My Gift to You: How to beat the left and destroy them for the preservation of America

Don’t ever say I never gave you anything for Christmas, for today, Christmas 2022, I will provide you with the keys to victory in all things, especially how to defeat your enemies. It’s kind of a standard thing in my life, there is a secret to the political left that is easy to exploit, and I do it all the time. Once you understand that there is an occult aspect to their attack zone and that, as Saul Alinsky says in the guidebook of liberalism, Rules for Radicals, they are dedicated to Lucifer, an old god that the Bible rails against in the justification of destroying the land of Canaan and surrendering the entire land to the invading Israelites. The religion of the Israelites is historical logic and self-profession. In contrast, the religions that had been shown all over the world at that time were a sacrifice to the forces of nature. And that still holds true today, which is why Saul Alinsky, the guy who arrived at the Democratic playbook by hanging out with the Al Capone mobsters, dedicated that book and the movement to Lucifer himself, and from there, opened the doors to all liberalism to occult sacrifice to their gods of nature. And that book has seeped into just about every corner of Washington DC culture over a long period of time. But Hillary Clinton was a particular student of Saul Alinsky, she was very fond of him as an impressionable young woman, and it is through the Clintons that much of the evil we see today has been unleashed upon our government, specifically through that book. The methods of that book are precisely how they managed to keep George W. Bush handcuffed and how they managed to elect Barack Obama, then ultimately Joe Biden, and is why things are so wrecked presently. But the solution to it all, believe it or not, is very easy to utilize, and I’m going to tell you how.

I have mob experience myself; I worked for several organized crime groups when I was younger. The money was good, and I always had a lot of nerve, so I was exposed to a lot of interesting things. This was back when various organized crime elements ran Chester Road in Cincinnati, and Newport across the river, which was the predecessor to Las Vegas. You might say I experienced a lot of conflicts and became very proficient in dealing with them. And as bad as everything is out there these days, I don’t feel there is a person, or people, in the world I can’t win a debate against. And when it comes to physical altercations, there is no situation I can’t deal with. Hurting me just isn’t going to happen. When you take that away from these political radicals, they are left completely defenseless. They have only one real page in the playbook of Saul Alinsky, and that is intimidation, like the mobsters used to do. They will call you names, looking for a weakness to exploit, and once they find it, they will push those buttons all the time to destroy you. And yes, they mean to destroy you utterly and completely, and this is all written down in that Saul Alinsky book. They figure the Christian conservatives are too nice to fight back and that they usually won’t, so they are entirely unprepared for it when someone does. That’s when they start to panic; when you don’t show any fear of them, they really don’t know what to do. If you take away the threat of physical violence from them or the threat of social castigation, they are entirely lost and easy to beat.

Since Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and is making a point of free speech on it, I have seen an instant change in my account, which I have had since before 2010. It used to be that people could find something from me if I put it on there, but generally, the liberals had a severe wet blanket around everything I did. I couldn’t even leave a comment on someone’s page without it being put into Twitter jail. I kept it open, but I didn’t expect anything from it at all. But under Musk, suddenly everyone can see everything, and I have been able to comment on extreme leftists sites like Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich in ways I could never do before. And I have been having fun doing it, as anybody who follows me can clearly see. Then to prove my point over this past week, I have engaged in some debates on those high-profile sites, and nobody there can dispute what I say. Of course, they go straight to the name-calling, but once they see that it doesn’t bother you, you can outwit them every time panic sets in quickly, and it’s funny to watch. My point is not to waste my time but to show others how to confront these people and beat them 100% of the time. And it doesn’t matter who it is. I have lived my life in such a way that nothing rattles me, no matter how the political left presents it. But their strategy is always to use force or intimidation to shut down political opposition. And once you take that away from them, they fall apart quickly. That is why they are so scared of Trump because he has shown this Saul Alinsky killer on a big stage. I’ve been doing it for a long time. And it works now just as well as it worked when I was a younger person who had a get-out-of-jail-free card in Sharonville, Ohio, and used it often. The bad guys are lost if you take the fear away from their strategy. So if you make yourself as invincible as possible, with the Second Amendment, because that’s what it’s for, carry a gun everywhere and know how to use it under pressure, you will rob them of the potential for physical violence, which terrifies them. But if you can debate facts with them, which I do all the time and can do it until the end of time, they lose it even faster and will run away and hide most of the time. In my experience in doing this with many thousands of people over the years, I’ve never met a single leftist who can defend their position beyond a few retorts because they never expect to have to and are unprepared when they must.

2023 will be a tough year politically; many of the norms we have become used to will be shattered, and polite discourse is not the right way to go. These are people who must be defeated if you want to save our country. But the good news is that it’s easy to beat them. If you can overcome their tendency to bully, you can eradicate them. Saul Alinsky has told them that the political right and the American family would allow themselves to be bullied into preserving their comforts, and that is exploited all the time to their apparent victories. Hillary Clinton was a master of it, and the Biden administration continues it. But when it comes time to push back against them, they can’t debate, they can’t scare off, and they lose every time. And if conservatives stopped being so timid and would let these losers know what you think of them, you could turn the tide of this war. And we are at war; we can’t hide behind the military to fight some far-off battle. This one is in our backyard. But the enemy is not nearly as threatening as they sell themselves. In truth, they fall apart like wet paper when challenged just a little bit in the pouring rain. Quote them a few Bible verses and watch their faces melt. If you show that you are resolute in your belief system, you will find every time that they panic and will run from you and hide at every opportunity. Remember, they are liberals because they are lazy and are fighting for the right to be below-the-line people. And when they are forced to face value and effort, they fold every time. They do not have anything in their playbook that allows them to counter such a position, and the panic in them is that they know it and are fearful conservatives are starting to figure it out, which we are. Remember, they are backed by Lucifer and other demons of liberalism, and we are perfectly justified in destroying them. They deserve it.

Rich Hoffman

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