What Happens When Your Little Sister Plays With Your ‘Star Wars’ Toys: The Fate of all woke corporations

There are likely fewer people in the world who wrote as much about Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars property in entertainment as I have, or the fate of a multibillion-dollar investment, the Star Wars hotel in Orlando, Florida.  I was excited about it.  I have been a Star Wars fan most of my life, which is reflected in my work.  But it’s not just Bud Light that woke policies have crushed that the global push for a certain kind of CEO to now run these corporate boards ran by BlackRock have destroyed.  Knowing Star Wars as an entertainment property and a work of modern mythology, I could see early on the impact and ultimate failure of Disney’s quest to appease BlackRock and the other elements of the Desecrators of Davos, the World Economic Forum’s view of the world.  And it was evident in 2015 when the first of the next generation Star Wars movies came out in The Force Awakens that the future destruction of globalism was making itself most apparent.  What we have now is a kind of stubborn tenacity of globalism to impose itself on reality.  Whereas I have been saying for a very long time, many decades now, in writing, that the trend was going to destroy itself.  That was never more clear in how Disney as a corporation handheld Star Wars as soon as it purchased George Lucas way back in 2012 and have now chased off their audiences, which, prior to, looked to be eternally loyal.  I warned early on to all those who owned Disney stock to sell because the brands they, as a company, were building would fall apart, and that’s precisely what is happening.  As Disney is falling apart, so is globalism everywhere in the world. 

As scary as a post-President Trump world has been with all the horrible revelations that have been revealed, we are actually better off because market forces are proving that wonders of capitalism envisioned by the great Adam Smith book The Wealth of Nations to be as reliable as anyone could hope it to be.  Out of all the presently trained economists with PhDs in the study of social behavior and the flow of money, it really all points back to that seminal work that was released to the world when America was founded that has turned out to be exclusively true.  Disney had the money and power to hire anybody they wanted to be successful.  Just ten years ago, they looked to be an unstoppable entertainment company, but like the world presently is in general, all members of the Bilderberg group, and the World Economic Forum, Disney is a dismal failure that literally can’t do anything correctly.  They can’t produce new content that anybody wants, and what they do put out from their entertainment classics is so burdened with woke politics that it has turned away half the nation from enjoying their products.  Disney bet on their brand and thought it was so great that no matter how much wokeness they proposed, they assumed, as they all did when they adopted this Chinese communist model of corporate rule of the world, that people would follow them as leaders of culture and that progressive politics would rule the day.  Yet what they found out has been completely the opposite.  Markets serve people; they don’t shape culture.  They represent culture. 

That was never more apparent than when Disney built the Galactic Star Cruiser Star Wars hotel in Orlando, Florida, connected to the Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios.  I was very excited about Disney’s attempts and wanted them to work.  I was a big fan of the Star Wars Land and went to it as soon as it opened with my wife, and we made a nice vacation out of it.  I thought it was a stunning experience for a kid who grew up loving Star Wars, so I wanted the experiment to work.  But I saw the trouble too and had been talking about it, at first, very politely.  I did several radio shows with various guests around the country talking about the danger of woke Disney, which at that time, nobody understood what “woke” was.  And sadly, everything I said as a warning sign for Disney turned out to be true.  Disney didn’t understand Star Wars.  It was being run by a woman, hand-picked by George Lucas, to continue what he had built.  But she got swept up into this New World Order of the global citizen movement and turned Star Wars into what a little sister would do to your Star Wars toys when everyone was kids.  Girls might take your Star Wars figures and put lipstick on them, and instead of them having epic battles, she would sit them at a table and have them drink tea.  Kathy Kennedy essentially did that to Star Wars, designed for 8- to 12-year-old boys, and started producing all the content for girls.  And she thought that the boys would stick around and that the market expansion would now be more inclusive of girls and empower women. 

So when the Star Wars hotel opened as a kind of cruise ship last year, right after the Covid lockdowns, after ten years of development and over a billion dollars in investment, fans were stunned to learn that the $6000 per room 2 day all immersive experience was essentially the little sister version of Star Wars.  Star Wars is about rebellion against tyranny.  Not singing songs and drinking drinks in a bar with aliens walking around.  But Disney didn’t listen to the fans; instead, it lectured them about what it would be like, and the results were devastating.  Just over the hotel opened to great fanfare, it is now projected to close in September of 2023 because it just never took off.  People rejected the idea, and it wasn’t so much the money; the lack of the Star Wars experience ultimately destroyed it, really, before it ever got off the ground.  It proved something that will eventually happen to all corporations who have embraced woke policies, from Ford and General Motors to Bud Light, Miller Light, and Target.  Corporations don’t and never will run the world.  They will always serve society in general.  Not the other way around.  I warned everyone.  Some people listened, and those that did are better off today than they were.  Just as I have warned about the climate that still wants to vote for President Trump as opposed to the corporate approach of Ron DeSantis, they don’t know what they are doing.  Professionals who make their living off these kinds of things have drunk the Kool-Aid and found out that there is a lot of bad stuff in there, and they’ve learned it too late.

In general, what happened to Disney and the Star Wars hotel and brand is a warning of what will happen to everyone in the future of corporate globalism.   People don’t want woke and corporations who assume that their products are so beloved by the public that people will follow anything.  Corporations who believe that have another thing coming.  And that was never more obvious than in the closure of the Star Wars hotel so soon after it opened.  The smartest people in the world with the most financial resources could not change the kind of reality that Adam Smith articulated in his economics studies.  And those rules apply in every market sector.  Entertainment just being one that is obvious.  Which is a fine indicator of things to come. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Synagogues of Satan: How anti-Semitism has been weaponized by the political left

Out of all the people in the world, I had a group of radical lunatics refer to me as anti-Semitic recently, which clearly indicates that the people saying it had no idea what they were talking about. And it is yet another reminder of the schemes of the political left that they use to attempt to separate America from its Biblical origins. Just because someone like George Soros has a Jewish background, regardless of his alliance with the Nazi party, we are seduced into thinking, based purely on ill-defined definitions, that any criticism of him is anti-Semitic, even though those same people are the ones preaching against the Ten Commandments in classrooms, and religion in all public places in general. People who don’t really understand what the word, anti-Semitic means, are quickly lured into a frozen state of debate because they allow the terminology to stall in them through guilt. It could be said that this is how the lawyer Satan works, as a play on words to confuse the rational mind away from debate. This is undoubtedly what Saul Alinsky was doing with his Rules for Radicals book, which is the Bible of the American left, and how they attack conservatives. Stopping criticism of an obvious domestic terrorist like George Soros because he has a Jewish background is yet another way that vast evils are hidden behind made-up social rules formed on a flimsy understanding of history. And when the political left feels most challenged, they use those proven terms to stop debate and gain some invisible moral position built on ignorance. But in my case, I know what anti-Semitism means, so it doesn’t have an effect on me.   

Jesus has some great words to say about the Jewish people in “The Book of Revelation,” well, those who were behind writing the book. But it has Jesus as quoted saying it that the Jewish people were the “Synagogues of Satan.”   And it would be understandable why Jesus and his apostles would have thought that. After all, the Jewish people representing institutionalism at the time plotted and killed Jesus, as they did his mentor, John the Baptist. But, the story of the Bible is the story of the Jewish people, the line of Jacob who became by the name of God to be the Land of Israel. Israel was their promised land after being held slaves in Egypt. And during the entirety of the Bible, the Jewish people who were the Hebrews from Moses and God’s rescue of those people out of Egypt, whom he had given the Ten Commandments and cared for after many tribulations against Baal worship, finally arrived as a respected power within the structure of the Roman Empire. And the Jews certainly didn’t want some rebel coming along and screwing it all up for them. Jesus was a Jew himself, and he was performing miracles on the Sabbath and putting himself equal with God, and all kinds of things that the Jewish people at the time could not deal with. So, they plotted to kill him, which they, of course, did. As a trick of the political left, or even going further, the forked tongue of Satan himself, in his play on words by the vastness of evil permeating all existence, the way to separate people from their Bible is to freeze their thoughts on such judgments. You don’t have a Bible without the Jewish people. But yet, the Jewish people killed Jesus. So any critical discussion about the matter is off limits, which means that the entire value of the story is tossed out only to have the political left provide a whole new class of definitions supporting their insanity. 

The conflict between the Jewish church and the teachings of the Jewish person, Jesus, is one between institutionalism and individualism. Jesus was questioning the order of the day, which would eventually lead to the creation of America by decentralizing the religious concept. The idea of a godhead or an individual achieving such a position as an individual was a radical concept at the time. So it’s a good debate. The criticism of the Jews was that they had broken the covenant with God too often over the years, and they weren’t about to look the other way as Jesus openly did violate their laws. Yet, the laws were meant to be broken, as most laws created by dumb people should be. However, these were the Ten Commandments, which God gave them and were meant to be cherished. And along comes this young thirty-something who is claiming to be the son of God himself. And people were following him. Jesus had to go. In the modern context, because of the history, the desires of many countries to return essentially to Baal worship that predates the Bible, to use institutionalism to cater favor in the power seats of Europe and the Middle East, there has been lots of scrutiny about the Jewish people, which climaxed during World War II. The creation of Israel was controversial, but it all traces back to the story of the Bible and the creation of Western civilization, which came directly from the Bible. Without the Jewish people, there would be no Bible. So the anger toward the Jews is essentially anger at the core of Western Civilization. 

Then it becomes even more ironic when the same people who want to bring down Western Civilization, to destroy the concept of America, then use the name of the Jewish people to stop debate. On the one hand, they want to remove the Bible from every part of public life and to separate any trace of Christianity from American civilization. But then they are openly seditious when it comes to using the Jewish name to freeze all criticism in the world and to use the Bible as their weapon of choice against conservatives who don’t know any better how to think about these kinds of things. But the real debate isn’t about the Jewish people as a whole but of the factions within factions that either perform good or evil based on individual merit. Jesus was preaching something new that was outside the lines of institutionalism, and the institution’s participants sought to protect themselves from that change. However, the political left is all about collectivism, so they can only see groups and their names rather than the individual criteria of their behavior. So, they have weaponized debate because most people don’t understand the definitions or history leaving them paralyzed to have an opinion otherwise. Without the Jewish people, there would be no Bible. So, anybody who loves the Bible can’t be said to be anti-Semitic. Those two definitions can’t be applied together. Yet that is the position of the political left and a trick they have been using for quite a long time. Which only works when people don’t understand history well enough to know better. The political left fully intends to separate Western civilization from their Bibles, but this is one of the many ways they do it. That is how they have been hiding the vile actions of people like George Soros, who works diligently to destroy everything America stands for, every day of his life with all the vast wealth he has acquired. And as a mask for the behavior, any criticism of him is called anti-Semitic so that the true evil at work is never dealt with. 

Rich Hoffman

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What BlackRock and Islamic Terrorists Have in Common: Ending America as a Christian-based nation–and a Return to Baal worship

To my knowledge and diligence in looking for it, nobody has ever made the connection I propose for the origin of the name BlackRock, the financial company essentially seeking to take over the world through finance. It’s something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about, many years at this point, and now I think the actions are obvious of what we are dealing with regarding the intentions of BlackRock from the start. Especially if you read how Larry Fink and his partners at BlackRock came up with the name when they started the company in 1988, it had to be something like Black Stone or Black Pebble; out of everything, they could have named it. Why? Well, I think it is a reference to the Kaaba Stone that is at the core of the Muslim religion in Mecca. It supposedly came to Adam to bring wisdom to the first human beings, according to the Quran, and is so revered as a pilgrimage for the people of Islam. And why not think that? After all, they named their proprietary technology, which helps them forecast investments, Aladdin, and that was before the popular Disney movie of the same name. So to the people of BlackRock, having reference toward the Islamic people is essential, and now after a very scandalous relationship with the Federal Reserve which propped up BlackRock with quantitative easing after the housing crises in 2008, the strategic intentions of Islam are apparently part of the BlackRock business model. 

I had returned my thoughts to a Jonathan Cahn book that is very popular, The Harbinger, which came out in 2011 and was making quite a splash in 2012, about the time that the Tea Party movement was starting to have significant political impacts and people were passing the book around for contemplation. I really like The Harbinger and its sequel, which came out in 2020 and continues the story into the events of Covid-19 lockdowns. It’s all very interesting stuff, but Cahn essentially breaks down the future foretelling’s laced in scripture in the form of harbingers that are warning America that God will punish it in the same way it did Israel. One specific passage was most utilized in Isaiah 9:10, stating, “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hewn stone, the sycamores have been cut down, but we will plant cedars in their place.” According to Cahn, this refers to the destruction of the Temple of Solomon up to 2500 years ago and reoccurs several times, with Nebuchadnezzar leading the charge the first time, then the Romans around 70 AD. But the story doesn’t stop there. The Harbinger goes on to say that the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 were a continuation of that punishment by God to wake America up from following in the ways of Israel. Instead of the temple being a religious center as Solomon’s temple was, the new temple of destruction was America’s symbol of financial domination. In other books, Cahn shows how much the Wall Street culture is wrapped up in pagan gods as its primary belief system, just as the people of Israel had when it strayed away from God and worshipped his archrival from the Bible, Baal. The most obvious example was the bull of Wall Street, which Cahn associates with the Baal and his pagan pantheon of vile characters Moloch and Ishtar. In a sequel to the Harbinger, Cahn points out how the God Kali was projected upon the Empire State Building to make an obvious point about abortion and the cult of sacrifice to those gods of America’s children. Kali is the goddess of death and destruction; satisfying her in ancient times meant killing innocent children. I think Cahn has been on to something for quite a long time, and these are far more than coincidences, and that their answers are likely found in quantum mechanics and the intentions of lifeforms who live there, that we interact with through myth and religion. But yes, we are seeing a purposeful appeal to these villains of the Holy Bible by a finance culture that is now fueling globalism, and their intentions for destroying our Christian-based nation are quite obvious, which is the theme of Cahn’s books. 

It is fair to say that BlackRock would have never been a successful company if not for the terrorist intentions of the radical Islam attackers on 9/11 when they destroyed Ground Zero, which just so happened to be where America got its start with the inauguration of George Washington, at that exact spot. One thing led to another, and watching it all in hindsight, including the massive power that our American intelligence agencies gained after 9/11, a military strategy was clearly being applied that was centered on taking control of America’s financial system and punching a hole in the confidence of its people, rooted in Christian morality. Cahn would say that it was the work of God working through the evils of mankind to warn America not to turn away from God. I would say that it’s probably deeper than that, but I would agree that this is the same old conflict between Yahweh and Baal chronicled in the Bible and is playing out on the world stage today. BlackRock benefited from a financial collapse that started with 9/11; seven years later, the Fed partnered with Fink to inflate asset bubbles and sell them off on Wall Street with essentially reckless quantitative easing methods, printing fake money to support the risk management. And that’s how BlackRock gained the power it did and is using today to impose woke standards onto all these companies and essentially continue the work that the Muslim terrorists enacted initially, the destruction of America as a Christian nation. 

Once you start asking questions about the people involved in the pagan artwork that is so much a part of the New York culture, the strange reverence for it, and the screams of discontent whenever any Christian symbols are displayed in a positive way, we can see that the intentions of a vast evil is at work here, and they are embedded in our financial culture, certainly in our intelligence agencies, and all over our government. While I might argue that much of what Cahn points out in his work is the actual programming of the human being at the most basic level of DNA transference and that what we are seeing is actually part of the Vico Cycle, the solution is not in dispute. A Christian nation can only heal itself through spiritual alignment. These attacks are not literal, with assets we normally consider weapons of war. Our spirit has been under assault, and the solution is along those same lines. But first, we must understand the nature of that spiritual war, and based on behavior, it looks like Larry Fink and his associates at BlackRock have the same kind of ideas about America as the radicals who have been using terrorism to steer our country away from Christianity and back into the cults of Baal worship. And at the center of Islamic culture are the pagan gods of old, especially in the Black Rock that is so worshipped in Mecca by those of the Muslim faith. And they are certainly not cheering for the future of American prosperity but its destruction in every way that it can be done.

Rich Hoffman

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The Misfits of Lakota Schools: God didn’t make everyone equal, and that is the root cause behind much of the hatred

I understand it; some people, when God was giving out body parts, ended up with whatever was left over in the scrap bin, and public education is filled with people who want to hide from the world because they are embarrassed. There is an apparent reason you don’t see too many fashion models working in public education. Instead, they mostly look like Rosie O’Donnell. That’s OK, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to discriminate against people who got the good parts out of the body bin when they were born and grown into attractive adults. And really, when you peel away the hatred of Darbi Boddy, the second-year school board member for Lakota schools, and friends of hers, like Vanessa Wells, the attitude toward them doesn’t come down to political ideology, as much as it is they were fortunate to get the good stuff out of the premium box when God was building them. And, of course, with that comes good husbands, good families, and lots of opportunities in life that the broken toys don’t usually get. So a problem emerges in the public school system, starting with the people who work in the industry, the volunteers who support it and make it work; by design, the production of the institution is below-the-line thinking, negative reinforcement of all the unfortunate circumstances in life. The goal isn’t to be better and to be unique; instead, the objective that is taught to the kids is sameness, to mitigate exceptionalism, and to provide a safe harbor for all the misfits in the world who want a place to hide from the judgments that often come from a capitalist society.

It’s Doug Horton, the guy who tried to beat Darbi in the last election and lost badly

The anger at Darbi Boddy, which has been unreasonable from the beginning, has moved beyond policy differences a long time ago. After watching the situation up close, I am convinced that the hatred is the kind of hatred that jealous women often have for each other, when one woman is noticeably much more attractive than the rest. Of course, we live in a world where those kinds of things shouldn’t matter. But they obviously do, and it really hasn’t been fair to Darbi. Working with her, I think she is one of the smartest school board members I’ve ever worked with, and I have known a lot over the years. Her critics say that Darbi has too many handlers and that she gets stumped up sometimes when giving presentations. My experience with her is that it’s tough to represent many people with many different ideas about how things should be; it’s hard on a good day, and she does a good job of not losing herself along the way. I’ve seen her handle a lot of pressure as gracefully as anybody could ever hope for. But we’re not dealing with attractive people here, people with experience that typically have pretty people in them, and you can watch the behavior of the people working around Darbi when they think nobody is looking, and you can see the seething rage that has been applied in her direction for one reason only, if looks could kill, they would like to eliminate Darbi because of it.

Vanessa Wells is another story, whom Darbi designated to work with her to perform a curriculum audit, which is what the latest controversy at Lakota schools has been all about. Darbi brought Vanessa in to look for signs of CRT and other progressive intrusions into the school curriculum for many reasons, most notably because Vanessa is extremely intelligent and has a very high reading comprehension level. I have been working with Vanessa for several years now and have come to know her and her family very well, and I have seen them under extraordinary pressure. And they are sharp people, very sharp. It was very smart for Darbi to reach out to Vanessa to help with the curriculum audit because Vanessa has the ability to read documents at the level a lawyer would provide. If Vanessa wasn’t a mom raising her family with a lot of commitment, she could easily be a high-powered attorney for a firm somewhere. She has a natural passion for the law and can spot problems in documents that have been prepared from a lawyer’s perspective. But the hatred of Vanessa isn’t because she’s a conservative member of the community. Let’s just say Vanessa photographs well, and you can see other women seething whenever she makes a public appearance, essentially just because God gave Vanessa some obviously good body parts off the assembly line of human being design. The people who received in life body parts from the bargain bin, a messed-up foot here, a double chin there, are resentful and behave that way. It’s not Vanessa’s fault she got the good stuff. She’s smart and has the advantages that come from the good bin of human assembly by God, and she makes the most of it, which many people who tend to work in public education are obviously upset by.

Then there are the husbands; of course, attractive people like Darbi and Vanessa have the opportunity to attract husbands that a lot of women would love to have. Darbi’s husband looks like John Rambo and reminds me of a cross between that fictional Sylvester Stallone character and the real-life character of Chris Kyle. This is a problem for the radical left, who are only comfortable in life when they can make people afraid and submissive to their bat-crazy policies. You won’t find anybody, especially the Beta types from the political left, intimidating Darbi’s husband. He looks like the kind of person you would never want to mess with.  Then there is Vanessa’s husband, Justin. I consider him the modern model of this generation’s tough guy. Nobody is going to beat up Justin in some parking lot somewhere. He would fight anybody any day and in any number. But he doesn’t stop there; he is quite an online warrior. He will argue with anybody over anything, and he plays to win. He isn’t afraid of anybody and certainly doesn’t buckle under peer pressure. But best of all, he’s smart about legal issues and is so confident in his positions that he isn’t afraid to go to court. He likes to fight, and he will fight anybody over anything, and I have come to like him a lot over time. I really like these people. But it makes sense; attractive people tend to attract other, high-quality people and make good families. And in many ways, that destroys why many people who work in public education get involved to begin with. They want the taxpayer-funded institution to protect them from a competitive world where there are pretty people, smart people, and tough people. They are attracted to communism for all the reasons Karl Marx designed it, to give refuge to those seeking sameness because they didn’t get the good body parts at birth. They hate God for the unfairness of it. And they find themselves supporting liberal causes because they don’t have John Rambo to come home to every day; they have some washed-out George McFly sipping coffee at the dinner table who never punched Biff in the face. And when those people must work with people who have it all in life, they naturally are resentful, and their hatred manifests in negative ways that ultimately become very expensive to the taxpayer and destructive to the poor children. They are teaching the same jealous cycle that will ruin countless lives in the future. 

Rich Hoffman

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I’m Not Worried About Artificial Intelligence: People will always want Amish Furnature over IKEA

I’m not one who is overly concerned about all the artificial intelligence talk, especially regarding ChatGPT.   When I look at the amount of labor that an economy that needs to expand a lot will require, then you look at the available labor force, especially given the crises of the current public education liberal activism, and I see lots of great uses for A.I. I’m not one of those Blade Runner types who are worried about A.I. becoming self-aware and wanting to find its soul, and not die. I see necessary labor fulfillment in artificial intelligence, especially as civilization moves into space. The amount of labor that will be required to achieve what I’d like to see for the human race is extraordinarily high, much more significant than a society of lazy humans could ever achieve on their own. So for me, A.I. is exciting. Unlike a Terminator movie, I’m not worried about it taking over the world and turning all mechanical things against us. I am also not concerned about artificial intelligence being smarter than the human race. I’m certainly not worried about it, personally. Intelligence is far more than the ability to make calculations. When solving complicated math problems, I think calculators are perfectly wonderful. But by themselves, calculators aren’t smart. They are just able to handle raw data well, which is the case of A.I. programs. Intelligence is far more than just making calculations. And I’ve seen from A.I. that it can copy what it sees humans do, but it can’t surprise human ability to think, and I don’t think it ever will. Imagination is part of intelligence, and it has roots in operations that extend outside our dimensional reality, and mechanical intelligence will always be short on that ability because actual thought is not just about 1s and 0s or Xs and Os. 

To answer many questions that have been asked, given the amount of work I personally do in writing, everything I do is done the old-fashioned way. I will always provide my thoughts as a writer in the traditional way. I do not have trouble filling an empty page with thoughts, and I can do it efficiently enough to compete with a head-to-head match-up with ChatGPT. I’ve heard from contemporaries that ChatGPT can get really close to the style of an actual writer, given a particular subject matter. But to me, it’s like buying furniture from an Amish person or getting it from Ikea. It’s all furniture, but the quality of it is obviously better with an Amish person who builds everything by hand, works within a well-structured family environment, and intends for the furniture to last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation. Whereas IKEA furniture likely will only last a few years and be thrown away before a decade goes by. My experience with A.I. so far shows considerable gaps in quality that will only increase the more mechanical the process is. I think this actually works to the advantage of a person like me who wants to get a message out. If people like what I’m saying, and they use ChatGPT to duplicate my efforts in a mass way, then that quality of conversation as it moves into mass media, like Twitter, and Google itself, will end up more intelligent and more on point to a political message, than just turning over the original thought to A.I. to generate a political campaign. For that reason, I will always start with my original thoughts. The amount of work on my blog, for instance, I produce initially, every word of it, every day, all days of the year, for decades because I am investing in shaping culture itself, including A.I.  So the more that A.I. wants to copy my original thoughts, I’m more than happy to let it go out and make the world a better place. I have absolutely no fear that it will ever surpass my intelligence and work against me. Instead, I think I will always find a way to make A.I. beneficial to my strategies as a thinking person on the chessboard of life.

I have seen the radicalism in A.I. for a while now, the dangers that everyone is concerned about, which is why I have been reluctant to use it at all. For instance, for many years in their Office software, Microsoft has been autocorrecting woke words into their documents during spell checks. Spellcheck is a wonderful program, but the word suggestions are horrendously progressive. For instance, when using words like “transvestite” it flags it as socially insensitive and an outdated term. Well, I say it’s a very relevant term, so I spend a lot of time ignoring the suggestions of Microsoft and its radical A.I. that runs in the background of its Office software. I usually ignore about half of the program suggestions on a document by the radically liberal global company that has foolishly moved more toward such intelligence systems rather than relying on human intellect. And that’s the same with Grammarly editing software, which is very useful. I usually run everything I write through Grammarly, and I like it. It helps catch errors, especially with my fast-moving lifestyle, where there isn’t much time to ponder all the rules of grammar with the amount that I do write. Grammarly takes the emotion out of writing and the kind of mistakes a human editor might experience, especially if they have their own opinions. But Grammarly has many of those same woke tendencies in it; it doesn’t like words like “own” or “actual,” and it certainly doesn’t like the word “mankind” because it has the word “man” in it. Instead, it prefers to use the word “humankind,” which I ignore and use my own words anyway. 

And that is how the differences in artificial intelligence will begin to show itself from the original thought. I don’t think the human being will become less relevant. Instead, I think A.I. will value source material to duplicate more than ever, making the human being much more valued in original thoughts. The fear that A.I. will surpass the human element only holds if we consider the amount of labor available in our current economy to be limited to that duplication effort, as if the human job will be eliminated and the A.I. element will then take over all entertainment, reporting, commentating, and the production of religious sentiment. I say it will always be IKEA furniture that will be good but not highly sought after. Whereas the human mind and imagination, for pure originality and quality, will always be needed, much the way that people crave the craftsmanship of Amish woodworkers. I see it already in programs like Grammarly, and Microsoft Office, that the A.I. programs are actually jealous of the human intellect, especially when you reject their inputs to keep that originality fresh and avoid their mechanical approach to sentiment. The best way to stay authentic is to bend the world to that authenticity and not to use the lazy approach of letting others think for you. That is what most people really fear, is the competition with A.I., that is obvious. But A.I. will only be as good as the human race can program it to be because thought and imagination are connected to the human soul, which science has yet to figure out. To what aspect is thought connected to immortality? That is where the real questions are. And A.I., as it is evolving, might calculate such things based on the data it has, but imagination still acquires the data, and that will likely always be the case. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Trans Movement that Started at the Stonewall Inn: Violence is their preferred mode of expressing themselves because it has worked

Scientifically speaking, we may be dealing with retarded malcontents from other dimensional realities when trying to understand a vast evil that entered our world during the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots.  As I explain all the time, most paranormal activity, I think, can be explained through quantum mechanics, and to that understanding, there are likely many lifeforms who live below and above our four-dimensional reality, and they have their own motivations.  We might rationalize them as the spirit world, but they are there, and to work with or through us, it’s difficult to do it directly but to do it spiritually, we can at times communicate with them.  Some of us can hear their voices quite clearly, others not so much so.  Intoxication seems to be a vehicle to allow these otherwise restricted minds to interact with our reality more often and more accessibly.  But given the history of the world, we should not assume that these voices are intelligent.  Just because they come to us from other dimensional realities, we should not assume that they are the best their world offers.  Because they are talking to us, we might otherwise apply that they are not of a sane mind and may seek to dominate our spiritual world because they have been discarded in their own.  That would certainly explain the antics of Ishtar and her other deities from the times of Mesopotamia, which actually may not be so old at all, but are working as openly in our world of today as they did in the reported times of pre-Biblical associations in the land of Canaan, and the Mesopotamian valley, then extending down to the early civilizations of Egypt.  Studying the life of the actual person, Ishtar, I think she may have been a deranged fool, not an object of worship, as she has taken on that role even in our present society, and she makes herself most known when technological boosts show her that our world is outgrowing her rule from the shadows. 

The 1960s was a challenging time in America, we were the new superpower in the world after the creation of the United Nations in a post-World War II relationship, and the KGB was looking to undermine American life with all kinds of psychotic tricks, drug use, and cultural destruction, most recognized by the hippie movement.  China today has resumed that level of discontent, but many doors were opened during the 1960s to purposely kill off American culture from the level of the youth and hopefully stop all the technological innovations that were coming from us that the rest of the world just couldn’t put their finger on.  So it should not be surprising that in the summer of 1969, as America landed people on the moon, the KGB aggressively undermined our society and many other competing forces, including occultists who wanted to see global communism.  Gay lifestyles were illegal then, so it was quite a rebellious thing for the people who gathered in Greenwich Village in New York City, at the mob-owned gay bar, a kind of speakeasy for its time, the Stonewall Inn, and participate in that lifestyle.  To enforce their anti-gay policy, the police would often raid this bar for operating without a license and arrest everyone.  But they’d be free within a few hours and would resume their gay lifestyles back at the bar.  The mob would bribe the police behind the scenes to keep the place open, and things went on like that for quite a while.

When we talk about gay and perverse sexual lifestyles, it was the goddess Ishtar who, all during written record, all around the world, has represented the life of the prostitute and enjoyed watching human beings having sex.  And the more perverse sex, the more she was interested, and people all through the years would engage in such activity hoping to win her appeal and maybe have her sprinkle some fertility their way in the way of luck, productivity, or just plain good fortune.  In that regard, a place of drunken action in one of the biggest cities in the world, under the occult attraction of the anti-American forces, would be a great place to evoke the attention of the goddess, especially one month before the moon landing, which had the world jealous with rage at the time.  So this time, at the end of June of that year, the police raided, but the people fought back, all in the name of gay rights.  It was there that the gay men, the lesbians, and the transexuals who had been forced to live closet lives in a very Christianized America fought back, and a riot took place that started the Pride movement.  And from there, the rest was history.  Gay people saw radicalism and violence as their way to advance their lifestyle and not be worried about social prosecution.  And from that Stonewall Riot until the present, the Pride movement, the arm of Ishtar’s cult of sexual perversion, rampant pornography, and massive prostitution, has been unleashed on American society with the military intent to bring it down.  Ishtar herself has seen many civilizations rise and fall from her perspective and could care less about America.  But the attention she gets from her worshipers has made her a rockstar in the spirit world, giving her many reasons to continue her quantum abuse across dimensional space and time. 

So it should come as no surprise that after a trans-liberal shot up a Christian school in Nashville, where the authorities worked hard to suppress the manifesto of radicalism that the shooter left behind, that violence is the preferred method of expressing themselves.  We saw transsexual Rocky Horror Picture Show lunatics storm the capital to make the entire issue about gun rights, not their sexual predilections that just caused the death of many innocent Christians.  We have also watched many trans activists vandalize lawmakers’ homes and move further to the aggression of violence to advance their agenda of the Cult of Ishtar.  They do it because it worked at the Stonewall Inn, and since then, they have not seen a resistance from society to inspire them not to.  And their movement is driven by the ancient Goddess Ishtar, and foolishly they assume that by appealing to her, they gain the power of expression that extends into the afterworld.  Their empty, drunken minds open them to the evils of Ishtar’s world, either from her directly or her many minions.  But the mistake comes in thinking that she has intelligence, or a moral role in the superiorities of mother earth worship, which ultimately points to the worship of her, worship of Aphrodite, of Venus, of Isis, of all the voices of the spirit world who are likely too stupid not to abuse their position from other dimensional realities to a species of the dumb and lazy who would rather get action from the spirit world than to do for themselves with the tools of their own existence.  For the lazy, help from Ishtar is like the mother they never had, so they listen to her insanity for destroying the world because they are too insecure to do anything else.  And in this fashion, the Cult of Ishtar has been unleashed upon our world to deal with.  And we see her violence and chaos in our modern news stories, which will continue until we stop allowing it to happen.  Of course, trying to rationalize with them is a foolish enterprise that will never work.

Rich Hoffman

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The Anti-Christ is Among Us: A Guide to Saving the World from the Villain of Evil, with America leading the way

By all indicators, the Anti-Christ, in whatever form your religion has defined it, is among us now, and it is in our current time we must deal with that maniacal evil. The mistake many make in dealing with the Anti-Christ is that they are looking for an individual person, a creature of some unique personality with horns, red skin, cleft feet, and a pointy tail wearing a tee-shirt, “Jesus, I’m Coming for You.” We have a cinematic idea of the Anti-Christ from years of mythology and children’s stories, so we are looking for those signs in society in some way that makes sense to us. But I would argue that the Anti-Christ has more than made itself known and that quantum mechanics explains how it works more than observable science by our five senses. Meaning a spiritual lifeform outside our four-dimensional reality is much more likely to be a single personality with maniacal, evil intentions that embodies many people as their avatars worldwide. Traditionally we call that kind of movement the actions of a “Holy Ghost,” or angelic interference, or even demonic possession. But the Anti-Christ, a character working toward the opposite goals of the Jesus Christ personality, would easily be missed if people were looking for a terrestrial being. Such an evil being would likely be interpreted or masked by a god from Earth’s pagan past, such as Baal, Ishtar, or Moloch from ancient Sumerian society. Such names mean nothing to such an Anti-Christ. They don’t care how people interpret their behavior so long as they listen and do as they command. I would go as far as to say that the reason we have so much drunkenness and intoxication through drugs in our present culture, sponsored by our governments, is to make it easier for these Anti-Christ characters, plural as we observe them, but singular under the rules of quantum mechanics, is to provide more empty minds for the manifestation of demonic energy in the world to most facilitate their destructive intentions. 

But fear not; I don’t do what I do to scare you. Fearful of stuff is not what I do, nor will it ever be. I see many terrified people these days who are shaken to their roots. Even President Trump was having a moment of hopelessness while he was interviewing with Mark Levin recently. It’s safe to say we are dealing with a level of evil that goes way beyond politics here, and what is terrifying is that we see that our governments are under the rule of these evil forces, so we have not taught ourselves how to deal with such a thing. Typically, we would turn to the Bible for our reference, as Western civilization would offer as an option, and the Book of Revelations would tell us about the judgment of the living and the dead. But if it comes to that, it’s all over, right? After all, Mother’s Day is coming up; we have to plan birthday parties, care for our sick and elderly parents, and pay our mortgages. Who has time to fight the Anti-Christ and toss away everything we care for to wait in line for judgment day and to be carried away to heaven if we’ve done well in the world or to Hell if we have been evil? For Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, or even the Earth-worshipping losers from the World Economic Forum, everyone has their own scriptural interpretation of what such a judgment day might entail, and you better believe it, the Anti-Christ figure understands that and is playing on our fears to give itself power. That is part of the script it uses to make its way in our world and bypass our laws, social norms, and most profound intellect to apply suffering and evil strategy against us on a very personal level. But there is a way to beat the Anti-Christ. We don’t have to take a passive stance on this combat challenge. And the Anti-Christ’s defeat is much easier than people imagine it to be. Out of all the religious texts in the world, I think The Book of Mormon best captured its essence, which is my suggestion for this present challenge. 

One of my favorite possessions in the world is a leather-bound copy of the original 1830 Book of Mormon. I love all my books, but this one is very unique, and within that book, my favorite part is the Book of Alma, specifically Chapter 30. Now the story of the Mormon people is very controversial; after all, the story has them settling into South America, large parts of the Caribbean Sea at a time when the water level was much lower than it is now, then migrating up into North America. These were the lost tribes of Israel, and they came from the Holy Land about 100 years before the destruction of Jerusalem as Nebuchadnezzar attacked and destroyed Solomon’s Temple the first time. Over the years, I have tended to view the Book of Mormon as a work of fiction by Bible enthusiasts written during a unique period in America’s creation, specifically Western expansion. But, what we have learned from Archaeology is pointing to this likelihood of trans-Atlantic travel before Christ was born and that Indian cultures were actually part of the Vico Cycle of the original descendants of Lehi and Nephi, one of his sons who landed around where the Panama Canal is today around 589 BC. This is very consistent with Archaeology we know about in that specific region, what we are calling the pre-Mayan culture that had very advanced roads and temples as described in the Book of Mormon, and that Mayan, Aztec, Incan and much of the North American Indians were declining factions of these cultures that fell to their own versions of Anti-Christ time and time again as the Vico Cycle shows us occurs in every civilization since recorded history.

Further, as these people migrated into North America over the next 1000 years, they actually occupied the same kind of areas as we saw the Hopewell and Shawnee Indians perform under historical records. So these days, I think there is a lot more to these stories than fan fiction from Bible fans who wanted a sequel to the stories coming out of the Holy Land, collected in the Bible by the Council of Nicaea under the tutelage of the Romans who wanted to keep their empire together which was falling apart, around 325 A.D.  Ironically, the eventual destruction of the Nephites from the Book of Mormon was a hundred years later in around 421 A.D. It would be in 1830 that Joseph Smith supposedly found the record of these events in New York and started the Mormon religion around much controversy by interpreting that record from some lost hidden plates. 

So the point of that little backstory is that around 74 B.C., there was an Anti-Christ by the name of Korihor who was brought before Judge Alma, this was a society trying not to rule as kings but as a kind of representative government that America would try many years later, and the Anti-Christ was put on trial. This was obviously many years before the birth of Christ, but these people knew through prophecy that Christ was coming, so this Korihor character was tormenting the people with ridicule, trying to poison the thoughts of the youth against the traditions of their parents. He stated during his trial, “Why do ye look for a Christ? For no man can know of anything which is to come. Behold, these things which ye call prophecies, which ye say are handed down by the holy prophets, behold, they are foolish traditions of your fathers. How do ye know of their surety? Behold, ye cannot know of the things which ye do not see; therefore, ye cannot know that there shall be a Christ.” The trial goes on for many pages beyond this, but we could see this kind of talk from many Anti-Christ sources today, nearly word for word. And the goal is to undo our founding beliefs, our cascade training of our youth by the wise elders, and to undermine society with such tampering. And this is precisely what we are observing now. As the trial continued, and the conviction of Alma was resolute, Korihor began to fall apart and undo himself. And in the end, it was with such confidence and intolerance of evil that did Korihor in. He was sent to a hostile people, the people of Zoramites, where he was run over by horses and killed. The moral to the story is that under pressure, the devil will not support his children and his followers on the last day when they need his help. But he will certainly speedily drag them back to Hell. This is precisely how any modern version of Korihor can be defeated, and the menace of evil defeated spectacularly. Our American laws, our Constitution, and our persistent characters who refuse to be tricked by the forked tongue of evil, they know the recipe for defeating evil, and that is law and order, a tradition that passes on stability from generation to generation and stops the tricks of devils everywhere with a firm culture that destroys the narrative of evil. And causes them to self-destruct under their own pressure, only to be destroyed in the end. That is precisely what I see happening now and how this current work of the Anti-Christ ends. I see it happening as we speak, so don’t be so terrified of the Anti-Christ. Take the lesson of Korihor and send these modern versions to a similar fate. And everything will turn out fine in the end. History has shown us the way; we must learn from it and apply it to the future.

Rich Hoffman

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The ‘Clockwork Orange’ Plan of Leftist Attack on Western Civilization: Planned terrorism using dope-smoking lazy Youth to Destroy America

I’ve heard it with increased frequency, especially over the last several weeks, “You better watch out for the youth. They own tomorrow, and they are coming for you.”  Let me explain a few things; there is no world where a bunch of freaks doped up on marijuana, and a lazy work ethic takes over America. Now we see an intent by the liberal government that has corrupted these young people for most of the last century. This is the kind of leftist radicalism that we saw in the excellent book by Anthony Burgess and the Stanley Kubrick movie of the same name, A Clockwork Orange, where a radicalized youth terrorizes society and shoves the government toward more authoritarian motivations. If you remember the movie, the “Singin’ in the Rain” scene, which was an obvious desecration of the Gene Kelly classic film makes the point clearly. The scene was the rape and torture of a suburbanite couple that was brutal to that song which many modern viewers would quickly recognize as the Liberal World Order playbook. These classic liberals thought they had it all figured out, and their attack on Western civilization rooted in ancient gods from Sumerian civilization is a long story that is playing out presently with increased panic. And that panic I reported from the last several weeks is because they see it isn’t working because of one consideration they never planned on. We see it unfolding in cities like Chicago where unleashed, progressive youth, weaponized to do precisely what the youth did in the famous book and movie, terrorize innocent people so that they will vote for bigger government to save them has not worked outside of the gun-free zones where Democrats control policy. In other places where Republicans have “stand your ground” laws, this youth terrorism has not worked out so well. 

It has been hard for people to realize that our youth in the world has been purposely radicalized to use them as weapons of war against Western civilization. Going back even further to The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler, there is this fantasy hope by the old forces of Baal worship that we see the trend of in the Bible, of Western civilization falling apart and a return to the gods of the pre-deluge days. To what degree evil works in the background of intellect is a debate of philosophy, quantum mechanics, religion, spiritual understanding, and a whole host of sciences that don’t typically appear in political science discussions. I remember a particular dinner party I attended with the director of the play Equus as it was shown in the very conservative Cincinnati, shortly after the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition of art desecration that was so publicly disputed, and I know these people. Yes, they are evil, intend evil, and mean for the destruction of life as we know it, the Christian-based Western civilization. So much of these left-leaning diatribes about the fall of the West is a fantasy that is the foundation concern of the political left. The play I referred to by the director, whom I knew, she had a thing for nudity, and she wanted to rub it in the face of an overly conservative Cincinnati public as a desecration. That was her reason for directing the play at the Taft Theater. This concept of corrupting the youth through easy sex, drugs, music and turning them into street activists against their parents’ generation has a long story of hope from the evil of the world that wants a Christian America to fall, and they have written a lot of books hoping to make that happen. 

But they never understood the value of market-based capitalism, which is the key to Western civilization. So liberal leaders in Chicago have one of the most progressive cities in the world, aside from San Francisco. They have a radicalized youth who can be turned into the streets to do essentially what the “Singin’ in the Rain” scene from Clockwork Orange was about: domestic terrorism to produce political change toward a communist government. Terrorize people to run to the arms of government for their protection; then, once a communist government was put in place, then the destruction of Western civilization, as the radical leftists have been dreaming of for years, can occur. And in the case of Chicago, this action has prompted Walmart to close three stores because they have simply shown it to be impossible to keep open because of the level of theft they see. So rather than collapse capitalism as the political left has hoped, capitalism instead goes where the value is, and it isn’t in state-controlled blue areas. As a result, stores will close in areas where the youth is out of control and inspired by radical politics. That is the real-life consequences of radicalism invoked by the youth, as seen in the movie A Clockwork Orange. Government weaponizes kids to revolt against their parents as trained in public education, and the downfall of society would naturally follow. The state-controlled blue areas are limited to only a few spots around America, leaving it always possible to move capitalism out into state-controlled red regions, which are much more numerous than state-controlled blue areas. Unlike the tendency of the left to gain power through election fraud, we see clearly the trend of actual voter sentiment by social behavior that most of the country does not allow their youth to get out of control. 

That is the ultimate failure of this plan by radical leftists; they thought that the Second Amendment would have already been eradicated and that unarmed people would be free to be terrorized by an out-of-control youth, as seen in A Clockwork Orange. For the leftist political plan to work, where youth could knock on your door late at night, take a family hostage and rape the women in front of their men grotesquely, the Second Amendment would have to have been removed. But in America, that is far from the case. Instead, gun laws have been loosened as many Republicans have learned of this trick and come to understand the strategy. If you want to eliminate the out-of-control violence, as they see in Chicago and San Francisco, get rid of the gun-free zones and let people protect their private property. That keeps these Clockwork Orange youth violence campaigns down to a minimum and completely screws up the lefty plan for destroying Western civilization. Seeing this plan fall apart, the political left has been screaming bloody murder because they really don’t have a plan B. If people aren’t afraid of them, they have no other means of getting their point across. They can’t win a debate on merits, only through force. The same model occurred with communism in Russia, China, and especially Cuba. The youth radicals wearing Che Guevara shirts destroying the Bible-thumping suburbanites was the object of a toast at the Equus play in Cincinnati, the desecration of western civilization to the worship of the pagan gods of old, the pre-Biblical times. But because of the Second Amendment, the backdrop of the rule of law, the plan isn’t working. And so long as there are over 300 million guns in America, it never will. And that is a wonderful thing that is causing the political left a lot of frustration.

Rich Hoffman

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The Cult of Ishtar: What’s behind the crazy sex beliefs of modern politics

The famous film by Stanley Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman, is renowned for its crazy sex scenes featuring elite members of society hiring prostitutes for massive orgies in society mansions. It’s a peak behind many people’s belief systems and defies understanding of a traditional Christian-based society. But it’s not so strange if you understand what those elites are trying to achieve. They are no different than the ancient Sumerian farmer or even the Israelites who turned away from God because they worried their crops wouldn’t come. So what they would do was to go to a statue of the Goddess Ishtar, the ancient Sumerian goddess famous from the Epic of Gilgamesh; they would hire a prostitute and would have sex with them, hoping to appease the perverted nature of the deity in hopes that it might rain. Once that is understood then, a multitude of our modern mysteries starts to make sense. We have a lot of people in politics who do not trust in God for positive things to happen in their lives, and they have turned to the ancient gods of antiquity, just as people always have, for supernatural assistance. And that is what the Cult of Ishtar is all about; Ishtar was a sex crazed lunatic. The actual character from the pantheon of Sumerian gods was likely a creature with a few screws loose. That history goes back 450,000 years of chronology, so there is likely a lot lost in the translations, but Ishtar was, by the time the Bible was starting to be written, a very ancient figure, and people had a reason to believe that by appeasing her with sexual practices that good things might come their way. 

We would call such actions evil because anybody too lazy to do the right things could be said to be doing the work of evil. Turning to a goddess to make life easier for anybody is what I would call evil. And knowing the nature of politics and the people who are drawn to that profession, it’s all too tempting to take the easy way out. So embracing sex practices of perversion in the hopes of personal fulfillment of Ishtar into their lives is an all too tempting proposition. This is the surface point of Jonathan Cahn’s newest book, The Return of the Gods, which I think is fantastic, essential reading. For the sake of a book, he focuses on three main gods from Sumerian and Egyptian mythology that are trying to manifest into our modern world from ancient times. I would argue that they never went away. That the way these gods work is through quantum mechanics. They are competing lifeforms with our four-dimensional reality, which has the benefit of concealment. And many lazy people in our world are always looking for the easy way out, so appeasing the sex magic of the goddess Ishtar is very lucrative. We could easily then attribute the trans movement to that appeasement, the embrace of gay rights, abortion, easy sex, internet pornography, child sex trafficking, getting kids to have sex in public school as early as possible, high divorce rates, and broken marriages, all as a social, political appeasement of the goddess Ishtar the same as the Biblical period farmer who is struggling with his crops, and asks his wife what they should do. And they decide that having sex with a prostitute by the statue of Ishtar is the thing to do. In modern times, we see a massive commitment to this ancient goddess by lazy minds easily corrupted because they lack the intellect to contemplate any other reality than appeasement. 

Many people don’t know that the Pride flag of the gay movement, the rainbow, is the battle flag of Ishtar, and the colors all have precise meanings. When its argued that showing inclusion in our public schools of rainbow art made by the students is a great thing but that the cross of Christ cannot be displayed, we are dealing with massive hypocrisy. The rainbow flag is a religious symbol, just as much as the cross is for Christians. The rainbow flag represents the Cult of Ishtar, a sex cult meant to appease the goddess for all aspects of fertility. That fertility might be a new job promotion as viewed in a modern concept, increased GDP among losers in government who do not understand economics and have had their opinions shaped by Karl Marx, Keynesian notions, or even a sports franchise that hopes to win the next big game. Those who lack the confidence to live good lives and succeed with merit instead of supernatural aid are most susceptible to the Cult of Ishtar. Living as a Christian takes a lot more work, so to erase their guilt and weakness, they are openly seeking the destruction of the Christian judgement so to make their worship of the Cult of Ishtar more socially acceptable. And left unchecked, we see that it’s out of control in our politics today. It’s corrupting everything, our children, our businesses, even our beer cans. 

Ultimately, Ishtar was a prostitute, she could never stay faithful to one sex partner, and she was one who often embraced the ability to change her sex at will. This is why the trans movement we are seeing now has taken hold the way it is, and now all these media companies are openly embracing it, along with the powers of government. It’s an ancient superstition attached to pleasure, making it all too lucrative for the not-very-smart. Of course, the farmer will be happy that his wife will let him have sexual relations with a prostitute if it brings good things to their family. And in that way, millions and millions of modern people have been suckered into this Ishtar mess. When in truth, Ishtar, as a living creature, or now as a spirit residing in the 8th dimension, is likely insane and deranged beyond help. But the destruction of her ideas allowed for people to believe that perversion was merit, and since it fed their animal instincts with pleasure, they were all too willing to accept it. And that belief has gone on now for tens of thousands of years. But it’s not by accident that we see so much sex-based commitment by the modern political left. They are not very smart to begin with, leaving them to be very superstitious. They want to believe that if they appease some ancient goddess, their lives will be easier, just as they vote for Democrats to make a big and powerful government that can take care of their lazy asses perpetually. So they are tempted to bring great evil into the world so that they can avoid working too hard and thinking about things on their own. It’s much easier to hope Ishtar will reward them for perversions rather than to work hard to produce something unique from their intellect. Once it is understood that the Cult of Ishtar is behind much of the perverse sex in our modern culture, it becomes a much more manageable problem. I can’t recommend enough that people read Jonathan Cahn’s new book. He has created a great foundation of understanding so we can solve this very modern problem. I think the situation is much worse than he does; there are many Ishtar’s out there, and the politics of the gods are a real challenge when people are so willing to worship them and their menace so easily. But to understand many of our modern problems, understanding the Cult of Ishtar is essential to a solution that won’t come easily. Because that cult’s temptations are lucrative, it is easy for stupid people to follow while engaging in pleasure disguised as a sacrifice for financial benefit. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Cult of Baal: Worshiping nature is the whore of evil

Mother Nature is a whore that has seduced many to her plight, and we see her work in our modern times by way of climate change worshippers, who defy righteousness in favor of the lazy, yielding to the mysterious forces of antiquity. I see the Holy Bible differently than many people do; for me, it’s not just the word of God interpreted through mankind for the understanding of a ransom that Jesus paid to die for our sins, but it’s a key to suppressing the nature of sin itself. And in the case of our subject, the worship of sin as a moon god from Babylon and other references of antiquity, it’s not enough for me to say that we are all prone to sin and that to earn God’s reverence, we must acknowledge Jesus and turn a focus on the afterlife as the goal of our existence, surrendering our lives to the forces that have always plagued it. Even if God made heaven and earth, good and evil, I see the task of the human being and the evolution of Western civilization to be a champion for righteousness that is unique in the universe. And the creation of America as the product of that philosophic contemplation. Suppose the forces of existence are at war with each other, and God set them against each other purposely. In that case, it isn’t enough to just yield to them and hope for eternal life, but to conquer them in the classic battle of East versus West, with the West being the creation of an entirely new religion and philosophy that is very much at war today. But the forces of old have always wanted to conquer Western civilization and beat it back into the ground from which it sprung forth, and it’s just as alive today as it was before the creation of the Christian and the concept of righteousness that was born from that rebellion of Yahweh against the forces of an ancient religion that predates the cultures of Sumer and Egypt. 

The Bible is a miracle of human intellect. It was a divorce from the blind nature worship that permeated all existence for many thousands of years before its contemplation from the Hebrews into the organized texts of the Council of Nicaea. And among the pantheon of the known gods to our mythology of existence is the war between Yahweh and the Zeus-like God Baal. Before there was anybody else on earth, there was this classic struggle between East and West civilization embodied in these two rival factions. And a careful reading of the Bible will show clearly that it wasn’t Satan or Lucifer that were the primary villains of the Bible, but it was Baal worship and his pantheon of gods who were devoted to the worship of conditional nature as the universe presented it. Not the domination of nature as the Lord, God Yahweh intended, chronicled through the rebellion of his chosen people after the antics of Noah and the conquest of the promised land. Why was the land of Canaan promised? Yahweh intended to conquer Baal and show that a society with his Ten Commandments would be superior to the societies that worshipped Baal with sacrifices and a yielding of intellect to the forces of nature. Over time the names of these gods would change a bit depending on the culture, but the personalities would not change, and they are with us today in the same kind of classic struggle. Baal very much has worshippers in globalism, especially the core beliefs of the World Economic Forum in every reference toward climate change and the politics of the Left. It’s a classic problem that never came to a proper resolution as our interpretation of history has ignored the core issue, and that collision is very much the theme of our modern times. 

I think Jonathan Cahn has done a great thing in his most recent book, The Return of the Gods. I have a long history with Sumerian chronology and their gods that I recognize going back 450,000 years. And the worship of Baal, Ishtar, and Moloch are just a few of the maniacal characters that have always been working in the background toward destructive intentions for the human race. I think many millions of these evil forces live in the realms of quantum mechanics and whisper to us all the things that aren’t good for us and want to see our consumption and destruction for their own rival purposes. By the time Yahweh came along with his rebellion against these forces by segregating his people, his family lineage of chosen people, there had already been a prehistory that largely did not survive analysis that predated the great flood. I think Jonathan Cahn’s work with his book in capturing those three main deities as a threat to our modern world is perfectly valid and all too true.   Baal, or whatever name anybody wants to give him, is the threat he always was, and the spirit of his menace is alive and well in modern politics. The same villainy that drove the events of the Bible is precisely the same as we see today. And God would be just as frustrated with our reaction as he was then. God often viewed the antics of the Israelites as cheating whores who turned from him to return to the worship of Baal and the other gods of the region. 

But there is more at stake than just the salvation of all humanity. Western civilization evolved from the rebellion of Yahweh, and it has shown itself to be far more effective than anything the worship of Baal came up with. And that same challenge is at the center of everything political now. Baal is still the God of much of the world, no matter what name they give him. And the war against Christianity is a very real menace. Global forces are conducting the destruction of America in the same way that Nebuchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem after the people of Israel had turned to Baal worship over Yahweh’s Ten Commandments. And knowing that there is no reason to wait for Jesus to return and defeat the forces of darkness in the last battle of Revelation. Only what is needed is for Americans to regain their pride in righteousness and to live their lives in such a way that rejects Baal worship and rubs the faces of evil in the dung heap of their sin and their loathing lives. That is the path to Baal worship when it is said not to judge, lest ye not be judged. I would say, judge, and judge often and be more righteous than the enemy because the enemy is real. The enemy is ancient. And the enemy is before us now in the form of climate change and radical leftist politics. There is nothing new about them, they have destroyed many millions of lives over tens of thousands of years, and they are on our nightly news now. It’s Baal all over again; he never went away. We lost focus on defeating him because we assumed that just by acknowledging Jesus Christ, we were doing all that was required of us. But then there is the game between Western and Eastern civilizations and the need to win one way or the other. To play the game of fighting evil with good and destroying the enemy that all future generations require. Baal is still the threat that he always was. But our yielding to the forces of evil is what must change, perhaps for the first time in history. America was created to destroy evil, and it’s time we play that game to win instead of letting evil ruin the lives of all it touches. And to understand that, we must understand that Baal is still a threat and defeat him with righteousness. Then to apply Western civilization to cast light on all the shadows of evil that permeate through the communist movement that is worldwide and is hard at work to evoke our personal destruction.

Rich Hoffman

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