A Trip to the Zoo: The crimes the Fed committed with BlackRock

I have nothing against Larry Fink. I also don’t have anything against snakes, wolves, and other predatory creatures. And it was at a recent trip to the zoo with my wife, two daughters and all my grandchildren on an unusually pleasant day in the winter of 2022 where I was thinking about these things, and specifically Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock. I was thinking about the progressive attack by them and their ESG scores which is undermining the entire political system of America. Some of the exhibits at the zoo were in low light for the benefit of the animals, and some of the best-camouflaged ones were hard to see. For instance, some of the snakes were right in front of our faces but blended into their environment so well they were hard to see even just a few feet away. I had a nice time seeing some of the dangerous animals with the kids and who could be the first to spot them. We had a nice day at the zoo. Still, it was more than beneficial for me to understand a great menace to American culture and understand the author of much of the desecration that has been happening to us through woke culture. And ultimately, what food fed those beasts. When people ask where the problems of our world start, it’s hard for them to see, but what I’m going to report here is something that should make it easier to understand. 

Larry Fink is not my kind of guy; he voted for Hillary Clinton. He’s a Democrat. He’s an old flower child from southern California and a political science major in college. He always wanted a career in politics, even as a young man. He ended up working on Wall Street, and he had some big hits on the upstream. It took several years, but eventually, he founded BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, and has amassed a tremendous amount of power because of it. Larry and I are political opposites. While he votes for Democrats, I vote for conservative Republicans. I have no reason to be angry at Larry for those things. But I do knowing what I do about his relationship with the Federal Reserve and what he has done with the money. Of course, other money management firms have also benefited from this relationship with the Fed. But Larry is undoubtedly the cutting edge. When the housing collapse occurred in 2008 after Larry had just recently lost $100 million for investors, the Fed, led at the time by Ben Bernanke, called him up to clean things up, which BlackRock did. It bought up all the bad debt and turned it into assets that saved much of the industry, and Larry was becoming known as the man with the Midas touch. That federal relationship would then continue for the next decade, making BlackRock climb in power and wealth to now over 10 trillion dollars in managed assets. 

It’s not hard to figure out what happened. After the 2008 financial meltdown, the Fed had a balance sheet of $900 billion. During ZIRP (zero interest rate policy), that number went to 4.5 trillion through quantitative easing, which took place from 2010 to around 2019. Then, after Covid in 2020, the balance sheet went up to 8 trillion, creating a massive asset bubble, which directly built up BlackRock’s wealth. You can almost chart the growth rate of BlackRock directly to the quantitative easing that the Fed was pumping into the economy over that period. BlackRock had direct government contracts attached to the Fed, which has now given them that direct wealth Larry Fink uses to impose woke policies on American CEOs through ESG scores as he was put on the Board of Trustees at the World Economic Forum, the Party of Davos in 2019. The problem with all this is that Larry Fink is not some genius who could make money happen out of thin air. BlackRock was built with a public/private partnership with the Federal Reserve through experimental financing, and that inflated asset bubble wealth that Larry Fink has used to lure in many stock buys of major American corporations, and to manage many private 401K accounts tying most of us in some indirect way to a massive evil that leads straight to the doorstep of the Party of Davos, is being used to bypass our political system altogether to impose on America climate change and other progressive platform positions that are totally unacceptable.

Like the snakes at the zoo, it was hard to see what Larry Fink was up to. But like some unsuspecting varment, many have been eaten by the snakes of Davos, for which Larry Fink is just one. This isn’t a conspiracy theory of the mysterious Illuminati or some other cabal of secret societies. No, this is just out in the open, hidden in plain sight. Many people don’t like to think about finances or politics, so understanding this incestuous relationship that the Fed has with Wall Street and progressive politics has been just another way to camouflage the snakes right in front of our faces, and they think they are so well hidden that we won’t ever see them. But we do see them; some of us do. And now that we know the game they are playing, we have a lot of reasons not to like Larry Fink. If it’s my vote against his, we could consider fair elections in a healthy republic. But when Larry uses the government to get artificial power and then uses that power to bypass our election system, to impose on society woke politics and climate change which we may or may not agree with, a line of disaster and much anger has been crossed. This is corruption that is beyond reasonable. And our own government has helped camouflage this behavior using our money and value to do it. Only to have that money and value used against us as a weapon. And that’s not OK. That goes quite a bit beyond reasonable political theater, but to a hydra of corruption, that is everything that President Jackson initially warned America about during his administration. 

I was thinking about all this that day and many other days since the start of 2010. I have read more than 30 books about these issues, some from the good guys, some from the bad guys, since November of 2021. After watching all the Davos coverage from 2022 in late January, it all came together for me. A few weeks later, I found myself at the zoo with my family thinking about snakes and other predatory animals and the Party of Davos. Snakes just the same, only with different kinds of skin and manner. But they all feed off the overly trusting and unsuspecting, using their camouflage to strike. The real crime here isn’t so much in Larry Fink. He’s just a snake doing what snakes do; they eat and feed off the lives of others. No, the real crime here is the Federal Reserve itself. If good people were in charge of the Fed, much of this massive corruption could have been managed. But, the truth is, we can’t always know that the 12 members of the Fed have their minds about them in the right way. Suppose they get into trouble covering for socialist presidents like Barack Obama, who regulate too much. Why wouldn’t they reach out to Larry Fink, who has other political plans that are very progressive? The answer is that they do and will every time they are given an opportunity. And now we have foreign influence from well beyond the shores of America running our money and our government. Not through the political process, but through money management, through firms like BlackRock, Blackstone, Vanguard, and State Street—companies we all deal with. Now they are imposing on us progressive politics and using our money as a weapon, so who should we be angry with, the snake that just wants to eat, or our inability to see it, before it is too late?

Rich Hoffman

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