Nazis in Antarctica, Aliens, Secret Societies, and the World Economic Forum: Eisenhower’s warning about the Military Industrial Complex

After watching the 2023 Davos coverage of the World Economic Forum, the only thing that kept popping up in my mind was Holloman Air Force Base with President Eisenhower stepping off Air Force One in the New Mexico desert sun and into a couple of UFOs parked on the runway for a critical meeting. The occupants of the UFOs are more controversial than the unique craft themselves; they could have been beings from another world or an off-shoot colony of Nazis who never went away after World War II and had simply moved underground, literally in Antarctica, where many volcanic caves have produced underground chambers only accessible by submarine in a comfortable 70-degree environment all the time. The talk has been persistent over the years that nobody won World War II. We simply wiped out the Third Reich in Germany, created the United Nations, and then hired some of the Nazis as our own scientists and created NASA with occult leaders like Jack Parsons and Alister Crowley leading the charge in rocket design, along with the Nazi Warner Von Braun. Meanwhile, a Fourth Reich, which had long been planned by the creation of the Nazis in the first place by a couple of secret societies, the Thule Society and the Vril Society, claiming to have contact with aliens from other worlds, escaped with the help of American corporations, such as the Ford Motor Company and many other sympathizers to the Nazi cause. They set up shop in Antarctica, using Argentina and other areas of South America as a new base of operations. There are pictures that show Adolf Hitler in Argentina, as well as other prominent Nazi officials, and that the United States helped all this along because they wanted a space program of their own, and the Nazis were the way to get it. 

Of course, the story gets even more colorful than that. There was a conflict off the tip of South America close to Antarctica and the superior technology that the Nazis had been working on all during the war. American forces were easily beaten, and the event rattled the intelligence community profoundly. It was obvious to all involved that the Nazis had been developing lots of unique technologies, UFOs being one of them. They were openly working with characters from other worlds, species of visitors who had been coming to Earth for more than 10,000 years and were part of our human history from the beginning. And the Nazis, as other secret societies had been doing for a long time, were trading information and advancing in a way that national countries could not keep up with. To flex their muscle after the conflict in South America that embarrassed further the American Navy, those same Nazis used their high technology to harass Americans over Washington D.C. in 1952, just to prove they could. Of course, the incident was the famous UFOs over the American Capitol story. It got plenty of attention, which led to Eisenhower meeting with them for a treaty in 1955 at Holloman Air Force Base. If America couldn’t beat them, we could join them. And it’s at that moment that many point to where America became a corporation instead of a republic, and all Americans became a captured serial number asset to this invisible corporate conglomerate who had actually caused all the World Wars and was now entirely in control of Earth behind the veil of the world’s governments. In the 1960s, as he was going out of the door of the Presidency just before Kennedy stepped in, President Eisenhower gave his famous speech about the Military Industrial Complex and warned us of the dangers they possessed. People scratched their heads at the time, but now it all makes much more sense. 

Watching the trajectory of history over the last seven decades has only made this crazy story seem more plausible. I’ve known about these events as kind of fun facts for much of my life, but I sort of laughed it off as a bunch of interesting information that didn’t have much validity in reality. I have been to Roswell and done my own research into the UFO phenomena there, and my conclusions were that the UFO crash that happened there was likely perpetuated by a dying town, destroyed by a flawed foreign policy that sucked away the jobs there and gave them to China and Mexico. All the town had to draw people to it was talk about aliens and government cover-ups. Yet, there is more to the story, just beyond the veil. And much of this has been confirmed by President Trump’s Presidency that nobody would have believed before. That the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies were not working for the voters of America but for some mysterious force that was not accountable to the American public. The war in Ukraine suddenly was evident for what it was, a way to change the boundaries of the world, using the American military as the primary mover in the chessboard, and it was being done for mysterious reasons that had nothing to do with the American Constitution, or the will of the American people. These intelligence agencies did much of their work by hiding the obvious in plain sight and keeping people from noticing by layering conspiracy theories in front of the truth to keep anybody from discovering or admitting it. After the events of Covid, the coup against President Trump, and the antics of the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab and the gang, suddenly all that crazy stuff of Nazis in Antarctica, alien interactions with secret societies, and the selling out of America by an American president for the good intention of protecting the people from superior technology and accepting those Nazis into partnerships with the American government in trade for a space program suddenly takes on all new meetings. 

From my point of view, the bottom line of the matter is that I don’t care about all the crazy stories. I don’t care if aliens are running the world and they have technology far superior to anything human beings have managed to create so far. I don’t even care if those alien beings actually had a hand in building the human race from the ground up for their own needs. And that, in truth, many species of aliens are fighting it out on Earth and other places all the time. And that the Nazis reached out to them first and benefited in ways that gave them and their corporate partners leverage over all the nations of the world in the 20th century. Now those same people have formed the World Economic Forum, which was nothing more than another secret society cult worshipping Mother Earth with climate change. What we do know and can prove without a doubt is that none of these World Economic Forum people respect the American constitution, and neither does American intelligence or our military. Their behavior gives credence to these vast conspiracy theories, which may not prove to be so crazy after all. The Davos characters, the Desecrators of Davos as I like to call them, as other people call them the “elites,” do not have respect or reverence for American sovereignty, and they act like it’s already a conquered nation. And that Eisenhower’s speech about the military-industrial complex was something we should revisit and take notice of. Because it looks like the little dog from the Wizard of Oz has pulled away the curtain, and we can see who and what has been behind the smoke and mirrors. And what we have learned because of the Trump presidency is that the conspiracy theories were more than fiction. What we know now requires us to act accordingly. 

Rich Hoffman

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How to Beat the Party of Davos: Instead of guns to exert power, they use ESG scores

I’ve been dealing with these types of people for years, the gang of communist thugs that make up the World Economic Forum. Usually, their actions come out in various businesses worldwide, and you can see their imprint in efforts such as Lean Manufacturing. The giveaway is when they start talking about how we all need to begin connecting to nature and building our lives around it as if the natural order of things was the superior approach to all existence. So when I recently wrote my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I did so to bring down these kinds of nature-loving gangs who see capitalism as an enemy and all societies that have been built off it. I meant to apply that book to the micro-politics of whatever industry needs to understand how to process improve themselves into a healthy state or whatever country needs to fight off the efforts of a villain. When it comes to The Party of Davos, as they are being called now for a good reason, I saw the timing of my book as an offering to help people fight back their efforts. My approach was to make it simple because it essentially is. I see the Party of Davos as a collection of people who participate in the World Economic Forum and to confront them the way we used to in America, as a gang of thugs who were robbing the world and bringing them to justice in the ways of the Old West. Whenever I travel around the world, I am always amazed how much the people in those countries enjoy American Westerns, so I purposely set my Gunfighter’s Guide to reflect this already proven understanding of law, order, and justice that the human race craves everywhere they exist. My goal was to clear away all the smoke screens so that people could see the Party of Davos for the criminals they are and bring them to justice in the way that classic westerns always utilized. Hey, I didn’t ask for this gang of thugs to inject themselves into my life or the existence of my country. They robbed the American train, and now it’s time to pay for that. They committed the crime; now they need to do the time. 

I didn’t pay much attention to this gang of thugs when Trump was in the White House because he understood how to deal with them. Trump would go to Davos and taught the glories of American economics, and make them all very angry, then he would come home and continue to promote an all America First policy. Of course, the Davos gang stepped over the line in response. They have the ear of many politicians in the states, much like when Butch Cassidy and Jesse James were robbing banks in America. They had their sympathizers. And in modern times, many of these sympathizers have taken money from the Davos gang, from one of their pawns, the Chinese criminal empire. Of course, many have been caught pushing the Fed to feed the massive asset bubble that is being blown up as we speak to continue what was started with Covid, to cause The Great Reset that has long been planned. Remember, Covid was created in a Chinese lab by the American Department of Defense, brokered by Dr. Fauci. Just read the book, The Real Dr. Fauci. This is all too much to look at within the framework of its totality for many people. But suppose you understand that the Party of Davos is just another gang of international criminals; well, in that case, the context is much more digestible relative to what they really are. 

The Davos Party intends to do their work, not as bank robbers with guns as Jesse James would have done. This time, it’s ESG scorecards that ultimately intend by their own admission to bring the world in harmony with nature and change the definitions of capitalism to embody their view of existence, subservience to nature, not in dominion over it. Everything they do essentially cascades off that basic premise. I should know, I watch the Davos coverage every year, and I have read many of their books, especially Klaus Schwab. I understand Larry Fink of BlackRock, the old flower-child hippie from Southern California who just happened to make a lot of money on Wall Street and now intends to use that power to reshape the world in the image of some communist pot-smoking hippie from the 60s. Finance is their new weapon of choice; instead of robbing banks and trains at gunpoint the way the gangs of the Wild West used to, they do it with pens, paper, and stock options with the intent to impose Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to change the world into their liking. Larry sits on the board of the World Economic Forum, so he is undoubtedly one of the gang leaders, and he makes his threats known when he sends his yearly letter to the CEOs of America, letting them know what might happen to them if they don’t maintain a proper ESG footprint. BlackRock owns over 100 million shares of Disney stock, for instance. Behind the smiling faces and friendly letters is the threat, go “woke” or go broke. Do what we say, maintain your ESG score, or we’ll dump your stock, and your company will drop into the tank on the public exchange market. Essentially this is the same kind of behavior that Butch Cassidy used to justify his robbery of stagecoaches. And Jesse James did, too, justifying all his violence behind continuing the Civil War from a Southern perspective. 

The problem is apparent when we have people from the Biden administration like Dr. Fauci and the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, along with John Kerry reporting to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum as if he were the boss, not the United States. The Party of Davos intends to rule the world by ruling over all its governments without a host country to call their own. Much like the outlaws of the Old West used to hide out in the desert and wait for some unsuspecting victim they could impose chaos on, the Party of Davos looms in the background. It gathers up world leaders to eat out of their hands, then return to their home countries to inject poison and pave the way for their next great robbery. Sure, all these gangs of thugs think that what they are doing is for the right reasons. But in the case of the Party of Davos, America has its own laws. We have a very good Constitution built on thousands of years of human experience. And it is our law, and the Party of Davos is breaking those laws every day. And the people working with them are traitors who need to be punished. There is no question that eventually, once we clear out the smoke, we’ll have to admit to ourselves that these criminals in the Party of Davos were behind Covid. They were also behind the stolen election of 2020. They wanted their party people in charge, so they interrupted our election process, took away the rightful vote of the American people, and installed their own guy for their own reasons. They have trillions of dollars invested in The Great Reset, and they weren’t going to let President Trump stop those plans. So they got rid of him, and now they plan to bring us all under their thumb. But that’s not going to happen. I have published a strategy guide for beating them based on my experience. And if people use it, they can easily beat this gang of thugs. Because that’s what they are, a gang of criminals intent on world domination, and they must be stopped.

Rich Hoffman

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Dark Money Tries to make the Pig DeWine Look Good: But Renacci is 8 Points up on the governor, and growing

As I was listening to 55 KRC recently, an ad by Free Ohio, a Super PAC for Ohio’s lost stooge, Mike DeWine attempting to show the troubled governor in a contrasting light to Joe Biden, let me know that after all these years, these political insiders haven’t learned a thing.  After all that Republicans should have learned regarding the Trump presidency, it is evident that these dark money professionals still didn’t understand modern politics.  Mike DeWine has been a disaster for Ohio.  When he runs for office, he always runs as a conservative, but when he’s in office, whether as a senator, Attorney General, or a governor as he is now, he becomes overnight a liberal.  And if Ohio had elected Joe Biden as Governor of Ohio himself, we wouldn’t have done any worse.  So, it was laughable that there was an assumption among the professional political class out there that just a few months before the primary in May of 2022, money spent on ads like the ones Free Ohio is putting out would shape public opinion enough to change minds.  People were there to see how badly DeWine managed the state, especially during Covid, in which he led the nation in lockdowns, being the first to do so and to change election laws which led to the massive corruption of the 2022 election.  DeWine was the first in the country to change election laws during a primary, opening the door to all the other states that did similar things with mail-in ballots, all in the name of “maintaining social distancing during the Covid Plandemic.” 

I had a chance on several occasions during those terrible days of lockdowns in Ohio where members of the business community were on mass conference calls with Governor DeWine to attempt to work out concessions to the rules he and the liberal Obama activist Amy Acton came up with that were costing everyone millions and millions of dollars, by the day.  I have met Mike DeWine at a few events here and there but never really had a chance to talk to him.  Let me just say, DeWine is one of the dumbest people I have ever heard speak.  Under those conference call environments, he had no clue what to do and punted everything in Ohio to the CDC and the Dr. Fauci types, which was scandalous even then.  Now in hindsight, we know that to be even worse advice.  But even when few people really knew the severity of Covid was, DeWine sounded like a complete idiot giving the keys to Ohio over to a bunch of bureaucratic health department types to run all our affairs the way some pot-smoking, stringy-haired hippies might only fantasize about.  I always wondered how DeWine ever called himself a conservative coming from Yellow Springs, Ohio—certainly not my favorite place.  You can almost always smell the pot smoke in Clifton Gorge from Yellow Springs when visiting.  It’s not likely many Republicans would be able to put up with such an environment.  And obviously, getting to know Mike DeWine a bit over these last several years, he’s not a conservative, but the very definition of RINO that there is in the world. 

The Super PAC plans to spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars on this attempt to paint DeWine as a contrast to Biden.  Unfortunately, like many have tried over the last several years, thinking of Mike Bloomberg in Florida against Trump and the Bush money machine against Trump in 2016, they could never move the needle in a significant way in those races.  It is unclear why they would think they could move any opinions in Ohio when the people living in the state have very recent memory and pain over how DeWine ran the state.  Without question, Fox News and traditional outlets like Clear Channel radio corporate advertising are all too happy to take the money of this Super PAC.  For them, that’s what politics is, a chance to sell ads and pay for their content.  But reality shows that DeWine and Joe Biden have been aligned on just about everything over the last four years.  Even topics that don’t involve Covid.  It would be impossible to tell Joe Biden and Mike DeWine apart on paper by voting record.  And to think that money can change people’s memory of these things is pretty insulting, really.  Without question, some people don’t know much about these issues and might fall for such ornamental hype.  But in a primary, which is very surgical in nature, it’s a different kind of voter.  Primary voters are very engaged on the topics and not so easily fooled. 

As I’ve said many times, it’s hard to beat someone in a primary, especially with the corrupt money machine behind DeWine.  He has his voters who profit off the way he has done business over many years in politics.  But with an above-average primary turnout, someone like Jim Renacci could easily beat him in the primary.  Even with all this dark money flowing into traditional media, Jim Renacci is 8 points over DeWine going into February of 2022, which is horrible news for the current governor.  This is good news for those who want to see a more conservative governor in the general election this fall.  But that’s a steep hill for changing opinions no matter how much money is spent.  I suppose it’s worth trying from their perspective, but do they really think that the voters in the upcoming primary are watching Fox News?  I would say most of those people have moved over to other options, more Trump-friendly options.  And Trump is still the kingmaker in Ohio, and of the two candidates that are most in consideration in the primary, Renacci is the Trump guy.  DeWine is about as far from Trump as a Republican can get.  The last time DeWine was on stage with Trump in Ohio, he was booed for being there because of his role in the Covid lockdowns.  Trump is an executive and can get along with anybody.  But he’s certainly not going to go out of his way to support DeWine.  And an endorsement of any kind by Trump can erase away millions and millions of dollars spent by dark money to attempt to change opinions in traditional media. 

More than anything that has been exposed here is the distance between perception and reality.  Fundraising and what can be done with that money is part of the problem in politics.  The money machine creates leverage; that’s how DeWine was able to get many politicians to endorse him for the primary.  If they don’t support the money candidate, which DeWine certainly is, then they would find themselves short during their next election fundraising cycle, which all politicians dread.  One of their biggest problems is picking up the phone and raising money for their campaigns; no matter how good they might be at it, it’s something none of them likes to do.  But listening to this ridiculous Super PAC of DeWine unroll their 2022 primary strategy reveals just how archaic the current system truly is.  Traditional media has lost a lot of power over the last few years, and Trump showed that money in politics couldn’t beat a good message or a great candidate.  And that is certainly the case between Renacci and DeWine.  Renacci is an excellent candidate.  DeWine is a really corrupt and terrible one.  And no amount of money in the world can make the lipstick on that pig look good.

Rich Hoffman

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Self Government Starts by Being a Good Person: Politicians are not leaders as Tucker Carlson says, they are representatives

You Need to Be a Good Person to Have a Good Government

It’s not enough to just talk about it or make names for it.  The real problem is a fundamental one of philosophy and not recognizing the basics of human nature.  What is self-government?  Then, how do you fund it, this something that nobody really understands?  For me, it’s about the difference between a republic and a democracy.  It’s about breaking the Vico Cycle.  In a republic, our politicians are our representatives, extensions of ourselves that buy us time to do other productive things in the world. At the same time, they manage the affairs of our country, states, and counties.  We do need government, but what does that mean for people.  Some, especially those who aren’t so bright and are timid about spiders and other bugs, don’t want the responsibility of self-government. They’d rather have a “leader” running things so they can complain about the results, one way or another.  For self-government to work, all individuals must be empowered to understand how to maintain a republic as opposed to democracy and to spend their lives productively, not worshipping others in the process because they fear personal responsibility.  So the key to everything past and future, including the present, is to define responsible living and how that translates into responsible government.  You can’t expect politicians to behave if the people who put them in decision-making positions truly represent the people who voted for them.  If you want a good government, you first need to be a good person. 

These are the thoughts I had while watching a local school board meeting.  I don’t mean to pick on Brad Lovell, whom I have covered in other articles about the politics of changing our school board from a liberal body of government to a more conservative one. He’s a local guy; every school district has its own version of him.  There are many people like Brad Lovell in government at all levels most of the time.  They are little power-hungry attention seekers and are easily corruptible.  Electing people like that and turning them loose, thinking they are leaders, is one of the most dangerous things society could do to itself.  To be mad at Brad for being what he is isn’t really fair.  We elected him at some point in time because we were suckered as a society into what he said he would do, which was bring big government to our community by wasting endless amounts of money in the process.  When I heard Brad talk this past week, it was just as dumb as what we hear from our own congress over budget considerations revolving around Build Back Better.  This article is not the one to talk about the communist intentions of Build Back Better.  It’s about how weak people spend money and are lazy and too unmotivated to manage money given to them as taxpayers properly. They essentially don’t understand their roles as politicians, and the people who voted for them don’t either.  Even Tucker Carlson gets it wrong all the time.   We do not elect our “leaders,” we elect our “representatives.” No politician is a god to be worshipped.  None of them can be elected and turned loose to do all the hard work while we sit around watching reality television. 

Based on my experience in life, especially in a corporate setting, I would say that half the money we spend on taxes at the federal, state, and local level could be cut in half right now.   If we use the same methods used to approve basic overtime in a corporation, we could reduce the tax burden by at least half by asking our political class basic questions.  Now, where I live, and this is not by accident.  People call me the Tax Killer for a reason.  I would say that I’m a pretty nice guy.   My family loves me.  I think people respect me tremendously.  But when I walk into a room, I would not say that people like it.  Everywhere I go, I am called the “tax killer,” which is a nickname that people who don’t like what I do have persisted to call me because I do question our taxes, especially at the local level.  I think everyone should do what I do; it is the primary responsibility of self-government to elect representatives and ask those reps to be responsible in the same way I would.   When I get mad at Brad Lovell, the local school board tax and spend liberal, it’s not that I don’t like the guy as a person. I’m sure his wife loves him and his kids, and that’s fine.  People care about him out in the world, but we are talking about management here, and being liked is not a value; it’s a lazy retreat and a shift of responsibility for those afraid of it.  I would say that I am known as the tax killer locally because I ask questions the same way I would in a business.  I don’t get invited to many Christmas parties because the goal is to get drunk and act like idiots, and I am also known as a buzz kill.  Sometimes you have to pick being liked to being right, and to my mind, being right is all that matters.  If many managers brought me the overtime needs for over 100 employees who needed to work 10 hour days and 8 hours on a Saturday, I would challenge them.  I would ask them why they weren’t getting the production they needed in an 8-hour day.  Are you short headcount?  I would then ask why Saturday was necessary because it’s a lot more expensive to operate on a weekend than during the week.  Now everyone who knows me understands that productivity always trumps comfort.  I expect people to do whatever they must do in life to be productive, even crawling through broken glass naked.  I ask people to do what I would do in life, and it’s my job to set the parameters to define success.  Most of the time, those managers retreat from their overtime requests and figure out how to get the work done without overtime.  Why? Because the overtime requests were lazy and driven by chaos, not logic. 

I could write books and books and books on this topic of self-management and the values of a republic, and over time, I just may do that.  But for now, understand that the areas I live in, the school district, the townships, and my county all are operating at a surplus, meaning they take in more money than they spend because the money they spend is challenged.  Just think of what a nice world it would be if people everywhere challenged their politicians in such a similar way.  The goal is not to elect a leader then go to sleep playing video games.  It’s also not to be liked. “Oh, here comes that person who will ask us all kinds of uncomfortable questions.” But once we manage to understand our role in a republic and not a democracy, we can begin to improve lots of things for the better.  I don’t think it’s difficult at all, but people go wrong in the world when they’d rather be liked than to be respected.  And in that basic function, so many evils in the world are conducted.  What needs to happen often doesn’t because people, including voters, would rather be loved than to be right.  It doesn’t matter if we have term limits or an R next to a name or a D.  If we elected idiots to office, then stop asking them to represent us, allowing them just to lead us, no wonder costs run out of control, and a government develops a bottomless pit attitude about taxation and its worth to society.  The way to fix it isn’t to complain; it’s to demand answers for the spending, then to watch them flail when they can’t explain it, and in that way, the conditions of our republic improve dramatically, and for a fraction of the cost. 

Rich Hoffman

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Herbie was a Communist: Learning how our corporations in America were taken over by the United Nations

Herbie was a Communist

I had to write the book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business because I had read hundreds of self-help books and books on business strategy, administration, and process improvement, and they were all wrong in some little way.  Wrong is, of course, a point of view, but when we wonder why our companies have become so “woke,” we must understand why.  We must understand why the Chamber of Commerce types are so bent toward the United Nations and not the United States, and we must know how we arrived where we are, how to get out of it, and toward more of an America First policy.  One of the most important books that are most popular among process improvement consultants in business is called The Goal.  If you go into the office of most business consultants, you will find it in their libraries. It’s been out since the 1980s and has paralleled the Lean Manufacturing methods that have migrated out of Toyota Management Processes and TQCs and all kinds of Eastern business philosophy acronyms.  Through a combination of The Goal, and books like The Machine that Changed the World, which evolved out of Deming consulting in Japan, Americans have been tricked into going against their nature of innovation and aggression as a capitalist enterprise.  Out of a United Nations desire for accepting global commerce, global supply chains, and global thinking, these methods have been introduced to American business for all kinds of strictly political reasons.  Because of that trend, I felt there needed to be an American answer.  I have been teaching the methods talked about in all these books for over three decades, and given where the world is today, its time to point out the flaws in the thinking and assert ourselves in western civilization toward the objectives of retaking the leadership role in the world, from an America First perspective.

I enjoy The Goal; it is an excellent thought experiment for managers looking to improve their processes.  It can work fine if the only other alternative is chaos.  From my perspective, and this has always been my opinion of the work, it was a soft sell of communism to the corporate world from the author selling capitalism but functioning as a Marx-driven radical.  So, it’s no surprise that executives who read the book and study it in detail think they are performing as profit-driven capitalists. They are drooling communists tricked into a global conspiracy based on their lack of knowledge of history and global intentions.  The Goal is all about solving plant-wide manufacturing problems, but in essence, it’s about Constraint Theory, knowing your constraints, and working within those limits toward ultimate efficiency.  I have a radically different view of Constraint Theory than most everyone else in the world, especially people who practice consulting primarily because they don’t understand the essence of what a “constraint” is or what the history of acquiring it was. 

In The Goal, we are told a story about a bunch of Boy Scouts hiking a 10-mile trail, and among them is an overweight kid struggling to keep up with the others by the name of Herbie.  The story’s theme is that all the other hikers need to realize that Herbie is their constraint and that they should have been measuring what they can do as a group based on what Herbie could do. Otherwise, they were supposed to bend their processes to the limits of their weakest link.  So it is said in business, figure out who your “Herbie” is, and you’ll understand your actual capacity.  Well, this has always bothered me.  My way of dealing with the “Herbies” of life is to tell him to lose weight or find someone faster and more robust than he is to do the job.  But you see, what is taught in corporate politics is that Herbie isn’t to be discriminated against.  There are all kinds of woke rules to protect people like Herbie from being pushed out of their comfort zone.  Labor unions particularly seek out to employ people like Herbie, natural constraints that slow down a process.  Never is the emphasis on speeding something up.  So, by default, when corporate leaders read books like The Goal and The Machine that Changed the World, they believe that they are in the business of managing their constraints in diminishing increments.  Not to seek to improve those constraints.  But to live with them.

In a roundabout way, the government has brought communism into our corporate cultures in this way then used that compliance culture to attack our Constitutional parameters for which a society functions.  All “at will” employment thus falls under some form of communist control that we all accept in increments because most of us must work somewhere, and as we do, we lower our guard to these subtle attacks on our way of government on the front end.  Then in corporate culture, instead of hiring managers to improve the Herbies of the world, we hire managers and CEOs to mitigate against the compliance mandates that government imposes on us through excessive rules and regulations.  Now you can see why the Chamber of Commerce organizations across America were against any vaccine freedoms for individuals.  They wish to protect an organization’s ability to defend themselves from more government compliance by backdooring the American Constitution through a company’s HR department.  What makes my book different from all other books on this subject matter is that I specifically deal with these kinds of challenges because nobody I have read has ever gone to these levels of thinking on the issue.  It’s one thing to identify your constraints and, in using Lean Manufacturing, getting everyone in an organization to understand what reality is.  But in The Goal, determining reality is accepting that Herbie is an overweight kid who has a hard time walking 10 miles on a hike.  But my attitude is that Herbie needs to lose the weight to keep up with the other kids on that hike.  The faster kids who can walk the 10 miles should not be penalized.  That is why The Goal is communist propaganda, whether it was intended to be or not. 

Nobody, especially most Chambers of Commerce, wants to think of themselves as communists.  They think of communists as authoritarian overlords in a military uniform in some broke Central American countries or failed Russia.  But the way the work of Karl Marx drove communism survived into this new age remix was to appear as a capitalist boon but to use the mask of global trade and global partnerships to spread communism around the world, as they had always planned.  Just change the name of communism to capitalism and make it appear that the effort was to increase profits, not to hinder productivity by giving the means of production over to the government to control. You have your modern scam unfolded before you.  And I intend to show people how to get out of that mess.  It’s not easy to change the culture of something so embedded in our thoughts and actions.  But that’s what The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business does.  The Herbie story is just the tip of the iceberg.   It goes much deeper than what we’ve talked about here.  But it’s a start.

Rich Hoffman

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China Limits Kids to 3 Hours of Video Game Play Per Week: A preview of what they want to do with everything

China’s Controls are just the Start

The deeper we get into the idiocy of the Biden presidency, we find that we’re not just talking about simple disagreements on philosophy and social endurance, but in subversion by a smiling enemy that intends to kill us completely and rob the wealth of our country under the weight of our own assumed guilt.  We should have never let China have the leverage they have over us today, to have the power they presume to use in destroying us from the inside out by turning many of our people against the ideas of America to blow on the fires to make it happen.  They say they want peace, and we are to assume that all the United Nations relationships established after the two World Wars were meant to entangle us all diplomatically.  But all it entailed was to tie up America with red tape while the jealous world of yesteryear and the communists of China could attack us without defense, which is what they have been doing.  Now we are so entangled with each other that it’s nearly impossible to have an outright war.  So that has left us with a worse Cold War mentality where deception and chaos have replaced the cold shoulders.  Now, we see a different strategy, and you can see it not by what China says but by what they do. 

You might have heard that China has cut down their under 18 kids to only 3 hours of video games per week, 1 hour on Friday, 1 hour on Saturday, and 1 hour on Sunday.  If they are good boys and girls, kids might play video games on national holidays, for a little bit.  Instead of playing video games, the kids are supposed to train their minds to be soldiers of the state and educate themselves for sacrifice to China and live and die for the party in power.  And that party wants to rule the world.  They have their fingers all over the Biden administration and several American politicians that have paved the way for the kind of censorship that China is used to, which Google helped them build.  Suppose they don’t like what you do in the world. In that case, they will turn you off from social interaction because the tech companies doing China’s bidding have steered our society to a completely online society.  By doing this, they control what you do and when you do it.  This is how they plan to keep kids from playing video games by monitoring their time spent on the games, and when they hit that hour, they can switch the kids off. 

We’ve seen it in the United States, especially with Twitter and Facebook.  That infrastructure is already in place, and they would like to push Americans into the same kind of centrally managed society.  How about that, kids? Do you still want to be communists, like your government school teachers have taught you?  Forget about playing Call of Duty for 20 straight hours on a Thursday night.  How about all the video game companies who have sold America out with wokeness to tap into the 1.4 billion people who reside in China.  And the movie companies like Disney have thrown out Uncle Walt’s values which built the company to give up on the American Dream and steer everything to that new Chinese demographic.  Of course, the Chinese told you, dumbasses, that they’d be fair and would work with you.  They wanted to lure your big dollars and company values to their trap.  The NBA has already fallen into it.  So has Nike.  Many have; most big companies have been headed there for years.  I warned everyone decades ago.  But nobody listened, and now you see the cost.  And you can see to what level of social control they intend for us all.  Covid was meant to train us for this new communist thought, just as they are doing with the video game industry.  3 hours per week. 

One of my daughters used to be a Gamestop manager, and we had long discussions about this trend a decade ago to move toward complete online gaming.  My wife and I had the same discussions when she wanted to take my years of National Geographic books and magazines and get rid of them going to online versions instead.  I reminded her and everyone else along the way what I said then that games, entertainment, and hard copies of books would always be valuable.  When you read a book or watch a DVD movie, or listen to a CD copy of music, you are detached from the controls of a centralized authority.  They can’t see what you are reading or for how long.  They don’t count your keyboard punches to feed an A.I. watching your every move and analyzing what you plan to do next.  You are private and disconnected from “them.” When video games moved from hard copies and complete online support, they lost control of their content.  Now governments could intrude.  They have let us play and get used to this new way of doing things.  But now, they think they can get away with making their power move, which they are currently doing in China.  It’s not the people of China who are the suckers; it’s the tech people who played nice, adopted the wokeness in exchange for market share, then had the rug pulled out from under them with the simple wiping of a hand giving a dictate from the communist party. 

There is a catch to all the digital streaming services, to the Apple music hosting that has gotten rid of all hard copies of music you might own.  Now you must rent your music from them for a monthly fee.  And if you are a bad little boy or girl, they could cut your account off in a second, and you won’t have any iTunes in your car to listen to.  The kind of world that American Democrats want is what they have in China, where they decide what you do when you do it and for how long.  And if they don’t like you, if you are part of an opposition party, they can cut you off of everything because they have managed to put everything online where a centralized government can regulate it.  My wife and I had that same recurring conversation just the other day at Costco, where I was buying up a bunch of new books that they had just brought out.  I told her that books would always have value.  I can read those books I was buying anywhere in the world.  I didn’t need electricity to use them, and they weren’t connected to any government for control.  And I see that as ultimate freedom.

The way to beat these oppressive governments in China and those licking their heels like the Democrats are in America is to get off their grid.  Get out of their schools.  Get away from their entertainment.  Get away from their medical industry, for which Covid has given everyone all the proof they need.  Disconnect from their control and make them blind. Don’t allow them to turn you off playing a video game after 1 hour of play, or what day of the week you play it.  Turn away from their controls and get back to the basics for which they have no control.  And then, and only then, can you have any hope of truly being free. 

Rich Hoffman

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They Banned Me on LinkedIn: Another case of a private tech company doing government work as an arm of censorship

LinkedIn Banned Me over Election Fraud Discussion

I’ve never been a fan of social media.  Sure, to promote the blog and some of my work to people interested in it, I have used Twitter in the past and YouTube. I’ve never done Facebook. I’ve always viewed it as garbage for a lot of reasons.  When everyone in the world was using it, and I wasn’t, people thought it was odd.  But as is usually the case with most things, I turned out to be correct.  Facebook is a creepy attachment of the government, which took over a private company to do its public bidding.  Eventually, the courts will work it out, but I’m not giving away free stuff to the government through Facebook data collection until then.  But I have a book out and on my professional profile on LinkedIn, which I’ve had forever since it started as a site; I was banned because I accepted election fraud on my feed as I was talking about my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  They saw my responses and found them detrimental to good conversation, and they banned me, which pissed me off.  The thought of some weak-kneed progressive pieces of crap having some influence over my life was more than enough to set me on fire, which I’m sure they’d enjoy knowing.  But that’s what I get for participating in their stupid free social media platform.  It’s their playground, and we all chose to play in it on their terms.  Yet, I won’t be going back to LinkedIn.  They are no different from Facebook or Twitter, and all the rest of those government traps put on the internet freeway to manage society from a new kind of compliance standpoint.  Accept that 2+2 is 10, or you will be banned from the platform and not allowed to play in any reindeer games.  They can pound sand.

Oh, of course, they try to kill you with niceness.  LinkedIn keeps sending me emails telling me how many hits my site is getting, trying to contact them to turn the site back on.  They want me to produce a government I.D. of some kind, either a driver’s license or a passport with a photo of the front and back, and send it to LinkedIn to review whether or not my site has been banned by accident.  What bothers me is that they should know my personal information.  By forcing the government I.D., it has a creepy orthodoxy that is all too related to what’s going on with the attempted vaccine mandates.  My message to all those skinny jeans losers running LinkedIn who are dumb as a rock; it’s a free site.  It can come and go, and I could care less.  They were better off with me being a content provider. They’ll miss me more than I’ll miss them.  I am not accepting a partnership between a professional social networking tool and government intrusion.   They are acting as agents of the government, and that’s where I draw the line. I’d rather spend my social media time on platforms like Gettr, Gab, and Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech. 

Yet think of the audacity of these social media platforms inspired by communist China.  They view themselves as members of the government, censoring the public.  For LinkedIn to become an arbitrator of truth over election fraud, for instance, is way over their mandate.  As a professional, if I want to talk about election fraud, it is part of the public debate.  It might harm me professionally, or it might help.  That is up to the marketplace to decide, and I, as an individual, determine how I want to play it.  But LinkedIn took it further; they were editing speech and claiming it’s for civility causes that they made up independently.  Essentially the goal of LinkedIn is to create and enforce wokeness in corporate culture, not just to connect people for job placement or professional engagement.  Their goal is to lure in professionals with the nectar of professional communication but to embed in them wokeness as established by the global rules of government into thinking what they tell you to, and keep an excellent lucrative job, for you to follow those rules without question.

I had put on my feed on LinkedIn a good video by Anna Perez from Real America’s Voice about Larry Elder and the election in California.  I commented that Democrats wouldn’t have a chance if they couldn’t cheat, and for that, LinkedIn freaked out, pulled down my page, and started the process I reported on the government I.D. issue. It’s the same argument about a private versus public company.  If LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter, or any of the rest of them want to be employees of the government, then they need to announce that.  It’s not their job to shape the argument of election fraud, which is a problem.  They don’t get to hide behind a private façade to avoid litigation for a government conspirator doing public work.  Yet that’s what they did; they participated in the election narrative by limiting one side from presenting the evidence to facilitate the false report that there wasn’t election fraud.  Well, professionally, if a company or CEO is trying to operate a business in California, isn’t it something they would be concerned about to know if Larry Elder was going to be the governor and Newsom was going to be recalled?  I would think so.  And if LinkedIn were concerned about the “business community,” they’d want to see such speech conducted for the betterment of society in general. 

However, like the rest of those older social media platforms, LinkedIn was created to do what they are attempting to do in 2020 and 2021, tell people what to think about things and be soft arms of government agency and compliance.  Ultimately, they are how wokeness has been spread into American culture, and we should be pretty angry about it.  I am more infuriated that I gave them a chance than anything.  It was disappointing to be so right about them; I was hoping for a bit that maybe they were different.  But no, they are just as bad as the rest of the communist scumbags.  And I am done with them forever.  Rather than send them my government I.D. so I can play in their sandbox, I would instead put 100 times more energy into seeing their demise.  Fighting for election integrity, change the governor of California and ultimately the tech companies that reside there, and putting Trump back into office to fix all these massive screw-ups that we have seen at a record pace since Biden was put into power.  All those woke companies who have been seeking to erode the American Constitution with social media bylaws created by tech geeks and their Starbuck’s-stained fingers have attempted a coup.  They deserve punishment, which will come their way very soon.  They never had a right to operate as government censors.  They can do what they want as a private company, but when they involve themselves in public work, well, that’s a different story.  And that day of reckoning will come quick.  For my part, I won’t miss them, and when the opportunity comes to sink them, I won’t hesitate.  They crossed the line, and there is a cost for that.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats Only Have Two Choices: The crush between a rock and a hard place

Democrats are Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I’ve spoken to many people over the last 48 hours who are genuinely terrified about the depth and evil of what they see in the opening days of the Biden administration.  Now we’ve talked about it a lot here at this site and the Rumble account that hosts the videos I put on here, and I have to say that I’m not surprised by any of it. We’ve always been at war.  It is sad that people are being killed, whether in Afghanistan or other ways politically driven.  But in many ways, we are better off knowing what’s going on and seeing the results rather than allowing them to loom concealed in the background of everything corrupting our very essence of American ideals and the spawns of capitalism which free the world from tyranny.  With all that said, I am not the nightly news, and this site does not thrive off the misery to keep people coming back.  Usually, when I write something, it isn’t to scare my readers and watchers but to give them hope and a solution to the problems.  So, within that scope, I see a great deal of good coming out of the present circumstances, so to relieve your minds, I’m happy to share. Knowing these things, it’s by no means an opportunity to sit back on your heels and let everyone else fight these battles.  But if we fight the battles that need to be fought, I can assure you that one of these two paths of resolution will mature into a solution for our country shortly. 

Many people don’t know that Marjorie Taylor Greene filed three articles of impeachment against Joe Biden.  One is over issues involving the CDC; one is over the national security crises at the southern border.  And the last is over the mishandling of Afghanistan.  Most of the media looked at the move by Greene as a publicity stunt; however, these articles of impeachment are much less of a stunt than the actual actions by a Nancy Pelosi Congress in attacking President Trump.  Nobody in the media or congress will take them seriously today, but tomorrow……well, let’s say there’s some meat there to consider.  I was at an event with my congressman, Warren Davidson, such a good guy, and he sees the situation just as clearly as Marjorie Taylor Greene.  He has a much cooler head for a reputation, which isn’t necessarily a fact, just a reputation. Something to consider.

Congress looks very poised to flip back to Republicans in 2022, so Democrats will lose their majority, and Republicans will then be able to consider these articles of impeachment at that time.  And the Senate is very much at play unlike the attempted Trump impeachments.  This time the Senate may have the votes, and even some Democrats may vote for impeachment.  Why?  Well, I’ll explain that in a moment.  Now, know that impeachment is very much on the table as we go from 2022 into 2023.  I know many will say we can’t wait that long.  The country will be destroyed by then. That may be true and is, I think, part of the progressive plan to destroy America before America can fight back.  But I think the resolution of the American people has surprised the progressive attackers, those billionaire class of people from Davos, the Chinese communists, the Agenda 21 types in the United Nations, the members of Socialist International who are now hiding their names under dozens and dozens of philanthropic non-profit foundations.  I don’t think they expected the MAGA movement to still be so strong well into 2021, and there is panic presently in their ranks.  America will still be America by the election of 2022. 

Then there is the other problem, Dr. Frank and Mike Lindell’s work on election fraud.  The incredible rise of new news networks such as Real America’s Voice, which hosts the Steve Bannon Warroom, and the Water Cooler has replaced what Fox News and the O’Reilly Factor gave to Republicans.  If corporate Wokeness so well described in Vivek Ramaswami’s new bestselling book Woke, Inc. thought it could control the flow of information through censorship with Twitter, Google, Disney, Linkedin, Facebook; they were sadly mistaken.  Replacements of information flow quickly rose such as Gab and Gettr and Newsmax, One America News, and other sources have grown as fast as the deceptions against us by those corporate hosts have done their malice.  The election fraud story is getting out from the 2020 election.  Most people believe there was a fraud, and the evidence is not contained within the corporate media structure, which is a real problem for Democrats.  Again, they planned to have all this trouble put to bed by the middle of 2021, and it’s only picking up steam; it’s not going away. 

The election fraud problem is a real challenge for Democrats because they can’t prove there wasn’t fraud, even though people believe there was. Now that Afghanistan is such a disaster for the Biden administration, many Democrats are already thinking of cleaning their name of him. Because they think he’s going down anyway. Kamala Harris is not ready to be a President.  So, the cracks are more than a problem in this dam of information. It’s all about to break for them, and they are looking for an excuse to free themselves.  That leaves them two ways to clear their name from the failed politics of this internationally driven Biden administration; they can throw Biden under the bus on the election fraud and begin to support these state audits.  That information would clear them from the continued support of the failed administration.  Or they could vote to impeach because they are outraged by what has been happening in Afghanistan, where incomprehensible neglect and stupidity led to many people being killed. America was shamed around the world with a military loss that will never be forgiven.  In that way, Democrats will have to pick their poison.  Their decision will be which one they could hope to survive from.

And ultimately, that is how you win this game.  We don’t need to storm the capital with guns or fight this corrupt government in the streets.  We already have a checkmate on this chessboard.  They hope that you’ll go to the bathroom and take your eyes off the board so they can cheat their way out of it.  But I am saying that it’s too late.  They have already lost by one of these two paths.  The urgency of those paths will be because Democrats will have to distance themselves from Biden over Afghanistan.  People are still upset about the Democrat debacle over Benghazi.  But this Afghanistan situation is much worse, and it’s happening every day.  The Biden administration can’t survive this, but only through their international sponsorship, which is very happy that America looks like fools over the issue.  But for Democrats not getting money from international sources must go back to their districts and raise money. Nobody wants to give money to losers who caused the embarrassment of Afghanistan.  So, there you have it, that’s where we are all going, and it looks like tomorrow will be a better day because of it.  Still, we must do the leg work.  We can’t sit on our laurels.  We must fight.  Yet, we can at least see the objective and the result.  It’s within range for us to take our country back.  It’s certainly not hopeless.

Rich Hoffman

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Lakota Votes for Mask Mandates: The squeaky wheel gets the grease

The Lakota School Board trying to vote on Mask Mandates

As it is everywhere, the health directors, national and local, want their power back. Still, the governors in many states don’t want to return to the kind of authoritarian rule that gave health departments so much power during the first year of Covid.  In Butler County, Ohio, where I live, the health director and bureaucratic officials have been working wherever they can to intimidate businesses and government establishments into CDC compliance for the sheer desire of wanting to boss someone around.  So, of course, they are putting pressure on several local school boards in Butler County to implement mask mandates.  In the satire above, which isn’t far from the truth, the Lakota school board is trying to figure out how to deal with the health director ahead of the meeting on August 23rd, 2021.  The Lakota school system is being pressured by outrageous compliance to CDC guidelines or self-imposed mask mandates. It’s a rock and a hard place for Lakota. They either deal with the wrath of the Butler County Health officials, or they deal with the anger of the furious parents.  And for this school board, at Lakota, it is way beyond their ability to deal with leaving them to pander to the squeaky wheel.  So if you as a parent don’t want masks on your kids while in school, you better get to that meeting and be that squeaky wheel.  Otherwise, the underhanded tactics of the health department are going to play their games of tyranny to establish authoritarian rule. 

Of course, no matter what you think about Covid, there is zero to less proof that masks do anything but make the situation worse.  That stupidity is for adults to sort out, but children should never be victimized to wear masks based on such flimsy science.  If people want to wear them, have at it.  Just as a casual observation, I’ve seen cultures wearing masks in Asian countries for years, and it’s always more about compliance than health.  This attempt to mask the American population is just more of that imposition of eastern cultures on western cultures, just as the Beatles have been trying to do for years and many thousands of other sources attempting to tell us in the west that yielding to authority is the way to solve problems.  No, it’s not.  I had my family at the zoo recently, and they were trying to push the latest from the CDC, encouraging people to wear masks.  Only a few dumb fools were doing so.  My wife and I went to Costco to get a hot dog and a drink for our date night, and they were encouraging people to wear masks, forcing their employees to do so to put that peer pressure on people.  But guess what, most people were not wearing the stupid masks, and I felt sorry for the dumb fools who fell for it.  Yet all the trouble starts with these crazy lunatics in the local health departments who are hungry for their mall cop powers to be restored to them by governors who have lost their ability.

Andy Beshear, the governor of Kentucky, has been a disaster.  He wants to force children to wear masks in school, but the supreme court now challenges him after William Bertelsman granted a restraining order on Beshear.  These kinds of fights are happening all over the country, especially in Florida.  The trend is against the tyrants, the health officials.  Now that people have seen the game, there is no public appetite for the mask mandates.  The federal government has not made its case for why masks should be used.  They are hot, they smell bad and are gross, and they display a kind of anti-science that some backwater countries would implement as a means to solving problems.  And people are sick of them.  Even people who might be liberal are not wearing the masks if they can get away with it.  But all those places mentioned, Costco, the zoo, amusement parks, and the like, are feeling pressure from the compliance cultures to implement that stupidity, which is how the schools feel pressure to comply.  But the attack against our children is reprehensible, and it deserves to be fought with everything we have to fight with.  These school boards will cave if the parents don’t get involved.  Edgewood schools in Butler County have struggled with this issue for weeks, and the parents have spoken up.  Monroe is also going through tribulations.  If Lakota falls, the rest of them will follow.  And that’s the game the health directors want.  They want to rule in silence, from their offices using a phantom menace to scare everyone into some ridiculous authority rule.  So the voices have to be heard at the school board meetings. Otherwise, the school boards will yield to the pressure. 

Watching people wear these masks the second time around, who are in the extreme minority in public, you can almost see the deadness in their eyes.  That desire to comply with authority because they are too lazy to think is a public health crisis.  They are more dangerous to society than any virus because their willingness to comply encourages these bureaucratic tyrants to grab power as they are now.  Covid did not come out and kill everyone like it was told to us.  There are some heartbreaking stories here and there, but fewer people are dying of Covid than are getting killed in car accidents, and people don’t stop driving cars over every crash.  For most Americans, Covid is an acceptable risk.  They might stay home from work for a few days and get over it if they get it.  They want alternatives like a Regeneron Covid Cocktail or a dose of Hydroxychloroquine.  They may use ultraviolet light to kill the virus, a legitimate method of managing viruses, especially UVC light.  Science is great, and there are methods we all know about now.  But this dumb method of wearing a mask is as unscientific and barbaric as anything government sciences have ever come up with.  If public schools are ineffective, why would anybody expect Dr. Fauci and government science to get it right with Covid?  They are either treacherous lunatic terrorists for a new global order, or they are dumb as hell.  Or perhaps, a mixture of both.  But putting masks on kids and ruining their lives with the bad decisions of power-hungry health officials would make bad parents out of all of us.  Kids don’t deserve this stupidity.  It’s up to all of us as adults to at least protect kids from government absurdity, starting in our schools.  And for Lakota, while you still can, you better let the school board know how you feel.  Because if left to their own devices, they will yield to the Butler County health officials and their power grabs from the CDC to put the government in charge of our health, which they have proven entirely incompetent to handle.  They weren’t effective the first time around, and now that we’ve had time to reflect on the mistakes of 2020, why would anybody fall for it a second time?  What we are up against is sheer stupidity and nothing less.

Rich Hoffman

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There is Nothing Worse than Saying Something Cannot be Done: Managing unknowns for victory

Sometimes the Answers are Where Nobody Looks

For perspective, I feel like I say it 1000 times in a week; limits are meant to be overcome, not yielded to.  When I hear someone say, I can’t do this because of this, or I can’t do that, I immediately hear laziness in the terminology. It’s a lazy approach to life because skills are often needed to be developed to achieve a task.  And when people tell you that something can’t be done, it’s because they are too lazy to do it, plain and simple.  I understand limits, but as I talk about constantly in my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, perceptions of what is achievable today will be shattered tomorrow with lots of practice.  That is certainly the case with various fast draw competitions that go on all over the country that are less known to most of the world because they exist in pockets of Americana.  We seem to understand these kinds of things in sports, where rookies improve with experience, and that few people expect a newly drafted football player to go straight to the NFL and be a superstar.   It takes time and development to become great.  And that is true too in how we make all our livings.  When I hear someone tell me that it takes this much time to do this kind of thing, that is never a fixed value.  But is only a point of reference that should always be pushed for and achieved.  That is why I suggest that all business people stop thinking in controlled statistical ways and always look for innovation opportunities to explore what can be done, not what lazy people tell you can be.

Bullwhip Speed and Accuracy

Every year that I do the Annie Oakley Wild West Show in Darke County during the last weekend of July each year, I go through this process.  It’s always one of the fun weekends that I give myself to keep the world in focus.  I love Darke County, Ohio.  It reminds me of many towns out west and brings the heart of America close, so it’s easy to see.  And this year was no different.  We have the bullwhip competitions that I always participate in, where many of these ideas about business have matured over the years and eventually evolved into the themes of this book.  Now that I am one of the elderly participants, the competitions have become a period of self-reflection for me rather than a nervous do-or-die thing with legacy performers from years past.  As I also talk about in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, young people need more than anything a reputation to launch them into life.  Well, I have my reputation well intact, and nobody can ever take that from me, even if the thing we are doing is relatively tiny in the scheme of things.  The bullwhip competitions of Annie Oakley for me were always a big deal because the people who do them are unique.  The activity is out of the box, and you develop a genuine respect for the people who share that space with you.  And the competition pushes you always to get better.  And once you push yourself to get better and have success, you realize that the same holds with just about everything in life, including decisions that cost millions of dollars either way if success or failure is utilized.  That may be the life I’m in now, but over the years, my grounding in these cowboy arts always kept things authentic to me and gave me perspectives that nobody else was considering, even though they probably should have. 

The two videos I’ve included in this article are from two bullwhip competitions from this latest 2021 Annie Oakley show.  I always do pretty well in those, but the value in winning has diminished a lot over time.  What matters most to me, what has become an obsession of sorts, is managing all the competition variables in these kinds of things.   In both competitions, the goal is to cut as many cups off the target stands at the fastest rate that you can.  One competition, the Speed Switch, requires you to do so with both hands.  The other, Speed and Accuracy, is all one hand and in sequence.  If you miss a cup, it’s a 5-second penalty.  You get two attempts at each cup.  You have to stand six feet from the target and not cross the line with your feet.  The time starts on your first crack.  Those are the rules.  That is the way participants interact with the competition.  Like in all things in life, that is how we plan to achieve success, cutting as many targets as possible in the fastest time you can.  What fascinates me is all the variables that come up in pressured events that can wreck those plans.  The people who usually win at these things, whether they are in bullwhip competitions or big business deals, can manage those variables. 

Bullwhip Speed Switch

Many talented people are good at the exhibitions in the bullwhip world, but not so good at the competitions.  Without the pressure of time, where they can show off the skills that they’ve practiced for hundreds of hours, they are magnificent world record holders, and it looks great for an audience.  But when they apply the same methods to a timed competition, things go bad and don’t look so good.  It has always fascinated me how the difference between the two is so applicable to life in general.  People who study and practice a lot in life can put on a great show.  But when the pressure is on, they usually choke.  That choke is what people tell me thousands of times a week and expect me to accept because that has become fashionable in the world, to accept failure. Instead, my thing is to get comfortable with pressure and danger and learn to manage the variables.  Not to yield to them.

I have done those contests for many decades now every year at the Annie Oakley event, and not a single one has ever been the same.  Sometimes the popper blasts off the end of my whip.  Sometimes the whip gets caught on the target stand, as happened this year.  Sometimes we perform on grass, sometimes on smoothed concrete where the whip slowly slides all over the place. Sometimes the wind kicks up and throws off your aim.  Sometimes, a speedy guy will have luck catching most of the targets on their first run, forcing you to go faster than you are comfortable with.  All those variables are what make the good from the bad.  It’s not the skill; everyone who competes has talent.  But it’s in how you manage the variables that matter most.  

Its all in fun, but is it……………………..?

Ultimately, that is one of the big takeaways from The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. I’ve been a professional in the industry for more than three decades, and I work with people who also have a lot of experience.  Everyone has lots of experience; they go to college, get trained and try to do the best they can.  My point is that little things like these extra little competitions I do, such as bullwhip competitions force you to adapt to all the things they don’t teach you in an orthodox society.  How can you use your skills to accommodate all the things that happen that you don’t control?  Can you still win then?  Well, of course, you can.  But what makes me madder than a hornet that some kid has stuck a stick into its nest is when someone tells me something can’t be done because they have not learned themselves how to manage variables in their life.  That they accept that anything outside of their skill level is a mystery that they automatically yield to.  To me, that is just the kind of thing they should all be training for, in having the skill to do the job, but in honing those skills so that they can adapt to the variables that come up along the way.  That they can successfully manage the situation when it’s never optimal and still succeed. 

Rich Hoffman

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