Why ‘Richard Jewell’ was a Great Movie and ‘Joker’ Wasn’t: With awards season upon us, getting the best that be obtained

As I said in my review of Richard Jewell, the movie—it was an important film that every Trump supporter should see. For that matter, everyone should see the new Clint Eastwood film as it tackles an obscure truth that we live with every day, the nature of power to corrupt those worst to rise to the top of institutionalism. In a society that values perpetual bootlickers and places them in the highest ranks of institutionalism, it should never be questioned why things go wrong yet they do, and that is the precise point of the film. I think its important to mention that it was distributed by Warner Bros. which is the same company that produced Joker, which I thought was the most destructive film I have seen in a long time. In many ways this is the answer to the questions brought up in the Joker and its nice to see our 1st Amendment hard at work. These are the types of choices that we should have as a free society.

I have serious doubts however that Richard Jewell will win any Academy Awards which obviously the studio is hoping to get nominated for. The real-life performances provided in Richard Jewell were certainly worthy of awards, but the politics of the matter is the problem. This film was certainly a direct offering to the 60 million and more Trump voters who have been wanting for a long-time options from the kind of world that went after Richard Jewell cruelly, and unjustly. Even with all we know about our modern FBI and its connections to the Department of Justice, what we have read through the direct text messages of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok which could have easily have been the plot line of Richard Jewell, we are still reluctant to name the beast and call a spade a spade. The point of the movie was a good one, and worthy of best picture of the year for Warner Bros. but the question is one that no institutionalist wants to ask. Rather, they will prefer the Joker’s anarchy to the legitimate questioning of power through constitutional means offered by Richard Jewell.

I generally only have time to talk to really smart people professionally, so it amazes me during the holidays every time, when I get a chance to talk to normal people—people who care more about Ohio State football than the trivial complexities of Freudian legalizations wrapped with the bows of institutionalism which ultimately had a love affair with Karl Marx a long time ago and are still spawning children of thought to this very day. I don’t enjoy talking to those kinds of people with small talk because they don’t care about the big things in life, and for me, those are the only important things. Big things. It was simply stunning to hear so many normal people not understand why Nancy Pelosi is holding back on sending her impeachment votes to the senate, or how people don’t understand the relevance of what Peter Strzok did in the FBI, or the nature of James Comey the former FBI Director who was drunk with power, conspired with anti-Trumper John McCain to attempt a coup right in front of our faces, and expect not to get caught. For many, they just don’t have the mental horsepower to think about such things so they don’t even try and it never ceases to baffle me to their lack of curiosity.

But then someone like Clint Eastwood comes along and nails it with great simplicity pulled into focus in a way only a master storyteller could. Richard Jewell is a far better film not just politically, but ethically than Joker even without the fancy soundtrack and dynamic cinematography. The ultimate question is asked, and the protagonists provide the answer through the direction of the story, which in this case is even more difficult because a lot of the players in the story are still alive and it was true. Can we trust our media, can we trust our government, and the answer is no. Should we move toward anarchy and throw the baby out with the bathwater as they did in the Joker—of course not. That is what made the Joker a cheap shot where Richard Jewell was a true examination to a very modern problem within our functioning republic.

There were several very powerful moments in the film including at the beginning when the attorney friend of Richard Jewell gives him a hundred-dollar bill and says it’s a quid pro quo which everyone should know by now what it means. Jewell says he understands the meaning of the term and its then that Watson Bryant says that he expects in exchange for the Benjamin that Jewell will not become corrupt with power as he fulfills his dream of becoming a police officer. And in several scenes behind Bryant is a sign that says, “I fear my government more than I fear terrorists.” Bryant’s girlfriend and assistant is from Russia and is always there to remind him that likely the government is lying to protect itself as she is the first to believe the story of Richard Jewell’s innocence. And of course, at the end of the film when Jewell finally sticks up for himself, when he leaves the FBI interrogation with Bryant behind him smiling the door to the glass room closes with a the camera fixated on the reverse image of the FBI logo. This was a film that openly questions our government and for that, the Academy should be applauding. Unfortunately, most members of the media culture are precisely like Olivia Wilde’s character of Kathy Scruggs.

It’s movies like this that ultimately educate those who don’t read many books and are not intellectually curious about the world around them. They just want their chicken wings and their Bowl game football to distract them from moment to moment without the impediments of questioning the validity of it all. Trump supporters have been questioning things for a long time and that 60 million number is growing. Hollywood doesn’t necessarily want people questioning things, but I did find it extremely interesting that Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the producers of Richard Jewell. I always watch the credits of a new movie at the theater to the very last one, because there is a lot to learn from doing so, and what I see happening in Hollywood is a change in focus. Even when a terribly irresponsible movie like the Joker is made and the executives at Warner Bros. are betting chips on several potential winners that may be politically opposed—they all make money for the studio which is the name of the game, a trend can be seen emerging. I don’t think Richard Jewell would have been made before the Trump election. Nobody would have understood how to play the parts because our assumption of behavior would not compute the evil it takes to behave the way the FBI and the media did.

There was a scene where Bobi Jewell watched on television the terrible things that Tom Brokaw said about her son and in many ways that was a very powerful scene because that was all of us watching television every day. A few years ago we looked at figures in the media and we liked them until we have witnessed them turning on us over the 2016 election and it has been shocking, even very painful. People who don’t pay much attention to these things do so for the same reason that the Jewell family did, even if they were desperately naive. Bobi Jewell told her son to work hard at defending justice and he believed it whole heartedly, like most of us do and when faced with the terrible evil that those working in the media and the FBI are just as flawed as the worst of us, it is a grim reality that hits home painfully. And that is the essence of this great movie Richard Jewell. It tackles a great pain with a youthful buoyancy found only among very high intellects, but it doesn’t talk down to anybody. Its just a story that has a hard truth attached to it, and for that, it deserves the best awards that it can get. But to ol’ Clint Eastwood, I would think that the best reward he could receive is that people watch the movie and learn something from it. If not at the theater, then when it streams soon from our home televisions. And that is something that every single American should do at least once.

Rich Hoffman

Richard Jewell, the Movie Review: To understand what’s happening now everyone should watch this great film by Clint Eastwood

The movie, Richard Jewell is certainly one of those that every Trump supporter should see, and those considering becoming one. No wonder it has not done well at the box office, the last time I saw such an antagonistic hatred of a movie was the Atlas Shrugged films for many of the same reasons. Critics hated the movie, it essentially comes down to institutionalism against individual rights when movies take the side of individuals, the college trained movie critics become synonymous with anger at those who challenge their understanding of the world, which was forged in such places as Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Princeton, or some of their copy cats teaching those who didn’t do so well on their ACT tests. When people want to know why the media and our government rally to each other’s needs so often, and so quickly, well, they were all taught in the same places to march to whims of the institutions while those who didn’t enjoy the experience become everybody else. But the best products of our modern education systems, our unionized government schools or our best colleges essentially become guys like the featured FBI agent played by Jon Hamm’s Tom Shaw or the newspaper reporter hot to get any story and generally bored with life, Olivia Wilde’s Kathy Scruggs. And it was those two who were playing around with each other sexually who came up with the whole story against Richard Jewell, because they needed somebody to be the face of terrorism, even if the guy was completely innocent.

There is a Kathy Scruggs in every newsroom from all sides of the sexes. There are guy versions, but this one played by Olivia Wilde was fantastic, and very close to many of the people I have known in the media. 89-year-old Clint Eastwood, who directed this picture with the experience of a man who has been around and seen everything is likely the only person who could have directed Olivia Wilde with such realism. She reminded me of a not so disgusting scum bag as Eastwood showed in his Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact, the bar whore who was the central figure behind the rapes of the two leading girls. For these characters wreaking other people’s lives is a kind of game that they love playing. It fills a void in their lives that they work very hard to hide from other people and they are dangerous. But make no mistake about it, there is a Kathy Scruggs in every newsroom to some extent or another. She is not an exceptionally evil person, she is as common as a raindrop in the world of the media, and it takes a director like Clint Eastwood to pull that kind of performance out of an actress who might otherwise not feel comfortable going to such a dark place.

We all know the story, but as I was watching this movie, I was thinking that this is exactly what has been happening to the Trump administration. Kathy Scruggs might as well have been Lisa Page in the middle of the FBI investigation against President Trump. Sexual manipulation is not a new thing for women to play against horny, stupid men, and Peter Strzok was no exception. Not all people are as flamboyant about their behavior as Scruggs was, they hide their actions better. But these kinds of things are happening all the time at every level of our society, and if you get in the way of their actions, another Richard Jewell is born. We only know of Richard Jewell because the profile of the case was a big one. There are Richard Jewell types losing their jobs every day, or being denied promotions for all the same reasons. What Trump captured of the FBI and the media in Richard Jewell was an examination into the kinds of people who are really part of these classes of people, and it wasn’t pretty.

What happened to Richard Jewell, with the attempted entrapments by the FBI was exactly what happened to Roger Stone in the early morning raid of his home at 5 AM with the CNN reporter tipped off and waiting to capture the images of an arrested Trump confidant to splash on the television at the earliest moment. Or what about pinning down Michael Flynn without a lawyer while attempting to get him to give false testimony by pretending to be his friend in the early days of the White House transition? You can’t lie to an FBI agent, it’s against the law—but they sure can lie to you, or control the evidence in such a way to make you look bad if it makes them look good in the process. This movie Richard Jewell showed how those things happen in a very legally valid way. We should all question ourselves in why we have given the government so much power over us. Well, I’d say it’s because there’s a bit of Richard Jewell in all of us, a do gooder who just wants to live a good life and we don’t want to think that people are so dishonest as Tom Shaw or Kathy Scruggs.

The problem with institutionalists like the villains in the movie Richard Jewell is that the villains see value for themselves in supporting the institutions at all cost, even at the price of humanity. And to the rest of us, we can’t even comprehend such evil, yet we face it every day. Occasionally we get fighters who know the system better than the bad guys like the attorney in the film played by Sam Rockwell, Watson Bryant. President Trump comes to mind as a person who has made so much money in life and seen every trick in the book that he can sidestep the institutionalists easily. But those not so experienced around Trump were not so difficult to pluck into the trash bins of trouble. One little misstatement at that level and you are going to jail, while gang members, thugs, and illegal aliens roam our streets unimpeded. If you lie to an FBI agent when they set up the deceit themselves to trap you in it, and you are going to jail to show their power. It’s a bad, nasty game that many fear almost more than death, and it’s sad that we have allowed it to take such a hold of all our lives.

The problem though isn’t that we are stupid, its that we have been short to admit to ourselves that people are as bad as Kathy Scruggs and Tom Shaw. We find it astonishing that they would take it for granted that we’d just naturally believe them and that we’d put up with their evil ways because we all want to believe in the good in people. But some people just don’t have it in them. They adhere so well to the institutions because as people they are broken likely from birth, and there is nothing to hold them together but the rigid rules for which they control. Whether it’s the FBI or the media, the rules are built to serve the institutions and when they need some diversion, they can always pick on the latest Richard Jewell—the good guy who is so well intentioned that he can’t see the evil that is at work right in front of his face. Yet we all see it, and its not just in the Jewell case, but it’s happening right now to our president by that same FBI. Only that story is a much bigger one that many just aren’t ready to admit has been happening. But to see it for all its possibilities, everyone should see Richard Jewell. Its one of those types of movies for our times.

Rich Hoffman

Trump Could Win California: Going for the kill shot when you get it

One thing that we can do on sites like this one, as opposed to establishment television and newspapers is talk about the obscure truths that are out there instead of desired outcomes that are attached to advertising dollars and political affiliations. And to that end they aren’t talking about the truth of this 2020 election year as President Trump wins the White House for the second term. They would have you believe that Trump is unpopular, because he is a threat to the natural order of things, but it was and has always been that order that has caused all our problems and now after a presidential term where they threw everything they had at him, and he’s still going strong, their brand is down big time, while Republicans are up. That means good things going into this election cycle to such an extent that I think Trump could win California if he put forth a little effort there.

The numbers are obvious, between 2008 and 2016 Democrat registration climbed by 1.1 million while the number of Republicans dropped by almost 400,000. In 2016 Hillary Clinton won California with 8,753,789 votes while Donald Trump only received 4,483,810. Yet there are over 25 million voters who are registered and many more out of their population of over 40 million who could be energized to vote. Based on the 2016 election results with everyone accounted for, even the third-party candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, the total amount of voters who went to the polls to vote was 14,237,884. That means that there were over ten million votes on the table that didn’t even show up, and likely many more who could become voters. The trend from 2016 to 2020 has likely changed as voters have seen what Democrat leadership has brought, wildfires due to forest mismanagement, blackouts due to not reeling in the over zealous courts, and massive amounts of poverty due to attracting homelessness to their featured cities.

This is the reason that Democrats are pushing so hard to make illegal aliens voters because the trends of election wins does not favor them, especially now. If they were able to convert all 22 million illegal aliens in America into registered voters, which is a preposterous concept, then they could win back some of the losses they have incurred over the years by their own bad conduct. The way they have kept themselves from being blown completely off the electoral map is due to their activism in turning Republicans inward toward guilt and not showing up to vote in major elections. Yet, in California, it looks like the opposite will be happening. The tree there is ripe to garner Republican fruit. The Democrats have poisoned their own baskets and the trust level is very low, and could easily be taken by a strong personality like Trump.

When Michael Moore is worried, all Democrats should be also. He sees that the current crop of Democrats is not strong enough to take on Trump. Impeachment attempts have been seen for what they were, a scam by our government to overthrow the election results of 2016, to attempt to take the spin off any potential victories for Republicans in 2020. Not to ease off the gas in Republican camps, but the momentum is certainly in their favor. With the Mueller investigation by the FBI falling flat, the economy roaring in record breaking ways, and a fired-up manufacturing sector with record low unemployment, Democrats have nothing to run on except unexciting below the line victimization. And that doesn’t inspire voters to put on their coat and brave the day to actually cast a ballot.

Republicans however have a lot to vote for, and are energized to protect the wins they have witnessed. And many of them still live in California and would like to be included in the national dialogue instead of having Republicans just surrender the state due to the overwhelming threat of immigration voters who tend to at least vote Democrat the first time they can, because they are still learning how things work in this country and Democrats represent most closely the socialists they most recently fled from wherever in the world they emerged. Its not that immigrants want socialism in America, but in many cases, its all they have previously understood, so until they’ve lived in America for a period of time and learn of the magic of capitalism, they tend to vote Democrat. But their hearts can be won with just a little effort.

California is very much at play yet nobody on the Democrat side of things will dare to speak the thought. Imagine the terrible press when it comes closer to the State of the Union speech that Trump is supposed to give to congress in January of 2020, after all the games that the House of Representatives has just played with impeachment. Nancy Pelosi will have to invite the President to speak, yet her party will not want him there after they have just worked against him in such a public way. Talk about awkward. Its like bad mouthing a family member on Facebook in a passive aggressive way to third parties, then finding out you must have dinner with that person and that you’ll be sitting right next to them. Trump can handle that kind of pressure, but the Democrats won’t be able to. They’ll try to hide under any rock they can find, but there won’t be any, and they’ll be exposed for what they are. Impeachment was the best gift they could have given Trump. Its insulting that they did it, but for energizing the base, I would say that even California could go for Trump after all this, which for Democrats would be truly a final blow.

I often say that you should have courage to go for the kill shot. Well, Democrats certainly have made a profession behaving in such a way and now the shoe is on the other foot. The kill shot for the Democrat Party would be if Trump won California. So why not try for it, put all Democrats for every position in the country, even the regional trustee races permanently on their heels by having to defend the indefensible, California and its many problems caused by Democrat leadership which is embarrassing to them. It would be better to attack than to sit around and be victims of places like Texas that are going more purple as a result of massive investments moving out of California to more conducive states. Even Republicans in California would be considered Democrats in Texas, so there is a real risk of a strong red state turning colors because of it. So why not keep those voters in California by giving them some options and an open door into the Republican Party? What do they have to lose in the process when forest fires, blackouts and extreme poverty are common life for them along with high taxes that are wasted on garbage social programs? California is ripe for the taking so why not in 2020? It would be the ultimate victory for a party that has tried to do everything they can to destroy those of us who call ourselves Republicans. It would be most deserving.

Rich Hoffman

Smuggler’s Run is the Best Ride in the World: Technical innovations in storytelling that are now the definitions of pop culture

This has been a year of “never thought I’d see its,” to say the least, which culminated for me while watching the Disney parade on Christmas morning from the parks. Specifically, when I saw Portugal the Man perform “Feel it Still” in front of the life size Millennium Falcon at Galaxy’s Edge. Star Wars has always been popular, but there has always been a kind of social tension, it wasn’t something that people felt comfortable talking about in public. If you wore a Star Wars shirt to school like I used to all the time, kids would gang up on you for it with massive amounts of unjustified peer pressure. But after a long evolution, particularly with shows like Big Bang Theory making geekdom fun, and “popular” the Disney ownership of Star Wars is showing signs of mind-bending culture changes that were evident that Christmas morning. No longer were kids forced to keep their thoughts to themselves, Disney had made it so that Star Wars was just as popular if not more so in knowing which quarterbacks were coming out of the draft this year from which colleges. It was a shift in sentiment that I never thought would be possible, yet there it was. As I watched I couldn’t help but think that many of the same people who are those invisible Trump supporters loving the optimism of an optimistic tomorrow were the same people that spent thousands of dollars at Disney every year and would put on the mouse ears for a visit on Christmas morning to the parks to participate in their parade.

Thinking of that Millennium Falcon, after a recent trip to Disney World where I was able to ride that ride 8 times, and ride the new Rise of the Resistance and Flight of Passage at the new Pandora land at Animal Kingdom I have proclaimed that I thought Smuggler’s Run, which is essentially a flight simulator for the Millennium Falcon was a better ride for a number of reasons. As Rise of the Resistance has opened in December at Disney World and was a feature of the parade in promoting the ride to a hungry Christmas morning audience, a lot of people don’t know just what a miracle these rides are. Especially in regard to the Millennium Falcon’s Smuggler’s Run. I included a video on this article that goes into the details of just how impressive the engineering is on Smuggler’s Run. And even thought Rise of the Resistance has a lot more technical tricks to help make the magic happen, I think the engineering of Smuggler’s Run is so impressive that it’s in a category all by itself even if most of those miracles happen where nobody will ever see them.

Being a huge fan of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars I know a lot about the ship and how it should be laid out, so while I was riding it I was looking for flaws, which can be seen from my Instagram posts included here. As it is, the many mechanism that make the ride possible are completely hidden from even the most rigorous fan. There were little things that I could point out, such as parts of the cockpit altered to accommodate mass riders, and some of the internal pathways to the cockpit that were stretched to fit the needs of 1800 riders per hour. What is most clever is that the ride creates the illusion of walking into the Millennium Falcon’s interior and boarding the cockpit as a single experience when in reality there are seven cockpits on four giant rotary tables that are timed out to perfection for all the loading and unloading that goes on. Each ride vehicle gets its own wrap around screen and sits on a flight simulation platform that would have made NASA jealous a few decades ago. The technology and timing involved in this ride is incredible and all of it is done to ensure that the riders can not see the strings behind the scenes and can instead believe in the experience as a real one.

My perspective is coming from an older person who grew up on these movies. When I was a kid, my family couldn’t afford to get me the Kenner Millennium Falcon to play with so made my own out of a box. So, it is astonishing to me to read these modern critics of these rides and of the new Star Wars movies knowing how much better things are now than then. Having the ability to even visit a Millennium Falcon in real life let alone fly in it is bizarre and a huge step for science fiction and the art of modern storytelling. That Smuggler’s Run is a reality let alone other options like Rise of the Resistance in the same area is an astonishing achievement in any field of endeavor. But especially in storytelling where a ride goes to so much trouble to create an alternate reality in physical space is a jaw dropping enterprise. But then again, to host a concert by a pop culture group on a Christmas morning broadcast mainstream to the world is something I never would have thought would be possible. Knowing that, the prospects for other surprises in the future are very exciting.

But for my money, and well beyond sentiment, the Millennium Falcon ride Smuggler’s Run is the top ride in the world right now, and it will take years to match it by anybody. Also on Christmas Day my wife and I went to see Rise of Skywalker again and I couldn’t help but notice how full the movie theater was from very normal people wanting to see that movie after the day’s festivities had ended. The Millennium Falcon is one of the feature characters of that movie and it is fun, even though its just a machine. The well-known starship was so well featured in the film knowing that it was a kind of advertisement for the ride in Galaxy’s Edge. People watching the movie with their big drinks and overflowing popcorn could travel to Disney World and actually fly the thing—over and over again—and that is a new thing in the art of storytelling that we haven’t yet dealt with as a species, not only the ability to create a story to hold some abstract concept, but to physically participate in the intellectual inclusion of it into our collective subconscious—and with such swagger that Disney could feature it on a popular television broadcast with a modern rock group as part of the package.

I point it out because all things lead to other things and I can’t help but notice that we are expanding our intellect as human beings because of these kinds of technical innovations. The conflict that we hear about on the news is that the rigid orders of the past have not yet caught up to that notion. But the fans of the Disney experience, and through mythology like Star Wars, a new kind of vacationer is being created. Not a passive cocktail drink by the pools of some exotic destination, but the Disney participant that is looking for an above the line experience and is willing to pay a lot of money to get it. And for those people, Smuggler’s Run gives them a seamless experience of a reality that was only available to the imagination. Now it’s real, leaving it to be pondered what the next generation of entertainment will be. At this point, we can only wonder, because the evidence is quite jaw-dropping in its perspectives.

Rich Hoffman

The Purple Headed Loser: Anti-gun activists attack the Kentucky Academy of Sports

In general, I’m a live and let die kind of guy. If you want to be a loser, I leave that decision to you to make unless you’ve injected yourself into my life in some way. People are free to do and think what they want, until they try to impose themselves on me. And that is exactly what Sydney Cooper has done with her purple hair and a body that is taking up way too much real estate is doing by protesting the Kentucky Academy of Sports for a raffle they had for the Holidays distributing guns to participants. The entire event was voluntary and the business of the people active with the raffle yet this anti-gun activist decided that it was within her right to impose her views on the rest of us with an anti-Second Amendment message, and she presented herself in a way that I consider insulting. I don’t like people who alter themselves especially with changing the color of their hair to purple. I think she looks disgusting and she is in all of our faces showing her desire to protest conformity with her appearance, yet thinks she has the right to lecture the rest of us. Not a smart thing to do young lady.

This purple haired kid apparently is the state director for Kentucky March for our Lives, which is one of these student groups moved to activism against our society of guns by the teacher’s unions and their progressive platform. The notion as she stated in her Channel 5 interview is that somehow, she believes that the raffle for guns is “tone deaf” to the sentiments of modern life. What’s tone deaf is that leftists like this girl think we care what she thinks, especially when she presents herself as such a disgusting reprobate. If she was going to do television, you’d think she might have at least worn something nice and respectable instead of presenting herself like a slob. I was embarrassed for her parents that the kid put herself on television looking like she should be marching for a gay pride parade. What’s tone deaf is that these leftist activist fail to understand that the gun culture we do have is essential to our freedoms. And their tone deafness is a choice because they want to attack us, and change it.

I personally didn’t ask to see her cake inflated face on my television lecturing us on gun violence aimed at children when the raffle itself was designed to raise money for children when it is well known that one of the best things you can do for a child is teach them to shoot and to be respectful of guns. It’s a great tool for teaching responsibility to children and a wonderful bonding agent from generation to generation. Perhaps if her parents had taught her to shoot guns and were active NRA members, maybe she wouldn’t have that ridiculous purple hair and be such a lost leftist sucking up to her teachers and their union talking points. As I’ve pointed out countless times these mass shootings are not caused by NRA members who hate losers like this girl, they are often affiliated by marijuana users who have a diabolical psychedelic reaction to the ingredients of pot smoking and the use of other depressants and anti-depressants. Why does anybody think that pot legalization has taken such a back seat this year—because the studies show that likely all the mass shooters over the last few years were active pot heads, and came from broken families.

The people of the Kentucky Academy of Sports are likely not much different than the typical NRA member, or the members of clubs I belong to such as the Cowboy Fast Draw Association where good hearted American values are promoted through teaching the next generation about responsible gun use, and the need to maintain the constitutions of the United States, at the federal and state levels, with guns. Even as I write this, diabolical politicians in Virginia are using their newfound Democrat majorities to contemplate a mandatory confiscation of firearms using the National Guard to do it. It’s all the talk at dinner parties in Democrat holiday gatherings. That’s where activist like this loser purple haired girl want to take our nation and to attack us like that during the sentiments of Christmas is insulting, and preposterous. I’m sure Channel 5 knew it would get such a reaction; it certainly got my attention. But the effort was insulting to say the least.

The most disrespectful aspect of this news report was the realization that we have lots of evidence to show just how bad and corrupt our present government is, and why they are very eager to disarm a public that might very well take up arms against them in a pursuit of much needed justice. Manipulating things the way that the establishment does—such as these teacher’s unions using kids to advocate for their progressive plot points—and the teacher’s unions are connected to politicians—and activist donors such as the George Soros types—they send out people like this purple headed freak to implore us to give up our guns and our essential love of freedom in exchange for what? This is the best spokesperson they could find, a gay rights looking advocate that certainly doesn’t look like the nice girl next door that we might want to protect a future for. She is what we don’t want, a society of tattooed freaks and dyed hair losers complaining about capitalism and advocating socialism. No thanks.

We’ll keep our guns, but Sydney Cooper and all her crazy haired friends from the March for our Lives movement are free to leave the country if they don’t like guns or the people who own them. They don’t have a right to change our America into their nightmare of drag queens, gay sex addicts, and drug users who are the real cause of gun violence in schools. Its not the guns that are the problems, it’s the kind of thinking that our schools are producing that is, those same anonymous figures that prop up the purple haired girl that are putting all these dumb ideas into these innocent little kids away from their parents. We know that our government is dangerous, that’s why we have the guns. And we know that the corruption of our government is so deep that it flows into every one of our public schools through the unions that the teacher’s bow to, and many of them are the voices behind this purple headed anti-gun activist. They are happy to use our young people as soldiers for the cause, and they don’t care who they hurt to achieve their objective.

Those who are “tone deaf” are those behind this girl, who want to do to this Kentucky Academy of Sports group just as they have with the Boy Scouts and many other traditional organizations. They attack and do not expect retaliation. They expect people to put down their guns for a complete government takeover of our way of life, which has been revealed in the attacks against the Trump administration, and they think we are so stupid that we’ll fall for the pleas from this purple headed loser who obviously doesn’t know much about life, and doesn’t respect our opinions enough to even dress up a bit for a big opportunity for television. Like most of the people in her age group she just showed up, said what people told her to, and expected success. When all she really did was piss off all the wrong people.

Rich Hoffman

Nobody Should Care About China’s Box Office: Reaching a market of over a billion people can’t justify surrendering to communism

What I have always loved about Star Wars, aside from the obvious creativity that it takes to make the movies, is that they are in and of themselves positive stories that don’t get hung up on negativity. Yet the theme of our day is negativity, because if people are in a state of discontent they may be open to the offerings of some political class. It was probably always this way to some extent, but its really bad now, where negativity is insisted upon by certain sectors of the world, as a culture. Yet, its not always easy to see, but when something like a new Star Wars film comes out, the pop culture reaction to it is an obvious measure that we can all see and touch. And it was never clearer as to what the intentions for our society is than in reporting on the new Star Wars film, which was probably the most positive film I’ve seen by anybody in a long time, and one that certainly stands for goodness. Clearly the intent of the characters in the movie were to make clear choices about good and bad behavior. So of course the focus on the reviews was that this latest movie, The Rise of Skywalker is that it is the most poorly reviewed film since The Phantom Menace, and that it has bombed in China at that box office, see the Variety article below:


This is why I write so much about Star Wars, the movies are very positive and defined about what good and evil should be—as any kid’s fairy tale would. That makes them as a work of art a wonderful measure about social values and the motivations of our cultural forces. Further, I would offer that communism has been the functioning plan for many years, especially those college trained as all media people are to some extent, certainly in the case of writers of these types of articles like Patrick Frater a defense of China and its communism is baked into their view of the world, and by attacking films that are distinctly American points of view, China continues on with the mission they’ve had all along and is constantly assisted by universities and their products to advocate for and against certain types of cultures. The effort becomes grossly obvious when entertainment trades make it so obvious such as trying to slam a movie as successful as The Rise of Skywalker which made over $177 million domestically over its opening weekend and will continue to do well at the box office over the long Christmas week. Especially when the news around the world that in just a few days it made $376 million globally. That is hardly anything to sneeze at, or to ignore, culturally.

The problem is one that I have pointed out often, especially coming out of Hollywood for more than a couple decades now, where Chinese companies have been buying up interests in film studios and even trade magazines. They have been trying to do to American markets what they do internally in China as communists, and that is to control everything at every level. I mean give me a break, Star Wars was beat at the box office in China by Ip Man 4: The Finale, and that is very fishy. Instead of making the story about the Chinese box office being a failure of Star Wars to reach an audience, the story is really about how China as a government controls such box office numbers so that they can protest against western ideas influencing their country, especially when the protests in Hong Kong are fueled by those same western ideas. The box office numbers themselves do not tell the story, but our media which has been heavily influenced by the Chinese even from such a far reach uses the known measurements that China controls to attempt to shape the kind of stories that are told in our culture—which the rest of the world obviously loves as they were.

I admired Disney, which is a big global company that wants to please everyone, because they allowed the filmmakers of Star Wars to get back to what made the films popular with fans and The Rise of Skywalker is a love letter back to them full of very positive storylines that don’t get hung up on negativity. The previous installment The Last Jedi was taking a turn to the dark side in all aspects and critics loved it. But the fans didn’t. As I said at the start of this article, one way to control people is to take away from them hope, disconnect them from options so that they will be forced to embrace a way of life that the controller wishes to impose. When Star Wars looked to be taking a negative “realistic” tone with this modern trilogy, critics loved the film, but when the box office diminishing returns started showing that fans were leaving, Disney had to make some decisions and listen to the fans, and return to the kind of storytelling that Star Wars has always been for people—which is not the trend of the world full of communists in China that still have global plans.

I doubt that Patrick Frater from Variety is an open communist, but I would bet that he’s likely an anti-Trump political personality and that the whispers of his college days speak to him in copious amounts, and that the roots of those whispers were sympathetic to the type of society that China has been trying to export for decades. Star Wars obviously stands against that sentiment. While in the states, Variety has been very supportive of Star Wars so long as they could view the Resistance as being anti-Trump and liberal. However, the reality is that Star Wars has always been a small government love letter and few stories in the history of storytelling has ever shown how a government can be great one day, and on the next turn into a mass manufacturer of dystopia and scandal. The enemies of American ideas I would offer are those who have also been giving bad reviews to The Rise of Skywalker. While Disney has tried to make everyone happy, especially with the ridiculous lesbian kiss at the end of the movie as if to throw a bone to the dogs, ultimately there is no way to shut out the negativity that comes from the press because the goal is to attempt to keep people from being enchanted by the positive messages of Star Wars, since it is control over mankind that is at stake.

This movie is just one more example of why China is ultimately irrelevant. Nobody can make movies culturally that China and America will enjoy together. If a film studio tries to make movies that China will like, American audiences will push it away. And if the story is too “western” then China will shut it down in their markets. This is the nature of this entire battle yet I don’t see any evidence from the trades in dealing with the issue properly. That is because they are part of the problem and when they can, such as in this Variety article, they must take down any challenges to China as a communist culture. To save Star Wars, Disney had to choose, and they went with traditional western storytelling as they should. Nobody cares about China’s stupid contributions. Its worth dropping a $100 million at the box office, which is likely what it cost. But that money will be made up many times over in the other markets before its all said and done, and Disney will be rewarded for their choice, even if the trades like Variety are rooting against it for all the reasons stated.

Rich Hoffman

Candice Keller Should Know Better: George Lang is the most honest and toughest opportunity for the 4th District Senate seat

I must admit to being extremely disappointed in Candice Keller as she has been stoking her supporters against George Lang by bringing up the Dynus scandal that moved through Butler County politics a decade ago or so. That event which involved the company Dynus trying to win a business alignment to bring in high speed networks into the I-75 corridor, which involved many politicians from John Boehner, Bill Coley and Butler County auditor Kay Rogers, who was sentenced to two years in prison for her role in the effort, was a tough period for area Republicans. A very aggressive prosecutor for the Justice Department wanted to go after people close to John Boehner because he was poised at the time to be the next Speaker of the House, so the prosecution meant to take a stab at Butler County politics which was, and remains a hot seat of Republicans throughout the country. It was crazy lunatic assistant U.S. Prosecutor Jennifer Barry who wanted to go after George Lang for testimony he gave in relation to the prosecution of Orlando Carter from Dynus on eight different accusations. She tried to make the case that he lied in that testimony on those eight accounts and she was pushing 5 years of prison. George was found not guilty on all accounts, even with the FBI and Barry going after him with all the power the government had, and the jury deliberated for a short time and found him not guilty. I would expect that Keller would see how closely this case was just like that modern one against Trump, and that it wasn’t a scandal at all, but a hit job going after one of John Boehner’s good friends, and a hot target for higher office himself, and the government was poised to take George out at all costs.

I have supported Candice Keller, even when Sheriff Jones showed a lack of support for her. There is a lot I agree with her on, she is likely one of the types of people who are readers of my blog site. But she should know better than to take a cheap shot at George Lang as she has on her Facebook page. She knows the Dynus case was completely a hit job which involved a measly little payment of $100,000 that the prosecutors wanted to call a “kickback” which is equable to the many attempts to twist the Ukrainian phone call into an impeachable offense against Trump. Its all the same game and she knows it. To try to rip down Lang to prop herself up is not a good idea, especially if she wants a crack at one of those higher offices in the future. I understand that its politics, but George isn’t the kind of guy to target, let me tell you why.

I met George during this period where he was worried as hell about getting dinged jail time if a jury of his peers would have decided otherwise. It was costing him a personal fortune to defend himself, which was the point. He knew he was innocent, but it was terrible to be in such a position where his life and fate were not in his hands, it was in the hands of the court. He had a couple of kids getting ready to go to college and there was a lot of uncertainty at that time about what would happen in his life. His wife Debbie was so solid that she and he earned my respect for the rest of all of our lives. She was so graceful under pressure, and so was he, really. I admired how well they handled all that tremendous pressure. You can really judge a person’s character by how well they are under pressure, and I saw the guts of the Lang family up close during that trial and will always admire them for it.

At that time I was pulled into the IRS scandal as one of my personal friends became a direct target of the Obama White House due to his Tea Party leadership. I was looked at due to my connection and it was quite insulting, and an obvious hoax against all of us who were supporting the Tea Party movement. For me it was my part in supporting the Liberty Township Tea Party that caused them to dig into my life. Then a year after George’s perjury trial, after the FBI essentially turned him inside and out looking for anything and everything they could think of to bust him on, I went through an experience of my own after all my successful WLW radio broadcasts had been keeping the Lakota levy addicts from passing a tax increase on property owners in both Liberty Townships and West Chester. I went through a smear campaign organized by Joan Powell and many others from Lakota and executed by Michael Clark from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Now, to be honest, I expected them to take a shot and I was ready for it. But to see the bullet come for your head confirming what you think will happen was a different matter.

I was angry, I’m still mad about it. I will never get over it because the attempt by them was so obvious. What they went after was different than what George went through, but instead of jail time, they were targeting my reputation which of course has financial implications and other things. They went after me in a very personal way and they didn’t care what it did to me. It was another example of a political hit job to take out opposition to the plans of government whether it’s a public school looking for unlimited taxes to pay their labor unions, or it’s a shot at John Boehner through his friends to curb his enthusiasm for reform as Speaker of the House of Representatives, the third most powerful public office in the country. It’s all politics, and it is ruthless. Not for the weak, that’s for sure.

For those who remember my name was on the front page of all the newspapers at the time and on all the radio broadcasts trying to paint me as a crazy Republican sexist. My event was a counter punch no different than what Trump does now on Twitter only then it was new. Nobody had seen anything like that before, so they didn’t know what to do with it. I bounced back with no problem but right after the event I held a super-secret meeting with my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom supporters who work a lot of issues behind the scenes. Our meeting was at a local LaRosa’s and it met a lot to me to see that everyone believed in the effort as much, if not more than ever. Well, one person came and he didn’t need to, because at the time, I was politically toxic—the way that regular people measure such things. That person was George Lang. I had a picture taken at the time to reflect on it in the years to come and guess who took the picture—it was George. I thought it was best that he not be in the picture because he was still building up his reputation after his own perjury case. George didn’t care though, he was happy to be in the picture if I wanted him to be, and that told me a lot about George Lang. Sure, he has always wanted to be in a higher office. But in the trenches, to his very gut, he stands by people through thick and thin and is one of the most honest people I know—which is why I call him a friend to this very day. So I’m not happy about Candice Keller trying to prop herself up at his expense. George may be the guy to beat, but you can’t lie about him. George may be the most honest and vigilant politician I’ve ever known, and I’ve known a lot of them.

I haven’t told these stories before, not to this detail because people didn’t really have context to understand just how dishonest our government is. The hit job against George, an attempt to put him in jail and drain his finances to let John Boehner know that no matter how much power he gained in the House of Representatives, that the government would know where his friends lived, and they would suffer. Look at all the people around President Trump, they are going to jail or being harassed in precisely the same manner. And I got my own taste of that scandal and felt the sting of it up close. I will forever be angry about it, and George was hit much harder than I was, and his attitude is far more forgiving. I would expect Candice to play fair because she should understand how the game is played, and she says she does. But if she did, she wouldn’t have tried to use the Dynus scandal against Lang. Because that’s no different than trying to impeach Trump over the Ukrainian phone call, or the phony Russian case with the FBI actually planting evidence to prosecute him with. What the Department of Justice tried to do to George Lang was no different. And because George and his wonderful wife Debbie held up so well under the pressure is exactly why he should be the next senator of Ohio in the 4th District. I can speak to his character which I would challenge is at the top of any public office, even when politics was ugliest and jail time was hung over his head just as Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Michael Flynn have had to endure, just for knowing the President. George Lang didn’t waver, didn’t let his knees buckle, and he came out of it stronger than ever and when he calls you a friend, he does not play politics. He is just an honest person who can walk through the fires of hell and never even frown when the pressure is greatest. That’s what we should all expect in a senator anywhere, especially in Ohio.

Rich Hoffman

Lee Wong Supports Communist China: As a boot-licker he has proposed danger to our economy

Like I said previously, Lee Wong should not be running for the 4th District Senate seat in Ohio let alone polluting the streets of West Chester with his signs four months before the primary. But since he is, he’s more than open to criticism. I make no attempts to hide my support for George Lang for that same position. It’s not just because I’ve known him for a long time, but its due mainly to George knows how the game is played and he can play it without losing himself. Lee does not, he has no idea what he’s doing and it is reasons like his support of that ridiculous Chinese trade trip that he and Mayor of Cincinnati John Cranley went on under the umbrella of economic expansion with China that make me a George Lang fan in that race for the Senate of Ohio in the upcoming primary.

The game with China is one that all those representatives mentioned, especially the universities have missed the mark on. I doubt that they openly support the communist regime in China, but philosophically they are aligned at the hip and that makes all of them dangerous, domestically. Thank goodness President Trump understood the situation and he has played the leverage game against the Chinese very well, a trade deal with them will be signed very soon and our Dow Jones will shoot up to over 30,000 in the very near future. But to get there we couldn’t do as Lee Wong and his liberal partners wanted to do. I say liberal because Lee has listed himself as a Republican because he must in Butler County. If he were in Hamilton County with John Cranley, he’d be a registered Democrat, just for context. People who don’t understand business and the game of leverage believed even a year ago that because China has over a billion people in it, that they were all ripe for a new customer market. But, unfortunately, most of those billion people don’t have much money and all of them are tightly controlled by the communist government in China. So to get access to that market, American companies had to do a lot of boot-licking led by our inept politicians who were guilty of propping up the communist government with false power and appeasement.

Although the effort to reach out to China’s city of Jiaozhou as a sister city to Cincinnati with a trade agreement looks nice, its purely political and a not so disguised appeasement to the power of communism which with Lee’s often very vocal support of Chinese-American relationships, he is clearly not on the side of capitalist free market decision making. Whenever pressed on this topic the usual thing for Lee to do is cite his military service which he mistakenly believes is a trump card to any questioning of his patriotism. He even goes on the attack to suggest that he’s the only patriotic politician in the region because of his military service. But as we know, there are many circumstances where military people go bad and are less than patriotic, so Lee’s military service does not omit him from discussions about supporting communists. In short, if you support China in its current form, you are supporting communism. Until the Chinese overthrow their communist government and replace it with something better, they are a tyrannical regime that is a threat to the world. They are not our friends and they do not have leverage of our future—as Lee and many liberal economists would like you to believe. A good question for Lee in the upcoming debates would be for him to denounce China as a communist manipulator in the world markets, something that will reveal his true intentions and economic beliefs.

Fortunately, we are now looking at this issue in hindsight. I know George Lang stood with President Trump on the trade standoff that has been going on for a long time. The President is going to come out on top in that exchange. He of course understands the nature of economics and knew that China was a paper tiger looking important in theatrics only. Their population that is over 1 billion people are largely poor and unimaginative due to their communist rule, so they are not effective in marketplace competition, only when the rest of the world fears their population. Once that fear is removed, or any debt holdings they may have on assets to gain leverage in a negotiation, it becomes clear quickly what China is and has always been about, the ultimate spread of communism to the world and world domination by putting everyone in debt to the Chinese. It was always the plan and leftists in America know it, which is why nearly every university in North America have been kissing the ass of the communists for decades. It is what they wanted for America until Donald Trump came along and proved otherwise.

Trump called the Chinese bluff and once he did that, and he was very alone in doing so—China was exposed for what they were, looters who steal ideas and wealth from other countries by fluffing their feathers like peacocks to look bigger and badder than they really were. In the end, without America to loot off of, their economic leverage tanked in a big way and it forced them to the negotiating table with Trump and he knew it all along. He could wait them out, they couldn’t survive long without American imports and jobs to carry them along. That was the secret of the trade deal that’s coming. America had all the cards; China only had a massive population of potential consumers to dangle out there as a potential market expansion lure. But the truth in the end was that to gain market access our companies had to bend to the rules of communism, which Google, Nike, and the NBA were more than willing to do. And politicians like Lee Wong were there to pave the way for the embarrassments.

A basic rule in politics and in business that is true around the world, those who have the gold, rule. When negotiating with China, America had all the gold. China wanted some of it, so they are the ones who must bend in the negotiations. Not America. But if anybody had listened to all the dumb universities, John Cranley and Lee Wong, America would still be licking the boots of China. Lucky for us, Trump put an end to it, and I can say that there isn’t a more pro business Trump supporter in the Midwest than George Lang, the obvious best choice for the upcoming Ohio senate seat. Lee’s blind support of an obvious sentimental favorite of China leads to bad decisions and a very poor political philosophy. This is nothing new for those who know Lee best, the people who work with him. Having screwed up political beliefs doesn’t make a person bad. But it makes them dangerous in leadership positions and is just another reason why nobody should vote for Lee Wong, I would say for anything. Certainly not for Senate, but not for any public position. He uses the mask of being a Republican to stay in office, but his sentiments have and will always be with communist China.

Rich Hoffman

Another Way To Know Why Lee Wong is not a Republican: The cars we drive say everything about us

Another way that you can tell that Lee Wong, the West Chester trustee who is a clear Democrat pretending to be a Republican so he can get some votes in the 4th Senate District in Ohio, is by the car he drives. I didn’t know myself until I saw a video from a protestor confronting Lee while walking around his neighborhood. Under pressure from the protestor Lee went to his car as seen below and it was one of those ridiculous Fortwo cars that are considered “smart” cars and healthy for the environment. Those stupid little cars are nonsense and dangerous and should be illegal on our roads at only 70 HP with a 1.0L 3-cyl engine. No real Republican would be caught dead in one of those greenie weenie cars. The only people who have them are those who have allowed themselves to be caught up in the fiction of global warming, which is shorthand for the spread of communism around the world using environmental concerns as the change agent. You can’t be a pro capitalist Republican and drive one of these stupid cars—it’s just an un-American thing to do. Yet, I was not surprised knowing what I do about him to see that he was one of “those guys.”

Of course, whenever Lee gets pinned down with such statements his first thing to say is that he was in the military and that if you didn’t serve, then he is more of a patriot than you are for being in the armed services. So before going on about cars and what they say about the kind of person you are, let’s cover this little issue. I don’t begrudge anybody who serves in the military. I think it’s a great place to train tomorrow’s talent. I like having the best in the world, but I am not a yes sir, no sir kind of person. Its just not in me to follow orders from anybody. My life is far more valuable than the so-called “higher calling” they teach in the military, so I don’t feel a need to thank every veteran. Good for them for whatever duty they have done for God and country, but I view them as people far behind on their personal journeys. Anybody somewhat healthy can join the military and learn to follow orders. Learning to follow orders is not how you get the next great leaders, so in my mind, if that is not the objective, it’s a wasted effort, and the military isn’t about creating leaders, it creates people who learn to follow orders, which creates problems later in life when we have to teach veterans to think for themselves. So, I’m not a fan of veterans who promote themselves as the next political leaders managing our communities. I can see that even President Trump has had to learn this harsh reality, most of the big generals he brought into his administration have turned out to be Democrats, because by their nature, they are just other versions of government employees. My two favorite generals of all time were Claire Lee Chennault and Patton, and both of those guys were in trouble with the military all the time. I am far more rebellious than those guys, so Lee’s military service is just another blight on his record in my opinion. He didn’t lay down his life for me, he did what many do, he hid from responsibility by joining up to become just another government employee, which he never got over after all these years.

But we must talk about this stupid car, this little eco friendly piece of crap that should never be on a public road with much, much larger vehicles that Lee Wong drives. First of all he shows bad judgment in falling for the communist green movement dialogue that we should all do the responsible thing and surrender our desire for big SUVs and reduce our environmental footprint by driving smaller cars. Well, no, we shouldn’t. Rather we should drive the biggest and most powerful cars we can get our hands on because it says about us that we value our individualism in a capitalist culture and that our vehicles are extensions of ourselves in the grand scheme of things, which is why at any stop light in America that is double-laned in all directions, you’d be hard pressed to see any two cars lined up in the multitudes that are the same make and model—or even color. As American’s we like choice, and we like power and our cars reflect that. The greenie weenies who produced that ridiculous piece of crap, the Smart Fortwos were attacking the nature of American life by going as far to the opposite extreme as the SUV market was pushing for to make a political statement against American values. Pure and simple.

The car in an American market, which you don’t see elsewhere in the world, except a bit in Japan who have adopted our love of cars to some extent, is a statement and an extension of our homes. You don’t work hard in life to have a quarter million-dollar home and drive around a piece of crap–the car should be an extension of our life in general. If you are young, we understand you are working your way up in life, but your goal should be something bigger and better—always. You should never sacrifice your pleasures for the benefit of some climate change fiction made up by Democrats to control people through fear. You should get the best car you can get to go with the best house, the best clothes—the best of everything you can manage for yourself because that fuel drives capitalism and our American life that is the envy of the world. With Lee driving one of those stupid cars he’s announcing to the world that he is one of “those” anti-American forces working in the world to change the way we do things. And when he gets pressed on it he quickly retreats to his service in the armed forces as a defense. Yet obvious to me is that Lee is hiding behind his military service, to mask his tendency to follow the orders of whatever mass movement is happening at the time. In this case, its submission to the global warming communists. He is so enchanted with their message that he actually spent money on one of those stupid Smart Fortwo cars that could be toppled over easily with a strong wind.

What you drive says a lot about who you are in American cultures. Many people when they meet me wonder why I’m not driving around in a sports car, which I’d love to. Only I’m a big family person who often finds myself hauling around lots of people, so mini vans and SUVs are necessary for my life. I have a hot rod car in the garage waiting for a clear schedule and that keeps me appeased. But people just reading this blog site think I would have something more ostentatious, but reality has a way of sifting through an image to the heart of a person, and that usually ends up being the case. We drive our cars in my family for a long time, but we always buy them new, and as big as possible for the reasons described. People who make a choice to buy a smaller car, especially when they are older and have the means to do anything they want financially, are making a political statement contrary to the nature of American life, and that isn’t just villainous, its anti-Republican.

Rich Hoffman

Lee Wong is Wrong for Ohio’s 4th Senate Seat: He’s only qualified to be “maybe” a Wal-Mart greeter

Alright, the primary isn’t until March where Ohio’s 4th State Senate District will pick their next candidate for that seat on the Republican side of the slate, yet going to Jags the other evening, and elsewhere around West Chester Lee Wong, has already put out his signs for the campaign, just as signs from the previous November campaign are still littered throughout the region. In that little act, which may appear to be inauspicious, Lee says a lot about why he is just the wrong Wong for any political office, especially a senate seat. He is not a good trustee in West Chester, and is an obvious liberal with his voting record and he believes that if he is the first to get his signs out, and that he puts on them that he’s a veteran, that it will get him enough coverage to win some votes in that primary.

Lee is a nice guy, but so are a lot of idiots, they have to be so they don’t get their butts kicked by people more capable. People like Lee know that they trend toward Democrat, but they live in hard Republican areas, so they must go along to get along, which is in itself dishonest. I’ve been at the Sushi Monk when Lee has tried to come in the back door looking for some free food using his position as a trustee to “make friends” and enjoy the benefits of being a big shot in the community imposing himself on the good spirit of the hosts, uncomfortably. At Trustee meetings Lee usually, if not always goes around the room and introduces himself to the public and makes them feel hospital to their local government. Visually he does a lot of things that look nice and seem sincere, but under the veil is a person who is always what he’s not showing and he governs in the ways of a Democrat and is a wolf clearly in sheep’s clothing. He uses his niceness and his willingness to engage the public early and often as that sheep’s clothing yet the true merit of his actions, such as him putting his signs out before any other candidates shows his true nature. As a West Chester trustee he knows the townships policy on liter and signage in general, and he’s ignoring the policy for his own gain, and that is precisely how he governs, and is the core reason why he would be bad for a senate seat—because he’s never who he says he is.

I’ve met and known Lee for a long time, and since clear Republicans—at least they used to be—were running the township, I didn’t pay much mind to Lee. They had two votes to his one for sidewalks, and every other Agenda 21 feel good zoning pitch, so it wasn’t necessary to expose Lee in a harsh campaign. But a fair warning to him. Since he is running for a senate seat, one that I am very concerned with due to the kind of pro Second Amendment legislation that needs to get done in 2020 and after the Trump win in November, the first quarter of 2021, the last thing I want to see is some Democrat posing as a Republican in a Senate seat causing the kind of trouble that he often does as a West Chester trustee, such as when he brought in a bunch of union radicals to sabotage Mark Welch not very long ago. I didn’t ask him to stick his head up out of the ground, especially this early, so the treatment of him is going to be ruthless. Let me just say that for his own benefit. I think he’s a nice neighbor, but the political seats are important and we can’t afford the wrong people in them.

I’ll also say the same about the Democrats who plan to run for that same seat after the primary is over. Being a nice person isn’t enough. Just as in the Lakota school board election from the last time, and coming up again when Brad Lovell’s seat will come open, ruthlessness should be expected, because it is a kind of war for the hearts and minds of voters, and to be properly vetted, and since our local newspapers are too weak to do the job themselves, I can assure everyone that every dirty little secret, every little tryst to a local hotel or prostitutes on East Avenue will be exposed. I want to see the right people in the right jobs, not people hiding behind a façade of goodness who intend to do all the wrong things based on the direction needed in our own state government. Mike DeWine is about as liberal as I’m personally willing to put up with. Even that I would say is too far, but he serves as an adequate warning and benchmark of what is expected.

Since Lee has already put out his signs to get a jump on his competition then he is opening himself up to analysis as well as to his behavior and voting record which points straight back to the kind of philosophy which governs his voting pattern which is critical to the senate position he is seeking, and invites all the criticism available to display why Wong is Wrong for the job. I think he’s a terrible trustee in West Chester, but he’s even worse for a state seat of any kind. I wouldn’t trust him to be a bus driver to take senators to Columbus for a vote, I think he is that incompetent. To understand why, you must know more than what he shows through a handshake, it’s in what he believes that is the problem. And when pinned down, how he reacts and manipulates things to his advantage.

I’m not going to say that politics is not a harsh business and that games are part of the chess game, such as what he played in West Chester with the union debate orchestrated so deceptively against his fellow trustees at the time, one of which he is running against for that same senate seat now. People like Lee sell their scandal by using niceness to disarm their opposition, and they believe that being early to the worm will get the meal of the day, and in times past, that might have worked. But not anymore, and certainly not in the Trump circles of Ohio politics. I would say that for any seat in Ohio, but especially this senate seat. There is a lot at stake and dirt, scandal and everything imaginable are targets worth their salt in this one, so he better be ready for the crushing effects of sticking his head up so early. Because in so doing he reveals a lot about himself, even as a trustee who should know better. He is littering up the countryside during Christmas with his early signs ignoring West Chester’s policy on such things because in the end Lee doesn’t care so long as what he does serves his political ambitions and he will do the same and more with a higher position. And that is precisely why Lee Wong, is wrong for not only the 4th State Senate District seat that is coming up in the primary, he’s wrong for everything that involves public trust. He may be qualified to be a Wal-Mart greeter with is good demeanor, but that’s about it, keep him away from money or anything of responsibility—because he can’t be trusted.

Rich Hoffman