Sharks on Welfare: Why gangs form in poor neighborhoods

The Discovery Channel  is about to celebrate their 25th year of presenting Shark Week on their popular television weeklong event. In front of that celebration a friend of mine suggested that sharks were a wonderful way to illustrate the merits of social engineering failures that have occurred among human beings. His reasoning was that sharks were a brutal prehistoric oriented species of sea life that are born violent hunters which make them a fascinating study. Their desire to hunt and destroy is natural. But what if they could be taught not to eat people? That would be a wonderful thing that would save many arms, legs and lives if only we could convince sharks from wanting to destroy the human population with mindless hunger simply to fill their bellies.

Well, as my friend suggested one possible solution for the sharks would be to go on a welfare program similar to what human beings use in their societies. If the sharks were just given food instead of developing their hunter instincts to track it down themselves, they might become “nicer.” Because looking at the life of sharks the way a progressive does, the reason that sharks are so mean is because they are always hunting for food. If someone just gave them food, they wouldn’t be so angry all the time, and wouldn’t desire to eat people at beaches.

If there were a welfare system for sharks, human beings could just feed them everyday to purchase peace. The sharks would learn that when the boats came, the boats would bring food, so the sharks would be inclined to stay away from the beaches where human beings enjoyed swimming. The sharks wouldn’t have to be so vicious having to compete with other sea life for food because the food would come to them. This would save the lives of millions of other fish and sharks in the ocean and of course the human beings who wished to swim in the ocean.

That makes perfect sense—if you’re a progressive liberal. Unfortunately, the fate of such a program would be the same as what has happened in the areas where welfare among humans occur. On land, the people on welfare become placated and unaggressive. They typically wait for their check to arrive in the mail so they can eat. But in their complacency they don’t tend to pass on good traits to their young. The youngsters not naturally desiring to wait for the check to arrive in the mail try to take their lives in their own hands and develop gangs to fight over the limited resources available in their communities that are built by placated adults fed by government. Much of the violence of gang behavior can be traced back to the creation of welfare, and the limited movement of the human population in ranges of thinking. That is the side effect of the human species that has lost its ability to fight for its survival. A welfare society becomes lazy, and inept.

Among the sharks, the unforeseen tragedy would be that the sharks would begin to travel in packs along the paths of the boats that brought food to them. Sharks being a solitary species would adjust their nature to that of collectivity passively waiting for the boats to bring them food. The younger sharks that hadn’t lost their desire to hunt would gather up in packs and attack the boats on occasion to take all the food destined for the rest of their shark society. But peace would be maintained for the most part, so long as the human population kept the sharks fed.

But what would happen if the food ran out? Or what would happen if the sharks became obese, and developed the need to eat more food than the humans could provide? What if it took two boats to feed a pack of sharks that used to take only one? That’s when the sharks would begin to attack humans again. But this time instead of only being solitary hunters, the sharks would attack in mass. On land in the human communities, this activity is called “protests.” Humans protest when the government doesn’t give them the amount of food they think they should have.

Sharks would do this as well when the boats did not bring enough food to keep them fat, dumb, and happy. It would become increasingly impossible to fulfill the expectations of the shark populations all over the world, because there would not be enough food to give the sharks.

This is what happens when progressives inject their “feel good” theories of social engineering into the natural world. They intend to do well, by feeding the sharks; to keep the human population from being eaten. But instead, the progressive makes the human population slaves to the sharks by spending all their time trying to catch free food to keep the sharks at bay. Inadvertently the sharks become a collective based society that becomes even more dangerous if they are enraged making the risk for future violence much more serious. Also within the shark society the progressive has created a rift within the young and the old. The old are happy to be fed since they have learned to let the food come to them. The young functioning from their youthful instincts wants to catch something and prove their worth, so they incorporate the collectivity taught to them by their parents and mix it with their natural impulse for violence—so they form gangs of sharks that are far more dangerous than what the single sharks used to be.

This is what humans have done to their own society. The creation of welfare was intended to be a helping hand to those less fortunate. But instead, it has created a society of lazy humans that have collected in mass in locations where free things are given to them to appease their natural aggressiveness. Welfare has created the culture of gangs that terrorize inner cities and the drug trade that is the lifeblood of such violence. The gangs created something in a desperate desire from limited resources within the welfare culture to gain something valuable. In a society where the limited resources are driven by how much food is on the feed boats the only way to advance in such a society is by inventing something else that has value. In the human case, it is drugs and illegal activity that creates an alternative economy within the welfare state. The ultimate villain is the welfare system because it is what robbed people of their ambition, and the desire to “create” wealth making them dependents on the suppliers of the welfare checks.

The sharks being dependents on the food supply of the boats would become far more dangerous as a collective unit who could then “collectively bargain” to gain more food from the boats. And if they didn’t get the food, they could protest against the boats threatening to kill all on board. So the humans trying to save the lives and legs of other human beings inadvertently would have created a much more dangerous species of shark by attempting to put the sharks on a welfare system. The appeasement would only be temporary, and might in fact keep the sharks from the beaches where humans like to swim. But ultimately, the sharks would become much more dangerous than they ever were as solitary hunters. As a collective herd of sharks, they could demand all the food they could eat, and if that food could not be supplied, they’d have the power to hunt down and destroy with much greater capacity many more humans than ever before. And it would all have started with the good intention of giving the sharks food for free in the hope that they would become less dangerous.


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Van Jones, One of Obama’s Socialist Friends: Green is the the New Red of Communism

Here is one of the many socialists who seek to undermine America. This is Van Jones at the Green Festival recently. The Green Festival is a cesspool of socialist sympathizers who seek to use climate science to spread communism all over the world. Listen for yourself.

Take note, prepare your minds, and make a friend aware and awake.

Pass it on………………..

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Perhaps it’s part of Superintendent Mantia’s Global Education program, or maybe it’s just sheer stupidity, but for some reason, Lakota is promoting the work of Ron Henrich, a social studies teacher at Hopewell Junior School at Lakota and his recent trip to China to help teach there. You can read the story for yourself on Lakota’s website at the link below.

I can understand if Quanyu Huang enjoyed Henrich’s teaching to such an extent that he wanted to feature him in a book published in 2000 called Quality Education in America which was the number one best seller in China, and that has led to an invite to fly Henrich and his family to Beijing to teach the Chinese students and teachers how he educates in America. What I can’t understand is why a local teacher and a Miami University professor are so vaulted in China, a country of over a billion people, and a society that is notoriously communist.

Lakota for its part is obviously looking at its staff and picking success stories so that they can market another levy to the public for a fourth tax increase attempt and they see this relationship between Henrich and Huang as a successful one that will impress the community. Lakota is very image conscious because they know the merit of their services have almost nothing to do with their actual work, but the perceived value the community surrenders to their cause. In fact, to understand just how much thought Lakota puts into its public image, and what types of manipulations of the public go on behind the scenes, have a look at the obtained documents shown in the linked article below to read for yourself how the process of manipulation is conducted for perspective on this Ron Henrich story. (I highly recommend you read the entire document)

So knowing that Lakota is attempting to place a perceived value of importance on the exploits of Henrich in Beijing, China is a calculated public relations feature designed to impress the public–Ron Henrich, Social studies teacher is a star in China. Well sorry Lakota, but that is not impressive. In fact it points sadly to the truth that critics like me have been uttering for years now, that public education run by government is teaching American children too much of the values of socialism in a global push toward communism, and they are doing it with our tax dollars.

I see that the typical administrator and teacher in these public schools do not bother to look at the big picture. They are simply behaving based on their training—within the same system. I doubt when Superintendent Mantia or the school board President Joan Powell—and yes Joan is still the president even though the board has attempted to take the light off her by voting Dibble in as the new president—think about such things as communism, socialism or capitalism when they think of themselves in the center of that debate. They just think about government jobs created and obtaining revenue to pay for their institution. They get their teaching content from the Department of Education, and do not consider it their place to question those of “higher” authority. But I do, because I have to pay for all this, and I have made the observation that kids don’t seem to be getting the kind of education that launches them into a successful life. Seeking answer’s I have discovered women like what is featured in the article at this next link, who used to be second in command at the Federal Department of Education. If you care about this issue at all, you should watch every video on that link. (Bet you didn’t know half that stuff dear reader)

So news flash Lakota—it is not a good idea to promote the value of your teachers as being stars in a communist country when the accusation by critics like me is that public education teaches too much socialism and not enough capitalism. China is at war with the United States right now, but just not the kind of war we are accustomed to with tanks and troops. The war we are fighting right now is an economic one and if Quanyu Huang director of the Confucius Institute at Miami University; specialist on Sino-American cultural and educational comparison is as brilliant as he lets on, he knows that virtually every executive, every government member and mind of strategy in China looks to Sun Tzu and understands the merit of that great literary classic, The Art of War, defeating your enemy without conflict. Huang and Hemrich might believe that their invite and embrace into the Chinese culture is one that is an innocent blending of the two cultures, American and the Chinese into a global attempt at peace where we will all hold hands and sing songs around campfires. I’m sure these two believe that if America would just let go of some of its isolationist principles and China would drop some of their communist tendencies then the world would be far better off. Educators believe that their participation in such education opportunities might bring the world peace, and Lakota believes that it can ride on the backs of these two to obtain tax funds to pay for their poorly negotiated union contracts.

But here is the danger….I tried to buy this best seller of Huang’s but was unable to find it on Amazon, this best seller in all of China in the year 2000. That means the book is out of print, which is odd for a best seller—by the way, I know just a bit about the book business—so a publisher of such a highly regarded best seller would make the book more available, especially if millions and millions of Chinese think local teacher Ron Henrich is such a star in China. My guess is that the Chinese government sees Huang and his work as being so close to the communist philosophy of China that this is why they have embraced his efforts by allowing him to be a guest Professor at Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University, and visiting professor of the Training Program for High School Principals at Peking University while maintaining his regular instruction at Miami University.

The Chinese want to learn how American public schools are able to control such large sectors of the population and they want to learn from people like Ron Henrich and Quanyu Huang. How does that make you feel dear reader? Doesn’t it make you want to get some Chinese food?

Contrary to what some might think, I am not against Chinese culture. I agree with one of my favorite generals of World War II, that China is a culture that should have been nurtured under American supervision. But, we let China slip under communist rule, and until China no longer embraces communism of any kind, I see them as an enemy of America.  I have a deep sympathy for Chinese Americans and I routinely visit several local Chinese restaurants because I admire the work ethic of the owners, and their courage for leaving their homeland to find freedom in America.  (For context read my article on Chinese communist occupation and the struggle for freedom there in the late 1940’s.)

So no Lakota, it is not good to promote this global awareness unless in so doing, the goal is to prepare our children for rule under a Chinese flag. Because that is China’s intention, even if the academics are too pretentious to see it. If the teachers at Lakota want to go to Beijing and teach, maybe you should keep that off the radar, because that is not an asset to the Liberty Twp, West Chester community. And you should consider it an insult that out of all of China and America, it is Lakota that is considered the kind of school that a communist country wishes to emulate.

If the Lakota School Board wishes to disprove my accusations as to their ineptness, political naivety, greed, and arrogance, by publishing the exploits of Ron Henrich and his close association with Quanyu Huang, then they have proven themselves beyond help. Communism is NOT a good thing, and collaborations with countries that embrace it is not something to brag about. It certainly isn’t something which mandates even more tax dollars from the community so that we can help fund the teaching methods that China wishes to copy for their own benefit in the difficult task of controlling over a billion people to march under a communist flag.

It is not wise to fund our own demise, then brag about it as though it were a benefit of great merit. To learn more about China, I suggest you watch this very good film by Richard Gere called Red Corner (1987). I present it here in its totality. So grab a snack and enjoy a peek into a country run by communists who are seeking Lakota teachers to help educate their society.

By the way, Red Corner is banned in China. You can’t even see it on YouTube. And the execution scene was real, provided to the director at great risk to themselves. 1987 was not that long ago folks.

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A Window without Glass: Jean Schmidt and lobbying on K-Street

WARNING–WARNING…………..I need a few hours of your time.  Be sure to read this through, then watch every video completely.  I know it’s a lot………..but it’s for your own good. 

The House Ethics Committee in Congress is a scrub organization designed to white wash the sins committed by members of congress for the goal of keeping corruption flowing in full force. The corruption comes from lobbyists on K-Street which everyone in Washington know about, and seek to protect their access to the tree of fraud that has been made out of our body of government in all three branches. When we speak of members of political influence we often term things in the political right and left categories. But to me, many politicians even on the perceived political right are way far to the left of me, and such people are those like Jean Schmidt, who is a Republican, but is reported to be one of the 14 most corrupt members of congress there is, which is quite a statement. To learn what some of the allegations are against Jean Schmidt, Doc Thompson of 700 WLW and Chris Finney of C.O.A.S.T discuss the issue on the video below:

When I hear the list of wrongdoing Finney named off involving Congresswoman Schmidt I can’t help but think about how broken the entire system is, because Schmidt is labeled a political conservative, she frequently attends Tea Party events, and puts on a pleasant face in public appearances most of the time, yet she is wrapped up in lobby scandals. She reminds me often of the school teacher, or superintendent who begs for more tax money, and has a face that you want to trust. Most of the time when we think of corruption we have an idea of a man with a mustache and a comb over sporting a pot belly hiding in an airport bathroom with his pants down around his ankles looking for some sexual solicitation with another man while publicly pretending to support family first initiatives. And while much of the time our instincts are correct about these types, all too often, the looter, the deceiver of your hard-earned money and seeker of your trust looks like the everyday person.

Some of the worst looters that there ever where are those who can deceive while pretending friendship, yet at the same time working toward the intentions of scandal. And our government is filled with these people like Jean Schmidt and worse who we pay good money to do our business, but they sell out too quickly for large amounts of money to be made as a political insider.

There is no question that the power-brokers, the politicians on the right and the left who are both way to the left of me will say that Rich Hoffman is a radical right-winger. “He’s crazy,” they might say. And the minions who eat from the power-brokers hands in the media are worse, they are so broken as a society of people they aren’t even worth the breath that comes from their bodies. I consider the exhaust spewing from a car in 15 degree weather to have more value than the apologist who utters socialism from their mouths about the middle class. I am tired of those who proclaim that racism is alive and well at the expense of freedom and that girls should be in the Boy Scouts and boys should be in the Girls Scouts. I am tired of the feminist who declares that she doesn’t need a man and can raise a family without one. And the two men who think they can raise a well-balanced child without a mother. I’m tired of open borders which is designed to cheapen the value of American Citizenship. I’m tired of hearing about slavery when slavery is going on right now at K-Street. I’m tired of everyone letting a dictator rise to power because he’s black while the blacks I supported for office are attacked and smashed to oblivion because they are too politically to the right. I’m tired of gun grabbing looters who wish to disarm us so they don’t have to worry about being shot while they try to steal from us. I’m tired of a public education system that started with the intention of spreading socialism conceived from the mind of Horace Mann with the best of intentions, but proving a dismal failure, and then building our entire society on the foundations of the broken blocks without question.

I’m tired of the practice of giving political criminals called politicians justification with a silent endorsement. And for congresswomen like Jean Schmidt it does not matter if she is a Republican, or that she attends Tea Party events. I am tired of public servants making a living off public office and using it as a platform to gain wealth!

I do not care what a thief thinks of me. I do not care what the con man, the sexual pervert, the manipulator, the schemer, and the political pundits of political correctness who wrote the book with all the rules, think. I don’t like rules and I’m not following them. I don’t like the direction these low-life types are taking our society and I’m certainly not going to follow.

Jean Schmidt is not to be worshipped as honorable, and neither is John Boehnor. If I saw John at the local Ace Hardware store I doubt I’d even say hi. And Barack Obama, I don’t even think I’d look twice at the guy. The only place I’d like to meet Barack Obama is on a basketball court one on one, full court so I could stomp his skinny ass to pulp with a score of 70 to 2.

I do not care or understand these things because I chose not to. I am happy with my thoughts which are elevated beyond the reach of these simpletons. I like my books and watching the trees blow in the setting sun through my front window as I read. I like the unique foods my wife makes and the way it smells coming out of the kitchen. And I like it when my family is all in the same place at the same time. But I like most to be left alone by the congested minds of the looters and their tangled thoughts. I like to be free of their comings and goings, of their lack of courage toward their weak perversions. I like to be free of the power climbers and their quests of self-importance, for something meaningful to be placed on their tomb stones. I like to be free of those who are preparing for death with each step they take in life, because they get in the way of me trying to live my life with each step.

I like to be free of the fear mongering, because I’m not afraid of anything, so all their chatter is only noise to my ears. They use their chatter to confuse the weak and make livings for themselves by looting the fearful, the fat assed panic driven mother, the man who is still addicted to his mother, the man who never overcame the power of his father with strength of his own. Those types are the tyrants of this earth and they prop up criminals in congress to be their princesses and princes because they seek those who are just as pathetic as they are for office. Even those nobles of thievery seek their king. Jean Schmidt with all her talk about Barack Obama was seen getting the autograph of the President at a joint session of Congress which says everything anyone needs to know about Mrs. Schmidt.

We can be angry at Obama but he’s just one of the looters. It is people like Jean Schmidt who function without any ethics, but simply speak whatever sounds good to the camera, and believes nothing, that give Obama his power. Why should Obama fear the people’s Congress when people like Jean Schmidt is one of its guardians? The biggest failure of public education is that it has produced such low quality people. It has made people who cannot figure out who to vote for because they are so stupid they don’t know right from wrong. They are stupid not because of their brains, but their education made them passive and foolish who worship some godly figure at the front of a class room. This has left their minds susceptible to the looters of politics like Barack Obama and Jean Schmidt who write laws for the rest of society they believe they are exempt of. And this is why a House Ethics Committee in Congress that covers up crimes of congress and hires PR directors to control how the public perceives the looting that goes on right in front of their faces exists, to put on a good face to the public while actually assisting corrupt congressional members to commit crimes at the tax payer expense.

Yeah, if I’m too far to the right for all those punks, goons, freaks and losers on the left, then fine. I can live with that and not lose one minute of sleep. And the more that these looters attempt to intrude on my life with their desire to rob me and my friends and neighbors, the more you’re just going to piss me off, because I cannot become so stupid to endorse their tactics with my complacency. If I dumped out of my mind every conceivable thought it has in it, I would still feel like a genius next to those buffoons in government and their insect like behavior that is driven off only primal instincts and blank initiatives.

If you doubt any of what I have said here, go back and listen to that recording between Doc and Chris again, and determine the extent of the accusations against Jean Schmidt and the system she represents. And decide how much merit the words printed on the paper these fools create in new laws and regulation really has in the scheme of things.

Not very much. Go ahead Congress, Senate and the President; pass your NDAA, the EEA and the appointment of more government positions so these lax minded buffoons can pretend they can create things. Their schemes are as flimsy as their morality, and as shown, is about as thin as a window without any glass. There’s nothing there but words on a page, which means nothing.

Oh, what is that dear reader–you want more?  Well, before we part, let me tell you just a bit more to this story. Here’s a quick look into the three former Fannie Mae executives who created quite a lot of trouble on Wall Street.

Franklin Raines was a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Fannie Mae.


Raines was forced to retire from his position with Fannie Mae when auditing discovered severe irregularities in Fannie Mae’s accounting activities. Raines left with a “golden parachute valued at $240 Million in benefits. The Government filed suit against Raines when the depth of the accounting scandal became clear.


Tim Howard- was the Chief Financial Officer of Fannie Mae. Howard “was a strong internal proponent of using accounting strategies that would ensure a “stable pattern of earnings” at Fannie. Investigations by federal regulators and the company’s board of directors since concluded that management did manipulate 1998 earnings to trigger bonuses. Raines and Howard resigned under pressure in late 2004. Howard’s Golden Parachute was estimated at $20 Million!

Jim Johnson- A former executive at Lehman Brothers and who was later forced from his position as Fannie Mae CEO. Investigators found that Fannie Mae had hidden a substantial amount of Johnson’s 1998 compensation from the public, reporting that it was between $6 million and $7 million when it fact it was $21 million.” Johnson is currently under investigation for taking illegal loans from Countrywide while serving as CEO of Fannie Mae.
Johnson’s Golden Parachute was estimated at $28 Million.

These are crooks that we’ve given the ability to write laws against American citizens.  What measures do these criminals employee to protect themselves from the punishment that is coming at them from the American people because of the looting that they have done?  Let my very good, personal friend Matt Clark tell you all about it.  Click the video below to listen.  Make sure you listen to the whole thing!

Oh, and what about our good friends from Frannie.  WHERE ARE THEY NOW YOU ASK?


Raines works for the Obama Campaign as his Chief Economic Advisor.

Howard is a Chief Economic Advisor to Obama under Franklin Raines.

Johnson was hired as a Senior Obama Finance Advisor and was selected to run Obama’s Vice Presidential Search Committee.

They are all crooks and thieves who don’t even deserve the spit in your mouth or what you place in the toilet when you relieve yourself.  Keep this in mind when you go to vote, and remember, it is because most people reading this did not vote that allowed these looters to become elected in the first place.  So educate yourself and vote intelligently.  And don’t fall for the manipulations and smiles of those you think are your friends.  Judge politicians on what they do, not what they say.

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Philosophy, Politics, and Religion: The U.S. Government thinks you are a fool

The two things that we are told not to speak of are politics and religion. Yet it is those two topics that affect virtually every endeavor of human thought. If you want to know who the villains are in our society look at those who tell us not to speak of these things, and you will see your enemy. Those who advocate not speaking of politics and religion are those who are attempting to maintain a monopoly on thought, and seek to be the rulers of your life. For myself, I question everything, and am in love with nothing but the idea of being left to my own devices. So the social mechanisms of the human race are all up for revision. Nothing is sacred if it is not producing the very exceptional at the maximum capacity capable by the human mind.

The current philosophy of America, the one that has been infected with socialism, does not work for the majority of the population. It is an unmitigated failure virtually beyond measure. In fact, the examination of the ineptitude that our current American philosophy is pursuing is so grand that most people just tune it out and leave the matter of adjustment to the very thieves who have perpetuated the candor to the lowest in our society—the politician. To understand just how serious these politicians have infected American society with a philosophy of looting which serves nobody but themselves watch carefully this video which will spell out the situation wonderfully for your inquisitive mind.

At this site there are many radio recordings and videos which show that a majority of the public servants currently serving the United States citizens at Capital Hill have enriched themselves greatly by insider trading. In my opinion these are simple thieves who using a wage provided by the American citizen to do the work of the country have squandered that task away because they function from a looter philosophy that they inherited from this infection of socialism they were raised on in our public schools, and media culture. These con artists ran for office under the premise and promise to uphold the United States Constitution, but once there show the weakness of their inner philosophies, and quickly become common looters of the public treasury. It is because of these types of people of poor quality that communism will never work and the socialism that leads to total communism slowly erodes away the philosophy of every nation with the plague of altruism. Because the human being from even the first moments of life is concerned with its own survival, and an economy that is built upon self-interest will thus be stronger because it was built by people who care for themselves. Those who attempt to pretend that their life has value because of self-sacrifice are fools who lack real life experience as to the motives of mankind.

Beware of the altruistic prophet, the looter of luxury who pretends that they are there to help. They only care to take from you to gain what they lack the ability to make for themselves. A good example of this is Michelle Obama, the current first lady. She is one of those altruistic prophets who says one thing, but does another. A poor quality mind is always easy to spot in such people who believe they are better than they are because the value they apply is derived from what they have managed to loot from public money.

For some insight into this let’s have a look at the first lady’s behavior in the White House, of which we all fund with our taxes. Michelle Obama has more personal staff than any first lady in history. She currently has 22 personal staff to care for her every need and fantasy. Here they are and while reading them, consider what you learned in that first video.

Michele Obama’s personal staff:

One.. $172,200 – Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)
Two.. $140,000 – Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)
Three.. $113,000 – Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary for Mrs. Obama)
Four.. $102,000 – Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President
And Director of Communications for the First Lady)
Five.. $100,000 – Winter, Melissa (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Six.. $90,000 Medina , David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Seven.. $84,000 – Lilyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)
Eight.. $75,000 – Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)
Nine.. $70,000 – Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Project for the First Lady)
Ten.. $65,000 – Burnough, Erinn (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
Eleven.. $64,000 – Reinstein, Joseph B.(Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
Twelve.. $62,000 – Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)
Thirteen.. $60,000 Fitz, Alan O.(Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director
For the First Lady)
Fourteen.. $57,500 – Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)
Fifteen… $52,500 – Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)
Sixteen.. $50,000 – Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)
Seventeen.. $45,000 – Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)
Eighteen.. $43,000 – Tubman, Samanth a (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)
Nineteen.. $40,000 – Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Twenty.. $36,000 – Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)
Twenty-One… $35,000 – Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)
Twenty-Two.. $35,000 – Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)
(total $1,591,200 in annual salaries)

The looters of our American philosophy wish to strip away our religion and replace it with one of their own design so that they can control us, so that we are easy to steal from. They strip away our philosophy so that they can replace it with their own altruistic example so that we will give up our money to their cause and not cast our eyes in their direction and discard those politicians as useless. As long as they convince us to think in fashions of sacrifice, we will give our wealth to them so they can spend $447.39 on luxurious foods at a New York hotel for an afternoon snack. The looters do this because they are thieves who have no value for the funds they stole, because stealing it is easy. They provide no service that couldn’t be done by you dear reader. But they have stolen your philosophy from you in public education, so you cannot reason for yourself the folly of your ways. They have stolen from you a religion, so that you look to politicians who will spend $150 on Iranian Osetra Caviar as the provider of both religion and philosophy. They will sell to you their image as the prophets for the prices of the taxes that come out of your hard-earned check.

Looters do not have your interest in mind. They simply wish to give you a job to keep you happy and voting in their direction. They wish to hit that magic number of 50% by using your greed against you for their gain. You see, they do not believe in altruism themselves. Not in the least. They wish you to believe it so that they can control you. So you will take your government job, make twice what is made in the market controlled private sector, and you will trade away your freedom for comfort and a vote for their politicians so they can maintain their power base as prophets when in reality they are simply clowns. Want more proof? Look at these connections of nepotism among the political elite centering on the new green initiative. This is just a fraction of what is really going on.

• The Tonopah Solar Company in Harry Reid’s Nevada is getting a $737 million loan from Obama’s DOE.
• The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employ 45 permanent workers.
• That costs U.S. Taxpayers just $16 million per job.
• One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate Group (PCG).
• The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy’s husband.

Yes, they think you’re stupid because they stole from you the ability to think. They did this by pilfering American philosophy which can be found in the work of The Federalist Papers and authors John Locke and Ayn Rand. The real criminals are not these politician looters; it is those who do not take advantage of the book store down the road, the television on the History Channel, C-Span, and Discovery Channels. It is those who forgo talk radio in favor of the sweet melody of social propaganda. (Listen to Lady Ga Ga and gawk at her outrageous outfits. She is selling you a philosophy and you accept it with your ears and the glitter of her fashion. She is designed to control your philosophy by album producers who wish to make a profit. The producers and agents of her songs are driven by self-interest, not gay rights, or political splendor. They are driven by self-interest disguised as altruism.)

Working philosophies and religions are out there for your use dear reader, and when you allow the looters to not only rob you of your wealth but of your mind too, you have committed a sin against your legacy.

When death finds you, and you lay in your casket and the small gathering of your family and friends show up to say a few nice words on your behalf, without a strong philosophy they will only have to say that you were a good person who did what people told you to do. You held a government job, paid your bills, and voted for altruistic political candidates who brought joy to the world. But your departed soul and a few wise men and women will know the truth, that you perpetuated tyranny by assisting the looters of America into a crime against mankind that made kings of the weak and victims of the strong.

The death I’m speaking of is not you dear reader, for you are only a cell in the greater body that is sick. The body I speak of that resides in the mentioned casket is America. A country that let it’s philosophy be stripped away from it so that it could become sick and die from within. For anyone who studies sickness knows that for a virus to kill a life, it must destroy first the body’s immune system, and for a country, that immune system is its religion and its philosophy. That’s why both must be discussed often, so that the body can fight off the diseases of looters which seek to plague it. And fear not, philosophy does not need to be laborious and out of your reach. I have went to considerable effort to make philosophy obtainable for a public that are current victims of a looter ruling class, so that those villains might find themselves shortly extinct.

Stay tuned for much, much more.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Document Request from Lakota: The bill for P.R. during the levy and YES you will be angry

In reading the article on Christmas Day about Lakota cutting its music program in the upcoming year to meet its budget needs, take special note of everything that you will see below, which might seem overwhelming, but if you care about your child and the school they attend, you’ll pay close attention.  You can read that article written for Christmas Day about Lakota here:

The only reason Lakota would cut its music program is to extort from the voters support for another levy.  But in fact, the residents of Liberty Twp and West Chester are more than adequately funding Lakota for a great education for the children, sports, busing, and everything we expect.  It is the administration and the union interest that is playing this game of financial extortion with valued programs and if you will take the time to read this, you will see the proof for yourself.  What you will see throughout this article are the actual billing sheets that Lakota spent on public relations after the release of their PR director in September.  The waste will amaze you.   Pay particular attention to the length of the discussions and think of the money flying right out of the window. 

There has been a lot of speculation about the $90,000 payout to the former PR director at Lakota. The reason is that in the wake of all the discussion Lakota as a district has uttered about not having enough money to deal with which necessitates a new tax levy, then when it is learned that $90,000 was paid to a former employee who didn’t directly contribute to any educational activities, but simply held a PR position that was paid $79,000 per year, questions come to mind about the way Lakota spends it’s money and must be examined.  And much of the reason that the former PR director left her job is revealed in the information below and is just another example of an administration starting with the school board that is inept in its dealings with employees by attempting to strong-arm people both within the school system and outside into doing what they what they politically desire.  When such actions are taken and  mistakes are made because a line was crossed, then payoffs that total $90,000 must be made to correct the error.   That’s why the school system has been reluctant to report what happened between Joan Powell and Laura Kursman and  why it cost the district so much money.  The exact content of the dispute is still a mystery but involves allegations of illegal requests from the district to Laura Kursman in handling the media.  Keep reading!

To put things in perspective consider that with the current tax assessment on community properties at $1,140 per $100,000 evaluation, and for ease of calculation let’s assume that the entire amount of that property tax went toward Lakota Schools, (which it doesn’t) it would take 78.9 homes valued at only $100,000 each to cover the cost of that payout to the former PR director. For homes valued at $200,000 each which is more appropriate for home values in the Lakota District, it will take 39.4 homes to cover the cost of the $90,000 payout. That’s a lot of homes.

The problem with the district and public education in general is that they function with a collective philosophy while most of the rest of society does not. Public schools since they are government employees do not think from a self-reliance standpoint, and they are not teaching our children self-reliance. Public schools, as shown through the actions of the Lakota School System lean on consultants and advisors at every possible instance. For example, Lakota spent approximately $40,000 to the recruiting firm of Lovett and Lovett to find Jenni Logan the new treasurer at Lakota which was a good hire, but should it have cost $40K to find her? The same type of money was spent to find the new superintendent Karen Mantia who was working 70 miles up the road but $43K was spent on the firm Hudepohl and Associates to find her. All that occurred during the fiscal year of 2011 and if you add them all up including the recent payout to the PR director, it comes out to $173,000 dollars spent on absolutely nothing of any value toward education. The fees for hiring those employees should have been located using or some other service instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on consultants. The task of finding applicants falls on the human resources department at Lakota, not to be outsourced to these headhunting firms. To pay for just those three mistakes it cost in property taxes approximately 75 homes valued at $200,000 each to pay for just those fees.

This brings us to the crux of the problem; government employees do not value money because they don’t work to get it. They simply make a request and the money shows up and this is why so many of them are panicking now that state and federal money is drying up. This is why the United States has a national debt of 15 trillion dollars! It’s this out-of-touch behavior among all government employees, especially public schools. And to exhibit just how bad it is I have included on this page the documents obtained in the records request involving the Kursman separation agreement from Lakota. The documents show the billing results both above and below of the PR firm of Ashire Communications that Lakota used in the absence of Laura Kursman during the levy campaign in the fall of 2011. This firm charges $90 per hour and just in October of 2011 Lakota racked up a bill of more than $10,000 in consulting fees which equates out to 4 homes valued at $200,000 each to pay for in property taxes. But the most sickening aspect of the whole deal is in studying the kind of things Lakota needed consultation on.  Read closely!

For most of us, we wouldn’t even consider paying a consultant $90 an hour to tell us things we already know like you will see in these next documents. And it’s not that Mantia and Joan Powell don’t know things of common sense. I think they do. But when you use a consultant or an employee to share the responsibility with, paying a consultant a fee takes the responsibility of potential failure away from high-profile politicians like Joan Powell and Superintendent Mantia. And yes, Joan is a high-profile politician. When she calls up powerful local politicians and threaten their electability if they do not support a school levy, then she makes herself a community “player” of a high-profile nature. Not to mention she is at the center of trying to make West Chester into a city of which she is hoping for a seat on the first city council………”allegedly.” By hiring consultants, these public figures purchase deniability in case something goes wrong.

This means that there is no telling how much money is wasted on lawyer fees each year, and other employee blunders like what happened with Laura Kursman. We only noticed Laura’s situation because of the amount of money involved. With nearly 2000 employees at Lakota there are bound to be several hundred issues with employees in the system that amount to lesser financial impacts, but could collectively cost many tens to hundreds of thousands in legal fees, consulting sessions and employee searches. A quick look at the documents shown here will display how involved and how much money could potentially be spent on just one employee.  Imagine what could be spent on many employees.  And because money is short Lakota wants to eliminate their band program?  Looking at all this, why does anyone think money is short at Lakota.  Who thinks it costs more to operate the band than paying just one business quarter of this PR firms salary? 

And when it comes to levy failure, the need to obtain new money to allow these public employees to spend money at this level, tempers will fly. This appears to be what happened through the levy campaigns where Laura was asked to engage in “potentially unlawful activities in which she was requested but refused to engage.” Of course the Lakota attorney Bill Deters proclaimed that he “found no evidence to substantiate the allegations.” The reason for that is nobody left behind a paper trail, because nobody is responsible, everything is hired out. And things said from one person to another in a closed office become hearsay in a court of law, and school administrators would never dream of taking action that would leave a paper trail, so of course Deters wouldn’t find anything to substantiate the allegations made by Kursman.

But there’s something to what Kursman is saying, otherwise Lakota would never pay $90,000 to make the problem go away when Kursman stated she was, “unwittingly instructed to falsify information to the press.” If Kursman refused to do these things it gives me respect for her in standing up to the pressure, because as stated, the primary reason that Lakota wanted to hire a PR director is to have political deniability in case something went wrong, which after three failed levies, the PR director would be the natural scapegoat.

Where Lakota goes wrong repeatedly is that they are on the wrong side of the game of right and wrong, and they seek to use vast sums of money to cover up their deficiencies. If they just played things straight they could reduce the amount of administrators they employee because they wouldn’t be looking for someone to blame when things went wrong. And money would be saved because consultants and attorney fees wouldn’t be needed at every turn. Lakota is dealing with the public education sickness of organized labor who believes that the jobs at the school exist for the employees and not the children we send there. This leaves public school administrators to be lured into the profession because of the extremely lucrative compensation, but to avoid any real responsibility by delegating tasks off to subordinates to keep the hot potato out of their hands when something goes wrong. And when the subordinates refuse to take the fall when something like school levies fail, and the money to continue the behavior shown above runs short, which forces honesty to the surface, punishment will be issued.

And this is what happened with the $90,000 payout. Laura didn’t want to be caught in a crossfire between her personal ethics and the politics of the district. And the school needed someone else who would play that role, so they set unrealistic deadlines and expectations hoping to force Kursman to leave so they could hire someone who would help them pass a levy.

The evidence is in the documents above and below speaks volumes of the trouble in public education. And before school funding is ever discussed for upcoming levy requests, the culture of delegation that costs so much money and is shown in these documents must be eliminated. Communities are trying to send their kids to school to get an education. They don’t want PR directors to spin public opinions, they don’t want lawyers to hide facts and protect public employees, and they don’t want political games around their children. They just want their kids to learn how to read, write, and do some math and be ready for life when they grow up. Everything else is the result of frail human thinking, and the politics of neurosis.

Read Steven Mathews Pulse Journal article based on this same information here:


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

New Ideas From No Lakota Levy: The Pretentious Education Empire

I made a major announcement on the Doc Thompson show just before Thanksgiving where the No Lakota Levy group is making plans to work with a local foundation to help kids in the Lakota School District with their pay-for-play fees, brought on by the school because they cannot balance their budget and is using the same old extortion methods to wring money from the residence and business owners of Liberty and West Chester Twp. The reason we are getting involved in this business of helping the students is we want to help take the edge off the kids who are being used as a tool of combat by the school system to drive up the enormous labor costs brought on by a radical union element while the school levy battles look to continue well into 2012. Listen to that announcement here:

The final straw with many of the business owners who have associated with No Lakota Levy were the threatening letters and nasty emails we received after the third levy defeat. After the election, as they did last time, radical employees of the school system who we employ to perform a community task show what they are really about. Below is one such letter from what appears to be the husband of Lindsey Schmidt the Lakota West English teacher. The man wrote the letter by signing it, and he addressed all the teachers of Lakota, so he is obviously invested and is seeking to provoke the teachers into a radical froth of anger. I show his letter the way he sent it so that you can see for yourself dear reader, what these employees are really all about and how they think.


To the teachers of Lakota,

It is obvious that, with the continued rejection of school levies in
Lakota, schools will need to make further cuts to streamline
operations. I believe it is incumbent on the teachers of this district
to be sure that the next round of cuts be initiated by the labor force.
It is time for teachers to stop giving their labor away for free.
Make gone the days of 50-70 hour work weeks. Work only to the hours
stipulated by your contract. Take the hours you used to devote to
grading papers, offering extra help, and improving your presentations
and put them toward the attention of your families. To make up for the
loss of step increases, use the extra time you have previously given to
your district for free to seek out a second job. Contract out any
remedial help to struggling students. To take pride in your work, you
must realize that your labor is valuable. Stop giving it away for free
when clearly the times of public support have changed. When the public
can no longer afford the system of the past, it is the public, not the
labor force, that will have to decide how to counterbalance the

William Schmidt



It is because of people like this, that more and more people are deciding that they don’t want to give money to prop up the wages and benefits of this very protected class of pretentious education employees. Members of the community want to help the kids, because that’s why we send them to school in the first place, but more and more people are sick and tired of throwing money at people like the man who wrote the above letter. People like that are standing in the way real education improvement.

The No Lakota Levy group is going to help provide that bridge for those who want to help the kids without giving the money to the school itself in what is becoming known as a black hole of investment. No Lakota Levy as a group has also tried to help the administration balance their budget by telling them how to do it. The situation is simple. The superintendent should instruct the teachers union, (the LEA) that it needs to lower their labor costs by 5%. What that means is that the average salary which is currently $63K per year would need to be $59,800 per year. For teachers who make $85,000 per year would have to take a wage cut of $4,250 making their yearly wage $80,750 per year, hardly a severe hardship. If the LEA would agree to this, Lakota would balance its budget for the next 5 years. It’s pretty simple. If some of the teachers don’t want to agree to the reduction, they are free to shop themselves around the open market, but any school district they might go to will be going through the same cost adjustments that Lakota is going through so it’s a move at their own risk. They might be out of a job in those districts in a few years anyway if they refuse to bend on their pricing.

That would take care of the financial problems at Lakota and if the LEA cared one bit about the community they work in, they’d come up with the idea on their own. After all, even at $80K as opposed to $85K, they are still WAY over the average income of the tax payers who pay for the teacher salaries. But the LEA won’t make such a move, and the superintendent won’t even ask. The school board won’t even put the idea on the table, because they are all part of the same money-making system and are made up of the kind of people like William Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt is actually encouraging the teachers to do less, because the community is not willing to throw more money at them. In my opinion the cuts should be 30%. No teacher should make $80K per year and only work 9 months a year. They aren’t doing any service that is all that incredibly valuable. They are simply doing the work that lazy parents don’t want to, and they are charging a killing to do it.

Those problems are not the greater problem of the community. The public schools are part of the community, but they are not the hub of the wheel that everything else revolves. They are according to them however. The pretentious school employees behave like some only child from a wealthy family, who has no perspective on life but to scream like a baby and have the parents shut them up by giving them things to appease them temporarily. Well, finally the community is learning to stick up for itself and not allow themselves to be pushed around by these spoiled brats. And the No Lakota Levy announcement of working with the foundation is in the spirit of the community taking back control of the education system little by little from these radical union types.

Taking control of our schools again from these pretentious academics is probably the most important thing we can do during the year of 2012. Little by little, if the community begins to inject itself upon the empire of public education, the dictators who rule those scholastic hallways will retreat back into the abysses from which their minds belong. But it starts with honestly answering the questions, “Is this the best we can do in public education?” “Are we happy with an ‘excellence with distinction’ rating that means virtually nothing to the outside world except those who sell real-estate, because the kids are coming out of the meat grinder of public education far from being self-reliant, but instead seem destined to be forever dependent on government in some fashion or another, deeming the education received to be a perilous failure?” Well my answer is that I’m not happy with it. It’s too expensive, too liberal, and too pretentious. Take those elements away and the education system could operate with half the cost, and produce much higher results. Don’t believe me……..give it a try. You’ll never know unless you try.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Cuts, Cuts, and More Cuts: Protesting “Target” for trying to open on Thanksgiving

Doc Thompson on 700 WLW covered a topic which demonstrates the epic clash of ideas in our modern-day. There is a man who is circulating a petition to prevent Target, the department store, from opening on Thanksgiving Day; because he’s concerned that it will interfere with his Thanksgiving dinner, since he will have to head in to work early to prepare for the late night opening. My first thought about the man is that he can choose to work for Target or not to. Those are choices within his control. But he does not have a right to alter the business strategy of Target to suit his Thanksgiving dinner. It is his job to alter his schedule around his employment. For Target to open on Thanksgiving is a market driven need. Target’s existence is not employee driven its market driven. That is the key discrepancy of our modern problems. Listen to that broadcast at the video below:

This discussion about Target’s Thanksgiving plans comes as the smoke cleared from the Middletown City Council 4-3 decision to lay-off nine of their firefighters. The money just isn’t there. So the decision was to cut those jobs. What makes the decision worse and more impactful to the community of Middletown is because of Issue 2 being repealed, city council must lay-off the last hired, who also happens to be the cheapest. If Issue 2 would have held, the fire department could have let go of an employee who is just milking their way to retirement, who has obviously declined in performance over the years who might make 80K per year and must instead let go of two firefighters who only make 40K to attack the budget deficit goal. It’s nothing against the older employee, but they are simply too expensive, and if they are not performing at a 80K a year level, they should be let go so the fire department can keep the two firefighters who only make 40K. So Middletown had to cut 9 firefighters to meet their budget demands.

Of course there are more costs associated with these public employees besides just raw wages. At the Lakota School District the No Lakota Levy group figured out that the average employee at Lakota makes over $67 per hour of employment or $130,000 per year by the time all their benefits are factored in, and that is how a savings is made when lay-offs are implemented. The front end salary makes up a huge difference and when that is applied across a workforce of 20 to 200 it adds up to a very large number. Have a look at the math in calculating the public employee costs at Lakota here:

Yes the firefighters showed up like all those other crazy public employees usually do and protested the lay-offs, but they forget that they are not management. They do not have a right to manipulate the management structure. They do have a right to find another job if they don’t like the conditions of employment, but they don’t have a right to scream like a bunch of little children to keep their job, just like the protestor at Target does not have a right to dictate when Target opens for business. Of course members of management hate to do it, nobody likes to lay off a worker, and nobody likes to fire employees, but it’s a reality of any management when the budget dictates. I’ve had to do it more times than I can remember and they all hurt. But when the money isn’t there, that is the grim reality. Check out video and the story from Channel 19 here:

But Middletown isn’t the only city going through this kind of thing. Monroe City Schools is having public meetings to try to figure out what they can do to close a $2.7 million dollar deficit. Monroe is looking to their southern neighbors in Lakota and Mason and seeing the tremendous tax increase resistance going on in those districts and is trying to avoid that same controversy.

Of course the clueless public worker who believes that all the jobs in society were created for their convenience will simply propose that taxes be increased to meet the budget deficits. This is the response at Lakota where the superintendent who is supposed to manage the finances of the district simply stated after the third levy defeat, “But the teachers have already taken a pay freeze.” Well………so much for management letting the employees know how hard-nosed the superintendent will be in reducing costs. Instead of exploring possibilities of approaching the teachers union to reduce their employee costs on the district, which are currently ridiculously high the superintendent says the teachers have accepted a “wage freeze,” as if that were enough! I’ve shown you at the link above how much those Lakota employees cost the taxpayers, and the obvious next step would be to reduce those costs to balance the budget approved by the community. That would be the next step if public workers thought the way the rest of the world does. No, instead, they only know how to lay-off workers or ask for more taxes to pay for their distorted view of reality. Management is virtually non-existent in public service and that’s how everything got out-of-control in the first place to deliver us upon this current crises.

But that’s not all; Cincinnati City Council which is now largely liberal because of the protest vote against supporters of Issue 2 will have to solve a much larger budget gap than they did a year ago. Here’s how it went exactly one year ago when the previous city council attempted to solve their budget problems. Council never solved their problems from then till now. Check out this link!

Postal workers are now protesting the closing down of a sorting station in Cincinnati, because the Postal Service is also broke! They think somehow by their chanting money will magically appear in their budget. They like the Target worker in Doc Thompson’s radio broadcast think that their jobs exist for their livelihoods, not the public they are supposed to serve. It seems beyond their reasoning to conclude that higher taxes to pay for their extraordinary benefits are not an option. Somewhere at some time someone told them that government creates jobs and since they now worked for the government, then they’d be cared for all their lives. Nobody told them that the utopia would collapse on itself when the money ran out and the pension payments were due. The politicians who made those promises are most likely in the Bahamas drinking pina coladas through a straw, living out their lives of looting off the public sector in relative security and comfort. Now all the promises that were made by those thieves are expected to be kept, and that means that some people will have to lose their jobs to fulfill those promises.

I think back to all the commercials that aired during the Issue 2 campaign when it was said that if we wanted to keep our firefighters, our police and our teachers then we needed to repeal Issue 2. People like me declared such statements as an outright lie.

Now, unfortunately people are learning who was telling the truth and who wasn’t, and they’ll come to regret what they’ve done to themselves. Chants, protests, and magic wands will not place money in your pockets and solve the problems. Only good management and strategic thinking will, and those who cling to the old ways will undoubtedly perish in the aftermath.

Things are about to get very, very ugly.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Why Public Education is so Expensive: Lakota can do better

Doc Thompson is right, we do need new ideas in education, and those ideas are out there. In fact, we’ve covered many of those ideas here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. Most of the current new ideas about public education can be seen in this summary for School Choice at the link below. At the end of that article are several videos produced by Edutopia, which I am a huge fan of, a group put together by George Lucas to drastically improve education and give teachers the tools they need to become better. (Yes Doc was there. He came because he really cares about solving the problem.)

However, innovation requires change. Staffing levels of schools will not need to be as high as they are currently as innovation is introduced, so school administrations should be able to drive down costs, and will have to fight the teachers union and their desire for the status quo to implement those changes. After all, it is the teachers unions who believe that the community works for them and not the other way around.

The teachers unions in my assessment are holding education back and are keeping America from improving, and they do this in two ways. First they are protecting their incomes and pensions, because teaching is their livelihood, so they of course are more concerned about such things. Second many teachers have embraced radical leftist ideology and they are certainly playing their part for social reform around progressive politics. To show just how bad the situation is, have a look at this video below. Some of my friends over at Freedom Works attended BlogCon11 and were met there by protestors from a local school, organized by their teacher Celia Bard in protesting the conservative bloggers. Have a listen to what they were saying and why they were saying it. These are 17-year-old kids and students of St. Mary’s Academy.


I think this makes a great case to the kind of issues our kids are learning in public education, and as long as this garbage is going on, our kids will continue to not learn what they should be, and programs like Edutopia will not gain any ground. Doc’s dream of online learning will be a fleeting one because it is evident by the radical unions that education is not the goal, but indoctrination and the breeding of future radicals is. If kids are learning real material online, they may not be prone to the teachings of radical left-winged teachers and their social agenda in the classroom.

This is actually much worse and wide-spread than you might think it is. After the election here at Lakota in Cincinnati, many of the members of No Lakota Levy have received threatening emails, letters and comments for voting against the levy. It is stunning the audacity some of these teachers exhibit, and the PTA moms who kiss their pretentious asses. The radical self-centeredness of a very good school like Lakota is mind-boggling, and we’ve tried to reason with them and explain how they can lower their costs while still maintaining their excellent rating. Their response is to quickly blame any member of the 18,000 who voted to put that tax levy down and is nothing short of astonishing. They forget they are the employees of the community; the community does not work for them. In light of such actions the vandalism experienced during the campaign against our property makes perfect sense.

This is the same radical element seen from the students at the BlogCon2011. And it is that radical element that is holding down education to the kind of reforms Doc Thompson is talking about.

How badly are reforms needed? Well, since we’re talking about Lakota which somehow justifies the harassment of business owners from radical PTA moms and teachers who want to boycott businesses because those businesses question the necessity for a school levy, let’s examine how truly good Lakota is.
The spreadsheet below comes from the Ohio Department of Education. As you can see, Lakota which is considered one of the best in the state is actually number 71 on that list out of over 600 schools. That tells me there’s a lot of room for improvement. I marked all the schools that are performing better than Lakota in yellow who are also doing so at a less per pupil cost.

What does this tell us? Well, a couple of things. One that Lakota even though it’s considered a very good school, is not the best. It has room for improvement. Two that it needs to find a way to improve its Excellence with Distinction number to something much higher while still driving down its costs. That can be done with technology. This brings to question how much staff do we really need at Lakota, because per pupil cost is largely controlled by direct employee costs, and smaller schools with less staff are naturally going to be able to offer a lower per pupil cost in educating students. The money spent does not make a school Excellent with Distinction or make children perform better than schools with less school employees, obviously, as shown by the smaller school ratings.

The resistance to these adjustments however comes from the radical unions who live in a reality bubble and assume that they are the center of the universe, and that everyone exists to pay higher taxes to fund their livelihoods. And while in that bubble, they are entitled teach our kids the fundamentals of progressive politics.

Public schools could operate much more efficiently if they stuck to the basics, cut their staffing sizes down particularly among the administration dramatically so they could offer cheaper per pupil costs, and kept the radicalism of the unions out of the classroom. Until those things happen, funding will always be a problem and American education will take a back-seat to the rest of the world who are actually teaching children, not trying to fulfill the quests of the 60’s flower children who now run education.

The trouble with modern public education is they are a self contained entity that seeks to isolate those who fund it.  The only members of the community who are embraced are those willing to drink the Kool-Aid they are selling.  Even at Lakota, who obviously has a long way to go to become better, the administration all the way up to the top aligns itself with the unions, who are not performing at an exceptionally high level nationally.  Oh, of course they are according to their own internal measures, but in the scheme of reality, there is much to improve on.  When the Lakota levy was defeated for the third time in 18 months the first thing the superintendent said was, “but the teachers have already agreed to a pay freeze.”  Such a statement informs the union leadership that they have an ally in management, and that nobody represents the tax payers who fund all this education business.  So the plan is to place another levy on the ballot for a fourth time, or a fifth time, or a sixth time till they ram it down the community throats.  This is no different than a screaming child who cries until they get what they want.  No attempt is made to work within a budget the community establishes at the ballot box, which shows a tremendous disrespect for the community in general.  The union doesn’t even try because the education system is all on the same side, from the superintendents all the way down the line. 

It’s not that I hate education.  I hate how expensive it is and what it gives us socially.  When you hear the girls in that video above repeat comments directly taken from the Communist Manifesto or the work of Saul Alinsky, it is because their teacher instructed them of those qualities, and I don’t want to pay for that kind of nonsense.  If there is anything we’ve learned from the Occupy movements its that our youth is coming out of public education ill prepared for life, and much of that is to be blamed on public education and the lack of participation of their parents who are guilty of thinking they can purchase improved education for their children to cover the personal faults of the parents.  This has opened the door for radical union types to manipulate generations of children with our hard earned money and prepare our kids for an intellectual adult life they are not equipped to handle. I would go so far to say that education is a complete social failure and is not worth the money we spend in the current form. 

Even with that basic statement of social value, the spreadsheet above demonstrates irrefutably that money does not buy quality.  If Lakota which is considered Excellent with Distinction is considered great and there are others schools who are doing it cheaper who are ranked better, than money is clearly not the driving factor.  Less staff with more technology that drives down the cost and focuses the students on a neutral, less politically inspired education is much preferred to the system we currently have that believes the community works for the school, and that an endless supply of money is owed to those employees, and that their actions are beyond refute.  I have never met a more out-of-touch, pretentious group as these pro levy public education advocates who blindly support school levies without asking the hard questions.  The idea school funding in the millions of dollars would be driven by a bunch of crazy PTA moms is insane!  They suck up to the teachers of their precious little children, and demand more money on their behalf for some mysterious benefit that is not to be examined, yet that is exactly what is happening.

I would go so far to say that any teacher or administrator who believes such things as leftist ideology should be taught in the classroom and unlimited funds should flow in their direction they should be terminated and taken out of the public educational system completely. It is such minds who stand in the way of education reform and improvement.  It is in such minds who say that Lakota is great even though it is number 71 on the list, and they’ll make excuses by saying, “But we’re one of the largest districts!”  Well, that’s not good enough.  I expect Lakota to rise higher on that list and I expect the per pupil cost to be driven lower each year.  And anyone who stands in the way of those goals should look for jobs elsewhere.  Because I am not willing to pay for mediocrity, and I am not willing to pay for leftist social programming.  I am also not willing to put on blinders to the low quality of the whole enterprise just because the school of my district is not as bad as others in the area.  There is room for improvement, and that improvement should always be the driving force. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Watching Fisherman from the Mountaintop: Weak politics are the result of weak philosophy

Why are so many voters ignorant as to how they should vote?  Well, have a look at two of the reasons, pop culture and professional politicians brought together in a collection of imagery that appeases the senses.  Oh, its bait in the water……

In the wake of the 2011 Election, whether we are talking about the various school levies, the dysfunction of Cincinnati and their new city council along with the street car, or the loss of Issue 2, it is apparent that many people just don’t understand the higher concepts of how things connect.

Most people are too busy with their lives, too busy to pay attention to the critical issues at play, and it shows in the way they’ve voted. In Lakota our NO LAKOTA LEVY campaign placed the information on the doorstep of the voters and over 18,000 of them sided with our viewpoint, because the information was provided. But the weaknesses of our social fabric became very apparent when most of Ohio failed to understand the importance of Issue 2, or why they voted for a school levy, or why they voted for a street car, and countless other issues. It is not so simple to proclaim that those voters are simply stupid. It’s not even correct to suggest that it’s a matter of Republicans or Democrats, Progressives or Constitutionalists, it is a matter of failed philosophy at a basic, fundamental level and that failure is the social error of our day.

In the wake of the election and my performance many have asked me to run for one of the various political offices around town. It is difficult to explain to them I have no interest in such a thing. My intention is to return back to my mountain as described in my favorite book, Thus Spoke Zarathustra and return to philosophy, because that’s what I’m interested in. This is why it is so clear to me where society is failing. It’s not so much in their politics, it’s in their philosophy. They are fundamentally broken and therefore cannot understand how and why their politics reflect this fragmented structure. My politics and philosophy is that of the American Transcendentalist. My friends are Henry David Throreau and Emerson, not the person at the Friday Night Football game whom I might secretly seek approval. It is clear that such people who harbor such desires have consumed their minds computing power on tasks that are worthless, and thus do not understand the importance of political topics. Right before the election as I finished up an interview with Channel 5 and Channel 9 TV I was also in communication with my editor to turn in my manuscript as promised before she had to catch a long flight to a far away place. She wanted the second draft to work on while at the airport, and the flight itself and as I sent it, a surge of importance radiated from the task which far exceeded any of my political involvements embarked on that same day.

When a friend of mine requested why I don’t take action on my talent for speaking and articulating arguments I replied, “The world does not need one more politician, a school board member, a trustee, a mayor, congressman, senator, or even president.” I know several people who are good for these jobs and I am fine to let them do it. But to my eyes from my mountaintop perspective which I will not surrender, the world needs to think again because all the elections from now till the end of time will fix nothing if people act purely with emotion instead of intellect, as they did with Issue 2, and many of the school levies.

Emotion is that silly lure which the fish bites down on a hook as a worm sacrificed of its life wiggles from to attract the fish. The fish bites on the hook out of the emotion of being hungry, and the fisherman to capitalize on that emotion and weakness uses that emotion against the fish in order to catch it, and consume it. I do not wish to be consumed by the fisherman of politics. And I would advise my friends and neighbors against it as well. But I do not invest much of myself into those who wish to bite down on hooks and allow themselves to be caught. It is these types that I see voted against Issue 2. It is these types who voted yes for school levies. They are hungry fish too busy to study the conditions around the bait, and therefore are easy pray for the fisherman.

The fisherman in this case is the labor unions and the politics of that structure. They are a ruthless hunter who simply wants to fill their bellies. As a politician I would be at the disadvantage of being in the water with all the other fish to simply tell hungry fish not to bite on the hook, which they would anyway. This would lead me to a life of frustration and would result in me simply being wet.

The answer is in the kind of material I sent back to my editor as she climbed on her plane and sent me a text. “WOW, so much is here! This is fantastic!” I nodded to myself with a satisfaction that far exceeded any victories gained on election night. No amount of drink and women in skimpy dresses would equate to the satisfaction of a compliment given from a higher plane of reality. For a book contains within it the power to elevate the mind of the fish into explaining to it that there is a world outside the realm of the pond from which it resides, a world that it can then develop tools to explore and use to it’s advantage. So if my editor’s reaction to this first edit is an indication, my mountain top musings will have more influence in the realm of the human race than an election result, or a political office. And this is the path of the American Transcendentalist, and that path leads to the mountaintop cave of Zarathustra. (My favorite book)

From that mountaintop where I desire to spend ALL my time, it is easy to look down to the pond and see the fisherman casting their polls into the water. Those fishermen have government shirts on, and many have AFL-CIO on them, so I can see what they are up to easily. When I see this I will climb down, get into the water and try to keep the poor fish from biting down on the hook to feed those fisherman that I see ruthlessly overfishing the pond at the foot of the mountaintop.

If I had my way however I would encourage those who swim in the pond that they are not fish, but a higher life form, and that there is room for them on the mountaintop with me. So rather than play the games of the pond, I chose to stay in the mountaintop to write from there so that others may be encouraged to leave the pond behind all together and join me on those lofty peaks, where life is much more interesting, and the content of things become much clearer. It means nothing to the people who come to realize such concepts to become a big fish in a small pond or even a small fish in a large pond, or better yet a big fish in a large ocean. That is the realm of politics at all levels. I would say that being a fish at all is the wrong way, because all are prone to the bait of the fisherman. The best thing to do is to leave the pond all together and become bigger than what you were so you aren’t even tempted by the bait on a hook.

The solutions to politics are not in the pond, it’s on the mountaintop. So any effort applied to the pond is a waste of time. This is why I played Wii Golf during the election results and did not celebrate, because the effort was simply a temporary fix to a larger problem. The long-term fix though is in my manuscripts, and whether or not people understand it now, or 100 years from now matters not. The process of thinking is the key to leaving the pond to higher plains of thinking and if I can do that for one, I consider it a far greater triumph than simply avoiding the hook of a fisherman cast into the water on November 8, 2011.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior