The Ukraine War Only Helps the Deep State: It’s all about destroying nationalism in favor of globalism

To understand the war in Ukraine, the first thing that needs to be made clear is that it’s all about globalism fighting against Nationalism. And this is a long story and really could be traced back to the origins of World War I and World War II, where the goal of both those efforts was to create a United Nations, a one-world bureaucracy that the Deep State could manage through their primary weapon of war, the Administrative State. Remember that secret societies like the Thule Society created the Nazi party. Even the crown in England was involved in the Nazi Party as a sympathetic ear, which is why much of Europe allowed itself to be dominated by Hitler the way they were. It was all part of a plan which put Hitler in front as the bad guy for the world to hate, where the eventual goal would be the creation of the United Nations, which is precisely what happened in the wake of World War II. And most regional wars since then have been for the same purpose, the uniting of the world in some way toward a New World Order run by the administrative state, whether it was Vietnam, Korea, the Gulf Wars, all the conflicts in Central America, leading up to this war in Ukraine. There are Nazis involved in Ukraine as well, and we are told by popular media and our political people that we should fly Ukrainian flags, give endless amounts of money to them, and we should hate Russia because they invaded and are hostile actors. But when you understand how the Deep State plays the game, there are many reasons that Ukraine shouldn’t be trusted or those who support it. It’s not so simple as just flying a Ukrainian flag and calling Russia the bad guys. 

The real fight is against all forms of Nationalism as Globalism proposes to replace it. I’m from Cincinnati, and I remember well what happened to Marge Schott when she made some comments about Hitler back in the 1990s that caused her to lose her ownership of the Cincinnati Reds. The weapon of the Deep State has been these woke pressures. I knew many people in Indian Hill, where Schott lived then, so I watched firsthand the social pressure that was applied to her to force her to sell the Cincinnati Reds to Carl Lindner because of those Hitler comments, which I never thought were off-color. There are a lot of German immigrants in Cincinnati, and Schott was simply making a point about what happened in World War II; after all, it only threw the world at war with each other, so it’s probably something people should talk about. For some reason, Hitler only took over the known world, and people should probably understand how that happened. But for talking about it, Schott was destroyed in public circles, and this was several decades before the woke movement we see now. This stuff has always been working in the background, and I could see it up close as it emerged. But Hitler was always about making Nationalism look bad; that was the plot from the beginning, to allow Hitler to get power, to abuse that power, and to convince the world by drawing everyone into the war to join to destroy Hitler and nationalism wholesale. And any Germans who had bought into the Hitler nationalist pride marches would then be forced to retract their embarrassments and join in the efforts at globalism to show they would confess their sins and become part of the global New World Order, as so expressed in the book on the subject, Tragedy, and Hope, one of Bill Clinton’s favorites. 

It has been the same essential playbook with Vladimir Putin in Russia. The same globalist forces had propped him up to be the big baddy in the world everyone was supposed to fear, then when pushed as he was into attacking Ukraine over fears of NATO moving into the former Russian territory, Putin reacted as everyone knew he would. Well before the invasion, Biden was talking about the war as if it already had happened because the plan was for it to happen any day. The global forces, which Biden was the voice of in this particular incidence, were pushing the buttons to provoke Russia to attack. And now that they have, they have their bad guy. Ukraine is the symbol of a global community, and the effort is to destroy Nationalism in favor of united globalism. That’s why the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is a former comedy actor, put in place to sell globalism during this effort. But people are catching on; they have watched these same forces attempt to set up Russia during the Trump years and have observed all the fake reports about Trump and Putin that have not fleshed out into truth. And this New World Order plan, which is over a century in the making, is falling apart. Ukraine was a bridge too far, which now has people looking at all these other past wars, and they are starting to see them for what they always were. 

The real villains are the Open Border Society people, of which George Soros is a major player. But he’s not the only one. The southern border of America is just as much of a war zone as what is going on in Ukraine, but we are told that we should care about Ukraine’s border, but not the one with the United States. And I could put just as bad images of those killed along America’s southern border as the media is putting up with those in Ukraine. They are all bad, but the media tells us to care about one, not the other. Even political figures like Lindsey Graham and Sean Hannity are on board with calling for the open assassination of Vladimir Putin for what he has done against Ukraine, yet in America; the drug cartels essentially run the government of Mexico and, increasingly, the United States. The money flow is easy, and corrupt politicians are easy to buy. Yet the fight has never been about saving Ukraine from Russia but about using propped-up bad guys, like China, Russia, or even Iran, to force terror upon the world and cause people to cleave to a powerful, centralized government. That is how the globalists eventually convinced America to join the United Nations after World War II. And that’s what this war in Ukraine is all about, destroying the Nationalism of Russia, uniting the world around globalism using American money to fund the effort, and in the end, destroying the concept of national borders and making everything a state of the United Nations. So it’s right not to support Ukraine; it’s a war created by the Deep State for the objectives of the Open Border Society and their globalist aims, which have been at the heart of all their politics since the late 1800s. 

Often what we find, as bad as characters who have proven themselves to be killers like Putin and Hitler have been, is that there are worse characters than those operating behind the scenes. You can find them when you learn how people like Hitler obtained power, to begin with. Do people really think Hitler got out of jail and suddenly he took over all the politics of Europe and had Neville Chamberlain eating out of his hand? What about the exiled Vladimir Lenin being sent to Russia to incite a revolution there? Or Ho Chi Minh, who was a bellboy at a hotel when the Treaty of Versailles was signed, and he tried to get help from Woodrow Wilson to push the French out of Vietnam. In frustration, since the newly created European forces wouldn’t listen, he joined the communist party across the street essentially, and we all know how that turned out. That was all part of the chess game that goes on in the background. Communism spread through Asia and became the significant China threat we see today. Who put Saddam Hussain in power? What about Muammar Gaddafi? Or Osama bin Laden? Or Barack Obama?

Obama wasn’t born in the United States, he was an asset from Indonesia, born in Kenya, and they created a past for him that showed he was born in Hawaii, with a fake birth certificate. His political life was launched in the living room of Bill Ayers, the known terrorist of the Weather Underground, who turned into a college professor at the University of Chicago. How do all these characters connect? Well, read Tragedy and Hope; this time, they have been caught red-handed with Zalinski and Ukraine. Enough people are onto this game now and see it for what it is. Ukraine is a fake war by a fake political party aiming for a borderless world. And Putin has been played like many before him has. And that’s why sending money to Ukraine is a dumb idea and why flying a Ukrainian flag is a sign of stupidity, given the facts of the matter.

Rich Hoffman

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Psalms 58:10: It takes a lot of blood to stay clean in an evil world

Many people have the wrong idea about the Bible and what it says and doesn’t say. I see that it tells a big story from beginning to end about identifying evil in the world and what to do about it. All this turn-the-other-cheek stuff is not my cup of tea. The references to “he without sin may cast the first stone” stuff is for the birds. I would say, and the Bible makes a good argument for it, that you should live your life to cast the first stone, and that when you run up against evil, wicked people, you damn well should. This opens the door for one of my favorite passages in the Bible; it’s from the Book of Psalms, specifically 58:10,  “the righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.”  Now Psalms is a big book with many segments, which is essentially a collection of prayers. Some of the most familiar passages that you hear quoted at funerals and Sunday morning philosophy come from the Book of Psalms. Many common quotes are present here, such as Psalm 23:4, the walking through the valley of death, I will fear no evil stuff. Psalms are the continuation of a prayer against the footholds of evil that goes on for quite some time. It is in Psalm 37:11 where the famous quote, “But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. The wicked plotteth against the just and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.” This all comes across as more of a hope than an observation.

Lots of people wrote Psalms, King David being the most significant contributor, and it’s interesting how much of the text comes almost as a prayer to God and a battle cry against the wicked who are plotting against King David. But by the end of it, it’s more reflective of the power and miracles of the almighty God leading the whole book to a kind of positive reformation on spiritual hope. Yet what I like about that 58:10, “the righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked,” is that it contains several essential value judgments that are necessary for the perpetuation of the human race, and I think it is the key to a value-driven society. When you look around at the nonsense that is going on currently, which is well on purpose and part of a larger grand strategy of liberalism, it is the failure to adhere to these values that has led to so much misery and destruction. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. We know the recipe for success in life, and the Bible is filled with lots of the fundamental essence for all of them. I’ve read the Mahabharata, and the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the Book of Hopi, all the Greek myths, the Gods of Egypt, and many hundreds of lesser-known books on religion, morality, and social outlook, and I can say that out of all of them, this quote from Psalms is my favorite one, and the Bible, in general, does the best job of dealing with an ancient problem, how do humans survive and grow in the world. It’s not a matter of one religion or another as a preference; in this case, it’s the Bible and the points that Cleon Skousen made with his great book, The 5000 Year Leap, distinguishing success from failure. 

To be “righteous” means that a person must already have made a value judgment to do good as a society measures good consciously. You can’t throw out the measurement and expect to have a good society. But to expect to see vengeance given to the good is a whole new matter to contend with. This isn’t just Gilgamesh seeking immortality for the sake of living forever. This is to expect justice to be important in life. And to satisfy the good person, the enemies of goodness should be slaughtered so that the good can relish in the concept. “the righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.” I know many have felt this joy recently in my home school district, where the community has come together in great ways as truly vile displays of evil were displayed audaciously, and that level of wickedness was actually poking us all in the eye with its splendid grandeur. The enemy of our times has all read in some fashion Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book Rules for Radicals, a favorite of Hillary Clinton, to Lucifer, and that book says explicitly that Christian people are easy to beat because they will essentially turn the other cheek. Because many people allow their interpretation of the Bible to be quoted for them by lazy preachers and slow-minded church personnel, they often miss the good stuff, such as Psalms 58:10. We don’t have to put up with evil. We don’t have to make friends with evil people. And when they are slaughtered, we are to be expected to wash our feet (metaphorically) in their defeat. I know there were locally several steak dinners that were enjoyed in the wake of great evil being destroyed that showed how good life could be when wickedness is stood up to and beaten. 

If I can be said to have an addiction in life, I would say that Psalms 58:10 describes it. I enjoy nothing more than defeating wicked people and washing my feet in their misery. I look for every opportunity to do it, and I think the simplicity of Psalms 58:10 captures the complexity of a really difficult subject; what ingredients go into making a prosperous society? I think you must make a personal decision to be “righteous.” Then you have to make a point to look for opportunities to measure values with a vengeance if something is done wrong. And it’s not that it happens in some faraway land; you have to take the responsibility to see it for yourself. Then, of course, you must take physical action from the slaughter of the wicked and bathe in the glory of the task. “The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.” It’s a beautiful passage and is stated in the Bible many times, especially in Psalms; there is a lot of talk about bathing in the blood of a defeated enemy. And I think that’s wonderful. It’s the kind of stuff that makes me get up out of bed every morning. I am addicted to bathing in the blood of my enemies, so to do such a thing, you have to have enemies. Lots of them. Because it takes a lot of blood to stay clean in an evil world, and there is no shame in rejoicing upon their downfall. I never get tired of it. I look for opportunities to do it every minute of every day. And there is no shame in it, contrary to what many people believe about religions from many cultures. Anybody who says otherwise is lying to you because they intend bad things to flourish in the world. And it’s our job to stop them and to bathe in the blood of those victories.

Rich Hoffman

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No More Kings in the World: The light at the end of the tunnel to end all known conspiracies

I have absolutely no reverence for bloodlines, kingships, or family rights to the efforts of previous generations. When we talk about the leaders of the Deep State being a global cabal of the Illuminati, with the mask of the World Economic Forum, the 13 original families, 10 of which came from other planets leaving 3 to develop on earth, the Krupps, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, I have zero sympathies for their task at ruling over others. Whatever their beliefs, whatever their history, I see it as entirely irrelevant. They have no right or obligation to rule the earth, its people, its nations, its companies, anything. They have no right to black budgets, self-rule, or a vision for the future. All they have is a corrupt understanding of the past and a love of Lucifer, their sun god, the villain Baal from the Bible. The real solution to peace and goodness in the world is to end the perception of entitlement that they have as kingly roles as history has now shown us a vast chronicle. In America, which I think was created as a false flag event to suppress kingly functions in Europe, for a competing bloodline conflict for power within those original 13 families, the idea of decentralizing the kingly role took hold, and now they can’t put it back in the bottle. And it was quite an accident that people learned that they liked the idea of self-rule instead of the compliance to authority that has always constrained society. This is, of course, the central theme of the politics of our present time, the original bloodline families want to remain in control, and most of the world wants to be free of their power. Now that we have the internet, open communications around the world, and can get around the world in less than a day, that power structure is collapsing fast, and the rulers behind the curtain have found themselves exposed in ways they aren’t comfortable with.

It’s all about decentralization; ruling families do not have the bandwidth to deal with a human race that needs to grow. They can only hold power by holding down that growth, which is precisely what we are seeing playing out in global politics presently. Suppose you really go back to the root cause of the Holocaust, for instance. In that case, there is still very much hatred of the Jews that goes back to Mordecai not bowing to Haman and how Esther convinced king Xerxes of Persia to allow the Jews to destroy all their oppressors in books like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was written by an anonymous writer out of Russia intent to convince opposition forces that the Jews were plotting world domination. In truth, the conflict goes back to the original bloodlines in conflict with the rebel Israelites who defied those ruling classes, which culminated ultimately in the story of The Book of Esther. The Protocols, as I’ve said before, have been used to create conflict for a very long time, including being passed around the recent Caliphate movement in the Middle East as recently as yesterday. But who writes these books, and who distributes them, and why? The answer to that is those who want to continue to rule as a centralized power where the world centers around them. If there is anything that has held back civilization, its this ridiculous notion of power and control over others from the beginning, likely starting with those original bloodlines and carrying through to this present time, where the pressure of decentralized government, decentralized economies, decentralized academia, is colliding with necessity in violent ways that are all too obvious now. 

As bad as things look today, in these election cycles, with international conflicts, I see one thing happening for certain: the birth of the human race as it is breaking free of these kingly shackles. In America, we had a brief period of independence from those ruling families where the colonies were too far away from the mainland of Europe to control. But it didn’t just start there. The secret societies allowed for some discourse if it gave them revenge over the kings of Europe and the Church for their massacre of the Knights Templers purge of the 1300s. I’ve told the story of Friday the 13th, 1307 before, which drove that whole Gnostic tradition underground, where it stayed. They plotted the downfall European kings and were successful well before America came along. But America was the bright idea of revenge for the whole plot. But it only lasted until immigrants from  Europe brought with them their tradition of love of kings and being ruled by a centralized authority. Once global communication became possible, and flight, and the world shrank, we were destined to have this very modern conflict that would erupt over self-rule instead of centralized rule.   Rule by kings only worked so long as people couldn’t share information and weren’t very smart, to begin with. Or the people were smart, but through their education systems, made ignorant in order to let those bloodline families stay in power the way that slave owners from the Democrat south in America would cut off the feet of slaves to keep them from running away, or would deny them the ability to read so that the slaves would never figure out how to free themselves from the authority figures in their lives. We see the same trend in every corporate environment, every cubicle, every cry to work from home, the desire of all humans to either rule or be ruled in the traditional ways of the bloodline descendants, and the fantasy of the few to rule over the many. To make themselves single-point failures for the purpose of control and nothing else. 

I remember watching Oliver Stone’s movie with Kevin Costner, JFK, with great interest at the obvious allegation against the FBI and CIA and their role in the assassination, which we now know in 2023 was a CIA operation; our own government took part in the killing of an American president, and a popular, and powerful Democrat from an influential family. We watched over the years as members of that family were systematically killed off or encumbered in many accidents that forever tarnished their public image. And we could tell similar stories of mystery and mayhem regarding 9/11, election fraud to remove Trump from office, Nixon’s innocence in Watergate. The Tik Tok UFO that has been shown so much. The billions and billions of dollars that have gone to Ukraine for mysterious reasons while Biden traveled there on Presidents’ Day of all places, as New Palestine, Ohio, suffered from a major train derailment. I would offer in the wake of all these massive tragedies, and the bombardment of all the crazy news that looks like Armageddon is upon us, the Book of Revelations is happening now, and we all play a role in its outcome; I would offer that the wheels are coming off quickly for those original 13 families, the inevitable reality is blowing up in their faces, and they are pulling every string of chaos to attempt to stay in power, just as the corporate executive does in their feeble attempts to hold a corner office as young challengers seek to knock them out of that office and the prestige that goes with it. We are seeing the great undoing of that power structure and all the conspiracies they have used to stay in power. Mankind is doing more than walking on the moon, it is reclaiming its rightful place as a creator within the universe, and the power structure of kings, which is more ancient than ancient history itself, is falling apart and coming to an end, which is why our times are so violent and chaotic. But fret not; there is light at the end of the tunnel, and something new and better is just beyond. We won’t be able to experience it until the kings are out of the way and not trying to funnel the efforts of human imagination through their limited means to grapple with the pressure of innovation and imagination. And once they fall and their roots into the past to preserve their rights to dominate all society have expired, we will find a new day filled with great optimism and a chance for a future that has never been contemplated in all of human history.

Rich Hoffman

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Proof of CRT in Public Schools: Accuracy in Media has gone undercover and exposed this massive problem in schools like Lakota and many others

I don’t blame Isaac Adi for not seeing Critical Race Theory in Lakota schools. The first-year school board member ran on a platform of driving CRT out of the government school from a northern suburb of Cincinnati but found once he was in office, things were a lot harder in reality than they are on the campaign trail. People lie, and many people guilty of committing CRT with students have not been honest about what they have done, and for good people like Isaac; that is a harsh reality. His first year as a school board member has been tough. As a good, honest person, he has found his path to goodness barricaded by many deceitful characters. Because he does not stray from the truth, he believes people, even when they don’t deserve it. And for those people, it has been kind of a cat-and-mouse game to discover what they are up to. In truth, the only way to see CRT in public schools is to get up from your chair as Darbi Boddy did at Lakota and see it for yourself behind the union firewall that protects radical leftist teachers from public opinion. After all, that caused all the mess with the Matt Miller situation, the recent superintendent who just resigned due to a lot of public pressure for actions discovered in the process. Radical, purple-haired people eater types of liberal teachers who want to be the next candidates for a Sam Smith music video are not going to tell the truth about what they want to do to our kids hidden away in the classrooms. The way to catch them in their lies is to get up and go see what they are doing for yourself. You cannot take their word for anything.

But this isn’t just a Lakota thing; it’s a big problem all over the country where radical Democrat-minded activists are intent on rewriting the history of America and corrupting our young people while they feel protected from the public with heavy security put in place out of fear of school shootings. The more protected “public” schools have become, the worse the problem has evolved. Darbi gets it; she knows what the real fight is about and has been doing a good job in Lakota schools. Her former friend joining her on the board has had a tougher time. He wanted to get along with these people, and they’d been playing him for a sucker. That happens to nice people. I think it says a lot about him that he is so trusting. But when it comes to discovering the truth from many very deceitful characters, those are not traits that will help him.

On the other hand, Darbi caused a lot of stir and had many hostile elements wanting to eradicate her.   Which I would say are all the ingredients for a good school board member. Parents should be able to trust that their school board members are protecting their interests and listening to what the ill-minded are up to, and believing them, doesn’t fit that criterion.   But it’s not just Darbi who has been unraveling this not so concealed mystery. There has been a media group called Accuracy in Media, connected with Project Veritas in several ways, who have gone undercover and recorded the little game teachers and administrators have been playing against parents. And it’s in several schools in Ohio that they have recorded the evidence as discussed on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas. And Southern Ohio has been one of their biggest areas of investigation in the schools surrounding Lakota schools. And what Accuracy in Media discovered is that CRT is typical, not unique and that the teachers think it’s a game of radicalism that they are entitled to play on taxpayers out of spite for a social agenda they are far more committed to than teaching kids how to read, write, and do basic math.

To determine CRT as a reality is simple; if teachers are promoting racism among the population, if they are teaching a revision of American history, they are teaching Critical Race Theory. CRT is meant to undermine an entire generation in their belief of goodness regarding their country, and it’s dangerous on every scale. Its been around for a while, my wife and I could both tell stories from our own college days where college professors would want a report done on the Whiskey Rebellion, for instance, but the report would need to be done on the impact on slaves from the time period instead of the emphasis on the evolution of government standards in a free society. Back then, 30 years ago, they tried to disguise their efforts. But these days, it’s all out in the open, much like Sam Smith’s devil-worshipping forays in front of millions of people at the Grammy’s, sponsored by Pfizer. To continue denying what they are doing in public, they count on good people like Isaac Adi to give them the benefit of the doubt while manipulating everything behind the scenes and often bragging about it. But that’s where personal verification comes into play, such as the media group Accuracy in Media, and goes undercover to reveal what’s really going on. And what they have discovered is that the problem is even worse than I have been saying it is. 

We are not living in an honorable society; if we were, Isaac Adi would be the perfect person for it. Instead, Darbi Boddy, a young lady with a lot of experience in how the human race can fail, knows that you can’t take the word of radicals when they say they aren’t doing something like CRT. When Darbi got into a lot of trouble going into two Lakota school buildings to take pictures for herself, you would have thought she was performing an exorcism among demonic spirits demanding that they bring Christ into their lives, and their heads were spinning backward, and they were fully spitting explosive vomit. Darbi captured images of gay pride artwork that was proudly displayed where very young people would see it, and there were plenty of references to CRT, where racism was being defined in the minds of the school as a reality shaped by politics and not by real history. If you want to really teach black history in America, they will talk about the Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. And how Ulysses Grant tried hard to integrate the freed slaves into American society, but Democrats were violently against it. The KKK wasn’t a bunch of Republicans; it was southern Democrats who were fighting against reformation. That’s the real history, and what they are teaching with CRT is a version of history that breeds Democrat voters by denying the past. And by corrupting the minds of millions of young people behind their parents’ backs, Democrats who run these labor unions hope to sustain themselves as a political power in the future by erasing their complicit past. And when it all comes down to the truth behind the menace, that’s all liberals care about, power at the expense of intelligence. Yes, CRT is being taught in all public schools. Thank goodness we have school board members like Darbi Boddy to expose it. And media outlets like Accuracy in Media to do the work all media should have been doing all along, and that is exposing these dangerous elements that are so corrosive to young minds. 

Rich Hoffman

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What the Spy Ballon from China Meant to America: The menace behind the curtain, the little dog has pulled back for us all to see

Early last year, I explained the sphere of influence people lived within and showed how they are manipulated along those assumptions. Most people live in their little bubbles of experience and never step beyond them. This is why lately, I have been talking more about various conspiracy theories, even some of the more outlandish ones, because there are enough facts now to demonstrate the real problem in our modern age and what needs to be done about it. We just watched a spy balloon from China float completely across our North American space, only to be shot down once it was over Atlantic Ocean airspace. Just a few years ago, such a thing would not have even made it from the Pacific into American airspace.   There is a militant attack against us all that is obvious, has been concealed behind the bubbles of reality we all live in, and the threats have hidden in the background only to provide a menace from that concealment which they feel empowered to perform. And the answer to this threat isn’t in basic politics and its analysis. Our political realities are just another level of bubbles that we all live in, and the forces that shape those bubbles continue to operate unchallenged because the human race does not have the mind to see them or deal with them. Then knowing all that, the conduct of our American government, the push, for instance, from the FBI to keep Democrats in power, to preserve at all costs the swamp of Washington D.C. and general CIA operations, the NSA, and its many tentacles into our lives, it is clear that none of them are working for the American Constitution. They are reporting to something else and to understand that we must look at the situation beyond the bubbles of influence we spend all our time residing in. Seeing how the game has been played against us all, it’s time to pop those bubbles and get control of our lives again, and avoiding complex and controversial topics is not the way to achieve success, and from my point of view, success is the only option.

The game we are dealing with, turning back to the silly spy balloon from China, is that we are meant to experience these little provocations from China and to be in awe of them. China is at war with America but not in the way we typically measure it. They are working hard to rot us from the inside out, with poison from the drug culture, from undermining our form of government with financial influence, and stripping away every aspect of our culture with woke politics meant to destabilize our basic philosophical foundations. But behind that bubble of concern is a much more sinister villain: the group of global financial investors and corporations that are the Desecrators of Davos, the members of the World Economic Forum. It has been their money that has put China on the map. Without them, China would not have the financial means to conduct war. It’s very similar to how the NAZI party was created by the Thule Society, which had a definite occult foundation. This method of building up an international bad guy has been occurring since mass communication started over a century ago. Of course, there would be powerful forces who would try to use it to their own advantage. As a human species, we have not figured out how to deal with it because the answers fall outside our sphere of influence. But at this point, we see all these secret societies working to control the world beyond the limits of national governments, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Then to deal with that threat, we have to pull back even further to the root cause of their behavior, their occult beliefs that are the foundation of their very existence. 

I personally don’t care about aliens and space travel. I’ve said it many times; I would treat them the way I’d treat anybody. I don’t care if the lifeforms I’m dealing with are from the star system Sirius or if they are from Kansas, I don’t care at all. There is nothing god-like about people from someplace else other than the fact that they likely have the technology developed along a different path of understanding from our present civilization. Now that we know that our own biblical history is just a recent human experience, it all starts to make sense. There have been intelligent lifeforms trying to make a go at it on earth for many thousands of years. Evidence in a book I have called Forbidden Archaeology shows intelligent influence on earth goes back millions of years, and much of their previous civilizations have crumbled away into dust just as the current Great Pyramids are now. A few tens of thousands of years from now, those great monuments will ultimately erode away, leaving nothing at all behind of their history. And future people will wonder where the stories of their culture came from because they will only be looking at the situation from their personal perspective and historical reference in time. Yet, what is evident among those in our world who want so much power so they can hope to influence all the unknown forces in the world is to have relationships with that past to control the future. And those types of people have infested themselves in our government not for our benefit but for their own silly insecurities. And you learn a lot about them from the unconstitutional interactions that always surround investigations into UFOs and interactions with space-fairing civilizations that are at the heart of most occult practices in the secret societies connected to our current global commerce. 

The bottom line is that our various government branches, especially the intelligence agencies, do not work for the American Constitution or us in general. They exist for other reasons that are not to the advantage of American sovereignty, and they think they know best what is suitable for a self-governing people. And they don’t have a right to do what they have been caught doing. We’ve caught them unleashing viruses that have killed massive amounts of people in the world and watched our government become drug pushers for the big pharma companies, resulting in more death. We have watched our government perform a coup of an elected president because they didn’t want him. The FBI alone has been caught in so much political insurgency with Trump that what we have learned has been horrible, beyond most people’s comprehension. And they started this abuse of power with UFO investigations, where much of it has been covered by “Above Top Secret” classifications. Once that premise was set, our governments believed they had a right and obligation to hide things from people they deemed too dangerous to know. This has opened the door to many other manipulations that have been vastly unconstitutional and subject to severe punishments for doing them. Knowing what I do about the matter, and the various secret societies and their dumb beliefs in supernatural powers, earth worship, and the foundations of civilization in general, I wouldn’t trust them to carry a bag of groceries across a parking lot, let alone decide what information is good for the public in a free society, and what isn’t. And this brings us back to China and why they have been propped up by all these incompetent government forces worldwide. Because communism keeps governments in control and allows a corporate alliance from Davos to rule in the shadows and to protect their own religious fevers based on their occult practices, which have always been a problem against self-rule. The spy balloon was meant to show how low America had fallen, how we needed a more decisive government so that we abandon our republic and join the Chinese into a communist, decisive ownership to protect our own survival. But the real menace is just out of reach, protected by our intelligence agencies, and they never had a right to that position.   And it’s time to stop giving them that kind of unchecked power.

Rich Hoffman

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The New Kind of War: Tanks, planes, and troops are the bows and arrows of yesterday. Bioweapons are the new nuclear war. And Covid was their test shot.

Just a little friendly advice for President Trump and his campaign staff, he has to stop talking about his role in the vaccine roll-out for Covid. The Operation Warp Speed stuff is a long-dead issue, and knowing what we do now about the vaccine, and the Pfizer CEO himself, and his crazy employees revealed by Project Veritas, a new kind of war has been shown to us, and Trump needs to distance himself from it. I know he doesn’t want to admit that he got snickered. Still, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, specifically, along with many others, took advantage of a president looking in an election year to do all the right things regarding a mass pandemic outbreak, a “plandemic” as Gates had been planning one for years. Power goes to those who cry wolf. And those two partners in crime walked into the White House and pulled a fast one over on President Trump by telling him millions of people would die if he didn’t shut down the American economy to deal with it and let the white-coat physicians run the country. I knew it at the time that it was a trick. Even Rush Limbaugh went along with it at that moment, but I was the only one with a mass media voice saying anything about Covid being a trick and a Pearl Harbor-like attack on the world by a new kind of enemy. Knowing something about Bill Gates’s radicalism with climate change, it was easy for me to see. But then again, I wasn’t in the White House. Trump had a lot of people advising him. I’m sure he had his doubts. But he had to do what he thought best, and at that time, Dr. Fauci was a very respected medical professional that should know what he was talking about. So Trump listened and did everything he could to stop Covid. But the medical people knew what they wanted to do: to use the virus to help the World Economic Forum invoke a Great Reset on the world’s economy. And the rest is now history. 

I’ve told everyone who cares to listen that we are no longer in a troop-related war, where military occupation wins wars. I was playing Risk, the board game, with my family the other day, and I had to laugh at how naive the world had been. We accept that military endeavors are like we have always known them; an aggressor with what they think is military might, may invade a country and overtake it. If they win, they control the country. But in this modern age, this 21st Century, that is not how you win wars. I would point back to 1955 when Eisenhower was pushed into a kind of corporate yielding to new global forces, not one where countries ruled the world, but corporations, right there on Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. The Military Industrial Complex has essentially ruled the world since then, as the evidence of the behavior of the FBI, CIA, and many others clearly indicates. They aren’t working for the American voters; that’s clear. They rig elections and kill off political rivals, such as JFK and Nixon, with a clear set-up job in Watergate. And they had perfected their methods by the time Trump was in the White House to a new level of smear campaign meant to tamper with elections and keep their kind of people in power to sustain their own interests. Not the ones that people pick at the voting booth. We have been trained to see the military as the force that decides the fates of nations. But that has been wrong for many years, really since that day in 1955. All the wars since have only been projections of power while the real powers worked in the background. I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy theory as much as a technical evolution of warfare that moved from troops, tanks, and aircraft to bioweapons and information propaganda, which is what we see now. 

Covid was a military attack involving a corporate alliance with world governments to impose its will against people everywhere. I think the proof is abundant that human beings made Covid in a Chinese lab. And that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates knew all that from the beginning. And while they were telling President Trump that millions of people were going to die if we didn’t wear masks and socially distance hiding in our homes like fools while we waited desperately for a vaccine to reopen the economy again during an election year, it’s almost too crazy to believe any of it. And many didn’t at first.   Some are even reluctant now because they want to believe that our medical professionals were well-intended and had our best interests in mind. They don’t want to consider them a new kind of military tyranny. Yet, that is precisely what they have been and intend to be. Many people took the shot, believing what the government was telling them, and now they have to live with the aftereffects. People are dying all over the place, and many of them are young people who suddenly have blood flow problems, strokes, and heart attacks. Yet the government continues pushing vaccines to advocate the Pfizer plan and the Moderna influence over world governments to impose a military strategy to take over the world with global surveillance and white coat authority. 

When Project Veritas caught Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planner, saying, “one of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create – preemptively develop new vaccines, right” it was revealed what the game plan had always been. And it is not just profit through an alliance with Big Pharma and the government. The plan was to control the entire human race from the undefined influence of the World Economic Forum, which is clearly looking to move sovereign power away from nation-states and pull them all in under a manufactured crisis into the United Nations, which the corporations in partnership controlled. Once caught, Walker went into a kind of exorcism mode and freaked out on camera, showing what kind of people are really running Pfizer. And it is for this we are supposed to sacrifice ourselves to, as many millions are dying because of their medicine, proving far more dangerous than the virus itself. I’m not going to spike the football in everyone’s face, but I would implore people on the Trump team to listen while he makes his next move to become President once again. I don’t blame him for being scammed by Fauci, Gates, and the gang. But he must repair the damage before another presidential run because every time he reminds people that he pushed a vaccine solution for reopening the economy, he is admitting to the worst “checkmate” in the history of the world, a world conquest for the first time that didn’t involve a single shot. And once the United States shut down the economy under Bill Gates’ recommendations, the rest of the world fell as well. And there are a lot of people who will not vote for Trump because of his role in it. They would prefer a non-vaxxer to run for President instead. So, Trump will have to adjust his support for the vaccine push and walk it back because it was never about healing people. It was always a military endeavor, which is evident now in hindsight as the evidence emerges. And we must treat it that way, or we will see it again and again. Remember, this is the new warfare in the world. Tanks, planes, and troops are the bows and arrows of yesterday. Bioweapons are the new nuclear war. And Covid was their test shot. And so far, it has benefited those attackers by confirming their hopes and dreams. The world is full of suckers, and they plan to exploit that to their benefit by using literal fear of death to unite the world under their rule through a corporate alliance. And that is a fact, not speculation.

Rich Hoffman

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The Fight Between Yahweh and Baal: Studying the Bible to beat globalism and the nature of evil everywhere

There are a lot of people contemplating evil these days. We aren’t exactly living in a stable culture anymore. I had a person ask me about the picture on my blog with me at Jackson Hole the other day, which provoked a question about its significance. Well, the spot I was standing is where the fight in the Clint Eastwood movie Any Which Way You Can ended, with Eastwood winning in front of the entire town. And that is where I bought my white hat at Jackson Hole, Wyoming because I always loved that movie which I watched again recently. It’s not as good as Any Which Way But Loose, but it’s a fun movie about macho material and the problems men have specifically. It’s also a movie that wouldn’t be made today because woke culture has pretty much stamped it out of existence. You don’t see that movie playing on network television anymore, but twenty years ago, it was on all the time. We have a real struggle on our hands with this massive woke conglomerate that wants globalism everywhere and communism for all that is trying to impose itself on all of us. And there is a pushback from our culture against it and a return to the reverence that made movies like those old Clint Eastwood films so popular, to begin with. I loved that movie so much that I had to visit all the places where that big fight took place in the film because it met so much to me. But why, why was it so important, and what are we fighting? Many of us would call it evil. But the macho behavior that is expressed in that movie and many movies from that age was what the globalists would call evil. So, who is right?

It’s an impossible cliché to avoid when discussing evil, but the best book in the world to deal with it is the Holy Bible. I personally love the Bible; it’s been part of my life since I was very little. I grew up in church listening to “Onward Christian Soldiers” at the end of the service as the pews let out, I went to Sunday school most every week, and I had two years of catechism. But I didn’t stop there, I have read widely on all topics over the last 50 years, and I have a pretty good handle on where everyone in the world is coming from based on their personal histories. I can say with great confidence that there isn’t a better book ever written than the Bible in exploring the nature of evil and how detrimental it can be for the human race. Yet my interests in history go far beyond the time frame of the Bible, which is around 4000 B.C. with the start of Adam and Eve and extends to our present time roughly 6000 years later. I consider sources that talk about the “pre-Adamites” and their religions. And when you start getting into the Gnostic beliefs from the Book of Enoch, you open the door to consider humans came not just from the earth but many other places in the galaxy.   I would say the evidence points to “many other places.” And that doesn’t mean that the Bible was wrong in its description of the creation of Adam and Eve. But what we see in the Bible is an experiment by God to break a tribe of humans away from the masses and free them from the bondage of the worship of Baal, an ancient deity from Egypt that persisted with great reverence in the land of Canaan and was the primary villain of the Bible, much more so than Satan, or mentions of the Devil, which don’t come along until almost the end of the Bible, in the New Testament.

You could spend a lifetime putting together all the various puzzles regarding prehistory, the mysteries of today, and how the Bible plays a part in it all. Like most books, it only captures one point of view in a very specific timeframe. But unlike most books, it covers exact references to a family line of descendants over many thousands of years to conduct a particular experiment on the nature of good versus evil and essentially the struggle of Yahweh against the primal nature of all people to worship Baal. This is where western civilization starts, and eastern religions separate themselves, leading to globalism’s primary struggle today, how to merge these two radical forces, which is absolutely impossible. In a world where communist China is being used to sell globalism through corporate control, this issue of Baal is persistently a problem, the worship of the forces of nature and submission to it, as opposed to the western view of conquering nature and using it as a tool for human advancement. The essential problem is what the Bible is about. The Old Testament is a chronicle of this struggle and the ramifications of failure to adhere to it. That’s why I love the Bible because nothing else ever done in literature has really attempted to solve this problem of evil.  Other attempts have tried to define it, but they do very little to solve it.  Are all the worshipers of Baal evil? Why is Yahweh so jealous of Baal, to the point that he would destroy his own people by turning to Baal for worship? I would say that Yahweh was a rebel, a fighter who was trying to free people from the clutches of an ancient problem, one that persisted for many millions of years, the worship of nature to the detriment of human development. Once people started listening to God, the Yahweh of the Bible, then civilization lurched forward, and we have what is called in another book I love quite a lot, The 5000 Year Leap, by Cleon Skousen. 

I recently saw a lot of talk about satanic references, with a picture of three women at the Golden Globes dressed in bizarre outfits. As I’ve pointed out, Satan doesn’t appear in the Bible until 1 Chronicles 21:1, nearly halfway through the text, and when he appears, he’s a kind of census taker. I’m sure there is a lot more to that story somewhere. But the villain of the Bible is Baal, and the plot device is escaping from its rule, which looks to have been around well before the events of the Bible. Much of the modern “satanic” worship referenced is actually humanity’s lazy trend to continue worshiping Baal. Its Baal worship that is essentially behind climate change and is the religion of globalism, especially from the point of view of the communist Chinese. They call their gods by different names, but the nature worship aspect of merging light and darkness as a kind of balance stands opposed to light conquering darkness; that is the message of the Bible. And the two are not compatible. They cannot coexist as the bumper stickers indicate. And to avoid the conflict, you can’t just throw out all religion, which has been the weapon of choice of those globalist-minded. It can all get very confusing, especially if you listen to the authority figures. So if you need to get your bearings, I would suggest rereading the Bible, or for the first time, and getting your mind wrapped around the struggle. Because of all the great things that have happened in history, the essential conflict that we are all still engaged in is this fight between Yahweh and Baal. The battle between human progress and yielding to the forces of nature. And that fight is literally in everything we do. So, understanding it will help your life a lot. Simply put, the path to evil is in the lazy; the worship of Baal comes from those too lazy to do for themselves and hope that nature will give them a way out of personal responsibility. And good, as the Bible defines it, is in self-responsibility and assertiveness to do good in the world by leading a productive life toward the aims of creation.

Rich Hoffman

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Nazis in Antarctica, Aliens, Secret Societies, and the World Economic Forum: Eisenhower’s warning about the Military Industrial Complex

After watching the 2023 Davos coverage of the World Economic Forum, the only thing that kept popping up in my mind was Holloman Air Force Base with President Eisenhower stepping off Air Force One in the New Mexico desert sun and into a couple of UFOs parked on the runway for a critical meeting. The occupants of the UFOs are more controversial than the unique craft themselves; they could have been beings from another world or an off-shoot colony of Nazis who never went away after World War II and had simply moved underground, literally in Antarctica, where many volcanic caves have produced underground chambers only accessible by submarine in a comfortable 70-degree environment all the time. The talk has been persistent over the years that nobody won World War II. We simply wiped out the Third Reich in Germany, created the United Nations, and then hired some of the Nazis as our own scientists and created NASA with occult leaders like Jack Parsons and Alister Crowley leading the charge in rocket design, along with the Nazi Warner Von Braun. Meanwhile, a Fourth Reich, which had long been planned by the creation of the Nazis in the first place by a couple of secret societies, the Thule Society and the Vril Society, claiming to have contact with aliens from other worlds, escaped with the help of American corporations, such as the Ford Motor Company and many other sympathizers to the Nazi cause. They set up shop in Antarctica, using Argentina and other areas of South America as a new base of operations. There are pictures that show Adolf Hitler in Argentina, as well as other prominent Nazi officials, and that the United States helped all this along because they wanted a space program of their own, and the Nazis were the way to get it. 

Of course, the story gets even more colorful than that. There was a conflict off the tip of South America close to Antarctica and the superior technology that the Nazis had been working on all during the war. American forces were easily beaten, and the event rattled the intelligence community profoundly. It was obvious to all involved that the Nazis had been developing lots of unique technologies, UFOs being one of them. They were openly working with characters from other worlds, species of visitors who had been coming to Earth for more than 10,000 years and were part of our human history from the beginning. And the Nazis, as other secret societies had been doing for a long time, were trading information and advancing in a way that national countries could not keep up with. To flex their muscle after the conflict in South America that embarrassed further the American Navy, those same Nazis used their high technology to harass Americans over Washington D.C. in 1952, just to prove they could. Of course, the incident was the famous UFOs over the American Capitol story. It got plenty of attention, which led to Eisenhower meeting with them for a treaty in 1955 at Holloman Air Force Base. If America couldn’t beat them, we could join them. And it’s at that moment that many point to where America became a corporation instead of a republic, and all Americans became a captured serial number asset to this invisible corporate conglomerate who had actually caused all the World Wars and was now entirely in control of Earth behind the veil of the world’s governments. In the 1960s, as he was going out of the door of the Presidency just before Kennedy stepped in, President Eisenhower gave his famous speech about the Military Industrial Complex and warned us of the dangers they possessed. People scratched their heads at the time, but now it all makes much more sense. 

Watching the trajectory of history over the last seven decades has only made this crazy story seem more plausible. I’ve known about these events as kind of fun facts for much of my life, but I sort of laughed it off as a bunch of interesting information that didn’t have much validity in reality. I have been to Roswell and done my own research into the UFO phenomena there, and my conclusions were that the UFO crash that happened there was likely perpetuated by a dying town, destroyed by a flawed foreign policy that sucked away the jobs there and gave them to China and Mexico. All the town had to draw people to it was talk about aliens and government cover-ups. Yet, there is more to the story, just beyond the veil. And much of this has been confirmed by President Trump’s Presidency that nobody would have believed before. That the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies were not working for the voters of America but for some mysterious force that was not accountable to the American public. The war in Ukraine suddenly was evident for what it was, a way to change the boundaries of the world, using the American military as the primary mover in the chessboard, and it was being done for mysterious reasons that had nothing to do with the American Constitution, or the will of the American people. These intelligence agencies did much of their work by hiding the obvious in plain sight and keeping people from noticing by layering conspiracy theories in front of the truth to keep anybody from discovering or admitting it. After the events of Covid, the coup against President Trump, and the antics of the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab and the gang, suddenly all that crazy stuff of Nazis in Antarctica, alien interactions with secret societies, and the selling out of America by an American president for the good intention of protecting the people from superior technology and accepting those Nazis into partnerships with the American government in trade for a space program suddenly takes on all new meetings. 

From my point of view, the bottom line of the matter is that I don’t care about all the crazy stories. I don’t care if aliens are running the world and they have technology far superior to anything human beings have managed to create so far. I don’t even care if those alien beings actually had a hand in building the human race from the ground up for their own needs. And that, in truth, many species of aliens are fighting it out on Earth and other places all the time. And that the Nazis reached out to them first and benefited in ways that gave them and their corporate partners leverage over all the nations of the world in the 20th century. Now those same people have formed the World Economic Forum, which was nothing more than another secret society cult worshipping Mother Earth with climate change. What we do know and can prove without a doubt is that none of these World Economic Forum people respect the American constitution, and neither does American intelligence or our military. Their behavior gives credence to these vast conspiracy theories, which may not prove to be so crazy after all. The Davos characters, the Desecrators of Davos as I like to call them, as other people call them the “elites,” do not have respect or reverence for American sovereignty, and they act like it’s already a conquered nation. And that Eisenhower’s speech about the military-industrial complex was something we should revisit and take notice of. Because it looks like the little dog from the Wizard of Oz has pulled away the curtain, and we can see who and what has been behind the smoke and mirrors. And what we have learned because of the Trump presidency is that the conspiracy theories were more than fiction. What we know now requires us to act accordingly. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Psychological Warfare About a Fake Moon Landing: Neil Armstrong’s search for the ancient library in Cueva de los Tayos

In an information age, it should be expected that psychological warfare would be the primary strategy for all hostile agents worldwide. And social media, of course, will be a vehicle for it, as are all forms of mass media. And not all the hostile characters are governments. Governments are undoubtedly hostile, but technology has provided an even playing field for even the most maniacal character who knows how to use psychological warfare on a gullible public for nefarious objectives. And this strategy has been in place since the beginning of mass media, for the entirety of the last century, and has been on overdrive so far in the 21st. It’s not hard to understand why so many people believe so many things, even ridiculous things, such as the conspiracy theory that the moon landing was a fake. I would think of that conspiracy theory as an example of psychological warfare because the hostile agents who started it were not happy with what was learned with the actual moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as when they landed on the surface, cut off communications with NASA which amateur radio operators picked up, for around 2 minutes where Armstrong revealed that there were other ships on the crater of the moon and that other lifeforms were there watching them. That, too, is considered a conspiracy theory, so what are we to make of any of it? Who do we believe? Can we trust anybody anymore? Well, the ultimate goal of psychological warfare is to erode that trust so that there is nothing but desperation among people and a hunger to believe what they deem safest. And the world’s governments position themselves as that “safety” option, and from that, they plan to gain much power. 

It was always odd to me that we never returned to the moon after those six Apollo missions. The rumor was that NASA was told by the lifeforms watching the moon landing to pick up a few rocks, fly around and take some pictures. But otherwise, stay away. And NASA and the American government did just that for the next 40 years. I sort of watched all this strange behavior by our government with knowing skepticism because I read everything and, as I say all the time, don’t judge people by what they say because they will lie. Judge them by what they do. I was very happy with President Trump’s statements during his inauguration speech, where he said, “we stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries, and technologies of tomorrow.” Who in their right mind wouldn’t like that? Well, governments who want to be in control didn’t like that, and by returning to space, it was going to reopen all the secrets of the Apollo missions, such as why we never dared go back to the moon or other planets for that matter. We had been waved off by something. Well, I make no apologies about it; I think the human race was filled with interactions with beings from all over the galaxy. I think there is highly compelling evidence that migrants from the planet Sirius gave ancient cultures a jump start and that Indian mounds all over the world play a part in helping space travelers know where and when they are in time while traveling around large distances that don’t behave consistently with time. I don’t think everything from Ancient Aliens the television show is correct, but I think they are knocking on the right door. But unlike those speculations, I don’t think those interactions ever went away, but that they still occur to this day, and governments and occultists are still working to have relationships with many species of living beings from all over the place.

When Neil Armstrong returned from his trip to the moon, he was never quite the same. He lived near me, and my wife and I looked to buy some property near his farmhouse outside Lebanon, Ohio. And people would run into him around town, and he would tell them things. He worked as a professor at the University of Cincinnati and eventually moved to Indian Hill. But I watched him for a long time and was always curious about him. As a kid, I was very moved by the museum dedicated to him in Wapakoneta, just up the road along I-75, a few hours or so. So I found his trip seven years after he walked on the moon to Ecuador looking for the reported ancient library there, supposedly built by giants and hosting 40-pound books made of gold in a secret library left behind by the visitors from other planets, compelling. The cave where this library was rumored to be located was Cueva de los Tayos near the Santiago River, and it was Armstrong who put together a small expedition there to see what he could find. As it turned out, they saw some strange things and mapped the cave but didn’t find the library. Some artifacts indicated there was certainly more to the story, but the fact that a very logical and respected figure such as Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, was interested in such a thing, added to his behavior for the rest of his life, indicates that he was clearly rattled by what he saw on the moon and was looking for answers, behind the veil of what governments and power-hungry despots conceal behind what we perceive as reality. Based on Armstrong’s behavior and conversations he had with locals, off the record, I believe what a seasoned test pilot and astronaut says more than a corrupt government with all kinds of illicit intentions and those powers do use psychological warfare to hold power over people. If people learned the truth about things, governments wouldn’t have the power they do. And even though Armstrong knew he was more afraid of the powers of our governments and the promises he had to make to them to get the opportunity to go to the moon, he spent the rest of his life essentially thirsty for the truth. 

The psychological warfare that was employed in this case was that the truth may have been that characters from some other planet were on the moon watching us land in our primitive little capsule and that the confidence we had in going there, to begin with, was because of our relationship with those same characters. People assume that contact with a civilization from anywhere but earth would lead to hostilities, but I would argue against that theory. Likely, they have been with us from the beginning and have been the gods of our myths from the beginning of time. And they fight among each other, are not unified in their endeavors, and we have just as much leverage over them as they do us, philosophically. They may have more and better technology than we do, but that doesn’t mean they are more innovative. I tend to think, based on their behavior, that they need us as much as we need them, and we have a lot of power-hungry corrupt people, just as are reported in the Bible, and every ancient book, who want to put themselves between them, and mass society. And to play that psychological warfare with the public, they started the conspiracy theory that Stanley Kubrick, the director of 2001: A Space Odyssey, faked the moon landing so that we could show the Russians that we beat them to the moon, when in fact we never left the ground. And in that way, they could hope to keep anybody from knowing the real truth, the thing that haunted Neil Armstrong for the rest of his life, that there is a lot more to the world than just what we are told in the news and from our governments. We have caught our governments lying to us about election fraud, the conditions of wars around the world, and of course, the conditions of Covid and what it did to all of us. And knowing all that, you can bet they would lie to us about much “bigger” things. Yet we can know that we landed on the moon because we have telescopes, and we know where we landed and what we left behind. Because the evidence is right there for all to see, we just need to look at it.

Rich Hoffman

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What Happened to Feminism: Now its transexual issues that show the real goals were the destruction of the American family

Wait, what happened to feminism, you know, all that crap about “bringing home the bacon, frying it up in a pan, and never forgetting about the romance of your man” that suckered millions and millions of gullible women into following some political disorder to their dooms? Because those same people who pushed feminism are the same losers who are now telling us that we can’t even designate what a woman is, that a man can compete in women’s sports, that we are bigots if we don’t want to date some dude dressed up in a skirt and lipstick, and that we have to change laws to accommodate such insanity such as the difference between a boys and girls bathroom. Did you see what they did there? And I have been warning about it for more than three decades. The feminist movement, as it was introduced at the end of the Gilded Age, ahead of the 1900s, was always a sucker ploy to destroy the concept of the American family; it was never about “women’s rights.” It was a wholesale attack on the creation of the family, taking moms out of the house, putting them in the workplace to serve corporate needs for labor, and ultimately destroying the family’s role in political society. It was a scam, and most people fell for it; now we see the aftermath. The insanity that is going on now, especially regarding the transexual movement, that was introduced to millions more misguided youth with the Rocky Horror Picture Show that was ritualistically shown on most college campuses where liberal professors were reprogramming the youth toward liberalism and introducing them to bizarre acts of sex at an impressionable young age, aimed at destroying their minds before they ever created a family.   Come on, admit it, the whole topic of feminism was a sucker job, and most everyone you know fell for it, and now they are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, wondering what to do. 

And it wasn’t that long ago either, just a few years, even lasting until the end of the first Trump presidency. Women’s issues were what drove politics. Did they get equal pay to the men, and were they equally represented in government bodies? Remember Hillary and her “glass ceiling,” and as a liberal, I believe she believed it. And like some buffalo being pushed over a cliff in a stampede by hard-driving Indians looking for an easy slaughter of the herd, women followed the buffalo in front of them right over a cliff to their destruction, believing that the values given to them politically, through corporate culture, were the right ones, and not some malicious cult-driven attack on the very foundations of human life instigated by sheer demons from Hell itself. It was never about glass ceilings and fairness. It was about destruction and using the mask of fairness to separate family support from each other and to get at the children while the parents were too busy divorcing and having affairs. The promise that the public schools would take care of their children while the adults pinballed through life aimlessly pursuing corporate objectives and political destruction, all so that Aunt May wouldn’t call women names at Christmas dinner for not freeing themselves from the clutches of those evil men whom they shared a bed with. And now, to watch those same mindless activists for feminism defend transsexual issues is comedic if it wasn’t so serious and insane. Yet there it is, and within a few short years of Trump leaving office, the dial of social change has been turned up by those who always have their hands on such things, the billionaires who are members of the World Economic Forum who are always tampering with the human race through cultural collections, such as politics, entertainment, and the legal world flowing out of the Bar Association, once the criteria for insanity was set, people followed because they blindly trusted such “experts” without validating where those ideas came from. They just followed to their own destruction.

For over three decades, my wife and I have heard every kind of ridicule a person could listen to on this feminist issue. I’ve always thought it was stupid, and I told people that. I married young on purpose to a woman who wanted a traditional marriage and lifestyle. And we’ve been married for over 30 years and could write many books on how to have a happy marriage. But the short story on the matter is not to listen to political liberals, especially feminists. The whole game was meant to destroy the family, and my wife and I could tell stories about this topic for years without pausing the dialogue. We experienced the worst that humans can do to each other just over our decision to marry, stay married, and to have traditional roles in our marriage. She takes care of the domestic front; I take care of the stuff beyond the driveway. I don’t cook, ever, anything. I don’t even microwave my own popcorn. She does, and she brings it to my reading chair to me politely and is dedicated to preserving her husband in a very Biblical manner. And I take care of the world and all its vast evils, and I hand her all the various fruits of those efforts direction to distribute toward the family needs. The purpose of our marriage, which people still marvel at coming from the 80s as we did, was to fight this corrosive political order of liberalism meant to destroy the family. We had a front-row seat to that destruction, and family members were trying to push us into that life, which we both wanted no part of. So we got married, started our own thing, and have fought through it ever since. And we’re glad we did, and we love where we are now because of it. Liberalism was a lie; feminism was a scam. After years of arguing that fact with people, we are enjoying seeing everyone react to this transexual movement out of desperation now because the absurdities that were always there are now raw and out in the open and a lot of people have egg on their face.

I think it was because of Trump that all this is happening so fast now. I went with friends to a Rocky Horror Picture Show at Miami University to see what all the fuss was about in the 80s, the midnight show where everyone threw their garbage all over the theater. I knew then that I was seeing an occult evil that had manifested in a political movement by a few strange progressives who influenced politics and entertainment through the mechanisms of finance. There was a plan back then, more than three decades ago. That plan was meant to take a century or so to implement, to change the behavior of the human race into something else, something certainly pagan, anti-God, anti-family, and ultimately to fulfill the goals of climate change activists today, to depopulate the earth to save it from those pesky humans. And if men and women were too busy earning money for the corporate culture they controlled through policy and regulations, and the children were vulnerable to the babysitting service of public education, they might just be able to stop the progress of human beings and save the earth from its growth. But when we elected Trump, we scared them, so they have accelerated their plans which has revealed their absurdities now at a pace much faster than people are willing to put up with, and we see the train wreck that is our modern society. It was never about equality for women; it was to remove them as the strong family center so that families could be eradicated. That was all feminism ever was politically. And the proof is in how quickly they abandoned it in favor of transsexual issues and moved quickly to cram it down our throats as they did feminism, for all the same destructive reasons. 

Rich Hoffman

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