Sex at Lakota Schools: “I just want to see justice,” said the husband

As the leaves fell from a tree outside my kitchen window revealing the intent of an autumn afternoon I could see through the piles of salacious emails, official complaints, correspondence with Columbus that I was looking into the eyes of a man whose spirit had seen it’s autumn months ago. He had exhausted every means necessary to find a resolution and had been told by the Ohio Department of Education that there was nothing they could do, so they sent him back to the Lakota School Board which was a dead-end. The general opinion of everyone involved from the top to the bottom was, “You’re wife had sex with a teacher at Lakota. It’s sex among consenting adults.” (See for yourself the document sent to the man on the very day that we spoke. What follows is an abridged version of his story as he told it. In this article the names will be hidden to protect the little girl involved, because it’s not so much the names, but the behavior that I find insidious.)

The rationalization that this story is just about sex among consenting adults is not quite so simple. Such an explanation is easy to explain away if the goal is to shove it under a rug. A Lakota teacher recently divorced and looking for love, even though his girlfriend is a Lakota teacher at the time also sees that the mother of one of his students is “hot,” so he befriends the little girl’s mother in this simulation which is greatly compressed for this purpose:

“You look tired,” Mr. Predator says to a little girl in his high school class.

“Yes, my mom and dad are……….having trouble,” says the little girl.

“Oh, that can be so hard on the kids. I’m sorry to hear about that.”

The little girl looks up at Mr. Predator. “Thanks.”

Mr. Predator puts his hands on the shoulder of the little girl. “Any time you need Mr. Predator, just let me know.”

Mr. Predator then proceeds to find reasons to deal exclusively with the little girl and manages to use her to arrange conferences with her mother.

“I can see that you are having difficulty in class. Will you give your mother my email address here at the school and tell her I’d like to speak with her about getting you some help?”

The little girl looks up at Mr. Predator bright-eyed and grateful. “Yes, thank you for all your help.”

The little girl goes home and gives her mother the email address to Mr. Predator.

Soon the mother contacts Mr. Predator and they are exchanging frequent emails. The mother angry at her husband over marital difficulties finds the divorcee Mr. Predator’s flirtatious advances inviting and soon Mr. Predator is sending emails to the mother such as, “You are a hot little cougar.”

The two eventually get together and engage in a sexual encounter. Soon thereafter, the relationship regresses and the mother tells her husband what has happened.

Mr. Predator goes up to the little girl, “You look tired.”

“Mommy and Daddy were fighting. It was awful.”

“Oh,” says Mr. Predator. “I’m so sorry to hear such a thing. That’s really hard on the kids. What were they fighting about?”

The little girl looks up at her teacher. “They were fighting about you, Mr. Predator.”

Mr. Predator pretends to be shocked. But the little girl isn’t done. “Mr. Predator, why did you write in my planner that it was your birthday, and for me to get you an expensive present? I don’t have any money. My daddy thinks you wrote that for mommy to see.”

The couple resolved their differences and came to terms with the marital difficulties they had been experiencing, and once the smoke cleared they assessed with a fresh perspective the folly of their circumstances.

“How did you meet him?” asks the father.

“Through our daughter, it’s Mr. Predator. He is her teacher. He said she needed ‘extra’ help.”

“So he was using our kid to actually get to you,” the father says bluntly.

“Yes, I suppose so,” says the mother.

So the father goes to the school and demands to speak with the principal, who is Mr. Predator’s boss. This guy’s name is Mr. Future Superintendent. Principal Future Superintendent is very uncomfortable with this knowledge so he seeks to put a lid on this story quickly. After all, he doesn’t need a scandal to break out in his school that would make him look bad. Sex with students is bad enough. But sex with student’s parents is getting into dicey water that can get really complicated, especially when it looks as if one of his teachers purposely used one of his students to create a relationship with the woman. The angry father has a stack of email correspondence sent from a Lakota school computer and demands to know why a teacher was allowed to use a student from his class as a platform to seduce his wife!

This isn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. There are 18,000 students and almost twice that in parents. And Lakota employees over 2000 people, all adults, so there is bound to be some mixing and meshing going on between consenting adults. So there isn’t much sympathy given to the father. Mr. Future Superintendent tells the father that the teacher Mr. Predator is being put on administrative leave as an investigation is initiated. Temporarily satisfied the father leaves the situation to the Principal to deal with. So Mr. Future Superintendent calls in the mother along with a witness and they let the mother know that if the mother and father wish to pursue this case that it will be very embarrassing to their family. The mother, being a respected member of the community will have it known to all the contents of her emails to the teacher and will have to live up to that embarrassment. After the mother leaves, a file is sent to the Board of Education which will haunt the case later. The mother, not wanting to be embarrassed by the case at that time allowed herself to be out maneuvered by the principal who is in serious protection mode at this point and looking to shut down this case to protect the image of the school.

When the father learns that the teacher Mr. Predator has simply been moved to a different school he goes to the school board for help where Joan Powell takes an interest and reveals that there have been other problems at this particular school and that there wasn’t much she could do about it. This shocked the father. “Doesn’t the school board have any power to help with this?”


So the father turned to Ron Spurlock, who genuinely tried to help with the situation. Being the assistant superintendent, his hands were tied also. So when the new superintendent was hired in Mrs. Mantia, the father tried to get a straight answer out of her. “Again, there isn’t anything we can do. It’s consenting adults.”

“Don’t you people have control over your employees?” the father pleaded.

“Do I need legal counsel?”

“I’m not talking about legal counsel,” the father said. “I just want someone to take responsibility for something.”

Below you can see the letter the man wrote to the school board asking that those questions about his situation be answered by the board. They ignored him. The answers were never answered. Instead the rationalization was, “Your wife participated and is equally culpable.”

So let’s put things in perspective, because this isn’t the only issue of this kind of thing that has went on, and the behavior patterns are eerily similar to the Stacy Schuler incident over in Mason where many parents and students complained about the behavior of that particular teacher, and administrators before anything was done about it. The first reaction from the administrations in both cases is to go into protection mode, to seek legal counsel and discover if they are in fact wrong by law. At Lakota when Ryan Fahrenkemp from Endeavor Elementary during the spring of 2010 was caught engaging in child porn with students it took a FBI investigation to break the story open. Administrators only acted on the story when a parent had text message evidence and the story could not be shoved under the rug by then. The rug seems to always be the first option in these public schools. Some of the child porn pictures dated back to 2008. Fahrenkemp was finally caught in 2010 two years later, and he was caught by a parent.

The reason this father came to me was because socially, the world doesn’t seem to understand what the crime is. Progressive politics have eroded our value system so much, that the people in charge don’t seem to understand the nature of reality any longer. Public school in particular tends to over-react on all the wrong things and under-react on all the important things. And if schools exist to teach the children aspects of life, then what are we teaching them, because let me tell you, the kids know what’s going on. The kids know who’s having sex with whom even among the teachers. They know when a principal covers up a story. They are watching, and depending on the behavior of the adults around them they will pick up that behavior as part of their essential characters.

Public schools are too concerned with legalisms when they should be concerned about community values. I have watched and seen many people like this father get isolated as a “trouble-maker” by administration officials and turned into a radical in the courts of legal perception. “Mr. Father, you don’t have a case. Your wife engaged in a relationship with our teacher.”

“But the teacher used our child to start the relationship, at school. My wife was vulnerable and because of my child being in Mr. Predator’s class, he learned about that vulnerability. He sent home messages to contact my wife and lure her into his arms. He seduced her and he used my child to do it!”

Blank stares from the administration. “Mr. Father, we are very sorry but there is nothing we can do.”
The father is frustrated that all any of the administrators are concerned with is covering their asses. “Are you happy knowing you have an employee who has these behavioral tendencies still on your payroll?”

More blank looks……………………………………………………….crickets…………………….

Behavioral tendencies are those nasty little things that indicate a person is prone to trouble. In this case once Mr. Predator had been suspended for the investigation he was simply moved to another high school. Without clamping down on the behavior, the teacher was simply told, “watch out, keep things on the down low. This father is out to get you.”

As I listened to this man tell his story I wondered how many families in West Chester and Liberty Twp are in a similar situation as this couple. They are both business professionals who must travel frequently, which puts stress on any marriage. They often have children in the district, which is a stress onto itself. So many young professional married couples do have rocky roads in their lives. In fact, I would say any marriage is prone to seductions by parties outside the marriage. Those seductions need to be guarded against by the couple themselves.They need to look out for each other and remind their spouses what the dangers are based on the other people who populate their social lives outside the family.

This is why wives should not typically go to night clubs with their girlfriends, because going to such places are an advertisement that you are on the market and looking. Men should not do the same, because in so doing, they are inviting opportunities for sexual relations outside of the sanctity of their marriage. The same holds true for a man taking a female friend to a social event, or out for lunch. Most of the time, probably 80% of the time, the man is searching for an opportunity to have some sort of sexual relationship with a woman using such activities as the introductory platform. The married couple must navigate those activities carefully and among themselves without social interference.

A married couple, especially a professional couple must listen to each other discuss their work because in the workplace there are bound to be sexual rivals. The man must listen to what types of people are in his wife’s life and he must guard himself against their intentions with her by tending to her needs based on what she says. The woman must ask what kind of women are in her husband’s business life, because they are all potential threats to a marriage in the form of sexual competition, if the man feels he’s not getting from his wife what he needs. Biology does not care about the moral obligations of the mind and heart. Biology simply wants to do its thing, so maintenance of these conditions are part of a marriage and I would say well over half of all the adult population within the Lakota School District are prone to such things.

But teachers in our culture are accepted, and sold as neutral characters. Most of us view teachers as sages of wisdom and we want to let our guard down around them. The schools are in our communities, and we view them as safe havens. This is why we typically throw a lot of money at these institutions, because we want them to remain safe, and neutral, and we wish to purchase that assurance with our money. We want to be able to go to a band concert for our child and watch them without being on our guard from that newly divorced teacher standing over in the corner who wants to sleep with our spouse. We don’t want to see our husbands run off with the new 25-year-old woman right out of college because she taught our child to read! And in the parent/teacher conferences we don’t need to learn too late that something sparkled in the young teacher between your husband and her love of your child, for such thoughts do cross the minds of women,I could be a better mother for that child than you. I have come to love that child and I could have her if only I took away your husband.” The young teacher may think such things, but she has a moral obligation to uphold that higher moral order, even if she has the power of sexuality to use as a weapon at her disposal.

Oh, don’t even attempt it administrators who are reading this…….such laws are not in your handbook, they are simply implied. You are supposed to know these things upon entering adulthood. Your lawyers will not be able to counsel you on such things, so don’t even try. You either know it or you don’t. The legal world frowns on these types of assertions, because they did not write those laws. Those ethical laws come from 10,000 years of social order of what works and doesn’t work in social interaction. You’re silly laws do not apply to these types of violations and are your total focus. Lawsuits, pandering and politics are your way. We’re talking about something here of which you are not qualified to speak! So surrender to your ignorance.
And the teacher who seduced this man’s wife knew what he was doing, and he crossed the line knowing he would get away with it. It’s an arrogance that we see all too common in this “education class,” who live in a bubble we call public education. Stacy Schuler acted with arrogance toward reckless behavior because of that culture. Her boss George Coates did the same. In fact administrators in Mason allegedly made a habit of collecting cell phones from students and locking themselves in their offices with their pants down around their ankles looking for pictures of their students “sexting” to their boyfriends and girlfriends hoping to see what some of those girls walking down the hall looked like topless. Apparently George was one of these guys and it gave him the idea to send Ms. Schuler pictures of his “junk” when he learned she was hot to trot and ready for some action. That was his reaction when he found out Stacy was having trouble. Did he try to help her? No. He sought to take advantage of the situation for his own selfish gain, and to me the behavior is no different from the Lakota teacher looking for love in all the wrong places, among his student’s parents.

At Lakota I heard the same thing from this father. The school went into protection mode, sought out ways to make the wife appear as a slut so they could embarrass her to the community to protect their own interests. And they have attempted to paint the father as a radical nut job because he’s upset he let his guard down at his child’s school. Of all places he didn’t consider a threat to his marriage coming from their child’s school. It’s a similar betrayal one might feel if their wife or child became sexually involved with a priest at church. The teacher and the priest are supposed to be functioning above that animalistic behavior. And when they do stoop so low, we feel betrayed.

I don’t expect such things however. I have learned that all these institutional authority figures are simply employees, and I view them as such. I put no merit into the unsaid attributes of position worship. All I care about is whether or not Lakota is Excellent with Distinction, and if the current employees can’t get the job done. If not I’d be prepared to terminate them all and replace them with people who can. If they want to be well paid, they better earn it. The teacher who seduced this man’s wife is on my list of the top 625. He’s actually toward the bottom of that list, while the principal who was involved is near the top. I personally expect much higher behavior from these employees for what we pay them.

And that’s the real issue. When it comes to professionals there is a code of conduct that goes unsaid with increased pay scales. People who make more money know how to manage their lives properly. They may engage in extramarital affairs, but even those are managed. When you artificially prop up low quality people with collective bargaining, what you get is behavior like this, reckless, unappreciative, salacious conduct by people who create artificial protective classes for themselves. They believe the rules of society do not apply to them because they are a protected class.

So here’s the deal Lakota. Yes, you are expected to be an Excellent with Distinction district. You are not allowed to go backwards. But in regard to your role in the community, you do not live in a bubble. Those of us on the outside world do not feed you millions of dollars of money to isolate yourselves into an “Education Class.” And in that “Education Class,” you do not have a right to our women, our men and especially our children in a sexual context. If you want to meet members of the community for sex, do it at the appropriate places to meet such people, but the classroom is off-limits. And if you don’t understand that basic concept you don’t need to be employed at Lakota.

As I was looking at a Move Forward Lakota Levy sign at a traffic light where the people who placed it stuck it directly in front of one of our No Lakota Levy signs so people couldn’t see our sign, I had to laugh at the behavior. It was symbolic of many of the problems discussed here, were parents put on blinders to the behavior of a school in a belief that they will get an excellent product if they simply toss money at it. But Lakota seems to have an administrative tendency whether it is the story of this father upset that a Lakota teacher seduced his wife through his child within his classroom, or Ryan Fahrenkemp taking pictures of the kids in his classroom on a field trip in states of undress, or even the golfer who committed suicide. The alarm flags were up but nobody acted. The tendency of the administration at Lakota is to MOVE FORWARD, there is nothing to see here.

See the golfer story here:

See the Fahrenkemp story here where he pleads guilty of child porn:

Oh, was that a low blow. No, it wasn’t. Public schools sell themselves as valuable assets to the community, and Lakota just over the three stories mentioned above has not had a good record. They will say, “Hey, we have a lot of students, bad things happen when lots of employees and lots of students interact.” But that is no different from the airline pilot saying, “I just crashed one time in 300 flights. I only lost 150 people out of the tens of thousands I’ve flown.” When you sell a service, you are expected to live up to those expectations and not go into protection mode and participate in legalisms at the first sign of trouble. If Lakota did that, they might actually solve problems before they escalate out of control and not have to rely on a campaign slogan of “Move Forward,” give us money today so we can be good tomorrow.

It’s wonderful that even with all these errors Lakota is still such a highly respected school but it could also be said that the other schools are just worse in varying degrees. But that’s not enough. As a community we expect you to behave at a higher ethical standard and at the very least, to keep your teachers from seducing our spouses in parent/teacher conferences. And when it happens, get rid of the teacher and don’t demonize the poor parents. It’s tough enough to put a marriage back together again after an incident like that, but have a little respect for the institution of a family. And certainly don’t make him feel like his only outlet for justice is to go to the Ohio Board of Education. For God sakes, if you can’t handle a simple little problem that is as cut and dry as improper behavior between a teacher and the parents of the students, then it will be impossible to expect a school to deal with any real problems. And drop the Move Forward Lakota idea. It’s tasteless as a campaign slogan. Deal with the problems you have. Don’t attempt to spend more money to MOVE FORWARD and forget about all the mistakes made in the past, even if that past is only inches deep. Learn from those mistakes and get even better, and do it by spending less money.

For those who read this and are angered by it, too bad.  I expect more out of the employees of this district, and I don’t like hearing these kinds of stories. I don’t like it when it happens in other school systems, but it’s not acceptable in my community.  Such things are more embarrassing to public perception than a failed school levy.  Because these types of actions show what you are really about, not just the glitter that money buys you.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Come On a Ride: Herman Cain, Stacy Schuler, and the NEA–fear, terror and Halloween

I love Herman Cain. Now here is a guy who gets it, and his new smoking ad punches through invisible barriers to a double-standard radicalism that is breed into our culture. In fact, it is so deeply ingrained that few people even realize that they have been radicalized or that their daily behavior reflects it.

I’m going to ask you for a moment to sit down as though you were about to get on a ride, because I had the rare privilege of riding the Diamondback in the front seat during the Haunt event at Kings Island. As I stood in line and watched all the zombies, alien creatures and crazed side-walk skidders I pieced together various, seemingly unconnected events that had been nagging me. So make sure you are strapped in securely and come along for the ride. The source of all these seemingly unconnected events is something you won’t like, and will challenge your belief system, and it will all come back around to the station in the end, to the ad above about Herman Cain, Barack Obama, our cultural failures reflected in the Stacy Schuler case and the epic battle between traditional values and progressives. Hold up your hands and enjoy the ride.

I received a call earlier in the day from one of my No Lakota Buddies early while I was in a meeting. Seeing who it was, I took the call. Apparently the Butler County Sheriff caught some kid from Batavia stealing one of our big No Lakota Levy signs from the corner of Liberty Way and Cox. Since we put our signs out last week there has been a barrage of students stealing campaign signs against the levy. This has not just been happening at Lakota, but at Lebanon, and Fairfield in large amounts. Have a look at this link which shows pictures:

While we were dealing with massive sign theft over in Lakota I received several reports, one from a very credible source that the journalism teacher at Lakota East, Dean Hume had been bad-mouthing me, and one of the school board candidates openly to his class. Some of the kids came home and reported this and the principal at Lakota East had to be spoken to about the incident. I know some of the kids who take Hume’s class and I angrily inquired about what was going on. I received a series of emails from a parade of students and former students explaining what a great teacher Hume was and how my opinion of Hume being a Walter Lippmann activist type was incorrect. These students went on to explain the merits of how Hume had impacted their lives in so many positive ways. Two of the kids who wrote me I like quite a bit, so I let the issue go and took their word for it. Still, something didn’t seem right about their lack of critical assessment of Hume. Hume certainly crossed the line, but I was happy to leave the issue to the principal at Lakota East to deal with. After all, if I tracked down every comment made against me, I would be perpetually tracking down people and I wouldn’t get a whole lot done. So I simply filed the event away to contemplate later while I rode roller coasters.

I ride roller coasters so much in fact that when my publisher accepted the manuscript to my latest novel, they commented on how intense the action was, and wondered how I could write such a thing. I explained that much of the original manuscript had been sketched out on my hand while riding The Stunt Track at Kings Island, which I road again will thinking about the Hume story at Lakota East. There is something soothing in that catapult launch, and the run through the police cars that gets my blood boiling in a positive direction and organizes my thoughts. The faster the roller coasters, the more clear things become for me. And as for settings, strange creatures, gothic music, and smoke machines actually provide context for the metaphors they represent in the real world. My wife and I grabbed some steak fries from Rivertown and I pondered more of the perplexing quagmires percolating in my mind from the week. I think I like this time of year at Kings Island best simply because they don’t play all the pop music throughout the park. I prefer symphonic pieces most of the time as a musical choice, especially playful pieces themed around horror films.

As I stared through smoke at the dim lights and navigated through hoards of teenagers giggling and screaming within moments of each other, I thought of the most truly terrifying apparition that was behind the entire structure of everything I was concerned with. For there is a unifying factor, an aspect that tied all these individually small situations into a collective problem, and the hint to just how much influence that unifying factor is to my concerns came to me just hours before I held in my hands the steak fries that my wife and I were sharing.

A reporter called me, “Rich, not too many people like you do they?”

“No, and I like it that way,” I replied.

“You like it that way?”

“Yes, because if you are good and fair to people, yet they still don’t like you just because you are asking legitimate questions, it’s because they have something to hide. So the more people who hate me means we’re uncovering things they want to hide and their anger is the mask for which they use to hide it,” I said. “Did you call to tell me that?”

“I received a strange message from someone who didn’t leave their name or number. They were furious that I spoke to you about the school board story.”

I thought about the story that had broken earlier in the week, along with everything else mentioned. You can see the article that started the rift on the Lakota School Board at this ink:

“What else did they say,” I asked.

“They said you weren’t qualified to speak about school board matters and that we shouldn’t talk to you.”

“Well, there’s your answer, it’s one of the school board members themselves. What do you think?”

“You’re the one who gave us the flyer,” the reporter said. “If you hadn’t done that there wouldn’t be a story.”

“So because I’m not a school board member I’m not qualified to look at a flyer from a school board president and see what she’s up to, trying to stack the board in her favor, and therefore the position of the union? So because you interviewed me, they are trying to put pressure on you to not speak to me in the future. Is that how you take it?”

“Sounds that way to me,” the reporter said.

“Well, do you regret talking to me?”

“Hell, no!” the reporter said. “You are a fun guy to talk to. I just thought it was funny is all.”

I laughed. “Well, if they are pissed off, it means I’m doing something right. And before I’m done, there will be a lot more pissed off people, you can count on that. Sounds like mafia tactics to me. What do you think?”

“That’s the first thing I thought of,” the reporter added before we went into another interview for a story being prepared for another article.

What do all these stories have in common? Unions! Radical, manipulative, destructive, socialist unions paid for with our tax money to work against all us at every turn. It is because of the unions that I fully support ISSUE 2. I want to support teachers who elect to remove themselves from union membership. Because what I know about their activity is far scarier than any of the haunted houses at Kings Island or the thrill rides catapulting you into the darkness as you ride them. The teachers unions at their heart are a socialist organization created by enemies of America.

Their work is subtle and has been for years. Even many of the teachers who belong to their organization aren’t aware of the slow cooking employed upon their minds to create a radicalized soldier for progressive causes, and those teachers, because the pay is good, and the benefits are unlike anything in the private sector will swallow whole the message of their parent unions and teach those same radical methods to our children. This doesn’t happen in one school year. It happens over decades and the true intentions are disguised with careful language so not to tip-off the public as to the real aim. But it’s been going on a long, long time. For evidence, feel free to view these links in great detail.

In Ohio the NEA (NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION) contributed $1 million to defeating Issue 2 and they are a radical organization. Look at their reading list, shown on their website. These are the books that the NEA wants the teachers you pay for to read. The NEA is the parent union to the OEA (Ohio Education Association) and specific to Lakota the OEA is the parent organization to the LEA (Lakota Education Association.) These books are listed as they appear on the NEA website.

Rules for Radicals
Saul Alinsky, Vintage Books, 1989
The classic book about organizing people, written by one of America’s foremost organizers.
Organize for Social Change

Midwest Academy Manual for Activists
Third Edition, Kim Bobo et al, Seven Locks Press, 2001
This is one of the best books about collective action and putting the screws to decision-makers. It’s about winning battles.

Building More Effective Unions
Paul Clark, Cornell University Press, 2000
Penn State Professor of Labor Studies Paul Clark applies the latest in behavioral sciences research to creating more effective unions. His insights are both astute and highly practical.

The Trajectory of Change: Activist Strategies for Social Change
Michael Albert, SouThend Press, 2002
Z Magazine’s Michael Albert has assembled a collection of thoughtful articles on ways to overcome various obstacles to social change.

Roots to Power: A Manual for Grassroots Organizing
Lee Staples, Praeger, 1984
This is a good nuts and bolts guide to organizing. It is especially good on recruiting, developing action plans, executing them, and dealing with counterattacks.

Taking Action: Working Together for Positive Change in Your Community
Elizabeth Amer, Self Counsel Press, 1992
Written by a Toronto community activist, this book is easy to read, full of examples, and sprinkled with how-to-advice.

Organizing: A Guide for Grassroots Leaders
Si Kahn, McGraw Hill, 1981, Revised 1991
This book is well organized. You can find relevant material for your situation without reading the whole book.

Ethical Ambition: Living a Life of Meaning and Worth
Derrick Bell, Bloomsbury, 2002
A gem of a book that delves into the question of “Why become an activist?” It is both thought-provoking and energizing.

Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time
Paul Rogat Loeb, St. Martins Press, 1999
Provides solace for the activist‘s soul and juice for the activist’s battery

And this week, the NEA announced that it was awarding a $5,000 grant to two Wisconsin teachers for helping create union activists in 1st and 2nd grade students. Have a look for yourself. Here’s a screenshot from the NEA website, before they remove it.

Source article:

What’s happening is through radical union activity and small little rewards like higher wage compensation and benefits, grants and other perks, the radical unions are nudging their teachers to embrace radical ideas camouflaged behind carefully planted smiles and a public image. School boards are constructed to maintain that façade to the public, as the direction of the school boards is then controlled by the OSBA, the Ohio School Board Association who also reads the same types of books. School board members who don’t play nicely are pushed off the board, because the aim of a school board is to achieve public consensus. The game is a very subtle one, and for people who are more interested in watching Dancing with the Stars or picking up a magazine which features Jennifer Aniston’s newest love interest, they probably will think what I’m saying is a bunch of crazy talk. In fact, many school board members and even some superintendents might think so because their thinking is so specialized and focused on a specific task that they fail to see static patterns outside of their own experience. (TO UNDERSTAND STATIC PATTERNS AND WHAT THEY MEAN TO YOU CLICK THE LINK FOR REFERENCE.)

The reason they can’t see what is right in front of their face is described in that article. That is why they get angry with me, because they are either aware of what I’m saying or they are afraid of what I’m saying and they don’t want to believe it. But what I’m saying is not wrong. The only question is how long does it take for everyone else to learn and accept it so they can change their behavior.

As I looked at all the costumes around Kings Island on the Haunt night I saw that it is the masks that the unions show us. The education institutions themselves are all wearing them and they want you to buy into the product they are selling, care and education for your children with service and smile. But what the larger organizations of union control want are teachers to pay them dues so they can use that money to inflict social change. READ THIS ARTICLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE AFTER.

So it is the masks that we see when dealing with public education, and it is the masks the kids are learning to shape their minds around. The process is so subtle that it happens like a slow cooker, but the results of that stewing process are absolutely evident in the Stacy Schuler trial. I think I am more alarmed at the casual behavior and lack of morality in the kids than I am in a teacher who had sex orgies with 5 of her students while helping the Mason School System pass their tax levy in the fall of 2010.

And see video of the trial and get a hint at what dirt is still under the rug in her wake. (SHE’S NOT ALONE IN THIS)

Behind the masks of these monsters running around Kings Island are simple teenage kids just like many of the customers in the park. The only difference between the customers and the dressed up monsters is the roles they play in the experience. If everyone stripped down to just a swimming suit and put the masks away, we are all the same. It’s the roles we play which differentiate the participants.

I don’t jump or get startled when I go through a haunted house. I enjoy going through them to see what level of imagination the people who build them can come up with, but I don’t allow my mind to suspend my belief system to accept what I’m seeing. However, many students, and parents do, and they are willing participants in the masks of public education which is constructed by the radical elements of the union movement. Those organizations are intent not just to scare our society, like the monsters in a haunted house. They actually want to change society and they are using our tax money to do it.

Oh……the ride is almost over and we’re pulling back into the station. Wasn’t that fun? Do you want t ride again? Well, ride this ride as many times as you’d like. Go back to the beginning and read it again, and again and again, because as we pull into the station to end this ride for the moment we have to study what we learned. Herman Cain understands what is at work behind the scenes and he sought to exploit that hypocrisy with his new ad and I love it! Because the message does not speak to the masks we wear in society, but to the soul behind the mask who knows that everything is an illusion. When the funding structure of an education institution is in jeopardy, seemingly sane people, young and old, who have been carefully trained over many years to believe radical concepts of change implemented by an aggressive teachers union, will flock like insects to protect that funding structure. Kids will steal and vandalize signs. They’ll apologize for their teaches radical behavior, they’ll call up reporters and attempt to gain control of the media, they dress up in the scariest mask they have to frighten you along in a haunted house on a path they have established. They’ll take away busing to “nudge” parents into passing another levy, because the cost of fuel alone exceeds the cost of the tax. They’ll threaten the safety of the community; they’ll attempt to create anxiety over property values, over emergency services, over lack of college opportunities. They’ll do all this to frighten you along in a haunted house of their design.

I can see in Cain’s eye that he’s seen it all and done it all and he is not willing to suspend his beliefs to become frightened. In fact, he’s inviting the thugs, the creeps, the zombies and every political terror imaginable to attempt to scare him with that ad and I absolutely love it! Because what it does is force people to analyze their own behavior and ask the question, why do I believe what I believe. Do I really think that and if so…………..why?

As we pull into the station and you get off this ride, ask yourself, what do you believe, and why do you believe it. Do you choose to allow masked zombies to frighten you because you are bored and want the entertainment? Or do you really believe that they are the monsters they appear to be? Because when you’re ready for the truth, you can join me in line to enjoy the spectacle for the show it is, enjoy having some steak fries in the cool evening air as people relish in the festivities. But you don’t take it too serious because it’s really only a show, and when you understand that, you can then begin to consider the true value of what it costs to put on such a show. Once that happens, a level of truth can finally be explored.

So…………….what’s it gonna’ be. Want to ride again? Go ahead……………………………………………

Before we step out of this car let me share with you a video from 24 years ago just to let you know I am acquainted with what I’m talking about. My wife and I first bought a mobile home instead of doing the usual thing of renting an apartment as our first residence. The idea is we wanted to own our home, not rent it. Every year the trailer park had a huge trick or treat night on Halloween and I loved it. Several hundred kids would come to our residence so I’d set up a haunted house and make kids “earn” their candy. I’d sit in a chair in my living room and make them come and get the candy out of my lap. Under the bowl of candy I had an air hose that I shot at the kids when they took the candy. It was all in fun, except for the smart mouthed girls that I threw out of my house. Some things never change not only on my end, but on the other side as well.

I still do things like this, but it was never as fun as in that mobile home park because our homes after this period of time have always been outside of neighborhoods so I never had that many trick or treaters again. But it’s also fun to see that some things never change and that people behave the same no matter how young or old they are. If I had my wish, I’d ask that everyone in society be like the last kids in that video, where they willingly suspended their beliefs to have a little fun, but they never lose themselves in the act. And when it’s over we all go our separate ways with an appreciation of the show and don’t try and impose change on one another for the act of control. That’s where the line gets crossed and the threat of violence isn’t just in some Halloween fun, but to alter the freedoms and income we are all entitled to enjoy without tyranny.

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The Tragedy of Stacy Schuler: The real crime is still under the rug

Just a few hours after the broadcast below Stacy Schuler, the Mason teacher was sentenced to 4 years in prison for the 16 counts against her of sexual battery. Doc Thompson and I spoke about all things involving public education in a segment that turned to humor as we dealt with all the stress evident around the subject. In this conversation we talk about all the school levies in Cincinnati starting with Lakota, we talk about Stacy Schuler, we talk about the need for innovation in education, and we spoke about Issue 2 in Ohio as well as Issue 3. Then we came unglued when the subject moved to the antics of the Lakota School Board.

What all these school systems have in common, whether it be Lakota, Fairfield, Lebanon, or Mason is they all lack essential leadership in their school boards. The fault for that starts with us for electing the wrong people to school board. But many of those bright-eyed idealists who run for those boards find themselves crushed by consensus under the weight of the Delphi Technique taught by the OSBA (Ohio School Board Association) which seeks to unify a board to unification and looks down upon dissenters. School board members who exhibit dissent are pushed off the board. This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine in Mason by the name of Jennifer Miller.

Jennifer was on the school board of Mason during the years leading up to many of he events that created Stacy Schuler and I was thinking of those events as I watched Stacy calmly sit in front of a judge and await her fate. As I said in the broadcast, I thought Stacy Schuler was getting a raw deal. Her teachers union had abandoned her. Many of the school board members and administrators who knew about what was going on in Mason with Schuler had either quit and left for other jobs in other parts of the country or sat on their hands and let Stacy hang in the court of public opinion without offering to help her or speak on her behalf.

I think what Stacy did was wrong. She compromised her authority position and that dictates losing her job. But it does not dictate jail. The boys she had sex with will become celebrities, and the people who helped create the environment all escaped unharmed and that was the real crime.

The school board at Mason was exceptionally weak on this. They quietly dealt with George Coates, her boss, who had sent nude pictures of himself to Stacy because they were on her school computer. The case was much larger than Stacy Schuler having sex with 5 football players. It was a cultural failure which started in the school itself. (SEE CLIPS FROM WHEN THE INCIDENT BROKE AT THIS LINK! This will give you an idea of the scope of the story left uncovered. Kevin Bright, the superintendent was moved to Cleveland before the trail began).

The Stacy Schuler case not only showed how far down the rabbit hole we’ve all submitted to in social degradation, listening to the boys talk about sex with their teacher as though they were the stars of an American Pie movie, but it points to a much more epic problem which almost every one of us is guilty of, setting the social bar too low not only for ourselves, but for our kids. For the kids, it was clearly a joke. They smoked dope and had group sex with their teacher and were heroes for it. That is a social failure in itself. Stacy, coming out of a bad marriage and hitting the age of 30 decided, “What the hell. I feel like it so I’m doing it!” To me there is something to be admired in that proclamation even if it is against the law, because it’s honest. It may not be right morally, but she was clearly attempting to solve a puzzle deep inside her mind with acts of pornographic degradation and social rebellion.

But the real villains are still out there, and you know who you are. You are the apologists, the blamers, the people who think first how to push under the rug every item which might jeopardize the funding structure for which you administer. You’ll lie, you’ll cheat, and you’ll manipulate any fact to protect your own. But when one of your own actually gets caught, you quickly cut all your ties to them and leave them to hang without a lending hand of any kind and that makes you all cowards!

Everyone who knows me understands that I’m not a fan of teachers unions. But instead of standing around with signs protesting Issue 2 in Ohio, shouldn’t they have been protesting to help Stacy Schuler and her fall from grace? I heard nothing from the union about defending her behavior or even attacking some of the administrators who participated in this debacle. Instead, everyone went into cover-up mode and showed the world what cowards they truly are.

It is because of obvious evidence such as this, that I think public education is a complete failure and simply not worth the money. And it is about the money, otherwise there wouldn’t have been any cover-up. And this points back to the dysfunction of school boards in general, not just with the Stacy Schuler situation, but at all schools. They are not doing what they should be doing. They do not control their costs, and properly manage their resources. They function to build consensus not only among themselves, but with the community, and that is what they are taught first and foremost at the OSBA Conference. That is why Lakota’s school board is fighting. That is why Fairfield’s school board took a pay-off which was investigated by the FBI as recently as August of 2011. And that is why the Mason school board didn’t deal with Stacy Schuler before things got out of hand. They wanted deniability so they could say later, “we didn’t know.” But everyone knew, including George. Instead of helping the teacher, they took advantage of her, and that is pathetic!

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Robert the Bruce of Issue 2: Looking for WARRIOR POETS in Ohio

When I hear Bill Cunningham anymore I can’t help but think of Robert the Bruce, the noble who left William Wallace on the battlefield in the film Braveheart. In that film Robert the Bruce made a deal with the political establishment to leave William Wallace in the middle of the battle, an act intended to defeat Wallace. Robert the Bruce, who was a wealthy land owner wasn’t ready to give everything up in an alliance with Wallace, so he took the deal and left Wallace to die. You can see here where Bill Cunningham knows he’s doing the wrong thing turning against his friend John Kasich when he speaks with Ed Schultz. Cunningham, as a wealthy lawyer himself is not ready to speak out against a system he helped build. Pay close attention to the words Cunningham speaks. It’s scripted and you will hear it again later in this post.

While Cunningham and Schultz were talking on MSNBC an epic debate was underway in Ohio between, Sen. Keith Faber and former Ohio Congressman Dennis Eckart over Issue 2. Faber without question won the debate. He answered every question thoroughly, and as completely as possible. Eckart used the position of the unions which is all emotion to answer virtually every question. You can see the complete debate for yourself here. Part one is the first video, part two, is the second video. Watch it and make the decision for yourself.

It’s interesting that Eckert used exactly the same metaphor regarding the mother-in-law as Cunningham did. That means that both men are reading the talking points created by the union interests that runs deep in our culture, and is responsible for much of the corruption that goes on in politics. Remove the union influence, and aspects of government that are corrupt would be greatly illustrated. The unions are spending upwards of $60 million dollars on manipulating the citizens of Ohio into a moment of self-doubt, to preserve their empire.

This morning an employee came up to me and said, “You’re for Issue 2, right?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’m a tremendous supporter of Issue 2.”

“Well, I think it’s just terrible. They want to take away our collective bargaining rights.”

I said to them, “Nobody has a right to collective bargaining. What makes you think it’s a right?”

“It’s in the constitution!” They were very angry when they said this.

I took a breath. “No, it’s not in any constitution either federal, or state wide. Collective bargaining for public employees was created by corrupt, progressive politicians to ‘purchase’ voting blocks for themselves. It has nothing to do with actual rights. FDR started this discussion and Kennedy finished it off as a favor to the mobs in 1962 with Executive Order 10988. That’s when public unions were allowed to form and it was a mistake. Unions have NO natural rights to anything I have. They do not have a right to collectively bargain for the tax money I toss in the pot to spend on our government services.”

“But they pay taxes too!” They said.

“Yes, but the difference is for the public employee, they pass the hat around, they all contribute and at the end, they divide up among themselves what they put in, because their wages come out of the hat. I put money in the hat and it never comes back to me. I don’t get money back out of the hat. It goes around, I contribute, and I get back an employee for public service, and I have a limit on what I’m willing to pay for those services. Collective bargaining in my opinion should have been abolished in Issue 2, along with the idea that public employees should be in a union. It doesn’t go far enough in my opinion! I see Issue 2 as a very fair reform that is ESSENTIAL to the future of Ohio.”


Here’s the deal, Governor Kasich did balance his budget which was $8 billion in the hole at the start of 2011. Issue 2 will not affect his budget. But Kasich turned off the bleeding money that came out of Columbus so there isn’t any money to lobby from the State. That means that the money for all school districts and community services will have to come from higher taxes in those regions. So as the unions are looking to loot state and federal money to cover their budget needs, that money is gone, leaving it to the communities to cover the difference.  (SOURCE ARTICLE FOR PICTURE)

Now I support the move by Kasich, because all that state money is also my money, and I like to see that he’s getting his hands around it. And it’s a lot easier for me to help cover costs in my local community away from the union lobby in Columbus, so I have no problem with what Kasich has done. But without Issue 2 as a tool, tax increases will be an epic demand right out of the gate in 2012 and the money isn’t there. So all these people protesting against it, like Cunningham and Eckert political progressives in function, the money isn’t there to satisfy the “fairness” they are looking for.

The unions claim they have “given back” a billion dollars. Well, it wasn’t enough because the budget demands have not went away. So maybe they need to give back another billion dollars in order to balance our community budgets. And if they don’t want to do that, then find another job. It’s a choice. But under their definition of “giveback” it is equivalent to a ship of pirates considering on whether or not to plunder a town. If the value of a town is $1 billion dollars and the pirates decide not to attack the town, this is how the unions define a “give back.”

I can’t think of a single reason to vote no on Issue 2. I wish it was more aggressive, but as it is, I think it’s fair from the perspective of society. It took a lot of courage to vote for Issue 2, the question is, do you have the courage to keep it? The unions are betting that you don’t, because they are spending millions and millions and millions of dollars on making you feel afraid, and to vote with those fears in mind on November 8th 2011. So do you have the courage to keep it, because as of now, you have it Ohio? This is an issue you cannot leave to other people; you must show up and protect it with your vote. Because the unions will all be there to protect the status quo and ability to take our money without regulation. All you have to do to stop that kind of looting is VOTE YES on ISSUE 2, and have a little backbone in the silent isolation of the voting booth.

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Legend of the Misty Mountains: The first snow on the Cherohala Skyway

As if the No Lakota Levy campaigns were not enough, my work on Issue 2, my occupations, and my family, I have been working through a critical edit and rewrite on my new book tentatively titled The Tail of the Dragon. My publisher is exploring a title change however to capture the epic quality of the story to something like Legend of the Misty Mountains. But it’s still early. So my mind was spinning late in the night as I was thinking about all these tasks at the same time when a friend of mine from those Misty Mountains sent me the picture you see displayed here.

The Cherohala Skyway received it’s first snow of the year over the weekend and my new book involves a massive car chase upon it’s roads, so my friends from down south who are eagerly awaiting the completion of my novel wanted to send me the lovely site of that first snow upon those scenic wonders where the mind of man and the wonders of nature unite upon the Cherohala Skyway which takes drivers to the mouth of The Dragon along the western frontier of the Great Smoky Mountains.

My editor and I were having the type of banter that writers and editors have. As anyone who reads here can tell, my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is more like my personal notes which I share for everyone to see, mistakes and all, because for me it is to capture the ideas as they come and that is the essence of the task. It is the editor’s job to focus those ideas. When you put together a book, which involves many parts of a publishing company, the hand print of others are part of the process, so cuts, re-writes, refocusing key ideas are very important to the end result. So she and I were having this back and forth about what the novel was truly about, because we are at that phase.

I would say, “This book is about how politicians use public officials and legal manipulation to climb into power. That is the essence of how the governor in the story is using the police unions to solidify his bloc voting in a run for the White House.”

She said, “That is certainly an important part of the story, but it’s not the main theme. This is a pirate story. The main character is a pirate, and a violent one at that. This is also a love story, and a journey of self-discovery. It’s much more epic than the political subplot.”

So I mulled her comments around in my mind into the small hours of the morning as I stared at that misty mountain picture. Just a few hours before I had given an interview to The Enquirer over the debacle of Lakota’s school board and all the infighting that is going on. Before that the No Lakota Levy people had one of our meetings and mapped out our ad strategy and assignments for distributing signs. And as I looked at the stat list for this blog site, I noticed that my Stacy Schuler articles had over 4,000 views alone over the last couple of days. The combination of all those elements together sent my mind into a bit of sadness. I have written many, many deeply insightful articles here, and it’s Stacy Schuler which is the most popular. It is quite obvious that the crime of much of my time consumed centers around the lack of participation in most of society to THINK. It is the lack of THINKING from the voters that has allowed the public unions to rule over our politics. It is the LACK of THINKING that has allowed for higher taxes and manipulation of the type of ads which come from the anti-Issue 2 crowd. Those of us who think wonder how people could be so stupid not to see that Issue 2 is a fix, and is fair. But the emotion of the unions works even if they don’t have any facts to back them up. So in many ways my anger at those who don’t think had found it’s way into my novel, even if unintentionally and that anger and rebellion was unmistakable, and my editor had keyed on that emotion by rationalizing that my epic political adventure was actually a modern pirate story.

The roots to this book began ironically in one of my favorite restaurants in the world, and I have dined in some fine places. My wife and I love to eat at the Friday’s restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg. We don’t dine at the one’s here in town, but when in Gatlinburg we like to eat at Friday’s. There is something unique about that particular location, something in the air which I enjoy thoroughly. It may be the large mountains that rise up when you set foot out the front door, or the Ripley’s attractions across the street. Gatlinburg as a place is a thriving center of nearly pure capitalism and I love the area intensely. And I love to sit in the booths at Friday’s in Gatlinburg, where each one has its own flat screen television, and I scratch down notes for future writing projects. It was in this place that this current book was born, this pirate story about fast cars, rediscovered love, and the treachery of politics.

In the south they still enjoy being rebels. They do not pat themselves on the back for bowing down to authority. Down there they still resist, and I think it’s for this reason that so many people from Ohio visit the place each year. It’s not just for the scenic mountains. It’s for the reduced pressure one feels in such a place in political attention. It’s a similar feeling that you can experience in most beach communities and specifically Key West, they all have in common a tendency to look down at authority, with authority being the enforcers of a politician’s goofy ideas. I enjoy visiting places for vacation that embody such qualities and in my entertainment I enjoy the same eminence.

My anger at systems, at orthodox, at wasted money, at stupidity has its roots in this elementary concept. I think we should all be freer as a people, but to be free, it requires people to be somewhat intelligent and to think. It is evident that we are being herded about like animals in a barnyard by masters who consider themselves above us in the political class. If one of those animals declares, “I’m not an animal, I’m a human being” trouble is not far behind that declaration.

As I studied the rift that had developed on the Lakota School Board, due in large part to the information released on this site, which I thought was actually quite insignificant, a higher truth is revealed that I don’t think even the participants understand. The people on the school board want to be taken out of the “herd” and be considered as part of the political ruling class, and that’s why they are so interested in getting elected for a nothing job. The essence of all corruption is present in even a simple job involving no money for the participants, and even then, power struggles will erupt because people desire to be released from the HERD.

Rather than join the political ruling class I turn to writing, and vacations in exotic locations, and I find solace in places like the Cherohala Skyway and the Friday’s in Gatlinburg. My anger at that political ruling class comes out in my writing whether it be here as my personal thoughts and notes, or the more sophisticated and potent new novel that will be released during 2012 which ended up being a modern pirate story.

Such releases are important, especially when you involve yourself in the small-mindedness of the herds who all wish to rule. The clutter and mess they leave in their wake are frustrating and to level with them in an attempt to help them is like speaking to a rock. They do not have the capacity to understand what you are trying to tell them. And to keep from going over the deep end in anger I jot down notes on napkins, my hand, and on the bags of the cloths my wife has purchased, while we eat cheese sticks at Friday’s in Gatlinburg.

So knowing that, and with my editors consent, we will pursue this theme of the pirate against the masses of government, and I will enjoy every word written, every phrase turned and every act of rebellion contained within it, because such a story is needed for all those who have a mind to think and appreciate with sincerity the first snow on a mountain roadway in a land that refuses to bow it’s head in submission to mindless authority.

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Average Lakota Teacher Overall Compensation is $130,219 Per Year: That’s $67.82 per hour!

I have said it time and time again, more money spent on education does not yield better educational results. Doc Thompson of 700 WLW and I talk about that very aspect during his 9AM to noon show.

Money does not make any education system better! This discussion was triggered from some fantastic reporting recently in the Cincinnati Enquirer who has been looking hard at the data of whether or not higher taxes improve education. I put the blame for this misperception cleanly on the radical union aspect of education. It has been their factions who have spread the rumors and they’ve done it to increase their wages and benefits. The rumors have nothing to do with actual education. For Instance, Indian Hill spends around $793 per $100,000 in taxes compared to $1,672 per $100,000 in Finnytown. Which school system do you think is producing more academically bound students? How much do you spend per hundred thousand? Well, have a look. This chart came from one of the Cincinnati Enquirer articles and is very useful.

Source Article:

Of course how much we spend on our properties to fund a school is only one part of the story. The other is how much a district actually spends per pupil to achieve the desired academic results. Doc asked me what the difference is, in why some schools can produce Excellent with Distinction results even though they might be spending $8,000 per student, and schools that are spending $15,000 per student are only excellent. I explained that the difference in cost is all tied up in the salary structures of those schools. I would say that statistically, the schools that are spending less per pupil are for the most part more rural communities and employee newer teachers, and when teachers get some experience under their belts, they transfer to schools like Lakota, Mason, Princeton, and Cincinnati Public because those are very desirable places to live with a lot of culture for the teachers to participate in. So the more remote schools have a high turn-over at the top end of their pay scale and have more younger tenure teachers, which helps keep their costs down. Yet those schools still produce excellent results, so the myth that money equals quality is shattered by this information.

All we are paying for with more costs are the inflated contracts of teachers who have priced themselves out of their own market. But that market value is artificially propped up because of collective-bargaining derived from the union influence. I didn’t get the time to explain it on the radio but the best way to explain this concept is with professional baseball. The New York Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball. So with that in mind, they should win a World Series every year if money bought wins. But the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have one of the smallest payrolls in baseball, yet they have regular playoff appearances, and could be argued statistically to be as good as the Yankees.The reason is the Rays tend to dump their high dollar employees in favor of fresh talent right out of the Triple A League. The Yankees tend to buy up other teams best players, which inflates their payroll on the belief that in doing so, they are buying a championship team, which doesn’t work. It doesn’t work in sports and it doesn’t work in business. It also doesn’t work in education. Being lean and mean works, employing people who have passion works.

And getting rid of your “train riders” (people who are burnt out and just along for the contract ride) does not, and many districts who have high per pupil costs are carrying too many of these types of employees. But when you speak to an employee, they of course will tell you that you need them. They are trying to sell you their services. But if the people who do the hiring and firing do not understand this basic concept, then the costs will become inflated, and that’s what’s happening with these teaching professions. Late in the evening the night before last, I received the spreadsheet you see below. This man is not part of the No Lakota Levy group. He’s a neutral fellow who’s just trying to make sense of the situation at Lakota so he did the extra work of trying to figure out whether or not he should vote for the Lakota Levy or not. He wanted me to publish this so others could share in his work and compare it to their situations. He calls it his Lakota Levy Calculator.

To understand what you are looking at I changed the colors a bit to make it easier to see. I put the essential numbers in Yellow so that the main point is easy to see for those who aren’t used to looking at spreadsheets. In this case, he uses a flat 60K per year as the average salary of the people in West Chester, and compares that against the $62,331 average Lakota Teachers made during the 2010 school year.  It shows all the hidden costs of the typical teacher at Lakota, so you can clearly see how much better they have it than the rest of us. His references are listed at the end, so feel free to double-check him. What he is showing here is that the annualized compensation for the average Lakota teacher, once all costs are added up, (insurance costs, wages, bankable personal days, which are actually large costs, the compensation is $130,219 per year. For the average resident of West Chester who makes $60,000 per year brings in just $74,520. The hourly compensation rate for the teacher is $67.82 per hour. For the average West Chester resident it’s $38.81. Now, who believes that a teacher at Lakota is worth $67.82 per hour? I don’t. They might be worth $38.81 an hour, but not $67. It is this type of cost which drives up the budgets which dictate the need for school levies. These costs are the hidden impacts against our community budgets and the suggestion that education would improve if we pay a teacher $70 per hour, or $80 per hour is just insane, and is an outright manipulation of the facts. Before the state can solve the state funding problem we have to understand what the value of a teacher is in Ohio. As of now there are too many spoiled costs inserted into these union contracts to make firm budget decisions. And until those costs are placed into the realm of reality, we cannot reform education funding.

 It is for this reason that the teachers unions are so upset over Issue 2. They know that once communities start understanding what their tax money is being spent on, they won’t want to pay it, and they shouldn’t.

People vote for higher taxes hoping that they are giving their kid a better chance than a school that isn’t performing at a higher level. But the key is not in the employees themselves, it’s in the management, and it always has been. What makes a sports team better, or a business better, or a school better, is the management. And this includes an organization like the Indianapolis Colts. Payton Manning is the same as having a head coach and a player wrapped up into the same position. Manning is more management than player, and the great ones always are. It’s not just in physical ability, but what comes out through strategy. You can’t throw money at a situation to buy quality. A district has to actually be a quality place to begin with and that starts with the community itself. They are the management, and if they want a great school it starts with paying attention to your kids, not teaching them that money can buy them anything they want, and that watching every dime isn’t just being cheap, but it’s good practice at driving the best out of people who are then forced to dig deep within themselves to perform at the highest level possible. When employees are fat, dumb and happy, they become complacent, and become a problem. For evidence of this, sports provide the formula for us to see. And education is no different. The schools of Ohio are in trouble because they haven’t come to grips with the big rip-off shown in the above spreadsheets, and they better learn to understand the situation before it’s too late to improve the situation. And that starts by voting NO on all school levies, because more money just feeds the problem and if you give them more money, you have become part of the problem.

To understand how much of the problem you are, look at the end of that spreadsheet, at how much money Lakota would have as a budget surplus if we were paying teachers the very good wage of the average West Chester resident, all things equal–we’d have a $66 million dollar surplus.  Wow, and tell me that it’s all about the kids. 

Now we know why the Pro Levy campaign called themselves “Move Forward”……..because they are moving forward toward the bank while the rest of us count our pennies. 

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I have given you at this site virtually hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reasons to VOTE YES on Issue 2. You could review this link:

And at this link I have all the videos and links for you to learn everything you could possibly want to know about Issue 2. So if you do not know what Issue 2 is, click this link and learn:

To everyone else, those union types, those labor lawyers, you pretend Tea Party types who screamed for change then bailed out when things appeared, “unfair, harsh, and mean-spirited,” I will spend the rest of this article directed at you. For those unfamiliar with this battle, please forgive the language. But you must understand that this has been a hard-fought battle and tempers are at their peak.

If you do not VOTE YES on ISSUE 2, you are stupid. Not only are you stupid, but you need to reinsert yourself into the 1st grade and start all over. If you vote no on Issue 2, you need to have your head examined, and are not equipped to function in society even at the level of driving a car. To get the gist of where I’m going with this, listen to Darryl Parks and Marc Amazon of 700 WLW. Darryl has a wonderful way of summing up the whole problem and need for Issue 2 in about 3 minutes. Listen to that broadcast here.

If you vote NO on Issue 2, you are OK with the fact that the public sector makes more than 43% in overall benefits than those of us who work in the private sector. If you do not vote YES on ISSUE 2, you are an apologist, an enabler, a thief of the worst kind; one who steals using the law as your weapon. The public employees who have participated in this campaign have lied, they have cheated, and they have manipulated the mushy minded in so many ways that it is utterly disgusting.

I support teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses, everyone, but I do not support unionized labor in the public sector. John F. Kennedy made a deal with the mob in 1962 and signed Executive Order 10988 which allowed for public unions to organize against government, and the mob has their hand in public unions. If you do not get the unions out of government, you are participating in a crime.

Oh, I hear what you said friendly neighborhood fireman, Mr. Policeman, “The Mob! Oh, there he goes again. Such a conspiracy.” Such thoughts are simply too big for your tiny brains! That is not my fault! That is why I said you need an entirely new education, because I cannot speak to you until you can understand the basics of the situation, and if you do not understand that organized crime is tied to union activity, you cannot be helped.

Union activity is also a communist philosophy. It was not capitalists who came up with the idea of labor unions. It was Karl Marx himself who fed that movement, and many newspaper publishers in the United States endorsed Marx as a social philosopher to be listened to. Is it any surprise that the labor movement formed around the publication of the Communist Manifesto? I have asked union presidents what the date 1848 meant to them and they look at me the same way a dog does who hears a new word. They kind of tilt their head a bit to let the sound of the new word soak in. Most people these days have no understanding of history, and 1848 is just too long ago to consider. So they assume that their union is “all American” and as long as they get a pay check, they are happy to ignore history all together. Because all that matters to most of these types is what their Fantasy Football picks are yielding for them. “Communism and unions…..1848, you’re making my head hurt.” SEE FOR YOURSELF WHAT THE 10 PLANKS OF COMMUNISM ARE?

Under absolutely no circumstance should a public union be legal to form against the taxpayer. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE! Kennedy sold us out and even that didn’t save his life. But the fools who bought into his scam back in the 60’s continued to vote for the America that Kennedy proposed and those idiots gave us the legislation which paved the way for all the problems we are currently experiencing. Most of those fools think education is all about sports, so they ignore the ugliness of the union influence, and those people were ill-equipped to have children in my opinion. The world would have been better off if they just stayed on the golf course. Because as they’ve become older, and the matter within their scrotums are producing less testosterone and more estrogen they have lost their spines! They are now part of the problem compounded, and they are those monkeys in public office with the tie and the mustache, with the TV talk show at 3PM, they are the attorneys who pass more laws, and make more money to slush the pockets of those people they’ve pandered to their entire adult lives in pursuit of JFK’s dream! You are the malcontents of destruction, the Trojan Horses of America, and you have let the enemy in behind our lines to erode us from within. And you did so with your lack of knowledge, with your stupidity, your greed. You should look at yourselves in the mirror and cry for all the sins you’ve ever committed which cannot be forgiven in the church of God, because you have corroded time itself and future generations with a mentality of dependence.

If you do not VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 you are acting completely on your own selfish interests, or you are just too stupid to understand the scope of the problem. As you call out now that it’s too late, that you’ve built entire careers playing the other side, now you want to talk. Now you want to hold hands. It’s only because you see the anger in our faces. It’s only because you’ve been caught. WE TRUSTED YOU PUBLIC WORKERS and you took advantage of us.

If you do not VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 you and you alone will be responsible for the aftermath, the budget cuts, the reduced services in schools, and the pain that follows. There won’t be anyone to blame for that pain but yourselves. Gone are the days where you could look to the nipples of the state and mother government and ask for more money, and get it. You have become addicted to their money like a crack addict is to their dealer. You’ll do anything to get at their money, including whoring yourself.
And I can assure you, I am not exaggerating. It will be your life that is in jeopardy, and you did it to yourself. I will VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 because I bitched and complained to my representatives to give me this fix so I can actually help you from yourself, and you greedy losers took to the streets and protested, you blamed the Koch brothers, you blame Glenn Beck, you blame those evil Republicans, you blame Kasich. You blame everybody but yourselves!

I was invited to the Kasich Rally at the Sharonville Convention Center. And while I didn’t want to hurt the feelings of my friends who wanted me to attend I can tell you the honest answer, I did not attend because I am angry at Kasich for the way he has paid his staff. I think he should have known better. But, I am glad that Kasich signed into law a bill I supported when it was just paragraphs on a page in the cold months of last December.

You can call it union busting, you can call it mean-spirited, but it’s for your own good and time will prove that to you. You can be mad at me because it’s easier than being mad at yourselves, but I’m telling you one last time for your own good, “IF YOU DO NOT VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2 YOU ARE STUPID!”
Regardless of the direction of that vote I will sleep well because I did everything I could to help the situation, and if the horse is too stupid to drink the water that I guided it to, then it’s the horses fault if it doesn’t drink and becomes thirsty later. I tried to educate you, and you chose to be stupid. That is your fault not mine.

But don’t you dare expect me to support a foolish, communist, union. I know many motorcycle riders whom I’ve had long talks with over many beers who think they can have their cake and eat it too. These men who ride their motorcycles and travel in these roving gangs and swear by the union while they stick those American flags into their motorcycles and claim they are patriots are simply confused to their souls. They have been breed to believe unions and patriotism is the same thing and you’ve learned it from the enemy!

Look here what your fathers, father was. Not the physical man, but the idea that shaped him which then shaped you in those bars and beers of late night contemplation as the woman in the corner mindlessly shows everyone her breasts. CLICK THE LINK!

And if you don’t believe this has been going on for most of the 20th century think again! Watch the videos at this link!

Oh, your small minds can’t take all that in? Does it hurt?????? Go back to the bar, drink another beer, play your fantasy football and stare at the tits of the dirty old hag who has just divorced her 3rd man. Surely you can park the head you really think with in her tonight! That is much easier than dealing with the matter at hand, and that is no union should be allowed to gather in the public sector. That such a creation serves nobody but organized crime, and the pay difference of 43% over private sector employees is simply a payoff! That’s all it is. You public employees aren’t worth so much more, your skills aren’t that much more appreciated. You’ve been scammed, and paid off! And when we try to bring it to your attention you march around like idiots with your stupid signs and cry for a repeal, when we are trying to save you from yourself!

So I’ll say it again, if you vote for a school levy, you are stupid! If you vote for any higher taxes, you are STUPID! And if you do not VOTE FOR ISSUE 2, you are really, really, really STUPID and I feel sorry for any off-spring you leave on this earth when you’ve passed on. The reasons to VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 are so obvious, and so numerous, that if you cannot see it, then perhaps you should be replaced with a blind man.

So I’ll say it again, one more final time, VOTE YES on ISSUE 2. If you don’t you are dumb, ignorant, and flat-out STUPID. Such stupid people cannot be saved and aren’t worth the effort. Your houses of cards will collapse and you will be in a much more sinister situation one year from now. If you don’t believe me, then mark your calendar. You see, the burden is not on me to care for you like a child. I don’t OWE you anything. You chose to work in public service, and that makes you the employee to the rest of us. So it is you who OWE’s the rest of us something, and you better come to grips with that before it’s too late, because I can live without you, but you cannot live without me. And if you don’t like that, then you need to change your dependency factor on something else besides higher taxes!

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Radicals in Lakota and Fairfield: Vandals steal and destroy VOTE NO signs

Over the weekend the No Lakota Levy group began to put out our signs. We started with 200 beginning Friday afternoon however by Saturday morning, during the darkest part of night, 50 of those signs were gone, some of them ripped out of the ground and thrown all over parking lots. And in the yards of a couple of people who had big 4’X5’ No Lakota Levy signs driven into the ground with 2”X2” posts, those signs were completely taken and in their place hanging from a tree was the sign you see shown in the picture.

“Someone paid for your education, time to pay for ours.”

It would appear that several groups of radicalized students scurried the neighborhoods across Lakota and vandalized our signs and even went so far to plan for the event. They obviously trespassed onto the property of an owner of the No Lakota Levy signs. They had to in order to take the signs and hang that message in the tree.

Now, who believes that these children did this on their own? I can hear their voices now while at Steak and Shake at 2:30 in the morning, “Hey let’s go help our teachers by stealing the signs of the No Lakota Levy people, those selfish, evil, corporate bastards.” See, kids typically don’t think of things like this on their own, because they don’t understand or know what the financial situation is. In the case of the message from these little vandals, “we are paying for your education! Most every house you see in the community, like the ones you trampled through with no respect to their property rights, pay a property tax of $2000 to $4000 a year and that money goes to your education! The community has been supporting a $160 million dollar budget that fleshes out to $250 million in undeclared money. Who’s not supporting your education?”

Well, here’s the problem. It happened last time and it’s happening this time where several teachers are spending time preaching about the levy to students in the classroom, and it is through these radical diatribes that students become empowered to vandalize.  And this isn’t specific to Lakota.  Arnie Engle from Fairfield which is the next district over from Lakota sent me pictures of their destroyed signs as we spent a good part of Sunday replacing our signs.  Arnie has a long history of being harassed in Fairfield because of his push for reforms so he’s documented his vandalism very well.  I’ll put those pictures up to share so it can be seen that this is an epidemic all over the city and has in common a radicle teachers union that is larger than a school district border.  (Is this what public education is all about?  Stacking the school boards with union candidates and trying to intimidate ANYONE who stands up to them?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?)

It’s not just teachers, but administrators play the game equally.  I know personally of principals at some Lakota schools who are encouraging their PTA members to boycott businesses who don’t openly support the school levy. We have proof of principals who sent emails to their staff complaining about the public after the last levy failed. Have a look for yourself. The guy who wrote the letter at the link below left shortly after this letter got out, so he’s no longer at Lakota, but it shows what kind of employees some of these people are and how grateful they are to their employers, THE PUBLIC! (we were paying Mr. Holbrook $98K per year! And if you read his letter, you can see what his attitude was)

And look at this letter from the school board president, Joan Powell, who is blaming everyone but herself for rifts forming on the board. The rifts are forming because The No Lakota Levy group is asking questions and some members are trying to answer. I don’t care how wrong they were in the past, I care that they listen today. As school board members are you more loyal to the OSBA or to the people who elected you as their representatives? Because I don’t give a rats ass about the damn OSBA and their consensus building where all the school board members vote in unison for everything and hand to the unions everything on a silver platter! I want school boards who will do the job, and I have news for you folks, No Lakota Levy isn’t going away. The more you fight us, the more costly to you it will become. (Look at Joan Powell’s letter and who she’s picking for school board)

You can hear the speech I gave on this matter at this link:

The school system itself through the radicalized unions are behaving like a crime syndicate, and those participants in radicalism keep their own noses clean, but they openly complain about opposition to their tax levy using class time to do it, hoping to recruit soldiers among our children to carry out their deeds of destruction. It is the students themselves who find themselves seduced into radicalism by their instructors to do their bidding in the middle of the night stealing political material from the “other side.” At the higher level the administrators are participating in the same tyranny using the radically emotional mothers of the PTA’s to participate in boycotts against businesses. That’s how the mob works people! That is not how a school should operate! Everyone and I mean everyone who has participated in this behavior should be ashamed of themselves. And if I were in charge of the district I’d terminate every single one of you! EVERY ONE!  I find the radicalism present in these education institutions disgusting, small-minded and pathetic! And I can tell you this much, radical union lobbyists are not worth the money we are paying these people. We are paying them to TEACH! Not to become social reformers and advocates of unionized labor!

When I see that children have not been taught how much money the community is spending on their education, when I see the radical stance that the union will allow busing cuts before they dig into their own pockets, even when a teacher was injured in the process, because it’s an extortion tactic to pass tax increases! It’s no different from the mob charging for “protection money” to protect you from them! Those children didn’t get the words they put on that sign from their own minds. Those words came from a teacher because it’s the same garbage we hear in the anti-Issue 2 protests which come from radicalized unions. It’s the same garbage the Occupy Protestors are saying, which comes from radicalized unions via Facebook and other social networking sites. It’s the same garbage that comes from radical progressives like Richard Trumka, and James Hoffa and big union presidents like Obama. And to see it filter down into the children of our classrooms in the sacred land of Lakota sickens me to my core! Is this the education we are seeing our children receive from these highly paid teachers? Is this what we are spending so much money on? Because if it is, I think we should demand a refund.

The message to me is that the union position, which Move Forward (sounds a lot like reflects, can’t argue the problem. All they can do is glaze over it, so they seek to sabotage the message from groups like No Lakota Levy. They think that by stealing our signs and taking away our ability to question them, that everything will be fine and life for them will return to normal.

Last week I received this note from another radical union type. It is sad to consider that this person has children and actual influence over a young mind. With such people in the world it is clear that we understand why kids feel it is OK to vandalize property from homeowners to eliminate the messages they see as unfit. They are their own judge, jury and executioners in a world completely funded by the community, yet they seem to forget that, and believe that they are above us all. They are outrageous. Enjoy the note from one of those people and gain for yourself an understanding into the people who teach our youth:

• Since you are clearly a tea bagger I will assume you have zero intelligence. Kids need a well-rounded educational experience including arts and sports. Hey since you are so smart – google it. I live in Lakota and pay more than my share of taxes. i am sure more than an ignorant SOB like you but my kids and their future are worth it. Go back to your trailer park. By the way YEAH for the kids that took the signs, Kids are aware of the greed of people like you        

Now listen to the WLW broadcast I did one year ago on this very same issue with Scott Sloan! Listen to the whole thing. This recording was before Issue 2, before the busing cuts, before the new superintendent. And it shows the pattern of behavior that is at play here and now.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Lack of Courage Amoung Us: How much do you make and where does it rank?

How much do you make? Well, the Wall Street Journal has a link that will allow you to type in your household income and see where you rank among other people in America. Just click on that link to go to the WSJ calculator. (Keep in mind teachers at Lakota make $63K per year on average individually. And cops and firefighters in the same community are pretty close to that number as well)

It also allows you to understand how ridiculous the expectations of public employees are in relation to your own income.

Obviously we have a major cultural problem in this country, which is evident in the State of Ohio over Issue 2. Watching that video I can see clearly the cancerous effects of collectivism and the impact it’s had on the people who have participated in it. These are not the type of people who founded this country, pushed west in westward expansion, and built the foundations which became the greatest country on earth. These are people who have been taught to be parasites on self-reliance, and they are broken beyond repair. This is exceptionally evident in the below video where some union representatives declare they have saved the state billions of dollars in “givebacks” from their proposed contracts. The essences of what they are declaring as a givebacks are items in their contracts that they were promised, but did not collect on. This prompts us to study the nature of these “givebacks” without the distorted lens of organized labor.

In regard to the poll numbers on Issue 2 the difficulty is this, Democrats, who represent a form of collective philosophy anyway, are all together on this issue. They seldom ever have a thought of their own, so this isn’t surprising. Republicans fall into two categories, there are the firm fiscal and social conservatives like myself who are looking to the Tea Party as more representative of their core values, and you have conservatives who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Many of these types have used the Republican Party as a networking tool and didn’t have firm beliefs on too many matters to begin with, only when participating in political speak. Two of these types would be Bill Seitz and Bill Cunningham from Southern Ohio, both attorneys who served labor at some point in their careers yet spent much time declaring that someone do something bold in government. Yet that bold thing they never really contemplated, until Senate Bill 5 was passed into law and threatened their understanding of things. So people like this were the first to jump off the ship into that land of neutrality “Can’t we all get along? Can’t we just talk?”

I was at an event the other day where many politicians had gathered. All of them knew both Cunningham and Seitz and we had very animated discussions about them. I offered that I think these guys think public education is all about football scores. They think public education is all about the Friday Night Lights which brings the community together under the banner of sports. The thought of a teachers union doesn’t cross their mind. In Cunningham’s case, the PTA groups and Lakota coaches come into his sports bar in West Chester and ask him, “please support us. You are the only one. Our children’s lives are in jeopardy.” I have a good idea what kind of talk goes on because another sports bar within the Lakota district received the threat of a boycott from one of the principals at Lakota last year working through the PTA organization, which really scared the owner. So much so she came to the No Lakota Levy group for help. The PTA argument was “We will pull our business if you don’t support the Lakota Levy.” So there is no question that similar discussions have taken place with Bill Cunningham who is a businessman first and understands that such a fight would cost him. So it’s easier to just keep focused on those Friday Night Lights, ground everyone can relate with, and ignore all the real problems.

When I say that public employees make too much money, I say that based on what I am willing to pay for them. When listening to the speeches at the beginning of this article, the critical ingredient missing from that discussion is what is the value of these public employees and how much should they make?

Well in regard to West Chester police and firefighters I have shown on a spreadsheet where their problems are. They have police officers who make 70 to 80K per year just in salary, not to mention the other benefits, and that’s too much when you add 100 or 200 more employees to the mix. SEE FOR YOURSELF:

And the teachers in my community at the Lakota School System make an average of $63,000 per year just in salary. They occupy well over $120 million in budget compensation for just 2000 employees. SEE FOR YOURSELF:

Yet nobody wants to make the declaration that public employees have a value of X, and they certainly don’t have the courage to say what the value of X is. This is why the public employee sector budgets have exploded to where they make 43.4% more than everyone else. CLICK HERE TO READ HOW:

One of the reasons nobody wants to touch those numbers is because the radical labor union aspect of the whole business has artificially propped up the value of those workers to build in the cost of their union dues, because unions want to collect the PAC money and if their members aren’t well paid, they may not want to contribute the money. So to me, before we go forward with anything a value must be assessed on the public employee. We must know what a job is worth before we can spend money in a budget on those positions.

To get back to Bill Cunningham, who is a smart businessman, I am sure he would not appreciate all of his dishwashers “collectively bargaining” for a 2% increase every year. At some point in time, a dish washer is a dishwasher and gets paid the maximum level of money for that position. For a dishwasher that might be $14 to $15 dollars an hour. But to pay all dishwashers collectively the same would be ridiculous. Some of them would show more ambition than the others. Some might deserve a 5% increase where some might not deserve an increase at all. But a dishwasher who had been washing dishes for Cunningham over 15 to 20 years won’t be getting $20 to $30 an hour for washing dishes, because that would be above the market price for dishwashers. At some point a cap on what a dishwasher is worth must be established so a budget can be built around that value, and if Cunningham doesn’t establish that cost, he could run his business into the red, which would kill it shortly thereafter.

A teacher is not worth more than 65K per year. I think the budget range should be within the parameters of 45K to 65K. If a teacher thinks they are worth more, than they are free to shop themselves on the free market, but at Lakota I wouldn’t be willing to pay more. It doesn’t mean much to me that a teacher in elementary school has a master’s degree. That SRC which dictates that public teachers pursue a master’s degree is simply an effect of the union lobby in Columbus and means nothing to me. The goal of that provision was to drive up costs, which was foolish. If a teacher wants to get a master’s degree, have at it. Maybe they get a job over someone who doesn’t have one, but the cost of that degree should fall on the teacher, not the property owner.

Police and Firefighters are in much the same range. For a cop to drive around in a police car, I’m not willing to pay more than 65K, and that would be for a 20 year veteran. They might face danger in my community a few times a year, and they are paid for that danger. Firefighters the same, I’m willing to pay a good wage, but not an outrageous one. The way I see it, I could do much of the work they do myself with a volunteer group. Paying them to do the work keeps me from having to do it, but there is a limit and I’ve reached it.

It’s not just Lakota dealing with this situation. The reason we are fighting the tax levies in our community can be seen below. All schools in Ohio are facing this problem which was caused by not setting any limits on how much public employees make. Without Issue 2 giving employees the option to be in a union, or giving school boards the ability to give increases based on merit the collective bargaining situation is forcing these Montgomery County school districts into higher taxes to pay for their contracts. Below are the amounts residents will have to pay in additional property taxes to cover the ballooning salary costs in those districts. These deficits are projected to hit by 2015.

• Huber Heights City School District: $1,273
• Northmont City School District: $1,272
• Valley View Local School District: $1,266
• Oakwood City School District: $1,249
• Northridge Local School District: $881
• Vandalia-Butler City School District: $880
• Mad River Local School District: $869
• Kettering City School District: $862
• Dayton City School District: $387
• Trotwood-Madison City School District: $383
• Centerville City School District: $311


Who thinks that the residents in those districts will receive equal pay compensation to offset the cost to their personal budgets? And those residents are obligated to pay those increases forever. In most cases the property tax increases will continue to go up perpetually. They won’t come down. So unless the incomes of the residents increase at the same rate as the public worker, we have a big problem. The taxpayers will not be able to pay, and the reason is because nobody had the guts to tell those public employees they aren’t worth as much as they thought.

The radical union position is that Issue 2 is a union busting bill. I see it as a compromise. I was personally furious when I saw that the governor wasn’t going to make belonging to a public union illegal, because no union should be allowed to exist on a public job. If a union wants to organize in a private endeavor, the market place will decide the result. But in a public job, the situation has been disastrous. I’m happy to support my local firefighters, police, and teachers. But get the SEIU, the AFL-CIO stickers out of your windows and off your license plates. Those are communist organizations operating like a syndicate and I want no part of them! By belonging to a union you bring their corrupt influence into my community which makes you a Trojan Horse, and you did so in order to make all the money you could make. Call it union busting. I call it getting rid of something that should have never been to begin with. It’s wrong, corrupt, and divisive. I would be willing to openly support public employees if I could see which ones belonged to a union and which ones didn’t. Issue 2 would give employees that option, and would allow me to know who believes in what.

Issue 2 requires people to show what they believe, and many people in the middle are just too mushy to take a stand. It’s easy to carry a sign, or to beg for more money, or to take a “can’t we just get along” position just because you’ve profited from it in the past. It takes courage to identify the situation and decide to see beyond the yelling and screaming, past the lies and manipulation to the essence of the problem, and that is unions have driven the cost of the public employee too high. Any future givebacks are already too late, but the union members are addicted now to the level of income they were promised, and the tax base cannot afford it. The man in the second video of this article says that if state money had been restored, many of these problems would go away. Well, no they won’t. That state money and that federal money also comes from the tax payers and while there is much that is spent on stupidity, from my perspective it’s the same kind of stupidity that the public employee is asking for.

Everyone with their mouth on the public tit is in the same boat, and we’ve hit a wall that will either dramatically drive up taxes, or dramatically reduce services, because the values are inflated, and have been for 20 years. And the situation to fix it takes courage, and unfortunately, courage is in short supply.

For the rest, it doesn’t take much courage to Vote YES on Issue 2 in the privacy of the ballot box. The union won’t report your phone number to their thugs like we know is happening in the telephone polling, where you are afraid to give your true position. I understand that it can be scary. But when you get into the booth, and it’s just you and that voting card, VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 or you can sign your name to the devastation that follows, because everyone who takes a passive position on this matter is a contributor to the problems that will follow.

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Jonathan West the Nameplate God: Be thankful for Virgin Galactic!

A young man the other day was complaining to me that he thought we’d have flying cars by now. He reminded me that in the film Back to the Future 2, flying cars were in fact a reality in the year 2015. I told him not to fear, that a flying car did in fact exist right now. All he had to do to see it was visit  SEE MY ARTICLE ON FLYING CARS HERE:

“Well, why don’t we have them yet?” he asked. “Why can’t I buy one now?”

I told him, “Because of government regulation.”

As I made that statement I was thinking of a friend of mine who is trying to build a Frisch’s in Liberty Twp by Lakota East, which all logic would dictate should be a slam dunk. Everyone likes Frisch’s. It is the perfect community meeting place and there is almost no downside to that type of commercial business. It’s another taxable revenue source, its family friendly and attractive to potential home buyers. It’s a win, win, win all the way across the board. But the Director of Zoning in Liberty Twp, Jonathan West is holding up the project because he has a rule that buildings such as restaurants cannot have statues in front of them, and anyone who knows anything about Frisch’s knows that they always have a statue of the Big Boy in front of the restaurant, always.

I can only speculate on why Jonathan West is holding up this development over a simple statue, but by experience in dealing with hundreds of people similar to him, it’s all in the nameplate. TO LEARN WHAT THE NAME PLATE GODS ARE, CLICK THIS HOT LINK. There isn’t any real logic to such a statue provision, yet it’s there and holding up something as obviously good as a Frisch’s Restaurant in a clearly commercial area. So for more complicated creations such as Flying Cars, medical improvements, and virtually all inventions that improve on an existing job sector, it is nearly impossible to get anything approved through the “Nameplate Gods.” It is in their infantile little minds that they cling to the past where they control the information. They are in fact the characters in Plato’s Republic who control the shadows on the wall. I wrote an entire article about this complex. You can read that here:

If you want to see more of what we are missing in medicine, which Nameplate Gods in the pharmaceutical industry are holding back in the same way that Jonathan West is holding back a Frisch’s in my local community I have an article about that too at the next link. Chances are you have a John West in your community, and there are thousands upon thousands of them in the state and federal government, and they keep all of us from having the technology I show in this article: (DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND WATCH ALL THOSE VIDEOS COMPLETELY. IT’S REAL)

I told the young man who in just twenty years, aging could be a thing of the past. This nonsense of driving a car everywhere will be grossly outdated. You’ll simply get into your SKYCAR and punch in your destination the same way you operate MAPQUEST and the car will take you there while you sleep. For instance, if you wanted to fly down to Disney World for the weekend but you want to stay up with your friends the night before you could do both. You could go to your SKYCAR dead tired and ready for bed, punch in your destination and wake up in Florida 5 to 6 hours later. The Sky Lanes set up by NASA and the GPS system would speak to your SKYCAR and fly you up to a ceiling of 30,000 feet and a speed of 300 MPH while you slept. It will be as common to your life of tomorrow as an IPhone is to you now.

The young man looked at me,“are you serious?”

“YESSSSSSSSSSS” I said jumping up and down. “We allow politicians to hold us down, but the human mind is pressing forward anyway. It’s going on ahead and busting from the shackles of ignorance.”

He looked at me puzzled. So I answered the question I knew he wanted to ask. “Why do you think I hate unions? Why do you think I want to see education expand and become innovative? It’s not that I hate teachers, but they are protecting themselves and a static order to the old world. This new world is there for us to grab, and we must seize it!!!!! NOW!!!!!!! We cannot allow the Nameplate Gods to hold back our civilization!”

I was excited more than usual during this conversation because of the new Spaceport built in New Mexico which cost the taxpayers $209 million and centers around the new spacecraft built for Virgin Galactic which will take passengers into space for the first time in human history. See the source article of my excitement here:

I was in Florida over the summer at Cape Canaveral and there was a gloom over the area from the budget cuts by small-minded politicians like what President Obama had implemented for NASA. I told my friends in the Aerospace community that getting government out of space travel was a great thing. Yes NASA is one of the few government organizations that actually work. (CLICK THIS HOTLINK TO SEE HOW). I wrote this next article to rest their minds and let them see where the world was going. At the end of it I mentioned Virgin Galactic as a ray of hope.

Richard Branson is one of my favorite people on this planet and I think it’s wonderful that he has 200 customers on his Virgin Galactic list to spend $200,000 a ticket to fly into space, and return back to earth. That will generate $40 million dollars minus expenses and that’s only the beginning. If Branson can get Virgin Galactic to where it’s producing billions of dollars per year, then that investment will far outpace the kind of spending that NASA has been regulated to, and mankind will finally leap into space for good after being a prisoner to earth for all of human history.


Rather than speak about Branson and Virgin Galactic, I’ll let the videos and links speak on that. Instead, let me give you my dear reader a preview into what’s in store. Now that Virgin Galactic has built a practical craft that does not consume massive amounts of fuel to propel a craft into space past escape velocity with a ballistic missile, we can finally take people affordably into space routinely. This means that just as cruise ships now are vacation destinations, there will be hotels in space soon. Look for a new Hilton to be built as a space station in the foreseeable future. Vacations in space are within reach. From there manufacturing will move into orbit. Imagine what could be built in a zero g environment. What about agriculture, where a space platform could always face the sun? 24 hours a day there would be light. Think how large plants could grow without having to fight gravity? Where does the water come from? Why mining on the moon of course. The gravity is less there and much more obtainable. That’s also where materials for manufacturing would come from. What about garbage and waste on earth? We will now be able to fly it off planet and dump it into space to be consumed into some atmosphere 100,000 light years away. Now that’s GREEN TECHNOLOGY! Manufacture in SPACE!

The options suddenly become limitless, and when you consider all the agendas of the progressive party, those green tech Nameplate Gods, they are stuck in the 70’s with electric cars that only go 100 miles between charges and solar energy that is fixed to the top of a house. The future is not in their small minds, it’s out there! Look up at it to what you cannot see, because it’s there!!!!!!!

So while the small people in this world argue over why Frisch’s cannot build a new restaurant because of a statue, people like Richard Branson, and Paul Mollar are inventing the world of tomorrow.

The world is just now coming to grips the genius of Steve Jobs. They still don’t understand the genius of people like Walt Disney, who didn’t even graduate high school. They continue to be baffled by my personal favorite in George Lucas who is so forward thinking many people can’t even see his caboose. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS. I HAVE A CHART WHICH EXPLAINS IT.

The sin of the modern age is the same as it was for Christopher Columbus who tried to convince people who the earth was round, as the Vikings had already discovered. Many people who didn’t want the change in perception insisted that the earth was flat, yet there were those who knew better. Today we have labor unions and government bureaucrats who make a living off seeing the world as a flat plain, and they scoff and belittle those who say otherwise. Thank goodness there are people like Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic. And thank goodness there are companies like Frisch’s. But the reason we often can’t have the benefits of vision, and investment is because of people like Jonathan West, who use the Nameplate of their position to fulfill everything they could never be on their own merit. They are the types who proclaim that the world is flat, that space travel for civilians is science fiction, and that you can’t have a Big Boy statue in front of a Frisch’s Restaurant, because once we discover otherwise, we will learn that such people are irrelevant to us, and unnecessarily hold back the entire civilization of the human race, and are tyrants as ruthless as the most despicable despot because their motives are the same; to control those who have money, to control those who innovate, because the Nameplate Gods lack the ability in themselves to do the same. They hold society back to their level of comfort. They are why we don’t have Flying Cars.

I look forward to the day where I can go to a Frisch’s on Cincinnati Dayton road before heading to a local Spaceport on vacation to earth’s orbit with my wife to relax a bit in zero G’s. Although that may seem like a long way off, it takes about that long to get things approved through bureaucrats like Jonathan West. Let’s just hope that West’s next job doesn’t end up on the board of Orbital Building Code Administrators, where he will have to approve the building the first Orbital Hotel, because he might get upset if they want to build it with a statue facing earth and hold up the construction for decades.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior