The Elon Musk Pronouns: Yes, “prosecute Fauci” is the most viable next step in regards to the Covid bioweapon

Of course, Elon Musk was right when he said on Twitter that his pronoun was “prosecute Fauci.” That statement has received much attention since the world’s richest man said it, and it’s a consistent theme I have been stating from the beginning. Covid was a bioweapon attack by competing world governments that was facilitated domestically by sympathetic agencies who clearly committed treason and sedition in the process of unleashing it upon the world, which killed lots of people and destroyed economies. At the very least, Dr. Fauci lied to Congress about his role in gain of function and his email strings of who knew what about the man-made virus and what his role was in it. That by itself would be enough for prosecution. But by this point, the evidence is abundant that Covid was a malicious and purposeful attack and Anthony Fauci, a top-level government employee, purposely kept medicine away from the sick with hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which could have helped people get over Covid, and stop spreading the virus. Instead, what Fauci recommended, and what the CDC followed was the most destructive path possible for the Covid 19 virus that was made in China under the supervision of Dr. Fauci and those he controlled through finance, and the ultimate sugar daddy in the whole escapade, Fauci’s partner Bill Gates. Their many crimes were outlined in the very good book by Robert Kennedy, The Real Anthony Fauci, published in 2021. Just about every page of that book is yet another indictment on Anthony Fauci. Of course, the lawyers on the government side have been threatening Kennedy about the book’s contents, which include the complicity of the Department of Defense as some of the guilty parties. They would love to sue Kennedy for his tell-all book about the prosecutorial details of what was revealed about what Dr. Fauci did wrong and to what extent. But they can’t. Courts have a funny way of revealing the truth, and when the perpetrators know that they are guilty, they certainly can’t go to court and admit to it through cross-examination. 

And there is a sequel coming out to that book by Kennedy at the start of 2023 called The Wuhan Cover-up. The first book sold millions of copies and was exceptionally well-researched and written in the language that lawyers can use for prosecution. I thought the first book was plenty, but this second book has taken Kennedy a while. He has pushed back the release date a few times to get everything right, and when it comes out, Dr. Fauci will be happy to have been retired and out of the public eye. It won’t stop the court proceedings. For the rest of his life, Dr. Fauci will answer questions in court. At 80 years old, he likely will die before he is officially prosecuted for what he has done. And, of course, he is denying everything like all these government workers do who have no accountability to the public, as they have been trained to expect. But the truth has been coming out for a while, and long after Dr. Fauci is gone, for decades, people are still going to be putting their minds around what happened with the Covid virus and just how sinister it all was. How many of the government’s actions on it destroyed people’s lives, then the cover-up after that? Kennedy has really earned my respect, as a Democrat, with his work on this issue. Other books have told the true story of what Covid was and who knew what and when. But the Kennedy books are the dreams of prosecutors because they lay out the cases as they can stand in court, and Dr. Fauci knows it. That’s why he’s retiring. 

I remember the day that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates personally advised President Trump on the lockdowns in America. It was an election year. China wanted to hit Trump hard for the trade deficit talks. And the established world of politics wanted Trump gone. Trump was wondering what to do, and here come these trusted people, Fauci and Gates, who proposed severe lockdowns to deal with Covid. Trump did what they didn’t want: to shut down flights from China to stop the spread. But it was already too late. At that time, I was in an airport in Orlando, Florida, in a room full of thousands of people waiting for delayed flights and trying to find somewhere open and safe for an oversea call on business. The Covid story was breaking, and it at that time looked like the work of a bioweapon during an election year, and I was looking at the weapons of that political war all around me. People from all over the world who flew in to go to Disney World and give innocent people Covid to carry back to their communities to infect other people and spread this virus to conduct the kind of war Fauci knew he was playing from the beginning. So yes, he was guilty, and he knows he’s guilty. The receipts say so, which is why Dr. Fauci has not been able to bring a lawsuit forth to shut Robert Kennedy up from writing these tell-all books. 

What’s interesting about Elon Musk buying Twitter and now revealing all the documents that were behind Covid is which American intelligence agencies were aware of what was going on, and they weren’t making moves to save us; they were looking to perpetuate the virus to escalate the danger and use that danger to gain control of the population politically. In Kennedy’s new book, it states that US Health Officials, like Dr. Fauci, conspired with the Chinese military to hide the origins of Covid-19. And like the first book, the new book will be filled with prosecutable proof. But worse than all that is what we learned about Twitter and its role with these same intelligence agencies, which have now been caught in the big election frauds of 2020 and 2022. The way that Twitter censored information about Covid that might cause people to ask the obvious questions was detrimental to people’s protections under the Constitution and how free speech keeps bad characters in check. Knowing what we do now about Twitter’s relationship with the Deep State, we can now see that other players, like Facebook and Google, were equally involved in the crimes as our government, represented most obviously by Dr. Fauci, threw gas on the fire, on purpose to contribute to the destruction of America as a country. Dr. Fauci is not a hero like the liberal media would like to pretend. He is the face of a government that lied to people and threatened them with any means possible to shut them up and intimidate them into suppression.

Meanwhile, people died, and their lives were ruined to facilitate that Great Reset that Klaus Schwab and the Desecrators of Davos purposely planned across the world to destroy sovereign economies in favor of a new universal currency which they controlled through the China Model. Covid was a military attack, and Dr. Fauci was one of the field generals and was well aware of what he was doing. If he could get justice in court, he would have. But he can’t, which Elon Musk knows now that he has purchased Twitter and turned it from a government propaganda asset to an actual utilizer of free speech, which is what it should have always been. But now, unlike the past months from the start of Covid until the present, we know the crimes and who perpetrated them. And what Musk said about Fauci was true, and then some. There is plenty of punishment to go around, but in this case, it starts with Anthony Fauci and those he supervised.   Then extends to much worse characters from there. 

Rich Hoffman

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We Still Love Sheriff Jones: Rachel Levin is a dude, not a woman

News flash, that creature Rachel Levine from the Biden administration, which is an illegal administration improperly given powers that it does not constitutionally have, is a man.   Not a woman. And even though I don’t agree with everything that Sheriff Jones does, sometimes we are on opposite sides of things, especially in the primary season. But at least the head of law and order in Butler County can tell the difference between a man and a woman and knows generally right from wrong. Those are reasonable first assumptions for any member of law enforcement. But don’t tell Channel 12, who did a story about Sheriff Jones making a comment on his Facebook page saying about the Biden transgender health official, “wow, what a guy.” For that, the news media thought it was time to pounce over woke politics that is being driven by an international progressive agenda. Joe Biden could have put anybody he wanted into that health role in the federal government, but he picked an elderly man who now wants to be called a woman and openly showed his intentions to desecrate American society right in front of our faces because he and the rest of them don’t think they’ll get any pushback from it. Well, in Butler County, Ohio, that transgender desecration of progressive politics is getting pushback, and for a good reason. 

It’s not an accident that Butler County is getting so much media attention, where public officials are being pressed to take a position on the transgender narrative. Traditionally, officials have run away from stories like this one, but Sheriff Jones simply crossed his arms to the reporter from Channel 12 and said, “well, that’s bullshit.” Obviously, at this stage of a progressive invasion into our society from every direction, we all know people who have been caught in the narrative. This attack was projected a long time ago with the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I think is one of the dumbest and most outrageous films ever shown in a theater. Nobody would have ever expected back then that drag queens would ever have a legitimate position in American society, and here we had an illegally inserted president who canceled all of President Trump’s pro-American ideas on his first day in office and quickly inserted Rachel Levine into the highest government office possible to rub our noses in it as if it was a foreign invader that planted the flag of the enemy right into our foreheads. Or a football player who just scored a touchdown spiking the football in front of our faces while giving us all the middle finger. These people on the left hate America and they hate us. And they are daring us to fight back because they think we won’t. 

The goal of the transgender movement from the left is to remove all absurdities from value judgment. Once people accept anything as possible, then the authority figures of government can then assign reality to whatever they want. Suppose people lose the ability to think critically. In that case, they will lose the ability to think for themselves and accept any reality the government gives them, run by the political left, of course. That was the apparent strategy when The Rocky Horror Picture Show came out long ago. That was why it played on college campuses at midnight on Saturdays, and that’s why people threw popcorn and other trash at each other during the movie. It was all about the desecration of America in every aspect. Even the young couple in the movie who are seduced by the transvestites lose their virginity to the desecrators at the end of the movie. Traditional America was to be destroyed, and the sexual perverts set loose upon us to ruin the world. And we’d like it or else. That is what Channel 12 intended in their interview, to shame the head of law enforcement into accepting an irrational thought or be ostracized by the public. 

Yet the way to beat them is not to care, as Sheriff Jones clearly displayed. It’s not that conservatives want to make people confused about their sexuality feel bad, but we certainly don’t want it shoved down our throats and that we are going to base our entire society on it. And with all that’s going on in the world, especially those who have not yet watched 2000 Mules which has the proof in it that Joe Biden did not win the presidency, this transsexual issue is just planned destruction. The Biden administration has been such a massive disaster; they are happy to have their media allies try to make the day’s story all about such a ridiculous topic. As to whether a man is a man or a woman, depending on what they feel like that day, is a premise meant to destroy American life. Because to accept such an absurdity, then people might just believe that the election of 2020 was correct, that Covid was an accident, and that the Fed and Wall Street hadn’t already sold America away financially to every foreign enemy in the world, just for the pure profit of it.

Yet it’s great that we still have public officials who will take a stand on these issues and declare that men are still men and women are still women. That law and order can determine right from wrong. Of course, a law-and-order society based on value judgments is a nightmare for the progressives. But that’s their problem. America has been a great place to live and raise a family. And that concept is under attack, and it’s on our watch to take a stand to defend it. Even with the kinds of differences that come up in primary elections, at least we can all agree that bending the knee to woke politics is a bad idea.

Progressives have come to expect it, especially from public officials. But in Butler County, Ohio, good people are fighting back. They should have never expected America to accept The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a reality, yet that is just what they did.   They thought we’d go along to get along and accept whatever virtue was given to us by the media. And when public officials like Sherrif Jones made value judgments based on tradition, we’d cast them from society. Instead, and this is something I’ve said for many decades now. If you take a stand against woke politics, voters will reward you because it’s what people really want. They like to see their representatives fighting back. And in Butler County, Ohio, we have an increasing number of officeholders who are fighting back and not kneeling to woke progressive rules advocated by the mainstream media. Sheriff Jones showed why we still love him because he represents people who don’t like seeing America torn apart by hostile agents of desecration and malice. When an illegal president put in charge of health from a high government office, the drag queen from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, they were challenging us to a fight. And if it’s a fight they want, that’s what they will get. Accepting a false reality is a dishonesty that no civilization can be built on. We know the intentions are bad, and it’s time to stand up to it, as Sheriff Jones of Butler County has.

Rich Hoffman

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These Loser Politicians Don’t Represent Me: Only preventing election fraud can fix the economy, Ukraine, border security, and the other problems in the world

This is precisely why we must have very secure elections. Obviously, all those losers who have supported open elections, elections by illegal residents, early voting, and elections with no voter ID intended to cheat to get people elected who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. After what we have seen since 2020, we must be a lot more careful about our election process. We cannot assume that people will do good things domestically and follow the rules.   Because without tight security on our elections, we have seen that malicious people will have a field day. It wasn’t just the 2020 election, but likely every election for the last two decades. I might not have believed that until I spent much of 2021 traveling all over the country. The election results reflected in our House and Senate are media creations, not actually representatives of real people. There is only one way that could have happened, through massive election fraud over a long period. A systematic acceptance of cultural election fraud by the political class knowing that there is profit in the game for them to keep the system of chaos that they currently have.

I have to say that because we are all being pushed into having an opinion about the Russian invasion of Ukraine as if we only have one of the two teams at play to pick from. Do we support the United Nations’ creation of Ukraine, or do we support the gay-hating Russians who are putting nationalism before global peace at all costs? International peace means surrendering everything to the Desecrators of Davos, you know, “you’ll own nothing and like it,” people. That’s not a good option. And Vladimir Putin has made it his reason for living to destroy the United States. That’s not a good pick either. I don’t like either option. I feel very sorry for the people of Ukraine caught in the crossfire of bad politics. But join the club. We are all victims of that to a large extent. I don’t support any of the dumb politicians making so many mistakes in America, that’s for sure. These losers who have run up the debt kept an out-of-control Fed that blew up our economy with unjustified trillions of unrepresented money on the fed’s balance sheet don’t deserve sympathy. The stupidity of the Biden administration is beyond rationalization; I didn’t vote for that loser. And I didn’t vote for many of those Desecrators in the House and Senate who tell us that anti-American sentiment is the wave of the future. Many of those elected representatives were only elected through fraud, blue state governors, and lax election laws that otherwise would have kept them from office. I’ve seen the American people up close, and they aren’t voting for losers like this. Only through falsified paper ballots and coordinated election fraud like Facebook was caught conducting could these people actually win an election.

We aren’t obligated to get behind these people just because we are all Americans. This isn’t a “team America” kind of thing where we have some patriotic obligation to rally behind the United Nations debacles in Ukraine. The stupidity of the politicians that we have seen in America, especially lately, can only be prevented with secure elections. And we have not had secure elections. We have been taken advantage of by the political class. They have betrayed our trust, and now they are purposely wrecking the economy, letting in a wave of invasive illegal immigrants into America through the southern border. What is going on between Mexico and America is far worse than the Russians invading Ukraine. We are supposed to care about the Ukraine border when there is no concern given at all about the border of the United States. Only stupid people would suggest anything else. Or people deliberately trying to undermine the United States.

Whatever the case, only secure elections can protect us from this kind of management malpractice. The way our politicians have handled things does not represent me.   I reject the way they have expressed America to the world as losers. Biden and Harris don’t represent me. But it’s not just Democrats and socialist-oriented progressives like Bernie Sanders and the bartender AOC. Mitch McConnell doesn’t represent me. Rob Portman doesn’t represent me. The corrupt Ohio governor and United Nations spokesman Mike DeWine doesn’t represent me. I don’t have an obligation to stand behind any of those losers, especially when they show themselves as an embarrassment to the world. 

I can deal with being cordial to people I didn’t vote for if others honestly voted for them. After all, we have a republic, not just some damn flea-bitten “democracy,” as we are told all the time. If people vote for some of these liberals, so be it in a representative government. But we are not following leaders in America. We are not obligated to support losers. We elect representatives, and if the elections are not secure, how can a republic function at all. Just because a candidate is illegally put in power, it doesn’t mean that automatically people will follow that person like some invisible rules of chess where elite capture means you win the game. We elect people to do a job as our representatives on a matter. And what we are seeing nationwide, especially over these last few years with massive mistakes over Covid and now this disaster in foreign policy with Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, and China, is not reflective of America. America didn’t vote for these people. Election fraud does not count as a win. The people can possess the seats, but its quite apparent that they don’t represent real people at the ballot box, and if we can’t prove that or secure that, then we have nothing as a country.   Of course, the enemies of America will laugh and say, “that’s right, you have nothing.” Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Larry Fink, Bill Gates, and many others from the Desecrators of Davos want the downfall of America. They have targeted us for attack, and they are doing it now. While we look at Ukraine every day and all the sadness that a video camera can show us, where were those cameras during Covid when suicide rates spiked up to ridiculous levels? Where we destroyed trillions of dollars of global economic value? When the government attempted to supersede our American constitution with vaccine mandates that only helped the pharmaceutical companies who put money in their campaigns? Where is the justice when a scumbag lier like Jussie Smollett gets out of jail after just a few days while January 6th protestors remain in prison after more than a year and all their “due process” is ignored completely? If illegally obtained representatives are put in place, this is the kind of world it produces. Only a corrupt society could produce this much nonsense, and I would point to the lack of security of our elections that has enabled it to occur. In the future, we need poll watchers at every voting place. We must have a photo ID. We must have one day with limited hours. We cannot trust mail-in ballots. We cannot just blindly trust voting machines because we have seen there is intent from foreign actors to tamper with our elections, and we can’t put anything past anybody. We can’t have doubts on election day, ever again. We must treat our elections with the utmost seriousness in security and assume that everyone has hostile intent because often they do. And it is then and only then that we can say we are one nation. The goofball politicians we have in office presently, screwing up the economy, Ukraine, everything, are on their own. They don’t represent me at all. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Legacy of Mike Pence: Now more people will be hurt in order to win our country back

A little note to Mike Pence after his ridiculous comments recently about his role in certifying the illegal election of 2020, you are not a good guy if you allow evil to grow. He did not stand for truth and justice in his role as the Vice President; instead, he punted to the process of certifying an illegal election knowing that the real issue was a process crime, and he simply did not dare to do what needed to be done when it needed to be done. Instead, he tried to justify his actions by saying that we’ll win next time, and when we do, Kamala Harris and whoever else will have to accept our results, as if this was a story about the “high road.” The election of 2020 was “certified” because the people involved in the vote count wanted to run out the clock on the legal system and get Trump out of office before anybody could check the results. It’s like a football game where there was a questionable play, and the team with the ball seeks to run the next play before the opposing coach can throw a challenge flag. In the world of Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell, the integrity of the process is more important than the results, so they weren’t going to do anything to bring that process into question, even though at the time, the questions were already starting to stack up. Now, over a year later, it’s obvious there was election fraud. The evidence is pouring forth in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Additionally, it’s getting hot in states that haven’t been discussed much, such as Colorado, Nevada, and even California. There was so much election fraud that the only responsible thing to do would have been to kick the certification process back to the states, as Pence was required to do, and make those states work out their issues right then and there, instead of dragging the country through the garbage we are seeing now. 

Just by reading the book Red Handed, which is newly out and on the best sellers list, it becomes clear quickly why so many politicians on both sides of the House and Senate wanted to see Biden elected and Trump out. They had all taken lots of money from China, and they were guilty of selling out their country. And the only way they were going to get away with it was to have Biden in the White House. That’s undoubtedly why Mitch McConnell was in such a hurry to certify the election. Those politicians who took money from China, and have been dancing to the tune of Blackrock, needed to keep the political system intact that allowed them to make that kind of money, and once they had the money in their bank accounts, they had to preserve that system. It’s a huge problem, probably the biggest problem we have ever faced in our country, and it has become this way because nobody wanted to deal with the reality of the vast amounts of corruption that was on full display. The book Red Handed lays the case out elaborately; there really is no question about the intent of the crimes. And there is no excuse not to get Red Handed and to read it. They have stacks and stacks of them at Cosco. It’s easy to get. Then, of course, knowing that it’s clear why they all signed up to conduct election fraud under “emergency Covid rules,” and that was to cover up the money they had taken from a hostile foreign nation. It was clear at the time, but in hindsight, as we have now the privilege, it was the crime of the century, and Pence had it in his power to stop it with his vote, but he didn’t have the guts to stand up to evil when it fully showed itself.

Pence has said that “no one person has the right to overturn the results of an election,” speaking of himself, of course. However, there were no legal results of the election to certify; the count that was presented that day was a mere formality and nothing more. The content was corrupt and faulty as it was delivered. And everyone who turned away from justice when it was under their guard to take action is guilty of perpetuating further crime against our country and the people in it, especially in the judicial system. When it mattered most, none of them had the stomach to stand up to what was happening because they thought the election would be certified, and people would forget about it. They felt that because of the bubble they live in. If they knew the people who lived in the country and voted all across America, they would have known that deep anger was forming, and there would be no way to repair it. Pence tried to justify his punt that day with an eye to the future, to elections where all this will be corrected in 2024, and that by taking the high road, the Democrats would be forced to do the same. Pence should know better coming from the Trump White House. He knows how things are behind the scenes. But he’s like the preacher in a train robbery telling everyone to do what the robbers are telling the occupants, just put up your hands and give the thieves what they want, so nobody gets hurt. In the world of Mike Pence, that is the way to fight evil, to yield to it so we can live another day. But in actuality, when evil presents itself, however inconvenient, we must fight it then and there, so it doesn’t grow and become emboldened like we are seeing now a year later from a government obviously not doing the work of voters but the work of the Davos Party and their Chinese insurgents intent on world domination.   Mitch and the gang are not working for the American people, that’s for sure. 

For Pence to double down on his actions that day, when he punted the illegal 2020 vote to certification, he allowed the pressure of the SWAMP to entice evil to continue its malice. He foolishly believed that Republicans would win in the end by taking the high ground. If there was anything that Trump did more wrong in his first term, it was trying to bring hostile never Trump types into his administration like Pence, Nikki Haley, and McConnell’s Chinese wife, hoping to win them over as all executives do. Keep your enemies close. But in Washington D.C., that was where the leaks came from and the undercutting. Trump rightly figured he was a big enough personality to overcome all those antics, and with that arrangement, Pence was a decent Vice-President, that is, until real courage was needed. And in the end, that is what allowed the election fraud to occur was that too many people in D.C. wanted to preserve the system that enriched them so heavily. Trump was a threat to that system, and they thought that by getting rid of him, people would fall in line and forget about all this “draining the swamp” business. And Pence thought it was the good Christian thing to trust in the law, in the lord, and of fate to sort out evil from the good. But what was needed was for people to stand up to evil and fight corruption where it showed itself. When it mattered most for Mike Pence, he punted like a coward, and now we have in the world what we have, evil more committed than ever, and to beat them now, many, many more people will end up hurt. That is the legacy of Mike Pence. 

Rich Hoffman

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Biden DOJ Runs Cover for the Facebook Case: Attempting to hide election fraud proof behind Section 230 government protection

Biden DOJ is Working to Hide the Election Fraud Committed by Facebook

I think it’s the most significant thing that happened this past week, the third week of January 2022. Perhaps you didn’t hear about it on the news. Well, that’s because it’s not a very sexy story. And it’s also one of those situations where the media are still prostitutes to Zuckerbucks and other billionaires who tampered with the election of 2020 with media buyouts. A lot of people have been using Facebook for years, that’s how they communicate with their grandmas in the Midwest or their long-lost high school friends, and they can’t bring themselves to the reality of just what an evil company it is and how treasonous their behavior was during the last election. Remember all those people in the media who always preface election fraud talk by saying, “there is absolutely no evidence of election fraud?” Well, those are Zuckerbucks talking, not the actual evidence. The truth is a year out from that election and the inauguration of Joe Biden (or rather the insertion), there is a lot of evidence, and the Biden people know it. And it’s getting out rather fast. The story this week that I referred to that is so important is that the day after the Senate denied a break in the filibuster bill to allow for the federal takeover of our elections, Biden’s DOJ (Department of Justice) moved on the Trump case against Big Tech, specifically Facebook to insert itself in the grand cover-up. The admission of election fraud is in their actions, but Biden has no choice. Suppose the case continues forward, as the America First Policy Institute projects it. In that case, the discovery process will reveal a direct violation of Section 230, a law passed to protect internet companies in 1996, and a very unconstitutional assault against Americans with direct collaboration between government and Facebook to cheat in the 2020 election and insert a favored candidate, their Joe Biden and remove our President Trump. That is kind of a bad thing any way you look at it. 

On that same day, January 20th, Facebook moved to dismiss the case Trump has against them on merits, hoping that the courts will relieve them of the embarrassment coming their way in court. But it’s getting pretty hot, and the Biden Department of Justice can’t afford for the case to continue, so the insertion of the DOJ is a gross abuse of power, but one that they can’t afford not to use. But they are using it to tell the world everything they need to know. We all know by now that the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax paid for by the Clinton campaign and Democrats working with the FBI planted the seeds to hide the real conspiracy, China, China, China. China had been working with the Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google for ultimate government censorship, and many paid-off politicians were willing to go along with it for the paycheck. While we were looking at Russia, the real scam was being played in China by the real criminals. And Facebook was at the center of it. They invested nearly half a billion dollars in influencing the results of the 2020 election, with Mark Zuckerberg himself getting involved in keeping the radicals of his company appeased. After all, it was their stated goal, and those of Google, which were published and are out there for all to see, to remove Trump from office during the next election cycle. They planned to use their Big Tech platform to hide behind Section 230 government protection, to alter an election.

That’s all bad enough, but the real issue with the Big Tech lawsuit that the DOJ is trying to protect Biden and Facebook from is the direct collaboration of a company hiding behind Section 230 to insert an American president in the White House. That is a terrible thing. Especially legally. In this case, the government and Facebook are very vulnerable, which is why Facebook is seeking to dismiss the case. They can’t afford what will come out due to the discovery process. We know that the conspiracy occurred between the government and Big Tech because of what they did regarding Covid-19 over the same period. The collusion happened; all that has to be proven is that it happened during the election in a way that tilted the scales toward a specific candidate, Joe Biden, in this case.

Additionally, this has been chronicled in several books, most arguably, Molly Hemmingway’s book Rigged, which lays the case of Big Tech collusion during the election out in a very reliable manner. It would not be difficult to present that same evidence and more in court, which is why the DOJ is seeking to insert itself to protect the defendants out of desperation. How is that for an admission? If this were a formal interrogation under any other circumstance, we would say that the target is about to “crack.” 

As the AFPI stated in response to the movement by the DOJ, “the fact that President Biden’s DOJ has filed a Motion to Intervene in this case, involving the censorship of a sitting United States President, tends to indicate the two are working in concert with one another to censor specific people and messages. When Congress passed Section 230 in 1996, it was intended to be used as a tool to help internet companies compete in the new global marketplace — it is now used as a shield that enables Facebook and others to violate America’s most basic right to free speech — it is time to demand accountability.” In other words, the Section 230 abuse is the dagger that will bring all these losers down. All the other noise coming out of Washington, including the January 6th Commission, is just part of the cover-up to keep people’s minds busy on other things, so they don’t see the massive evidence of voter fraud that is building up on this case, and the complicity of the DOJ to try to sabotage the case in the courts before it is too late.   

I would argue that it’s already too late. This move by the Biden DOJ doesn’t surprise me at all. We are dealing with criminals here, as defined by the Constitution. They are guilty of treason, sedition, and terrorism. What the government has done with Covid as a means to attempt to hide these other crimes with literal fear of death has been far worse than anything a terrorist organization around the world has done to America. Our own government has been caught tampering with viruses to make bioweapons out of them in partnership with China, giving them perpetual leverage over our nation indefinitely, a terrible strategic decision. But never forget, at the heart of all the chaos is this court case, the proof that there was election fraud, that Biden is not the legitimate president, and that many in our government are guilty of heinous crimes of treason, then used sheer intimidation including abuse of the DOJ to avoid prosecution. We are dealing with bad people here, and they have been caught in the act of committing these crimes. And their only backstop is the DOJ, hoping to prevent justice from occurring at all. But that’s not how this ends; justice is coming for them, and not even the Department of Justice can protect Biden’s administration and Facebook from the truth. They crossed the line of law by a lot, and now they’ll have to pay for what they did. And they don’t have a right to obfuscate justice in our nation for their own preservation. They committed the crime, and now time will do them in. And they deserve it.

Rich Hoffman

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UC Davis Makes First Move For Gun Confiscation: Why buying guns is the best vote that they can’t steal to save the republic

Buying More Guns is Great

It’s not as if we didn’t see this coming, but here is the case established by a liberal from the University of California Davis setting the story for anti-gun legislation under the Biden administration.  This is how the game goes, as I explain in the video above.  Garen Wintermute published a report in the Journal Injury Epidemiology stating that “upward trends in firearm purchasing, violence, and political extremism are converging to put the USA at risk for disaster in the months ahead.  We have no time to waste if we are to prevent the loss of thousands of lives and emerge with our democracy intact.” So this was one of the goals of Covid-19 was to establish the relationship between mass public health emergencies and the rights government could or should have under them.  When the government says something is a public health emergency, you see, that is the trigger for a suspension of constitutional rights. That’s the way they are playing this game.  And this professor at the liberal University of UC Davis is playing his role as an “expert” with an informed opinion that then demands legislative action by the political class.  (Yes, this is why I’m one of the most banned people on the internet.  All my IP addresses are shadow-banned, but the information gets out anyway, even in drips.  The bad guys don’t want you to know these kinds of things)  But the game is there for all to see.

Of course, what is never discussed is why tensions are so high in our country and so divided.  Well, that’s simple; it’s the political left who has attempted to drag right-minded people to their side of things with coercion and violence, or else.  That tends to make people angry, so angry that they are looking for some retaliation.  Some people do bend the knee and cave to the political pressure socially.  But there are many, around half the nation, who just won’t. I’d say the “absolutely won’t” is about 30% of the country with approximately 30% who are what they call “independent,” people who are indifferent to politics until it hits them in their homes.  They stay out of all conversations about political topics and positions of morality until the price of gas or milk goes up, then they become engaged.  But the political left has attempted to drag people kicking and screaming toward socialism and communism that has caused the reaction of buying more guns to defend themselves, which is the subject of this concerned political hit piece by the professor from UC Davis. 

With more than 300 million guns in America, there are very few shootings, statistically.  Those that do happen don’t usually occur by NRA types. It’s the drug users and sellers, the gang bangers, the lost pot smoking liberals who shoot up schools.  People from the radical left, not from the conservative right, use guns to kill people.  So this article has no basis in actual reality, only in building up a perception so the Biden administration can entertain the basis for gun confiscation.

In contrast, they still have the power to try it.  With the poll numbers being what they are and a change of party in the House and Senate coming, the Biden administration knows it doesn’t have much time to act on its radical gun-grabbing plan.  So that is the function of this liberal loser, writing this article as a “gun expert” about the possible public health emergency that gun violence could cause due to the rough waters ahead in a divided country.  The political left, after all, will be losing lots of seats, and to defend their loss of political power, they will attempt to create riots in the streets and harm people for it because—well, that’s all they know how to do.  They use violence and the threat of it to get power.  And when they lose power, they use violence and the threat of it to get it back.  That is why people have rushed out to buy so many guns because it gives them some political insulation from this insanity.   It makes people feel safer to have a home full of guns because they can’t trust their government. 

This has been the story of Covid-19, to establish an epidemiology case, to argue not on the merits of the Second Amendment, but on the grounds of public health, a new way to approach the issue of communism, that the public good outweighs the rights of individuals.  Did you see that coming, dear reader?  Pretty slick legal trick they are trying, but that’s the playbook.  Notice how the mass shooter from Las Vegas was never heard from again?  Or the many mass shooters in public schools were revealed to be marijuana-smoking liberals?  Or how the FBI tampered with evidence in the San Bernadino case during the Christmas season a few years back where they allowed the media into the killer’s apartment a few days after the shooting disguising it as “being transparent” when the real goal was to “destroy evidence at the scene of the crime.” That’s how these liberals get away with their crimes; they provoke the problem, then attempt to erase their footprints in the process.  What we have here with the professor from UC Davis is a radical in the crime approach, setting up the story before the crises could be announced to the world by the Biden administration.  It’s all so fascinating. 

Of course, Americans are correct to buy lots of guns, as many as they can afford. It’s the exact reason that we have not yet lost our country to the criminal attempts of the climate change United Nations insurgents who are controlling the Biden administration.  Imagine if we didn’t have guns?  How far they would have gone during Covid at stealing away our rights as a free people?  These attackers were behind the Great Reset targets that started gain of function research at the Wuhan lab sponsored by the American government’s Dr. Fauci, all to set up this legal merit to using public health issues to destroy constitutional protections.  If there were no guns, what would give them pause in their aggressive actions—the law, which they have shown they are willing to break openly?  Many Americans see what the political left is up to.

I certainly do, and my many readers here do, too, even with all the shadow banning.  In many cases, people are only getting this information at sites like this one.  Even the most alternative media out there doesn’t go far enough to explain these processes as they occur.  But enough of us see the writing on the wall, and we have responded with a healthy protest of buying guns to protect ourselves from this out-of-control, criminal government.  Knowing people who buy lots of guns and use them often, I can say that they haven’t given up on the ability to vote these losers out of office.  I certainly haven’t given up on our republic.  But before we turn to a socialist or communist government under the United Nations, we need to know that we have insulation from the attacks of our government against us.  And that is why gun sales and ammunition are so much higher than they have been in the past.  There is no shame in it. I’m not worried about any of my many neighbors and friends who have enough guns to fight off an army from their homes.  It’s not them who are the threat. It’s the intentions of this Biden government who has no problem stealing elections, selling us out to the United Nations, and creating Covid-19 under gain-of-function behind Trump’s back in 2017 under Dr. Fauci to create a bioweapon dedicated to the Great Reset goals of the United Nations.  Guns are our last line of defense from being sold out to other sovereignties, and I encourage people to go out and buy more, more and more.  In many ways, it’s the most honest vote we can have, one they can’t steal. 

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Fight On Ground The Enemy Chooses: The sunbathing wife, never forget, government made Covid-19

Don’t Die on the Hill They Choose for You

Notice how we don’t talk about the minimum wage being $15 an hour anymore?  You could hear how Biden spun the news of the jobs report on the first Friday of November 2021, when 500,000 jobs were added. Many of them at higher wage rates because the government first destroyed those jobs with Covid protocols, then paid people to stay home, forcing employers to throw money at new hires to get them back out of the house and into the workplace.  All the aspects of the jobs report were the effect of government tampering.  Those jobs had been there before, they weren’t new, but government activism created all the elements they reported. That’s the game we are playing with these characters, and it’s essential to understand because essentially, the root of all this evil was the creation of Covid-19 by Dr. Fauci in a Wuhan lab in China to destroy our economy to cause the Great Reset we see the United  Nations pushing for.  It’s hard for most people to understand this game, so these authoritarian governments keep doing it.  They attack us on the ground they establish then force us to defend our position while attacking from a different direction.  Progressives in government have been pushing for a $15 minimum wage for a long time, but they couldn’t get the politics and public behind it.  So they attacked from a different direction using this United Nations Great Reset as the platform.  They simply took away the workers using Covid, forcing companies trying to stay alive to throw money at the situation just to try to get back to normal.  Nothing changed in the marketplace, but the government tampered with the employer/employee relationship to drive up prices so that Biden could take credit for the wage increases at some future time when he needed a political boost after the embarrassments of the Virginia election.

It’s like the poor sap of a husband who wants to watch football on a Saturday afternoon. He’s tired and has been looking forward to just sitting on the couch watching several big college games.  But his wife has other ideas.  She wants to be noticed by the next-door neighbors as she suns herself under a September sun.  She doesn’t necessarily want to have an affair with her neighbor, but she wants to make his wife jealous because the two women have a rivalry, and she likes to be noticed.  After all, her husband doesn’t seem to notice her anymore because he just wants to watch football all the time.  But she can’t lay out in the sun if the grass looks all scraggly.  So she tells her husband to go out and mow it.  He, of course, doesn’t want to.  So to get him to move off his position, she says to him, “don’t you love me anymore?  Are you cheating on me?” Well, this gets his attention.  Of course, he’s not cheating on her, but now he has to prove that he’s not, so he immediately gets defensive and feels he has to prove it to her.  Thus, shortly after some tense exchanges of denial, he goes out into the garage and starts up the lawnmower, and proceeds to cut the lawn.  The wife smiles and puts on her bikini and some sunscreen.  That, in many ways, is what the government did to us over the minimum wage. 

What the Other Hand

I tell that story because there is more to it.  Remember, our government, funded by NIH, created Covid, and our government is currently covering it up.  Dr. Fauci is just the bag man.  Covid-19 was designed to usher in the Great Reset, which the United Nations has planned for years.  How else were they going to shut down all the economies of the world so they could then gain control of them all at the same time?  Covid was their created crisis to make it happen.  You could tell it was a phony deal from the start because all the Covid protocols they wanted us to implement were the same ones that climate change lunatics wanted.

Bill Gates wants a zero-emission world, so people like him came up with the Great Reset scheme.  We know the rest of the history, and we understand this bizarre push for government-sanctioned vaccines and connecting them to our jobs.  But be careful here; there is an ulterior motive that goes well beyond the logic of what we see.  The government, represented by Biden here, understands what they are up to while the rest of us do not.  We assume that they want us to work at our jobs and be productive.  But honestly, they will make up jobs numbers all day long, just as they did on the one in November.  What they want is to make the United Nations happy with wealth redistribution.  If they can piss people off and force those who refuse to get the Covid vaccine for a virus they created in a Wuhan lab (never forget that), they can attack businesses and force them to relocate in regions of the world where people won’t walk off the job.  Remember, the wife wants the grass cut so she can flirt with the neighbor.  She could care less what her husband thought. 

The government provoking a fight between the employer and the employees is just what they want as they make deals with the United Nations to redistribute the wealth of America to places they think is better.  That is undoubtedly what Biden wants, and his administration is committed to the Open Society George Soros ideas at every level.  All these climate radicals have the United States targeted for destruction.  If they can shut down jobs over the Covid vaccine mandate, they surely will, and they’ll laugh while they are doing it.  It’s what they want.  Our mistake is in answering the wife who is accusing you of what she is actually up to.  But we are the ones mowing the grass while she is putting on the suntan oil and shaving her legs for max appeal on her sunbathing fantasies.  The government has positioned itself to win on the vaccine mandate issue either way it goes.  So don’t take the bait and fight them where they attack.  For instance, learn from history, from what they have done with the minimum wage, and hit them where you see fit.  Challenge these losers in court, attack them where they are weakest. Don’t play their game; make them play the one you demand. 

The husband should tell the wife that he’ll mow the grass after the game or even tomorrow.  When she accuses him of cheating, he should turn it around on her by letting her wonder if maybe he is.  He should know what kind of game she is playing and play it better than her. Perhaps he should say, “how did you find out?” That would turn things around on her quickly.  Then instead of putting on her bikini and suntan lotion, she’d be digging through the trash looking for unusual receipts and rummaging through his phone for unknown phone numbers.

Meanwhile, he would still get to watch the game.  Of course, she would find nothing, but he would get his game in, then he could mow the grass, and by then, the sun would be down over the horizon denying his wife the noonday sun and the lustful gaze of their neighbor.  Never let anybody, not a spouse nor a government, fight you on the ground they choose if you can help it.  Also, turn it around on them and force them to fight where you decide. It’s the foundation of the Art of War, it’s indeed the game we are all playing with China, but our government is crooked, deceitful, and out for blood.  Be sure not to walk into their buzz saw and to die on the hill they decide.  Hit them where they are vulnerable, and don’t be a sucker. Remember what we aren’t talking about when it comes to vaccine requirements, that government made the virus, Dr. Fauci knew about it, he lied to congress and the President, and a lot of people knew about it before January 28th 2020.

Rich Hoffman

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Do Not Fear the ‘Metaverse’: Remember Facebook cheated in the 2020 election the old fashioned way, they aren’t that powerful

Do Not Fear Meta, They are More Bark than Bite

I’m not going to say that we shouldn’t worry about this new “Metaverse” concept that Facebook has changed its name to.  But I will say that it’s not going to work out the way they have planned.  Of course, this is referencing the rebranding of Facebook after they have been caught in election fraud, as outlined in the Molly Hemmingway book Rigged, and have undergone a significant name change that they say will incorporate virtual reality.  There has been a lot of talk about this move and fear about it because the tech companies, in general, have acquired entirely too much power in our lives, which we’ve given to them willingly.  They have made communication with other people over vast distances possible.  I remember not that long ago where long-distance phone calls were a very real thing, so to go to what we have now, where you can speak to anybody anywhere in the world free of charge over the internet, it’s quite astonishing.  Then to have what we can see coming on the horizon, to engage other people in virtual environments all hours of the day, anywhere in the world is attractive.  But we all knew that the villains of the world would attack us from that front at some point.  The definitions are still dripping wet, so much of what we have seen over this last decade caught many by surprise.  Tyranny was always going to attempt to attack from that sector of the economy through all this new technology, and to date, many think it has won. 

Yet, I have different thoughts about the nature of technology and the technocrats who have looked to use it to become the new masters of the universe.  Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook company were always about information collection, and that is undoubtedly what they are hoping to do with this new move toward a “Metaverse.” They want you in it because they want to control as much of your life as possible, as any company would who want to make the consumer relationship easier on themselves.  I noticed the start of this concept of being everywhere anytime actually, the last time I was at Disney World a few years ago, and used their bracelet system to get into all the parks and take care of purchases along the way.  Obviously, this concept was sold to us out of convenience. Still, the companies using the technology wanted out of it to be the biggest brother in our lives they could get away with so they could control the customer experience well outside the jurisdiction of the amusement parks themselves. Facebook’s Metaverse looks to take their wall platform where you can talk to all the people in your life that you’ve ever known and carry it over to an all-encompassing virtual environment that will embody artificial intelligence and the future of bioengineering.  It sounds big and scary at first, but there are significant limits associated with technology that many aren’t considering, even if it did get away from us the way many fear and become the plot of some Terminator movie.  The problem with technology is that it’s soulless and will continue to be.  And to fulfill that gap, companies like Facebook and Disney expect to trade-off convenience for the lack of customer experience that ultimately will follow. 

The great fear is that we are moving behind the human experience of existence. Soon, computers and programs, in general, will be so advanced that they will exceed human intellect and rule us all without our control.  Many within Facebook’s Metaverse and Google’s many data collection platforms believe they have successfully mapped out the behavior of human beings to the point where artificial intelligence will take over the world.  But let me remind everyone that they, even with all their ability to map out the human experience with “like” buttons and comments on their homepages, have been analyzed to scrutiny beyond reason, were not able to stop people from voting for Donald Trump for president.  Or to stop the MAGA movement and populism in general around the world with all their technology.  Facebook, in fact, out of a promise to its employees, ensured the 2020 election would be taken from President Trump and that the tech companies themselves held all the power now over elections.  Of course, the young millennials lacking experience in the world believed Zuckerberg and the climate freaks at Google.  It still took half a billion Zuckerbucks to buy off voters on the ground one carload at a time to stuff ballots and tamper with paper votes.  Facebook didn’t have near the influence over the population they had been selling to the public, and much of what they were doing for shareholders was smoke and mirrors.  What we learned was that people liked to send pictures of themselves to grandma halfway across the country on Facebook and that they might hit the like button on her recently baked pie. Still, there is much about human beings that they hide from these data collection devices.  As it turns out, all Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others could muster was inspiring the animal instincts of human beings and nothing more. Indeed not the eternal aspects of human behavior, their hopes, and dreams beyond their desires for food, sex, and economic fulfillment. 

I love video games, and I love virtual reality, but I have to say, and this is undoubtedly the case on popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty, which I play a lot; it always feels like a condom as opposed to an authentic experience.  Programers and the artificial reality that results from massive computers analyzing all our online moves only capture what a programmer thought to identify as a value.  And the artificial intelligence that follows only builds its perception of the world based on those limits.  I can move a lot better in real life than in Call of Duty.  It’s an exciting environment worth the technology, but it does not account for many human attributes such as imagination which has connections to many-dimensional aspects of experience.  The soul of a human exists way beyond the life of the body we inhabit, and this is still a mystery to the tech dictators at Google and Facebook.  Therefore, behavior still is and will continue to be a problem for them well into the future.  All their data collection only helps them understand the consumer experience. It has no way of understanding such things as to why people voted for Donald Trump despite their efforts to stop him or us from voting for a populist movement.  Much of the reason they had to conduct so much censorship during the last election and the use of medicines to fight off Covid-19 was that they had to hide from the world their limits because investors were watching.  Zuckerberg and Facebook already had this Metaverse all mapped out as part of their future, but as it turned out, it had severe limits and would continue to because it was soulless.  It lacked the elements that the soul of human beings truly desires, and that little secret only expands as the math problem of artificial intelligence programming expounds. If you get intelligence wrong at its birthplace, it only exacerbates the situation the more you use it.  So instead of artificial intelligence taking over the world as the newest power-hungry dictator, what you end up with is a nuisance.

The power of technology will be in its computing power, in being a beneficial, powerful calculator. It will not be the next excellent football star who can throw a ball down the field between two defenders for a touchdown with only seconds to think.  Because humanity has imagination, and artificial intelligence requires humans to explain imagination and the soul before writing a program to make it.   Yet, the humans programming these things don’t understand it themselves even though they may experience it.  They can’t identify it or its value.  So it doesn’t get measured and programmed, leaving all technology woefully dull and limited in what it can do.  So before you panic over artificial intelligence taking over the world, remember, they couldn’t stop Trump or us from voting for him.  They had to cheat like Democrats have been doing the old-fashioned way for over a hundred years, and for Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech dictators, they know that’s their ultimate weakness.

Rich Hoffman

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The Election Fraud Story Isn’t Going Away: Illegal Immigration is just obvious proof of it

Election Fraud is Not Going Away, the Story will Only Get Stronger

Of course, there was and is election fraud.  Every time illegal aliens are allowed to vote or be shipped to purple states hoping to get Democrats’ votes, we see election fraud.  That is, after all, the essence of illegal immigration at its core.  The chaos left in the wake will allow Democrats to tip the scales of an election in their favor.  So, to say that there is no proof of election fraud is to report that the people saying it are in denial and refuse to look at the evidence right in front of their faces.  With that in mind, we have massive amounts of election fraud in our current elections that we know about.  Logic would dictate that there a much more that we can’t see because it is hidden for us for all the same reasons that criminals commit a crime—so they can get away with a crime.  For too long, we have been gullible; we voted and trusted that everyone counting that vote was honest, and we enjoyed going home on the day of an election and watching the results come in.  Sometimes our picks won, sometimes they lost.  Whatever happened, we shook hands at the end of it and lived our lives until the next election.

However, we’re not talking about getting along here; the people who committed election fraud in several close races over the years leading up to the 2020 election aren’t looking to shake hands with the other side.  They intend to destroy the other side, “Republicans” and the republic of America forever.  They aren’t trying to get along.  They look to kill, so when they commit election fraud, it is with the intent to control us all first by robbing us of our vote and our choice in government.  And now, because they went too far in recent years, the election fraudsters, people are finally admitting to themselves how corrupt the election system of America indeed has been.  From now until a time when the situation is fixed, whoever loses in these elections will question the results of the other side.  We are not close to having the United States of America agree to disagree on various political platforms.  That was, after all, the first thought many had about the Newsom recall vote in California in 2021 was that Democrats cheated to stay in power. That’s not Trump’s fault for pointing out what everyone else was already thinking.  People think what they do, and now because of what Democrats have done, people do not trust elections.  

The real danger in election fraud that Democrats and RINO Republicans are now learning way too late is that there is no peaceful transfer of power without them.  The assumption that the solid and critical-thinking Americans still functioning in America would bend the knee to an all-powerful centralized government shows ignorance about really childlike beliefs about what people are like.  Yet the major political parties in America, especially in the Beltway, believe that was the case, just as they did with vaccine mandates and mask-wearing due to Covid protocols.  There is always a percentage of stupid people who don’t like to think who are quick to let others think for them.  We call them Democrats.  But turning smart and non-compliant people into stupid people isn’t possible in a country like America.  Too many people will say no and will question people trying to tell them what to do.  And it is those people who will be the first to challenge an election that didn’t go right.  They were the first to see that something wasn’t right about the 2020 election, and it didn’t take long for the facts to catch up to their sentiment.  Now, most of the way through 2021, election fraud in 2020 is evident.  No, the question of it was how much?  Well, it looks like more than enough to change the results of the presidential election.  Likely also, many House and Senate races.  Presently, we have no idea if Democrats truly control the Senate and House because the fraud looks so extensive that we must question that assumption, which is dangerous. That’s why nobody should ever try to steal elections.

The next option for a free people if they can’t trust elections is through a violent overthrow.  Putting up with a fraudulent government isn’t an option.  History shows us that without elections that people can trust, people will turn to violence to get done what they need in government.  What happened on January 6th, 2021, was nothing, even though the modern political class acts like it is the worst act of terrorism to happen ever in America.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  In this case, the criminals have been caught, and they fear being exposed by those who won’t accept the absolute Big Lie.  That government has been managing honest elections for decades, but we know now that the government has simply been tipping the scales to give them more and more power.  The Biden election was a tip too far, and they broke the scale revealing their activity.  And now the payment is fear of retribution from those they have committed the crimes against. 

Yet this story isn’t going away.  People see what has happened, and the movement is picking up steam.  More and more people are talking about the election fraud of 2020 and the foreign influence problems of our election.  It was Democrats who first attempted to cast doubt in our elections by blaming Russia for Trump getting elected.  In truth, it should have been Democrats who accused themselves of making Trump by being so dishonest with us for so many years.  Now that they have betrayed our trust, they can’t force us to trust them again.  They broke that trust with reckless behavior.  We didn’t do that; Democrats did.  And the media bet on the wrong horse.  Somewhere, somebody told them that if only they played along with this global game, there would be something in it for them when the power shifted from a republic to a centralized communist party.  They were dumb enough to believe it.  But in reality, we see the truth.  People are on to the election fraud, and so long as there is doubt in our elections, violence and mayhem are not far behind.  Democrats should have never attempted to cheat with illegal immigration, with early voting and mail-in ballots.  With digital voting machines.  And many other methods such as suppression polls.

Yes, there is a lot of election fraud, and our next step as a nation is to make voting believable again.  Nobody cares if Democrats cry about it, they caused this mess in the first place.  But the vote needs to return to one day on the first Tuesday of November.  Only mail-in ballots for special circumstances such as the military.  And count them the old fashion way, with paper.  No dead people. Voter I.D.   Nobody voting more than once, none of that stuff.  Only when those things are cleaned up and people can trust the election process again will we have peace and stability in our government.  Only then can we hope to be one nation once again.  Because what has been done to us has been unforgivable and mandates action.  Whether that action is peaceful or not is up to the other side.

Rich Hoffman

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The LEA Union at Lakota Goes Too Far: Trying to screen school board candidates to protect their stranglehold on the district

Labor Unions think they are Management, they aren’t

It’s safe to say it now; it’s no longer a conspiracy theory, as it used to be when I first started talking about it years ago.  Teacher unions formed under the John Dewey public education system have been communist recruitment centers meant to re-shape the minds of our children into diabolical menaces against American values, life, liberty, and capitalism.  In my school district of Lakota, the LEA labor union has been a treacherous disaster for decades, imposing on the community, which tends to be conservative, a lot of liberal ideology that people aren’t comfortable with.  Many of the kids who have been through the Lakota school system and are now adults can easily see the damage.  Parents tell me all the time the sad stories of their precious little kids who were so sweet and wonderful, who turned into delectable losers through their high school and college years.   By the time the kids get into their 20s and 30s, they end up as unrecognizable communists of anti-American sentiment.  And where did it all start?  Well, in Lakota, there is a group of mad moms led by Sandy Wheatley, an old name to me but likely new to unsuspecting parents new to the school district.  She used to lead the local teacher’s union at Lakota and still has been one of the “sweat bees” always aggravating Lakota school business in the ways you can see in this article.  All the trouble starts with people like her.  In truth, all labor unions were born out of the push for communism during the mid-1800s when Marx published his destructive concepts that have stifled the world in many ways we see today.  But it’s one thing to look at it happening and have feelings about it, but quite another for it to happen in our backyards and not be expected to do anything about it.  I’ve never felt compelled not to do something about it.  I think we should fight these losers everywhere they show themselves because now many can see what I’ve been saying for years.  Teacher unions have not just been bad for our public education system, wasting millions of our taxpayer dollars over the years as an actual imposition. They are additionally harmful to our flag and country and must once and for all be considered domestic terrorists and threats to our children’s very lives.  Because they are.

Recently I have told many stories about a group of school board challengers endorsed by the Republican Party of Butler County, Ohio, running this year to replace three seats on the Lakota school board.  They are great candidates functioning on their own for good reasons which they have determined for themselves.  But I’ve been around for a while and understand the impediments that get in the way of good people intending to do a good job where good jobs are needed, and old labor union presidents like Sandy Wheatley don’t want to see a good job done in public schools.  They function from a different idea of what “good” is.  You and I, dear reader, might call “good” a well-balanced kid who can read, write, think, and grow up to get married, have good kids, a job, run a good household, and come over to a happy family gathering on Christmas for some quality exchanges.  For the communist labor union types, “good” is to turn the kids into servants of the state, do drugs, experiment sexually, collect unemployment, and vote Democrat.  And when it comes time for Christmas dinner, to send those children into those nice American homes filled with nice American families and to torpedo them all from the inside out with disappointment, anxiety, and malice.  Yet many people have always thought that my statements about the teacher’s union were overstated and purely political.  Because I have been more involved in these school board candidates this time around, I have seen how the labor union at Lakota behaves from a different point of view, and that view has been ugly.

One of these school board challengers asked me the other day about the questionnaire shown in this article, along with correspondence showing some Facebook postings from old Sandy Wheatley herself disparaging members of the current school board and the challengers in ways meant to impact the vote the way labor unions all over America intend.  These documents show the intent of the LEA teacher’s union at Lakota in a very honest way that voters should know about.  I found the questionnaire sent to this particular school board challenger to be reprehensible.  As I explained to them, they want to do a nice job for the district, and all this labor union radicalism can be a bit scary, that as a member of the school board, they are the management.  The labor does not get to interview the management. The other way around is the first problem with managing all public schools, especially at Lakota.  These labor union types felt it was appropriate to gather information on incoming school board members at Lakota.  Just read the questions for yourself.  What is being proposed by this questionnaire is that the labor union wants to know how progressive the candidates are.  Will they support the current progressive political agenda such as gay rights in the schools or uncontrollable spending with perpetual tax increases on private property through school levies.  How the candidates’ answer will determine the level of activism the union will perform against those candidates.  The LEA wants people like what they have molded on the current school board, lapdogs of union appeasement from Julie Shaffer, Kelly Casper, Michael Pearl, and the Brad Lovell replacement, Douglas Horton.  As you can see from Sandy’s direct comments on Facebook, they hate Lynda O’Conner because Lynda has tried to do the job a school board is always supposed to do, represent the community who elected her into place.  While the rest want to get along with the communist teacher’s union so bad things won’t be said about them.

People never wanted to face the facts of the origin of the labor movement, especially when it came to their kids.  Parents wanted to like their teachers; many of them started with good intentions.  Everyone always does, including Sandy Wheatley and the union thugs sucking the life out of the Lakota school system.  Even in the human body, viruses want to live.  Cancer wants to live by being a parasite of the host.  Everyone from their perspective wants to live.  But good is determined by logic, and that is why we elect school board members to insert reason into the management of children in a school and the millions of dollars it takes to teach them with free education.  But the quality of that education has always been under attack by teacher unions who want far more than just a job in a school district.  They want to act as parasites to our children and the property we own and maintain to fund their menace.  Attacking private property is one of the communist goals as they were adopted directly from Karl Marx and John Dewey was quite aware of it from the beginning.  It was a mountain of corruption from the start, and it shows in the products of public education, most of us, our children, and the state of our nation now.  And based on these documents shown here, you can see what is going on in your local teacher’s union.  These aren’t unique to Lakota.  But they do require action from voters who have a mind to fix the situation.  In Lakota, during 2021, voters will finally have a chance to do something about all this nonsense.  But really, this is a nationwide problem, and it needs to be addressed in America once and for all.  Otherwise, we won’t have a country, making all teacher union members very, very happy.

Rich Hoffman

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