Nancy Nix for Butler County Auditor: The bad guys don’t want smart people looking through their books

The big news this week, going into the 2023 New Year, was that Joe Statzer was appointed to replace Roger Reynolds temporarily in the Butler County Auditor position. That doesn’t look good because Joe is a very close political ally of Sheriff Jones, and in this situation and many others, that isn’t a good thing. And good on T.C. Rogers as the lone Butler County Commissioner for having the intellect to vote against Joe. I know all the people in this case personally; everyone likes Joe. But this is about more than likes and dislikes. As I’ve said from the beginning of the Roger Reynolds case in Butler County, Ohio, the goal was for officeholders to get rid of the very popular auditor because they didn’t want to live up to the high bar that Roger had set. None of the characters involved, not Attorney General David Yost, Sheriff Jones, or even the court members, could have withstood the kind of political assassination that Roger Reynolds had to go through with the prosecution continuing to throw charges against him until something stuck. And of all the charges initially filed, Roger was found innocent of all of them. It was the final one that involved Lakota schools, yes, that same Lakota schools with all the same characters involved in the Matt Miller case, that had enough ambiguity in it to leave questions in the jury’s mind and get a 4th-degree conviction in having an unlawful interest in a public contract. During the trial, Jenni Logan, the former treasurer of Lakota and personal friend of Sheriff Jones, gave competent testimony. The Reynolds legal team was obviously unprepared for it since it had been a charge tacked on over the summer of 2022. It was obviously purely politically motivated based on the Jones press conference at that time and wasn’t as defined as the core of the case had been. Roger’s legal team was very well prepared for the rest of the case, the condition of a property transaction involving his father and an old neighbor. 

When people look toward the police and think of corruption, it is over cases like this. When the Attorney General of Ohio gets involved in trying to push people out of office, you can see what kind of game is being played. And for what reason? Well, as people have explained to me, it’s all about Roger’s policies on full disclosure that had politicians mad, and you could see that as soon as the jury returned with a conviction. It doesn’t sound like the conviction will involve jail time, but likely probation for Roger Reynolds, but the politicians involved in pressing this case, which started with a political hit piece by Channel 19 News in Liberty Township, Ohio, just ahead of a big election, was about removing the snoopy eyes of Roger Reynolds. And knowing the personalities personally, as I do, the real deal with the case was the political power of two extremely alpha males, not the legitimacy of legal parameters. Roger Reynolds can come across as bullish when he knows he’s right about something, and Sheriff Jones likes political power for the sake of having it to apply to people around him. I see the whole matter as a human resource problem, two people who just don’t like each other, and the reasons for that dislike is one of competency and nothing else. Roger did his job too well, and that made a lot of politicians worried. So wherever Roger stumbled his toe somewhere, the prosecution looked for a window to slide in some ambiguity and see if something might stick. They wanted to convict Roger of a charge so they could designate him a felon and get Roger Reynolds off their back forever. When Roger refused to resign, they proceeded with this court case. And when it comes to wealthy people trying to explain millions of dollars of tax money wrapped up in a fancy country club, it’s hard to explain all that to a jury, even if most of the conversation was just high-brow talk. Jenni Logan knew what she was doing when she provided testimony which is why Sheriff Jones, who had special knowledge of the case fresh off his relationship with Lakota schools, so they tacked on this extra charge utterly unrelated to the previous charges in July of 2022, just ahead of the election a few months later. Roger’s trial for these matters was moved into December as a backstop in case he won reelection, which he did, easily. But one way or another, the legal machine was determined to get rid of Roger Reynolds, which they managed to squeak out one conviction out of the original seven. Once convicted, that meant Roger would have to vacate his post, which is what his political enemies wanted all along. 

And if there was any doubt about any of what I said, within hours of the conviction, the political enemies of Roger Reynolds repeated what Sheriff Jones said about the case once it was over. Immediately the attention was leveled at Roger’s replacement, who most people think will be Nancy Nix, the treasurer of Butler County and a very competent person in every way that a person can be. Bruce Jones from West Chester wants the job, and the last time I spoke to him, a few weeks ago, he was pretty sure he would get it. Sheriff Jones obviously wants Bruce. But for those who want continuity of the kind of great job that came out of Roger Reynold’s auditor’s office, Nancy Nix is the personality who could best achieve that. But she, like Roger, is a Certified Public Accountant. Who wouldn’t want a CPA to run the money of Butler County? Well, if you are a politician that doesn’t want such tight controls on the money, you don’t necessarily want a Certified Public Accountant. So immediately, the political posturing went forth to smear Nancy Nix, just as the campaign was clear to smear Roger Reynolds from the start. And yes, Roger and Nancy are very good friends, just as Sheriff Jones has been friends with them both. I’d call all of them friends, so friendship doesn’t determine merit. Only actions do, and the resistance to a CPA in the role of the auditor of Butler County should alarm everyone. Sheriff Jones was too happy about being able to call Roger Reynolds a felon than he should have been, and it was disgusting to see how the law could be so abused as to take out political rivals for personal reasons rather than in upholding what’s best for the community. Remember, this is the same sheriff’s office behind the Matt Miller story at Lakota schools, so we certainly have picking and choosing going on here for political power, not what is best for the community. 

What’s great about Nancy is that she is every bit as competent but what she has that many political personalities don’t have is a wonderful character. Not that Roger Reynolds didn’t but being a person who deals with millions and millions of dollars, there are personality traits that come out that most people find abrasive. It’s a common trait with most financial people, and from the perspective of Sheriff Jones, it’s an easy trait to exploit under court scrutiny, which was undoubtedly the case in this judgment against Roger. But Nancy doesn’t have that stiffness that is generally associated with financial people; she is super nice, very intelligent, engaging, and tireless. I just spoke to her the other day, and even when she’s down in the dumps, as she was very sad about what happened to her friend Roger, she has all the optimism of a person who doesn’t have a bad thought in her head. As angry as I was at the case, she was very levelheaded and composed, which was impressive. I expect that out of her, but even under these terrible conditions, she always manages to hold it together. So, I think she would be a great replacement to continue Roger Reynolds’ work in that auditor role. I’m sure Roger will do great in the private sector. Butler County will miss his great work, but Nancy could continue that great work. And that is what those who don’t want that level of competency are afraid of. You can always tell a lot about a person by the enemies they have, and based on the early reaction toward Roger, Nancy Nix, and CPAs in general, the anger is obvious. There are a lot of politicians who don’t want intelligent people snooping through their budgets. And in the end, that’s all any of this was about from the start—the desire for corruption and getting rid of the people who might stand in the way of it.

Rich Hoffman

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America’s Version of King Saul: Why has God forsaken us?

A lot of us didn’t know that our country was under attack the way it had been for a long time, both within our country and from outside.  Anytime something is successful, you should always expect it to be attacked.  There will always be someone trying to destroy it every time.  And now that we know what we know, what role the CIA and FBI played in election fraud during 2020 and 2022, what was revealed by the Twitter files, the attempt to destroy us cannot be avoided.  People are asking why God has forsaken America by allowing Joe Biden to be president and all the vast evil that has come from his administration and those who put him in power.  And when I hear that kind of talk, it just reminds me why I continue to point everyone toward the Bible, because that was the foundation of our philosophy for all of western civilization,  So of course, it has been under attack, of course, there have been desecrators intent to destroy it.  And for most problems regarding this subject matter, the Bible is a good reference, so I find myself turning to it for examples because there simply isn’t any other method of achieving mutual understanding.  The Bible was the foundation for the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  It’s the thing we swear oaths to for office.  And we should not be surprised to see our enemies wanting to separate us from it so that they can destroy our entire society.  But before we can have that conversation, we have to admit to ourselves that the goal is American destruction by forces in the world who hate us, hate the Bible, and mean to apply every kind of vicious hatred that the human imagination can stir up. 

Concerning these topics, I am constantly reminded of the story of King Saul from the Bible and the emergence of David, who would supersede him.  We all know the Bible story; God talked to Samual about how the people of Israel had rejected him (God) and stepped away from his covenant.  The people of Israel wanted a king like everyone else had in the world.  Until then, Israel didn’t have a king; they had judges who would look over things and make sure everyone stayed within the law, but they were trying to have something of self-government in that early society, and it was a tough go.  Knowing what we do about the importance of the Bible to the Founding Fathers, this attempt at self-rule stands at the foundation of our law and order to this day.  But it was tough at the time of Saul because the people wanted him to be their first king, and God didn’t think he was worthy.  So God said to Samuel, let the people have their king.  Saul will be their king.  I’ll pick my own king, which would eventually be David picked out of the house of Jesse, not as the biggest and fastest of all the kids but as one of the youngest and smallest.  Saul turned out to be a disaster.  He did some good things in uniting Israel through some military victories, but he was a flawed person who ended up very jealous of anybody he considered to be a rival to his throne.  And God pretty much had a good laugh about it for all of Saul’s life because the people had turned away from God’s law maintained through judges and wanted a Godly representative in a king instead.  The wrath of God played out to embarrass the people because of their choice for many years thereafter. 

The most embarrassing occurrence was when Goliath from Palestine approached the army of Saul on the battlefield in the well known event.  Saul was terrified to accept the challenge of the 9’9” warrior who wanted to exchange a one-on-one fight in front of the armies so that everyone else would be spared.  Being enamored by God as his personally picked representative to make his point, David accepted the challenge, and the much larger King Saul was quick to give David his big armor to fight in.  Saul wanted no part in the fight expecting a slaughter and the destruction of his rival David.  Then, of course, we all know how the story ends, David kills Goliath easily, and Saul is embarrassed to have stood on the sidelines.  At that point, Saul spends the rest of his life in decline publicly as David’s star rises to become the king himself eventually.  But it all started because people were too lazy to rule themselves and instead wanted to be ruled by a king, so God punished them with Saul.  And God got revenge on the people by making David so much better. 

In many ways, Joe Biden is our version of King Saul.  We didn’t pick him, we all know election fraud put him in power over us, and we didn’t ask for any of this.  However, we are at fault for our society because we did not stand up to the bullies in our lives, our own versions of Goliath.  We expected our King Sauls to fight on our behalf, and when they hid from the danger from their fancy Washington DC offices, we were insulted, yet we didn’t do anything about it.  We picked President Trump when we had the opportunity, and we watched without lifting much of a hand to help him when the danger came after him.  Much like the Bible story where David so threatened King Saul that killing God’s pick and future king was all Saul could think about, really up until the end of his life when he was defeated on the battlefield and essentially committed suicide to avoid being captured.  Has God forsaken America with all these desecrators?  I’d say he hasn’t.  But he has left it to us to defend ourselves because we did not defend our covenant with the law-and-order society we had as Americans, and we allowed our lazy desire to be led by a king to rule over our decision-making.  Joe Biden was given to us by corrupt forces, and we let it happen.  We stood by while our government took our election and President Trump and let their desire to stay in power put a modern version of King Saul in the White House for the good of all that was bad in the world.  Like the Bible story, we turned away from our self-rule and allowed for centralized figures to rule over our lives unjustly because we were too lazy to do anything about it.  Like the Israelites in the times of Saul, who was too lazy and corrupted themselves to rule their own society without a king, God gave them the blundering King Saul to punish them.  And we find ourselves precisely in that same situation now.  We have a blundering idiot in the White House, but we allowed it to happen by trusting too much in institutions riddled with corruption, and we expected everything to work out fine.  Of course, things aren’t okay, and now we turn to God for help.  But the message to us all is that we don’t need to turn to God.  We should have turned to ourselves, which is the lesson of the moment we all must consider if we hope to save our nation from the vast evils that are before us.

Rich Hoffman

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Billboards and Marriages in Lakota: The commitment to goodness that makes any community great

First of all, I want to congratulate a very nice couple I have come to know through all this crazy Lakota stuff. Good things do happen, and sometimes not in the most obvious ways. When it comes to marriage, sometimes people shouldn’t be together, and some people should. And I am very happy to see that Matt Miller’s ex-wife has found a nice person to partner with in all the most brutal ways humans do: through marriage. During Christmas of 2022, she remarried to a very nice guy whom I have come to know through all these trials and tribulations involving the Matt Miller case at Lakota schools, pretty well. And I think they are both very nice people who deserve a chance in life, and it makes me happy to see them make that commitment. A chance at happiness is always worth the shot. Even when we fall short of our goals, just the opportunity for happiness makes it all worthwhile. And speaking of happiness, I was very happy to see the billboards for go up all over the district. Nothing makes me happier than to see people stand up for themselves and to see the Lakota community respond with those billboards after the threats that have been made against whistleblowers who have been appalled by what they learned about Matt Miller during his messy divorce. There has been a lot of really bad behavior against whistleblowers that I have found objectionable, as if the original problem wasn’t bad enough. So just a few days after Christmas in 2022, billboards advertising the website went up in several locations around Lakota to break the apparent media confinement that the Lakota school district utilized to protect their employees from public opinions they were clearly justified in having. Robbing people of that voice has been the worst thing of all.

I was one of the people who received that lawsuit notification letter; honestly, it really angered me. At best, I see it as a case of witness intimidation. I felt I had been more than fair during the process, but after I saw what was said to the police, that crossed the line for me. I didn’t ask for Matt Miller’s personal life to be so well known to my own. But once you know something, you must do something. A community must do something if things are obviously wrong, especially when kids are involved. And what we witnessed in the aftermath are all the bad things that I have always said were wrong with public schools, and much more. The letters from Matt Miller’s attorney that went out to so many critics of Matt Miller can only be viewed from one point of perspective, and that is witness tampering, which I consider to be a serious matter. A severe matter. I do not take it lightly. When kids are involved in anything, the public is obliged to justice; they don’t just shut up their windows and hide from authority figures. Now, if the answer to such questions is no, everyone can return to their lives. But if it’s yes, well, now something has to be done, and that was the path that was taken. And when the law circles the wagons as they did with Matt Miller on several fronts and makes threats against witnesses, that presents a big problem that must be solved. 

I have received countless comments and concerns about the lawsuit letters, and my response to them all is that this is why we have a First Amendment. People have a right to feel as they do about things. And authority figures do not have a right to suppress opinions. Now, of course, we are reading and seeing all over the nation these days examples of just that kind of intrusion against the First Amendment. The same progressive society is taught at Lakota schools and is the general philosophy of the staff and administrators at that public school and all public schools. Yet many of those same people have offered generous donations to fight the lawsuits that Matt Miller has proposed and the Libs of Lakota “Skippy” gang. My comment to them has been to hold their money, buy some nice Christmas presents for their kids, and let’s let this thing play out. Offers of $25,000 and more have been available and will continue to be available because many people out there like to fight back against these kinds of things, especially if they can invest in the face of a movement. They may not want their names in the paper, but they want to do something, and frequently, valiant funding efforts are just the sort of thing they are willing to do. So defending lawsuits or taking legal action against Lakota schools isn’t a financial restriction. But as I have been telling them, there is more cooking than the pie that is in the oven, visible with the light on. I think there are much more severe considerations, and this witness harassment is serious stuff. Playing and reacting to their game of information suppression isn’t the way to deal with this kind of problem. Instead, different strategies should be utilized.

But regarding the offers, as I said, this is a First Amendment case that any first-year law student could figure out. It’s the foundation of our society to be able to use free speech to regulate the action and offer criticisms to authority figures, ultimately keeping them in check. Once that fear for them is removed, then they have nothing to control their behavior, which is why liberals are so keen to do so and what the overall message behind the legal actions of Matt Miller was intended to do, smash free speech, suppress opinion, and harass the witnesses to actions they found objectionable. 

So it brought me quite a lot of delight to see the billboards go up all over town. With the wet blanket controls that can be hired these days from law firms, PR firms, and even law enforcement, the institutions of liberalism have illusioned themselves with the belief that they can control all thought and deed on a matter. But the billboards are an obvious removal of that control and putting free speech in the realm of market capitalism in all the ways that socialism is terrified of. The freedom to choose and understand information is a capital all its own, and when all the trusted authorities have said to the public, “nothing to see here” except what they are telling not to see are obvious problems like a superintendent having fantasies in a sexual way about children, then something has to be done. Everyone, including me, wanted some context to the Matt Miller statements uncovered in the police report. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until the fact proved otherwise. Then, at that point, you are complicit in the action if you fail to do something about it. And instead of allowing themselves to be stuffed down into a public relations-controlled conspiracy, people have utilized other measures to get the message out, and these billboards are the start of it. And seeing them made me proud of people for standing up for themselves. Ultimately, that’s what counts and how bad things can be made good again, like the marriage of Matt Miller’s ex-wife to new opportunities. Nobody can get a chance at happiness or justice if they don’t commit. And when people take that step, whether it’s a billboard to push back against witness intimidation or a new life with another person, the action of doing something good and right is worth all the value of the world and is a good sign of things to come.

Rich Hoffman

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Avatar, the United Nations Message about Sustainable Development: Liberalism has killed movies and Disney in general

I feel like it’s appropriate to gloat a bit about the box office disappointment of Avatar: The Way of Water is seeing. I predicted this poor showing several weeks away from the release in December of 2022, and everything is happening just as I said it would. I like Jim Cameron, and I have been very supportive of Disney as a company over the years. But these people and companies have moved much more to the leftover political time and use their entertainment platforms to communicate radical left ideas. And Avatar is essentially a United Nations sustainable development advertisement that centerpieces a save the whales campaign. In the world we live in today, people are tired of having left-leaning messages crammed down their throats. And that is what this new Avatar film is, a massive environmental message about how primitive society is superior to a technological capitalist one, and people aren’t exactly flocking to see it. Now with the first Avatar, back in 2009, when people assumed that there were freedoms of choice and that the political left deserved a chance to be heard from after eight years of George W. Bush, the massive growth of government after 9/11, and the belief that liberalism and conservatism could all live well together, people were willing to give Avatar a chance. And because it was a visually spectacular film, they went to see it and listened to what James Cameron had to say about the benefits of worshipping nature.

I don’t hate Avatar; here, my wife and I are at the Avatar land at Disney. I think it’s fantastic. But it certainly advocates a political, environmental message as its purpose. We filmed this for my children to see who were curious about what we were doing on our vacation.

This new Avatar film is doing good business from all normal measures. It is on track to break a billion dollars quickly with global box office numbers. Avatar is doing fantastic in countries where the United Nations is much more respected, such as Europe, and the greenie-weenie message is more accepted than in the United States. The liberal message with the fantastic visuals is worth seeing for people. But this film is now two weeks out and tracking with other blockbusters, and from the beginning, Disney was hoping this movie would be something special and that people would flock to see it like the previous movie. After all, Disney is committed to several more sequels of these Avatar films, and they think they will all make a few billion dollars each. Instead, what they are finding is a product with brand damage. In a post-Covid world, people are a lot more jaded about the liberal messages that are in movies. People watched their president being stolen from them. Instead, we were given by American intelligence agencies a loser in Joe Biden and told that all fossil fuels would be eliminated and we’d be forced to deal with power losses due to a lack of sustainability of solar and wind power. And the reason for Democrats is essentially the plot of Avatar 2. We have to save the whales. Capitalism is bad. And white people in big technical ships want to exploit indigenous people who live in harmony with nature. It’s the same argument against the formation of America and arguing that the Indians found in North America had their lives taken from them in favor of a greedy capitalist culture of technology lovers who are too into themselves and not bowing at the feet of mother universe.   

Of course, the pin-heads at Disney believe that the World Economic Forum people in Davos are the future and have bought into it. Larry Fink’s BlackRock has bought up much of the board at Disney. Now their leadership is filled with purple haired transexuals who think the grooming of kids in kindergarten is appropriate. They wanted to go to war with Ron DeSantis in Florida to throw their weight around as a company, which would somehow work out fine on the public trust front. When the first Avatar film was made, it was produced by 20th Century Fox, but now that Disney has acquired that production company, Disney has the rights to Jim Cameron’s creations. And behind the scenes, they have been attached at the hip with their environmentalism messages. While Avatar doesn’t appear to have much going on with gay characters, the politics of the green movement is clearly the driving force. And people get enough of that on CNN, MSNBC, and all the newspapers these days. They are not inclined to spend money seeing a 3-hour movie about those topics. In days before the government showed all its ugliness with election fraud, FBI insurrections to throw a popularly picked president out of office, and all the evils government showed with Covid and the lockdowns, we are in a much different world than when the first Avatar film came out. Cameron has always flirted with liberal messages in his films, the Terminator films were cautionary tales of the evils of technology, and the Abyss was all about aliens who were warning us about our own tendencies toward destruction. But the old truck driver in Jim Cameron managed to speak a language of violence and independence that people could relate to. Hence, they overlooked the growing liberal in Cameron because his movies were good.  After all, at the end of the Alien films, it was always the woman, Ripley, dressed in underwear, who representing Mother Earth would defeat the terror and save the quest.  The message was always obvious in those films, the feminine aspect of nature would always save the day.  But back then, Cameron and his fellow filmmakers were coyer about it.

But the success of Titanic, then Avatar went to Cameron’s head, and he has forgotten what made his movies great. Now he thinks he has the political capital to put very liberal messages in his movies, and people will love his movies so much that they might just learn something along the way. And that clearly is the belief of the Disney people who have drunk the Cameron Kool-aid. Where Cameron used to disguise his liberalism much better in the past, now he’s like the old man who farts at the table and just doesn’t care who might protest because everyone is hoping that they’ll get a nice present from that crazy old man at Christmas time, so they keep their mouths shut. And that Emperor Has No Clothes on mentality has hurt Jim Cameron. He has lost touch with his audience and thinks people like these blue people he created in Avatar are much beloved. But in truth, and this is the fact he hasn’t faced yet, it is because of technology, not the nature message, that people have gone to see Avatar at all. It’s all about the visual spectacle, not the message that people go to see, and this time around, people have seen it and done it. And liberalism is driving them away. It’s certainly not bringing them into the theaters. This isn’t Top Gun: Maverick which I would say is an average film from the 80s done now that people desperately crave a return to. People went to see Maverick because it made them feel good. Not because the movie was great but because they wanted to see that kind of patriotic story, even in places around the world separated from American influence. Avatar is the opposite; people go see it for the colors and the curiosity. But they forget the names of the characters after because they really don’t care about the people. Only the pretty scenery. And that gets them into the seats the first time, but we see that they go once and then forget about it. The film doesn’t have legs, and that is because of the grotesque liberalism contained in the story that has ultimately destroyed the Disney brand forever.

Rich Hoffman

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The Great Work of Graham Hancock: Understanding more than just history, but in the dangers of institutionalism

I find it very enjoyable that more people are discovering Graham Hancock now than they have at any period in the past because he and others have done some very excellent work in the field of history and its study of it. Graham Hancock has been around for a long-time writing books and has a unique gift to make the past come alive with vigor while going well beyond the accepted norms of science, which ultimately is what is needed in our present time for many reasons. Of course, people are gaining so much understanding of Graham Hancock’s work because of the new Netflix show, Ancient Apocalypse, which features Graham Hancock as the narrator, resulting in over thirty years of his work. What Graham does uniquely is taking many years of hard study by archaeologists, anthropologists, paleontologists, geologists, astronomers, and the like, telling a narrative of the human race that would never be captured if people were only paying attention to those specific fields by themselves. When we have an advanced society like the one we are living in today, somebody must do this so it all makes sense and comes to some point that concerns everyone. I greatly admire scientists’ work; it’s often slow and cumbersome. I would never have the patience to do it, but I admire people who are wired in such a way. But they need someone like a Graham Hancock to tell their story. Just publishing academic papers isn’t enough. Graham’s background is as a journalist, which is precisely what makes him so good at reporting these historical issues. Without Graham, there is a lot of great work that the rest of the world would never know about. But without the great science that has gone on, there would be nothing for Graham to write about. Yet for me, whenever there is a new book by Graham Hancock, I read it with interest, as I do a local personality of a similar type, Ross Hamilton, or the archaeoastronomer Robert Bauval, and publisher/editor Mark Booth. I’ve read many of their books, understand what they are doing, and think it’s infinitely imperative. Yet we are just scratching the surface with all this stuff, there is a lot that we don’t know, and it is with the effort that they approach their subject that is required to do the work we must all do to understand where we came from, and where it’s all going.

Graham Hancock is cautious not to be lumped in with the Ancient Aliens crowd even though I will say it, there was never a question for me after reading Robert Temple’s book on alien visitors from the Sirius star system over 5000 years ago that something to that effect occurred and is still likely happening today. Graham takes himself as an earnest journalist, so he presents the facts from the cutting edge boldly but specifically. He lets the evidence take things where they do. His quest is the search for an ancient civilization that was technically proficient in much the same way we are today and to understand it. Referring to Temple’s famous book The Sirius Mystery, written in 1977 and is a kind of prequel to the type of work Graham Hancock would dedicate himself to, I always wondered why Egyptians had all these strange gods in their pantheon of consideration. The mythologies of the world, which I have spent a great deal of time studying, never made sense until you start thinking in the way Temple proposed, not as some crackpot theory, but as a viable understanding of the facts that are presented. And if you read widely and over a significant number of subjects, then things start coming together to tell the real story of us all. And it is along those lines that the new Netflix show explores. But Graham’s work gives a lot of validity to the kind of thinking that a show like Ancient Aliens proposes, that alien life visited earth and helped seed many of the cultures we study today. Graham’s quest has been to prove or disprove that notion, and unlike Temple, who looked at the facts and took them where they went, Graham’s work is almost seeking a way to prove that not to be the case. But what he finds keeps taking advanced cultures in human civilization back much older than anybody previously considered. 

What’s important about all this is that it proves a fundamental flaw in human nature as to the conflict that has arisen between the expert community of academics and the reporting of Graham Hancock. Long before Covid came along, we caught the government in multiple conspiracies of controlling the media narrative to protect the way that science gets their funding by arriving at conclusions that governments want, not what the truth tells. The conflict over what the truth tells about human civilization is that we are much older than anybody previously thought and that there were global societies in the distant past, whether we call it Atlantis or something else. It’s not speculative musing anymore; it’s a scientific fact. And if the lies and manipulation by governments will make such a fuss over understanding our history, what would they be willing to do over much more serious issues? And that brings us to the present and how all this study is worth something useful.

But I’m not with these guys 100%, as much as I like them. I love them and their work and could talk to them for years without ever getting tired of it. But they likely wouldn’t like me. Like many people in science, publishing, and investigative sciences, they tend to lean more toward socialism than capitalism. I would argue, which they would dispute, that science was best when capital influences gave treasure hunters rewards for finding unique items. If a lot of discoveries that Graham Hancock writes about now were made today, we wouldn’t know much because of the way that science is funded by socialist governments under socialist economic policies for the benefit of institutionalism itself; we would never learn much because of the institutional controls, the same controls that told us we couldn’t take hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to fight Covid. Graham and his colleagues tend to see the Bible as an impediment to appreciating the technologies of the past and the worship of the sun and moon. Those religions I see are always trying to make a comeback and are presently in the climate change movement. And ultimately, that is the push behind how these great writers get published because they throw a bone to the religions of environmentalism that I would never do. I think of the Bible as a rebellion against those ancient stories and Canaan’s conquest as justified for human civilization’s progress. Instead of worshiping continued sacrifice to the forces of nature, mankind stepped boldly into self-assertiveness. When considered against the backdrop of what came before, many tens of thousands of years back, that was quite an achievement. But that doesn’t change the facts, only the perception of those facts. And because of the great work of Graham Hancock, we can have a more intelligent discussion about these matters than we ever have before. And I think that is fantastic!   


Rich Hoffman

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My Gift to You: How to beat the left and destroy them for the preservation of America

Don’t ever say I never gave you anything for Christmas, for today, Christmas 2022, I will provide you with the keys to victory in all things, especially how to defeat your enemies. It’s kind of a standard thing in my life, there is a secret to the political left that is easy to exploit, and I do it all the time. Once you understand that there is an occult aspect to their attack zone and that, as Saul Alinsky says in the guidebook of liberalism, Rules for Radicals, they are dedicated to Lucifer, an old god that the Bible rails against in the justification of destroying the land of Canaan and surrendering the entire land to the invading Israelites. The religion of the Israelites is historical logic and self-profession. In contrast, the religions that had been shown all over the world at that time were a sacrifice to the forces of nature. And that still holds true today, which is why Saul Alinsky, the guy who arrived at the Democratic playbook by hanging out with the Al Capone mobsters, dedicated that book and the movement to Lucifer himself, and from there, opened the doors to all liberalism to occult sacrifice to their gods of nature. And that book has seeped into just about every corner of Washington DC culture over a long period of time. But Hillary Clinton was a particular student of Saul Alinsky, she was very fond of him as an impressionable young woman, and it is through the Clintons that much of the evil we see today has been unleashed upon our government, specifically through that book. The methods of that book are precisely how they managed to keep George W. Bush handcuffed and how they managed to elect Barack Obama, then ultimately Joe Biden, and is why things are so wrecked presently. But the solution to it all, believe it or not, is very easy to utilize, and I’m going to tell you how.

I have mob experience myself; I worked for several organized crime groups when I was younger. The money was good, and I always had a lot of nerve, so I was exposed to a lot of interesting things. This was back when various organized crime elements ran Chester Road in Cincinnati, and Newport across the river, which was the predecessor to Las Vegas. You might say I experienced a lot of conflicts and became very proficient in dealing with them. And as bad as everything is out there these days, I don’t feel there is a person, or people, in the world I can’t win a debate against. And when it comes to physical altercations, there is no situation I can’t deal with. Hurting me just isn’t going to happen. When you take that away from these political radicals, they are left completely defenseless. They have only one real page in the playbook of Saul Alinsky, and that is intimidation, like the mobsters used to do. They will call you names, looking for a weakness to exploit, and once they find it, they will push those buttons all the time to destroy you. And yes, they mean to destroy you utterly and completely, and this is all written down in that Saul Alinsky book. They figure the Christian conservatives are too nice to fight back and that they usually won’t, so they are entirely unprepared for it when someone does. That’s when they start to panic; when you don’t show any fear of them, they really don’t know what to do. If you take away the threat of physical violence from them or the threat of social castigation, they are entirely lost and easy to beat.

Since Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and is making a point of free speech on it, I have seen an instant change in my account, which I have had since before 2010. It used to be that people could find something from me if I put it on there, but generally, the liberals had a severe wet blanket around everything I did. I couldn’t even leave a comment on someone’s page without it being put into Twitter jail. I kept it open, but I didn’t expect anything from it at all. But under Musk, suddenly everyone can see everything, and I have been able to comment on extreme leftists sites like Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich in ways I could never do before. And I have been having fun doing it, as anybody who follows me can clearly see. Then to prove my point over this past week, I have engaged in some debates on those high-profile sites, and nobody there can dispute what I say. Of course, they go straight to the name-calling, but once they see that it doesn’t bother you, you can outwit them every time panic sets in quickly, and it’s funny to watch. My point is not to waste my time but to show others how to confront these people and beat them 100% of the time. And it doesn’t matter who it is. I have lived my life in such a way that nothing rattles me, no matter how the political left presents it. But their strategy is always to use force or intimidation to shut down political opposition. And once you take that away from them, they fall apart quickly. That is why they are so scared of Trump because he has shown this Saul Alinsky killer on a big stage. I’ve been doing it for a long time. And it works now just as well as it worked when I was a younger person who had a get-out-of-jail-free card in Sharonville, Ohio, and used it often. The bad guys are lost if you take the fear away from their strategy. So if you make yourself as invincible as possible, with the Second Amendment, because that’s what it’s for, carry a gun everywhere and know how to use it under pressure, you will rob them of the potential for physical violence, which terrifies them. But if you can debate facts with them, which I do all the time and can do it until the end of time, they lose it even faster and will run away and hide most of the time. In my experience in doing this with many thousands of people over the years, I’ve never met a single leftist who can defend their position beyond a few retorts because they never expect to have to and are unprepared when they must.

2023 will be a tough year politically; many of the norms we have become used to will be shattered, and polite discourse is not the right way to go. These are people who must be defeated if you want to save our country. But the good news is that it’s easy to beat them. If you can overcome their tendency to bully, you can eradicate them. Saul Alinsky has told them that the political right and the American family would allow themselves to be bullied into preserving their comforts, and that is exploited all the time to their apparent victories. Hillary Clinton was a master of it, and the Biden administration continues it. But when it comes time to push back against them, they can’t debate, they can’t scare off, and they lose every time. And if conservatives stopped being so timid and would let these losers know what you think of them, you could turn the tide of this war. And we are at war; we can’t hide behind the military to fight some far-off battle. This one is in our backyard. But the enemy is not nearly as threatening as they sell themselves. In truth, they fall apart like wet paper when challenged just a little bit in the pouring rain. Quote them a few Bible verses and watch their faces melt. If you show that you are resolute in your belief system, you will find every time that they panic and will run from you and hide at every opportunity. Remember, they are liberals because they are lazy and are fighting for the right to be below-the-line people. And when they are forced to face value and effort, they fold every time. They do not have anything in their playbook that allows them to counter such a position, and the panic in them is that they know it and are fearful conservatives are starting to figure it out, which we are. Remember, they are backed by Lucifer and other demons of liberalism, and we are perfectly justified in destroying them. They deserve it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Truth Behind the Low Gas Prices: Government knows the real election results, and it terrifies them

Yes, gas prices have been low going into the 2023 year during Christmas of 2022, but it’s not because of the Joe Biden administration. It’s because of the last election. It’s not some miracle that suddenly, gas prices were driven down to under the three-dollar range during the Holiday Season. As I have been saying for a long time, the Biden economy is in a depression, technically. It is only propped up by the same phony public relations tricks that have hidden election fraud over the last couple of years and have attempted to paint the war in Ukraine as in America’s interests. Half a year ago, America was in a recession which the Biden administration denied because it would make them look bad during an election year. They wanted very much to curve off the impact of a massive red wave where they’d lose the Senate too, not just the House. So, they hid the realities of the economy from the public, and the media was, of course, complicit in that deceit. They are all wired as liberals, and that’s how they get away with it. They just didn’t cover the nasty news, much like they were complicit in the FTX meltdown, where even days before it was discovered that Sam Bankman-Fried had pulled off the most significant financial heist of wealth ever known, which his cryptocurrency scam that essentially contributed massively to the election of political Democrats. The money that was spent on Democrats was fake money from this scam, yet nobody will be able to take it back now. The media was complicit in building the kid up, and many people were scammed as a result, yet nobody found out about the fraud until after the election. 

I would propose that an even bigger scam has taken place than what occurred with the Fed, and that is the unholy relationship with Larry Fink at BlackRock that they had to print fake money and distribute it among the money managers of Wall Street to allow them to buy up boards of directors around the world, especially in America and highjack the biggest corporations politically. Vivek Ramaswamy has done some of the best work in exposing this, but I would recommend the book The Lords of Easy Money as well. Everything was exposed between those two books, and that crisis will prove to be much more significant as an intentional fraud of the American people over time. And the news is complicit there as well. So everyone knows by now that most of 2022 were a year of multiple quarters of the recession currently in depression territory. And the last thing Washington’s political machines can afford is a bad Christmas season where the numbers are bad on consumer goods. That would really put a dagger into things, so the gas prices are artificially lowered, well below the market value, which is exacerbating the market volatility. They want people to have the extra money to overcome the out-of-control inflation so that the cash flow numbers don’t look so bad in January. Because the year of 2023 is going to be very eye-opening for a lot of people who aren’t very political. And things are going to get nasty, as they should.

But the most significant part of the entire scam is the revelation to the political insiders about the election results. They know who really won the election, precinct by precinct. I’ve seen election maps of the entire country before in war room type of situations; believe me, political parties know exactly how many votes were obtained where and by how much. There is nothing that isn’t known. And where election fraud occurred, it’s always obvious because the spikes in the precincts where it occurred are always statistically above the average in trends where it wasn’t performed to the same extent. Democrats know that they lost the House by a lot more than was actually reported, and they realize they lost the Senate and several governor seats. The only way Democrats held power in the Senate and in governor races in places like Nevada and Arizona was because they cheated. They rigged the election, and the FBI and other intelligence agencies have been caught in their cheat strategies from the 2020 election with the revelations of their influence over Twitter, so there is no question that election fraud did happen. And in 2022, even though that same complicit media hid the election fraud as part of the operation, the Democrats know the real story from those precinct maps. They know there was really a massive red wave that did sweep the country in the last election. They tried to keep the House with election fraud, but the momentum was too great. That is why gas prices are down. People will vote with their wallets every single time, and dying on a hill over gas prices will for the Desecrators of Davos types destroy everything they have been working to do, so they are relenting just enough to close out the last quarter by flooding the retail markets with cash not wasted on high gas prices. That’s the real story. Not that gas prices are low, but as to why. They should have been low all year, but the desire to price people out of their current cars and jump into the EV market has been a plan for a long time. But the real election results show the cost of such a move, so to retain power, they are trying to throw a bone at the public just to get through the Christmas season. 

What they won’t tell you on the news is that the election of 2022 scared everyone in politics who want to hold on to their old order of globalism first and perpetuation of the Administrative State as they have been doing for most of the last couple of centuries. Before, when the United Nations showed an interest in global government, we giggled it off as ridiculous even though they clearly showed their cards ahead of time. But now we know what conspiracy theorists have been saying for years, and we voted accordingly. Even though the results have not been Trump Republicans taking over all government branches, people did vote that way. The intelligence agencies that have been stealing elections for decades now know how people voted, and it terrifies them. Even if the results don’t show in actual people in those seats, Democrats know that their policies are being rejected; it’s getting harder to cheat, as the lawsuit in Arizona clearly shows, and if big Democrat donors like FTX aren’t there for them in the future, what is going to happen to them. To kick the can down the road as most politicians do, they did the only thing they could do: artificially lower gas prices, hoping that everyone would just go back to sleep. They want to give everyone a Merry Christmas so that early into 2023, the news stories aren’t that we are technically in a Joe Biden-led recession that would translate into serious voting problems in 2024. With Trump announcing that he’s running again, they know they don’t have the cheat mechanisms in place to stop it the way they have been because there is now visibility on the matter, and they are in a panic. This is the best Christmas present of all for the rest of us.

Rich Hoffman

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The Political Assassination of Roger Reynolds: How courts are used to hide the real corruption

There is much more to the Roger Reynolds story than just that he was found guilty of a 4th-degree felony on the fifth count against him in a court case just a few weeks before Christmas 2022. That doesn’t begin to tell the story. The truth is that the corruption wasn’t what Roger Reynolds did, but it’s how the political machine works to get rid of people they don’t want in office, even after voters put them there with a popular vote, even knowing the facts. Ultimately it was the office of David Yost, the Attorney General of Ohio, who was doing a favor for a buddy in Butler County, Sheriff Jones, who personally prosecuted the case for one primary reason. Not to fight corruption but to push Roger out of his Butler County Auditor Office, likely for a few reasons that have been revealed over the last year. First, for revenge, Roger had terminated the employment of one of Sheriff Jones’ relatives who had stopped coming to work due to Covid protocols that has become a practice everywhere and is out of control. Roger did what I would have done; the employee stopped coming to work, so he let them go, and Jones wasn’t happy about it. The other thing was that as Butler County Auditor, Roger Reynolds had been pushing for complete transparency in the disclosure of budgets. And that made a lot of people mad. That set the table; then Fox 19 news came to Butler County and did a hit piece in the Republican stronghold, trying to pave the way for Democrats to do better in an upcoming election. Hence, they targeted a complaint leveled at Roger by a property owner that dragged a couple of Butler County Trustees into the mess to attempt to shape public opinion with a negative story.

Sheriff Jones then used that story to launch an investigation into his political enemies, leading to a six-count indictment against Roger Reynolds over an abuse of power case involved in that land deal. But just before this case was set to go to court in August of 2022, there was an additional charge that the Sheriff’s department leveled at Roger. They wanted Roger to step down from his auditor role and put Bruce Jones there instead, the fiscal officer of West Chester. And when Roger refused because he felt he had done nothing wrong, they turned up the heat, and David Yost got involved himself in the campaign to remove Roger from his job. It all amounted to a human resource scam between competing factions of employees who were trying to bend the rules to their advantage to get rid of a rival, in essence. I know all the characters involved and generally like them. But like most companies, employees don’t always get along; that was certainly the case here. But instead of human resources, these matters end up in court in front of a jury. In August, after Jenni Logan, the treasurer of Lakota schools, stepped down, obviously knowing that a lot was about to hit the fan over the Matt Miller case, she spilled the beans on a Lakota issue with Roger from back in 2019. Some tax money was returning to Lakota, and Roger suggested that the money be spent in a partnership with Four Bridges Country Club’s golf academy. Jenni checked it out, and the lawyers said it would look bad. So, they didn’t make a deal. And for just asking the question of Jenni Logan, that was the 4th-degree felony that the jury found Roger Reynolds guilty of, which wasn’t even the original charge. It was a fishing expedition to keep throwing charges at Roger Reynolds until something stuck. And keep in mind that these are all the same characters who decided not to prosecute Matt Miller, the superintendent of Lakota schools, for the revelations that he had sexual fantasies about three specific kids who went to Lakota and that he asked his wife to drug them, molest them, and video record it for him, according to police testimony. So, in that case, the police used the rationale that the well-liked superintendent was participating in consensual adult sex, even though minors who went to a school he had the authority over were involved. But all those same people found Roger Reynolds asking Lakota to invest in a golf academy which he thought would give kids an elevated social experience, was a felony. Not exactly a consistent presumption of the law. It involved all the same characters, but the standards were radically different regarding law and its enforcement.

In other words, he wants dumb people in the auditor job, so nobody is smart enough to audit him

By the time Roger won his re-election in November, the court case had been moved to December simply as a backstop in case they needed it to get Roger out of office. And by then, the indictments against Roger had been reduced to just five instead of the original seven. Roger’s lawyers did an excellent job procedurally; it’s not easy doing these kinds of things; there’s a lot that goes on in the filing process. And to get the charges reduced by the start of the trial was a considerable obstacle which they did well. Then regarding the original case, Roger was found innocent by the jury on all those accounts. The accusations made by Channel 19 at the beginning have cost Roger Reynolds many thousands and thousands of dollars in legal bills just for the accusation. But the additional charge involving Jenni Logan after she left Lakota and was in new positions directly involving Butler County and a relationship with Sheriff Jones facilitated was one that the legal team of Roger was much less prepared for because it came late in the process. It was harder to argue due to the ambiguity of the matter. Here was a bunch of political people in the six-figure income club talking about giving millions of dollars to a country club to contribute to a golf academy to which Roger belonged to. I cringed as I watched Roger’s lawyers try to argue these merits to the jury. You could tell that the legal team did not have their mind wrapped around that part of the case, and the jury could tell. In the end, Roger’s attorney didn’t explain it well; his task was to overcome the built-in prejudice that people have toward rich people and elite sports, and they didn’t do that. 

After an entire day of deliberation, the jury found Roger guilty on that last charge, essentially for asking a question that had the look of using his political authority to show an interest in a public contract. Jail time had been a real risk all through this process which is no easy thing to deal with, especially for a good person like Roger Reynolds, who has been a respected member of the community for many decades. And it looks like just over this 4th-degree felony conviction, he won’t have to do any jail time but will serve out the sentence with probation. But the bad guys got what they wanted, Roger will have to step down from his elected position, and the people who were afraid of transparency will now be able to appoint their choice rather than the voters picking. And that is what this case was about from the start, getting rid of Roger Reynolds from his auditor job.   If Roger is guilty of anything, it’s setting the bar too high, that his political rivals didn’t want to live up to that high bar, so they conspired to get rid of him, which they did through the court process. And if Roger’s lawyers had been able to argue the Lakota case correctly, he would have been found innocent on all counts. The critical thing to remember is that the original case that Sheriff Jones tried to build against Roger fell apart, and Roger was found innocent of all those counts. The real corruption is in using the legal system to destroy political rivals and in choosing enforceable or not laws depending on the people involved. With Roger’s talent, I’m sure he can make three times the money he was making as an auditor in the private sector. But it’s the point of the matter, he has had to deal with this expensive nonsense for a long time, and the abuse of authority isn’t in what he did. But instead, what was done to him to get rid of him and to fight to keep that bar very low for public employees so that they can have plenty of wiggle room for the real corruption that takes place. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Fake Prosecution of Trump: Hiding the complicity of the 4th branch of government

The criminal referrals by the January 6th Committee were astonishing in many ways, by essentially an out-of-control government that was effectively fighting for its very existence with the fake prosecution of President Trump. What January 6th was from the outset, including the riots that took place on that day, was a massive cover-up of the election fraud that took place, that American intelligence agencies caught through Twitter and Facebook to have conducted massive tampering in the election results. Ultimately Trump only lost to Biden by 45,000 votes across five different states, and the work alone by the FBI and CIA would have easily altered those results. Biden was put in place by American intelligence, and the January 6th Committee was created and did its work as a cover for the crimes they did, in much the way that the CIA tampers with elections in other countries. Why wouldn’t they do it in America? Especially to protect themselves from a SWAMP. As it turned out, the January 6th Committee was every bit the political hacks that they were accused of being, and all they had, in the end, was a phony report trying to blame the riots at the Capitol on Trump because of the kind of language he used, like “fight like hell.” What this corrupt government wants, which feeds this fourth branch of government under the table like some deficient dog, is a complete collaboration by the public to empower them to a rule they never deserved to have. And through mass deception, they had that rule until Trump came along and showed them what people really wanted, which they underestimated in 2016. So in 2020, even if they were caught red-handed, they would alter the election results and put a sock puppet in the White House that they could easily control, which is how we ended up with Biden. And the entire purpose of the January 6th Committee was an attempt to completely desecrate the evidence of their behavior that caused the protests. 

There is a history of this: America’s intelligence agencies interfering with our elections; what happened to Trump isn’t the first time. Now there is plenty of evidence to show that the Kennedy assassination points in that direction. Why, well, everyone is sealing up the release of the documents explaining why they killed Kennedy. Even Mike Pompeo, a Trump head of the CIA, voted to sit on the documents, which the Biden people just continued. And what happened to Nixon just a few years later was, in many cases, worse. Instead of blowing off a president’s head in public, they destroyed him slowly and painfully in courts they controlled and in front of the entire nation to live with for the rest of his life. Knowing now what we do about the case, discussed in several books reporting on the incident now that many of the characters involved have died off, Nixon was perfectly innocent. Watergate was nothing but an excuse to create controversy that a genuinely good man would react to. All Nixon did regarding Watergate was be a good person who was way too honest for a dishonest, corrupt government too big and out of control for its own good. There was doubt in Nixon about his role in the break-in of the DNC, so prosecutors working with judges in completely illegal ways got Nixon to blink even though, at the time, he didn’t have all the facts. Nixon didn’t want to scrutinize the president’s office with controversy, so he stepped down, even though he didn’t need to. And shouldn’t have looking at the issue in hindsight. 

Once Ronald Reagan came along, he was much less boisterous after his assassination attempt. And after those first two years in office, Reagan declined quickly and showed the intelligence agencies that he wasn’t much of a threat. Reagan showed that he could play ball with big government, so they left him alone to ride off into the sunset. And what they managed to get with Bush was a partner, who was one of their own. And from there, things went downhill. Through Clinton, then Obama, up to Trump, the American intelligence agencies were picking our presidents for their own survival. The Washington D.C. culture thrived under those controlled conditions playing by rules that the intelligence agencies constructed. And everyone knew what lanes to stay in to survive. And if anybody stepped out of line, they were dealt with. Seth Rich comes to mind, as do many others. By the time Trump came along in 2015, many like me were fed up with the shaky system and wanted a change. The intelligence agency laughed; they had their pick in Hillary Clinton, someone they knew they could control and was too stupid and power-hungry to fight back, so they thought the usual games would work in destroying Trump. They made the Russian Dossier up out of thin air and tried to use that to keep Trump from running. But they didn’t know what to do with a truly self-made man who didn’t need the donor class. So the intelligence agencies overplayed their hand and were caught along the way.

By the time we got to the election fraud of 2020, the tampering of the FBI and CIA were so apparent that nobody was even trying to hide it anymore. And that’s ultimately what the January 6th Committee was created to do, is hide the complicity of big government and the intelligence agencies who wanted to continue to rule as the 4th branch of a shadow government. They had a track record of killing people and destroying lives, and that’s how they managed to have so many conspirators on the January 6th Committee. Many politicians have benefited from that corrupt system, and the intelligence agencies know who has been doing what and where the money came from. So if that information ever got out, their lives would also be destroyed. And that’s how this 4th branch of unaccountable government has managed to rule for such a long time, out of fear. Fear they inflict on innocent people they are supposed to be protecting. But with Trump, all this was exposed, and now they are exposed for the corrupt branch of unelected government that they always were. And they are fighting to stay relevant with that phony Committee that never had cross-examination from Republicans on it and then went on to harass everyone in Trump’s circle of power to hopefully destroy the president from running for a second term. And when I say only Trump could be president at this time in history, it’s because he is uniquely qualified to counter that invisible 4th branch of government that has always been the real problem. He’s rich and can afford to. He has a healthy ego that keeps him from being scared off the task. He’s charismatic in ways that rallies people to his cause. And over time, I think he has genuinely come to love America. He’s not the same guy driving around New York in his Lamborgini, flaunting his wealth. This is now a guy who really cares, and he has the resources to fight back. And people see that and understand that he and only he can fight back against this government monster peacefully, without riots.   And if we don’t support him now, we may never get another chance to beat that SWAMP again. That is what the January 6th Committee fears most and their intelligence agencies who run in the background and pull their strings. 

Rich Hoffman

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Big Government Using Big UFO Fears to Hold Power: Why Astrology was invented by a high civilization in the distant past

I deal with a lot of subjects and over time, for anybody who cares to investigate, I have a good track record of identifying a problem and proposing solutions that hold up, even when they may seem outlandish at the time.  But there is a reason I have been talking about aliens and UFO phenomenon more lately, I saw a pattern from the government with Covid that was the final straw for me.  For a long time, a very long time, I have considered that government largely creates anxiety over UFO visitations for their own benefit, to make the argument that we need a “big government” to deal with a “big alien conspiracy.”  Without a big and powerful military, then we would be vulnerable to aliens, and out of that fear that we must waste lots of money on super-secret programs, put up with intrusions on our constitution, and accept that government must always grow and that if they weren’t accountable to us, then it was for our own good.  And once that door was opened, as it was with Roswell in New Mexico in 1947, then putting accountability back into the box was impossible.  Once the government saw how people could be controlled and how violations of their constitutional rights could be conducted under “national emergencies” then the playbook for all that followed regarding government conspiracies was unleashed, abused, and we saw that playbook played across the world over the recent cases of election fraud and Covid pandemic creations that for me was the final straw.  A lot of people don’t know better, but because of the kind of life I live, I do.  So, I’ll go ahead and say it, our governments are far more dangerous than the species of various visitors who have been coming to earth for tens of thousands of years, likely millions.  And the reason the government wants to keep everything super-secret is because of their insatiable, very fallible desire for power by controlling information. 

Another contributor to this being on my mind more lately than in previous years is that in my community of Butler County Ohio, Pyramid Hill is getting ready to open the Fortified Hill complex in January of 2023 which I consider to be one of the great mysteries of the world.  Actually, I don’t think its much of a mystery to the way I think, but it’s one of those really strange things on par with Gobelki Tepe, the Pyramids of Giza, and of course the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio which is related to this very ancient earthwork in Butler County.  The Fortified Hill complex is around 250 feet tall and is a carved hill into the shape of a boar, representing the constellation Aries during a very specific time of processional movement from Taurus into Aries and specifying the constellation Pleiades 5000 years ago.  So, let’s fast forward through all the stuff everyone is struggling with now, just to catch everyone up, there is plenty of proof that there were advanced civilizations in North America and elsewhere around the world during and before the last Ice Age, more than 10,000 years ago.  We are just now figuring out some of this very advanced math.  Obviously, the zodiac was invented before the Sumerians claimed credit, by many thousands of years.  And obviously, Pythagoras from Greek society inherited his knowledge of mathematics because the Egyptians and the high culture of North America were already incorporating Pi into their man-built structures.  To make a long story short, there is evidence for instance at Gobelki Tepe in Turkey on Pillar 43 that the alignment with the constellation Scorpio would point the sun with that structure to the center of the Milky Way, to the bulge at the center of our galaxy that likely houses a black hole of immense size.  How would primitive people know about that?  There’s no way they could.  And there is a tribe in Africa near the Eye of Africa, which is a site associated with Atlantis, the Dogon tribe that knew before any astronomers did about the specifics of the Sirius star system, that it not only was a binary system with an A and a B sun but also that there was a Sirius C there as well.  And they knew about specific planet densities and all kinds of details nobody would know unless they had been there.  And the Dogon tribe are hunters and gathers and very primitive.  In addition to that, I just saw a UFO the other day, and I’ve seen them before.  They come and go all the time so I’m quite convinced that there have been travelers from other places around the galaxy coming to earth in either the form of a type 1 civilization or a Type 2 or 3.  Studying governments, things are usually hidden in plain sight because chaos often clouds our bandwidth.  We are often purposely directed to the chaotic stories of popular media so that we don’t see what is really going on.  It’s a military trick that the CIA figured out a long time ago, and the Russians mastered effectively during the Cold War.  And now all the pinheads of government know how to keep mass society distracted, and they use it to protect their means of power.  But these facts are abundant to anybody with a mind to see them.

So, to put my own spin on the various mysteries that nobody has yet figured out, the purpose of all these astrological alignments among a highly advanced culture all over the world in the very distant past, I think there is a very logical method behind it all.  Many have speculated, because they don’t want to deal with the controversy that the messages were intended by aliens for the use of aliens, but as messages of warning to our present age.  Someday we might figure it all out and learn something from these distant intelligences.  Well, since I live in mound country, and have been studying these things all my life, I think I’m in a pretty good position to add something to the mystery as to what all these mound structures really mean, such as the Fortified Hill in Butler County, or Serpent Mound, or the Newark or Portsmouth complexes.  Or Poverty Point down in Louisiana.  What are they?  What is Stonehenge and Avebury for that matter in England?  What does any of it mean?  Well, based on my studies and personal experience, I think astrology was invented by these people as a marker in time.  While traveling through space, time is relative, it’s not the same on earth as it would be on say a planet in the Sirius star system or some other place.  And the mounds are markers left by these visitors so they would know where they were in space and time while traveling, much the way we leave markers on the side of the highway to know where we are.  I have thought about this while traveling around the world, if you have ever left Chicago at 2 PM and landed in Japan 13 hours later, a long day of sunlight and having your clock suddenly be half a day ahead can be quite disorienting.  It takes time to adjust, and you need references to calibrate.  I think that is why there were so many markers left on the ground all over the world that specifically align to the processional travel of the earth and its sun through the 25,920 years of processional cycles so that it would be easy to align those symbols to a place in the sky and know roughly within 2000 years or so where in time a visitor would be.  And yes, I think it’s that simple. 

So knowing all that, and hearing recently that the Pentagon was denying that there is any credible evidence that there is alien life interacting with the earth, or that they exist at all is a gross insult to our intelligence, and I’m not going to put up with it.  The denial is simply a power move so that big governments can continue to use big fear to keep control of the population they wish to mediate.  It’s the same old sources of corruption that we’ve always had as a human race, whether it be kings, religious figures, or in this case some pin-headed government.  They use fear to keep people from the truth, and the truth is, they are far more dangerous than the aliens.  We are just scratching the surface with all this contact with life outside of earth, and it starts by asking the question of how a high civilization started before and during the Ice Age, to begin with.  How and why was astronomy, and specifically astrology being used well before we gave credit to any human inventors of it?  And what we end up with is the knowledge that if these interactions were destructive, like a War of the World scenario, we wouldn’t be here today.  Instead, it’s likely that we are them, and they are us.  We have mutual interests in each other’s persistent existence.  And the government is in the way of that relationship, not protecting us from them.  The evidence points to the fact that they were here long before government as we know them today.  Government has just been in the way and it’s time for us all to mature and face the facts.  And until we realize that, we will continue to support the big government for protection that is essentially the wolf dressed up in grandmother’s nightclothes.  The threat isn’t out there in space.  It’s in our government and a Pentagon that would knowingly lie to us, just as they did with the origins of Covid and the results of the 2020 election.

Rich Hoffman

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