The Fake Prosecution of Trump: Hiding the complicity of the 4th branch of government

The criminal referrals by the January 6th Committee were astonishing in many ways, by essentially an out-of-control government that was effectively fighting for its very existence with the fake prosecution of President Trump. What January 6th was from the outset, including the riots that took place on that day, was a massive cover-up of the election fraud that took place, that American intelligence agencies caught through Twitter and Facebook to have conducted massive tampering in the election results. Ultimately Trump only lost to Biden by 45,000 votes across five different states, and the work alone by the FBI and CIA would have easily altered those results. Biden was put in place by American intelligence, and the January 6th Committee was created and did its work as a cover for the crimes they did, in much the way that the CIA tampers with elections in other countries. Why wouldn’t they do it in America? Especially to protect themselves from a SWAMP. As it turned out, the January 6th Committee was every bit the political hacks that they were accused of being, and all they had, in the end, was a phony report trying to blame the riots at the Capitol on Trump because of the kind of language he used, like “fight like hell.” What this corrupt government wants, which feeds this fourth branch of government under the table like some deficient dog, is a complete collaboration by the public to empower them to a rule they never deserved to have. And through mass deception, they had that rule until Trump came along and showed them what people really wanted, which they underestimated in 2016. So in 2020, even if they were caught red-handed, they would alter the election results and put a sock puppet in the White House that they could easily control, which is how we ended up with Biden. And the entire purpose of the January 6th Committee was an attempt to completely desecrate the evidence of their behavior that caused the protests. 

There is a history of this: America’s intelligence agencies interfering with our elections; what happened to Trump isn’t the first time. Now there is plenty of evidence to show that the Kennedy assassination points in that direction. Why, well, everyone is sealing up the release of the documents explaining why they killed Kennedy. Even Mike Pompeo, a Trump head of the CIA, voted to sit on the documents, which the Biden people just continued. And what happened to Nixon just a few years later was, in many cases, worse. Instead of blowing off a president’s head in public, they destroyed him slowly and painfully in courts they controlled and in front of the entire nation to live with for the rest of his life. Knowing now what we do about the case, discussed in several books reporting on the incident now that many of the characters involved have died off, Nixon was perfectly innocent. Watergate was nothing but an excuse to create controversy that a genuinely good man would react to. All Nixon did regarding Watergate was be a good person who was way too honest for a dishonest, corrupt government too big and out of control for its own good. There was doubt in Nixon about his role in the break-in of the DNC, so prosecutors working with judges in completely illegal ways got Nixon to blink even though, at the time, he didn’t have all the facts. Nixon didn’t want to scrutinize the president’s office with controversy, so he stepped down, even though he didn’t need to. And shouldn’t have looking at the issue in hindsight. 

Once Ronald Reagan came along, he was much less boisterous after his assassination attempt. And after those first two years in office, Reagan declined quickly and showed the intelligence agencies that he wasn’t much of a threat. Reagan showed that he could play ball with big government, so they left him alone to ride off into the sunset. And what they managed to get with Bush was a partner, who was one of their own. And from there, things went downhill. Through Clinton, then Obama, up to Trump, the American intelligence agencies were picking our presidents for their own survival. The Washington D.C. culture thrived under those controlled conditions playing by rules that the intelligence agencies constructed. And everyone knew what lanes to stay in to survive. And if anybody stepped out of line, they were dealt with. Seth Rich comes to mind, as do many others. By the time Trump came along in 2015, many like me were fed up with the shaky system and wanted a change. The intelligence agency laughed; they had their pick in Hillary Clinton, someone they knew they could control and was too stupid and power-hungry to fight back, so they thought the usual games would work in destroying Trump. They made the Russian Dossier up out of thin air and tried to use that to keep Trump from running. But they didn’t know what to do with a truly self-made man who didn’t need the donor class. So the intelligence agencies overplayed their hand and were caught along the way.

By the time we got to the election fraud of 2020, the tampering of the FBI and CIA were so apparent that nobody was even trying to hide it anymore. And that’s ultimately what the January 6th Committee was created to do, is hide the complicity of big government and the intelligence agencies who wanted to continue to rule as the 4th branch of a shadow government. They had a track record of killing people and destroying lives, and that’s how they managed to have so many conspirators on the January 6th Committee. Many politicians have benefited from that corrupt system, and the intelligence agencies know who has been doing what and where the money came from. So if that information ever got out, their lives would also be destroyed. And that’s how this 4th branch of unaccountable government has managed to rule for such a long time, out of fear. Fear they inflict on innocent people they are supposed to be protecting. But with Trump, all this was exposed, and now they are exposed for the corrupt branch of unelected government that they always were. And they are fighting to stay relevant with that phony Committee that never had cross-examination from Republicans on it and then went on to harass everyone in Trump’s circle of power to hopefully destroy the president from running for a second term. And when I say only Trump could be president at this time in history, it’s because he is uniquely qualified to counter that invisible 4th branch of government that has always been the real problem. He’s rich and can afford to. He has a healthy ego that keeps him from being scared off the task. He’s charismatic in ways that rallies people to his cause. And over time, I think he has genuinely come to love America. He’s not the same guy driving around New York in his Lamborgini, flaunting his wealth. This is now a guy who really cares, and he has the resources to fight back. And people see that and understand that he and only he can fight back against this government monster peacefully, without riots.   And if we don’t support him now, we may never get another chance to beat that SWAMP again. That is what the January 6th Committee fears most and their intelligence agencies who run in the background and pull their strings. 

Rich Hoffman

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