The Fate of the 2nd Amendment is Not for Politicians to Decide: Mental health is a function of society and must be established by culture itself

Like a clock of utmost dependability, you could hear the political cries for more gun control after the terrible synagogue shooting in Pittsburg. Liberals and the politically disengaged point to all this gun violence such as the shooting that happened recently at a Kroger in Louisville, or the attack of the innocent at the Fifth Third on Fountain Square and declare that if only we had more gun control that all these problems would go away. Honestly, I’m getting pretty tired of explaining to people who gun control or any alteration of the 2nd Amendment is not on the table, by any member of the political class. I was further enraged recently while attending a debate between Jim Renacci and the very liberal Sherrod Brown at Miami University when the subject of gun control came up that the trend of the talking points was to examine what could be done to identify people of mental health and to determine whether or not they could have guns. My thought at that moment was who determines if someone is “mentally healthy,” the same people who tried to impeach President Trump just because he won the election in 2016, or the same people who have destroyed evidence before turning it over to the F.B.I. or even the same people who lied about international incidents and attempted to create false narratives to hide their own guilt? No, the government is there to represent us and the 2nd Amendment is there to keep politicians in line, they are not our rulers, they are our doers and they don’t decide who is mentally healthy and who isn’t.

A few years ago, there was a guy suing me and we were in court when the judge motioned against him for obvious reasons. This guy was hoping to get a lot of money and his lawyer had led him to believe that his case was easily a slam dunk so this fellow had overly optimistic ideas about his fortune that were torn away from him with the discharge of a judge’s gavel. Hope turned to despair and it could be said that the guy experienced a temporary moment of mental illness. When we were both out of the court room he and his attorney were waiting for me to get to my car and he jumped me in the parking lot and we had a fight. My thoughts at that moment was that I was going to have to kill that guy because he was desperate and I’d never get a good night’s sleep while he was alive. Fortunately for that guy the police were there to break it up and the violence was diminished quickly. If I had killed him out of self-defense I would have lost my rights to the 2nd Amendment, if even for a while as the courts sorted out the case, and that wouldn’t have been fair to me in the very least.

I figured that I needed to do something proactive rather than waiting for that guy to show up at my house wanting to fight again now that he had lost the opportunity to extract a lot of money out of me. My worry was that if the violence happened, as it seemed very clear that it would that I had to do everything possible to show that I had done everything legally possible to mitigate the possibility, so I went to the court to file a restraining order. During the hearing for that they declined the request because as they said to me, it would violate his Constitutional rights to carry a gun and put unnecessary restrictions on his freedom. They determined that our fight at the court-house wasn’t enough to violate his civil liberties. I was fine with their determination and I told them that if violence did erupt that I wanted it noted that I tried to mitigate it through the court system, which they of course honored. I thought the law handled itself well in that case, but it could have easily have gone bad, especially in a more liberal part of the country. Under the proposals created by liberals especially after every mass shooting, I could have lost my rights to own firearms and so could that guy. But the courts allowed cooler heads to prevail and nobody lost such a right and within a few weeks’ sanity was restored to my attacker and everyone lived somewhat happily ever after.

Now guns mean more to me than just personal protection, they are an actual lifestyle choice. They are very much a part of my everyday life, not in the manner of killing people, but for sport. My enjoyment of those recreational activities cannot be infringed by some panicky politician looking for more power every time a lunatic decides to kill a lot of people with a gun. The problem isn’t the gun, it is in the kind of society that produces so much mental health trouble. Mental health a lot of the times is like any other kind of health, it has to be maintained and when it isn’t people fly off the rails like that loser in Pittsburg who shot up that synagogue. Hate and intolerance can’t be nurtured to the point that they drive people insane, that is a responsibility issue. I often say, not joking, that being a Democrat is a form of mental illness. That is because to believe what they do about the benefits of liberalism there has to be some insanity at play because their thoughts are counter to the role of existence itself. By my interpretation should everyone Democrat be forbidden to carry a gun because I say all Democrats are insane? Of course not. And just because I beat the crap out of someone who attacks me in a parking garage who attacked me out of desperation, should I lose my rights to own guns over something I had no part in instigating but was forced to act? Of course not.

Politicians, not a single one of them, have a right to decide whether or not we own guns. The 2nd Amendment is bigger than our entire political system, and the court system that spawns off it. The 2nd Amendment is not to be infringed period. While its true that we live in a world where mental health is historically out of control and more violence is bound to happen as a result, gun control is not a means to controlling it. As a society we have to ride out this storm while focusing on ways to improve mental health going forward. I think that would start by opening doors for ladies again and being polite to fellow members of mankind just because you pass them here and there around town. Basic civility needs to be re-established and that will go a long way to preventing all the violence that is occurring these days. But the real answer to gun violence is to have more guns present not less, to have more people armed to deal with the point of assault quicker, not waiting for the police to arrive. The way to stop mass shootings is to have a good guy with a gun there to stop the threat in seconds, not minutes. It is actually insane to insist on any other method, and until we can all agree on that basic premise, we will take no steps forward in solving the problem.

Rich Hoffman

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Having “IT”: Controlling the properties of quantum entaglment in sports, politics and business

Probably the most valuable commodity in the existence of any human being is the discovery and utilization of “It.” We always talk about “it,” we are always on the lookout for “it.” Just about everything we do as people is about “it.” Yet with all that pursuit “it” is as elusive as a slippery fish captured in the high mountains of a cold morning when most people have been camping for a week and don’t quite have their wits about them, and they lose “it” in a moments notice. We have dedicated university study to “it,” we have lots of charts and statistical data to try to capture “it” by means of thought, but those who have “it” know that it has nothing to do with anything collective society can provide through groupthink, “it” is a result of personal investment and trust in personal ability honed through a lot of practice. Having “it” is the most powerful element a person can have, more so than all the gold in the world, because by having “it” it means that the world will be beating down your door looking for attention. I’ve witnessed two times in the past several weeks that people who have had “it” were at the top of their game and from outside, “it” was easy to see. The first time was when President Trump came to Lebanon to speak. The second was in the last half of the third quarter and the entire fourth quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Even though I am a Buc fan this article isn’t about football, but in the various mechanisms that humans find “it” and display “it” for use in the needs of life, and I’ll say up front that there is a science to “it” and it involves quantum entanglement.

I said it at halftime, the Buc’s coaching staff should have pulled the expensive quarterback Jameis Winston at half time. Watching the live game as opposed to what you see on television I could see by the body language of the other players that Winston had lost the team—he had lost “it” and people responded to him negatively. Winston had three interceptions in that game and the Bengals were winning at that point something to the effect of 34 to 16. As I said, I had been thinking a lot about “it” lately, some people have “it” and some don’t. When they do you can see “it” from across the room. In fact you can feel “it” the moment they enter a room. They don’t have to say anything, you can just tell. “it” has nothing to do with anything anybody can give you. In fact, it’s not about other people at all, it’s all about how you make other people feel that embodies the quantum entanglement that scientists can often measure at times such as mass prayers and large social events where something like an entire stadium of people are rooting for the same outcome—or are fearful of it.

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon which occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the others even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole. For instance, if a particle is measured with its spin in one part of the universe in one direction, it will have an effect in the opposite way on the other side of the universe ignoring any rules of relativity. Of course, humans, really everything is made up of particles so such a phenomenon greatly influences the behavior of everything, especially human life because as a species we tend to think about such things and record their interactions as opposed to a dog or a cat that might witness such things but not have any observed thoughts on the matter. One of the ways that humans interact with quantum entanglement is in the act of prayer, which has been scientifically studied by physicist to measure the activity of particles under such conditions of mass human concentration. The implicit belief is that when a large group of people pray, they are having an effect on particles on the other side of the universe or vice versa, they are asking something somewhere to spin particles in a positive way in the here and now even if that something is on the other side of the universe, or perhaps beyond it. That is why we can “feel” moments of elation in certain locations such as churches or places of great historical significance. The manipulation of particles can often reside even across the layers of time and space so the quantum entanglement is still being affected even when thousands of years have passed, the particles of that area may still be reacting to something that is happening elsewhere at a great distance.

For instance, Paul Brown Stadium was built to participate in sports activity which is ultimately concerned with quantum entanglements. As human beings we don’t quite understand why we are interested in these kinds of things, only that we are obsessed with the results, so we design sports as a way to capture, “it.” “It” being the positive manipulation of particles in the direction of our desires to influence the outcome of events we might be invested in. The momentum of the football game was heavily in the favor of the Cincinnati Bengals and the crowd in the stands was dancing happily with the result. Obviously, the players could feel it, and it was working great for the Bengals and the body language of the Buccaneers said they were feeling the weight of it. The game of Jameis Winston showed it. At the start of the season he had to endure a four-game suspension for grabbing the breast of a young woman. The Bucs started the season with backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and they had great success. By the time Winston came back the team did not respond well to him. When talking about “it” we must always talk about the unique qualities of leadership. Winston had lost the team during that suspension. He made too much money to sit on the sidelines so the Buc’s management put him in ahead of Fitzpatrick, but the rest of the team just couldn’t feel the magic of his leadership, and it really showed in the game against the Bengals when I was able to observe it live. The moment that the Buc’s pulled Winston from the game the body language changed completely with the Buc’s players, both on offense and defense and they nearly won the game. A last-minute field goal by the Bengals took away a miracle comeback but the observations of quantum entanglement within that stadium on that particular day in October in Cincinnati, Ohio was unquestionable. The game wasn’t a fight to put points on the board which is how human beings often measure success for failure, it was a fight over quantum entanglement. I would go so far to say that the entire invention of such games was to touch the effects of quantum entanglement and to uncover elements of “it” within our society in predictable circumstances—to evoke “it” under controlled thought experiments such as a screaming crowd between the game times of any given Sunday at 1 PM to 4 PM.

In Lebanon, Ohio I posed the suggestion to my daughter who attended the President Trump rally to thousands of people willing to stand in the cold and rain to hear him give the same speech over and over again that there was a lot more to Trump than anybody credited him with. People were showing up to this event to be in proximity to the positive quantum entanglement that the President has become a master of utilizing. If ever there was a person who had “it” it was President Trump. When he arrived, the place erupted into an intense greeting as if a rockstar had showed up. Trump purposely took the stage slowly making eye contact with as many people as possible and when he looked at you, you could feel the energy. We often accept such behavior in musical performances, but here was Donald Trump with just his voice, no instrument, no song to sing, just him to evoke in people such emotion. Trump understood the necessities of leadership and they were on full display and ultimately that was why Republicans suddenly were cool, because as the new leader of the party Trump was influencing the quantum entanglement of existence itself. A person can be said to have “it” when they can evoke such emotions in mass groups of people. Whether its President Trump or Ryan Fitzpatrick the nature of leadership is in having “it” and “it” is the ability to evoke the particles that interact with other people and influence them in ways that lead to success. That is done by either influencing them in the here or now or manipulating them on the far side of the universe, but when it is happening, that is when we say that someone has “it.”

I usually stick around at these big events and that was certainly the case at the Bengal game and the Trump rally. I watch people leave until there is nothing but empty seats. I do this because I like to track the influence of “it.” In Lebanon the venue that Trump had spoke in the meaning of the evening was gone the moment Trump and all the spectators had left the area. “It” was gone so it wasn’t the place that created the excitement. It was the people, the audience reacting to Trump who was able to evoke in them a quantum entanglement of particles that made them feel positive toward the outcome. I did the same at Paul Brown Stadium, I waited until everyone was gone and it was clear that “it” had left too. The circumstances of quantum entanglement were not evoked by the place itself, “it” came from the players on the field and the spectators that either rooted for or against their intentions on the field of play. The whole game was an artificial rendering of quantum entanglement meant to discover “it” within a framework of entertainment but for the very serious need that humans have to touch such greatness that truly is an element of the universe that has great power.

Of course, on a more serious note we deal with “it” every day, or in the cases of most people, the lack of “it.” Successful business people know how to utilize “it” at will. People scratching at success pray for “it” and sometimes by random happenstance they get “it” even if only for a short period of time. They might call it luck but I call it the successful manipulation in a positive manner the utilization of quantum entanglement. Whether it’s in successful business transaction, politics or sports, we can see “it” happening all the time. But controlling “It” is the obsession that we humans have with quantum entanglement and using the mysterious particles of the quantum realm to our advantage as tools of implementation.

Rich Hoffman

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The Liberal Dog Whistles: Evoking acts of terror in hopes of winning an election

Even if the narrative were real, and it may be regarding the violent actions of the former male stripper Cesar Sayoc who is now known as the Florida bomber, and the Pittsburg mass shooter of the Tree of Life Synagogue by the Trump hating Robert Brown that killed 11 people and injured many others, the facts we do know is that the F.B.I. and Democrats have teamed up before to manipulate elections, and that they could easily be doing the same thing now. These kinds of tragedies are always filled with feel good stories about great police work and attempts to build trust into the government safety nets that protect innocent people from these types of scary moments but let’s not forget who we are all of a sudden championing. The F.B.I. made their arrest of Cesar Sayoc based on a single fingerprint that they found on an envelope which is extremely easy to get from a target if you want to lift it for evidence. And without going over the edge with conspiracy theory, without question deep in their hearts the Democrats who have been threatening violence over the last two months, the same type of people targeted by Sayoc are screwballs on the edge of always falling off the cliff like Robert Brown who was such an anti-Semantic radical that it was obvious his hatred fueled most of his life. Yes there are a lot of people in the world like Brown and just ahead of an election where smaller government is certainly on the minds of voters, these warning shots come at a very suspicious time.

Looking at what we know about Cesar Sayoc he wasn’t just a Democrat as I had said when the bombings were first announced. His political affiliation was a bit more complicated, he was one of those Trump voters who came onto the scene late in the game and found refuge as a born-again activist under the #MAGA umbrella. Trump did bring many voters over from the nonpolitical ledger, or the former Democrats who were thinking of walking away for something better. Caser the stripper certainly wasn’t a lifelong Republican, he was a pretty desperate person who lived a messed up life and was looking for a home in the power of Trump’s optimism, to put it nicely. It’s probably possible that he needed to do something in life to be famous but without really harming anyone so he pulled off a political stunt that would put him on a map. However, such desperate souls are pretty easy to push over the edge if your business is in the manipulation of people who makes the timing of all this more than suspicious.

What Democrats need ahead of the midterms is for Trump to stop being Trump—they need him to stop talking. He’s very popular and the size of his rally crowds are truly terrifying to Democrats who are used to being the ones who can activate masses at events to look powerful. Only with Trump its more than just a look, behind everyone who shows up for these rallies are many more who quietly watch the news from their homes and are at least motivated to vote. The Democrats don’t have an answer for the Trump effect, so it is not unreasonable to assume that they have turned to the F.B.I. for help. After all, the F.B.I. very much wants to repair their reputation. Jeff Sessions likely really wants to keep his job as Attorney General, so a fingerprint on an envelope for prosecution will do in throwing a pizza delivery man in Cesar Sayoc into jail to give everyone someone to direct their tensions toward. The van of Cesar was covered in Trump rally propaganda so the optics of the arrest were certainly joyful to the CNN types who want to make the power of government great again, instead of America. We know what type of people are in these organizations because of the evidence of manipulation that we have seen in the Hillary Clinton email case, the Benghazi cover-up, and the attempt to stage a coup against President Trump once he was in office through a leak campaign directly to the press to build sentiment against him to the public. So our thoughts must go to the same type of operators who might take some loose evidence and give the American media a name of a Trump radical to quiet down the president down the stretch. By the time we learn more about Cesar Sayoc and hear from him of his intentions of course the election and their results will be over.

The Democrats, especially lately have been talking about “dog whistles” and how dangerous Trump’s statements are to the members of his massive rallies. That’s because dog whistle dialogue is very much how they operate, they hope constantly to inspire fringe people to act in nasty ways that back their voting blocs, such as within the black communities and gang thugs of big urban areas. And Robert Brown, the anti-Semite from Pittsburg was certainly one of their hopefuls who heard their cries for action. Democrats are always hoping that gun control will push them over the top in elections. I was surprised that Senator Sherrod Brown tried to make an issue of tight gun control in a debate with Jim Renacci at the Miami University campus a few days ago because the answer to all gun violence is just as Trump stated. There should have been concealed carry holders in that Pittsburg synagogue. It’s sad to have to say such a thing while the blood is still being cleaned up from that gruesome scene, but we need more guns to protect society, not less. The police did a good job of putting Brown down when they arrived, but the situation could have been resolved at the point of the trouble with more open gun laws. Yet Brown gave the Democrats something to talk about just days away from the election on one of their favorite talking points, more government and fewer guns. The Democrats message is trusting the government to protect society, society is not competent to care for itself which is always the message behind more gun control. Robert Brown as a neo Nazi type is on the side of Democrats as all such thinkers are from the political left, contrary to the way the media has told the story.

Robert Brown likely would have snapped at some point, his social media footprint indicated a violent eventuality. But deep in their hearts Democrats would have preferred the timing to come before the elections rather than after. That was clearly their hope when they put out the message to their followers to get into the faces of conservatives and to engage them in restaurants and on the streets outside their homes. A lunatic like Robert Brown hears that kind of talk from Democrats and feels more desperate because of Trump’s move of the embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing that as the capital of Israel and was motivated to act in a way that might put more anti-Israel Democrats in power to stop Trump. That is how the dog whistles work with Democrats. I actually had a chance to see that process up close at that same Sherrod Brown debate against Jim Renacci. Renacci had been publicly speaking about the Democrat Senator from Ohio’s domestic violence case and when Brown’s current wife arrived at the debate she received a standing ovation from the Democrats in the auditorium. Nobody told them to stand, or to make an issue of protecting the senator’s wife from the hostile realities of his violent past, but the Democrats in that audience felt they needed to do something to defend their strategic intentions, just as Robert Brown did when he attacked a gun free zone with the hate of his radicalism unleashed and empowered by the rantings of Maxine Waters. There are never fingerprints on sentiment, and Democrats have mastered the methods of delivering sleeper cells of terrorism through just words to their cult-like followers which is always a threat to any thriving republic to have such characters functioning within it. And the time for them to pull out every dirty trick is now, because with the projection of the midterms and early voting as they stand now, Democrats are going to lose more power come November 7th, not gain it.

The situation only appears complicated, which is also by design. Trump has been a fantastic president, few have reported the miraculous meeting that was led by Candace Owens at the White House of 400 black leaders who were wearing #MAGA hats and showing great support for President Trump that occurred on Friday. Instead only these stories of bomb makers and synagogue assassins made the news and that was all by design. Trump’s White House has done more to bring people together than any previous administration and that has ripped away the façade of the political left who have been trying to paint anti-Semites like Robert Brown as “alt-right” radicals when in reality they are quite tuned in to liberal dog whistles. And even desperate people like Cesar Sayoc have found hope in the Trump message and don’t want those dreams to perish under the current political atmosphere. Maybe he did mail part of a bomb to Democrat leaders, or maybe it was all just a set-up to get some news headlines ahead of an important election. But what we know is that the big government people don’t like Trump and they will do anything they have to do to keep him from winning majorities in the House and Senate, even if they have to blow those dog whistles that are so well-trained within Democrat influence.

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci Destroyed Sherrod Brown in the Final Debate of 2018: Sheree Paolello and Miami University helped make history

If the third and final debate between Jim Renacci and long time Senator Sherrod Brown were a fist fight the liberal would have found his face ripped off and the ring mopped with his blood by the Republican challenger for the election that is taking place on November 6th, 2018. It wasn’t even close, Jim Renacci was very good in that debate even at one point using his accounting skills on the stage to add up Brown’s lobby money to make a point about how the senator had become one of the biggest lobby recipients on the Hill. After watching all the debates, this one was clearly the best one as it was held on the campus of Miami University in their Hall Auditorium to a ruckus crowd that was divided down the middle with Brown supporters on one side, and Renacci supporters on the other. Sheree Paolello along with her Channel 5 partners did a fantastic job with the entire event, I was very impressed with her handling of the crowd and managing the clock. She let Renacci and Brown duke it out on stage without too much clock trouble while letting the audience lightly engage in the debate before commanding their sentiments playfully, but firmly from the stage and bringing everything to a close on time, on national television. I’m a bit of a sucker for competence and I go to a lot of these things, and this one was certainly one of the best run events that I had ever witnessed. Sheree deserves a lot of credit for her fine balance of professionalism and playfulness to really bring out on stage who the two men really were as candidates and that certainly worked to the favor of Jim Renacci.

The tickets for the event were split with Sherrod Brown supporters on the left side of the large room facing the stage and Renacci supporters on the right. There was an upper deck in the hall that had people there as well, and of course those are the type of liberals that activate and always show up at these events to make Democrats look like a larger sampling of society. But this time the Republican had a lot of people of their own. There were more people for Brown which wasn’t surprising for a campus event. Additionally, it was raining and there was a long line to get into the building through security, so for a Friday night to fill a large auditorium on a college campus in the pouring cold rain of a late October in 2018 I was very surprised to find myself surrounded with a very energized crowd for Jim Renacci. It looked to me that the Democrat radicals who obviously showed up to out shout conservatives as they could were shocked as well to find a resistance to their usual antics. At the end of the debate as I show in the video I posted on Twitter, that crowd was certainly different from similar events—the battle lines that ran through our national politics were certainly on full display.

But during the event itself Jim Renacci showed a large range of skills, everything from humor to satirical wit, he kept Sherrod Brown bouncing around on his heels all evening. Brown had a few good lines, but most of the debate he was forced to react to Renacci by attempting to use the same tired old liberal talking points about the environment, growing the economy from the inside out, and attacking banks. Renacci the former accountant and extremely successful businessman was just too much for Brown. It was really a battle between an achiever in Renacci and a Marxist theorist who has tried for three decades to make that vision into a reality and failed time and time again in Brown. The liberals following Brown clearly weren’t used to conservatives having such a good candidate in Renacci supported by such an aggressive crowd of supporters and backed by such a successful President Trump. Jim Renacci was handpicked for this job of incoming senator to give the White House more help on the Hill with the Trump agenda and that clearly exposed a new political wrinkle that Democrats just weren’t prepared for.

Of course, the topic of Brown’s domestic violence problems came up and Renacci handled it particularly well. Brown did what he has been doing to defer the issue by saying that Renacci should be ashamed of himself for even bringing it up. But it was a question from the moderator and Renacci had to answer the question accurately. It was after all Sherrod Brown who tried to keep Brett Kavanaugh out of the Supreme Court by picking the testimony of abuse articulated unsubstantiated by Dr. Ford recently who set a standard of conduct for which he couldn’t live up to. So it was a fair question and all Brown could do was say that various newspapers in the state of Ohio wanted Renacci to stop bringing up the issue. Well, liberal newspapers in the bag for Democrats don’t make the rules—they can decide to cover Republicans and Democrats differently, which they certainly do. If a Republican tried to get away with Sherrod Brown’s answer to the domestic violence question, they would have been ran off the stage, but the media is more than willing to give a free pass to Democrats every time. But Renacci kept the complicated matter on point and exposed the hypocrisy very well. By Sherrod Brown’s own rules that were thrown at Brett Kavanaugh just a few weeks ago, Brown must step down out of the race. His refusal to do so takes away all the merit of his argument against Kavanaugh, which isn’t surprising. Democrats like Sherrod Brown are used to saying one thing and doing another. They glue the whole thing together every time with emotions from their supporters who show up at these events and shout down the other side into shame, but not this time. This time the conservative had a rowdy crowd of their own and once the liberals started breaking the rules of the evening with their frequent outbursts, Renacci’s crowd started doing the same. Security had to move up into the room to threaten to remove provocateurs several times, and at the end things did get a little out of control from the audience perspective. Somehow Sheree Paolello kept the whole thing on the tracks and under those conditions Jim Renacci just shined. Brown obviously wasn’t prepared and lost the debate handedly.

It was a beautiful night to be out on the very nice campus of Miami University. I wish that truly colleges were places that they were intended to be, places of thought and discussion. After the debate the university put on a nice meet and greet out in the lobby which was designed to facilitate good discussion between everyone with some nice beverages and food offerings. It reminded me that colleges were intended to serve a positive function in society among thoughtful people, even though that has not been the reality. They have instead emerged as cesspools of liberalism, but on my way back to the car under the steady rain soaking my suit tight against my skin on a cold night, I felt like the national dialogue had advanced properly. It wasn’t just because my guy won the debate and that liberals were challenged for a change by members of the #MEGA movement, but it was the campus itself showing a turn for the better in these early years of a new century toward what should have always been. And that is truly what Making America Great Again is all about—and on that debate night Channel 5 and the University of Miami played their part in what will soon become history—and the world is better off for it.

Rich Hoffman

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What the Media Never Understood about the Tea Party Movement: Dirty tricks don’t work when you are smarter than they are


It’s still early but it looks like the suspected mail bomber arrested in Florida was Cesar Sayoc, a born again former Democrat who had found new life as a Trump supporter.  More details will come out and everything will make a lot more sense.  I was pretty fast in coming out with my thoughts on these bomb threats and the nature of the caravan in Mexico, and I stand by them.  Cesar Sayoc has a bad smell to him, there is a lot more to the story, I’m sure of it. I mean anyone with an intellect developed above the third grade sees what’s happening. They may not feel comfortable admitting it to themselves, because I think we all want to think that our fellow members of society are smarter than our suspicions, but the fact remains that in most cases our gut is correct. The media as an organism of liberalism was just too fast to blame Donald Trump over the bomb stories where someone mailed a bunch of fake bombs to well-known liberal activists. The obvious connection from the terrorist to the packages was just too obvious, CNN and many of the other liberal news outlets were much more concerned about what Donald Trump has said than in who sent the bombs. It was Chuck Todd at NBC that really blew the cover early in the process when audiences didn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about bombs mailed to a bunch of liberals, especially when it was obvious that they were fake, when he said that maybe the Russians were involved. That’s pretty much when any sane person turned off the television and just had to laugh. These people are idiots to think that anybody with a right mind might fall for this obvious hoax of election tampering. The bomb threat was just as I said it was, and later Rush Limbaugh along with others quickly joined the rising chorus, it was a liberal trick designed to evoke sympathy for Democrats and to rally their base. But like every other attempt by them, they had failed, it’s their last gasp at trying to do something to motive their voters ahead of the 2018 election, and it is falling flat.

Talk about election tampering, Democrats are doing anything they can to affect the election of 2018 whether it’s spurring on that sad caravan of immigrants heading for the southern American border walking over a 1000 miles in flip-flops and t-shirts for a chance at a better life. For those geographically challenged that’s like walking from Cincinnati, Ohio to Orlando, Florida. By the time many of the women, children and variety of desperate men arrive many will be very sick and in a seriously depleted condition. The focus on those poor people should be in helping their home countries become more like the United States since that is what all these illegal immigrants are hoping for. It’s not just in America’s national interest that those people have good homelands, but it is in the interests of those poor people to have American ideas spread into their governments so that the corruption and violence they are running from can improve their lives domestically. Not that the United States wants to be a bunch of interventionists, but if more people want to come to America to have a shot at the dreams of life in North America than it is only natural to promote those ideas to places hungry for the results, and that is happening under the Trump presidency, which is backfiring the vile strategists who are really behind the caravan. The goal from globalists was always to use communism and socialism to destroy economies and put them under state control and to use the desperation of fleeing people to overwhelm capitalist nations and to collapse those economies until the only method of getting out from under the chaos was to adopt socialism. That is the point of migrant immigrants and why these caravans are being sent to American borders, it’s an invasion hiding behind the innocence of people just wanting a better life. But the problem is why their lives were bad to begin with.

The Trump presidency is actually solving many of these problems and that has the leftist strategists in a panic because if they don’t win this election, Democrats are out of business so they are behaving just as a desperate political party would under the circumstances and it’s not hard to predict what they might do next. I mean just look at what they have done over the last two years of President Trump, they have attempted every dirty trick that was spelled out in the Saul Alinsky book Rules for Radicals. Many of us have been studying the books of the political left for years now, we know what to expect. When people want to associate the Tea Party movement with the terrorism of ANTIFA they couldn’t be more wrong. I was pretty heavy into the Tea Party activities of my community and still am when time permits, and I can say that what the Tea Party was all about was education. We used to meet and talk about books we read and we applied that knowledge to political activism. But the Tea Party was never ever about terrorism. Nobody I ever knew even at the national level ever talked about mailing bombs to anybody to incite fear into our rivals, and nobody ever talked about killing or hurting President Obama. We just wanted to get him out of office at the voting booth and our means of antagonism was books. The Tea Party movement was about getting smarter and Donald Trump very early on in the process designated himself as a candidate that could be trusted to help solve problems. Much of what we see today was started over a decade ago with the creation of the Tea Party movement and people learning about American history in ways that our public schools had stopped teaching, and the results are what we are seeing all around us today.

There is no amount of liberal activism that can stop that movement now because it is not led by Donald Trump—President Trump is the creation of the Tea Party movement and that is something that liberals never understood. There was never a leader of the Tea Party participants, it was an education-based movement that shared in common a love of learning. And as it evolved, those who had previously been guilty of trying to keep people stupid lost their power and influence over voters, so now that nothing has worked against Trump for over two years and the midterms are looking like a disaster for Democrats every dirty trick is being played by liberals, so their reaction is just too predictable. Including these fake bombs that were sent to try to tamper with the election of 2018. When the bomber is finally discovered it will be some Manchurian instigator for which the unspoken next step was taken gladly by the media as one last shot at stopping Trump from closing the deal to holding the House and Senate. CNN was all too happy to evacuate their building in New York and to give wall to wall coverage about how Donald Trump’s speeches were inciting violence among his base. Instead of reporting the truth that the Tea Party supporters of the last decade had made themselves aware of leftists’ tricks as Democrats attempted to gain power and stitch chaos into the fabric of American society. The liberalized media tried to tamper with the upcoming election with their old friend fear to give power to the hands of Democrats one last time. But everyone is on to the dirty tricks now and even casual observers of political theater know what to make of it, and they aren’t buying it. That has left a level of desperation that we’ve never seen in America before, and if you think its bad now, wait until the day after the election. That will be very interesting indeed.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Health Care Costs So Much: Most of the medical industry is a money making scam–but times are changing with technological improvements

It was good to hear that Jim Renacci who is running for U.S. Senate in Ohio said during a debate that he understood the health care problem in America. He provided an example of how the costs of eye surgery have come down in price over the years from many thousands of dollars to just a few hundred in a very short time, and honestly the same kind of cost reductions could be applied to all aspects of health maintenance in human beings. Young people are generally healthy and produce a lot of regenerative growth in their bodies while older people do not. The causes of this dilemma are of course levels of testosterone and estrogen in the bodies of people as they age, among other factors that inspire bone stability and cell replication. The future of medicine is in controlling those factors in people. But health care in general is an industry that is built on the misery of people, and a lot of the costs associations are not there to prevent people from getting sick, it is to keep them sick and to keep medical personnel employed. If you really strip away the cost of health care the Democrat approach is to give up long-term life for short-term employment. And we can never have a serious discussion about health care until we deal with this cost problem.

Like most things I have a very unusual approach to health care. I’ve always been a naturally healthy person, so I have been able to afford some scrutiny on the subject as a baseline of observation. To my experience doctors are drug dealers who want to put people on medication, and if given the opportunity, they will find something wrong with you so that they can write a prescription. That of course leads to the opioid crises, so there are further costs to this system of medical care that are terrible. To provide an example most people can relate to I’ll point you to your friendly neighborhood dentist, which Jim Renacci also used as an example during that same debate in Ohio. If you go to one dentist, they are likely to find 5 to 10 cavities in your teeth. If you go to another they may find none. So which is it? Generally, the dentist is financially incentivized to find something wrong with you because that’s how they make their money. And they want to keep you coming back every 6 months, so they can have a chance to continue finding things wrong with you. You seldom ever get the same opinion from two different members of the medical community, that is because there is a lot of scam built into the process meant to extract money from you. And like anything that involves budgets you cannot have a discussion of cost and how to pay for health care for people until we have an intelligent discussion about costs. And much of the cost of the medical industry is in useless treatment and overprescribing medication to people who really don’t need it, not to get better but to extend the catastrophic effects of the ailment. For instance, instead of dying from a disease in a few months the drugs extend that time to a decade or two. But the real focus should be in treating the disease and eliminating it, and that is not the case most of the time. That is why insurance costs are so high, because as people age insurance companies are guaranteed that a catastrophic cost to them will occur, so they have to leverage against that eventuality. But what if they didn’t have to worry about that eventuality?

Part of the way that the scam of medical treatment is sold to us is that doctors and their relationship to government have made themselves all-powerful in the realm of rules and regulations. I am an employer, and nothing makes me angrier than someone bringing me a doctor’s note telling me that they are on light duty or are going to be off work for some infinite amount of time because the doctor has taken over the management of my employee’s life. By doing that the doctor has taken over my operation and that isn’t permissible to me. The doctor doesn’t know what I need to accomplish with that employee so what right do they have to manage that person away from my influence? Of course the government backed by the Department of Labor feels entitled to tell employers that they will like being told what to do by doctors and the government in general or they can be run out of business and sued in court of all their assets. And in so many ways that is why the medical industry is so expensive, because they have no competition, they have the might of the federal government protecting their extortion racket and the cost of the loss of productivity from the workforce is forced on the business owner which then has to increase processes in other ways to cover their margins. But by the time that happens, the doctors and their staffs get paid, the government gets its cut through its various medical shakedowns such as Medicaid—which isn’t there to help people, it’s there to make sure their government employees get paid, and that much misery has been stretched out long enough to enrich the medical industry while the individual lives of the sick are ruined and their loved ones eventually have to grieve by their graves needlessly.

I have learned not to trust doctors, I have caught them in flat-out lies way too many times and needless surgeries. I’d rather take my chances on my own than turn over my health to people who just want to make money off a sickness they in most cases cause. The way to bring health care costs down is to eliminate the racket of the industry and the overpriced drugs that pharmaceutical companies want to sell you, and to get into the business of regenerative health. There isn’t a cell in our bodies that can’t be fixed and duplicated. There is no reason to degenerate as aging occurs. It is a process that real medicine can treat, while the fake medicine of the money-making charlatan and liberal politician wants to capitalize off of. I would say that 80% of the current medical industry is fake medicine designed to keep people sick and addicted while they use government power to back them into managing the lives of their patients in every way, even in the way they make money. As an employer the danger is that if you have a percentage of your workforce managed by doctors making them much less productive than your forecasts can absorb, you may go out of business, and some companies do because they can’t recover those costs.

Liberals have a very Soylent Green approach to health care, their idea which is wrapped up in the cost of the medical industry itself is to live well when you are young then when you get old, to offer yourself up to the system to mooch off of. Republicans are afraid to upset that apple cart because in a lot of cases they take money from the pharmaceutical industry also and don’t really understand the options available to patients and their treatments. Religion comes into play as well, we are born into a world that focuses on our eventual deaths, so nobody really considers a world where treatment of disease would be as common as eating at a fast food restaurant for pennies on the dollar instead of a lifelong fortune tossed away into the abyss of the medical industry. Additionally, especially liberals, they have turned earth worship into a cult in itself and as a collective entity, they don’t want to see humans living too long and not dying off overpopulating the planet. So those are the reasons that health care costs so much. But believe me, it’s very unnecessary. We could change it tomorrow, and I think the Trump administration is on the right path. So if you really care about the cost of health care, then give President Trump the tools he needs to reform it. There really isn’t anything to fear but the changes that are bound to come anyway.

Rich Hoffman

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It Was a Radical Democrat Who Mailed Those Bombs: How Kathy Wayenandt’s campaign in Ohio is tied to liberal terrorism nationwide

I’m going to go out on a limb here since it’s still early in the discovery process and proclaim that no Republican would have sent any “suspicious” packages to George Soros, Maxine Waters, the Clintons, or any of the other top Democrats that reported being the recipient of terrorist intentions. How do I know, because conservatives have no need. Conservatives are winning, so why would anybody even think of doing such a thing? The violence was instigated by a liberal, I am 100% sure. They are desperate for a way to rally their base because they are seeing the early voting numbers and energy ahead of the midterm election which I explained on Twitter.

Democrats are the kings and queens of dirty tricks and they will try anything and do anything to achieve their objectives. We are not in conspiracy theory territory here because their behavior is well recorded now, and we know that they have deep roots into the “Deep State.” The F.B.I. after all did try to conspire with Democrats to win the 2016 election so everything in the realm of dirty tricks is on the table. As I have said, I expect massive voter fraud in this midterm election, I expect attempts at violence from radical leftists’ groups. We can expect them to throw everything and the kitchen sink at trying to suppress Republican turnout which is also why I have been saying that conservative voters must show up with such force that no amount of dirty tricks will work, kind of like what happened in 2016.

This Democrat playbook is well-known now, there are no surprises from them. We knew the Kavanaugh events play by play, and they ended up fueling Republicans to the polls. In my home town of Butler County my kids went to vote early, and they were told that 500 to 1000 people every day were showing up at the early voting center to vote since it opened. In Butler County, those people aren’t voting for liberals. Republicans are energized in that same way all across the country and Democrats can see the writing on the wall. At the election center there were a lot of signs for the liberal Kathy Wayenandt that were put out by a few unionized labor volunteers to make it look like she has a campaign, but in reality, she is a good example of what is going on across the country.

I remember when Kathy Wayenandt was running the pro tax levy campaign for the local school district of Lakota. I was on the No Lakota Levy side and just a few days out from the election things were tight. It looked like the tax increase was going to go down for a fourth straight time. Now I don’t think Kathy had anything to do with it, but a note was found in the bathroom just a few days ahead of the election warning of a school shooting. Of course, when this levy was going on just as it is today, school shootings were on everyone’s mind and one of the themes of the levy was that the tax increase would be used for school security to hide the fact that it was only a money grab for teachers to get extraordinary raises—to pump money into the labor union. Well, Kathy and her radicals, the same people putting up signs everywhere recently for her run for the 52nd District against the great Republican George Lang won the election by just 1% out of thousands of voters, and the big push came from the media coverage of terrified parents worried about a school shooting. Of course, nothing ever came of the investigation because it was actually someone from the pro levy side that planted the note. That is what desperate people do when they see that things are going against them. They cheat, they lie, and they try to invoke fear.

That was just a local issue but on the grand scale of national politics the same thing is going on and some radical Democrat from their side decided to try to put Republicans on the defensive in the closing days of the election season. They hope to make sympathetic characters out of Holder, Waters, Clinton and Soros because they have been caught openly instigating violence against Republicans and Democrats have to change the narrative before they lose even more seats in the House and Senate. It is the last shot from a desperate party and likely it is a lone loser like that assassin who tried to kill Republicans at the baseball game not long ago. Remember that guy? Republicans are winning, they have no desire to do anything like this because they have Trump, a proper representative for their disenchantment and is poised to hold power well into the future. Conservatives are willing to wait in line for 24 hours to see Trump speak at a rally because he is their outlet to solving the problem. They are not motivated to mail a bunch of bombs to a bunch of Democrats who are on their way out of power—because there is no need.

I spoke yesterday at some length about the natural insanity of a typical Democrat. I even went out of my way to personally speak to Kathy Wayenandt after a recent debate and she swore to me that she wasn’t a Democrat, that she was a conservative with liberal social leanings. Well, that sounds like a mess to me, but I’ll take her word for it. As I said, Democrats have problems and they are prone to doing these kinds of things even against themselves if it evokes sympathy for their cause. I know a lot of Republicans at all levels of society and not a single one of them would go out of their way to mail a bomb to someone they didn’t like. Even with all the problems of the Obama administration and the height of the Tea Party movement no conservative came close to committing an act of terrorism—because it just doesn’t match the philosophy of being a Republican.

We are meant to think that there is some crazed branch of conservatism out there capable of doing something “terrorist” in nature and I’m saying that those elements of conservative philosophy do not exist. That doesn’t mean that conservatives will just take being pushed around either, but they don’t mail pipe bombs or commit terrorist activities. Even the faction that liberals call the “alt right” are not conservatives, the neo Nazis and KKK racists are just variations of liberalism within the Democratic party. They aren’t Republicans. They may call themselves that for the cameras, just like whoever mailed these bombs tried to make it look bad for conservatives by targeting high-profile Democrats, but their ambitions are always on the political left. Nazis, fascists and anarchists are all elements of the political left. Even though Antifa claim they are “antifascists” they are on the same side as the neo Nazi and the typical racist. Republicans are not in those groups. Tea Party members all through the last ten years educated themselves and voted accordingly, they didn’t shut down highways, harass politicians in restaurants, and try to exert force—even if they may have been justified in doing so. They voted, and they are in power, and they aren’t giving it up. And they certainly didn’t all of a sudden become terrorists. Only the Democrats know those methods and they are guilty of this one as well.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats Are a Form of Mental Illness: Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown are perfect examples

Richard Cordray is just as bad, all liberals are within the Democrat party, but Sherrod Brown during his debate with Jim Renacci over this past weekend epitomized the flawed nature of their party’s belief in economic theory. It was astonishing to hear one of the most liberal senators from the Hill describe his economic vision which mirrors that of the equally liberal Richard Cordray. Brown described this bizarre theory that you grow economic opportunity from the middle out, as in this insulting “middle class” that he keeps talking about. Doesn’t he realize how insulting that description is? Who wants in their life to just be a middle-class voter? Not many people, most people have dreams and hopes of being something better and the American capitalist system is designed to give them a chance, and even those who fall short add fuel to the economic engine that is the greatest that the world has ever produced. But this notion that government manages economies and deals fairness to everyone is just ridiculous. Yet you could see that Sherrod Brown believed that bit of insanity with everything he had in him. If you could sum up Sherrod Brown’s opinion of his challenger Jim Renacci it was that the Republican was an accomplished millionaire before he ever entered public office and as a liberal Brown can’t stand successful people. He hates them. The same could be said of the liberal hatred of Donald Trump, they hate him because he’s a self-made man who is part of the top 1%.

All the liberal talking points whether it be Medicaid expansion, higher taxes to pay for government healthcare, more money for unionized government schools, higher taxes for the climate change cult, no matter how much you go down the list of liberal beliefs is this bizarre notion that liberals like Sherrod Brown and Richard Cordray can be trusted managing the affairs of government when they have a hard time trusting people with their own freedom. And when people become wealthy it isn’t because of any form of self-initiation, it has to be because they cheated somewhere, because that’s all they understand about human nature. Democrats function from a mistrust in basic human nature because they know they can’t be trusted themselves.

Most Democrats, actually all that I’ve ever known, have some psychological problem and they seek the protection of group affiliations to hide their flaws from the world through collectivist notions. They cannot connect reality to their fantasies always looking for ways to fulfil action by collective association. If only everyone had government healthcare, then suddenly everything would work out and could be magically paid for. They have a natural distrust in private markets because to them everything has to be managed by a class of people, and those in the middle-class are perpetually inclined to need leaders to guide them through life because they can’t think for themselves. Therefor, how can a free market approach to healthcare be viable? Yet that is the only way to bring down the cost of healthcare, through competition and getting out of the making people sick business. Of course, the pharmaceutical lobby in Washington D.C. wants people like Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown to push for government healthcare because that would give them a guaranteed market for their drugs. What Renacci and Trump are talking about are actual open markets that drive down prices through competition, such as the corrective eye surgery example that Jim Renacci brought up during a debate with Sherrod Brown. A surgical procedure that used to cost many thousands of dollars now costs a few hundred because of the competition involved in that field of endeavor. The same approach could be taken regarding everything in healthcare. If you understand the science, there is no reason for bodies to break down. Aging can be turned off and ultimately people could become productive workers well into their hundreds. People don’t need to die in their 80s. Everything in a human body is fixable, including cancer. The entire healthcare debate is a fake emergency meant to solidify political power and keep people stuck in a middle-class for which Democrats have traditionally controlled through political mechanisms.

The reason is that Democrats do not trust people to make good decisions on their own, because the people who end up becoming liberal have problems of their own and can’t understand how a free market of anything could possibly work. They can’t trust themselves with money, the opposite sex, or matters of thought so how can they understand how a free market could determine winners and losers? If the government isn’t there to determine fairness, how can life be fair? That is the essence of their basic problem and it effects everything they do in life. And when they have to deal with someone like a Jim Renacci, a self-built person, they have only hatred in their dealings with them because the wealthy are functioning from a set of rules that the typical Democrat has no knowledge of.

And while the Democrats do have their wealthy contributors, you can understand them through the same method. Those types of people are Democrats either because they feel guilt about their wealth and don’t really understand why they have it while others don’t, or they know exactly why they have it and they don’t want any competitors, so they look to government to keep people from being rivals in their industries. Just because people are wealthy it doesn’t mean they understand economics, sometimes people just get lucky and are in the right place at the right time. But largely, people like Jim Renacci and Donald Trump became wealthy because they became better in a field over their rivals and to the liberal mind that is something that just isn’t natural. Nobody could possibly be better than anybody else because economies are grown from the middle out, instead of the top down.

Yet history is not on their side on this matter. Everything happens from the top down. Nothing occurs from the inside out, its not possible. Something has to always come from something. Something never comes from nothing. Sherrod Brown’s middle-class musings are pure fantasy, the workers do not make jobs, employers do. Someone makes something and the effect of that creation trickles down into the structure of society. Therefore, economies are grown always from the top down, never from the middle out. Never. Any economist that says otherwise is scamming you, even if they say such a thing from our most prestigious universities. Such a thought is pure fantasy and is not conducive to any kind of reality.

Yet here we are looking at grown men running for the Governor of Ohio and a long-time sitting Senator in Cordray and Brown who has the economic IQ of a four-year-old. I would say they were just stupid if it wasn’t a common theme of the people from their party believing the same things. So we have to accept that the problem is a brand of psychosis specific to the type of people who become Democrats. They are broken people fearful of their own shadows and who lack self-discipline in even basic matters, and they can only function in life if someone helps them. And most of us would look at such people and desire to help them, but we should not be obligated to putting them in power, so they can have influence over our lives. Just because they are broken people doesn’t mean the rest of us have to cripple ourselves to make them feel better. And that is ultimately what Richard Cordray and Sherrod Brown are asking of us in Ohio, to cripple our minds, our economy, and our happiness to allow them to feel equal to the rest of us. And to build up some “middle-class” that they can feel they rule over, just to make them feel useful. No, that’s not a wise thing to do, and we should stop doing it. If they need mental help, let’s talk about giving Democrats proper treatment for their mental limitations. But when it comes to the ballot box, we owe it to ourselves to vote those losers out of office—at the very least.

Rich Hoffman

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All You Need to Know About Illegal Immigration: Understanding the latest caravan story from Mexico

So right on target for the election of November 6th is a caravan of thousands of immigrants trying to make their way toward asylum at the North American border with Mexico. Their reasons for fleeing wherever they are coming from are due to the deplorable conditions of their homeland and we are supposed to make the judgment to allow them entry even if it is under an illegal status because America is a compassionate nation that welcomes all comers. Basically, it’s a political trap caused in every way possible by the liberal-minded. They caused the conditions that these poor people are running from, the gangs, the human traffickers and the drug culture that manufactures raw poison meant to destroy the mind of North Americans, then they organize them in the way that they know how to gather together in Honorius or Guatemala and travel north to seek asylum in America, and they know when to leave to make the most impact in the media. It’s all very well-coordinated by various members of the liberal left.

I interact with more people from different places in the world than anybody I’ve met in my adult life, and that is not because I’m living a sheltered existence. Quite the contrary, I talk to many more people on a weekly basis at all levels of our social order than most people would have the opportunity to otherwise. I have a very interesting life that involves many thousands of people each week, let’s just say that. And I happen to enjoy the company of people who come from other countries because they tend to be hard workers with deep commitments to their families. For all the talk about hiring American and buying American I have a different take on it that doesn’t fit a nice political campaign slogan. I completely support President Trump’s position on illegal immigration, but as a business man he understands the same problem and is attempting to fix it through his policies on the opioid crises, but when it comes to finding hard workers for a business endeavor, most of the time when you interview 100 people for a job, the people who came from somewhere besides an American city where they grew up in a one parent household and around drugs for all of their childhood, those people aren’t prepared for a job in the United States whereas the kid who worked hard to get into America and get their green cards and American citizenship statuses are, they are hungry for the American dream because they came from places where that dream was far from a reality, so they appreciate what an employer can do for them and the relationship is very good.

When I talk to people very smart on this matter they never seem to get the big picture. Very few people are ready to admit that their children, “The Millennials” are not intellectually prepared for the workplace. They have terrible work ethics that were taught to them by an American culture that took their freedoms for granted. They are used to video games to entertain them, fast food so that they don’t even have to prepare for how they get food on a daily basis because its cheap and easy to get in America. And there are so many social safety nets that they don’t even think about things like insurance, or getting sick because they know the government has their back no matter what they do so they live lives of no consequences, and that makes them douche–bags to deal with. When I get the opportunity to give a Millennial a chance, I do every time if I think they can pass the drug screening, but most of the time I am terribly let down by their behavior. Out of every ten that you try to give a chance to, 9 of them will wash out and make themselves non-employable. Not unemployable, but rather not able to be employed because of their bad work ethics. You could pay each of them a million dollars a year and they wouldn’t be worth .50 cents because they don’t have the intellectual tools to navigate today’s workforce. The cause of this is of course liberalism, too much government in too many people’s lives, from their education systems to the type of policies that made it so that mom could find new dads and the old dads had to pay child support while trying to pay for kids in two marriages none of which the children think much of the father. The net result is several generations now of sloppy minded young people who do drugs too much, sleep too long and have to go to the doctor for every little ache and pain. The value of hard work has been driven from these poor people and they are the products of American culture mired in liberalism.

Meanwhile the liberals haven’t had quite so long to destroy the people of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Even though socialism and communism have ruined the economies of people from many third world countries, the family structures of those regions are very intact. Sons love their mothers and at least the children see their fathers working hard to make basic livings. The quality of living is not good in Guatemala, there is no economy to speak of because socialist revolutions have destroyed all opportunity for outside investment leaving behind gangs and drug dealers to fill the economic power vacuum, the young people do not have in many cases power or internet connections for video games and there are no Taco Bells on every corner for them to acquire food easily without having to make plans on how to acquire it, which is a daily challenge in most third world countries. So those people coming from those places like to work, it makes them feel good to be able to get a job and do well for their families and I find I have a lot more in common with them than I do people who have grown up taking American culture for granted. So the argument over immigrant labor isn’t about low wages as much as it is about hiring people who still value the morality of hard work. To me American work is what I grew up with having both of my grandparents own farms, they worked hard and I learned my work ethic from them, and I find I have a lot in common with a young person from the other side of the world who was taught by their mom and dad to work hard for the things they want in life even if their wildest fantasy is having a car that they can drive to that Taco Bell to get food for lunch at.

But you can’t have open borders, you can’t just let these people roam into your country turning it into a third world country, borders have value and having a way to restrict that immigration keeps the value high for those who do the hard work to get into America as a worker. Maintaining a strong border makes the value of an American job something worth fighting for, for everyone—especially the immigrant. George Soros is dreadfully wrong in his open border view of the world. And so is Paul Ryan and is desire to make the Koch brothers happy with what they call cheap labor. As I said, the situation is much more complicated than that, but even conservatives have a hard time explaining why immigrant labor is better often than what domestic labor offers. Part of making America great again is in making American workers like work again. Any hard-working culture can be said to be a successful one, and America has to relearn some of its past traits that made America great in the first place. Right now there are too many Americans that are lazy, stupid, and overly dependent on government. And that is by choice, not demand.

But ultimately when American “imperialism” is cited as a reason to be mad at American troops or policies in far-flung regions it should be viewed that America is protecting its borders so that caravans like the one presently flowing across Mexico aren’t motivated to risk everything for a potential life in America. They should have it in their home countries. If a place like El Salvador is creating problems for families to have productive lives in, then America has a moral obligation to protect its own borders to help those people have what America has so that they don’t have to make such dangerous journeys, and that is to promote capitalism in those places so that proper economies can flourish. It’s not an accident that such impoverished areas are created in the first place, we understand what makes them—its liberalism, whether the problem is in Syria, or in Central America, it is in the lack of opportunity and the dangerous conditions of their home governments that propel illegal immigration which eventually becomes an American problem as they try to flock into our borders to have what we do, freedom and opportunity. That is why the caravan traveling now must be stopped at the American border and those people sent back. But that is also why it is America’s business to promote capitalism in the regions these people are trying to escape from. The villain in the entire matter is liberalism, the same liberalism taught in modern American colleges and public schools that has destroyed the American work force. Lucky for us in a largely decentralized society, the people have been destroyed but the economic engine left running, so America is not a poor country like the ones in Central America. But to solve the problem on both sides of the issue liberalism has to be abandoned and capitalism used to fix everything. That is the only solution available and until it is, these contentious border crossings will be a problem.

Rich Hoffman

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Sherrod Brown Has Serious Problems: Between the domestic abuse and sexual assults the Senate must take a postition against him

For the second straight week Jim Renacci has the extremely liberal Sherrod Brown on the ropes after the debate Saturday night in Ohio for the senate seat held currently by Democrats. That is because Renacci hasn’t been afraid to go to the places Sherrod Brown has been wanting to cover up for three decades in politics, a history of domestic violence and unwanted sexual advancements against women which has come forward since the last debate where the topic was brought up. Brown has been wanting to stay quiet and to stay on Trump’s coattails but Renacci isn’t playing that way much to the Democrat senators’ consternation. The liberal media isn’t happy about it either, because they want Sherrod Brown to keep his seat, and so does the rest of the Democrat party. But it was only a few weeks ago that the very same Sherrod Brown was in the senate voting against Brett Kavanaugh saying that he was unqualified due to the accusations women had against him, but yet when those same accusations have been leveled at him from Renacci, all of a sudden, we are supposed to function from different rules. I don’t think so, you can’t have it both ways.

Sherrod Brown was so frustrated after the second debate that he left without speaking to the press yet again. Before the debate there was a lot of arguing between the campaign managers about where the family of Brown would be sitting, because obviously this talk about sexual misconduct is taking a toll on them. But how does Senator Brown think Brett Kavanaugh’s family felt? Then Brown made the really stupid statement trying to rationalize that Jim Renacci was only bringing these things up because he is a desperate candidate behind in the polls. Well, I wouldn’t count on that, I think Jim Renacci is doing far better in the polls than anybody is willing to admit, especially USA Today and their Gannett publications around the country. But I’m confused, USA Today was one of the leading newspapers in the country saying that Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t qualified to even be a Supreme Court Justice because of the mere allegations of sexual assault. Sherrod Brown has a proven history of domestic abuse, isn’t he equally disqualified if not more so because of the court document proof?

Of course, we all know there is a double standard, but there shouldn’t be. Jim Renacci is squeaky clean and can afford to throw stones in glass houses, and isn’t that what we want? Forget about politics, if a candidate like Jim Renacci can afford to open that can or worms against Sherrod Brown doesn’t that say something very positive about the Republican challenger? Of course, on the issues Brown has been a three-term senator and has a long track record in as one of the most progressive members on the Hill. Renacci himself has a long history as a successful person as a private businessman and a congressman. So both men are accomplished from the perspective of their various political parties. On the subject of issues, people have options in this election between two visions. But it was the Democrats and the very liberal press that brought up this standard of sexual history among candidates. All Renacci did during the debate was ask for a criterion of qualification, for which is a strength of his, so why not use it. If you’ve been a good guy all your life and treated women well, why not use that as a case for why he should be the next senator? Especially when it was Sherrod Brown and his team of liberal senators who set the criteria for which they can’t live up to themselves.

Sherrod Brown represents exactly what is wrong with liberalism, both times in these debates Brown has lectured Renacci about how ashamed of himself he should be for bringing up the domestic abuse case. But what were we told when Brett Kavanaugh tried to inflict shame on his accusers, we were told that the judge lacked the “temperament” to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Only a liberal who is guilty of committing vile acts against women would have the audacity to lecture an accuser because they count on the media to be their protectors from justice. Yet Renacci has every right to bring up the issue because the Democrats largely led by Brown himself established the criteria of judgment. It could easily be determined that Brown himself does not have the temperament to be in the senate confirming future Trump nominees due to his own history of domestic violence and sexual abuse of women. In these modern times of new definitions of everything we are demanding out of our politicians an even higher degree of scrutiny. And between the two candidates, Renacci can pass that test, Brown cannot. Why should Renacci be ashamed of himself? He’s the one with the clean record.

Of course, Brown would love to keep the election on issues, we all know that the numbers game works on behalf of the incumbent, which is Brown in this case. But in the modern context of how we pick candidates these days, we have to have elected officials who can stand the scrutiny of modern office and by Sherrod Brown’s own standards, he has disqualified himself not only with a well-documented history of domestic violence, but with further allegations by several women of sexual abuse. Brown is very vulnerable to the modern interpretations of sexual abuse and Renacci has every right to bring it up. That is the point of the debates after all, for each candidate to distinguish themselves to voters, the 5 to 8% of voters who are up for grabs outside of the party system. Democrats will vote for Brown, Republicans will vote for Renacci, but it’s those independents that they are both fighting for and among them they have to understand what makes each candidate different. Policy making won’t do it for them. But understanding who is cleaner than the other is, and Renacci has the clear advantage in that regard.

I’m personally really looking forward to the third and final debate between Renacci and Brown at Miami University this upcoming Friday October 26th, 2018. At this point I’m wondering if Brown will even show up. Every time they have a debate his performance gets worse and worse and the media has to acknowledge even reluctantly that Brown has major problems. The Democrats themselves have big trouble because they should take a position against Brown, but they can’t afford to. The Blue Wave that Chuck Schumer was hoping for is turning out to be a mere ripple in a kiddie pool. They aren’t going to pick up seats in the senate, likely they are going to lose them, so they can’t afford to take a moral position against Brown, which will come back to haunt them. Jim Renacci is showing exactly why he should win that seat, because he CAN afford to throw the stones in the glass house. If Democrats had dirt on Jim Renacci, they would have used them by now, so all they can do is hope that the media continues to ignore the domestic abuse story. But the closer we get to the election, the more relevant it becomes. And the more pressure there is for Sherrod Brown to resign, not just to fight to keep his seat. The issue is a hot button topic and its picking up in intensity, as it very well should.

Rich Hoffman

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