The 19 Different Species of Aliens Who Work with Earth Governments: American intelligence agencies do not work for us, they work for them

I have not been cancel cultured out of existence over the last thirty years because there are many things I do that people want and, in many ways, are much more valuable than gold. One of those things is process improvement and troubleshooting cause and corrective actions. I have a very deep background in Lean Manufacturing, and I often take it way beyond the sensei masters who travel the globe as consultants, and that’s very unique in the marketplace and extremely valuable. But I can’t turn off those skills just because of American intelligence, and actually, global governments hiding behind a façade of spy networks desire to keep all humanity locked behind a veil they have created with secret societies and various religions for complete control over the human race, as just another cog in the wheel of an adored aristocracy. Just before Christmas in 2022, the Biden administration refused to release the evidence of who killed JFK. Mike Pompeo, who I have met and spoken with, under Trump, did the same even though full disclosure is perfectly justified. Obviously, the CIA and the FBI, as institutions, are protecting themselves from the implication of their role in it. This points to many other disturbing trends that come from American intelligence, such that they control elections and are accountable to something besides the American voter. They are audacious in abusing power, almost daring anybody to challenge them.   They consider themselves more important than the presidents we elect or the members of congress we put in place to keep things running in the government. They are, in all essence, a shadow government, and they take orders from something besides the American people. And if you are doing a cause and corrective action on the many ways and whys, there is corruption in our government, everything inconveniently points in one direction and one direction only. That there are likely more than 19 different species of alien life, not domestic to birth on earth, that the governments of the world interact with, and the veil is hidden behind the mechanisms of intelligence agencies, and that is why they are not accountable to us but to them. 

Part of the scam is to convince everyone that such a suggestion is outlandish and crazy. And before what we caught the American intelligence agencies doing during the Trump administration, then up to and during Covid-19, the election fraud that took place in 2020 and continued into 2022, I would have been very skeptical of the evidence that aliens were running everything behind the scenes outlandish. But it has bothered me since Robert Temple wrote his really interesting book, The Sirius Mystery, in 1998, and for 15 years, intelligence agencies around the world worked really hard to destroy him for writing that book. As I did my own investigations, I ran into Michael Salla’s book Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances, which I read from in the included video. There is too much there to repeat here; I would recommend the video for the details. But in essence, this notion that our governments are not reporting to their voters but several species of alien races is not new. Many have been complaining about it for years. As the world has become smaller and everyone now has their own portable television studio with their cell phones, the rate of communication has increased to the point where a cause and corrective action as to why is obvious. We are being treated as a flock of animals by an unworthy aristocracy, a kind of new age religious priest class who put themselves between the people of earth and all these groups of alien species for the classic reasons of control. They want to take what they learn from these groups of visitors, who have been coming to earth for millions and millions of years and use that relationship for their quests for power over minds they consider weaker and easy to dominate. 

There are too many things to consider, such as the location of the Eye of Africa and the specific knowledge that the tribe of the Dogon people from that particular region has about the planets from the Sirius A, B, and C region of the sky, one of the brightest stars we see at night and the central character in so many of the world’s religions. The same tricks that were used to conceal these truths of alien visitations from the public in mass were used to a failed effect with the Covid crises created by the government for the purposes of global government control. The suppression of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine at the beginning of the global economic lockdowns to prevent a cure of the Covid crisis was the same kind of arrogance that was witnessed in Roswell, New Mexico, upon the crash there and how the military reacted to it, harassing witnesses and trying to paint them as kooks to the public. I have visited the various sites in Roswell to see everything for myself. I was alarmed to visit the excellent museum there to see their vast library of UFO sightings and details of alien encounters. There is just too much to have them all explained away in coincidence. Governments this time in the modern age were caught in lies, lies about election fraud, lies about a virus they created so to control the world for all the dumb reasons that kings and nobles of history have tried to control their people by being the conduits that spoke to the gods, which is what kept them in power. 

One of the biggest giveaways to this plot, wrapped around the world, is the Antarctica problem. No country claims it, and the evidence points out that the big continent was not always at the south pole. Instead, it was at a time in a climate where dense vegetation existed, and likely, people lived there. There is a history that needs to be studied under their ice caps. If you peel back the layers of concern from the climate crazies, the real fear is that the ice from Antarctica might melt, as it has many times in the past without man-made climate change, and we might learn the truth of our real human history. But currently, which was obviously a goal of the Vril Society of Germans who fled there to continue their space program, it looks like it’s been an easy place for interplanetary travel to come and go without air traffic and governments to report the happenings. Hey, I just saw a UFO over my house.

Actually, my daughter did and recorded it for me. They are careful not to get caught, but they happen everywhere, and people see them. But they aren’t talking to us; they are talking to those who have interceded on our behalf in the class power model that violates the Constitution of the United States. But the goals of the World Economic Forum and the desire for a one-world government come from those same people who have been talking to these 19 different species all along. And for them, they envision a kind of Star Trek Federation kind of world. But many of us don’t want that. We want sovereignty, and just because aliens are coming and going all the time, sometimes at war with each other, sometimes helping us, sometimes trying to hurt us, and our various governments are sticking themselves between them and us, one thing hasn’t changed, and that is that America is the best country on the planet and those ideas are the future of the human race. And no government, not a domestic one, or some alien one, has a right to violate our constitution. And there is no security that American intelligence has a right to use that violates our constitutional rights for our own safety. Nothing is more significant in America than protecting the voters’ constitutional rights. There are no shadow governments allowed. No CIA mind manipulation allowed. And if the 14-foot winged aliens called Draconians think they have some rights over us, they have another thing coming. And it’s at that point that we have to look at all the evidence and consider what to do with it. It’s not technology that makes a society great or even its history. Its philosophy and I would argue that the American Constitution is one of the greatest works of philosophy anywhere in the galaxy. And if the aliens really had it together, they wouldn’t be coming to earth and talking to a bunch of loser intelligence agencies, who are some of the dumbest people on the planet. There wouldn’t be so much secrecy to undermine us so audaciously. And that is the real truth they are hiding, not to protect us from them, but to protect them from us all so they can have the illusion of power they never had before or deserved.

Rich Hoffman

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The Liberal World Order Attacks Populism at Mar-a-Lago: The intent behind going through the underwear drawer of Melania Trump to show power over President Trump

It could easily be said that the federal government intended to desecrate the underwear of Melania Trump, the most beautiful First Lady America had ever had. For all the theater presented when the FBI raided the home of President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida under cover of gathering evidence for a phony federal trial meant to keep him from running for President once again, there was more to this raid than just court proceedings. Empowered by the radical Jeffery Epstein connected judge Bruce Reinhart, who thinks a lot of the communist economist Robert Reich and liberal journalists like Dan Rather, the raid was signed off on purely with political sabotage in mind to be shown to the world many times worse than Watergate was ever conceived of. And all caution was thrown to the wind in the act of desperation. Of course, the attack was meant to hide the mounting controversy of Joe Biden’s many family problems, most of which is the relationship his crack-addicted son Hunter Biden has with China and known prostitutes, which everyone has by now seen filming himself doing illegal drugs with. Then there is Paul Pelosi’s DUI which has put Nancy Pelosi in a public relations nightmare. Add to that the complete global failure of the Liberal World Order as the Desecrators of Davos have been selling it, and John Kerry is connected to it through the Biden administration. The high gas prices, the inflation, the open borders, the high crime, the complete destruction of American life advocated by the political left, and what was most on their mind on the day of August 8th, 2022, was the underwear of Melania Trump which they searched through for over 9 hours. 

Scum bags that must be defunded. The FBI is a criminal organization meant to protect a massively corrupt government

The Trump lawyers were kept out of the rooms that the FBI searched. Essentially the FBI took over the residence of the President of the United States, who was legally elected twice but only allowed in office once by the same perpetrators who were conducting this August raid. The intent was a classic one, to desecrate Trump’s life in the way that many pillagers of the past would rape the wife of a hated rival in front of them before ultimately killing them as the final blow to their social footprint and to remove a menace to whatever order was conducting the latest evils upon the world. The raid was meant to let Trump know that he wasn’t in charge and that the federal government could do what it wanted whenever it wanted, and there was no power on earth that could stop them. And if they wanted to go through his wife’s private things, they would, and nobody could stop them. The FBI went into Trump’s private place and office and even broke into his safe just because they wanted to show their power over Trump. After all those hours of ransacking one of the most beautiful estates on earth, the FBI took 12 boxes and whatever else they could smuggle from the residence and left the place a smoldering heap of disgrace. The raid was a message to the world that their populist leader was helpless and could be brought down just like anybody else. An evil, corrupt government hijacked by the worst that politics could produce had shown itself in all its ugliness, proving so many conspiracy theories right in the light of day. Only now, the political left no longer cared. They were out for blood and were intent on finishing the coup they started before Trump was ever elected the first time, and they were done fooling around. 

The FBI has a long history now of helping crime succeed and covering up terrorism

Watching the proceedings, I found it astonishing that the secret service allowed the raid to happen at all. That is the difference between good people who still believe in the rule of law and those who are willing to take advantage of people who do to get the drop on them. The Biden administration had to sign off on the raid, and they managed to get a liberal judge in Reinhart to cast it forth, and the good people, the Trump security, and the political figures in general figured there was an election coming, and that rule of law was worth supporting. I suppose that’s all true. As far as I’m concerned, the FBI lost its legitimacy over the Lisa Page, Jim Comey collapse, which I talked about on CNN at the start of President Trump’s first term. I was right then, and I was even more right now. The FBI is no longer a relevant body that serves the people of our republic. Instead, they are a hit squad for the Democrat Party intent to protect the implementation of the Liberal World Order. And they aren’t hiding it from the public anymore. They are evil, from the top of the ranks down to the field officers. The culture of the FBI is bad, from recruiting to the daily culture in every American city. They are not the good guys. I don’t know that they ever were, but especially over the last few decades, going back to 9/11, what they allowed to happen in that terrorist attack should alarm everyone. Also, their investigation over the Oklahoma City bombing should further raise concerns. Who was the third terrorist, and why hasn’t the FBI or CIA been more forthcoming about that element? During the 90s, it all seemed like conspiracy theory when we used to have a lot more trust in the FBI. But looking back on it now, the third terrorist conspiracy looks more fact than fiction. Then we must consider the FBI’s bizarre reaction when they allowed the media into the shooter’s apartment in Pasadena during that terrible Christmas shooting, where it took way too long to announce to the world that the act had been a terrorist act not a case of workplace violence. The FBI let the media into the house just a few days after the mass shooting at an office complex, which destroyed a lot of evidence and is a major no, no in any investigative work. Yet the FBI tried to cover up the terror act by Islamic extremists for some mysterious reason, and that was before we even knew Trump was running for President. Then we learned so much more. 

The raid comes straight from the White House. Far worse than Watergate

All this and more makes the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago an attack by a hostile enemy rather than even a political hit job. It certainly isn’t an investigation. It’s a crime committed by the government to protect itself from a growing population that trusts it less and less. This act was meant to put fear into the population and desecrate a very popular First Lady by showing that nobody is safe and implying fear to an entire population that still flies Trump flags in their yards, on the back of their trucks, and from their boats. A criminal class was now in charge of the American government, put there by hostile foreign forces, like China through the compromised Biden crime family. And even the reaches of the Jeffery Epstein mystery machine were still at work through Judge Reinhart, showing the controls of the criminal class rooted in liberalism runs deep. We are in a civil war; only the battlefield is not defined traditionally. It’s hidden in the halls of law and order. The terrorists are hiding in procedure to take advantage of good people who follow the law, by people who have no intention of following the law but exploiting the gullibility of the law-abiding so they are forced to stand around and watch as the FBI ransacked the underwear drawers of Melania Trump and show their power over her and the President for all to see and send a clear message to the world that the Liberal World Order is in charge. If people didn’t know that from the recently stolen election, then this raid on Trump’s home would seal the deal. And they could care less who was insulted by the act.    

Rich Hoffman

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The Biden Administration is Far More Dangerous than Zawahiri Was: They all want the same thing, the destruction of America and the end of capitalism

Notice how fast the killing of Zawahiri went away as a news story. The media, complicit with the illegitimate Biden criminal administration, thought that if they ordered in a drone strike like some people order a pizza, that their poll numbers would improve. They might stop the terrible news that continues to come out of the White House regarding inflation, war with Russia, a weak president constantly sick with Covid, and being a laughingstock around the world. They killed the old man Zawahiri, the long-known terrorist and former right-hand man to Osama bin Laden and expected it to be a rallying cry for the rest of the country to get behind the Democrats ahead of the midterms. And they did it right on script, the end of summer in 2022, they really thought, based on the playbook of the past, that it would wash over Americans with patriotism and Biden’s poll numbers would instantly improve, and all would be good going into the next election cycle. However, these are not the naïve times of two years ago. We are a much wiser nation now than we were in 2019. After what we have seen the government do regarding Covid, election fraud, and the harassment of J6 prisoners and anybody associated with the MAGA movement, Zawahiri may have been a terrorist who helped plan the killing of many lives over 21 years ago. But the Biden administration is far more dangerous and far worse in their malicious intent and is the real concern. And people understand that now much better than they did previously, making that old liberal playbook of public manipulation worthless in the coming times. And they are lost as to what to do next. 

We are talking about a Biden administration that has sold out America to its greatest enemy, China. A country that produced a bioweapon in partnership with radical elements of the administrative state and its connection to the United Nations and unleashed it to throw the world into the Great Reset, a Klaus Schwab plan to topple all global economies at the same time and bring them under the control of a global administrative state ran essentially by the United Nations. Many people were killed in this action and permanently ruined in many other ways, especially financially. When Zawahiri and his bearded buddy Osama planned the actions of 9/11, they thought it would be a symbolic attack against American capitalism and strike a blow against the imperialism of the United States that was fueled by the great wealth produced in those buildings. It could be said that the terrorists from Saudi Arabia were inspired by the American movie Fight Club and thought America would be destroyed if its symbols of capitalism were removed from their big skylines. When they hijacked commercial airliners and flew them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, they ruthlessly killed many people and caused billions of dollars of destruction. However, in the aftermath of the terrible event, the administrative state was ready to go with all kinds of new laws and regulations and a massive government expansion to take over Americans’ independence and give more power to the efforts of globalism in the aftermath. Since then, these terrorists have been hiding in the desert for the last 20 years. We were told that Osama bin Laden was killed and that his body was dumped in the ocean before cameras could even verify the action, and we were supposed to take the authority’s word for it. Then it took these same losers with all the modern technology available to them to spend the next 21 years looking for Zawahiri, only to kill him the night before significant elections in the United States while Biden was hiding in the White House behind a mask of Covid sickness, to stay out of the public eye. 

But more than anything that the Al Qaeda terrorist wanted to do to strike at the wealth of America, the Biden administration has actually taken steps to dismantle that wealth and throw in jail anybody who questions them on it. After what we’ve seen about the Hunter Biden laptop and the openly committed crimes there that the FBI has helped cover up—we have the son of the president of the United States using illegal drugs on video and having sex with prostitutes, which is also illegal, and nothing was done about it. Instead, the people who wanted to investigate it were attacked and harassed as far as the law would allow. Then we’ve watched this administration and the party of the Democrats, in general, go to work to brick by brick dismantle the capitalist American economy with the same vigor as bin-Laden, and his friend Zawahiri planned the 9/11 attacks and for the same reasons. Only many more people have been killed by the Biden administration, not just in the destruction of economic value. Still, the purposeful allowance of George Soros and other monied financiers to take over district attorney offices all over America to weaken our justice system and kill many people on the streets with upticks in violence, but with vaccine mandates with experimental drugs that are having terminal effects on people. The government has been covering it up in an alliance with drug companies. The Biden administration has made the attack on the twin towers of New York look like a kid’s game in comparison.

But worse of all is the border crisis, where the Biden administration has gone out of its way to allow for an open border with Mexico allowing drug cartels to thrive, allow them to poison the youth of our country, and bring in millions and millions of undocumented people into America with no restrictions to Covid at all. On the one hand, if you want to travel into Canada or some overseas flight, you have to show you have been vaxed because government created Covid and unleashed it around the world. Now we are supposed to take their vaccine to travel freely because the virus could be deadly to some people sometimes. Yet, anybody and their monkey’s uncle can cross over into America from the southern border with Mexico no matter what is wrong with those people. They could be the next terrorist cell; they could be sick with some deadly disease. They might come for a hit to kill people rivaling their drug trade. According to the Biden administration, it’s all OK with their open border policy.

Consequently, more people had died because of Biden than ever were killed when Zawahiri and Osama planned the attack on the World Trade Center. We have a presidential administration in the current White House who cheated an election to get there, unleashed a virus to allow them to do it, and now in power has been willing to destroy anybody who gets in their way of achieving all the goals that the terrorists around the world have been trying to do to America for many decades. But instead of running planes into our skyscrapers, they are now in the White House operating right out in the open with the help of our FBI, CIA, and other hostile administrative state agents. And they thought we were so stupid that we wouldn’t see that it was they who were far more dangerous than some brittle old man who did something terrible 21 years ago and has been hiding out in public all this time without punishment. That is until the Biden administration needed a cover story. And on the eve of a big election in August of 2022, Biden finally ordered the strike with the same bravado that we might order pizza before a big football game on television. It took the same kind of courage. And they actually thought we were so stupid that we’d fall for it. No, this time, the story died in just a few hours because it’s quite clear that the Biden administration was far more dangerous than terrorist cells around the world. And getting rid of them will be a lot harder than just ordering a pizza by phone. 

Rich Hoffman

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Defending Alex Jones: The stageplay that hides the many crimes of the Administrative State

No matter what someone might think of Alex Jones and his Infowars broadcasts, he continues to be the example that the administrative state uses to enforce their vision for policy control. We saw it clearly when he was banned from YouTube a number of years ago. What followed after that was shocking to many, but Alex Jones saw the strategy first. And of course, in this crazy trial where supposedly Sandy Hook victims from that terrible school shooting are allowed to seek financial compensation for how they feel about what Alex Jones said about the case, which was essentially that it was a school shooting scripted by government characters designed to advance changes in social sentiment toward guns. For that belief and his broadcast of it to others, we are supposed to clap and cheer that the court and jury are awarding to those victims millions and millions of dollars of confiscated wealth from Jones as punishment for not believing in the official narrative issued by the government about the tragedy of the story. It’s a clear violation of 1st Amendment protections, but the calculation is that nobody in their right mind would defend Alex Jones for his preposterously inflated statements. Everyone, including Jones, can agree that Sandy Hook was a tragic school shooting. But the beliefs of what should happen as a result of that school shooting have been wide-ranging, and obviously, the characters who are behind the school shooting with direct complicity needed a certain kind of narrative to hit the public so that control of that public can be maintained, unimpeded by people like Jones.

Like many people who find themselves in these crooked courts these days, I like Alex Jones. I think his show is valuable in asking questions that should be asked in a free society. But obviously, from the administrative state perspective, and this is undoubtedly the case with Warroom with Steve Bannon as well, questioning authority was never in the plan of these new globalist insurgents. I say new because Americans aren’t very familiar with them. Up until Covid came along, Americans only knew about these types of people from Alex Jones broadcasts, and I would say without insulting him that Jones is just an ordinary guy uniquely looking at the world and asking questions the way a typical person who attends demolition derbies, and flea markets might. Alex Jones represents how many people think about things, which is the key to his success over the years. That is also why he’s a target because the administrative state wants to show that Alex Jones can be taken down, and so can anybody else.   The whole point of the trial, which is the front page news of every outlet in the world presently, is to demonstrate that a rigged court could destroy Jones and his Infowars, and there was nothing that could be done about it. Yet when Jones talks about the court being rigged, the deck is so stacked against him that much of what he says comes out sounding like a lunatic. Because nobody can coordinate the way he suggests, people just aren’t that smart. Jones always misses the root cause of the conspiracies because he often gets soaked up in what happens in the world, not so much in why. But because of this case, I think it’s probably time to get into the details of who these administrative state people really are and why they are so dangerous. And how America was formed to eliminate them from the world stage. 

Alex Jones often touches on many of these demonic and cryptic characters, and his analysis can be funny, entertaining, and boisterously over the top. I enjoy his broadcasts, but they often do not get to the details I like to deal with. But if he were like that, the show’s entertainment value would disappear, and he would not be as popular to the masses as he is. I often think of things as a stage play, and the media, our courts, and our political order are presented to us in a way that we might attend a play. What happened on that stage, which was clearly the narrative of the court case against Alex Jones, was the crucifixion and complete destruction of a leading figure who used the First Amendment to resist the power of the global administrative state. But what makes that play work are the ticket takers, the ushers, the stagehands behind the curtain, and the costume makers; they all play a part behind the scenes to make that show on stage happen. And we are only supposed to be watching the stage, the things they want us to look at. But if you really want to understand the play you are watching and to determine its quality, then you have to look at everything, including what’s behind the stage, to the real essence of the show. Alex Jones has made his living talking about the things that are backstage while people are watching him on stage. Hearing him talk about it is one thing, but seeing it and understanding it is much harder because what he’s talking about is concealed from the public’s view. The media is the curtain, and the real elements that keep the play alive are concealed there.

The court proceeding’s primary goal in the Alex Jones case was essential to ignore the American concept of free speech, to make a person liable for other people’s feelings. They were to confiscate the wealth from Jones in much the same way that the inquisition in Europe used to against enemies of the court for precisely the same reasons. It’s a show of power that the court doesn’t deserve to have, and America was formed to destroy in the world. And here it is in our courts, hiding behind victims of a terrible school shooting for the purpose that the school shooting occurred. The question about what motives created the shooting is not discussed, and for having a theory about what those might be and how insensitive they were to the victims is the point of the massacre, to establish case law that can then be applied to many more cases in the future. If Jones can go down for the opinions of others, then the door is opened for many other issues over much more minor infractions. And because Jones is such a wild figure, most of the people in the best positions to defend him are silent because they don’t want to be tagged with a “conspiracy” title next to their names. So they remain hidden from the conflict without opinion so to avoid the disaster of affiliation. And in that way, the courts are just as Alex said they were; it was a coordinated attack. Only the participants aren’t exactly conscious of it. Instead, they know their job in putting on the play; they learned how to play their parts in the show during their many years of public schooling and college. So they often do those jobs without being told and, in that way, are complicit. The evil isn’t conducted in the way we are trained to see it in movies and books; the narrative is not on the stage; it’s off behind the curtain. Alex stands on the stage like a maniac and talks about how evil it is just outside of everyone’s vision. But, unfortunately, people only see Jones, under the lights and with the microphone talking about it. And thus, that is how the show goes on and why Alex Jones is being isolated and destroyed by those invisible hands who have always run the administrative state. 

I think Alex Jones will be fine. He could do his show in the back of a car if he wanted. He could run Infowars as a guerrilla operation with a limited staff, so his show will go on. But what we have learned from his trial is another matter. That administrative state has shown itself in ways that have people curious about what’s happening behind the scenes, and they may be ready to hear it. And for that, I think I can help show them around, and will. 

Rich Hoffman

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Evil Brujos Threatened to Kill Pablo Amaringo: The vast, diabolical menace behind the cult of Climate Change religion

Defining evil in the world can be tricky business. Evil might be good depending on the relative position of the participants; what might be bad for one person may be great for another, depending on whether they are on the losing or winning team. So, I am always looking for good definitions of evil because if you can’t define it, you can end up feeding it in the world and not even realizing it. And to stand for what’s good and to live a life of justice, a society must understand what evil is. Understanding all that, I have turned my gaze, relative to the problems of the day, toward the beliefs of globalism and the specific religion of climate change to understand how evil works in our world today and how it shapes current events. At face value, it may seem like an easy problem. Climate activists will say mankind is bad for planet earth, so if we want to preserve the earth, we must change our ways. Mankind will say, of course, but constraining the human imagination and the nature of invention is bad for developing human consciousness, which is a natural process of the laws of the universe. And from that point of view, they would also be right. So how can anybody know what to do about anything in the realm between fighting for what’s right and how to avoid perpetuating evil in the world or in the universe? For those answers, I turned to the very interesting work of Pablo Amaringo, a little Peruvian shaman from a little village outside of Lima, Peru. Pablo is a hero of the left, a symbol of the United Nations. He is at the core of much belief that points humanity toward the climate change religion, getting back to nature, calling materialism evil, and thus, the United States. So it is with Pablo that I delved into the craze of taking Ayahuasca to see the spirit world and to get advice from them the way shamans like Pablo have for thousands of years. And ultimately came to understand that the political left of the world has everything all wrong and has interpreted a reverence toward nature for all the wrong and truly evil reasons that nobody has yet figured out, until now.

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic drink that combines two different Amazonian plants into a brew that many call the Vine of the Dead because they believe it literally puts the user into communication with the disembodied souls of existence. Rock bands, anthropologists, academics of all kinds, and eclectic artists have discovered Ayahuasca and other hallucinogenic enterprises and assumed that by taking the drugs, they were getting back to nature and the real state of the world. Their assumption and promotion of people like Pablo were that the masters of nature had it right all along and that all the inventions of mankind were secondary to the magical abundance of the spirit world that was all around us, and that our goal in life was to get back to it. Not to grow away from it and develop individual lives and, thus, developed souls. In this way, the climate change lunatics have been able to attach the eternal aspect of a soul to the soup of a cosmic spirit world that is all around us all the time, giving us no real privacy. They are always with us, and by taking Ayahuasca, we could interact with them as they exist in a kind of hyper-reality beyond the known matter of our observable universe. Ayahuasca looks to rip away the filters that life puts on our brains at the level of the pinery gland and or the pituitary gland to make living normal life even possible. Powerful hallucinogens allow the brain to see what is always there and give us a glimpse into the spirit world that all religions refer to, but eliminate the normal role of a priest or government official as the mediator and take the user straight there. 

I am not and never will be a drug user. But if the answers to life’s questions go in that direction, I’m not going to ignore it either. In that case, many good books have been written about Pablo Amaringo that talk about his life, how he became famous, and what his art means with vivid displays, and I have read them. I don’t need to take Ayahuasca to get the gist of the experience. Pablo is the expert in the field, so by researching him, it’s been enough for me to become convinced that his well-intentioned actions as a village shaman have been abducted by evil in the world and used for the climate change movement to sucker in many weak-minded people to the alters of soul sacrifice. Sacrifice not just physically but at the fundamental essence of life. It was sold to them as moral conduct. I don’t need to talk to dead people to figure it out. I don’t ask for directions to the nearest gas station; I certainly don’t ask for advice on how to live life. So, from that perspective, it’s clear to me what has been happening with the United Nations’ push toward nature and the overall strategies against materialism and reverence toward climate change as a radical and diabolical religion. Something that I didn’t know, and apparently few do acknowledge even though they know, is that Pablo Amaringo was pushed out of the profession of shamanism by rival brujos (witchcraft practitioners) who act as hechiceros for their own personal needs or on behalf of paid clients. They told Pablo to get out of the shaman business, which he did. That’s how Pablo Amaringo came to paint his visions from his Ayahuasca sessions instead of continuing to do them as a shaman. Ironically, the world learned about Pablo because of this. But the evil brujos wanted to continue to operate in the world by manipulating the world of the dead behind the scenes without people like Pablo cutting in on their turf. Among these shamans in the Amazon rainforest, it was just another mob-like activity where they wouldn’t allow rivals to cut in on their racket. 

Yet, that racket was a very real thing; the hechiceros (sorcerers) promised Pablo they’d kill him either in the physical world or in the spirit world if he did not surrender to them, and being the nice guy that he was, he did. He took up painting and became pretty good at it. Now, if this were a western culture, I would say there would have been a fight to the death, like a gunfight in the street. Such threats are unacceptable, and resisting them is the fundamental belief system behind materialism and protecting the possessions acquired in life. But on a broader scale, what we see here is evil working its way under the radar, luring people to its cause where many hechiceros work behind the haze of Ayahuasca and other experiences to fill the empty minds of collectivism with the strategies of evil known only to demonic forces of ill intent. That makes the ritual practices we see today coming from the World Economic Forum types, the sex rituals, abortion sacrifices, drug abuse, vile violent music industry, family destruction, and homosexual agendas much more comprehensive.   Behind the veil of nature worship and protecting earth, evil uses this as a gateway into a realm they control. And once defenseless and vulnerable under the influence of drugs, they can have their way with you. Pablo Amaringo, with all his powerful skills as a shaman, shows the lost skills of previous cultures that have been lost to us over time through organized religion; we have seen a glimpse into this hidden world of evil and its strategies against all humanity. We are shown people like Pablo as the reason to journey into the grip of Ayahuasca and open ourselves to the wisdom of the hidden world. But when you get there, you find what Pablo found, a world filled with evil spirits who want to consume the souls of all humankind through mass sacrifice, and their intentions are barely hidden, especially when you pull away the veil of reality just a little bit. 

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Thomas Hall for the 46th House District in Ohio: Setting the bar high, too high for political rivals

It’s never been an option from my perspective; after the remapping of the Ohio House Rep districts, Thomas Hall has always been the clear favorite. That’s not because Matt King, who is running against him in the primary that voters will decide on August 2nd of 2022, is a bad candidate. But just that Thomas Hall is that good. He checks all the boxes you’d want for a Representative seat in the new 46th district, which now includes Liberty Township, Ohio, and traditional districts from the north, such as Middletown.   Recently at a West Chester Tea Party meeting, Thomas and Matt spoke to the audience to make their pitch as to why voters should vote for them, and I present those videos here, which comes down to one key attribute that decides the issue. In Thomas Hall’s case, he has a lot of experience and has been very successful during his first term in Columbus. He has done all the right things, including passing blockbuster legislation across Governor DeWine’s desk for H.B. 99, which makes schools safer in the case of a mass shooting. Matt King just doesn’t have the experience, and it showed as he presented himself. Both are nice young men, but in the case of Thomas Hall, he’s just an exceptional political representative who has done such a good job that no challenger would do well against. 

To Matt’s point, he did the best he could, and he’s right about the Founding Fathers being very young when they were involved in the revolutionary business of starting a new country. He’s been a guy from the business world, not a politician like Thomas Hall, who has two terms as a trustee in Madison Township to add to his resume even as young as he is. And typically, we might say that not being in politics is more attractive than voting for the incumbent. In most races, that would be true. But Thomas Hall is such an exceptional young man who has faced the hottest fires of controversy and done so with great poise; you get the feeling from him that he’s just getting started. Thomas Hall has already shown that he can go up to Columbus and work with people who do not agree with him and work on legislation in a productive way to get their support. And he knows how to navigate the rough waters of politics without being a sell-out to his district. Of course, that has made Thomas Hall a target for those jealous of his success. For instance, Sheriff Jones has endorsed Matt King because the Sheriff is on the record being angry at legislation Thomas sponsored, like H.B. 99. But Thomas has managed to pick up the enthusiastic endorsement of Butler County Sheriff’s Office Police Union, which Sheriff Jones is a member. He also has the support of the NRA, Buckeye Firearms, Ohio Right to Life, and the Middletown Police Union. Sometimes when you are too good, you do make enemies. In my opinion, Thomas Hall has made the right kind of enemies and he made those enemies because he had done his job too well. 

Some of those jealous forces have thrown their support behind Matt King simply because they don’t want to live up to the high bar that Thomas has set for them. Matt is a blank sheet of paper, making it much easier to live up to. The hope that a fresh set of eyes as a House Rep might turn out well is the same kind of reasonable hope that someone who purchases a lottery ticket might expect. You can’t win if you don’t buy one. But in buying one, you accept that the outcome is uncertain. In my experience, a person with a business background like Matt has will have a tough time because when you run a business, you can hire who you want, and if you need money, you just go to the bank and make your pitch. The tricky thing about Columbus is that it already has people there whom you have to work with who have their own ideas about things, so it is difficult at best to get anything done and to do so with your authenticity intact—and even saying that of course Democrats who enter the Republican Party as Trojan Horses would like to see an end to Thomas Hall. You can see that clearly in the upcoming fundraiser mysteriously sponsored by the Republican Party of Butler County that has the Super Bowl trophy of Spencer Ware on it. They even put the trophy in Matt’s name. When you see this kind of thing, its always an indication that the candidate doesn’t have their own record to stand on, so they try to evoke the records of other people, like the Super Bowl exploits of a person who was on Super Bowl-winning teams, or Sheriffs with a long history of service, but a history of wanting to be a kingmaker and knock off political rivals at the party level.  

But the most convincing case for Thomas Hall came when he was pressed during the meeting by a critic of H.B. 218, which was a reaction to the impositions of the vaccine mandates. The critic in the audience was pressing Thomas for his support of the bill, which she did not feel went far enough in protecting employees from their employers during Covid. Thomas was front and center with all that activity, so he has a track record to criticize. But I think he handled that emotional question very well, which shows how much grace under fire he can handle, so I offer it here. Many political personalities would have stumbled through this kind of criticism, but Thomas did all he could at the time, so he could confidently answer the question.   There was undoubtedly a time limit being imposed on H.B. 218, and Thomas wanted to get something done, even if it didn’t go as far as the person asking the question wanted it to go, which was complete protection from mandatory vaccines. When the Biden administration put forth their Executive Order in September of 2021, it was essentially a race against time, putting politicians like Thomas Hall between a rock and a hard place on purpose. There is a fine line between individual rights and the rights of a company to require employees to comply with the needs of a workplace. That caused a lot of trouble for Columbus in reacting to the pressure; Thomas showed outstanding leadership during this challenging situation and was very respectful to his critic when asked the question. Of course, many of the Biden mandates have been found unconstitutional, as many thought would be the case all along. H.B. 218 tried to do something in a really tough time, so there wasn’t much more Thomas could do, but his reaction to the criticism is telling because it shows how he can handle pressure, even when it’s critical. Matt King couldn’t be asked any questions because he didn’t have a record to defend. And ultimately, that’s what this race comes down to; one of the candidates for the newly created 46th District in Ohio has a lot of experience and has been very successful. The other guy is hoping to use other people’s reputations to knock off a political rival who has set the bar too high for other politicians to live up to. That makes it a pretty clear case. Ultimately it’s up to voters, but the logic favors Thomas Hall greatly. 

Rich Hoffman

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J.D. Vance is Right About Women in the Workplace: The corporate job was not worth destroying the American family

I think the J.D. Vance comment about women in the workplace was a very smart thing to say, even though it was apocalyptic to the progressives in politics. Apparently, it’s still a very controversial thing even to question women’s role in the workplace; even now, in 2022, where we are re-thinking just about everything politically in American society. In a Tweet at the end of June, J.D. Vance said, “If your worldview tells you that it’s bad for women to become mothers but liberating for them to work 90 hours a week in a cubicle at the New York Times or Goldman Sachs, you’ve been had.” He said that in reaction to comments made in the wake of Roe v. Wade, which was overturned by the Supreme Court, leaving progressive politicians apocalyptic because it attacks a basic premise of the Democrat Party over the last 100 years. The assumption was that women were equal to men; to prove it, they needed to be in the workplace, paid the same, and expected to be the same in every way possible. However, now we see something I have been saying all my adult life. I’ve never been on board with the progressive premise for women, and the facts have proven the pitfalls more than valid. The question isn’t whether having a career makes a woman equal to a man or socially viable. The real question in society is whether a career is the priority over building a family and who does what task to maintain the social priorities within a marriage.

What is amazing about this specific time is that the MAGA movement, which J.D. Vance represents as an Ohio senate candidate, is about questioning the basic assumptions regarding all progressive positions made over the last century. It’s not enough to be a conservative; the new Trump emergence of MAGA conservatives is to question what we have seen and done as a country and to define what actually makes America Great and how we can do it again. And increasingly, we are asking these kinds of questions, which were off the table in progressive political discussions. Women in the workplace and the death cult of abortion are taboo subjects at the center of their entire political platform. But I have argued for years that women would have gained the right to vote, the right to own property, and many other issues of equality because of the American Constitution, regardless of socialist, progressive politics sticking its noses into micromanaging family life in the United States. Yet, at the core of the progressive movement was something much more sinister, becoming apparent to many more people over the last several years, especially since the Trump presidency challenged progressives in ways they were never prepared for. Progressives were intent on destroying the concept of the American family. The goal was to put a husband and wife into a corporate job and let the state raise the children. And now we see with the push from progressives to assert gay rights, to have drag queens in public schools, and to start teaching sex education under the third grade, there is a sinister reason that they wanted moms away from their children and slaving away at some ridiculous job as J.D. says, 90 hours a week so that women could earn the respect of their peers at the next wine tasting. 

Women are second-guessing everything now that we’ve seen a few generations of this behavior, and many women are starting to question whether or not it was all worth it openly. They went out and obtained their degree, worked in the power job, and played the corporate game. But then their kids grew up resenting them because they weren’t there and were always busy. They had a nice house to live in, cars, and food in the refrigerator. But that nurturing family environment that all humans crave was left lacking, and the government could not provide a viable substitute. I’ve watched this trend, I know quite a few power couples, and many of them have turned to the housewife life for their own survival of marriage and family. Those who could best afford it have put their families first, and that often means having someone in the home who runs it like a CEO runs a business. There is a lot to running a family, and the trend emerging now that we’ve seen past mistakes is to put family more as a priority in the future. My mom was a stay-at-home mom in the heart of the 70s when the social pressure to get out into the workplace was incredibly brutal. I watched her be tormented for her decisions all her life. I married a woman who wanted to stay home with our kids, and we’ve now been married for over 30 years, and it was worth it. It was even more challenging for her. But recently, with Melania Trump making the same decisions in a high-profile White House that people could see was running correctly, a lot of younger people like J.D. Vance and his wife, who jumped through all the hoops, went to all the right schools, are asking themselves if the career priority life was worth it. And for many, it just isn’t. It’s a path to an elderly life of misery and lots of regrets. 

This is just another doomsday scenario for progressives, which under the pressure of the MAGA movement, do not have good answers to any of these questions. We’ve watched corporate influence on humanity spiral out of control, especially in the wake of Covid, where the government game became very apparent with the vaccine mandates. If you wanted a job, you had to get the jab, and this opened the door for homeschooling options and to protect the home by having the woman in a family stay home to protect it and the children. The corporate/government alliance was just too much, and people saw the ugly face of it too quickly, which is where we find ourselves today. People are more than validated to start asking questions about all things progressive. Was it all worth it to put career before family so that you could tell your friends and neighbors that you had a powerful job and were equal to men in the world? For many women, it’s not enough. Corporate life has led them to a miserable life, and they are now old enough to cast an opinion about it in the voting booth. And J.D. Vance understands this problem very well. If you want to make America Great Again, do you start with a priority for the American family, or do you stand by the corporations so they can have easy access to labor, who have just sold us all out to the Desecrators of Davos dedicated to the same progressive causes that have destroyed the fossil fuel industry and cost us all many more dollars at the fuel pump for basic necessities? In the hundred-year march of progressive politics, they moved toward our destruction with a steady drumbeat until 2016, when President Trump was elected, and MAGA became a real  political platform, which rattled progressives. And over the last six years, they have accelerated their plans, especially with Covid, and it has instigated a tipping point for many people where they are now prepared to ask the kind of questions that J.D. Vance is asking. And for many women, the answer is no. The cubicle job has not been worth it at the expense of their families. They were promised by progressive politicians, like Hillary Clinton, that they could have it all. But now reality has set in, and they have buyer’s remorse. And they are voting based on the result. 

Rich Hoffman

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Review of the Book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’: A crime far worse than Helter Skelter and Charlie Manson’s band of murderers

I’ve had the book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health for a while now and read it many times.   It’s one of those books I needed to cool my jets on. I’ve been recommending that people read it, especially on topics concerning Covid and vaccines. But I honestly have been too angry to give it a critical appraisal because I had to sort my thoughts out about it. It’s a magnificent book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the kid of Bobby Kennedy, whose brother was JFK. This book could have only been written by someone with an extensive world perspective like Kennedy, whose family had been at the top of the political spectrum and could see the world from that vantage point. Because if he hadn’t been, and hadn’t had vast experience over the years with the Children’s Health Defense organization fighting Big Pharma in court, a book like this one could have never been conceived, let alone written. This global story essentially consolidates the yearning for control over the human race spanning more than 7000 years. Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and many others in government and the pharmaceutical industry essentially want what every tyrant in the history of the world has fantasized about, and that is control over the entire human population. In the case of Covid, there were vast crimes committed that were meticulously researched and shown page by page for hundreds of pages. Any given page could be a series of congressional hearings, and there is almost a snicker from Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the heads of pharma who dare anybody to try. These are madmen who have become so drunk with power that they believe they are operating outside of all laws and that no government could touch them. And that, in essence, is what the book is about, and it’s a must-read for anybody and everybody because after what we saw with Covid-19, it impacts everyone on the face of planet earth. One conclusion we can make upon reading this book is that never again can we allow any government to shut us down, lock us up in our homes, and run all affairs from the perspective of emergency powers. There were treatments for Covid that Gates and Fauci deliberately hid, along with an industry of those in the know, and they purposely killed people due to their obviously malicious actions. And this story is far from done.

Yet, what took me a while to get my mind around after reading the book once, twice, three times, and more was that if you follow my rule for judging people based on what they do, not what they say, there is something terribly sinister about the contents of The Real Anthony Fauci. When I was a kid, my dad had a copy of Helter Skelter that he tried to read. He got about a quarter of the way through it, then put it on the bookshelf, never to touch it again. The book scared him, as it did many Americans at the time because they just couldn’t get their minds wrapped around the kind of evil that committed the murders described by the Manson cult that the book was about. He grew up on a farm with a nice family in Ohio. People just didn’t do and think the kinds of things that allowed people to commit crimes like that. Well, as a young guy to overcome the classic need of conquering fear, if my dad was afraid of that book, I surely could overcome that fear and take my own steps into manhood. So I read it as a very young person, and I have studied people’s reactions to it. I didn’t find it all that scary as I grew up with a vastly different experience. For many years I openly sought out relationships with the worst kind of people to understand them. And I can say I’ve known people far worse than Charles Manson. They were more intelligent than Charlie and carried out their murders in a much less obvious way. Manson was evil, but he wasn’t a very smart kind of evil. The smart ones killed people without anybody knowing. They didn’t cut out their babies and paint the walls with their blood. They were never so obvious, which made them more dangerous. And that’s the perspective I had to reckon with to unravel the contents of Bobby Kennedy’s book. The mass murder by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci is much more malicious and cruel than those committed by Charles Manson and his small army of murderers. And if you judge Gates, Fauci in this story is just a bag man, but if you judge what they did, not what they said, you can only make one conclusion because it all adds up to one unsaid strategy for the whole Covid mess. 

Bill Gates, over several decades, as meticulously established in the book, has a maniacal obsession with vaccines. He has imposed himself and his vaccines on governments all over the world, tampering with their populations for mysteriously malicious reasons. Of course, he presents himself and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as wanting to help people fight off diseases. But what he doesn’t say and never does is that his vaccines are often more dangerous than the diseases they were meant to fight, and that was certainly the case with the Covid vaccines, which we now know from Moderna and Pfizer were experimental at best and should have never been given to anybody without more trials. To have Gates orchestrate all the world’s governments and essentially run all the mainstream media with his money and donations was a vast evil far worse than anything Charlie Manson ever did. And what’s worse is that Bill Gates knew he was doing it. He manipulated people at all corners of the world to essentially do one thing, put vaccines into every human being in the world, and force through terrorism to drive fear all the governments of the world to make it mandatory. From my own perspective, reading all this line by line for an endless stream of pages for many months, you have to ask why. What does it all add up to? Well, there is only one perspective that one could arrive at. Gates, the geek who started Microsoft as a company, viewed the entire human race as a kind of software program. He has been looking to unite all the governments under his control and make people beholden to those governments for their very lives. Bill Gates was looking to take over the world through his vaccines and, in that way, centralize the entire human race, so they had one thing in common, their basic survival.  

If you take a step back and read broadly, beyond this topic, but into the strategic aims of the Great Reset, by reading from Klaus Schwab himself from his books, the goal of centralized banking is much the same. The desire for a cashless society. The Larry Fink ESG scores. The China model, it all flows together in a very maniacal way. If Bill Gates could strip away the immune system of every human being so that they had to go to government to get a vaccine to stay alive, well, then suddenly, those ESG scores would have meaning. Because if you didn’t have a good ESG score, you might not be able to buy the vaccine that would keep you alive. But to do any of this, a centralized global government that doesn’t exist presently would have to be in place.

The story of The Real Anthony Fauci tells the story of the vaccine part. But it leaves the reader scratching their head at the evil because there is no real motive unless the broader considerations are brought into place. And these criminals are counting on nobody putting all the puzzle pieces together. Yet, that is the only way the puzzle does go together. It shows us the crime of the century, of mass murder without any remorse, all for the global aim of gaining control of the entire population of mankind and ruling them with literal fear of death. In the mind of a crazy person, it is the way to ensure that peace becomes the centerpiece of civilization. It might sound like the rationalization of a Charlie Manson, but it’s far worse than that. This madman is loose and using his vast wealth to buy up all our governments and our health care system for the aim of ultimate control. And it is the most evil thing on planet earth and the long history of humans since they first learned to walk.   And the evil is so bad that most people don’t have the heart to see it, which the criminals count on. It’s how they plan to get away with it—to be so evil that people cannot accept it and will just put the book back on the shelf and avoid thinking about it because the reality is simply too terrifying. 

Rich Hoffman

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My Review of ‘Putin’s Playbook’: Rebekah Koffler nails the most elusive threat in the world

Every now and then, you read a book that is just jaw-dropping good, and that is what Rebekah Koffler’s book Putin’s Playbook is. Usually, these days when I read a book, I’ve read thousands at this point, so I usually only learn three or four things per book, which isn’t much considering each one takes 10 to 20 hours to read. But this one had around 30 new things that I learned or hadn’t thought about before. I picked it up because of Steve Bannon on the Warroom podcast. Bannon usually has excellent references for books, and because of all the Russian stuff these days, I thought it might be a good idea to read Rebekah’s book. She was, after all, one of the top DIA intelligence officers who often briefed the top VIPs of our nation and often members of the White House directly. Hearing from her what kind of person Vladimir Putin was would help understand the Ukraine situation. After all, Rebekah was a native-born Russian and moved to America for all the right reasons. She was in a great position to understand the Russian view of the world, so I approached her book as one of those learn a few things books but had no expectation for it to be as good as it was. It’s so good I would recommend everyone buy it and take a week off work to read it once it comes. It will be some of the best time you will ever spend on anything. We are in an information war presently, so the more information you can consume and explain to others, the better your side is prepared to win that war. 

I was not surprised to read about a person I have talked about for a long time in Putin’s Playbook, Yuri Bezmenov, the well-known ex-KGB spy who came to America to warn us about what the Soviet Union was doing to convert America from a capitalist country to a communist one with a four-step plan. I have covered Yuri a lot, there are many YouTube videos about him, and he was even featured on one of the latest Call of Duty games. He is not science fiction or conspiracy theory. What he warned the world of was a real threat and still is. But people didn’t listen to him, and I didn’t understand why until reading Rebekah’s book. It’s a mystery I have been wondering about for four decades. And that mystery extended into the way Ayn Rand was treated. And Cleon Skousen. It’s not that people weren’t warned about communism from the Soviet Union trying to infiltrate our culture. Heck, the entire Democrat Party is a production of the Russian spy network that has been at work in the United States since 1919. Yet, our top officials never seemed to really care. Ronald Reagan cared, and many on the left hated him for it. They wanted communism in America, and they brought it into our culture in all the ways these writers warned. So why didn’t our government work harder to listen to them? Well, that is the compelling part of Rebekah’s story. The part that I didn’t know confirmed many suspicions I have had for a long time.   

It turns out that the real villain in the world is not Vladimir Putin. Sure, he wants to destroy America and everyone in it. Since he was a boy, he has wanted to do that because that’s what Russians do. They don’t have any words in their language for “fun,” so they look at the West as a decadent society of happy people that they want to destroy. It’s in their nature to do so; it’s purely cultural. One of the hardest things that the Russian spy network has always tried to figure out is how to emulate Americans while infiltrating our society. For the Russian-born working for the KGB, how do you convincingly simulate the American life of a carefree attitude about everything? In Russian culture, privation is an honor. To show how much you can endure is a measure of success. In America, they lived to have fun. They worked to have fun and buy things that were fun. Their aim in life was to be happy. How was a Russian supposed to simulate that trait when they had no point of reference for it? It’s a real problem for them and continues to be today. So, they’d love to get rid of us from the face of the earth. They have no desire to live in peace with America under any circumstances. But no, that’s not the most significant threat mentioned in Putin’s Playbook. No, the greatest threat to America by Russian attack is our American bureaucracy. 

Of course, that is a theme for me, but it was great to hear someone else say it, someone, who has worked with the top people in our government and understood the most dangerous people in the world intimately. It’s not the bad guys out there we have to worry about. Still, it’s their creations, the political left, and more specifically, the administrative state they have built from the ground up through years of communist influence starting with our education systems, then our businesses, and ultimately how our government functions. I have talked about the socialist movements in America going back to the Bellamy book Looking Backward, in 1888. But I didn’t know that Russians were trying to infiltrate the United States just two years into their Revolution in Russia under Lenin. That explains a lot. As I said, I already knew about Yuri, Cleon, and Ayn Rand. I didn’t realize just how effective their communist intentions already were within our own culture at the level of bureaucracy. Rebekah didn’t mean to expose all this; she just wanted to help her adopted homeland win the war in the world against the aggressors that were in it, like Vladimir Putin.    But it’s not Putin who we have to worry about; it’s the administrative state created by the political left in America. Now, it has made such a mess that the world terrorists who want to dominate the world no longer worry about America. Because they have built the bureaucracy in America from the ground up and know that it has paralyzed ambition to the point of ineffectiveness, this is why with Biden in the White House, Putin has made his move on Ukraine and is not worried at all about retaliation. Because he has given the West the poison they plan to fight him with; they are only entirely paralyzed to beat the Russians at a game they created over 100 years ago. Ultimately Rebekah was fired from her job, not for being incompetent. But because she was the opposite. She was too good, and the world of mediocrity, which spy agents have infiltrated America with, could not stand for exceptionalism to force their performance higher. So, they plotted at the DIA to get rid of Rebekah, and eventually, they did on some manipulated technicalities. The bureaucracy wanted to preserve its mediocrity from people like Rebekah Koffler, and ultimately that has become the policy of American politics.   They did the same thing to Trump. They intend to do it to us all. The fight isn’t over there in Ukraine; it’s down the road at the license bureau and the courthouse. It’s in our capitals, federal and state. It’s in our education institutions. And it’s on our nightly news. Everywhere, bureaucracy establishes a culture and is far more dangerous than Putin or any other modern character. And that is also why they want us to look at Ukraine while the real threat percolates right under our noses in an attempt to take over the entire world again and rule us all through mediocrity and a centralized state. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Temptations of Tubber Tintye: Why we must protect ourselves from the lowlifes of government

As I watched the looters, thieves, and outright crooks of the Washington D.C. culture at the State of the Union address of March 1st, 2022, I thought about how wonderful it was that America formed a constitution that limited government not one that fed it. It is no accident that America, out of all the world’s countries, has been the most successful at everything it’s done. That is because it has limited government, not exacerbated it, how centralized governments in the East and in Europe have done. However, the government is management, and we need people to do these tasks. We need government just as we do in all management. But we always need to check its power, not yield to it. And after all that we’ve been through, watching that speech where just about everything Joe Biden said was a complete reversal of everything he’s done, just as Wisconsin announced significant flaws in their election count, which just pours more gas on the fire of the Biden administration even being legitimate, the dangers of low-quality people in government was obvious. The Federal Reserve has fed BlackRock and Larry Fink as a progressive activist for climate change directly connected to the World Economic Forum Davos guys, leading to massive corruption with quantitative easing. With thousands of terrible stories of deceit and scandal, America is a great place regardless of those awful stories. The bad stories don’t define us because we have a great Constitution that separates the lowlifes from the rest of us.

I’ve been on a reading binge, which has only confirmed my thoughts. Last year I spent a lot of time traveling and writing my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. It is pretty much the opposite of what all centralized governments want, including corporate structures, how to defend individual will from the desires of a lecherous mob of looters, which most groups and organizations become by default. And learning what I have recently about finance, woke politics, and the movers and players around the world vying for power and control on a grand chessboard has only confirmed my thoughts articulated in that Gunfighter’s Guide. Of course, my opinions create scandal because people generally don’t see themselves as lowlifes who must be defended from. They want to believe that with extensive, fancy educations and lots of money in their bank accounts, they would be respected as some aristocracy of money, which is the fundamental problem of Washington D.C. culture. However, my measure for these kinds of things goes back to the realm of myth, where much of my early reading days were spent thinking about such things. Early in my life, as I was working out the value of the human race over many omelets in Waffle Houses at 4 am in the morning, during my own college days, I studied mythology and comparative religion, and I fell in love with a particular Irish story that captured these values exceptionally well. It’s called King of Erin and the Queen of the Lonesome Island and features a young prince who goes on a treasure hunt to the castle of the Queen of Tubber Tintye to save his mother. This story is how I measure human beings’ worth, why I have no illusions about the kind of people who end up trying to run our lives, and explains why we must always be skeptical of them. 

The young Prince arrives at the castle and steps through a window to combat many monsters and maniacal creatures guarding it. But once he slays them, he comes to a corridor with 12 rooms down it. He sees sleeping there the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in the first room. He is tempted to go in and enjoy her company. But he is a person of great personal worth, so he stays focused on his treasure hunt and resumes his journey down the corridor. In the next room is a woman even more beautiful than the first. And so, it goes down the entire hall until he gets to the last room beyond the 12th. In the 13th room is a giant golden room with the most beautiful woman in existence laying upon a spinning golden couch. Of course, that is the Queen of Tubber Tintye, and the two live happily ever after, relative to the tragic nature of Irish mythology. But the point of the story is obvious. Most people of great wealth in the world usually go into those first two rooms in their lives and never go any further. They’ll grab the beauties and parade them around at parties and fundraisers, so everyone thinks of them as being great people. But they never come close to the treasures that are at the end of the hall. Obviously, there is more to just physical beauty, such as wisdom and experience. But many people I would call lowlifes never come close to those understandings. Instead, they fall for the first beauty they meet in the first room and use that treasure to brag on for the rest of their lives, never developing entirely as people. 

We must have a constitution like our one in America because of this story. Most people who take these jobs can never be trusted. We need them to do the work, but we can’t afford to give them the keys to our kingdom because they are the type of people who fall for the shiny stuff in life and don’t have the guts or patience to explore the whole castle of Tubber Tintye and resist the temptations along the way. Much of the kind of government these people are drawn to feeds their temptations; it doesn’t require them to fight it. And so, we have a world of massive corruption, and we shouldn’t expect anything less from them. But we do need the means to protect ourselves from their natures. Despite having these lowlife scumbags running our government, America has been prosperous because we have protected ourselves from their natures which fall for every temptation that comes at them. When I say that, I think of people like Larry Fink. They have bridged a gap between the Federal Reserve printing endless amounts of money to feed Wall Street, then using the power gained from that exchange to propel the goals of the Davos crowds’ radical progressivism, backdooring our political system in a public/private partnership that has turned out to be detrimental and terribly destructive. To me, Fink is just another sucker who fell for the beauty in the first room. He didn’t even make it to the second room. Let alone the golden chamber beyond the 12 rooms. And primarily, that is the same story we could apply to just about every person in attendance at the State of the Union speech where Biden was illegally inserted to protect that Beltway culture from the judgment of the outside world. And to me, most everyone falls short of my judgment. I’m not saying we get rid of the government. But we wouldn’t have a good country if we allowed the lowlifes who do make their way into government to ruin our lives with their bad decisions. And by bad choices, it’s the kind of people who fall for the temptations in the first rooms of the grand hallways of the Tubber Tintye castle. Within the scheme of things is most everyone. We aren’t proposing to throw those people away as useless. But we do have to protect ourselves from their gullibility to temptations that make them dangerous to the human race. 

Rich Hoffman

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