Don’t Discriminate Against Melania Because She’s Beautiful: Texas needed what the Trumps delivered

You would never know it from the news reports but people were very enthusiastic to see Donald Trump visit the hurricane zone in Texas. I watched Fox News most of the time that Hurricane Harvey was striking the Texas coast with historic rainfalls flooding so many people out of their homes. I thought it was extraordinary that most people held their cool and grabbed their fishing boats to rescue people from the rising waters. The people and their monster trucks, four wheelers and various aquatic craft that went from bored driveways into the action of rescue was far better than anything the federal government could do at that moment and it was private enterprise that was mostly saving lives. The National Guard and police departments of course were important, but in most cases when it came to quick action it was neighbor helping neighbor that essentially meant the different between life and death. When president Trump visited with his wife Melania they seemed to understand that fact better than anybody and they dressed to inspire those people. Melania left the White House in high heels and a bomber jacket while the President dressed as if he were about to be a test pilot for a new style of aircraft. Obviously, their approach was of defiance against the forces of nature that had inflicted so much pain and suffering, and for the people of Texas, it was the right approach.

President Trump hit just the right notes during his visit and the people loved him for it. For the media not to cover his visit in the proper context was very dishonest. Everywhere I turned for news on Tuesday 8/29/2017 it was all about Melania’s shoes as the mostly female journalists were obviously very threatened by the first lady’s grace and beauty under those tragic circumstances. I thought her approach was extraordinarily appropriate, when people are faced with misery and destruction they want to see hope and beauty. Melania went to Texas to give them that—and they loved it. Because many of the women reporting the news couldn’t compete they lashed out in hate toward the FLOTUS which was very unfair to her—it was discrimination on a vast scale. They are always telling us not to judge people based on skin color or sex—but here they were hating Melania Trump for being too beautiful. It was a new kind of discrimination that was utterly disgusting. Melania wasn’t dressing that way for the rest of the country, but for Texas. Just because there’s a tragedy it doesn’t mean we must sacrifice our style and grace. Sometimes, that’s just when such things are needed.

It was an act of defiance for the human race to build a city in Huston, and everywhere along the Texas coast. The whole area is a flood zone and will over geologic history experience many tragedies. To put cities there is in defiance of nature, not yielding to it, and people generally understand those things during tragedies. By Melania wearing those high heels on the way for the cameras to capture I took it as a reminder that part of being human is to defy nature and command it. Not to bow to it like a bunch of animals. Nature had bitten back at humans in Texas and the whole purpose of the President and FLOTUS in going there was to inspire them back to health for the long road to recovery that would be involved for years to come. Trump needed to inspire people to consider that doing such a thing was worth it even though at the moment the tragedy seemed futile. People needed inspiration more than money and that’s what Trump offered through he and his wife.

But the Left went crazy because there wasn’t enough sadness, there wasn’t enough drama to satisfy the Lifetime Channel crowd. And really, that says a lot about the people who stand against President Trump. They don’t like that Trump is a positive person who believes in selling why America is a good place—because they have dedicated their lives to complaining and selling how bad America is to them. They have expected that sour stance to solidify and destroy the last remaining superpower on earth with negativity. Yet Hurricane Harvey isn’t so much of a disaster story. Yes people died, about 20 so far, and yes, there are billions of dollars in damages that will take decades to rebuild. But look how people pulled together and faced down the villainy of Mother Nature pushing back with the hardy human inclination of survival. Think of the boats that took to the streets to rescue people as the riders ducked under street lights. It was a remarkable sight in part because many of those people had enough expendable income to buy boats in the first place—to have them just in case of such a crises. Trump didn’t do that, the people of Texas did. What they needed from Trump was an encouraging voice after days of hard work—and that’s what they got.

When Trump says that he thinks the media is the most dishonest element there is, this is what he’s talking about. The facts they choose are counter to the natural desires of the American public. Yes, people love a car wreck, yes, they love tragedy and soup operas—but they also love to persevere and they elected Trump because they wanted to feel great about their nation again. Not because they wanted to cry over every little bit of spilled milk. People want hope, they want to feel good, and they want to win. Even when a hurricane comes and destroys everything they’ve spent a lifetime building, they want to win and even strike back. They don’t want to hear about climate science and how we need to appease the gods of nature to keep such a thing from happening again. They want to dominate nature and use the human mind to overtake the sorrow in defiance of the circumstances.

That’s why it was important for Melania Trump to where those nice, tall high heels on her way to the flood zones. It is unfair to her to cast so much anger in her direction simply because she is a beautiful woman. Perhaps this is an argument against why we should have so many women in the news reporting business because if they can’t look at Melania and see the beautiful woman she is, inside and out—they can’t report stories like this. They don’t have a right to discriminate against her just because she’s beautiful. Texas needed her, and she went. That is the story and that’s what the Trumps delivered.

The hatred of Trump is pathetically small-minded and I am getting more and more resentful of that constricted thought pattern by the people committing the act day by day. As I’ve said for many years, I’ve put up with other people’s view points for a long time—and they have screwed up a lot of things. Now my guy is in office and I expect them to show him the same courtesy. If it doesn’t work out, then they can try again in some future election. But he deserves a chance to do a good job and his wife certainly shouldn’t get scrutinized just because of her looks. If Melania wants to wear high heels, then she should be able to do it. Some women love their shoes and as a fashion model I’m sure she has shoes that make her very happy to wear. Likely she needed to pump herself up a bit to have the energy to face such devastation and still put on a happy face. I know when I have to do difficult things I like to wear my favorite shirt or a hat. For her it’s probably shoes. There’s nothing wrong with that, and If I have to be honest, she looked great wearing them. She can wear them on the moon as far as I’m concerned. And that is honest reporting. Sadly, the media refused to cover this story honestly instead looking under every rock for some negative—and Texas or Trump wouldn’t give it to them. And they showed their ugly teeth in the process of something that was actually quite a good American story.

Rich Hoffman
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How to be a Great Parent: Do dangerous things every now and then, conquer your fears

In no way would I ever think of exploiting my grandchildren, but this site is about more than just politics, philosophy and current events. It’s also about good healthy living and my hope that people out there may be inspired to live a little better and for the right reasons.  For me this little picture of me with my grandchildren over the past weekend as they were staying at my home is an example of living the good life.  I have found being a grandparent to be immensely rewarding, you get to revisit your youth while playing with them plus you have the financial resources to help provide them with opportunities to live good lives of their own, and I just love having them in my life.  We have a lot of fun and we play a lot—and through play they are learning vast amounts of information that they will take with them all through their lives.  It’s a very magical thing.  However, it was the reason they were staying at my house that day which had me pondering a more complicated subject matter.

As seen in these pictures my two daughters and my son-in-law were all on grand adventures at the same time. They are all hitting those strange years just shy of age 30 where adulthood makes its unmistakable entry.  They will no longer be considered young after age thirty and now that they have kids of their own, they can all see that life is getting very busy.  It wasn’t very long ago that we were all eating at a nice restaurant and talking about life and how fast things go when I said to them to look at all the affluent people eating around us.  Without many exceptions most of the people did not look like the actors and actresses that we see on television and in movies—most people look like versions of Mr. Potato Heads, they are fat, out-of-shape, and boring.  They live terribly dreary lives and give up on their educations essentially at age 15 for the rest of their lives.  When my kids were asking how they could avoid such a fate I told them that they needed to do things differently.  Sit around eating fattening foods, don’t learn anything new, and play everything safe and you will end up looking like the people in that restaurant—bored and diseased.  My kids listened and they apply it to the events of their lives.

So here they all were at a certain place in their lives, their kids are little but growing up fast—they’ll be going to school soon and life will start moving very fast, and my kids are very concerned about becoming meat-heads. I don’t worry about them becoming one of those people, but naturally their biological inclinations are pushing them toward that age 30 self-analysis—so it’s relevant.  That’s about the time that my son-in-law showed up at my home with a new motorcycle—an 1800 CC road bike and announced that he was going to take a cross-country trip to see America.  Most of the trip he’d be alone, which I thought was bold.  Then within days of that event my daughters announced that they were going to go sky diving.  So on the day that we took that picture with all the grandkids my daughters were jumping out of an airplane while my son-in-law was coming out of the Nevada desert on his new motorcycle and heading to the cool mountains around Lake Tahoe headed for San Francisco.

I couldn’t help but be proud of them for doing these adventures because the spirit of adventure has a way of shaping people into being dynamic individuals in other aspects of their lives. I don’t want my kids resentful of their role as parents because they didn’t do this or do that before the really hard years of raising a family.  Life has a way of putting a vice on lives and turning people into something disgusting.  It was strange to see all the pictures of their adventures coming in as we were watching the new generation play as very young people—I am used to being the one doing all the big things—and now my kids were.  I take a lot of pride in doing more before I was 30 years old than most five people do in their entire lives.  So I was able to get through those hard years after without it changing me into a person of resentment, because I had lived life enough to feel satisfied.  I knew my children would certainly get a lot out of that skydiving trip.  It’s good to overcome fears so that you aren’t governed by them all your life.

I hear all the time people say that they shouldn’t do this or shouldn’t do that because they have children they are responsible for—such as sky diving. What if something happened?  What those people mostly are doing when they say such things is that they are using their kids as crutches for their own cowardliness and this leads to a destructive chain reaction that turns the kids later in life into idiots.  Doing things in life that are truly terrifying help you grow, and you should do them often.  Failure to do so turns your body into mush starting with your cell structure.  People who routinely play everything safe tend to be very sickly people.  They are frail because their bodies have not been challenged and their cell replications stop building robust body parts—and they get slack with age making them weak people.  The best way to stay healthy is to push yourself often, whether it’s occasionally driving over 100 MPH, doing a live radio interview, speaking in front of a lot of people or camping someplace scary—like in a region known for Big Foot sightings.IMG_5110

My kids are brave people but they were nervous to do the sky diving trip and I was worried that they might not do it. When it came down to the pressure of doing it, they held their composure and didn’t let the world see them sweat.  Everything of course turned out fine—which statistically speaking, it was probably more dangerous to drive to the airport to actually sky dive than to actually do the act.  The safety equipment is very good, so it was actually, probably the least dangerous thing they did that day.  But, to willingly fight against the biological instinct of jumping out of an airplane was something that would likely change their lives for the better because they overcame a fear and that kind of thing stays with you all your life.   I was very proud of how they handled themselves before and after the big jump.

IMG_5116My son-in-law on the other hand was doing something that was much more dangerous—riding across the country on a motorcycle. There are a lot more opportunities for error on an endeavor like that, but his challenge was different from my kids.  As mothers, they had a transformative experience through giving birth to their children.  But guys, they have a different problem—they don’t get those rituals.  They don’t have menstrual periods and they certainly don’t go through nine month pregnancies.  Sure men go through some emotional stuff with their wives, but men just get left out of the process pretty much after they plant their see so to speak in a woman.  That becomes a problem later for them in life—men are expected to have all the answers but how do they get those answers if they are standing there holding their wives hands while they “push?”IMG_5114.JPG

Men need to feel the heat of a burning sun in the desert, they need to shiver in the dark next to a campfire—they need to worry about their deaths and learn to safe guard their existence. Men need something different and for my son-in-law, a cross-country motorcycle trip alone is a good place to start.  For some young men the military gives them a little of that transformative process—during basic training.  But I think much more is needed and the best people I know as adults now had very perilous circumstances as young adults that they survived.  It’s rare that a person—especially a man—ever amounts to anything good in life if they have not pushed themselves beyond their fears.  A fearful man I would dare say is a dangerous person to have running around in the world.   They are no good for civilization because their unrealized potential is wasted on self-destructive behavior as they instinctively know they need something but what they end up doing is destroying things around them in the process.

IMG_5113Conquering fears makes good parents—someone that kids can look up to. There is nothing noble about being a chicken-shit and there is nothing good about being Mr. Safety when what you train your kids to be are a bunch of soft idiots.  So I am very proud that my kids are pushing themselves.  It was very wonderful to watch my grandchildren expand as people as my children are also reaching beyond the void to conquer those little itches that often become major problems later in life if un-dealt with.  People need to expand and grow and caving to fears does not lead to personal growth.  They may help you live longer which is how we inherited all these primal instincts toward fear, but conquering fear is an intellectual pursuit specific to human imagination.  It takes a conscious effort to step out of an airplane at 13,000 feet and it takes tremendous fortitude to ride 6000 miles on a motorcycle through every possible condition over a two-week period—alone.  But the benefits far outweigh the tribulations and it made me feel good to spend time with my grandchildren knowing how much they have to look forward to—specifically, parents who aren’t idiots and have actually done things in life worth respecting.IMG_5117

Rich Hoffman

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Transference: The woman in the kitchen

People really should read Dinesh D’Souza’s new book The Big Lie.  It’s truly well done and surprisingly packed with information. I say that because I have read a lot of these types of modern political books and I seldom learn much from them but in this one I have learned quite a lot.  I would attribute that to something that D’Souza has uncovered that is exploding before our eyes, and that is this propensity of our collective society to function from a mass psychological trauma induced onto us from our early educations and that is to function from a gross case of mass transference.  Transference psychologically speaking is when a villain claims to be the hero or vice versa and shockingly it was on full display at the C-SPAN event shown below where Dinesh debated on stage with two members of the Alinsky Institute, David Alinsky son of the infamous Saul Alinsky and Ralph Benko.  Benko in particular who claimed to be a “right winger” was using transference to sell the merit of his institute which was incredibly interesting.

On a mass scale what the Donald Trump presidency has exposed is something we all knew was there from the beginning. The villains who are really guilty of serious crimes are attempting to pass those off onto passivist Republicans which has worked for many years but because Trump won’t accept that guilt a major clash is ensuing.  This is exposing the Democratic Party because there is nowhere to hide their crimes if Republicans won’t allow them to transfer that guilt to the GOP as has been going on for over one hundred years that I can tell.  For instance, it was Democrats who supported the KKK and slavery.  I was Democrats who inspired Hitler to give rise to his Nazis.  It was Democrats that colluded with Russia.  It was Democrats that destroyed evidence.  It was Democrats that issued many terrible pardons to enemies of the United States.  It was Democrats who want to use the power of the state to control all our lives in every way imaginable.  Republicans are against all those things yet by the psychological trick of transference they have accepted the sins of their rivals because they were defenseless against the way Saul Alinsky used his tactics to take command of the entire party giving people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton power they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Watching Benko and David Alinsky not be able to defend the things Dinesh D’Souza said about Saul Alinsky was truly fascinating.  They spent most of their time trying to defend the dedication of Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals to Lucifer than in defending the acts of transference that the Democratic Party has been using to beat Republicans through the media they control by associating their guilty acts onto an innocent party using Alinsky tactics to apply it.

To put the situation in a way that most people can understand transference would be when a man who is cheating on his wife quite audaciously comes home with perfume from another woman on him, and lipstick smeared on his collar then starts yelling at his wife who is just there cooking dinner accusing her of sleeping with other men.  The woman knows she hasn’t slept with other men and that she has been busy getting food for the meal she’s preparing yet now she has to defend the accusations of her husband.  If she fails to answer her husband’s criticisms she’ll look like she’s hiding something.  If she does answer them then she gives value to the charge by acknowledging it.  Either way, she is forced to make a move of defense or silence, both of which will get her accused of the act.  It’s an old liberal trick that has been going on for a long time and it’s odd that an entire political party could use a psychological mechanism to advance such an evil.

One of the primary themes of the great American novel Atlas Shrugged is the idea of making innocent people an accomplice into mass, group evil through transference.  This is done by getting people who are the movers and shakers of the world to admit to some level of selfishness if they won’t share their gains with people in need—without addressing why people are in need.  This is essentially how Mitt Romney lost his election against Barack Obama.  Democrats painted Romney as selfish, rich, and under using women as a role under his management.  Romney in fact was far from selfish and he had a history of being very fair to women, but when Democrats put that transference application to him he couldn’t defend it because he did feel guilt about his wealth.  That hook along froze him into inaction and allowed Obama to win the presidency.

Years ago when I was doing a radio interview on a popular daytime talk show I was involved in a lot of controversy and the host was trying to get me to apologize on the air.  It was baffling to me why this person cared so much to get an apology and this is something that is going on constantly these days—where people are being encouraged to apologize for everything.  Well, I meant what I had said in spite of the public backlash, and I knew all this psychology of transference so I stuck with my guns much to virtually everyone’s professional sensitivities.  To apologize to an unidentified group of women whom I said had asses the size of car tires and diamond rings to match would be to admit guilt.  Well, I wasn’t guilty.  What I said was a factual statement in the metaphorical application of it and the circumstance for which I said it.  By apologizing because it sounded harsh or was politically incorrect as determined by the reality of Democratic transference I would have undercut my entire platform—which I wasn’t about to do.  The Republicans around me at the time instinctively wanted to apologize and wanted me to do so—which I wouldn’t so we all went our separate ways.  They should have listened to me then because a few years later Trump became president doing essentially what I had done—not allowing the transfer of guilt from one Party to the other by accepting responsibility for it.

The only thing the woman in the kitchen could do when her husband came home to accuse her of cheating was to point out that he was the one with the signs of cheating for which his only comeback from that would be to rant, rave and threaten her with violence to shut her up—and that is what the political left is doing now that Donald Trump is refusing to apologize or accept any guilt from the Democrats.  Republicans on the Hill simply don’t know how to play the game any other way.  The way to beat the political left is to not accept the transference of their guilt.  If they threaten violence, then we must be willing to crush them just like the woman who is the victim of being cheated on must do against her husband.  Whatever she must do she must implement, like having a gun, or a can of mace—something that can overtake her husband if he attempts violence against her because she won’t accept his transference of guilt.  Donald Trump understands this issue, and I have been trying to teach it to people for years—and thankfully people are starting to listen.  But even I am shocked by the level of transference articulated in D’Souza’s new book.  I suppose I never really thought much about the Nazis and why they hated the Jews, or how they have more in common with Democrats than Republicans.   But they do and the reason why is transference.  Democrats are guilty of many crimes, but Republicans have come to their rescue so many times—it has enabled such a vast evil to be unleashed through good intentions.

The way Republicans have behaved was similar to the wife in saying, “honey, no, I haven’t been with anyone.”  You can check my cell phone, you can put a camera in our room, you can ask our neighbors—I haven’t even been out of the house.”  Meanwhile the husband has naked pictures of many girls on his cell phone and his wife doesn’t even know the password—so she could never check him out.  That dysfunction has to stop for Republicans.  They should be thankful that Trump is fighting on their behalf this physiological deficiency.  Because it happens far more than most people want to believe and each occurrence is a function of evil.  By endorsing such evil through shared responsibility—Republicans perpetuate it.  The moral thing to do is not to accept any guilt, even though we were all taught from infants up to the present to do so, and to keep the blame where it belongs—on the Democratic Party and their vile soldiers of disinformation.

Rich Hoffman

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Joan the Hutt: Lee Wong and a former Lakota tax and spend liberal want control of West Chester as trustees

I was watching Star Wars with my grand-kids the other day while catching up on some news in the print media and I noticed that the big spender Joan Powell from the Lakota school board was seeking a seat on the West Chester Board of Trustees.  I was astonished that she’d come out of retirement to run for such an important seat, and given her track record even desired to put herself up to the scrutiny of public office.  But it’s her life, and she asked for it—because there’s a lot to pick on when it comes to Joan Powell.  That’s when I looked up to watch the movie again and thought it was astonishing how much she reminded me of the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt—the vile gangster and villain from the old child targeted story about good and evil.  I know Joan better than most people do and I remember how she ran the Lakota school system like a thuggish gangster for the teacher’s union complete with back room deals and a tax and spend philosophy that was as maniacal as any liberal in America.  I know because I was part of a deal she was a part of way back in 2013 when a report at the following link came out showing that Lakota had declining enrollment and didn’t need a tax increase. Yet Joan the Hutt pushed for one anyway to give pay raises to the public employees she was supposed to be managing before she retired.   Read that report here.  The important parts of the report have been highlighted in yellow on pages 1 and 16:

Lakota Enrollment study

Watch this little clip from Star Wars showing Jabba the Hutt making deals and trying to destroy her rivals.  Hutts in Star Wars are hermaphroditic so the female designation is appropriate in comparing the fictional villain from Star Wars to the real life con artist from Lakota.

Now watch this anti-Trump ad that Joan Powell the Hutt did for Hillary Clinton during last year’s presidential campaign.  Take away the flowers and the references to grandchildren, can you tell any difference? I can’t.

For context let’s go back to 2012, a group I was running with several other people called No Lakota Levy had successfully defeated several of the tax increases that Joan the Hutt tried to implement from 2005 all the way up to that point in time.  The teacher’s union was Joan the Hutt’s network and they wanted a pay increase.  The Lakota school board had to get a tax increase passed to appease those government employees and they weren’t going to do that so long as I was the face of No Lakota Levy.  Joan orchestrated through her vast network of media contacts and feminist groups a hit job against me, not much different from when Jabba set a trap for Luke Skywalker to fall into the Rancor pit to be eaten alive.  Only in real life the terrible beast I had to fight was a bunch of tax levy supporters who were part of a vicious tax and spend cult ran by Joan the Hutt.   Like the fictional movie, metaphorically, the same result occurred.  I ended up in a blistering exposé meant to destroy me in every way possible because of my involvement with No Lakota Levy.  Joan wanted to remove me from the political scene so that they could pass a levy at Lakota.  Some members of my group sided with Joan the Hutt but little to their dismay I was more popular afterwards than before.  People appreciated that I stuck to my guns to defend them from the vile clutches of this West Chester liberal and her legions of tax levy supporters.   In spite of the extremely negative press, the Joan Powell led school board knew they couldn’t get a levy passed with my name in the papers every day so they had to try something new.

Behind the scenes Joan the Hutt wanted to make a deal with me using school board members I had been supporting and members of the No Lakota Levy group.  She wanted to negotiate a two-year ceasefire on the levy fight.  I thought that was a good idea so I did my part of the deal which was to not campaign against Lakota for that two-year period of time and Joan the Hutt wouldn’t attempt another tax increase.  Meanwhile Joan the Hutt and her legions of levy supporters went hard to work paving the way for a community consensus on a tax increase hiring a progressive firm to go around and soften up the voters for another levy attempt which shouldn’t have taken place until 2014.  Taking only one year off from the levy fight Lakota went for another levy in 2013 knowing that if that report referenced above got out to the public that people would never support a tax increase.  So they broke their deal with me and went for their raises for the teacher’s union in fall of 2013.

Joan the Hutt by that time had split up the No Lakota Levy group the same way she tried to split up Republicans over Donald Trump in favor of crooked Hillary Clinton so the tax increase just barely passed.  Joan the Hutt knew that if my group had stayed together that she would have never won so she used all the levers of power to do whatever she had to do—including destroying me if possible—to give her public employees a pay raise when it was clear from the report that Lakota needed to actually cut teachers—not giving them a pay increase.  Joan the Hutt has shown on many occasions that she can have a propensity toward vile conduct to achieve her tax and spend desires and to my experience what she did at Lakota was no different from what a gangster might do for a criminal enterprise.  The double-dealing, the vicious use of legions of blood thirsty supporters and a facade of a serene grandmother to hide it all when reality indicated a vile underground network of thugs for which she was the leader.

West Chester under the guidance of Mark Welch and George Lang have produced budget surpluses and low taxation for many years now leading to an economic boom that has been unique to similar areas around the country seeing much slower growth.  But with such great numbers come the thieves and bandits who want a free ride and to seize that growing wealth so they can pass it out to their criminal underworld.   There is a third trustee at West Chester named Lee Wong who you will find often trying to get a free meal who needs a partner in crime in West Chester to get a needed second vote to plunge the community into chaos.  Lee wants to pass those surpluses produced into that public sector underworld for which Joan the Hutt has such a vast network.  You might have heard of Lee’s name before as it is often associated with scandal and treason such as the efforts he committed himself to recently in defending a woman fired from her job for giving secrets to China.   People on his side think Lee’s a hero for standing up for a public sector worker, Republicans see an alarming trend in Lee that he seems always associated with scandal and bad decisions rooted in Democratic behavior hidden behind a mask of conservatives that he knows he needs to even attempt to win any office in Butler County.  Like most public employees what Lee shares with Joan is a love for attention, taking money from those who have it and giving it to people in their inner circles of power to keep them loyal and close.  Those two see an opportunity to have a two vote count in West Chester to get control of the surpluses that have been produced by good management so that they can expand their bases of power—just like gangsters do.

The thing to do would be to keep Joan the Hutt out of office and send her back to her supposedly quit life for which she indicated in her pro Hillary Clinton commercial.  The experiences I have provided are just one example of the way she operates as a person and you have to wonder about someone like her who desires to get her hands on the levers of power to even run for such an office.   But for people who just can’t help themselves the good efforts of Mark Welch and George Lang are too attractive to avoid.  For people like Joan and Lee those surpluses are ways to make friends and obtain more free meals around town, to get a respect they can’t give themselves through merit based work.  George and Mark are privately successful so their roles as trustees have been about as pure as anyone could hope politicians to be—and that is why West Chester has been successful now for a period of years.  The criminals who want a few more friends and a way to expand their influence can’t help but want to put their teeth into that surplus to work their maniacal plans for government expansion and double-dealing drama for which their naturally corrupt minds can’t avoid.   Yes, Joan the Hutt is back and she wants to be fed a steady stream of tax money to sustain her big dreams of a vast syndicate of liberalized activism hidden behind a mask of Republican Party affiliation.  Those kinds of things can be difficult to see in reality when people shake hands, but when you watch fantasy films geared toward children, like Star Wars, it’s easy to see that in West Chester we have our own version of the popular villain Jabba the Hutt.  And she wants to become a trustee in 2017.

Oh, and in that last video, do you know why dear reader that Lakota didn’t go for that levy in 2017?  Because Joan the Hutt retired from the school board.  Miraculously after she left the board, Lakota’s finances were straightened out.  Just keep that in mind when voting in November.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats are Destroying Hollywood: A terrible August box office can be summed up by how out-of-touch James Cameron is

Something I’ve always done since I was a little kid was use box office receipts to measure the health of human culture.  I’ve been interested in this kind of thing as long as I’ve been able to read and its one of the first things I study each morning as part of my information tracking.  The reasons are complicated but you can learn a lot about what makes human beings tick by studying what they are willing to spend at a movie theater on a two-hour story.  I would argue effectively that studying box office numbers is a more accurate way to measure human endeavor than expensive passive polling.

With the exception of some Disney releases and Warner Bros this has been a horrendous year for movies produced lazily and pontificated with enormous amounts of liberalized messaging.  Shockingly even well-known Hollywood types like Ron Howard and Jim Cameron have been very active in protesting Donald Trump’s presidency for instance which says a lot about the people making movies these days.  It used to be that many of the top actors in the business were also hanging out at the RNC in California but not anymore.  Republicans have been pushed out of the business as the movies that have been green lit are largely financed by liberals who want to see liberal films communicating issues that are important to them.  Movies now aren’t so much being made to fulfill a market need, they are being used to communicate Democratic ideas and in a conservative America with a House, a Senate and an Executive Branch are all to varying degrees Republican, the movie studies have obviously missed a grand opportunity.  And it shows culminating in this disastrous upcoming weekend in August 2017 articulated by the following article:


WEEKEND PREVIEW: We are looking at what may be the worst August weekend in over 20 years with a top twelve that could struggle to reach a combined $50 million, something that hasn’t happened in August since 1993. In fact, while this will undoubtedly be the worst weekend of 2017 thus far, it could be the worst weekend for the top twelve since early September 2014 should Mojo’s current forecast hold. For more context, August is currently pacing 36% behind last year and expected to be the first August since 2000 not to have a new release top $100 million domestically.

That said, this weekend features a trio of new wide releases and several films expanding (or returning to theaters), but beyond that a lot of attention goes to Saturday night’s Mayweather-McGregor fight, which must be taken into account. Current projections anticipate nearly 50 million people will be watching the fight in the U.S. alone, and while this weekend doesn’t feature a debut the size of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is said to have been affected by the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in 2015, every little bit counts at a time when domestic box office revenues are down as much as they are right now

  • The Hitman’s Bodyguard (3,398 theaters) – $10.0 M
  • Annabelle: Creation (3,565 theaters) – $7.5 M
  • Leap! (2,575 theaters) – $5.2 M
  • Dunkirk (2,774 theaters) – $4.4 M
  • Logan Lucky (3,031 theaters) – $4.0 M
  • All Saints (845 theaters) – $3.3 M
  • Wind River (2,095 theaters) – $3.0 M
  • Birth of the Dragon (1,617 theaters) – $2.8 M
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (2,122 theaters) – $2.6 M
  • Girls Trip (1,768 theaters) – $2.5 M

The box office shouldn’t be so weak to be effected so easily by the Mayweather-McGregor fight.  If there was a good movie released worth seeing, people would go see it then catch the fight in a sports bar after their theater experience.  The bottom line is that Hollywood ran out of releases by August from their summer season and what they did release wasn’t that hot to begin with.  Granted, a lot of these movies released this year assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to be president so they were in production while last year’s battle between Trump and Clinton was taking place.  If I had to say, I don’t think one single studio in all of Hollywood picked Trump to win, except for Malpaso Studios which is run by Clint Eastwood.  Sadly that’s the case and is the reason that the box office is so terrible.  The Democrats in the studio system don’t understand what people want and they haven’t been willing to listen.

This ignorance was on full display between two of Hollywood’s current great directors, James Cameron and Patty Jenkins who is the wonderful woman who directed this year’s surprise hit Wonder Woman.  It is important to note that Wonder Woman brought in nearly $500 million domestically which is quite extraordinary.  This led Cameron who has directed massive hits like Avatar, Terminator and Titanic to comment that Wonder Woman was just another example of a male Hollywood industry objectifying women and that it was a step backwards for the industry.  That says everything we need to know about the film business at this point when big time directors get it so wrong about what made Wonder Woman so successful.  I’ll make a little prediction about James Cameron—I say it right here, right now—the guy has lost it.  He hasn’t made a hit movie in nearly a decade and he hasn’t been able to follow-up on his hit Avatar quickly delaying his sequels for some magical time when everything lined up correctly for him.  Now he has studios lined up to make four sequels to the Avatar franchise as if he thinks they will be accepted like the first one was.  I have news for him—they won’t be.  The studios are going to be very disappointed to learn that there is declining support for Avatar because the concept is such a tree hugging hippie mess that audiences will come to reject the premise.  The first movie did well because it was new and visually very fresh technically.  Well, those days are over and new Avatar movies will have to stand on their story and that’s where the new age of Trump will have an impact on the Avatar franchise.

Cameron isn’t one who should be lecturing anybody about women—he’s been married 5 times and is quite maniacal on social causes.  His value is clearly in science, but when it comes to people he has always missed the mark except for in his earlier work with The Abyss and Titanic.  Under pressure Cameron has done his best work and even though he has featured very strong female roles he always had strong male roles to accompany them.  Let’s face it, people didn’t show up to see Linda Hamilton play Sarah Conner in the Terminator.  It was the Terminator they wanted to see. The female part of the role was something people put up with to get to the Terminator.  And that is the same deal with Avatar; people were willing to overlook all the hippie crap to see some spectacular 3D and some great battles.  But did Sam Worthington’s character appeal strongly enough to carry four more sequels based on passion for the work—no.  Those new movies will struggle once people find out that the plots are largely liberal propaganda projects by a mad scientist director who has lost contact with all reality over the years.  Success in Cameron’s case has destroyed what made him good and now that he’s a massive liberal he’s lost touch with his audiences—and that is truly sad.

The rest of Hollywood is no better off.  As a society of Democrats—because that’s what it takes if you want to make movies in the studio system these days—they don’t understand their audience, in many cases that audience has changed into a much more traditionalist base.  I mean someone out there thought it would be a good idea to make remakes of Ben-Hur, The Magnificent Seven and to make a sequel to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel—which made like five cents in movie theaters.  While the first film did well for a documentary, the second film bombed tremendously as people now largely have lost interest in anything connected to the falsified data of “climate change” which has gotten on people’s nerves.  It is theater owners who have taken the biggest hit with Hollywood’s failure to make movies people want to see.  With all the Democratic activism going on they are the ones with the real estate that has to exhibit the garbage Hollywood is putting out and they have been the ones to lose the most.

Hollywood is going to have to come to grips with Trump for their own preservation.  They won’t be able to destroy him because it was their movie audiences that made Trump to begin with.  Trump didn’t change the world; the world changed and made Trump.  Hollywood isn’t making movies to appeal to those people; they are making movies to appeal to their Democratic base—which is shrinking.  It doesn’t matter how visually spectacular the new Avatar films will be in the future because the content is what will determine success or failure.  Given Cameron’s comments on Wonder Woman—he obviously doesn’t know what’s going on now with audiences.  And that is because he’s only talking to crazy Democrats these days instead of the Republicans he used to know in truck stops when that’s what he used to do for a living—which was drive a big rig.  After seeing Star Wars Cameron quit that job and worked hard to become a film maker on his own –but what these modern filmmakers forget is that movies like Star Wars, and the first couple of Terminators were essentially “Republican” films about small government and decentralized power—not the Democratic dystopia that we see coming today from the Party.   Now that political views are known because they have been more vocal about it, audiences are much less forgiving of people like James Cameron than they were before.  And that is what is killing the American box office numbers—and is completely sinking Hollywood as an industry.   There are of course exceptions, but overall, the industry is in big trouble and the studios are slow to adjust to a world where Trump is president—and a good one at that.

Rich Hoffman

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The Many Achievements of Trump: How you know the media has been lying

How do you know they are lying? Because “they,” the mainstream media—so-called—won’t tell you all the good things that Donald Trump has so far done as president which Sean Hannity so wonderfully articulated on his television show, seen below. Hannity also showed the extreme level of hatred that the same MSM showed toward Trump’s various speeches over the last couple of weeks. I watched all those speeches and I’m hardly a right-winged lunatic and there were only good things expressed in each of them. There was nothing, “unhenged” in the contents that showed a president unfit for office or bordering on insanity. That’s how you can know the truth, because reality does not reflect what a majority of the news outlets reported, and that makes it obvious that there is something very devious going on.

Obviously I was no Obama fan. But during his first six months I had hopes that he might pull back the regulations on stem cell research and maybe cheerlead the nation a bit. I gave him a shot really for the first year. Even as the storm clouds of decent from the Tea Party started to gather in 2009 I was willing to give the guy a chance, until he proved that he was simply an Alinsky change agent looking to overthrow America from a legislative perspective. I would expect the same treatment of Trump from the political left and he’s not getting it.

Trump hasn’t been in office long enough to make any real mistakes so the rhetoric exhibited by the political left in voluminous detail by the MSN is an obvious sign that there is more to the story than just political ideology in conflict. We’re talking about long-established plans toward a different kind of America that has been rejected by voters through Trump and are crumbling in front of their faces, and they are furious about it.
I’m here to tell you that if these people are this freaked out that there is more they have been hiding that hasn’t been yet revealed, and that means to us that we thankfully elected Donald Trump at just the right time. Already Trump has done more than most presidents hope to do in four years so there will be much more to cheer on soon. But the viciousness of the media towards Trump says everything about their intentions. It’s important that we stick with the president to undo all that these insurgents have planned behind our backs for over a century.

Rich Hoffman
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Whatever Happened to Rich Hoffman: The demands of the moment shadow the heroics of the past

A good friend of mine was in one of those online chat areas when a discussion about me came up, so he shared the contents. Below is a bit of that conversation where a couple of people were doing some remember when’s in regard to my activity with the No Lakota Levy effort. What struck me was that there is a belief that I left the Lakota area so for those who wonder about such things I am writing this to correct the record.  To answer the question that lingers for many people I still do radio and television from time to time.  For instance here is a CNN bit I did for Trump just a few weeks ago.  I am still very active in many efforts and I lend myself where needed, often,  Here is what they said:

Jon Kennedy at one time there was a guy that had all the info on the schools and what they did with a lot of money that was in the bank he showed that the school broad loaned money for road projects to be done or paid for them I cant remember all of it but they spent a lot of money on roads and I think they did not get the money back and then they were in the hole and that’s when they start asking for more from the people in tax’s I sure wish I could find all that info you would not believe what they did

Lynda Zammit I think the person you may be looking for is Rich Hoffman. He brought all kinds of nasties forward about the district administration between 2005 and 2013 and they did everything they could to shut him up and lock him up. He left the area right after the November 2013 levy passed (by 241 votes!) and right before April 2014 when they did exactly what he said they were going to do – give themselves $2,000,000 in raises while cuts remaine

Jon Kennedy wow they locked him up

Lynda Zammit Jon Kennedy No – but they tried to. He left the area in 2014. They were also doing crazy things like hiring people to take signs down encouraging people to vote no on levies. Crazy times. His blog is still going though, he’s very vocal about a lot of things

Jon Kennedy ye I look all over I can not find that info but the guy lead the vote no on are schools for years and if I remember right they funded the 747 deal and union center over pass if I remember right

In all honesty, if they could have locked me up they would have but because of our good efforts with No Lakota Levy we forced the teacher’s union to behave in ways they weren’t used to. Also to their credit the school board did listen to our issues and have made attempts to manage their budget—only in the vacuum of a weakened teacher’s union that knew if they went on strike that I would personally eviscerate them in both the media and in any other form they chose. They did pass their levy in 2013 when some of our No Lakota Levy people broke ranks falling for the same kind of stuff that is being thrown at Donald Trump now—and Sheriff Jones did the very un-Republican thing to do and that was come out in favor of the tax increase so that he could put his cops in more buildings as fear of mass shootings in schools was a hot progressive topic at the time, so that pushed their vote count over the threshold. And as the commentators remembered, Lakota did exactly what I said they’d do.

After that vote I went back to work since I knew it would be a while before Lakota would try another levy. People have to remember that I’m a person who is in my prime income making years so it was quite a sacrifice to take the period from 2005 to 2013 to fight public school levies because that’s not a very popular thing to do. When people meet you it doesn’t paint a picture of solidarity—they tend to think of you as a radical so there is a cost that most people don’t feel they can shoulder. But I have a great reputation and can stand quite a lot so I offered myself to the cause. When it was over I went to work on the next big thing, a big international project that I’ve been working on for the last four years that involves many countries, travel and long work days—a minimum of 12 hours per day. It’s not uncommon for me to work 20-hour days because that’s what it takes to be successful at things—especially hard things. But for the record I never left the area of Lakota. I’m just busy on my next project. When I get involved in something I jump all in and it becomes most of my life. There will come a time when I will move on to the next thing and when that happens I’ll do it gladly.

I did get to speak to the Lakota school board leadership over the winter and we had a nice talk under pleasant circumstances. They don’t plan to go for another tax increase until after 2020 and I let them know that I’d fight them on it when they did. They didn’t listen to me on their new superintendent, they paid him more than the governor of Ohio instead of the $80K I suggested. They will say that’s market value. I say it’s an artificially inflated cost, and we’ll fight that out next time. So long as they aren’t asking for more money, I have better things to worry about—and I do. I would have liked to see more challengers for the school board elections this fall but most people don’t want to get involved, just like they were more than happy to fall in behind me during the Lakota levy fights. So long as I lent my reputation for everyone to throw darts at, people were very courageous. But the moment they had the slightest exposure or had to show courage in standing behind me, they buckled, and that’s why nobody wanted to go on the school board. Lots of people want to talk, but nobody wants to stand for anything. I knew that going in and I know that going forward and I’ll do it again when needed. But I’m not going to joust windmills just for the attention of doing so. When there’s a fight—I’ll be there. When there’s not a fight—I’ll do something productive elsewhere.

I suppose that’s why people think I left the area, even though I do get out and about often and I’m not shy about it. Fighting levies is not my calling card to being remembered which I suppose a lot of people might be prone to become seduced by. They may even use it to acquire public office which a lot of people thought I was after. No, there is a lot more money to be made in the private sector. I hate the slowness of government. Right now actually I am dealing with the patent office in Washington D.C. and several attorneys in between and it’s a miserable experience, much like dealing with government as a member of the school board or some other position. It is hard and takes a lot out of you to deal with mundane—boring people who are entrenched government employees. But I expect to be paid for these kinds of things. I certainly don’t do them for fun, and public office to me would be miserable because you are dealing with people like that every day. Maybe when I’m older and retired I’d do it to stay sharp, but I don’t have the time to give to it now because there is money to be made and I have an obligation to myself and my family to do it. So I’m still around. But when there’s a fight to fight—I’ll be right there. In the meantime, there are many other things to do.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the ANTIFA Terrorist Group are a bunch of Losers: Their tactical weaknesses and motivations

Look at this little bitch–this is what ANTIFA has as their field generals.

Here’s a little strategic analysis on why there wasn’t violence at the Donald Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Around 2000 protestors gathered outside the arena where the President was speaking but there wasn’t a lot of nastiness between supporters and protestors mainly because the police and mayor addressed the issue before hand. Also, the crazy ANTIFA communists weren’t there in a very strong presence, and that is the real issue that we need to address. I have been watching the ANTIFA websites and studying what they are proclaiming about themselves. Clearly, they are a militant group intent on communism and they should be and probably will be declared domestic terrorists and enemies of all our livelihoods. They project themselves as a bunch of scary collectivists but in reality, they are missing a few things that need to be understood by weak-kneed Republicans looking to cave to these barbarians without a fight.

I didn’t pay much attention to ANTIFA until their activism at Boston recently where they had on their Twitter page a red Tea Party flag with the communist fist crushing the snake saying “We will tread on you.” Well, those are fighting words and it provoked me to change the header photo on my Twitter page to let them know as they scan through my stuff what is in store for them if they attempt such a thing. Just those words, “we will tread on you” implies force and a loss of individual sanctity and that is something to fight for. I can say for myself—I live peacefully and leave people alone—more than most people would. I’m a very laissez-faire individual. I don’t bother people even though I think much of what people do is disgusting and personally destructive. I usually leave them alone to do what they will so long as they don’t impose it on me. But if they do, that’s another story. I fight to win and looking back through my history I’d challenge anybody to find any wars that I’ve lost. Maybe a few battles here and there, but never the war. So I have a pretty good track record and given ANTIFA’s attitude, I really don’t think those stupid kids know what they are doing. But they are pushing to impose themselves on the American way of life of capitalism and individual freedom, so a clash looks to be imminent.

But here’s the thing, they were able to make themselves look big in college towns where population densities of stupid people tend to hang out, like Boston, and Charlottesville—and their villainy was only covered in these events by tragic deaths and serious injuries inflicted by a known hate group—the KKK and those types of left-winged radicals who dedicated their lives to the kind of socialism Hitler was so found of. Those nut cases from the so-called “alt-right” which is still the political left on the spectrum of philosophy covered the villainy of ANTIFA by being only slight worse and attracting the attention of a media looking for a mask for their political ideology. But ANTIFA is an organization looking for trouble in the same way that the Weather Underground used to and many who cheered the destruction of the Twin Towers during 9/11. It wasn’t just Muslim radicals who cheered in the streets—it was also members of the American left who hate capitalism. And you typically find large concentrations of those people in American universities teaching these young porous kids bad ideas that get them into trouble.

However, if you step away from the college campuses and the inner cities where people are addicted to welfare and therefore government assistance for their livings—the recruiting numbers for ANTIFA die down quickly. They can put out their calls to arms and promote their radicalism on their websites, but their activity loses steam quickly once they move out of their habitat zones. To try an insurgency against suburbia—where most Trump supporters live and the conservative movement as a whole resides, they lose their effectiveness due to a lack of participation. ANTIFA members can’t function very well too far from their Xbox units and the local Starbucks—so to engage Trump supporters at their roots isn’t possible. That reality was obvious in Phoenix where the ANTIFA booth sat empty most of the night while the president was talking. ANTIFA needs two things to be successful, they need large gatherings of young people and they need them to be stupid liberals not yet forged by the realities of life. Without those elements, they are clawless dogs all bark and no bite.

I watched them fight on television throwing their urine and feces at people, using sticks, shovels and even axes to inspire fear in the people they were engaging against. By displaying their lack of respect for the laws of our capitalist society then they won’t complain too much when we meet them with force as well. Surely, they don’t expect us to just sit and take it? People who live in cities are willing to put up with more than people who live in suburbia or the country. In fact I know people who live in eastern Ohio who would turn these kids into pretzels at first sight of them in a grocery store. ANTIFA would not be tolerated in the country—therefore they will have no impact on politics or policy. Their violence is purely for show and is needed for the television cameras to drive up their sagging ratings. Without ANTIFA the political left in the media don’t have much to sour the successes coming from the Trump administration. They can complain about the silly procedural things or the way Trump says things, but they can’t knock his results—3% economic growth, low unemployment, a successful standoff with North Korea—record setting stock market. ANTIFA is the media’s only hope, and they look scary on television but in reality, they are just a bunch of skinny, fat and otherwise docile millennials who will cry when the sun hits their blank faces. They can’t endure a real war. They don’t want what they say they want.

No little group of ANTIFA punks is going to tread on me, let me promise that much. If they do, they have big problems. And that goes in general for any strategy that might take them out into the countryside. It’s one thing to stage a demonstration on a college campus where their dorms and apartments are just a few blocks away. It’s another to face down a bunch of pissed off farmers or moonshiners in the mountains of West Virginia. Yeah, that wouldn’t work out to well for them—ANTIFA. Their reach isn’t very far and they aren’t tough at all. They are spoiled brats that want a free ride of communism to give them more video game time—so their convictions aren’t rooted very deep—making them easy to defeat. That was very obvious in Phoenix. They are a made-up media paper dragon that is part of an illusion of resistance toward Trump. But reality states that they are quite disappointing up close and even worse when taken out of their native habitat. As terrorists, their efforts will be short-lived.

Rich Hoffman

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John Kasich Caves to ANTIFA: Feeding the enemy does not help defeat them

Like the liberal progressive he is, John Kasich had his people removed a valued painting of the Confederate General John Hunt Morgan from a vacation destination in Ohio as reported by PJ Media in the below article. I have always loved history and specifically I have a soft spot for the rebellion that emerged out of the American Civil War. I like the Confederates—there was great passion and bravery in that war. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee were some of the greatest tactical minds of military endeavor ever. If I had the opportunity to pick sides I would have obviously picked the Union—I do not support slavery in any form. I hate authority so the idea of a person being owned by anybody or any institution is disgusting to me—so I have no sympathy for slavery. But, I do enjoy Civil War battlefields and monuments because it was during that war that the human race started pushing back against the idea of people being owned by other people in any capacity—and there is value in that. And much of that history was forged right in my home state of Ohio with these Civil War tributes. But then this happened:

A painting of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan was removed from the lodge at Salt Fork State Park, a popular vacation and retreat spot, at the behest of the Ohio Department of National Resources, (trigger warning) the Daily Jeffersonian reports:

Recent controversy over Confederate statues and clashes between white nationalists and those who oppose them has resulted in a painting of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan being taken down at Salt Fork Lodge. During the Civil War, General Morgan led a raid into Ohio, which went through Guernsey County before Morgan and his men were captured near East Liverpool. In the painting, General Morgan is depicted leading his men in battle. Morgan’s Raid has been a part of Guernsey County lore ever since the incidents in July of 1863. The decision to take down the painting came through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

“We decided to take the painting down in light of recent events,” Matt Eiselstein of ODNR said. “The painting, done on canvas, was carefully removed from the wall and is currently being safely stored.”

The painting shows Gen. Morgan, who led a raid through Ohio in 1863, on horseback. Another soldier in the painting is waving a Confederate flag. Morgan and his men were captured near East Liverpool, Ohio, but Morgan escaped and fled Ohio. Local historian Rick Booth wrote:

By early September, 1864, he (Morgan) was leading a force of 1,500 men in the vicinity of Greeneville, Tenn. Underestimating the proximity and danger posed by Union troops nearby, Morgan opted to sleep the night in pampered luxury at a local mansion rather than tent uncomfortably with his men outside the town. When Union commanders chose to march on Greeneville through the night, Morgan’s choice of pleasantries over safety turned fatal. As federal troops approached Greeneville, several reports came in that Morgan was resting in the lightly guarded town mansion. Two cavalry companies were quickly dispatched to rush into the town and surround the mansion with orders to bring back Morgan dead or alive.

General Morgan, loathing the thought of ever spending time in Union captivity again, had promised his wife he would do everything in his power to avoid capture. And so, when confronted by an armed cavalryman demanding his surrender, Morgan chose to run. A shot rang out, and the man who barely a year before had led Confederate forces through Guernsey County’s Cumberland, Senecaville, Lore City, Old Washington, Winterset and Antrim fell dead.

Booth characterized the raid as “an unusual affair, conducted against orders in mid-1863.”

In the wake of the Charlottesville protests, at least two Ohio cities have also removed Confederate memorials.
In Franklin, near Cincinnati, a stone marker commemorating Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed Thursday, and in Worthington, near Columbus, a historic marker outside the former home of a Confederate general was removed.

Kasich isn’t trying to protect the Confederate painting at Salt Fork State Park from ANTIFA communists and other lunatics, he’s appeasing them. He’s trying to make the Republican base believe he has the interests of history in mind when in reality he is seeking to distance himself even further from the Trump administration which at this point is a serious mistake. That’s why he is weak. No culture should seek to appease thugs and book burners. My first experience with any culture that were history erasers were the Nazis. But I have often spoken very harshly about the Roman barbarians that attacked the Library at Alexandria, the many Catholic crusades against pagan monuments and the modern academic re-writing of history to fit the Columbus origin story—which has been false. The Indians were not Native-Americans—but were themselves immigrants from China and all places around the globe well before the New World was discovered. It was only “new” to the Europeans fleeing their homelands due to religious persecution. Everyone has been running from something and everything came to a spill over point during the American Civil War.

History tells us that because of that war people were freed. Slavery ended in North America because of that war—not in spite of it. And there is a lot for us to learn about ourselves from the Confederacy. It is not permissible for these modern communists—which is what ANTIFA is all about—to erase our history and to re-write it in the image of liberalism. That’s just not going to be allowed to happen. But Kasich as governor of Ohio should have known better. And he picked the wrong side to appease.

Rich Hoffman

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An Indiana Jones Land at Animal Kingdom: Yes, there is a heaven on earth–or rather–there soon will be


I love covering these more fun topics because there is a lot of very serious news out there.  But to me all this is connected whether we’re talking about business, politics, or entertainment—we are talking about culture building.  What makes human beings distinct and very unique in the universe is our vast imaginations.  Even if we were to meet intelligent life capable of working out the details of Type 1 or 2 Civilizations of interstellar travel I would put the human imagination up against anybody.  I see great promise for human potential in our arts, our literature, our religions, our buildings, sculptures, and paintings and I think over the next 1000 years we will become to be known as distinctly unique among all creation.  So I have no problem taking a moment to revere elements that I think are very special.  For me personally Walt Disney “the man” was the king and his vision for Disney World was magnificent.  The way he bought up all that property in Florida under a cloak of secrecy was brilliant and it’s starting to pay off big time 50 years later in the evolution of the human race.  Everyone who reads here knows how excited I am about the new Star Wars Land called Galaxy’s Edge that is coming to Hollywood Studios in 2019.  I’ve made no secret about what I think that does on a vast scale of art and human achievement—aside from just being a cool place to visit.  Well, rumor has it which has gained serious traction in mid-August 2017 that an Indiana Jones Land is being considered at Animal Kingdom and let me just say that for me that is jaw dropping exciting.   I may move there just to visit it every day—that news is that exciting to me.

To some, Indiana Jones is just four movies with a fifth one on the way that were fun throwbacks to a style of filmmaking that died in the 1950s.  They are still fun to watch and people generally like them.  They’ve certainly held up to the tests of time.  However, I would argue that Indiana Jones has been the single greatest contributor to science and the funding of sciences in the history of the world.  Because of Indiana Jones—I would argue—science went from a geeky academic pursuit and moved to a mainstream coolness that is largely funding the efforts of cable television to this very day.  Without Indiana Jones I don’t think Josh Gates would have any television shows on The Travel Channel.  I don’t think half the archeology which has really opened up our understanding of history would have happened especially the great work that English Heritage has done in Europe.  Indiana Jones made studying history cool and that has greatly benefited the entire human race in ways that are impossible to pin down.  If you interviewed most people in the history fields you’d find an Indian Jones fan deep in their hearts.

Even the History Channel’s popular show Ancient Aliens got a lot of its fuel for programming investment based on the premise of the last Indiana Jones film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.   So the footprint of Indiana Jones on the sciences in our culture is huge.   I grew up with those movies and it’s hard for me often to tell which I like more, Indiana Jones or Star Wars as products of Lucasfilm.   Indiana Jones suits me more on a personal level.  I love the character and the enthusiasm Indiana Jones has for life—he’s a wonderful invention from the mind of George Lucas and a real gift to our civilization.  I personally think Raiders of the Lost Ark is the greatest movie of all time—it’s better than Citizen Kane, it’s better than Casablanca, it’s better than Ben Hur.  It’s a technical masterpiece in every film making category and it justifiably deserves its place in history.

In the back of my mind I was hoping that under the Disney ownership of Lucasfilm that Indiana Jones would be elevated in their park presence.  For me the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios is worth the price of admission all by itself.  To have his own land similar to what is being done for Star Wars would be I think a magnificent endeavor that would spark the minds of many would-be scientists for decades to come.   Even better the chance to immerse yourself into an Indian Jones story is something a lot of people would enjoy.  I know I would.  The study of archaeology is a new science and there is a lot to yet uncover about our own past—and starting from a point of imagination—asking “what if” is the way to begin that productive process.

Having an Indiana Jones land at Animal Kingdom would without question ignite many of those young minds to a more serious career in the sciences by revering some of the fun that can happen in the world of adventure.  I’d be inclined just to go there to read books in that fantasy Indiana Jones environment.  Based on what Disney has done with Avatar and is doing with Toy Story, Cars, and now Star Wars—making an Indiana Jones land would dramatically enhance the goal of Animal Kingdom as an education platform attached to thrilling entertainment.   Indiana Jones may be a fictional character but he is the jumping off point for most people in understanding the reasons behind science.  I find the character and spirit of Indiana Jones to be remarkably optimistic and fun.  It is fun to learn new languages, it is fun to discover new things, and it is fun to always try to do something even if it doesn’t work out.  Indiana Jones isn’t always successful, but he does always try to be.  He’s a wonderful character.

IMG_5099.JPGI enjoyed Raiders of the Lost Ark so much as a kid that I bought and read The Egyptian Book of the Dead when I was 12 years old complete with hieroglyphics.   When I was 13 my grandmother gave me some really fantastic books, The Living Bible Encyclopedia in Story and Pictures which came in 16 volumes and were published in 1968.  They are real treasures before revisionism of history had really set in to contaminate such works.  I spent the next couple years reading them voluminously.  At 14 I was a member of the New York City club for rare books and prints.  They didn’t last very long, they didn’t make it out of the 80s, but I loved getting their catalog and sometimes saving up $200 in lawn mowing money to buy some rare book from a remote corner of the world—and reading it.  Nobody in public school convinced me that reading was important but once I saw Indiana Jones, reading became a huge part of my life and still is to this day.  Indiana Jones was smart and tough breaking the belief that you had to be one or the other and for me that made a life changing framework which still is a huge part of my life.  So having a real Indiana Jones world that you can walk around in and interact with would be tremendous to young minds waiting for a spark to ignite their imaginations.

More Indiana Jones in our culture would help it.  With that said, Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones.  But there have been other actors in the very good television show The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles which I have all the DVD collection sets that use the character to tell the story of our history and they are real treasures.  There is a lot that Disney could do with Indiana Jones to inspire education in youth while telling fresh stories to keep the imaginations alive in all people no matter what their age.  Just the movies have done much of what we see today in scientific optimism.  I was at the Louvre in Paris a few months ago standing at the Mona Lisa and I joked to my daughter that we had first experienced that painting at that famous museum during an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles as she was growing up.  That’s what we did as a family.  We watched Indiana Jones movies together and I certainly gave them the adventure bug because of it.  In fact today one of my son-in-laws is going on a cross-country motorcycle trip today and both of my daughters are going sky diving—and when they were all younger we watched  Indiana Jones movies and those Young Indy DVDs together—and they inspired them too.  Anyway, we’re at The Louvre talking about Indiana Jones and the Mona Lisa and an employee who was French and couldn’t speak a bit of English came over and spoke to us upon hearing the name, Indiana Jones.  Yes, he understood the show we were talking about, he had seen it and that was what inspired him to work at The Louvre and become interested in art.  We were able to communicate because we all mutually loved Indiana Jones.  That is the power of that kind of character and the marvelous opportunity that Disney has by putting an Indiana Jones land in their Animal Kingdom.  It would be sheer magic for me, but for many other people, it would be a place of inspiration and adventure.   I can’t freaking wait!

Rich Hoffman

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