Lakota Take Notes from Larry Powell: Feeling guilty about the funhouse scam

I have contained here a sneak peak of my Letter to the Editor article that will be published in Thursday’s Pulse Journal. In context of my statements I supposed that the realization that the deeper you dig in this whole education quagmire, the more you learn that many of the educators are clearly in the business only for the money. Not only are these people paid well, as they should be, but they are getting wealthy in these professions. So to provide that context I’d like to reference a couple of superintendents who are realizing ahead of their peers that they are participating in a corrupt system, even if by default, and they are making sacrifices.

This past week I learned about the extraordinary pay cut that Larry Powell, the California superintendent of the Fresno County School System who asked the school board to impose on him an $800,000 give back from his salary and benefits. He’s offering to work as superintendent of 325 schools and 35 school districts with 195,000 students which had been paying him $288,241 a year for $31,000 a year.

At first I thought this was an extraordinarily generous offering until it’s realized that Larry is already technically “retired” and was in fact a double-dipper making an extraordinary amount of money. It looks like Larry was simply recognizing that the system was wrong, and he is taking the cut to provide leadership in preserving the programs in his district that mean something to him as an educator. By his own admission he decided that just “stockpiling” the money wasn’t the best thing to do while his district was facing major cuts. He is secure for many years and more money simply doesn’t have much value to him. Larry Powell is an example of just how much money is at play in his profession, where he doesn’t consider $800,000 to be detrimental to his retirement.

But Larry isn’t the first superintendent to do this. A Michigan superintendent, Ron Ferrell last year took an $80,000 pay cut Montebello Community Schools in Michigan. He was scheduled to make 95K during the year. His reasons were similar to Larry Powell. Listen to this news report.

In my district of Lakota I have seen so many exaggerated numbers, so much manipulation from the educators that it is nearly impossible to tell reality from an out-right scam. If I thought business was on the up an up, I wouldn’t be so angry, but at Lakota, they just spent a lot of money on a superintendent they proved they didn’t need and the rating for the school actually went up after major cuts were implemented. This makes me feel like I have been lied to, which I’ve always suspected, so my comment in the paper shown below reflects that betrayal.


I would like to congratulate Lakota for doing such a fine job on obtaining an EXCELLENT rating for the 10th year in a row! That is quite a feat, and the administration is to be commended for doing such a fantastic job! In fact, they did such a great job that their rating went from a 104.9 rating to a 105.9 rating, and they did it while cutting over 12 million dollars from the budget and without a fulltime superintendent!

Being one of the people who voted NO against the last levy attempt, I was a bit nervous that all the warnings from the Pro Levy people that if we didn’t pass the levy, then Lakota would fall into decline never to be respected again. Well, since the levy did in fact fail, and Lakota did not fall off the side of the world, but actually did better, it seems the crises has been somewhat averted. We are now talking about a levy to help with financial issues in the upcoming years, not next month.

But there’s always room for improvement. Since the school board did such a good job of cutting and working with minimum resources just think how much money the district could save if there was actual management of the union labor contract, we wouldn’t even need a school levy. And I think they could have saved the quarter of a million dollars in expenditures that the new superintendent costs, because they showed that they didn’t need such expensive service. That money should have been spent on restoring busing to all the poor parents that are now extremely inconvenienced by the busing reductions, a cost that is less than 5% of the total budget. That doesn’t make much sense.

Those are just minor issues though, this last year with all the trials and tribulations proved that money doesn’t buy excellence, good, hard work does however, and Lakota dug deep and actually improved, and that makes me proud. Everything was going well until the school board decided to ask for more money. You guys were doing so well………


I don’t mind providing a good school for the children of my district, and I don’t mind paying the people in that business a respectable income. But don’t play games with me; don’t attempt to twist the facts around, because if you do, you’ll bring my mind to the situations in these next two reports, one from Cleveland, the other from Atlanta; both showing the level of greed and personal selfishness exhibited in public education. The ironic part of these stories is that they are not regional, but are in fact endemic to the profession of education itself, and I know that Lakota and the rest of the public schools in the Cincinnati region are not exempt. They just haven’t been caught.

Read this article about Cleveland teachers who have retired at the end of a school year, then turn right around 60 days later and started again as a rehire so they can draw two pay checks instead of one. The situation is so bad that they can’t even start on the first day of school because the teacher has to wait 60 days. This is that whole double-dipping issue again, a way of payment that looks to be grossly abused. Just think about how much money education would have flowing into its use if just the process of double-dipping was outlawed. Because double-dipping, is a problem because the retirement age to qualify is set way too low, which invites abuse of the system, which is rampant.


And for anyone who thinks that it’s not all about money with educators consider this case In Atlanta, which exploded just last month in July, where there was a major scandal in the Atlanta Public School System where nearly 200 teachers and administrators were caught cheating to improve test scores so they can receive better bonuses. Go ahead, CLICK TO VIEW:

To see more on the issue at Lakota read my recent article on the whole grade improvement at that school for detailed analysis.


The bottom line is that I don’t trust much of anything that anybody in this current education system says. Even in a very nice school like Lakota they have said that if we don’t pass a levy that their performance standards would be compromised, then they turn around within a year of that failure and get an excellent grade, then send out thousands of pamphlets in the mail taking credit for the rating increase as if this somehow justified more money for the upcoming levy that the community will vote on in November. The whole thing seems like a carnival act to me, and is an absolute joke.

I would begin to take things more serious when the educators started doing what Larry Powell is doing in California and that’s admitting that enough is enough, and they are prepared to admit it and give some back to the community so that the community can then make a decision on how much to fund. But the way the system is now, throwing thousand dollar bills at a simple image in a funhouse mirror only to be lost in the twisted corridors of a carnival maze is simply foolish. The profession of education deserves to be met squarely in seriousness and not open deception, and until then all levies for all public education must fail, because only in the constricted revenue is the truth coming out on just how much money has actually been lost to outright greed and manipulation.

The problem is not specific to Lakota, but as shown is epic, sweeping the entire nation, and it must be corrected before any talk of federal funding is even explored and what all schools have in common from each and every district across the nation is that they are all represented by a labor union.
Oh, one more thing, something just couldn’t be overlooked when I thought about Lakota’s new superintendent Mrs. Mantia in comparison to Larry Powell out in California. I have heard it justified that Lakota should have paid almost $300,000 when they were looking for Mantia, whom they eventually paid at $165,000 in straight salary, but up to a quarter million dollars in the complete compensation package. Again for more details see my article linked above for that breakdown. Mrs. Mantia must manage 2000 employees, 18,000 students and over 22 school buildings. My question is how is her salary comparable to Larry who was making $288,241 managing 325 schools over 35 school districts and managing 195,000 students! I’ve often said that the superintendents are incredibly overpaid, because Mrs. Mantia is currently making more than the Governor of Ohio. But I was told that I didn’t understand how “education” works. So here is a comparable “educator” with a much larger work load, but only making $120,000 more than Mrs. Mantia. All other things being equal, both Mantia and Powell are both double-dippers, both superintendents, but one has a lot more school buildings to manage and the other doesn’t. So why are their wages so closely related?

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why? Welcome to the funhouse of distorted mirrors that is public education where reality is warped into funny shapes and twisted beyond comprehension, to hide the real intention behind the whole enterprise, and that’s to make money………..a lot of money. The funhouse may be painted with the faces of children holding hands to lure people in, but the result is simply to empty their pockets and leave them with a sense of being entertained, but always somehow feeling depleted. Such is the state of modern education in America. Thank goodness some like Larry Powell are starting to develop a guilty conscience.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Ancient Aliens and the Tea Party: Koyannisqatsi (LIFE OUT OF BALANCE)

Do yourself a favor, after you read this spend the time to watch these videos then read this again.  After that, pass it to a friend and let them start a journey they will never forget.  I have included the entire film of Koyannisquatsi at this end of this post, which is one of my favorite films of all time.  Enjoy!

Remember the speech that President Obama gave right after the shooting in Texas where he wanted to give a “shout out” at the Native Americans of the area? That was an awkward moment which showed just how out of touch the President really was in that instant of crises. The President exhibited all the typical signs of an out of touch academic which is what he is. He was simply revealing the Static Intellectualism, of which the Progressive Platform is built around, specifically in this case empathy for the plight of the Native American without really understanding the beliefs of the culture they are empathizing with.

The modern academic however, of which Obama is a part is limited in their understanding of many things, particularly the study of mankind’s past. They are stuck in the Static Intellectual culture patterns of which they helped create, and that is all life emerged in one of two ways, through evolution, or creation. One theory is one of science, which the Static Intellectual controls; the other is controlled by the religious institutions which is another type of Static Intellectual control. To the Static Intellectual who created progressive politics no other options exists, because the cultural patterns they established are the rules they are living by. That leaves out one small problem with their love of the Native American; the foundation beliefs of the Native American Culture most likely came from another planet which is represented in many of the rituals of Native American culture which permeates most societies from the Hopi to the Iroquois of New England. It was the Iroquois Five Nations that greeted William Johnston in his frontier fights against the French during the French and Indian war and those Five Nations were unified by a being that landed on Earth and instructed them not to be a war with one another, and to unite their efforts under one nation, of which the Iroquois did. (See the book Wilderness Empire by Allen Eckert)

The problem with this is that through study of the Native American rituals clues to the origins of mankind can and should be studied, but the Static Intellectualism of our modern culture have built their cultural patterns around the history of Europe which does not study the Native American cultures. Instead they study the known regions of Africa and the Middle East as the cradle of civilization and assume with arrogance that it’s always been that way, which Europe and its imperial roots contained within the Roman Empire gave birth to the world. So the scientific premise regarding the origin of the human race which has been controlled by the Roman Catholic Church, as a direct descendent of the Roman Empire refuses to look at all the new scientific archeological evidence coming in from all over the world. See my article on The Secret of Malden Island.

Progressives led by the Static Intellectualism of the Victorian Era, and their love of the Native American culture because of the terrible exploitation imposed upon them particularly by President Andrew Jackson, who was a frontier fighter, a rugged American, it suited their political purpose to smear Jackson, yet in their study of this political history as intellectuals they completely missed the beliefs of those Native Americans and the foundations behind their tribal mythologies.

Chief Standing Elk seen below shares a friendship with a person I know who is a shaman and lives in St. Louis. This shaman is a dream-walker and a spiritual healer and I find her fascinating because her belief system is so completely different from mine. I enjoy conversations with her, she is to my personal Static Pattern belief system a Dynamic which challenges those beliefs that I find valuable. Anyway, this shaman friend of mine invited me to a spiritual meeting at Serpent Mound a few years ago with this Chief who is an active spiritual leader attempting to carry on the beliefs of the tribes who inhabited America before the immigration of the European. Listen to what the Chief believes.

I became interested in Native American cultures through the film Koyannisqatsi, (SEE THE WHOLE FILM BELOW) which is one of my favorite films, and features a haunting Hopi Indian chant that has never left my mind. The word Koyannisqatisi means in Hopi, “life out of balance, crazy life.” I nurtured that understanding through the work of Joseph Campbell’s comparative mythology studies, so I have a pretty good idea of what they are all about and I’ve always been fascinated by the origin of their beliefs. For instance, my wife and I frequent the Serpent Mound Archeological site a couple of times a year for many years now and have watched the perception of that place change dramatically from one of hard archeology based on the Adena Indian culture to this new age Star Culture idea that Chief Standing Elk believes. One of our visits a few years ago had various Indian tribes and shaman types chanting outside the museum and I told my wife that the science of the place was reverting, not advancing. These primitive beliefs and tribal chants seemed silly to me, until I did some reading of my own.

The big mystery of Serpent Mound is that it not only is a mound structure of a serpent, which is a universal symbol of life renewal, but it is particularly designed to be seen from the air, and all over the world such as the Nazca Lines of Peru and several features all over England, this is a common occurrence where societies seemed to be preoccupied with impressing the gods from the air. But the biggest mystery is the location itself in the middle of a crypto explosion event which occurred during the Permian Period, about 248 to 286 million years ago. Read more about the mound here:

Check out this clip, right about the 2:30 mark:

The crypto explosion is mysterious because it was a violent occurrence several miles wide and would usually be a result of a meteor impact similar to the site in Arizona just to the east of the Grand Canyon outside of Winslow, but it doesn’t look like that. It appears that at least half of the force occurred under the ground as well, so it’s quite a geological mystery. The haunting thing about this mystery is why the Serpent Mound is located right in the middle of this very unique spot that occurred hundreds of millions of years before any builders of the Serpent Mound came along. How did anyone from the Serpent Mound Culture know that something extremely unusual geologically occurred in that exact spot, out of all the spots on the face of planet Earth, a so-called primitive culture knew that something unusual and astronomically significant occurred right there in the middle of a wooded area in Ohio, with no visual reference on the surface. You have to do some digging to see the results of the crypto explosion.

Well, the shamans are saying that a seed ship landed on Earth and brought visitors who inhabited this new land. Such comments make me think of how the European encountered the Aztec and Mayan cultures of Central America and also the Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean, where they imposed their religion upon the primitive people they encountered. Those cultures were influenced by the goods brought from Europe and changed forever as a result of this interaction and in the case the Native American; their cultures were almost completely destroyed by this exchange with the European. It is this aspect of the exchange that the progressive celebrates out of guilt so they do not look any deeper.

Our current culture is only about 200 years from being able to jump from planet to planet itself, so such space travel isn’t very far-fetched taken scientifically. Modern human culture achieved this ability in just about 10 to 20 thousand years, so it’s possible there could be many cultures out in space that are many thousands of years more advanced than we currently are. It is starting to appear that Earth has been greatly influenced by much more than just simple evolution or even creationism, which certainly have played a part, but there are other influences which gave rise to the sudden explosion of technology upon the human race, and the Native Americans seem to have a better understanding of that process than the Anglo-Saxon.

But the Static Intellectualism of academia who has built their universities upon flimsy theories based on Darwin and the Archeology of the Middle East refuse to see it. They, like President Obama think only of the suffering of the Native American at the hands of the “white man” because if fulfils the mission statement of their political platform. But if they actually took the time to listen to the Native American mythology, passed the obvious concern for conservation which also fills another political platform of “green technology” the study of Native American mythology and their roots don’t seem to be examined at all.

This is why television shows like the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens are so poplar, because the Dynamic Intellectualism of our current culture sees that the Static Intellectualism of our education institutions are missing the point in their interrelationship with the progressive politics of the Victorians in America. We are beginning to question the basic premise of the whole religious and scientific premise of mankind’s origins and that’s a good healthy process. If our education system is wrong, then it needs to correct that wrong with new understanding and not resort to the methods of the Spanish Inquisition, or burning heretics at the stake for being non-believers.

The Static Intellectuals of Progressive politics will insist that any notations of aliens colonizing planet Earth and bringing technology to the Homo sapiens who already lived here are preposterous. This is similar to when the church was upset with Isaac Newton for declaring that the Earth was not the center of the universe, which seems laughable now considering what we have learned about not only our galaxy but the many galaxies that make up the universe. In fact, through our understanding of quantum mechanics we are now beginning to think of the concept of a multi-verse. So the church was wrong, and the Victorians who built the progressive politics of which the current Static Intellectualism is protecting, are also wrong. In fact they are way off, and the evidence is overwhelming.

And this is where the Tea Party comes into this whole thing. Progressives are the political entity that is holding the world to a Static Pattern that is flawed in it perception of virtually everything. As it turns out, they are not so “progressive” but have been caught assuming that they are the “enlightened” ones and that they would be the ones who teach the world everything. They currently hold an imperial like grip on academia, which we can see is wrong, because Dynamic Intellectualism is using its imagination to ask the hard questions, where did we come from? And the answer is not in the Static Intellectual offering, so the pattern is wrong and must be broken down and rebuilt with new data gathered up by Dynamic Intellectualism.

The same is happening in politics, where the Dynamic Intellectuals represented by the Tea Party are shattering the Static Patters of progressive politics, because those politics are turning out to be completely false and ridiculously naive. This is why both mystics who say that the Earth was influenced by alien encounters and those who say that America should return to the principles of the United States Constitution are kooks. Because it is the Static Intellectuals who are threatened by the Dynamic Intellectuals of interrupting the Static Pattern that modern science has been established on.

I don’t know if aliens did or did not visit the Earth and influence our culture in any way. But I do know that archeology and anthropology along with geology and other sciences are in their infancy of understanding our world history, and a lot of discoveries have not been reasonably explained by anything more than some Static Intellectual politically correct assessment. But Static Intellectual ideas have not explained how temples were built all over the Pacific, or the mystery of Easter Island, or the Temple at Baalbek, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the city of Tiahuanaco which may be as old as 16,000 BC, and many, many, many, many others. Only Dynamic Intellectuals have ventured into this territory of exploring explanations, and like Newton, they are ridiculed.

The Tea Party too knows that the Static Pattern of America is wrong and it needs to be corrected as they are called names by the Static Intellectuals such as “terrorists, assassins, kooks, radicals, uneducated fools,” and the like. The Tea Party is a threat to the Static Patter of the Static Intellectual who is clamoring to their education empire even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they have been completely wrong about most everything they believe. The path of the progressive is a dead-end and they refuse to see their error even when the evidence is right in front of them.

This is what they have done to the Native American. They took only the parts of their culture that they could use for the progressive political platform, but they rejected the aspects that didn’t support their political platform and this is most obvious in the words of Chief Standing Elk, who is a strict conversationalist, represents the thoughts and beliefs of his ancestors, but he also believes that the world co-exists with “star people.” If the Static Intellectual were honest about their assessments they’d call Chief Standing Elk a kook for his beliefs, but they won’t because he is a Native America and part of the progressive political platform. They’ll just ignore the rest of Chief Standing Elk’s beliefs like they do everything else they don’t understand and will remain just as ignorant as those who were in charge during the Dark Ages, because as Static Intellectuals, they are stuck with beliefs that are fixed to the foundations of their existence, and they lack the courage of the Dynamic Intellectual who will go out on a limb with a scientific theory, because the Static Intellectual is simply too timid to venture in unknown regions of the mind. That is why they call people names, and that is why they always fail in the end as history marches on without them.

Too bad there isn’t a word in the English language that sums of the statement, “life out of balance, or crazy life” like the Hopi have. The reason the Hopi have this word is because in their culture they saw a need for such a term. The European had to invent a series of words to mean the same thing, because their culture wasn’t advanced enough to understand the need for some kind of balance between the various forces that exemplify a culture. Most of the time that out-of-balance state is the war between the Static portions of society and the Dynamic portions, and the Hopi understood this and they invented a word to bring all the aspects of their life into focus so they could advance as a culture, and that word was Koyannisqatsi.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Supernormal Sign Stimuli: What is it and how it runs your life

As a kind of continuation of yesterday’s article on Static Intellectualism and patterns associated with it this next topic is one of great concern. So if context is needed, please feel free to visit this link:

When I was in my mid-twenties I was reading a book by an author that at that time I had been reading since I was 19 years old. I started with the easy stuff, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and had been working up to the current masterpieces, the four volume set of The Masks of God by Joseph Campbell. During those days when the rest of the people my age were trying to gather up money to go on “spring break” and such things were the goals of their entire existence, I was on a search for rare books by obscure authors which came to me through the work of Campbell, which was a treasure hunt of the mind. I had rejected virtually everything at the time that society said was important and over the years through my reading, have worked backward to include the aspects of society that I think are important, while still rejecting the things that are obviously flawed by human intervention adhering to static quality patterns that are actually destructive even though they may be culturally safe for the present age.

Before any effort can be made to take society back to a static pattern prior to the progressive era here in the United States human beings need to understand something about themselves, something that is currently pumping over 13 billion dollars in the US, and 97 billion dollars world-wide and earns more than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink combined. In fact this industry has more revenue in the United States than all of Major League Baseball, the NHL, and the NFL plus all the combined revenue of ABC, CBS, and NBC. It’s the porn industry and it occupies a lot of people’s time, and all the attributes that make it attractive are also used to sell people shoes, politics, career choices, even school levies, because the very thing that makes pornography attractive to human beings is a very little discussed trait called SIGN STIMULI.

One of the reasons I was rejecting much of what society was telling me was important and spending my spare time reading Joseph Campbell when many were very upset with me for “wasting” my life on such pursuits, when I could be out running all over town being young and free, was because the life style of my age group didn’t add up to me. I could not see how the decisions my generation was making could possibly translate to something beneficial. I had the benefit of a lot of travel and adventure before I ever turned 18, so my perspective was unique, and once I arrived at that magical age, I took my books and went on an intellectual adventure while the rest of the world marched in a different direction. It was in these late night reading sessions in places like Perkins, and Waffle House that I read about the grayling moth in Campbell’s Primitive Mythology, book 1 of The Masks of God as drunken fools would come in representing the static values of people just like in this video below. This clash of values doesn’t make anyone good or bad, however the sum of the total values of which time and effort are applied has predictable results, and what I learned about in the behavior patterns of the grayling moth transferred directly to the drunken derelicts traveling down the static intellectualism of known destruction not because they were simply functioning from biological forces of which they didn’t understand completely, and this lack of understanding is what propelled their decision-making process. It’s the same lack of understanding that has made the porn industry one of the most explosive markets on Earth, and it is what holds our society back not to some religious static intellectualism, but to a primitive yearning for sexual fulfillment.

Contained within these sexual yearnings is the progressive politics of the youth, of the revolutionaries, who are all mixed up. The primary reason that many of the people in the Tea Party are so old (“grey hairs”) is that once people become older their minds finally become interested in other pursuits besides reproductive games, and they are finally able to think outside the static patters of their cultural quality which is based on sex. Just imagine how much power they would have if they could tap into this power at a younger age, and not wait till they are elderly?

The reason the grayling moth is so important to this discussion of sex is because it was studied among the grayling moths that certain moths of different patterns on their wings, or even different shades of gray, made them more appealing to females. This same attribute had been observed in Peacocks.

The feathers of a peacock or the patterns on the wing of a grayling moth are what are called sign stimuli, patterns that are attractive to females and encourage them to mate with the males. Well the same thing is occurring in humans. If looked at objectively, the butt of a woman or a man is a pretty disgusting thing. Nothing good comes out of a butt, yet in relation to sex, the butt is an item of sign stimuli for both men and women and depending on the condition of it will have a lot to do with how many sexual requests that particular human is exposed to. Other examples of sign stimuli in humans are lips, breasts, shoulders, legs and eyes. Those attributes mean nothing to a mammal of another species, such as a dog, or a cat. But to a member of the opposite sex of the human species, they mean everything, and human beings spend much of their time consumed with sign stimuli either of their own, or observing it in the opposite sex.

However of particular interest in the grayling moth, and this is the big secret that you won’t find anywhere unless you read older books, is that there are attributes that makes some moths more attractive to others. These attributes might include different kinds of patterns or shades of color and these are called Supernormal Sign Stimuli. In fact if you Google the term you won’t even find a video for this subject, and any literary papers done on the topic are highly technical and get lost in the static intellectualism of their particular education institution, so the topic as been almost completely ignored even though it is probably the largest daily consumer of human thought. In fact, supernormal sign stimuli makes up the porn industry obviously, but it also is responsible for all the makeup and perfume sold, most of our clothing, most of our dining experiences, in other words, supernormal sign stimuli is responsible for I’d say over 75% of all human activity as defined by the Static Intellectualism of our current social patterns.

Examples of Supernormal Sign Stimuli in human beings are of course perfume and cologne because the smell of a person is a sign stimuli. If you can make a human smell “better” that is supernormal. Ear rings are an example of supernormal sign stimuli because they enhance the way the ear appears to the opposite sex. Lip stick, eye shadow, dyed hair, (particularly blond hair because blond hair is genetically rare) being excessively skinny or even excessively over-weight can all be examples of supernormal sign stimuli and give those people sexual opportunity advantages over competing rivals.

Supernormal Sign Stimuli can be said to be anything that does not naturally occur in nature, which the human being does to themselves to stand out against their sexual competition. If you get to the root cause, the deep down reason why women have their nails done, or get eye lash extensions, it is to appeal to the opposite sex with supernormal sign stimuli, because finger nails are not normally red and eye lashes are typically short. It doesn’t always mean a woman wants to have sex with a member of the opposite sex, but she does want to be noticed and respected as a potential mate, because it is in this process, the static value of our culture built through intellectualism that these values have been placed upon our culture to represent value and personal worth.

Young women in fact are so obsessed with improving their super normal sign stimuli that it virtually occupies most of their daily time. They certainly don’t have time to consider the merits of the Obama administration, or whether or not public labor unions should even be legal, yet they do vote and they tend to vote for the candidate that puts the information on a plate for them so they don’t have to work very hard to understand, because they are busy trying to improve their supernormal sign stimuli. This is why there aren’t more young people who are involved in anything truly meaningful, because Static Intellectualism passed down through their education channels being public education and college, have informed them that the value system of their culture values supernormal sign stimuli above all social traits. Now this wasn’t done maliciously. It was done by accident when Static Intellectuals attempted to remove the parent from the equation of child rearing during the Victorian Era and then provided no meaningful substitute. Traditionally, self-esteem was built by the parents, particularly a strong father figure. Without strong fathers, human beings tend to revert to their most primal impulses which increase the need for supernormal sign stimuli to fill the self-esteem gaps. Within the last 20 years it has now become culturally acceptable for women to purchase breast implants much the way they purchase ear rings, because the goal is to increase their supernormal sign stimuli, which they believe will help their self-esteem by making them more attractive to the opposite sex. When I hear the story of this girl in the below video I could probably write an entire book on what her parents did wrong without even meeting them. This girl is a typical lost soul, of which Static Intellectualism has created. Sadly, this girl is considered normal in 2011.

The reason science does not talk about supernormal sign stimuli is because Static Intellectualism does not want to discuss the matter. The informers of our current culture are too busy with the static patterns they have created and maintaining the failures of those patterns with attempted social fixes to pay any particular attention to the “root cause” of their failure. Because that admission would be devastating to their cultural platform of which I am willing to declare a complete failure that requires scrubbing completely. A complete scrubbing of that cultural platform in my view appears to be resetting our value system to a time just before the Civil War, with the uttering’s of Henry David Thoreau’s Transcendentalism. This was a period in American history that was cut short by the Civil War and was built upon the foundations of the United States Constitution once the dust settled a bit in the 1840’s and 1850’s. I know such a statement is preposterous to today’s educators, the current Static Intellectualism supporter, but those social patterns are corrupted and are destroying our society at a fundamental, biological level. The current Static Intellectualism has been an unprecedented failure.

The failure would be comparable to the Microsoft release of Window’s Vista when XP worked so well, but Microsoft wanting to stay competitive with the Mac wanted to change their operating program. In this example the Mac is what Europe is doing. So Microsoft changed their operating system to more resemble Mac, which fundamentally changed the character of their product. The release came out and was full of bugs, so Microsoft spent the next two years with software patches trying to fix all the damage. Meanwhile, people loyal to Microsoft went back to Microsoft XP. So Microsoft went to Window’s 7 which went to the roots of what made Microsoft XP so dynamic and moved away from Microsoft Vista.

Progressivism is comparable to Microsoft Vista, it’s full of holes in the programming and it is slow to react and takes up a lot of valuable memory just to run. Progressivism is the architect of the Static Intellectual, born of the Victorian Era elitists who took their narrow vision into an all-encompassing government planned society that only focused on a few traits of human motivation. And in their plans they completely underestimated the effect of supernormal sign stimuli in the human race. As scientific understanding expanded, they did not because their intellectuals were fixated on a static pattern of understanding that ignored one of the largest motivations of modern society. So what we have is several generations of human beings functioning off primal biological natures trying to make decisions that require intense intellectualism both Static and Dynamic to expand our culture to meet the 21st Century needs of a human being, and without that fulfillment of basic foundations required by those same human beings in their formation years where it is a biological necessity to have a strong male character and a nurturing female character in the lives of a child to provide the “basics” we are seeing a culture in dramatic decline, on a scientifically proven course.

Supernormal sign stimuli has been known for a long time. Public relation firms use it every day to “spin” a story in favor of their client. Political advisors mold their candidates around it, advertisers sell their products with it, and school systems run by teacher unions use it also to play on the “primal” nurturing desire of parents to care for their young with images which allow outright looting of the taxpayer through open manipulation of their true intentions hiding those intentions behind a culture built around supernormal sign stimuli. It is not the school and the curriculum the schools are selling “per se” it is the culture the children are exposed to in the school, which of course is a completely unsupervised journey into the science of supernormal sign stimuli. Yet it is not taught in schools, it isn’t even covered on television and to get a taste of it you have to watch some of the more obscure television shows on Discovery Channel or National Geographic. It is probably the most important modern human problem because it consumes most of our time and energy but it is not discussed because it exists outside the social pattern of Static Intellectualism so is therefore put into the same category as “ancient aliens” or “voodoo mysticism.”

The behavior of supernormal sign stimuli cannot be outlawed by the laws of man in any way, and the churches can never interpret the intentions of a God in this matter without scrapping all the natural impulses which make humans unique. What is needed is to understand what makes our society work so that we can then have an intelligent discussion about how to proceed, because the current path will not work. The failures are complete and it will be the job of those in the Tea Party to erase that nasty equation off the chalk board to start fresh, which is what’s happening. And in this process, supernormal sign stimuli must be considered as a factor in the static patterns we create in that process for we don’t want to suppress all that sexual energy only to give birth to another group of puritans like what the progressives started out as in the Victorian Era, banning alcohol, sex and other social behavior. But to come to terms with it in a maturity that is expected from an advanced culture.

My vote is for an American foundation based on Transidentalism and let’s begin from there. All progressivism needs to be taken completely off the table and replaced with an understanding that humans are motivated by sign stimuli and our values need to consider those implications before the implications end up the new emperor in a kingdom of lost souls.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Dynamic Intellectualism and the Tea Party: The battle between the Spider and the Wasp!

I have spent a lot of time explaining the troubles of finance in education, the disparity of truth propelled by the organized labor elements, and the general failure of progressive politics on this site. Generally society as a whole is happy with general assertions as to those failures because once they understand what they are, they can act correctly in understanding the danger and how to avoid it. I see pointing out the danger of progressivism and all that falls under it, such as public education models, communism as a governing body, and the lack-luster ambition the hippie-generation has propelled upon American society, the same as I might warn a spider that it is the nature of the wasp to stun a spider into paralysis, inject a wasp egg into the spider to live as a parasite using the body of the spider as food for the young wasp before emerging forth from the carcass of the spider to live a wasps life. Looking to nature in understanding the behavior of our current society is an intelligent thing to do, because all living things are following the innate laws of cellular biology. In human society the more intellect applied to creating new rules from which to live, the less of a tendency for human beings to behave in such a raw biological form, such as can be seen in this following video of the spider and the wasp. But when intellectualism fails by picking all the wrong things to think about for all the wrong reasons, and the default for the human mind is to resort to biology, then it is entirely possible to suggest that there are elements in our current society that will inject other elements of our society with an egg, to feed off our collective bodies for sustenance until those host bodies are dead completely giving rise to the parasitic infant which will seek to procreate using the same destructive methods.

Needless to say what I refer to throughout this article may require a foundation understanding of the principles of quality discussed with elementary terms in my previous article Why Public Unions Fail: The Science of Stagnation, where I provide some basic foundation concepts that will assist the reader on this next exploration of thought. The following article will explain why our society is failing, and the paralyzing force behind racism as the primary concerns of our age, and why it is necessary to return to a new foundation built from the Constitution and what role the Tea Party plays in this. The goal of this article is not to simply point out what’s wrong but to properly diagnose the trouble much the way one would diagnose the failure of an automobile, so that the car can be fixed. Society cannot be fixed if we do not diagnose it correctly, and that’s what we’re about to do.

Unique to the 20th Century was a human effort to place intellectualism as the foundation principle of our society. Through public education and colleges, this has been the great leap attempted by the human race. Intellectualism was intended to usher in the values of the Victorian Era morality taking individuals above their biological natures in their mere social class natures to function from a grand new intellectualism built upon science. However, as pointed out in my article The Secret of Malden Island, science is far from perfect. It often fails when objective observations alone are its foundations and mode of operations, so the intellectual is already handicapped, right out of the gate. This is why progressivism has failed and will always fail, because intellectuals require a “dynamic” component, which they are missing and often reject.

The joke that intellectuals can only see what’s right in front of their face and nothing else is actually quite serious. Such an observation is completely true. This is why they are reluctant to speak outside their field of study citing that they do not have the authority to speak on a topic for which they are not trained properly. That notion is a distant result of the old Victorian era beliefs which were also flawed. To put it in terms easy to understand the Victorian, who essentially built up New York city into the type of society it is today and left behind the type of culture most easily found on the East Coast of the United States who look to Europe with those homesick eyes function in a similar nature as the spider in the video shown. Their job is to cast a web and hunt other insects to eat. They are clearly the superior species and they considered it best for the rest of the world to make all living things more like them. That is the foundation of their morality. But they are not wired in their brains to defend themselves from the wasp, a more aggressive creature than they are who is able to sting them and plant their eggs within the spider’s bodies to provide growth and sustenance to the larva of the young wasp.

The wasps of our current American culture are those aggressive religions, such as what Glenn Beck was attempting to point out in his Restoring Courage speech in Israel. It is also in allegations of racism where societies built upon their biological natures can poke holes in the intellectual approach that science has not observed, and therefore cannot pass judgment on one cultures belief system or another’s because all cultural beliefs are relative to that culture. So the intellectual scientist will not see, much like the spider will not see, that they are in danger of being stung by a wasp to provide host to its young by devouring the spiders body. The spider is helpless because its cultural conditions do not provide protection from a wasp, so the spider won’t see the danger, and is therefore always vulnerable.

This is what happened in the Hippie Movement of the 1960’s. Intellectualism, built on many poorly conceived premises failed. The intellectuals led at first by Woodrow Wilson then followed by many, many others were not able to stop poverty, they created more of it. They could not end racism, they simply did as the typical scientist does, and they pointed it out, allowing different cultures to take advantage of other social cultures with a kind of paralysis of observation. They tried to imitate communism which has halted America’s competitive advantage. They tried to eliminate the need for a parent, because it was thought that the biology of child rearing could be better achieved with Victorian intellectuals who could provide the young with more perspective than the biological parents. What the intellectuals really achieved was providing the wasps of the world, (the communists, the radical religions, the social reformers) bodies to carry their larva. Of course the consequences were completely unintended.

Intellectuals did not mean to usher in millions of young people into the sting of a wasp. They intended to save those children from the ignorant biological impulses of their parents, but it didn’t work. It failed massively which led to the hippie movement of the sixties, which our American society has never recovered.

Intellectuals fail over and over again because the foundation of everything they believe is built upon static social patterns constructed by objective observation. But as explained, this form of science is just one step in scientific observation. There must be creative thought applied to the process as well. This is why NASA has been successful as a government organization. All the static patterns of traditional science are present. But at NASA they can also dream, brainstorm, and reason out the gaps between what is observed and what they have yet to discover. NASA functions with the needed element of Dynamic Intellectualism.

When I went to college I saw that the intellectual culture there, of which the education institutions were attempting to sell to me as “fact” was flawed because the foundations of their teaching was rooted in static observations and did not readily allow for dynamic adjustments. This is why so many dynamic personalities just drop out of the college experience because there really are only a few choices. You accept at face value the teaching the intellectuals are providing, which is flawed to begin with, or you reject it in favor of your own life experiences, your own dynamic impulses. Most people chose the former, they allow the Static Intellectual to “teach” them, but those people only grow up to be stung and paralyzed by a wasp to carry the egg of a parasite which uses them as a host. Look into the eyes of many parents who look at their children covered in tattoos, living failed lives of two and three marriages, children out-of-wedlock, severe psychological trouble. Those parents realize by age 40 or 50 that they were simply consumed like a spider by the larva of a wasp. Their bodies are used up and wrinkled and death is the next step and all they can cling to is their flawed beliefs that static intellectualism will save those children. So they save up all their money and send their children and grandchildren to more college to get more Static Intellectualism hoping that somehow the results for the next batch of children will be different. All it does is allow those children to become host of a wasp larva much quicker. That’s great if you’re a society of wasps, but not if you are a society of spiders.

As seen in my article on The Most Successful People Who Did Not Go to College,

 many of those people became Dynamic Intellectuals at some point in their lives. They either did not go to college at all as in the case of Walt Disney and Henry Ford, or they dropped out, such as in Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, the list goes on and on at great length. The Dynamic Intellectual has an education that never stops, they push scientific observation to the limit with creative thought and are always seeking to reach beyond the static patterns of Static Intellectualism without shattering those previous patterns, but bringing new information that will build upon the static patterns. This has worked incredibly well, and makes one wonder why colleges have not picked up on this trend and made adjustments to their educational style. Even worse, why public education has not realized its failure and done the same…………………………well, they can’t. You see, the Static Intellectuals who cling to their static patterns are also some of the more timid of the human species. It is under this new idea of Static Intellectualism created by Victorian Intellectuals that these timid creatures have been revered so highly in our current society, and if America were to return to a society where actual bravery, and valor were the values of that culture, the Static Intellectuals would suddenly be looked upon as frail and meaningless. So the static pattern motivation of the modern intellectual is no different from a typical politician, and that’s to be viewed as meaningful by their peers, to be accepted, which is not an intellectual trait at all, but a biological one of basic human essence. So the ultimate failure of the Static Intellectual is that they are falsely propped up socially, and provided no incentive to be anything larger than their primary biological impulses for social acceptance. This makes them spiders in a cage run by wasps with full intention to use their bodies as a breeding ground.

The way to correct this entire situation is to return to a social static pattern that worked then rebuild society from that static pattern using a combination of Static Intellectualism with Dynamic Intellectualism to allow for expansion of that static pattern. This is what the Tea Party is doing by going back to the Constitutional principles of America’s foundation. The Constitution is a static pattern for the creation of a country, and it worked. So the Tea Party wants to reset the pattern. That is equivalent to teaching a spider how to defend itself from a wasp. Back when the Constitution was written it was designed to protect the spider from a wasp, the New America from the Old Europe. That is good if you are a spider, bad if you are a wasp. Good if you are American, bad if you are from Europe.

To understand who the wasps of our society are, all one has to do is look at the various sectors of our society who are upset with the Tea Party. Those are your wasps, and now you know their intentions. They may not actually want to inject your body with larva. But they do seek to paralyze you in the form of Static Intellectualism so that they can inject your children with ideas that will grow up and serve their purposes. This process is not some grand design of the types of world builders like George Soros and the super wealthy. They are simply the nature of parasites, and the human race is filled with them.

American society used to know how to detect parasites, back in the days when frontiersman had to understand the dangers of the world in order to live, back before the time of the Victorian Static Intellectual. Once those Static Intellectuals came to be, those timid creatures were paralyzed by their own intellect to be easily stung by wasps which gave birth to more parasites which are now ravaging our culture at an alarming rate and a war between spiders and wasps is underway.

The answer is to return to a static pattern that works and in going forward to lean on the insight of the Dynamic Intellectual to grow society properly, not in the manner we currently see. The Static Intellectual has failed on their own, and should have never been given so much power as to determine the fate of our species, for they are not the most dynamic of our society and can only hold us to a static pattern like a spider caught in its own wed, only to be consumed by a wasp.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Flip Flop of Steve Chabot: Who is the media?

There are so many things wrong with the Steve Chabot town hall meeting on Monday, August 22, 2011 where he had the police confiscate the cameras of citizens recording his speech.  Before I get into the details of this listen to Doc Thompson of 700 WLW cover the two videos he put on his blog site, both of them from Progress Ohio which shows the terrible act being committed.

After the whole issue blew up, and Doc was covering it on WLW, Chabot attempted to clarify that in the future, he would make the policy clear that only the media would be allowed to have cameras during a town hall meeting.  Well, that created so much of an uproar on 700 WLW that later in the day Chabot came out and said that there would not be any rules about cameras in the future.  The reason it created an uproar is that the media cannot always be trusted, and politicians for way too long have learned to manipulate the media to make themselves look better.   

One of the greatest benefits of this modern age is that everyday people can also be part of the media.  With all the video cameras out there, and cell phones, and blog sites like this one, politicians can no longer wine and dine members of the media to mold their public image.  People have to actually be what they say they are, and that’s a great aspect of our current age.  This is why schools can’t get away with ripping off the tax payers anymore with fluffy terminology, because it is no longer just newspapers and television that are covering the “feel good” stories that shape public opinion.  Because of the internet and YouTube specifically a political blunder can now be seen, and not pushed under the rug so bad behavior can continue.  Stories like the Stacy Schuler case in Mason can no longer be “controlled” by a public relations media personality, because there are other ways for the public to get at the truth, or at least remember the event.  So politicians like Steve Chabot who are aware that his enemies, Progress Ohio are in attendance at his town hall meeting have tried to control their public image just like the policy shown in the video, of police confiscating the public video cameras.   Progress Ohio clearly was looking to rattle Chabot and get video they could use against him in a future campaign. Chabot has to be a good enough of a politician to stay away from double-talk and not give those people any ammunition.  But no politician has a right to “censor” their public image in a public forum.  That just isn’t something that can be allowed to happen.

Now, here’s the worst aspect of this situation……’s the fact that without any knowledge of the law, the police on the whim of a politician, can instruct the police to do their bidding.  Those police officers had no right to confiscate one single video camera.  If Chabot wanted to enforce a video camera policy, it was up to his staff to provide that security.  The police department cannot be used as his personal enforcement service.  And as to the early comments that Chabot uttered about only the media would be allowed to film events, that brings up the question, who is the media?  Is it the media that only the politician likes?  Is it the media that represents the major television stations?  Is it just the media like newspapers who have reporters that are kind to the political entity, of course not.  The media are the people who chose to cover it, so in this day and age, every member of society is a member of the media, and that’s the way it has to be.  So no politician has a right to pick and chose who covers them if they are a public official. 

I’m happy that Steve did the right thing in the end.  I’m sure his intentions were good, because he knew the sharks were in the water.  But this is a perfect example of how good intentions can pave the path to hell, because police powers were abused, private rights were abused, and trust in the government was violated all because a politician wished to control his public image with censorship.  That is the path that has placed our current political system into such a shambles, it is decades and decades of this kind of “censorship” that is just now being challenged because it is only in the last decade that virtually every citizen in America has their own video camera and access to the internet in order to convey the truth as they see it.  So the dynamic has changed for the better, and politicians must adjust to that dynamic because the dishonesty of politics can no longer be shoved under the rug to hide which just mounts up to a hugely expensive government full of dishonest people who stay in office because they had control of the media.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Lakota gets a Good Grade: But didn’t they say the world would end without a levy?

Wow, I came home to a flood of email today from parents upset about the busing cuts, and even angrier at the school system for not dealing with the excessively high salaries before taking away busing to their children. It looks like many people are starting to see how this scam works, and that is good to see. I’ll deal with that in another article because I think the bigger story is the recent rating that Lakota received from the ODE. Remember the busing cuts are only around 3% of the total budget, and it is the labor costs that make up 80% of the school budget, so let’s keep that in context.

Before we get into the details have a look at the various interviews from me, and those of the Yes Lakota people prior to the election of 2010 from the clip above. Listen to what the Yes Lakota people say will happen if the levy isn’t passed, then compare that information to the results you will see below and decide for yourself what’s fact from fiction.

As Lakota received news that they received from the Ohio Department of Education an “excellent” rating for the 10th year in a row, I was actually surprised. I fully expected with all the cuts and controversy of the last year to see a lower rating, after all that’s what the pro levy people said would happen if we didn’t pass a levy last fall, and even the school board said as much. But the levy didn’t pass, the district made deep cuts, yet last year the rating was 104.9, but this year the rating went up to 105.9. How did that happen? Below is the article from the Pulse Journal by Steven Mathews. Have a look for yourself.

Lakota’s top state ranking 
puts district in elite group
Excellent with Distinction honor draws praise from community, school board members.

By Steven Matthews, Staff Writer 10:16 AM Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LIBERTY TWP. — The Lakota Local School District’s Board of Education met on Monday night, and much of the session was centered around the big news that was announced last week — the Excellent with Distinction honor awarded by the state for the 2010-11 year.

The meeting, which included a PowerPoint presentation from Assistant Superintendent Lon Stettler and praise from community members, lasted about 90 minutes at the Lakota Central Office.

“Despite the challenges that we had last year and we continue to go through, the focus is where it needs to be — in the classroom,” board member Lynda O’Connor said.

Stettler emphasized in his presentation that Lakota — the seventh-largest district in Ohio — was the largest district to receive the state’s highest honor.

It’s the 10th straight year that Lakota has earned the highest possible honor, and its 105.9 performance index is an all-time district high.

“In the last 10 years, we’ve experienced changing demographics,” President Joan Powell said.
“It demonstrates that our staff has risen to the occasion.”

• New Superintendent Karen Mantia said that she has met with several focus groups, which consisted of residents, business leaders, government officials and parents. She also plans to meet with students once the school year gets underway.

“Here’s what I learned,” Mantia said. “It’s absolutely imperative that if we do nothing else, we make sure we maximize our children’s performance, and maximize the staff’s performance and expertise. … Across the board, they all understand the expectation of our staff is high.”

• The board approved a policy to either provide a cell phone or a cell phone stipend of $60 per month for certain district positions. Chris Passarge, the executive director of business operations, said most eligible employees chose the stipend.

• The board also approved the acceptance of a $2,000 eTech Ohio grant that has been awarded to the Lakota East Freshman School.

Tamera Terndrup, a Spanish teacher at the school, will use the grant to purchase four wireless laptops with microphone headsets.

I think that’s excellent news about the rating, the rest of those issues I’ll cover in another article, but it proves what the No Lakota people have been saying all along, for the school to do more with less, and you’ll find better results when you’re lean and mean. Oddly enough, Lakota did not even have a superintendent during this rating increase, so what does that mean? Lakota made cuts to their deficit, eliminated positions, cut busing, sports programs and electives and they did all this without a superintendent, yet their rating went up, not down on the heels of a failed levy.

Even more baffling are the comments of Superintendent Mantia in that article where she says after her short time at Lakota, “Here’s what I learned, It’s absolutely imperative that if we do nothing else, we make sure we maximize our children’s performance, and maximize the staff’s performance and expertise…..across the board, they all understand the expectation of our staff is high.” WHAT??????????????????? What does any of that mean? Doesn’t Lakota always maximize its performance and understand that the expectations are high?

The answer is no. Until the No Lakota Levy group came along and started challenging everything that the school was doing in order to defeat the last two levies, the school district and its employees had been cruising along. Once the public in the form of No Lakota Levy came along, that anti-tax group had taken the role of “management” in the community, a role the school board had not been performing. It is because of No Lakota Levy breathing down the neck of all these officials that the costs of education at Lakota have come down, and the rating actually went up from this year compared with last year.

I’m not unnecessarily taking credit for the good work the administrators did in this endeavor. But they knew that they would be challenged so they have tip-toed around trying to be creative in their financing and still perform at a high level, which we all expect as a district. But it is the Lakota School Boards job to do what No Lakota Levy has been doing. I would personally prefer to do something else with my time, but since my elected officials have shown “no fight” in standing up to the organized labor forces that have embedded themselves in public education using tax increases to hide their terrible management of that labor, I am actually angered that myself along with a small army of businessman in the community have to actually do their job for them by showing them what kind of questions to ask, and understanding where that line is in our community of when too much is too much. The school board was supposed to be doing that all along, but they didn’t.

The reason for Mantia’s comments being what they are is now that she’s arrived here and got her feet wet, she is realizing that Lakota did really well without her, without a levy increase, and now she really can’t do anything but fail. She has come into a district at the top of its game and she really can’t expect to improve it. So here’s the question, and I’m sure this is bouncing around in her head also, why she should cost the district a quarter million dollars in costs just for her employment expenses? (To see a breakdown of what she costs the district CLICK HERE)

The school board hired Mantia because they are still stuck in an old formula of organized labor education philosophy which is based on the failed economic Keynesian economic models of Europe. But Lakota has proven that it can do more with less, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more savings to be gained if only the school board would “manage” its labor costs and if the community could free itself from the organized labor elements of the teaching profession. This can be done if the people in Ohio will simply vote YES to keep S.B.5 on Issue 2. That simple step would go a long way to allowing future school boards to drive down the cost of education even more than Lakota has, while still maintaining their excellence. (Click here to learn what S.B.5 does for you)

The rhetoric that schools utter when they proclaim that if they don’t get more money is the same old tired diatribes that all labor utters when they are asked to do more with less. The problem with organized labor is they threaten to strike if they don’t get what they want, and will walk off the job like infants who don’t get a pacifier and it is that element in this whole equation that has driven up these labor costs and dictated these levy requests, and that is the hidden message behind Mrs. Mantia’s comments. She has been hired to preserve that empire, not to drive down costs, because the real savings is in dismantling the empire of education so that the children of these schools actually see the money, and not political labor unions attempting to finance their enterprises with a straw into our wallets and purses as a lifeline of finance, as they empty us to only fill themselves.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Ronald Reagan was a Communist: Yes, the president was once a union leader

I received a video link from a big-time pro union fellow who thought somehow I would be devastated to learn that the Great Ronald Reagan had been president of the Screen Actors Guild, early in his career. He wrote to me, “Your hero used to be a union leader. The idol of the Republican Party was an actual leader of a union. Do you still hate unions?” Well, the answer to this guy is…………….YES! Here is that video: 

Click the link,




This guy exhibited all the reasons why I dislike unions so much in his statement. People like him are stuck in a fixated emotional level of social development, and they will always stay in a kind of stagnate existence because of it. This person believes that because at some point in Ronald Reagan’s life, when he was a young man still unwise to the ways of the world, the fact that he was a union leader would somehow erase all the good the man did as a “Great Communicator” at the end of his life, or that by somehow me finding out about it would invalidate my claims against unions because “my hero” once supported unions so because Ronald Reagan is my leader, I should support unions too.

Here’s the issue, and the big difference between a guy like me, and a guy like this union person, who is very similar to most of the type of people who join a union or even a political party……..I read. Most of them do not.

I did know about Ronald Reagan’s early life because I read about him in the great book Dutch, by Edmund Morris, the very controversial book about Reagan that many Reagan supporters despised because it took away many of the myths about the man and focused on his real talent, which was “communicating,” and I learned all about the communist phase of his life. Reagan when he was an actor in Hollywood wasn’t much different from someone like Matt Damon is now, a naive, idealistic guy who has a decent intellect, but became wealthy and popular at a young age and lacks truly hard work in his life. Reagan coming from the Midwest had plenty of common sense, but becoming an actor and hanging out with starlets and all the powerful people in Los Angeles did go to his head. Communism was migrating into the United States in the 20’s and 30’s and it was the new fad in Hollywood, much like it is today. And Ronald Reagan loved it; he even applied to join the Communist Party of the United States. Reagan’s friends were communists, and even though his wife Jane wasn’t very interested in politics, she did go with the flow of communism because that was what people talked about at dinner parties, so she was too.

And the unions that formed at the time were heavily infected with communists. Several of the entertainment unions took a page of activism directly from the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution of 1917. At the Warner Brothers lot set designers had suddenly become aggressive mobs turning over cars and protesting over pay. Reagan was the reluctant leader of these mobs and was a sympathizer.

It was when Reagan had to go to England to film a movie at Elstree Studios that the impact of socialism, which leads to communism shocked him to his Midwestern core. Karl Marx had done much of his work while in London and it is also in London that Keynesian economics was being experimented with. The result was a landscape of culture that had an oppressive sameness to it, and was a dreary environment for the very imaginative young Ronald Reagan. It was during this film at Elstree Studios that Reagan decided that communism was the great evil of the world.

Reagan came back to his Hollywood friends a changed man; it was so noticeable that his wife lost interest in him leading to their eventual divorce. Reagan stayed on as the President of the Screen Actors Guild but had lost interest in the politics of communism. As Reagan’s acting career came to an end due to his age, he used his position within the guild to stay in the loop and carry him to the next phase of his life, politics.

Reagan had a very strong sense of right and wrong and he did name the communist sympathizers during the McCarthy hearings within his union, because he saw that communism was a serious threat to the United States and felt it was his obligation to the security of the country. That doesn’t make him a traitor; it makes him a person who had been sick and had healed through growing knowledge and understanding. By allowing his mind to expand with new information he grew as a person who eventually was able to go from a union president to a President who stood against the unions in the air traffic control controversy where he fired them for trying to strike.


The reason Reagan was so good was because he grew in intellect and political theory unlike this guy who sent me that video, as though “Union Brother Reagan” should always behave like a fool with limited perspective like the rest of his brothers and sisters stuck in a communist funk. The assumption was because Reagan turned against the union, he was somehow a trader.

This is another reason why unions always fail. They behave with this tribe-like behavior which limits personal growth. Since their focus is on group oriented, collective behavior they are doomed to fail as individuals and their thoughts will remain fixed on a period of their lives which had their last explosive development, and for many of them that will be high school. I know many adults who are 40 and 50 years old who are still as mentally immature as they were when they were 15, 16, and 17 years old. That is because they stopped growing as people and are “stuck” emotionally in that time period.

In my own life there isn’t a single human being on planet Earth that I’d consider my “leader.” There is no voice that could call to me and demand my time and attention for some task outside of my individual desires. This does not mean I can’t work with people toward a common goal, because I do in many ways, but that form of collaboration is completely foreign to the mind of the “union” type who is “stuck” in some archaic form of thought which belongs to the mentality of a child. Most of my friends are 20 and 30 years older than I am because I relate to those people more than most people my age, because through a life-time of living they have grown to understand what’s important and what’s not, and how to think for themselves instead of some collective group of fools stuck in some static thought pattern craving communism.

This is the triumph of Ronald Reagan, he made the journey from a small-town, clean-cut Midwestern kid, to a Hollywood movie star, a communist leaning union leader, then “learned” that communism was the path of decline and adjusted his thinking which cost him friends and a wife, and to a large extent his career as an actor. But Reagan took what he learned and rebuilt himself as an advocate of capitalism, becoming a spokesman for GE, then Governor of California, then the communist fighting President of the United States. It was the journey of a complete human being who halfway through realized that he was on the wrong path, so he made the corrections and became a great person who helped preserve the United States of America during a tough period of the cold war.

Great personalities aren’t necessarily born straight out of their mother’s womb. Such assumptions are the thoughts of fools hoping for a savior to rescue them from a mundane life because the fool is too lazy to save themselves. Great personalities are forged from the fires of life, through a lifetime of experience that learn which ideas of theirs are good, and which are bad to arrive at a place where it is wisdom that rules, not the diatribes of some mad politician fixated on a set of ideas created by the minds of infantile children.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Politicians Damn the Tea Party to HELL: More reasons for voting YES on ISSUE 2

Maxine Waters and many others of her political persuasion are damning the Tea Party to Hell for wanting to undo all the mistakes those progressive politicians have made over the last century. So before I get into Maxine and the rest of this issue please review the following video which I included on my article about WHY PUBLIC UNIONS FAIL (CLICK HERE TO READ AND VIEW THE FANTASTIC VIDEOS ON THAT ARTICLE) This video paints the picture of our current political situation extremely well. So before you do anything else, WATCH THIS!

What is happening in states like Ohio, New Jersey, and Wisconsin are people like myself, who are absolutely sick of politics, tired of the double-talk, tired of new legislation buried in the back of another bill similar to the practice of EARMARKING and PORK BARREL spending, are hiring strong governors who are not in bed with labor unions to bring down the costs of doing business in our states. I don’t care where a governor like Kasich came from, I hired him to do one job, and that’s to balance Ohio’s budget, and I don’t want the public unions to pull him to their side like shown in that video. That has been the problem for many, many, many years and this is the cause of the strong governors we are starting to see emerge, such as Chris Christie in New Jersey who is bringing public sector reforms to his state. Listen to his most recent endeavor here:

In Ohio, Kasich and the House and Senate in spite of being Republican are attempting for the first time in my lifetime to actually fix something in state government. And that something is a tremendous huge fix that to the labor unions may feel far-reaching, but it’s really not. I think Senate Bill 5, otherwise known as Issue 2 is extremely fair and it has infuriated me that people like Bill Cunningham who have claimed to be a Tea Party leaning American have been so critical about S.B.5 and all this so-called “fairness” he keeps talking about. Where was all this fairness when progressives like Maxine Waters, and Barney Frank and Ohio’s own Ted Strickland and Bob Taft have been stuffing new legislation down our throats for years which only strengthened the public sector union against their boss……..the American People! It was a relief to hear Tom Niehaus come on 700 WLW to defend S.B.5 against all the misinformation created by the labor unions to convince busy voters that this bill is somehow “unfair,” that the process from which the bill was written was bad, and corrupt in some way. Listen to that broadcast here:

The facts of the matter are that Tea Party American’s are finally starting to stick up for themselves. They are tired of being pushed around, lied to, manipulated, disrespected, and over-looked because we don’t stuff money in politician’s pockets to get our way. We are sick of it, and people like Maxine Waters doesn’t like it, so she’s doing the manipulative thing and going to her political base, who she is obviously using to her own advantage, taking advantage of a demographic group that isn’t asking the hard questions but is content to sit with their mouths open waiting for someone to feed them. Those are the people who give Maxine power, and make her believe she has a right to damn Tea Party American’s to HELL! What she is really worried about is that those Tea Party Americans are about to discover just how corrupt and terrible her party has been against all Americans under the light of day.

Barney Frank is worried about the same thing; watch him here pretending that he is somehow superior to his bosses, the American People. He knows that it is the labor union empire, that tyrannical beast of complacency that operates like organized crime lords and stuffs his pockets, and those are his masters. And it is his job to eliminate that threat to his bosses. That’s what he’s doing here.

But this game is over. People like me support Senate Bill 5, (ISSUE 2) because I want this empire off my back and out of my tax dollars. I don’t want them infecting my elected representatives in ANY way. I don’t want them manipulating my school board, my trustees, my city councils, my state legislators, my Governor. I don’t want them in my White House. I don’t want them in my life at all; because history has shown me that they are wrong, misguided and dangerous to the American way of life. And already they are declaring that they are willing to go to war with people in the Tea Party. I find that comment laughable.

It is not they who are the silent majority, the sleeping giant as they claim to be with Senate Bill 5. It is the normal people who are in their garages working on their cars on a Saturday afternoon watching NASCAR, it is the farmer, the engineers, the architects, the businessman, the “masses” out there that are the sleeping giant and they are beginning to stir. Senate Bill 5 is just the start of their intentions, and these new politicians are “their” politicians. We are tired of the back room deals; we are tired of being told that more taxes will solve the problem because it never does. We are sick of the light at the end of the tunnel being drug down the hall so we can never catch it. We are tired of the process and Senate Bill 5 (Issue 2) helps us reset the table so real “fairness” can finally play out in government.

Maxine Waters doesn’t know what she just did when she publicly spoke to God Almighty and asked for the Tea Party to be damned to hell because it is desired to take away the corrupt influence of progressives like her upon the states and nation of our political system. What Maxine Waters and her kind are doing is declaring war against America, which reveals what the intentions have always been from her party. So the time for suspicion of their intentions has passed and it is hoped that through legislation we can defeat these foes against our Constitution. But it looks like legislation may not be enough, because these desperate manipulators are willing to fight for all the “progressive” gains they’ve achieved at our expense and that may lead to real violence if it is not suppressed now, before the situation really gets out of control. Because if she will use that kind of language in public, God only knows what she says behind closed doors, and that’s where the real battle plans are constructed.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Why Public Labor Unions Fail: The Science of Stagnation

It is one thing to say that communism, or labor unions do not work, that they are bad for American society, and history shows us that the typical result when these collective organizations have a majority rule are either a stagnate society or a declining one. The benefits of collective ideas when it comes to social construction are short-lived and only last a few generations. But the big question is why? What is the science behind this failure?

Well, there is a science to it, a predictable path that can be witnessed and predicted accurately as to why labor unions and other collective organizations are doomed to failure. For such a science I turn to the work of Robert Pirsig, which came to my mind while I was writing another article about the needs for voting YES on Issue 2. Click here to see that article:

Pirsig many years ago came up with a definition, a way of determining the “quality” of something that needs to be understood in reference to what I’m about to say. I created a chart which articulates this definition of quality into two types, Romantic and Classic. So click here to see that chart and learn a bit about these two types. But for the purpose of understanding why unions are doomed to fail understanding that there is a science behind determining the quality of something is important and can be obtained with mathematic certainty.

Once the quality of something is determined then that quality can be broken down into two types, Static Quality and Dynamic Quality. Static Quality tends to be all the rules of society, or the rules of your business. Static Quality is the rules that everything runs off of. One of the reasons that I like Robert Pirsig is that he has done the work of understanding the classic Greek thinkers, but where the classics fall short, because metaphysically, society has advanced, we now know of quantum physics and have an understanding of how the universe works that is based on much better data than the astronomical observations made with primitive telescopes. So our society has advanced, and the force that drives that expansion is Dynamic Quality. An example of Dynamic Quality would be Leonardo Da Vinci, or Bill Gates, people who brought radical changes in thought to the Static Quality of the rules society had previously lived by. Pirsig is the most recent philosopher to take into consideration this Dynamic Quality change with the new science discovered in the most recent century.

Dynamic Quality are the rebels of society, or even of a body. They are the cells of a body that fight off diseases and strengthen an immune system or they are the people who challenge conventional thought and force an expansion of human understanding. Between the two types of Quality, both types are needed. Without Static Quality everything would fly apart, and chaos would rule. Dynamic Quality needs Static Quality to keep some sense of order in existence. But Static Quality also needs Dynamic Quality to allow it to grow. In fact in organizations where Dynamic Quality is stifled Static Quality has shown to actually proceed in an evolutionary decline. Without the presence of a Dynamic Quality regression of an organism or an organization is the natural next process. This could be said to be the cause of aging in human beings, or the decline of cultures the human beings have built. This can also be seen in sports organizations that become complacent and do the same things over and over and why some teams are always competitive because they are always seeking to bring a “dynamic” quality to their teams. Maintaining a dynamic order to anything is the key to any measure of success. But you must do so while still maintaining a sense of order, otherwise known as Static Quality.

Labor unions fail because in order to preserve their Static Quality, which is the focus of all their endeavors, they destroy any chance of allowing Dynamic Quality into their organization to help challenge their beliefs and expand their culture. So instead, they are a culture on decline.

A decline in culture can be seen most evidently in inner cities where the problem is not one of race. It is of losing the aspects of their Dynamic Culture. When welfare and other government care is introduced to the culture and the parents of the children of that culture are no longer pushing young people to become “dynamic” then the individuals who have these tendencies will turn their efforts into a destructive behavior that leads to their premature deaths or they move away from the inner city leaving the Static Quality of the inner city belief system to rule, which leads to the decline that can seen by everyone.

This is also the reason why public education is failing, is because the dynamic individuals are punished by being different rather than celebrated or challenged for the health of confrontation. The dynamic elements are attacked like a cell in a body would attack a white blood cell in the body because the white blood cell is different from the common cell. This process leads to disease in the body the same as it does in society. The result is no different.

This explanation is but a fraction of what I could say on this topic. In fact, I could write volumes of books on the matter, but for the novice in this field, the person who normally doesn’t think about these kinds of things, this should at least suffice to demonstrate that there is an order to all this discussion about central organization from government, or labor unions and understanding why the work and products they produce always seem flat and unimportant. It is because by their very nature; they spend their energy as organizations fighting off their Dynamic Quality competitors in order to protect the Static Quality of their existence.

So the argument is not one of union busting, Republicans or Democrats, or young against old. It’s not the Middle Class against the “rich.” It is simply about the battle between Static Quality and Dynamic Quality being stifled which is the direct cause of decline in any culture, and that is the premier reason why labor unions and government will always fail.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Why to Vote YES on Issue 2: Being bold and doing the right thing

Was it the novel Lila that stated, “Once a thief is caught a whole string of crimes is often solved? Yes, it was Robert Pirsig who had articulated my thoughts as I heard Sheriff Jones and Bill Cunningham argue against Senate Bill 5 promoting a repeal attempt. Sheriff Jones as a traditional Republican is working against Governor Kasich with many assumptions that have fed much of the misinformation about Senate Bill 5. Jones was very critical about Kasich offering the unions a seat at the negotiating table which can be seen below. The unions did not show up, and Kasich explains the situation to the press.

On the front of that meeting Sheriff Jones and I both spent a considerable amount of time on 700 WLW debating Senate Bill 5. Sheriff Jones’s position same as Bill Cunningham’s is one to protect the unions who they have either worked for or have done work in other capacities. So their arguments are the same basic union talking points based on party politics, emotion, and obscurity that we are hearing from union leaders like Richard Trumka. That important discussion can be heard here and is well worth listening.

There isn’t much about Senate Bill 5 that a public sector union supporter will like, and this is the cause of much of the misinformation, the protests and the divisive comments. And among the Republicans they are split over this issue, because S.B.5 is not the typical piece of legislation that is rooted in political gains. I have met Senator Jones on a couple of occasions now and several other legislators who were involved in the creation of Senate Bill 5 and I haven’t detected any level of maliciousness among them. It is quite the opposite. In fact, you can CLICK HERE to see a couple of them speaking at a School Choice event on the eve of this very issue way back in January of 2011. They knew then that this was going to be a tough fight because the public union worker, of which Sheriff Jones is a part, have grown too powerful and control too many of the costs. It is too late for elected leaders to “just say no” as Sheriff Jones proclaimed. That time has passed and time is of the essence. And, as I will show you in a clip below, just saying no is not so easy.

When Sheriff Jones says that the public boards of education, trustees and council members need to do their jobs and say no to these unions, that’s an unrealistic answer. Jones has managed to control his costs and lay-off workers depending on his budgets, but he’s done plenty arm twisting of county commissioners to get a good budget for himself, and he’s also openly supported the double-dipping process among his deputies, which is a legal loop-hole created by union lobby power purchased by the union dues paid by members.

So the process is not nearly as smooth as Sheriff Jones attempts to articulate. When he says all these elected officials have to do is say “NO” he is being completely misleading. To illustrate the reason why Kasich did not initially sit down and attempt to negotiate with the unions in a one on one sit down is for all the reasons heard in this broadcast from Darryl Parks way back in December of 2010 where the police and firefighter unions went ballistic over a PowerPoint presentation. This is not the exception, the kind of yelling and screaming you’ll hear in this broadcast. The only reason the public unions have been quiet in the year of 2011 is because they are afraid of Senate Bill 5 and they are putting on their best face in order to win over the public to repeal the law the November. But the broadcast below happened before Senate Bill 5 was even talked about, and it is because of this radicalism that the authors of Senate Bill 5 did what they thought was right knowing full well they would be relentlessly attacked in a massive public relations campaign and they knew that it was going to hurt. It was kind of like going to the dentist knowing that it was going to hurt, but they just had to put up with it so they could get their teeth fixed. LISTEN TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE POLICE UNION THEN LISTEN TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE FIREFIGHTERS UNION. (By the way, I think John Kasich did exactly as Darryl demanded of the councilwoman in this interview, Kasich does not care if he gets reelected. He’s trying to do the right thing which I’ll show below, and that earns him my support because he’s trying hard to be honest in spite of traditional politics. I judge a man by his actions, not by the spin. (The casino situation and union positions are all spin designed to make him play ball)

Now that I’ve had a chance to understand what finally made it through the final approval of Senate Bill 5 I find it baffling that anyone thinks it’s unfair in some way. As I have looked it over as a neutral observer who recognizes that reforms need to be implemented, Senate Bill 5 is extremely fair and well thought out. The only trouble with it is that it goes against the grain of “traditional” politics. It’s a uniquely bold piece of legislation that does not come about very often in politics. It is the kind of political fix that millions upon millions of Americans secretly yearn for because it is understood how difficult it would have been to do even one of the reforms listed below. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO SHANNON JONES HERSELF. WHO IS SHE? WHAT WAS HER MOTIVE…….FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.

• I think the greatest aspect of ISSUE 2 (Senate Bill 5) is that it protects employees from unwanted union membership. The practice of government union contracts requiring employees to pay fees to a union has been ended in this bill which means the unfair practice of withdrawing money from their paychecks for union use is over. The bill does not outlaw unions, but provides the option to join or not, which I think is absolutely essential.

• Another thing ISSUE 2 stands for is it eliminates binding arbitration. What that means is that the current system allows an unelected, out-of-town mediator to settle government employee contract disputes. We see this all the time in school districts where a federal mediator is called in to bring school boards and union leaders together, and this is a process that we have all become numb to, but it is highly corrosive. This means that someone with no direct accountability to the voters decides how to spend our tax dollars. Senate Bill 5 says those decisions should be made by the people who answer directly to the taxpayers, which is what Sheriff Jones says he wants. But he left out the process of how a person in his position has to play “politics” smartly to win over the arbitrator. Most elected officials are not as “smooth” at it as he is, or do they have the ability to pad the pockets of county commissioners with their personal “war chests.” That is part of the dark side of politics that get left out of the discussion, and Senate Bill 5 is written to eliminate that type of political maneuvering. IT HAPPENS IN EVERY DISTRICT AND MUNICAPALTIY TO VARYING DEGREES.

• Senate Bill 5 Prohibits government workers from striking. Police currently cannot strike but school teachers can, and Senate Bill 5 eliminates this practice. I can speak from the case of Lakota Local Schools where in 2008 the teachers threatened to walk off the job shortly after the district passed a school levy. The teachers demanded better wages and better insurance rates and they were willing to walk off the job in October of 2008 if those demands were not met. The school board buckled under the pressure and the unions got their way in an undisclosed settlement. Over the next 2 years the cost of labor at Lakota shot up 10.1%, so the teachers got their money then again in the spring of 2010 they were ready to strike again, this time over insurance contributions. A federal mediator came in and helped resolve the issue. If the strike attempt had not occurred Lakota would not need to come to voters for a school levy in 2011, which they are. This practice is happening all over Ohio and it must be stopped. Federal government employees have long been prohibited from striking, a policy upheld by liberal Presidents like Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama. In fact, it was Roosevelt, an advocate of organized labor in the private sector who was opposed to collective bargaining among government employees so much that he called strikes “unthinkable and intolerable.” CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EXECUTIVE ORDER PRESIDENT KENNEDY SIGNED TO MAKE PUBLIC UNIONS LEGAL, SOMETHING THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN DONE.

• Senate Bill 5 is asking public employees to pay 15% of their benefits. A vast majority of Ohioans pay an average of 31% of their family health care coverage. For too long government employees have paid less than 9% and that type of disparity between public and private sector benefits must end. It’s not only unsustainable, but unfair to the tax payers who pay the salaries of their public workers. As Sheriff Jones says, “But we public workers pay taxes too,” well not exactly. The value of the initial money comes from the original tax payer for the services rendered by the public employee. The government is simply using taxation as a way to keep some of the public workers pay. The value of the money to begin with was created by someone in the private sector. The taxes that a government worker pays only helps prevent some of the slide of declining revenue that is happening around the pension requirements, sky rocketing Medicare costs, and other entitlement programs that are draining state and federal budgets.

• Senate Bill 5 rewards performance rather than longevity. Most Ohioans work under this system in the private sector. They’re retained and rewarded based on the job they do, not on how long they’ve been on the job. Teachers for a long time have attempted to keep any kind of performance assessment out of their pay structures which has simply not worked, leaving the United States far from the top in education placement throughout the world. Much of the reason so many school districts all over Ohio are asking for school levies this upcoming year is because of this very problem. At Lakota, my district, there are over 600 employees who make over 65K per year, and that has driven up the labor costs dictating another levy. If the school board were allowed to manage their costs they could still pay good teachers and administrators that kind of money, but the ones that they know, and everyone else knows are bad could be kept out of the higher rates of pay. Under the current system good teachers and bad teachers all advance at a steady rate under union contract which is what drives up the costs of a school district. It’s a terrible system that must be corrected immediately. Thirty years of this behavior have created such a burden on school districts that have only been fixed with increased taxes which is no longer a fix that people can afford. Reforms must occur before districts like Little Miami become insolvent and under state control forever.

• Senate Bill 5 ends seniority based layoff. This is something that Bill Cunningham, Senator Bill Seitz, and Sheriff Jones are all against and have been very vocal about. Today’s government contracts often require a system known as “last hired, first fired.” Well, this is an insane practice, if forces the newest employees to be laid off first, regardless of their performance. This is especially a problem in our schools, where good, new teachers are let go and bad teachers are kept on the job just because of seniority. Improving government services requires policies that keep the best and brightest not just the longest-serving. It must be remembered that the whole goal of a public sector job is to serve the public. It is not to create a position for a government employee that is secure for their entire lives. S.B.5 puts the public worker in the same situation every private worker in Ohio is in, and goes a long way to helping to get the most out of a work force, which should always be the goal of any employment endeavor. The personalities mentioned who are against this idea are all people who have helped build it, so of course they desire to protect it now. It doesn’t matter if it’s Republicans or Democrats, it is politics that put that system in place to help buy bloc votes in politics, and it is simply a failed system that must be removed.

When opponents of this bill say that Senate Bill 5 is too FAR reaching, that Governor Kasich should have come to the table to discuss these issues, those same people are the types who would have yelled and screamed just like in the Cincinnati City Council meeting played above where the union presidents of the police and firefighters were SCREAMING over two slides on a PowerPoint presentation, let alone the 6 major reforms listed above. Each of those items could have been a bill in and of itself, and under a normal political system they would have been. But in these current days where trouble is erupting everywhere from entitlement programs suffering years and years of abuse, drastic action was needed, and it took a Senator in Sharron Jones who is a newcomer to politics, without a cluster of special interest ties to write the bill and it took a governor in Kasich who could make a lot more money in the private sector, and could care less if he gets re-elected to sign it. After looking into their eyes and peering into their souls, I can say that I believe completely that these politicians wrote Senate Bill 5 because they know it was the right thing to do. They didn’t write it to play politics, or be popular, obviously, because the political machine is in an uproar, which is the primary reason Bill Cunningham and Sheriff Jones, both old political veterans, are aghast at S.B.5. They represent a portion of politics that wishes the train could continue forever, and they believe that if somehow someone could talk to the labor unions, that somehow the problem would be fixed going into the future. But their way still requires “dirty politics.” Their way still requires “war chests” of money to grease arbitrators, or re-elect commissioners so that the budgets will hold and alliances can be built, and that is how this whole thing became a mess in the first place.

Senate Bill 5 is the kind of bill that workers standing around their tractors in a barn in Greenville, Ohio, or the fishing boat in Sandusky Bay, or the McDonalds dining room in Pebbles, Ohio sipping coffee in the morning air all demand why those “damn” politicians don’t do something right for a change. Well, they have for once, and the people who wrote and signed the bill are feeling the wrath of the “political machine” that has suppressed these reforms for decades and allowed abuses to take place that are epic and once removed will show just how far-reaching the corruption really was.

And that’s the real fear behind the chants and the arguments to repeal the bill. The people who have openly manipulated the system of the public worker for years to achieve tremendous financial gain know that they are caught. They were caught the moment that Senate Bill 5 was signed because all the scandals hidden in the reforms listed above will soon be revealed. It will take only a few short months for the light to show just how much money was disappearing from the tax payers once these controls are in place and as stated in the opening line of this article, “many crimes will suddenly be solved.”

The repeal attempt is simply no different from a criminal who would entertain once they were convicted of their crime to evade their sentence through an appeal process. The public unions, and those people who have profited from them, hope that if they can just convince enough people that they are innocent, than they can be set free once again. And since there are so many people in Ohio guilty to some extent of the treachery that has occurred, there are a lot of people who will vote to hide their crimes. There is no shortage of people who will apologize for public union behavior because many of them carry just a little bit of the guilt for allowing it to continue for so long, they will attack the people who are just trying to solve the crime, and they will do anything to save their own skin, even if it means taking that skin off someone else’s back.

To me in this discussion I feel like the musicians on the deck of the Titanic playing one last song before the floods come and whisk everything away. I hope that by writing just one more article, or speaking on the radio one more time I can avoid the inevitable sinking of this entire public union debacle. But like the movie Titanic, the public union workers believe that their ship is unsinkable, and it is their naive arrogance that places all of us in danger.

After the ship has sunk and everyone is stuck in the freezing water the true primal nature of those in peril can be seen for all the ugliness a human being is capable of. That behavior is currently hidden behind the “political machine” but the ruthlessness that many will engage in to survive and preserve their own interests can never be underestimated and can be seen if looked at close enough.

I do not work for the Republican Party in any way shape or form. I am loyal to absolutely no politician. I have never taken one dime of money from a political party and I’ve never given one dime to a political party. I have zero desire to be a future politician for I despise the very term. In fact the only thing I’ve ever received from a politician is a tie from Ross Perot’s family for the work I did for his campaign during the 1992 election. I was tired of this whole process even back then! With that in mind I’m going to say that I not only think Senate Bill 5 is fair and a bold piece of legislation that I have personally desired for my entire adult life, but that I believe it was written in the most fair way possible to assist public workers with the change in political culture that must take place. The riots and protests that have been seen toward S.B.5 would have been witnessed with the same intensity over just one of those issues, and the politicians knew it, and this is the reason Kasich wasn’t willing to “talk” as Bill Cunningham and Sheriff Jones have accused him of doing, to the unions. But to Kasich’s credit the process did allow for input. There were two weeks of testimony where all sides presented their arguments before the Senate. This was not a deal done like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi where they rushed “Health Care” through without anyone reading the bill over a holiday weekend. The Republicans did not do that. They did listen and they acted according to what they believed was the right thing to do. The unions spoke in testimony. They chanted outside and their history of intimidation over just minor issues as heard in the Cincinnati City Council recording are well noted, and the politicians involved braced themselves for the pain that would ensue.

But the authors of Senate Bill 5 did the right, and essential thing in a time of crises even though the task would be extremely difficult.

One last broadcast before I end this. In an interview by Bill Cunningham with his buddy John Kasich right before he was sworn in as Governor; this was about a month before S.B.5 was initiated as a law, provides some interesting insight into the world of politics. Kasich is the same person today that he was then, but it is Cunningham who has changed, because the foundations of the public sector worker are part of his business and these changes are uncomfortable. I’m not sure what people thought was going to happen when Kasich was sworn in, but Kasich is doing the job I elected him to do.

Kasich did exactly what he said he would do. But the people who benefit off the system as it is today obviously turned on him when the unions started their lobby campaign, which everyone knew was going to happen.

The reason I do this blog and have over 200 videos on my YouTube account, is to keep everyone honest and keep the “political machine” from manipulating the tax payers as they have for over 200 years. Since the newspapers and television stations have short memories, and I don’t, I created Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom to bring the truth to people with my opinion behind it. But the history of our existence is fact and is shown here for all to see, and I don’t mean to pick on Bill Cunningham, alliances and friendships only extend to the flow of money in politics, so it can be difficult to understand whose friend or foe. A friend today can be your enemy tomorrow and in a period of just six months a good friend like Bill Cunningham can turn into a Judas for all the reasons history provides, because when it gets hot in the kitchen some just can’t take it.

So I’ve provided you with the truth as I see it. If you dear voter do not vote in favor of Issue 2, you will regret it for years to come. You will see the kind of financial conditions that those people on the Titanic were experiencing. The issue of Senate Bill 5 is not matters of life or death like on the Titanic, but the financial requirements for your city, your schools, and state government will see a similar flooding of the fiscal nature if not passed. School teachers will still teach. Fireman will still fight fires. Police will still serve our communities if you vote YES on Issue 2. It is the financial culture behind those public positions that must change, not the jobs themselves. It cannot continue as it is now, because public workers already make nearly 30% more than the average private sector employee. CLICK HERE to read some stats for yourself and be armed to deal with the facts when a public worker claims they are being treated unfairly. In fact, click on every paragraph of this article to go to another article about S.B.5. This entire article is HOTLINKED to multiple articles.

Ultimately if you do not have the courage to vote in favor of keeping Senate Bill 5, by voting YES on Issue 2, you will be personally responsible for the aftermath of fiscal trouble that will follow. It’s already too late, this repeal process is stalling the needed reforms that school districts everywhere need to avoid going to the tax payers this upcoming November, and the tax payers can no longer afford to pay, even if they wanted to. With costs of everything up, the average taxpayer does not have the extra money, and there aren’t enough rich people to loot in order to balance the budgets the labor unions have negotiated. The radical extortion of the past has no place at the table of the future and if public workers want to be a part of that table, they need an approach different from what we experienced with Cincinnati City Council when the head of the police union refused to “discuss” the numbers on a simple PowerPoint. Instead she attacked the data with yelling and screaming and violent protests, a tactic that Senate Bill 5 virtually eliminates, so that proper negotiations can take place and disparities can be managed with a fairness every citizen in the State of Ohio deserves.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior