. He actually makes an excellent argument for the Federal Reserve. Still, in the research he conducted, which went on for years, the actual Federal Reserve regional bank president Thomas Hoenig out of Kansas, Missouri, where this real glimpse into the problems of the Federal Reserve came to light and is the heart of the whole book.

The Federal Reserve has a consistent problem because it functions as many school boards do or any government that emphasizes consensus rather than dissent and argument. In the case of the Federal Reserve, all the bank presidents who end up on the FOMC (the Federal Open Market Commission) consist of 5 appointed positions; the other seven are rotated among the regional bank presidents. There is always one permanent seat for the Federal Reserve Chairman and another for the New York Federal Reserve. Around 2010, when Fed Chair Ben Bernanke began a policy of quantitative easing to deal with the crash of 2008, the only person on the FOMC committee to vote against it was Thomas Hoenig, which was embarrassing for Bernanke. They had always had consensus up to that point, at least what they showed the public. But Hoenig felt that the policy was dangerous, and he continued to vote that way until he retired eventually. But the Fed ignored his vote and kept the policy going anyway until things really exploded out of control after Covid came and did its damage, which is our present problem. The most obvious problem that comes to mind with this arrangement is that all the members have PHDs from socialist-oriented schools where Marxism is heavily studied. So they all think the same way. Thomas Hoenig was considered a soft “r” Republican, but they all essentially thought the same way about fiscal policy. The value of something was supposed to need Fed action for it to be useful. Rather than dealing with what elements of the economy create value, such as free people able to function and produce, the Fed believed that all activity was more or less fixed. It was their job to manipulate interest rates or print money to inspire growth. When you have 12 people who all think the same way on these matters, you will get what you are going to get. 

In reaction to the housing bubble bursting in 2008 and the election of the socialist Barack Obama, who put tight controls on economic behavior, Ben Bernanke, then Janet Yellen, then Jerome Powell would turn to what they call ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) to flood the market with cheap money and to build up a massive asset bubble that Wall Street could count on a “Fed Put” strategy to bottom out the risks on an asset pricing strategy. For instance, to inspire the buy-up on all those risky mortgages after 2008 for which BlackRock became so wealthy, the Fed boosted the purchase with a public-private partnership that removed much of the risk by pumping up the potential losses with the money supply. There has never been a restoration to normal on the Fed’s balance sheet. What started as a mess on that balance sheet of 900 billion in inflated assets in 2009 ballooned to 4.5 trillion by the end of 2019. Now, after Covid, the balance sheet is at 8.2 trillion as of this writing, and it’s going up every month by 120 billion with no signs of an end to it. So now we have an asset bubble that is poised to burst at any moment, and the smoke and mirrors of the political arrangement between Congress, Wall Street, and the Fed is out of control and explains a lot of why major investors are putting so much effort into pumping up the Chinese economy. They are trying to hide the money they have gained during all this in a new economy for their own preservation. The whole situation truly is a mismanaged disaster. Of course, if money is all you care about, and you want to protect what you’ve built, China suddenly doesn’t look so bad. Why is everyone so upset over their human rights violations and communist central government?    

But the first step is in understanding it all. I never was, and I’m not now a person who will say we shouldn’t have a Fed. There needs to be a way to manage the money of society. As I said in the video above, with space exploration coming on fast, spikes in the gold standard and other precious metals will need to be managed through a stabilized currency. But when you create something like the Fed and put a bunch of people trained in Marxism in charge of it, well, you get the failures of Marxism as a result. Rather than have people running these banks who actually understand the value of labor and how to apply it to actual assets made by the human mind, instead, they have created a bureaucratic nightmare that is poised to blow up out of this artificial asset bubble that they have made at the Fed and will cause significant harm to all the people who depended on the Fed to do the right thing. And in doing that right thing, Thomas Hoenig has told his story of how painful it was, which is the point of the excellent book, The Lords of Easy Money. This has been the smokescreen nobody wants to talk about, behind nearly every news story that they hope you never find out about—until it’s too late.

Rich Hoffman

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How to Beat the Party of Davos: Instead of guns to exert power, they use ESG scores

I’ve been dealing with these types of people for years, the gang of communist thugs that make up the World Economic Forum. Usually, their actions come out in various businesses worldwide, and you can see their imprint in efforts such as Lean Manufacturing. The giveaway is when they start talking about how we all need to begin connecting to nature and building our lives around it as if the natural order of things was the superior approach to all existence. So when I recently wrote my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I did so to bring down these kinds of nature-loving gangs who see capitalism as an enemy and all societies that have been built off it. I meant to apply that book to the micro-politics of whatever industry needs to understand how to process improve themselves into a healthy state or whatever country needs to fight off the efforts of a villain. When it comes to The Party of Davos, as they are being called now for a good reason, I saw the timing of my book as an offering to help people fight back their efforts. My approach was to make it simple because it essentially is. I see the Party of Davos as a collection of people who participate in the World Economic Forum and to confront them the way we used to in America, as a gang of thugs who were robbing the world and bringing them to justice in the ways of the Old West. Whenever I travel around the world, I am always amazed how much the people in those countries enjoy American Westerns, so I purposely set my Gunfighter’s Guide to reflect this already proven understanding of law, order, and justice that the human race craves everywhere they exist. My goal was to clear away all the smoke screens so that people could see the Party of Davos for the criminals they are and bring them to justice in the way that classic westerns always utilized. Hey, I didn’t ask for this gang of thugs to inject themselves into my life or the existence of my country. They robbed the American train, and now it’s time to pay for that. They committed the crime; now they need to do the time. 

I didn’t pay much attention to this gang of thugs when Trump was in the White House because he understood how to deal with them. Trump would go to Davos and taught the glories of American economics, and make them all very angry, then he would come home and continue to promote an all America First policy. Of course, the Davos gang stepped over the line in response. They have the ear of many politicians in the states, much like when Butch Cassidy and Jesse James were robbing banks in America. They had their sympathizers. And in modern times, many of these sympathizers have taken money from the Davos gang, from one of their pawns, the Chinese criminal empire. Of course, many have been caught pushing the Fed to feed the massive asset bubble that is being blown up as we speak to continue what was started with Covid, to cause The Great Reset that has long been planned. Remember, Covid was created in a Chinese lab by the American Department of Defense, brokered by Dr. Fauci. Just read the book, The Real Dr. Fauci. This is all too much to look at within the framework of its totality for many people. But suppose you understand that the Party of Davos is just another gang of international criminals; well, in that case, the context is much more digestible relative to what they really are. 

The Davos Party intends to do their work, not as bank robbers with guns as Jesse James would have done. This time, it’s ESG scorecards that ultimately intend by their own admission to bring the world in harmony with nature and change the definitions of capitalism to embody their view of existence, subservience to nature, not in dominion over it. Everything they do essentially cascades off that basic premise. I should know, I watch the Davos coverage every year, and I have read many of their books, especially Klaus Schwab. I understand Larry Fink of BlackRock, the old flower-child hippie from Southern California who just happened to make a lot of money on Wall Street and now intends to use that power to reshape the world in the image of some communist pot-smoking hippie from the 60s. Finance is their new weapon of choice; instead of robbing banks and trains at gunpoint the way the gangs of the Wild West used to, they do it with pens, paper, and stock options with the intent to impose Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to change the world into their liking. Larry sits on the board of the World Economic Forum, so he is undoubtedly one of the gang leaders, and he makes his threats known when he sends his yearly letter to the CEOs of America, letting them know what might happen to them if they don’t maintain a proper ESG footprint. BlackRock owns over 100 million shares of Disney stock, for instance. Behind the smiling faces and friendly letters is the threat, go “woke” or go broke. Do what we say, maintain your ESG score, or we’ll dump your stock, and your company will drop into the tank on the public exchange market. Essentially this is the same kind of behavior that Butch Cassidy used to justify his robbery of stagecoaches. And Jesse James did, too, justifying all his violence behind continuing the Civil War from a Southern perspective. 

The problem is apparent when we have people from the Biden administration like Dr. Fauci and the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, along with John Kerry reporting to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum as if he were the boss, not the United States. The Party of Davos intends to rule the world by ruling over all its governments without a host country to call their own. Much like the outlaws of the Old West used to hide out in the desert and wait for some unsuspecting victim they could impose chaos on, the Party of Davos looms in the background. It gathers up world leaders to eat out of their hands, then return to their home countries to inject poison and pave the way for their next great robbery. Sure, all these gangs of thugs think that what they are doing is for the right reasons. But in the case of the Party of Davos, America has its own laws. We have a very good Constitution built on thousands of years of human experience. And it is our law, and the Party of Davos is breaking those laws every day. And the people working with them are traitors who need to be punished. There is no question that eventually, once we clear out the smoke, we’ll have to admit to ourselves that these criminals in the Party of Davos were behind Covid. They were also behind the stolen election of 2020. They wanted their party people in charge, so they interrupted our election process, took away the rightful vote of the American people, and installed their own guy for their own reasons. They have trillions of dollars invested in The Great Reset, and they weren’t going to let President Trump stop those plans. So they got rid of him, and now they plan to bring us all under their thumb. But that’s not going to happen. I have published a strategy guide for beating them based on my experience. And if people use it, they can easily beat this gang of thugs. Because that’s what they are, a gang of criminals intent on world domination, and they must be stopped.

Rich Hoffman

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