More Trouble at Lakota Schools: It’s an election year–let the voters decide

Wait a minute, remember when the news networks were camped outside the Lakota administration building, reporting on every time Darbi Boddy turned her head all over a controversy involving a porn link that she accidentally posted as she was trying to bring awareness to parents about sexual grooming within the school. Everyone, including the president of the Lakota school board, Lynda O’Conner, was calling for newly elected first-year school board member Darbi to resign over the issue. Of course, Darbi meant well when she provided the information, but with porn being what it is these days, which is everywhere, it’s hard to avoid pornography when it comes to the internet. When dealing with websites of any kind, pornography, unfortunately, is always in the background, and a little mistake in any web address can lead to a porn site. When Darbi found herself in the controversy, I said the same thing I’m saying now, it’s not a big deal. It was an honest mistake and wasn’t worth her resigning over. But the teacher’s union activists and Lynda herself piled onto Darbi, and the news coverage was national. It found its way to the cover story of Yahoo News. That seemed ridiculous, and it was that Pandora’s Box and the activism of the former superintendent, Matt Miller, that opened the door for all the crazy stuff that happened thereafter, which eventually cost the superintendent his job. So it was a bit perplexing that it was discovered that Lynda O’Conner herself, over the last weekend of February was that her campaign site was linking viewers to a Japanese porn site, which shocked those who saw it. Screenshots flooded in with the information I thought was an honest mistake. But given her statements about Darbi, it was a bit shocking. 

Now I know Lynda O’Conner pretty well; I doubt she has some crazy alternative lifestyle that involves Japanese porn. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation, an accidental occurrence that would have allowed such a thing to occur. But given the way the media treated Darbi, I thought Lynda was done for in politics. If it was an apples-to-apples comparison, I know how hard that accident was for Darbi. Lynda would undoubtedly have difficulty explaining it if the same wolves jumped all over her from the radical elements. But what was strange was that immediately in the wake of this event, nobody seemed to care. It was as if it was no big deal.

There were no calls for Lynda’s resignation or signature writing campaign to remove her from office. The labor union wasn’t seeking to tear her from limb to limb. All Lynda had to do was apologize, take down the link and provide a brief statement. And everything was just fine, just like that. I kept looking for Karin Johnson from Channel 5 to camp outside of Lynda’s house for her explosive interview on the matter, or Jennifer Edwards from Fox 19 to do a 1000-word article and to post it all over Twitter. But nothing. Not even crickets. It was so mysterious. How could something be such a big deal for one school board member of equal status but not for another within a year of each other? We’re not even talking about a generational difference in values here; in this case, it was just months. Yet the outcomes were entirely different. 

I remember what it was like growing up; if you wanted to look at a Penthouse, Playboy, or Hustler magazine, they kept them on the top rack at a magazine stand, and if you were under 18 and tried to pull one down, the clerk would scold you. It was like that for “R” rated movies, too; if you tried to sneak in, usually there was always a theater employee who would find you and remove you from the theater. This happened to me several times when I saw Scarface at the theater, Conan the Barbarian, and the first Terminator film. All of those were movies where I paid for a ticket to see a “PG” rated movie but went into an “R” rated theater to see the movie I really wanted to see. And they saw me sitting there, not looking 18, and told me to leave. We aren’t living in those kinds of days anymore. I understand that.

In many cases, the kids in Lakota are watching porn at school on their phones. I’m not at all in support of pornography. I personally think it should all be outlawed completely. But my thoughts about Darbi’s honest attempts to communicate where porn came into the picture and the obvious accident by Lynda O’Conner were no big deal to me in both cases. Yet in one case, Darbi, the world came down on her to force her resignation, but in the other, the school board president, Lynda, only political rivals noticed the activity and seemed to have a problem with it. With all the talk of preserving kids from harmful porn, everyone cared when it was Darbi, but nobody cared when it came down to Lynda. That’s because Lynda benefits the radical element, and Darbi is a threat to it. This proves that the porn issue at Lakota was nothing but politics all along. It was never about kids or saving them from pornographic content. It was 100% about politics and only politics. 

When people say, “politics don’t belong in the schools” and that “we should put kids before politics,” they understand that public schools, government schools, are nothing but politics. The kids are only free babysitting services for the parents, who get the taxpayers to compensate for their career choices by hiring people to take care of their kids while they are busy doing whatever their young adult lives can dream up. There is nothing about the kids that really care for the outcome of healthy children in public schools. They are all about progressive politics that seek to undermine the American family and replace the parents with government as the new parental figure. Kids are used to advance a political cause, such as was the case with Darbi Boddy. When it served the radical left, the Joe Biden voting losers in our community, they used an accident to justify destroying a new school board member because they didn’t like her politics. But for the exact same occurrence, Lynda O’Conner, who has sold herself as a Republican, has shown useful to the radical elements which really run the school. And their hypocrisy says more than any political theater ever could. But I say, in Lynda’s case, don’t ask her to resign. Don’t campaign to remove her from the board, as has been done with Darbi Boddy. We are in an election year. Let merit decide; put these kinds of things in the voter’s hands. And let them pick the fate of the school board. Let them apply the wrath of the community. Don’t look for the media, school board, or even labor unions to show righteous indignation because they won’t. Instead, turn to the voters and let them speak with the voice that everyone really fears. People see what has been going on. And when it comes to election day, make sure they remember. 

Rich Hoffman

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Psalms 58:10: It takes a lot of blood to stay clean in an evil world

Many people have the wrong idea about the Bible and what it says and doesn’t say. I see that it tells a big story from beginning to end about identifying evil in the world and what to do about it. All this turn-the-other-cheek stuff is not my cup of tea. The references to “he without sin may cast the first stone” stuff is for the birds. I would say, and the Bible makes a good argument for it, that you should live your life to cast the first stone, and that when you run up against evil, wicked people, you damn well should. This opens the door for one of my favorite passages in the Bible; it’s from the Book of Psalms, specifically 58:10,  “the righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.”  Now Psalms is a big book with many segments, which is essentially a collection of prayers. Some of the most familiar passages that you hear quoted at funerals and Sunday morning philosophy come from the Book of Psalms. Many common quotes are present here, such as Psalm 23:4, the walking through the valley of death, I will fear no evil stuff. Psalms are the continuation of a prayer against the footholds of evil that goes on for quite some time. It is in Psalm 37:11 where the famous quote, “But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. The wicked plotteth against the just and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.” This all comes across as more of a hope than an observation.

Lots of people wrote Psalms, King David being the most significant contributor, and it’s interesting how much of the text comes almost as a prayer to God and a battle cry against the wicked who are plotting against King David. But by the end of it, it’s more reflective of the power and miracles of the almighty God leading the whole book to a kind of positive reformation on spiritual hope. Yet what I like about that 58:10, “the righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked,” is that it contains several essential value judgments that are necessary for the perpetuation of the human race, and I think it is the key to a value-driven society. When you look around at the nonsense that is going on currently, which is well on purpose and part of a larger grand strategy of liberalism, it is the failure to adhere to these values that has led to so much misery and destruction. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. We know the recipe for success in life, and the Bible is filled with lots of the fundamental essence for all of them. I’ve read the Mahabharata, and the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the Book of Hopi, all the Greek myths, the Gods of Egypt, and many hundreds of lesser-known books on religion, morality, and social outlook, and I can say that out of all of them, this quote from Psalms is my favorite one, and the Bible, in general, does the best job of dealing with an ancient problem, how do humans survive and grow in the world. It’s not a matter of one religion or another as a preference; in this case, it’s the Bible and the points that Cleon Skousen made with his great book, The 5000 Year Leap, distinguishing success from failure. 

To be “righteous” means that a person must already have made a value judgment to do good as a society measures good consciously. You can’t throw out the measurement and expect to have a good society. But to expect to see vengeance given to the good is a whole new matter to contend with. This isn’t just Gilgamesh seeking immortality for the sake of living forever. This is to expect justice to be important in life. And to satisfy the good person, the enemies of goodness should be slaughtered so that the good can relish in the concept. “the righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.” I know many have felt this joy recently in my home school district, where the community has come together in great ways as truly vile displays of evil were displayed audaciously, and that level of wickedness was actually poking us all in the eye with its splendid grandeur. The enemy of our times has all read in some fashion Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book Rules for Radicals, a favorite of Hillary Clinton, to Lucifer, and that book says explicitly that Christian people are easy to beat because they will essentially turn the other cheek. Because many people allow their interpretation of the Bible to be quoted for them by lazy preachers and slow-minded church personnel, they often miss the good stuff, such as Psalms 58:10. We don’t have to put up with evil. We don’t have to make friends with evil people. And when they are slaughtered, we are to be expected to wash our feet (metaphorically) in their defeat. I know there were locally several steak dinners that were enjoyed in the wake of great evil being destroyed that showed how good life could be when wickedness is stood up to and beaten. 

If I can be said to have an addiction in life, I would say that Psalms 58:10 describes it. I enjoy nothing more than defeating wicked people and washing my feet in their misery. I look for every opportunity to do it, and I think the simplicity of Psalms 58:10 captures the complexity of a really difficult subject; what ingredients go into making a prosperous society? I think you must make a personal decision to be “righteous.” Then you have to make a point to look for opportunities to measure values with a vengeance if something is done wrong. And it’s not that it happens in some faraway land; you have to take the responsibility to see it for yourself. Then, of course, you must take physical action from the slaughter of the wicked and bathe in the glory of the task. “The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.” It’s a beautiful passage and is stated in the Bible many times, especially in Psalms; there is a lot of talk about bathing in the blood of a defeated enemy. And I think that’s wonderful. It’s the kind of stuff that makes me get up out of bed every morning. I am addicted to bathing in the blood of my enemies, so to do such a thing, you have to have enemies. Lots of them. Because it takes a lot of blood to stay clean in an evil world, and there is no shame in rejoicing upon their downfall. I never get tired of it. I look for opportunities to do it every minute of every day. And there is no shame in it, contrary to what many people believe about religions from many cultures. Anybody who says otherwise is lying to you because they intend bad things to flourish in the world. And it’s our job to stop them and to bathe in the blood of those victories.

Rich Hoffman

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It’s OK to Pray to God To Punish Our Enemies with Righteous Indignation: The lessons from the ‘Book of Esther’

After you read books like Rise of the Fourth Reich that lays out the case for what happened with Covid, who was involved, and what was done that points to criminal activity which resulted in the knowing destruction of over 7 million people, the scope of the evil requires perspective. And to get that perspective, I have been directly referring people to the Bible and specifically to the Book of Esther. I don’t see the Bible as a book of passive turn-the-other-cheek values. Rather it is one of the only books in the world that has properly defined good and evil as a righteous decision toward human progress as opposed to the sacrificial qualities that typically embody liberalism in general. As we look around the world at the various religions and climate change as the World Economic Forum defines it is a religion for them, it’s a reversion to the old Baal worship that was so popular in the land of Canaan as the Israelites conquered that land in the name of God and that conflict is still the center of politics to this very day. The Book of Esther has an unusual perspective that could be very helpful about now when faced with the vast evils that are in front of us. And I would say that the Bible provides the proper context for dealing with that evil. There really isn’t any middle ground. There were a lot of people who knowingly created Covid as a virus to unleash on the world. They lied to President Trump about the options, such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, as treatments to stop the spread and effect of the government-made virus that was released out of China. And a lot of people died. What do you do with the governors of states who knowingly put nursing home people together in rooms with Covid patients, purposely spreading the virus for what could only be understood as intentional murder? The Bible provides the proper context for how we should look at such vastly evil behavior.

In the Book of Esther, the all-powerful King of Persia, Ahasuerus, ruling a territory from India to Ethiopia, banishes his queen Vashti for failing to appear before him when bidden as she was instructed to show off her beauty at a party to display the power of the king to his associates. After winning a beauty contest, the newly chosen queen is Esther.  She is the adopted daughter of Mordecai, her cousin, both Jews. Mordecai’s bitter enemy at court is the wicked Haman, the King’s right-hand man. Because Mordecai fails to bow before him, Haman plots not only Mordecai’s death but also the extermination of all the Jews in the entire kingdom. Mordecai calls on Queen Esther to save her people. Esther heroically risks the King’s wrath by appearing unbidden before him. She invites King Ahasuerus and Haman to a banquet, where she persuades the King to save her people and hang Haman on the gallows he had constructed for Mordecai. The King’s edict to kill the Jews is reversed, and the Jews instead get revenge on their would-be persecutors and celebrate, initiating the festival of Purim. Purim 2023 begins March 6 and continues through March 7 (extending through Wednesday in Jerusalem, (March 7-8). It commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman’s plot to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants, and women, in a single day. The story ends with the Jews carrying out a bloody massacre of their own, in which more than 75,000 people lose their lives, and by fear of death prompts countless others to feign Jewish faith to preserve their existence. Haman is impaled on the gallows along with all his sons, and the story ends with all the good people living happily ever after. The bad guys are all killed or converted to the Jewish faith. It’s such a beautiful story. 

These kinds of mass exterminations of entire people have obviously happened before. In our recent memory of World War II, there is the Holocaust by Hitler and the Nazis against the Jews. Some people were saved with some intervention. Still, the desire to exterminate people in a mass way over religious differences or political desires in this global world order that was obviously behind the actions of Covid cannot be ignored. There must be swift justice as the most fundamental action resulting from the Covid murders so well outlined in that great book Rise of the Fourth Reich. After all, how was what the World Health Organization did with their mask mandates and lockdown orders, which flowed into the American CDC, any different from Haman demanding that Mordecai bow before him as a sign of obedience? Because the science of the mask mandates was all about obedience to the healthcare tyrants, it had nothing to do with logic. Or in preventing the spread of the virus. The whole purpose of Covid and the mask mandates, the denial of medicine to those who were sick, was to impose a new tyranny of compliance on the world as a new power was trying to establish itself globally. How was any of this different from King Ahasuerus allowing his direct assistant, Haman, to issue a decree to destroy all Jews just because Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman’s authority? And all that saved an entire race of people from complete destruction was the beauty of a woman. And just because of that beauty, Ahasuerus, whom many think was Xerxes from the Greek invasions, turned entirely on his personal assistant just because of beauty and allowed the murder of all who plotted against the Jews, including Haman!

I’m not saying we go out and kill all those who plotted against us, even though history would be very forgiving of it if we did. We have rules that we live by, and one of them is from the Ten Commandments, “thou shalt not kill.” But if you read the Bible, much of it is pleas from the characters to ask God to smite the enemies of the Israelites, especially King David. There is a lot of talk in the Bible about bringing the wrath of God down upon the evil villains of wickedness, and there are a lot of times when God does just that. And there isn’t a prosecutor in the world who can bring murder charges against those who pray for the destruction of their enemies, and I would recommend to everyone harmed by the Covid tyrants in the world that they have all the right to think in such a way. It is righteous to pray to God for justice and ask our enemies to be smitten to their destruction. For what they did, they would deserve it. Even as we of the living turn to our laws for justice, and Congress should use The Rise of the Fourth Reich as a base for testimony and punishment, I would offer that the Bible provides plenty of license for prayer. We don’t have to turn the other cheek on our enemies. We don’t have to pray for their salvation. As the Book of Esther clearly displays, we are right to wish complete eradication of our enemies and their evil from the earth. Because if the Jews had not convinced the King to allow them to defend themselves against their persecutors, they would have been completely wiped out under the hand of Haman, and history would not remember them. And the scale of what happened with Covid was much, much worse than what happened in history with the kingdom of Persia and the heroics of Queen Esther and her righteous indignation. 

Rich Hoffman

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Tom Farrell of Liberty Township Has it all Wrong: The silent majority is not a vocal minority

There has been a lot of talk since the superintendent of Lakota schools resigned due to pressures revealed by his wild sexual lifestyle after a messy divorce. Many in our community have been saying that a vocal minority ran him off, and they believe there is this vast support for what they think conservative values are out there who have been disenchanted in the process, and ultimately those who had strong opinions of morality and justice are very few. These are the same types of people nationally, and even members of the Deep State who have done extensive psychological analysis on the global human population, all get it wrong. This has been the position of the RINOs in politics, and it has evolved for many years, and it’s all wrong. So let me explain the truth to all those who need to hear it. I’ve explained this in person to people in politics who should know better. But this information is contrary to their belief system, and they just can’t bring themselves to realize it consciously. That is undoubtedly the case of Tom Ferrell of Liberty Township, who has been one of the most vocal political voices which the media gravitated to in the wake of the Matt Miller resignation. From his point of view, Miller, the superintendent, checked all the boxes for success; he was nationally recognized and well-connected. And he was popular in all the progressive circles. Tom calls himself a Republican. I generally support him and like him as a person. But I’ve never thought of him as conservative. And situations like this show the lines of politics people reside on.

The media gravitated to Tom’s comments about Lakota from a Republican perspective. They hoped that coming from such a person, all the other Republicans would just shut up, be quiet, get back in line, and behave. That has undoubtedly been the belief nationally with the Fox News position of anybody but Trump running for president, whether its Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Mike Pence, or anybody but Trump, so that the political order doesn’t fall apart entirely, and descend into chaos, which Trump represents. We see the same motivation at Lakota schools, where our version of Trump has become the very popular school board member Darbi Boddy. The conventional political belief is that society is more sophisticated than voting for Trump. If given a choice, they would prefer a more moderate candidate, like Haley, or in our local community, Tom Farrell. The media certainly wants to believe that because they picked up Farrell’s comments as if they actually represented reality and ran with it, presenting the comments as fact even though the truth was far from Tom’s position and all those who thought the way he did about politics in general. People do not want RINOs. They only voted for them when given no other options. And in such a culture, it makes it all too easy for liberals to mask themselves as conservatives and end up in office, which pulls the Overton Window radically to the left along the political spectrum. That is how we ended up with the problems we have had and, ultimately, why Lakota schools made the assumptions of value that they did regarding the hiring of a school superintendent. The real voters in the community want someone representing real values and ideas that reject progressive institutionalism. They want a leader who will push back against liberal politics, not bring it into our community disguised as a snake giving an apple to Eve that will destroy the entire next generation.

Since I have explained it to many people before, but this Tom Farrell position shows that many of them just don’t get it because their minds just aren’t written that way; the truth is that the silent majority is much larger than a lot of people realize. The Fox News audience isn’t that big and has never been. People across America are much more conservative than any political measure I have seen has managed to capture, and I verified this myself with several trips across America to see it for personally, visiting most states in the wake of the 2020 election where I wrote a book to figure it all out. To understand what happened to us and to propose a plan to fix it. As it turns out, most people are like those in a classroom setting where the teacher asks a question, an easy question that everyone knows the answer to. Yet, only a few hands go up to provide the answer. The rest of the class keeps their hands down until they see it’s safe to express themselves. And when the few do put up their hands to answer boldly, then great relief comes to those silent voices that they were right all along and that their representatives holding up their hands validated their knowledge. In this large classroom of modern politics, people like Trump and locally like Darbi Boddy represent most of a classroom who know the same answers and believe the same things. But the established order is only counting the hands that engaged the question, assuming that those few hands represented a few vocal voices. That it was the voice itself that represented the contents of a political movement. Fox News is betting on this for the 2024 election, which I have vastly different thoughts on, which I will break down in the coming months.   What we have seen in Lakota is just the tip of the spear. There is a lot more to come.

The truth of the matter is that those few but vocal voices trigger validation for that silent majority who do express themselves in the voting booth. And the priority over the last fifteen years or so has been to run the RINOs out of the Republican Party now that people have seen the difference for themselves.   Years ago, people would have thought of Tom Farrell as a radical right-winged Republican as measured by some wife-swapping progressive school superintendent and his Democrat friends who think teaching the values of A Brave New World is a value people will grow to like if only they were presented with no other option. Yet people, in general, are very conservative, and the hope has been that by denying them a voice or ignoring their voice through deception, where Democrats put an “R” next to their name and sell themselves as Republicans, over time, people would change and embrace this Karl Marx view of the world embodying globalism communism, Chinese style with strong central governments ran by dishonest and corrupt people. But people have rejected that in Lakota when given a choice, and Darbi Boddy has been that choice. There may have been some bumps and bruises along the way, but people are quick to forgive those because they know they have a representative who isn’t afraid to stick up their hands and ask the hard questions everyone is already thinking. But when it comes time to vote, whether by a rigged election or boots on the ground attending a rally where the true numbers of the silent majority can be seen, the honesty of politics, which all the established systems are trying to avoid noticing, is that people are much more conservative than they were taught to be through institutionalism. And that truth will shatter politics as we know it locally and nationally. This will surprise many people who thought they had this all figured out. 

Rich Hoffman

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No More Kings in the World: The light at the end of the tunnel to end all known conspiracies

I have absolutely no reverence for bloodlines, kingships, or family rights to the efforts of previous generations. When we talk about the leaders of the Deep State being a global cabal of the Illuminati, with the mask of the World Economic Forum, the 13 original families, 10 of which came from other planets leaving 3 to develop on earth, the Krupps, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, I have zero sympathies for their task at ruling over others. Whatever their beliefs, whatever their history, I see it as entirely irrelevant. They have no right or obligation to rule the earth, its people, its nations, its companies, anything. They have no right to black budgets, self-rule, or a vision for the future. All they have is a corrupt understanding of the past and a love of Lucifer, their sun god, the villain Baal from the Bible. The real solution to peace and goodness in the world is to end the perception of entitlement that they have as kingly roles as history has now shown us a vast chronicle. In America, which I think was created as a false flag event to suppress kingly functions in Europe, for a competing bloodline conflict for power within those original 13 families, the idea of decentralizing the kingly role took hold, and now they can’t put it back in the bottle. And it was quite an accident that people learned that they liked the idea of self-rule instead of the compliance to authority that has always constrained society. This is, of course, the central theme of the politics of our present time, the original bloodline families want to remain in control, and most of the world wants to be free of their power. Now that we have the internet, open communications around the world, and can get around the world in less than a day, that power structure is collapsing fast, and the rulers behind the curtain have found themselves exposed in ways they aren’t comfortable with.

It’s all about decentralization; ruling families do not have the bandwidth to deal with a human race that needs to grow. They can only hold power by holding down that growth, which is precisely what we are seeing playing out in global politics presently. Suppose you really go back to the root cause of the Holocaust, for instance. In that case, there is still very much hatred of the Jews that goes back to Mordecai not bowing to Haman and how Esther convinced king Xerxes of Persia to allow the Jews to destroy all their oppressors in books like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was written by an anonymous writer out of Russia intent to convince opposition forces that the Jews were plotting world domination. In truth, the conflict goes back to the original bloodlines in conflict with the rebel Israelites who defied those ruling classes, which culminated ultimately in the story of The Book of Esther. The Protocols, as I’ve said before, have been used to create conflict for a very long time, including being passed around the recent Caliphate movement in the Middle East as recently as yesterday. But who writes these books, and who distributes them, and why? The answer to that is those who want to continue to rule as a centralized power where the world centers around them. If there is anything that has held back civilization, its this ridiculous notion of power and control over others from the beginning, likely starting with those original bloodlines and carrying through to this present time, where the pressure of decentralized government, decentralized economies, decentralized academia, is colliding with necessity in violent ways that are all too obvious now. 

As bad as things look today, in these election cycles, with international conflicts, I see one thing happening for certain: the birth of the human race as it is breaking free of these kingly shackles. In America, we had a brief period of independence from those ruling families where the colonies were too far away from the mainland of Europe to control. But it didn’t just start there. The secret societies allowed for some discourse if it gave them revenge over the kings of Europe and the Church for their massacre of the Knights Templers purge of the 1300s. I’ve told the story of Friday the 13th, 1307 before, which drove that whole Gnostic tradition underground, where it stayed. They plotted the downfall European kings and were successful well before America came along. But America was the bright idea of revenge for the whole plot. But it only lasted until immigrants from  Europe brought with them their tradition of love of kings and being ruled by a centralized authority. Once global communication became possible, and flight, and the world shrank, we were destined to have this very modern conflict that would erupt over self-rule instead of centralized rule.   Rule by kings only worked so long as people couldn’t share information and weren’t very smart, to begin with. Or the people were smart, but through their education systems, made ignorant in order to let those bloodline families stay in power the way that slave owners from the Democrat south in America would cut off the feet of slaves to keep them from running away, or would deny them the ability to read so that the slaves would never figure out how to free themselves from the authority figures in their lives. We see the same trend in every corporate environment, every cubicle, every cry to work from home, the desire of all humans to either rule or be ruled in the traditional ways of the bloodline descendants, and the fantasy of the few to rule over the many. To make themselves single-point failures for the purpose of control and nothing else. 

I remember watching Oliver Stone’s movie with Kevin Costner, JFK, with great interest at the obvious allegation against the FBI and CIA and their role in the assassination, which we now know in 2023 was a CIA operation; our own government took part in the killing of an American president, and a popular, and powerful Democrat from an influential family. We watched over the years as members of that family were systematically killed off or encumbered in many accidents that forever tarnished their public image. And we could tell similar stories of mystery and mayhem regarding 9/11, election fraud to remove Trump from office, Nixon’s innocence in Watergate. The Tik Tok UFO that has been shown so much. The billions and billions of dollars that have gone to Ukraine for mysterious reasons while Biden traveled there on Presidents’ Day of all places, as New Palestine, Ohio, suffered from a major train derailment. I would offer in the wake of all these massive tragedies, and the bombardment of all the crazy news that looks like Armageddon is upon us, the Book of Revelations is happening now, and we all play a role in its outcome; I would offer that the wheels are coming off quickly for those original 13 families, the inevitable reality is blowing up in their faces, and they are pulling every string of chaos to attempt to stay in power, just as the corporate executive does in their feeble attempts to hold a corner office as young challengers seek to knock them out of that office and the prestige that goes with it. We are seeing the great undoing of that power structure and all the conspiracies they have used to stay in power. Mankind is doing more than walking on the moon, it is reclaiming its rightful place as a creator within the universe, and the power structure of kings, which is more ancient than ancient history itself, is falling apart and coming to an end, which is why our times are so violent and chaotic. But fret not; there is light at the end of the tunnel, and something new and better is just beyond. We won’t be able to experience it until the kings are out of the way and not trying to funnel the efforts of human imagination through their limited means to grapple with the pressure of innovation and imagination. And once they fall and their roots into the past to preserve their rights to dominate all society have expired, we will find a new day filled with great optimism and a chance for a future that has never been contemplated in all of human history.

Rich Hoffman

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Defund the Deep State: Why does the CIA need black budgets over a trillion dollars a year

The situation is out of control; it’s not patriotism to allow entire branches of government, such as the CIA and the FBI, to operate independently of public oversight. They have been using the scam of safety for too long, the same tired argument that was used to mask the bad behavior of school teachers behind a union firewall, power-hungry radicals have infested these branches of government, and they need to be regulated back to civilian authority, as they always should have been. It used to be assumed that these branches of intelligence agencies were red, white, and blue unquestionable patriots, but no longer. They have shown, especially after the Trump presidency, that they do not work for the flag-waving efforts of America or the idea of free people governing themselves. But they work on behalf of globalists, centralized control of government to rule over everyone, and they intend to use force and the fear of it to control society. Their recent activity was bad enough, but since they were created, the FBI and CIA, and other such intelligence agencies, it is obvious that as organizations, they cannot govern their own behavior, and the power has gone to their heads, and they are willing to kill to preserve that power. Recently classified documents show that the CIA was involved in killing JFK, for instance, which is no longer a conspiracy theory. They were involved in the Nixon impeachment, which was a less bloody way of getting rid of a popular American president. Then, of course, we saw what they did to Trump right in front of our faces. So these days, I’m all about defunding them. Suppose there are things in the world that America needs safety from most of the time. In that case, they are less dangerous than these American intelligence agencies’ power over private citizens; we would be better off without them.

In these days of out-of-control alliances with Big Tech and ballooning national debts of 34 trillion dollars, it has been reported often that the CIA by itself has over 1 trillion per year in black budget spending , and we know this because of respectable declassified reports released from the fiscal years of 1998, 1999, and 2001. Remember the 9/10 speech by Donald Rumsfeld when he said that trillions of dollars went into the DOD that nobody could account for? Yeah, well, neither does anybody else because on the very next day, 9/11 happened, and everyone turned their focus to global terrorism in Afghanistan. And when they finally did kill the terrorist Osama bin Laden, his body was dumped at sea, and all the American people heard about it was a news report. There were no photos or videos. We were just supposed to take their word for it. And speaking of taking their word for it, what was the report for the cause of Benghazi? Remember, Mrs. “What Difference Does it Make Now” It was an insulting YouTube video. And on 9/11, why did Building 7 fall down? Back to those black budgets for the CIA, which were granted to them by Congress in 1949, for the years specified, it was 1.7 trillion in 1998, 2.3 trillion in 1999, then 1.1 trillion at the end of 2000, right before Bill Clinton left office. Where did all that money go? Those are in dollars from over twenty years ago. Imagine what those black budgets look like now. Most budgets, such as the one for the Director of National Intelligence, DNI, are 85 billion, or in that ballpark. How does the CIA have over a trillion dollars? And what do they spend that money on? 

I’ve been skeptical about the CIA most of my life. I have viewed them like many people do, as necessary for the defense of our country. But if they are only causing trouble that causes problems around the world and are killing people out of national security, when we see that we have open borders, spy balloons floating across our country, and we have members of Congress getting caught sleeping with Chinese spies, and nothing is done about it, then why do we need a CIA? Why do we have an FBI? Especially if they see the evidence on the Hunter Biden laptop and then provide disinformation to the public to help rig an election, such as they did in 2020.  51 members of intelligence, including top-level CIA people, lied to the American people and blamed the entire laptop on Russia, hoping to start a war to cover up for other things? It kind of makes you look differently at other events in the past and wonder with new eyes. It makes me realize that we don’t need those people because they are making America more dangerous than less. I think it’s beyond time to consider what these people do for us, and is it really worth the money. What does having a CIA really do for us if they are going to rig elections and support an out-of-control Deep State? What good is the FBI if they will arrest Trump supporters in airports and kick down their doors but let China have its way with our intellectual property and let spy balloons spy on people hot tubbing in the backyard? 

I hear it all the time, “if they will kill an American president, don’t you worry? Don’t make yourself a target.” And that is precisely why nobody calls these losers out on their behavior, because they are afraid of them. But, just a reminder, this is why we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and why during the foundation of this country, there were serious concerns about having a standing military that would spiral out of control with too much power. We created the FBI during a wave of big progressive government and did the same with the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency. And they never have been effective in making America better. Instead, it’s obvious they’ve made it worse, and that includes people at the top, to the bottom, the people who push the brooms. And they need to be defunded, they need their black budgets removed, and America needs to focus on getting out of debt spending. What we don’t need are big government branches that work against America, and what we’ve seen from the FBI and CIA is that they are as worthless to an optimistic America as a rock on the beach. They aren’t worth millions of dollars, let alone trillions! And it’s not like we have to go to war with them using the Second Amendment to protect our rights from them. All we need to do is put them out of business. Get fiscal oversight of their work, and manage it. Get rid of the black budgets, and defund them. Take away the money that feeds them and let them shrink out of existence. Because of those actions, we will find out that the world is a lot safer place. And we will likely finally solve the War on Drugs pouring in from the Mexican border. The CIA has been involved in that business for a long time. How much of their trillions of dollars have poured into Mexican drug cartels? I would bet a lot. And if you want to put an end to all these bad characters, then take away the money that feeds them. That would be a lot more effective than a physical confrontation with a government force that has lost civilian oversight. And the effects would be much longer lasting.

Rich Hoffman

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The Island of Misfit Toys: A government built around failure can’t be successful

Before we move on from the State of the Union speech by Joe Biden for the year, we have to talk again about the vast differences between Republicans and Democrats.  It is more noticeable in business than politics because, typically, in the horse race of political campaigns, the measures of success are all wrong.  We judge the winners and losers by the popularity contest of a vote by society and not the psychology of why people vote for who they do.  And when Democrats are in office, especially where the room is divided up in such a way, and there is such a terrible president in the White House, the differences become obvious regarding political ideology.  Those who clapped for what Joe Biden was saying and those who didn’t really could be divided down a line of thought known in business called The Oz Principle, a favorite book of mine.  Some of its concepts I have taught for years, and what’s specific in this book, is the clear division between “Above the Line” thinking and “Below the Line” thinking.  The line being talked about resides along the razor’s edge of positive thinking and negative thinking.  Positive thinking people are always trying to find a way to talk about how full a glass is, for instance, while negative thinking people are looking for the glass to be less than half full and for the contents to be excuses for why things cannot be done.  When Republicans are in office, Democrats tend to be able to hide in the background and hide their general negativity about all things in the world, using Republicans as a kind of shield from reality.  But left on their own, when they are in charge, their negativity is something they can no longer hide, revealing to the world who they really are. 

Watching the people who supported Joe Biden during his speech was like watching the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer show about the misfit toys, all the broken stuff that nobody wanted to play with.  And that’s fair.  Not everyone in the world can be a blistering success.  Not everyone is a beautiful person or intelligent.  Some people are just lazy screw-ups with square wheels in life, and you can’t have a society where they find themselves thrown away and useless to the world around them.  The Democrat Party, in general, is made up of those broken toy types.  But under Joe Biden, who was obviously put in place by a corrupt and overfunded Deep State, protecting itself from the reforms of an angry public, the island of misfit toys was much more obvious.  The Democrats felt empowered to display all their negativity that is outlined in The Oz Principle, as if spending money in government could support their Below the Line thinking with dollars spent.  All the negatives in life are their utilization of articulation; the “I don’t have times” and the “I can’ts” are supported with inflated budgets and wars around the world meant to hide their lack of ability.  And it was never more obvious than in Joe Biden, a messed up old man who takes showers with his daughter, has a drug addict for a son, was put in place by illegal means to protect the crimes of the century with purposeful Covid terrorism.  And all he can hope to do to cover up his massive failures is to stoke a world war between Russia and Ukraine to hide the fingerprints of all the acts of globalism that have destroyed so many lives and are looking for a diversion from mass opinion into their many crimes against humanity. 

Putting all the broken toys in charge might be seen as an act of compassion, but it won’t result in a successful society.  And in all endeavors, we measure success by results, and the Democrats can’t show any positive results.  All they have done in the world is find a home for all the misfit toys of Below the Line thinking that often holds people back from success.  In business, such identifications are meant to be destroyed; otherwise, you cannot have a successful enterprise.  The leadership of an organization must be committed to thinking Above the Line in a positive way that resolves problems.  Not in a Below the Line way that allows problems to continue.  And that was essentially the entire political platform of the Democrat Party in 2023’s State of the Union speech.  The State of the Union was about justifying Below the Line thinking, the excuses in life for why there are misfit toys, to begin with, and building a country around all the broken stuff.  And that just isn’t the kind of message that people who live and come to America want to see.  While the Republicans sat in their seats for most of the speech, the Democrats clapped enthusiastically over very negative observations meant to be covered with massive amounts of spending, hoping in the back of their minds that the country would be destroyed before anybody figured out what a bunch of frauds they are.  The differences were clear, as they usually are in cultures where the negative Below the Line people are in charge or have too much influence in their culture.  Their lack of success and appeal often means more money wasted and less productivity utilized, whether the endeavor is for a business or a country.

The evidence is right there at the State of the Union speech for anybody looking for proof of election fraud.  The American people did not vote for that island of misfit toys, the trains with square wheels, or a “john in the box” instead of a “jack in the box.” People naturally feel sorry for the Below the Line types who have an excuse for everything in life.  But they don’t want to lose in life because all the broken toys are in charge, and thinking negatively about everything.  The Democrats were there because of a corrupt system that is protecting their own negative assumptions in the world.  Like most companies where Below the Line people are continually trying to sabotage a positive message, we have in our current government a negative message that has been inserted over a positive presidency, and the results are less than enchanting.  And the disappointment in people can’t be hidden with cable news polls sampled in Paul Ryan’s bathroom and hope that it represents American’s hopes and dreams.  What really makes the world work is the difficult task of thinking Above the Line while the rest of the world wants to be lazy and negative and think Below the Line.  And when you build an entire political party around negative Below the Line thinking, then success will be in short supply, which was obvious at the 2023 State of the Union message.  It was a clear contrast that Republicans and Democrats couldn’t be further away from each other, showing a truth that isn’t so obvious any other way.  What Joe Biden proposed was to spend trillions and trillions of dollars and to go to war with Russia in the hope of hiding all their negative positions, which they know Americans will reject, gay rights, union rules that make America less productive in a global marketplace, inflation, the Hunter Biden laptop, an FBI that is essentially an arm of the Democrat Party serving a Deep State that wants to destroy the world.  And nothing was positive about anything on the Democrats’ platform, only excuses and Below the Line thinking, which was much harder to hide when they were the only ones on the stage.


Rich Hoffman

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It’s All About the Kiss: We are not all one country and we will never get along

I’ve had to give the story hundreds of times since Joe Biden gave his State of the Union speech to the country early in the year 2023; what are my thoughts on it, and what does it mean for the country? Well, there were lots of sloppy discussions in it about the United States coming together and that we are all playing on the same team. Lots of droopy talk that nobody will ever agree with, talking about the state of the economy, the merits of foreign policy, taxes, and racism, which was meant to suppress the information that Democrats were the slave owners and Republicans freed the slaves. Yet, Democrats are trying to erase that history with government giveaways that just make modern slaves out of people through policy. Transgender Biden staff, the expansion of the intelligence agencies’ ability to keep Democrats in power, there was a lot to talk about. But for me, the essence of the entire speech came down to the kiss between Jill Biden and the husband of the Vice President Doug Emhoff on the lips in front of the world. People were outraged, and those who weren’t perfectly exhibited the differences between us all, and it really set the stage for the political differences that we have in America. And those differences aren’t bad. It’s not like those differences evolved organically. They are the result of liberal policy, and over time, some people have been suckered into it, and some have stayed off the fence. And those that the nectar of collectivism has seduced have very different ideas about government than those who don’t kiss people on the lips in public, conservatives who would rather not be touched by other human beings who aren’t intimate acquaintances.   

We just discussed this topic in Lakota schools in my home community in Northern Cincinnati. We learned about the sexual life of the school superintendent through a messy divorce and came to know about a network of adult swingers who have very different values from the conservative trend of Butler County, Ohio. We all know that there are people like that, but we often don’t learn about those traits in regular interactions around town. But nothing advertises it like kissing people on the lips who are not your spouse. My rules are fist bumps and handshakes. I’m not much of a hugger, even though I recognize that many people do like that exchange between human beings. I tend to like separation from such intimate exchanges. Conservatives respect other people’s personal space and want their space respected. Liberals tend to be collectivists, so their emphasis is to break down barriers and unify with fellow people as much as possible. And those kinds of rules are never more obvious than in swinging parties where spouses are swapped like baseball cards. And in the Biden family, there are obviously low personal barriers. There are plenty of video clips of Joe Biden sniffing children’s hair and talking about his hairy legs. Through his son Hunter Biden, we know that sexual perversions are part of the family business, and we know that Biden’s daughter showered with him, even though the FBI tried to cover it up with harassment. Why would we be surprised that Jill Biden would kiss other men on the lips? At this point, I think we would expect it. 

When conservative people in my neighborhood learned about the loose sexual standards of the Lakota administration, they were noticeably outraged, for all the same reasons people were outraged by the Jill Biden kiss. To her, it was business as usual. And to Democrats, who are all about collectivism and hiding their public timidity behind an altruistic veil of charity and compassion, don’t understand what the big deal was. Yet they are proposing policy for society through rules and regulations that embody their personal philosophy. In Lakota schools, the same people who were spending their time in bi-sexual Craigslist sexual adventures were the same people telling kids to wear a mask and to follow the CDC guidelines on Covid without question. As if all of society were some recessive at the hands of an S&M bondage session, and people would be OK with that. I look at deviant sexual behavior not as an expression of love but as an indication of insanity and something people need to manage in their lives. Giving in to every sexual temptation is weak and reckless. It’s not something that should be surrendered to. And that difference in opinion comes down to fiscal policy. The people who are fine with a handshake when meeting people are probably the same people who think the government should live within its balanced budget. But the people who want to trade wives, let kids rub their hairy legs at a swimming pool, and have same-sex encounters with middle-aged people are the same kind of people who want to spend endlessly from the country’s credit card and then demand that we pay our bills with more debt. 

These are probably not Trump supporters

I’ve watched people on Duval Street in Key West at the Garden of Eden above The Bull & Whistle Bar flood the place on a Friday night. It’s a clothing-optional bar where people can walk around fully naked. I don’t get it. There is nothing appealing about that kind of life at all, yet there are a lot of people doing it. And every year in Key West, they have a Fantasy Fest where people show up and walk around naked in the streets while drinking and showing themselves off to other people. Where do those people come from? Well, we learned that we have several in the Lakota school district. We know they are in the White House and are members of the Biden family. We know they work in entertainment and media in general and see nothing wrong with such public expressions of sexuality. And I think they are insane. If they have the desire to be so expressive in a public way their sexuality, it’s a free country. But I don’t want those kinds of people in my government. Not running a public school or running the White House. Sex, if it doesn’t involve making children, is a waste of time, and those who don’t see things that way shouldn’t be making fiscal policy and human rights decisions. Suppose they are kissing people who aren’t their spouse on the lips and wanting to walk around naked at a bar or party with swingers at a wife-swap encounter. In that case, they shouldn’t be in government and are not equipped to make decisions representing me, who thinks that a fist bump is oftentimes too intimate of personal exchange. We are not all one country, so long as those kinds of people are in it. And we certainly aren’t going to agree on much. Such people can’t get along because that often means that the prunes, like me, have to give up value judgments to get along with those types of people. And for the country’s sake, we can’t allow that to happen. It is good to have places like the Garden of Eden in Key West to allow the wrecked minds of adult society to go and express themselves. But once we lower our standards, then soon they’ll be in the White House, embarrassing us on the international stage. And to those with standards, they will never get along with people who kiss on the lips in public and think that it’s perfectly OK. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Public Relations Scam at Lakota: Somehow, a story about reckless sex became about getting rid of Darbi Boddy on the school board

Despite all the terrible news in such great abundance these days, I see a lot of positives worth talking about because people are becoming smarter every day.  Many people are oblivious to how much public relations firms run everything in their lives.  For instance, it has been quite clear that our own government has become a public relations firm for Big Pharma and that the entire notion of government medicine was simply guaranteed product sales using the government to enforce market stability for the firm they represent.  And if you want representation, you don’t get it with votes; you hire lobbyists, you pay to play, and only then can you get the power that government offers.   But it does all start locally, and now that so many discussions about government schools are on the top of everyone’s mind, a recent example at Lakota schools in my home district of Butler County, Ohio, showed the story better than any other means.  Here we had a school superintendent involved in a messy divorce who admitted in a police report that he had fantasies of drugging, molesting, and video recording three students with whom he was in charge, but the media in town would not move on the story.  They pretended it never happened and that the whistleblowers were the villains.  It was a bizarre case that shows just how deeply public relations firms shape the reality that a voting public understands.  And at Lakota schools, we had a wild example of the worst that could be learned about a public administrator, and they spun the story through public relations in a way to cover it up.  And most of the news media in Cincinnati, print and television, worked hard to suppress the story to the favor of the public relations representatives at Lakota, who insisted to the public that the story was not real and that the whistleblowers were simply political activists who wanted to get rid of the superintendent. 

Those same public relations personalities then tried to spin everything around on the first-year school board member, Darbi Boddy, whom the community has rallied around to uphold a standard of morality in the crazy government school, and school systems, in general, to provoke her into being removed from the school board.  This was all before the superintendent had to resign due to his actions, leaving the standard teacher union thugs irate and looking for revenge.   On the way to record the video for this article, I had heard on the radio’s top-of-the-hour news report that the community was seeking signatures to remove Darbi Boddy from Lakota schools because having her on the school board was going to make it difficult, if not impossible, to find a new superintendent.  That was on a big Clear Channel radio station in Cincinnati reading essentially off a press release directly as it was given to them, and that was out of all the topics in Cincinnati media, a news story.  Ironically I had at that moment in my hand a report from Channel 12 news, Cincinnati, talking about the challenges of finding a good superintendent in the very contentious environment of Lakota schools.  All of that was the work of just a few public relations people hired by Lakota schools to manage the district and the voting public.  And none of it was real as we would consider facts part of reality.  Rather, the reality was being completely shaped by public relations right in front of everyone’s faces who knew better. 

Many of the people who had been involved in the school superintendent’s story and found his sexual lifestyle learned about in the wake of his divorce reprehensible, were stunned that for over six months prior, the public school denied the existence of reality and stuck completely to their tactic of shaping their image completely around public relations tools, the media, press releases denying what was learned even when police testimony was quite clear, and using legal firms to establish a fake precedent with bizarre interpretations of legal definitions as to what moral behavior was and criminal intent.  Even the law from the level of the police was shown to fit into the public relations game completely, playing along as the story was shaped not by truth but by PR statements given to the press, for which they ran with completely.  And during that entire time, from when the public learned about the police report admission from the superintendent to the time he resigned, around six months, the media was cold on the story to the point where they could get away with it.  They had to cover what the public was outraged about, but their tactic was to take the edge off the story hoping that people would forget about it and those telling the story would be terrified by legal threats to their very lives.  It was all very ominous and corrupt beyond reason.  Yet the moment the superintendent resigned, suddenly, there was an avalanche of stories from all the news outlets about the Lakota school’s situation.  Even Channel 9 was doing Lakota stories suddenly on a variety of topics.  It was stunning; all the news stations were reporting the events of Lakota and, of course, the newspapers.  But their subject wasn’t the exploits of the superintendent and the danger it might pose sexually to the student population like rational people might expect; rather, the entire efforts were to get rid of Darbi Boddy as the school board member the community had rallied around to stand up to the public relations efforts. 

Prior to this Lakota story, people had a kind of perception of this hidden menace.  But only when the machine had been turned on to such a ridiculous level with such stark contrasts could anybody see what the problem always has been.  Lakota schools didn’t have a leg to stand on in defending their very progressive pick for superintendent with such rock-solid evidence that did exist, and so many people knew about it.  And the story got out to the public through all the methods that public relations couldn’t manipulate, citizen journalism, social media, and a billboard campaign in the community.  But all the places where public relations could touch with their press releases, we saw a news culture that essentially read the statements without any investigation and carried the message to an unsuspecting public.  The example was perfect, and it shows a deeper problem in many government endeavors at all levels, from local to national to international.  The same game was being played everywhere and for the same reasons.  Somehow at Lakota schools, a story about a superintendent of the student population having fantasies about kids in a sexual way was turned completely around to the danger of the school board member who represented the community in showing disdain for that information.  It was a clear case of morality that anybody should have been able to agree with.  Yet the public relations machine dug in and tried to defend the absurd, and the desperation of their lack of effectiveness forced them to go way over the top and reveal their hidden manipulations in a very educational way.  And in so doing, we all learned how this business is done everywhere else, from election fraud to Covid vaccination status to the inflation numbers of an economy that has obviously been in recession.  The same methods were applied in all those cases, and reality was shaped not by facts but by public relations mechanisms to the detriment of all representation and disrespect of all people in a society of free voters. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Train Derailment in Ohio: The fire behind the smoke politically that is very dangerous for the Biden Administration

I wasn’t going to say much about it because I think there’s a lot more to the story that hasn’t been uncovered yet, but the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, has taken on a unique political perspective that has all kinds of things wrong with it. Personally, I think the deeper problem is that we have a modern version of the Weather Underground terrorist group going around the country and sabotaging infrastructure purposely. Burning down food processing plants, destroying power plants, using complicated electronics to shut down power systems on helicopters, and of course, multiple train derailments, such as the really bad one in New Palestine, which was unique because it’s Trump Country and in the wake of the tragedy the Biden administration clearly targeted them as a purposeful victim. These are the kind of people the Biden administration and globalists, in general, want to destroy. So if a train derails in their community and poisons them all with toxic fumes, there are members of society who would be happy about that, including many in the media who hate Trump, hate his supporters, and would love to destroy all these little towns and force people to move into blue cities where Democrats can control everyone. Other than those elements, however, I viewed the tragedy as a basic catastrophe, much the way a tornado or hurricane would be viewed, and didn’t think there was much of a story to consider until reporters on Fox News and other places started making everything about a contrary argument against environmentalism. The victimhood is a trap that Republicans always fall for, such as why are all the globalists so worried about climate change flying around in private jets? Or, in this case, why is a massive chemical spill that could cause cancer in the entire town not a concern of the liberals so concerned about environmentalism, yet they will destroy entire economic projects to help a turtle cross the road in California to protect the little creature from extinction? These political activists act like they want the people of New Palestine to go extinct.

Well, of course, they want the people of New Palestine extinct, we are witnessing a government that knew all about Covid before it was released, and they allowed people to die ruthlessly to drive home a political narrative, one about climate change and the other about government-controlled health care that would rule over everyone’s life. They had to kill people to scare them into submission, to get them to wear the mask. So, of course, Biden isn’t going to visit New Palestine and will avoid emergency relief to the town even though the entire world has been watching the news coverage of the purposeful burning off of the spilled chemicals by the rail company. The optics looked horrible, yet the Biden White House showed its contempt for the Trump voters there in ways that certainly didn’t surprise me. But it apparently did for everyone else. DeWine is not MAGA country Republican, I don’t consider him a Republican in any way, but there wasn’t much he could say to convince people that the drinking water was safe when obvious evidence of chemical residue was seen in the local creeks and the local pets were dying from some mysterious airborne killer, that might just be slowly killing off everyone in the town. DeWine tried to assure everyone that the water was safe to drink; their local processing plants could make it so. J.D. Vance was there to support the town, as he should be. President Trump is committed to a visit because they are his people. The train company itself has done a pretty good job cleaning things up. In the end, they are inspired to leave things better than they found them. There is plenty of criticism to go around, but in a few months, nobody will remember anything about this train derailment, and it will pass into history quickly. 

But yet, there is more to the story. Quickly the people of the town went from being normally compliant to being ostentatiously vocal about their condition, which we don’t normally see from people in MAGA country. If this had been a police shooting in a blue city, there would have been riots in the streets over something much less severe, as the locals would complain about police violence taking full advantage of the media coverage. Normally Republicans don’t say much when bad things happen to them, but this time they did. And nothing the government offered to do, or the train company would be good enough for them. They would voice their opinions about their dissatisfaction, which is something different. The news coverage took on a whole new meaning in the wake of the Biden classified documents, the Chinese spy balloons, the inflation rates, and the attempts by Covid to make a political comeback as a terrorist weapon of the global left. There was something new present in all this that was dangerous for the established order of things.

The level of defiance from New Palestine was clear; these were people who were not over all the lies of election fraud they had been exposed to. And the massive lies and cover-ups regarding Covid were still on their minds. And instead of taking the tragedy the way they might have in the past, not complaining about the drinking water, and trying to move on the best they could, now they were deeply skeptical of anything the government had to say, no matter who was saying it. It didn’t matter if it was Governor DeWine or the Biden administration; there was a general assumption that everyone was lying to them, and they were going to talk about it. Before the government cried wolf on Covid just a few years prior, these same people likely would have said very little about the train derailment. But in the wake of the mandatory lockdowns, the forced vaccinations, and the known election fraud, we are living in a completely different world, and the government has lost all credibility on just about everything. And the open war is not such a secret anymore. Trump voters do not like Biden’s administration, and the Biden insurgents don’t like them either. If anything new was revealed in this massive tragedy, it’s this inconvenient information that the normally peacefully compliant are no longer so peaceful. They aren’t happy, and they are going to let everyone know it. People are tired of being victims of government problems. When the EPA didn’t act quickly on the matter, people quickly noticed the difference in behavior and exploited it in political ways that were damaging to Biden’s administration. It’s not just a level of incompetence that we are talking about here. It’s a purposeful intent to destroy traditional America small town from small town, and these people of New Palestine weren’t going to go quietly in the night. Again, I think the train derailment was an act of sabotage, and time will prove it out. An overheated bearing is being blamed now, but there are just too many of these things happening for them all to be an accident. But something different happened this time, people made their voices heard in ways they haven’t before, and the established order of things wasn’t sure what to do about it. There is an uneasy volatility brewing, and the political class will find they don’t have the tools to fix it.

Rich Hoffman

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