Standing and Fighting: Big name Republicans gather at Premier Shooting to draw battlelines for the upcoming midterms

The Premier Shooting and Training facility in West Chester, Ohio has since its inception been a very special place. I can never think of a bad time in visiting it, which I often do. It has essentially become the Second Amendment center of Southern Ohio. And to deserve that kind of credit they have to be more than just a target range, which is fundamentally what they are. They are one of the best indoor ranges out there for the sport of shooting. Yet they are more than that by a lot, education is what most comes to my mind when I think of Premier Shooting.

They are deeply committed to teaching self-defense to the residents of West Chester and the surrounding area, and they aren’t shy about it. And what’s inside the shooting range is only part of the Premier complex, outside they have a very large fishing lake and a lot of outdoor seating that allowed them to host a very unusual event in dedication to the Second Amendment on Friday, September 28, 2018. And for that event a lot of big-name politicians gathered to allow the public to get to know them better and show their dedication to the Second Amendment in very bold ways as shown in the videos below. It was unusual to have even federal representatives fly in from Washington D.C. at great expense to themselves to be at this remarkable event. Jim Renacci and Warren Davidson for instance were there under a setting sun fresh off the Kavanaugh hearings in Washington just hours before. But Columbus representatives like Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy, George Lang, Keith Faber, John Husted, Ken Blackwell, along with local representatives like Sheriff Jones, Mark Welsh and Ann Becker were gathered as well in a remarkable gathering that wasn’t a Republican fundraiser or political rally for thousands of spectators, but just a lot of concerned people coming together for a common cause.

The biggest problem that Republicans have is that they are generally good people just trying to live their lives. There are different degrees of Republicans of course, some of more libertarian while others are more strict traditionalists, but in essence, they are people who want to live in peace and be left alone from the conflicts of the world. Presently with Donald Trump in the White House, many Republicans feel that they can step away from politics and live their lives while many of the people gathered at the Premier shooting Center event under a setting sun manage the business of running the country for them. But as we have all seen with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, that isn’t enough.

There are always people out there who don’t like that we are living our lives free of their influence and they will seek to impose themselves on us. In its most basic description, Republicans are good people who want to be left alone, where Democrats want to stick their noses in everyone’s business for the task of making everyone part of their illicit schemes. And what really prevents Democrats from achieving their aims is the threat of force that comes from the Second Amendment. While the First Amendment protects political speech and gives an option to those who do not want to be a part of Democratic impositions, the Second Amendment tells individuals that they do not have to worry about any threats of force upon their individual existence.

Over a hundred years, before the advent of Progressivism which spread from Europe and embedded itself in the Democratic Party, and in some cases the Republicans, events like this gathering at Premier Shooting were commonplace. Key politicians would interact with the public in this way without Secret Service agents and armed security everywhere. This event stripped away all those barriers and allowed people to just talk to each other as concerned citizens joined by their foundation beliefs in American ideas. Steve Chabot and I had a nice talk in the foyer of the complex as he was leaving for the night and talked about football a bit. The titles we all have in life were stripped away for a few hours and we all just enjoyed rallying behind ideas we could all agree with for the cause of continued liberty.

BBQ2GO had a vendor truck parked by the lake along with other food suppliers making the gathering place outside a very comfortable experience. There was food, fire pits and a lot of cigar smoke as we all contemplated together the necessity to keep a fighting spirit going into this upcoming midterm election. That was in essence why so many big-name representatives were present, because the typical cycle is that the previous political party in power loses their edge and don’t have very high voter turnout in the next elections once they win the presidency or hold the House and Senate at the federal level. President Trump makes it even more of a risk because he has such a big voice that people who don’t like to fight so much are happy to get behind, but are not inspired to act for themselves, which was required for the midterms. Democrats were energized to work together because they want to take something from us. Republicans already have it, so they usually don’t act until someone like a Barack Obama is elected.

As the gathering at Premier was forming early in the night I was watching the Kavanaugh hearings in the VIP lounge when the Trump administration announced that it would launch an F.B.I. investigation into the allegations leveled at Brett Kavanaugh just to appease the Democrats. Of course, the strategy is to take away any leverage they might have in the future, but the risk is that their radicalism would have another week to torpedo the nomination process. Democrats have shown that they will do just about anything to stop the vote for Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court so there is always danger even if people are just minding their own business in living their lives without trying to impose themselves on others.

Democrats are always looking to attach themselves to other people so as long as they exist, there is always a threat and Republicans need to understand that. It was good to be at an event like this one at Premier where everyone understood what was at stake. Republicans were certainly in the driver’s seat. History did not have to repeat itself. Voter turnout for Republicans did not have to be surpassed by encroaching Democrats. There was a chance to gain seats not lose them, but people needed to get out there and fight, which was the key terminology of the evening. Complacency wasn’t going to work, people needed to know that the necessity for fighting never went away, even in times of peace, and that was why all these personalities had gathered in the same place to defend the Second Amendment. Without the Second Amendment, everything philosophically fell apart in America, and we just can’t have that.

I thought it was a great evening and I give a lot of credit to the operators at Premier Shooting and Training for the really hard work of organizing such an event. And Sean Maloney did a really fabulous job with everything from getting everyone where they needed to go to arranging some of the speeches and keeping the pace of the night moving forward so that there wasn’t ever any stagnant standing around. There were several representatives from the NRA there as well, one of them was Sean and they really elevated the entire event. But as nice as everything was, the undercurrent of the necessity to stand and fight was certainly there. While the gathering was friendly, the beer was cold, the barbecue was delicious, and the Friday night setting sun under a late September sky was absolutely stunning, the grim reality that out there in that big world was a fight for our lives was certainly present.

While the people there both in the public arena and those who work in special ops within the seams of society were enjoying themselves, the realities of the greater fight were quite evident. And that fight is just getting started. Just because we have something today doesn’t mean we’ll have it tomorrow. Trump may be in the White House, but we have to defend it. We can’t just show up for one election and hope its fixed forever. There is a lot more fighting that needs to be done and for all of us the upcoming election day is the minimum—everyone needs to get out there and vote.

But for some of us, many who were at that event, a lot more is required. Fighting is a necessity so long as evil people function in the world, and in this case, evil is defined by others who seek to impose upon individuals their collective manifestations of insanity and rebellion. And that cannot be tolerated. Just look at what they are trying to do to Brett Kavanaugh and what they have been doing to Donald Trump. And if they can do it to you dear reader, they surely will.

Rich Hoffman

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Aunt Gayle and Dr. Ford: Trying to change a century of social rules to justify a power grab

I knew right away who Dr Ford reminded me of in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings on Capitol Hill ahead of the vote to confirm the next Supreme Court Justice. She was Aunt Gayle from Bob’s Burgers, the cartoon series character who loves to paint the butts of animals in her portraits. And I don’t mean to pick on her but her lawyers essentially pushed her into the national spotlight to make a big deal about some antics at a house party 36 years ago and they thought her a credible witness only because she was a woman. Talk about discrimination. However, Dr. Ford may have been a very smart lady, but she’s a bit loony and that made the whole event even more of a circus than it already had been. That poor girl had no business being thrown onto a national stage. And none of us had any business talking about some teenage antics from so long ago. If those are the conditions we are going to measure people by, then nobody will ever be qualified for anything, ever.

This is another area where I feel I can provide a unique perspective. I learned very early in my teenage years that girls weren’t really interested in dating guys who were not “hot” and part of the “party” scene. As a teenager I never drank, smoked, or did drugs so I had to learn to pretend to drink to get girls to want to talk—because if you didn’t drink, they wouldn’t even talk to you. Everyone seems to forget that Dr. Ford didn’t get dragged into that party she was talking about, she was there willingly. She was a young girl looking for action like most young people do. She put herself in those situational elements. Anyway, I can report quite proudly that I developed a reputation as being one of the most rebellious young people in that particular time of my life and I had to be, to make up for my stance against substance abuse. I can say that I have never said in my entire life that I was drunk and I certainly can say that I have never drank and lost consciousness. My thinking was always to prove that no matter what I always had control of my mind so I would go to these parties to pick up girls and I’d see really terrible things as a completely conscious person. I saw a lot of young girls in the 80s like Dr. Ford was, who tried to overcome their shyness by drinking heavily and throwing themselves at any boy at the party and if something went wrong, blaming it on their loss of consciousness. This wasn’t something that happened just to Dr Ford, it happened to virtually everyone—because that behavior was pushed onto young people by just about every influence they were exposed to.

I saw lots of girls whom I thought were very nice girls in school passed out drunk and naked in the middle of a floor where people would step over them while trying to get from one place to another. It would be weird to see them at their lockers in school on Monday all dressed up to look like nice girls again after everyone in the school just about had seen them naked and so drunk that they couldn’t even speak. I always felt sorry for those people because they would have to live with that shame the rest of their lives and they would lose their moral authority with their children years later, and the cost of that behavior was always unnecessarily enormous. Yet they did it weekend after weekend for a period of time in their teenage years in spite of any warnings. It was obvious to me Dr. Ford was one of those girls who put herself in a bad spot and regretted it later.

I didn’t like that culture then and looking back on it I still don’t like it. And when my own children went through that age I was able to tell them what I thought about it because I never embraced it as a youth myself. But as I listened to Democratic senators pick through Judge Kavanaugh’s year book trying to portray the Supreme Court nominee as a “party animal” I was wondering what they thought their objective was. Brett Kavanaugh was obviously a popular kid, he was a football player and an academic achiever, and to be popular in those categories you had to embrace the culture of those activities, which meant you had to be a partier, or nobody would respect you. I watched lots of very good kids struggle with this expectation. I new a lot of geeky guys who were just like Brett Kavanaugh who would go to these parties and drink themselves sick. Once they did everyone would be nice to them in the halls of the school because they had shown themselves to be partiers and that was a criterion imposed on students at that age. I was never that kind of kid. To earn the respect of my peers without being a partier I had to do other things that nobody else was willing to do which got me into a lot more trouble. But if you wanted to date hot girls and if you weren’t a drinker or drug user you had to do something to get their attention. For me it was fighting and driving really, really fast—doing things that nobody else had the guts to do drunk or sober. Nobody was interested in dating choir boys so if there is a villain that came out of the Kavanaugh hearings it was the social expectations that created that situation for both Kavanaugh and Ford.

I never dreamed that Democrats out of all people would attempt to take a moral stand on such an issue because it is usually them who are the guiltiest. It was the most outrageous exhibition of feigned moral outrage that I’ve ever seen, and it is unbelievable that it was broadcast on a national stage as if any of it were relevant. Obviously, Dr Ford was a little loony, she loved South Pacific island vacations, but she doesn’t like to fly. She is obviously highly intelligent, yet oddly a slave to conformity. She’s a lot of bizarre contrasts that reminded me of Linda’s strange sister in Bob’s Burgers. There are a lot of quirky people out there who have been shaped by a lifetime of decisions, most of them bad. And as adults they are filled with regrets that they never really get over. But they also aren’t thrown on the national stage like Dr. Ford was to attempt to make something that just about every teenager endures because of the cultural pressure to behave in that direction. I always hated that culture, and I still do today, and that gives me the right now to talk about it as a removed critic, free of appraisal. I once knew a very nice and pretty girl who was one of the most popular in our school. She was squeaky clean and dated all the top football players, and they did so because they all wanted to be the first to “pop her cherry” as they used to say. When she didn’t give it up they’d break up with her and move on to a girl who would and she’d start dating another football player and that cycle went on all through high school. She invited me to a party at Miami University a year after we graduated so of course I stopped by her sorority to see her. I had heard that she had gone wild in her freshman year of college and boy was that an understatement. When I arrived she had already passed out drunk. She didn’t even know I was there. She had been stripped naked, her clothes were no place to be found and she wasn’t the only one. I felt so bad for her because she held out to be the good girl all through high school and just one year into college she had turned into this. But the pressure was great on young women and men to do these types of things. For her it was hard being one of the most popular girls in school then being thrown into college where popularity suddenly didn’t matter. If you wanted to be poplar in the same way there, you had to put out and be a party girl, and unfortunately, she surrendered herself to that pressure. Of course, I left the party and went to Gold Star Chili to grab a few conies before heading back home. I actually liked that girl but she looked disgusting. She had thrown up on herself, was covered in spit and semen. I would never see her the same way again. People reading this in the wake of the #METOO movement might say, “why didn’t you call the police?” Well, because most women drinking that night on campus were doing the same thing. I had gone to that party with another popular girl whom I was looking for which is why I was at Gold Star, because that was our meetup spot. She never showed up so I went looking for her after a few hours. Guess where she was, she was giving a blow job to some loser drunk off his ass and likely not even knowing she was doing it behind the building of Gold Star in front of everyone walking by. To them it was just another night on the town at Miami University. I left her there and never spoke to her again—either of those girls.

It was painful to watch Judge Kavanaugh sit through that testimony. After all he had done all his life the things that society said he was supposed to do, including going to parties. And now he was being raked over the coals for being exactly that person for which schools were so inclined to create. He was the best of the best and now he was being criticized for it under a world that was trying to change the rules in a new age to redefine behavior to fit political necessity. But it didn’t fly. Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh were both victims of a society that said a compromised person was the way to popularity, and now they were both middle-agers who were put on the national stage to indicate that the rules they had lived by their entire lives had changed. And obviously for Dr. Ford, it had turned her into a bit of a crazy person as her values and those of society had taken her down a strange path in life that left a girlish optimism soaked with disappointments cast upon her by the rules of her times. And that left her more of an Aunt Gayle from Bob’s Burgers as opposed to a Mary Poppins or some other admired character. That is exactly how such people become such neurotic characters, they follow the rules then the rules change depending on politics leaving them soaked with guilt and really nowhere else to go with the feelings but to vacation in Hawaii and watch sunsets of years gone by when in their youth they had integrity and values, only to surrender those to the pressure of societal acceptance. Then when the rules change due to some future interpretation, they are left empty husks unwanted and unloved. That’s what makes the cartoon character of Aunt Gayle so funny, we all know one. But its also a sad commentary on why its so funny, because there is an uncomfortable truth to the guilt of social expectation that destroys such people before any of their childhood hopes can ever be realized.

Rich Hoffman

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The Great Debate for the Ohio 52nd House Seat: Winning, losing, and the game of politics

Killing the opposition with kindness is a viable political strategy and it was used by Kathy Wyenandt when she helped get the Lakota levy of 2013 passed, which increased property taxes dramatically in Liberty and West Chester Townships in Butler County Ohio–part of what is the 52nd District for which she is now running against George Lang for that House seat. Back then I advised against it but in the three previous levy attempts for which I directly ran, the no voters won. But a large part of the business community that was with me on trying to fight high taxes wanted to get along with the people on the pro levy side for which Kathy Wyenandt had been tasked to get passed after a fourth attempt. If everyone had listened to me, the levy would have been defeated, but to Kathy’s credit, she changed the behavior of her opposition and she managed to squeak out a 1% margin of victory, which was just enough to give Lakota teachers the big pay increase they had been looking for pushing their average pay well up and over $75K per year. And she was back to that same strategy in her debate with George Lang which was held at the Miami University Learning Center at the VOA Park on Tuesday the 25th of 2018. What follows is video coverage of that debate for voters to use to make their decisions.

As I have said before, I’m a George Lang supporter. Needless to say I think George is the far better candidate for the 52nd House Seat which he currently holds. I could caution him about playing nice with Kathy Wyenandt because it only helps her. But given the way this debate went, I don’t think he has anything to worry about. Essentially the best case Wyenandt made for herself during the debate was to say “I helped pass the 2013 levy at Lakota which cost property owners a lot of money in increased taxes and I want to go to Columbus to help fix it.” When it comes to all the other issues that go on in the 52nd District she wasn’t very interested. Clearly her passion was education. But on all other matters she wasn’t up to speed. So George’s seat is not in jeopardy. He still needs to campaign and do the work because Kathy is a competitor. But she just isn’t ready for a seat like the 52nd in Columbus.

But I did find that I liked Kathy Wyenandt. She knows that her personality is one of her best assets and after speaking with her after the debate for a good bit of time it was clear to me that she wasn’t a hole in her head Democrat. She is someone I could work with and maybe when this whole thing is over maybe we can tackle that school funding issue in Columbus on behalf of all of Ohio. I recently had a nice talk with Jenni Logan the treasurer at Lakota, and at this debate had similar good talks with Linda O’Conner and Ann Becker who like Kathy all want to solve problems. With the minds involved I think it might just be possible to tackle this school funding problem utilizing George Lang’s 52nd House Seat. The elements are all there for some sharp people to finally solve that issue and I think we might be able to do that.

But as I explained to Kathy when she asked me what I thought we needed to do to solve the school funding problem I of course said what I always have, that teachers are making too much money and we need to establish a per pupil education cost that Ohio can allocate funds to before we could ever begin to solve the problem at the state level. Just like any business, sure we can pay teachers six figures if that’s what we decide but what percentage can a school have of such expensive teachers. And to what effect if any does tenure play—does it help or hurt the education process—those are the real questions. But just asking Ohio property owners for a blank check for education isn’t ever going to get the job done. There are a lot of assessments that labor unions don’t want to deal with and no politician wants to touch the issue, so that is why Ohio has an unconstitutional school funding system. That is the conditional situation. I think the way to fix it would be for non-politicians to sponsor the fix and let the politicians write the bill by tagging on later. After Kathy is done with this campaign maybe we could work something out. I’d be open to putting up a bunch of ideas on a white board like we would in any business problem and see where it takes us.

As far as politics go, and she and I talked about this too, her approach is that people are sick and tired of politics as usual, that they want civility in their public officials. I would argue no. Let me put this in a way everyone can relate to. Everyone knows I love the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and they were on Monday Night Football this week playing the Pittsburg Steelers. I was so mad in that game that I nearly threw my television out the front window of my house. The Bucs almost won, but not enough and it disgusted me to no end to see the Buc players shaking hands with the Steeler players after the game, because I was so angry that I wanted to see someone punching someone out, to reflect my feelings on the matter. Politics is a lot like sports in our culture, for better or worse. Trump certainly understands that. If you want to rally people to your cause you must get them aligned with primitive emotion. Playing nice only helps the underdog who can only hope to keep a close race and that voter turnout will be in their favor. To win elections however, you have to make sure voters will show up to vote for your cause, and to do that you have to get them excited in the same way they might be driven to watch a sports game like football. In the end one side wins and one side loses. Monday night Steelers fans were elated that they held their slim lead until the end of the game. Bucs fans were devastated. I almost threw my $5000 television out the window in full rage. Does this kind of thing help the political discourse and solve problems? Well, I’d argue yes, because in politics you must have fundraisers and people like to bet on winners in the great horse races. And you must have majority parties in power for the cooperation of a republic to work right. It’s nice to think that people will be voted in and vote their hearts, but so long as the political philosophies of Americans are so different, party rule will be the primary strategy of determining policy, and of picking winners and losers. Until all Americans have a unified philosophy they can all agree on, politics will be another sport that people pick a side and root for.

I finished my conversation with Kathy Wyenandt saying that she didn’t sound like a liberal, she likes seeing money-making ideas evolve, so she’s not anti-business by any measure. She explained that she was conservative about most things but socially she leaned liberal. I find that’s the case with a lot of moms, the job of parenting especially for females evokes a lot of empathy. But empathy isn’t always the best way to solve problems either. Being able to understand the position of someone else isn’t always required to solve a problem, it can in fact be a hindrance. But I found it difficult to not like Kathy Wyenandt. I’m sure she will do great things if she continues to want to involve herself in public life. But I have the feeling she might be more effective free of public constraints. It takes all kinds of people to make things happen on a big scale, and as far as her passion goes to education, that is a big issue. But it’s certainly just one that concerns the 52nd District of one of Ohio’s richest areas.

All in all the debate was a good one, it showed two nice people running for the same position. George Lang has lots of experience and is battle hardened for life in Columbus where the not so nice side of politics is always present. And George knows how to navigate those dangers and still get things done. He’s very resilient without becoming pessimistic. He doesn’t worry about being all things to all people, he generally just does his best and it usually keeps him always on top. Kathy is another matter, while in this race her strategy is good in not wanting to draw blood in the campaign against George, and running as a liberal conservative in Butler County trying to be the nice person people can vote for, the reality is that her approach would be decimated in Columbus. I admired her ambition, but she needs a few steps to get there. I caught parts of her personality while we were talking that said she wouldn’t be so happy with the game of politics that are required to run an important House seat. Its one thing to say the system is corrupt, but it became that way for a reason—because under it all is the sport of politics itself. I myself have a hard time shaking hands with people I compete against, especially so soon after a big game. And in politics you have to do that kind of thing every day. I help where I can due to my temperament. I know what I’m good at and I put my efforts there. I think Kathy has a lot of that in her too. A school levy is one thing, it’s a single point issue that evokes great emotion in one side against the other. But running for a House seat involves lots of layers of politics and issues that are always changing, and it takes a certain kind of person to tackle those kinds of things. One thing that I learned from the debate was that George Lang was certainly the one who should be in that 52nd District seat in Columbus. But I also learned that I liked Kathy Wyenandt and that perhaps she may get what she wants done for schools done better outside the parameters of public office. Perhaps after this election a new journey will unfold, and it just might bring together people who were former enemies for a whole new challenge that would certainly be worth the undertaking.

Rich Hoffman

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A New Hope for Mankind: Contemplating President Trump’s magnificent United Nations speech

Forget the opposition, forget all the desperate politics from the so-called, “Deep State.” The speech that Donald Trump gave at the United Nations on Tuesday September 25, 2018 was just magnificent. I couldn’t help but think as I was watching it how far we’ve come in just a very short time from when people like Glenn Beck wrote books of dystopia in Agenda 21, and their was great fear of concentrations camps in America where conservatives would be sent under the Obama administration to what we have now, where an American president could go before the body of worldly nations and make a successful argument in favor of personal sovereignty. It was nothing short of a remarkable speech which you can see below. Anybody who is against this president and these ideas are just villainous people hell-bent on the end of America. I enjoyed the speech not just because I support this president, but because it was done with a goodness that could have only have come from American culture with the moral authority generated from a capitalist society.

To consider all the conditions that have been against this president, the Robert Mueller witch hunt, the terrible way that Judge Kavanaugh has been treated, the constant small-minded thumping that has come from the media culture, it is a miracle that Donald Trump could even stand before a collection of world leaders like that and even deliver such a confident speech with all the grace that such a thing could offer. While it was firm, it was not demeaning. It’s true, without Trump there would be no peace talks with North Korea, the American economy would not be doing so well—creating over $10 trillion dollars in new economic growth. There are a lot of aspects of life in America that would not be flourishing in a positive way that they are now if not for Trump’s resiliency and hard work, and even better than all that, they guy knows how to sell it which is always part of the challenge for any politician. Lucky for us all Trump is one of the best that there is at selling his ideas, and even more unique, he isn’t afraid of the hard work to make those ideas happen. If you can see the world beyond the limits of the media’s stagnated vision, we can see the beginnings of a very exciting time for which Trump has set the stage for everyone who dares to participate.

Gone is the fear and loathing of even a few years ago when the Deep State for which Trump referred to during his Inauguration address sat behind him plotting and scheming with mechanisms of manipulation that would have made Shakespeare blush. Yet Trump has been above it all from the very beginning. World leaders can’t wait to shake his hand and be a part of some deal that he leads, and things are happening quickly in ways that nobody would have ever thought. While there is a lot of dystopian concern from radio personalities like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones the personality of Donald Trump’s “bigness” has overcome everything that anybody has thrown at him and positioned us all for a unique stage in American politics for which we have ever been.

The sections of Trump’s speech that talked about communism and socialism were particularly magnificent. To paint such a picture as Trump did went well beyond anything that Ronald Reagan did to bring down the Berlin Wall, or end the threat of the U.S.S.R during the 1980s. It would be easy for Trump to fall into the trap of being overly conspiratorial with all the enemies that he does have in politics but what makes Trump so different, and special is that the guy just knows what winning is all about. I’ve been hearing a saying a lot lately that certainly applies to Trump, “winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners,” and it has been in that basic philosophy that we find our nation and the world in such a positive position currently.

There are a lot of people out there who would love to see the world burn, because at least they could maintain some level of power for which they could exploit through chaos. Trump is trying to take that chaos away and any lesser man would have long ago withered away. Given what he has been through it is simply amazing that he could even stand in front of the U.N. Assembly. Let alone stand up there and give a speech like that for which students of successful republics will be studying for centuries. It was in Trump’s love of winning and his focus on big projects built to the levels of his imagination that is making all this possible, and he’s sharing it not only with America, but with the world. Truly the way to a wonderful, and peaceful world is for each culture to share openly its uniqueness through sovereignty on open markets both financial and intellectually. Not through some intrusive bureaucratic body of aristocrats which is the direction that the world has taken since air travel made it possible to visit any country in the world within a day. The rapidity of transit clashed with some of our old ideas about top down management allowing financial globalists to contemplate a New World Order where the United Nations managed the affairs of Americans and eroded away our Constitution for the purpose of the greater good. But that “greater good” has been redefined by Donald Trump since his election and in just two years has culminated into that very wonderful speech.

World peace and economic prosperity are not created in the vacuum chamber of intellectuals ruling from some palace of politics. They are created by the visionaries of free people who dare to use their vast imaginations to solve complicated problems. It is that specific feature of thinking that makes humans different from all other animals on planet earth and makes our species the hope of a universe. While its possible that we may discover that there is intelligent life out there in space, it is so far only known that humans can gaze at a planet like Pluto and determine that frozen nitrogen is creating unique landscapes on the surface of that planet by gathering information from so far away and using our minds to paint a picture of understanding that would be impossible to any other living thing. Trump has captured that ability of the human race and put it on a big stage for people to step up to, not to hide from.

I don’t know how many times I have said that I am so proud of this president. He is worth all the controversy and pain it took to get to him. But now that he is president we should all consider ourselves lucky to have such a person in the White House doing the good business of the American people. And because of him people all around the world are getting a real chance at life that they had never had before. Just thinking of the people of North Korea and the possibility of the Korean War coming to an end and the people there having for the first time in any of their lives the opportunity for economic expansion. For a change we have an American president who understands that making money is the way to solve many of the world’s problems, and he stood before the United Nations and challenged them to do so, and for that we are entering a new age for which we all have the potential to be better. And that is just a joy to see.

Rich Hoffman

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A Message to Republicans: Democrats and Whores are basically the same thing, they both are willing to fake anything

I would have been comfortable saying it previously, but especially now, with the Brett Kavanaugh controversy in Washington D.C. by radical leftists’ groups, but Democrats are evil, vile, despicable human beings. Their foundation beliefs are the root of the problem, they are collective based idealists who do not acknowledge individual rights—so therefor lying has no relevancy to them because their individual word has no personal value. They only see value in collective hive support, so they will do whatever must be done to preserve group associations. This makes them evil because they do not function from any individual responsibility, which therefore makes them a menace to society because all actions are individually based, even if actions are decided to be group affiliated. The decision comes from an individual decision. So do I believe that Dr. Ford would lie about an alleged rape attempt against her from Brett Kavanaugh—absolutely. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t make her a truth teller. Think of all the women who fake orgasms just to make the men in their lives feel useful, and you could build a case for women as a part of the human species with a tendency to bend the truth for the “greater good.”

And this leads us to the midterms. I do not believe that there are Democrats out there ready to take power from Republicans. I think Democrats are an extreme minority and the press is attempting to make everything look like a close race leading up to the election. I don’t believe the polls. I don’t believe the news reports. People just aren’t that liberal in the United States, and Democrats do not represent American ideas—so I don’t see a massive blue wave in the upcoming elections. But I do see a full-on military style assault that Democrats are using to take power from Republicans and in general, Americans of all political persuasions—as a collective, hive-like entity. As individuals Democrats are not very dangerous, no more so than an irritating mosquito. But in the swarms that they attack with, they can suck enough blood from an individual to kill them, which is what they are trying to do to Brett Kavanaugh. We are supposed to forget that not a single Democrat could live up to the standard they are creating for Kavanaugh, going back to a single high school party 36 years ago to disqualify a Supreme Court Justice from nomination. Just think if Republicans held Democrats to the same standard. It wasn’t that long ago when Republican senators like Lindsey Graham voted Obama nominees like Elana Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court even though they were radical leftists. Republicans did the right thing and voted for their character and serving the president whom they disagreed with. But they stuck to the rule of law and did the right thing by the people’s will. That is not what Democrats ever intended to do when the shoe was on the other foot.

I remember when my son-in-law became a U.S. Citizen and had to recite an oath to protect the Constitution when the words, “against enemies both foreign and domestic.” I couldn’t help but at that time to attribute that the Democrats were domestic enemies, they stood against the basic ideas of what America is and ever was and they wanted to overthrow it. To understand what they are against, I would suggest watching just about any American western from 1940 to 1990 and over that fifty-year period, the idea of what the dreams of America was are explored intellectually. Democrats openly stand against those ideas to put it simply and I’m personally not OK with that. Its one thing to live and let live, to be accommodating to other people’s ideas which are different from your own. I would hardly say that I’m an intolerant conservative—it was only a year ago that I had lunch with Stephen Samaniego from CNN and we had a nice talk about regional politics and various bubbles of thought that exists around the nation. Even with all that CNN has done to advance destruction of Trump’s presidency I can talk to just about anybody without being angry. I don’t look for ways to not get along with people. In fact, I would say I am extremely accommodating—I’m far from a radical ideologue. But to speak honestly of my opinions on these matters, I would also say that it is impossible to be friends with a Democrat, because their ideology is not individually based. It’s like marrying a whore, they may tell you they love you, but they make their living sleeping around with anybody with money in their pocket. For the whore, sex is not a value judgment, its collective based—anybody is alright so long as they pay. With a Democrat anything goes so long as the ends justify the means. It is impossible to have a real friendship with such a person, so when Republicans say that “our friends from the other side” they are creating for themselves a weak position. Democrats don’t want to be your friend. They want to destroy you. It really is that simple. If you are a conservative, no liberal wants to be friends. They simply want to use that leverage to undermine your belief system so they can bend it to their will.

With all that said voter turnout for Republicans will have to be massive in these midterms because Democrats do plan to cheat. I think there will be massive voter manipulation and we’ve seen that our own F.B.I. will play their part in making it happen. I remember well how there was not a single Republican voter in Philadelphia in 2012. How does that happen? The same statistics will erupt all across the country during the midterm election of 2018 especially in urban areas. The only way to really defeat those attempts is the way Trump did it in 2016, where the voter turnout was so high that even the attempts at cheating will leave the Democrats short. So take nothing for granted because Democrats have no problem with cheating and then lying about it. Because they do not value themselves as individuals, so they don’t care about lying, about eternal damnation in Hell, or any of the normal characteristics for holding people to the truth. They certainly have no problem lying under oath because many of them don’t believe in God, so to what value does swearing on a Bible hold them to? Nothing.

I’ve said it before and its worth saying now, we are at war with these Democrats. We are in a Civil War. They do not want to assimilate intellectually in the affairs of our nation, they simply want to destroy it. They don’t care what they have to do, they only care to do it. Nothing is too low for them, which is quite evident in the Kavanaugh hearings. If there was ever a cleaner nominee than Brett Kavanaugh, who would it be? My comment to Republicans is what it has been for many years now, you better know what kind of fight you are fighting. Do not think that by playing nice with Democrats that you will appease them and voters. The only thing that we can do with them is to destroy them. Destroy them as a party. They intend the destruction of everything we think of as America, so if Republicans don’t defend it, everything we know will be destroyed. And playing nice with the enemy will not provide a victory, not in the midterms, or in anything—ever.

Rich Hoffman

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Shooting Out a Candle with a .45 Single Action: The craft of making ammunition from your home work bench

Most of my recreation activities, much like the nature of this blog site are for my own personal interests. And occasionally I put up a video, largely so I can watch it and work things out. I’m not really thinking of a greater audience that might see it, but I share things in case anybody might be interested. If I put a little more effort into the popularity of things it would indicate that I cared what people thought about what I was doing which I don’t. But as many have been telling me, it wouldn’t take much to polish things up to a mass audience and that might be something I do in the future. But for now I am having fun with a relatively new hobby of mine, Cowboy Fast Draw. Over the last several years I have been working on a very intense project that has a lot of moving pieces and international value so to balance out the stress of it I have turned to single action shooting with a little private range in my garage that is kind of rustic and disorderly—which counters all the order that is required in the task I mentioned. That makes this little range of mine a very valuable element to my life that has provided great joy. And to that effect I have learned a lot more about shooting and ballistics than I ever would have if I had not joined the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. With them I have learned so many neat little tricks about shooting ammunition other than lead bullets. And it has been in these adventures that I have experimented a great deal and learned to shoot out a candle with a single action .45. One of these little experiments can be seen in the video below.


On the Cowboy Fast Draw shooting at that little range I practice at ranges from 10’ to 21’ and since I have a history with working bullwhips in a competitive way and putting out candles with the accuracy required it has been on my mind to try to do such a stunt with a gun. But to do that I had to learn to play around with ammunition to make such a thing viable. And this is what a good hobby can do for anybody. I just can’t emphasize enough what a blessing all this has been in my life. I have always enjoyed many things. I have more hobbies than there is time in a day to do them all. But for me practicing this particular set of skills which is involved in Cowboy Fast Draw shooting it was just the right thing to settle my mind down for the vast challenges that are involved in business. I would say similar people in my position might manage the stress with golf, or something equivalent. But for me that wasn’t enough. I needed something that worked with me at a foundational level, and a unique aspect to shooting sports was just the thing.

Part of that journey has been in building my own reloads, which is really the first skill you have to learn in Cowboy Fast Draw. We use wax bullets in that sport so you have to learn to prep cases, load primers and bullets to participate in the sport. It’s all pretty easy once you learn the components, and it is a very satisfying thing to do at the end of a hard day of work to stand at a workbench and reload a bunch of Cowboy Fast Draw ammunition. But to do what I needed to do with the candle trick is to take that reloading to a different level and use actual large pistol primers seated in the casing instead of just inserting a large 209 shotgun primer in letting the tight tolerances hold everything in place. The reason is that with shooting the wax bullets in Cowboy Fast Draw the 209 primer does all the propelling of the bullet. It sounds like a loud cap gun but it moves the bullet along at over 600 ft per second which is significant. But with the bullet charge I used for the candle trick I had to properly install a primer with a modified flash hole to get everything to work.

So I went out and bought an ingenious little device called a Harvey Deprimer. That is a little tool that pushes out the primer of a .45 pistol casing. I already had the large Hornady hot tub cleaner so that I could clean up a bunch of .45 casings and then prepare them for reloading the way you would if you were reloading stock ammunition for the gun range. Only with this type of thing there is an extra step, you have to modify that flash hole from the primer pocket to the inside of the casing where the powder charge will be. I spent some time drilling out that flash hole with a 1/8 drill bit on around 50 casings then I went to Cabela’s and picked up a Lyman E-Zee hand primer tool which installed the large pistol primers into the primer recess and I loaded my special cases for shooting out candles with a .45 single action. Of course, it worked which you can see in the video.

However, the most beneficial part of the whole exercise was the process of doing the work, of going to Cabela’s and picking up all the things I needed then crafting up the ammunition for the task. On the day I did it was raining ever so softly outside, and I was at my bench doing the work of combining tight machining tolerances and gunpowder in ways that defined the essence of the Second Amendment in really wonderful ways. It was nice to make ammunition without the polish of a professional manufacturer, just like it is nice to build a fire as opposed to turning on an electric fireplace. It was nice to just apply the craft of a new skill to a task worth trying.

As I was doing all these things I couldn’t help but think of some Japanese people whom I know who are really into samurai culture. In Japan they do not run from their heritage the way we have been encouraged to in the United States. That valor for which the samurai represented to the Japanese people is alive in nearly everything they do and I couldn’t help but draw comparisons. Guns in America and in business are synonymous with quality and accuracy and while the power that comes from the gun is quite explosive, the ability to hit tight targets very fast is something I find special. And as far as hitting a tight target I can’t think of anything tighter or more sensitive than a candle.

So it turned out to be a pretty rewarding exercise that was worth sharing. We all do things in life that can be unique, and the more things that generate happiness, the better. For me this new aspect to a long-time interest that I’ve had in gunfighters and single action guns is just wonderful. I remember when that West Chester Cabela’s opened and I covered it here with great enthusiasm. I look for excuses to go there all the time, and this new hobby gives me a reason to go often. It wasn’t something I missed to realize that some of these very unique shooting supplies were things that Cabela’s carries on the shelf. A few years ago before these big outdoor supplier stores opened, this type of reloading was really obscure, and hard to get parts for. But not anymore. And no matter how bad the world may look on the outside, the process of going to Cabela’s and getting reloading equipment to make actual ammunition is a reminder that all is good with the world as long as people can do such things. It has certainly been one of the more satisfying things that I’ve done in a while—and with the results of this little test, I’ll be doing it a lot more often.

Rich Hoffman

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Enjoy the Ride: Trump is fully in control

Of course, President Trump should fire Rod Rosenstein, and to those who are wondering what all the waiting is all about, let me remind everyone that before moving into the Executive Office, Trump was a top television star who understands publicity and entertainment ratings. When Trump built The Apprentice into a reality television powerhouse as a top show on NBC notice that the firings never came at the beginning of the show, it was always at the close to highlight the drama. While justice purists may find such a concept repulsive—as right is right and wrong is wrong, you have to understand that when building consensus toward an idea, that you need a majority of the people to get behind an idea. The political left certainly understands how such things work, and its nice to see that now conservatives have a president who understands it too. President Trump understands how to build up to a climax and that is why he has been so successful. The firings will come, but not until the end of the show.

If Trump had fired Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller months ago, much of the dialogue that we are having now would not be happening. It is unlikely that Google and Facebook would have moved to ban Alex Jones from their platforms, it is unlikely that Judicial Watch would have filed as many court proceedings as they have which has brought about so much great evidence. And it’s highly unlikely that we would have learned so much about the Strzok/Page text messages at the top of the F.B.I. It is because Trump has let all these stories simmer that it has driven coverage to the extent that it has. What the President is doing is really quite a masterful marketing job, and the hammer is getting ready to come down—but not before the midterm elections.

One thing about people is that if they don’t feel the urgency of something, they tend to drift toward complacency. If people know that everything is taken care of, they tend not to act. But when they are stirred up into an outrage, they will pull together and move mountains. Just as in a top television show, if the climax is revealed too early, then people tend to turn off the show. Any good promoter understands that the way to keep people interested is to allow them to follow a plot always with an eye toward a resolution that is just out of reach. While its true that many of these villains that have been discovered in our federal government—people like Rosenstein—could easily be fired by President Trump, it is important at this stage to build up so much outrage that history will never forget the drama so to correct such a situation in the future. If the problem gets resolved too early in the show, things will simply go back to normal and people will forget about everything and future Rod Rosensteins will emerge in plain sight and we will not notice them until it’s too late.

I know people are worried about President Trump getting assassinated because they see how dangerous things always have been, and the coup that was underway before Trump even took office is quite a scary thing to see. But we are talking about the kind of manipulation at the federal level that has been going on for a very long time. In our culture we only lightly touch on it in mainstream films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. where an ominous government is always secretly doing things that the rest of us aren’t supposed to know about. Only under our Constitution, we are supposed to know. We aren’t supposed to just let a big brother government take over our homes for some super-secret project. They are supposed to serve us, we don’t serve them and this is the fight of our day. Subconsciously voters grew tired of that threatening government which grew under the last four presidents. Whether it was the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center or the latest wars in Afghanistan and Syria that gave Deep State operatives more and more power with the publics need for ever more security—our government grew away from the people it was supposed to serve and the people at the top grew arrogant, and power-hungry.

I don’t think it’s an unusual conspiracy to say that our government has actively sold itself as a solution every time a tragedy occurred, whether it was the assassination of JFK or North Korea threatening nuclear war. How much of a role the federal government played in such actions is what generates all the thoughts of conspiracy theories, and for those there are as many musings as there are raindrops in a storm. But what everyone can agree on is that national tragedy solidified the power of the federal government and its power-hungry employees. For instance, in the main meeting room at the Skull and Bones Society at Yale where so many presidents and high government officials cut their teeth as future policy makers, there is the word WAR posted for all to see. The reason is that conflict unifies people around a cause, so when conflicts are generated the minds of people can be directed toward the desired policy of the leadership. So for the Skull and Bones types it’s not a crazy conspiracy as much as its an act of psychology. Those who desire to be part of the ruling class use conflict to unify a democratic body of voters—and that’s how a ruling elite get in power and stay in power.

Some of us, most of us grew tired of this system so we voted for Donald Trump who had a reputation for being his own man and wanting like the rest of us to take America away from those Yale type policy makers. We don’t want a ruling elite to always give us constant turmoil. We want problems solved and we want to live our lives. We want a good economy. We don’t need F.B.I. agents helping insurgents shoot up an office complex then hiding the fact that they were Islamic extremists such as what we saw at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California. I use that example because it was so obvious what happened, the F.B.I. closed the crime scene and let the media in only a few days after the killing spree to contaminate the apartment of the terrorists so that no clean evidence could ever be generated for court proceedings. It is those kinds of things that we wanted to be free of and why we voted for Trump.

President Trump understands that he has all the cards in this game, but to keep people’s minds focused, and tuned in until the end of the show, he has to let the drama build a bit. If he doesn’t we’ll have the same problems again in just a few years all over. Look, even with all the crazy stuff that’s going on the Dow Jones is floating up toward 27,000 and is closing higher than its ever been before. All the money markets are up as a matter of fact. The trade war with China is choking off the communists. GDP is up over 4% and rising. Everything is moving along nicely. Trump needs more Republicans in the House and Senate, so he needs people to stay engaged and these Rosenstein failures are reminders as to why people should stay politically active. Trump said some very interesting things the other night in a Missouri rally, he said he expected the endorsements of his 2020 presidential campaign from The New York Times, from ABC, from all the major networks because he knew that they understood how important talking about him on their shows was for their ratings. A world without Trump means people turn off their televisions and move on to something else because at this point in history, he’s all they have. Politics will never be the same again now that the networks have had Trump to cover. No CEO of a major broadcast company wants to show shareholders that the moment Trump wasn’t in office that quarterly profits dropped to record lows. Trump knows what he is doing, and Rod Rosenstein will get his “you’re fired” moment. But not until the end of this particular episode in the great political drama of our time. So don’t worry everyone, and keep watching. Keep voting. And enjoy the ride. I think you will enjoy the ending—and the beginning of the next great episode of our present circumstances.

Rich Hoffman

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Defending Cody Wilson: Learning how to throw rocks in glass houses

I could tell stories all day long and well into next month about my adventures and the personal experiences I’ve had with the federal government and law enforcement. I’ve served more than once as my own attorney and have been to court many more times than the average person on everything from lawsuits to REALLY reckless operation of motor vehicles. With that said I personally have always led a pretty squeaky-clean life. Sure, I’ve been very good friends with hit men, and big-time judges and all kinds of characters in between. But whatever conflicts and trouble I found myself in it was where some force tried to apply influence on my life that was not welcomed. I didn’t go looking for trouble, it simply knocked down my door and expected a compliant specimen, which is not what they got. And I have had friends who have been through much worse. Most of them aren’t around anymore, some have done serious jail time, so I have a really good idea what happened to Cody Wilson whom I still think is a good kid and is doing great things in regard to the Second Amendment. Before his arrest in Taiwan I received some very unusual personal contacts about Cody Wilson from people proud of what was about to happen to him because I had written several nice articles about Wilson and what he was doing. It all made a lot more sense after I learned that he was being charged for sexual assault of a sixteen-year-old girl. Once the details of the story had started to trickle out of the media during Friday, September 21, 2018 it was clear to me what had happened. And it reminded me of a friend of mine from a long time ago.

That friend that I’m referring to was a genius—literally. He was excessively intelligent, so much so that living life with everyone else was very difficult for him. From his age of 16 to about 35 years of age he had about every federal agency wanting a piece of his ass. He was a legal libertarian that was far smarter than any attorney, and they all knew it. The older he became the worse it got and soon he had racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to many creditors, namely the IRS and I personally had a front seat to see how the federal government threw their vast resources at him—for which he slapped them away like irritating insects. It was through him that I first learned what a façade most things were in public life and really what the nature of the federal government was and continued to be. In essence, most government employees especially in the big bureaucratic agencies are wimpy losers who are drawn to those jobs so they can have power over other people. They really aren’t very smart and my friend intellectually ran circles around them. But they eventually did catch him and they put him in jail. Do you know how they did it dear reader? They busted him for not paying his child support. Out of everything the federal government tried to levy against him for well over a decade, it was a simple little woman who brought him down for not paying child support payments to a kid that was under six years of age at the time. The mom was living with a guy who had great income and she didn’t need the money, but that wasn’t the point. When it came time to prosecute this friend of mine he had clearly broken the law as issued by a judge, and that’s how they got him. No fancy talk could get him out of it, there was no philosophy that could be used to pick apart the unjust creation of legalisms. He owed money that court ordered he was to pay and that was the end of that. Of course, he was never the same after that traumatic experience and I’d say that was the entire intention of what has happened to Cody Wilson.

I thought of this friend a lot as I was watching Cody Wilson challenge the United States government openly on Second Amendment issues. They really didn’t know what to do with him because Wilson was beating them on every legal front. Even though Cody Wilson is still a young guy, I would have expected that he knew every key stroke of his computer was being watched for a misstep by the governments of the world. I’m a little baffled that he would sign up for an account on The desire for sex, especially newly blossomed flowers in young ladies is a powerful emotion in men, especially young men. Women from the age of 18 to 20 are at the peak of their sexual powers as biological beings and men who come into power want to interact with the best and most beautiful women for many reasons. Now we aren’t talking about the stupid rules of the #METOO movement. We are talking about reality, in how people—all people—really think when the cameras aren’t rolling, and newspaper reporters are asleep or playing Grand Theft Auto on their home gaming systems. At 30 years of age a kid like Cody in a purely sexual sense is surrounded by girls that have been sexually active for over 15 years and as young flowers they are starting to wilt, so they aren’t nearly so attractive. The situation becomes even more so when you get to the age I am, which is over 50 as of this writing. A young man wanting to prove to the world what a stud he is won’t get that experience from a woman who is his own age. This is often why older men carry on affairs with younger women. They can get access to the kind of women they wanted when they were younger as older, successful men and the young women are just that—interested in using their fresh young looks to get whatever assets in life they can. As young flowers they don’t care who sticks stuff in them, so long as they get what they want. All guys are pretty gross so whether the guy is old or young, they really don’t care so long as they get something from men before their petals fall off and they are just another wilted flower angry at life for the cruel injustice and unfairness of it all. Without question the powers of the state were watching everything Cody Wilson was doing and they watched his fame grow where he was on every major news program and was enjoying great success. He had made it and felt inclined to brag about it a bit and the authorities watched everything he did hoping he’d stumble on something, for which he did when he sought out the sex of a young girl, likely pretending to be over 18 but lying about her age. Wilson talked to her on for which the authorities knew all about it and it made it easy for them to question the girl later. After paying her $500 for sex Wilson dropped off the sixteen-year-old girl off at a Whataburger restaurant and thought that was the end of it. But with women and sex it never ever is.

I still like Cody Wilson a lot. But now he has made his personal crusade much more difficult. The federal government obviously wanted to get a felony on him so they could take away his FFL, and keep him from owning any firearms legally. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the 16-year-old girl. There are many government employees in every city and especially the capital of our nation seeking sex with underage people, boys and girls right now. That doesn’t make it right, but the purpose of this case against Cody Wilson is to make a felon out of him to harm his crusade to advance the Second Amendment. That was their only goal. It’s a legal trap to catch smart guys because no matter how much intelligence someone might possess, there is still that biological urge to prove how far you’ve made it in life by attracting sex by the kind of young women that all men desire to spend time with. It doesn’t matter if such a girl costs $500 for straight up sex, or a $1000 date night on food, wine, and a nice hotel room. Or if such a woman costs millions of dollars in giving her a separate house, cars, travel expenses—men will spend a lot of money on having access to a fresh flower that hasn’t had too many bees buzzing around her yet and they do it mostly to tell their peers, “yeah, I’m f**king that. Look at my watch, look at my car, and look at my bitch.” Meanwhile the enemies who work in the state controls watch with the laws of mankind as their arsenal waiting for such aggressions to cause mistakes in judgment.

This is just some advice to people who find themselves in Cody’s position, if you are going to do these things—to be a freedom fighter who is willing to take on anybody anywhere, especially the governments of the world—you have to live a very clean life. You certainly can’t go have sex with young women who may be pretending to be 18 but end up much younger. You have to give that kind of stuff up. I know that’s easy for me to say, at my age doing such a thing would just be creepy. There are lots of men my age who do things like that. The more successful, the more tempting, but that doesn’t make it right. The moment you do, you are compromised, and you lose your moral authority, which isn’t worth giving up. If you want to be a freedom fighter these days and hold the F.B.I’s feet to the fire, to criticize a corrupt Deep State and their press associates—to the secret societies and their global aims not just now on earth, but in space as well—if you are going to rattle cages and throw rocks in glass houses, you can’t have vices in your life for anybody to exploit. You can’t do drugs, you can’t sneak around living a double life, and absolutely no crazy sex. Once you involve other people in your vices, it’s over, so its best not to have them to begin with.

I get almost daily DMs on Twitter, YouTube and Skype from young women who are looking for a sugar daddy and want to sell their youthful assets for a little cash that they couldn’t make working at a retail outlet or as a waitress somewhere. The moment I answered one, the many people who watch everything I do would exploit it and use those opportunities to try to bring me down—because nobody likes a know-it-all smart ass. But to fight the bad guys who want to advocate state-run societies, you have to be much smarter than them, much more morally dominate, and you have to be cleaner than clean. Your personal background has to be essentially cleaner than the day you were born. Every time someone like a Cody Wilson gets caught sniffing at temptation, they will throw the book at you—every time. Because it’s all they really have as a weapon. The greatest weapon of the Deep State and their state-run ambitions is to make sure the world knows that nobody is “holier than thou.”

Years ago when I decided to commit myself to these causes it was for precisely that “holier than thou” reason. I looked at my life and how the bad guys did things and I asked, if anybody can make those claims in modern America, its me. It wasn’t hard for me to live by what I have said here because essentially, I was already doing it. I understand for young people, especially between 30 to 40 years of age that it can be tough because the world tells men, if you can attract hot women to you, then you are a special person. And everyone wants to be special. Donald Trump has had to navigate this very thing, which is the subject of much debate. I look at him and see a person who is pretty much where I am in life as far as commitment to the “fight.” He lives a very clean life now. That’s not to say he did so in the past, but over the last 8 or 9 years, he certainly has, and that has allowed him to do in the Executive Branch what he is doing now. He can throw rocks, he has earned the moral right to do so. But the moment you sign up for or answer a PM from some girl dressed up as a hot chick looking for action, you surrender all the good work that you might otherwise be doing because you dirty yourself and give the “state” ammunition to paint you as just another common pervert looking for sex with underage girls, or indulging in drug abuse, or cheating on a spouse. Once you’ve done any of those things you give up your position, and nothing is worth that.

I stand by Cody Wilson. I think he’s a good kid who felt the pride of being a big shot and he wanted to enjoy the fruits of that to some extent. But my message to him is this—you can’t do it. You may want to, but you can’t do it—ever. If you want to fight these people, you have to be better than them in every aspect. Once they have the goods on you they will never let you live it down, so its best to not give it to them under any circumstances. No good person should have to be a fugitive from justice. Just make sure to avoid those pretty flowers, because most of the time they are traps. And getting snared by a trap isn’t worth the fun of enjoying the flower. The flower wilts in moments and becomes just another decaying specimen. But the good fight of standing up to state sponsored tyranny is something that will last many lifetimes and is much more satisfying in the long run. Something for everyone so inclined to keep in mind.

Rich Hoffman

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The Politics of Sex: Using primitive emotions to control Republican intellegence from exposing reality

It was good to see Donald Trump fly into Las Vegas to campaign against Wacky Jackie ahead of the midterm elections. Any rational mind would look at the typical Democrat and understand that there is a lot “wacky” about them. The mind of a liberal just isn’t normal and they are prone to massive corruption. Of course they justify that corruption with the belief that majority opinion rules, so if what they think is a democratic sampling of insanity votes to make it a mainstream position, then by sheer numbers something can be made so. It is a really baffling concept that freezes most conservative minds, because they can’t even imagine such things as a reality which paralyzes them from taking action. It is insane that so much has been made of Christine Ford’s rape allegation against Brett Kavanaugh just a few hours before the senate was set to vote for confirmation of him onto the Supreme Court. The information had been out there for a while yet Democrats had waited until just the last-minute to make their move and everyone was just supposed to play along. Everyone knows what’s going on yet the Democrats did it anyway. How are we supposed to take any of this serious? If the incident happened at all between Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh it was 36 years ago when they were little high school kids. Nobody called such things rape back then, it was just a party and virtually everyone behaved in such ways. Most of the female population and many males could have considered themselves raped if the criteria is what Christine Ford indicated. She is either ridiculously timid if she suffered trauma from an incident like what she described, or she’s just a liar trying to make a political move against a guy who is poised to be a conservative judge on the Supreme Court and as a liberal, she just can’t have that. Would she make up stories to make it so, well, yes.

I was reminded about these insane women who call themselves Democrats when I started to notice Kathy Wyenandt signs around the neighborhoods surrounding my home. She is running for the 52nd Ohio House District as a former Lakota school levy supporter—another tax and spend liberal. Only with her I have some history. My wife recently drug me out shopping and we were at the Kroger Marketplace over by Lakota East and I was reminded of the time that I had a full-blown explosion toward the levy supporters when they stood outside that shopping complex with a survey about me attacking my character in much the way liberals are now attacking Brett Kavanaugh. And it really pissed me off. It has been a few years but I never lost my anger over it and it was all the radical women who ran in Kathy Wyenandt’s group which I would eventually call latté sipping prostitutes because of the way they whored themselves out to the government union interests. It never seemed right to me that they could stand outside of a popular shopping center and call me every name in the book because I have been the face of tax increase resistance in my local community, but the minute I called them names in return you would think I beat them over the head with a bat the way they cried and protested in response. And their justification was that they were women and that somehow, I was a man and I owed them something by way of unearned respect. All I saw was a bunch of fat-assed losers who wanted to raise taxes on our property values and give that extra money to ridiculously paid union workers.

Just looking at Kathy Wyenandt’s endorsements for this Ohio House run that she is conducting and the evidence is clear, they are mostly all unions and progressive groups who are trying to use her femininity to win a House seat for the dirty Democrats. And the politics is the same as in the Lakota school levy situation where a bunch of crazy women were supposed to be allowed to call me every name in the book because I was a man who stood against higher taxes, and they expected to be unchallenged—because they were women. Their ideas about things were supposed to be beyond scrutiny just because they were women. We were supposed to have no value judgement against them, because they were women. Even Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign pitch is that we are supposed to vote for her because she was a “mom.” The entire proposal has always been insane, but it hasn’t stopped Democrats from using that insanity to advance their position.

Well, I have never accepted such a ridiculous notion and I never will. Back at that Kroger incident when I was on WLW radio I really didn’t understand the drama. The men at the station, the producers and talk talent thought I was crazy for even challenging the position that the levy moms were proposing, that as a man there was an unspoken rule that we were all supposed to just yield to whatever some crazy woman thought and said. Even high-ranking Republicans who were working with me on that anti-tax campaign were terrified of pissing off those levy moms and it never made a bit of sense. Women were obviously exploiting in men a primal weakness, the capitol of sex in relationships to control voting blocs. If women didn’t get what they wanted the men didn’t get sex. If you peeled away all the pretense of politeness away, that was essentially what was happening, and men were supposed to support sheer insanity just because women might take away the chance to have sex.

Even right now when this discussion about Brett Kavanaugh comes up and whether or not Christine Ford was raped at a high school party, men are expected to play along or not get sex from their radical feminist wives. Of course, not all women are radical feminists, but those who call themselves Democrats are nearly all crazy. It comes with the territory of being a Democrat. If a man was to go to BW3s to watch Monday Night Football with a group of six or seven women and the man was to say something like, “Christine Ford probably wanted Kavanaugh and she threw herself all over him at that party for which he likely wasn’t even there, but he knocked away her advances leading up to the incident. She probably found some loser who was drunk and tried to molest him to get revenge then under the new definitions of the #METOO movement and used her sexuality to advance her modern political agenda,” the women would laugh and declare that he was right. But they would then chastise him for even saying it and if he stuck with the story they’d push him out of their circle. So guys being guys not wanting to be away from the opportunities that can come with knowing women keeps his thoughts to himself. He may talk about it with other guys, but he certainly won’t let it out around women because it might get him removed from their inner circle. And that often means for the man, less sex.

It is in that way that so many men, specifically Republicans, have been tricked into buying into all this liberal garbage advanced by crazy Democrats. To accept that Christine Ford was so traumatized over events that occurred 36 years ago but that it all climaxed just days before Brett Kavanaugh was to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, you have to be a little insane to even entertain the notion. But because she’s a woman we are supposed to not even ask any questions about integrity because the Democratic proposal is that all women are to be believed no matter what they say. Or as Kathy Wyenandt wants us to believe, because she’s a mom. But of course, that’s not enough, and at least Donald Trump is not playing along, just as I can say that I never have. When he called the Democratic challenger in Nevada to a seat in congress “Wacky Jackie,” Trump was showing more than just some comic association, he was attacking the primary strategy of the Democratic party, using women to avoid criticism to take back seats of government liberalism. And hope that the tricks against men work yet again. But this time I don’t think they will. Because this time people are finally starting to understand how the game is played against them—for both men and women.

Rich Hoffman

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The “Fitzmagic” Show in Tampa Bay: A study in leadership that everyone could learn from

I haven’t been too keen on the NFL experience over the last couple of years. My favorite team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are always fun to watch, even when they haven’t had very good seasons, but so far this year they look spectacular. And there are some things worth discussing about what makes winning teams great that gives sports a unique way to express the abstract psychology of success. Of course I didn’t start this season with very high hopes as Jameis Winston got in trouble yet again for sexually molesting a young woman, this time an Uber Driver. And I haven’t been too impressed with Dirk Koetter as a head coach. I love the owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and have supported their continued efforts at being a great team by making changes every year to be competitive, but the results just haven’t been there for me, so I didn’t enter this season too excited about them or the NFL. But after two games and two wins to start the season against very good teams in the Saints and Eagles, there are some things worth talking about that involve the spirit of winning and nature of teamwork.

At the heart of this sudden success is the backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who has had back to back 400-yard games. Honestly, I think the playbook in Tampa Bay is so good, and to their credit, the team went out and filled the offense with great receivers and a good line that most quarterbacks could be successful under those conditions. But it’s what Fitzpatrick does as a leader that has made that team come together in a really special way. It’s not the typical kind of thing that Xs and O analysis can quantify, but it is unmistakable when you see it. Leadership ability is probably the most valuable attribute in any business. We build our sports recreation as a society to exhibit it when we can and as fans we marvel when we see it. And for Fitzpatrick maybe it took him until age 35 to finally figure out how to put it all together. Maybe the three-game suspension to Jameis Winston was the greatest thing to ever have happened to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because it allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick to start the season knowing he was the starting quarterback and getting reps with the first team and at this point in his career he could afford to play loose. But nobody thought this was going to happen where he has been the best player on offense in the NFL for two consecutive weeks.

You can always tell when someone who is supposed to be a leader is faking it, and that has been the case of Jameis Winston. He’s a young kid with great charisma, but he has been trying too hard to establish himself and that is why Tampa Bay hasn’t been winning the last couple of years. If you can’t get the team to buy into the team leader at the quarterback position, then its going to be a long season. But sometimes a kid like Jameis just never really gets it. The same can be said about Cam Newton. Great raw talent, very likable personality, but when he’s down, he pulls the whole team down. And when he’s up, he pulls everyone up. But when a savvy veteran like Fitzpatrick gets a shot with over 15 years of experience to show his stuff without the pressure of being a franchise quarterback, then it’s a special thing that we often don’t see.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is having fun playing the game of football and it shows, and the rest of the team has rallied behind his enthusiasm. He was given a good team by management to work with, a starting job due to the suspension and a setting sun on his own career to make a point and he is simply a smart guy utilizing all those conditions. So they are calling it Fitzmagic in Tampa Bay what has happened to the team since the old quarterback started throwing the ball all over the place and raising the level of play for the entire team with his natural leadership. That leadership has been on display before with other teams, and it was obvious last year on the HBO series Hardknocks but with Jameis as the starting quarterback, and with the very expensive price tag of the franchise player, Fitzpatrick had to be happy to be a backup and help wherever he could.

So the ticker fell his way, he gained a starting job and if the Buccaneers are smart, which I think they are, they’ll keep Fitzpatrick in that starting job. Jameis Winston has been reckless and is still learning about natural leadership, so there is no reason he should be the starting quarterback when Fitzpatrick is obviously in a special place that many teams would kill for to discover among their roster. Leadership, especially natural leadership, is the most precious commodity in any business and with Fitzpatrick Tampa Bay as a football organization has found one. He’s the right guy at the right time and he is old enough to understand this time in history. That much was clear when he did his press conference after the Eagle’s game dressed up in an outfit from DeSean Jackson. All great leaders know how to have fun under the intense pressure of expectation and in that one gesture and very mature press conference where Fitzpatrick gave credit to the entire team for the win when the entire story could have been about his second consecutive 400 yard game, he showed that he had the heart of the team and the best shot at a chance to win a Super Bowl in 2018.

I still watch sports because I’m always hoping for these types of stories in the dialogue of the action. I have been a Buccaneer fan all these years during winning times and not so winning times because I know the owners are committed to finding just such a combination every year. They are always trying to win and when they aren’t they make moves in coaching and players to position themselves. And all that work has paid off. Even when their franchise guy went down due to a suspension and the schedule for the start of their year looked ominous. The Bucs have the Pittsburg Steelers on this coming Monday Night Football on prime-time television. The organization went the extra mile to sign Fitzpatrick. I couldn’t help but notice that the yards after the carry from Jackson, Evans, and Howard had just a little more swagger to them likely because they believe in Ryan Fitzpatrick. If that team keeps playing like that, they very much likely will be a Super Bowl team. And out of all the bad stories regarding the NFL lately, especially the flag drama from spoiled brat football players, the joy of such games come from watching teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hitting everything on all cylinders. It is a thing of beauty to watch and is very rare in any sport. But at this point in time the Fitzmagic show in Tampa is the hottest ticket in town and it’s a story that the NFL badly needs, and I’m very glad to see it happening.

Rich Hoffman

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