Climate Change is the New Huitzilopochtli: They want you numb and dumb to make the sacrifice easier for them

We’re not just fighting political parties worldwide that have different ideas about things. We are fighting the basic tenants of good and evil that have roots into the past many thousands of years, and that evil continues to resurrect itself through the various liberal movements of our modern times. But not since Moses came down out of Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments, which started mankind on a path toward self-government as opposed to the worship of many pagan gods, has this evil been so well defined. We see it today manifest as the Biden administration and their connection to globalism through the Desecrators of Davos. But just a quick trip to Mexico City, which was built upon the conquered Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, will give a clear look into that vast evil as it was revealed to the world in a much more literal sense for all of human history in the various cannibalism cults of human sacrifice that are attached to every city-state culture. Today we call the behavior of the city-states liberal in nature. But in previous times, before evil attempted to disguise itself from this new Judeo-Christian outlook on the world, the Aztecs and Mayas were quite literal representations of how evil worked in the world through the influence of pagan beliefs to sacrifice all human endeavors to their jealous and corrupt yearnings. You can still see much of Tenochtitlan all over the modern city and contemplate what went on there before Cortés came and wiped their culture out altogether, leaving behind only the name of Mexico to remember the culture of the blood-thirsty Aztecs that had a religion that was essentially a mass production facility of death. 

In the center of Tenochtitlan was a giant step pyramid, not unlike the pyramids from the rest of the world, all part of one global culture of sacrifice that, in many cases, predates modern written history. These cultures consumed hallucinogenic drugs and thought they were talking to gods from beyond the grave who needed appeasement through the mass death of fellow human beings. It wasn’t unusual for the Aztecs, led by Moctezuma, to kill many hundreds of people per nightly ritual. Most of those people came from surrounding conquered territories and would be put in fattening pens to make them more delicious to eat when the sacrifices would take place to the God of War, Huitzilopochtli, known otherwise as Hummingbird. Huitzilopochtli was pronounced (Wechilopchee) in the Aztec tongue. The belief was that if Hummingbird was happy, that he would grant them productive conquests of their enemies with supernatural aid. Once the human sacrifices were fat enough to eat, they would be marched up the pyramid to the top, where high priests would lay them out across a sacrificial slab and cut out their still beating heart with an obsidian knife. The heart would be cooked on a heated pedestal for the spiritual consumption of Hummingbird. Then the body of the victim would be cut up into pieces. The heads and torsos would be tossed down the pyramid’s steps to a maniacal crowd below, while the arms and legs would be put into a big pot and cooked as a stew for mass consumption. Although the movie Apocalypto by Mel Gibson covers this kind of ritual well from a Mayan point of view, if you want to see for yourself how these things were done, that is an excellent movie to watch. As brutal as the movie is, it doesn’t come close to showing just how terrible and evil these rituals were and how common they were in a pre-Christian world. 

Well, imagine being one of the people who had to march up that tall pyramid only to be killed at the top and having to watch the people in front of you by the hundreds be killed, to hear their screams of terror, and to be chopped up into pieces while they were still alive and knowing that you were going to be next. To ease their minds, there were members of the priesthood who would distribute a drug to the people being sacrificed called Ithli, which was a mind-numbing agent that would dull their thoughts and make the terrible things that were about to happen to them much more manageable. After all, it was much easier to have the people the Aztecs intended to kill walk up to their deaths under their own power rather than carry them up there, kicking and screaming for all they could muster. In many ways, we take more precautions in modern-day slaughterhouses for cows, so they don’t see what is about to happen to them than previous cultures of human beings did toward fellow humans. So making those sacrifices numb and dumb with drugs was a key to pulling off a successful mass sacrifice. The less people could think about what was about to happen to them, the better the whole event would go. 

Of course, this is the root cause of the same mass sacrifice that liberals use today to appease the same pagan gods, but only now that they changed the names. Climate change is their new Huitzilopochtli, and a persistence global drug culture of legalized intoxicants serves the same purpose. Liberals, the direct descendants of all sacrificial city-state cultures, have given up the pyramid killings of the Mayans and Aztecs and now utilize mass killing through the medical industry and other devices of human harvesting where death rates are encouraged and reckless, disastrous lives advocated for to satisfy the gods of liberalism where individual integrity is looked down on, but consumption of the spirit for the masses considered a lofty goal.   When we talk about globalism, and the evils of the Great Reset, where it’s evident that mass death was the goal, not the deterrent, it’s the same old gods and the same mentality of mass sacrifice to them that we are seeing. It is also why all liberalism is evil; we are not dealing with rational political parties. We are dealing with an evil that inspired Christianity in the first place, the human answer to the thousands of years of stupidity in trying to appease mindless spirits who mask themselves as gods and speak to the drunk and intoxicated maniacally to create destruction and mayhem to all civilization. You can surely see their work in the Biden White House, the many evils that just the Hunter Laptop has revealed. We can see it in the FBI raid of Trump’s home in Florida. We can see it in the open border policies where women are raped daily, children are destroyed, and the drug cartels are empowered with almost a wink and a nod from our own CIA and FBI. And the hatred of America from those globalists who want to kill mass society for all the same reasons that the Aztecs killed their prisoners is much more common than anybody wants to admit. We are not dealing with rational political disagreements here, we are dealing with an evil that has been with mankind since the beginning of time, and America was an invention to destroy that evil. Not to yield to it. We are meant to destroy these sacrificial cultures once and for all, and when it is asked what is behind the MAGA movement of our times, it is nothing less than the destruction of evil on earth once and for all. Anything less would be considered not acceptable. 

Rich Hoffman

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Transvestites in the American Military: Why the Second Amendment is more important than a government-run organization

At this point, it should be obvious that the woke policies that have come to Americans through their corporations, border policy, environmental rules and regulations, and especially the military have all been part of the attack by our enemies. And yes, we do have enemies; the ideas of globalism where America would be in charge of the Liberal World Order was always a fantasy designed to lure stupid people to the cause of America’s antagonists. Laura Ingraham actually did a good piece on this exact issue a few days ago when she reflected back on what we all think of our military in the kinds of recruitment ads that we remember from the 80s and 90s, the “be all that you can be” ads that were very catchy, and very popular. No, we don’t have that military anymore. We have woke generals who like to dress up in skirts on the weekends. Who has as priorities all the same ESG priorities that our corporations are mired down with. They consider diversity conditions far more critical than crushing the enemy at the gates of aggression. And we are all being told to like it, or else. Or else, what? It’s time to admit to ourselves that we no longer have control of our military, it has been captured by the progressive priorities of the United Nations, and our inserted Biden administration has given the keys to the car only to provoke our enemies to wreck America on purpose. And they are doing it with smiles on their faces. They have taken our military from us and intend to use it against us whenever possible. 

You can’t blame our enemies. They would never try to attack America with the kind of military that we’ve had and the technical abilities that are possible with it. Everyone would be a fool to take on the American military at face value; it’s been the best in the world. So rather than fight us on the battlefield, they have turned to elite capture to destroy and manipulate us from within. That is most obvious from China and their TikTok platform, which set algorithms that show American audiences much different information than their own people. TikTok directs content to their young people in China by showing interesting, thoughtful things. In America, it’s sex, drugs, and low-level thinking of every kind, and in its own way, is a poison injected into our culture to destroy any opposition to them that might exist. China doesn’t worry about America anymore, nor does Russia. They know. Our military is more worried about what lipstick our generals will wear to the latest press conference than in kicking the snot out of antagonizers. We have become used to just sending in an air raid to bomb a target remotely rather than facing off against terrorists in the streets of a major city. Look what happened in Uvalde, Texas, when there was a shooter in the school; the police were more interested in hand sanitizer for their soft little hands than in engaging the target to end the threat. That is the cost of wokeness and social emasculation in our American culture and is a problem across all our armed forces, from police to even the most elite military troops. It’s not just local news that saw that coverage of police afraid to engage one threatening kid shooting kids in a public school; China was watching, Iran was watching, and Russia was watching. North Korea was too. Think how many terrorists crossing over from the Mexican border witnessed those police in Uvalde terrified to engage a threat. Without question, it encourages their priorities of malice and chaos. 

I’ve heard it countless times when I say to people, “Hey, we don’t need the military in America. We can do the job ourselves.” The first thing people say is, “but they have rocket launchers, and airplanes, tanks; we could never fight an enemy like that.” Joe Biden often repeats those sentiments. The progressives assume that our “assault weapons” would not match a fully trained military. Well, I would beg to differ. We aren’t dealing with a military of Rambos that we might see in the movies. These are not the Top Gun: Maverick types. Most of the world’s military forces, the United Nations-controlled losers that sign up for these modern military tasks, are like those cops in Uvalde, more concerned with hand sanitizer than putting a bullet into a hostile character. It’s evident from me whenever I go to patriotic events, and the military is there doing ceremonies showing strength and reverence, even at NFL games, I am never very gushy about the military. I have never been, even in the good ol’ days of Ronald Reagan. I always looked at the American military as a luxury if it worked. But they would be the first possible enemy if we lost the leadership of America to foreign influence, which is obviously the case today. So I’ve never been a “thank you for your sacrifice” kind of person. I respect people who get into the military and try to do something productive with their lives. But I always have a wary eye on them. Because if they are willing to follow orders to a fault, they will follow the orders of the enemy if the enemy captures the leadership and will turn them on Americans without hesitation.

That is why the Second Amendment is so important and also why it’s important that private people can get access to large weapons and advanced technology. Because if we lose our military, which I would argue based on the transexual priorities they have, we already have, then we must be able to raise a militia to do what is needed to protect our homes and country without the help of the government military. But honestly, I’m not worried about a military run by a bunch of progressive wokesters going door to door for the illegal Biden regime to enforce lockdowns, conduct gun confiscation, or impose authoritarian rule. Even though they have access to the best technology on planet earth, you can beat those kinds of militaries by putting some hand sanitizer out and watching them coalesce around it. These are not the military of Patton or even General Jackson. We might want to think of them that way, and the ultimate insult to us all is that the enemy has taken that image away from us and given us the woke generals of today in their place. But the plan was for us to salute our way to them to our own detriment and eventual destruction. And that’s just not going to happen. Just as in the supply chain problems that we have everywhere as a direct result of progressive politics, the solution is just to do the jobs ourselves. To turn away from the luxuries of institutionalism and make those priorities decentralized and under the control of competent people. Not progressive government losers. All the technology in the world can’t make them good or dangerous. But the world needs to see that with or without a military, the people of America are bold and strong, and it truly is the home of the brave. That isn’t obvious by watching footage of the Uvalde police under pressure. But door to door across the USA, it’s there around the kitchen tables and in the garages. That American spirit is still there. We just don’t see it through the woke corporate media and government propaganda that is too busy trying to get transvestites to shower with hard-boiled Americans than in winning a global war on terror.

I know what my plan is if they ever come to my house looking for a fight; I’ll throw some hand sanitizer out to the end of my driveway and watch them kill each other over cleaning their hands. A military of woke losers is easy to beat, even with the best weapons in the world. If they work for the government and are more concerned about getting the jab, wearing a mask to avoid Covid, and taking showers with pronoun gender troops, I’m not worried about anything they might try to do that is aggressive. They’ll be easy to beat. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Younger Dryas Calamity: Climate Change is not about science. It’s all about control, and its a scam in every way

The next time you interact with a climate change zealot, just mention the Younger Dryas cataclysm to them and ask them to explain it to you. Ask them why 12,800 years ago the earth went from a reasonably mild climate coming out of the Ice Age to suddenly being plunged back to the height of that period of 18,000 years ago with freezing temperatures. Then ask them why, over the next several thousand years, temperatures rose to where we are today. There were no coal plants during that period, no known effects of human-driven climate change, yet the oceans rose over a fairly short period of time, over 400 feet. There are tremendous ocean fronts from that period where humans settled which are deep underwater, erasing the cultures of their existence forever, never to be known again. Ask those climate crazies at the United Nations what caused all that when humans were supposedly not even a factor possessing any technology to invoke climate change of any kind. Of course, they won’t have an answer for you because their climate change religion isn’t based on science; it’s all purely on speculation that I increasingly refer to as a religion, not a scientific concern. The science they use to articulate their position is the same nonsense that drove Covid into our culture; all meant to create fear which would change governing policies. Made up statistics, phony alarmism, all the same methods that caused the world to shut itself down economically over a cold virus converted to a bioweapon in China to cause economic wealth redistribution from a western-based economy to one in which China would become the world’s leader of monetary value.  Just ask Larry Fink from BlackRock.  And it’s the same lunatics who have been saying that climate change is something we need to address with the same flimsy science. 

About 12,800 years ago, it looks like a massive piece of a comet hit the earth in several places around the world. But most notably, it struck Michigan while glacial ice covered the area into what would become the Great Lakes. The sudden impact was so intense that it created Saginaw Bay and launched debris all over North America, sending chunks of ice and rock into Nebraska and the Carolinas. The craters from these impacts and the trajectory of their origin are clearly seen today by air. The elongated oval shape of the impact craters giveaway the impact’s original location, and they all point to Saginaw Bay, Michigan. When the comet struck, it brought with it so much heat that the glaciers there melted instantly, and flood waters raced for the oceans. No wonder there are so many myths around the world of sudden floods. In a very short time after this Younger Dryas cataclysm, the world’s oceans instantly rose 6 feet to 13 ft, a massive amount due to the global impact of so much water suddenly filling the oceans simultaneously. But as such a colossal object hit the earth, it punched a hole in the atmosphere that brought all that frigid space air with it. Hence, as massive forest fires erupted worldwide simultaneously, a massive deep freeze suddenly froze everything in its tracks, leaving some animals frozen solid into a block of ice while they were eating. It was an extinction event for most life on planet earth, which appears to happen much more frequently than science has previously admitted to. The earth goes through its cycles, which have nothing to do with human beings, or any other form of life. Life happens despite these cataclysms. They certainly aren’t caused by the local coal plant. 

Climate change, as it has been politicized today, is all about imposing the religion of earth worship to our modern means of administrative management. The science has been manipulated to satisfy the cult-like desires for mass sacrifice to the pagan gods of the primordial world, and for all the dumb reasons they always have attempted such things. Climate change has nothing to do with science, its 100% the religion of a cult that believes in sacrifice to those same primordial gods and is just another form of cataclysm that inflicts the human race with tragedy after tragedy during all human existence, no matter how long that span of time has been. I would argue that humans have used this brief 10,000-year window to claw at the edges of space, but this hasn’t been the first time. Based on the behavior of life historically and the rate of erosion that occurs on all civilized impulses, much of which is buried under that 400 feet of ocean front today, this nonsense has been going on for many hundreds of thousands of years. I always point to my old friend Giambattista Vico and his great book, New Science from 1744, to talk about the Vico Cycle so wonderfully put to imaginative practice in the great James Joyce literary classic, Finnigan’s Wake, when we say that humanity always reverts back to primitive assumptions over and over again. It’s a cataclysmic force, much like the Yellowstone volcano erupts every 600,000 years. I just recently visited there with my family, and it’s quite clear that it is poised for yet another explosion that could end the world instantly, at least the life on earth. The earth will continue to do what the earth has always done, following the forces that drive the solar system, the galaxy of the Milkey Way, and the universe in general, or the many universes that exist outside the one we live in now. The earth is not concerned with human invention; it is driven by its own cycles, and cataclysms are part of its geological cycle; you could set your watch to them every 10,000 years or so. That might sound like a lot to the soccer mom trying to run her kids all over town in a busy human life, but geologically, it’s nothing. Humanity gets a small window to escape earth, and usually, if a global cataclysm doesn’t wipe them out, they do it to themselves politically following the Vico Cycle to their own modern demise and cling to the rocks of their origin stories, once again. 

That’s what we are talking about when we discuss climate change with the radical crazies from the United Nations. It’s a religion to them to fill some psychological impediment that is in their own minds built on timid natures and flawed views of reality, for which they have attempted to hide behind science with the same flimsy data points that they used to sell the deadly effects of Covid, which the governments of the world manufactured to gain more control over their populations from an administrative state perspective. Climate change is the same kind of lie that those same governments have created to gain control over the human race, which is now poised once again in history to flee earth for destinations beyond the control of terrestrial influences. There will be more comets, more Yellowstone volcanos, there will be more Ice Ages, and mass warming periods, even if we all crawl back into a tent and cook our food over a campfire and achieve a zero-emission existence, which the insanity of the World Economic Forum losers have been stating is the goal. It’s a dumb goal and one that has nothing to do with science but 100% about controlling the world’s population for a lazy and stupid administrative state that wants to be in charge without doing the work of earning the right. And when you run into one of these fools, just ask them about the Younger Dryas calamity and watch their eyes go blank, just as they do when hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin are brought up regarding Covid. They don’t have an answer because their beliefs are not based on science but on control. 

Rich Hoffman

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How Crimes Are Committed in the Modern Age by Governments: The Boggle Threshold and the advantage it gives the criminal class

Everyone is wondering how so many crimes committed by government, such as Covid and the vaccine mandates, the theft of wealth through inflation, and the sell-out of America through privileged political hacks like Hunter Biden, can go unpunished. They see the crimes committed but nothing being done about it. Well, the political left has already provided the answer; the classic Cloward–Piven strategy is meant to overwhelm systems, then collapse them into a change state favorable to the attacker. Then there is John Kotter from the Harvard Business School, who will tell leaders to create a crisis, even if there isn’t one, so you can unify efforts to your direction. It’s a standard trick, and by now, especially among the college-educated, they have seen it done to them over and over through many years, and now as adults of their own, they unconsciously do the same thing to people they are supposed to lead. It’s the classic lie a parent tells a child, don’t go outside during a storm because you’ll be struck by lightning, with the intent to keep children safe in the house and under control by fear of what might happen to them. Many grow up and become terrified of several irrational fears because of such methods employed on them over a long period. And believe it, the governments of the world, the global criminals know this, and many of the crimes we are seeing now are happening because of their understanding of this modern problem of interconnectivity across political influence. They continuously seek to exploit the conditions to their advantage. 

Yet, the strategies mentioned, whether it’s Cloward-Piven or Kotter’s Eight Stage Process of Creating Major Change, have a more technical term for the conditions those strategies expose, and that’s the Boggle Threshold. When we talk about something “boggleing the mind,” we are talking about people reaching their Boggle Threshold, which is the saturation point where a mind rejects new information upon receiving it. The information might be perfectly valid, but the mind witnessing the information might be too consumed with other information to accommodate it into a change state reality. The Boggle Threshold is typically associated with paranormal phenomena, so it doesn’t generally get used to express political matters and everyday concerns. When the question comes up about ghosts, UFOs, or Big Foot, ordinary people are worried about gas prices, love lives, and whether their neighbor cut the lawn and don’t have room in their minds for contemplation about information outside their everyday experience. The criminal class, which was first most successfully used under the mob in Chicago and later captured by the favorite book of the left, Rules for Radicals, knew this about people and often hid their crimes behind it. They might murder people in the streets of Chicago. Yet, with all the other crimes going on and the rebellious nature of Prohibition in general, Al Capone knew he could exploit the Boggle Threshold in people to hide the mob’s many crimes behind his magnetic personality. People could relate to his charisma. But they couldn’t see the monster behind his façade because their Boggle Threshold just couldn’t contemplate such things. That’s why he was never convicted of the actual crimes he committed but was only found guilty of tax evasion because it was there that a conceptual idea of a crime could be conceived within the rules of tax policy—rules that everyone can generally understand within their Boggle Threshold. 

An example of the Boggle Threshold would be if you were walking along and found a dead body, then next to that body, there was a bloody knife; any rational person would conclude that that murder weapon had killed the deceased person. But, if the person who discovered the body was encumbered past their saturation point within their Boggle Threshold, then they might not see the crime scene so clearly. Perhaps they were in a fight with their spouse over who was going to drive which car to work that day, or maybe they were trying to find the money for the mortgage. Perhaps they were worried about something with their kids or some other series of details on their minds before discovering the dead body. How many people who witness a crash on the side of the road would stop to help, and how many would just drive on because they had a million other things to do and couldn’t afford the chaos of something out of their routine? When people are at their Boggle Threshold, they don’t have room for new information, such as election fraud, the origins of Covid, or that the President’s son is on hours and hours of video recordings of himself naked smoking crack out of a pipe. All those things are happening outside of people’s Boggle Threshold. People might observe those conditions but are paralyzed to pass judgment because they are past their saturation point for new information to influence their behavior. 

Just like Al Capone, but on a vast scale these days, and across the entire world, crimes are committed knowing that in democracies, most people won’t have the intellectual capacity to maintain a Boggle Threshold that can actually see the crimes being committed. This Boggle Threshold is hard-wired into our media culture and our public education, where one sets where that threshold is for everyday people. The other works to saturate people’s minds with so much useless information that they never have room for new information that may be much more important, such as the Wisconsin Supreme Court making a decision that none of Joe Biden’s votes counted from drop boxes were legal, and must be subtracted from the overall number, which would mean that President Trump actually won the state. People are worried about a recession, gas prices, and increases at the grocery store. My family ordered a pizza the other day, and the driver reported to us that the delivery charge was $4 now instead of just $2 because of gas prices. When you can’t even order a pizza these days without it breaking the bank, nobody has room to contemplate global election fraud that has put in place radical communists who want to take over the world. It might be accurate, but it’s beyond the Boggle Threshold of most, so the crimes go unnoticed and unpunished. A Boggle Threshold can be increased through intellect, but if people don’t know they should be expanding their personal limits, they aren’t going to make the conscious effort to do so. And knowing that, the criminals of our society are perpetuating their crimes with the understanding that ordinary people don’t have the time or mental capacity to deal with the ramifications of their crimes committed, so long as the crimes are hidden by a barrage of nonsense that fills up people’s minds and saturates their Boggle Threshold. However, the weakness of this strategy can always be uncovered by “intent,” the intent to commit a crime, which is evident to all, even those stressed out by the events of our day. Once you simplify matters into observing intent, then the Boggle Threshold gives way a bit, and people can understand the circumstantial evidence. But taken at face value, until “intent” is obvious, the crimes continue to be committed without the fear of prosecution or a society that will take a stand against them. 

Rich Hoffman

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Thomas Hall Comes Out Squeaky Clean: Ohio Ethics Investigation by Keith Faber shows a great track record and no wrongdoing

It’s a few weeks away from the August 2nd primary for the Ohio Representative election between the incumbent Thomas Hall for the newly drawn up 46th District seat and his challenger Matt King.  And it wouldn’t be a typical election cycle if there wasn’t some kind of dirt being thrown by somebody.  After all, a lot of money gets tossed into the ring from numerous contributors, and they all want to see their pick win the election, and the belief that people can be significantly influenced by finance and sentiment perpetuates a lot of malice.   That is how the typical blood sport of politics works, and what we usually end up with in office, if done well, is the best possible candidate that we can get because of the grueling process.  But when you see bad behavior in that election process, we must talk about it because it shows where the real cracks of a campaign genuinely emerge.  And in the case of Thomas Hall, he is so squeaky clean that any attempts to say otherwise about him come out sounding ridiculously overinflated.  And that’s what emerged from a shot of desperation coming not so much from the challenger for the 46th District, Matt King, but certainly from those who want to use Matt to knock out Thomas from the very high bar he has set because many in politics simply don’t want to live up to that level of measure.  There was some controversy coming out of a group “Ohio News Hotline” that was trying to stir up trouble for Thomas, and an Ohio Ethics Investigation was discussed based on the years 2018 and 2019, hoping that they could dig up something to make Thomas look bad.  In short, there was nothing there, but the elements who wanted to knock off Thomas Hall were trying to stir up trouble, so setting the record straight is mandated.

It had been a good week for Representative Hall, the week after the 4th of July 2022.  I had just reported on how great he did at a local Tea Party meeting where he made an excellent case for why he should be re-elected to a somewhat hostile crowd.  Then on Thursday, he spoke at Lakota schools and did a fantastic job there as well.  Probably too well because Democrats and RINO Republicans who are very uncomfortable with Thomas Hall moving his influence into Liberty Township as the new 46th District is mapped out aren’t comfortable with the strong record of conservative politics Hall represents.  He’s rock-solid in every Republican measure based on his track record, and the NRA just came out with a glowing endorsement of Hall, so plenty of political enemies were stirred up by those two public speeches.  Then on Friday, there was a fund-raiser with several Democrats involved, and they were more than energized to support Matt King, hoping to take down the very conservative Thomas Hall.  Now that’s not unusual.  I know Matt and the King family, and they tend to be solid conservatives.  But Matt is unknown as a politician, so obviously, Democrats are hoping for that variable to help them, so they support King for obvious reasons.  Thomas is a known threat to them as opposed to gaining leverage over someone they might be able to call in favors later because they helped with the campaign.  Sheriff Jones has been working against Thomas because he doesn’t like the strong voting record of Hall, so there some inner Republican theatrics going on as well that have been fueling Democrats to help King gain some steam, much the way Democrats got involved in the governor primary helping put DeWine over the top in that recent election. 

That’s when the timing of the ethics report, done by Keith Faber, became an inflated issue and an anonymous tip attempted to stir up trouble through the Ohio News Hotline, prompting a media hit piece against Thomas Hall.  I also know Keith; I think he’s a good guy too.  Investigations like what his office does, I think, are great because they keep politicians clean.  It’s a good check on the balance of power, and without the Auditors Office from the State there to investigate, there would be much more corruption in politics than there is.  While all this talk was going on, P.G. Sittenfeld in Cincinnati was found guilty of bribery, so these topics were fresh on the minds of the desperate when the contents of the Ohio Ethics Investigation on Hall were made available.  Now here’s where unethical behavior starts to really show itself.  I’ve read the report on Thomas Hall from Keith’s office, which is squeaky clean.  There is nothing bad or disingenuous there at all.  But the radical elements and Democrats who want Hall gone tried to take things out of context to at least create doubt in people who haven’t read the report and never plan to.  Just the mention of an ethics report might be enough to inspire them to make a change from Thomas to King on August 2nd.  As mentioned, the report covered 2018-2019, but it wasn’t released to the public until June 16th, 2022, just a month and a half before the election.  That in itself is more than a bit suspicious. 

The report states that Thomas did not recuse himself as a trustee on matters involving the fire department in Madison Township, where his father, a hero who stopped the school shooting at the school there, was the fire chief.  In those instances, Thomas sought legal counsel on the matter and provided the proper distance required when dealing with financial matters.  But on voting for equipment and supplies for the fire department, he participated with the other trustees under explicit direction from that legal advice.  The report from the auditor simply mentions that it was unusual.  Not that it was inappropriate.  Then the report shows that Madison Township had some late tax filings and negative balances during Thomas’ term.  This was a problem with the fiscal officer they had at the time and was a common problem many trustees face.  Nothing improper, just commonplace management problems.  And with all the digging that the vast resources of Keith Faber’s office could utilize over a lengthy period of time and sit on a desk somewhere for three years until just before the August 2nd election, there turned out to be nothing to see regarding anything improper done by Thomas Hall.  I would propose that the timing of the report’s release and distribution to the public was meant to create doubt in the public to affect the election.  By the time people learned that the report contained no wrongdoing by Thomas Hall, the election would be over, and from the Democrat perspective, hopefully, King would win the election.   For the enemies of Thomas Hall, all they need to do is create doubt which was where the tip to the Ohio News Hotline went out to stir up enough buzz in the final two weeks of the campaign to push some voters maybe away.  The report was and is a last-ditch effort by a political class, both Republicans and Democrats, who don’t want the high measure Thomas Hall has forced them all to live up to.  Very few could go through a Keith Faber Ohio Ethics Investigation and come out as clean as Thomas did.  And that truly scares them.   Another term of Thomas Hall may make it so they can’t compete in the political world ever in the future.  And for voters, that’s very good news indeed.

Rich Hoffman

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Where the Evidence Leads: The spirit world of Ayahuasca and shamanic life of Pablo Amaringo

You must go where the evidence takes you, and the truth is, many of the categories of a profession that we organize in our lives are primarily designed to conceal the truth of things so that an elite subculture of human beings can operate in leadership positions.  They maintain this illusion by keeping large sections of mankind busy on trivial tasks that keep them in siloed thinking, designed to conceal the reality of what truly is from their eyes.  But if you really want to know what is going on and who is pulling the strings in our physical reality and behind the veil of humanity from the same spirit world that many find comfort in praying to, you have to think out of the box for the answers.  Many never question to whom they pray; they do it trusting that whoever answers is friendly and wants to see good done in the great fight against evil.  But, what happens if it is evil answering and playing the classic wolf dressed up as grandmother only to find that the big teeth are meant to eat you with?  Then what?  Well, those are the questions of our day where vast evil has shown itself not just in our governments of the world, but in Covid and the medical industry, and the mass hypnosis that is invoked through our mobile devices that keep us in a tech-trance not in our control, but by the mysterious input of Silicon Valley geeks and Revenge of the Nerds losers.  Yet they have power over humanity; why?

Increasingly, the ideas of the political left and the religion of climate change itself, if looked at for their roots, point to occult practices predating Christianity.  I’ve never been one who has taken drugs of any kind but growing up, I was very interested in all the brightly colored posters they sold at Spencer Gifts to be displayed with black lights.  I always saw the psychedelic drug wave given to America through the KGB as destructive, yet you can’t just look for your car keys under a light when looking for answers.  You may have lost them somewhere else.  But most people in life only look for answers where it’s most convenient for them to look.  And for me, if the answers to the current problems of mass spirit world involvement in our political existence is a real problem, and if that communication was happening by way of political sacrifice, mass rituals to appease those spirits, and the way to communicate with that world was through cultural intoxication, then it became very obvious to me, while I was dining with some friends at the Agave & Rye in Liberty Township.  Looking at all the bizarre Ayahuasca-inspired artwork there, perhaps the answers to most modern problems weren’t in the physical world, but in the spirit, where all kinds of crazy creatures existed outside our visual spectrum, perhaps in the realm of the neutrino, in particle activity that defied the physics of relativity and was faster than the speed of light.  Only a drug-induced brain could see and communicate with them, which is precisely what the latest drug cult of Ayahuasca, a mixture of two plants found in the Amazon River basin, induces upon the mind.

For about ten years, the name of Pablo Amaringo came up in my reading about shamanism in Peru, but it took the activity well outside my comfort level of curiosity.  But those who take Ayahuasca consider it sacred and a direct communicator with the spirit world.  So while I was in a book store I love a lot in Dayton, I decided to go over the deep end and buy an art book called Ayahuasca Visions by Pablo Amaringo, which was the last book he put together before he died in 2009.  There is another taco place I like a lot called Condado at The Greene in Dayton, and there too is a lot of street art all over the walls that look modern but are displayed like the Ayahuasca art shown in Pablo’s book.  So I bought the book, studied the pictures, and read what Pablo said about them.  Now, Pablo was a nice guy who lived in a very remote part of the world.  They didn’t even have a TV in his village.  Their only entertainment was playing music in their thatched huts in the evenings with their families.  So there was no way that some of the images that Pablo painted in his paintings came from a conventional, modern resource.  Yet he paints about all kinds of crazy monsters, UFOs from other planets, and wild plant life brightly colored remembered from his Ayahuasca visions as a shaman to heal members of his community or speak to spirits there who talked back to him.  These were live conversations with entities not of earth.  They weren’t hallucinations induced by DNA coding deep in the wiring of the human body created through chemical reaction because the interactions were just as live as if he were talking to someone on a street corner.  So I have accepted the science that Ayahuasca strips away in trained users their filters to reality and allows them to interact with hyper beings on another dimensional plane, and that the spirit world is very much a real thing, and that it is interacting with us every minute of every day, much like ultraviolent light does, or the wind.  We can see neither, but their effects can certainly be felt.  And thus, Ayahuasca gives users a feeling into a realm they typically couldn’t see, and Pablo’s book gave people a chance to see into that world without having to take the drug. 

And in reading about various shamans all around the world, especially in remote cultures not trained in conventional ways of looking at the world, the spirit world is interactive.  There are good characters and bad characters everywhere.  And knowing that much, especially the way the drug culture has been thrust upon us by elements of the world that would like to destroy the concept of America, you can see why they would work very hard to raise an invisible army in the spirit world to make a menace of all our lives, from places we couldn’t quite reach by conventional means.  Before Covid-19, I might have laughed all this off, but after and seeing the sheer level of evil that people like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have been capable of, there is no earthly explanation for their behavior.  The only things that start to make sense are to gaze into the world of Pablo Amaringo and to look for the keys where they may actually be hidden, in a place nobody expects us as human beings to go.  By visiting some of these crazy taco places, it is evident to me that our human culture perceives the problem at a remote subconscious level, and they are looking for answers in drugs, specifically Ayahuasca.  And even some of our most popular restaurants are starting to reflect that deep desire for solutions from which all the evil of the world is operating, just beyond our reach.  But we must reach it, and to understand it; we must be able to see it.  And by reading Pablo’s very unique book, Ayahuasca Visions, I am getting a much clearer picture, which is the key to solving these kinds of problems in the long run. 

Rich Hoffman

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Atlantis Discovered in America: The History the Younger Dryas impact destroyed, and revealed

It’s a subject I care about a great deal, the idea that there was an advanced civilization in North America going back to much longer times than has been attributed to the Bering Strait migration of people from Asia into what has been called the New World. I have done many articles on the giants of Ohio and on the probability that there was an ancient empire of very tall people all through the Ohio River Valley predating all known records based on the mound-building culture that is so abundant in the region. It really came alive for me when I made a trip to Stonehenge and saw not just the celestial alignments that were popularly captured by the large megalithic stones there, very similar to Serpent Mound in my home area of the world, but the many, many mounds that were surrounding the area. The history books seem to forget about those and concentrate just on the stonework that is so popularly recorded. That’s when I knew for sure that there had been travel between North America and the British Isles predating Christ. And during the Ice Age, this might have been possible since the ocean levels were 400 feet lower at that time. Land bridges like the Bering Strait would have allowed for travel all over the world to be much easier. But even that didn’t tell the story the way I knew it needed to be told and that occurred to me in an argument with a British Museum employee when I was looking for the famous Crystal Skull that is on display there. The employee explained to me as if he were trying to convince himself that the skull had to be a fake because when it was dated, nobody on earth had found a way to polish quartz in such a seamless manner. That technology wouldn’t be invented until fairly recent times. So the true answer was concealed in a kind of European, institutional arrogance that seems to put a wet blanket over all the sciences institutionally funded and so limited in scope to their specific fields. 

I have known about Graham Hancock for a long time; he has written several spectacular books that consolidate in a way that is appropriate all the countless hours from various scientific fields to tell a unified story based on a few centuries of discovery. And the stories coming from him are vastly different from the textbooks. Science cannot be analyzed in a vacuum, and determinations made based on the desires of whoever funds the activity. So to correct that problem, Graham Hancock has come on the scene and started to put the puzzle pieces together about a significant number of previously unchallenged assumptions. That makes his book, America Before into, what, I think, is one of the most important books ever written because it tells the story of a number of issues that places North America at the front of the train of human consciousness development and advanced nation-building in ways that have been building for a long time. But science and politics did not want to admit to it. It was clear to me at Stonehenge that a massive global culture had existed in the past; they had boats that could visit each other. To me, the only question was whether those migrations moved from Europe to America or America to Europe, and thus, the rest of the world. The resistance, just as was the case with my experience with the Crystal Skull in the British Museum, was that institutionalized mainstreamers did not believe that any oceanic vessels could make such a journey until Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America. As it turns out, Columbus knew about the New World from old maps that predate the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, prior to the Dark Ages, which sought to cleanse the world of all pagan references, maps included. An ancient civilization made those maps, perhaps more advanced than our present society, and the timing of that society places it at its most prosperous period during the Ice Age some 15,000 years ago.

That civilization, as proposed by a lot of evidence provided in America Before, shows that a giant comet struck the earth in Michigan when the ice sheets were still there and created the Saginaw Bay in Michigan, which is essentially an impact crater. The results of the impact and trajectory of debris can be found all over North America, specifically in mysterious craters in Nebraska and the Carolinas. This is what is being called the Younger Dryas cataclysm, and it was a world killer in that it wiped out life on earth in most of the civilized areas. What was left as a result was those lives untouched by a civilization that remembered elements of the previous culture, and those elements showed themselves in various religions all around the world. Sumer, Egypt, Indus Valley, and the mound builders of the Mississippi Valley are all aspects of culture that reemerged thousands of years after the cataclysm that destroyed civilization and much of the life on earth at the end of the Ice Age. And this catastrophe has been hiding in plain sight for all this time because our focus has been on the Ice Age, not a cataclysm that occurred during it. While these pieces are still being put together in puzzle pieces mixed in different boxes, the picture is becoming much more precise, and the work that Graham Hancock did in America Before will prove to be the standard for all the future. He suggests that in North America, we are seeing the Lost Continent of Atlantis, perhaps a parent culture to that mythology. It was completely wiped out by the comet impact and the massive flooding that occurred in the wake. The ocean’s sea level rose suddenly by 6 feet during this time, which would only happen if vast amounts of ice from the Ice Age suddenly melted. 

For proof that mainstream scientists would seek to conceal evidence, we learned through Covid to what extent politics plays a part in science. So given the nature of the political world, and much to Graham’s frustration, his thoughts are being rejected just as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were rejected as treatments for Covid. Or the political establishment soundly dismissed the premise of election fraud because they wanted to get rid of Donald Trump from the White House at all costs. We see the same conspiracies here, with this idea that a very advanced civilization with intensely accurate understandings of the cosmos thrived in North America, climaxing over 100,000 years of evolution that science missed entirely because they were looking at the ice, not the societies. And they didn’t want anybody to figure out that their diffusion theories about the Bering Strait were no longer valid. Mankind rose and fell many times following the Vico Cycle, and the culture that was thriving around the world during the Ice Age was just one of them. But that it rose and fell away so completely reveals in us all the terminal process of civilization itself. We’d like to believe that what we do is permanent, and such a concept reveals how thin everything really is. And that is a frightening prospect to institutionalists who put everything into the process but not so much emphasis on the substance. And what America Before is all about is substance. The rest of the world will catch up eventually, and when they do, they’ll find that everything started in America, and at a fundamental level, we still know it. America is that shining city on the hill, not because it was taken from Native Americans. But because we knew it was once before, this current rendition of America is just a repeat of the past, without the destruction of a comet to wipe it all out.

Rich Hoffman

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The Eight Ways WEF Declared War Against America: Crimes that require punishment

We’re not the ones who said it; it was the World Economic Forum members, the people I call the Desecrators of Davos, who did. They even published it in their books, their obvious hatred of America, as many of the members of the WEF are open socialists and communists are. They have eight goals or predictions as they have called them to limit their liability, four of which directly undermine the lifestyle of America openly and call for the end of the only superpower in the world. What else could any of that mean but an open act of war with hostile intention? There is so much that can be determined to be wrong from Charlie Kirk’s new little book that you can get with a small donation to Turning Point USA titled The Great Reset. In hindsight, it is much clearer than seeing it in live time, but the World Economic Forum has its hands all over many crimes that have transpired over the last several years that challenged the human understanding of what war was. The Desecrators of Davos types played those poorly defined definitions to their full advantage for global takeover, which is quite clear now that we see where the world is in 2022. With gas prices being out of control, food shortages being projected, inflation, the Biden presidency, Covid, just about every bad thing we are experiencing can be traced back to a member of the World Economic Forum and their terrorist tampering with elements of our global economies for the changes they wish to see implemented as a military exercise, done without nation-state approval for the first time in the history of the world. But how can we say such a thing? Well, let’s look at their eight goals as they proposed them and let them speak for themselves. Here they are as stated in 2016, the first year of the Donald Trump presidency:

  • You’ll own nothing and be happy.
  • The U.S. won’t be the world’s superpower. 
  • You won’t die waiting for an organ donor. 
  • You’ll eat less meat.
  • A billion people will be displaced by climate change.
  • You could be preparing to go to Mars.
  • Western values will be tested to their breaking point.
  • Fossil fuels will be eliminated. 

A few of those items, such as the medical breakthroughs on organ donors, for context, organ harvesting is a significant problem around the world, so there is a lot of talk about being able to build body parts in a lab. And the Davos crowd was clearly looking to loot off the efforts of Elon Musk and his efforts toward Mars. Musk has since picked his sides, and he is turning toward America for his own needs. Socialist governments will not fit the Musk plan for interplanetary travel. But four of the predictions directly impact the United States. While the rest will certainly have an impact on America. From the viewpoint of 2016, we might have called this list an insane doomsday scenario by out-of-touch globalists too wealthy for context. But, from a 2022 point of view, it’s clear that the members of the World Economic Forum have actively worked through acts of terrorism to implement these eight predictions. That changes their meaning considerably from just the musings of real-world Bond villains into declarations of war against the world, and specifically the guardian of global commerce, the United States of America, and its capitalist economy, which they are fully committed to destroying. So, of course, they were inclined to make bold predictions about how the world would be by the year of 2030 because they knew what they planned to do to make them all happen.   For instance, Bill Gates has his hands all over Covid. In an incestuous relationship with the Federal Reserve, Larry Fink destroyed the economy through quantitative easing, then used that inflated asset bubble to buy up American corporations and turn them into woke progressive allies. Or Mark Zuckerberg gets control of global elections and takes power away from governments in determining their representatives. 2020 for Facebook was all about proving how a tech company and their conspirators at Google and Twitter could get control of the election process. Facebook spent half a billion dollars tampering with the American election. And this has also opened the door as a way to control populism elsewhere in the world. 

One of the most significant crimes to emerge from this list is Bill Gates’s work to deny hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to a public sick with Covid, which was created in a Chinese lab by many of the same people committed to the goals of the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab was well aware of the plans as they were hatched at Davos regarding Covid. He had his book, The Great Reset, ready to go in the summer of 2020 as health officials seeking Bill Gates funding invoked unconstitutional tyrannies worldwide for the first time in all human history. People died because Gates and Fauci, both very active in World Economic Forum politics, denied sick people the medicine they needed to get healthy as a result of Covid. So the fingerprints of the World Economic Forum are all over the creation of Covid, its distribution, and the ultimate solution they sought, which was mandatory vaccines. The eight predictions’ ultimate goals were well stated, and now we could see how they meant to make them happen through Covid and use the Great Reset to topple the world’s economies and unite everyone under the socialist umbrella of the United Nations. They killed people. They tampered with our American elections. They ruined many lives of people who didn’t die, and they did it all out in the open, thinking that nobody would ever have the guts to call them on their villainy. 

To me, the World Economic Forum declared war on the United States, and they are daring us to answer the call. They openly sought to topple our country in every way that a war would, by destroying our economy, destroying our power grid, the fuel of our economy. And destroying our constitution through an administrative state imposition run by white coat health experts. All roads run back to Davos when it comes to an understanding of how America has found itself in the troubles it is currently experiencing. And its characters like Bill Gates, who have become the new villain, the new Hitler, provoked to do the bidding of globalism not with tanks and troops, but with vaccine shots and viruses made in bio labs under the American Department of Defense and advocated by a media that eat out of their hands. Bill Gates has paid for the propaganda and did it for his religion of climate change, which many members of the World Economic Forum share. It’s because of them that we have such high gas prices. It’s because of them that we have election fraud. It’s because of them that we have runaway inflation. They have tampered with American markets in a war-like way and told us what they planned to do. Only, we didn’t see it because we were looking for the attack to come from China or Russia. Not from some pinheaded geeks in the World Economic Forum, in the ski resort of Davos. We didn’t look at Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Mark Zuckerberg, and Klaus Schwab and think we were looking at the next Adolf Hitler, complete with concentration camps and swastikas. But if you are the enemy wanting to take down America, you can’t blame them for attacking us in a way we would have never expected. But that’s precisely what they did. And now we have to pick up the pieces and bring justice to those who did the deed. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Committee of 300, and Their Assassins of the Spirit World: Fear is how they rule you, so take that weapon away from them

I think all this is great; I’ve been telling people for years what is just under the ocean’s surface, and only now are people starting to listen. It’s always scary to think about all the sharks and massive sea monsters just under the water when you are in a big boat out in the middle of the ocean. It’s much easier not to think about those things, but your imagination can really run away from you if you find yourself swimming in such a vast and deep body of water with no land nearby, and only your head is above water. You start thinking about the possibility of sharks coming and biting off your legs hidden beneath what you can see. And that is what many feel when they think about The Committee of 300, The Olympians as they like to be called, which is a secret society of globalists involved in politics, commerce, banking, the media, just about everything. When you start talking about the Desecrators of Davos, my preferred name for them, you begin to think about all the monsters operating just out of our visual world. Secret societies like the Illuminati come to mind, along with all the confined aspects of Freemasonry that always have people so ill at ease. The concealed parts of these operations make people weary, which is part of the strategy. We don’t understand what is hidden, so we fear it. We trust our visual reference too much, and we then find ourselves ruled by fear of these secret societies as a result. But if we are going to solve some of our modern problems, we have to decipher why we have some of those problems. And to defeat the Desecrators of Davos, we need to see what is under the surface and deal with why they are in secret societies, to begin with. And from there, we have to deal with the crazy occult beliefs they have and understand why they are so detrimental to the human race.

So as a disclosure on this topic, I have spent many thousands of hours thinking about it. I like to know what’s under the surface of our reality, so I don’t get my legs nipped at. Rather than get eaten by the sharks concealed under the water, I prefer to make shark skin boots out of them, not to be their next meal. With that said, there is nothing about secret societies that worry me. Even in Freemasonry, those who think they are working for the light are essentially group-oriented collectivists who get just about everything about life wrong. What makes them dangerous, especially on the Desecrators of Davos side of things, is that their incorrect assumptions about the rules of morality in the universe are wrong and built on their insecurities as collectivists. You don’t find rugged individuals running around in the Illuminati or the high degree Masons. You find followers looking for ancient help from the spirit world to help them meander through life and destroy their enemies in the fight for what they think is justice. In the case of our modern globalists, they have turned Climate Change into a cultlike religion. Their beliefs are nearly identical to every primitive culture that mankind has produced, including the Mayans. Sacrifice to the spirit world in hopes that assistance in the present world can be obtained. You might be surprised how even the most well-educated banker in Switzerland believes in the occult, essentially because they are insecure people who seek help in life and are afraid to stand on their own, equipped with the strength of their own intellect. 

What do these people in the occult do when they can’t traditionally kill an enemy, by poisoning their water or food or killing them with a knife in the back or a bullet in a dark spot in a parking lot when they think nobody is looking, they will turn to the spirit world to chant against your name hoping to kill you at the level of your DNA. You might find that a day of bad karma is not by accident, where you get hit by every traffic light or forget your phone in some strange place, interrupting your day with a barrage of inconveniences. You might even find yourself in a car accident or hit in the head by some random falling piece of wood at a construction site. I’m speaking from a lot of experience when I say that I’ve had many enemies who have turned to the spirit world to bring me great harm. I was entertained when I found an ultraterrestrial spellbook in Roswell, New Mexico recently, at a very esoteric bookstore which is my favorite. Its called Rituals of the Men in Black, and it shows quite openly how some parts of our society seek aid from the spirit world to manipulate our material world in strategic ways. Without question, members of these secret societies work day and night to create similar spells onto the world described in that book.   Ultraterrestrials are living creatures that live in parallel dimensional planes of reality. They live with us but typically don’t interact with us directly. You can sometimes see them when your brain registers vision outside our normal spectrum realm and hear frequencies beyond the normal. Like the ocean, just because we don’t know what’s under the water doesn’t mean it’s not there. I’ve had many enemies drink menstrual blood and do the blood chants against my name, hoping to ruin me from such places. Obviously, I’m still here, so it doesn’t mean they are successful just because the attempt is made. 

In so many ways, these occultists who have been using these kinds of supernatural aids to whisper in the ears of our government and corporate tycoons for years are coming undone with the pressure that the Trump administration brought to global politics and the kind of people who voted for him. For the first time in history, much like my own experience with the occultists, the positive energy of President Trump was not defeated on a large stage. The secret societies that have relied on the power from the spirit world to help them rule the world are falling apart because people are losing their fear of that unseen world. All the occultists really ever had was fear; when you know where the sharks are, you can kill them. Not knowing where they are or when they might strike is the fear that most people live with constantly. They worry about spirit attackers destroying them in a nightmare or not being able to manage a string of bad luck given to you like some voodoo spell chanted over a star of Lucifer outlined by candles and blood spread out for all to drink for supernatural power. Yes, that nice balding businessman from London believes that if he drinks the blood with his fraternity friends, that he might have success in life, so he drinks it. He says the chant, looking for his bank account to fill. The world is full of such weak people, and they fill countless chapters of secret societies worldwide, and they actively seek help from beyond the grave. But aside from fear, there isn’t much they can do to any of us. And the presidency of Trump proved it and forced them to come out of hiding and not to be so secret. And just like when it comes to the sharks when they start jumping out of the water to eat you, that’s when it makes it easiest for you to defeat them. When we can see them, that is the time to strike. And that is what we see more and more. The Olympians are desperate. The Desecrators of Davos are looking for answers. And when they do turn to their chants and blood rites, they find that their ultraterrestrials are more scared of us than we are of them. Their only power is concealment, which has been ripped away, leaving them all very vulnerable.

Rich Hoffman

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The Story of the Cicadas: How governments and other malicious characters control us

Thinking deeply about these new cicadas that have been coming out of the ground for this latest 17-year cycle in May has given me reflection on the nature of life in general and the ways that governments seek to control us.   I like these cicadas, they are beautiful little creatures, and it almost seems tragic that their life is so short for all the hoopla they embark on to arrive over such a long gestation period.  But here they are, they climb out of their shells after so long burrowed in the ground only to almost immediately begin their mating rituals followed by death days or weeks later.  It reminds me in a cosmic way of the human lifespan and why we have the kinds of anxieties that we do about things.  I would also offer that by developing our intellects, we can step away from the lifecycles that the cicadas are stuck on.  But one major impediment that we must overcome is how governments use our natural struggle with lifecycles to keep us under control, as explained in the video below.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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