Defeating Evil Governments: A society with lots of guns and Bibles keeps people free

It’s been a more common occurrence, of course, that I discuss religion. I mean, look at the times we are living in. There is an astonishing level of evil on display here, so it comes my way a lot; what should we do? So, it’s unsurprising that I talk about religion; it has always been a big part of my life. But I have a lot of other things going on in my life that I felt I could talk about everything else without imposing myself on the people around me. I deal with a lot of people with lots of different viewpoints. Everyone knows that I’m morally very rigid, but I am accommodating toward other people, perhaps extraordinarily. But religion isn’t a new thing for me. I never said a curse word in my life until after I was 18 years old. I never drank alcohol until my church pushed it on me to take communion. I despise belching and farting, especially when people can hear it. I’ve never smoked marijuana or done drugs of any kind. I went to church most Sundays of my life until I was about 22. And I stopped because the pastor of my church had his wife leave him, which I never forgave him for. As I said then and still say it today, how do you lead a church if you can’t lead a family? (she got bored with Church life and had a wild streak hit her in her middle years. But I still blame the husband when things like that happen)  Church wasn’t religious enough for me, so I stopped going. I never felt it did a good enough job of fighting evil. I could go on and on, but as a person, I’ve never been a very loosie goosy person to be around. So when all the avenues of evil show themselves for the slaughter, I feel that there is a license to express myself accordingly. 

So yes, it has always come up, I handle religion cordially, but I often don’t impose my views on people because, literally, nobody has the kind of views about a good and moral life that I do, so I’ve learned to keep a lot to myself, just to have speaking relationships with people. But my views are certainly not new. I’m talking about it more now because it literally comes up every day from someone looking for answers. And with all the talk about what’s going on in the world and the level of evil we are dealing with, I have a simple two-part answer strategically on how to defeat our foes that I’m happy to share. It’s why I don’t worry too much about the level of corruption we are dealing with because I have always seen the clear path out of it. Of course, I’m happy to share that self-assurance with anybody who wants to listen. However, for context, even the most devout Baptist minister would find it hard to live with my rigidity religiously. My comment to people who are curious is that evil is struggling to remain hidden, and now they are going all out toward apocalyptic activism. But the trajectory of history is against them, and they are behaving out of desperation because they know it. So, when people ask me about the solutions to our modern problems, I assure them that the bad guys will not win, especially in America, for two very specific reasons, the Bible and gun ownership. As long as those two things exist in America, the government might fall away, but the people will go on as usual. Because we are not ruled, we have representatives. If they go bad, that doesn’t mean all the people follow. Instead, far from it.

I was at one of my favorite bookstores recently in Dayton, Ohio. It has a tremendous second floor, large enough to comfortably throw footballs in, big high ceilings, and lots of open space, and I took a minute to marvel at the religious section. The number of Bibles on display for sale was bewildering, and they are there because Bibles make up a substantial percentage of all books sold. And when people buy Bibles, they read them, so a literate society makes for one that won’t fall for all the ridiculously stupid leftist ideology. The really religious people, the people who read the Bible, tend to make up most of the homeschool movement, which I’ve always been a part of in some way. My children are currently homeschooling my grandchildren, for instance, because the schools are such cesspools of evil, exposing them to it just isn’t in the cards of reality. But I get to speak with a lot of very smart people because they essentially read their Bibles. Reading as an action makes people more intelligent, so Bible reading gives people who do so advantage over those who don’t. And the Bible’s contents took many lives to reach our hands. Every time I see a bunch of bookshelves filled with Bibles knowing that people are buying them up often, I consider how many millions of people died just to get those lines printed on paper for people to read. It’s quite a journey filled with a lot of spilled blood. But printing presses, mass publishing, and a stable economy have made Bibles so common that there is no way to go back in time to where totalitarian governments ruled by ignorance. That is clearly the modern strategy to rule over the world, to keep people ignorant and groundless on morality. But as long as there are Bibles in the world, tyranny will not be able to take over where people read them. That’s why communist countries are so hostile toward the Holy Bible because it’s nearly impossible for them to rule over literate people with beliefs in good and evil. 

But reading the Bible isn’t enough. Throughout most of our history, just reading and sharing certain Bibles, such as the Wyclif Bible in 1384, could put you to death. A lot of people have been burnt at the stake or killed in multiple ways just for reading the Bible or seeking independent spiritual belief, a belief away from the governments trying to impose on people a belief system they otherwise wouldn’t accommodate. That’s why our gun culture is so influential and why they want to get rid of guns so aggressively. Guns keep the government from coming door to door and burning people at the stake because they want to read from the Bible or express their values which go against the lunacy of a tyrannical government. So long as those two things are in a society, the intentions of evil upon a mass culture will fail. In America, currently, the government is failing, but the people are not. This government tries to rule through fear, mechanisms they learned in academia. But the assumption all along was that they could turn America into an atheist nation and a gunless nation. And they haven’t been able to come close on either point. And so long as guns and Bibles are part of American culture, the intentions of the communists, the Democrat losers, the globalists, the gangsters who are now in our government to hide from the prosecutors who used to haunt them, now they are them—all of them will fall short on their objectives because, for the first time in history, people have access to massive self-defense, and the intelligence of the written word, the ability to think for themselves. They don’t need government. But the government needs them. And in times such as these, a way of life that I have been more than prepared for every year that I’ve lived it, the things I have said over all that time are only becoming more obviously true. Keep your guns close and use them to keep reading from the Bible. And if you do those two things and share your enthusiasm openly, the bad guys will lose in this apocalyptic war, which will be fun to watch. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Fight We Are Fighting: Giambattista Vico’s three boundaries of human thought and the strategy against existence

Of course, we are dealing with an enemy here that I think is best described in the Bible with Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in the high places.” To my mind, if the apostle Paul and all he had gone through, one of the most valuable statements of any religion ever uttered is that one that climaxed under that statement. Because there is real evil in the world, it exists outside of our laws and order, outside of our nationalism, our families, and our industries. It runs deep in the human experience, and people behave differently when contemplating it. Then in some cases, it runs so deep that it is practically invisible to our eyes, but we can certainly see the intentions of evil and how it interacts with us. And with that in mind, fighting this level of evil can then be elusive.

But additionally, aside from this fine statement from the Bible, we have fantastic philosophers who have come along who provide additional information into the world around us; we are clear about what we observe in our modern political context, the vast evil behind the tech industry, behind global politics that intends bad things against us all. These are things that we used to deal with in religion under the various concepts of sacrifice, where the blood of a goat might have replaced the sins of our existence from the original sin in the Garden of Eden, which I would argue was originally in the United States, during a time long past. We know the Mormons knew of North America and migrated as a lost tribe of Israel to that homeland to escape the pending doom of Nebuchadnezzar. And we know that the sacrificial procedure at Solomon’s Temple was an east-to-west occurrence, to pay reverence to the original fall in Eden, to the mercy seat between the cherubim, which guarded the garden. Humans have been fighting this evil for a long time, and it’s upon us now. And there aren’t enough goats to appease it.

Probably my favorite philosopher in all history was Giambattista Vico, which I found stunningly that my philosophy classes in college found repulsive. Giambattista Vico has done some of the best work in human understanding of the rise and fall of civilizations, which I talk about a lot with the Vico Cycle. I was first exposed to Vico when reading the great James Joyce classic Finnegan’s Wake, which is structured entirely around the concepts of Giambattista Vico’s revolutionary work, New Science, published in 1744. Vico’s book would have certainly have been on the shelves of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and thought about when Adam Smith was writing his panicle book, The Wealth of Nations. Much of the trouble we see these days is this vast evil in the world attempting to put human thought back into a bottle so it’s easier to control. But by reading from the minds of people during this period of Vico and the creation of the United States of America during the same century, the long history of the human race and its purpose begins to become much clearer, even if the sentiment of the present looks to be an apocalypse altogether final and destructive. 

One of the big concepts explored in Vico’s New Science is that of the “The Three Boundaries of Human Reason,” the very foundations of all thoughtful enterprise. Because without human thought, can we actually reason that anything exists? For something to exist, we have to have a thought about it as human beings. Other animals of the world experience life as they are programmed at their DNA level. They don’t have an opinion on the matter one way or another. They may feel joy, pain, regret, and hunger. But they do not possess the ability to contemplate their role in such mechanisms as human beings do. And the prerequisites of all thought specific to the human race are divine providence, the moderation of passions through marriage, and the immortality of the human souls attested by burial. Under those three foundations of human thought and experience, we can shape the concept of society. So it should be of no surprise that when we observe society being attacked by unseen forces, but forces using members of the human race as avatars for their destruction, it is these concepts defined by Vico that they are attacking, the idea of something bigger than humans, God, the deliberate resistance to animal temptations, sexual, consumables, social acceptance—then the purpose of a soul merging into the afterlife. The hatching of the egg to become something useful in immortality. By attacking these experiences, the evil of existence seeks to control us to its own ends, and that is clearly the fight upon us now. When we say we must win the “fight,” we aren’t just talking about the conflict between political parties worldwide. We are talking about the merit of these foundations of human experience as Vico defined them and seeking a positive outcome for the human race, which those principalities of evil clearly don’t want.   

We saw this obvious tactic in the discussions of common core in public schools, where absurdities in math were supposed to be accepted. The lack of trust in facts would erode any concepts of “The Three Boundaries of Human Reason,” and sink human thought back into the grips of evil that permeates the universe. Such absurdities would then be part of the political dialogue of the trans movement, that a woman can decide that it is a man or a man or a woman based on their thoughtful assumption, not as their sexual roles intended for procreation and the furtherance of life. By destroying thought then, the mass sacrifice of the human race through abortion, trashed lives, misery, and physical suffering could then commence to the gods as it always did, the original concept of sacrifice as humans have always tried to stave off the effects of evil in the world, through the spilling of blood. Those that consume blood through sacrificial rituals obviously want the unrestricted flow of sacrifice to their existence. The last thing they want is a bunch of human beings who make up good countries dedicated to fighting evil and standing for righteousness to start thinking about other things, productive things. And not seeking the protection of the maleficent to shield them from harm from those principalities of doom which are more common than all the leaves on the trees that currently inhabit the earth or ever have before or after. The way to prevent such evil from achieving its goals is to protect those concepts in the human race, those “Three Boundaries of Human Reason.” To defeat those principalities of evil, as spoken about in Ephesians 6:12, the mechanism to do so is contained in Vico’s observations on the foundations of all human thought. To not achieve such a lofty height, then society moves through the Vico Cycle, theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then anarchy over and over again perpetually, with the only thing benefitting from human existence being the evil that feeds off it. But the rebellion against that sacrifice is the foundation of all existence, and despite our current observations, we have seen significant progress that is worth fighting for. 

Rich Hoffman

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Time Management and Friendships: Being productive is fun but not very socially accomidating

To answer the question all at once, because many people have been reaching out for friendship, and I give them quick one-sentence texts and very short emails, it’s not personal. I have many friendships, and I like that I do. But I don’t traditionally maintain them. In my life, there isn’t a lot of time to ask about how the dogs and cats are doing, and I certainly am not one who spends time standing around the grill in the backyard with friends sipping beer and talking about lawnmowers. There is nothing wrong with that; many people enjoy that kind of thing. I might if I didn’t otherwise have the type of life I enjoy. But it’s certainly not a rejection of friendship that I express to all those who have reached out, and it’s been happening so frequently that I do want to put things in context a bit. If I can avoid some hurt feelings, I care enough to at least do that. I try to answer all the emails I get from people. For instance, my Gmail account is so out of control that if anybody sends me an email there, it’s highly likely that I will not see it. There are over 500,000 emails there that I will never have time to open, so I have other email accounts that are much more manageable that I use for the needed correspondence. It’s an interesting problem to use technology to reach as many people as possible and not lose touch with the personal relationships that can quickly saturate life with too much interaction. As I came to think about it recently, it really is an astonishing number of correspondence, and managing them all might otherwise make each of them feel disenfranchised, which certainly isn’t the intention. 

Professionally, I apply about 70 hours per week toward those objectives, which by itself is a lot. Then beyond that, I put in about 30 hours a week, usually between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM, toward political endeavors, which I view not as a networking opportunity but purely as community maintenance. I want to live in a good world, so I spend that kind of time each week to do so. Some people actually move into elected office, and many have asked me about doing so in many positions. But the truth is, I can do the most with the time I have available in the way that I do because I am interested in so many community functions. Even though I talk about it a lot in specific formats, education issues are less than 1% of what I spend my time on. There are actually many more topics that I am much more passionate about, but public education is a predecessor to them. So, you must do one thing before you can do the other thing kind of thing. So, if you are doing math, you can quickly see that there are only about 68 hours of sleep left for the week, which would be about 9 hours per day. But then there is spending time with family, which I do a lot. And I have a lot of interests and read many books. I read an average of 3 books per week. I manage that by utilizing reading time during meals. I answer emails usually while walking from one place to another. And there certainly isn’t much time to talk about lawnmowers and smoking meat in the backyard. 

The truth is, I love the pace of my life and all the things I do in it. It’s a hyperactive life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Many people believe that we are supposed to sit around meditating all the time, centering ourselves with quiet. To take time and find peace in our lives. I think that is a bunch of garbage. Life is meant to be productive. Quiet time is boring. I would go as far as to say that it’s lazy. And people who say such things are just trying to justify their own lack of ambition. If I had more hours in the day, I would quickly fill them with every possible opportunity to do something productive. They would not be filled with more sleep. I think only a few hours per night in the form of power naps is needed, and I’ve been doing this kind of pace for several decades, and it’s enjoyable. Not a burden the way many might think of it. There are occasions when hostile perpetrators came to my house at 2 AM hoping to find me asleep, only to be caught by me as I was walking around my yard at that hour with books in both hands and me reading them with a flashlight. Needless to say, they were quite surprised and frustrated by that reality. Being busy has its benefits, you might say it that way, depending on what a person values in life. And for me, it’s productivity. The more productive I am, the happier I am. But I do expect to accomplish things quickly. I don’t have much time for traffic or to get to things. I drive fast. I avoid crowds that might slow me down. And I expect to be doing multiple things all at the same time. My wife thinks it’s funny; we recently went to the grocery to get my mom some Mother’s Day flowers; I expected to be in and out in under 7 minutes. She wanted to look at the various breads and snacks, so she slowed us down and laughed at how fast I moved. She’s used to it, but she always manages to draw a joke when she has to experience my pace, which is so different from her. 

Usually, especially regarding family things, she coordinates where everything happens. I show up where she says and do what needs to be done. I love family stuff, but like the grocery visit, I usually have an hourglass I’m looking at before the next thing needs to happen. So, without a relationship with my wife, it’s pretty hard to get me to be somewhere unless she arranges it. I appreciate when frineds send me texts telling me about something important, even if I don’t answer right away. Those reminders keep me plugged in where I might otherwise miss it. Reminders of big events are very useful as news stories. I don’t waste much time on gossiping in the newspapers or the nightly news. But I do appreciate it when people point things out that are useful. From trusted friends, it helps me manage chaos better and still get to the essence of a problem. But taking time for small talk and smelling the roses that are just not for me. And I don’t intend for people who would like to spend more time to get frustrated with the lack of effort on my part. It’s certainly not intentional. It’s just clock management. You get just so much time per day, and I literally work to make every second of every minute of every hour matter to the most efficient utilization. And it’s fun. But certainly not normal. 

Rich Hoffman

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King Solomon’s Temple: The reason the enemy wants us to desecrate our own bodies

I’ll tell you if you promise to keep it a secret. It’s not something I talk about often, but I think now might be a good time. I have a secret love I think about a lot and have had for many years. An obsession, really. I love the Temple of King Solomon in Israel and have since I was very little. Its one of those stakes in the ground of human civilization that I think is a massive statement by any emerging culture and was the window into the world of how the world thought before the great Library of Alexandria was destroyed right around the time of the Roman Empire struggling to maintain its power, starting around 145 BC, then being demolished in 391 AD. And that is what the Holy Bible means to me, validated through archaeology, that enough of the contents are very ancient, going back to 1400 BC to 2000 BC, respectfully, with dates that are reliably coordinated, and I really find that window into the world valuable at that time, especially the specifics of temple life under the rule of Solomon. Why had a group of people gained so much power in a relatively short time after invading the pagans of Canaan and establishing themselves as a force in the world? Because understanding that story helps us understand our own story in America, where a very similar trajectory of action occurred, and the challenges of maintaining that success were very difficult. Solomon’s Temple continues to be one of the hottest pieces of real estate in the world, with the Muslims now occupying what’s left over of the remains, where the popularly known Dome of the Rock now sits over the exact spot where Abraham supposedly went to sacrifice Isaac. The Muslims believe it was the older son, Ishmael. And it’s where Muhammad journeyed into the heavens in what sounds like a UFO encounter to me.

King Solomon’s Temple

Without question, that exact spot is where King David, Solomon’s father, set up a location for building the Temple had an importance that peaks back into prehistory to the beginning of time. Many people literally believe that the stone where all this happened is the precise spot where the European continent, the African, and the Asian land masses join perfectly and is the spot for the beginning of the world, literally. What we do get in the Bible is fragments of fragments of information from those prehistory times, but it’s valuable what it is. Then to understand that all of Western Civilization essentially evolved from the building of the Temple and the loss of it to history is exceptionally significant. For instance, the east/west alignment where the high priests would make their sacrifices then carry the elements to where the Ark of the Covenant sat on the exact spot where the stone on top of Mount Moriah peaked into the floor of the very elegant Temple finished in 960 BC after eight intense years of construction. They would pour the blood of the sacrificed animals over the Ark to atone for the people’s sins to the God Yahweh, traveling east to west to mimic the actions of being thrown out of the Garden of Eden, which occurred from west to east. There is a lot of growing evidence that this casting from the Garden was more than a metaphor. The lost land of Edan looked to be in America, and it was the Middle East where all people had to make their way again, knowing that they had knowledge of Good and Evil, a world of pairs of opposites that would always be tainted by sin and appeased by sacrifice.

So the building of a massive Temple, respectful of all the other attempts in the world on such a grand scale, says something about the culture that created it, a kind of heaven-on-earth mentality. But as humans, it only represents the eventual efforts of every human being. And that is for people to experience the relevance of a temple individually, for their personalized needs. Because, in many ways, humans need to see themselves as their own version of King Solomon’s Temple. No matter where in the world they occurred, Temple construction needs to inspire in people the concept to usher such reverence into their own lives. And that is how I’ve always seen the human body, as a temple built by God for the purpose of living a good life. And that we are supposed to treat our bodies with that level of respect. A human body is not something to despise or cast aside as inferior but is in itself a temple for the human soul, and it should be treated as such. We should not desecrate our own bodies, and for me, that means not coloring our hair, getting tattoos, breast implants, body piercings, or abusing ourselves with alcohol and drugs. Like King Solomon’s Temple, we should care for our bodies like the sacred objects that they are. I’m now at an age where I have advised many young people on these things. The ones who listened have pretty good lives. But many didn’t listen; they have many problems, and it is painful to see. Because they were told, just as I would say to everyone even now, to treat your temples well, give them great respect, and you’ll find a much better life in the aftermath than if you allow your Temple to be desecrated.

Of course, Solomon’s Temple didn’t last long after his sons took over and started fighting among themselves. The surrounding kingdoms, especially in Mesopotamia at the city of Babylon, were very jealous and wanted to take out the people who built such a magnificent place. In 605 BC, Nebuchadnezzar invaded and plundered the Temple stealing the wealth and taking it to the temples of Babylon. By 586 BC, the entire Solomon Temple was destroyed, and there has been much effort in the world, including the current tensions in the Middle East presently that want to rebuild the Temple and restore the world to how it was before that invasion, including many secret societies as their sole purpose for existing and the political movements that spawn from them. And such a downfall started when the Kings of Israel began to allow the desecration of their Temple to false idols and impure beliefs, which culminated with King Manasseh failing massively and his grandson King Josiah attempting to restore the Temple of its lost function. I look at a lot of older people, and I see many who have allowed their temples to be desecrated by many bad decisions in life. Children are new, like the Temple of Solomon at first. But they become disasters as adults when they allow their temples to be desecrated by invading cultures with bad ideas. It’s a lesson in values that I find well described in the effort of civilization to build King Solomon’s Temple in the first place and how other jealous cultures would be inspired to ravage it with great hatred. And to suppress that culture with desecration. This is precisely what we see happening to America now by the jealous cultures of the world. They want to desecrate our country, starting with each and every one of us, through LGBT Pride flags, loose abortion cults, a society of too much drinking, too many drugs, horrendous social customs, and a terrible government-controlled public education system. Our temples are under attack, and we let the enemies desecrate them without a fight. And that is how a lot of evil starts in the world and brings so much misery with it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Curse of Yahwah: New Discoveries at Mt Ebal and a Validation of the Bible that science has provided

If you study the attack vector, we see a repeat strategy that can be found in historical records, such as the Bible. So, I am very interested in studying the Bible and applying it to our current circumstances. Ignorance is the way to defeat; knowledge and understanding are the way to success. And if Americans understand that everything we have done was founded with the Bible, specifically our Constitution and other Founding documents, then the key to surviving what we are witnessing is clear. If people are not suckered into giving up their moral foundations, foundations that are traditionally positioned by Biblical study, then the modern bad guys will not be successful, and America will survive an attempted coup by globalist forces. This is a topic I’ve always been interested in. I love studying ancient history from all over the world. But now there is a strategy to study. People are lost and looking for answers, as is the goal of every war ever conducted, to pillage and create a menace against the innocent invoking their submission. But in this case, the keys to defeating the enemy are well documented in the Bible. I’ve studied these kinds of things all of my life, starting with Bible school as soon as I had reliable memories at 3 and 4 years old. However, when I was 11 and 12, I started getting the magazine Biblical Archaeology Review, which I continue to this day, and it’s my favorite publication. It’s never a bad day when I get one of those in the mailbox. And the news from May of 2023 was undoubtedly one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of my lifetime, which is significant to our subject here.

One of my favorite things in the world

One of the ways that evil works in the world is by undermining the belief system of its targets, whether individual or societal. So, knowing that America is a Biblical nation founded on rational Christian concepts and a reverence for the Ten Commandments, which then flow naturally into our Constitution and our Bill of Rights specifically, the way to bring down the nation is to attack its foundations and ridicule them into submission, which is precisely what we see happening. That is the strategy of the globalist insurgents pouring out of the Desecrators of Davos crowd, the (World Economic Forum) types. Being nice Christian people, of course, Americans offered the other cheek, and they slapped that too and kept slapping until we reached the point we’re at now. And one of the great arguments that evil has made in the modern context is to pick apart the Bible as an unreliable document rooted in fiction. And to argue that the God Yahweh isn’t real and that the Bible was written much later than we believe it was, which was the Council of Nicaea under Roman tutelage to unite their fracturing empire in 325 A.D. Yet the text, as proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls, shows that the books of the Bible had been around for many thousands of years. But the problem remained, were these stories actually fiction, like some Star Wars story from a different time? Were any of those characters actually real? And how would we know? There wasn’t much of a way to validate any of it. 

Around 2019 at a little alter on top of Mt. Ebal, roughly 40 miles north of Jerusalem, archaeologists were digging at the site when they found a small tablet made of lead about the size of a business card folded over on itself. On the card were written very specific statements that are being called the “Curse of Yahweh” because it invokes the Biblical God as an obvious statement toward someone the writer was very angry at. The actual tablet wasn’t identified until early 2022 because it had to be found among soil dumps that were found through wet sifting, and with the Associates for Biblical Research performing the task. Once the tablet had been found and translated, it went through a peer review process to provide academic scrutiny, and now then, in May of 2023, the results were confirmed. The inscription on the little tablet said, “God yhw curses you, cursed. You will die, cursed—cursed, you will surely die. Cursed you are by yhw—cursed.” Somebody was pretty mad, and they demanded that Yahweh kill the person they were mad at. I would say that’s a pretty typical action that people take, cursing someone they don’t like. But in this case, the dating is remarkable, around 1400 BC to 1200 B.C., which was 300 to 500 years before the building of the first Temple of Solomon. So we have physical evidence of King Solomon’s Temple, but we don’t have a lot of evidence as to whether or not there was a God Yahweh who actually existed, or that people from that time even knew about. The days of the Ark of the Covenant would be set up in a tent, a tabernacle nearby. So, to have Yahweh being used as an all-powerful god in the context of that tablet is quite astonishing. It puts the Biblical timeline more into a historical record as opposed to a work of fiction, which is very significant. 

A few other sites have begun to show evidence of the name of Yahweh—one in Egypt, which is consistent with Biblical stories of conquest and chronology. But nothing is as old as this tablet which gives a glimpse into life in that region and the kind of things that the people believed. Which then, of course, would have led to the creation of the Bible that we have today. Someone thought that Yahweh was powerful enough to fulfill a curse on somebody else, and the tablet was clearly asking for such interference toward some remote concept of justice. It’s not like Romans made up Yahweh two thousand years later to satisfy a narrative their empire needed. Instead, we see a glimpse into the past extending beyond the political needs of empires into the heart of human belief. This discovery then validates the roots of the Bible in ways that have been missing in a modern context. Biblical Archaeology doesn’t always look for a narrative’s validation as much as science uncovers the evidence that creates a narrative. And this tablet provides a narrative consistent with the Bible’s events and that Yahweh was a god of significance in a time when history wasn’t so well recorded. But that the Bible is our lost glimpse into that time, and the lessons of then, are the lessons of now. The evil they were fighting then is the evil we are fighting now. And if these discoveries can provide anything worthwhile, it’s that we know how the story ends, and it can provide a rallying cry for our present circumstances. That is, after all, why we should study history, to learn from it. And significant archaeological finds like this one at Mt. Ebal are clear windows into a remote period that validates the remarkable nature of the Holy Bible, in that we have what we do from it about an ancient people, their relationship with God, and the context of other gods entering the picture with evil blowing in their sails, and how society is destroyed under such actions. Here we could see ourselves cursing evil under the name of Yahweh. Only for us, it’s not too late.

Rich Hoffman

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What Happens When Your Little Sister Plays With Your ‘Star Wars’ Toys: The Fate of all woke corporations

There are likely fewer people in the world who wrote as much about Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars property in entertainment as I have, or the fate of a multibillion-dollar investment, the Star Wars hotel in Orlando, Florida.  I was excited about it.  I have been a Star Wars fan most of my life, which is reflected in my work.  But it’s not just Bud Light that woke policies have crushed that the global push for a certain kind of CEO to now run these corporate boards ran by BlackRock have destroyed.  Knowing Star Wars as an entertainment property and a work of modern mythology, I could see early on the impact and ultimate failure of Disney’s quest to appease BlackRock and the other elements of the Desecrators of Davos, the World Economic Forum’s view of the world.  And it was evident in 2015 when the first of the next generation Star Wars movies came out in The Force Awakens that the future destruction of globalism was making itself most apparent.  What we have now is a kind of stubborn tenacity of globalism to impose itself on reality.  Whereas I have been saying for a very long time, many decades now, in writing, that the trend was going to destroy itself.  That was never more clear in how Disney as a corporation handheld Star Wars as soon as it purchased George Lucas way back in 2012 and have now chased off their audiences, which, prior to, looked to be eternally loyal.  I warned early on to all those who owned Disney stock to sell because the brands they, as a company, were building would fall apart, and that’s precisely what is happening.  As Disney is falling apart, so is globalism everywhere in the world. 

As scary as a post-President Trump world has been with all the horrible revelations that have been revealed, we are actually better off because market forces are proving that wonders of capitalism envisioned by the great Adam Smith book The Wealth of Nations to be as reliable as anyone could hope it to be.  Out of all the presently trained economists with PhDs in the study of social behavior and the flow of money, it really all points back to that seminal work that was released to the world when America was founded that has turned out to be exclusively true.  Disney had the money and power to hire anybody they wanted to be successful.  Just ten years ago, they looked to be an unstoppable entertainment company, but like the world presently is in general, all members of the Bilderberg group, and the World Economic Forum, Disney is a dismal failure that literally can’t do anything correctly.  They can’t produce new content that anybody wants, and what they do put out from their entertainment classics is so burdened with woke politics that it has turned away half the nation from enjoying their products.  Disney bet on their brand and thought it was so great that no matter how much wokeness they proposed, they assumed, as they all did when they adopted this Chinese communist model of corporate rule of the world, that people would follow them as leaders of culture and that progressive politics would rule the day.  Yet what they found out has been completely the opposite.  Markets serve people; they don’t shape culture.  They represent culture. 

That was never more apparent than when Disney built the Galactic Star Cruiser Star Wars hotel in Orlando, Florida, connected to the Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios.  I was very excited about Disney’s attempts and wanted them to work.  I was a big fan of the Star Wars Land and went to it as soon as it opened with my wife, and we made a nice vacation out of it.  I thought it was a stunning experience for a kid who grew up loving Star Wars, so I wanted the experiment to work.  But I saw the trouble too and had been talking about it, at first, very politely.  I did several radio shows with various guests around the country talking about the danger of woke Disney, which at that time, nobody understood what “woke” was.  And sadly, everything I said as a warning sign for Disney turned out to be true.  Disney didn’t understand Star Wars.  It was being run by a woman, hand-picked by George Lucas, to continue what he had built.  But she got swept up into this New World Order of the global citizen movement and turned Star Wars into what a little sister would do to your Star Wars toys when everyone was kids.  Girls might take your Star Wars figures and put lipstick on them, and instead of them having epic battles, she would sit them at a table and have them drink tea.  Kathy Kennedy essentially did that to Star Wars, designed for 8- to 12-year-old boys, and started producing all the content for girls.  And she thought that the boys would stick around and that the market expansion would now be more inclusive of girls and empower women. 

So when the Star Wars hotel opened as a kind of cruise ship last year, right after the Covid lockdowns, after ten years of development and over a billion dollars in investment, fans were stunned to learn that the $6000 per room 2 day all immersive experience was essentially the little sister version of Star Wars.  Star Wars is about rebellion against tyranny.  Not singing songs and drinking drinks in a bar with aliens walking around.  But Disney didn’t listen to the fans; instead, it lectured them about what it would be like, and the results were devastating.  Just over the hotel opened to great fanfare, it is now projected to close in September of 2023 because it just never took off.  People rejected the idea, and it wasn’t so much the money; the lack of the Star Wars experience ultimately destroyed it, really, before it ever got off the ground.  It proved something that will eventually happen to all corporations who have embraced woke policies, from Ford and General Motors to Bud Light, Miller Light, and Target.  Corporations don’t and never will run the world.  They will always serve society in general.  Not the other way around.  I warned everyone.  Some people listened, and those that did are better off today than they were.  Just as I have warned about the climate that still wants to vote for President Trump as opposed to the corporate approach of Ron DeSantis, they don’t know what they are doing.  Professionals who make their living off these kinds of things have drunk the Kool-Aid and found out that there is a lot of bad stuff in there, and they’ve learned it too late.

In general, what happened to Disney and the Star Wars hotel and brand is a warning of what will happen to everyone in the future of corporate globalism.   People don’t want woke and corporations who assume that their products are so beloved by the public that people will follow anything.  Corporations who believe that have another thing coming.  And that was never more obvious than in the closure of the Star Wars hotel so soon after it opened.  The smartest people in the world with the most financial resources could not change the kind of reality that Adam Smith articulated in his economics studies.  And those rules apply in every market sector.  Entertainment just being one that is obvious.  Which is a fine indicator of things to come. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Playbook for Defeating Evil: Lessons from the Snake in the Garden of Eden

There is much more to the story of Adam and Eve’s fall in the Garden of Eden than just the temptation to listen to a snake and eat the wrong fruit that would cast all mankind into everlasting sin. There is a recipe for defeating evil that is quite deliberate. Not to pick on snakes, but they are disembodied creatures strange to the touch, complete with a forked tongue and menacing appearance. In the stories of the Bible, and those like it which describe some version of the Adam and Eve story, the snake would go on to form in Western civilization a definite approach to defeating the nature of evil in human beings. A philosophic divorce from the nature of existence that would form the backdrop of an entirely new way of looking at the world and establishing a moral conduct within it. However, in Eastern cultures, essentially all oriental approaches to matters of good and evil, the serpent, or snake, is an object of reverence, representing rebirth and rejuvenation. Dragons, as they are of the serpent family, are worshipped favorably in oriental cultures, whereas in the West, they are meant to be slain. We have dragon slayers in Western civilization, slayers of evil, destroyers of the serpent. Killers of evil. In the East, we have a religious approach that lives in harmony with evil, a yin and yang approach that strives for balance. But in the West, we traditionally strive to defeat evil wholesale. So, in that regard, in a modern world where China and its supporters, some in our own government, are seeking to embrace evil rather than defeat it, and any defeat of evil is frustrated rather than dealt with in the traditional way that our culture measures it. 

But there is more to the story, literally, than just appearances. Western culture’s representation of evil as a snake has a much more literal meaning. Snakes are cold-blooded animals, whereas humans are warm-blooded. Snakes cannot sustain their energy for very long, so their actions are often swift because they run out of energy quickly. Humans can endure over a long time because we are warm-blooded, and can sustain ourselves no matter the climate conditions. Snakes hide in the ground and can be quite terrifying when they emerge into the light of day to sun themselves on a rock to gather up the warmth of the sun, which is yet another aspect of worshipping the sun as the current earth goddess worship is so concerned. The reverence for Eastern religions of nature worship instead of the conquest of it revolves around this central concept of accepting evil, embracing it, or making a conscious effort to defeat it. The two cultures are incompatible; there is no coexistence where good and evil shake hands and get along. And this is a fight that essentially started literally in the beginning; it is at the core of why all mankind was born into sin and had to make a conscious effort to deal with it. What we are seeing now, as in a modern context regarding the vast amounts of evil being presented to us, in many forms, all at once, is this panic by evil to reveal itself to gather energy. We see them coming out into the light of day to sun themselves on rocks, which is scary to look at. Because we are used to evil hiding away from our eyes, just as in nature. Seeing a snake is a startling experience because they tend to hide under rocks and in the ground and don’t make themselves known easily. 

But their sudden appearance everywhere and often is actually a good thing. It indicates their true condition, the status of global evil as it has existed on earth from the beginning of time. It takes energy to hide, stay malicious, and work in the background. Yet now we have evil out in the open for all to see, and the vast amounts of it are intimidating because we just didn’t know there was that much evil out there, at least those living their normal lives not thinking about fighting good and evil all the time. However, it’s good to see the snakes, to see them out of their hiding places. Because it tells us what their true condition is. Just because we can see something, because we can see the truth, it doesn’t mean that there is more evil in the world making itself known, rather it provides an indication of the truth, and now we are seeing it in abundance, for a vastness that just wasn’t part of our daily dialogue, at least until now. Then our natural reaction as members of Western civilization, that understands the keys to success in life, is not to embrace evil and to make peace with it, but to defeat it. So, it is natural for us to look at all these vast examples of evil and want to strike at it with a vengeance because that attitude is the key to all Western civilization, which is the natural outgrowth of human development.   In the beginning, there were snakes, lots of them. And they ruled the earth. And Western civilization made a conscious effort to grow, evolve, and despise evil. And to defeat it. 

With all that known, the way to beat evil is in how the snake actually behaves. Evil looks scary and can strike fast with its venomous bite. But it runs out of gas quickly, making it easy to outlast and overcome. So to answer the question I get all the time about evil as to why I am so patient in dealing with it, as opposed to some sexy defeat of it spectacularly, like the latest Hollywood movie, which would be far more exciting, is because the best tactical opposition to evil is in self-propelled energy, the warm-blooded nature of the human being, the thinking intellect. Evil gets tired quickly because of its cold-blooded nature. When we say that someone is “cold-blooded,” we are essentially talking about the nature of evil itself and how it can appear menacing, but it loses its energy quickly, making it very vulnerable to those with the intentions of good. Good being a long-term pursuit, a divorce from the animal ways of nature. Evil being short-term, live quickly and die just as such in accordance with nature’s impulses. Can we say that the buzzard eating roadkill is evil on the side of the road due to its parasitic nature, or should we expect a buzzard to develop an intellect to grow its food more humanely even to question the life feeding off of life nature of the universe as humans wonder about such things. And they do because they have developed intellects even to behold the thought; thus, Western civilization was born. And the concept of defeating evil became a priority in our culture. Of course, evil is very aware of this, yet they are powerless to defend themselves from the intentions of good because they run out of energy so fast. Which is what we are seeing happening right now. As scary as evil is, it is losing its effectiveness in the world, and they know it. So, they are panicking to strike while still having the energy to do it. But good is outlasting it and causing desperation, exposing this classic struggle with a truth that we have never had the luxury of dealing with. And the victor is going to the warm-blooded nature of existence over the cold-blooded parasite, which is the true message of the Adam and Eve story. The defeat of the snake is well at hand and within reach. Outlasting evil is the best way to defeat it 100% of the time. Never fight the strength of an enemy if you can avoid it. Always attack the weakness with your own strength, and in this situation, warm-blooded creatures defeat cold-blooded creatures whenever the long game is applied because of the lack of energy that the snake has to sustain itself through an extended conflict.

Rich Hoffman

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Does Anybody Love Joe Biden: It would be terrible to live his life

Taking a step back from politics for a moment and considering the life of Joe Biden, I wouldn’t say that I have sympathy for him. On many levels, I have a distinct hatred for people like Joe Biden for many reasons that we’ll get into here. But I do feel sorry for him, sorry for such a disastrous life lived, for who he has become. For the kids he has. The life he has led. I feel sorry for him that he can’t look in the mirror and be proud of what looks back at him. I think I would feel sorry for anybody in that condition, especially at the end of their life after many years of living it and not deciding to become a person that people love. Because the real problem with Joe Biden the most obvious question is, does anybody in his life really love him? Has Joe Biden ever known love or what it feels like to be loved? Has he ever sat at the dinner table and enjoyed being loved for who he is, rather than people telling him that because they wanted something from him? Joe Biden certainly isn’t unique to this problem, but since he is President of the United States, we get to watch him every day, and his life is an open book to the degree that we know even small details about his life which then provoke the question, is there anybody who really loves him. And I say that because I saw a nice note yesterday from Yuna Lee, the television anchor who was married to my friend Doc Thompson. She’s a very beautiful young lady, and I remember when they married because he was fired from Clear Channel while they were on their honeymoon over political wokeness on many levels. Doc has been dead for a number of years now; he was hit by a train while jogging. He had been working for Glenn Beck at the time. Well, it was his birthday, and Yuna put up a sweet tribute to him, wishing him a nice birthday in heaven. I would say that what they had was real love, something that even transcends death. But is there anybody in Joe Biden’s life like that? I think the obvious answer is no.

Sure, many people would say, but he’s the most powerful politician in the world. He’s been in politics for a long time and was the VP under President Obama. And he has a Corvette right next to all the classified documents that he had in his garage. For a lot of people, they would consider that a successful life. But, and this became very obvious during the Democrat primary in South Carolina, where Biden suddenly jumped out in the lead over the other rivals, Joe has always sold himself as the “yes man.” As a simple whore who would sell his integrity for a pack of gum, and when things were tough during that primary, and nobody was stepping out, it’s evident that the Deep State types saw that there needed to be a front-runner. A deal was made with the rivals to step out, and Biden found himself propped up and ahead for many reasons, none of them good. A decision was made to put compromised Joe into the White House to stave off the populist movement that was developing in America. So Joe was the guy with his hand up, and with his family history and all the compromises a life lived poorly has over him, he made himself a great target for the powerful to use to impose their authority controls over American society as a kind of Trojan Horse. 

With all that known, Biden didn’t earn the White House through merit. And much of his life has been that way, including his marriage to Jill. Looking at Joe Biden’s life, there aren’t many moments where he earned something good because he was the better person. Instead, he was given titles because he was willing to be a compromised asset. And then, by acquiring that power, he could sell it to outside influence. So the game became, achieve the highest offices you can, then selling that access would then grant him more personal wealth. You don’t get to acquire the kind of wealth Joe Biden did as a public servant all his life by not selling out. Joe Biden didn’t have vast private sector experience making much money before running for public office. Instead, he has spent his whole life selling his titles to contributors who wanted access, and that is the role his son, Hunter Biden, played in setting up that access, which is quite evident in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that was suppressed before the election to contain the narrative. The same kind of intelligence influence that suddenly propped him up in that South Carolina primary. It’s a phony game that he allows himself to be the face of, and he gets financial power in return. 

Then it becomes evident that the people in his life only cared about his financial power gained as a looting politician. Choice, love, and respect are attributes that are missing from Joe Biden’s life, all his life. Now he’s a rambling old man who has told so many lies over the years that he doesn’t know which one he is talking about. And the people around him are there for the power he has acquired as a sell-out, not because they love him. People happy with those kinds of choices tend to be not very good people themselves, as is obvious from Hunter Biden and the stories of Joe’s daughter who wrote in her diary that she took showers with her dad. The FBI stepped in and tried to suppress that information to preserve the narrative. So when you look at Joe Biden’s life, he is surrounded by people who want to use his power and position for their own purposes. For what they can get out of the relationship. They don’t have a relationship with Joe Biden because they love him. They only care about Joe Biden because of what they can get from him, including the globalists, the Democrat Party, his children, his wife, and the labor unions. They only like him because he has acquired power. And Joe apparently knew this early in his life, so he worked to compromise himself to acquire more power so that people would like him. He has obviously never had a life where people liked him because he was likable. And to fill the void, he has had to make up all this fake backstory about his life. It would be a terrible way to live. It certainly isn’t the kind of love Yuna had for my friend Doc Thompson. And that certainly isn’t the only example. But when Joe does move into the realm of death, will anybody remember him for who he was? Or will they simply move on to the next sell-out? Well, the answer to that is in their behavior while he’s alive. He’s obviously struggling as an elderly person, and everyone around him is letting him because his power and position is the only thing they value about him. And if he makes a fool out of himself while doing it, they’re fine with that. Because they only care about what they get from Joe Biden. They don’t care about the guy himself, which is a very sad condition. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Way to Have Honest Elections: Just call Frank LaRose in Ohio, and he can show you how

How could anybody not think that election fraud is a real problem? After all, look at the amount of money that is at stake, the enemy countries out there who want to put people sympathetic to their cause in our government for leverage. Likely, election fraud has been a significant problem the entire time that mass media has been involved in the conduct of our election cycles. We should be looking for cheating everywhere, all the time. And to maintain secure elections, we must take the process seriously, and that just hasn’t been happening. The election fraud of 2020 goes way beyond hurt feelings that Donald Trump didn’t win and that Republicans didn’t maintain control of the White House. The fraud was so ostentatious that it was no longer speculation of election fraud but a grim reality and to what extent it was occurring. Obviously, there were political class members on both sides who wanted to see election fraud happen to maintain their control over the government institutions themselves. Mitch McConnell comes to mind, as do people like Bill Barr: the FBI, the corporate boards of major media companies. What we had once suspected was now a confirmed reality, and now in the wake of all that a few years ago now, there are still those who want to deny that it did happen so that they can continue to benefit from the rigged system and allow global influences to manipulate American interests for the goals of insurgents hostile to the American idea.

Yet the solution is relatively simple now that we know what we know, and rather than argue with people about election fraud and deal with all the many court cases that are required to fix it, there is no hope of such a thing happening by the time of the 2024 election. So what is anybody supposed to do? With such a massive election fraud machine that literally has millions and millions of greedy hands in it to manipulate toward controlled advantage, what options can a government that is supposed to be ruled by the people utter to save its election system from the barbarous pirates of finance and political discourse? Well, I happen to know Frank LaRose, the Ohio Secretary of State, a bit, and I would gladly put you in touch with him to learn what he has done in Ohio to secure elections. I would say that what Frank has done in Ohio toward the goal of election integrity should be the standard for the rest of the nation to follow, and it’s all very simple. Of course, the bad guys are suing him left and right because they know how good his policies are for secure elections, and they are hoping to see his methods overturned in court by the 2024 presidential election because, in the game of “lawfare” the way liberals like to fight, they have no chance of winning any Democrat seats in Ohio without election fraud. So they are in a bit of a panic. The two best things that Frank LaRose has done to secure elections is to mandate a photo ID that is government issued. That can be a driver’s license or just a card issued for free by the BMV. Very easy to get and is the basic way to ensure that the person voting is who they are. The second thing that is done in Ohio is probably the most important, which is a real problem in this modern age of early voting, is that vote counts need to be counted by election day, not many days after. 

The way the game works, and it’s a well-thought-out scam that Democrats and some Republicans have fully endorsed over the years under the banner of “fairness,” is that mail-in ballots were ripe for fraud because they could be added or subtracted depending on what the final vote count margin actually was. In Ohio, there is early voting, but the general rule is that everyone must put their pencils down by election night, and the vote counts are due. Ohio achieves this by inputting those votes into the system as they come in so that by election night, they can be part of the vote. States like Pennsylvania don’t start counting those votes until election day, which is how this mess of counting votes days after the election began, and election results were not known on election day but days later. States that continue counting after the election, which was the case in several state races involving congressional seats, already know the margin they need to put their favorite person over the top, so they keep counting mail-in ballots until they reach their target. And if they don’t have enough actual mail-in ballots, they make them up until they do. That’s simply no way to manage any accurate election, and it has purposely opened the door to rampant election fraud. Remember when Pennsylvania, over the weeks after the election came up with a million extra votes to put Joe Biden over President Trump? And the courts didn’t want to touch the case because it would open up the entire system to a complete lashing, and nobody had the stomach for it. Frank LaRose was brought in to testify how Ohio managed, and many in the process know this little trade secret. But admitting to it would essentially commit thousands of well-respected people to a guilty plea of sedition against our country. Election fraud is serious, and many people went way too far and got caught doing it. The most recent example is the monstrosity in Arizona with Katie Hobbs, who essentially managed her own election. Good election security essentially comes down to having a good secretary of state. If you don’t have one, you can forget about it. It’s that serious.

But rather than cry about it, just fix it. If everyone wants to prove they have honest elections, then at least ensure that early ballots are counted by election day, like in Ohio. And that will stop this trend of counting votes after election day, as we have seen becoming a major problem over the last two elections. Democrats knew what they were planning to do to cheat the 2020 election; they warned us ahead of time that Trump would appear to win in a landslide and that over the following weeks, Joe Biden would pull out the win. Well, they did that because they knew what the voting margin was that they had to come up with regarding fake votes. And that was their strategy all along, and why they allow their candidates to run their campaigns in their basement because they really think people are so stupid that they won’t see what they are up to. The best thing is to remove the temptation to cheat by ensuring that results are counted by election day and not after the results are known. The gap was so significant in Pennsylvania that this problem became apparent. So in the future, for those who want honest elections, just let me know, and I can put you in contact with Frank LaRose, and he can help your state run a fair election. And you better do it before 2024 because Democrats are planning to cheat again wherever they can. It’s part of their campaign strategy disguised as some “get out the vote” effort. But in reality, it’s just planned fraud, and the way to keep them from doing it is with some simple ground rules. And by doing as Ohio has, voter integrity will become much better. And the election results will be noticeably improved. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Alvin Bragg of Butler County: Roger Reynolds was only guilty of trusting people too much

It’s a local issue, but I’d say it’s common around the country. It’s not just in the case of Alvin Bragg, the New York District Attorney paid for by George Soros, who abuses their power for purely political purposes. The case where I live in Butler County, Ohio, of Roger Reynolds is just as malicious an example of abuse of the law as the one leveled against President Trump. I’ve talked about the Roger Reynolds case before, he’s the former auditor for Butler County who was just sentenced to 30 days in jail after being found guilty of an improper interest in a public contract, and his sentencing came around the same time as the big public spectacle of the Democrats throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Trump to attempt to destroy his next run for President. I know more about the Roger Reynolds case than what Fox 19 News, who pushed the case along by blowing on it with the help of Sheriff Jones, will say in public. From the beginning, the case against Roger Reynolds was political. It was about two alpha political types who were fighting for supremacy within the Butler County Republican Party, and it was over family disputes more than anything. All the parties involved could be said to have an improper interest in public contracts with all the cross-pollination of family members that goes on in these cases, so what Roger did with his interest in a golf academy partnership with Lakota schools shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. Most reasonable people wouldn’t have given the matter a second look.

But Sheriff Jones obviously by his actions wanted to keep Roger Reynolds from running for another term and support another person for that auditor position, so he and David Yost, the Attorney General in Ohio, all of who consider themselves Republicans, decided to use the law to their advantage and knock off a political rival by applying it against Roger Reynolds. At first, they started with a number of allegations that caused the initial court case, all of which Roger was found innocent on. But at the end, right before the case went to trial, Sheriff Jones added another charge from way back into the last decade involving Lakota schools, which is always the source of some level of corruption in our community, and they added it to the prosecution’s pursuit of anything against Roger Reynolds to get him out of office. It was precisely the same kind of behavior that we witnessed from Democrats against President Trump, especially coming out of the office of Alvin Bragg. Legal analysis of the Bragg case has been laughable and is obviously all about abusing the law to knock off a political rival and to put them in jail to keep them from running for political office. Well, it’s not just Alvin Bragg or the Biden DOJ who are abusing their authority; we see the exact same thing going on in Butler County, Ohio, among Republicans fighting for power and abusing the law to do what they couldn’t do at a ballot box, destroy a person so they don’t have to deal with them within party politics. When it comes to Sheriff Jones, this behavior doesn’t surprise me. But the Attorney General of Ohio, David Yost, was pulled into it, which was very disappointing. Because you’d like to think that, as Republicans, they wouldn’t get themselves involved in that kind of behavior. Yet, here they were, throwing charges at a political rival until something sort of stuck. And that last charge involving Lakota only stuck because they didn’t give the defense much time to prepare for it. They arrived in court to listen to the witness from Jones, who has been close to the Sheriff for many years and were surprised by her testimony. I know all the characters very well, including the witness.   She was involved closely with the Matt Miller superintendent controversy and had just indicated that she was leaving Lakota schools as the treasurer because that story was about to explode. The Sheriff put his arms around all of them and helped them out in ways that could be scrutinized in the same way that Roger Reynolds was in court. But needless to say, the defense team for Roger Reynolds was put on their heels a bit, and a guilty verdict by the jury was applied because of the ambiguity left in the wake. It was an odd situation that left room for doubt. 

If the Roger Reynolds defense team could do it over, I think they would love to, but a judge batted away the request. The political pressure was too great to mount up any charge possible to ruin Roger Reynolds politically, and the court system wanted to move on. There was no pursuit of justice, as Sheriff Jones indicated, with many haughty comments in the wake of the sentencing. The Sheriff was gloating about his ability to destroy a political rival in the same way that Democrats have been in using the law to attempt to destroy President Trump. There was no pursuit of justice; it was all about destroying other people for purely political purposes. I see the fault in all these cases as more of a sporting problem. People trust the refs too much in these kinds of things, and there are always going to be malicious characters who take advantage of a gullible public to rig these games because they know people won’t pursue recourse because they want to trust the legal system, often to their own detriment. 

However, all too often, just like in sports, we see occasions where the refs rig the game for lots of reasons. It’s not the skill of the players in those games who win and lose; it’s how the game is called by the referees who do. Refs are only human; they have problems too. And they can get caught rooting for one team or another, and those calls for justice may not be equal depending on the players. As a society, we play sports as kids and learn team sports concepts, which I would argue ruins many people’s minds with the wrong values. But more than that, we learn to trust what the referees say, even if we don’t agree. And we take that malfunction into our adulthoods and then apply that same level of respect to the legal arena. We don’t typically question what a judge says or a sheriff. And we like to think that our state Attorney General would be above picking sides out of political alliances. But the truth is that they are not above such corruption. They are human, and when they have too much power, they are going to be tempted to abuse it. And that is clearly what happened with Roger Reynolds; he was the victim of an abuse of power by a political rival that wanted to knock him off the stage. And he probably trusted everyone involved in the process too much, ethically, which is an important lesson. He’s still the great guy that people voted for, and if he could run again, people would vote for him again. People see through this kind of phony prosecution, just as they do with Trump. But corruption is a very real thing, and it happens all too often. Just because they call themselves Republicans in Butler County, we have the same kind of thing going on that we find so objectionable with Alvin Bragg in New York. It happens more than people want to admit, and while it’s on everyone’s minds, it would be an excellent time to consider whether or not we want to trust what the refs say without more scrutiny. Because they are prone to human frailty, and if we trust them too much, they could ruin our society beyond repair. 

Rich Hoffman

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