Rich Hoffman Hates Teachers: A stick in the waters of life

Naturally I get a lot of email that is derogatory in nature. Taking the positions I have on issues tends to draw attention from the empire builders who drape themselves particularly from the mantles of public service. A good many of those emails I can’t share, because they are too mindless, derogatory, or simply vile. But one email I received and the banter between this guy and myself I would consider to be an interesting study of psychology.

A guy named, Mike took exception with the comments I had made about Ryan Farhenkemp, the Lakota teacher recently found guilty of child pornography while on his teaching job. Mike didn’t like that I associated the teaching profession in a negative way by insinuating that the perversions of Farhenkemp made other teachers guilty as well. So he sent me an email to “correct” my thinking as I suppose he fantasized his action to be. For two days he and I bantered back and forth on the topic and I thought it was going in a productive direction, only to end unfortunately on a negative.

Below are the contents of this discussion:

Mike Stefanov has sent you a message On Tue, Sep 27, 2011:

You have some good messages but you really devalue them with statements such as this; “When they want to be paid well, they all stick together. But when one messes up and does something stupid, like the pedophile at Lakota, then the teachers act like he acted alone and they should not be judged because of him. So which is it? All for one and one for all………..or, judged by independent merit?)”

Your insinuation that the pedophile may not have acted alone is deplorable. You should be ashamed to equate other teachers with the trash of a pedophile. Your message is getting lost by some of your attacks on teachers. I think that you would have many more sympathizers to your cause if you did not spew the vile hared that you so often do. Putting all teachers in the same basket with the other pedophiles is classless. It would be like someone putting all Catholic priests together because there have been a few that have abused kids. Pedophiles can be found in every walk of life and in every occupation. Keep spewing your hatred and your message will soon be falling on deaf ears.

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 12:29 PM, Rich Hoffman wrote:

Don’t count on it but thanks for the comment. In the case of that particular teacher, people knew what he was up to, and didn’t say anything. That doesn’t make them as bad as the pedophile, but they aren’t innocent either. The statement was a general statement on collectivism, but your interpretation is fascinating.

Keep in touch,


Mike Stefanov wrote:


Thank you for the reply back. Just FYI; it was the Lakota SD that brought this particular pedophile to the attention of the authorities. If it were not for some at Lakota that alerted the authorities, this sick teacher may still be amongst the students.

As I alluded to in the other email, some of your messages are good but do not cause them to be viewed as untruthful by distorting the facts that you are presenting. Smart people will see through your distortion of facts. I view myself as a Libertarian but the bending of facts can be construed in the wrong way. Your enthusiasm can be commended but it must be tempered with truthfulness. I do not appreciate your attacks on teachers that actually are honest and hard working. I see through your distorted message. Keep bending the truth and spewing hatred and the message will be lost. History will back me up on this. Ronald Reagan must be turning in his grave when he sees what the GOP has become.

Mike Stefanov

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 5:37 PM, Rich Hoffman wrote:

Good points, Mike. I’ll keep those views in mind and in perspective.



(Now here comes the going south portion)

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 7:57 AM, Mike Stefanov wrote:

You do that, Rich. Keep those views in mind. I am one that may have given you support but will not because of the manner in which you degrade teachers. I have been fortunate to have had good teachers. Teachers have made a positive influence on my life and they have had a positive role in the life of my children as well. There are some bad teachers but there are many more that are good. Bad and incompetent workers can be found in every occupation. Education is not alone in this.

I have been blessed that I have had a good life and have been able to afford just about whatever I want to. I have an income that is in the 99th percentile. I have a nice home. A lot of this success can be traced back to having quality teachers. From what I can glean about you it appears that you are most likely unemployed and have had bad experiences in school. If you are employed you occupation is most likely menial and you more than likely have a middling income. This misfortune has caused you to become bitter. If you think that the Lakota SD is so poor and you don’t like it, just move to an area that would be more to your liking and more affordable for you. In the meantime, don’t continue your attempts to lessen the quality of the schools. Additionally, you are having a negative impact on the value of my home and that is not welcomed by me. The amount of additional taxes that I will pay is nothing compared to the amount that my home will depreciate by because nobody wants to move to either Liberty Twp or West Chester due to a school system that is subpar.

Believe it or not, I like minimal government. I am a Libertarian. I don’t like any more than you do. However there are no free lunches and paying for a quality school system is money that is well spent.


Rich Hoffman Replied:

You were doing so well, Mike, then you had to come back with that.
I am certainly not unemployed, or underfunded. That’s cute that you’d make that assumption. As for school, I don’t think it does enough and gets in the way of the ambitious. I wouldn’t say I had bad experiences or good ones in school. I think it wastes the time of children to create jobs for the adults. I find it hard to believe that you are in the top 1% with your beliefs.

Bitter, me? I’m not bitter about much of anything. Don’t confuse lack of respect for bitterness.



Mike seemed in the end more concerned about proving to me that he had value as a person, and he sadly associated that value with money. This tells me a lot about the contents of his mind. He represents many of the teachers whom he is defending in this exchange with an assumption that money equals value. He misses completely many of the points I have been making because he does not have a mind to understand them. So he came back to me at the end of this exchange with accusations that I’m unemployed and somehow bitter about the teaching profession as a whole.

The unsettling aspect of this discussion is that Mike believes so strongly in this exchange that he took considerable time to try and convince me that I’m wrong, and even when I gave him an honorable way out, he came back for more.

There are many Mikes out there and they vote. They bounce around life like twigs in a raging river. They go with the flow of popular sentiment even if that direction is one of destruction, and they forget that once they were part of a tree that had broken away from their roots and now find themselves soaking wet and directionless going wherever the river takes them.

Mike obviously wanted to prove to me that he was a person of value, which actually makes me feel for the guy. There are so many people like him that it would be easier to count those who are unlike him.

This doesn’t make him right or wrong, but simply an interesting scientific behavioral study which can provide insight into the kinds of nonsense “thinking” people shake their heads at in contemplation. It must be a terrible thing to have no control over one’s destiny, and to just go with the flow. I personally can’t imagine such limitations, so it never ceases to amaze me to observe the conditions of such types, and the utterances which emanate from their condensed lives as they travel aimlessly down the rivers of life.

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ISSUE 2 IS WONDERFUL: The gap is closing as good people come to their senses

The gap is closing on the controversial Issue 2 law which brings much-needed reform to the collective bargaining process in Ohio. Issue 2 was central to almost every conversation I had with the media on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 which was heavier than usual as the school levy campaigns have begun to take off.

The Cincinnati Enquirer did a tremendous piece on the front page of its paper which explored the reason behind the rash of tax resistant school board candidates running for positions all over Cincinnati. Michael Clark had interviewed me for that article weeks ago and had put a lot of work into gathering the scope of personalities in the article. You can read that article here for reference: CLICK THE LINK.

Doc Thompson and I had one of our all-encompassing education discussions on 700 WLW the day The Enquirer article came out and much of the conversation centered on the new Quinnipiac University poll done with registered Ohio voters which also came out that very morning as a separate news story. It revealed that the people who favored repealing Issue 2 still had the majority at 51%, but showed that 38% strongly favored keeping it, leaving 13% of the voters still up in the air. In July, the numbers were 56% wanting repeal and only 32% wanting to keep it. This corresponds with what many of us who know what Issue 2 is all about and that’s when people learn how good Issue 2 is, they will want it. Issue 2 was forged out of frustration from the many failed school levies in pursuit of a long-term solution. Those tax resistance advocates of which I’m a part helped our elected representatives understand what we wanted them to do in order to solve the problems with school districts having virtually no influence over their budgets, because of the collective bargaining agreements that involve federal mediators and a very powerful union lobby, works aggressively against the taxpayers.

I have known all along that once the good people of Ohio understood that Issue 2 was greatly to their advantage, they’d begin to change their mind, which is what’s happening. Listen to the discussion with Doc and me by clicking the video below.

The public unions are losing ground because they have nothing new to say. They have no solutions to the problems they created, and virtually everything they gained over a 30 year period, they gained with violence, protests, and strikes. They collectively bullied their way into a situation where they now have wages and benefits that are 43.4% higher than the rest of us who pay their salaries in the private sector. CLICK THIS HOT LINK FOR MORE DETAIL. Over the next month, the unions will lose much more ground, because the facts in their behalf are not pretty. They are caught in their own misleading statistics. People have not forgotten what they’ve done even now that the public unions are pretending to be treated unfairly. It is the police and firefighters unions who have put themselves in front of the much more guilty teachers unions to attempt once again to push the emotional hot button hoping to keep support for repeal above 50%. But even the police unions are guilty of their share of violent intimidation of public officials, which over time has created great wages, overtime pay without any management control, and incredible abuses and double-dipping of the wages provided. Case in point is this outburst by the President of the Cincinnati FOP lashing out at Cincinnati City Council over just a PowerPoint presentation. The intent of this outbreak is to intimidate city council by preventing any discussion of cost management. This broadcast was done in December of 2010 a whole month before John Kasich took office. It is because of situations like this that many of us in the anti-tax groups all over Southern Ohio sat down with Shannon Jones, Bill Coley, Pete Beck, and Senator Cates to give us tools to help manage our costs. For me personally, after just defeating the recent Lakota Levy and needing a long-term fix to the situation it was this broadcast that convinced me something like Issue 2 was essential to a long-term fix on these public sector costs which were spiraling out-of-control. (GO AHEAD……LISTEN)

Shortly after my talk with Doc Thompson I met with Tiffany Teasley of Fox 19 for an interview about the new Lakota Levy. The Yes Lakota people were launching the first of their MOVE FORWARD seminars later that night and Tiffany wanted to know what I thought about it. You can see that interview at the link below.

I told Tiffany exactly what the Yes Lakota people would say hours before she even had the opportunity to interview them. “They’ll say that they need this levy passed so Lakota can move FORWARD. Without the money they’ll fall backwards. Yet they can’t explain to anybody why. They just ask for money to be tossed into a bottomless pit as if by burning the money, education will move forward.” I knew what would be said because it’s the same tired public union rhetoric that has been used and proven false for decades. The assumption by public unions is that taxes can always be increased to fund excessively high expectations.

Off camera, Tiffany asked me, “So how do you view your role in this levy, this time around? I remember last time they (Pro Levy Lakota) accused the No Lakota People of just saying “no,” and not offering any solutions,” Tiffany asked.

“Issue 2 is the kind of solution I had in mind, and once the election was over, I started talking to elected representatives about creating legislation that would fix the problem. That was the start of Senate Bill 5, which would become Issue 2.  I was not alone in this as many others did the same thing contacting their representatives and demanding something be done. It was not created by some evil Republican conspiracy in some oppressive mountain of doom, where busting unions was the goal. It was started by people like me who asked our elected officials to provide relief from the incessant tax requests by cost overruns in the public sector. Kasich is simply doing what people like me asked him to. Shannon Jones wrote the bill listening to her constituents, who are simply sick of politics as usual and want an end to it. I know it because I know most of the people who were giving her an earful of complaints about this constant barrage of school levies year after year after year, and no matter how much money we give them, they find a way to spend a nickel more. That has to stop and Shannon listened to her constituents, at least the ones who bothered to let her know.”

Most of the people supporting a repeal of Issue 2 are people who profit from the squandering that has been going on. As I came back to my office after speaking with Tiffany, Bill Cunningham was stating that he would support a repeal of Issue 2 and that he stood with public workers. Cunningham like many of the cops and firefighters he’s defending have lived well off the government, so he really has no choice but to take a position against Issue 2. Through his legal work, and his wife who is a current Judge in Cincinnati, he has been a benefactor of public service, and cannot take a hard stand against it now, so he is part of that 50% who still support repealing Issue 2. But as the facts of the matter continue to come out, and it is realized that the public union position against Issue 2 is simply airless rhetoric, as credible as the Move Forward Campaign at Lakota, and dozens upon dozens of other schools all across Ohio, people are waking up.

None of those schools asking for another levy can justify more tax money with any facts, or figures. They cannot discuss how they have mismanaged their union contracts to arrive at the abuse that has wrecked community budgets everywhere. All they can do is ask for more money. That’s the extent of their entire plan. Tax somebody in order to feed them and when the money runs out they’ll still ask for more from someone else………TAX THE RICH!!!! THEY OWE ME SOMETHING!!

Over the next month some of those 50% will either convert their vote to a Yes for Issue 2 out of the guilt they feel deep inside, or they won’t show up to vote, unable to vote against themselves. Because good people will emerge in the final hours of Issue 2 and do the right thing. As more facts reveal the true extent of the public sector union abuse, the good among them will do the right thing and that gap will narrow even closer as the election looms near. The days where public unions rule our community budgets is over, because like I told Tiffany on the delightful autumn breeze that carried my voice during our interview, “It used to be that the school levies would just keep coming and coming and coming until they finally pass them. After all, that’s what’s happening here in Cincinnati. Well, I can say for myself, that if Issue 2 does not pass, then the public unions will see it come back again, and again and again, until it does pass, because we will not take no for an answer. Reforms of public service will occur now, or in the future, but reforms will occur.”

Is it arrogant to say such a thing? Absolutely not, I learned this attitude from the public sector unions themselves, and understand that this is the only way to deal with them. I was watching football over the weekend and thinking about how the public unions were behaving now that they’ve been caught. They looked like a lot of the players who hit a quarterback too late, or too hard, or committed a flagrant penalty which drew a flag. The caught player often becomes animated and acts as though they are innocent of any wrong doing, as if they hope to erase the crime from the minds of the referees. And that’s what I see happening with the public unions now that Issue 2 is that flag, a penalty they have to contend with. They are pretending they did nothing to deserve attention. They pretend that they have made sacrifices, but they conveniently leave out that anything they gave back to the community came out of the portion of their benefits that is already 43.4% over the rest of society, so to call it a sacrifice is insulting. Just as a football player tries to erase a 15 yard penalty so they don’t have to feel the wrath of their teammates from playing too aggressive. The public unions are guilty……….guilty as a collective whole by taking too much from the tax payer, and participating in aggressive extortion when they want more. Even the employees who sat quietly and let their union leaders do their bidding on their behalf are guilty because they knew all along that the money wasn’t free, and somebody had to sacrifice much so they could have a very comfortable job with excellent pay.

But if any doubt in your mind lingers even knowing what we know about Diana Frey, or any of the other public union debacles that we have seen in 2011, just go back and listen to that audio clip from the President of the Cincinnati FOP to hear how business was conducted by public unions before Issue 2 was even written. It is because of meetings like that when people like me said enough is enough. I’m personally done with public unions and I no longer recognize their authority. Issue 2 isn’t worded nearly hard enough for what I asked for and I am angry that Shannon Jones and John Kasich compromised as much as they did. They actually wanted to be fair to the public workers where I was ready to cut them all out to sea.

The public unions are lucky I didn’t write the bill. They should be happy that other people, with cooler tempers were a part of the process, because at least they really don’t lose anything with Issue 2. It just gives management control to elected officials in the future and takes away the ability to stop work from a public worker, which should have been done long ago. And that is a small price to pay for the terrible penalty that the public unions have committed. And it’s only a matter of time before they realize that and join those of us in favor of Issue 2.

For more information about ISSUE 2 here are additional articles that I have written about it. Feel free to read them to understand more clearly what Issue 2 will do for you and understand what is at stake, and how we arrived at this precipice in time.  (THIS IS A SMALL SAMPLE I HAVE OVER 400 ARTICLES ON THIS SITE JUST LIKE THIS ONE……………….If you take the time to read these articles and watch these videos, you will know more than 90% of all the politicians and media people anywhere…….so what’s stopping you?)


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“The Tea Party is Racist”: But they like Herman Cain, how can they be both?

The comments from the actor Morgan Freeman over this last weekend citing that the Tea Party are racists and have a sole purpose in removing President Obama from office because he’s black proves how little so many people who vote truly know. Click this HOTLINK to see a recent article of mine where I play the video from Freeman. Without extrapolating further the authority by which any value in Freeman’s opinion dictates, let me just say, Morgan Freeman is looking for a convenient outlet for his lack of understanding.

Herman Cain is my pick of the Republicans so far running for the 2012 election and I think he’s black. I didn’t consider his skin color until Morgan Freeman made me think of it. As I watched the Freeman interview I said to the TV, “Hey, wait. That’s not true, Herman Cain is black. The Tea Party is trying to replace a black progressive with a black conservative. It has nothing to do with the word, ‘blackness.’” It’s more like replacing someone who can’t do the job with someone who can.
I like Cain because he has more experience than our current president and he seems to understand the concept of limited government. Virtually everyone agrees that our tax system need reforming, including President Obama, and Cain has a plan. It’s called the ‘9-9-9’ tax plan. Check it out!

Saturday Night Live did a skit involving Herman Cain as an “unelectable” candidate. They also made fun of the fact that Cain was the CEO of Godfather Pizza, as if that “small” amount of experience did not qualify Cain for the Presidency. As I watched and considered the two weekend comments together I could not help but conclude that the “Progressive Machine” was functioning with full steam applied. Many in the media are afraid of Cain, because he is a black man, and he’s articulate, quite intelligent and he has a plan to straighten out an actual chaotic situation of government with solutions. That makes Progressives nervous because they need chaos to survive.

President Obama had virtually no experience at doing anything when he ran for President. Herman Cain has actually had success as the head of a company. The implication is that because it’s a pizza company, somehow the effort contains less merit. The media considers “community organizing” much more valuable, apparently.

I was happy to see that Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Pole. The reason for these debates is to show who the strong candidates truly are over time, and Cain is emerging as one of the stronger candidates even though the orthodox media and political machines wish those candidates to be Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. You see, the static patterns of society know what to do with people like Perry and Romney, and the media has already decided they will not allow Ron Paul a seat at the table even though Paul is a fantastic candidate. But Herman Cain is fresh, and Presidential. And he’s a black man. The only knock against Cain (according to the media) is that he’s a conservative.

What would the Progressive Community do if Herman Cain turned out to be the Republican Nominee? They would not be able to say that conservatives are racist because they nominated a black man. And the Tea Party likes Herman Cain. So how could the Tea Party be racist yet at the same time support Herman Cain?

Herman Cain proves the hypocrisy of our modern society. I don’t care what color Herman Cain’s skin is. I really didn’t think much about it. I simply thought Cain was the best of the offered candidates. I have heard that many people would support Herman Cain but are afraid to because he’s “unelectable.” What does that mean?

There is a belief that if the media will not endorse a candidate, that a person running for the Presidency cannot become President. So even though people may think Herman Cain is the best guy for the job, somehow the good people of the United States must settle for someone like Mitt Romney because the media will support them. It would seem the media has too much power and have themselves become a corrupt nobility who view their role on the world stage as reformers, not reporters.

The media does not create policy, even though they did create President Obama, the empty promises behind their strategy is immediately evident in the collective media’s utopian naïveté, because Obama is lost when it comes to any kind of management. Obama’s economic plan is one concocted by a small army of fools displaying an unprecedented ignorance and evidence that America’s education system is a failed institution—because it produced these fools.

Herman Cain’s ‘9-9-9’ plan will raise about $1.768 trillion in raw tax revenue and economic growth using numbers similar to the Obama Administration’s own estimates, will bring in an additional $1.4 trillion more creating $2.17 trillion which matches the $2.16 trillion in tax revenues collected this year, and it takes away all the corruption and lost money that thrives like a virus in the chaos of our current progressive tax system.

That’s a much better system than President Obama’s plan of taxing the social minority of 235,000 millionaires and billionaires, (you know, people like Obama) that already pay 40% of all Federal taxes. Obama seems to leave all the trouble of the current tax code on the shoulders of the “rich,” such as the fact that the bottom 50% of all wage owners pays just 3% toward taxes. And about 47% of all American households pay no federal income tax at all. Those are the Obama supporters. Of course they will endorse a candidate that will steal money on their behalf…..and it’s legal. “Go after the rich Mr. Obama and loot us some of that Obama money!”

Cain’s plan makes taxes fair for everyone, and it just makes sense. It solves a problem that progressives created, and this is why the progressives will not support Herman Cain even if he is a black man. Because the issue is not about the color a man’s skin, the color is just a deterrent from the real issue which is that progressives need chaos so they can have excuses to expand government even more and with each encroachment for American society to become less free.

The agenda is not to have a black president, but to use the guilt of racism to advance a political philosophy supported by the intellectual elite, which make up the media.

For myself, I will support Herman Cain to the ends of the Earth because I believe in the man, and I think he has the best plan I’ve heard for reforming the tax code and starting the country on the right course. And I believe Herman Cain will support American’s more than Agenda 21 and that makes him the ideal guy in my book to take America to the next plateau of greatness which it deserves after a waltz with the demons of discontent. (CLICK HERE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT AGENDA 21 IS)

Clearly we are two America’s and a confrontation is inevitable. Hopefully, that confrontation will stay at the ballot box. That’s why I will be voting for Herman Cain in 2012.

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The Money Hole: Facts and Facts and more Facts about why Issue 2 is needed in Ohio

I have been a fan of John Stossel for years, particularly when he was doing work for 20/20 which I watched every Friday night. Stossel is what a journalist should be, he digs deep for a story and he never takes anything at face value. For my money he has produced some of the most stunning documentaries over the years which have been a tremendous service to American society. One of his more recent documentaries, The Money Hole is one of his best. In that documentary which you can see below, John Stossel shows why America is in a financial hole, what has caused it, and how do we get out of it. For my readers in Ohio, or anywhere else in the world where government spending is out-of-control, I’d urge you to watch John’s documentary so to gain insight to the problem. If you are in Ohio and are confused about ISSUE 2 this documentary will help you. It is the kind of waste that John outlines in this video production that Issue 2 is seeking to get control of, and why Issue 2 is so important to the future of our state, which will then have implications for the entire nation.

John Stossel is not a Republican. John is not a Democrat. John is what might be called a “libertarian” a person who believes in extremely small levels of government. Stossel would most likely tell the story that he didn’t start off this way in his journalism career. He like many in the media who studied from institutions where pictures of Walter Lippmann loomed like a God down the halls of journalism, had a progressive view of the world until his reporting drove it out of him. His conclusions observed in the fields of living did not match what he had learned in college, and he made adjustments to his belief system to incorporate this new data.

This adjustment of political sensitivity occurred for the same reason it occurs in other journalists who continued to push the edge like Bill O’Reilly. Journalists who actually go against the grain, like they are supposed to, learn what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, a majority of the journalists out there know what John knows, but they don’t act on it because the editors and producers they work for not only admire the picture of Walter Lippmann, but they wear his picture around their necks like a religious icon. This is why more reporters don’t do as John Stossel has done, and that’s forged his own way, and do hard hitting stories like you can see in The Money Hole.

Stossel isn’t unfair when he does a report. He sits down with all sides to get a story and you see that in The Money Hole. He sits down with union leaders, democratic politicians; in fact he sat down with a representative from every side of the Wisconsin dispute over collective bargaining reform, which is similar to what Issue 2 in Ohio is doing.

A lot of people didn’t know until a few years ago, just how bad the public sector unions have been on our government. It is reporters like John Stossel that has exposed this cost for all to see. It is only a matter of time that the public unions recognize what an imposition they have been to the tax payer and join the rest of us in that negative assessment. But the beginning of that assessment came from the reports of John Stossel, who did this kind of reporting before it was fashionable.

I became interested in education reform when another documentary by Stossel called Stupid in America showed me how ineffective our public education system had become, and what stood in the way of fixing the problem. He did that documentary before there was ever a film called Waiting for Superman, or Glenn Beck was a household name. Stossel has been doing this kind of reporting service for a long time, and it’s always been unpopular, but he has never wavered from stepping into the fire to bring back a story to share with the rest of us.

As to Issue 2 in Ohio, if the evidence present by John Stossel, who has no skin in this game, and is certainly not a “republican stooge” or “corporate crony” can arrive at the conclusions shown in The Money Hole, then why can’t all tax payers see it? Well, like John showed in his documentary, politicians have spent a lot of money on ads which program the fleeting mind of the average person to repeat like a parrot whatever message those politicians intend. The trouble is that to preserve a free society, or even to eliminate corruption within a government, it requires the people of that government to think, and ask questions. But just as thousands and thousands of students graduate from journalism in college each year, there are only a few who end up like John Stossel, the same ratio can be seen among the tax payer base. Everyone knows the problems, but few have the courage to face the problem squarely, even if it personally affects them, to do the right thing. Many of these union members in these public unions who are double-dipping, and abusing the “rules” for their own financial advantage know they are doing wrong, and they hide their guilt in the collectivism of their unions, for it is easier for them to live with themselves when they know their union brothers and sisters are also “gaming” the system for all it’s worth. And they don’t want to see the documentaries that John Stossel produces.

This is why even when the facts are placed out in the open for all to see, there are still people who will not see those facts. They refuse to see because the realization of those facts will indicate that they are bad people to participate in such a bad system and they believe that if they just shout louder, then they can prevent people like John Stossel from putting the truth in front of their faces to look at. But Stossel doesn’t budge, and he’s not going away, and now that it’s been exposed, The Money Pit of government, it is only a matter of time before major reforms are enacted. Many of the crimes shown in The Money Pit were done while the public wasn’t paying attention, and now, thanks to reporters like John Stossel, a few of us are now looking at this problem armed with facts, and not just intuition. And it is what we do with those facts which will bring about the dawn of a whole new age.

When new age happens, be sure to give thanks to people like John Stossel for his part in exposing the truth when there were many who tried to drown it from ever being seen, even by their own eyes.

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An Evil Fog: The thief who wears the mask of safety

The common practice these days of perplexing every labor done in order that sentiments may be exchanged between a dormant mind and one seeking to loot has extended its sinister fingers into every crevice of our daily lives. This and this alone is the greatest misfortune of the 21st century, a time of astounding discovery and opportunity only to be met with social indifference.

Normally when I’m on the radio with Doc Thompson of 700 WLW I have a little fun ripping to shreds the misconceptions of education spending, because the values do not equate, so there is much fodder to be achieved. But on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 my daily ride by motorcycle was met with a wall of mystic fog, and the wind called adventure to my throttle as I stormed into the cool morning on that steel horse headed for work. But upon arriving at my office and turning on the radio I was informed of school delays due to the fog and this sent my mind into a torrent which could be heard in my voice during that talk with Doc. Gone from my intonation is that happy banter, although I tried. The replacement thoughts which rushed back to me from the years past set my mind ablaze with a unifying theory which encompasses much of what is wrong in this modern age.

To understand my views on this one must understand a bit about my life. I purposely ride my motorcycle all year, even in the snow, because I enjoy the discomfort and adventure offered in the dangerous conditions. When I receive a deep cut, I usually tend to it myself including sutures. I have been known to stuff the ligaments and blood vessels incorrectly back under my jagged skin only to have it professionally repaired at a later date because the injury was just too great for self repair. In those times, such as a time I had to have my knee repaired with an ACL replacement, the therapy regiment scheduled me for a 12 week intense recovery program, which would require me to be off work during that time. I had the surgery on a Thursday and was back to work minding my 50+ employees on the following Tuesday, walking around on crutches. My therapists were infuriated with me as I learned that they wished to prolong my recovery to fill their own pockets. When after two weeks I declared myself healed, they protested violently. “Nobody can recover that quickly.”
“I just did.”

If I had listened to the cadence of their concerns I might still be in therapy 4 years later, because I had good insurance that covered my therapy, so they had no idea why I was in such a rush to recover, or get back to work. It was beyond their minds that I was doing it for myself, to teach my body to recover quickly and to not accept a loss of movement, or any dependence on an outside person. Self-reliance is the focus of my every thought of every moment of every day, and I expect that same passion out of every cell in my body. I call out to them like a general on a battlefield to fight off disease faster, to clot up lacerations quickly, and to heal with no time to spare. I have always been like this.

Speaking with Doc I thought of another similar foggy morning when I was a kid, couldn’t have been much older than the 5th grade, and a garbage truck stormed over the hill in front of my house and hit the school bus I was getting on from behind. I was in the isle walking back to find a seat when I saw the truck about to hit through the rear window of the bus, so I quickly jumped off the bus and back into my driveway. The collision was so violent that before my feet hit the driveway, the bus had been pushed down the road and was replaced by the wrecked garbage truck.

My first thought was not whether or not everyone was alright on the bus, or even the driver of the garbage truck. My first thought was that I would now be late for school and was granted by the grace of God a few extra hours of time to myself to read a book, draw pictures and write in my journal while the rest of the kids stepped off the bus holding their heads, rubbing their shoulders and looking for somebody to give them some level of pity.

At fire drills I never followed the directions. “Rich Hoffman, you need to get back in line. If there is a fire I am responsible to make sure you’re safe,” my teacher would tell me. Little did they know that if there was a fire, I’d be anywhere but where it was safe. The demons of the night would not allow my mind to rest if I walked away from danger, so standing in a line like a good little boy was not going to happen.

I remember poking the school bully in the eye with my scissors in first grade because he said he was going to kill me. He was out of school for three weeks due to that injury and I received 10 swats with the paddle, but he never bothered me again until the 6th grade where we had such a bad fight that the principle gave us both a paddling. Mine was worse because that kid had problems that would require him to take more time off school. In fact I received a paddling from so many principals that I can’t even remember them all. I remember making sure to let the principals know that I felt no pain, or that I could take it without flinching, even when I was 6 and 7 years old. You see, it was important to be tough, not only in respect from your class-mates, but it seemed important later in life somehow.

I remember sitting in front of one of my high school principals in his office after I had been involved in an altercation and my right fist knuckle was cut open in several places. The bone of my pointer finger was sticking out from the impact and the ligaments that held the top of my hand together were dangling out of the cut. The damage would require a plastic surgeon to fix. “Who did you hit to get a cut like that?” the principal would ask.

Blood running freely and me trying to fight back the effect of shock, “Nobody, why?”
“Rich Hoffman, you can’t continue on like this. You have to find a groove and get into it, this constant resistance to authority that you are prone to will have to stop one of these days or you will die before you get there.”

Once I was married and had kids life seemed to slow down. There weren’t fights with other kids and high-speed car crashes, like I had become accustom to stimulate my mind. Since we only had one car at the time, I bought a bicycle and rode that to work so my wife would have a car. That took the pressure off having to buy another car. I rode that bike to work every day for the next 10 years, 12 miles each way. I did it because it gave me opportunity for adventure on my commute to work. It put me out in the elements and laid danger at my doorstep daily.

Now that I’ve had a little success in life, I ride a motorcycle instead of a bicycle for the same effect, because I’m busy and need to speed up my commute times. Time these days is very important, so I don’t have much of it to kill.

So I can testify that I am utterly baffled by these overprotective mothers who lug around their large cabooses drowning in perfume as if to compensate for the disaster their bodies have become, who have always pointed at my lifestyle as though it were forged in the image of a devil. To me, dressing a kid in a helmet to ride a bicycle down the street is too much. To not let a kid fall down and bump their head or know what it feels like to see the life blood of your body running out before you, forcing you to act quickly to stop it, those are the experiences that make good, strong adults. Pain builds character, and I’d never consider going back in time to avoid any of it.

“The lawsuit culture, the cry-baby teachers, the political looters” I wrote in my notebook that day at the bus accident would all grow up fat, ugly, and socially neurotic. They spent too much time after the accident looking for someone to pity them for their experience, and they would carry that trait into their adult lives and their kids would hate them for it, because kids want to be stimulated. They don’t want to be safe!

Over the last couple decades as parents have divorced with increasing frequency and father number 2 or 3 move in and out of a child’s life so schools have taken up the extra slack of this cultural breakdown, and the teachers out of fear of litigation from neurotic parents have become neurotic themselves and suddenly we have a culture terrified of any danger, so much so that they will throw enormous sums of money at police, firefighters and the like because they live a fearful life and have no way to understand the value of the danger in those positions. The belief is that money will close the gap of understanding is one for fools.

I knew a kid years ago who wet his pants because a lightning bolt struck a tree near where we were playing. He was one whose parents sheltered him incredibly, to the point of neurosis, and of course that kid had difficulty recovering from those limitations when manhood came calling. I used to feel sorry for him, because he didn’t know what it felt like to live a life without fear, because his fears had been conquered. His parents instead taught him that fear was good, and that if he was afraid, then there must be a good reason for it. Bad advice!

Living without fear is the first aspect of a free existence, even before financial security. It is the obligation of childhood to arrive at manhood with as little fear as possible, but unfortunately our current culture actually celebrates neurosis, and belittles the FEARLESS! What an upside down world.
So I felt a twang of pity for all those poor kids who watched the adults in charge of their lives postpone school because an evil fog had cast itself across the land. I realized that a robbery had taken place, all in the name of “SAFETY.” Those children had been denied a mysterious journey through the masked landscape of their familiar routes to see the world differently, and to compare those differences with their everyday route. For it is an important lesson to see how different something you think you know well can look when the elements upon which you see it change. And those kids were denied that experience. Instead, they stayed safe in their homes waiting for the fog to clear and the opportunity for adventure to pass, as the thief went with it into the rising sun of an autumn morning.
Safety had just weakened the next generation proportionally.

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We Are Ohio’s Commercials: Cincinnati State goes on STRIKE!

Oh, how absolutely adorable. The new ad from We Are Ohio below says that Teachers, Firefighters and Police have “saved” us money by taking wage freezes and cuts in furlough days. Only in government would a group of people declare a savings in money that hasn’t even been spent yet.

That sort of pulls on your heart-strings, doesn’t it? I suppose what the ad is telling us is that since these public unions took cuts, that they somehow deserve a payoff for their sacrifice? That’s what it says to me.

How about this next ad, featuring a neighbor of mine, Eric Abney, why wouldn’t the firefighter be there? Issue 2 doesn’t get rid of firefighters. It only deals with the negotiating process of public employment. But according to Eric, the kid in the video would have died if Issue 2 were a law.

Not so, in fact it is this type of radical view of the world, and the public union’s hostile approach toward management that created a system that clearly is one-sided. As far as Republicans giving tax breaks to their “corporate friends,” well, they are doing that in an attempt to bring business to the state, because believe it or not, businesses that actually provide jobs don’t like to pay taxes to a system that wastes their money, and then keeps trying to hose them for more money. Business tends to go to states with low tax rates. That’s why Ohio has to manage its costs better. It’s not just the politicians in Columbus who want Issue 2. I want Issue 2 because it will give me more control of these costs locally, especially at my local School Board at Lakota. I’m tired of levy, after levy, after levy, and this whole idea that we aren’t supposed to manage those costs is ridiculous. Because it’s education, we are supposed to turn off logic and toss money into a bottomless pit. YES, THEY REALLY THINK THIS WAY!!!!

One of the biggest drivers of teacher salaries is this whole concept of radical striking, where the teachers walk off the job in order to either drive up their wages, or obtain some other perk. Because of a teacher’s ability to strike, which they have abused over many years, education has migrated in cost to an extraordinary level, which dictates more school levies. The only reason public unions “negotiated” this year on their contracts and gave anything back, as they are now claiming in the ads above, is so they could claim to have done so in an effort to repeal Issue 2. I told you dear reader this many months ago, that they would attempt to do this. But what brought them to the table with their hat in hand was the fact that Kasich signed Issue 2 into law. If the unions can repeal the Issue 2, they will resume back to their previous, “high spending,” ways, but in the meantime they are calling it a “sacrifice.” I call it they “have no choice.”

As evidence of this tendency have a look at these teachers at Cincinnati State as they walked off the job yesterday over the lofty goal of “working less.” Yes, that’s right. The teachers at Cincinnati State want to work 20% less. That’s what they are willing to walk off the job for. Issue 2 will prevent teachers in the future from being able to walk off the job, which to me sounds like common sense.

What in the world made those professors believe that they were somehow “entitled” to walk off the job and extort more money from Cincinnati State, because that’s what they are doing? Issue 2 will prevent an employee who receives tax money from being able to walk off that job, since we are led to believe that those public jobs are “essential.” Cincinnati State can’t afford to not continue with classes. So they are obligated to replace those teachers who are striking with employees who want to work. (Here’s a hint, I could re-staff the entire school with new employees by the end of next week. Give me a call Cincinnati State if you want the help, because here’s the secret. Those jobs are replaceable. If those people will walk away from a kids’ education then they aren’t of any real quality to begin with. Dump those striking employees while you can.)

Some of the fault for these teachers high opinion of the services they offer to the community comes from politicians, who are even more clueless than the teachers. Barry Obama is a spokesman for union labor and recently spoke in Cincinnati trying to tie the urgency of fixing the Brent Spence Bridge to the plight of teachers. Barry’s assumption is that teachers are valuable regardless of performance, so more money spent means better education, so if we just through money at teachers without any kind of management of that money, then somehow education will improve. Listen to the Reverend Barry Obama. The audience was full of union people so they were very responsive. (CLICK HERE TO SEE MY REVIEW OF OBAMA SUPPORTERS)

Something seems familiar about that speech…………….ummmm, what is it?

Well, that’s how progressives sell their programs. Obama put teachers on a “spiritual pedestal” and too often it goes to their heads. Ironically, the teachers at Cincinnati State walked off the job the day after Obama gave his speech. But notice in all this discussion that there isn’t any debate about how much money is fair or justified in these public employee positions. The assumption is that we need to be at the teachers mercy because the teachers are performing a high moral task. (For the reason of this mentality CLICK HERE to see my article on how authority figures establish themselves)

As usual, Glenn Beck does a good job of connecting all the dots. Issue 2 is but one small attempt by the public to fix a lot of nonsense and inequity that has been going on in public service. And the first thing that the “less thoughtful” do when they can’t win an argument based on facts instead of emotion, is they resort to violence or racism, and this has given rise to the declaration of class warfare.

Surprisingly, a guy I like quite a bit, Morgan Freeman is one of those who are uncomfortable with the kind of information that Beck and many others are putting out which questions this whole system of public worker entitlement. And it would seem that Mr. Freeman is more intelligent as an actor than as a true thinker, because he is doing the same thing that all the opponents of Issue 2, are doing, he’s trying to hide the facts of the matter with the emotional race card.

I would have expected more from him, but this goes to show the condition of his real mind, and Morgan seems to be just as influenced by the reverend like rhetoric that progressives use to seduce people away from the facts.

But Issue 2 is not about cutting jobs, or hurting teachers, firefighters, or any public employee. It’s about managing the costs which funds these activities with our tax money. Currently there isn’t any management, it’s a one-way street at the negotiating table, and the public unions know it. And they can’t argue to that effect, so they attempt to divert voters away from the truth with emotion and fear disguised in “spiritual” delivery.

What nobody questions is the value of a job, and what that job does, and just like the reverend of a congregation who speaks with seductive eloquence, the goal is to hide the fact that many of those in public service have learned to “steal” money to enrich themselves on the public dollar.

Notice here Dennis Gannon the labor leader of Chicago who gave a similar speech a year ago which sounds oddly just like Obama’s recent speech, and these kinds of talks are very exciting to union members, because they want to believe that they are essential to the marketplace, and somehow deserve to be placed on a pedestal, high above the control of any management. They would have you dear reader believe that Issue 2 is something they are above, and they cannot do their jobs if they are not given the right to negotiate for our tax money without opposition of any kind.

But like everything, all you have to do is follow the money to get at the truth. Dennis Gannon just yesterday secured a $158,000 dollar pension which should come out to 5 million dollars over his lifetime after being rehired for only one day after his retirement. See that article at The Blaze for more detail. (It pays to be a labor leader; again this week in Cincinnati Diana Frey gave a guilty plea to her theft of $750,000. See a pattern?)

That’s what is really behind the emotional ads of Issue 2, those who work in public service to continue this “lottery ticket” existence, where the average worker makes 43.4% more than the private sector employee. It’s always about money. It’s not about safety. It’s certainly not about the kids. It’s about money and benefits.

So it will be up to you dear reader to see through the smoke, the emotion, and the haze to the truth. The truth is easy to see if you dare look, and life will continue after Issue 2 maintains its status as a law. But if you really want to put an end to the enormous amounts of corruption and manipulation, accompanied with the massive spending of our tax money, then you better protect Issue 2. Otherwise it will go back to how it was, where the teaching unions will walk off the job over just small increases in their health care coverage, or to just simply do less work as the teachers at Cincinnati State are doing. And you will look back to this day and wonder why you didn’t have the courage to Vote Yes on Issue 2.

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The Perils of Obedience: Who are the Obama supporters?

I will most certainly cover the speech that President Obama gave in Cincinnati involving the Brent Spence Bridge replacement, but for this event I found the kind of people who follow and listen to the President more fascinating. When I learned that 300 tickets would be given away by the White House for the event, I pondered what type of person would get in line to actually listen to the man speak. Because it is clear to me that this current president is not a manager, he’s simply an actor. He is a mouth piece for special interest himself, in this case organized labor and I can see through him. So who in their right mind would take off work to see a guy fly into downtown Cincinnati to basically put peer pressure on Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell to pass a Jobs Bill which is basically a “bail out” of organized labor, particularly teachers? Teachers as a group have dug their own graves financially, and here was the President of the United States coming to the battleground state of Ohio to tie the plight of teachers to a much-needed bridge. So this was a very interesting case of group psychology to me.

Who are these people who support the president? Who are these people who can’t see the truth even when it’s right in front of them?

Watching those people speak proudly proclaiming their support of President Obama my mind was directed to the Milgram Experiment conducted in 1961 at Yale University by Stanley Milgram. The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of notable experiments in social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience. Milgram first described his research in 1963 in an article published in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology,[1] and later discussed his findings in greater depth in his 1974 book, Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View.[2]

You can learn more about the Milgram Experiment at this link:

Be sure to watch the following videos which show this experiment in action.

It was clear to me the way that Obama set up his visit so that he was establishing himself as an authority figure otherwise known as “the experimenter” who orders the “teacher” in this case the union representatives at this event (SEIU, AFL-CIO, Teamsters), to inflict upon the “learner,” (meaning the rest of us), whatever level of shock necessary to achieve his agenda. In this case the learner was Speaker Boehner and Mitch McConnell directly. By targeting the bridge both of Obama’s political rivals are joined both metaphorically, and physically, Obama placed himself on the national stage as the “experimenter.”

In Milgram’s first set of experiments, 65 percent (26 of 40)[1] of experiment participants administered the experiment’s final massive 450-volt shock, though many were very uncomfortable doing so; at some point, every participant paused and questioned the experiment, some said they would refund the money they were paid for participating in the experiment.

Milgram summarized the experiment in his 1974 article, “The Perils of Obedience”, writing:
The legal and philosophic aspects of obedience are of enormous importance, but they say very little about how most people behave in concrete situations. I set up a simple experiment at Yale University to test how much pain an ordinary citizen would inflict on another person simply because he was ordered to by an experimental scientist. Stark authority was pitted against the subjects’ [participants’] strongest moral imperatives against hurting others, and, with the subjects’ [participants’] ears ringing with the screams of the victims, authority won more often than not. The extreme willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on the command of an authority constitutes the chief finding of the study and the fact most urgently demanding explanation.

Ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority.[3]


Ironically, that 65% who were willing to administer the most deadly amount of shock seem to be consistent with my own observations of the people around me, and I saw them in that audience wanting to see the president. They were there chanting when he told them to, repeating the words he did like mindless robots, believing the authority figure that President Obama represents.

When I see the president I see a mindless figurehead, who I wouldn’t trust to coach a little league football team. But then again, I know I’m certainly not one of those 65% who would administer the most deadly amount of shock. I am the type of person who wouldn’t even sit down to ask the first question, and I certainly wouldn’t be coaxed to push a button which administers pain, because I would question the validity of the experiment at its root. So it is clear to me, and many others, but it’s not so clear to people like the citizens who went to see the president speak in downtown Cincinnati on September 22, 2011.

The crimes of humanity have always been perpetrated by that 65%, those mindless followers who are too timid to think for themselves. It is they who prop up the dictator, the authority figure and open the door to tyranny time and time again. They were there to collapse the Roman Empire, to crumble Egyptian Civilization, to cause Japan into Feudal conflict. They followed Genghis Khan into a conquest of the East. They propped up the expansion of Napoleons’ Empire. Those 65% have committed enormous evils upon the face of the Earth because they were too lazy to think, and submitted too easily to authority.

We are all taught to trust authority figures, and to submit to them when told without question. This starts in our elementary education (hence the emphasis by the president on “education”) and for many people they begin digging their own graves toward a free thinking life before they ever get out of kindergarten. So it was no surprise to see the most mindless among our society clamoring to an authority figure represented by President Obama hoping to be told what to do, and what to think.

It must be terrible to have such shallow will, and minds of mush to lazily await the flowery words of an “experimenter” to guide their minds to its next destination of thought. Such a prison isn’t worth any level of financial reward the “experimenter” is paying to play in their little game which is always a climb for power by the “experimenter.” Such beliefs are part of the static patterns of our society, and shamefully so long as they exist will always be the people who hold the door open for the tyrants of the world as those tyrants attempt to be the next ruler of the masses in the history of humanity.


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An Arm of the God Shiva: The Bill Clinton Global Initiative, don’t forget about “Slick Willie”

We are often told in the new age of American awakening that you have to watch what the other hand is doing in regard to politics in order to understand what is really happening. Typically in magic tricks, it is the other hand which does all the trickery while the focus of the audience is onto some shiny ball, or handkerchief, or even a hat from which we expect a rabbit to emerge. Well, that analogy works fine until you realize that your opposition is not a two armed human being, as we might assume, but represent something more akin to the modern-day liberal, such as the four armed Shiva, the god of Hinduism which many liberals find so appealing.

Who is Shiva you might ask?

Shiva; Sanskrit Śiva, meaning “auspicious one”) is a major Hindu deity, and is the destroyer god or transformer among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine. God Shiva is a yogi who has notice of everything which happens in the world and is the main aspect of life.

It is the old hippie and modern-day liberal who typically looks to India for spiritual guidance. After all, during the Day of Rage last week, many of the participants were meditating in the tradition of Shiva, so the assumption that Shiva is a symbol of attainment for many of this modern-day liberal philosophy of globalism is a safe one. Understanding who Shiva is can provide insight into how those types of people think. So while one arm is doing a primary task which we all look to, what are the other arms doing?

I learned about these types of magicians in 1992 when I sat on the steps of the Westin Hotel in downtown Cincinnati and watched Bill Clinton give his acceptance speech. I had supported Ross Perot and it was the Perot vote which split the Republican Party and allowed “Slick Willie” to become president. You see, it was not the present day which produced this new “anti-government” movement. It was alive and well in the Westin Hotel and the lobby was full of others just like me who were sick of the sell-outs of Bush Senior, and the con artists like Slick Willie. While Reagan provided a short reprieve from the corruption anxiety, which started with Lynden Banes Johnston, Nixon, then Carter, people like me had enough, and we wanted Ross Perot as president, not Slick Willie. The people gathered in the Westin Hotel, along with thousands all over America that night were beginning to call themselves the “Reform Party” which was the seed for what would become the Tea Party 15 years later.

That’s how Bill Clinton did it; he played a saxophone on programs like Arsenio Hall’s show, and MTV. Clinton was the hand which drew everyone else’s attention while the other four hands did the real mischief and the Reform Party knew it before anything had happened.

My journey to the Westin that day was a perilous journey which had started in Dallas, Texas in the small hours of that very morning, Election Day. I had been in Dallas with a friend of mine helping with the Perot Campaign and had to get back to Ohio to actually vote. Since we left Dallas late, we had a mere 11 hours to get back to Ohio before the polls closed at 6:30 at my polling place. So what ensued was a high-speed journey from Dallas to Cincinnati exceeding speeds of over 100 MPH most of the time, involved the police and even a serious accident, all of which are serving as the inspiration to the book I have being released this upcoming summer. But that’s a story onto itself. When I saw that Clinton was going to be the President of the United States, I had the feeling that everything I thought America to be was suddenly in jeopardy. I wasn’t sure why, but something about the guy told me America was in trouble. It’s kind of like watching a magician and knowing that the illusion they are performing is fake, but you can’t figure out how they performed the trick, so all you can do is clap and contemplate what they just did.

One of the criticisms of Bill Clinton was that he was always in campaign mode, which is one of the main criticisms of President Obama. Clinton never seemed to know how to do anything but run for election. The other aspect of Clinton which he shares with Obama is that neither man seemed committed to a sovereign nation of America before looking to other nations of the world. American priorities seemed always secondary to a world agenda, which gave rise to numerous conspiracy theories during the Clinton Presidency.

One of Shiva’s arms is obviously doing something that the rest of the American nation isn’t aware of, so I’ll go ahead and say it, because I’ve kept my eye on Clinton since that day in the Westin Hotel. Clinton, in a plot that Obama is a part of, is beginning to campaign for President of the United Nations. Both Clinton and Obama treat the Presidency of the United States as if it were a stepping stone to something “greater.” Both men also started their office in the United States during their 40’s, which means by their 60’s and 70’s, obtaining the one world ultimate leadership roll is certainly obtainable.

Currently the United Nations rotates the President of the General Assembly among the least powerful nations, so that a balance of power can be established. However, this will not last. Clinton and Obama by showing a commitment to world affairs hope to erase this apprehension in the future. They also believe that if the United States loses its status as a world power, then it will qualify the United States for the Presidency. If you don’t believe me look at the book that Obama is reading these days. The picture is at the end of the article. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Yes people are that power-hungry, and yes there are people in the world who think this way. Critics might say to me, “Rich Hoffman, how can you say such a thing! You have no proof!!!!”

Well, the proof will present itself in time, and this writing is my testimony to that claim. History will prove me correct. In the meantime I can see into the soul of these people, and I know the game they are playing. They are simpletons, con men, and I have known many. And of course if these types of people such as Clinton were asked what their true intentions were, he would deny it with the same vigor that he denied the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He will certainly attempt to mislead the public as to his real intentions. He’s done it before, and he will do it again.

But the most recent distraction of the media in believing that Clinton is some type of messiah, a seasoned political veteran, as though the title held some intrinsic value in and of itself, is the fact that Clinton is leading the world with his Clinton Global Initiative as a seductive campaign which disguises a quest for power and legacy in the form of altruism, of which leftists are so inclined. But there is much frustration because not everyone is falling for it, and they don’t wish to be drug into this global community with socialism as the foundation. I have no doubt that there will be a global community, but my vision differs from people like Clinton and Obama, or the men who move their mouths. My vision is that the world would be more like the United States with a similar constitution and a competitive nature the way our states are now. But the concept of a centrally planned global community is not attractive to me, or many others, so a philosophical divide is widening as the reality of what Clinton is up to becomes clearer, and he obviously doesn’t like it. Check out the 8:15 mark. He says America is the only country in the world that does not talk out their problems reasonably, which of course is a foolish statement.

What Clinton’s role is in this global push funded largely by people like George Soros is that of the facilitator using The Delphi Technique, only in this case it’s not being done on a community level, but a global one. The function is essentially the same. (To learn more about The Delphi Technique simply click this hotlink) In The Delphi Technique it is common to use peer pressure to achieve a “consensus” on any given idea. In this case Clinton is attempting to use peer pressure to shame Americans into having an open mind, and to turn a majority against this growing minority to stop the intensification of the Tea Party. That is the design of this discussion, almost exclusively. All the formal discussion in the first 8 minutes is to build up the credibility of Clinton in the minds of the viewer, but the intention is to arrive at the point where Clinton can discredit the Tea Party for their lack of reaching “consensus.” It’s The Delphi Technique, clearly.

Meanwhile, also funded by people like Soros, and the American taxpayer, the other arms of Shiva are working another angle to weaken the resolve of the average American. Here Stephen Lerner tells his union followers how to create a crisis so they can gain power, which is a strategy Clinton mastered during his presidency, and Obama has been successful as well. They’ve employed it well even when progressives did not even have a representative in the White House. Progressives have used this very strategy to completely baffle George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush overwhelming them strategically forcing them to act in foolish ways using these very same strategies in the legislative process.

Lerner now that the Tea Party has been exposing the progressive methods, is using outright intimidation as the next level of defense. After all, that’s how they advanced their position in the first place, through the 60’s radicalism. The Delphi Technique outlined by Saul Alinsky says that the middle-class, the true middle-class do not have the stomach for conflict and will avoid it at great cost. It is they who Lerner seeks to appeal to, by threatening them with violence, then by also appealing to their sensibilities. Lerner is basically saying to the middle-class, “We are you, and will fight on your behalf. So go back to sleep, we’ll take care of things.”

Meanwhile another arm of Shiva reaches for pursuits that can never be reached as yet another distraction to the overall objective. Enter Al Gore where he is equivocating global warming to racism. This is another strategy of The Delphi Technique. It puts an argument on the high ground and prevents discussion because nobody wants to be called a racist. So nobody is to question the high moral ground of green technology pursuits even if the color green turns out to be the new “RED.”

All these different arms of Shiva can be confusing and require all of us to develop the ability to watch all arms at the same time to understand what the intention of the whole magic trick is. Here my buddy Matt Clark explains how the left is using all this power to gain social change. Some of the big names he’s talking about are people like Bill Clinton, people like Al Gore, and people like Barry Obama to fulfill the agenda Stephen Lerner is advocating. The goal of that agenda is a weakening of the United States by yes, even a President, for the greater goal, or at least how progressives interpret it to be, which is a one world government that functions under socialism. That is why Bill Clinton refused to say that Democrats need to also learn to compromise. This is also why he mentioned that the Governor of Indiana was his friend even thought that particular Governor is a hard lined Republican. Clinton was showing that he can “compromise” and reach “consensus” but he did so by still painting one side as completely and morally wrong. That’s why we call him “Slick Willie.” Notice how Van Jones uses almost the same language as Bill Clinton. Is that an accident? No……..they all study the same literature and get their money from the same sources.

All these groups, these various arms of Shiva, are attacking the traditions of America for the reason of bringing America down to the level of the rest of the world, in an attempt to gain leadership ascension into the United Nations through the declined world power status of the United States. Clinton certainly has his eye on this goal and the men with real power are using him to achieve their agenda of world unified government. Clinton is simply another hired gun who fires ammunition from his legalism twisting of document language which allows the enemies of American to overtake our nation while keeping the infrastructure completely intact. That is the goal.

And if there is any doubt as to how to how low Bill Clinton will stoop, and what moral code he lives by, look beyond the sharp “blue” backdrops which are designed to appeal to the visual respectability of his Clinton Global Initiative to the real man behind the mouth.

In studying this particular arm of Shiva, know what that arm represents. So I am placing here for your convenience a review of the life of Bill Clinton for your enjoyment in a much-needed revisit to the lack of integrity that man has not only for himself, his family, but his nation. He only wants to be powerful, loved and remembered for something important. He is looking to the United Nations for some level of immortality in which to hide his many crimes over a great many years.

But Clinton is just an arm of this Shiva which truly seeks the destruction of American in order to give birth to something else. If you dare attempt as “they” do, those progressives, Shiva may be the destroyer to those of us who like America the way it’s been. But Shiva is also the transformer, the facilitator of rebirth which will bring the world to a new awakening of socialism. In their minds socialism will work if there isn’t any competition among any nation, for that has been the missing piece. Socialism could not work so long as all the nations of the world sought to come to the United States to live so they can be free. But if that freedom were removed, then the people of the world would have no choice but to stay put, and adopt for their own good, the socialism sponsored by the United Nations, by a President from the United States who will for the first time in history rise above his country to help lead the world to a greater good for all, the ultimate altruism of justice and compassion, where Shiva, and Mohammed, and even Jesus Christ will sit at a table together and be at peace.

It is disappointing to see such a strategy for what it is, the LSD vision induced from the hippie revolution where the brain distorted from drug induced splendor conceived this world peace led by used car salesman like Clinton and billionaires like Soros who will fund the whole enterprise to support the illusions that flash across their minds in hallucinogenic imagery. The Constitution of the United States was designed to protect us from these types of fools, and it is the long arm of tyranny which created America to begin with, so the shattering reality to this silly god of Shiva and the many arms of distraction will result in one ending, and that is a complete failure of their distorted vision for a world that only existed in the drug trips for which they all participated.

Only a low-life, scum bag high on drugs could conceive such a rainbow utopia as this One World Order under the Clinton Global Initiative. The hypocrisy of these fools is evident in their headquarters where they have their global conferences. Cancun, Mexico, Rio, Brazil, even Geneva Switzerland are all hotbeds of sex trafficking and all visitors to those cities know precisely where the activity is, yet these malcontents would have us all believe they can manage the world correctly when they can’t even manage their penises, because we all know those penises will be seeking out one of those women in the sex districts of these “enlightened” global communities. The world cannot be built by such infantile teenage minds as those who seek chemicals and sex to increase their perception beyond the limits of their own mortal imaginations. That is why they are failing and why the Tea Party will only grow stronger as this plot comes untangled, and rightfully so. Soon the drug induced nightmare will be over and society can then have a real discussion about the direction of the world, but it will not be the work of Marx that takes us there. It will be the United States Constitution and an American philosophy. The world deserves a beacon of hope and justice for which we all stand; a light that will outshine the illusions of the hippie era.

For the answer to everything, CLICK THIS LINK:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

What People are saying about ISSUE 2 in OHIO: DIANA FREY GUILTY!!!!!!!!

Today, Diana Frey the former President of CODE, a public sector union she started, submitted a plea of guilty to stealing over $750,000 from her members. Without question, Frey represents what’s wrong with public sector unions, and reveals the tip of an iceberg of the amount of money that gets swallowed up by chaos, confusion, and centralized bureaucracy centering on public sector unions. More often than not, these union leaders do not get caught, and it is the tax payer who replaces the money lost with increased taxes.

American Thinker recently published an article I wrote about the situation surrounding Issue 2 in Ohio, which seeks to correct this public union mess. For a review on what Issue 2 is CLICK on this hot link to learn more. I am happy with the article, and even more pleased that I received positive comments and email from as far away as South Africa, and Nigeria. People living in those places can see how the situation in America is shaping up. To understand what exactly that situation is, CLICK HERE to learn the specifics. To read the original article I wrote for the American Thinker click the link below.

What I found fascinating was the comments accumulated over the first 24 hours. American Thinker is widely read all over the nation, and apparently all over the world so it was interesting to get some outside perspective on how they view Issue 2, so I am posting the comments obtained over the course of the first day, because they say a lot about how a vast majority of the people truly feel. I include those comments in their entirety below. They appear as they do at the link above, but I feel they deserve their own isolation as a study specifically unique to the topic of Issue 2.


Showing 23 comments

kentfromohio Yesterday 06:55 AM

• As my name indicates, I live in Ohio. Northern Ohio to be exact. It is an area that is following the trailblazing path set by Detroit in terms of political leadership, and its embrace of dependency on the government for all. John Kasick and Republican legislature altered the course of Ohio from economic despair back toward hope one year ago in the same way that Scott Walker led Wisconsin back from brink. Issue 2 is Ohio, as a state, attempting to make the destiny of the entire state what Cleveland sports fans are accustomed to feeling – utter despair. Issue 2 is the state having on the ballot a chance to turn the wheel again so that we are driving off the cliff. Issue 2 will offer the voters the chance to undo all that has been done to save the state in the past year. It is a complete roll of the dice taking away the power of the valid elections we just went through and asking the voters for their input on what our elected officials just did in passing Senate Bill 5. Will the voters be fooled by millions of dollars in paid political lies? Who knows?…
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Quartermaster Yesterday 08:02 AM

• I used to live in Ohio and left when I could not find work. I hope that the voters of Ohio sustain SB 5, but I have little hope they will. The rust belt exists in Ohio because of militant unionism, and the state has been dominated by union interests for many years. Here’s hoping that’s changed.

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Ron Kozar Yesterday 08:19 AM

• Mr. Hoffman’s article is superb. My only quibble concerns his portrayal of JFK’s executive order establishing public-sector collective bargaining as “well-intentioned” when, in fact, the intention was to reward big labor for its loyalty to the Democratic Party.

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Juannieboy Yesterday 08:52 AM

• Setting the fear tactics on the TV commercials aside, I believe many working class Ohioians will vote to repeal this common sense law even though it is in their own best interest not to. Too many voters have sons, daughters, family members, neighbors, etc. that work for the government…..Sadly, they will vote with their hearts and not their heads.

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Questioning Yesterday 09:12 AM

• “When President Kennedy signed Order 10988 into law…” Actually it isn’t law and I strongly urge President Palin to make rescinding this mess her first official action. I also question the ‘heroism’ of the police and fire fighters that are saying, in effect, they must be compensated for something that is inherent in their jobs? Something they knew about before they went through the very stringent testing and training to get the job? Seriously? First off, they aren’t heroes. This is a very misused term today. Being in the military or working as a firefighter or policeman doesn’t automatically make one a hero. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t heroes in this mix, there most decidedly are; but they are in the distinct minority. And that is as it should be. And no REAL hero ever ASKS for money!!!!! OMG; most are embarrassed they got into such a stupid position in the first place. Do we need to acknowledge heroism in America? Absolutely, but let’s not get carried away. Let’s stop cheapening the actions of true heroes. True heroes respond to a heartfelt ‘thank you’, not a check.

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Keith Vlasak Yesterday 09:41 AM

• I live in Ohio too. The ads I’m seeing do not frame the issue very clearly — and I’m also seeing a dozen ads for the unions for every one that isn’t. And the Cleveland news media is all in arms about how poor teachers (that is, the most devoted humanitarians to have ever walked the earth) are being laid off. No one seems to be making the connection. People are sick of schools asking for more money all the time and vote down levy after levy … and no one is explaining that Senate Bill 5 is a tool to get the spending increases every year under control.

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Lizzie Yesterday 10:09 AM

• You need to fight the unions with facts. Here in my little town in Wisconsin, we turned the tide via a letter to the editor of the local paper publishing the salaries of every teacher in town. In Madison they published the salary of a bus driver who made more than the Mayor or Chief of Police. The unions may want to run a fact-free campaign but that’s only because the facts are their worst enemy. Don’t let them get away with it.

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Gunny G Yesterday 11:08 AM

• I have no sympathy for anyone or any state still embracing unionism. I was in Lima Ohio 4-5 years ago and it was a wasteland and the moniker of “Rust Belt” is highly appropriate. ANY city that is highly unionized is either toast or about to be toast yet people continue to support them.

Liberalism, like insanity, is doing the same thing over and over and over, with it failing each time, but they expect a different outcome the NEXT TIME they try it.

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Gatorgirl Yesterday 11:30 AM

• The ‘we are at the gate, man’ comment went right over Boehner’s head. Sometimes the repubs are stupid. Ohio has a chance to save their state, let’s hope they realize that.

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pyeatte Yesterday 11:32 AM

• The public-sector collective bargaining unions are a true cancer. Why they are allowed to exist is a mystery to me. Even that old liberal FDR advised that we never allow public employees to form unions with collective bargaining. He knew the of the evil corruption that would fester between politicians and public unions. The first act of fumigation is for the state to not collect dues on behalf of the union and of course not require union membership as a condition of working for the state.

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Keith Vlasak Yesterday 12:38 PM

• The ads I’m seeing on Cleveland and Toledo TV from the firemen are about how the “politicians” want to keep the firemen from negotiating for enough firemen to do the job (with pictures of one fireman running in and out of a burning building. Nowhere do they say what they mean is they want to negotiate “No Layoffs.” Isn’t that what’s causing the Post Office to go bankrupt?

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wigman Yesterday 02:48 PM

• When governments take about 50% of ones income in taxes and it’s just not enough, I say stop. It’s more than enough. The public is tired of funding your vote buying scheme. Stop now lest the majority become enslaved to the fewer and fewer.

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rephil Yesterday 03:05 PM

• Pa state employee 20 years, union steward, and a conservative, just today tried convincing fellow employees we are tying our own noose. When the public finds out and they will, some of the benefits and some of the abuses of benefits, we will have walked up the steps to the gallows uncuffed. In the 1990’s the family medical leave act was signed into law, well deserved. Now 15 years later the majority of employees where i work have a green light to miss work with benefits and pay without consequence. This has created an overtime nightmare, and management wants a way out. The union only digs in deeper and always backs a member whether they are right or not. Cooler heads are not prevailing and I fear the final outcome is another well paid job gone before the next guy can support his family as I have.

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teachkids Yesterday 03:20 PM

• As an Ohio teacher, I teach in a state that mandates teachers of the public schools to join a union. I favor Issue 2 because, if passed, I no longer need to pay “my fair share” to those unions which support candidates and issues that are contrary to my personal beliefs.

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teachkids Yesterday 03:39 PM

• As a public school teacher in Ohio, I must join the teachers’ unions or pay what they call my “fair share” of the dues if I choose not to join the unions. The difference between the full dues and the fair share is miniscule. I favor the passage of Issue 2 because I will no longer send my money to organizations which support issues and candidates that are contrary to my personal and religious beliefs.

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Patriotsharon Yesterday 04:27 PM

• We must understand that the taxpayers can no longer sustain the payouts in pensions and healthcare. We are all broke and need to level the playing field so it is fair to all. We love all of our public employees and appreciate the services they provide but unless we can control the escalating cost of these services we will be force to massive layoffs. PLEASE VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2 TO TURN OHIO AROUND!!!!!!

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cheech Yesterday 07:20 PM

• Living in Ohio also I do not share the optimism others from Ohio have expressed. Ohio voters are as ignorant of the facts behind issues as others around the country, more so I believe. SB5 will go down in flames and the voters won’t realize what they’ve done till the day of reckoning arrives and taxes will have to be raised to meet the growing demands of the Unions.

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NoHyphenJustAmerican Yesterday 10:25 PM

• I read the back and forth from the good citizens of Ohio. Tough situation. Looks like Gov. Kasich is about to be tested in his own “finest hour” to lead the good guys to victory. All over the USA we’re praying for you.

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squareknot Yesterday 10:39 PM

• I simply note that a mere observation that if Mr. Obama asks folks to pair their fair share” than I see no problem in unions doing what their “boss” requests of them (and others) ..pair their fair share under Issue 2.

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Sutzinger Yesterday 11:38 PM

• I live in Dayton, Ohio, home of the uber-lib Dayton Daily News, the only newspaper in town. Each day of this week, according to the front page story on Sunday, the DDN will use one union, ex. Monday Firefighters, Tuesday Policemen, Wednesday Teachers – you get the drift, to attack and thoroughly discredit SB5 (Issue 2). No alternative views will be printed. The Gestapo will not allow any dissension. If you read the paper and watched the horrific ads the unions are running, you would believe that if Issue 2 passes, we will have no fire fighters and all our houses will burn down.

In the editorial page on Sunday, a comment was made that certain union members ALREADY PAID the princely amount of 15% of their own health care. Neglected is the fact that the rest of the non-union world, should we be fortunate to be able to buy health insurance, pays at least 50% of the cost. So the union members, who pay 15%, ignore the fact that the remainder is paid by us the taxpayers.

I hate libs, I hate unions, I hate the DDNews. Pray for our state. No suggestion is made in any of the issues this…
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inthisdimension Yesterday 11:49 PM

• This isn’t hard. In about April, 2012, the House needs to pass legislation as follows: recognizing that Federalism precludes the passage of National Right-to-Work, the Feds simply rejects any Block Grants, highway or other infrastructure spending to all non-RTWStates. The States can do what they want, but Fed money won’t be coming your way. And, yeah, that includes the abolition of prevailing wage laws…

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Sandra45036 Today 02:27 PM

• A YES vote should be the choice of all people who favor freedom and the American way of life. The current mandates are unsustainable. The public sector worker’s unions spent millions of dollars of union member dues to guarantee the election of a democratic governor, senate and house so that in 1983 all of the union demands were put into the Ohio Revised Code. These union mandates are completely bankrupting the state. Eventually the state will run out of “other people’s money.” The unions seem to believe that they are entitled to receive everything they ask from us. If we object, then we must face the consequences of their wrath. It is one thing to go after adults, but when they use the children in the classroom they go too far. Few know that unions are not accountable for retaliation, intimidation and violence. Currently the Department of Labor and the Obama administration are proposing a regulatory change on newly classified “persuaders.” One study lists over 9,000 reported incidents of union violence.


The sum of what I read among those contributors is that most everyone agrees that Issue 2 is something that is necessary for the health of Ohio, but most are skeptical as to whether or not Ohioans can overcome the Public Union Empire to hold on to the law. The public unions clearly do have an empire that actually involves a large sector of the media. The discussions about the Dayton Daily News should come as no surprise. James M. Cox who was the founder of the Dayton Daily News, and was born in the same county (Butler) as I currently reside and was a major progressive who ran for President on the Democratic ticket and even supported Woodrow Wilson and FDR, so it is no surprise that publications under Cox support his politics, just as union members tend to vote in favor of their pay checks, even if their position is wrong.

Read more about James Cox here:

People like Cox, who would go on to become Governor of Ohio are the architects of this Public Union Empire, and yes, the media does not want to learn that their leader was wrong, just like members of the media have a hard time understanding that Walter Lippmann was out-of-his-mind wrong on many of the progressive ideas he advocated. Those media types carry much of the blame because they stood behind the expansion of public unions, and helped perpetuate the current crises.

But without question, regardless of how those in a public union feel about it, the state of Ohio cannot afford to carry the number of employees that it has who are making 43.4% more than everyone else with overall compensation, the math just doesn’t add up. The more government employees there are, the harder it gets to compensate them what they expect. The fault rests on all members of the Public Union Empire who advanced a progressive agenda without considering what would happen when the whole house of cards started to collapse. They never thought that far ahead to their peril.

That leaves those of us with reason to vote in November to keep a law that will allow us to manage the costs of this massive Empire. Of course the members of that Empire won’t be happy. They would like that Empire to continue forever. But it can’t.

The only question is when the Empire gets dismantled, do we get the opportunity to manage it or does it collapse under its own weight? If Ohio votes to keep Issue 2, then we can avert a major economic disaster this year, while there is still time to save the structure of the services we employee in those sectors. If we do not maintain Issue 2, and lose it to the Public Union Empire, then financial catastrophe is on the horizon for every single tax payer in Ohio, because it will either require massive layoffs of public sector jobs, or major tax increases. There isn’t any middle ground.

So what will it be? I can say for myself, I will vote YES, and regardless of the outcome, I will know that I did the right thing, even if it is hard to do.

For the answer to everything, CLICK THIS LINK:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Buffett Rule: The sad position of Barry Obama

What? The President said he’d veto any proposal that did not include tax increases……oh, I mean “revenue.” I thought this President was all about “compromise.” (Auh Oh, I better be careful. Someone might send this article to Attack Watch.)

The President of the United States continues to be a complete joke. He is maybe one of the most incompetent administrators I have seen in a long time. I believe he is WAY over his head in this job of President. I knew what the President was going to say before he even got up this morning, but the recklessness for which he says it is stunning. I’ve known for a long time in fact what the President would say, because Barry Obama is simply a puppet that speaks what his political party desires, and if you know who they are, you can predict what will come out of the president’s mouth. So as my new article on Issue 2 was published in American Thinker, which ironically is partly about how Obama is basically a spokesman for labor unions, part of my mind marveled at how convoluted this President continues to think. (See that American Thinker article here)

Doc Thompson of 700 WLW was interrupted by the President during his broadcast, and had some things to say about the merit of Barry’s little speech which will lead to what I’m about to say. Listen to that broadcast here.

People like Barry Obama, and many in his party and some from the Republican Party are not acting in our best interest. For many years there has been a plan to turn The United States Republic into something else.

Enter Norman Mattoon Thomas, who in 1944 made the statement you will see included in the fine little picture included here. Take a minute to read that before continuing.

Now, how about that? Are those the words of some conspiracy theory, Tea Party, radical? No, those are the words of a real person who along with an army of like-minded pacifists helped usher in the radicals 60’s movement with the aim of bringing Socialism to the United States. You can see in his own words the method by which he and his friends intended to do this, liberalism.

The key to me in listening to the President’s speech was why do I have to pay for all these social programs that are attached to liberalism, if I don’t support liberalism? Why should I support any liberal program, especially knowing that socialism has always been the goal? Why would I knowingly choose to fund my own country’s destruction by funding liberal policies? That doesn’t make any sense.

Much of what Barry Obama stated were “essential” programs that must be funded by my tax money are programs created under the umbrella of liberalism, or as shown by Mr. Thomas, “socialism.” So why do those programs deserve to be funded at all?

The President mentioned that some of that tax burden of which he wishes to fund using the wealth of the “rich,” would go to fund education. OK, so what does education entail? Is education making sure children learn to read, write, and do math, or is education actually liberal, (socialist) instruction? And is a teacher a mentor, or someone who is supposed to teach a child the basics? And is a teacher worth 40K a year, 50K per year, or 60K per year? If it is determined that a teacher are essential mentors and instructors of basic instruction and are worth 60K a year in salary, then how many teachers are performing at this level, all of them? Because currently we pay in taxes a value which assumes that every teacher is performing with spectacular results, the best of the best, even when we discover they are having sex with kids and other indiscretions during school hours. Not all teachers mind you, but some. (Here’s the trouble with taking teachers as a collective in assessing value. When they want to be paid well, they all stick together. But when one messes up and does something stupid, like the pedophile at Lakota, then the teachers act like he acted alone and they should not be judged because of him. So which is it? All for one and one for all………..or, judged by independent merit?)


In Ohio out of the 612 school districts they are collectively running at a $8 billion dollar deficit, 96% of which is compensation costs. According to President Obama, tax payers should just pay the money to close that deficit gap without asking why the gap exists or without having an intelligent discussion as to whether or not the compensation for those teachers is worth it, because I see an awful lot of children graduating from high school these days who aren’t very smart.

That small example could be greatly expanded to include Medicare, Social Security, The EPA, the entire Department of Education, and Homeland Security. In fact I could probably put down a whole book just on the wasteful programs built by liberalism, as a subtle march toward socialism, that simply cost too much money and don’t deserve my hard-earned money.

The President mentioned again that people “like him” should make a sacrifice, to dig deep into their pockets to pay their fair share of taxes. Well, no WE shouldn’t. First of all, Barry Obama became wealthy because of his public service. Without politics, Barry would still be organizing rallies in Chicago and smoking joints like a lot of his union brothers. He certainly wouldn’t be a millionaire, because he doesn’t make anything or manage anything that can produce a profit. Second, what is a “fair share?” Why is it fair to require me to fund programs I think are ridiculously foolish and are weakening our society, in my opinion? I have no intention of ever receiving a Social Security check, so why should I continue to pay? How is that fair, that some absentminded fool politician came up with some looting law for me to work extra hard to pay for, when if I kept the money, could have done something more productive? The tax to me is just legalized robbery. It’s going to groups I don’t believe in to fund philosophies I have no faith in, to support an agenda I find detrimental to the future of the country. So why do I have to pay again? How is it my obligation, because some incompetent manager like Barry decided I had to pay?

It’s easy for a looter to give away things; because they can just take away from “the rich” anytime they need to refill themselves. And that’s what all these tax increases are. If the wealthy were a minority group representing bloc voters, Barry Obama would never think of insulting the wealthy the way he does. He only does it because there aren’t that many wealthy people, so if they all vote against him in the next election, he could care less. He’s all about taking from those who have, and giving to those who don’t, and there are more people in the world that don’t. So it works out from his stand point, which is a premise of socialism.

Just like Mr. Thomas knew that people would never accept socialism at face value, so they changed the name to liberalism, progressivism, the enlightened philosopher kings of Plato’s Republic. But the reality of their mentality is socialism. Just like the reality of demanding more taxes is simply no different from a thief holding a victim at gun point to rob them of the contents of their wallet. It is purely relative as to whether or not the robber has a gun or a whole country with the IRS, CIA, ATTACK WATCH or any other weapon at their disposal. The intent is the same, and that is to loot those who have so those that want it can have it.

The reason Barry is so incompetent is that he can’t see that even if he took all the wealth the “rich” had, then what would happen then? When that money is gone what happens next? If Barry gets reelected President, what will happen two years from now when taxes won’t fix the problem and spending is still on an upward trend and the rich have simply moved to Hong Kong, or Singapore to hide from the long arm of the Government? What will that bamboozled president do then? Who will he rob then to take care of his own “special interests,” his voting bloc, his political contributors which move his mouth to make words come out? Who?????????????

He’ll do the same as the gambler who has lost his whole fortune in one night at the tables; he’ll roll the dice again, and again, as long as we let him. Just like the gambling addict, he will continue to sprinkle illusions at even himself because he is fully committed to the strategy of those who came before him, people like Mr. Thomas, even when there is no money to bet with any longer, and his credibility has long since left him, because the foundations of his beliefs were wrong to begin with, and everything he is, and hopes to be will require him to steal from someone else so that he could be something………….anything in the age-old tragedy the likes of which made Shakespeare seem so prophetic.

Look in Barry’s hand there if you doubt what I’ve said here and shown you.  To see what that book is about check it out at this link:

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior