The End of the Democrat Party: Beating Klaus Schwab and the globalists by destroying their Trojan Horse

The End of the Democrat Party

I wish it were still up on the internet, a radio show that I had done around 2017 when I predicted the end of the Democrat Party by the year 2021. The more we analyze what has happened since 2020 politically, that Covid has hidden from the world with a new kind of government made chaos, the more evident that Democrats as a legitimate political party are a thing of the past. It’s gone. That much was even more apparent when Biden gave his presser this past week trying to throw off the disguise and put it on Republicans when he asked, “what are they for?” As if politics demanded that representatives be “for” something in a perpetual change instead of doing constitutional law business. That lost puppy look in his eyes said everything and was consistent with my previous statements. The Democrat Party was done. They had cheated, lied, and manipulated their way into a few more years of life, but as a party, they represented only a globalist attack on the sovereignty of America. They were only the next War of 1812, where billionaires used these remnants of a political party to infiltrate our republic and try to turn the keys over to Claus Schwab at the World Economic Forum. Europe has been jealous of America since the beginning and has tried to let the air out of our tires any chance they could, and they still are clearly with the efforts at the Great Reset, which the Covid crises was clearly the Trojan Horse they were using. Running and hiding from a virus behind masks and social distancing is not the same as treating the virus with known fixes, such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. They never wanted to fix Covid, they tried to use it to attack our country and the world in general with the Great Reset, and in America, the Democrats were their means to an open door. If you have not seen Glenn Beck’s outstanding show on the Great Reset, I’ll include it below for your education. 

The Democrats, as I had been saying, were done, and they seem to know it. They needed to collapse the American system ultimately to hold power, and that hasn’t happened. Constitutional law has thwarted the intentions of the Davos attackers and their many billions of dollars of investment, which is all that has propped up the Democrat Party presently. But essentially, we no longer have a two-party system. We have one party, MAGA, led by Trump. Then we have remnants of the past, purchased politicians who have become millionaires in office to keep their mouths shut and open the door to Schwab and his greenie weenie attackers from Europe and Asia. On that old radio show, I further said that the Republican Party would split off into two factions to become the new right and left. The liberals would continue with President Trump, while the more conservative types would become the new Republicans. The political spectrum has shown a country well right of the current center. The media cultures of New York, Washington, and Los Angeles refuse to acknowledge this information because they would be an admission that they are not representative of our social norms. But the result of the last several years is the massive government-sponsored election fraud—the collaboration with Big Tech to destroy the Bill of Rights. The global disruption of Covid to provoke the World Economic Forum Great Reset, all these things had taught average Americans about the nature of the attacks into their lives, something that before was only regulated into conspiracy theory. And there is no going back from all that now. 

The Trojan Horse Attack by Davos

The most telling element of the destruction of the Democrat Party is their bench; they have no youth that isn’t radicalized, socialists. When Joe Biden’s polling numbers are as low as they are, paralyzingly low, they are the kind of low that you get when you have a popular election and the Democrats cheated and tried to prop up this dead old man with a stick up his caboose, and people see what’s going on. Even traditional Democrats are turning away from him because he doesn’t represent their intentions. Joe Biden is all about the Davos crowd, the United Nations, and Chinas intentions to take over the world.   Now a year into his presidency, not even Democrats approve of him. Independents are looking for options. There is no way for Biden to recover because he was not elected by the people making judgments now. It’s like cheating for the big test. You get the grade, but then you can’t do the job because you don’t know the information. Within the decade, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and many of the prominent characters of the Democrat Party will die off due to old age. Hillary Clinton thinks she might get another chance at the presidency, but she is old too. There aren’t any spectacular 40 and 50-year-olds who can step in and carry on the party philosophy. Because the Democrats are the ones who don’t stand for anything, and they have not developed a bench. Their plan all along was to destroy America into a global United Nations-driven government before they lost their power, and that clock ran out on them. Republicans, on the other hand, have lots of personalities beyond Trump. When he’s no longer wanting to be in politics, great Republican minds from 50 to 20 will carry on the political needs of a representative Republic, and that’s the most telling element. 

The Democrats are desperate, they went all-in on this mess, and they have been caught. They may control the legal perspective at the moment because they control all the houses of congress; they are attempting to gerrymander congressional districts to grab more air before they drown, but the real signs of trouble for them are in their bench and what they stand for. People have had a good taste of what they stand for and don’t like it. Democrats stand for inflation, illegal immigration, drugs, abortion, centralized government that gave us things like Covid. It has been a stark reality for moderates to deal with, and they are currently turning to Trump. Eventually, Trump will become the new liberal party. People like myself will find representation within the Republican Party that is more constitutionally conservative, more Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, and less John Adams centralist. But to surrender it all to Klaus and the Davos gang of billionaire infiltrators behind Big Tech and many other industries who want to rule the world, Americans have seen enough, and those plans are melting before everyone’s eyes. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight the incursions on a day-by-day basis. But like the depth of bench from the Democrats, the Davos attackers don’t have a Trojan Horse into America without the Democrats. So if they don’t survive, Davos and their intentions won’t either. And that is something that is good news for all those who are newly concerned about it. My predictions from the last decade are right on time. Seeing where the world will be in a few short years, the unthinkable isn’t so farfetched. And I think we will find a world that works much better in America for which the rest of the world can then follow. 

Rich Hoffman

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Biden DOJ Runs Cover for the Facebook Case: Attempting to hide election fraud proof behind Section 230 government protection

Biden DOJ is Working to Hide the Election Fraud Committed by Facebook

I think it’s the most significant thing that happened this past week, the third week of January 2022. Perhaps you didn’t hear about it on the news. Well, that’s because it’s not a very sexy story. And it’s also one of those situations where the media are still prostitutes to Zuckerbucks and other billionaires who tampered with the election of 2020 with media buyouts. A lot of people have been using Facebook for years, that’s how they communicate with their grandmas in the Midwest or their long-lost high school friends, and they can’t bring themselves to the reality of just what an evil company it is and how treasonous their behavior was during the last election. Remember all those people in the media who always preface election fraud talk by saying, “there is absolutely no evidence of election fraud?” Well, those are Zuckerbucks talking, not the actual evidence. The truth is a year out from that election and the inauguration of Joe Biden (or rather the insertion), there is a lot of evidence, and the Biden people know it. And it’s getting out rather fast. The story this week that I referred to that is so important is that the day after the Senate denied a break in the filibuster bill to allow for the federal takeover of our elections, Biden’s DOJ (Department of Justice) moved on the Trump case against Big Tech, specifically Facebook to insert itself in the grand cover-up. The admission of election fraud is in their actions, but Biden has no choice. Suppose the case continues forward, as the America First Policy Institute projects it. In that case, the discovery process will reveal a direct violation of Section 230, a law passed to protect internet companies in 1996, and a very unconstitutional assault against Americans with direct collaboration between government and Facebook to cheat in the 2020 election and insert a favored candidate, their Joe Biden and remove our President Trump. That is kind of a bad thing any way you look at it. 

On that same day, January 20th, Facebook moved to dismiss the case Trump has against them on merits, hoping that the courts will relieve them of the embarrassment coming their way in court. But it’s getting pretty hot, and the Biden Department of Justice can’t afford for the case to continue, so the insertion of the DOJ is a gross abuse of power, but one that they can’t afford not to use. But they are using it to tell the world everything they need to know. We all know by now that the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax paid for by the Clinton campaign and Democrats working with the FBI planted the seeds to hide the real conspiracy, China, China, China. China had been working with the Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google for ultimate government censorship, and many paid-off politicians were willing to go along with it for the paycheck. While we were looking at Russia, the real scam was being played in China by the real criminals. And Facebook was at the center of it. They invested nearly half a billion dollars in influencing the results of the 2020 election, with Mark Zuckerberg himself getting involved in keeping the radicals of his company appeased. After all, it was their stated goal, and those of Google, which were published and are out there for all to see, to remove Trump from office during the next election cycle. They planned to use their Big Tech platform to hide behind Section 230 government protection, to alter an election.

That’s all bad enough, but the real issue with the Big Tech lawsuit that the DOJ is trying to protect Biden and Facebook from is the direct collaboration of a company hiding behind Section 230 to insert an American president in the White House. That is a terrible thing. Especially legally. In this case, the government and Facebook are very vulnerable, which is why Facebook is seeking to dismiss the case. They can’t afford what will come out due to the discovery process. We know that the conspiracy occurred between the government and Big Tech because of what they did regarding Covid-19 over the same period. The collusion happened; all that has to be proven is that it happened during the election in a way that tilted the scales toward a specific candidate, Joe Biden, in this case.

Additionally, this has been chronicled in several books, most arguably, Molly Hemmingway’s book Rigged, which lays the case of Big Tech collusion during the election out in a very reliable manner. It would not be difficult to present that same evidence and more in court, which is why the DOJ is seeking to insert itself to protect the defendants out of desperation. How is that for an admission? If this were a formal interrogation under any other circumstance, we would say that the target is about to “crack.” 

As the AFPI stated in response to the movement by the DOJ, “the fact that President Biden’s DOJ has filed a Motion to Intervene in this case, involving the censorship of a sitting United States President, tends to indicate the two are working in concert with one another to censor specific people and messages. When Congress passed Section 230 in 1996, it was intended to be used as a tool to help internet companies compete in the new global marketplace — it is now used as a shield that enables Facebook and others to violate America’s most basic right to free speech — it is time to demand accountability.” In other words, the Section 230 abuse is the dagger that will bring all these losers down. All the other noise coming out of Washington, including the January 6th Commission, is just part of the cover-up to keep people’s minds busy on other things, so they don’t see the massive evidence of voter fraud that is building up on this case, and the complicity of the DOJ to try to sabotage the case in the courts before it is too late.   

I would argue that it’s already too late. This move by the Biden DOJ doesn’t surprise me at all. We are dealing with criminals here, as defined by the Constitution. They are guilty of treason, sedition, and terrorism. What the government has done with Covid as a means to attempt to hide these other crimes with literal fear of death has been far worse than anything a terrorist organization around the world has done to America. Our own government has been caught tampering with viruses to make bioweapons out of them in partnership with China, giving them perpetual leverage over our nation indefinitely, a terrible strategic decision. But never forget, at the heart of all the chaos is this court case, the proof that there was election fraud, that Biden is not the legitimate president, and that many in our government are guilty of heinous crimes of treason, then used sheer intimidation including abuse of the DOJ to avoid prosecution. We are dealing with bad people here, and they have been caught in the act of committing these crimes. And their only backstop is the DOJ, hoping to prevent justice from occurring at all. But that’s not how this ends; justice is coming for them, and not even the Department of Justice can protect Biden’s administration and Facebook from the truth. They crossed the line of law by a lot, and now they’ll have to pay for what they did. And they don’t have a right to obfuscate justice in our nation for their own preservation. They committed the crime, and now time will do them in. And they deserve it.

Rich Hoffman

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Martin Luther King Jr., was a Communist: Getting on the same page by reading the same book, ‘Atlas Shrugged’

Atlas Shrugged is a Good Place to Start to Understand Today

I never needed to honor Martin Luther King, nor Nelson Mandela for that matter. Not because they were black leaders. I have never been a racist, nor will I ever be. I would have always treated Martin Luther King as a human being because I don’t see color in people. But I do see communists and other Marxists quite clearly, and King was two things that I can’t stand, he was an adulterer, and he was a communist. That makes him a piece of crap in my book, so there is a bit of slight at hand in honoring the Civil Rights leader with a day of his own, where it’s just one more excuse for people to take a day off work and not to be productive. It was Democrats who mistreated people of color. It was Republicans who freed the enslaved people and tried to empower blacks after the Civil War. It was Democrats who stood in the way of treating Blacks as equal people. So, Democrats don’t get to lecture all of us about how not to be “racist.” And they certainly don’t get to put a communist like Martin Luther King on a pedestal and lecture the rest of us about voter rights using Marxist ideas hidden behind a mask of equality to sell a federal takeover of our elections. To grapple with so many evil characters in our government and their nature, I would point to a portion of history where people were starting to get it, before Trump even entered the presidential race the first time, where thoughtful people were re-discovering Atlas Shrugged, the famous Ayn Rand novel, and seeing play out in reality what she proposed in 1957 about the descent of America into a collectivist nightmare. After all, she had seen it before, in her home country of Russia. And during the late Tea Party period that I’m referring to, around 2010 to 2013, I saw the same kind of resurgence of Atlas Shrugged that jumped on people’s minds as I am starting to see everywhere I go today, after just one year of Joe Biden. People see through the haze and are looking for answers, which Ayn Rand has provided in what I consider the great American novel. 

During that period I spoke about, 2010 through 2013, I did quite a lot of work to help sell the movie version of that book produced by Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro. It has been on my mind because it’s really been since then that I have seen the kind of interest in Atlas Shrugged that I am seeing today. Last week I had no less than 20 different people whisper to me as if they were going to be arrested for saying it, “this all reminds me of Atlas Shrugged.” Meaning, what has been going on with the Biden administration and the state of the world in general, especially with Covid, the Great Reset from the United Nations and World Economic Forum, and other elements of the daily news. As long-time readers here remember, I did quite a lot of work for those movies, to promote them, to talk them up on the radio, and to help sell Parts 1 through III door to door in a hostile media climate that wanted nothing more than to destroy the movies and everyone who made them, just for making them. Many people were shocked by how the media world treated Trump. Well, I wasn’t because I saw how the media and general establishment in unionized Hollywood treated the filmmakers of Atlas Shrugged for daring even to try to make those films. 

My History with Atlas Shrugged

The three movies were hard to make and cost John Aglialoro a lot of money. But he loved Ayn Rand’s book, and he was determined. Even though the three movies had the same general characters from the book, which I would say is about 10% of what’s actually in the book, there were different actors for all three. Hollywood was canceling culture the actors who worked on Atlas Shrugged, which was the first time I had seen this new corporate wokeness. Well, actually, I saw it for the first time when I was in Hollywood myself working on a project, and between takes, my politics naturally came out. I was the only hard-core Republican on set. Everyone got along fine, but I never got an invite to come back. I had a feeling at the time that would be the case, but that’s how it works in Hollywood these days. And by the time Atlas Shrugged the movies came out, it was even worse. From that perspective, the cancel culture of wokeness was written on the wall for a long time, many decades. We just saw more of it the more the villains of our day realized that they didn’t have control. 

There is a scene at the end of the book, and the movie, where they are torturing John Galt for not giving himself over to their looting nature, the villains of the story. Even though the characters are fictional, the situation is not. I have never read a book out of the many thousands I have that best articulated the problems of our current time more than Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. She lived it in Russia and came to America and put it in perspective for all history to identify. When Trump was in the White House, it was essentially an Ayn Rand character that we had there. People who understand Atlas Shrugged were happy about it. People who hate Atlas Shrugged hated it for the same reasons they despised Ayn Rand. There is a science to it which I’ll explain in further work. But for now, people are back to where they were during the Obama administration. They are looking for answers, and they know that Atlas Shrugged is a key to that understanding.

My thoughts on Ayn Rand have evolved over the years. I still like her a lot. I have been invited many times to be in the Objectivist movement, which is her philosophy essentially. The Ayn Rand Institute carries a lot of weight politically. But I’m not an Objectivist. I’m not much of a group player at all. I enjoy my freedom to think independently. Ayn Rand was too sexual for me. She also was much more libertarian than I am. For me, no drugs, no drinking, and no bad behavior. She was an atheist, and she loved to be naked. I’m neither of those things, so I have adopted my own kind of philosophy, which I see as a continuation of the debate she started with her books. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged nine times that I can remember. There may actually be a few more times included. There are a lot of really good ideas in the novel, and for readers today trying to understand what they see in the news, I would highly recommend it. And that is why people are starting to bring it up again, because it’s so relevant to what we are seeing today, especially coming from the Biden administration and the Biden crowd. They could easily be villains from Atlas Shrugged without any exaggeration. In that great novel, Ayn Rand put her finger on the problem and literally predicted the future, including our pains with Dr. Fauci. And with that realization, people are looking to reread the book so they can see how it ends, which to my mind, is a great idea. Because how it ends is literally how it ends in real life.

Reading Atlas Shrugged will help identify the new age villains that have leeched themselves onto new global commerce, the pacifying moocher who means to kill intellect rather than people. Destroy their minds, not their bodies, because the bodies are needed for labor upon the state and its controls. And this is most reflective in the grand scam that is Martin Luther King Jr, a cheater, a communist, and ultimately a mask to sell Marxist ideology behind the accusation of racism. And by accepting King as a great leader of the Black movement, it did two things, it sought to erase the Democrat Party’s complicity in racism that caused all the trouble, and it lowered our guard to the menace of communism that was seeking to destroy our country starting with our Constitution. Most everyone can agree that racism is terrible. But like the villains of Atlas Shrugged, we didn’t see the worst part of it, the looter nature of the movement itself and its design to make good people into villains while the villains ran the world one name-calling utterance at a time. When I was a kid, everyone worked on Martin Luther King Day. But these days, many people were home sitting around doing nothing productive, just as the villains of Atlas Shrugged would have planned all along. 

Rich Hoffman

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Put a Dagger in Our Democracy: Our enemies, foreign and domestic, want us to forget we are a wonderful republic

Put a Dagger in our Democracy, Let it Go to Hell

Just about everyone makes the mistake of calling our way of government a Democracy. Even people like Steve Bannon and President Trump referred to “our democracy” when discussing American politics. But that isn’t because we are a democracy. Over time, the enemies of America have convinced us to call ourselves that out of the strategic need they have to overthrow our way of government and replace it with something more authoritarian and reach that strategy through popular opinion. Such as unleashing a virus to scare everyone into giving up their Constitutional freedoms in favor of more safety and security. Not that something like that would ever happen. (tongue in cheek implied)  A democracy is a government of the people, not for the people. Instead, we have a republic that was extensively debated in the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers at the formation of the Constitution, which worked. It has worked better than any form of government yet to be constructed on Earth throughout many human lifetimes. It was formed from the lessons learned from history, and it has been far superior to all other forms of government, which has created significant jealousies. So much so that the strategy that those enemies have uttered to destroy our republic has been to change in our minds what we think it is. And they have slow-brewed this concept of a democracy rather than a republic over a long period until the present, where most everyone gets it wrong—even people who mostly get it right.

Put another way; a democracy is a flea-bitten form of mob rule. It is part of the everlasting Vico Cycle where naturally, every time we end up with a majority rule thumb up, thumb down government, we descend into the next phase of that cycle, anarchy. It happened in every significant civilization over the history of the world, most notably Rome. But the cycle of theology, aristocracy, democracy, then anarchy can be traced through history and are common to all attempts by human beings to have a functioning society. Still, they always get it a bit wrong. Our republic in America was formed as a divorce from that nonsense. It was the first time a republic of that size had been tried, and obviously, it worked great right out of the gate. America went on to be the greatest country in the history of the world under any measure. It is undoubtedly the most successful and has given the most people the most opportunity of any government anywhere. So when slugs like the Biden people say dumb things like “we have to save our democracy,” they are instead trying to get people to think of themselves as a popular form of government where mobs rule, not representatives of the people who are more logically positioned to do the work. When Biden said at this Georgia speech that if we didn’t vote for some ridiculous voting reform laws that we’d be “putting a dagger into our democracy,” he was actually saying the quiet part out loud. That’s precisely what we want to do, to put a dagger through the heart of any form of democracy, because that is what our enemies want us to do, is to think of ourselves as a democracy that we have to protect from some invisible dagger. If they can then capture popular sentiment through multiple avenues of pressure, whether through the media or through family or neighborhood by neighborhood, then they might have a chance to take us all over and change us into something we don’t want to be, another casualty of the Vico Cycle. 

I tried to explain it to everyone at the time, but the reason we couldn’t invoke the “insurrection act” and call the military in to protect Trump from having to leave the White House is that we had to beat the attackers of our country at their own game. We had to use the rules of our republic and our form of constitutional government to turn the tables on these attackers. We couldn’t throw it all away and descend into anarchy, hoping that only such an action would save our country. That is precisely what the attackers wanted, to push us all into a widespread sentiment that would then shove us into the Vico Cycle and ultimately our own destruction. By trying to save our republic, we’d kill it by abandoning it in favor of immediate, popular sentiment and action. Trump needed to leave the White House, we needed to catch these villains one by one, and we needed to fight them in court, such as we are doing presently with the vaccine mandates, abortion laws, and fiscal policy. But suppose we had tried to hang on to the high ground of the White House? In that case, we could have only done it by descending away from the rule of law of a republic and ultimately do precisely what our attackers wanted us to do, fall into a democracy of popular rule, which would then open us up for the anarchy of Antifa, of FBI activism such as we saw on January 6th, and to play the game the way they wanted to play it, where they controlled the levers of power—the media, the military, and the banking industry. 

The best thing we could do for ourselves is to put a dagger in our democracy. Democracies are disasters and always descend into the chaos that the next theocracy would then take over and start the cycle over again. For those who understand the Great Reset of global intention, that next religion of theocracy is literally their goal; they’ve said it out loud. It’s the green movement, the Earth first nonsense, where they turn environmental concerns into a new religion of worship. From there, the next aristocracy of a ruling class would evolve and allow the few to rule the many. It’s a trick, and they have been doing it for thousands of years. We are supposed to be learning these kinds of things in our education system, but of course, the attackers of our government control what we know. So to beat them, we had to turn to our republic, such as we are doing in 2022.

Representatives of our republic have let us down; they allowed election fraud to happen in 2020 and must pay. They allowed Covid to be used literally as a bioweapon in our society to shove people into a majority rule through popular opinion to fear for our lives on a global mass scale and run to the people who actually made the virus for protection. And to pave the way for such intentions, they have convinced us that we are a democracy, not a republic. They have deliberately tried to separate us from logic and to plunge us all into chaos and revolt with mobs of losers uneducated and scared voting up or down the events of our day. Instead, they devise to divert us away from the rule of laws created in the forges of pressure, debate, and logic to hold the days of sentiment for the final judgment that advances an entire culture. Every time we say “democracy,” we are cheapening ourselves. And we shouldn’t do it anymore. We are a republic, and we have to fight to make it continue to stand. We need to let it do its work because it is working. And so long as we do, the attackers of our country and our very lives have no chance and will hang by their own noose. 

Rich Hoffman

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Old Yeller: The fight between Thomas Hall and Sheriff Jones

Why Is Sheriff Jones Going After Thomas Hall

Sheriff Jones decided to go on 700 WLW and speak disparagingly about Thomas Hall, the current House Representative of the 53rd District. I like Sheriff Jones, I hope he runs and wins a few more terms, but nobody in their right mind could support the way he attacked Thomas Hall on those radio waves to hundreds of thousands of people. Long-time readers here know that I used to be a frequent contributor on WLW, like Jones. Over time, many of my people who used to work there moved away, were fired, or otherwise changed their point of view. We separated like some kind of divorce, and I have not had much of an idea of reconciliation. I have more freedom in media with this site, so I have not returned in several years. But Jones does go on WLW quite a lot, so because I don’t pay much attention to what goes on there these days, I did not hear the original airing where Sheriff Jones disparaged Thomas Hall in many negative ways calling him a 12-year old “goof,” not just once, but many times. Still, I have often heard from many Republicans who want to defend Hall but are scared of retaliation from Jones, and I think that’s a shame. Hall certainly isn’t 12-years old. I said in the video that he was in his early thirties, but actually, he’s in his mid-twenties and is the youngest member of the current Ohio House. However, the young man is an overachiever by all measures, and his age certainly isn’t a hindrance. He has had two terms as a Madison Trustee, and now he’s in his first term as a congressman seeking a second term. 

Sheriff Jones Goes After Thomas Hall over H.B. 99

Another thing I said about Thomas is a couple of times in the video, I referred to him as Thomas More, because for a lot of reasons, I think of the writer of Utopia whenever I think of Thomas Hall. It’s been that way for a while just because of my own reading habits. There are a lot of Thomas’ in English literature; another is the character of Thomas Becket from The Canterbury Tales, who was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral by his friend Henry the II. It’s one of my favorite books, and this story keeps coming to my mind when I think of Thomas Hall and his friend and mentor, Sheriff Jones. Jones had endorsed Thomas and was mentoring him until a few things happened. Apparently, Jones didn’t like Hall’s voting record. The Sheriff had a confirmed case of heartburn over H.B. 99, Hall’s bill in congress, which set definitions for minimal teacher training to carry firearms in public schools. Jones uncharacteristically turned on Thomas Hall and made quite an exhibition about it on WLW right before Thanksgiving in 2021. I hadn’t heard it until I did an endorsement video for Thomas Hall, and he mentioned it. I had heard from several very prominent Republicans, some very close to the Sheriff, that something had gone on really bad. As I said in the video, one of them was not Senator Lang. I never put people in positions where they get caught in crossfires with each other and given the mean streak that many fear in crossing Jones, many don’t want to be a part of it. Yet many more than ten contacted me to let me know what was going on between Hall and Jones, and they weren’t happy about it.

Thomas Hall Responds to Sheriff Jones

I listened to the Jones interview with Willie, included here; then I listened to the response from Thomas Hall the next day. I played them for my wife, who loves Sheriff Jones. We talked about the interviews and thought Thomas Hall did a fantastic job. He certainly won the argument. But Jones came across as petty and even childish. My wife offered that maybe he was hurting about something else, totally unrelated. Perhaps that’s true. Whatever it is, I would suggest a few thoughts regarding the excellent Sheriff. I’ve been sideways with him a few times over things, particularly school things and union business. I still blame him for the Lakota levy passing in 2013. He has a liberal streak in him that I can’t stand, but we have buried the hatchet since then. What he did for Butler County during the Trump years has been great. A person’s body of work can’t be defined by just a few years here and there or by the grumpy old dog that starts biting people who step on a porch to sell Girl Scout cookies. I hope that Jones runs and wins more terms for as long as possible. But perhaps my wife was right about him, that something else is bothering him. 

In my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I deal with this very issue of an older generation coping with the young people biting their heels. The chapter is called “The Skill of Developed Intuition” on pg. 181. You spend your whole life getting somewhere, making yourself into the person people put on T.V. Getting invited to the White House. Where you can’t go into public without people wanting to get a picture taken with you. And suddenly, here is some 25-year-old whiz kid who suddenly does more in one year than most state reps do in a lifetime. And he’s confident and won’t kiss the ring. Deep down inside, nobody would want to see such a young person broken, but consciously, the older person wants respect because he gave it when he was younger. The aging process isn’t fair. When you can start to see the end of the tunnel, and you know it’s going to be over soon, it is painful to see intelligent young people with their whole lives in front of them getting the attention it took you a lifetime to build. Sometimes, you might be tempted to crush the young competition, show them all they don’t know yet and teach them obedience. But I would caution you not to do that. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is encourage the young people, not tear them down, but build them up. 

Old Yeller

Listening to Thomas talk about the WLW incident, I was amazed he wasn’t more upset. I would be. I carry grudges for a long time, for decades. I would not have been able to say all the nice things that Thomas said about Sheriff Jones when I did my endorsement video with him. I would have been plotting revenge and embarrassment. But obviously, Thomas Hall has had a lot of good mentors in his life, his father being one. But several other politicians for another, including Sheriff Jones. So, there are a lot of lessons here that should be observed. I would hope that Sheriff Jones wouldn’t spend all the years of his excellent branding on petty nonsense that will overshadow all the good things he has done. There are people concerned about just that very thing by many of the calls I received. But Thomas isn’t that way; he understands that politics is a blood sport, and he plays to win without getting hung up on stupid stuff. And in his mind, he already defended himself on WLW the next day. But people were confused as to why the Sheriff went after Thomas, and I would suggest that it shouldn’t ruin the reputation of the Sheriff. I don’t think we are dealing with an Old Yeller situation here. Maybe just an old dog that would love to run around like the youth do but can’t anymore. There is still good to do, and from the point of view of Thomas, he’s willing to do good wherever possible.    

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Forget to Watch, ‘Don’t Look Up’: In it, Hollywood shows why they are terrified of you

Watch ‘Don’t Look Up’

It was about a year ago when I sat down on my Rumble account and read off to the audience the 45 Planks of communist goals from the excellent book The Naked Communist. Many people at that time and for decades before were confused about the nature of our government and what they were really up to, going all the way back to the Department of Education during the Reagan years. I’ve been talking about these things for years, there was a time when I was a frequent contributor on radio stations and television, but like many of the modern Fox News personalities who now find themselves on alternative networks, like Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, and One America News, I was one of the first to be shadowbanned and ostracized because I saw too much and knew the truth long before anybody was really ready to admit to it. I even did some work in Hollywood during those years and quickly learned that my Cincinnati politics was not something any of them were willing to deal with. They all thought that if they controlled all those planks of communism listed in that book from 1957 as global objectives, they truly would rule the world. And in many ways, what I have been warning them out of kindness is coming true now that we are in 2022 and the midterms are coming up. I even noticed it while watching the U.C. v Alabama Cotton Bowl game on New Year’s Eve; the world that all these corporate types who took over our branches of government thought they were going to get is far from where real Americans are. Even though communists have taken over so many of our American institutions, they have not convinced Americans to accept communism. That was most notably obvious in the new Netflix film with some real powerhouse actors, Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up is something worth watching if you have a Netflix account. Anymore, I tend not to like Netflix. It’s primarily progressive material that does not represent what I’m interested in watching.   But I keep it so I can see what the other side is always thinking about, and Don’t Look Up is an obvious mirror to Hollywood and their obvious frustration that the 45 Planks of communism from The Naked Communist have not worked out the way they thought they would. The continued failure, which I have observed up close and personal among these media cultures, is the belief that culture is formed through art, not that art reflects life. When art is produced, for instance, out of the political or business realm, it is never effective. But when art comes from the realm of myth, well, then you can have life-changing circumstances that occur. Progressivism, socialism, communism are all products of the realm of politics. The MAGA movement and now the America First Policy Institute approach come from the realm of mythology, the core of American belief. There isn’t anything that any political class, business glass, or subcultural bubble can do to stop it. They don’t understand it, they have no desire to understand it, and their only reaction to these mysterious forces is to shut out people who challenge them, so they don’t have to face the music of their dismal failures.  

That is essentially what Don’t Look Up is, with its powerful all-star cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and many others is a mirror to Hollywood culture and its failure to wake people up to what they consider the impending doom of a Trump America. Meryl Streep essentially plays the President of the United States as Trump was but as a female version. It was almost a Saturday Night Live kind of hatred for Trump and his supporters that was an obvious mystery to Hollywood culture in general. In the movie, a giant planet-killing comet is headed for earth, and two astronomers work hard to let everyone know about it before the earth ends. They go to the President and get no significant reaction. So they hit the media culture and find that nobody in the world wants to hear about a comet that will end life on earth as the extinction event nears. The movie is essentially Hollywood perplexed about Trump voters and a culture that produced Trump as a candidate. Their blatant hatred of that culture seeps into every frame of the movie. I was perplexed why a major Hollywood project like this film, which was well funded and well-directed by Adam McKay, was going straight to Netflix. The reason was timing. Hollywood still believes that they could defend the Biden administration and the Climate Change objectives of the United Nations if they can get this message to Americans before it’s too late. For the director, and the actors involved, Don’t Look Up was a satire on reality, kind of like a modern version of Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks. But to the Netflix executives and the producers of Don’t Look Up, they have political hopes that they can rock the world with their silly little movie and change the nature of human beings in general. 

I say that last part out of personal experience, in talking with these types of people where they live and eat. I know what books they have read, what they learned in college, and how they speak at their parties. It’s communism that they have wanted because they are insecure by nature.   They lack identity, so they are actors because they need other people to give them identity. I thought all the actors in Don’t Look Up were fantastic in their roles. After the first act, I thought the movie was very well directed. The last part of the film went off the rails too much, almost like a desperate basketball team down 11 points with 1 minute to play and trying to full-court press and foul their opponent hoping to catch up while there was still time. But I was OK with it because essentially, the haters of America were showing their hearts in this movie. It was extremely revealing in just how scared they are of the rest of us, the majority of America who has not been seduced by communism even after all they have thrown at us. In so many ways, Don’t Look Up was an admission of failure and a desperate plea for another chance to convince us that communism is the way to go. People who wanted Trump and still want him as President are just stupid and can’t see the science of climate change, Covid, or the need for a global communist community run by China. Don’t Look Up pretty much says that very thing when the characters are frustrated over nobody in the world wanting to listen to them about the impending comet even when they could look up in the sky and see it for themselves. The entire movie was written and produced from that famous Santa Monica, California view of the world, a phony caricature of progressivism that has looted off the hard work of those who founded the area and are now inhabited by spoiled brats who have the philosophic grounding of a sliced potato in a garden of weeds. I would highly recommend the movie not for the reasons they want you to see it, but for all the reasons they don’t because it shows the cards of the political left going into 2022 and shows just how scared they are of the upcoming elections. And that is a wonderful thing to watch.

Rich Hoffman

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No More Lockdowns: Unlike before, people now know that government doesn’t have the power

No More Lockdowns

I have been asked by many dozens of people over the last week of December 2021 whether or not we would have lockdowns again due to the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus.  What made things considerably worse for people was the decision of the Sixth Circuit Court to overrule the Fifth Circuit over the OSHA decision on Biden’s Executive Order making vaccines mandated.  All that happened around the same time that Biden had a nationwide address to talk about what the administration was doing about Covid spreading, panicking everyone into wondering if we were going to go through 2020 again.  So I’ll say here what I’ve told all these other people personally, no, we won’t be going through lockdowns again.  Now, if you live in a blue state or a blue city with some radical progressives making the decisions, you will see them try.  Democrats are polling terribly everywhere they are these days because they have been forced to pull off the masks they have been hiding behind for many years.  Now that people see what they are up to, they are running in the opposite direction.  The greatest thing to have come from the Trump presidency has been this pressure on progressives to show what they have always been about against a backdrop of pure capitalist endeavor.  I think people needed that lesson, and we are all better off for it.  But the most significant thing that happened, which I have watched happen over a great many years, but never better than with Trump, is that our population has learned about the American Constitution and its powers to limit government.  Now that people can see why that is important, they are fans of the Constitution in ways that will prevent further Covid lockdowns over a sustained period.

Just for review, there is no legal authority for a centralized government, even under emergency powers, to lock down our American society.  The planners of Covid assumed that people would trust their doctors more than they trusted the government, so they came up with Covid to attempt a global Great Reset of all capitalist economies into centrally planned ones, and many governors in America fell for it hook, line and sinker.  They weren’t exactly what you might call “constitutional scholars.” Hence, it was easy for communist health directors to take what the World Health Organization said, run by China essentially, and apply it in a centralized way in their states.  We certainly saw that behavior in Ohio with Mike DeWine.  He led the way for all the other states in America to go total authoritarian and break constitutional limits, all in the name of an emergency.  The government is not allowed to do any of that, even under a crisis.  Over the years, the government has abused this premise several times under provisions of the “greater good,” such as the New Orleans hurricane from several years ago, where the door-to-door arrests and gun confiscations were conducted under the umbrella of “safety.” So naturally, since it worked back then and these government tyrants took note, they were going to try it on something more significant and more far-reaching, convincing people to give up their constitutional rights under emergency conditions.  That is how the Covid approach was formed, and when they were able to trick President Trump into buying into the concept during an election year, they were sure they would have success, which they did get. 

But they only had success because people didn’t know their rights.  People could have told the government to go to hell from the very outset of Covid, but people gave the government the benefit of the doubt.  But I said it back then, and I continued to say it through the government made “plandemic” that there was no constitutional construct that government had to tell businesses when they could open or close or shut down.  The government made a move to centralize its authority, suspend constitutional rights, and attack elements of capitalism outright without having to justify themselves to the public. They were in love with this new ability.  And people followed for a while because they really thought they might die of Covid and that the CDC might actually know what it was talking about.  It turned out they didn’t know what they were doing, or if they did, it was malicious intent from the start.  No attempt by the government to stop the virus with therapeutics.  Their only remedy was a vaccine or nothing and to social distance for some ridiculous period to supposedly alleviate the pressure on local hospitals, which was never a problem, even in the height of the lockdowns.  Every court case that went to court in Ohio challenging DeWine’s lockdowns of the state economically were defeated in court, and they will continue to be defeated because they were never constitutional to begin with.  But the trend was seen by all; the government never did have the authority to go door to door and arrest people, like they have been doing other places in the world that don’t have a constitution as we have in America where the government has limited rights.  So the government has attacked our businesses through rules and regulations that they have controlled to show power over the Constitution, which is precisely what the OSHA challenge is all about over vaccine mandates. 

Biden’s timing was meant to put pressure on the Sixth Circuit Court panel of three to punt the case to the Supreme Court in the wake of the Omicron variant that was ravishing the news ahead of the Holidays.  But people are not biting on it.  The news has been hitting the public flat.  People are tired of the Covid talk, the masks, the lockdowns, and the nonsense, and they are finally pushing back because now, unlike before, they know their rights and just what government can actually do to them, which is nothing.  The government has already overstepped their authority and are in trouble of their own.  Not immediate trouble because many of these court cases take a long time to settle.  But ultimately, they will look foolish in court, and the rulings will go against the tyrants, as they have with Government Mike DeWine in Ohio.  But even more than before, companies are reluctant to follow government mandates because it kills their labor force.  A company of any kind isn’t much of a company without a workforce, so now that people leave their jobs and go to other places to work, the government has much less control over the companies themselves.  Before, companies only listened to the government out of fear of breaking the imposed rules.  But the greater fear that companies have is losing their workforce to another company that doesn’t have so many stupid rules. In that way, government power, even sidestepping the Constitution, has been ripped away from them, which is a good thing. It’s been scary to see that they would even try, but the results have shown us all that our Constitution works very well if only people would follow it.  It’s better late than never, I suppose.  But to answer the question of whether we will go back to 2020 lockdowns, I would answer again, no.  The government cried wolf, and people learned the nature of the threat, and they will never listen again.  And that may be unfortunate because trust with the people has been broken forever in this little insurrection by the medical community connected like crack addicts to government funding.  And they will never see that level of trust from the public, again, which I think is ultimately good for us all.

Rich Hoffman

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The Covid Criminals of Government: The evidence is in the book, ‘The Real Dr. Fauci’

We Have a Government of Criminals

Watching Joe Biden give that little speech to the nation regarding Covid showing the same fear tactics we have all come to expect from such a dumb government was like watching Al Capone beat in the head of a rival in front of the media cameras.  Of course, if you test more people, you will get more cases.  The real question and the origin of the scam is, what do you do with cases?  Do you treat them with therapeutics, or do you try to avoid transmissibility through quarantine, which is the dead giveaway to the ultimate, anti-work, communist plot that all this has always been?  To understand the extent of the criminal conduct and what’s at stake in the matter of Covid and its spread around the world, I am referring everyone to the Robert F. Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci, which came out during the Holidays of 2021 and is essentially the court case that should put Fauci and most of Washington DC in jail for the rest of their lives.  That is if we had a legal system that actually worked.  They knew the defense department was using Fauci to develop bioweapons in China because they couldn’t do it under the regulations of the United States, and Fauci lied about it all to congress.  There are so many crimes related to Covid that it should be the only thing we are talking about.  To consider how many trillions of dollars Covid destroyed and how many lives were changed forever in the negative, what our government, the Chinese government, and specific people like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates did regarding Covid is really the only story in the world that matters right now.  And those who used it to commit massive voter fraud in the elections of 2020 just compounded that problem in extraordinary ways.  It’s all in the Kennedy book.  We don’t need to reinvent the wheel at this point, but really, nothing else should matter to the government or us until justice is done to all these anti-constitutional insurgents. 

Of course, the Biden administration is choking on rotten eggs.  Democrats are polling poorly, the Build Back Better socialist plan that the Biden people wanted to put their name on is failing, and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates are either failing in the courts, or they are being flat-out ignored by people making Biden’s executive orders looks silly on the world stage.  Federalism does not give him the authority to issue a vaccine mandate.  Period.  And now that people are ignoring the government and all its alarmism, they have to do something.  So they came up with this stupid Omicron variant in hopes of conducting a sequel to the 2020 efforts at shutting down the economy.  At this point, the Democrats are desperate, and the global insurgents behind them are cleaving for any cover story that they can get.  There is no doubt that Dr. Fauci’s role in creating Covid in China or that China released it to the world knowingly occurred.  It’s all in the book.  And because books like that are out there explaining where Covid came from, Democrats are desperate to keep the virus around longer so that they can hope to have a cover story for all the crimes they have been involved in.  Whether it’s the FBI tampering with our elections during the Trump years in office trying to instigate a coup against the voters.  Or the 2020 Zuckerbucks scandal.  Changing the Facebook name to Meta will not erase what they did in the 2020 election, so wonderfully illustrated in a couple of other books, Rigged by Molly Hemingway and Peter Navarro’s book In Trump Time.  For those who are still in doubt about the guilt of these government characters, the evidence is clear from multiple sources, and not all of them are Republicans.  These crimes are so bad that they should make every American angry, very angry. 

And that’s all I saw when Biden gave his speech.  A desperate criminal compromised by China to provide them with cover for the crimes they committed with members of our own government.  Biden is the salesman who is supposed to smooth it all over to the American public.  So he and his handlers hope that the next generation of Covid-19 might shut down our economy again and put everyone on their heels so that the real crimes might go undetected or uninvestigated.  So long as ABC, owned by Disney, will put Dr. Fauci on every week as the “expert,” they help sell him as a saint saving the world instead of the sinner that he really is.  And for every media outlet that plays the game in the cover-up, they are all guilty of the crimes as well.  If you know someone committed a crime, and you don’t say something, that makes you culpable.  That means Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, the U.S. Defense Department.  NIH, the World Health Organization, China, The Gates Foundation, so many organizations all working against the rule of law in America, it is unforgivable.  Trump has been talking about reparations against China in the trillions of dollars as a response, money they don’t have.  But he has the right idea.  But even that wouldn’t fix the problem and bring justice to those who deserve it. 

They think we’re stupid; they think we won’t see what they’ve done.  They have abused our trust.  They have sold us out to foreign powers.  They have betrayed our nation using our money to do it.  And many people are reading these books and the information is getting out.   This is different than how it was in 2020 when Covid first came out, and we were all a little willing to follow some safety protocols to contain the spread.  But it didn’t take long to see that all of Covid was a preplanned event and that much of the mentioned organizations, and many more, were tired of Trump in the White House, and they intended to do something about it in his last year.  Just by the evidence of Trump’s previous three years, we see that the American intelligence agencies would do anything to get rid of Trump, short of an old-fashioned assassination as was done to JFK and Bobby Kennedy.  If the goal was to collapse the American way of life and the constitution that made up it’s laws, what did any of them care if they got caught?   They thought the world would convert to communism by now and would then be rulers of us all functioning from the acquired power of the United Nations. After all, that’s why Biden was put in the presidency, to soothe say us into this changeover.  And to give speeches to keep the public asleep, as he gave to the nation on December 21st, 2021.    

Those who don’t want to read the evidence just look at the behavior.  None of these government people want to fix Covid; they just insist that we run from it and clamor to the government to protect us from a virus they funded and made in the lab of our enemy to use as a bioweapon against us. We’re supposed to trust those same people, these criminals?  I would suggest to everyone not to play the government game.  Take hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid.  Take Ivermectin to kill it once you get it so that you can pass the highly rigged Covid tests.  The way to make this problem go away is to take medicine, dominate the virus, and kill it in our society.  The government wants to spread it for their own selfish reasons.  They have crawled in bed with their extensive political donors, big pharma. They use the virus to guarantee income for those donors and use rules and regulations to destroy their competition. It’s no different than a mob offering protection for crimes they commit against you.  If you pay them, they won’t attack you.  Buy their vaccine, and you can work.  Serve them, and you might be allowed to live.  But remember, they need to have death and overrun hospitals to scare you. Otherwise, all their plans fall to dust.  And that’s all Biden said in his speech.  It was an old trick, but this is a new day.  And we’re not as stupid as he and they think we are.

Rich Hoffman

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Ray Dalio Misses the Point: Wealth is created by risk-takers, not a compliant society

The Looted Wealth of China

I enjoy all books.  I like books much better than people in general, even though people write books.  I figure that if someone works hard enough to write a book, they have thought their thoughts through enough to have some respectful consideration.  But I don’t like small talk and just yacking with people over nothing.  If a conversation is not the most epic philosophical consideration in the history of mankind, then I don’t have a lot of use for it.  So instead of wasting time with lots of people talking about nothing, I spend my time reading books, even by people I disagree with, such as Ray Dalio.  He has a new book out, which I pay attention to because I have enjoyed his other works. I’m afraid I have to disagree with Ray Dalio on much, especially this latest offering.  Ray has a lot of problems, he’s a globalist, and he has bet against America with his many billions of dollars, and things aren’t going to work out for him like he thought they were.  I think you’ll find me disassembling this globalist view of the world more and more because, in this global war for which we are all a part, I see the tides changing in favor of an America First agenda.  I just received my membership card to the America First Policy Institute on the same day that I received my monthly magazine for the NRA, and it was a good day for me.  I see great catastrophe for Ray Dalio and his fellow globalist billionaires from where I view the world.  That doesn’t mean I hate Ray.  I actually like him, but just because he has billions of dollars, that doesn’t mean he’s beyond reproach.  His new book was essentially a remake of the grand globalist book I refer to a lot, Tragedy & Hope, which was a globalist point of view of the history of the world. Ray’s book is the same; only he’s trying to sell computer model simulations on human behavior to justify his massive investment into China, which has now pretty much announced itself as an enemy of America.  And people like Ray have been handed the detonator for world destruction, and he’s trying to convince us all why he must push the button.

Ray and the gang, let’s call them the “Davos Crowd,” essentially believed that the global economy would shift into China.  They know the globalist’s game; corporations have a quarterly mandate to always show increases to their shareholders and to everyone’s point of view, America was a saturated market.  There are only 300 million people in America, and they can all only buy so many cars, tennis shoes, and hamburgers.  So the globalists want new markets to exploit that ever-present need for upward trends of profit forecasts, and places like Africa, India, and China look like that next untapped well.  While doing media for his new book, Ray himself has said that China has over 1 billion people increasing in median income year by year.  That is where the expanding middle class is, not in America, so that has been the focus of investors like Ray. America’s middle class is dying because many of the jobs that made it up have been transferred to places like China and the minds of people like Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, and Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire class, that is an investment into a bigger house.  The middle class in America can only grow so much.  But there are many more opportunities for wealth generation in China among a larger country with a much larger population, 3-1.  So that is why the markets of the world turned toward China for the next great gold rush of expanding markets.  Only, there is a problem.  China is a communist country, and these billionaires have been caught tampering with global politics by using Karl Marx’s philosophies to move market value from one place to another, leaving behind the criminal underclass to control all their wealth as the curtain everyone sees.  And now they’ve all been caught, and the sentiment is flipping back to America.  What China did with the coronavirus in partnership with Dr. Fauci and the NIH was reprehensible.  It was much worse than when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and now China is a villain to the world, and all the investments that people like Ray have made there are in jeopardy. 

You have to understand wealth creation, which I explain extensively in my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  The middle class is not a finite creation.  Wealth just doesn’t happen, as Ray often alludes to in his books when he talks about the cycles of civilization.  Wealth is made from risk, and when a nation produces lots of risk-takers, then it can be said to be wealthy.  When a nation produces many compliant people, as China does because of their communist government, you will have perpetual stagnation.  There is currently an expanding middle class in China because that wealth drives it to be stolen from American capitalism.  It’s just money that was moved to a bigger balloon, but the wealth generated is finite; it’s limited to the air in the balloon.  What makes the air is risk; what expands wealth is not compliance and order, the way all corporations would love it to be, but in reckless investment for the gain of capital off innovation and diligence.  Inventors don’t stay up all night writing code or inventing a new concept so they can turn it over to the state for redistribution.  They want to get rich, just as people will sit at a poker table and gamble on a pot of money, hoping to win it.  The game generates wealth because it inspires risk to win it.  Elementary economic stuff, but it’s what’s missing in Ray’s books, his graphs on human nature and the history of the world, and all those like him in the billionaire class who obviously feel guilty about their own wealth and aren’t sure they deserve so much power over others because of it.

China’s rise to power is over; their trajectory to be the new example of markets is deflating as we speak.  Oh, sure, many governments still think China is the future, but they don’t understand the basics of wealth creation even though they may be personally wealthy themselves.  America is a culture of risk, and that is why it has been and will continue to be wealthy. America’s wealth is not present because of policy, politics, philosophy.  A centralized authority can’t control it.  It’s not something that is managed by the global Davos crowd. They’d love to control it, to loot off it, to ride it for their ease and comfort.  But stealing America’s wealth and giving it to China as they have been doing from behind the face of governments won’t make China wealthy and expand their middle class in the same way it did in America.  Because to create wealth, you must have risk and ambition unleashed in a free market and society.  And China isn’t and will never be free.  The number of people happy with a car, a house, a spouse, a few kids, and an iPhone that can track you in everything you do is not enough for many people.  And for the people it is enough are not the types who make extraordinary wealth.  So when Ray puts up his computer models about human behavior to justify billions of dollars in investments he has made into China, he is always missing the most critical thing in a society that wishes to be wealthy, that there are plenty of risk-takers who are willing to stay up all night and work through the weekends to invent a new market.  And it is with them, and only them, that an expanding middle class is born, and there are people to buy hamburgers, go to amusement parks, and buy tennis shoes.  Centralized authority always kills wealth, and in this case, Ray and his friends will lose many billions in their gamble against America for the great nothing of China’s rise to power.


Rich Hoffman

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Why People Don’t Crash Into Each Other All The Time: Adam Smith’s ‘Wealth of Nations’ and the “Invisible Hand”

The Invisible Hand, Why People Don’t Crash Into Each Other With Their Cars

To me, there is no question.  But the Biden administration and the Obama administration before it was all about Keynesian economics, which was a disaster from the outset of the Red Decade when the socialist John Maynard Keynes implemented it in England.  When you hear Biden or any Davos billionaire talk up Keynesian economics, what you are hearing is utter destruction by macroeconomic socialists and students of Karl Marx intending to give government entirely too much power, which is why the most power-hungry of our society like it so much.  Billionaires want this system because they can always control politicians with their money, which ultimately lets them rule the world from the shadows.  It was a disaster from day one.  When Keynes first spoke about it, failure was already percolating, and it is even more so today.  The only reason people don’t have a stronger opinion about Keynesian economics is that it’s the only kind of economics they teach in college, really, and all the colleges of the world, for that matter. It’s the only thing Joe Biden knows, and when he says the world’s top minds all agree with is infrastructure plan, he’s essentially saying they all studied Keynesian economics at the same schools by the same loser teachers, for all the same reasons.  And they never figured it out, and they continue to stand by their Keynesian economics in the way that they promote vaccines for Covid when we all know that they do nothing for treatment.  Only methods like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin effectively treat Covid.  Yet, the government insists on failed methods to cover up their sheer stupidity from the outset.  The government never wants to admit that they were wrong on economics or disease control.  That is why they can’t be trusted and must be heavily managed by the public.  Because government always tends to go astray. 

Of course, my position is not one that I reject everything.  But I reject much of what the progressive era has produced, including the work of Sigmond Freud, Carl Jung, the positions of the media and politics over that span, and most of what people have been taught in university.  It’s not all garbage, but we used to know better.  And the answers are there. The progressive era was essentially the creation of Karl Marks and Edward Bellamy, where they made a global move to micromanage people with centralized control, and it’s been a disaster.  To this day, many still cling to it, but that’s because they are stupid and have forgotten how things really work in the world. When it comes to economics, and America was essentially its creation, the book I most treasure and have read countless times is The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.  It’s what all economic theories should be based on. We can see the benefits of American culture as it relates to the rest of the world. It has been the undisputed champion of the great economic theories of our times, including Greek, Roman, and Egyptian societies.  Never did something work so well as the ideas of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.  Progressives didn’t like it because they wanted central control. Smith’s invisible hand is a repulsive concept to those who want to micromanage others for all kinds of psychologically wrong reasons. 

When I explain The Wealth of Nations to people and the concept of the “invisible hand,” I often talk about America’s car culture.  I tell the story in the video above of me driving my family through the Smokey Mountains with our RV in the fast lane of I-40.  Next to us is a logging truck.  In front of us was a dump truck.  All around them are numerous cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes winding through the mountains and tunnels at 70 MPH.

In many cases, there are only a few feet between us and the next car.  Next to us on the left side is a concrete wall, and beyond that is the opposite lane of traffic going the other way at the same speed.  The whole journey is perilous if looking at how the government looks at things or the Keynesian economic theory.  If anyone person makes the slightest mistake, there could be a 50 car pile up and hundreds of people killed.  But truly, seldom do crashes ever happen, and statistically, we might go through our whole lives with many hours of opportunity for errors to occur and only have a few crashes.  As a society, we have accepted the risk and enjoy the rewards.  If you leave in the morning with your car, you are most of the time going to come home safe and sound at the end of the day because it is in everyone’s self-interest to preserve their property.  So crashes seldom occur—that is the nature of the “Invisible Hand.” Self-interest governs behavior for the benefit of all—the key to understanding The Wealth of Nations and the general success of America as a global superpower. 

Keynesian economics is like the subway, public bus, or the public toilet with people making a mess and never cleaning it up.  When people don’t own the property, they don’t take care of it because it replaces self-interest with shared benefit.  And that means that the lowest value always wins.  If the person dressed in a nice suit is sitting next to some barely surviving bum who hasn’t washed their clothes in weeks, the nicely dressed person has everything to lose in the investment while the bum loses nothing.  They can only gain from such an exchange.  So the net result is that public transportation is dirty, uncomfortable, too expensive, and it never gets you where you want to go because other people determine your travel route.  Everything is centrally planned, so the net result is that everyone is just a bit unhappy with the shared experience.  It’s not by accident that liberals like public transportation for the same reasons, and conservatives love their cars.  They want independence to decide where they want to go and when they will get there.  And they don’t like to share their space with people who aren’t equally invested in their appearance. 

When people are free to come and go as they please and have a stake in getting there, they tend not to run into each other, which might damage their property or their life.  When you look at a highway at 3 AM and wonder where all those people are going at all hours of the day, all days of the week, no central government could provide instruction for all those little details.  Only self-interest could drive such ambition, and out of that activity comes a tremendous economic benefit. I’ve driven all over the United States at all hours of the day, and seldom, even in the most remote section of the country, was I ever alone on the road for long.   That is the essence of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.  It is the economic means of American life, it should be studied exclusively in high school, starting in the fifth grade, and nothing else matters.  I will never say that Adam Smith was the final word on economic theory. I’m sure future improvements will be made as necessity dictates.  But Keynesian economics was not that improvement.  It was an attack on the free market by centralized planners who wanted an administrative state.  Not people who wish to support or understand why any country is better when people are turned loose to act on behalf of their own self-interest freely.  But we see the magic every day, in our cars, on our roads, anywhere where people travel freely with an extension of themselves with private transportation.  Any trace of Keynesian economics in American society or any society for that matter should be eradicated from our minds forever and remembered for its stupidity and malice for which it was constructed.  We need to stick with what works and has worked.  Not what only gives power to the most insecure and unintelligent among us, the modern progressives. 

Rich Hoffman

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