Time Management and Friendships: Being productive is fun but not very socially accomidating

To answer the question all at once, because many people have been reaching out for friendship, and I give them quick one-sentence texts and very short emails, it’s not personal. I have many friendships, and I like that I do. But I don’t traditionally maintain them. In my life, there isn’t a lot of time to ask about how the dogs and cats are doing, and I certainly am not one who spends time standing around the grill in the backyard with friends sipping beer and talking about lawnmowers. There is nothing wrong with that; many people enjoy that kind of thing. I might if I didn’t otherwise have the type of life I enjoy. But it’s certainly not a rejection of friendship that I express to all those who have reached out, and it’s been happening so frequently that I do want to put things in context a bit. If I can avoid some hurt feelings, I care enough to at least do that. I try to answer all the emails I get from people. For instance, my Gmail account is so out of control that if anybody sends me an email there, it’s highly likely that I will not see it. There are over 500,000 emails there that I will never have time to open, so I have other email accounts that are much more manageable that I use for the needed correspondence. It’s an interesting problem to use technology to reach as many people as possible and not lose touch with the personal relationships that can quickly saturate life with too much interaction. As I came to think about it recently, it really is an astonishing number of correspondence, and managing them all might otherwise make each of them feel disenfranchised, which certainly isn’t the intention. 

Professionally, I apply about 70 hours per week toward those objectives, which by itself is a lot. Then beyond that, I put in about 30 hours a week, usually between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM, toward political endeavors, which I view not as a networking opportunity but purely as community maintenance. I want to live in a good world, so I spend that kind of time each week to do so. Some people actually move into elected office, and many have asked me about doing so in many positions. But the truth is, I can do the most with the time I have available in the way that I do because I am interested in so many community functions. Even though I talk about it a lot in specific formats, education issues are less than 1% of what I spend my time on. There are actually many more topics that I am much more passionate about, but public education is a predecessor to them. So, you must do one thing before you can do the other thing kind of thing. So, if you are doing math, you can quickly see that there are only about 68 hours of sleep left for the week, which would be about 9 hours per day. But then there is spending time with family, which I do a lot. And I have a lot of interests and read many books. I read an average of 3 books per week. I manage that by utilizing reading time during meals. I answer emails usually while walking from one place to another. And there certainly isn’t much time to talk about lawnmowers and smoking meat in the backyard. 

The truth is, I love the pace of my life and all the things I do in it. It’s a hyperactive life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Many people believe that we are supposed to sit around meditating all the time, centering ourselves with quiet. To take time and find peace in our lives. I think that is a bunch of garbage. Life is meant to be productive. Quiet time is boring. I would go as far as to say that it’s lazy. And people who say such things are just trying to justify their own lack of ambition. If I had more hours in the day, I would quickly fill them with every possible opportunity to do something productive. They would not be filled with more sleep. I think only a few hours per night in the form of power naps is needed, and I’ve been doing this kind of pace for several decades, and it’s enjoyable. Not a burden the way many might think of it. There are occasions when hostile perpetrators came to my house at 2 AM hoping to find me asleep, only to be caught by me as I was walking around my yard at that hour with books in both hands and me reading them with a flashlight. Needless to say, they were quite surprised and frustrated by that reality. Being busy has its benefits, you might say it that way, depending on what a person values in life. And for me, it’s productivity. The more productive I am, the happier I am. But I do expect to accomplish things quickly. I don’t have much time for traffic or to get to things. I drive fast. I avoid crowds that might slow me down. And I expect to be doing multiple things all at the same time. My wife thinks it’s funny; we recently went to the grocery to get my mom some Mother’s Day flowers; I expected to be in and out in under 7 minutes. She wanted to look at the various breads and snacks, so she slowed us down and laughed at how fast I moved. She’s used to it, but she always manages to draw a joke when she has to experience my pace, which is so different from her. 

Usually, especially regarding family things, she coordinates where everything happens. I show up where she says and do what needs to be done. I love family stuff, but like the grocery visit, I usually have an hourglass I’m looking at before the next thing needs to happen. So, without a relationship with my wife, it’s pretty hard to get me to be somewhere unless she arranges it. I appreciate when frineds send me texts telling me about something important, even if I don’t answer right away. Those reminders keep me plugged in where I might otherwise miss it. Reminders of big events are very useful as news stories. I don’t waste much time on gossiping in the newspapers or the nightly news. But I do appreciate it when people point things out that are useful. From trusted friends, it helps me manage chaos better and still get to the essence of a problem. But taking time for small talk and smelling the roses that are just not for me. And I don’t intend for people who would like to spend more time to get frustrated with the lack of effort on my part. It’s certainly not intentional. It’s just clock management. You get just so much time per day, and I literally work to make every second of every minute of every hour matter to the most efficient utilization. And it’s fun. But certainly not normal. 

Rich Hoffman

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18 Years in Prison for the Oath Keepers: Defeating the Enemy with unstructured resistance

Watching the government throw the book at the Oath Keepers, giving their leaders 18 years in prison, is essentially the SWAMP fighting back against those criticizing it. It’s a manipulation of the rule of law that benefits the acquisition of power itself and points to the root cause of the evil that has corrupted our government in extremely unhealthy ways. To see the Oath Keepers and all January 6th prisoners harassed the way they have been is corruption that we have to deal with as a society. To see them prosecuted while leaders of Antifa continue free, waiting for their next assignment from the government to burn down a city block, is preposterous. But it’s also very revealing. We are better off knowing the forces opposing us, how deeply they are rooted in our government, and what their motivations are. And at least now we know. The people who protested on January 6th were mad over election fraud, a process that removed the president they liked from office. I think it says many good things about our society; that it wasn’t worse than it was, and more people didn’t get hurt. At the time, it wasn’t so apparent the amount of election fraud that our intelligence agencies obviously supported to keep the power they had acquired from being drained away by an outsider like Trump. But once the lines in the sand were established, a much clearer picture of what the problems were that emerged, and this prosecution of the Oath Keepers displayed it without any doubt as to the level of evil we are dealing with embedded in our own taxpayer-funded government that has spun out of control with corruption. I wasn’t surprised, however, based on my own personal experiences. 

Along with the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys have been at the center of many of these Pro-Trump protests and have actually been confronting Antifa in the streets, meeting aggression with aggression. I told some of the story before, about how after Trump was removed from the White House through election fraud, early in November of 2020, I actually signed up for the Cincinnati chapter of the Proud Boys and started the vetting process. My concern was that Antifa would be emboldened by putting Biden in the White House, and we would have to fight these people in the streets. We had seen elements of BLM attempt to organize in Cincinnati, fanned on by area reporters wanting to see a fight in the streets of Northern Cincinnati where conservative politics has collected itself and to harass people in their comfortable homes. Given the kind of aggression we saw from these radical liberal groups, a fight was undoubtedly on the horizon with guns and busted heads as part of the violence that would surely follow. So I signed up officially to be part of that resistance, and I wanted people in the FBI to know that my name was on the list as one of the leaders. I wasn’t playing around; I was very serious about it. 

Over the following weeks, though, I lost interest because it was obvious that some hazing was going to happen, and I’m not a group consensus kind of guy. They used the word “brother” a lot, as they were a unified brotherhood, and that just wasn’t a fit for me. If there was going to be violence against government-sponsored insurgents looking to overthrow our American Constitution, then that was one thing. But I wasn’t looking for a military brotherhood, and we had a lot of conversations about uniforms and the right to wear the colors of the Proud Boys before anybody had been adequately vetted by the group. So I lost interest quickly in that kind of talk. I’m used to being completely in charge when I get into something, and I was not about to prove my allegiance through hazing rituals to a bunch of 30-somethings. And submit myself to some regimented command. I didn’t put up with that stuff when I went to college. Military life wasn’t for me because of those kinds of things. I would not ever submit to a drill sergeant and the regimented ranks of that kind of life. So officially belonging to the Proud Boys and falling into the ranks as an initiate wasn’t going to work for me. And that’s what they were all about. Yet I learned through that process that they were very concerned about FBI infiltration, which is why they did have a vetting process, which was obviously very much a concern. I went through all this before the Ray Epps situation on January 6th. So they were fully aware that the government was trying to join their ranks with spies to manipulate everything behind the scenes. That’s when I knew the Proud Boy thing would not work for me, and I stepped away from the application process. There was too much trouble with officially joining anything; it was wasting my time, which I’m never in favor of. 

The best way to fight the SWAMP and its creatures is with unstructured volunteers, something a structured enemy cannot join and manipulate in a structured way. And that is what was attacked by the Oath Keepers, the ability to create a structured resistance to the evil intentions of a government that no longer reports to the people it is supposed to represent. Structured attacks are something they understand and control through processes. Unstructured attacks are where they are most vulnerable, and that’s why they hate President Trump so much because he is so unstructured. That lack of structure is actually where I am happiest, so I know how to handle things from that perspective. I thought that by joining the Proud Boys as a 50-something might send a message to the FBI to get on the right side of history. And that maybe it might avert a fight in the streets. But what became obvious was that it was too late for that. This is why there are prosecutions now where the book is being thrown at these Oath Keepers, J6s protesters, and Proud Boys who have suffered dramatically since those days of my application process. The bad guys control the structure of political society, so you never want to attack them where they are strongest. You want to attack where they are weakest, always. And in this case, it’s in their desire to rig the system in their favor and defend the ground they control, Washington D.C., the coastal media, and the courts. I met many well-intentioned people while I was joining the Proud Boys. But their vulnerability was in the structure as the FBI set up and controlled it. Instead of planning to defeat the globalists forces behind Antifa, most of the conversations were about trying to root out spies from the government sent to infiltrate their ranks and rot the whole effort from the inside. And that was only possible by controlling the structure itself. That wasn’t how America would be defended from these hostile forces. If you play that game, then the system is rigged to defend the SWAMP from scrutiny. And that’s precisely what has happened to the Oath Keepers. Their only hope is that President Trump will be re-elected and can give them a pardon, which is the plan. But before that can happen, the structure that the government uses to protect itself has to be eliminated. And that will not happen by attacking where they are well prepared. They must be hit where they aren’t, which is why I’m not a member of the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, or any organized group. And never will be.  

Rich Hoffman

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If There Was So Much Election Fraud, Why Don’t Judges Rule On It: It takes courage to Enforce the law

The question that seems to be on most people’s minds these days is why, if there was so much election fraud in the 2020 election and others, haven’t the courts prosecuted the wrongdoers? Many people say President Trump was a sore loser, and if there was actual election fraud in 2020, then why would hundreds of judges and many thousands of possible court cases fail to find one incident of it to prosecute? Well, the answer is relatively easy. It takes courage to enforce the law, especially when it’s something like this because the implications of admission are monumental. The very foundations of society itself would be rocked to its core the moment such an admission was made. And many judges are terrified of that prospect, and not a single one of them wants to be the first to do it. Even if the evidence in front of their faces are overwhelming, I know many judges very personally, and I can report they are people with all the hopes, dreams, and fears most people have. Yet, this 2020 election has unraveled something horrendously terrible and uncovered a menace that takes a lot of courage to deal with, and so far, we have a society that is short on courage. But that is not to be confused with a lack of evidence. The fear now is to admit that what we see is real and do something about it. Then once that admission is made, then what? The implications are massive once that door is opened legally, politically, and historically. And so far, it has been preferred to ask for more evidence while hoping to run out the clock on the assumptions and hopes that some other judge will be the first to rule on the facts of the matter. 

It’s probably too late already for a peaceful end to all this. The numbers don’t work in favor of the election fraud perpetrators. And who are they? Well, it’s a lot of people who abandoned the idea of America a long time ago in favor of a global corporate model. Once those types of people decided that American sovereignty and its laws were getting in the way of the objectives of globalism, then the acceptance of election fraud among the political class to secure their investments began. And this goes back to the 90s. The globalist forces did not want to deal with another Ronald Reagan president. All the investments into globalism had been threatened, especially when Ross Perot received 19% of the vote in 1992 after four years of George Bush. Clinton did not win with a majority, but only through a three-way split of the vote, with Republicans splitting on Bush. The following Bush didn’t increase confidence. Things were just too close in 2000 between Gore and Bush that methods to better secure elections for political parties became more of a priority. By the time Barack Obama came around, the techniques for election fraud were being implemented, and American intelligence more overtly looked to assist in preserving the Deep State investments. Election fraud was well-known coming out of Chicago between Nixon and Kennedy in the early 1960s, but that was just one city. The idea of massive election fraud across the entire nation was a bit of a stretch without getting caught. But as technology came along to make it all too tempting to cheat, then a move in that direction started to be more apparent. 

And the experiment of Barack Obama was launched in 2008. John McCain was a kind of controlled opposition guy, followed by Mitt Romney. So experimenting with Obama, a guy without much of a past, something that intelligence agencies could make up and create for their own interests was established. Would Americans accept such a person as Obama using the mask of skin color to hide all the detrimental elements that many thought would harm political candidates, such as an open pot smoker? A person that looks not to have been born in America but in Kenya by a father nobody knew. And by communist advocates at that. Who had his political campaign launched by a known domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers from the Weather Underground. There was a lot wrong with Barack Obama, but when he got elected, the Deep Staters suddenly had a formula that worked. And they have been pushing the boundaries ever since, to the point that Hillary Clinton knew she was the “appointed one” for 2016. They had all learned with Benghazi, the IRS scandal of 2010, and the passage of Obamacare in 2010 as well that the political alignment of politics and the media could cover up just about any sin committed, which then unleashed a massive amount of audaciousness by the perpetrators. Trump was a variable they were not prepared for in 2016, and it was the first time since Ross Perot that the Deep Staters were stunned by rejection by a hostile public. So, in panic, they have shown too many of their cards and to hold their power position, they had to cheat massively in the 2020 election and were caught everywhere. Now that they have been caught, they are hoping to run out the clock on prosecution and the amount of power they hold they are using as a threat to anybody who might come out against them. It’s essentially the collision of the long history of organized crime migrating into our government that we are dealing with, and it’s daring us to take action. 

The judges of these cases all know that the moment election fraud is accepted in the courts, then everything our society is built on suddenly is in jeopardy, every elected office, all the laws on the books that politicians signed that the voting public might not have actually voted for. The foundations of our entire country could crumble to dust, which is why it’s such a delicate problem, as interpreted by the legal community. It’s also why election fraud occurred in the first place and by so many people.   This is a systemic failure that purposely painted the situation into a corner. We either accepted massive election fraud by globalist forces such as China, the World Economic Forum, the radicals in the Bilderberg meetings, the Jeffery Epstein blackmail candidates, the Intelligence agencies like the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA who are all committed to the global citizen movement as they were taught in the liberal colleges to accept through pot smoke and loose sexual practices, to adopt in order to cover their sins from the past. They are not interested in a John Wayne America, but more of a Cheech and Chong universe where everyone holds hands in brotherly love, love that is free, and the capitalist pigs who selfishly run all the companies would have to turn over all their assets to the state ran by globalism, or be destroyed. Of course, there was election fraud, and the judges feared the organized crime element like they feared going against Al Capone. Nobody wants to roll over in bed at night to a cut-off horse head, and yes, these brutal people kill people. So, judges have been short on courage over this issue because of the threats implied. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any election fraud, or that there hasn’t been for many decades now, and that many of our elected representatives never deserved to be in their positions in the first place. And that once we did catch it, our country would collapse upon the knowledge of such an imposition. But we must find the courage in ourselves as a country to admit such an error and correct it for the future, which has been slow. The cases showing election fraud are growing; eventually, there will be a judge with the courage to rule correctly. And once that happens, others will follow because they’ll have to. 

Rich Hoffman

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Woke Disney’s Glaring Problem: The negative impact of Showing the New Indiana Jones Movie at the Cannes Film Festival

I always get excited about new Indiana Jones movies, and I know enough about this upcoming one, the fifth movie in the series over a 40-year period of time, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, to say I think it’s going to be a pretty good movie, and that I’ll like it. Whenever I go to a bookstore, I see Indiana Jones’s impact on publishing. Most of the top ten books sold in publishing have some kind of Indiana Jones influence. That character was a wonderful creation of George Lucas, a guy who wanted to be either a drag racer or an anthropologist; instead, he became a filmmaker. And what he did was much better for many industries, especially history; he made it fun through the character of Indiana Jones. I see Indiana Jones all over each copy I receive of Biblical Archaeology Review, which I have been getting for over 40 years now. It’s undoubtedly my favorite topic. Because of my very popular blog that, I operate like a newspaper, many people think I am obsessed with politics. And I am very interested in politics. But mythology, comparative religion, and history, in general, are what I put most of my efforts into. I spend about 70 hours a week professionally. I spend about 30 hours a week on political “things.” And the rest of the time, I spend reading, exploring, and contemplating. It is not uncommon, as many people with hostile intent have learned, that I am up often at 2 AM walking around my yard or going up and down my street thinking about things I have read. I don’t sleep much because I love history topics so intensely, and I am always in some sort of study of those topics. Indiana Jones made history as an industry that made normally boring topics, fun, and I think this new film will do much as the previous films have done for the study of history, bring joy and adventure to it, and the human consciousness will grow in healthy ways. 

And because I’m interested in this subject, I watched the coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, which played in the middle part of May in France, where Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was shown to a large audience. The Disney people, especially Bob Iger, the CEO, think they have a good movie in the new Indiana Jones film, and they decided to rush it out to reviewers to get some positive buzz going on the film. And they need it; as I have been talking about, Disney is in big trouble on multiple fronts. They have invested too much in ESG scores, BlackRock political values, and their company’s commitments have been slowly destroying them. They are not the same company they were ten years ago, and ten years from now, I think we will perhaps not see them in entertainment as an influencer at all. It is that bad for Disney. And I’m not a fan of Bob Iger, a big-time liberal who has committed to the global citizen movement, gambling that globalism would be the new transition economic force, so he has steered his company in that direction. But globalism is failing across the world. People want American nationalism, and even in broken-up countries on the other side of the globe, people want to think about the idea of America, not a bunch of bureaucrats in the European Union who the Administrative State so paralyzes they can’t even tie their shoes or a China approach with centrally managed communism that completely steamrolls the individuals of society into mashed potatoes who serve corrupt oligarchs like some top-heavy aristocracy. 

But I don’t think Bob Iger is an idiot. I think he did a pretty good job as the Disney CEO over the previous decade. However, it was a house of cards that was eventually going to fall, so I think it was a horrendous idea for him to return to attempt to save Disney because he was just going to sink himself in the process. He knows he needed a hit with Indiana Jones, so he stepped in and encouraged the filmmakers to make a film that people would want to see, to take out some of the Kathy Kennedy from Lucasfilm’s wokeness that was showing itself to be very unpopular with Bud Light, Target, and essentially the rise of the MAGA movement in politics. Bob and the gang made a pretty good movie that they thought would serve fans enough and not compromise their commitment to ESG measures, and they were in a rush to show it to the public. And, of course, the results were devastating. It was the worst thing they could have done. It would have been better in this media climate to surprise everyone at the release date instead of trying to create positive buzz for the film a month early. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny comes out on June 30th, so that’s a lot of time to have people who now hate Disney because of its commitment to woke policies to criticize everything that they do, from The Little Mermaid to the destruction of Pixar, the ruin of Star Wars, and now another Indiana Jones film that many of the critics who saw the film are saying is worse than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. 

I personally liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It injected into publishing hundreds and hundreds of interesting books that I spent many thousands of hours reading over the last decade, so I was very happy with it. And I think that will certainly happen with this new movie, The Dial of Destiny, with the plot point being that of the Greek mathematician Archimedes. I think the concept for this film is much more interesting than a time travel movie like Back to the Future. This one deals with quantum entanglement, which people know is something I spend a lot of time considering and the nature of dimensional reality outside our four dimensions. But Disney underestimated the negative power of new media, so once their critics like Variety and the BBC came out negatively against the new Indiana Jones film, the new media types on YouTube, who have become the new influencers, pounced. It didn’t matter how good or bad the new Indiana Jones film was because it’s a Disney project, and as a company that has been committed to woke policies, they have made themselves open season for intense criticism, which will impact the opening of the new film. Iger should have held his cards and just let the film tell its own story when it was released. I’m sure I’ll find things I like about the new film, and I’m sure that the wokeisms will be there and I won’t like those. But I do think that Disney realized that Indiana Jones required some fan service and that they attempted to give that to this new film as a peace offering to their audiences. But it has had the opposite effect, and in some ways, I feel sorry for everyone involved in the film. They are feeling the pain of using their movies to sell political messages that the world doesn’t want. And when they thought they had surrendered to the fans a bit, they have only been slapped harder, which is the story coming out of the Cannes Film Festival. No matter how good the movie is, because of any connection to woke Disney, people are going to hate it because that is the political climate we are all in now. Globalism is the enemy; people know it and express themselves accordingly. 

Rich Hoffman

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What Happens When Your Little Sister Plays With Your ‘Star Wars’ Toys: The Fate of all woke corporations

There are likely fewer people in the world who wrote as much about Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars property in entertainment as I have, or the fate of a multibillion-dollar investment, the Star Wars hotel in Orlando, Florida.  I was excited about it.  I have been a Star Wars fan most of my life, which is reflected in my work.  But it’s not just Bud Light that woke policies have crushed that the global push for a certain kind of CEO to now run these corporate boards ran by BlackRock have destroyed.  Knowing Star Wars as an entertainment property and a work of modern mythology, I could see early on the impact and ultimate failure of Disney’s quest to appease BlackRock and the other elements of the Desecrators of Davos, the World Economic Forum’s view of the world.  And it was evident in 2015 when the first of the next generation Star Wars movies came out in The Force Awakens that the future destruction of globalism was making itself most apparent.  What we have now is a kind of stubborn tenacity of globalism to impose itself on reality.  Whereas I have been saying for a very long time, many decades now, in writing, that the trend was going to destroy itself.  That was never more clear in how Disney as a corporation handheld Star Wars as soon as it purchased George Lucas way back in 2012 and have now chased off their audiences, which, prior to, looked to be eternally loyal.  I warned early on to all those who owned Disney stock to sell because the brands they, as a company, were building would fall apart, and that’s precisely what is happening.  As Disney is falling apart, so is globalism everywhere in the world. 

As scary as a post-President Trump world has been with all the horrible revelations that have been revealed, we are actually better off because market forces are proving that wonders of capitalism envisioned by the great Adam Smith book The Wealth of Nations to be as reliable as anyone could hope it to be.  Out of all the presently trained economists with PhDs in the study of social behavior and the flow of money, it really all points back to that seminal work that was released to the world when America was founded that has turned out to be exclusively true.  Disney had the money and power to hire anybody they wanted to be successful.  Just ten years ago, they looked to be an unstoppable entertainment company, but like the world presently is in general, all members of the Bilderberg group, and the World Economic Forum, Disney is a dismal failure that literally can’t do anything correctly.  They can’t produce new content that anybody wants, and what they do put out from their entertainment classics is so burdened with woke politics that it has turned away half the nation from enjoying their products.  Disney bet on their brand and thought it was so great that no matter how much wokeness they proposed, they assumed, as they all did when they adopted this Chinese communist model of corporate rule of the world, that people would follow them as leaders of culture and that progressive politics would rule the day.  Yet what they found out has been completely the opposite.  Markets serve people; they don’t shape culture.  They represent culture. 

That was never more apparent than when Disney built the Galactic Star Cruiser Star Wars hotel in Orlando, Florida, connected to the Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios.  I was very excited about Disney’s attempts and wanted them to work.  I was a big fan of the Star Wars Land and went to it as soon as it opened with my wife, and we made a nice vacation out of it.  I thought it was a stunning experience for a kid who grew up loving Star Wars, so I wanted the experiment to work.  But I saw the trouble too and had been talking about it, at first, very politely.  I did several radio shows with various guests around the country talking about the danger of woke Disney, which at that time, nobody understood what “woke” was.  And sadly, everything I said as a warning sign for Disney turned out to be true.  Disney didn’t understand Star Wars.  It was being run by a woman, hand-picked by George Lucas, to continue what he had built.  But she got swept up into this New World Order of the global citizen movement and turned Star Wars into what a little sister would do to your Star Wars toys when everyone was kids.  Girls might take your Star Wars figures and put lipstick on them, and instead of them having epic battles, she would sit them at a table and have them drink tea.  Kathy Kennedy essentially did that to Star Wars, designed for 8- to 12-year-old boys, and started producing all the content for girls.  And she thought that the boys would stick around and that the market expansion would now be more inclusive of girls and empower women. 

So when the Star Wars hotel opened as a kind of cruise ship last year, right after the Covid lockdowns, after ten years of development and over a billion dollars in investment, fans were stunned to learn that the $6000 per room 2 day all immersive experience was essentially the little sister version of Star Wars.  Star Wars is about rebellion against tyranny.  Not singing songs and drinking drinks in a bar with aliens walking around.  But Disney didn’t listen to the fans; instead, it lectured them about what it would be like, and the results were devastating.  Just over the hotel opened to great fanfare, it is now projected to close in September of 2023 because it just never took off.  People rejected the idea, and it wasn’t so much the money; the lack of the Star Wars experience ultimately destroyed it, really, before it ever got off the ground.  It proved something that will eventually happen to all corporations who have embraced woke policies, from Ford and General Motors to Bud Light, Miller Light, and Target.  Corporations don’t and never will run the world.  They will always serve society in general.  Not the other way around.  I warned everyone.  Some people listened, and those that did are better off today than they were.  Just as I have warned about the climate that still wants to vote for President Trump as opposed to the corporate approach of Ron DeSantis, they don’t know what they are doing.  Professionals who make their living off these kinds of things have drunk the Kool-Aid and found out that there is a lot of bad stuff in there, and they’ve learned it too late.

In general, what happened to Disney and the Star Wars hotel and brand is a warning of what will happen to everyone in the future of corporate globalism.   People don’t want woke and corporations who assume that their products are so beloved by the public that people will follow anything.  Corporations who believe that have another thing coming.  And that was never more obvious than in the closure of the Star Wars hotel so soon after it opened.  The smartest people in the world with the most financial resources could not change the kind of reality that Adam Smith articulated in his economics studies.  And those rules apply in every market sector.  Entertainment just being one that is obvious.  Which is a fine indicator of things to come. 

Rich Hoffman

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The New Alamo in America Coming in 2024: It will be fun

The bizarre approach that Miller Light had in attacking their beer-drinking customers recently with a suddenly out-of-fashion feminist position was very revealing. On the one hand, it was a message to the public by the beer-making corporations that they were making a power move and saying, don’t think you will escape wokeism just because you left Bud Light for Miller Light. Woke policies are coming to a corporation near you brought to you by BlackRock and friends. We are taking over all your corporations to the point where you’ll have nowhere to go. So, get used to it. But then there was the more absurd notion that feminists were actually going to take the sex out of beer drinking and get away with it. As if they didn’t already know that many men drink beer, so the women in their lives look better, more like the girls in beer commercials, and that this latest attempt to ruin culture with a bunch of dumb rules and regulations pointing at social appeasement was actually going to work. I found the information interesting, actually quite revealing and encouraging even. At least now we knew how to get young people to stop smoking pot in our culture, put some of these woke ads out showing transvestites and angry potato-looking women using the product, and it was a sure bet that consumption would go down. Yet a bigger plot was unfolding, and it became obvious that the election of 2024 was presenting us with a unique opportunity. America was having a modern version of the Alamo, and it was unfolding on a global stage. 

The attack on American corporate culture in almost every category reveals much about what the enemy has been plotting and scheming behind closed doors for years. Suppose you want to listen in on the latest Bilderberg meetings that were held May 18th through May 21st  this year at Prestana Palace in Lisbon, Portugal. In that case, you can save yourself the plane ride because the Miller Light commercial reveals everything any secret society might want to contain. The strategy is clear from the globalist aggression against sovereign nations, especially America. And the pressure is something they are not holding up well to. The arrogance of the woke policies against companies that Americans thought were distinctly American, like Bud Light and Miller Light, like what Disney is going through, and they are doing it to their own detriment because the system put in place is that entrenched through the kind of CEOs our culture is making these days, is bringing to a collision a long-held belief in the powers of communism and what it could actually do as a means to global control of the world. The attack is on choice, slow conditioning toward sameness, and the assumption that people are so stupid that they will put up with it, as opposed to the market forces that brought all these various options to our minds in the first place. It’s a who-created-who kind of debate unfolding in many unique ways in the year 2023 and the election year of 2024. And this plot is unfolding even more dramatically as those same forces presented Ron DeSantis to the world as the next presidential candidate, as Elon Musk is part of the symphony of discontent attempting to sell him as an option to Donald Trump. 

I’m not a fatalist; I always think there is a chance for good things to happen. But even the Alamo, as history remembers, resulted in the massacre of American heroes. We are about to have our own kind of last stand in America with the 2024 election and the hostile forces against America, know it. And I see it as a unique opportunity to have a revolution against these globalist tyrants without bloodshed, which usually accompanies these kinds of military attacks. That is, after all, what BlackRock has been doing to American companies; it has been an attack designed by the forces at the World Economic Forum to change the world into their desire. Not the consumer sentiment measured by market value.   What is the real issue here? Who decides market value, the choice of market saturation in the pursuit of profits by corporate interests, or the arrogance of corporate interests to believe that they shape public objectives like some cow being provided to migrate itself straight into the slaughterhouse to be consumed as a sacrifice to the efforts of global collectivism. Even King Solomon’s Temple was aligned with the needs of sacrifice as its core tenant of design. The Temple was aligned with the east, where the sun would rise and settle in the west, where the Ark of the Covenant resided. A high priest would offer up a sacrifice, probably a sheep or a goat, on the east side of the Temple, then sprinkle the blood on the Ark in the Holy of Holies in the west part of the Temple, believing that it was necessary to appease God. And many of these crazy characters involved with globalism believe much the same thing, and sacrificing profit, sanity, logic, and political power are at the foundation of their actions. And we are seeing a kind of Alamo situation setting up for the 2024 election, with many ideas colliding for a final stand. 

It’s a good thing to have this kind of Alamo standoff; it means that our constitution works and that hostile forces that might plan against America can be fought without bloodshed. As ugly as everything is, the beauty is that our checks on such powers are keeping the forces of globalism from doing what they’d like to do without resistance. And it is great that someone like President Trump is making himself available to be the headliner of this modern Alamo fight. It has forced the attackers to reveal their positions too early and often. It has stirred up anger that politics usually don’t have the opportunity to express. When globalism feels it must attack beer brands, for a lot of people, that’s the final straw. And it suddenly has awakened even the most casual voter. So it will never get easier than this election of 2024 to defeat globalism and fight for our country’s preservation than this upcoming election. It may be the only time in history when such an opportunity to fix things would come from simply controlling an election. To ensure we have an honest election without all the American intelligence and tech billionaires contaminating the election process for their globalist candidates. In this election, all people have to do is show up and vote because it will never get easier than this. The 2024 election won’t require people to take up arms and fight in a bloody rebellion to take back their country and overthrow hostile intent. All people will have to do is show up and vote. And you can see that already becoming known to people as they have stood by President Trump through all the news headlines that have been thrown at him. The more the established order throws at him, the more people support him, leaving Ron DeSantis’s fantasy an option not even on the table, where the globalist forces thought it would sink Trump. The strategy is clear; the hostile characters are now well-known and have been exposed to their hiding places. And 2024 is shaping up to be a modern version of the Alamo in America, a final stand between capitalism and communism, between sacrifice and life, and good against evil. And I think it will be a lot of fun, and America will invent future patriotic songs to commemorate the terror of these times with ballads of heroics and tenacity.

Rich Hoffman

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Chick-fil-A Gets It: Recruiting Homeschool Kids is the Wave of the Future

It’s not artificial intelligence that everyone should be worrying about. The question as to whether or not artificial intelligence will take over the world and surpass the human being is a far less severe problem than what history will show results from the attempted takeover of the Liberal World Order during Covid. Covid was a bioweapon meant to destroy cultures while leaving the infrastructure intact for the hostile agent that employed it. Destroy the people without destroying the actual assets. After three years, people just now admitted that Covid came from China, and our government is willing to say so. But that took too long.

Meanwhile, the social distancing policies, where the damage really came from, were created by the government to inflict on its populatios around the world and destroyed a great deal in the process. But in that effort, people discovered something I have been warning about for over thirty years, as the public schools were shut down, and people had to care for their children at home. Suddenly people didn’t have access to that free babysitting service, public education, and a substantial cultural revelation was exposed to people for perhaps the first time. No longer were there theories about what was going on in public schools, but in the vacuum of daily noise, parents were able to see it for themselves as the push to work from home and the confidence that a “new normal” would result from shutting down the public school system across America and that nobody was ever coming back anyway. But things had to return to normal, which left all the leftist radicals exposed to what we are seeing today, and that’s good in its own way. At least people now understand what a devastating concept public education is and what it has done to several generations of children.

My wife and I whenever we could homeschool our kids we did. It was enormously difficult, and we did not have family and community support. Some fractures within my family are still very strong today because things were said that could never be taken back. But the social pressure for my wife to go out and get a job, process our kids through the public education system, and allow the government to co-parent our kids was never in my plans. I couldn’t wait to get married to my wife at age 19 so that I could get off the grid of processed human beings and raise a traditional family of my own, essentially to show the rest of the world how stupid they were. And my wife and I are about to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We’ve done it the entire time as traditional families did; she was a strong, central figure housewife. We built our whole family around her. My job was to provide income and emotional stability, to change the oil in the cars, and fight off any bad guys that might stick their noses into our business. Her job was the traditional full-time, around-the-clock stable mom that everyone could count on seven days a week under any condition. And the results were that our way of life flourished during Covid because we weren’t dependent on the ridiculously stupid outside world.   And my kids made the decision very quickly to homeschool their kids because they were raised correctly as children themselves, and they wanted to provide that level of security to their children even as the world crumbled away into stupidity and dust. It was an inconvenient time when I met my wife; we were just starting out in life. But I knew when she was being pushed into a fashion model occupation by many forces and all she was talking about with me was being a housewife that I had found the perfect person to do what I wanted to do, which was raise a traditional family in the traditional American ways and spit in the face of a progressive society. My hatred for that society goes back to my youth, so by the time I was 19 years old, I was more than ready to swipe at the endeavor. 

After Covid failed to destroy our society, and the yearly homeschool conventions returned to Cincinnati each April, my kids take the day off and go to it to get supplies for the upcoming year. They have been homeschooling their children for two years now and never plan to return to the public school system. The results in their kids are just too dramatically positive. It’s hard work and takes supportive spouses, but the effort is clearly beneficial when you do a side-by-side comparison with other kids who have been processed through the public education system. And what’s interesting is to see how many other parents are figuring this out as well, by the amount of growth my kids have witnessed at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention downtown from each year they have attended. It has grown a lot; there are many more homeschoolers than there used to be. But one thing they noticed this year, as opposed to years past, is that Chick-Fil-A was there recruiting workers, which said a lot to me. Of course, Chick-Fil-A would do that, they have such nice kids working at their stores, and people are always flocking to go there for a chicken sandwich. The company Chick-Fil-A recognizes the next-generation problem that the biggest challenge is in staffing with good, quality people. The kids coming out of public education are not as reliable and good as those homeschooled.

When we talk about the modern labor shortage, it’s not because there is a lack of applicants to fulfill an economy that does 19 trillion in GDP per year. Many jobs go unfulfilled, and artificial intelligence can hopefully help cover those employment gaps. The problem is that there aren’t enough quality candidates. Now, Chick-Fil-A has a good recruitment and training program that staffs their stores with good kids with fundamental Christian values, and that is what the customers want when buying a Chicken Sandwich. But to keep that recruitment up to their company standards, they are turning to homeschool conventions to recruit new employees for their stores, which is a very telling admission. This is one of the methods Chick-Fil-A uses to get better workers over their competitors. Going after homeschooled kids are going to be the wave of the future, as most corporations who listened to all the same dumb advice about embracing woke values are learning sequentially that the advice was terrible and they are going to have to change their behavior for the future. Companies looking for good employees will not care about their college education, what high school they attended, or whether that school won a national championship in football. They will care about whether or not the kids come from backgrounds where the parental structure was good; homeschooled kids would be a great bonus. And are the kids engaging, willing to work, and confident enough to continue learning as an asset of their corporation? Chick-Fil-A gets it, and the trends in the future of employee recruiting will be along those lines, throwing out all the previous measures entirely because they will historically be proven to be completely ineffective. 

Rich Hoffman

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Darbi Boddy Protects Lakota from Trans Activism: What is really going on in the classrooms that would shock parents

At this point, the constant barrage of anti-Darby Boddy sentiment at Lakota schools is laughable. At the school board meeting on 4.17.23, the second-year school board member, who has been the center of controversy, proposed the board vote on banning transgender bathrooms and athletes at Lakota schools, and the reaction was predictably hostile. School board members Kelly Casper and Julie Shaffer, who have supported transgender bathrooms in the past, were openly hostile toward Darbi for even bringing it up. And the rest of the board noticeably leaned left on the issue, leaving Darbi in a 4-to-1-squabble over an obvious problem. Of course, the media picked up the story and attempted to sling it negatively toward Darbi Boddy, as they have for the entire last year.   But the real problem on the board, just as it is with their grasp of financial concepts, is that the Lakota school board cares much more about its public image than the actual quality of the school. And I have news for them. They can play keep away with the facts all they want, but the reality is that eventually some version of the Backpack Bill will pass in Ohio and the money will go away from the school and will follow the kids. Public schools as we know it will change forever; it’s an inevitable fate. And only one of the school board members at Lakota, Darbi Boddy, is trying to prepare for that inevitability by asking questions that will eventually make Lakota schools more competitive. When the community brings issues to the school board, their reaction has been to hide and keep away from the facts, trying to limit public expression at extreme measures to hide the actual problems from themselves.

For instance, there has been talk for several years now, going back to the previous board president, where Lakota spent much of its excess budget on woke administrators to fill positions like equity inclusion and other ridiculous progressive government roles. The school board attempts to say that they are not a political body of administration and that everything they do is “for the kids.” And anyone who questions that premise they berate like a bunch of thugs robbing a Walmart in Chicago, as if the potential for violence and name-calling might hide the reality of their true intentions, which is extreme political activism, such as is the case with gender-neutral bathrooms in a public school, which Julie Shaffer has undoubtedly supported in the past, who is now up for re-election this year. But like in the case of Kelly Casper, who was openly very rude to Darbi Boddy during the Monday school board meeting, she has been pressing the issue that Lakota has cut all the meat off the bone that they could, so why couldn’t Lakota get more state money to cover their costs. Lakota has too many administrators who perform woke, purely political tasks. Every administrator Lakota hires toward woke causes costs around $100,000 yearly after salary and benefits. Then obviously, ten useless administrators will add a million dollars to the payroll. The question then becomes, how many useless administrators are there at Lakota schools? Around 30%? That is the financial problem at Lakota. It’s a spending problem by big government hacks, not an actual budget problem that requires more state revenue. Lakota needs to go the other way on their cost structure for the eventual day when a Backpack Bill in favor of School Choice passes, and Lakota will become an option instead of a zip code-mandated limit. 

Then in that regard, Darbi is asking all the right questions. Darbi wants to show the voting public that Lakota is taking a stand against transgender activism because that is something that people with kids are concerned about, and if Lakota makes that stand now, they might want to send their kids to Lakota still later. Transgender issues are in the news, so now is the time for Lakota to state its position to ease parents’ minds. But the other board members dug in and lashed out at Darbi for even bringing up the question, with big spender Kelly Casper calling Darbi on stage a “petulant 2-year-old,” obviously trying to score points with the radical teacher union base she most represents. But behind the entire meeting was anger that Darbi even brought up the issue because the board, just as they had done over their superintendent antics, where there were reports of alarming activity that they ignored which drove the need for a public position, and they wanted to pretend as if there was no merit behind Darbi’s vote recommendation. As if reporting any of this transgender activity to the acting superintendent might actually result in action, which we all know by now, it will be ignored because it might damage the school’s reputation. Yet, parents are concerned; I received information that can be seen here from a kid in the 6th grade at VanGorden Elementary at Lakota who brought home the book Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky. That book was given to the child in school, and they brought it home for their parents to discover, and it is all about a boy who feels like a girl, so he takes the journey to become one. It clearly says on the back of the book, “What if who you are on the outside doesn’t match who you are on the inside?” This is what is being taught in Lakota schools, and the school board should be aware of it. According to them, they aren’t aware, which shows how out of touch they are with reality. Only Darbi Boddy is trying to do anything about it. Darbi is right; we need a new board built around people like her because the rest are part of the political problem and spending disasters. 

But even worse than all that, all this transgender talk is technically a religious issue. It’s not just a political platform for liberal politics. The same people advocating for transgender bathrooms and student-athletes are the same who would say that the Cross of Christ or Bible studies in any public school would be a violation of church and state. Yet it’s perfectly ok to plaster the walls of Lakota with rainbows and Pride paraphernalia to show equity inclusion. But the trans movement is religious; it’s the Cult of Ishtar, which is a thing of its own. Where religion becomes part of a political movement, which trans rights clearly are. If a school is going to allow for rainbow representations of a sexual lifestyle in the Pride movement, then they must also enable open displays of the Ten Commandments and the Cross on the walls. You can’t have one without the other. But the instances are that one is allowed, but the other isn’t, and that is indeed the core problem we are dealing with at all public schools. We are supposed to accept that transgender issues are a moral mandate while other religious practices are rejected as a separation of Church and State, which is reprehensible. And the Lakota school board, except for Darbi Boddy, wants to ignore this massive problem just to protect their ability to get more tax money from the public in the future because they waste so much money they have no other management option based on the politics of the system itself. And to that point, only Darbi Boddy has been willing to tackle the problems at Lakota to make it a more viable destination for the education dollar spent. The rest just hope the problem will disappear, especially if they ignore the evidence, which is ridiculously complicit in progressive politics that is the foundation of everything that goes on in public education.

Rich Hoffman

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Jeff Sikkenga of Ashbrook College: Protecting America through real education

I promise you, dear reader, if you follow the American Constitution, all the scary stuff you see coming out of the media culture can be defeated. I read it often, for fun, The Federalist Papers and my favorite, The Anti-Federalist Papers, which were the foundations of the American Constitution which, I consider it one of the greatest works of philosophy the world has ever attempted, and I can say that it was designed to withstand times like we are going through now. What we see may be terrifying because we aren’t used to being challenged to the kind of globalist fight we are in presently. But if you follow the Constitution and develop a relationship with it, we will come through this better than we were when we went in. And I will say this; there are enough people who have shown loyalty to the Constitution that all the impediments of global communism will fail, even if they have a 90% majority. The small minority who use the Constitution to withstand the tides of a global mob intent on spreading communism to every corner will be defeated.   I am 100% sure of it. By sticking to the Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights, all tyrannies that might otherwise overwhelm our great nation will fail. The bad guys out there have only one hope: to make Americans blink on their reliance on the Constitution. They have purposely dumbed down our society through a terribly corrupt public education system, a media machine that is filled with communist sympathizers, and a political class that has largely sold out to China. But to defend against all those efforts, the Constitution provides limits on government that will save our nation if only people understood their rights. 

Knowing all that, my personal relationship with the Constitution and the Second Amendment as I carry both the Constitution with me everywhere, all the time, but I also am always well armed in case some insurgent wants to impose mob rule on my free existence, and I would have to defend myself. I always consider carrying a firearm my obligation to protect the Constitution from those hostile toward it. It is, to me, a preservation of the rule of law. I sometimes get to meet others out there who are very dedicated to the preservation of the Constitution, and that was an occasion I had at the new hot spot in West Chester, the speakeasy called Tommie’s Place, where I met Jeff Sikkenga from Ashbrook College, which is dedicated to the Freedom Business since 1983. I’m a person who loves education, and the kind of teaching they do at Ashbrook College is what I think all colleges should be like. They are dedicated to an America First agenda. They are working aggressively to make sure that teachers understand real American history. I would say that there has been enough work by them to stop the trend toward communism that the American Democrats have been planning for during the entire last century up to this point. Other colleges like Hillsdale and Liberty University are also doing similar great work. But the work they are doing at Ashbrook is worth noting for their intense focus on American goodness and spreading that message to the rest of the population during this current crisis. I was able to talk to Jeff a bit, and I’m happy to report that people like him and the other executive staff at Ashbrook are doing this kind of work, even if it appears to be thankless most of the time. It was intimate in the setting I was in with Jeff and his staff. All the people there were power players from our community and elsewhere in the state. And seeing that group, it is evident that the enemies of America would lose. The media wasn’t covering the work that was going on at that meeting, so most people don’t know that there is even an Ashbrook College out there, but there is, and they are very successful and very dedicated to the American Constitution and because of that, much of the evil we see in the world today, will fall away to the efforts of goodness. And that will happen because there are people like Jeff Sikkenga in the world, which is what I told him at the end of his presentation, shown here. 

As far as I’m concerned, what they teach in all the state colleges and government schools is not education; it’s propaganda. It’s the communist China model, and I’ve talked about it for many years. But there are plenty of alternatives out there where if just 2% of society utilizes them, the push to turn America into China will fail. Jeff gets it, and he said as much during his talk with my group. If 30% of the population is committed to the cause of continued liberty in America, the tyrants on the other side will fall, which was the ratio of the American Revolution. Most people were not supportive of leaving the English colonies, and if we were with George Washington at Valley Forge freezing just outside of Philadelphia while all the English officers were partying it up with the majority of residents of that city, things looked a lot more hopeless than we are seeing today. The Trump MAGA movement is enough to stop communism dead in its tracts because they don’t have a plan B. 

The plan of Democrats representing the efforts of global communism was to capture 100% of society through a dumbed-down public education system and media culture they controlled. But they have been unable to do that and now have had to show too much of what they were up to. The Trump presidency forced them to accelerate their insurrection of America entirely too fast, and now they have spooked most of the population and are looking for answers. That is where colleges like Ashbrook come in. With the work, they are doing, giving out free Constitutions to people who are looking for a new relationship with it, and teaching people who want to know America’s true history, the long-established plans of the communists will ultimately fail. So long as there are options, communism always fails, so they try to eliminate competition wherever they experience it. As long as there are places like Ashbrook College out there and people like Jeff Sikkenga who run it, and many thousands of students attending, America will hold through these trying times. Remember, the Constitution provides limits on government power, which we are in the process of utilizing presently. Our media culture has no idea what’s in the Constitution, and many of the attempts we see today will be destroyed in the courts. So stay with the Constitution, know that places like Ashbrook College are actually teaching people the right things, and in the context of history, what we see now will only be a footnote. I know that when I read the Constitution personally. But when I meet people like Jeff and others who share in my understanding, it provides a refreshing certainty. We tend to think that the whole world is what we see on television, but in truth, there are a lot more people interested in Ashbrook College if they know it’s out there than in the failed education system that the government has endorsed for the purposes of more government power. The Constitution takes much of that power away, which is why they don’t want people to know about real education institutions like Ashbrook. But enough people know to stop the radical left’s plans, and that is very good news and a welcome reminder. 

Rich Hoffman

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George Lang: The Morality of Money

I get asked often why I like George Lang, the Ohio senator for the 4th District, so much. I cover a lot of topics, and having so much respect for an establishment politician doesn’t often seem like they are elements that are conducive to each other. I think it’s the same kind of anxiety that is often witnessed when showing respect for Ayn Rand while still having great reverence for the religious right, the hard biblical conservatives. How can you serve the God of money and still serve God because we think of those things as opposed to one another? Yet, while Ayn Rand was an atheist, she was able in her work to cut through the true value of the measurement of money in a culture in very beneficial ways that are well represented in great American novels like Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. And few people in the world understand the morality of money more than George Lang, not in serving it as a deity of its own, but as a measure of good human conduct. It’s a side of politics that not many people get to see, especially translated by a media culture that has no way to express such a topic to the public, because they don’t understand it themselves. However, an economic report coming out will show Ohio in a very favorable way. The time of improvement is when George Lang has been in Columbus as first a representative, then as a senator. I see his fingerprints all over the detailed findings showing the state of Ohio becoming quite an economic powerhouse. I’m not allowed to talk about it yet, not in detail. But I was quite impressed with it, and it points to some not-so-well-known attributes that come directly from George Lang’s Business First Caucus, where he has stayed very focused, along with a handful of other politicians in Columbus. And that is very unique among any political class because if they don’t understand the “morality of money,” they quickly become the detriments often talked about in the Bible who lose their way and get distracted by every shiny thing. And by walking that tightrope, George Lang has done some extraordinary things as a senator that is making Ohio much better off than the federal government as a whole that is suffering significant hardships under Joe Biden and the other looters of the Beltway culture. 

You may have to turn up the volume, but this room paid great reverence to Senator Lang, which was well deserved.

A few things happened recently, I was in a meeting with a bunch of people from Columbus who expressed themselves with great respect to George Lang, and they wondered if the people of Southern Ohio knew how good he was behind the scenes when people weren’t looking. Of course, the answer is yes; most people do know. And I was also recently up in Columbus at the Statehouse talking to many people, and the running joke about “Georgie” is that he doesn’t want to talk about anything but a business-first agenda for Ohio. And it wasn’t a derogatory reference, but one of respect for being able to go to Columbus and, with all the pressure from various factions, to stay focused on the real measure of success for any state or federal government, and that is its financial health. Without financial health, society really can’t be moral. People can function morally independently. But society can’t function without revenue and healthy businesses to provide jobs for people; a society really can’t function without wealth. I’ve known George for many years, well before he was going to Columbus as a politician. I remember him well as a trustee in West Chester, Ohio, where the business first policies were well laid as a foundation for the greatness that is seen there today. George Lang has always had the idea of getting the government out of the way of the creative output that makes businesses happen, and that has translated to tremendous growth wherever his attention has been applied. And now, as a Senator for the 4th District, his influence has been rubbing off on other politicians very favorably, even into the Governor’s office. I have seen up close and personal that Governor DeWine and his Lt. Governor Jon Husted have significantly benefited from George Lang’s focus on business first and supporting infrastructure as an administration that has made business much more of a priority than it has been previously. 

Usually, when we talk about business, politics, and money, the first thing that pops into our minds is corruption. You can’t serve the two gods, God, and money, equally. That is the way that we have been taught incorrectly as a civilization. By doing good things, by having the means to work and be productive, the measure of morality is often in money. Good people tend to find that money is a direct measure of their personal morality. The many socialists who have been trying to infect American culture for more than a century now will apply that money is the root of all evil and that only collective wealth redistribution can establish morality. But actually, the opposite is true. Money directly measures moral conduct when it represents productivity, innovation, and strength of character. When money is corrupted, it comes from those most lazy who seek to align the power of government to get as much of it as possible without having to do work. So the government is used as a wealth extractor to redistribute wealth to the unearned. Behind most bad economic reports in state and federal governments all over the world, this is how corruption occurs. 

Yet, when government is applied to remove the barriers to morality toward the creation of businesses in which families can build lives around as job creators, then great things happen, and the morality of that good conduct directly translates into the health of a state government. I’ve seen George Lang perform in very good ways morally under tremendous pressure without ever compromising himself in the process, and that’s not easy to do in such a high political position. It would be very easy to stumble a toe under such pressure, but George Lang handles it always with great care and grace because he understands those basic Ayn Rand rules of money as a measure of morality. Rather than empowering those who would do anything to get it without the productivity that makes it, George empowers the kind of Adam Smith economic value that should be at the heart of every economic policy throughout the world. This is why the rest of the country is currently struggling and will continue to do so as long as Democrats continue to pervert the relationship between business and government. But Ohio is making a dramatic turnaround economically into something that is very respectful and is on its way to becoming one of the best states to live in America, which is saying something. George Lang has been in Columbus long enough to have rubbed off on the culture there, and they reflect his eternal optimism and industrious spirit. So, when people wonder why I love George Lang so much, it’s for all these reasons and more. He is the real deal, and he understands the morality of money and the need for the goodness that is represented by wealth creation. And for the very few who truly understand that unique ratio, the world is always a better place. 

Rich Hoffman

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