This is what Winning looks Like: Carrier makes a deal with Trump to stay in Indiana

This is what a winning Executive Branch in the United States looks like, and Trump isn’t even sworn in yet.  Be sure to remember this when he comes to Cincinnati’s US Bank Arena yet again as his first stop on a “Thank You America” tour, Donald Trump’s first statements to the public since being elected.  That will be a grand event indeed.  But look at what the Trump team did while everyone else was looking at the things that don’t matter.

United Technologies to keep ~1,000 Carrier jobs in Indiana

Nov. 29, 2016 8:32 PM ET|About: United Technologies Corpora… (UTX)|By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor

United Technologies (NYSE:UTX) says it has reached an agreement with the incoming Trump administration that will keep nearly 1,000 jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana.

Under a deal negotiated by Vice President-elect Pence and UTX CEO Greg Hayes, the company will now keep in Indiana most of the ~1,400 jobs that had been planned to move to Mexico.

The terms of the deal are not yet clear, but CNBC reports that new incentives were offered by the state of Indiana, where Pence is governor, that helped clear a path for the agreement.

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The best thing about this news is that it’s only the beginning of many, many things like it to come.

Rich Hoffman


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Celebrating Black Friday’s Capitalism: Fidel Castro dies while Donald Trump becomes a true “fountainhead” in The White House

I was enjoying the celebration of capitalism as news broke that Fidel Castro was dying in Cuba. It was after all Black Friday—an official holiday to celebrate American Capitalism so it was appropriate that the Cuban communist dictator died on that particular day.  With Trump now president there is finally an American president who could properly defend capitalism from all the socialists seeking to topple the capitalist system with overbearing altruism for the benefit of finishing what Castro started bedeviling seven American presidents during his lifetime.  Largely the immigration issue around the world, especially on America’s borders is the fault of poorly managed countries leaving dreamers with no place to go but into the United States to escape the oppression of communism, and Marxism.  The strategic goal of those global oriented governments was to deliberately overwhelm America’s financial power while forces within our government unnaturally restrained capitalism so that economic growth would be stunted for collapse.  Fidel Castro didn’t just command a Marxist regime just a few miles off the coast of Florida, but inspired communist revolutions all over Mexico, Central America and South America leaving to this very day a border surge for which the intention was always to topple our American republic during the early years of the 21st century.  So as one of my daughters was with me partaking in the festivities of American capitalism I turned on the radio to see what my old friend Doc Thompson was doing filling in on Glenn Beck’s national radio show which had been suffering because Beck had failed to get behind Donald Trump for president.  I was relieved to hear Doc promoting capitalism on the big show and with great enthusiasm.  For a change, it was good to hear something very optimistic about capitalism without the pretense of some dream–if only America could climb out from under the oppressive hands of the socialist Barack Obama, or the southern border menace Fidel Castro—the Marxist revolutionary which has been suppressing the lives of millions for most of a century.  Finally, capitalism was in fashion once again and this time America would be better prepared to defend it, and sell it to the rest of the world.  Truly, a new day was upon us, and it was something to be thankful for.

I know Doc Thompson is a lover of Ayn Rand’s novels, as I am, and for years we have promoted them over the radio and in any other way possible.  Donald Trump is really the first of his kind to ever enter the White House.  He has built an attractive brand around the world with an unyielding love for capitalism—and finally here was an American president who would defend our economic system from the Oval Office without being disarmed by Marxists and agents of Socialist International to apologize for our great economic success.  I will never forget the fine spring day on April 12th 2016 while I was having breakfast at the West Chester, Ohio McDonalds and reading USA Today which I had picked up at Barnes and Nobel with an actual hard copy paper which I was browsing through as the sun was coming up to its noon time apex.  It was an opinion article from the very liberal Democrat Kristen Powers on Donald Trump where the presidential frontrunner at the time admitted to being inspired by the Ayn Rand book The Fountainhead—which I thought was astonishing. A wild fantasy that evoked in me on that day erupted into excitement as I realized just how close an Ayn Rand type of President of the United States truly was to the White House.   At the time, Trump was easily going to beat Cruz and Kasich leaving him with only the flawed Hillary Clinton standing between him and success.  On that effort, my money was on Trump and that’s how it turned out of course.  But I thought it was astonishing that an America president would actually admit to loving Ayn Rand.

Kristen Powers and many others of course missed the point to Ayn Rand’s great literary classic—which I think is one of the greatest novels written of all time, and I include in that my favorites, such as Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce and the Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann.  Before any of you Democrats or hard-core Ayn Rand Objectivists cry foul understand that European literature has always been mired by oppressive religious judgment and aristocracy—including Shakespeare.  Ayn Rand as a Russian immigrant was one of the first to look at New York’s sky scrapers and see the beauty of capitalism.  Not even F. Scott Fitzgerald was able to capture that optimism in his Great Gatsby which focused entirely on the paradox of new money versus old money.  Ayn Rand was a standout in thinking.  She truly saw for perhaps the first time in the history of the world that it was the captains of capitalism who were the moral benefactors of justice because it was from their minds that good things happened—the “fountainheads” for which everything came forth.  To be successful, they needed complete independence and unfettered belief in themselves.  Those traits terrify Democrats and progressives from all walks of life so they frequently fail to understand The Fountainhead for all its glory.  And those who do read it, and understand it somewhat so, are the first to put a lid on its message as pre-adolescent fantasies of a superhero adulthood which is unrealistic in the modern world—because we’ve all been trained with the premise that we are all “flawed” characters who must give up such audacity to function properly in the world.  The Fountainhead and its sequel of sorts, Atlas Shrugged, are truly American novels about the American experience and it has taken time to sink into our inherited European thinking—for which most of us adhere to.

During Doc Thompson’s short stay in Cincinnati on WLW radio he and I formed a friendship which essentially centered around Ayn Rand.  The Tea Party movement was reading Atlas Shrugged and enjoying the independent film version that began showing in theaters around the country.  It was those readers who essentially put Donald Trump into the White House because it paved the way for the type of thinking we wanted as a president—and Kristen Powers had confirmed it on the pages of USA Today.  It was one of the few rays of light that many of us in the Tea Party movement had during those dark days.  When Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his VP many of us were excited that Ryan was an Ayn Rand fan—but he quickly distanced himself from that title afraid that the media would label him as a “radical.”  Interesting that liberals see Ayn Rand concepts as “Radical” yet Saul Alisnky is someone to be followed who actually wrote a silly little book that you can read during a lunch break called Rules for Radicals.  Even at the foundation of Marxism was a silly book that is even smaller called The Communist Manifesto.  Ayn Rand was writing these monstrous novels full of passion and challenges to a philosophical mode of thinking spanning back thousands of years, whereas Karl Marx was simply completing the work of Immanuel Kant—which our federal government through the imperfections of our education system had adopted as a security blanket from European literature.  While reading that USA Today article on Trump’s love for Ayn Rand I thought back even further to the time I lived on the campus of U.C. in Cincinnati.  I’d grab breakfast over in Clifton almost every day and read my books at a booth in the corner as literary students would come in and recite quotes from Ulysses pretending to be masters of the literary universe.  I’d ask them if they understood Finnegan’s Wake and they’d laugh proclaiming—“nobody did.”  But I did, and I say it’s an inferior work to Ayn Rand’s beautiful dedications to American capitalism and the morality which sprang forth.  I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime that a President of the United States would actually be in the White House who “identified” with Ayn Rand’s heroes.

At the start of the Trump campaign I was pretty good friends with quite a few die-hard Objectivists straight off the pages of Ayn Rand’s novels, and to them, Donald Trump was a monster who proposes to use the power of government to build roads, bridges, and a military which could then be turned back on us.  By the time I saw the USA Today article in April of 2016 we had stopped speaking to each other just as Doc Thompson and I stopped speaking, simply because Glenn Beck had not seen what I did in Donald Trump and it made it very hard to have conversations.  I turned completely away from The Blaze Radio because of Glenn Beck.  I saw an Ayn Rand character very similar to Howard Roark in Donald Trump.  Others saw Gail Wynand and they were freighted of such a man entering the most powerful office in the world.  But I had the opportunity to meet Trump a few times and I am a very good judge of character—extremely good in fact, and I see a Howard Roark type who shields himself from the prying eyes of the world by living like Gail Wynand.  His public persona is a Gail adoption, but in his heart, he’s certainly Howard Roark.  Trump has very nearly blown up several projects because they don’t conform to his innate vision.  But in some ways Trump has stepped beyond Rand, which as a 70-year-old man, I would expect.  We are observing a government led by a man who is accomplished and is truly a “fountainhead” in his own undefined way—and history will present that definition through actuality.

Doc Thompson’s broadcast on Glenn Beck’s Black Friday show was inspiring.  It’s something I’ve dreamed about for a long time and it was the old communists like Fidel Castro which prevented us from enjoying America’s economic system without guilt.  Our education institutions had also failed to teach capitalism and Ayn Rand to their students choosing instead to preach the virtues of Marxism to a bunch of drooling students who recited Ulysses during breakfasts at Clifton on the U.C. campus thinking they were masters of the literary world when in fact they were just unwashed college kids just learning to shave looking like bums hitchhiking for a ride during the drug induced 1970s.  They were taught the wrong things about most everything in life leaving those of us who knew better to be like Socrates being blamed for corrupting the youth of Greek society—with real innovation and a pre-Aristotelian concept of what a powerful Republic should be—as opposed to Plato’s pre-Kantian altruism.   I could have saved NASA a lot of money as directed by Barack Obama to study the contributions of Muslims to the sciences of the world and why they failed today to live up to those early promises—it was because Islam gave up Aristotle and embraced the self-sacrifice of Mohammed’s so-called visions.   And America had been failing in much the same fashion moving from a capitalist society that had built great sky scrapers in New York and across the United States and bent to the will of communists like Fidel Castro who represented the lazy intellectual needs of the worst of our society—who desired to be equal to the best only without doing all the hard work of a “fountainhead.”  Trump is a true fountainhead and the world will soon see that—and everyone will be a lot better off.  Howard Roark for President—yes, it actually happened.  Now a great novel never yet published will unfold before our eyes—and it will be very exciting.

Rich Hoffman


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Betsy DeVos: A person I am truely thankful for

So yes, I’m feeling pretty thankful, do you remember dear reader when I was at the center of this I-Team Report for Channel 9 seen below?  Auh, the memories.  I had spent a lot of political capital and personal reputation to challenge that premise of runaway costs in public education especially at the top, with the superintendents who were making more than the governors of most states.   I was taking them on as phony CEOs and the heat was on.  The Cincinnati media had a story they could get their teeth into.  Shannon Jones and Governor Kasich trying to ride the ground swell of opposition generated by these news stories signed Senate Bill 5 which provoked the powerful Ohio public sector unions to riot in the streets and the long hidden con game that is public education was exposed.  Yet there wasn’t really a solution, only the identification of the problem.  Of course the solution I supported seemed like a far-flung one, School Choice was presented only nobody at the level of The Department of Education would dare adopt such a controversial innovation in the field of public education.  Major changes at the very top were needed to brings costs down while increasing the results and the unions had all the politicians scared to even try leaving us all to fight it out on the ground without an end in sight.

I supported Donald Trump for president for many reasons, but the top of my list was the end game of public education innovation which I had been advocating for during many years, including that I-Team report which was quite alarming to regular people who otherwise didn’t know. When people wonder why I do a show from time to time with Matt Clark in Ann Arbor, Michigan they have to understand that I have been doing more than just looking for attention on the radio.  I can get attention and make money in many different ways—so my interest in doing radio and television has been for one primary reason, to inspire political addicts and those able to take the necessary action to position themselves for the needed changes.  In Cincinnati, we had things covered very well but we needed other regions also and Michigan was high on my list for tactical reasons.  Casual people fascinated with mainstream topics don’t normally listen to a program on WAAM radio, but those who run Republican Party activity in Michigan often do and one voice I hoped to reach directly or indirectly in that rust belt state was the Chairman of the Republican Party Betsy DeVos and wife to billionaire Dick DeVos—who were sympathetic to public education changes—such as School Choice.  I had heard that several years after that I-Team report into Ohio school superintendent pay that Betsy was warming up to School Choice as a public education option in 2013.  That stood the hairs up on the back of my neck—and she wasn’t the only one warming up to the idea—now if only we could somehow get those types of people into a position that mattered.  Obama certainly wasn’t open to the idea—so a major change would be needed at the top to free up the ground forces ready to implement innovation and competitive forces in public education because that was the only hope of an end game started by all of us public education reformers.

The day before Thanksgiving 2016 newly elected President Donald Trump announced that Betsy DeVos was going to be his pick for Secretary of Education and the teacher union of the NEA said this:

“Every day, educators use their voice to advocate for every student to reach his or her full potential. We believe that the chance for the success of a child should not depend on winning a charter lottery, being accepted by a private school, or living in the right ZIP code. We have, and will continue, to fight for all students to have a great public school in their community and the opportunity to succeed no matter their backgrounds or circumstances

“Betsy DeVos has consistently worked against these values, and her efforts over the years have done more to undermine public education than support students. She has lobbied for failed schemes, like vouchers — which take away funding and local control from our public schools — to fund private schools at taxpayers’ expense. These schemes do nothing to help our most-vulnerable students while they ignore or exacerbate glaring opportunity gaps. She has consistently pushed a corporate agenda to privatize, de-professionalize and impose cookie-cutter solutions to public education. By nominating Betsy DeVos, the Trump administration has demonstrated just how out of touch it is with what works best for students, parents, educators and communities.

“The National Education Association advocates for investing in smart strategies that we know help to improve the success of all our students, including creating more opportunities and equity for students, classes small enough for one-on-one attention, modern textbooks and a well-rounded curriculum for every student. We also know that the voices of educators — those who know the names of the students they educate — should always be present at the table when making decisions that impact student success. Educators will continue to focus on raising their voices in support of their students and against any effort by the Trump administration to undermine the educational opportunity of all public school students.”

Otherwise, what the NEA is saying is that they are scared to death and know that changes to their power structure are imminent and with Donald Trump giving unwavering support to someone like Betsy DeVos, who is fearless in her efforts, competition is coming to public education and they will be powerless to stop it.  Betsy DeVos was my dream pick for solving this public education nightmare short of completely shutting down the DOE.  The scam the unions had worked out with the superintendents of these public schools was that boards of education who were just citizen members elected by the community to manage school affairs hired professional educators to perform the executive action of school management.  The unions through manipulative tactics ensured that the flow of money to those superintendents was extraordinary and they fed the egos of those people in an attempt to make them believe they were “real managers” when in fact there were just figureheads protecting the union activity of the teachers.  The large wages that the superintendents were making were essentially payoffs by the system to preserve it from reform—which is why the NEA is upset because “they” control politics locally, which must stop if public education is ever going to be fixed.  Running for school board isn’t enough—otherwise I would have done it.  You must change the priorities of the entire institution decentralizing it and putting an emphasis on competition.  That is the only way to break the monopoly the teacher unions have on public schools using children as human shields to prevent action.

Betsy DeVos is the end game I have been wanting to see and thankfully Donald Trump made that decision early.  Being independently wealthy, the DeVos family is free from the temptations of corruption since they don’t need money from back room deals meaning Betsy is free to act 100% on her consciousness, which genuinely cares about this public education issue—and she is not the kind of person who will accept failure.  A lot of things had to happen to make this possible.  I can’t say that while we were doing any of the television and radio broadcasts identifying the vast evils shown in public education that real solutions were more than a pipe dream.  But always in the back of my mind was the hope that if enough people learned of this problem, that they’d be inspired to do something about t.  And Betsy DeVos is the perfect type of person to take on the challenges presented in public education. 

That makes this particular Thanksgiving perhaps the one I am enjoying most.  For maybe the first time in my adult life—I am truly thankful that there are solutions to the many things that have held my country imprisoned behind stupidity and a lack of conviction.  Betsy DeVos is the kind of pick for Secretary of Education that would alone seal the fate of a successful Donald Trump presidency, and for him its only one thing.  But for me, it’s the biggest thing.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Rich Hoffman


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Bullwhip Economics and Donald Trump: How small things lead to BIG things–Rich Hoffman hosting WAAM radio

There are a lot of unsung heroes behind the Trump election, most notably Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner just to name a few at the top including the incredible stamina that Donald Trump showed in those last two weeks simply out working everyone with a tenacity that has never been seen for a person seeking the presidency except for perhaps Theodore Roosevelt.  Essentially, the Trump campaign was built on only hopes and dreams until July of 2016 when an official campaign with the people mentioned above becoming part of it.  Before that moment in time it was the grass-roots people who put Trump in the front of the Republican pack—with the help of a media that wanted to sabotage the Republican candidates they viewed as more dangerous to provide the most unique political event in the history of the world.  The people behind that movement were fractured members of the Tea Party who had pushed hard against John Boehner’s speakership, John Kasich’s weak running of Ohio by siding with Obama on Medicaid expansion and other grass-roots rebels who were tired of being drug into progressive politics against their will for which I was one.  It was over six years ago that I started the bullwhip economics videos seen below which from a platform of southern Ohio politics empowered some of the most creative and bold grass-roots rebels to dare and change the system which ultimately prepped the nation for a Donald Trump candidacy.  I am very proud of the role I played in that effort, along with thousands of others.  I told the story of those early days and how my bullwhip economics made a small impact which escalated over the subsequent years into real change on a show I hosted for Matt Clark on WAAM on Saturday, November 19th, 2016.  The following broadcast out of all my years of doing guest radio for several stations from WLW in Cincinnati to The Blaze evolving into bit work with WAAM is the show I am most proud of.

People thought I was crazy in 2010 when I put myself on the front page of The Cincinnati Enquirer holding my bullwhips complete with a cowboy hat after I had performed a three-layered attack which changed politics in southern Ohio, specifically Butler County.  I shot the video “A Whip Stunt to Save America” (seen below), I used it to explain why I was coming out against the monstrosity known as the Lakota levy where my local public school—one of the wealthiest and most highly populated districts in all of Ohio—wanted yet again to raise taxes on private property which was announced on the air through WLW broadcasting to over 500,000 people, then I joined with former rivals in the building industry to form No Lakota Levy—a political group that rocked the foundations of the Ohio Education Association to its very core.  I knew as the Enquirer photographers came to my house exactly where I shot the “Whip Stunt to Save America” video that I would be ridiculed and harassed to no end, so I put on a good show and embraced the controversy in a way that nobody up to that point had ever seen—until Donald Trump would essentially do the same thing on a national stage.  I am proud to have been a pioneer in that effort—especially in hind-sight because people who knew me back then were wondering if I had lost my mind.

After all, it’s not like I was some backwoods malcontent of the “alt-right” which is what they are calling it these days.  I was an area businessman who happened to be a professional bullwhip artist, a master at that, where only a few people in the entire world could lay claim to being able to perform the stunts I could with a bullwhip.  Just a few years before in 2008 I was flown out to Hollywood by Peter Facinelli to be his stunt double for a project he was producing.  (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW) I had met him at a film festival where he had seen my firewhip routine at a presentation for the World Stunt Organization in Cleveland, Ohio and wanted to develop a film off what he saw.  What evolved from that project with RealD 3D was the template every film uses when making a movie with firewhips, everything from Ironman 2 to Underworld—and most recently Doctor Strange.  I was also writing novels and had a seat at the table for a career in entertainment if I wanted it.  After all, I had a number of talents that were unique to only me—anywhere in the world, and people felt that I should have exploited those talents for great financial profit.  Instead I was using those talents to take on an unstoppable machine with no clear light at the end of the tunnel.  I was putting myself in an impossible position within the entertainment industry which I loved—because I was never going to work for them because of my outlandish conservative political beliefs.  Nobody was going to give me the time of day after I made “A Whip Stunt to Save America.”   I had deliberately type-cast myself as a “right-winger” and many thought I had wasted myself on politics needlessly.

Then I came out against Governor Kasich who had lost Issue 2 in 2011 with Senate Bill 5 which sought to take away the monopoly of public sector unions in Ohio.  I volunteered to continue the effort toward Right-to-Work in Ohio so the political knives came out hard against me by Republicans as well as Democrats and things really heated up.  Lakota still couldn’t pass a levy and now I was involved in Right-to-Work so those people had to stop me any way they could.  That’s when the strategy I had unleashed several years earlier with the “Whip Stunt to Save America” paid off.  Thugs from the political left normally harass people with physical violence, but what were those people going to do to me?  I’m a master bullwhip artist.  I could easily carve up a small army of their night goons so I had taken away their ability to physically bring harm to me, thus stopping my behavior—like they have done to thousands of people before me over decades.  My dad warned me that they’d come after me—which I expected—but like I said—I’m a bullwhip artist.  There isn’t anything they could do to scare me—because obviously, they’d be destroyed.

That left them to try to “out mouth” me, to “out think” me—but what they really didn’t know was that I am smarter and faster on my feet with my mind than I am with bullwhips, so that didn’t go very far—and I am very proud of holding my ground during some of those really difficult days where it would have been far easier to just say “uncle.”  But that’s not how I do anything–ever—so I stayed strong, continued writing, teaching and inspiring others—and Matt and I continued doing some really good radio broadcasts that are actually better than some of the stuff that can be heard on the big syndicated radio shows around the country.  I mentioned on the radio broadcast from November 19th the show Matt and I did on WAAM about The Naked Communist.  That was a great show that not many people heard by population density, but some of the really smart people out there—the real political junkies who were always my target audience—they did hear those shows and they have acted appropriately moving to create a Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives and other places openly defying conventional politics.

For me it has been six long hard years of battle—I wrote on my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom blog site every day during that period and over 800,000 visitors have read the words there.  Along the way I have essentially ran my own little media company never really putting an emphasis on profit acquisition, because the real targets were movers and shakers who actually take the time to read—not necessarily a consumer class.  I wasn’t going for the glitzy, but the top minds of politics hoping to give them a little encouragement to do something bold—for a change.  I could afford to be loose with my political endeavors because I am independently very successful professionally.  All along that was always at the core of my endeavors—it was a trick I learned from Don Diego from the old Zorro television series.  By day I was a businessman, by night a man of the people and I used my bullwhip to sell the ideas and my skills with it to disarm the Saul Alinsky thug tactics of the political left, and once other conservatives saw that Democrats could be beaten in this way—they became embolden.

Recently while at a Trump rally with Newt Gingrich standing just a few feet away shaking my wife’s hand the head of the Republican Party of Butler County asked me if I had my whip with me—because while establishment Republicans thought my antics were over-the-top, there was always a level of respect because of my skills.  To many of them, I looked a lot smarter with Donald Trump standing in front of us in 2016 than I did years before when they couldn’t see a path forward as I appeared proudly on the cover of The Cincinnati Enquirer offering myself as something of a bold joke that they were sure would lead to my personal destruction in 2012.   But that destruction never came and eventually a New York businessman who was prone to thinking outside the box politically and had amassed great personal wealth so that he could be truly free would take the fight to the next level in an epic way resulting in an election that I watched with great cheer with my family late on that fateful November 8th.  We didn’t’ sleep that night.  We celebrated with a nice breakfast and I took the whole family to Chilis for a meal I will never forget—because we had all earned it.  We had not been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel just a year before, but suddenly we were out of the tunnel all together on ground we only imagined.

My story wasn’t the only one that contributed to that great Trump victory, there are enough heroes from that battle to fill a library of stories, but like I said in the broadcast on WAAM, often its little things that lead to big things and that the first step is in trying.  I still would gladly trade all the potential success I could have earned in Hollywood and elsewhere to see Donald Trump elected—and I did.  What good is all that fame and fortune if the country is a wreck by the time you get it?  So I never cared or thought about what I was losing.  I just did what I was good at and hoped that enough smart people with the means to act would do so based on something I wrote or demonstrated.  Obviously, enough people did, and for that—I am deeply proud.  That pride was obvious in the show I hosted on WAAM because it was hard-earned.  It was the first show I did on radio since the election and after a few weeks, my enthusiasm hadn’t abated.  I will never forget what the Enquirer photographer had said to me way back in 2010—who literally had come from a photo shoot with the Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson to my house to film me and my bullwhip tricks—of which he stated was the coolest thing he had seen that year—he asked me if I really wanted to do this, because in his mind I was destroying my good name.  As he snapped the pictures I thought my good name and skills could take whatever comes.  And it did.  Donald Trump had taken the same plunge and acted on his belief in himself to outlast everything that the political machines could throw at him—and he prevailed.  In his taking of the White House he made my personal fights worth everything and more.  For the first time in my adult life—politically—I am enthusiastic for tomorrow.  The fight of course continues, but it was worth everything it cost and more.  Little things do add up to big things and they are always worth doing—especially when goodness and justice are the fuel that drives them.

Rich Hoffman


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Insults from the Cast of Hamilton: Why liberal thinking is a form of mental illness

It was horrendous that the cast of the Broadway play, Hamilton felt compelled to dress down newly elected Mike Pence while attending on Friday November 18th.  Pence was just looking for a night out and was trying to enjoy a play on Broadway like everyone else, yet because he is now a member of the White House, progressives in New York felt “entitled to lecture the man from Indiana on how he should govern in the years to come.

The Hamilton stage play has become a success story on Broadway and I’ve thought that it was a good thing.  After all, what could be wrong with telling a story about the Founding Fathers told in a modern way with rap songs and a very diverse set of cast members?  I didn’t have a problem with it even though it was easily way too progressive for my taste.  However, when the play comes to Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center at some point, I probably would have gone to see it—because I don’t have a problem hearing from people on the other side of political thought.  I’m not a big fan of Alexander Hamilton as he was a Federalist in a big way, and I am of the mind reflective of the Jeffersonian Anti-Federalists.

I was born in a city named after Hamilton, but I am not fond of him as a Founding Father—so it tells me a lot that progressives in New York used him as a launching point for telling modern Broadway audiences about life after the Revolutionary War and how America was formed.  Notice in the clip below that the emphasis was placed on immigration which evoked claps from the audience which is a revisionist view point—because back then, everyone was an immigrant.  America wasn’t and isn’t a nation of diverse colors and genders—that is a progressive value—it is a nation united by ideas which exceed those terrestrial observations—and the producers of the play Hamilton obviously missed that element.  So now that they’ve chosen to lecture Mike Pence in the way they did, I certainly won’t be seeing that play at any point in the future.  I normally don’t propose boycotts—but in this case not giving those progressives from New York money is a vote against their product and that’s what I’d encourage you to do also dear reader.

Liberals are a hate group and after the election of 2016 they are out of power yet still feel as if they have a right to lecture the rest of us how we should view the world.  Yet anybody with any intelligence understands that liberalism is a form of mental illness because they put their values on things that don’t matter.  They tell conservatives to be color blind and to not discriminate on the sexes—yet they constantly hide behind color and sexism when the value of their ideas fall apart on the stage of public debate.  For instance, all week as Trump was putting together his cabinet positions the criticisms were loaded with an emphasis that it did not represent the “diversity” of the American people in a way that the play Hamilton does—or even modern Star Wars movies where white men are shown to be a minority and women and people of color are sprinkled about like candy on an ice cream cone.  Trump is clearly picking people who he thinks can do the job best and if women and people of color are in that mix—he’ll hire them.  But if they aren’t the best—he won’t.  For progressives, that is an incredibly difficult concept to understand—a rise through merit—otherwise known as a meritocracy.

Since progressives hate business and the art of making money they associate a “meritocracy” as being connected to a monarchy which most companies are to some extent.  That is why they are so terrified about a Donald Trump presidency because they fear they will be left behind in such a world—because their mode of elevating themselves has been through visual elements such as sex and skin color—not by being the best and brightest in their positions.  In that respect, they have reason to be fearful because in the world with Donald Trump as president, merit will be back in style—as it should be in American culture.  But Trump will not fancy himself as a monarch or a dictator.  As any good CEO of a company knows, it is best to surround yourself with people who are highly competent and you don’t want to put limits on their talents just to show that you are in command.  You want them to prosper and to be successful because they will continue to fight to make things better every day so long as there is a chance through merit to rise higher in their life.  That is why the best of our corporations are positive elements of our culture—not only do they produce wealth, but they elevate the lives of the people who work for them in ways that would have otherwise been unimaginable.

Progressives don’t understand this concept of working hard to get things—they expect to move through life under the premise introduced by Karl Marx, that we are all equal and deserve equal pay and that the goal of our society should be committed to leveling the playing field of everything.  The goal of progressives is additionally to make the “worker” equal to the “CEO,” which is of course preposterous.  Yet those are the foundations that progressives are committed to and those values are reflected in the play Hamilton with its emphasis on diversity and immigration—as opposed to the merit of the Founding Fathers to give rise to the concept of American exceptionalism.   To progressives what made America great is that it gave people of all backgrounds and sexes a safe harbor to reside in.  To conservatives what makes America great is a deeper concept, that people of all sexes and races despite their backgrounds can rise to the top and become whatever they want to be.  Progressives get the first part, but they miss the second because the philosophy they have built their foundations upon are limited to visual references and not the quality of the people who acquire good things in life through merit.

What the cast of Hamilton really fear is that their play won’t be so good if the values placed upon it are based on merit and not the progressive celebration of equality through diverse visual references.  That’s why I’m not going to drop $500 to $1000 for a box seat on Hamilton when it comes to Cincinnati.  It doesn’t represent my values as a conservative.  Those values have transcended visual elements like sex and skin color—I’m at a point in my life where those types of things just don’t contribute to my decision-making.  I care about the quality of people not what they look like.  So for that reason, I’m not going to support the Broadway play of Hamilton.  It might do well in progressive New York, but outside of that market I think they just doomed themselves to a larger market that might have otherwise given them a chance.  I certainly would have before they decided to lecture Mike Pence on a simple night out with his family.  But not anymore.  The premise of Hamilton was weak before this controversy, but now it’s just a piece of stupid progressive art that doesn’t represent the values of America—the kind of America that conservatives are fighting to restore from several generations of immature, purely visual progressives who have never understood the concept of value while they pretentiously felt compelled to lecture the rest of us on that topic.  Mike Pence was nice to sit there and be polite, but honestly, he didn’t need to.  Donald Trump was right to defend his VP.  It was tasteless on behalf of the Hamilton cast to do such a thing and they have what happens next coming because of their irresponsible actions.

Rich Hoffman


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The Trump Brand: Making America Great Again starting at The White House

As I look at the electoral map of the last Presidential election, I see a lot of red. While the blue areas are high population density zones, they certainly don’t constitute a majority of the real estate within the United States, so it makes you wonder who in the world Rachel Maddow thinks her audience is on MSNBC when she had a melt down over the Trump family brand and how it will inevitably carry over into Donald Trump’s new role as President of the United States. America is a capitalist country which has made it the most powerful nation in the world and soon it will quickly outgrow communist China in GDP production because of a friendly pro business president in the White House. The evidence is that the Dow continued to close at record highs each day after the dust settled from the election results of 2016 as investors realized the lasting implication of a Donald Trump presidency. It’s OK and good to make money, and even to be rich. Excess is a wonderful thing and its back in fashion which will turn out to help everyone the world over. Yet progressives committed deeply to the name change philosophy of communism hate wealth, personal enrichment, and self-pride to the extent that they have dangerously stifled growth in America and that has been rejected quite spectacularly with the election of Donald Trump. So who does Maddow think her audience is?

I see the Trump presidency to the be the most positive thing that has ever happened to mankind. Reflecting back on history I think of the optimism that came from the Eisenhower administration which carried over into the early Kennedy years—until his assassination which plunged America suddenly into bitterness by the end of the 60s with communist insurgents dressed up as hippies on college campuses. Kennedy with his sheer optimism made NASA into a force to be reckoned with and took mankind to the moon. Trump is all about the power of positive thinking. In his Trump hotel in Las Vegas it says on the wall of the lobby, “If you’re going to think, it might as well be big,” which is from his bestselling book, The Art of the Deal.

As a bestselling author of at least 10 books on essentially the power of positive thinking it is stunning to consider what influence Trump will have on world markets especially within the United States with his message uttered from the White House. Kennedy had a fraction of that positive thinking ability likely undeveloped because of his youth, but Trump spews it like sweat from a champion athlete. I think that alone is the most exciting prospect of a Trump presidency. The residual effect of a champion of positive thinking speaking to the American people essentially every day.

Trump himself is like visiting Disney World—he is his own product of positive thinking and the reason the Trump brand has value is that people want to purchase a piece of it hoping to evoke the same fortune to themselves—even if it’s only a token of representation that one can look at on a shelf. When Ivanka or Melania sell jewelry it’s so that women can have a piece of the glamour represented by those two Trump women. From the Oval Office, the products of the Trump family bring people closer to the experience of the euphoria exhumed by President Trump—where anything is possible if only one can dream big enough to have it. That is precisely why Disney World has a special feeling once a visitor enters the property. The brand of Disney represents dreams coming true mixed with old fashioned American optimism. Trump as an organization represents possibility and reward and they have cultivated that image over several decades. Now as president, their Trump brand will escalate into a similar euphoric feeling when people see it even more than it has.

During the campaign at my house we bought some Trump gear from the official website, and I was quite surprised by the quality of them—extra steps had been taken to ensure that normal campaign apparel was certainly better than the typical paraphilia. My MAGA hat is actually a thing of beauty, it’s one of the best hats that I’ve ever had—it’s very well made. Trump over the years has nurtured that sense of quality in everything he does and that is now part of the Trump experience, whether it’s the Trump hotel in Chicago, Las Vegas or his buildings in New York. The Trump brand and everything that goes with them exhibits quality—and possibility. The Trump experience is a reward for hard work done and the euphoria of success. If you can afford a suite at a Trump hotel, you know as a customer that they appreciate you and they treat you as such. They do want your money, but the entire exchange is a mutual transfer of value that I’ve only otherwise seen at Disney World, or other Disney owned properties. Trump and Disney both sell the same type of brand—positive American philosophy rooted in financial reward.

Rachel Maddow and other progressives like her want men and women to assimilate into a blob of human flesh where the sexes no longer matter and primal urges are highly celebrated. They want money to be redistributed to the lazy and wish to halt the progress of mankind behind a new religion of “global warming” as a means to fulfil their destinies toward the age-old hindrance of the Vico Cycle taking us all back to a beginning of rule by theocracy and aristocracy after anarchy slaps down the hopes of human kind toward that progressive reversion to a world the elites know so well since it is a cycle that’s been repeated from the dawn of history. (See the great book Finnegan’s Wake for reference) To progressives human achievement is to be ridiculed and the money they make hated. So the Trump brand is something that melts them like a demon under the influence of Holy Water. The Trump brand alone is enough to rock America into an age of enlightenment unlike anything ever seen in its short history—and progressives know it—that’s why they are freaking out so epically.

Glenn Beck knows it too, I watched a truly pathetic interview with him on Anderson Cooper trying to be a voice of moderation toward the newly labeled “alt right” where progressives are outraged over the political advice of Steve Bannon and his professional access to a President Trump. For a man who once took on George Soros he clearly has yielded to the Soros power of manipulation over not only American politics, but also Europe.

Trump knowing Soros from the New York billionaires’ club is clearly sending a signal to his rivals of which Buffett is a part, that he now will command American policy shielding it with the Trump brand for its own good—and Beck found himself suddenly a diminished soul after the election. In the way that Karl Rove and Dick Morris were knocked out of political punditry for years after the Mitt Romney loss of 2012, Glenn Beck and his dwindling media empire has no choice but to crawl back to CNN, where he started, and reinvent himself as a progressive, hoping to be a voice against Trump the way he was a voice against George W. Bush. Because the “alt right,” otherwise known as John Wayne conservatives, hardly radical, have abandoned him.

And what is this “alt right” of what progressives call racists and xenophobes but people who behold the same type of values seen at Disney World—which Uncle Walt himself sold to America through his movies and television shows. Progressives have attempted to hijack the Disney Company with liberal micromanagement most evident recently in the Angelina Jolie film Maleficent where they re-wrote the story of Sleeping Beauty into a progressive mess of confusion making the villain the victim and the good the villain. It wasn’t the masculine prince of romantic love that awoke Sleeping Beauty, but now the villain herself out of love for her “adopted” daughter. The trend continued it the animated film Frozen where the sisters love transcended the romance of a suitor showing that Disney is attempting to plant the seeds toward less family value and more collective unification with the world of all sexes and races as their primary value system espoused in their motion picture projects. Young college kids growing up under this more progressive Disney Company were baffled when Donald Trump won the presidency because their progressive entertainment culture and progressive educations in public schools and colleges had not prepared them for such an experience. They thought the world was like what Rachel Maddow espoused—and the NBC network as a whole. But what all progressives learned on Election Night 2016 was that their sphere of influence was really only regulated to a few highly populated blue areas where illegal immigration and criminal conduct are most pronounced.

Then there is the debate about the Electoral College where progressive want to walk back the election results taking the presidency away from Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. What progressive fail to realize is that it was illegal aliens who had not yet pledged their allegiance to America through the immigration process that gave her a lead over Trump. It was also convicted felons in Virginia given that right by her friend Terry McAuliffe to just squeak out a win in that state. Then there is the cheating that was recorded and the dead people who voted as reported by Project Veritas and suddenly Hillary didn’t do nearly as well as Democrats were suggesting. Trump easily beat her even with the Democratic cheating, and that is telling considering she had two American presidents campaigning for her, a current first lady, the entire media culture and most of the entertainment industry. She still lost—handedly. Once the smoke cleared, it wasn’t even close.

The Trump brand already represented a winning attitude before the Election of 2016. But now it will go down in history as one of the best brands in the world and people will want a piece of it. It’s only natural. Likely it will become bigger than the Disney brand and will last for hundreds of years and Donald Trump’s personal wealth will grow proportionally. But that’s not bad—it’s a very good thing—because that Trump brand will all by itself take America to a place it’s never been before through the sheer power of positive thinking.   And Trump hasn’t even done any of his policy work yet. People like Rachel Maddow and all those progressives like her are now a dying breed—thankfully, and they know it. People will flock to the jewelry of Ivanka and Melania Trump, they will spend fortunes in Trump hotels and golf courses, and they’ll buy Trump ties and anything they can get their hands on because they’ll want a piece of the American dream that Donald Trump has helped resurrect.

What progressives know is that their grip into American politics just came to an end—the Trump brand is enough to kill their manipulation of American culture. Branding allows people to invest in an idea created by something, whether it be the NFL, Disney or The Trump Organization. With Trump’s branding in place well before he was ever elected President he gives voters for the first time ever an opportunity to “invest” of themselves into what is going on at the White House making it the people’s house more than it has ever been. A few years from now there will be a lot to feel good about and people will be able to own a piece of that through Trump branding whether it is a hotel room in Chicago or a piece of jewelry from Ivana Trump. Or perhaps the same dress that Melania wore at a large event.   For the first time people will be able to invest into the culture of the White House and feel a part of it and that is the first step in making America feel good about itself once again. Branding is something that Donald Trump uniquely brings to politics which will have a uniting effect taking us all into positive, yet uncharted waters. Rachael Maddow realizes it.

All progressives do. Their branding through the media and Hollywood has been rejected by those vast red spaces on the American map, and they don’t have anything that can compete with Trump. Soros has had his day, Mark Cuban and the Silicon Valley billionaires are behind on branding and they can’t help the Democrats out now—so they are out of luck. Republicans now have Trump leading the party and through the branding that was in place for decades, people can join the Republican Party and feel good about participating in its successes, just like they do with their favorite football teams in the NFL. This is truly a new thing that will have a dramatic impact on the future of electoral maps. As Trump says the future belongs to the dreamers not the cynics and what his brand sells are dreams—a piece of inspiration that might carry one through to something greater. And those cynics—like Rachael Maddow and many others are part of a world that will be left behind.

Rich Hoffman


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Great New Businesses in the Liberty Center Area: The wonders of capitalism in Butler County, Ohio

I continue to enjoy the Liberty Center shopping complex a year after it opened intensely.  It has been great for business, and wonderful for personal recreation.  Recently my wife and I saw Hacksaw Ridge at Cinebistro at Liberty Center which was fabulous.  The movie was great and it was wonderful to see Mel Gibson directing movies again.  Hollywood is a lot better off with Mel Gibson in it—unquestionably.  But the experience at Cinebistro is just fabulous and continues to be something I always look forward to.  If you are going to see a movie in the Cincinnati area—there isn’t anywhere better than at Cinebistro at Liberty Center.  Just a marvelous experience.  I enjoy it so much that I’d recommend coming from out-of-town to engage in the experience.

However, after a year and in speaking with a variety of vendors around the complex it appears that the public hasn’t quite figured out just how cool the Liberty Center experience is.  Most obvious is a few new places that opened recently, Go! Calenders, Games and Toys which is located near the food court on the second story of the internal mall area and Degs Flame Grilled Chicken which is adjacent to the food court near Dillards.  I think both places add needed diversity but the drawback is that people haven’t figured out that there is whole interior portion of the shopping complex.  A similar development up the highway in Dayton, The Greene Town Center is entirely an outside shopping experience, which most of Liberty Center is.  But unlike The Greene, the interior portion of the development offers a typical mall experience to accentuate the outdoor offerings.  So for a destination entertainment complex with dining and shopping as the primary drivers of interest—Liberty Center really offers diversity from one end to the other.

Just yesterday my daughter and I had dinner at BD’s Mongolian Grille across from the Rave Movie Theaters at The Greene Town Center and it was all very nice.  But Liberty Center is much better because the movie theater of Cinebistro is clearly superior to any other cinema chain.  Around that theater are four really good dining experiences, the Kona Grill, Cantina Laredo, The Rusty Bucket and Cooper’s Hawk—which is very classy and right next to the Cinebistro.   And honestly, I love the food at Cinebistro as a dining experience by itself so if you like dinner and a movie like I do, Liberty Center is just a dream.  But the indoor part of the complex at the other end combines a traditional mall experience to all the other dynamism.

So when visiting Liberty Center remember that there is an inside portion to the complex, and you should visit it.  The more foot traffic that moves into that part of the development the more businesses like Go! Toys will move in.  And that is a good thing which makes a great place ever better.   My personal aim for Liberty Center is for a bookstore to move in, which is a tall order given that Amazon makes brick and mortar stores difficult to operate.  But the one at The Green was doing very well on a Saturday afternoon giving needed intellectual presence which is missing at Liberty Center.  That could change if we support the little businesses with big dreams in a wonderful place called Liberty Center.

In addition, across the street from Liberty Center are several new restaurants that are quite good.  One is Freddey’s which is like a supped up Steak and Shake.  They have great food!  Great burgers and shakes.  They are in the parking lot of Cabela’s and at the entrance to the Wetherington residential area—which lucky for the kids living there have access to such a wonderful place.   It is just another development addition to an area that is booming with wonderful capitalist endeavor.  And that is always a good thing.

Rich Hoffman


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The Benedict Arnold Never Trumpers: We will never forget how weak they were under fire

I stood in the harsh cold with Glenn Beck during his Christmas show at the Murphy Theater in Wilmington, Ohio in 2010 because he was offering to use his celebrity to solve a critical problem in the United States.  The same Murphy Theater that Michael Moore was speaking at just a week prior to the election of 2016 trying to explain the phenomena known as Donald Trump—which can be heard at the start of the WAAM broadcast by Matt Clark below.  Additionally, three-quarters of the way into that radio show I joined Matt to reflect on the election results.  But with Glenn Beck, I stood with him, helped where I could, writing hundreds of positive articles about him and even promoting his upstart Blaze News organization with the hope that he was serious about solving the problems within our government and helping to take back the United States which had fallen so far away from the progressives taking it to oblivion.  When George Soros crushed Beck in New York harassing him to flee to Dallas with his family forcing him to start over without the benefit of Fox News to keep him in the spot light I stayed with Beck until it was obvious that he didn’t really want to solve anything—he just wanted to complain about things.  When he led the Never Trump movement with other so-called conservatives like Bill Kristol of the National Review I painted those influences out of my life entirely because they were shameful.   And now that the election has taken place as Matt and I reflected in this radio broadcast, those people are on the outside looking in, which is just where they belong.

In this modern revolutionary war the Never Trumpers were the Benedict Arnolds—people who moved toward the enemy out of a need for fame and sentiment hiding behind a conviction of morality as a shield toward their true intentions of preserving evil so that they could continue to make a living off it.  Many times over the last six or seven years I have been offered high paying opportunities either writing, speaking, or helping with political offices to advance the freedom movement and I have turned all of them down for the purity of fighting in the trenches where the bullets are really important. There wasn’t time for me to develop into what we needed within a decade to be effective enough, so I put my backing behind those who did have a foot in that door—because we needed to take our government back from progressives sooner than later—to have a shot at our own survival as a nation.  What the freedom movement needed was a fearless symbol to rally behind that wouldn’t buckle.  What Beck and Kristol failed to understand was that over the last few decades, they were being auditioned for such a role—but when the gun fire became too intense, slowly their support peeled away—before Trump joined the race.  Trump had been fighting some of these fights for many years, and I knew from his books that he never backed down from anything—so given the grave disappointments that Glenn Beck in particular had shown to his fans—Trump was very attractive as a presidential candidate.

As I illustrated during Matt’s radio show many people and methods were tried.  When Doc Thompson and I promoted School Choice as an option to the education issues facing southern Ohio in 2010 it wasn’t so that we could gain fame and fortune—it was to actually solve the problem.  I tried to work behind Governor Kasich.  I gave my support to John Boehner. I praised Paul Ryan and his Ayn Rand loving entry onto the Mitt Romney ticket.  I held my nose and voted for them during the 2012 race where they lost along with Kasich failing to stand his ground on the Senate Bill 5 passage.  Once those issues were cleared the media of Cincinnati turned their guns on me to personally destroy me for being a rising star on radio and TV advocating education reform the game plan of the enemy was obvious.  Once that happened, I wasn’t going to stop until many people paid the price.  I don’t quit, I don’t scare and I expect results so that we can all live happily ever after.  So I looked around and saw that Donald Trump was willing to join the fight so my support went into his direction—along with millions of other people who were thinking the same kind of thing.  I spoke about this phenomena on WAAM by calling it the “American Sniper” effect—flyover country–blue color supporters of Trump who had been forgotten about in politics and deliberately pushed into a corner to be either converted into progressive thought or to be destroyed.  When those guns personally turned on me I wasn’t about to accept that and I certainly wasn’t going to follow the gospel according to Glenn Beck and turn the other cheek, or declare in 2016 that the vile Barack Obama “made me into a better man.”  Give me a break.  Obama has only tried to damage traditional America and bury it under increasing regulation and more dependency toward the United Nations as a global governing body—and that wasn’t ever going to fly.  Donald Trump had the money, the ego, the celebrity and the will to fight these vile people in Washington D.C. and I was one of the first to notice it so I did what I could to help him get started and now that he’s won—you can bet your ass I’m proud of it.  But if he fails—my support will go away in a New York minute and I’ll either find someone else—or I’ll do it myself.  One way or another, progressivism in America will be defeated and we will have a sovereign nation once again that sets a high standard for the rest of the world.  I have a feeling, knowing something of Donald Trump—I won’t have to go to such measures because he’s the right guy for this particular moment in time to be President.  I’ve read his books and met him personally a few times and that’s enough for me.  I’m a great judge of character and I am certain I can trust him with the very difficult task of doing what we need done in Washington D.C.

The Never Trumpers had the intention of aiding the enemy of traditional America to benefit their own political futures as either commentators or leaders of the Republican Party.  They should have payed attention to the trajectory of the freedom movement in particular the way that the Tea Party was rebelling against John Boehner as Speaker of the House.  What did they think was going to happen if the politicians continued to fail?  Making members of congress learn the Constitution on their first days in office wasn’t enough.  They needed to fight for it—and if they wavered, they’d be replaced.  That’s what happened to Eric Canter, then John Boehner and now Mitt Romney whose political life is over forever.  That’s also what happened to Hillary Clinton at the hands of Donald Trump.  But Trump wasn’t alone, WikiLeaks helped, so did Project Veritas, Alex Jones, the Drudge Report, movies and books called Clinton Cash, and Hillary’s America, and thousands of people like me who worked the ground game in different ways fighting the one on one battles that eventually overtook the opposition in ways they never thought possible.   In Ohio particularly Robert Scott did a great job at the state level and Ann Becker in southern Ohio with the Cincinnati Tea Party did excellent work knocking on doors, working the phones and making sure the word got out on Trump.  Ann was a Ted Cruz supporter back in March when Trump came to my town of West Chester and we poked at each other politely for each other’s support for the primary candidates at that time.  When Cruz lost, she threw her support to Donald Trump with great passion and I’m proud of her.  There were others like her and they helped give Trump Ohio with a ten point lead over Clinton when it was supposed to be close.  Ann had the same concerns that Beck had about Trump but she wasn’t afraid to take a shot where Beck was afraid of the success—because if Trump did win—his business of commentary on politics would be greatly diminished.  His business relies on discontent toward progressivism.  If Trump starts winning Beck’s show gets a lot harder and his audience will diminish as they move on to other things in life—like people should.

What Trump did in the final hours of an election that he was supposed to lose was remarkable.  I was up at 1 AM in the morning watching the Right Side Broadcasting show when Trump did one last-minute rally in Michigan the night before the election.  He didn’t need to but he had the kind of fight I expect in a presidential candidate who took nothing for granted and covered literally every base that needed to be covered. I was amazed that the last Michigan rally was his fifth even on that Monday before the election and his 15th event of the weekend.  Hillary had brought out the Hollywood elite in support of her and all Trump had was himself, his family and flyover state supporters on the ground like me, Ann and thousands of others doing the hard work toward political reform one last time before our country fell off a precipice it likely never would have returned from.  Those people in Michigan waited for Trump for over three hours and received word of that rally just hours before as it was thrown together at the last-minute and at 1 AM they literally gave Trump just enough votes to win him that state for the first time since 1988.  Trump had broken down the “Blue Wall” winning Pennsylvania, Michigan Wisconsin and Iowa—all deep blue states and with it likely destroying the Democratic Party forever in the current form that it is now.   Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager had a lot to do with that—but it was Trump who was willing to go wherever she said he needed to go to win a victory—and that’s the difference between Trump and the kind of candidates the Never Trumpers suggested.  Mike Lee and Glenn Beck’s Never Trump candidate Even McMullen did nothing in Utah but make an ass of himself.  Trump won the state in spite of the Never Trumpers protests against him—which certainly pulled away popular votes in Utah away from Trump.

The only thing Harry Reid could say about the election was that Trump had lost the popular vote hoping to feed the protestors in the streets crying over Trump’s presidency.  Trump won in spite of every effort to suppress him from gaining over 300 electoral votes which was a major feat for any Republican.   If the convicts of Virginia had not been given last-minute access to voting under Clinton apologist Terry McAuliffe, Trump would have likely won Virginia also.  In American elections, the electoral votes are what matter and Trump’s strategy was to be as competitive in as many places as possible using Ohio as the nucleus for which everything else attached as a spillover effect.  The strategy worked and by 2020 Trump will likely put states like New York and California into play because that’s the nature of what he does—and one of the reasons we voted for him—because he has a history of winning—and our country needed a victory in a major way.  The Never Trumpers made sure they were against that victory and now they must pay the price—which they deserve.   We’ll see who wins the popular vote in 2020.  Winning over 300 votes in an American election is a landslide, Harry.  The degenerates, the illegal aliens, the convicts and other high density city voters voting to keep their government benefits doesn’t constitute merit in this new world—so the popular vote means nothing other than that’s how you get electoral votes in individual states.  The national count is a pointless stat.  And nobody the Never Trumpers suggested would have been able to do such a thing like winning Michigan.  Now that the election is over the Never Trumpers are a new kind of enemy, and they will be treated as such.

Trump needs to bring the country together and he will.  He’s already doing that.  But for those of us in the trenches, we won’t forget or forgive.  The Never Trumpers are on my list.  And there’s nothing they can do to get off it.  Once a Benedict Arnold, always one.

Rich Hoffman


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Rich Hoffman’s Bold Prediction: The radio show that called accurately the 2016 Election

If you don’t toot your own horn sometimes nobody else will—so let me say that during the radio show that I did filling in for Matt Clark on 1600 WAAM radio Saturday November 5th I predicted accurately the results of the 2016 election.  I not only predicted clearly the Donald Trump election when everyone else had serious doubts, I predicted the downfall of the Democratic Party.  You can hear that broadcast here.

Democrats did not make gains of any measure in the House and Senate and they lost more governor seats around the country.  When Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech on November 9th the people in that room were the leaders of the Democratic Party and the look on their faces acknowledged that they might as well have been at a funeral.  Once Trump takes office President Obama will have his legacy removed from history and with the fragmented Democratic Party already weakened by the corruption exposed in the WikiLeaks emails releases—the party will come to an end—just as I predicted at a time when everyone thought otherwise. 

I take a lot of pride in having the ability to see things way over the horizon.  And according to Rush Limbaugh nobody foresaw what would happen on Election Day November 8th 2016.  But I did.  I called it a long time ago and if Rush had been listening to WAAM in Ann Arbor at 1 PM on a Saturday afternoon while I was substituting for Matt Clark—he would have heard my accurate prediction. 

I’m just ribbing you Rush.  You are great in your EIB network.  But—I did call it when nobody else in the world did.  And that wasn’t my only prediction.  As usual, people should listen.  They’d be a lot happier—and smarter, if they did.

Rich Hoffman


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Special thank yous

This is a very good article thanking all the fine people who helped elect Donald Trump for president. Trump did a great job, and I’d add Kellyanne Conway to this list, but Paul does a good job of thanking many of the unsung heroes of the Trump campaign. Read it and pass it along in celebration of this very great day in America.

Becoming American

Thank you to everyone who has fought over the last few years for freedom. To every blogger, every video maker, all the brave people who came out, recognized and endorsed Donald Trump as the leader we needed.

So many millions of people will never understand how close to the abyss we came. This election really was the difference between good and evil.

The mainstream media really did poison the minds of the electorate. They really did defend Hillary’s every evil deed and they really went after Donald Trump.

His strength and ability to brush off all the attacks is something to be admired. He is the leader we need right now and we wish him all the best.

I want to thank in particular groups that I have followed for a while now and whom I think really swayed the battle in our favor.


I would like to thank Alex…

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