How to Beat the Party of Davos: Instead of guns to exert power, they use ESG scores

I’ve been dealing with these types of people for years, the gang of communist thugs that make up the World Economic Forum. Usually, their actions come out in various businesses worldwide, and you can see their imprint in efforts such as Lean Manufacturing. The giveaway is when they start talking about how we all need to begin connecting to nature and building our lives around it as if the natural order of things was the superior approach to all existence. So when I recently wrote my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I did so to bring down these kinds of nature-loving gangs who see capitalism as an enemy and all societies that have been built off it. I meant to apply that book to the micro-politics of whatever industry needs to understand how to process improve themselves into a healthy state or whatever country needs to fight off the efforts of a villain. When it comes to The Party of Davos, as they are being called now for a good reason, I saw the timing of my book as an offering to help people fight back their efforts. My approach was to make it simple because it essentially is. I see the Party of Davos as a collection of people who participate in the World Economic Forum and to confront them the way we used to in America, as a gang of thugs who were robbing the world and bringing them to justice in the ways of the Old West. Whenever I travel around the world, I am always amazed how much the people in those countries enjoy American Westerns, so I purposely set my Gunfighter’s Guide to reflect this already proven understanding of law, order, and justice that the human race craves everywhere they exist. My goal was to clear away all the smoke screens so that people could see the Party of Davos for the criminals they are and bring them to justice in the way that classic westerns always utilized. Hey, I didn’t ask for this gang of thugs to inject themselves into my life or the existence of my country. They robbed the American train, and now it’s time to pay for that. They committed the crime; now they need to do the time. 

I didn’t pay much attention to this gang of thugs when Trump was in the White House because he understood how to deal with them. Trump would go to Davos and taught the glories of American economics, and make them all very angry, then he would come home and continue to promote an all America First policy. Of course, the Davos gang stepped over the line in response. They have the ear of many politicians in the states, much like when Butch Cassidy and Jesse James were robbing banks in America. They had their sympathizers. And in modern times, many of these sympathizers have taken money from the Davos gang, from one of their pawns, the Chinese criminal empire. Of course, many have been caught pushing the Fed to feed the massive asset bubble that is being blown up as we speak to continue what was started with Covid, to cause The Great Reset that has long been planned. Remember, Covid was created in a Chinese lab by the American Department of Defense, brokered by Dr. Fauci. Just read the book, The Real Dr. Fauci. This is all too much to look at within the framework of its totality for many people. But suppose you understand that the Party of Davos is just another gang of international criminals; well, in that case, the context is much more digestible relative to what they really are. 

The Davos Party intends to do their work, not as bank robbers with guns as Jesse James would have done. This time, it’s ESG scorecards that ultimately intend by their own admission to bring the world in harmony with nature and change the definitions of capitalism to embody their view of existence, subservience to nature, not in dominion over it. Everything they do essentially cascades off that basic premise. I should know, I watch the Davos coverage every year, and I have read many of their books, especially Klaus Schwab. I understand Larry Fink of BlackRock, the old flower-child hippie from Southern California who just happened to make a lot of money on Wall Street and now intends to use that power to reshape the world in the image of some communist pot-smoking hippie from the 60s. Finance is their new weapon of choice; instead of robbing banks and trains at gunpoint the way the gangs of the Wild West used to, they do it with pens, paper, and stock options with the intent to impose Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to change the world into their liking. Larry sits on the board of the World Economic Forum, so he is undoubtedly one of the gang leaders, and he makes his threats known when he sends his yearly letter to the CEOs of America, letting them know what might happen to them if they don’t maintain a proper ESG footprint. BlackRock owns over 100 million shares of Disney stock, for instance. Behind the smiling faces and friendly letters is the threat, go “woke” or go broke. Do what we say, maintain your ESG score, or we’ll dump your stock, and your company will drop into the tank on the public exchange market. Essentially this is the same kind of behavior that Butch Cassidy used to justify his robbery of stagecoaches. And Jesse James did, too, justifying all his violence behind continuing the Civil War from a Southern perspective. 

The problem is apparent when we have people from the Biden administration like Dr. Fauci and the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, along with John Kerry reporting to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum as if he were the boss, not the United States. The Party of Davos intends to rule the world by ruling over all its governments without a host country to call their own. Much like the outlaws of the Old West used to hide out in the desert and wait for some unsuspecting victim they could impose chaos on, the Party of Davos looms in the background. It gathers up world leaders to eat out of their hands, then return to their home countries to inject poison and pave the way for their next great robbery. Sure, all these gangs of thugs think that what they are doing is for the right reasons. But in the case of the Party of Davos, America has its own laws. We have a very good Constitution built on thousands of years of human experience. And it is our law, and the Party of Davos is breaking those laws every day. And the people working with them are traitors who need to be punished. There is no question that eventually, once we clear out the smoke, we’ll have to admit to ourselves that these criminals in the Party of Davos were behind Covid. They were also behind the stolen election of 2020. They wanted their party people in charge, so they interrupted our election process, took away the rightful vote of the American people, and installed their own guy for their own reasons. They have trillions of dollars invested in The Great Reset, and they weren’t going to let President Trump stop those plans. So they got rid of him, and now they plan to bring us all under their thumb. But that’s not going to happen. I have published a strategy guide for beating them based on my experience. And if people use it, they can easily beat this gang of thugs. Because that’s what they are, a gang of criminals intent on world domination, and they must be stopped.

Rich Hoffman

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