Review of the Book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’: A crime far worse than Helter Skelter and Charlie Manson’s band of murderers

I’ve had the book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health for a while now and read it many times.   It’s one of those books I needed to cool my jets on. I’ve been recommending that people read it, especially on topics concerning Covid and vaccines. But I honestly have been too angry to give it a critical appraisal because I had to sort my thoughts out about it. It’s a magnificent book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the kid of Bobby Kennedy, whose brother was JFK. This book could have only been written by someone with an extensive world perspective like Kennedy, whose family had been at the top of the political spectrum and could see the world from that vantage point. Because if he hadn’t been, and hadn’t had vast experience over the years with the Children’s Health Defense organization fighting Big Pharma in court, a book like this one could have never been conceived, let alone written. This global story essentially consolidates the yearning for control over the human race spanning more than 7000 years. Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and many others in government and the pharmaceutical industry essentially want what every tyrant in the history of the world has fantasized about, and that is control over the entire human population. In the case of Covid, there were vast crimes committed that were meticulously researched and shown page by page for hundreds of pages. Any given page could be a series of congressional hearings, and there is almost a snicker from Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the heads of pharma who dare anybody to try. These are madmen who have become so drunk with power that they believe they are operating outside of all laws and that no government could touch them. And that, in essence, is what the book is about, and it’s a must-read for anybody and everybody because after what we saw with Covid-19, it impacts everyone on the face of planet earth. One conclusion we can make upon reading this book is that never again can we allow any government to shut us down, lock us up in our homes, and run all affairs from the perspective of emergency powers. There were treatments for Covid that Gates and Fauci deliberately hid, along with an industry of those in the know, and they purposely killed people due to their obviously malicious actions. And this story is far from done.

Yet, what took me a while to get my mind around after reading the book once, twice, three times, and more was that if you follow my rule for judging people based on what they do, not what they say, there is something terribly sinister about the contents of The Real Anthony Fauci. When I was a kid, my dad had a copy of Helter Skelter that he tried to read. He got about a quarter of the way through it, then put it on the bookshelf, never to touch it again. The book scared him, as it did many Americans at the time because they just couldn’t get their minds wrapped around the kind of evil that committed the murders described by the Manson cult that the book was about. He grew up on a farm with a nice family in Ohio. People just didn’t do and think the kinds of things that allowed people to commit crimes like that. Well, as a young guy to overcome the classic need of conquering fear, if my dad was afraid of that book, I surely could overcome that fear and take my own steps into manhood. So I read it as a very young person, and I have studied people’s reactions to it. I didn’t find it all that scary as I grew up with a vastly different experience. For many years I openly sought out relationships with the worst kind of people to understand them. And I can say I’ve known people far worse than Charles Manson. They were more intelligent than Charlie and carried out their murders in a much less obvious way. Manson was evil, but he wasn’t a very smart kind of evil. The smart ones killed people without anybody knowing. They didn’t cut out their babies and paint the walls with their blood. They were never so obvious, which made them more dangerous. And that’s the perspective I had to reckon with to unravel the contents of Bobby Kennedy’s book. The mass murder by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci is much more malicious and cruel than those committed by Charles Manson and his small army of murderers. And if you judge Gates, Fauci in this story is just a bag man, but if you judge what they did, not what they said, you can only make one conclusion because it all adds up to one unsaid strategy for the whole Covid mess. 

Bill Gates, over several decades, as meticulously established in the book, has a maniacal obsession with vaccines. He has imposed himself and his vaccines on governments all over the world, tampering with their populations for mysteriously malicious reasons. Of course, he presents himself and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as wanting to help people fight off diseases. But what he doesn’t say and never does is that his vaccines are often more dangerous than the diseases they were meant to fight, and that was certainly the case with the Covid vaccines, which we now know from Moderna and Pfizer were experimental at best and should have never been given to anybody without more trials. To have Gates orchestrate all the world’s governments and essentially run all the mainstream media with his money and donations was a vast evil far worse than anything Charlie Manson ever did. And what’s worse is that Bill Gates knew he was doing it. He manipulated people at all corners of the world to essentially do one thing, put vaccines into every human being in the world, and force through terrorism to drive fear all the governments of the world to make it mandatory. From my own perspective, reading all this line by line for an endless stream of pages for many months, you have to ask why. What does it all add up to? Well, there is only one perspective that one could arrive at. Gates, the geek who started Microsoft as a company, viewed the entire human race as a kind of software program. He has been looking to unite all the governments under his control and make people beholden to those governments for their very lives. Bill Gates was looking to take over the world through his vaccines and, in that way, centralize the entire human race, so they had one thing in common, their basic survival.  

If you take a step back and read broadly, beyond this topic, but into the strategic aims of the Great Reset, by reading from Klaus Schwab himself from his books, the goal of centralized banking is much the same. The desire for a cashless society. The Larry Fink ESG scores. The China model, it all flows together in a very maniacal way. If Bill Gates could strip away the immune system of every human being so that they had to go to government to get a vaccine to stay alive, well, then suddenly, those ESG scores would have meaning. Because if you didn’t have a good ESG score, you might not be able to buy the vaccine that would keep you alive. But to do any of this, a centralized global government that doesn’t exist presently would have to be in place.

The story of The Real Anthony Fauci tells the story of the vaccine part. But it leaves the reader scratching their head at the evil because there is no real motive unless the broader considerations are brought into place. And these criminals are counting on nobody putting all the puzzle pieces together. Yet, that is the only way the puzzle does go together. It shows us the crime of the century, of mass murder without any remorse, all for the global aim of gaining control of the entire population of mankind and ruling them with literal fear of death. In the mind of a crazy person, it is the way to ensure that peace becomes the centerpiece of civilization. It might sound like the rationalization of a Charlie Manson, but it’s far worse than that. This madman is loose and using his vast wealth to buy up all our governments and our health care system for the aim of ultimate control. And it is the most evil thing on planet earth and the long history of humans since they first learned to walk.   And the evil is so bad that most people don’t have the heart to see it, which the criminals count on. It’s how they plan to get away with it—to be so evil that people cannot accept it and will just put the book back on the shelf and avoid thinking about it because the reality is simply too terrifying. 

Rich Hoffman

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My Review of ‘Putin’s Playbook’: Rebekah Koffler nails the most elusive threat in the world

Every now and then, you read a book that is just jaw-dropping good, and that is what Rebekah Koffler’s book Putin’s Playbook is. Usually, these days when I read a book, I’ve read thousands at this point, so I usually only learn three or four things per book, which isn’t much considering each one takes 10 to 20 hours to read. But this one had around 30 new things that I learned or hadn’t thought about before. I picked it up because of Steve Bannon on the Warroom podcast. Bannon usually has excellent references for books, and because of all the Russian stuff these days, I thought it might be a good idea to read Rebekah’s book. She was, after all, one of the top DIA intelligence officers who often briefed the top VIPs of our nation and often members of the White House directly. Hearing from her what kind of person Vladimir Putin was would help understand the Ukraine situation. After all, Rebekah was a native-born Russian and moved to America for all the right reasons. She was in a great position to understand the Russian view of the world, so I approached her book as one of those learn a few things books but had no expectation for it to be as good as it was. It’s so good I would recommend everyone buy it and take a week off work to read it once it comes. It will be some of the best time you will ever spend on anything. We are in an information war presently, so the more information you can consume and explain to others, the better your side is prepared to win that war. 

I was not surprised to read about a person I have talked about for a long time in Putin’s Playbook, Yuri Bezmenov, the well-known ex-KGB spy who came to America to warn us about what the Soviet Union was doing to convert America from a capitalist country to a communist one with a four-step plan. I have covered Yuri a lot, there are many YouTube videos about him, and he was even featured on one of the latest Call of Duty games. He is not science fiction or conspiracy theory. What he warned the world of was a real threat and still is. But people didn’t listen to him, and I didn’t understand why until reading Rebekah’s book. It’s a mystery I have been wondering about for four decades. And that mystery extended into the way Ayn Rand was treated. And Cleon Skousen. It’s not that people weren’t warned about communism from the Soviet Union trying to infiltrate our culture. Heck, the entire Democrat Party is a production of the Russian spy network that has been at work in the United States since 1919. Yet, our top officials never seemed to really care. Ronald Reagan cared, and many on the left hated him for it. They wanted communism in America, and they brought it into our culture in all the ways these writers warned. So why didn’t our government work harder to listen to them? Well, that is the compelling part of Rebekah’s story. The part that I didn’t know confirmed many suspicions I have had for a long time.   

It turns out that the real villain in the world is not Vladimir Putin. Sure, he wants to destroy America and everyone in it. Since he was a boy, he has wanted to do that because that’s what Russians do. They don’t have any words in their language for “fun,” so they look at the West as a decadent society of happy people that they want to destroy. It’s in their nature to do so; it’s purely cultural. One of the hardest things that the Russian spy network has always tried to figure out is how to emulate Americans while infiltrating our society. For the Russian-born working for the KGB, how do you convincingly simulate the American life of a carefree attitude about everything? In Russian culture, privation is an honor. To show how much you can endure is a measure of success. In America, they lived to have fun. They worked to have fun and buy things that were fun. Their aim in life was to be happy. How was a Russian supposed to simulate that trait when they had no point of reference for it? It’s a real problem for them and continues to be today. So, they’d love to get rid of us from the face of the earth. They have no desire to live in peace with America under any circumstances. But no, that’s not the most significant threat mentioned in Putin’s Playbook. No, the greatest threat to America by Russian attack is our American bureaucracy. 

Of course, that is a theme for me, but it was great to hear someone else say it, someone, who has worked with the top people in our government and understood the most dangerous people in the world intimately. It’s not the bad guys out there we have to worry about. Still, it’s their creations, the political left, and more specifically, the administrative state they have built from the ground up through years of communist influence starting with our education systems, then our businesses, and ultimately how our government functions. I have talked about the socialist movements in America going back to the Bellamy book Looking Backward, in 1888. But I didn’t know that Russians were trying to infiltrate the United States just two years into their Revolution in Russia under Lenin. That explains a lot. As I said, I already knew about Yuri, Cleon, and Ayn Rand. I didn’t realize just how effective their communist intentions already were within our own culture at the level of bureaucracy. Rebekah didn’t mean to expose all this; she just wanted to help her adopted homeland win the war in the world against the aggressors that were in it, like Vladimir Putin.    But it’s not Putin who we have to worry about; it’s the administrative state created by the political left in America. Now, it has made such a mess that the world terrorists who want to dominate the world no longer worry about America. Because they have built the bureaucracy in America from the ground up and know that it has paralyzed ambition to the point of ineffectiveness, this is why with Biden in the White House, Putin has made his move on Ukraine and is not worried at all about retaliation. Because he has given the West the poison they plan to fight him with; they are only entirely paralyzed to beat the Russians at a game they created over 100 years ago. Ultimately Rebekah was fired from her job, not for being incompetent. But because she was the opposite. She was too good, and the world of mediocrity, which spy agents have infiltrated America with, could not stand for exceptionalism to force their performance higher. So, they plotted at the DIA to get rid of Rebekah, and eventually, they did on some manipulated technicalities. The bureaucracy wanted to preserve its mediocrity from people like Rebekah Koffler, and ultimately that has become the policy of American politics.   They did the same thing to Trump. They intend to do it to us all. The fight isn’t over there in Ukraine; it’s down the road at the license bureau and the courthouse. It’s in our capitals, federal and state. It’s in our education institutions. And it’s on our nightly news. Everywhere, bureaucracy establishes a culture and is far more dangerous than Putin or any other modern character. And that is also why they want us to look at Ukraine while the real threat percolates right under our noses in an attempt to take over the entire world again and rule us all through mediocrity and a centralized state. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Temptations of Tubber Tintye: Why we must protect ourselves from the lowlifes of government

As I watched the looters, thieves, and outright crooks of the Washington D.C. culture at the State of the Union address of March 1st, 2022, I thought about how wonderful it was that America formed a constitution that limited government not one that fed it. It is no accident that America, out of all the world’s countries, has been the most successful at everything it’s done. That is because it has limited government, not exacerbated it, how centralized governments in the East and in Europe have done. However, the government is management, and we need people to do these tasks. We need government just as we do in all management. But we always need to check its power, not yield to it. And after all that we’ve been through, watching that speech where just about everything Joe Biden said was a complete reversal of everything he’s done, just as Wisconsin announced significant flaws in their election count, which just pours more gas on the fire of the Biden administration even being legitimate, the dangers of low-quality people in government was obvious. The Federal Reserve has fed BlackRock and Larry Fink as a progressive activist for climate change directly connected to the World Economic Forum Davos guys, leading to massive corruption with quantitative easing. With thousands of terrible stories of deceit and scandal, America is a great place regardless of those awful stories. The bad stories don’t define us because we have a great Constitution that separates the lowlifes from the rest of us.

I’ve been on a reading binge, which has only confirmed my thoughts. Last year I spent a lot of time traveling and writing my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. It is pretty much the opposite of what all centralized governments want, including corporate structures, how to defend individual will from the desires of a lecherous mob of looters, which most groups and organizations become by default. And learning what I have recently about finance, woke politics, and the movers and players around the world vying for power and control on a grand chessboard has only confirmed my thoughts articulated in that Gunfighter’s Guide. Of course, my opinions create scandal because people generally don’t see themselves as lowlifes who must be defended from. They want to believe that with extensive, fancy educations and lots of money in their bank accounts, they would be respected as some aristocracy of money, which is the fundamental problem of Washington D.C. culture. However, my measure for these kinds of things goes back to the realm of myth, where much of my early reading days were spent thinking about such things. Early in my life, as I was working out the value of the human race over many omelets in Waffle Houses at 4 am in the morning, during my own college days, I studied mythology and comparative religion, and I fell in love with a particular Irish story that captured these values exceptionally well. It’s called King of Erin and the Queen of the Lonesome Island and features a young prince who goes on a treasure hunt to the castle of the Queen of Tubber Tintye to save his mother. This story is how I measure human beings’ worth, why I have no illusions about the kind of people who end up trying to run our lives, and explains why we must always be skeptical of them. 

The young Prince arrives at the castle and steps through a window to combat many monsters and maniacal creatures guarding it. But once he slays them, he comes to a corridor with 12 rooms down it. He sees sleeping there the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in the first room. He is tempted to go in and enjoy her company. But he is a person of great personal worth, so he stays focused on his treasure hunt and resumes his journey down the corridor. In the next room is a woman even more beautiful than the first. And so, it goes down the entire hall until he gets to the last room beyond the 12th. In the 13th room is a giant golden room with the most beautiful woman in existence laying upon a spinning golden couch. Of course, that is the Queen of Tubber Tintye, and the two live happily ever after, relative to the tragic nature of Irish mythology. But the point of the story is obvious. Most people of great wealth in the world usually go into those first two rooms in their lives and never go any further. They’ll grab the beauties and parade them around at parties and fundraisers, so everyone thinks of them as being great people. But they never come close to the treasures that are at the end of the hall. Obviously, there is more to just physical beauty, such as wisdom and experience. But many people I would call lowlifes never come close to those understandings. Instead, they fall for the first beauty they meet in the first room and use that treasure to brag on for the rest of their lives, never developing entirely as people. 

We must have a constitution like our one in America because of this story. Most people who take these jobs can never be trusted. We need them to do the work, but we can’t afford to give them the keys to our kingdom because they are the type of people who fall for the shiny stuff in life and don’t have the guts or patience to explore the whole castle of Tubber Tintye and resist the temptations along the way. Much of the kind of government these people are drawn to feeds their temptations; it doesn’t require them to fight it. And so, we have a world of massive corruption, and we shouldn’t expect anything less from them. But we do need the means to protect ourselves from their natures. Despite having these lowlife scumbags running our government, America has been prosperous because we have protected ourselves from their natures which fall for every temptation that comes at them. When I say that, I think of people like Larry Fink. They have bridged a gap between the Federal Reserve printing endless amounts of money to feed Wall Street, then using the power gained from that exchange to propel the goals of the Davos crowds’ radical progressivism, backdooring our political system in a public/private partnership that has turned out to be detrimental and terribly destructive. To me, Fink is just another sucker who fell for the beauty in the first room. He didn’t even make it to the second room. Let alone the golden chamber beyond the 12 rooms. And primarily, that is the same story we could apply to just about every person in attendance at the State of the Union speech where Biden was illegally inserted to protect that Beltway culture from the judgment of the outside world. And to me, most everyone falls short of my judgment. I’m not saying we get rid of the government. But we wouldn’t have a good country if we allowed the lowlifes who do make their way into government to ruin our lives with their bad decisions. And by bad choices, it’s the kind of people who fall for the temptations in the first rooms of the grand hallways of the Tubber Tintye castle. Within the scheme of things is most everyone. We aren’t proposing to throw those people away as useless. But we do have to protect ourselves from their gullibility to temptations that make them dangerous to the human race. 

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Get Distracted by Joe Rogan: The Hydra of evil that comes from Davos

Don’t get caught following the laser pointer like some dog. That includes the mask mandates, the Canadian trucker protest, January 6th, Ukraine, social justice news headlines, and especially the treatment of the podcaster Joe Rogan. I’ve had a weird outer body kind of experience lately, something unique to me because of my lifestyle. I work on this news site. I read a voluminous number of books from all different categories, and I interact with very rich and powerful people nearly every day. So, it’s a unique life, but then I hit upon an extraordinary book, one that provided a lot of glue to pull everything together, the motivations of election fraud in the 2020 election, the origin of Covid. The hostile intent of China. I think it’s one thing to have common sense and to have an ability to see things for what they are, not necessarily what people present to you. It’s quite another to finally get that ah-ha moment of confirmation and have a Perry Mason experience where the whole case can then be summed up to a jury for prosecution. And after reading the incredible book by Christopher Leonard, The Lords of Easy Money, I had that moment. And I can say he didn’t do it on purpose. All he wanted to do was figure out why the Federal Reserve was continuing a reckless policy of quantitative easing after several years of ZIRP (interest rates at or near zero). It helped that I have an old friend who pops in and out of my life all the time between stints in Federal prison; he’s a sovereign citizen who has always professed the evils of corporate ownership of our property. He has an IQ of around 190, he’s too smart to follow the laws of stupid people, so he finds himself into all kinds of interesting adventures, and he’s too intelligent for the people who inhabit the legal system, lawyers, prosecutors, district attornies, etc. Knowing people like that can add perspective to everything else, and that has left me tracing it all down to the doorstep where the smoking gun is still sticking out the window of an assassin’s sniper shot. I dare say I see the intended killers of America from within the windows of that house, and we have them.

Knowing all that, the recent story about Joe Rogan and his censorship on Spotify has all been about one thing, yet nobody has picked up on it. I’ve never been much of a Joe Rogan fan. The kinds of things they talk about there are like talking to a baker about cake mix. If people care about such things, I’m sure it’s the most exciting conversation in the world. But for me, there is only one thing I want to do with cake, and that is to eat it. Joe Rogan is left of center and is not something I value. When I think of him, I think of smoking pot with Elon Musk. His podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, has many millions of listeners and a big 100 million dollar deal from Spotify. Most people don’t have much time to get into the deep things in life, so they find his conversations interesting. I find them worthlessly liberal. So it was perplexing for many to see the woke left to come down so hard over Joe Rogan by several old hippie musical artists who were upset that Covid questioning came up on his podcast that punched holes in the official narrative. It didn’t make sense to people who listen to some of that music, like that of Neil Young, who has always been about thumbing their nose at the “man” yet now seemingly doing the work of that same “man.” Some invisible system of controls that these old hippies were the sudden spokespeople.   

It’s all a distraction; it’s an attempt to pull the country back to the center or left of center by taking a famous podcaster and moving the Overton Window to a new place. For many years there have been vast conspiracies about the Bilderberg meetings of the Illuminati. Of the Rockefeller family and the massive strings they have on the politics of America. I have even pointed out that when things start getting too real and investigative journalism threatens to find that doorstep with the assassin’s bullet still chambered in the sniper rifle, a barrage of UFO stories permeate the news cycle to get us all to look at the distraction as if it were the most important thing in the world. But the killers live in the House of the Party of Davos, and they have been caught panicking now that their long-laid plans are suddenly in jeopardy because global populism is blowing those plans up as we speak. Trump was supposed to be gone by now. People were supposed to have all been trained to do what the authorities told them to do with Covid. People are supposed to be looking at Russia’s Putin when it’s China that owns most of our Washington D.C. political class, the Hydra that has grown from the warnings of Andrew Jackson and is a behemoth of insatiable fury and corruption now is loose, and people can see it. Some of the heads of that Hydra are Bill Gates, Mitch McConnell, Mark Zuckerbucks, Tim Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, LaBron James, and many others, all connected to the same swamp monster. But instead, they are starting to fight back, and that populism push goes well beyond the Trump movement in America. It’s a global issue, and it has these global killers worried.   We know now who they are because they had to show themselves to attempt to get their arms around these stories, which are now spiraling out of control. 

And in their feeble attempts at control, they tried to make Joe Rogan a distraction, to show that the political left would eat its own if they misbehaved and did not take the word of the “expert” class at their source, and to stop there. The Party of Davos has admitted control of American and global politics, our media culture, and now through woke ESG policies, many of our multinational corporations. And it’s getting hot in that assassin’s house, and they want a distraction. That was what the whole Joe Rogan controversy was all about. Rogan isn’t all of a sudden a hero of the conservative movement. He’s just an average guy who is just asking the kind of questions that members of a block party might consider under the drunken haze of alcohol and a college football game on in the garage. There isn’t anything all that sophisticated going on with Joe Rogan. But the objective was to get us to look at him and be warned that it could happen to any of us if he can get the woke treatment of potential censorship. I always warn that those big 100 million dollar deals aren’t always for talent. Sometimes they are just a payoff to get control of a market because once you take the money, they own you forever. That’s how the Hydra mentioned was born and set loose upon our political system. It didn’t come from nowhere, but money fed the beast, and now it is loose to do its destruction. And with Joe Rogan, that indeed turned out to be the case. They let him in the door, paid him well, and ultimately we saw the result. Joe Rogan had to apologize for his crime of asking questions. And the world saw the pain it put him through; all of it was a warning from that Party of Davos, the unelected malcontents straight out of Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. These villains fear most the rise of populism around the world because they know it leads to their undoing. And they hope they can put everyone back to sleep by pointing at Joe Rogan and saying, “there is the radical,” and that we might all follow in that assumption. But remember, it’s just the laser pointer trying to get us away from their front door, where they are caught and exposed for the first time in over a hundred years.

Rich Hoffman

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Justin Trudeau Runs and Hides: Socialists are easy to beat, all you have to do is confront them

I don’t know that it was a big secret, but if there was any doubt about how to defeat socialists in general, what has been going on in Canada is the recipe that will work everywhere. Truckers protesting the vaccine mandates of Justin Trudeau, the socialist prime minister there, gathered outside his home. It scared him so bad that he suddenly came down with Covid and fled to an undisclosed location to avoid the mob. At times, it had the feel of the French Revolution, even though it never descended into actual violence or even the January 6th incident in Washington D.C. One true thing about all socialists is that they became that way out of their timid natures. As liberals, they seek the protection of what they think of, like a big, parental government. And from behind the leg of that parent, they lash out at their siblings as if suddenly empowered with strength. But when they realize that the parental government can’t protect them, it is the scariest thing in the world to them. That is how American politicians reacted when they realized that President Trump was not the leader of the MAGA movement, he was the result of it, and that the people who protested their corrupt government on January 6th, 2021, were not shackled to the rules of society when angered, it was terrifying to them. That is the same kind of fear that Justin Trudeau was reacting to when a mob of protestors took their action to his front door. The Prime Minister got into politics as a form of protection from the real world, and this was not how the script was supposed to read. So he retreated and lashed out in predictable ways, which showed the world, just how little power these little tyrants really have when things start getting tough. Only through deceit can socialists have power; once people are on to them, the house of cards falls apart rather quickly.

I warned everyone about Justin Trudeau back in 2015 when he was first elected as Prime Minister of Canada. I told everyone here and everywhere that I spoke that the kid was a socialist and was part of this global script to remake the world into a socialist one, as indicated by Socialist International at the time. Over the years, of course, that group of globalists who have that script written in the Carroll Quiggly book Tragedy and Hope so blatantly has changed their names many times. These days that whole effort has migrated over into the World Economic Forum, which meets in Davos each year to plot the destruction of the world by controlling governments like Wild West train robbers from beyond a country of their own, all to bring them down into the control of the United Nations, which they manipulate through banking. At the time, Barack Obama was their guy in America, and Justin Trudeau was the outright member of the socialist party in Canada who was put there to do their deeds. I pointed it out; many thought it was a vast conspiracy unrooted in reality. But of course, it turned out to be all true.

Additionally, most of the similar leadership positions in all of Europe were like the socialist Justin Trudeau. Justin’s hook was that he was a nice-looking young man who made women feel safe supporting him. Men had to go along if they didn’t want to alienate their women, and in that way, Canada adopted socialism ever so subtly. I immediately noticed the turn toward authoritarian government behind the smiling face at the border at Niagra Falls, which I like to visit every so often. Suddenly the border went from a popular tourist spot to a pretty cold check of authoritarian control, a preview of what was to come when the United Nations and the Great Reset crowd unleashed Covid to the world for the purpose of a complete socialist takeover of the world behind the shared threat of a virus outbreak, hatched by Dr. Fauci through the Department of Defense in direct partnership with the Chinese government. 

Yet, you won’t hear me talking about how scary any of these losers are. Socialists become socialists because they are weak. They are timid people, which is why they were so quick to adopt mask mandates from out-of-control governments. As liberals, they are conflict-averse and always look for that big parental leg to shield them from their actions in the world. And it’s straightforward to defeat them. Just confront them and watch them wither away like the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. The real secret to stopping socialism and communism in the world is to confront the bullies hiding behind those parental legs of government. Once socialists like Justin Trudeau realize that government can’t protect them from bad decisions and people angry at authority, they can do nothing. There will come the point where the Chinese people figure this out about their communist government, the overly parental figures there where the few rule the many quite tyrannically. It is not like the Chinese to think for themselves. Still, once unemployment can’t overcome the nanny state problems of an economy built entirely on looted wealth, people will be mad, just as they were in Canada, Washington D.C. and many other places in the world erupting in anger over an authoritarian government more interested in telling people what to do than actually solving problems. When people realize this, the socialists and communists always fall. Because that delicate balance between fear and lack of opportunity quickly takes over reason, social collapse is always imminent. 

What is happening in Canada can and will happen everywhere. I wish people would have listened to me six or seven years ago about Trudeau. It was about that time that I put my support behind Trump because I could see how things were stacking up. Many people like me saw what the socialists and communists in the world were doing, and we wanted to make our own declaration in defense of capitalism; what better way to do it than to elect a guy who fully embraced capitalism and lived in a golden tower that he built in New York City with a beautiful supermodel wife. That was who we wanted to run our government; we didn’t want these Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau socialists that the world wanted to give us. Looking back on it now, isn’t it obvious why they had to get rid of President Trump? He wasn’t part of their script. The world didn’t recognize the American concept of self-government. They had it in their mind that they’d give us someone, and we would like it, just as they did in Canada. But when things don’t go well, and people want recourse for the injustice done to them, like the vaccine mandates in Canada, then when people do rise up, and Trudeau doesn’t have a script that tells him how to solve that problem, the great fear emerges for everyone involved. Socialists and communists do not know what to do. And it is there that they always fail, time and time again, and always will. People always have leverage over the administrative masses, and when the socialists realize that there is no parental leg to hide behind, it is the worst thing in the world. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Turning Point of the War: When conspiracies turn out to be true and we learn the Constitution and guns are all that really matter

The Turning Point in the War

I have been talking about the FEMA camps that we are now seeing happen in Australia and Austria for decades.  Of course, they call them something else in those places, but in essence, the tyrannical intentions of those governments have been unleashed over Covid, and we have seen attempts in America toward the same.  Recently, in fact, two times in the year 2021, I took my wife through Indianapolis, where the FEMA camp railyards for my sector of the country we’re supposed to transpire.  Given the world’s blueprint, it’s pretty obvious now what the plan was.  I could never figure out how our constitutional republic would ever pull off a FEMA camp imprisonment similar to what Hitler did to the Jews, but after 2021, we now see who and why they would be sent to FEMA camps.  It would be the unvaccinated, of course, and similar government disrupters such as the rioters at the January 6th event that has violated all kinds of constitutional liberties for those still imprisoned.  And in many ways, I feel like the fever is breaking, that there is a tide turning in this war that many never knew was even happening.  But it was, and it goes back a long way. The way that Australia and Austria have been behaving over Covid and how the media has shown themselves to be agents of their corporate sponsors, we now see what many thought years ago were just conspiracies. 

But I’m not all doom and gloom over these revelations; I’ve always known about them.  My problem was that I couldn’t prove it to people who were much more interested in getting their kids to soccer practice and having a block party for the Ohio State/Michigan game than in getting to the bottom of why our government would have planned FEMA camps for innocent people decades ago, only to come true now, in the early 2020s.  Then we saw the unthinkable in September of 2021 when the Biden people put out an Executive Order mandating vaccines for a virus our government created as a bioweapon in a Chinese lab, for most employers in America targeting all the people who work for them.  It was perhaps the most aggressive overreach of the federal government any of us have ever seen outside of wartime escapades. It was alarming to Americans not used to such an imposing government.  People really didn’t know what to do because they had never been challenged legally in these ways.  In the country’s history, we had never seen conspiracies like this playing out before our eyes, and it was scary stuff.  But I said then as I say now, it was always unconstitutional, and that is what sets America apart from the rest of the world, is that bit of constitutional philosophy that is so wonderfully debated in two of my favorite books ever written, The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers.  I personally prefer The Anti-Federalist Papers.  Even though I’m from Hamilton, Ohio, which is named after Alexander Hamilton, of Federalist Papers fame, I’m a hardliner for the Anti-Federalist Papers.  I admire those works in the context of history. I’ve been to the site in England of one of the Magna Cartas.  Our American Constitution wasn’t just put together yesterday; it’s the culmination of many years of human intellect which modern progressives are trying to toss out the window.  But it’s the law of our land, and so long as we stick by it and defend it from attackers by using the Second Amendment, everything will be fine.

That’s precisely what broke this sickness; as I said, it would end eventually when the legal system caught up to the crimes.  Up to this point, December 8th of 2021, the crimes of international governments were far outpacing the ability of our courts to deal with them, which was part of the strategy, a standard Cloward and Piven tactic of overwhelming a system and forcing it to collapse.  Just like blitzing the quarterback in football, that is what attackers of America have been doing to us all, including some within our own government, such as the Biden administration.  And like everywhere that Covid protocols by overreaching politicians have attempted it, a judge in Georgia put a hold on the federal portion of the Biden executive order, pretty much killing the unconstitutional mandate as soon as it was born.  That has been the case in all Covid cases, but that hold on the federal mandate was the big one, and from this point, it will establish all case law in the future.  Governments have limits on their powers on purpose, and that doesn’t go away when there is a panic; even a government-created one like coronavirus has been.  The plan was to suspend our constitutional rights with Covid and replace direct military authority with medical authority, which was always a plan by those types of people.  This is why we have a constitution that protects individual liberty from those declaring collective salvation.  Because it was always a power grab, and those who didn’t follow along would be sent to FEMA camps to enforce compliance to this new global authority.

But that’s not how it rolls in America.  It took people a few years to get their feet settled in America, but finally, people are learning about the Constitution in ways they should have always known.  Government schools that wanted to acquire power for themselves, of course, will not teach constitutional value in their classrooms.  We were crazy to think they ever would.  But people have learned through this Covid nightmare the value of limits on government which the Constitution provides.  Finally, people have the context they can relate to.  Our rights do not get put on hold because the world’s governments can’t manage a silly virus.  Their inabilities do not constitute imprisonment, sorrow, or a loss of enjoyment of life.  And that essentially is what judge R. Stan Baker granted from Georgia regarding the federal portion of the Biden Executive Order.

A president doesn’t get to make orders like some king from the White House.  Governor DeWine in Ohio tried similar stupidity during Covid, which the legislature had to take away from him.  In America, we understand we need government for the basics.  But we must put limits on the powers of government because if stupid people get to be in charge by some deficiency, then people need insulation from that stupidity.  And that has certainly been the case with Covid-19.  There is plenty of stupid to go around.  And while the stupid people sort out their errors, people need to live their lives.  And in that way, I am happy to see more people than ever understanding finally what these differences are.  It is dangerous to let a government become all-powerful and even consider that FEMA camps were a possibility.  If not for our Constitution, the government certainly would have tried to send me to one of those camps, and we would have had a lot of unnecessary loss of life in the process.  It would have been tragic.  But because of the Constitution and our ability to defend that law with gun rights behind every door, we still have a functioning country.  Not because of government, but despite it.  And that is why the great machine of America has not been turned off the way our attackers globally had wished.  And now, Americans have seen these intentions for themselves, and it looks like they are finally poised to do something about it.  It’s about time!

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci, The DeSantis of Ohio: Even the Disney Company has benefited from federalism

Jim Renacci for Governor of Ohio

Well, thank goodness for federalism.  If you have read the new book from Geoff Shepard, The Nixon Conspiracy: Watergate and the Plot to Remove the President, you can see clearly that what happened to Trump and Kennedy is not new tactics.  In the climb to global power, foreign and domestic enemies have thought that they could control the world by controlling the presidency.  They make a mistake in viewing the presidency as a kind of American king, which was always wrong.  But the plot to remove Trump is just the same old power that has been around for a while, and in knowing what we know now and comparing it to the Nixon Conspiracy, there are a lot of ah-ha moments in that book which is very telling.  What has protected America from a complete takeover by these crazy powers, which we might call the “deep state” or the “globalists,” is our very good government balance of federalism where local and state powers are a priority.   The federal government has very little power within the borders of the country.  We could spend hours and hours talking about the vast Covid conspiracies or the quandaries of the “deep state” and their intentions of menace.  In essence, what we have learned after the Trump presidency and the global Covid protocols is that federalism is the way to go all over the world.  A competitive check on powers among the states has shown many economic lessons they had previously taken for granted.  And in America, Governor DeSantis of Florida has proven to be one of the very best governors of a state, where Ohio’s Mike DeWine has shown himself to be the worst.  Both call themselves Republicans, but only DeSantis has truly embraced federalism and the magic of capitalism to solve problems that came from so many directions.  And to this day, Florida is thriving where Ohio is not.  If only Ohio could have a governor like DeSantis.

But wait, Ohio does have such an opportunity.  Jim Renacci is running for governor and looks poised to primary DeWine in May of 2022.  Jim is offering to be the DeSantis of Ohio, using the model of federalism that has evolved out of Covid, where governors of states have shown just how much power they had.  During the Covid lockdowns, which Mike DeWine started even among the blue state governors, the fundamental philosophy of the governors of all states had a measurable distinction in the success and economic recovery of the states.  In red states where governors were strong, the economic impact of Covid had a much less impact.  Cases being cases, all the states dealt with their issues, but in blue states where lockdowns and tyrannical power went to the heads of the governors, such as in New York and Michigan, death by Covid and the rapid spread of the virus had no improvement.  Statistically, they look to have performed worse than in states that were more free and open with much less government intrusion.  And these were valuable lessons.  No longer was federalism debated in a college classroom advocating Marxism and more centralized authority as a capitalist utopia boomed outside the windows preparing for a big college football game on the weekend.  Now all the rules of economic theory were put to the test by the two primary ways of approaching government, and the red states clearly won.  Blue state governors, which Mike DeWine operated as one even though he called himself a Republican, showed the severe cost in misery, economic downturns, and the dangers of letting health departments run the general policy of a state. 

On the other hand, DeSantis decentralized the problem, took away the federal government’s power to stick its nose in people’s business, and promoted an environment where people at the local level could solve Covid problems and economic challenges through their own innovations.  By protecting the diverse state of Florida from centralized mistakes made by the federal government and protecting people with executive orders from further centralized authority mishaps, DeSantis led Florida to a very successful economic recovery coming out of the government-made pandemic.  And the correct measure has been in the reaction by the very liberal woke company Disney in what they have been forced to admit, even if reluctantly.  Due to the severe and lingering lockdowns in California, the Walt Disney Company has moved several thousand employees from the Anaheim offices to Orlando because Florida has been open and is a much more stable business climate where the government can’t interrupt their business operations so frequently.  With DeSantis, companies can at least trust the governor will keep the government out of the company’s management. With Disney going woke for such a long period of time, much of that wokeness came out of mitigation of knowing that for decades, a centralized government coming out of the White House intended complete authoritarian control, similar to what they have in communist China.  So they did what most companies did, appease the tyrants with wokeness so that they could survive.  But in Florida, where the Disney presence is a massive part of the state’s economy, actively and passively, the reality of the situation benefits the entertainment company tremendously.

From the beginning of Covid, Disney led the way just like Mike DeWine by adopting all the government rules and regulations, imposing mask mandates, and all kinds of ridiculous and unscientific protocols, which has hurt their business tremendously.  For them, if everyone had to impose the same restrictions upon themselves, then it made sense.    But because of DeSantis not following all the rules, but in protecting people from those rules, all businesses in Florida did not have to wear dumb masks or socially ridiculously distance themselves.  That left the Disney Company hanging out there alone, and losing money because of it, by their own choice.  When it came time for the unconstitutional vaccine mandates, which the Disney Company wanted to impose, DeSantis had created a business climate where that Biden Executive Order would be challenged in court protecting businesses from an overreaching government that was just spitballing in the wind regarding ways to manage a virus they had in fact through Dr. Fauci released upon the world.  So because of DeSantis, the people of Florida were protected from that level of stupidity, and even the Disney Company had to recognize the benefit.  They announced last week that while they reviewed the legal circumstances, they would not be imposing the vaccine mandate on their employees for the time being.  Essentially, they were putting their finger to the wind and seeing how these court cases play out, which is great for everyone involved.  But if not for DeSantis, there would be no check on federal power, no matter how well-intentioned.  Ultimately, when mistakes are centralized, everyone suffers.  When errors are separated by federalism, then not everyone has to suffer.  That is the benefit of a great governor like DeSantis.

That DeSantis model is now out there, and there is history that can be studied for centuries on the positive impact of federalism during a mass international crisis.  Nobody can put this genie back in the bottle; it’s out, and it’s out forever.  All those who have been pushing governments toward more centralized government, as they were even in the Nixon White House, have seen through Covid the root cause of their massive failures.  They had hoped, like Disney, to hide those failures by forcing 100% submission to their cause. Still, because power was decentralized through federalism within the states of America, to compete, even the mighty Disney Company had to see reality for what it was.  They benefited greatly from DeSantis as governor; even if they didn’t vote for him, his policies made Disney a better company.  And that approach is what is needed in Ohio.  With Mike DeWine, we will never have such a governor.  But with Jim Renacci, we have a chance to have perhaps someone better than Ron DeSantis.  Trump helped pave the way for DeSantis.  And DeSantis has helped pave the way for people like Jim Renacci, whom I think can actually do better in Ohio than DeSantis has been for Florida.  And the time is coming quickly for us to be able to vote for him in the primary.  Which is something we can all look forward to with great zeal!

Rich Hoffman

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Looking for Justin Nix: The Sheriff is looking for you, lets get this thing resolved

(An update to this story, shortly after the Sheriff made this announcement many 911 calls came in and Justin was picked up in Hamilton on a drug charge. Nice job, and this holds true in Butler County especially, no drugs, no killings, and no other crimes similar in nature. If you see something, say something. And remember, Ohio has Stand your Ground laws now. Keep your neighborhoods safe from criminals.) Its unfortunate that there was a homicide in Hanover Township. Sheriff Jones and the team are trying to get everything figured out. Justin Nix or someone who knows him needs to help out.

Sheriff Jones is looking for Justin Nix

Call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at (513) 785-1209 with any information.

Rich Hoffman

The Progressive Labor Union, LEA endorses Trent Emeneker: Hoping to slide a liberal under the door for West Chester Trustee

The LEA Endorses Trent Emeneker

At this point, it’s pretty well known that the challenger for the West Chester trustee seat in Butler County, Ohio, Trent Emeneker, is not a conservative.  He has stated that he’s a registered Republican. Still, much of what he talks about, like wanting to turn West Chester into a big bureaucratic city full of city council positions and other nonsense, is excessively liberal.  It didn’t help that he did a meet and greet at Liberty Center’s AC Hotel hosted by an activist Democrat.  So Trent has loads of problems even before a single-yard sign was ever put into the ground.  But as if all that were not enough, the LEA (Lakota Education Association) has endorsed Trent, which is essentially the kiss of death in Butler County.  The LEA, of course, is the ultra-progressive labor union that runs the Lakota school system.  They work under the umbrella of the Ohio Education Association, and ultimately the National Education Association, which everyone knows by now are essentially PAC groups for Democrats and the advancement of progressive causes.  Those not sure what progressive causes are responsible for should know that they are encouraging sex education in early grade school and transsexual bathrooms.  I would go as far as to say that it is an evil organization of radical politics intent on the destruction of the United States.  But judge for yourself.  What matters is that they have endorsed Trent Emeneker and hope to squeak him under the door in an off-year race that typically has low voter turnout. 

There is nothing good that comes out of the LEA.  They essentially protect bad teachers from being fired and lobby to pay them too much money to do it.  They are wholly committed to the destruction of America as we know it.  They collect money from their union dues and apply it directly to Democrats nationwide.  If you can think of something terrible about government schools, and I can think of a lot, the root cause of the trouble goes back to teacher unions, especially the NEA.  So long as they exist and have a footprint of any kind in our schools with our children, there is no hope of making those schools better.  People understand that more now than they did even a few years ago.  At Lakota, there is an opportunity to vote for new school board members to replace the current ones, which might stand against these teacher unions better than we’ve had in the past.  Usually, there is no defense on the school board.  The LEA essentially runs everything, including putting their candidates on the board as they are trying again this year with Kelley Casper, Michael Pearl, and Doug Horton.  There are finally options this year with actual Republican endorsed candidates.  Many people are running, so voter turnout will have to be high to defeat the incumbent’s LEA has also endorsed.  So we’ll see if voters take advantage of this opportunity with great voter turnout on election day, November 2nd

The LEA endorses Trent Emeneker for West Chester Trustee

It is just that kind of low voter turnout that the LEA hopes push the liberal Trent Emeneker into a West Chester Trustee seat.  They usually have their activists who always show up to vote and preserve their intent to destroy America.  So Republican voters will have to show up and defend themselves to keep that from happening.  But as to Trent’s intent, there is no doubt about it now that the LEA has endorsed him on their web page.  When you have the LEA behind you, you know that a vast evil is not far behind.  Everything the LEA does is rooted in some destruction for the American way of life and the families that make the country great.  Behind all teacher union activities are actions intended to attack family and its institution to a progressive need.  Suppose there are members of the LEA who call themselves Republicans and just go along for the great six-figure paycheck at Lakota. In that case, they are doing like all RINOs do, help evil get a foothold into our lives with the death whisper of compliance which is silently killing our country as we speak.  Those teachers in the LEA are just as bad as the purple-headed progressives advocating gay rights, critical race theory, and globalism by saying nothing and letting evil have its way in the world. 

Trent has tried to sell himself as an old military guy hoping that blind allegiance to service might make people ignore his obvious liberalism.  His biggest complaint about the current West Chester trustees is spending a few million dollars on landscaping for the new Union Center exchange.  He considers that fiscal irresponsibility.  Yet West Chester is operating in the black, which is how it should be, and considering the amount of GDP produced at that highway exit, the landscaping costs are easily justified.  Oddly enough, at a recent debate where Trent tried to make an issue of this cost, it was Lee Wong who best slapped him down for it.  Now everyone knows I’m not a huge Lee Wong fan, one of the current trustees.  But next to Trent Emeneker, Lee sounds like Donald Trump.  Lee explained well the need for the landscaping in a very Trump-like way.  Union Center in West Chester is one of the premier spots in the entire country for economic activity.  I would put the GDP moving through that exit among the top in the country.  There is nothing wrong with having some nice flowers there to greet the mass commerce that occurs.   Of course, nobody talks about that the LEA is against all capitalist activity as they are socialists and communists in their origins.  They are “the vote red for ed” types. The red is the red flag of communism, so for Trent to attack a few flowers when Lakota is bleeding hundreds of millions of dollars into these LEA employees advocating against family values, small government ideas, and the promotion of the religion of climate change, Trent proves he’s just a stooge for the LEA liberalism and not interested in fiscal responsibility.  If he indeed were, the LEA would never endorse him because all they want is a run-away wallet with no limit on the credit card. 

So remember as you vote that the LEA endorsed Trent Emeneker.  I don’t think it will change anything.  The same several thousand people who will vote to keep the current big spenders on the Lakota school board will vote for Trent as a trustee.  But there are a lot more Republicans in Butler County than Democrats.  It will all come down to voter turnout.  If you don’t want to see more LEA liberalism contaminating our community, then be sure to get out on election night and vote. Don’t just show up and vote for Trump or the mid-terms.  Vote now and for the same reasons, defend your turf from these radical progressives and their plans of doom for our children.  And know when you vote that Trent Emeneker is one of them.  The LEA does not endorse Republicans, not real ones.  They are out to destroy conservative politics so they would never put their name next to anybody who won’t help them do just that.  Trent is a big government guy, which is why they want him.  But, if you show up to vote, you can stop their plans.  So, could you not take it for granted?  The time for action is coming up; make sure you are part of the solution.   

Rich Hoffman

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A Review of ‘I’ll Take Your Questions Now’: It’s all about ‘The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates’

The Truth about Trump’s Success

To understand why I love Stephanie Grisham’s new book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now; you’d have to understand the contents of the excellent book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates or even why I get very excited about Thanksgiving and the jail cell of one of the founders of the Mayflower journey in Canterbury, England.  Or why I get excited about Salisbury, England, where one of the four Magna Cartas currently resides.  Humans have been on a long trek for personal freedom and liberty. When we elected Donald Trump, it was essentially a declaration of independence against the global forces trying to sucker the United States into the grand scheme of globalism, for which most in the Beltway had no idea was even happening. Stephanie’s book indeed revealed that, in all its glorious detail.  Even working so close to the Trump family, Stephanie never figured out what happened or why.  And the media she had such a tight relationship with never understood either.  Without knowing it, their lives were prepared for them to think a certain way about things, which essentially was just another attempt by global forces to dominate those lesser magistrates of politics from top to bottom. Henry the 8th burned people at the stake or Henry the II killed the great Thomas Becket at the Canterbury Cathedral to rule us all with the same tyranny. I’ve stood in that spot and rubbed the ground where his blood was spilled for going against Henry the 8th and the power grabs between the church and state.  I have a profound hatred of tyranny in all forms, and I’ve been researching it in person around the world.  I appreciate The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates not just in principle but in the courage of a long line of patriots in forming them.  And when you wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t get it, you get a tell-all book like Stephanie Grisham’s, which reminds you of the real problems. 

I came out of reading I’ll Take Your Questions Now feeling very sorry for Stephanie Grisham.  Through the Trumps, she had opportunities she would never have received under more conventional White House occupants.  President Trump is a big personality who figures he can overcome anything.  He takes chances on people others wouldn’t, and that is undoubtedly the story of Stephanie Grisham, who would become the Press Secretary of both the President and First Lady in the White House during their term in office.  I understand Trump’s management style.  Sometimes you take big chances on people, and you find that diamond in the rough that turns out to be spectacular.  They just needed a leader to give them a chance to shine.  But often, probably 75% of the time, you get a dud that burns out, and that is what happened to Stephanie by the end of the Trump White House.  Covid quarantining, conventional thinking on her part, and her boyfriend’s nasty break-up, who also worked in the White House, was too much for her, and she broke.  Competitive relationships with co-workers didn’t help, and she didn’t have it in her.  Because she worked for the Trumps closely, after the White House, the world has not been kind to Stephanie, so she wrote a tell-all book detailing intimate secrets about the Trumps hoping to project her into a new life with a fresh start.  She admits that she’s a kind of liberal that identifies more as a John McCain Republican than a Donald Trump.  And by the end of her time with Trump, that became more obvious for her.  She didn’t have the stomach for all the unconventional thinking, and she fell from grace and wrote about it as if she were writing a diary that she’d share with the world.  In that way, it’s a fascinating book. 

I don’t typically talk about The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates. Still, as I was reading Stephanie’s book, I was involved in several engagements that brought it all together for me.  First was legal advice regarding the illegitimate Joe Biden’s executive order on all federal contractors.  This is just the kind of overreach warned about in that great book based on that long trajectory of freedom that I am obsessed with.  Then I was at a candidate forum with several people running for Trustee in townships I’m concerned with. I noticed that my friends, Mark Welch and Todd Minniear, discussed the book as part of the philosophical debate regarding Covid protocols and many recent instances of government overreach.  Todd brought his copy of the book to the meeting, which impressed me.  These were a couple of guys running for local office who understood the job of office pushback in politics to protect the interests of the people who voted them into power.  Stephanie never understood because she was such a conventional and educated thinker what role Trump played along those same lines.  The assumption is that the President of the United States is in the most powerful position in the world.  But to the Davos crowd, the United Nations people genuinely want to rule the world as a conglomerate of socialists from the Old World.  And the aggression of China who plans to follow Marxism to global domination, the United States is just another country.  They don’t care about our laws, our way of life, or what happens to us in the future. They’d love to not compete with us, so when it comes to the President of the United States, they want to view us as a lesser magistrate.  In that role, which voters for Trump have an innate understanding along the lines of the trajectory of freedom, they put Trump in power to resist those forces.  Even as close as she was to all the significant events, Stephanie never saw the big picture.  She only ever saw how the media might interpret those events, so she set to work to steer the Trumps this way and that for the benefit of the press.  Never for the overall objective of what was suitable for our country. 

I think it helped that Stephanie felt like a woman scorned fresh from a divorce of the Trumps, complaining as an ex-wife would about everything they hate about someone they once loved.  The rejection of that love drove out of her a truth we may never have seen otherwise.  But what she thought were faults, where Trump didn’t listen to other people, where the President would refer to himself as a genius, in the scheme of what it took to resist the imposition as a lessor magistrate from global forces, Trump was perfect and highly successful.  But even more so, Melania Trump proved that she was more than just a pretty face.  She was a keen and influential voice in the White House who truly loved class and freedom in ways nobody understood.  As I said in the video above, I’ve met the Trumps on a few occasions.  Occasionally when I get around celebrities, I’m not the type who asks for a picture, but they’ll ask if I want one, so I’ll take one.  But I don’t seek them out because I like to put people at ease under those conditions. I’ve seen the Trumps up close, and I thought about those meetings while reading Stephanie’s book, and many things made more sense to me for the positive.  We still need the Trumps, and we needed the Trumps when we had them.  And I’m glad Stephanie told her story, even if it was a little crazy at times talking about old boyfriends and dogs.  But the key to the Trumps and this period of time went unidentified.  Even those who were closest to the President and First Lady had no idea why they were so important and the key to the future of the freedom movement, which goes back thousands of years and is only climaxing in our present time against a shit shot from midcourt with no time on the clock for tyranny to rule again. 

Rich Hoffman

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