The Elephant in the Room: Why the new ‘Top Gun’ movie is so successful and what it means to ESG scores in corporate America

I have always looked at box office results as a kind of vote for what the temperature of the political world truly is. As we know now, elections are often rigged, especially regarding the digital machines and ballot stuffing efforts that have been common in big American cities for years. So political votes don’t often reflect what people really desire culturally. But when a person is willing to get out of their chair and go out into a darkened theater and share a movie experience with perfect strangers, which is a discomfort of its own, the kinds of choices people make reflect a lot about their true character. So I have always looked toward box office numbers to understand what’s happening worldwide and the kinds of mythologies the human race responds to. Knowing all that, I was not surprised that Top Gun: Maverick did well at the box office; it looks like it will come in over 1.2 billion dollars for the summer of 2022. It has been remarkably strong for what I consider a typical 80s movie. I grew up in the 80s, so I remember when there was a movie like Top Gun coming out every weekend, and then when you got back in the car to drive home, there was a new top 40 hit on the radio. We had a thriving culture back then mainly because Ronald Reagan, as an actor, knew how to sell America to America, and people felt good about their country. Hollywood rushed to make movies that appealed to them, which was reflected in the movie-making industry. 

Obviously, I loved the new Top Gun movie, but as I said, I don’t think the film is a technological masterpiece. It will likely win some awards because the kind of people who pursued careers in movie making are happy that finally there is a movie out there that reflects why they got into the business in the first place, the way Hollywood used to make movies before all the woke ESG rules took over and ruined everything for everybody. While Top Gun has been doing well, another film franchise from Disney, Thor: Love and Thunder, came out over a similar summer season release. It died on the vine by the second weekend because it embraced all the woke ESG garbage injected into corporate America, and the voting movie audience decided they didn’t want any of it. For a film with big intentions to gain a billion dollars at the box office from a global audience, Thor: Love and Thunder quickly fell out of favor, while Top Gun: Maverick continued to be in the top 10 even after two months in theaters. Because of this behavior, there is a massive elephant in the room to talk about that I have heard nobody in the commentary business from entertainment or politics nail down, which is worth discussing because of what it means. What we see with movie audiences is a total rejection of the globalist push for ESG values that will undoubtedly be reflected in society in general, and what has been happening in the movie business will ultimately be reflected in society in general, with restaurants, business commerce, and populist politics. The only way the ESG system was ever going to work was to take away all people’s options for what they really wanted. Top Gun: Maverick shows just how successful breaking the ESG formula can be for anybody who dares to, and now that people have seen the benefits, the ESG attempts will fail miserably.

Considering that Top Gun: Maverick was entirely filmed before Covid came along to destroy its original release date for the summer of 2020, the film was not a conscious effort to push back against the globalist trends toward ESG. It was able to get funding because it had been in the works for many years and had Tom Cruise attached to it, so the movie got made. But the global sabotage with Covid, as I said in the beginning, was more of an attack against American culture in every way and the intent was to destroy American capitalism. Small businesses were meant to be destroyed. Amusement parks bankrupted. And the American film industry was targeted to be choked off, even though the political lefties in Hollywood were kissing the ring of the globalists most aggressively. Those market sectors were intended to be destroyed before the year of 2020 ran out, which was the goal of the World Economic Forum members behind the Covid virus, using China to be the face of the disruption. The world was going to have a Great Reset, and America would come out of it under the fold of global socialism run by health agencies controlled by the United Nations, and that was the end of the story. Paramount Pictures was shrewd to wait out the storm and hold Top Gun: Maverick for another two years to hope the American movie industry would survive and that theater owners would not all go bankrupt. Along the way, Paramount listened to its potential audience, and they decided to tweak the film toward a domestic market and ignore China completely, which many considered to be suicidal. But once the movie was released and movie theaters finally opened into something resembling normal, great things happened, and people were hungry for a non-woke movie without ESG goal posts that told a pro-American story that people could feel good about. And the rest is history.

It’s not that Top Gun: Maverick is a great movie. But it offers a non-ESG story that people are starving for, and they have voted with their feet. There are so many other options now with streaming services that people could easily have just stayed home and watched hundreds of other options. So it says something any time people are willing to go to the theater to see a movie of any kind. But what we are seeing happening with this particular movie is that people are voting against the ESG world that is being imposed on them, and the first real offering of American patriotism since President Trump was removed from office through political upheavals is the true sentiment of the voting public. You can’t fake personal choice. Ballot stuffing and other forms of fraud can manipulate results to look like more people than really do support progressive causes. But the tickets bought for a darkened theater in direct competition with other offerings, like Thor: Love and Thunder, show the true sentiment of the public when choice is the deciding factor. With most movies these days being produced for a global audience, especially from Disney, it had been considered suicide to focus on a domestic release, which is what Top Gun: Maverick boldly did. And the result was that the world came to the doorstep of the movie because they wanted to experience American life with their movie purchase. Not to see the same old ESG political nonsense that all the other films were offering, the same homosexual propaganda, the soft stories without defined heroes, and the noticeable lack of patriotism that was clearly part of the plan for a post-Covid world. Top Gun: Maverick broke all the rules and returned to what worked for years. And because of that success, many other industries and political movements will follow. 

Rich Hoffman

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Disney Stock is Down 31% to the Year: And its never coming back

I warned everyone years ago, Disney stock is never coming back. Currently, as of this writing, it’s down 31% of its value for the year, and this was before the big battle with Ron DeSantis in Florida occurred, where the tax status and self-governing control is in jeopardy. The writing was on the wall a long time ago. Being a Star Wars fan, I was encouraged when Disney bought Lucasfilm, which makes Star Wars products. I have wanted it to work. My wife and I had one of the best vacations of our 34-year marriage in 2019 when we went to Disney World and enjoyed all their creations to celebrate the opening of the Star Wars ride, Rise of the Resistance. No company but Disney could have made a ride like that or built a Star Wars land like what they had in Florida at Hollywood Studios. So I don’t report this news about Disney happily. I’m a fan and have wanted it to succeed. But reality is headed in an entirely different direction.

I’m the guy who used to go to Target in September when the Holiday toys would come out for Star Wars and buy up the cool stuff before anybody else did at midnight. The toy aisle at Target and Walmart used to be filled with Star Wars figures just from the movies that were made in the 80s and 2000s. But after Disney bought the brand, and the company headed in the direction indicated by the Desecrators of Davos globalists, like Klaus Schwab, the brand of Star Wars has died. Gone are the toys or the demand for them. Kids have moved on to their favorite YouTubers, and when you see what Disney has done to a really solid brand, like Star Wars, you can see what they are doing to everything else that Walt Disney built. Disney as a brand is damaged, and it will never recover, and those are the facts. Get your money while you still can.

The truth is that in a free culture like America, the Davos plan for our complete economic destruction by hijacking our brands and destroying them from within with ESG scores will fail. If Disney isn’t going to provide a family-friendly place, then someone else will come along and do what Walt Disney did. America will not be deprived of what we want. We made it in the first place, and we can make it again. Disney World was built when I was a real little kid; I was there when they started digging out the big lake in front of Magic Kingdom. I remember it. It hasn’t been that long. If the family value dollars aren’t going to Disney, they will go to its eventual replacement, whatever that may be. But American brands won’t just go away, as has been the plan by those who hate America, and which to desecrate all the corporate branding directed through finance to a global change state to a one-world government managed by the Desecrators of Davos. The playbook is out, and people can now see what has been going on for a very long time. Being close to Star Wars, I watched how fast Disney destroyed the brand in just a few short years, and now we can see that brand damage everywhere.

Even the great Pirate films with Johnny Depp are going through a wake rethinking with his court trial, destroying his personal brand attached to the Pirate films. Not having anything really coming to rebuild the Disney brand, no new Johnny Depp Pirate films, no great string of Marvel movies like they had with the Avenger films, Star Wars damaged the way it is with woke politics, there is nothing on the horizon that will help Disney recover the damage that has been done to it. There are Avatar movies coming, and next year there is an Indiana Jones film. Those might be entertaining, but we are in a different world now with entertainment where streaming services are driving entertainment value, and the days of the billion-dollar blockbusters worldwide are becoming less reliable. Covid interrupted that cash flow for Disney. They played along with the woke politics of it, and now they are going full ESG, and that is not a replacement of value for investors or fans. That has left Disney in a tough spot that they put themselves in. They incorrectly played the wrong side of politics by fully embracing Rocky Horror Picture Show politics from the radical communist left. In truth, their real fan base is Trump conservatives. 

Disney has always been about family-friendly content and a safe space for boys and girls of all ages. But now that they have come out against the very popular governor Ron DeSantis in Florida, Disney has essentially cut off half of their audience. Some of the squishy Republicans who have booked their Disney vacation a year ahead of time don’t want to take a moral stand at this time. Still, as the trend continues, which it will, they will stop booking those vacations because the nostalgia of doing it is going away. And Disney can’t survive with its top-heavy costs. They are essentially where General Motors was before 2008. They are only floating along with inflated value perceived by theme park attendance. Their Disney+ service is struggling. The current show that is so hot there, Moon Night, which I think is fantastic, isn’t enough to justify its existence.

Disney can’t produce enough content to keep young people interested. YouTube is by far the preferred path for young people because daily content is new and refreshed daily. Production value isn’t a concern for young people of the Minecraft video game generation. They only care that what they see is new. Disney has lost that next generation, leaving them to desperately cling to these left-winged communist radicals because they bet all their chips that America would essentially become China. In 2022, that is clearly not going to happen. Trump is going to be back in the White House in 2024. Ron DeSantis is establishing the new rules for being a state governor, and the political pendulum is swinging back to the kind of America that Walt Disney provided entertainment to. The future of America may well be the most conservative in the history of the world once the smoke clears from all this, and Disney is nowhere close to appealing to those types of people. They are now positioned among the radical types, the anti-family movement. That doesn’t mean that good, family-friendly entertainment is gone forever. It just means that Disney won’t be the provider of that entertainment. They are not agile enough to react to these changing markets, and instead, they are digging in. So those stock prices are gone forever. Their value in 2019 and early 2020 was their high-water mark of real value. Inflation may make things appear to be better than they are, but the public sentiment toward Disney has been destroyed. And unfortunately, it has been destroyed forever. Yet, someone will come along and replace Disney. America will be what America is. The attackers of our culture want to destroy our companies and us like Disney. Like Star Wars. Marvel. But it’s not the company itself that makes the content or buys the product. They just provide the transaction, and anybody can do that. And they will. Disney can die, but the need for what they offered will live on, which will be the next great investment. 

Rich Hoffman

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‘Unrestricted Warfare’: What’s really going on and how America’s destruction is the goal of the world

One thing we have to admit to ourselves, as Americans, is that our government does not represent us and is acting as a rogue agent in the world, creating hostilities for a New World Order, which is not in our best interest. The role our military has in the world and how our diplomatic relations have transpired are not American, as much as they serve the Desecrators of Davos. The proof is seeing America the way other countries do, specifically the Chinese. By reading the book by the People’s Liberation Army Documents titled ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ published in 1999 and based on the world at that time, it’s clear that China is at war with America. Its also clear that other countries such as Russia, Iran, and many South American and Central American countries are also at war with the United States. But they are not stupid; they all acknowledge that America is the king in technological warfare. They dare not to attack us in conventional ways and likely never will in the future. Instead, they acknowledge different methods of war that they are aggressively applying against us to eradicate us, all of which are discussed in that book. It was an assessment essentially of American performance after the Gulf War when it was written. America led a coalition of nations to fight Saddam Hussain over his aggressions in Kuwait over the protection of oil flow worldwide. Knowing what we do know about Ukraine and Russia, along with the strategic aims to create a kind of sequel to the United Nations approach to global warfare, for which the United States leads and funds, the game is obvious. It’s just too painful to admit to ourselves that we have a separation between the intentions of our government and the needs of the people of our country who desire a much different future. We are not one nation under God. We are a nation split between the Constitution of our tradition and the Desecrators of Davos who control our government against our will.

What’s worse, especially in reading Unrestricted Warfare, is that the people of America conceptually understand what needs to be done. We elected Donald Trump twice to deal with the war that is applied to us and pull back from the mob-like attitude of world-building. We get all the blame only to run cover for the globalists who want a one-world government at the expense of American sovereignty. When we tried to elect Trump again in 2020, they simply took the vote away from us. That’s the real power of a media culture with six companies who control 90% of everything we see, read and hear. In 1983 just a few years ahead of the Gulf War that was the subject of study in Unrestricted Warfare, 50 media companies dominated the media landscape. Today, only six control everything, Comcast, Disney, AT&T, Sony, Fox, and Paramount Global (formally known as ViacomCBS). We have witnessed over the last few years how much those companies are controlled by the prominent money management firms, such as BlackRock, Blackstone, State Street, and Vanguard, and are using the Desecrators of Davos measures of ESG scores to change politics completely, without any voters, or choice in the matter in how the world behaves. Of course, behind this aggression is the American military that those globalist types have used to impose their will on the world and pave the way for this massive takeover of every sovereign country. America used to be the bad cop that the Desecrators of Davos used for their global takeover. Now, because crushing the dollar is very much a modern strategic objective and the military might of the United States is no longer needed for the kind of wars we fight these days, China is the new bad guy on the world stage propped up by those same money management firms, and America is being kicked to the curb. 

The world knew not to attack America directly, but they have not been shy about their intentions to destroy us. It’s all spelled out quite clearly from the turn of the century mindset of the Chinese in Unrestricted Warfare. I picked it up to read because Steve Bannon from the WarRoom podcast spoke highly of it, and for a good reason. We tend not to get the perspective of how other countries see us because, over the last few decades, trillions of dollars in consolidations narrowed all those 1983 options down to just the six we have today. The kiss of death started in 1996 when Bill Clinton opened the door with his Telecommunications Act, which allowed large corporations already dominating the media market to further expand their control through acquisitions and mergers. By 2017 the FCC reversed a regulation that opened the floodgates on those consolidations even further. That is the warfare being applied to America, which the Chinese were quite aware of all along. Because Americans see the war through technology and might, the war that has been used against the United States has been to expose our vulnerability and attack us through our leisure, through open borders and the illegal drug trade and the absolute poisoning of our culture by any means necessary. A couple of things that really jumped out at me in Unrestricted Warfare was their identification of George Soros as a threat to the world through financial warfare, which is something to say two decades ago. Why he has been allowed to conduct his personal war against the world’s nations for all this time is astonishing. And we’ve allowed him to run his warlike affairs unmolested within the United States, which is an obvious problem. The other thing that the Chinese acknowledged was happening but has been a serious conspiracy theory in the United States has been the use of climate weapons, such as DARPA is rumored to have, where the weather can be manipulated, earthquakes created. Hurricanes stirred up to bring havoc and chaos to targets worldwide ripe for government overthrow in the aftermath. 

The main thing you learn from Unrestricted Warfare is the illusion of peace that America has been lured into believing. Hence, they continue to play along, fund all these global projects, and walk themselves to the slaughterhouse that the Desecrators of Davos have built just for them once they are done with the measly 300 million people who live in America. War in full-scale world domination has been at play for many years, and America has been used and abused in the process. We mindlessly salute our military based on wars won long ago. But our head of the snake has been captured by investments and motives from outside our country, who hide behind finance, and are working the world at war with each other, whether it be Iran, Russia, Ukraine, or China, so they can do as they have been doing to American media companies and corporations, to unite them all under just a few primary companies that were easily controlled by the liberal money management firms backdooring American politics with the strategic goals of an enemy that doesn’t even have a nation to call their own. Through the new kind of war that we are seeing right now, they are intent on our destruction in America, and we see it playing out on every front. All was not well, and when we tried to correct that situation, we were punished. They stole Trump; they put us all on vaccine mandates by using a virus they manufactured as a bioweapon of war, killing many people in the process and causing at least a million vaccine injuries to which the pharma companies have no liability to rectify. And we have been acting like all was OK in the world, that the worst thing was to accidentally call a woman a man who suddenly woke up one day and wanted to play in a woman’s sport because they couldn’t compete in the men’s category. When you read Unrestricted Warfare by two military minds of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, you get an idea of the war that we have been fighting all along and the intention for our destruction the world wishes upon us with every effort that they can muster. 

Rich Hoffman

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DeSantis Standing up To Disney: Government as the good guy in an evil world

Maybe the most valuable thing that will come out of this post-Trump period and now the debacles of the Biden administration is putting to rest many speculations that have existed since the beginning of time, is what does good governance look like and why is bad government the perpetuation of all that is evil in the world? Because of the Trump administration, we had several examples of great government. We saw firsthand what bad government was in contrast to the aftermath of Joe Biden and the reaction the bad guys out there in the world had to the prospect of good government. I have spent much of my adult life looking and fighting for the prospect of good government like a good sheriff wants to bring justice to the town they live in, only to find it ripe with criminal elements profiting off misfortune and chaos. When Trump was elected, he accelerated the plans of a vast criminal underclass that had been eroding our country for many years. But finally, with a new sheriff in town, we could take theory and put it to practice. The result was what good government should look like, protecting individual rights and the safe foundation for a prosperous country. One of the creations of this new kind of good government with a new sheriff in town kind of mindset was Ron DeSantis, who has redefined what a good governor of a state looks like. He’s certainly his own man, aside from President Trump. Still, Trump brought executive-level leadership into vogue in politics. Desantis from Florida was the first to fully utilize those gifts in a way that has now shown a light for all the future to see, which of course, led to a clash with the Disney Company that has turned out to be like the Shootout at the OK Corral with legendary figures like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. But this shootout wasn’t with guns; it was over finance, and the massive impact that money management firms have over modern corporations, and the way the bad guys have now tried to attack America through woke policies and desecrating social impacts meant to take down what used to be one of America’s top family-friendly companies, the entertainment company that Walt and Roy Disney built to remind America what America was always meant to be.

The “Don’t Say Gay Bill” is the kind of legislation that a good government should propose in any healthy society to protect families in their development. Nobody in their right mind believes that it is a good idea for children to be exposed to sexual elements in their early years, from kindergarten to the third grade. No child should be thinking about sex in those years; there are millions of other concerns. They shouldn’t have so many enemies to legislation intended to protect kids from discussions that are already on the wrong side of history. But what was shocking was just how committed Disney as a company showed itself to these kinds of social desecrations. When we think of Disney, we think of Main Street USA, which is the way Walt Disney intended it. The kind of America where you could buy fancy chocolates in Victorian-style buildings with white picket fences and the glory of private property ownership looming over everything. But over time, we have seen the Disney company, and lots of other big corporations for that matter, descend into extreme left-leaning politics intent to undo everything that America stands for.

To some extent, we put up with it. Getting what was good out of Disney while holding our nose at what we saw was becoming bad. But quite shockingly, which is part of the woke culture of most corporations these days that left-leaning activist money managers control, like BlackRock and State Street, the control of money through publicly traded companies have become the weapon of choice to attack America and the lives Walt Disney meant to preserve, undoing them from within with radical boards of directors and executives that nobody would have considered hiring a few decades ago. Now they were radical political extremists who were running everything, and their social intention was to introduce gay sex and perverse sexual lifestyles to children as early as possible, with only one purpose in mind, the destruction of their minds for a social cause that is as anti-American as one could possibly conceive.

The balancing act in good government, as opposed to bad government, creates conditions where businesses and the lives they feed can thrive. But when they are working against those individual lives, to step in and provide protection. It’s like the difference between a Wild West town overrun by cattle rustlers and scandalous gamblers, prostitutes, and killers until a good sheriff comes to town to clean it up. Of course, the bad guys won’t be happy with the effort, and they will fight back for their own preservation. But in America, the classic gunfighter who comes to town with only a gun and the law at their back often did such a thing which allowed the town to survive and give the people living within it a chance at a happy and productive life. That concept carried America into being the world’s top economy. And it is that which the bad guys in the world want to undo, desperately. They have infected the Disney Company through the many investment firms of BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street and imposed on them ESG scores which have removed the traditionalists loyal to the Walt Disney vision and replaced them with what I call the purple-haired people eaters, the Desecrators of Davos types who want global communism and a one-world order starting with the icons of American industry. They don’t care if Disney is destroyed in the process; they just want to see the sheriff run out of town so they can have an easy time at crime and malice. Good government, in this case, stays in town and enforces the law on the bad guys, and that is precisely what Ron DeSantis had done in Florida by threatening to remove the special privileges that Disney had enjoyed there and fighting back when the economic powerhouse showed its intentions to attack the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” after the legislature supported it as represented by the people of the state.

The plan all along by these liberal attackers was to embed themselves into our corporations and force us to accept their ways of desecration to get some little memory of what they once meant to us. The desecrators want to destroy the idea of all American life and the families of its creation. Under those conditions, we need government to preserve the constitutional intentions of life in America from the influences that invade our country in ideas and trojan horse style influence. The surprise that the woke political left has now had is Ron DeSantis standing up to Disney instead of doing what most all other governors would do, which would be to cave to one of the biggest economic influences in American life. Most governors would be eating out of the hand of Disney. Instead, DeSantis is doing what all good executives would do, and that’s always keeping in mind the big picture and the constitution for which he serves. And in so doing, it has brought to Florida something far more valuable than Disney as a tourist resort. He has confronted the bad guys in the street and brought them down for all to see, and people are standing behind DeSantis, not Disney. And this clear message is being noticed by the attack vectors of the Desecrators of Davos, who did not think such a thing would happen, and it has them in a bit of a panic.   The government was being a good referee, which should have always been its function, not an active player on the field tipping the scales toward the corrupt influence who wanted to win the game without playing by the rules. I’ve seen this process developing for a long time, but now it is in practice, and it’s not President Trump who is doing it. Instead, it’s the next generation of a new kind of politician. And it is one of the best examples of good government that we have seen in America to date. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why Does Bill Gates Want More Money: The Desecrators of Davos use wealth as a weapon and we are all on their target list for global domination

It has been the crime of the century, really of our lives. As the smoke has cleared this year in just who was to blame for Covid, for the election fraud of 2020, and the detrimental conditions around the world, a clear pattern has emerged. There has been a billionaire coup in the world, a desire to pull all the governments and currency of every country under their control as viewed by the lunatic globalists who meet at the Chatham House in London and other places like Davos and Dubai. In the echo chamber of their own minds, it made sense. And the crime was so bad and fanatic that ordinary people couldn’t even get their minds wrapped around the idea of what they did. Bill Gates used his vast wealth to buy up research results essentially. Most of them are made up to effectively steer everyone toward vaccines to control the entire world population from a medical perspective. Dr. Fauci was brought in to sell the narrative. Of course, George Soros covered the investment of radical politicians in critical positions to undo law and order from within America, so there would be no resistance to their efforts worldwide. He and others financed color revolutions in the streets of America during Trump’s last year to push people into wanting a change in leadership. His open border society would blend all the lines and topple political boundaries; it was intended as a global kind of gerrymandering. Larry Fink and the money asset managers like BlackRock have been undercutting American companies at the executive level and replacing them with extreme radical progressives who will bend the knee to woke culture and eventual stakeholder capitalism concepts. The results of this work can be seen in the Disney Company, now long lost to the menace of these villains. They wanted to destroy the American concept of family, so they attacked that company, and the results are currently on the daily news. Then, of course, Mark Zuckerberg and others from the tech sector would finance and perform the act of election fraud to get rid of President Trump and destroy the populist uprising in America and around the world. There were many others involved, of course. Still, those are essentially the five coordinated paths that were established to attack our country and all of us in it for what has become a global revolutionary war.   Put all together; I call them the Desecrators of Davos. 

In that way, we have to begin to sort out a means to destroy these attackers of our country and save for the world America as the beacon of light that it represents to everyone. The attack is confirmed; the criminal conduct is ostentatious, and it has been hidden from us because we have not learned in our lives to see villains like this. The biggest problem they have is in understanding  the nature of their evil. For instance, Bill Gates had all the money globally he could want; he couldn’t spend it all on luxury items if he wanted to. So what’s in it for him to use his money only to make more money with partnerships with Big Pharma and force governments to put their product into over 8 billion people around the world. To understand how to fight these new global terrorists, ordinary people need context even to begin to know what we are dealing with. Most people think a million dollars is a lot of money and would do anything to get their hands on it because it would mean they would not have to worry about the silly things in life, like a car payment or house payment. That they could take any vacation they wanted without thinking about it. Since Bill Gates has all the money a person could ever want, even Dr. Fauci is an exceptionally highly paid government employee with hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a salary, why would they be so interested in making even more money? Why would any of the Desecrators of Davos? Well, the answer to that question is the first step in fighting this war and understanding the kind of people who have always been on earth and salivated for power over other people. It’s the reason we have an American Constitution and why our society thrived as a result of the jealous minds of the world plotted in the Chatham House to retake control of the world and all the people in it for several centuries now, since travel around the world became more accessible with boats, planes and the internet. 

Gates doesn’t care about money for what money can buy. None of the Desecrators of Davos do. They have so much wealth that they can’t imagine the concerns of ordinary people any longer, the things that money can buy to live life. From the perspective of Gates, money is a tool that the entire world desperately wants, and most people will do anything to get their hands on it. A lonely writer for some internet news site may not be a bleeding-heart liberal. But they need to pay their rent and possibly get a new car. Their editor has been told that Bill Gates needs a puff piece for some Bill Gates-funded research to destroy the public notion the public has that hydroxychloroquine might save them from a Bill Gates-funded bioweapon called Covid-19 that was being let out of a lab in Wuhan, China so that they could be blamed for the outbreak. But Gates needs someone to talk up the vaccine in the media. Would you do it? Would you do it if Gates, through many hands of established media, would give you a million dollars? Well, most people in that situation would do anything for a million dollars, including crawling naked over broken glass, if it meant they would not have to worry about making money again. Gates and the other Desecrators of Davos have learned that the essential aspect of their money has been to exploit people like that poor writer and use them for their cause of attack and desecration of American culture. 

And much of the sheer evil we have seen over these last few years have been of this nature, desperate people exploited by the vast wealth of these billionaires to advance a global progressive platform. Much of what we see and know about everything in the world, like thinking of China as the enemy, or Russia, is to direct our intention from the real menace.   If the Desecrators of Davos were eliminated from their tampering in the world, we would find that much of the trouble we all feel all the time would go away. And Bill Gates is one of those menaces using his vast wealth not for good as he attempts to mask it for the world through charitable foundations but to get control of every person to fulfill some deep-rooted insecurity. He has an insanely insecure personality and has a maniacal need to rule over others, just as many madmen have over the last several thousand years. The vaccine obsession for Gates has nothing to do with health; he has a 30 plus year track record of destruction, with the vaccine partnerships he has had with Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma that have killed many hundreds of thousands of people in the way that Covid did, by aggravating other ailments with the vaccine and plunging people into death months after they took the untested medicine. The pharma companies weren’t asking questions; they just wanted to sell their product. Fauci had the same problems of control as Gates, so he acted as the money man and the government backer who learned he could make presidents of the United States do anything he wanted them to do, just by convincing them that if they didn’t support vaccines, that people would die. Fauci played this game with Bill Clinton, George Bush, Obama, and Trump. But for Gates, the concept of a one-world government starts by making all the people of the world do the same thing. Vaccines that stripped away the immune system would make everyone equally needy of a government for their basics of survival. He knew that people would do anything to survive, just as people, in general, would do anything for a million dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars. And it is there where we must begin to untangle this web of deceit and menace that we are facing in World War III. Not a war in Ukraine which is purely a distraction, but the war for our very lives home to home, all across the world. The Desecrators of Davos are using their money as weapons, and they have us all on their target list. And in this war, there is no sitting on the sidelines for anybody.

Rich Hoffman

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The Will Smith Hit: “Welcome to Earth” Part II

After hitting Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, the only thing Will Smith did wrong was apologize for doing it. The world needed some old-fashioned face-to-face combat. I thought it was a little wimpy to slap Chris Rock for making fun of his wife with an off-color joke about G.I. Jane part II because she had shaved her head due to an illness. A good punch would have been better, but in our overly legalized world of lawyer parasites, the difference between an open hand and a closed fist is a premeditation assault that indicates an intent to inflict harm. So, a slap it was, and it was good for the soul of America to see on what is supposed to be the biggest entertainment show on earth. However, ratings have been down. Hollywood has moved a long way away from Main Street, USA, thinking they could drag everyone with them as they bent the knee to China and a new middle-class there of over a billion people. I’ve been following this kind of thing for a long time. For many years, I really wanted nothing more in life than to make movies in Hollywood. So I know it from behind the curtain more than most do. As it turned out for me, I was way too conservative for the Hollywood of the 90s and the early 2000s. I would have fit in a lot more during the 70s and 80s, but Hollywood had gone woke way before the rest of the nation. America’s enemies targeted it for that very reason, and the attack always came from finance. Will Smith knew all that as he decided to go up on stage and hit Chris Rock. I didn’t just see the action, but many actions behind the move. It was a very interesting thing to do. 

Surprisingly many conservatives in the aftermath openly called for Will Smith to be arrested for assault. It was the standard law and order argument. How many young people now that they witnessed Will Smith hitting another human being on live television and repeatedly replayed on social media would now do something similar? A message had to be sent. That was the conservative rationalization. But as many know, I welcome this kind of thing. I would love to return to a world where we had duels in the streets over disagreements. And slaps in the face are harmless enough. What’s important is the protection of our individual sanctity, of our honor. Our integrity. And at face value, Will Smith protecting the honor of his wife, his woman, his family property was a great thing that many women yearn for, which was confirmed in polling taken after the incident. Despite what destructive woke culture says about men and women, the sexes are what they are, yearning for the same things they always have. Will Smith is no dummy; he has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world. Despite being a great actor, he’s also a producer, and he knows the country’s temperature and where it’s going. Most good Hollywood types do, even if they deny it. They see the trends, and there is a tremendous hunger for American Main Street in the world. Not an America caving to global woke impediments. 

Meanwhile, down in paradise, Disney World, Florida, some radical employees took exception to the Ron DeSantis “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which doesn’t even say “gay” in it. But they were upset that there wasn’t going to be gay indoctrination of little children in public schools, and they were outraged, leaving Bob Chapek, the Disney CEO, with a heck of a pickle to be in. He couldn’t afford to have a massive employee walkout at the happiest place on earth. But he also must stand for what Disney is, a representation of Main Street USA. That is kind of the point of Magic Kingdom, after all. Guests going there don’t want to think about gay sex and rainbow flags. They want to see family values, the American dream, and good winning over evil. Of course, the enemies of America want to see all that brought down, so a small percentage of radical ESG score employees from Disney were attacking those aspects of the Disney product publicly, and it was having an impact on the brand. This is a fight that is happening everywhere. It is most notable in Disney because it’s a brand that interacts with so many Americans. But in general, it was present very much at the Academy Awards and Hollywood in general.  Americans have been turning away from Hollywood, and the people who make the movies know it. Aside from their feelings of abandonment that Main Street America has for the Hollywood product these days, as the realization over liberalism settles over them that America is a Trump-voting nation. Americans will never fall for progressivism when it is spelled out to them directly. So, what happens next? How does the entertainment industry continue on, especially if the China gamble doesn’t pan out as globalism fails everywhere? Main Street USA is still where the money is, and now Hollywood has alienated itself from them. 

Enter the hit by Will Smith against Chris Rock on national television, shocking the world. The incident may have been staged. It may have been pure outrage. But what it was, in essence, was a significant member of Hollywood trying to appeal to mainstream Main Street America and recognizing that the nation hasn’t changed at all from what it’s always been. Hollywood changed. Globalism changed. Finances changed, but people really haven’t, despite the efforts of many to change those people. Americans want to see their private property defended, women want to be protected by their men, and justice must be swift and sure. The way Will Smith marched up there on that stage was a call-back to hundreds of movies over the years where a good guy punished the bad guy, and Will Smith was playing that modern version of the “good guy.” It was very similar to when Will Smith punched the alien in the face in the movie Independence Day and said, “welcome to earth.” Hey, these guys aren’t stupid. They have their finger to the wind, seeing what’s coming. Trump is going to be re-elected. Globalism is failing everywhere. China is closing its markets more, not expanding them, and Hollywood knows it needs Main Street to live and survive. And more than that, Americans understand a duel in the street more than a bunch of sissy slapping passive-aggressive nonsense ran by corrupt governments and paid off judges. A man-to-man fight is much preferred, and if we returned to it, we’d have a much more honest society. That is how Main Street America feels, and ultimately, that’s what happened at the Academy Awards. It was a concession by them to what they’ve become and an olive branch to what they need to return to. Justice, Americans want justice. They don’t want excuses. They don’t want to surrender their life’s work to a mob of collectivists. There needs to be a point in life, and the fight against evil by the good is a goal worth pursuing. Will Smith obviously understands that and felt it was the time to do something to win people over because if he didn’t, Hollywood was headed for irrelevancy anyway. So why not do something? And he did.

Rich Hoffman

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My Defense of the ‘Star Wars’ Hotel: If it brings joy to people, which is does, its worth doing

I think it’s a huge story, even if it only concerns a small part of the overall population. After all, the topic of the day is shareholder capitalism that is attempting to be destroyed by the Desacrators of Davos strategy of stakeholder capitalism. And few companies are a bigger target for them than Disney Entertainment in the United States. Progressives have jumped all over the Disney Company. And now the Star Wars property they purchased from George Lucas in 2012 reflects the attack accurately from the Desecrators of Davos, the progressive incursion into all our lives not through the front door of politics, but through the backdoor of finance and business. Star Wars is an excellent meter to measure this kind of thing. It started out from the mind of George Lucas as a warning to 8 to 12-year-old boys how not to grow up to become evil. And today, it is the very definition of state control and authority to the compliance of the nanny state; everything Star Wars wasn’t. Naturally, fans are very upset about it and are letting Disney know. And now, after working on it for a decade and spending over a billion dollars developing their live Star Wars experiences at Disney World and Disneyland, the much talked about Star Wars hotel called, The Galactic Starcruiser is open for business, and all eyes have been on it. Many Star Wars fans are hating it and have been speaking out against it. So I have been watching it closely, and I have thoughts on it that are very much relevant to all our corporate problems in America. The challenge of wrestling away from the Desecrators of Davos insurgents our American concepts of capitalism from the imposition of state-controlled stakeholder capitalism is the challenge. Ironically, this Star Wars hotel finds itself right in the middle as a form of art displayed for all the world to see.

Star Wars is all about fighting back against institutionalized systems. But under Disney, they are all about yielding to that institutionalization. That was the critical error Bob Iger, and Kathy Kennedy made with Star Wars under the ownership of Disney. They should have followed the George Lucas plan. Instead, they ended up with a massive mess that will never be fixed. That is sad, but it’s why fans are so angry at Disney. However, I see some good in it all, and I think personally, Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World is one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever experienced. I will never forget my vacation there in 2019 with my wife. We had about two or three days of the best time I’ve ever had visiting the Star Wars park there at Hollywood Studios and other attractions. It was the first time she and I had been kid-free in about two decades, and we were able to enjoy all that just as a couple. So I am still grateful for that experience, and I can see why people would want to go to the Galactic Starcruiser, which is essentially a Star Wars cruise in space. It’s very ambitious; it costs around 4 to 6 thousand per person to do and is essentially a Fantasy Island experience.   For three days and two nights, you enter the world of Star Wars all immersively and practically live a live Star Wars novel, which I think is pretty cool. Now I’m a gun at my hip kind of Star Wars fan. Not a sit around and play games kind of guy, and eat food and listen to music. If I don’t get to wear a DL-44 on my hip and go laser tagging, it’s not a lot of fun for me. It would cost me about $100K to take my clan. I checked it out, thought about it, and decided they’d like it, but not for that price. But, I know quite a few employees at Disney, many at the executive level, and I understand what they’ve done. They did their best. I also follow quite a few influencers on YouTube who work in the Orlando region, and they love the Starcruiser. They are much more social butterflies than I am, and I think it’s great in the world we are living in today that there is something like the Starcruiser for them. And in that context, I hope the Starcruiser is successful for Disney. Because I’d like to see, it remain an option. 

While at the Cincinnati Comic-Con this past September, I had a chance to talk to Timothy Zahn about this modern Star Wars stuff, and he’s pretty much where I am. He’s the guy responsible for all the great novels that came from Star Wars, going all the way back to the 90s when he started the trend. My wife and I have read well over 200 Star Wars novels. We are not fans of the new stuff since Disney bought Lucasfilm and turned radically more progressive. But at that Comic-Con, as Zahn signed a few books for me because I do love his books, we talked about the joy of those comic cons. There are people there who have had bad childhoods, society has let them down, religion has let them down, and they find refuge in Star Wars. They like to dress up and escape the world’s disappointments with some form of art, and Star Wars gives them that refuge. And I remember how it was in Hollywood Studios in the early days before Disney bought Lucasfilm. There were Star Wars weekends in May that were actual celebrations. I can’t blame Disney for wanting to give those fans what they dreamed of, a Star Wars land all their own, and even a hotel experience that allowed people to cosplay for three full days eating, thinking, and living Star Wars in a much better way than they would a comic con. That’s one of the reasons I read so many Star Wars books. In my crazy, very stressful life, those books were great places to relax and think about big concepts. I love them or have loved them. The Star Wars hotel was a chance to throw away the disappointments of politics, life itself, and live a fantasy. And that I think is a very useful thing. 

Even with all the politics, I might still do it with my family at some point. Seeing what Disney has done, they have tried hard to thread the needle and give everyone what they want, which usually means everyone is a little disappointed. But, knowing what we do about the world, I think we should all feel proud that we have a culture that can actually pull off something like this for this amount of money and commit resources to even attempting to do it. The Galactic Starcruiser is enormously ambitious, and if it survives, it could evolve over time in a positive direction. My grandchildren would get quite a kick out of it because the experience is essentially an escape room, a broadway play, and a novel all wrapped up into one experience. I can think of people who are very sick and dying of cancer, who are kids who would love for this to be the very last thing they did in life. They would die happy. They want to escape their problems, and art does that for human beings at its highest form. It’s not so much hiding from the pains of life as much as it gives the mind emotional distance from massive disappointments. And if this Starcruiser experience can do that for people, at any cost, then I think that’s a wonderful thing. And I hope that Disney can keep it going because there sure was a lot of love that went into it for all the right reasons. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Iniquitous Intent at Disney: When it comes to ‘The Book of Boba Fett,’ it’s all about a “Return to the Primitive”

It may seem iniquitous, but when you know a subject very well, it’s easy to see the changes over time and trace those changes to particular injunctions that contributed to a demise. And that is precisely what I saw as I looked at an earnings report for Disney stock and noticed how many shares BlackRock owned recently, then saw episode 7 of the new Book of Boba Fett on the Disney+ streaming service. The imprint of Larry Fink and his fellow board members of the World Economic Forum was unmistakable. Additionally, I used to write screenplays, and I have a good understanding of the politics of movie-making. When I was a young guy, I had several projects that won screenwriting awards at film festivals and made the circulation around Wilshire Blvd selling them, so I’ve been told more than once by the people of finance, “he who owns the gold rules.” So, I sympathize with what Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, and even the original creator, George Lucas, went through to make this new show. They tried to do with The Book of Boba Fett, an original character from the old movies, bold and ambitious things. But at the end of the series, Star Wars fans were left feeling shortchanged. That’s the standard review of the show now that it’s completed, and a year of waiting left fans flat and looking for much more. It had some good stuff in it, but the overall message was filled with wokeness, and to my eyes, it points back to the owner of BlackRock owning too much stock in Disney and dictating creatively what ends up on the screen. I’ve seen it before in much smaller ways, and that is certainly the case with what is going on at Disney these days.

My review of The Book of Boba Fett is that its space meets Dances with Wolves. Clearly, the current makers of Star Wars projects, specifically Filoni and Favreau, used to enjoy playing with Star Wars figures, as I did. We are all kind of the same age, and when it comes to Star Wars, we just want to put what we wanted to see as kids on screen. Most people who watch these Disney+ shows and go to the modern movies feel that way; it’s more about childhood nostalgia than what is actually good about it. So it was strange to see the gunslinging bounty hunter from the classic film The Empire Strikes Back, running around in half the show dancing with Tusken Raiders around a campfire, acting like some hunter and gatherer. The purpose of the entire show became quite clear by episode 7, where Boba Fett and another bounty hunter called Cad Bane had a gunfight duel to the death, which was the ultimate climax and apparent purpose for putting the whole thing together. But this is where things get iniquitous, and the influence of BlackRock and other forces come into play. The show’s creators wanted to put on film what they thought about as kids, a gunfight with Boba Fett and some ultimate gunslinger. Woke Disney, essentially not run by Bob Chapek but by the owners of the most stock options, such as Vanguard and BlackRock, changed the story’s nature to reflect real-world tactical goals for global domination. That is clear by what Larry Fink puts in his ultra-liberal letters to CEOs showing the woke parameters for which the show must be done. 

When people ask, “what’s wrong with Star Wars,” well, I would point to the loss of ownership of George Lucas, who over time have listened to people like Larry Fink more in his old age than he would have like a 20 to 30-year-old. Star Wars was about standing up to people like Larry Fink, not being told what to do by them. So now that extreme characters of progressive causes are calling the shots on the finance end and sticking their nose into the creative process of the much more woke Disney than it ever has been before, Star Wars comes out as if Darth Vader made the movies instead of Luke Skywalker. I could recite the production meetings as if I had been there when the pitch for The Book of Boba Fett was made to Disney executives who had an eye toward stock prices and the massive control BlackRock has on it. “You want to make a Disney+ show about a villain from the original movies to win over the fans from all the mistakes that Kathy Kennedy has so far made? Well, you’ll have to make the bad guy into a good guy and to do that, we must make him identifiable with indigenous people, which parallels the gunfighter against the Indian in American history.” So from there, the show’s writers had to figure out a way to get their big gunfight with Boba Fett and Cad Bane done in a way that made the show sympathetic to Disney’s woke needs to stabilize their stock price. Ultimately, they had to make Larry Fink happy, and to do that; Boba Fett had to Return to the Primitive.

Fans feel shortchanged because the whole thing was out of character for Boba Fett. When he finally had his gunfight with Cad Bane, the bad guy beat Boba Fett to the draw not just once but twice. That meant that Boba Fett had to rely on the new skills he learned from the Tusken Raiders to defeat Bane with a Gaffi Stick in the end. It was like a gun duel with an Indian (native American), and the Indian winning with a bow and arrow. Undoubtedly, a hidden message implied that primitive traditions are superior to technology and that, ultimately, the West will fall to tribal unity. Again, I know this subject very well; I just wrote a book called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business because I run into people like Larry Fink all over the world. They have been trying to promote China, indigenous people of all kinds constantly over the technology of the West for years. Such an assumption is at the center of Lean Manufacturing. And of course, Disney couldn’t have given me a better example of why I felt the differences between the West and the East needed to be pointed out in business transactions. The message behind The Book of Boba Fett was that in the end, to be the good guy and to beat the bad guy, the classic Star Wars villain had to learn to embrace the primitive tribes of Tatooine, the scary Tuskin Raiders. But in the original movies from 1977, the Tuskin Raiders were thought of as villains. That basic flip of the script is why people are so upset with the Disney-owned Star Wars productions instead of what George Lucas produced on his own originally. Once you start worrying about stock prices, woke politics, and the letters to the CEOs from Larry Fink, what you end up with is a bunch of garbage nobody wants. But suppose Disney wants to keep their stock price up. In that case, they have to do what The World Economic Forum tells them to do, and that is to bring down the West and to sell those asset bubbles to China, where their new world order will emerge under a communist flag and a foot on western civilization that is meant to choke it off, forever. 

Rich Hoffman

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Disney’s ‘Eternals’ is All About Guys Kissing and Abortion: How people like Larry Fink are ruining the world

More news sites don’t talk about things like this one does due to freedom; I am freer than most anybody who would write an article like this, so the information never gets out. In most cases, everyone has a master, which is undoubtedly the case with Disney. After a horribly progressive movie like the Eternals, Disney is the obvious target for criticism. The same with how they have handled Star Wars. It’s easy to get mad at the traditional family company without realizing all the Woke politics that are going on behind the scenes, which are literally ruining the world, starting in America with our art and entertainment. To understand why Eternals is such a terrible movie, you have to understand the latest stock report of Disney, where they had a record-breaking quarter to close out the year. Yes, more people than ever are flocking to the amusement parks in Florida. People have been locked down with Covid, and they want to get out there and spend money on something, anything. So attendance is up. The new Spiderman movie was great, a Marvel production that ultimately boosted interest in the Disney + streaming service. Some things make the stock price look attractive, so the shareholders are happy and empowered to continue to do something as they have, which produced the disaster Eternals with all the arrogance that Woke culture could muster. However, I’m in a position where I am free to have an objective opinion about Disney, one that most in the industry just can’t because the money flow they need to live is controlled by the elements that are killing Disney, despite the smoke and mirrors that come through on the stock report. Disney is an asset bubble that is poised to burst, and the evidence is in the movie Eternals, which is now streaming on Disney + for all to see.

The top stock owners of the Disney Company are the Vanguard Group, BlackRock, State Street Corporation, and Morgan Stanley. Vanguard, for instance, owns 137,572,834 shares of Disney stock. BlackRock, with all the Woke advocacy strategies of Larry Fink, owns 119,795,456. The shares go down to the local buyer who just wants to pad their investment portfolio with some entertainment options. But when you understand that these large investment firms believe they are too big to fail and control the world’s governments through finance, they become the next generation of tyrants on earth clawing for power. And in the case of Larry Fink, who comes up a lot these days when talking about all things Woke, we have to address the issue as a menace that has not been on anybody’s radar up to this point. Nobody talks about it because they most always have some financial stake in the company, like Disney. Even though the actual controls come from shareholder pressure, Disney doesn’t care about the ordinary people who might buy a few hundred shares of stock and post negative reviews about Eternals on some social media platform. The Board of Directors and ultimately the CEO Bob Chapek care about what BlackRock thinks about what they make, and when it comes to Eternals or Star Wars, the garbage that ends up on screen is precisely what Larry Fink wants. A Woke message that will poison the West and destroy it for consumption, China intends to take over the world and restore itself as the dominant power. Something they think about a lot and have people like Larry Fink to be their flaming arrows of warfare at the helm of all finance which ultimately controls everything. Bob Chapek may make a lot of money as Disney’s CEO, but he is not free to have an opinion on the matter. When BlackRock calls, or Vanguard, he does what they tell him because one thing Bob can’t afford to see happen is a quarter to quarter slide of the Disney stock price. And if Larry is displeased with the level of Wokeness coming out of Disney, then BlackRock could dump its stock and send Disney tumbling with a massive sell-off. And that would be the end of Bob Chapek, so ultimately, that is why the movie Eternals was so terrible. 

I had high hopes for Eternals. I had wanted to see it at the theater. Generally, the Marvel movies are great, so a film about some beings who inhabit the universe like white blood cells in a body and are born from planets seemed like a cool premise. But sadly, the whole point of the movie was to show guys kissing and to drag a nearly three-hour movie into an event of torture as it was a bunch of dysfunctional characters of all nationalities arguing over dumb things to ultimately have an abortion at the end of the movie to save the earth. The whole point of the Eternals was a kind of metaphor on abortion; to save mother earth, we had to kill the baby, the Eternal that was being born from it and was the point of 7000 years of human evolution. For the Eternal to be born, mankind had to create culture, which then fed the baby as it grew in the egg of the earth. So in that way, the Eternals became a vehicle for all the modern progressive causes that people don’t like, yet it was crammed down their throats with this monstrously bad film. The movie wasn’t about entertaining the audience; it was about forcing progressive politics down the viewers’ throats who thought they were showing up to watch the latest Marvel offering. And what they got was essentially the strategy of Larry Fink, large doses of progressive ideology that they thought would open the door to a modern political platform that embraced gay rights and forever abortions. The decision at the end of the movie to kill the Eternal so to save “Mother Earth” is so evident that it’s almost like sitting in an abortion clinic with a daughter who wants to kill a grandchild so that they can go clubbing later that night and not have the burden of being pregnant. It was bad, bad stuff. 

Yet Disney is the company that gets all the shots of criticism, and it will be Bob Chpeck who gets lacerated at the shareholder meetings if he doesn’t come up with some way to make Blackrock happy. The everyday people willing to spend $10,000 on a Disney vacation package in Orlando get ignored. Disney was built on solid Main Street traditional American values for the people who go to the parks, so they are willing to spend the money. But people like Larry Fink don’t really care about the money they make in their investment firms. They care about the power they have amassed through finance to control the creative process at companies like Disney, and it’s in that way that Eternals even found a way to make it onto a screen, and ultimately the Disney + streaming platform. Eternals breaks all movie-making rules and presents everything they don’t want into a movie to audiences. But the arrogance of Disney shows more than just a bad movie; it’s an assumption that the path of least resistance runs through the audience and not through BlackRock and Vanguard. Ultimately, who controls what Disney produces isn’t the fans, it’s the investment firms, and those investment firms feel empowered to impose Woke politics onto our culture at every opportunity. And Eternals was so bad that it’s almost a dare for the public to rebuke it. Otherwise, Larry Fink and the investment hounds beyond the stock prices will crush each and every one of us, or so they think unless we do and say everything they want, without a thought.

Rich Hoffman

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The Mythic Realm: Understanding Elon Musk, Bob Iger shortcomings at Disney, the Build Back Better disaster, and why communism always fails

The Mythic Realm

I could actually write a book just about this topic of the Mythic Realm. Still, recently, an opportunity came up professionally where I had to talk to many political people and business people in the same Christmas setting.  I was near a whiteboard so I could tell the story of what I put on the video here contained.  The subject was a bunch of things that flow together to my eyes.  But to the groups of people, they understood some of it, but not all of it, because of the bubble concept that I explained in the video.  Most people all their lives never leave their bubbles of understanding, and I don’t look down on them for it.  I see it as a natural condition of the human race.  But when the topic of Elon Musk came up and all that he was up to, and understanding why Build Back Better is such a bad idea, or the vaccine mandates for Covid are so destructive, the answers to all those questions are often outside of the bubbles that people live in.  So I put together this little video to explain it to people who want to begin understanding some of these kinds of things, such as where economic power comes from.  It’s not the Political Realm or even the Business Realm.  All economic activity comes from the Mythic Realm, and it is there that we should always focus on creating more!

I also put in this article the WSJ interview with Elon Musk in its entirety where he said that the Build Back Better concept should be “deleated.” As I explained, Elon Musk is more shaman than industrialist, even living in a state of depravity to stay authentic to himself.  To my mind, our American society should be producing hundreds of Elon Musk types instead of a few here and there.  When I think of Elon Musk, aside from his tamperings with the political and business realm, I think of people like Thomas Edison, Tesla, the actual man, and Albert Einstein.  What people call genius, they say such things because, from their point of view in one of their social bubbles, the ideas from the realm of myth seem so extraordinary.  But really, it’s all point of view.  What always matters is the Mythic Realm because it is there where all ideas that generate all economic activity are created, which then cascades into all the organized elements of society.

I provided in the video an example about the aviation industry.  Where Prometheus came from stories about building fire or Indian legends about Thunderbirds who could fly, the idea for flight came from the human imagination in thinking what could be.  Then along came the Wright Brothers, who converted their bicycle profession into the first functioning plane.  From there, the political realm instantly saw the benefits, decided to utilize the airplane during World War I, and created rules and regulations for constructing airports, parts suppliers, and general aviation functions.  Then, of course, the Business Realm figures out what companies need to form to meet the world’s growing political need for airplanes.  And from there comes the Cultural Bubbles of all the individual companies that started making airplane parts and the workers who inhabit those cultures.  The exact trajectory of thought could be said to emerge from the auto industry, smartphones, everything that we consider economic value.  When I talk about intellectual currency, this is what I’m talking about.  Financial currency is needed to flow in the political, business, and cultural realms.  But intellectual currency is required to feed the Mythic Realm, and without that position, nothing new in economic energy is produced.  Therefore, the goal of our society or any society should always be to make more Elon Musk types, or even George Lucas, who created Star Wars.

I always talk about Star Wars because, as a kids product, it does a great job of creating ideas in the Mythic Realm among people in our society.  There was an excellent interview with Bob Iger from Disney, who is stepping down now as CEO.  I think he did a pretty good job stabilizing Disney as a company, but his problem was that he spent his entire time as CEO in the border between the Political Realm and the Business Realm, where most CEOs and CFOs think all the real value is.  But when it came time to make more Star Wars movies, he was lost, and what he made was a bunch of corporate woke garbage.  The fans became angry at Disney because the new films and books were made by a guy who was obsessed with the titles he held.  He made a mistake almost all corporate people make, putting their imprint on something that flows out of the Mythic Realm, but that they never understand the ideas. They end up smashing them into the bubbles of business culture, assuming that everything will just work out.  But it never does.  That is why Elon Musk tends to disparage titles in these companies and offices.  In the Mythic Realm, he likes to have all the executives close to where the action is.  As a modern company, Disney does OK if it sells the fantastic work created by people like Walt Disney.  But because they live in their corporate bubble, people like Bob Iger are paralyzed to do anything new, much like the Chinese suffer from their centralized communism. 

This is essentially why socialism and communism never work because they insist on an old aristocratic European view of the world that never figured out these things.  I feel I can talk about it because, really, for the first time in mass culture, we have a time where we can look at all these elements as an entire whole.  I read so much and from so many different sources that it is evident to me.  I don’t know that such an understanding of social constructs would have been possible 100 years ago.  But with the benefit of hindsight and great modern examples of success in the Mythic Realm, we can see these things clearly now.  When I shared these insights with that large group, they all seemed to have an “oh my gosh” moment, so it seemed like a practical thing to discuss.  When we want to understand the world around us, whether it’s Build Back Better, Star Wars success under Disney, Elon Musk and his quest for Mars colonization, or the intricacies of why capitalism works better than communism at managing society, understanding the Mythic Realm is the key. I’ve said for years that despite all my interests, I appreciate nothing more than mythology because what humans do better than any other known form of life is generate imagination, and therefore a change in circumstances directly derived from the mind.  No matter what someone thinks about God, it cannot be questioned that the purpose of human existence is to use the imagination to continue expanding what goes on in the universe.  We are not so insignificant as a species to assume that nature rules over the minds of humankind.  But that humankind is part of nature and the ever-evolving process of creation which the universe craves.  And once you understand that, everything else makes a lot more sense.

Rich Hoffman

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