Want to be Free: Learn to wear a hat

The problem is that people talk about fighting for freedom, but often by the time they are voting age adults, they are so beat down with compromise that they no longer know what freedom is or why they should be fighting for it. We talk about it all the time, fighting for freedom. Yet very few people are remotely free in their lives; they have bosses at their jobs, spouses often working at odds with them, and peer pressures in their neighborhoods. Medical professionals always tell us what to do, which was common before Covid became a government policy disaster. Then there are the various governments in our lives, the local zoning board as to whether or not a water garden can be built on our private property, whether a state governor can ruin our lives with lockdowns and other fears of economy, or an executive branch at the federal level who will sign a piece of paper that could actually destroy our physical bodies with a vaccine mandate. Most people are so burdened with obedience to many other people in their lives that they have no idea what freedom is or what they should be doing with it. So it’s hard for them to know why they should be fighting for it or even why they should value it at all. Oddly enough, as I was thinking about all these things, I have grandchildren who are at that magical age of deciding who they will be for the rest of their lives. They were asking about these matters, for which I gave them their first hats and told them why I have always worn a hat of some kind and what benefits it can provide them in the quest for personal freedom and benefit their lives in magnificent ways. 

One of my favorite hat stores in America, at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

It was a pretty good moment to explain why I have always worn a variation of a cowboy hat all my life to my grandchildren because they wanted to know. But the message has value well beyond family advice on how to live a better life, which is worth sharing. I learned early in my life that being unique was a freedom that had value in it, and to protect that freedom when you are too young to fight it off physically and mentally, is to shake off your attackers with audacity. So, I wore hats to declare my own unique look. Being young or old and having hair or not are conditions of nature, but wearing a hat was a proclamation of controlling your own appearance by choice, by invention. Even in the third and fourth grade, I started this process, and I wore my hats even to bed at night, and I found that within that simple measure, I was teaching myself to love personal freedom and making decisions that showed I had control over my appearance and was not a victim to public opinion. Of course, whenever you make such a declaration, people will make fun of you for it. And sometimes, those opinions can be brutal. It is amazing how threatening to people a kid wearing a hat can be, but I heard some of the worst and most violent talk when I was age 10 through 15 that you can imagine, just because I showed up in public places always wearing a hat. But those were some very valuable years because I learned not to care. And as I learned not to be shaped by the opinions of others, I learned to have real independence in my life, which has dramatically frustrated a significant number of people. 

We all wear hats in my family, always have

We were indeed a better society during periods where people wore hats, even though the social stigma favored them, such as during the Revolutionary period with the tri-cornered hats that were common to the day. Or the cowboy hats of western expansion. Then there were the fedoras of the roaring twenties up until the socialist incursions of the 60s. Hats were a statement of independence and control over nature. If it started raining, you could use your hat to shield your head from the elements of chaos coming in the form of weather. If you were balding, you could fashion your own style of cosmetic appearance with a good hat. Hats showed individual taste, they could be whatever color you wanted, and they projected your values to the world. But to those who wanted to reject those values, hats were dangerous because they showed individual expression, which was a real threat to the collectivist intentions of Marxism. Some of the cruelest comments that came in my direction about my hats as a kid came from the drug user class of long-haired hippies and dope smokers. When I wore a hat, it threatened them and their desires for social conformity. That safe place where a stoned mind and social camouflage could insulate them from the opinions of others. They certainly didn’t want to stand out in a crowd; they wanted to blend in. And when they saw someone who didn’t feel those social fears, it truly scared them. 

At that Jackson Hole hat shop, getting my latest one steamed to shape

I told my grandchildren that people would ridicule them for wearing their hats in public. Anything they show to the world that they valued would be ridiculed to no end, and if people could steal their hats and destroy them, they would do it to punish them for even wearing them in public. I explained that people are cruel because they don’t want to live up to the expectations of personal independence and crave to hide in the shadows where it’s safe. Wearing a hat publicly was a declaration of independence and a real threat to their existence. So be ready for anything and everything. But the benefit would be that by the time you are an adult, which will be most of your life, you will have been well practiced in being your own person. Nobody really cares what you look like after age 30, so don’t waste your lives trying to look like a teenager.

Enjoy your life no matter how old you are. Wear a hat that reflects who you are and how much you like it. Don’t let them make you feel bad for self-expression. And by the time you are 40, 50, and 60 years old, nobody will care if you wear a hat in public. They’ll avoid you most of the time, but making fun of you will stop. So the task of being young and out of control of your social circumstances because so many other factors are still governing your lives is to learn not to care what the opinions of others are. And when you do that, you will gain valuable freedom that will spill over into other parts of your life and enrich yourself. To have real freedom in life is to be free of the opinions of others. Once you do that, you can understand freedom’s basic premise and why it’s worth fighting for. A society of people who have worn hats to express that freedom had a better ability to maintain that freedom. But a society of people who care too much about what other people think are not going to understand why freedom is worth fighting for. Because essentially, they aren’t free anywhere in their lives if they constantly fear what the opinions of others are. So as I told my grandchildren, wear your hats. Don’t listen to what people say to you, and learn to love the controversy. Because when people’s opinions no longer control your actions, you can start to see yourself as a free person.

Rich Hoffman

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People are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around: The media often helps the real villains get away with crime while the innocent are prosecuted

One thing I have no tolerance for is bullies. I’ve never looked away from bullies when they show their ugliness in the world, and I’m not going to start now. When people wonder why I get up at 4:30 AM in the morning every day to write on this site and do the number of news stories I do, its because I have a lot of experience with the courts, I have known a lot of judges, lawyers, and media people, and I know how the game of law and order works from all sides of it. So to answer the question that I have heard from dozens of people over the last few weeks when they say that they have noticed that I have been supporting a lot of people who are accused of pretty serious crimes, I say to them, I don’t support criminal activity or law-breaking. If I come out in support of someone in some way, it is because I think them to be good people who are victims of bullying, and when I see it or even hear about it, I will help them at every opportunity. Not to the point where it leads to a trap, but where applicable. And when it comes to Steve Bannon from the Warroom and the false prosecution against him from the Biden Department of Justice, or the Darbi Boddy drama at Lakota schools in my neighborhood, or the Roger Reynolds case of corruption in Butler County, Ohio by the Sheriff’s department, if I come out in support of them, its because I think they are victims of abuse of authority by political bullies, and that is not something I am willing to tolerate. That is the reason I run my own news service in the form of this blog. I have learned over the years that the media is too lazy or lacks the philosophical parameters to explain things the way they need to be stated for the general public to understand, so I just do the job myself. So if I come out in support of some controversy, there is a really good reason why. 

The Steve Bannon case is self-explanatory. I know firsthand how the law can be used as a weapon to destroy people, and that’s clearly what is happening with Bannon. I like Steve; I have corresponded with him on occasion. We both have busy lives and work in different spheres of influence, but I greatly sympathize with him. The Biden DOJ is clearly abusing its authority in prosecuting him, just as Congress has abused its authority in the two impeachments of Trump, and this phony January 6th commission to attack Trump allies on popular podcasts to attempt to scare off a second Trump term. The law is being manipulated and used purely for political theater, and people’s lives are being threatened to be destroyed because of it. I would point to the local George Lang case of purgery several years ago where the very good man in the now Senator Lang was drug through the courts purely to attack him for knowing John Boehner. The target was Boehner, who was poised to be Speaker of the House in the not too distant future, and his political enemies wanted to get to him through his friends. It was one of the most disgusting court cases I had ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. If I live another hundred years, I still would not have exceeded my many personal court appearances and ridiculous entanglements with the law. Just because you are accused of something doesn’t make you guilty. We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but in cases like the one against Steve Bannon, and others like him over the years, who are convicted just because they know someone who is the real target, political assassinations through twisted concepts of law and order are not acceptable and must be punished. In the end, that will be what happens coming from Steve Bannon. The bad guys will get it in the end because tolerating the kind of society that would convict him is not acceptable. 

Darbi Boddy at my home school district of Lakota has made national news over essentially being attacked as soon as she was sworn in after she had just won an election. I understand that not all the school members like her or like each other. I get that the administrators did not like the newly elected school board member who asked too many questions and didn’t seem to respect the administrative red tape that they hide so many bad things behind. For instance, the attempt to vote her off the board over a minor incident and to make a media circus out of it was reprehensible. It showed a willingness by the board to undo a person the voters had just assigned to do a job. Then to make matters worse, the school superintendent added fuel to the fire by citing her with trespassing in two of the schools as Darbi went to them unannounced as part of an official investigation into CRT, which other board members were dragging their feet on. What makes this case so bad is that the superintendent, Matt Miller is not a person of high moral integrity. Based on things he has done, he should not have a job, and he only does because other school board members have helped him keep it. I haven’t said much about it because I have not wanted to destroy Lakota schools. I have wanted to see this new school board work. But some people are really afraid of Matt Miller and what he did to Darbi Boddy; based on what I know about him was a classic case of transference, where a guilty party will assign blame to other people for actions for which they are really guilty of. That kind of behavior is a classic problem of liberalism when they abuse law and order to hide crimes they are actually guilty of. But Darbi is not a danger to student populations. There are many more accusers of Matt Miller who would say that he is the dangerous one. I have been willing to look beyond accusations in his case for the benefit of the school and the school board in general. But it disgusts me to see someone attempt to put crimes of trespassing and other bad conduct out to a predatory media intent to destroy Darbi just to protect all the other bad things that I know are going on behind the scenes; that probably should be the focus of everyone’s attention. With all that said, I am very happy with Darbi Boddy and would like to see many more like her on the school board at Lakota. She is doing a great job.

Then there is the case of corruption thrown at Roger Reynolds. I’ve known Roger for a long time. I think he and I both love Liberty Township and remember how it used to be. I think Roger, an auditor for Butler County, has done a great job. I’d go on to say that I think he is one of the best auditors in the country for any county. I think the charges against him are politically motivated, and the Sheriff’s office could not hold up to the same scrutiny they have put on Roger. When evidence is presented to a grand jury the way it has been, they have no choice but to advance the cause. But if the tables were turned, I could think of dozens and dozens and dozens of people who would happily come forward and accuse Sheriff Jones of abuse of authority and unlawful interest in public contracts. That wouldn’t mean he’s guilty of those accusations, but there are plenty of people who would accuse him of it, and that would be enough to present to a grand jury. The media has pretty much thrown Roger Reynolds to the wolves with a play-by-play narrative that clearly is trying to destroy him as a person. I haven’t wanted to see the same applied to Jones; he’s been a good sheriff. Ending a career with so many black marks would not be good. It wouldn’t be good for Butler County. But the case would be much worse if the same investigations leveled at Roger Reynolds were applied to Sheriff Jones. So in that context, I support Roger Reynolds, he is being bullied for personal reasons, and the law is being used as a weapon to make it happen. If the law were equally applied, we’d lose a lot of public servants. Maybe it should be. But this picking and choosing of law and order to take out political rivals, there is no place for that in any society. And it’s a case of bullying that is reprehensible whenever it’s done and is unforgivable. 

Just because people are accused of something doesn’t make them guilty. Often, what it means is that the accusers are up to far worse and hope to divert their crimes to the innocent. Unfortunately, this is a common practice dramatically under-covered by a complicit media that has helped perpetuate it to the doom of our culture ostentatiously. And when I see it, I have never accepted it and never will. We have a very corrupt society because law and order are not respected by those most in their care. And if we ever want that to change, we must see through the smoke screens and the media hype at the real villains who are often the most vicious accusers because what they are attempting to hide is often far worse.

Rich Hoffman

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The Destruction of the Georgia Guidestones: A world war nobody has been talking about between the religions of Christ and the underground cults of nature worship

Since they were erected in Georgia, right in the middle of the Bible Belt, the Georgia Guidestones have been a tourist attraction dedicated to the New World Order, complete with occult references toward planetary religions and an intent to de-populate the earth and turn the world back to nature; they have always been viewed as an attack on American culture. As many in America were told that we couldn’t have the Ten Commandments in our schools and courtrooms, but we were supposed to accept attacks on our culture like the George Guidestones, it’s easy to see why people celebrated when they were destroyed mysteriously just after the 4th of July. America is a kind nation, built on Christianity, complete with a turn-the-other-cheek mindset when satanic challenges seek openly to desecrate the foundation of America and to restore to humanity the same pagan religions that America was born to get away from. There has been an in-your-face arrogance from globalists who have wanted to put up such monuments and dare us to do anything about it. Like the apocalyptic artwork at the Denver airport, the Georgia Guidestones were erected to look like a modern Stonehenge, complete with astrological alignments obviously dedicated to the ancient religion of globalism, nature worship, and the undoing of America. And many visited the Guidestones as a tourist attraction, enchanted by the mystery of who built them and why in 1980, at the start of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The evidence points to Ted Turner and his crazy communist wife Jane Fonda as the minds behind the madness. These early leftists wanted to take America to a New World Order and were very arrogant about it. But the truth is, the Georgia Guidestones represent an anti-American sentiment that dared us to do something about them. 

When I first heard about the destruction of them, early in the morning just after the 4th of July of 2022, it was evident that it was an inside job, meaning people connected to the club of New World Order advocates, or as they are calling them today, the Liberal World Order. Ted Turner is still alive, although he’s pretty old, and so are a lot of the liberal radicals who are in his club. People celebrated their destruction, and my initial comments were that if people felt they needed to vandalize the monuments to the New World Order, then it shouldn’t be viewed as an act of terrorism but as a “mostly peaceful protest,” based on what we learned from the political left when they sought to burn down our cities, defund the police, promote open borders, advocate for the illegal drug trade and the poisoning of America, vaccine mandates that are killing people, and the destruction of statues and monuments that pay reverence to the heroes of American foundations. It’s only fair to strike back at the New World Order. But not so fast, I thought then and am more convinced now, that it was an inside job and that by blowing them up, the mysterious losers behind the Guidestones were hoping to deflect some of the rage they see coming their way in an ever-growing political movement in America built on a foundation of MAGA. This isn’t the Tea Party anymore, where liberals thought reading books about the real history of America was an act of terrorism. No, there are many in America who are angry; they are angry at the Covid lockdowns, they are angry at the stolen election, especially in Georgia, and the obviously rigged ability behind the Kemp political machine, which serves the globalist uniparty. The electronic voting machines which Kemp put in place and is defending helps the Desecrators of Davos with their global agenda by controlling election results and keeping people from rioting. So Georgia, as indicated by those Georgia Guidestones, just as we see in Denver, was targeted for attack in the middle of traditionally conservative areas, for globalists to impose themselves on the domestic populations and to turn them purple from the inside out through social pressure and stolen elections. 

The silly logic of the whole thing is that it’s easy to know who owns the property on which the Guidestones were built. Its also easy to know who paid for them to be built and who did all the work for the alignments to celestial bodies with drilled holes very precisely placed, that were dedications to an ancient religion centered around nature worship that goes back tens of thousands of years, easily predating any known religion on the face of earth presently. There is a paper trail, and it’s just as much a lie that Covid wasn’t created in a Chinese lab to say that nobody knows. Plenty of people know who built and paid for the Georgia Guidestones. Yet we have been told it’s this mysterious guy under bizarre circumstances, and that’s it. Yet while the destruction of the Guidestones was a criminal act that took place in a residential area and was a crime scene, the construction equipment to destroy them the rest of the way was on site almost before the sun was even up on the same day as the explosion. Nobody moves that fast. Typically there would be investigations for days. Who called them? Someone arranged for the construction crew to arrive within hours to completely destroy the Guidestones, all in the name of “safety.” There were videos there of someone planting a bomb and escaping in a car. But no arrests, nobody even with those cameras has a license plate number. Its as if the authorities in the region wanted to erase the Georgia Guidestones to take away the edge that was forming under a more MAGA America. Globalism is being attacked in the open now. The people who built those antagonizing monuments are likely second-guessing poking the wasp nest of America that they so arrogantly poked and prodded all these years. If authorities wanted to arrest the destroyer of the monuments, they clearly could if they wanted to really know who did it. The most likely explanation is that the people who built the monuments called for their destruction so they could erase the ties to themselves due to the events in the months to come that could expose them as anti-American activists for globalism and the pagan religion of climate change that is essentially the religion of the anti-Christ.

That’s what we are dealing with, the evolution of humanity, and what religions serve best moving into the future. The planet worshiping globalists have an obvious ancient reverence toward nature which was placed clearly upon the Guidestones to align mankind toward nature worship and to reduce the earth’s population to a sustainable level under 500 million, a ridiculously low number. Yet, all of civilization has prospered under the ideas of Christianity, even if we talk about the major destruction by the Catholic Church around the world, killing in the name of Christ all pagan religions that came before. The pagan religions of globalism, of nature worship, went underground only to resurface in the modern age through climate change, the ultimate revenge for mankind’s assertion that nature must serve the minds of man instead of mankind serving nature. They always intended revenge against any Christian nation formed under such ideas, so the Georgia Guidestones were certainly born from this international conflict. And it’s been the Crusades all over again, only instead of fighting over Jerusalem; it’s been over the basic idea of mankind’s place in the history of the cosmos. Yet, most of the innovations that occurred once mankind decided to use the concepts of Christ as the religion that could build nations have been obviously prosperous, and America is the proof. The war against that premise is quite a modern problem. And a reflection of that conflict is the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, which many celebrated but were built mysteriously and destroyed even more so. However, understanding the nature of the war itself gives a hint into much of what is to come, which won’t be good for the globalists, as they see the writing on the wall and are making plans to go underground once again because the heat is getting hot in the kitchen. And their first priority is their own survival. 

Rich Hoffman

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Meeting Timothy Zahn: How Comic-Cons predict the future of politics

Predicting the Future by Going to Comic Cons

It’s no different from predicting the weather or an upcoming earthquake.  Some measurements are quite scientific that can be used to measure cultural ability and political sentiment.  For me, those measurements don’t come from the nightly news cycles or the hours of daily talk radio and podcasts, but I learn a lot from places like comic book stores and Comic Cons, such as the one they recently had in Cincinnati during September of 2021.  My daughter is a well-respected artist, and she was at that show and invited me to come on her opening day to help out, which I love to do.  It exposes me to different kinds of people where my age group is not well represented.  Most of the Cincinnati Comic-Con of 2021 were in the 20 to 30-year range.  Last year the event was canceled due to Covid, so I wasn’t sure what we would see.  Happily, the event was a great success, well attended, and there were lots of great costumes elaborately displayed, which I think is wonderful to see.  Mythology at work, where ideas work in people’s minds driving to manifest some form of reality.  From the mind of fantasy to the existence of at least a costume.  When I see that, it tells me that the participants recognize something in these fantasy stories that are attractive to them and care enough about those things to make them into reality.  As I think about the world and the problems that we have in it presently, many of the people in a comic con are at least doing the first step in solving those problems, recognizing that there is one.  Now their recognition may not be rooted in a realistic solution, but the first step in situation solving of any kind is in seeking alternatives to the present reality.  If the world is messed up and these people find comfort in fantasy, well, that says something to me, and I discovered that the Cincinnati Comic Con environment is full of great young minds looking for something positive in their lives.

I have written extensively about Star Wars in the past and how the future progressive problems for the political class currently at work in the world would fall apart.  The latest trilogy of films that have upset Star Wars fans is a perfect barometer for how progressive woke policies are destined to be destroyed in the coming years, especially in the United States.  The America First movement will only pick up steam. The Disney strategy of seeking market expansion in places like China and other places in the world was already showing signs of falling apart before Covid hitting in 2020, paving the way for the United Nations Great Reset.  People, the kind of people who go to Comic Cons, see through a lot of the nonsense.  They don’t care if Disney sells its products to China or some other communist country.  But if they screw around with characters and make them political, well, then there will be trouble.  When Disney and Kathy Kennedy at Lucasfilm decided to kill off Han Solo in the first movie of the new trilogy, they wanted to kill off toxic masculinity and put in his place a girl.  That didn’t go over too well, to replace the gunslinger of space and replace him with a person who had no idea who her parents were and what her job was.  The mistake of Disney to erase the Star Wars past and replace it with some woke, warless future wasn’t going over well with fans.  And they rejected Star Wars sending the studios into a frenzy trying to repair the damage.  Because ultimately, that’s what it always comes down to.  That will undoubtedly be the case in the world regarding electric cars, windmills, health care, and taxes.  Progressive intentions might sound good in an academic setting, but people ultimately decide what they want when it comes to reality. 

A few booths down from where my daughter was, I could see the great Star Wars author Timothy Zahn signing books, all of which I’ve read.  He had his latest book, which I hadn’t yet, book II of the Thrawn Ascendency series, so I went down there to speak with him and talk to him a bit.  It was a rare opportunity, and I couldn’t pass it up.  Now Timothy Zahn is a great guy and a great ambassador for the Star Wars brand with Lucasfilm and Disney, so I’m not going to reveal the contents of our discussion. He’s the creator of the expanded universe.  He started the novel-writing after the movie Return of the Jedi, so I had to ask him how he felt about Disney coming in and screwing it all up by changing the entire story with their dumb movie The Force Awakens.  But I’ve read his Thrawn books since then, and I know where he’s going with this recent series, and after talking to him at the Cincinnati Comic-Con, I am just glad that he’s out there. He’s a great dude, and he and some others now at Lucasfilm with Kathy Kennedy, now pushed into the background, are going to fix up Star Wars and win back their fans.  Listening to him talk only confirmed what I had said about everything 5 or 6 years ago.  And here it was, all happening, just as I said it would.  Zahn held his nose like a lot of people do when they work for big corporations.  I know many people who work at Disney; some are very dear friends who have done the same.  But what I know and have known, which these people suspected also, is that they’d wait out the storm until the corporations learned their lesson and had to adjust to the market conditions. 

Globally, the political hacks think they are in charge and utilize various methods of communism and socialism to regulate all existence.  But when I go to events like these comic cons, it just reminds me that the mind of humankind is still in charge.  The kinds of things people decide to spend their money on and the type of stories they find attractive still indicate what the rest of the world will do.  For instance, even with all their woke corporate policies and insults to Uncle Walt and his frontier America, Disney bent the companies back to facilitate communist China.  But when Disney tried to release their new Marvel movie Shang-Chi to China, the communist country turned them down.  Disney has gone way out of its way to appease China, even sticking Asian characters into Star Wars not because they needed to be but because Disney was sucking up to China.  Well, China sees the wave of the world, and they know that they are in trouble for their part in manufacturing the Covid crises and election fraud, and they are lashing out.  And Disney is the one getting slapped.  Was it worth nearly ruining Star Wars to get a communist government to play nice?  Well, Disney learned too late.  Their actual audience is in America, and they need to cater to that audience.  As I was talking to Timothy Zahn, I saw many Star Wars characters coming up to him looking for an autograph.  I even saw Mara Jade.  But you know what I didn’t see.  Nobody was dressing up as Rose, the Asian girl from The Last Jedi.  The movie that Star Wars fans hate.   What is evident at these kinds of events is that the rest of the world will follow politically.  And the direction will not be toward more totalitarianism.  But to freedom, justice, and the American way. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Experts in Plato’s Cave: Fear of learning the truth

Plato’s Cave Wall

When things start getting disjointed and the pressure starts blurring reality, I always turn to books for clarity—the process of reading books levels out the mind in very productive ways.  I don’t care if it’s a comic book; reading anything helps solve many thought problems.  And that is certainly the case in the news these days, where various Covid variants are scaring people into looking at everything but the fundamental issues of politics.  I told everyone what was coming when we started learning about Dr. Fauci and his connection to China, how China has long ago declared war on America. Still, we have not matched that aggression, and then there are election fraud problems from the 2020 elections.  There are some big topics out there that could topple our government in a very negative way.  There is some bad stuff going on that is now well out of control, so the perspective is needed. That’s when I turn to books to solve problems, and it always works.  Doing extensive reading brought my mind back to an old topic, the Cave Analogy from Plato’s Republic, a favorite.   In the video above, I explain it and how it applies to the politics of our times.  The problem we all have is that we know what is making the shadows on the cave wall. Still, we have an expert class that insists on staying in control of what we see and hear, even though their information is entirely irrelevant for 2021 sensibilities.

If you haven’t heard it before, this problem of experts attempting to shape reality based on their limited perspective is not a new problem.  It goes back several thousand years to around 375 BC to the times of the Greeks when they were trying to figure out how to operate a Republic as a form of government.  The assumption is that we are all chained to a pole looking at a cave wall and behind us in a cave is a fire burning.  Behind us are people walking around, for which we have never seen.  All we know of them is the shadows they cast on the cave wall.  Other people chained with us to a pole facing in the same direction have learned to predict the movements of the shadows on the cave wall depending on what time of day it was.  Again, not knowing that the shadows are caused by people moving about out of our sight.  Well, one person eventually manages to get loose and turn around and see for themselves the source of the shadows.  Breaking free, they attempt to tell the others tied to the poles what can be seen, but the experts don’t want people to pay attention.  So, the freed person goes by themselves into the world beyond the fire into the people moving about, talking with them, and learning who they are.  Eventually, the person finds themselves moving out of the cave altogether, and outside they see the sun and the more significant evidence of civilization.    

This evidence of reality provokes excitement, so the freed person returns to their colleagues tied to the pole and tells them what was seen outside the cave.  This causes anger from the experts because the threat to them is genuine.  Their entire value in existence has been to predict when the shadows will appear on the cave wall and determine their movements.  Obtaining a higher knowledge of what makes the shadows destroys everything that gives power to their lives, and they find it threatening.  They would much prefer to keep the public ignorant to be important by predicting the shadows on the cave wall.  Learning what makes the shadows for such people is the worst thing in the world.  Well, that pretty much spells out the problems of our modern times.  We have a lot of people in politics who make good livings predicting what the shadows will do.  But we live in a time where information is abundant, and we don’t need experts to tell us what things mean.  We have decentralization of information, and if one expert class attempts to keep us facing a direction we don’t want to be facing, we have the choice to look somewhere else anyway.  If we’re going to know what causes the shadows, we can look for ourselves.  That is the tension of our current political world.

Literature is such a good method of resolving problems because, as in the Allegory of the Cave, Plato had the same issues then as we do now.  There is nothing new about what we see out of the behavior of humanity.  There might be some modern tapestries to what we see, but the essence is always the same.  But what we should expect is to learn from history so that we don’t keep repeating it.  I think we can feel sympathy for those experts who only see the value of their lives in predicting where the shadows come from.  Or we can hate them for their attempt to control us.  Dr. Fauci comes to mind, a government expert who has spent his whole life predicting shadows and trying to scare us into behavior the government desired.  For him, we long ago untied ourselves and could see what was causing the shadows, even as the government has insisted that we not look behind us to where the fire cast its shadows.  Notice how we are talking about a Covid variant, but we never talk about a natural solution such as hydroxychloroquine. That’s when you know the expert class doesn’t care about you; all they do care about is their retention of power, their ability to scare you into behaving the way they want you to do, and they use the shadows to do it.  Once you know what causes the shadows, the experts lose all their power.

We have the same problem with the election fraud deniers, who want to look at the cave wall and let the experts translate what we see.  The election fraud of 2020 happened in the world beyond the fire, so the shadows of their existence don’t even show up on the cave wall.  Yet it happened all the same.  It just occurred beyond the vision of what we are looking at.  If we get up and away from our pole and look, we’ll see the evidence in the corner of the cave just beyond the firelight.  It’s not that the evidence isn’t there, but the experts expect to hide it from us by keeping our perspective from turning around and seeing it.  Because if we do get up and see for ourselves, the experts lose their power, which is terrifying.  Then what will happen to them once we realize how much we have been lied to.  For all those reasons and more, I love time with my books.  They are not connected to the internet.  Nobody is tracking what I’m reading by keystrokes.  It’s just me and my book in my reading chair.  If all the power in the world went out, I would still be fine and able to read history and reflect upon it.  And that is very empowering, especially in times like this.  But knowing something is only half the battle.  The trick is in making history different based on what we’ve learned.  And that is what our next step will be. 

Rich Hoffman

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When People Threaten to Kill You, They are Breaking the Law: There is no excuse otherwise

One truth you can always trust, if someone is trying to kill you over your opinion, or they want to vandalize your home, harass you in public, cancel culture you out of existence, it’s because those people know they are wrong. They are trying to hide it from the world by erasing you and your opinions.  Such as in the case of Mike Lindell having pillows covered in blood sent to him as a death threat because he keeps pushing for investigations into voter fraud in the 2020 elections.  Even the countless threats leveled at Trump when he won office in 2016 when the political left knew their arguments were weak, they first turn to intimidation to scare people away from challenging them.   It’s essential to keep it in perspective; they want to silence you because you are right. Suppose they are blacklisting you if they are sending you death threats; if they are trying to ignore that you exist with shadow banning and many other methods, it’s because they don’t want people to see that you are right.  But all that is irrelevant about death threats.  Death threats are not free speech.  Anybody who does such a thing should be arrested for premeditated murder and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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‘Man of Steel’ Success: Get ready for The ‘Justice League’!

It looks like there will be a Man of Steel part two film after all with a Justice League film coming shortly thereafter.  As reported by Forbes at the link below, Man of Steel has made over $125 million during its opening weekend, which was the required amount to get the ball rolling for the DC Comics series of films that have been much talked about.


That is very good news……………….

To read my review of Man of Steel, click here.

Of a particular interest is the speculation that the Forbes article makes about the next Superman villain, Lex Luther:

The big question is of course which side of the critical divide audiences end up on, since the film doesn’t just need to make money but establish excitement for Man Of Steel 2 coming summer 2015 (starring… uh… Chiwetel Ejiofor as Lex Luthor?) and the eventual Justice League film coming summer… 2018?  But for the moment, Man Of Steel has reaffirmed DC Comics as a viable brand for big-scale tent poles just as Marvel did with Iron Man five years ago.  So far, so good…

Chiwetel Ejiofor would be a good pick.  For those who saw Man of Steel, did you notice the LexCorp vans being destroyed during the big climax?

Plus, I was looking at the Superman comic #703 yesterday………the one that takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio………………and took note that the story line between Batman and Superman was a compelling one.  I would expect to see a film between those two characters just ahead of Justice League.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


The Progressive Movie Critic: The intention of a bad review

I wrote my review of the very fantastic film Red Tails at the link below. After the film pulled in a respectable $19 million dollars on its opening weekend in spite of the very critical reviews, I write this with a smile on my face. Unlike most films, Red Tails gained momentum as word of mouth spread through the weekend leaving per screen showings on Sunday higher than Friday (opening day).


Red Tails is wonderful. It ends with a prayer by black men under a flowing American flag, a very iconic image. I predict it will be nominated for at least three Academy Awards and will win two, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Visual Effects. In a rating out of 10 I would give Red Tails an 8, only because the credits in the beginning could have been less distracting. I know what the intention was, and that was to pay homage to the old serial films of the 40’s. But in a brilliantly colored film, it doesn’t work so well. And the music could have been more epic, to match the action on the screen. Those are very minor quips however and hardly worth mentioning. That leaves the question, what were the reviewers thinking who said the movie had “cardboard characters,” that it was “old fashioned,” and that the movie didn’t tell enough of the story about racism.

Well, movie critics come from those liberal arts majors in college who, like high school career councilors make a living telling other people what to do. There are many jobs where looters, unable to create for themselves make livings off the creations of others. In spite of the fact that teachers are so highly revered in our culture, I would say they fall under this category. Their usefulness is largely a result of self promotion as opposed to actual results. For instance, home schooled kids routinely outperform public educated kids. The factor in a child’s life is the quality of their parents, not their teachers. The greatest teacher in the world cannot compensate for a bad parent. Teachers can help, but they can’t fill a child’s life with all the essentials, even though they sell themselves as though they can. In movies, it is the movie critic, that lover of cinema who creates for themselves a market that allows them to see all the movies they wish, without having to put themselves out on a limb and ever create anything.

The movie critic like the teacher goes to college and allows progressive leaning professors to shape their thoughts, both occupations having a tendency toward the liberal arts. The teacher leaves college more of a socialist than when they entered and the movie critic does as well. The critic learning that it is progressive political money that shapes Hollywood these days, steer studios and the entertainment industry into the direction of their socialist training. Many people don’t know it, but the socialist labor unions of Southern California have infected Hollywood in very negative ways, making great films very difficult to make. Studios often pick films they believe will get critical reviews, because they believe those reviews will generate a return on the investment in their pictures. Studios have given the movie critic too much power over the culture of motion picture creation.

George Lucas as a maverick filmmaker in every sense of the word has had his quips with the labor unions of the motion picture industry for years. Lucas to keep the cost down on his projects has chose to make films in England, Australia, and Red Tails was entirely shot in Prague. Lucas tends to avoid the Hollywood machine for the stifling controls they have attempted to exert on him in the past. Movie critics are typically very hard on George Lucas not because his movies are bad, or his characters are card board, they are hard on him beacause Lucas pushes the rules to constantly make new discoveries in film technique. Movie critics just like the teachers unions protect their industry. Teachers unions often engage in propaganda warfare against challenges to the public school system. They stand very much against any competitive challenges to their monopoly power, like charter schools, private instruction, and of course home schooling. The reason is that the unions wish to discourage competition no matter what industry is in question. The film critic does the same for their union brothers and sisters in the industry by defending their right to be employed by producers who make their films without the union label of Southern California. The unions and the pawn movie critics would have the consumer believe that a film made in Australia by an American producer is somehow less quality than the films made in Southern California.

Movie critics are advocates for progressive politics. The same critics that will proclaim that The Black Swan was a wonderful film because the characters are so imperfect and complicated will declare that Red Tails is simplistic and silly. These are critics with a social agenda and are attempting to shape the movie industry with progressive politics instead of box office results. This is why Hollywood has seen sagging sales.

The key to Red Tails is that the black characters are not tragic victims of their fate. They are heroes, and they are that way because they strove to prove they are every bit as good as their white counterparts. Red Tails has a fundamental message of self empowerment, and to the progressive community this is a big problem. Progressives seek to make people victims, not to see individuals empowered. So the message of Red Tails is very unprogressive. The black pilots empower themselves. They don’t wait for someone to recognize their efforts. They take the offensive to earn respect first from themselves, then from their white counterparts. The message is really powerful in Red Tails, and every young child should see it. The movie is deciding old fashioned. It even has closed mouthed kissing between a man and a woman. Red Tails is the closest film we are going to find that is a throwback to the kind of films the Disney Company used to make.

Movie critics as much as they wish they could shape the world to their progressive vision can’t do much when filmmakers like George Lucas bypasses the Hollywood system and makes his movies the way he wants to. It infuriates those progressive types who jealously look at Lucas and expect that they should have some of what he has, that they could somehow make movies as good as George. Who is the movie critic to question George Lucas, the creator of the most recognized films in the history of Hollywood? Do those movie critics possess the creative impulse to make anything from nothing except criticize the work of those who chose to remain independent of the Hollywood system?

I’d say Lucas knows more about film, and about life than any collection of movie critics. Like the teachers in the profession of looting the good deeds built by the parents raising their child, the movie critic loots off the success of people like Lucas who make films other studios attempt to copy, because Lucas films make money. So the critic makes their living attempting to tear down filmmakers like Lucas so that they can help lower the bar for their entertainment labor friends from the lofty heights that George Lucas has set for Hollywood. Yet without George Lucas Hollywood would have probably destroyed itself by now. It was well on its way to doing just that in the late 60’s. George Lucas is to the movie industry what John Galt is to the book Atlas Shrugged.

The looters of Hollywood know they are nothing without people like George Lucas, and they hate him for it. They make fun of his films and hope to spread by bad reviews information hoping that Lucas might fail. And someday Lucas might. But it won’t be in the movie Red Tails, because in spite of the Hollywood machine attempting to derail a picture that empowers young black men to rise to their own station in life, and to break the rules if need be to achieve it, the movie is successful because it does what movie fans desire, it gives hope to the audience. It brings magic to the screen and seeks to make icons out of supposed victims which cut to the core of progressive political belief, which is to exist for the sake of altruism, and not the glory of the individual in a quest of psychological and physical redemption.

Red Tails is good because it understands the elusive quality of ambition in the heart of the fortune seeker. It is everything that the modern progressive despises, which is why Red Tails will continue to make money well into the months to come. It’s a movie people want to see, as opposed to the pretentious junk endorsed by progressive movie critics, trained in their progressive colleges, where they learned all they know from old hippie professors who make six figures for doing nothing but braiding their pony tails. Red Tails steps over the value of the movie critic and the Hollywood studio system completely and Lucas smiles for the same reason I am still as I conclude here. Lucas knows that once Red Tails is proven a box office success, the looters will attempt to attach themselves to him, instead of attacking him, because they have no choice. They are nothing without creators like Lucas, and will have to tuck their heads in the sand and shut their mouth as visionaries continue to prove the worthlessness of the movie critics in the roll of modern cinema.

Now dear reader, you are probably wondering why I mentioned the relevancy of the teaching profession alongside the credibility of the movie critic. Well, it’s because both occupations are filled with good intentions, but end up failing as a result. People like Lucas think outside the confines of conventional thought and our society is better because of people like him. And as harsh as the Hollywood machine attempted to slam Red Tails so the film would lose money and dash any future films from becoming a reality, it is the movie critic who hopes to eliminate from our minds all traces of Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett, or John Wayne’s films, and replace those strong movie characters with flawed human beings who look to a progressive government for a helping hand. But Lucas doesn’t just make movies, he is also an innovator in education, and if public education listened to Lucas, they would become much more effective in teaching children relevant skills. So it is the establishments, the teachers unions, and the movie critics who attempt to shield the public from the enlightenment of true innovators like Lucas. And once they realize they have failed, they will then seek to loot the idea for themselves. That is why Red Tails will win Academy Awards in the spring of 2013. Teachers will also lash out to any change until they are forced to accept innovations, and once they do, education will change forever for the better, and the same mind that created Star Wars, and now Red Tails, is also providing innovation for education. You can check out the website of this education innovation here:


As usual, all that stands between innovation and stagnation are the critics. And if we are ever to move forward, we must shut down those voices that use fear and weakness to hold our society to the stone age of thinking simply because they are the true weak links, and are too lazy to advance their thinking to adhere to the visionaries of our society. The M.O. of the critic is to chastise the forward thinker out of fear, and security for the livelihoods the looting critic created for themselves. The critic would prefer a life in chains because they at least have control the chains so long as the population willingly confines itself to their weaknesses instead of reaching forward with their dreams and innovation that is always propelling society forward with new ideas by embracing what worked in the past. That’s why Red Tails and George Lucas are, and will continue to be successful. The human race would be a lot happier if they just stopped hanging on to their empires and embraced the dreamers so that we could all move forward instead of reflecting the wars and corruption of the little dictators who populate the earth using fear as their weapon, and a feeble grasp of an intellectual mandate.

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Snoopy versus The Red Baron: The true meaning of modern Christmas

I have two Christmas songs that I enjoy more than any other. One is The Little Drummer Boy  which captures all the spiritual essence of the Christmas Holiday on the religious side of things. My other is a little song recorded in Tampa, Florida by The Royal Guardsman called Snoopy’s Christmas.

That song is all about an elusive quality called “valor” and is far more important than the progressive social engineering that took place during and after World War 1 on the heels of The Treaty of Versailles. In the song Snoopy in deadly combat with the dreaded Red Baron captures the essence of what Christmas is all about when Snoopy lands behind enemy lines with the Baron, his enemy, and partakes in a feast to enjoy one day off the battlefield where the two rivals toast each other.

Without saying a word of dialog but only communicating with grunts and facial expressions Snoopy reflects the inner quest of all people to achieve a level of honor through proven valor on the battlefields of life and this cannot be removed from the consciousness of the human race, even though the attempts have been vigorous. The popularity of sports and the combat of competition are what drive the world and always have. The more tampering socially that politicians have attempted to inflict on behalf of peace have only mitigated into the unintentional perpetuation of more violence. This can be seen in the increase of MMA fighting replacing wrestling and some boxing as a new favorite sporting event.

Wars could be simply reduced to the desire for nations to maintain their national honor and it is the combatants individually who play out that quest. Honor is a level of quality that proclaims that one side of a conflict has a higher quality than the other side, and only in the competition of combat can it be determined who has more quality than the other. In World War 1 it was the Red Baron who set the standard of aerial combat in a manner of fighting that was only a few decades old. Even though it was Americans who invented flight, it was the Germans who first mastered the concept of a flying ace and the Red Baron was the best of the best as can be seen in these fantastic sequences of combat in the skies over Europe.

Progressives at the time of World War 1 with their academic pretentious naivety assumed that the world wanted peace as they did, and Woodrow Wilson at the time used the horrors of the war to propose his vision of a League of Nations which was essentially like a board of directors at a college who would rule the world and prevent all future wars between nations. The League of Nations would eventually become The United Nations after 30 years of constant promotion it was finally accepted after World War 11, a war that was actually caused by World War 1. Because World War 1 was really not about any outright injustice between nations, the war was essentially about honor and the individuals who made up those respected countries which can be seen brilliantly in this clip from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Progressives in all their sheltered perception believe that they can engineer from the human mind through education, government social programs and business regulation a fairness that has never been seen on planet earth, but in reality their pretension is just as arrogant as this next scene from another episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles where Indy has dinner with the Red Baron himself along with other German aces from the period. (By the way, if you thought Indiana Jones was only a series of four movies you are missing out. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is some of the best television ever produced about history and will make an excellent present to yourself if you are so inclined. In this series Indiana Jones the fictional character meets all the real movers and shakers who helped shape the 20th century. As a spy, Indy finds himself at dinner with the Red Baron and learns what the real motivations of the war truly were).

After the war President Wilson and his friends from Britain and France decided to divide up the world to their liking and attempted to implement a progressive social engineering approach with the aforementioned Treaty of Versailles. This arrogant attempt by them gave rise to the Nazi party in their treatment of the Germans by crushing them to dust making Hitler their only hope for redemption. It was also the Treaty of Versailles that created the modern Middle East by dismantling the Ottoman Empire and creating the nations we see there today. Even though countries like Palestine, Iraq, Iran and many others came out of this division of property the conflicts erupting to this very day are worse than ever because the nature of the people who made up the Ottoman Empire still wish to live a feudal existence because that is their culture. Also at the Treat of Versailles a young Ho Chi Man from Vietnam pleaded that Wilson help release his country from French occupation. Wilson blew off the young bell boy of Paris and the young man went to the Communist recruiter across the street in Paris as a last refuge of hope for bringing freedom to his country. That is how communism came to Vietnam. This complete blunder by the well-intentioned yet pretentious Wilson ushered in the violence in South East Asia that would become the Vietnam conflict and it really started during the creation of this treaty.

Progressives ludicrously have underestimated the factor of human endeavor for which they are vacant and that is valor. Since they don’t understand it, because they have not developed it themselves, since academics tend to be squeamish personalities lacking in physical prowess, an attempt to use intellect to suppress bravery as valid human endeavors has been attempted. Progressives believe foolishly that by doing this they can eliminate war from the human mind. What progressives did however was essentially no different from what the Red Baron was doing. The Baron used his physical abilities and skills as a pilot to defeat his enemies, and it was the task of his competitors even at the cost of their lives to surpass him. Progressives used their ability to manipulate and deceive through academic psychology to disarm their enemies thinking that since they were so intellectually proficient that they had the right to rule the world…….they are in essence no different or less evil than the Red Baron.

And that is the moral to the story of Snoopy versus the Red Baron in that wonderful song that each time I hear it I think of all the above, because the song is not only about a pivotal moment in human history but it’s about the elusive quality of valor where enemies in the air take a moment to toast each other behind enemy lines because in the end the conflict was not personal, it was simply about the quest to find out what each other was made of that made the conflict either heroic or tragic. Progressive peace-loving politics has robbed the earth of this well understood definition of valor and replaced it the only way they could, but using communism to suppress the individual to authority of their “betters” in an attempt of creating a world without war. But in doing so they have had to attempt to dumb down every human being on the planet by watering down the necessity for competition to prove human valor; wasn’t that the lesson of the great novel and film A Clockwork Orange? In that film society attempted to program out what they perceived to be the evil of a young diabolical man and ended up discovering that in doing so they destroyed everything good about the kid leaving him mute and vulnerable to a highly competitive society.

What we all want on Christmas Day is to spend time with our friends and family, and to see what those people think of us in the form of presents under a lit up Christmas Tree. Christmas Day is a unique pause in competition that society nationally and internationally participates in and puts our conflicts off to the side while we silently pay tribute not only to the spiritual aspects of Christmas, but to the efforts of our previous year. Again, progressives miss the point of Christmas by attempting to take the Christian reference away; they forget what the holiday truly is to the deep minds of the human race. But The Royal Guardsman understood what Christmas was as they told the story of Snoopy, the Red Baron, and a break in the action for a feast about living with the knowledge that they will meet again in the field of battle. The battles we fight in life are not necessarily about killing the other person or defeating the other nation. The battles we fight are to know that we are everything we can be and we need competition to bring it out in us. And so long as communism and capitalism are on the same planet there will never be peace, the earth will always be at war. Because capitalism needs competition to work, and communism needs collective surrender to fairness to work. Communism however robs the individual of valor and leaves behind a shell of a person, which is the ultimate destroyer of not only people, but nations. And the day after Christmas when all the presents are opened, and the aroma of Christmas dinner has left our senses we will return like Snoopy and the Red Barron to the fight for our very lives in a quest for the valor that feeds our very souls.

Merry Christmas!!!!



Rich Hoffman



Shockingly, a majority of our government voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the president to declare that the military can detain Americans if the area they reside in is declared a war zone. This is a very bad thing, especially when we have a president who is provoking those war zones with the Occupy Movement. The move by the government in both houses on this action show the direction of our country. As this news broke, Herman Cain had to bow out of his run for president simply because the political machinery of both sides saw him as a threat. I don’t care if he had sex with several women from every single state in the union, he wouldn’t have been any worse than John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnston, or Bill Clinton. Yet the press would not let off Herman Cain because it scared them to hell and back to consider a black conservative running for president. I love Herman Cain! And the labor unions intent on pushing for an ever increasing progressive agenda seem poised to grow stronger, since many in the Tea Party movement are feeling the sting of a major loss in Ohio over Issue 2, which would have reformed collective bargaining. All those issues are activities by progressive politics on both sides of the political isle to destroy the Tea Party movement as a threat in future politics. The Republic Party has had enough of the Tea Party. They want to cut a budget deal with Democrats and are ready to sell out, so all things involving the Tea Party are about to be crushed politically. This is a move that has been long time in the making.

Did anybody think it would be easy?

Two things greeted me over the weekend that showed me that the story will not end there however, and that the Republican betrayal of the Tea Party is just the first chapter in a long book leading to the next Civil War in America, first was the news that in my home township of Liberty, Issue 2 passed with 56% of the vote. At least somewhere in the world people are not complete idiots bought and sold by the socialist unions. That’s good news. The other thing I found refreshing was this young man fighting for his right to hang a Confederate Flag in his dorm window. Listen to him here:

The Confederate Flag is one of those aspects of progressivism that has been painted in a negative way so to help spread socialism throughout the country. It has been highlighted to be the symbol of slavery in the south since that was what created the first Civil War, and the Confederate Flag was the flag of the south. The Confederate Flag has been the target of many demonstrations and protests by civil rights groups and other progressive politicians who look to African-American suffrage as a way to more power. The young man in that video makes a number of great and sensible points and it is refreshing to hear a young person who is able to articulate such beliefs at a young age.

The real intent behind the progressive attack on the Confederate Flag has absolutely nothing to do with slavery in the south. Slavery was well on its way to being abolished and the clock on it was ticking down rapidly. The Northern states were the first to replace slavery with other industry so it wasn’t difficult for them to suddenly grow a conscious once they had an economy that allowed them to have morality and pity for their fellow man. The south being too dependent on cotton hadn’t found a way to rid themselves of slavery. In hindsight, it is easy to say the plantation owners should have just paid all their workers, but at the time, the entire world functioned with slavery as the mode of operation, and it was in America where the discussion to get rid of slavery completely took place. So the war between the North and the South was important for virtually every human being on planet earth.

Progressive politicians have needed African American demographics to look back in horror at their ancestors because those politicians and civil rights leaders are simply looters. They used sorrow in the slave history the way they used guilt against the Native Americans to make all Americans accept socialism as a means of government. It is under this guilt that progressives have spread the welfare state, voting blocs for the Democratic Party, and even talk of reparations. The intent of all this activity was to keep the Caucasian majority on its heels and defensive so they did not question the true intentions behind progressive political movements, which is a complete overthrow of the United States government into a socialist country falling into place with the policies of Socialist International.
The real reason to attack the Confederate Flag is the same reason that the America Revolution has been smeared and all the founding fathers were discredited as being slave holders and unable to even write the Constitution. The American Revolution is about rebellion and the Civil War is about rebellion. Ultimately the south, even if it was wrong in defending its ability to maintain slavery as an economic means for their survival, did have the right to exercise their states rights to not take orders from a federal fovernment. In fact, the federal government used its victory in the Civil War to impose more federal control in a trend that ushered in the progressive era. Many of our complaints about public education, a far reaching centralized government, incredibly high taxes, and the loss of freedom and the rise of socialism come from the fate of the Civil War. To prevent any further successions from the union the federal government in an attempt at its own preservation has tried to aggressively remove all symbols of freedom and further rebellion so that the United States never has to go through such a thing again.

But in the south, they have never really ever bought in to this centralized government idea, and to this day, the southern states are still very resistant to federal government control, so they have held on to their Confederate Flag as a symbol that if the time should come again, they’ll take that flag up and fight against the Union if need be.

According to progressives, every slave ancestor was a beaten down person that had their very souls robbed from them. And in some cases this was certainly true. But as I speak about the golden age of piracy with great reverence, many of those early pirates were former slaves who had been freed on their way to the West Indies from Africa. In fact many of the best pirate ships were former slave vessels that had been taken over by pirates, the captains of the English, French and Spanish had their crews killed and the slaves on those vessels were free to roam the seas as pirates in the captured vessels, where as I described, freedom was born 100 years before The Declaration of Independence. For a review check out this article:


Oh yes, it is this little bit of history that roams in the soul of many southerners and sets them apart from their countryman in the North. Many of these slaves turned pirate settled in New Orleans and other port towns, particularly Charleston, South Carolina and started lives as free men and women. (BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW ANY OF THIS…………..DID YA?)

This is why to this very day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you can see in the streets of that mountain town pirate flags and Confederate Flags for sale in abundance which tourists soak up like a dry sponge. Even though many people have forgotten all this history, somewhere deep in the genetic makeup of southern people their cells remember.

It is not by accident that Herman Cain was from Atlanta, Newt Gingrich is from Macon, Georgia, Ron Paul is from Texas, there is a spirit in the south that is unmistakably rebellious, and ready for a fight. Progressives have attempted to plant their feet in the south, Al Gore was governor of Tennessee after all, and Ted Turner started CNN with his communist wife Jane Fonda in Atlanta, Georgia. But this has been to no avail, since more than just about any other place in the United States people in the south rejects centralized authority. For instance, every single state in the south is a right-to-work state, meaning the labor unions cannot force members to join a union. People are free to choose, which is how it should be! Check out the map for yourself:


When I go on vacation in the south, particularly in Florida I relish the giant Confederate Flags that fly just off of Interstate 75 a few miles south of I-10, then again where I-75 meets I-4 outside of Tampa. They are huge flags that fly proudly and when I see them I don’t think of slavery. Not at all. I think of a people who love freedom and want to be left alone. I think of a people who are openly displaying their willingness to fight at a moment’s notice again if need be, to fight for freedom. When I see the Confederate Flag, I think of a rebel!

Progressive politics using the Hollywood influence seduced by the Democratic Progressive socialists has attempted for years to smear the south in many ways as a bunch of dumb hillbillies. The exact same tactic is used against people who say no to progressive school levies up in the North. The common progressive tactic is to call those who challenge them names in an attempt to keep anyone from wanting to follow such rebels. In response Nashville has become the Hollywood of the south. LA produces rap music and rock and roll. Nashville produces country music and other folk talent. It’s been a kind of Civil War of the arts that few people give any credence to, but it’s alive and well to this very day at this very hour as a minute just ticked by.

Most Americans simply don’t pay much attention to all this. They hear a song on the radio that catches their attention and they tap their feet to it. Or they see a flag here and there while traveling and they may admire such displays even when they are told by the media that they are bad to consider such things. But inside every human being is a desire to be free. The problem is—now–just as it was before and during the Civil War, not every human being has the courage to live free or to fight for it when fighting is the only option available.

With all the talk that emerges from the lips of progressives like Barack Obama, Richard Trumka, Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Schumer, it is those pretentious costal politicians who think that the rest of the country revolves around their narrow version of the world. The proof is in who they speak to, who their voters are. You see, progressives would rather dumb down the rest of the world with socialism, to get everyone addicted to their welfare checks, to their government services, their union collective bargaining so that they can buy a vote and remain part of the political elite. To me, this is in itself a form of slavery. Look at the poor people who live in the inner cities where they have become addicted to government services, and compare those lives to the poor people who live in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, who would rather live in a broke down RV than take government assistance and the difference becomes quickly evident. The progressive political addicts are slaves to government, and they are paid to vote for expansion of more government with our taxes. They are being used and we pay for their slavery by endorsing the political process that enables it. In the south they’ll just give you the finger and tell you to go to hell.

Yes, in all the years of scheming from the Department of Education, with all the money poured into Hollywood from the progressive left to make “certain” kinds of films, to control publishing, to control politics, progressives have yet to figure out how to get rid of “southern pride.” They tried to take away the symbol of all this rebellion by taking away the Confederate Flag. But it hasn’t worked. In fact, it’s back fired, and now a kid, who progressive politicians tell should hate the Confederate Flag because of its connection to slavery, is fighting to hang the Confederate Battle Flag in the window of his dorm window, and it delights me to no end.

About a year ago a man was hired from Progress Ohio in an attempt to smear me for some of my work in the Western Arts by attacking one of my videos that showed a Confederate Flag that was flying in an event I was at. It wasn’t my flag, I wasn’t holding the flag, it was simply part of the competition that I was at. The progressive spin doctor attempted to paint me in the press as a racist because of it. You can see that article and his press release to the media for review in case you missed it:


That shows just how far, and to what extent progressives have used the extortion of guilt to manipulate our population. I’ve never owned a slave and I never would. I’d never endorse another human being owned by anyone. In fact I preach every single day of my life why people should be freer. I have even went so far to bring awareness to the slaves in this world that are currently being abused and nobody in the Barack Obama camp cares at all about them, currently under the whip and chain in modern day Africa. And nobody in the wonderful United Nations, or Socialists International cares about the poor girls who are stolen EVERY SINGLE DAY in this world and sexually used for “worldly” travelers. That is where the hypocrisy of progressive politics shows its ugly head.

Progressive socialist like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and her husband “Bubba” don’t give a rat’s ass about southern slaves in 1850 America. Those academic looters simply copied the words of Henry David Thoreau as socialists studied his work in Civil Disobedience and they hung their hat on Thoreau’s movement, and used everyone involved in their quest for power. How do I know……………………….because their actions tell the whole story.

Right now, just two blocks from the White House over on K Street every single night of the year prostitutes work the avenue as the pimps watch over their girls. Many of those girls are SLAVES, in that they are stolen in some way through sex trafficking, hooked on drugs and forced to work as prostitutes to service the crooked congressman, senators, and lobbyists who work the capital away from their families. Prostitution is highly illegal yet not a single soul does anything about it in Washington D.C. The police just drive on by, and the president could wave at them through his upstairs window at the White House. Yet not a single law maker does ANYTHING about it! NOTHING!!!!!!! This is what it was like in the 1800’s when just about anyone who controlled any amount of wealth had a slave. They only cared about slavery in America when the North wanted to exert economic dominance over the South for political reasons, because the South was producing many of the high profile politicians of the day and the politicians of the North wanted to put a stop to it. So they decided to take a stand against slavery to hurt the south economically. They certainly didn’t do it to free any man from being owned by other men. The North went after the South politically for exactly the same reasons that the political establishment went after my man Herman Cain and his sexploits. The very same media people and politicians who pointed their finger at Herman Cain are buying blowjobs on K Street from modern day slaves, but it is Herman Cain who was attacked, because he was a threat to the political class.
Any progressive politician who points to the Confederate Battle flag and says it’s evil, while at the same time seeking sex on K Street, like many of them do, while the rest, including President Obama turn a blind eye to it, is simply practicing in modern day slavery themesleves. They seek to rid any reminders of rebellion from those who are prone to threaten their quests for power, and that’s all they care about. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do about human rights. It has everything to do with power and control by the political class.


The attack on the Confederate Battle Flag is scam, just like most everything that comes out of progressive politics such as global warming, green energy, and socialism. The goals are to suppress minorities into a pity so that they seek the government to help them. The goal is to make more dependents out of the population so that wealth redistribution can be attained, and while doing so, rid the people of their symbols of rebellion so that they might forget and become more compliant in the future.

In the North, my friends who read here often in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New Jersey are feeling overwhelmed. The Tea Party movements are reeling as the labor unions are attacking in full force, and it feels like we have no friends in the world. In fact, every day in Washington, such as with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act I see that a new Civil War is eminent. Because one of the first people the president will send the military to round up as a dissident would be someone like me, and when that happens there will be violence, I can promise. That moment will be the Fort Sumter moment for the next Civil War.

And the politicians who think they have everyone beat, are really just kidding themselves. All they really control in this nation is the two coasts, and the big cities. All the green space in between is occupied by gun carrying, Confederate Flag loving, pick-up truck driving, NASCAR lovers who are looking for a fight at a moment’s notice. And as shown it’s not a bunch of radical white men who love the Confederate Flag, its men and women of all color and from all backgrounds who love that flag because of the fight for freedom that it represents.

And when that next war does break out, look to our friends in the South, because they are the heartland. In Dixie, they are the last refuge of freedom on earth and they show no signs of giving it up. In fact, I think the South isn’t too far off from succeeding from the union yet again, with Texas leading the way this time. That will happen before progressive socialism occupies the entire United States and sells us to the doorstep of the United Nation as proposed in Agenda 21.

Back in 2004 I got myself into a bit of trouble when I wrote in my book The Symposium of Justice, about a future Civil War where a group of rebels attacked Washington D.C. Well, I didn’t give a rat’s ass if it pissed off people, because I thought the story needed to be told. Sadly, just about everything I said that would happen 8 years ago is happening now. So if the rest of the story plays out the way I wrote it, I can’t wait to be one of the first to march into Washington and run the corrupt politicians into their hiding places like rats on a sinking ship and free the real slaves of America, the poor girls of the sex trade whom EVERYONE in America is currently ignoring because they fear the organized crime that stands behind the practice. That is the real enemy of our nation and when the next war breaks out, every single one of those sons-of-bitches have coming what they deserve for practicing modern day slavery!

And don’t be surprised if the last thing they see on this earth is a Confederate Battle Flag flying above their bodies as an army of bandits dressed in skull and cross bone bandanas lead the way!

Yeah, keep it up you progressive politicians…………………………keep it up!



Rich Hoffman