The Lawsuit Game in Public Schools: Don’t feed the dogs at the table, send them outside and chain them on a short leash

The word on the street is that Lakota is a soft target for lawsuits because they are all too happy to settle, so they do not reveal how little responsibility they take for anything on the school board. And that is clearly a strategy Matt Miller, the superintendent who just resigned, planned to utilize as he called the school board itself a hostile work environment attempting through the media to set up his case through his lawyer, Elizabeth Tuck. I know a bit about Elizabeth because she ostentatiously threatened to sue me. But more than that, as a small army of ground soldiers have reminded me over the last several weeks, it looks like Elizabeth Tuck is the same person who represented another big settlement case at Lakota schools for Laura Kursman, the former public relations handler. Back in those days, she went by the name of Lisa Loring. So the plot thickens considerably when the dogs start getting around the dinner table looking for some table scraps to be thrown their way by a school board without much legal experience under pressure and are prone to throw the dogs some treats just to keep them happy. And there are plenty of lawyers around the dinner table because they know this school board throws meat to the dogs to avoid the public embarrassment of actual courtroom revelations. It gets rough when people you’ve known well get up on a stand in cross-examination and start telling the public things they thought would never be heard in the light of day. Lawyers know that people would like to avoid those circumstances, so most of the time, especially when it comes to public schools, it is smarter just to settle, throw some bones to the dogs, and get on with life. When there is a lot of money involved, which is always the case with big taxpayer-funded schools with lots of liberals running them, lawyers are looking to continue the story of Matt Miller with methods that have worked in the past. There are a lot of lawyers involved in the background, and they see dollar signs because of the school board’s history of desiring to settle everything before it gets to court. But in this particular Matt Miller case, the school board should not settle because there is a lot that the public would benefit from during an actual court testimony involving the superintendent and all the reasons the public had a problem with him.

There was an interesting media report from Channel 12 about the search for a new superintendent that shows how stories are shaped in the background, which I’ll cover at a later date because of the audacity of it. There is also a story about Darbi Boddy again from the Monday, February 6th meeting too, which is for another day. But it was specific in discussing a replacement for Matt Miller and the kind of environment that the Lakota school board is for potential employment. Clearly, the minds of the board and the body of administrators at Lakota who are thinking seriously about moving away and quitting the Lakota experience want another very progressive, mask-wearing, Matt Miller type to protect everything they think public schools are, which are radical political activists for Democrat causes. But no person in their right mind who thinks like that wants to be the next Matt Miller. Suppose the school board hires another progressive-minded activist who brings with them support for LGBT sexual lifestyles, as the Channel 12 report tried to make it sound like Miller was a champion for, or in teaching kids CRT, which was another hot-button issue that actually started all the controversy to begin with. In that case, there will be continued debate from the community toward those Lakota employees. We are in a very different place here, something that hasn’t happened in the history of public education, something I have been watching develop for more than four decades of direct experience. So the tricks of the past aren’t going to work. Lawyers, public relations people, and a compliant school board aren’t going to be able to sweep this one under the rug. 

The real answer to all this is to hire better people. Recruit the next superintendent who reflects the community values and sets a high bar that shows similar scrutiny on all employees hired at Lakota. Sure, there will be some who are not willing to live up to that high bar, and they can leave. But if the school board sets a high bar, everyone will find that better applicants will want to work at the school, and in that way, the institution’s quality will improve dramatically. That’s why Lakota should not settle any future lawsuits, especially regarding Matt Miller and his attorney Elizabeth Tuck. Even though some of the court proceedings would be embarrassing for many involved, with a defeat in the courtroom, it would go a long way to stopping the kind of recklessness that is such an incursion on the public budget that taxpayers would appreciate knowing. There are good and bad lawsuits, but all of them reflect the liability of having a large school with many employees with performance problems. The way to avoid lawsuits is to hire better people who work at a much higher level of competency. 

There are several people I know who are out there who have justifiable problems with the Lakota school board procedurally over First Amendment issues, and sunshine laws, public disclosure, and all kinds of things that school boards need to be good at. The solution to holding back a mob of lawsuit-happy dogs isn’t just giving them more meat from the table. That only makes them hungrier. They need to be put outside and chained with a short leash so they don’t bite the innocent children who might happen to walk by. Meanwhile, Darbi Boddy is exposing some of the chaotic elements that cause all these problems to begin with. It might sound a bit odd without context, but Darbi’s mission is all about restoring the parental role with their children in the school to a healthy relationship where the public school forces over the years have been to separate them by default. And when things get a little wild, some lawsuits cost a lot of money that settle the matter and cause school boards to always walk on eggshells of bad legal advice that only feeds the dogs at the table and makes them hungrier. But to restore a positive relationship with the public or gain it for the first time, it is probably more appropriate to say that Lakota needs not to settle these lawsuits involving outgoing employees. Take them to court and fight it; the taxpayers will remember and appreciate it. The disclosure learned in the reports from those court trials will be extremely valuable. Throwing money at the dogs won’t make the actual problem go away. It just protects the embarrassments that were made in the process. And that is a significant number that has to be figured into the general waste in public schools. The employees already cost too much money, especially when you look back at the Laura Kursman case, which I covered extensively, with much more detail than the local media, such as Channel 12 does, or 5, 9, or 19. The real story that often never gets told needs to be said, and better employees need to be hired to avoid those contentious escapades in courtrooms. But to solve the problem, just throwing table scraps to the dogs won’t help, which is clearly the goal of the Matt Miller resignation.

Rich Hoffman

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MAGA is a Big Tent Party: Understanding Republican Party Politics in Butler County, Ohio

There seems to be a lot of confusion from liberals who thought they understood the political landscape and who have learned recently they didn’t understand anything about it, especially regarding the Republican Party of Butler County, Ohio, where the Lakota drama unfolded during the presidency of Joe Biden. After all, they see pictures of politicians they know, watch their behavior, and think they understand politics. But their assessments have been all wrong. For instance, they think Darbi Boddy, the first-year school board member at Lakota schools, represents the fringe extreme right-wing politics that is so scary to the purple-haired people eaters of the communist LEA labor union. When, in fact, all those sympathetic to the labor movement from the police unions, the teacher unions, the electrical union down the road, all the moderates, the RINOs, and the many, many Democrats who run for office in our very conservative county who put an R next to their name because a D would get them thrown out of their local Target while buying socks if people knew. The political landscape can be pretty confusing to the latte-sipping prostitutes I’m always talking about who are out there trying to save one child at a time with screams for more safety, vaccination status, and bicycle helmets worn to get the mail out of the mailbox. The confusion comes from the scope of the political movement, not its limits, and that is where all the mistakes are made, which for Democrats is catastrophic.

When we were vetting candidates for the Lakota school board, I knew that Isaac Adi had some liberal sentiments. We had a campaign event at Jags Steakhouse, where it came out several times while he sat beside me. But I thought Isaac would be great on the Lakota school board anyway. He was softer-shelled than I am, but I thought it would be much better than the liberals we had been dealing with at that point. So I put my differences aside and got behind him anyway. For me, it was about presidential politics instead of the local disputes that I was after. MAGA is a big tent party, much bigger than traditional Republicans, who were thought of as rich white guys represented in the past. MAGA is all about women, diversity, immigration, and people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. At that time, Isaac would say to me that he was “MAGA,” and I was okay with that. I still am, even though the confusion is apparent, such as at the Republican Christmas Party, where Isaac took a picture with the black-hatted villain himself, Sheriff Jones, who was at the center of the Matt Miller controversy. Jones who has been a big supporter of President Trump especially over immigration issues played his part in assisting bad behavior at Lakota schools while trying to destroy members of the Republican Party for personal reasons.  We call people like Sheriff Jones people playing Battleship with political rivals rather than chess, and it sends the wrong message to actual political enemies, that is very confusing for them.  Those labor union brothers stick together, even when they do the wrong things. But Isaac is honest and believes what people say to him because he isn’t a person to mislead himself. I look at the picture of those two guys and see voters and supporters for President Trump. But I also see a Democrat and a person thinking about being a Republican. They are about as conservative as Joe Manchin from West Virginia. Relative to the rest of the Democrat Party, they look conservative. But compared to the Tea Party types who are really behind Republican Party politics at the grassroots level, the politics aren’t even close to being consensual.    Now liberals trying to figure out who are Republicans and Democrats in the county would look at that picture and think they have the Republican Party all figured out, and those two are what they are dealing with. So, of course, their lives will be shattered when they find out that just referencing them as MAGA Republicans isn’t the same as legislating as a conservative.

Another good example was a recent photo of West Chester Township Trustee Lee Wong at a Chinese New Year type of event getting a selfie of himself with Joe Biden, giddy as a schoolgirl. Lately, because the political sentiment has demanded it, Lee has voted more conservatively, more along the lines of my friend Mark Welch than toward the liberal leanings of the past. I would not call Lee a Republican, ever. But he has voted more conservatively than another friend of mine who is another fellow trustee, Ann Becker. I’ve known Ann for a long time as she was president of the Cincinnati Tea Party and openly campaigned against John Boehner for being too much of a RINO while he was the third most powerful person in the country as Speaker of the House. These days, however, next to Lee Wong, Ann looks like the liberal. So that gives a little perspective to how things can change over time as the political tides roll in and out. But then you learn what a person is really about when they get a chance to meet President Biden. I wouldn’t be caught under any circumstances shaking his hand under any condition. Biden represents the worst in politics. But you can see from the picture that Lee was enchanted to have a picture with Biden, which says everything about his political motivations. 

People only casually concerned with politics to preserve their wild sex lives and extracurricular social nonsense wanted to think that Lee Wong, Isaac Adi, Sheriff Jones, and others represented the Republican Party because they see them at the same kind of events, so they misplaced their strategies. Many real conservatives in Butler County never go to social events because the people are too liberal for them. If they get a candidate to vote for like Darbi Boddy, they will show up on election day, the same as they will for Trump. But if they get just another RINO, they will probably not vote. And when it came time for the rubber to hit the road with the Matt Miller drama at Lakota, there was a surprising level of support for Darbi, who is considered a radical right-winged Republican as opposed to the much more moderate Isaac Adi. Liberals looked at the situation and thought they could work with Isaac. But not Darbi, so they endeavored to get rid of her and made quite a show of it. But they didn’t understand that much of what they thought was the Republican Party was an illusion. They were looking at the big tent MAGA party with all kinds of people coming to it because MAGA means wins. Being associated with President Trump means winning in politics. Obviously, people thinking of running want to be associated with MAGA politics, despite what the liberal news media wants to believe. But when it comes down to personal beliefs, people are generally conservative; they lean much more toward Darbi Boddy than toward Isaac Adi. And Democrats, to them, is a very dirty word. So is working with them. While the moderates, the RINOs, and the communist union supporters all talk about working together, what the voting public wants is a fight. They want fighters who will sort out all the nonsense and represent them in government. Darbi Boddy certainly does that, and so does President Trump on a national level. But the mushy middle is what gives politics a bad name because politicians who claim to be more conservative than they really are just to get elected end up disappointing everyone. And in a world of lies and misleading action, those are unforgivable sentiments. It might win a vote under the big tent of MAGA. But it certainly doesn’t win the hearts of the public. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why Do So Many Public Employees Want to Have Sex With Children: Because we let them

To be entirely honest, I’m let down by just about everyone I know and have known. In regard to this whole Matt Miller situation at Lakota, I just toss it on the pile of all the disappointments I have seen come out of that government school over many years. And it really hasn’t mattered who ran the school board, the methods have always been the same, and that has been disappointing but predictable. Initially, before the police report revealed what Matt Miller thinks about sexual fantasies that should disqualify him from ever working with children, I have heard from so many vile and evil people wondering why I felt I had a right to pass judgment at all on the matter. Sadly, that is at the real heart of the problem. So many people are willing to put up with bad behavior out of their own personal wants and desires to live the blue pill life and pretend that nothing is going on. Going back to my relationship with Darryl Parks at Clear Channel radio, where we frequently did stories on bad conduct in public schools, there wasn’t anything that surprised me about this latest escapade at Lakota because I have been covering detrimental activity in public schools for several decades. But when Clear Channel moved on from Darryl Parks and was one of the first to move to a more ESG-friendly environment of corporatism, all the Tea Party types, like Doc Thomson, who was fired while on his honeymoon in Egypt, the writing was on the wall. It’s not that evil was in charge, but the good people who had the fortitude to expose it was the enemy, which is still the case. And that type of evil feels empowered to lash out at anybody who judges them, and the roots run deep into every community in ways that would make even the greatest optimist eternally sad.

The question everyone should be asking is why so many public employees have an obsession with underage sex. We’ve talked about a few high-profile cases, such as Matt Miller at Lakota, according to the talked about police report. But recently, a person I have known well, John Gray, the school board president from Goshen, was found guilty of trying to give a naked backrub to an 11-year-old girl. I’ve always thought of him as a good Christian community leader, but citizen journalism caught him two hours away in Indiana trying to buy some candy to give the girl before meeting her for a category of sexual encounter. The story had a few days of sensational media coverage; then, it was gone like a thief in the night. John Gray quietly disappeared into the background, Goshen moved on from him, and the school board business public relations resumed without anybody wanting to get very deep into the matter. These names mentioned are or were considered big community names with a lot to lose if they got caught doing mischief. They were people of comfortable incomes, everything going well for them in life, at least from outward appearances. So why risk anything for underage sex or sex of any kind? What would be the point? Well, those government education environments were founded on the premise of evil in the first place. And as a result, the products they produce are employees who abuse their authority routinely and find easy victims among the innocent children who attend. And there are just too many acts of evil to ignore, and to call it less would be dishonest.

There has been a lot of talk about Venessa Wells in all this Matt Miller conversation, as if she did something wrong. Lynda O’Conner, the school board president, doesn’t like her, which I never understood. Well, actually, Venessa brought a lawsuit against Lakota for a procedural violation, and since Lynda was part of the school board that had the violation, it certainly poured cold water into their relationship. I didn’t think it was a big deal, as Lynda didn’t really play a role in the cause of the legal action. But she thought otherwise for reasons that seemed too committed to the Lakota school board mess we were trying to fix. Venessa won the incident, and all those same characters have been involved in this Matt Miller case. But Venessa was just the vehicle for the information, and she passed it where it needed to go. Yet members of the community who want to think Matt Miller and Lakota schools have some deity presence were upset and rushed to judgment, quickly disparaging Venessa and anybody attached to her. But few understand that Venessa became politically active at Lakota not out of a desire to bring down the school or everyone in it but because her daughter was threatened by another student to be killed a few years ago. When Venessa reported the incident, the school board didn’t want to do anything about it because the kid who made the threat was the son of an ambassador, and nobody wanted to create an incident. Venessa felt disparaged and was inspired to run for school board, and along the way, she ran into all kinds of problems from the established order, which evolved into that lawsuit. Then eventually, the friends of Matt Miller’s ex-wife reached out to Venessa because they knew her as a person who wanted to run for the school board but also might be trusted due to her relationship with Darbi Boddy. And as a result, we have learned about just another public employee with a crazy sexual lifestyle that many people would be embarrassed by, leaving many people shaking their heads. 

I could tell so many stories like this over the many years, but another story sticks in my head from a teacher who clearly abused their power with a parent of a special needs child. I’m still friends with a lot of these people, and they assure me that I have free room and board if I ever want to visit in all 50 states, as most of them moved away from Lakota for one reason or another. This particular child was struggling; the teacher thought the mom was hot stuff. So, he manipulated things in a series of ways to start a sexual relationship with her, kind of a sex for good grades type of deal. The mom wanting to do anything to help her child, got pulled into it. She was happy to get some attention, as many people would be. So, one thing led to another, and soon they were at my home telling me their story of power, abuse, and cover-ups by the school board to protect the teacher, who was wildly out of control for his behavior. The first instinct of the board was to protect the teacher, shut up the mother and father, and the last consideration was undoubtedly the child. And once word gets out that the school board and the media culture will protect the bad behavior whatever it is, even in the sexual molestation of children, then all the public employees feel immune to any kind of social judgment. We then get a lot more of that bad behavior. It was citizen journalism that did the leg work. You didn’t see Channel 5 out in Indiana busting John Gray. You don’t see Jennifer Edwards from Fox 19 digging into the story of Matt Miller. But if it were a political rival to Sheriff Jones, she would have done a front-page story and had it all over social media. Rather than be surprised, at this point, I’m just numb to it. I had hoped to see better results, especially with a more conservative board. But essentially, the system itself produces many of these evils, and when confronted with the need to do right from wrong, they pick wrong all the time out of what they think is self-preservation for the institution. And it continues to be a sad story without a happy ending. Kids continue to suffer because the adults in charge are terrible people, which then makes those kids grow up and into, terrible people. Because they are learning by watching us. I would think that not wanting to have sex with children would be the easiest thing in the world. But, from what we know about the behavior of public employees, its actually a big problem that nobody wants to talk about.

Rich Hoffman

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Abuse of Power in Butler County: And it’s not Roger Reynolds doing it

I’ve talked about it before; I sympathize with the Steve Bannon contempt of congress case that is happening at the end of July 2022 more than other cases because it’s personal for me. I don’t communicate with him a lot, be we occasionally do. He has shared some of my articles on social media, and we have exchanged text messages on occasion, so it’s more personal to me to see what is happening to him than it would be if I didn’t know something about the person himself. As I watch him go to federal court every day and the judge lecture the defense about not making a circus out of the case, it is bewildering to think that Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress in 2012, yet no punishment ever came his way. But because Bannon is a member of the Trump White House, he is being treated like a criminal, guilty before proven innocent, just by association. And all this has made me think of the case of George Lang several years ago, who was facing jail time just for knowing John Boehner, who was poised to be speaker of the house, and the Democrats wanted to sink him through his friends. George, of course, was found innocent, but it was scary for sure. We could all point to misconduct in court proceedings that were purely politically motivated and shake our heads. But we often don’t say much about it because we fear that injustice being turned in our own direction, so we just move along and try to ignore it. Yet, I see the same thing happening to Roger Reynolds in Butler County, where political rivals are accusing him of corruption in his office. And I just don’t see it in any of the indictments, for which a 6th came out just recently to add to the pile, intent on knocking him out of office. It’s an election year, some rivals want Roger out as a political character, and they’ll do what they must do to sink him. 

Believe me; I’d rather talk about a million other things than this case, which I’ve discussed in detail. I’d prefer to leave all this mess to the courts to decide but based on a ridiculous article by Jennifer Edwards Baker from Fox 19 about the details of the 6th indictment against Roger Reynolds, which now involves Lakota schools, the issue is so preposterous that we just can’t ignore it. Obviously, the prosecution in the case against Roger, much like the case against Steve Bannon, doesn’t have much to go on, so they are prosecuting the case in the court of public opinion through reporters who might sway public sentiment ahead of upcoming elections. And that is the entire goal of the proceedings. And we can’t ignore the case because it could be any of us falsely accused. It’s not that I love Roger Reynolds. I think he has been an excellent auditor. But he’s made political enemies over the years, which is all part of the blood sport of politics. I think he could handle many things better regarding social interactions, but I recognize that he’s an A-Type personality, as is Sheriff Jones, and a clash among those types of people is bound to happen. I see it as more of a human resource problem than a legal one. If those two people have problems, they should resolve them in some other way than in political tricks ahead of elections and wasting the time of courts for personal vendettas, which is clearly the case with this indictment against Roger involving Lakota schools.   

The Fox 19 article says many things that could easily be misconstrued, leaving out all the relevant factors, such as all the axes to grind among public employees, especially those who handle money. The indictment indicates that Lakota schools were due to get back $750,000 from the auditor’s office. Roger suggested to the treasurer Jenni Logan that they spend that money on the Four Bridges Golf Course in a partnership. A whole series of emails between Jenni and the school attorney show an interest in Roger’s proposal. Ultimately, they decided it probably wasn’t a good idea, so the concept was rejected. That was back in 2017, a long time ago. So why is this story coming out now? Jenni is retiring on August 1st, 2022, and this is something for the road that fits into the motivations of Sheriff Jones and his political needs regarding putting someone else in the seat of the Butler County Auditor. So, they completely made up the word “coercion” in the indictment and tried to build a case that forced Roger to prove he wasn’t guilty of it due to pressure from public opinion, rather than proving that Roger actually used coercion in any way during the proposed spending of the money. When people see $750,000, they might think that’s a lot of money, but in reality, within the budget of Lakota, it’s much less than 1% of their expenditures and is actually about 11 or 12 teachers. Teachers make a lot of money, despite what the unions say about compensation. I can easily see how Roger would suggest that Jenni spend the money on something more useful, like an elevated lifestyle for the students of Lakota, rather than just blowing it on more activist teachers. Jenni must have thought the idea a good one because she pursued it through emails which are part of the case. But she did so voluntarily. That is not coercion; it’s a discussion among professional adults. 

All this doesn’t change my opinion of Roger Reynolds. As I indicated, I could tell stories all day long about court cases that were purely intended to destroy a political rival and had nothing to do with actual justice. I mentioned a few here based on personal experience. But it’s quite common as a practice. I’m all for law and order, but justice should be blind. What is going on with Roger Reynolds is that laws are being applied against a political rival instead of uniformly applied. It’s an abuse of authority, but it’s not Roger doing the abuse. It’s the accusers, not the recipient. I’ll still be voting for Roger Reynolds in the upcoming election. All the people participating in the investigation against him should be trying to work with Roger instead of getting rid of him over their personal problems they might have. Destroying people’s lives is not the way to solve a problem. It might be common, but it’s certainly not right.

The courts are not private playgrounds to bully people into fight resolution that might have been settled on a playground when everyone was kids. As adults, judges, attorneys, and media bottom feeders are not replacements for fists to the face. When the courts are abused, as they are clearly being abused in this Roger Reynolds case and the case of Steve Bannon, that gives politics and our justice system a bad name, and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves, as far as I’m concerned, all six of these indictments against Roger Reynolds are political witch hunts. If I had been Roger, I would have handled things differently, where there was no question as to blurred lines. But social mistakes aren’t against the law. Intent to commit a crime is, and to assume intent where there clearly isn’t any evidence, just for the political theater of altering an election is despicable at best and gross abuse of authority at the very least. 

Rich Hoffman

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They Have Already Eaten the Pie: Steve Bannon and Titus Andronicus

“It’s too late; the bad guys have already eaten the pie.” That’s the message I left for Steve Bannon, whom I like, respect, and have been talking to a bit through text messages and on Gettr.  Steve had been reposting some of my contributions, and we have had discussions about the ground game of the populist movement. As he gets raked over the coals for the phony trial in Washington D.C., intent on destroying the populism that put Trump in the White House the first time, I am proud of what he has done. And happy to say publicly I support him and still would despite the mudslinging from CNN, who published a documentary about Bannon at 8 PM on the 17th in an obvious attempt to taint the jury in the case against the popular Warroom host. I thought the documentary fascinating. I often pay a lot of attention to the enemy’s thoughts and where they get their information. I try to see the world from the enemy’s perspective, walk in their shoes metaphorically, and understand their motivations. And with CNN, they were clearly lost as to why Steve Bannon was so popular. They were looking desperately for some way to stop Trump from running again in 2024, and their obvious hope was that perhaps if they took out Bannon, that Trump would be left dead in the water. But, the situation is much bigger than that, much bigger than Steve Bannon. And as the Bannon case for contempt of Congress goes to court and the Biden Justice Department attempts to stop the strategy of the populist movement across the world, it looks like the light is going out of their eyes as they begin to realize that Steve was just a tiny drop of water in a massive ocean of red that is coming at them from all directions. The rejection of the administrative state, the Liberal World Order, and the dreams of progressivism most expressly conveyed in the 1988 book Looking Backward were coming apart. And there was nobody to blame but themselves. 

To understand Steve Bannon, you would have to understand the Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus. It is by far my favorite play by the famous English playwright, and Steve translated it to movie screens in the 90s with his Anthony Hopkins effort, Titus, which featured a whole cast of Hollywood heavyweights who told what many consider the bloodiest of Shakespeare’s plays. I loved the movie when I first saw it and when I found out that Steve Bannon had been the executive producer, I was a fan of him, even when he took over at Breitbart before the first Trump term. Bannon would have to really understand the role of Titus to do what he is now in the world, and I would argue that he is the real-life embodiment of the famous character. For a quick review, Titus Andronicus was known throughout Rome as their hero general. He brings to the emperor the captured queen of the Goths, whom Titus had killed her son. The emperor then marries the captured queen making her superior to Titus now as a head of state. She vows revenge against Titus. She uses her remaining sons to torture and rape the daughter of the great general.  Titus falls into despair and goes mad. The emperor gives him a job in the court kitchen out of respect for his depleted condition. But Titus was only pretending to be crazy. He traps the queen’s sons, hangs them upside down in the kitchen, and slits their throats in front of his disgraced daughter. Then he slices up the boys and makes a pie out of them. Then he invites the emperor, the queen, and the rest of the court to a fine dinner he has prepared for them and feeds them the pie, which they eat happily. Revenge is a wonderful dish served cold. 

CNN was very upset that Steve Bannon’s Warroom has connections to populist movements worldwide. Bannon has been involved in Brexit, the uprisings in Hong Kong, the populist revolts in Europe, and of course, the Ulta-Maga posse in America that is poised to put Trump back in office with even more votes than he had in 2020, which officially was 75 million. He likely had much more than that, and the election fraud story just won’t go away from those who committed the biggest crime in the history of the world. Now, after two years of a failing Biden administration, the fantasy from the insurgents, who gained the power of the White House through illegal activity, believe that if they can shut down people like Bannon, they just might get away with it. And in so doing, they might send a message to the rest of the populist movements around the world to put away their mechanisms of rebellion and to fall in line. They intend a crucifixion of Bannon on the largest stage possible. And many of the same people involved in the election fraud scandal are involved in this attack against Bannon. The crime is one thing, the coverup is far worse, and we are into the coverup now. That’s what the contempt of Congress charge is all about, and only about that. 

Yet like the queen in the great Titus story, they have already eaten their own. Bannon has already made the pies with over a decade of leadup to the present day. And if Bannon hadn’t done it, someone else would have. There is a vast network of freedom fighters out there who will always refuse the tyranny of the globalists. The only reason this fight hadn’t happened sooner was that those attackers of America were hiding their intentions behind charities and tax shelter foundations with globalist intentions. And with his crazy hair and disheveled appearance, Bannon has been playing the cook, Titus, and has been busy making pies in the kitchen to feed to the globalists the flesh of their own kind. And they have been eating it with smiles on their faces. They thought he was crazy. They thought he was done and destroyed politically when Trump released him as the White House strategist. But now you know the rest of the story. Steve Bannon is the real-life Titus Andronicus, and to do what he needed to, with the forces that were against him and the MAGA movement, he put the sword away and went into the kitchen to fight the battle in a way that the enemy would never suspect. And now that they are at the table and presented with fine pies to eat, they had no way of knowing that all their progressives’ schemes from the last century were cooked within it. And now they have eaten it and turned the whole thing into digestive interest. And now comes the time when Titus gets to tell the world what was in the pie.

The midterms are coming; the red wave can’t be stopped now. Europe is turning to populism. So is Hong Kong against China. Japan will strengthen its constitution to take the passivism out of it. And Brexit is such a real thing that Boris had to step down because he failed to stand up to globalism. And to the Desecrators of Davos, they are learning that they aren’t safe in the mountain town any longer. The world is on to them, and they want their scheming antics in the next pie they intend to eat. The sentiment goes way beyond Steve Bannon. He was just the cook. The hunger for pie was already there.

Rich Hoffman

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Eric Greitens for Senate: Get your RINO Hunting card, there are no limits!

There seems to be some controversy about Eric Greitens’ new ad in Missouri, where he is running for Senate on an “anti-RINO” platform. In his ad, he uses real firearms to storm a home in a very military way to imply metaphorically that if elected, he promises to go “rino hunting” and that if you elect him, he will issue voters a “rino hunting license.” For that ad, the mainstreamers are apocalyptic; they are calling it an open invitation to fascism, where force is used to impose democratic order. Well, all this discussion merits some understanding because the political establishment continues to be perplexed about what the MAGA movement is and why there continue to be aggressive candidates running for office like Eric Greitens. They are winning primaries and setting up a general election that will not just destroy Democrat majorities in the House and Senate but knock off RINO Republicans as well. The entire media system is set up to appeal to RINOs and Democrats, and it’s been that way for many years. But slowly, since the election fraud of 2020, a decision was made by the voting public to vote for a different kind of politician, and Eric Greitens represents the standard for the new MAGA candidates. What voters want when they talk about “hunting RINOs” is revenge for selling out America over the years. In the minds of many, the behavior of Republicans in Name Only is worse than Democrats because they pretended to be something they weren’t and sought to deceive us, which deserves punishment. 

Fascism is what the Democrats have been doing: artificially raising gas prices to force the public to buy dumb electric cars. It’s about lying about birth certificates so they could run a radical as president to avoid questions of basic qualifications. It’s weaponizing the FBI to knock out political rivals. Using other countries as an excuse for bogus investigations. It’s deliberately collapsing our economy to fulfill the religious zealots advocating climate change through our Federal Reserve. Its riots in the streets over every little social issue. It’s gun control and attempting at every tragedy caused by liberal politics to erode away the constitution at every opportunity. We’ve watched fascism come into America through the Democrat Party, and we are sick of getting punched in the face over it. And we are sick of Republicans letting them do it. We elected Republicans to fight Democrats and protect our country’s constitution, but they haven’t done it. So there is justifiable anger at RINOs for talking tough but letting themselves get beat up by the bullies in the Democrat Party for many years and losing every time. What must be made clear is that Trump did not create this movement. The RINO hunting concept is not specific to President Trump. He was created out of a need to hunt RINOs. That’s why in 2015, when all the top Republicans were running for office, including people like Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and even Rand Paul, nobody was biting on them so long as Donald Trump was on stage. People wanted a real fighter, someone from the outside to shake things up. They wanted revenge for how the political machine had sold us all out and opened the door for globalism to destroy our country. And they weren’t playing games. They voted for Trump and were happy they did. They liked the way their country ran under Trump, and now they want much more of it.

What we are seeing now is something many of us were trying to figure out how to make happen over ten years ago when the Tea Party began purging RINOs from the Republican Party at the level of central committees. Many Republicans had their feelings hurt as they were being called RINOs for just working with the other side, for reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats bipartisanly. After all, that’s what politics was, right? Nobody ever gets what they want entirely, so they have to give and take and work with people with different opinions. Going back to the Ross Perot campaign of 1992, after eight years of Reagan and four years of his successor, George Bush, a significant part of the population on the Republican side was sick of all the happy talk and compromise that was going on. Even Newt Gingrich, who organized the takeover in congress in 1994, didn’t go far enough because he and Bob Dole talked tough, but Clinton beat them in the media every time. They were like the Washington Generals playing games against the Harlem Globetrotters. The Generals never win and always end up losing in comedic ways to the Globetrotters. That’s not what we wanted in politicians. We wanted winners, and many people have worked their entire adult lives to build a platform where that could happen, where winners on the conservative side would actually occupy offices. What the political establishment did to Trump before, during, and after the presidential office has been disgraceful because they are mad that we gave them politicians as voters who refused to lose. Trump expected to win, and that’s essentially what the MAGA movement is in politics. We want revenge for all the losses Republicans have given up without a fight over the years, and we want a House and Senate that thinks the same way, so that is what we have been building now for several years culminating in the kind of campaign that Eric Greitens is running in Missouri for Senate. 

The Greitens campaign is not unusual, not the way the mainstreamers wish it were. And Trump is the vehicle to make a MAGA platform happen, which he’s been doing through this primary season. The goal is not to just win the presidency, which should be obvious. It has been a multi-year plan going all the way back into the 90s to replace all three branches of government with MAGA-type candidates. We have seen how well that has been working at the Supreme Court. Now we need that kind of representation in the House and Senate, and we are getting them. Eric Greitens is just one of many who will be joining the government at the federal level and represents a new kind of politician that more reflects what the voting public actually wants. If we had been talking about fascism, then we would have just taken our guns and taken over the government at gunpoint, which is still an option if the other side tosses out our constitution, as all progressives seem inclined to do.

No, we have been doing all this work through voting, which is why we’re so upset about the obvious election fraud in 2020. Progressive globalists knew they couldn’t beat President Trump, so they stole the election to get rid of him, hoping that all this MAGA populism would just go away and they’d get Karl Rove back running the Republican Party. But no, those loser Republicans are not coming back. We have been working within the Republican Party for a long time to change how Republicans play the game.   And we want revenge against the RINOs who have sold America out, people like Mitch McConnell. And we want Republicans who go to Washington D.C. and expect to win. Not who expects to “compromise” with evil and expect the country to survive. Democrats have shown they don’t like America, so compromising with them is not a good idea. And when a candidate like Greitens comes along and talks about RINO hunting, he’s speaking the language of most American voters. And there is nothing that the establishment can do to hide that fact. They’ve done enough damage already.

Rich Hoffman

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Covid Deaths Were Part of the Strategy: An evil so vast that many can’t comprehend it

The difficult thing is to consider the vast level of evil we are dealing with here, to admit to ourselves that the Administrative State, for lack of a better collective term for the mass behavior, is vastly evil in incomprehensive ways and that they purposely have used that audacity to murder people on a global scale. Listening to Dr. Harvey Risch on the Warroom with Steve Bannon, it was the first time a person from the academic side of the discussion admitted in the open something I have been talking about since the beginning. But coming from him, it was shocking.   We weren’t talking about radical conspiracy theorists here; this was one of their own, from the academic viewpoint regarding the actions of the Administrative State and its preservation as an evil entity using Covid-19 as a murder weapon, what many had been thinking about, but had yet consciously admitted it in a news flash kind of way.   This topic was hot recently because of Neomi Wolf’s book, The Bodies of Others which digs into many of the terrible deeds and motives that occurred behind the Health Department’s push to gain administrative control over virtually every person’s life in the world and to ruin those lives as they saw fit. Other books had been out, such as Dr. Peter Breggin’s book, Covid 19 – We are the Prey that had been calling attention to this detrimental problem, but there was some great levity to this interview with Dr. Risch that was the culmination of all this investigation that pointed to just one all-inclusive word, evil. 

This isn’t the kind of information that you’ll find on Fox News or NBC, for that matter. Pharmaceutical companies and their advertising dollars completely control those outlets for the news. So they haven’t covered the biggest story in the history of mankind because they can’t. They are bought and paid for by the vast amounts of money that are behind this evil push to actually kill people to fulfill some global plot of population control. The crazy lunatics of the fringe climate change movement, such as Bill Gates, obviously have no problem with the mass murder of millions of people, and they have hidden that desire behind the invented Covid-19 virus that was created through gain of function by Dr. Fauci’s people in a Chinese lab in Wuhan. The virus was released during a hot election year where the perpetual plot to overthrow President Trump was a key need of the Chinese to avoid the trade war that they were about to undergo, and they didn’t like it. That history we have talked about abundantly, and as bad as it all is, that’s not the worst of it.

According to Dr. Risch, there were discussions of preventing the public from getting access to ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as a corrective action to the impending Covid-19 as early as 2019. That means that they knew what they were planning to do, much earlier than even the Event 201 in New York that year, where they actually role-played the viral outbreak, which was followed completely just a few months later in February and March of 2020. The medical community was knowingly planning the murder of many thousands of people by denying them the medicine needed to fight Covid once it was released from China because they wanted the shock and awe of the death count to get the attention of the public and change their behavior toward a more favorable climate change public position. Without the deaths, there would be no public outcry for change, so the plan to kill people as part of the decision-making process was a substantial part of their strategy. And the governments of the world played right into their hands. It’s the worst death cult that has ever been unleashed on earth, and it’s every bit as bad as the imagination can support. This explains why all the media outlets were ready to project their death meters on their broadcasts and why so many governors and health departments were all ready to go early in 2020 with the lockdown procedures and the media narrative. While most people were shocked at what was happening, many from the administrative state side of things were ready to kill people to advance their social cause as viewed from the liberal mindset.

We often point to Hitler’s behavior in Germany toward the Jews as an ultimate act of mass murder and evil. But what happened with Covid-19 was far, far worse. Every advertiser in pharma, every government who thought that by killing off people that the earth might be saved from climate change, every scientist looking for funding from Dr. Fauci who knew the plan but kept their mouths shut so not to jeopardize their funding they, all knowingly committed mass murder by giving an innocent population a virus that was made through gain of function, by our own Department of Defense and released by a communist government that wanted desperately to torpedo the Trump presidency and to drive the point home, they needed deaths to get everyone’s attention, so to serve the needs of climate change, a religion for the political left that they are as fanatic over as suicide bombers who kill people in hopes of being greeted by an orgy of virgins in the afterlife. What we just experienced on a global scale is mass insanity from the mind of murderers, and the crime is so big that no government in the world can get its mind around how to deal with the situation. And until recently, nobody could even discuss that evil without sounding like a radical conspiracy theorist. But this is no conspiracy; it’s true and getting worse by the day as we learn more and more about what really happened. As I said initially, the information is getting out, the books are being written, and the guilty parties are being exposed. So far, I think the Robert Kennedy Jr. book The Real Anthony Fauci is the most damning of all the books. But the other books mentioned here tell the story we all need to hear. But there isn’t anything more powerful than hearing from people who were in the know, like that Dr. Risch interview on the Warroom. It’s a stunning revelation that the murder of people due to Covid was pre-planned and considered acceptable. And knowing that, we have to deal with these characters with a new assumption, not that other people always intend good, even if they make vile mistakes, which had been the assumption regarding Covid-19. In a dire situation, people meant well, and mistakes cost lives. No, we are dealing with people more evil than Hitler or any other mass murderer from history. Covid was meant to kill people, and the means to save themselves were denied from a planned beginning by people who clearly had evil intent from the outset. And until we deal with that, the world will continue to be vulnerable to more vile acts even more vicious. This is evil so bad that our minds cannot grasp it, and that evil counts on our lack of ability to conceal itself in our living world, through our news media, through our politics, through our rules and regulations to prey on the innocent and consume our very souls for the maniacal and twisted plans of infamy in some Hellish plot meant to end all mankind, and nothing less.

Rich Hoffman

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Nothing Would be Happening without Truth Social: The Trump media platform is the next big thing on the world stage

Truth Social has been that critical element to the whole political puzzle in so many ways. Before it came along, developed by the Trump team after the radicals removed the president on Twitter, a lot looked bleak on the communication front. In 2020, during Covid and the election, it is evident that the political left had set up all communication in America like a Berlin Wall as we had seen in Germany. And this is the problem with all communist-oriented political philosophies; they must have complete control of everything before thinking of achieving their goals. Liberals and everyone on the political left are working toward communism. Communism is a dirty word in America, so they avoid calling themselves by those types of names. However, the behavior is the same; to get control of the population and keep them from having access to information is to control all that you see and hear.

I can remember the stories of people trying to escape from the communist East Side of Berlin over into the socialist West. People would be shot and killed on the spot. That is essentially the same thing that the political left has shown in America on the communication front. The tech companies that control most of our entertainment communication want communism. They admire China’s control over their population, and they wanted to bring that to America, which they did through corporate culture. They have shown their cards, and now, a few years of all that activity being out in public, the results are starting to settle. And Americans have not behaved the way that things were planned. That isn’t a surprise to me, but it has been to the political left. They are starting to realize that there is no hope of taming Americans in the way they planned. But then again, what did they expect? It never worked anywhere, but foolish as the endeavor was, they thought that if only they could have global communism, where nobody had any choices, finally, the works of Karl Marx might work. Truth Social has been that final dagger in their wild fantasies of global control, and it’s becoming evident to them now.

Yes, the Elon Musk activity on Twitter is interesting, if not revealing. Twitter was always about controlling populations psychologically, as was Facebook, which has operated in the background with its seed partner DARPA since the beginning. Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech communists didn’t become so wealthy so early in life because they had a superior product. They were offering a free service, so where did all that money come from? The alignment of communist-oriented governments, around the world, with the tech companies was intended from the beginning to do what we are now seeing and hearing coming out of their mouths. This past week, the Biden administration named Nina Jankowicz to head the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance.   Former President Obama articulated the need for more controls of free speech because they know domestically and internationally that if they can’t control what people see or hear, their ideas of communism will never work. They have been planning in America for a kind of Chinese version of communism since the 1950s, even earlier. And when Elon Musk made his move to buy Twitter and make it more of a free speech platform rather than a population control device, the political left understandably freaked out. 

Yet, nothing would be happening if there wasn’t Truth Social. If the Trump team hadn’t moved in that direction, the pressure we are seeing now against the intrusions of the political left would not be happening. In the year of 2020, a few alternative media companies were emerging to displace Fox News as a communication device of conservatives, or should we say more appropriately, constitutional supporters. Communist liberals were ecstatic early in 2021 when Rush Limbaugh had died, President Trump was removed from office with international election fraud, and Fox News had its board being run by New York liberals who were moving in a Never Trump direction. The January 6th protestors were jailed against their constitutional rights. The left-leaning media talked about rounding up people who didn’t think like them and sending them to re-education camps. It was a very scary time. All the things that Cleon Skousen warned about in his excellent book, The Naked Communist, were coming true, and people were shocked, even nonpolitical people. What we would see happening over the next 18 months was terrifying. Many thought nothing like the government controls that we were seeing from the Biden administration would ever happen in America, but of course, it was happening. The government was forcing vaccine mandates. Woke corporate culture was getting rid of people who didn’t think the way they did. We saw the kind of open hostilities toward traditional Americans that we had seen communists apply to victims on the East Side of the Berlin Wall or in Cuba, China, or Russia in the most obvious days of communism during the Cold War. 

But without Truth Social, Elon Musk would not even try to buy Twitter. The pressure of an alternative and one with the Trump brand forced all these characters to change their plans. Truth Social has been the driver of the change because it made all the world’s media companies realize that they weren’t going to be able to control content. There would be no control by Nina and the gang at Homeland Security. There would be no communication monopoly. Since those early months of 2021, many media companies have arisen to challenge the former power brokers, such as Real America’s Voice and the social media site, Gettr. I almost exclusively use Gettr these days for all my news feeds as you can stream directly off their site-many of the broadcast news that formally would be consumed on cable news. President Trump considered joining Gettr, which Trump people formed, but he elected to join a platform that he had direct control over, which is how Truth Social came about.

Truth Social has the potential to become the most significant player in communication globally. I’ve been on it from the beginning, during the Beta testing phase, and I have found it much better than Twitter ever was. And regardless of what Elon Musk can do with Twitter, it doesn’t change that Twitter now has a branding problem. It is seen not as a platform of free speech but as a hindrance to it. Elon Musk might be able to change that culture to some extent, but he won’t be able to change what people think about it. Twitter is old. Truth Social is new and growing. And more importantly, Truth Social is a great lesson to all the woke companies that have tried to adopt communism for the global intentions that have always been there. That communism cannot compete with competition. Once competition is introduced to any culture, overt controls by centralized authorities will never succeed. And as the political left thought America was going to fall, primarily upon the death of Rush Limbaugh and President Trump being removed from office around the same precise time, it will never again be that easy for them. That was the closest that the communists would ever come to controlling America. With Truth Social launching and having an immediate impact on the free speech marketplace, the political left can see where all this is headed. And they are panicking, which they should be. They have been stopped and caught. Of course, for them, there is no plan B. 

Rich Hoffman

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God Bless Homeschoolers: Times have changed, and more people are turning away from the terrible public schools to save their children

I thought it was a waste of time when I went to public schools. I hated most of it. None of the relationships I formed in those school years meant anything to me. I always viewed public school as a massive social experiment, even in the early years, and thought of going there the same as going to prison. You weren’t allowed to think about what you wanted or do what you wanted, which always seemed wrong to me. So I never have been enthusiastic about public schools, and over the years, I have written millions and millions of words about why John Dewy was wrong about forming it from the beginning. I didn’t feel any different when my own kids went to public school. There was a time when my wife was very supportive, one of my kids was in the fourth grade, and the other was in third. My wife volunteered in everything that she could in both of those classrooms. She was one of the “moms” that the school treated almost like a teaching staff member. Everyone knew her, and she was beloved by all the kids. Well, in that fourth-grade class, the school had sent home a permission slip for teaching my daughter about sex by putting on a condom onto a plastic dildo, and of course, we said no. What followed was a complete mess; the school was so angry with us that the full force of their wrath was brought down on us. No longer was my wife welcome in the school. We got mad and fought back. It turned into a significant event in that the police union got involved, and it ended up in the mayor’s office. We ended up pulling our kids out of school for a year until we moved to a different district and started all over again somewhere else. 

That year of teaching our kids at home was one of the hardest in our entire 30-plus-year marriage. We had no family support for it, and the community was entirely against it. We lost all our friends over it, and even 20 years later, we never repaired those relationships. I was alright with the social castigation, but it was very difficult for my wife. It was just a year of homeschooling, but it cost her a lot because of the social pressure we experienced. That’s why it surprised me that both of my kids pulled their kids out of public school during the Covid pandemic, a government-made viral outbreak that they wanted to control through government-taught education. Because my education always involved elements of life outside of public school, and I had never accepted public education as a form of education that was of any value, it was easy for me to see what a stupid set-up it was with the whole Covid thing. My kids have now been homeschooling their kids for a lot longer than my wife, and I had. But they had a much different experience just over 20 years later. Instead of everyone telling them in society how wrong they were, they were getting admiration from their peers. Most people they interact with expressed a desire to do the same thing for their kids if they could afford to, which most can’t. And there are large homeschooling conventions now that didn’t exist in the 90s. The support system is much better than it used to be, which can be seen in some of the pictures in this article, as my kids just went to a large homeschooling convention in Cincinnati. 

Attitudes have changed a lot about public education. It’s certainly not that anybody hates education, quite the opposite. What is evident at an event like the Ohio Homeschool Convention is that people have learned not to accept the bad product that public school is. The concept that kids can learn what they need to in life by a government school is ridiculous and ill-conceived. Many people never thought to accept the question of it because they had no choice in the matter. Most everyone has to go to public schools, so they had to justify the terrible product because to admit otherwise would be personally harmful to their intellects. That was why we had such a violent experience when my wife and I did it. But despite what is projected from the media culture about public schools, attitudes have changed dramatically. Even people who I would think would be all into the public school experience with cheerleading and pom poms are telling my kids how much they admire them for putting their kids first and taking responsibility for their educations themselves. My kids take my grandchildren’s education very seriously, and I’m very proud of them. In my house, we read books, lots of them, education never stops, no matter if you are 7 or 70. I have smart kids, and they are helping my grandchildren unlock the treasures of their own brains, and it’s a beautiful thing to look at. They have chosen not to surrender their kids over to some scum bag government employee covered in tattoos and body piercings who don’t even know what sex they are. And my grandchildren aren’t even thinking about sex in school under the third and fourth grades. When my grandkids come home, there is a parent in the house to greet them, as they always should be. Turn your kids over to a daycare or a public school, then don’t complain when they turn out to be messed up adults. Those babysitting services are not replacements for a parent’s love, as Dewey and the government fully intended to destroy.

So like a lot of things that have come out of Covid, the media seemed surprised that public school enrollment is down as pandemic restrictions have been eased. Parents have seen enough, and those who can are not sending their kids back to those palaces of mental enslavement. What the political left never factored into their calculations about “the new normal” was that it wasn’t going to be the complete obedience that Klaus Schwab talks about in his books on a complete socialist takeover of all things in the world. Instead, the smart people not yet suckered into enslavement were never again going to trust the government, health officials, or a public school system to do anything with their kids. A lot of parents are going to change the way they do things. The violence toward my wife and me mentioned was their attempt to keep dissidents from escaping their control, and they tried everything to punish us, which was a horrible idea. A lot of unnecessary pain resulted, which could have been averted. But instead of getting more control over that period, they have essentially lost it all. People do not feel privileged to have a public school system like they used to even ten years ago. Now, it’s just a necessary evil because they are too busy to do the job themselves or don’t feel they know enough to teach their own kids. But with every teacher who comes on television and talks about gender neutrality and represents themselves as progressive disasters, there will be more parents who want to homeschool their children to keep them out of that government-designed disaster. And to my eyes, with the long game under consideration, that just might save America rather than destroy it, as Dewey always intended. 

Rich Hoffman

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Hollywood’s Democrats are Blood Sucking Occultists: Study what they do, not what they say, and start with Alister Crowley, Jack Parsons, and L. Ron Hubbard

When faced with so much evil, it’s logical to wonder about conspiracy theories, such as does the Illuminati run Hollywood and the record industry? Do modern actors and musicians worship Satan? Is there a blood cult of liberals who drink the blood of tortured children hoping to invoke help from the spirit realm to make their lazy asses more successful in life? Well, I’d say, based on experience, that the answer to all those questions is yes. Liberals, in general, are lazy, and yes, they would instead seek supernatural aid in bringing success to their lives through the occult than in being good, honest, and hard-working to achieve success. Yes, they will contact spirits from some parallel dimension to work through some problem, just as they would sit on the side of the road with a flat tire and wait for someone to come along to change it for them. Evil is driven by laziness, and lazy people will always be prone to evil deeds. How do we know? There is plenty of evidence of it, especially from characters I have written about before, who helped start Hollywood and NASA, L. Ron Hubbard, Alister Crowley, and Jack Parsons. All three of those people brought sex magic to Pasadena, California, in the hopes of getting help from the spirit world to further their success. It’s clear that Jack Parsons is the man behind rocketry in America and putting people on the moon. Without Jack Parsons, there would have never been a NASA. There is a crater on the moon named after him, so he’s not some crazy, irrelevant figure. When you know history, you can understand the motivations of people. So when concerned voters these days look at the occult for rationalization as to the level of evil they are seeing now in modern times, there’s a good reason for it.

The sex orgies of the movie Eyes Wide Shut and the spirit world interactions of David Lynch films is a very real thing, even though people may not talk about it. Alister Crowley so entranced members of the band Led Zepplin that they bought his house at Loch Ness, which is said to be horribly haunted. Likely because of all the rituals that Crowley utilized in the house to manipulate the spirit world to his aims. You can’t really talk about politics and liberalism in general without pulling back the layers of the occult that reside just underneath the surface. Liberals in the Democrat party believe what they do for a reason, and we need to understand what those things are. Based on their belief system, including the “spirit cooking” that we know about in John Podesta’s emails, revealed by Wikileaks, contact with the spirit world is essential to these people. Podesta himself, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in 2016, is a huge UFO advocate who is pushing for full disclosure to the public of what the government knows about the activity, and for those who don’t know, UFO phenomena and occult rituals are closely linked. It’s not so much about little green men “out there” somewhere but other kinds of characters. You don’t hear about conservatives doing these things. These beliefs that liberals have must be analyzed to understand their political viewpoint, which at the center of it involves a massive blood cult of killing babies. Abortion is at the center of what all Democrats believe in, and the scandal of Covid has ripped away the cloak of their primary concern. For abortion it’s all about the rights of the mother. But for Covid, nobody owned their body, and the government could tell everyone to get mandatory medicine. See how things fall apart with these people; logically, they are up to no good, which gets revealed in such quandaries.

Understanding the political left’s stance on abortion and knowing the background of their origins in Hollywood, such as the cults left behind by Alister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, and Jack Parsons, it makes more sense to view the killing of babies as a massive blood sacrifice to the demons of existence than to argue that sex and perversions are acceptable to a nation founded by Christians for the appeasement of ambitious spirits who seek to bring great harm and mayhem to our world through rituals and blood magic. Its more logical to view satanic influences in the movie industry, human trafficking, music, drugs, and all the communist elements of the counter-culture movement that followed Jack and the gang after the 1940s, when many Hollywood actresses, producers, and influencers were at these massive sex orgies trying to invoke the spirit world to their desires expressed through orgasm to the universe addicted to the pornography of human inhabitants on earth. Not your typical Little House on the Prairie storyline, but it’s what these people essentially are doing. By opening such a thoughtful door to such creatures of mythology, the political left has actually tried to commit mass ritual destruction to America through these practices. Even today, L. Ron Hubbard, who stole away the wife and centerpiece of the sex orgies at Parson’s house, is at the heart of Hollywood with his religion of Scientology based on science fiction books. And Jack was OK with it at the time. Hubbard would start one of Hollywood’s prominent religions after that, where they believe that we all have harnessed spirits that need to be set free because the galactic dictator Zenu brought them to earth and imprisoned them in human bodies, which gave birth to the human race. These are the kind of Democrats who voted for Joe Biden and worked against President Trump in modern times, killers of babies, desecrators of America’s puritan founding, and advocates of massive sex magic rituals to invoke the spirit world to help their lazy asses to gain fame and fortune. Would many people in Hollywood drink menstrual blood and pray to the celestial sign of Venus under the chanting and drug inducement of a bunch of lunatics? Yes, they would, especially if they might gain fame and fortune in the entertainment industry.   

Of course, they will lie to our faces. They don’t believe in God, so what’s to stop them from lying? What does it matter if they put their hand on a Bible and take an oath to the Constitution? These people don’t believe in the same kind of things that the rest of us believe. And they have been operating in the light of day for over a century. Like I say all the time, don’t listen to what they say; pay attention to what they do. And look at who the founders of Hollywood were; sex magic was a thing in Pasadena at the start of two major industries, entertainment, and aviation. And people in those industries know it, but you don’t see NASA change the crater’s name on the moon due to cancel culture. Instead, many have followed in the footsteps of the characters mentioned here. They watched their success, and they sought to do the same for themselves. We’ve seen what kind of losers are running the Disney Company these days. This stuff didn’t just grow overnight. It took years to develop the occult fascination that we see so many references to in our entertainment culture, especially in music. Why all the Illuminati signs from pop culture icons? Well, because they believe it works and will help them succeed in life. For them, it’s a better life than following some poor dude who was nailed to a cross and died for all our sins. They’d rather commit those sins, sacrifice babies to the demons of existence, and drink menstrual blood to give birth to the moon goddess than actually work for a living the traditional way. And that is why there is so much evil in the world. Occultist personalities are lazy, real, and everywhere, especially on the progressive side of belief. And that is the reality of what we are fighting today. 

Rich Hoffman

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