How Long Can Biden Stay in Office: Opps, they’ve all been caught in election fraud

At this point, I understand it sounds crazy because history can’t conceive of Biden being removed from office.  But folks, the election fraud problem is real, it happened, and it occurred in a significant way.  A lot of people think Mike Lindell is way over the edge on this election issue.  Not even Roger Stone can see how Biden would be removed from office due to the discovery of massive influence into the Dominion machines by China, Facebook, and Google that it will certainly create a constitutional crisis for a correction.  I feel that it would be better to reveal the fraud and keep Biden in office to punish him and those who put him there for what they did.  Yet, the problem with that is Biden is signing bills and acting on behalf of the United States in an executive fashion, and by the looks of things, he shouldn’t be.  Mike Lindell has a big rally in New Richmond, Wisconsin, on June 12th from 11:30 AM to 4 PM, and he has some big hitters speaking there.

Even Trump is making a video appearance, and all the talk at that event is in 6 weeks. It’s going to hit the fan in a big way. The Supreme Court will review these audit findings from the various states and the legal analysis because it will make this Wuhan lab story look like a small thing when it breaks.  And we are going to have a situation where legal precedents will be forced upon us. The Biden presidency will have to be recalled. If he stays in office, everything he does over the next three years will have to be undone or ignored. He is functioning without any authority to do anything due to the election fraud being so bad and noticeable.  It’s going to be messy, very messy.  But the big question regardless is how long Joe Biden can stay in office with all this scrutiny?  How long can the media continue to push the narrative that this was a regular election in 2020 and that the results should be accepted even though we know they are wrong.  And what the hell are we going to do as a country with these facts given to us?  Stay tuned!

If you want to follow along, you can see the rally live on Frank  Or you can listen to the coverage on OANN from the iHeart Radio app. 

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The CDC has no Choice but to Backtrack: Covid is over, the government lost

Why the CDC had to backtrack on Masks

I’m sure Rochelle Walensk is a nice lady who would be a friendly backyard barbecue host in Georgetown.  She might even be quite good at picking brackets for March Madness.  She looks like the kind of gal who knows something about college sports.  But when it comes to the role she plays as Director of the CDC, she has become quite a villain when covering for her buddy, Dr. Fauci, and his funding of “gain of function” research in the now-famous Wuhan lab in China.  It is pretty clear Covid-19 was tampered with at the Wuhan lab, and much of that has been blamed on the Chinese government.  But now that the smoke is clearing, we see what direct role Dr. Fauci played in unleashing that virus to the world.  And why he has become the leading voice promoting the pandemic status to the world, which has ended up costing us all trillions and trillions of dollars and has killed many people.  While Fauci has been posing for a picture beside his pool, becoming an international celebrity, it’s pretty known now that Covid would never have happened if not for Fauci’s tampering, to begin with.  And, of course, Rochelle Walensk knows about it all and covers the government-industry that unleashed Covid-19 in such a destructive way. 

One question that comes up with all this, if China is so rich, why aren’t they funding their own Wuhan lab.  Why is Bill Gates so involved?  And why is Fauci funneling taxpayer money into a Chinese lab to produce a super virus that spreads so quickly?  Who came up with the story that someone ate a bat, and that’s how the virus got out?  I mean, the whole thing was telegraphed in November of 2019 at Event 201.  Rochelle Walensk knew about that event and what the pre-planning pandemic outbreak was simulating.  Bill Gates was trying to cover up his bad sexual deeds in his marriage to keep Malinda happy and quiet about his Jeffery Epstein adventures with little kids.  Nothing like saving the world from a made-up Wuhan virus to shut everyone up.  Fighting climate change was an excellent way to keep the escapades of failing marriage off the front pages and using Dr. Fauci’s gain of function virus to do so.  It’s all coming together.  We can see the puzzle pattern because we’ve found the edges.  And like a nice lady, Rochelle Walensk at the CDC ran a cover story for the entire crime by attempting to backtrack everything now that the case is all falling apart. 

She must really, Walensk at the CDC sees the writing on the wall.  States all over America are stopping their compliance with the government mandates.  I started to see this trend over the winter as I traveled from one end of the country to another.  People were taking off their masks, ignoring the social distancing guidelines, and they were getting back to life as usual.  I noticed it when we went to the movies to see Godzilla vs. Kong (a pretty good film, by the way), and people were sick and tired of this stupid Covid crap.  I saw it as the zoo when we visited recently.  Even the zoo filled with liberal employees was tired of masks and social distancing.  I talked a bit to the girl who ran the train at the zoo and asked her how she felt about cleaning the seats after every train ride.  She was expressing readiness for disobedience.  Those stories are everywhere. Now the government is losing its ability to control the population with fear, so Walensk has no choice but to reverse the mask policy, cover for Dr. Fauci and cooperate to get the country back open again.  The gig is up, and the CDC either gets with it, or the world will see that they have lost control of the population and will have lost it forever.  Yielding now gives the government types hope that all is not yet lost.

But I would say for them that they blew it.  Any trust we had in the CDC or government in general over a possibility of a pandemic is gone.  We were fooled once, and it won’t happen again.  We suspended our Constitutional limits on government for over a year, and that was devastating.  The government abused its power, and we all suffered for it.  And worse yet, we allowed this Covid virus to tamper with our elections.  If the government hadn’t gotten involved, we would have likely had very different election results up and down the tickets.  We do not have the proper representation in our government as a result.  The government used Covid to tamper with our elections, which is a crime on a massive scale.  Without question, the CDC Director knows all about it; she knows that Fauci was involved with the Wuhan lab that unleased this disaster of a virus.  She knows that he is lying about it all on the news every night, using chaos to divert attention away from his crimes.  She knows that the government used CDC guidelines to steal an election.  To crippling the economy.  To kill people in nursing homes so that the government could point to actual deaths.

All serious stuff, and now the story is breaking, so what is she supposed to do?  States are opening regardless of what the CDC has to say about it.  Florida opening all the way put a nail in the coffin of Covid.  After that, other states followed.  Even Ohio, where many of the lockdowns started under Mike DeWine, is opening again on June 2nd.  If they somehow fail to do so, the state legislature will do it for him on June 23rd.  The emergency powers that the Governor has have been taken from him.  The same story could be said to be happening in many other states as well. 

That leaves the CDC in the precarious position of backtracking for their survival.  The parade of mistakes and maliciousness that led to this moment can’t be taken back, and nobody can afford to dig the hole even deeper.  Wisely, Rochelle Walensk knows that it’s time to fold.  Possibly to even win back some support by playing along.  But one thing is relatively straightforward, people, voters, are done with Covid-19.  The government abused the trust that most people have in government.  Too many people see the crimes that were committed in the process.  And now it’s time to pay.  Dr. Fauci played with fire, and he got burnt.  The CDC overplayed its hand to help cover crimes, and now it’s coming back on them.  This is the reason for all the confusion, where the CDC said so much about wearing the masks to fight a virus, which is about as unscientific as anybody could get, to now saying take the masks off, and have a good life.  Forget anything that happened.  Sorry.  Well, that’s not going to fly; people will be talking about this case for decades.  It will still be written about 100 years from now regarding what not to do.  And all the names that are contained in that story will live on in history as some of the biggest buffoons ever to roam the earth.  And Rochelle Walensk knows now that her name will be on that list.

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The Mike DeWine Million Dollar Giveaway: Covid was a government driven disaster

Mike DeWine’s Million Dollar Giveaway

I’m having a little fun with this whole Covid thing because I called this one a long time ago, as readers here know.  Now that states are opening, masks are coming off, and life is going back to normal whether or not the government agrees, there is a panic from the politicians to maintain what they think is control.  Specifically, my governor in Ohio, Mike DeWine, whom I often call “dummy DeWine is being forced to walk back all his Covid restrictions now, and he hates it.  It’s essential to keep in mind that Mike DeWine started much of the Covid mess, he was one of the first to force mandated shutdowns of our economy, and he is only giving up those powers on June 2nd because the Ohio Senate and House are forcing him to.  He has no choice.  DeWine abused his emergency powers grossly from March of 2020 until the present, and he has made many enemies.  And to take the edge off the way people feel about him, he wants to give away 1 million dollars a week for the next five weeks to get the Covid vaccination.  Right now, the vaccination rate in Ohio is at 43%.  DeWine is looking to increase that percentage by 10% to 20% more before a full Ohio open on June 2nd.  There is a whole lot wrong with this plan, but more than anything, it’s another fine example of a dumb politician spending other people’s money to cover problems they created for themselves. 

There is no compelling evidence that anything we did as a society to combat Covid did any good.  The case counts are dropping now because, as I said many, many months ago, sunlight kills the virus in minutes.  The worst thing anybody could do is walk around with a stupid mask all day, day after day, saturated with snot, bodily water droplets, and shading the mouth and nose from direct sunlight while staying indoors way too much.  Most of everything that the CDC came up with was stupid, unscientific, and in many ways could be said to be outright terrorism.  I love President Trump, but if he wants to argue with me about it, I’ll be happy to tell him how stupid everything was from day one and that America should have never done any of the things we did.  I know he was talked into it by the “experts.” The experts were wrong and even malicious in what they did and then seeking to use Covid protocols to hide their many, many crimes.  The first of those crimes was acting against constitutional limits on the government over our society, knowingly.  Mike DeWine was one of the worst of all the governors of America because many followed him into what became a nightmare for us.

Cases are dropping now because it’s spring, the sun is out longer, and people are getting outside.  Covid-19, after all statistically, wasn’t much different than an average virus as far as its debilitating effects.  The cost of our protocols is in the trillions, and everyone who supported the actions knowingly or unknowingly gave China a head start in economic activity, which was a crime all its own.  I am happy to argue any stat anybody wants to come up with, death counts, case counts, spread mechanisms, anything.  The bottom line is the government got it wrong then sought to cover up what they didn’t know.  They gave us even more dumb rules hoping to bury the mistakes under CDC protocols, that the teacher’s unions were writing for them so their lazy employees could sit home and eat potato chips all day.  And climate change advocates are upset about cows producing too much methane.  Take a methane measure outside the house of some obese public-school teacher sitting home getting paid during Covid.  The cow is doing far less damage.  The whole event would have been comical if it hadn’t been confirmed.

People were slow to ask these kinds of questions and eventually got the courage to ignore the government rules, which they should have done during the first week.  But now, the government has lost the trust of most of the people.  The situation is so bad that Governor DeWine feels he needs to give people a million dollars to get the vaccination rates up over 50%.  This is what happens when a politician like DeWine listens to the phony suppression polls.  Actual voters tell the real story.  Otherwise, people won’t get the vaccine, which is not about solving coronavirus; as I explained in the video above, it’s about telling the government that you believe what they say about the virus.  Notice how there hasn’t been any mention about people who have had Covid who shouldn’t get it again?  Now it’s all about getting the vaccine because that is a measure that the government can use to say, “see, they still listen to us.” But people aren’t listening to them.  People are going about their lives and showing great courage in pushing back now, which is essential.  These overreaching governors need to feel the sting of what they did to us.  The lives they destroyed by tampering with our lives.  The money they took from us.  The sheer misery of their stupidity.  It’s one thing to watch a politician on television and talk about how dumb they are.  It’s quite another when they chain their stupidity to our lives as they did with Covid and sink us all with their dumb actions. 

Getting the vaccination says to all those idiots that we forgive them, and that we believe that their intentions were good, that we still trust what they say.  And roughly 60% of all Ohioans who haven’t yet taken the vaccine tell everything about this matter.  Even with DeWine’s million-dollar give-a-ways, there aren’t precisely lines around the block to get the vaccine.  Getting the vaccine is to trust that the government knows what it is doing, and more people like me are willing to say no.  I wouldn’t take a government vaccine at this point if they paid me a trillion dollars. I’m certainly not against medicine, but in this current time, which is more like a Mad Max movie than a civil enterprise of a tomorrow reaching government, I have lost trust in all those elected people.  They are either too stupid to function where they need to in a hostile world, or they are part of what makes the world hostile.  Until we fix that basic premise, I’m not taking their vaccine.  And any bullying they try to employ to do so is unconstitutional in a court of law and would be a worthless gesture.  They burnt us once; we gave them the benefit of the doubt.  But we’ve learned, and the next time won’t be so easy. 

Mike DeWine hopes not to get primaried next year where the GOP is already positioning candidates to knock him out of the governor seat after one term.  Through Covid, he showed himself to be a Liz Cheney type of Republican—much more of a Democrat than anything. DeWine’s biggest mistake was in listening to his girlfriend Amy Acton, a pro-abortion Obamanite he put in charge of the Health Department.  Then he listened to her without question, which pretty much destroyed Ohio for the last 14 months.  The money wasted in opportunity cost is in the trillions.  If Ohio was already an unfriendly environment for business, it is even more so after one short term under DeWine.  I will vote for a dog before I ever vote for Mike DeWine again for anything.  Yet the politician in DeWine wants desperately to run again. He hopes that this million-dollar taxpayer giveaway will let him do it without the embarrassment of a complete social rejection in the aftermath of Covid-19. 

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The Bounty Hunter Frank the Duntz Luntz: How consultants really run our government

Who Really Runs Our Government?

Well, I didn’t know it until the story broke that Kevin McCarthy was sharing an apartment with Frank Luntz, the pollster and what I call in my upcoming book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, a “bounty hunter.” Frank Luntz in the Washington D.C. beltway swamp is undoubtedly one of those.  The rest of the world has known him as a consultant, which I think is a weak word for what he does.  Consultants in business and politics are there to mitigate risk from the real stakeholders of an enterprise, whether it’s a CEO of a large company or the House Leader for the Republicans in congress.  Those with the most risk to shoulder are often hiring bounty hunters to do their dirty work for them. It’s a common practice and is really at the heart of much of what is wrong in the world of commerce, which is why I have a special designation for those types of people.  I dedicate a whole chapter to this enterprise, and when people want to know why our government is so swampy, it’s because of people like Frank Luntz.  And when we look specifically at our current situation, such as the consensus-building against election fraud in the 2020 election, which allowed our tax payer funded intelligence agencies to conduct a coup against a sitting president who was massively re-elected.  (For proof the results in the Arizona audit are headed in that direction) That’s terrible news for bounty hunters like Frank Luntz, so there is a lot of doubling down that is going on because the villains are exposed, and they don’t want to be.

I never cared much for Frank Luntz.  He gathers information and uses it to shape strategy and opinions on politicians and the media’s topics.  He doesn’t just work as a bounty hunter for political characters but corporations as well.  So when it is wondered how policy gets shaped that often looks completely un-American, it is because of bounty hunters like Frank Luntz.  When we put people like Kevin McCarthy into power as voters to run the Republican Party in Congress, we expect to get him as our representative.  Not Frank Luntz.  But as Frank often does as a bounty hunter is sample opinions of some losers here and there then give the sum result to people like McCarthy, who ends up listening to them more than voters.  And that’s how a few bounty hunters end up running the entire town and is precisely why the Swamp, as we call it, has ended up being so corrupt.  Trump was so effective because he didn’t use consultants, had an excellent instinct for getting to the right decisions with his methods and didn’t hire it out or solicit it. During his administration, the bounty hunter types were far less valuable.  And they didn’t like that. 

Bounty hunters make their money by shouldering risk away from those with a lot to lose.  I have often said the primary effect of the modern CEO is not to have opinions and stand for anything at all as the head of a company.  The marketing people take care of the branding. Usually, a tradition for a big company has already established market reliability.  What the CEO does is keep risk from destroying what was built in the company. That’s why they hire bounty hunters to do their dirty work of opinion-shaping for them.  And that’s how Frank Luntz has gained a lot of power even though technically he’s pretty much a Duntz; he’s not very wise about things.  Bounty hunters like Frank Luntz only do one thing: to create advice that keeps their clients away from risk that might harm them politically or economically.  Yet here’s the catch, Frank Luntz is a Democrat, or he thinks like one.  So as a bounty hunter to the rich and powerful, he can then shape their actions to politics that he supports, which means that he controls our government.  Our votes are not. 

I have despised Frank Luntz for two occasions, first the way he set up Trump in 2015 toward the presidential election over John McCain.  It helped Trump more than hurt him when Luntz asked him if John McCain was a war hero.  Trump said his famous “I like people who don’t get caught.” Luntz, the bounty hunter, thought he had a way to knock off Trump at that moment, so he made a big deal about it.  But what do you know, Trump thrived off the negative coverage because voters enjoyed that the then presidential hopeful wasn’t just another phony hiring people like Frank Luntz to advise him on public policy, as so many Republicans had at that time.  The other time I wouldn’t say I liked Frank Luntz was on the night of the 2016 election, where the bounty hunter was very arrogant about what little chance Trump had about winning.  But guess what, Trump won easily, leaving egg on the face of Frank Luntz in a big way.  Yet like a bunch of idiots, the politicians kept hiring bounty hunters like Luntz, and the Swamp itself buckled down to establish a coup against our pick for president.  By the time we got to 2020, Luntz and many like him who make vast amounts of money steering our elected representatives toward leftist cultures and positions beneficial to them worked hard to talk about polls favoring gun control among the American people. He also spoke about polls saying people want to move on from accusations of election fraud, when in fact, the true polls Frank is talking about are him talking to two bald men and a goldfish to get the “feel” of the American public. 

McCarthy doesn’t know any better; he’s sharing a toothbrush with Luntz, so he has trust in Luntz, not so much in what the voters are thinking. That’s the bounty hunter game, to do what they were hired to do, let the chaos of the aftermath drive the sheriffs to fund another posse for the next villains.  Yet as bounty hunters have always done, whether in the Old West or the modern-day Beltway culture, they make friends with the bandits to encourage them into trouble so that the politicians will hire them again.  The bounty hunters never seek to solve the problem. Otherwise, they’d be unemployed.  They only want to take the risk away from someone like Kevin McCarthy when questioned about the GOP position on voter fraud or guns. Or even illegal immigration.  Frank will give advice that takes away the risk while steering Kevin in a liberal direction for the actual future strategy.  The bounty hunters need villains to make money, so they always nurture them along behind the scenes.  They don’t want to solve the problem. That’s why they all hated Trump because he wanted to solve the issues, and that meant he wasn’t calling bounty hunters to do the dirty work for him, which is where the real fix is in all politics. 

It’s just as big of a problem in companies as it is in politics, bounty hunters are everywhere, and they charge a lot of money to take the risk away from those most burdened by it.  But when you are a brash, battle-hardened CEO who didn’t pawn off the responsibility of risk to a bounty hunter, well, then things can get done, which is why Trump was so successful.  It’s also why Frank Luntz hated Trump so intensely and is working every day to restore his grip on politics in Washington and within the media. But people are getting wise to it, and that’s why I dedicated a whole chapter in my book to the matter.  It’s one of the most corrosive things in a mass communication culture, where bounty hunters are running things because everyone who should be in charge is too frightened by risk to do the job themselves.  If we want to fix our politics, we will have to get rid of the bounty hunters that are in it.  Then and only then can we expect things to improve.

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Obama and his Monkey God Lord Hanuman: Cleaning the ‘excrement’ out of The White House

The 2012 election measuring the follies of President Obama and his economic catastrophes are not of simple job performance. For those who are working on behalf of the Romney/Ryan ticket pounding on doors trying to get the message out to voters to eject the communist ways of Obama back to the abyss from which he came, traditional election procedures will not be enough. The reason is that the undefeated demon fighting monkey-god Lord Hanuman from Hindu faith has blessed the Obama administration with his protection as he seeks to pummel conservative America with its traditional Christian faith into the realm of demons so Obama can continue to reside on his shape shifting throne. Yes, Hanuman it seems protects President Obama from a figurine that has resided in the President’s pocket. Check out the video.

In case that didn’t convince you here is a BBC article on the matter. I’d say the BBC is an exceptionally competent news organization with no skin in the game, and they tend to cover international issues much, much better than the American media does.

To learn more about Lord Hanuman check out the Wikipedia link below:

So what we know about President Obama is that he was personally mentored by the notorious communist Frank Marshell Davis as a young man. Davis was a very sexually kinky guy who appears to have taken several nude pictures of Obama’s mama, which has to be troubling. Obama’s grandparents in Hawaii were open socialists. Obama’s real father was a Kenyan anti colonialist revolutionary who left Obama as a little boy and was married to another woman while he was married to Obama’s white mother. Obama’s step father took him and his mother to Indonesia where Obama attended his most impressionable years in public school, and it is there that Obama discovered the Hindu god Lord Hanuman whom he reverse so intensely that he carries around a small figure of the god in his pocket———–and this isn’t alarming to anybody? Not to mention that Obama started his political life in the living room of a known radical terrorist, and had many other criminal thugs and provokers in his past that appear to guide the President’s hand in matters of economic devastation. To what aim?

Well, if you know anything about foreign Hindu gods and their intentions for the world, Hanuman would like to see the world bow to his feet. According to Obama he was introduced to Lord Hanuman by his step father Lolo as stated in his autobiography, “There standing astride the road was a towering giant at least ten stories tall with the body of a man and the face of an ape. That’s Hanuman, Lolo said as we circled the statue, the monkey-god. I turned around in my seat, mesmerized by the solitary figure, so dark against the sun, poised to leap into the sky as puny traffic swirled around its feet. He’s a great warrior,” Lolo said firmly, “strong as a hundred men. When he fights the demons, he’s never defeated.”

Well, this is a revelation that I did not know, and I’m sure many Americans didn’t know it either as many expect their president to be much more up to date on all things American, and not groveling at the feet of an undefeated monkey-god from Hindu faith. I can’t even conceive of carrying around such a thing in my pocket as Obama does. Such a thing for me might be carrying around a tiny Incredible Hulk  figure for good luck. Yet this information provides much-needed insight, especially in hindsight, into how the President thinks and why he does the strange things he does, and how he gets away with it. You can hear Glenn Beck and his team exploring this further in the video below from a recent radio show.

Obama’s reverence to Hanuman may very well explain why the President has been able to deceive so many people right out in the open. An argument could be made that by praying to Lord Hanuman Obama has gained the Hindu god’s ability to shape shift, which the monkey-god was known to do in order to defeat his enemies.

In the Ramayana Hanuman changes shape several times. For example, while he searches for the kidnapped Sita in Ravana’s palaces on Lanka, he contracts himself to the size of a cat, so that he will not be detected by the enemy. Later on, he takes on the size of a mountain, blazing with radiance, to show his true power to Sita.

Also he enlarges & immediately afterwards contracts his body to out-wit Sirsa, the she-demon, who blocked his path while crossing the sea to reach Lanka. Again, he turns his body microscopically small to enter Lanka before killing Lankini, the she-demon guarding the gates of Lanka.

He achieved this shape-shifting by the powers of two siddhis; Anima and Garima bestowed upon him in his childhood by Sun-God, Surya. Based on this information Obama has been given the power by Hanuman of Anima and Garima to shape shift at will, to seduce to sleep the media and millions of Americans into believing that Obama is not responsible for the economic depression the country is in, he is not responsible for the 16 trillion-dollar debt, he is not responsible for taking America to the doorsteps of tyranny with the signing of the NDAA Act on New Year’s Eve, he is not an open communist with Muslim/Hindu ties, but is a Christian and a free market, capitalist—even though he hates rich people—even though he is himself, rich. The power of Anima and Garima are at work indeed!

Imagine little Obama growing up watching a program like the video below as opposed to Thundercats, or Spiderman on TV. The guy on the ground rubbing the king’s leg is Lord Hanuman.  Can anybody imagine Jesus rubbing the leg of King Herod Antipas?  Progressives for many years have looked to India as having all the answers to their life goals, but few understand what extreme collectivists the people of India are, and to what devotion they sacrifice the self to achieve “enlightenment.” This little production tells the story pretty well. This could be a scene from Obama’s childhood, and speaks loudly of his world view.

People not under the spell of Lord Hanuman can see that Obama is everything but a good president and we can see that he takes on many forms, just like the shape shifting god he reveres so highly in the undefeated monkey-god warrior Lord Hanuman. But to those under the spell of the shape shifting Lord Hanuman, they see a smiling man of honor who can sing them to their deaths without them being any wiser. Such powers are granted by the gods like Lord Hanuman, the ability to appear as one thing, while actually being something else.

So we’re not just fighting a Democratic presidential nominee, a covert Communist Party U.S.A infiltration member hiding behind his race to achieve the highest office in the land on a sea of lies dressed up to look appealing, but we are fighting the undefeated demon fighting monkey-god Lord Hanuman from Hindu faith who sees Americans as the great demon, and Obama as his personal soldier for glory who hides his real intentions behind a shape shifting ability that allows Hanuman to conquer America as the great warrior that Obama’s step dad proclaimed the monkey-god to be.

Obama is not a flag waving patriot who has a deep history and respect for The United States. Whether or not he was born as an American citizen is pointless even though it is incredibly relevant by Constitutional standards.  It only matters if there is respect for the Constitution, which there isn’t.  Obama spent his childhood oversees idolizing a father he never knew who was Kenyan, being raised by a kinky anthropologists student who traveled the world and married a dude from Indonesia who thought Hanuman was a great warrior. Years later Obama would carry around a small statue of Hanuman along with a tiny Madonna for good measure. But what Obama is—is not what he sells as the shape shifting president operating under seemingly divine influence of mysterious forces. It is not only Obama who must be defeated in November, but his undefeated demon fighting monkey-god Lord Hanuman. Because The White House is Americas house, and not a palace for Lord Hanuman, and after four years of occupancy, it’s time to clean all the monkey shit out of the house and stop the stank that hovers over Washington before it spreads to the rest of the country.

In America we have freedom of religion for the purpose of keeping it out of creating policy decisions which drive the country. People are free to honor whatever religion they chose. If a court-house wants to have the Ten Commandments to reflect their Christian heritage, they are free to do it. Or if President Obama wants to worship the monkey-god Hanuman with a little figure in his pocket, he’s also free to do it. But what is important is that the people know what they are electing. Politicians should be prevented from selling themselves one way, while actually being something totally different. In the case of Hanuman, the Hindu version of the story Obama was exposed to as a child is one of extreme collectivism, and this explains his thoughts about social welfare in more complicated terms than simply proving him a communist. Hanuman is honored for being able to rip open his chest to show his devotion to the king Ram and his queen imprinted upon his heart. Hindus the world over cherish this tendency has honorable. But in America we don’t have a tradition that honors such blind devotion, yet many feel that Obama believes himself a king, and that Americans should rip open their chests like Hanuman and have pictures of Barack and Michelle imprinted on their hearts, and that is not how Americans roll.

Contrary to what worldwide collectivist think of The United States, it is not that we are godless heathens that are demons to be defeated by the monkey-god Hanuman, but a free people who find more reverence in a Marvel Comics action figure than in a 85 foot tall statue of Lord Hanuman. The reason is we have a diverse and free culture that has evolved under that umbrella of non collectivist thought, and we have advanced, while many in India are still bathing in the filthy Ganges river and riding bicycles down dirt roads hoping that their revered god Hanuman might step off his pedestal and show the world his devotion to his king Ram. Here in America, we don’t honor kings, queens, princes, or princesses, and we certainly don’t worship presidents as sacred. We honor private property and our right to have it, and such psychological investments has made America a superior culture that is the envy of collectivists all over the world, because they have been left behind, and can only hope that infiltrators on behalf of Hanuman can deceive America into reverting back to huts and dirt roads by the shape shifting abilities of President Obama taking orders from the monkey-god that resides in his pocket to destroy any culture that is not collectivists by nature.


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“The Blaze” Exposes Brett Kimberlin: Domestic terrorism paid for by the political left

The Blaze recently did a wonderful job of covering the story of Brett Kimberlin. When I read the very detailed history of this apparent domestic terrorist I will have to admit it got my dander up excessively. Check the story out for yourself below.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a bully. I really don’t like people who attempt to control others with fear, and when that doesn’t work, they resort to the courts using the bureaucracy to gain leverage to silence dissidents who have the superior argument, but wish to avoid conflict so yield to thugs. Fear works both ways and people who use it deserve to feel it in return.

I suspect as the truth continues to be revealed over these types of cases that there are armies of bullies who have been suppressing voices for years, and are directly responsible for helping the very corrupt take control of our society with sheer force. This is how the labor unions have done it, this is how Larry Flynt has done it, and this is how the mob does it. So it does not come as a surprise that there would be hired mercenaries like Kimberlin who would be commissioned to go after conservative bloggers in an attempt to shut down the truth.

The mistake that many have made is that they trust the legal system to be honorable and that the truth will always pave the way to justice, which leaves them vulnerable to domestic terrorists who hide their maliciousness behind the rules of society. Honest—good people do not think of attempting to send the SWAT team to their political enemies to create embarrassing arrests, or tell another man’s wife they want to take a “crap” on them because they wish to scare the man away from covering the truth.

Kimberlin’s bully behavior needs to be eliminated from the debates of freedom that are transpiring in a republic struggling to sustain itself by the forces which seek to destroy it–forces that hire out their intimidation for profit to political reformers intent to end America. Allowing the thugs to silence the truth is the same as participating in evil, since it empowers the bully to thrive, and to profit at the expense of others.


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Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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The ACLU: Black Knights disguised as galliant freedom fighters

The ACLU advertises itself as being an organization that fights for the rights of the people and protects free speech. But the true nature of the ACLU agenda has roots that run deep into the gardens of society. And those gardens as they exist now are full of weeds pushed up by the ACLU.

A representative of the ACLU, an earnest man from the Ohio chapter, not too long ago spoke at a Tea Party event in southern Ohio, for the Liberty Township group, a satellite of the Cincinnati Tea Party. In his talk he was questioned about why the ACLU was suing Arizona for its new immigration law. The man then danced vigorously on the stage, even though there wasn’t any music.

He was of course not literally dancing, but was dancing with words which infuriated the Tea Party group, because it had become obvious he couldn’t give a straight answer. The audience wondered why a group named, the American Civil Liberties Union, didn’t represent the Americans terrorized by illegal immigrants and border violence, but chose to take a position in favor of people who weren’t even American citizens.

The credibility of the ACLU will always be in question. This is a group that gives legitimacy to groups like NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, but is shy to take up positions which favor the Second Amendment, hiding behind the Supreme Court case of United States v. Miller in 1939. In that case, the right to own a gun transported across state lines was attacked because it wasn’t a gun that could be used in a militia and the gun fell under commerce because it was transported from Oklahoma to Arkansas. Such legal dancing is routine, and is the embodiment of how our current case-law has drifted far from the original constitutional intentions. If the ACLU put the same energy into defending Second Amendment rights, or 10th Amendment rights instead of groups like NAMBLA, we might have a much different country that more accurately represents what the founders envisioned.

But the ACLU has chosen to walk down the road that has had more influence on our constitution than most any organization, and they’ve done it by forming case-law around issues like homosexual rights in the military, or the right of a man to lust after a young boy. As a group of only 500,000 members it generates over $85 million in revenue. This makes it a cleverly disguised lobby group for some of the more radical members of our society that have indirectly attacked the principles of our constitution. And this lobby group is attacking elements of our country like cancer cells do to the human body.

The ACLU has been routinely affiliated with communists. In 1940, they formally banned communists from the organization, even though the founder, Roger Baldwin was a former supporter of communism, in order to give an appearance of neutrality in legal cases. Bernadine Dohrn, leader of the Weather Underground and wife of Bill Ayers was a legal researcher in 1990 and 1991. She is one that took a stand of support for the violence of Charlie Manson during the Helter Skelter issue. With such people in the ACLU, is it any surprise that the ACLU opposes capital punishment because of its ultimate denial of civil liberties? Charles Manson’s trial expenditure came to over $770,000 and his cost of imprisonment has cost tax payers more than $644,000. In such a clear-cut case, such as the Manson issue, why has he been allowed to burden our tax system, along with thousands like him? The ACLU is proud that it takes on any client without judgment. But what the ACLU leaves in its wake is a path of destructive case law that cripples our legal system.

Was it such a great victory for free speech to have the Ten Commandments removed from the courthouses of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky, when so much of our country was founded on principles of divine trust and guidance? The ACLU successfully attacked The Ten Commandments, but is silent on the violation of the 10th Amendment over the Health Care Bill. Our Constitution is a uniquely profound document. It has produced the greatest country on the face of the earth in known history. However, it allows groups like the ACLU to exist because of the Constitution, even if the intent of the ACLU is to subtly attack the founding document and reshape it into something more akin to The Communist Manifesto.

Beware of those white knights that proclaim to help, such as how the ACLU portrays itself. They may actually use the guise of goodness as a way to get behind our defenses and destroy everything from within. And the well-intentioned speaker from the Ohio Chapter, bright-eyed and believing that he is the champion for the weak, and defender of the Constitution…..that is why we have the Second Amendment. We don’t need the ACLU. It’s time to tend to our garden and start pulling the weeds, so the flowers can bloom. And it’s time to spread some mulch so the weeds can be choked off from the sunlight, and stop growing. Once all the weeds are gone, and we can see our garden again, we’ll be surprised at how robust that garden flourishes.

In the garden of America it is groups like the ACLU, NAMBLA, Teacher’s unions, lawyers in general, multi-term politicians and presidents who want to be remembered as kings who are our weeds, and it’s time now to remove them from our landscape.


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Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Environmental Terrorism from Naomi Klein: Green is the new red of communism

Evidence that progressives will completely lie to advance their “green movement” can be seen in the video below. (Check out the size of the driver!)

Many wonder why I picked public education as my target strategy to beat back the international terrorists called progressives who have decided to invade my country The United States. The answer of course is to protect the property rights that are pillaged by high taxes from labor unions operating under government schools. But the more fundamental issue for me is the content of the education itself—what are our teachers instructing our young about and why. The answer to that question set my target, because of an article I read in The New Yorker way back in 2008 promoting Naomi Klein’s second book Shock Doctrine.

If you don’t know Naomi, she is an articulate, well-meaning spokesman for her cause. She is typically soft-spoken and very profession in her presentation of facts. She’s also a radical progressive, which is the new name for communism these days. In that New Yorker article I realized that socialists were a very real threat to the United States and that people like Naomi—who is Canadian working aggressively with global greenie weenies to destroy American forms of capitalism with the concept of carbon credits and other regulatory infringements on a mission to save the world from mankind. You can see a bit of Naomi Klein’s work and beliefs in this video from the Copenhagan Climate Talks.

In the New Yorker article from back then it is easy to see now in hindsight what was going on, as President Obama hadn’t even set foot in the White House yet. At a speech Naomi Klein gave at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto, Canada copies of Socialist Action were being sold for a dollar each to the line that stretched to the end of the block and around the corner. As 850 audience members took their seats Klein took the stage and gave her speech that migrated from topics of fighting racism and poverty, working for education, international solidarity, justice for immigrants and solidarity with Palestine. But most notably in the New Yorker article was the picture of Naomi wearing a pin, “MOVE THE CENTER.” This nice young woman was truly a radical in disguise openly advocating war against America and promoting moving the political center more to the left. Now, four years later we have seen every one of the issues she mentioned in that Toronto speech played out in the administration of Barack Obama to a fault, and the political center has been moved very, very far to the left—in favor of the greenie weenie religion of climate terrorism.

School teachers would be one of the first since the year 2000 to begin to implement all those speech topics into the class rooms of our public schools in an effort to teach our children to become crusaders for climate terrorism and the success of that endeavor can now be seen in our young people—especially the Occupy Wall Street crowd. The progressive platform advocated by Naomi Klein and thousands just like her have corrupted America from within by an aggression nobody saw coming. And it started in our schools.

That is why I first went after public education in my efforts, because it is in these palaces of government protection and union mob rule that progressivism is passed onto our children like a disease ingested through uncooked chicken. Naomi Klein is one of the terrorists who advocate protecting mother earth while disguising her real intentions of creating global mixed economies that feature progressive socialism as control mechanisms. One of her featured targets in The New Yorker article was Milton Friedman as she went to great measures to explain why pure capitalism as Friedman advocated were so destructive to the world of mother earth. Her audience gasped in horror as Friedman’s beliefs were subjected to her scrutiny—beliefs such as no government interference of markets, no tariffs, no subsidies, no minimum-wage laws, no public housing, no Social Security, no financial regulation, no licensing requirements, including those for doctors. In short, I saw out of Naomi Klein and her minions of doom an attack on everything I believe as Milton Friedman advocated decades ago what I know is the only course America should be on, and I decided that I would refocus my energy to moving that Progressive center shown on her button not to the left, but clean off the chart back toward the right—but completely off the scale—because I’ve had it with greenie weenie, progressive socialists who wish to impose themselves on my life with their antics of destruction.

The attack by these progressives has not gone unchecked. In 2009 the Tea Party formed to push back against these progressive encroachments and I greatly support the cause of those organizations and other liberty groups that formed under this uprising. But I saw a need for more. So I set out to create Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom and to refocus my literary intentions in a way that would counter the strategies of the progressive terrorists like Naomi Klein who are intent on destroying a way of life that I enjoy—the American way of life complete with cowboy hats, work boots, motorcycles, and guns. I don’t want what the socialists of Copenhagen want for me. In fact, I reject their lifestyle and beliefs completely, and I want their influence out of American government schools.

Now over four years later the greenie weenies are beginning to show themselves as “watermelons” which Naomi Klein addressed in a recent article from 2012 where she openly advocated that if society is going to take climate change seriously, then the free-market playbook must be thrown out the window. In the article link shown below Naomi addresses her concern that the progressive platform is failing. In 2007—back when The New Yorker article appeared 71 percent of Americans believed in climate change. In 2009 only 51% did and now in 2012 the number is down to 41%. That is the result of the blow back created by the rise of the Tea Party and other patriots who have grabbed hold of Naomi Klein’s extreme left political center and yanked hard to the right.

Progressives like Naomi Klein have acknowledged that people like me who are climate deniers are not crazy—our worldview is under attack. I know many people who feel just as she stated in The Solution Journal, that any government intervention does lead to serfdom, and will bring about a socialist world, and yes—we have to fight it off. And that fight starts first at your local school where progressive teachers and administrators are right now using your tax money to turn American children against the culture of our country, and then it is at the voting booth where a whole nest of cockroaches have been allowed under our slumber to run up our national deficit to over $15 trillion dollars while they seek to control every single part of our lives. Their most recent excursion is, H.R. 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 (CISPA) which authorizes internet service providers to share customer communications and other personally identifiable information with government agencies. Bills like that require action immediately to prevent looting politicians from taking away the freedom of the internet as they have with virtually everything involving liberty that exists. Left unchecked, a looter like Naomi Klein will attempt to tax us all just for breathing air and causing carbon dioxide.

No matter how compelling the presentation is from environmental terrorists like Naomi Klein they can’t overcome one small problem—they need people to buy into their scam in order to succeed. But for the patriot movement, we only need to no longer feed them with tax money. All the progressive organizations of the world and their radical agendas require funding, and they get that funding by stealing it through taxation. Progressives need us to survive, we do not need them. So to get them out of your lives, the first step is to cut their funding so they can no longer use your money against you. And the very first place, and most immediate result you can gain from your denial of funding is to your local school where there are thousands upon thousands of environmental terrorists teaching our children every day how to grow up and become tree hugging hippies and social parasites with their highest aims in life to live off of welfare. Sorry, but that’s not the life I want. It’s an American life for me complete with big cars that burn lots of fuel and go really fast. The greenie weenies of this progressive assault against America can shove their carbon credits from Copenhagen straight up their “collective” assess and drive their smart cars to the nearest dump. The youth in The United States need to learn what being an American really is and not learning to become a global citizen praying to the goddess “mother earth.”

Oh, and this is the reality of the progressive movement’s stupid “green cars.”

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Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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World War lll Already Started: Russia, China, and The Muslim Brotherhood

World War III began on September 11th 2001 with the aggressive act of Muslim extremists provoked by many forces who desire to rule the world. Similar as to how Japan followed the aggressive tendency of Germany and Italy toward world domination–to be sorted out later, it is Russia, China, and the Muslim Caliphate who is seeking to do the same in our modern age.

I think I may have been one of the few people a year ago to state clearly my thoughts that the KGB had infiltrated our school systems, our government, and our media at all levels to bring about a slow erosion of the greatness that is America—not with weapons of war, but weapons of complacency. When I made those statements back in June of 2011 in a serious editorial, and much earlier with pure speculation, my thoughts about how aggressive American enemies were in destroying our way of life seemed more appropriate for science fiction than journalistic credibility, but as I watched a recent video by The John Birch Society about the rise to power of RT TV—otherwise known as Russia Today News, my doubts about Russia and the other American aggressors have been erased.

I watched that video and chewed on its contents for over a week before sitting down to write this and I do not take it lightly, nor do I intend to provoke unnecessarily the thoughts and fears of others. But it is clear that America has enemies this time who have penetrated our borders and sacred institutions at every single level and desire to put an end to the economic threat of The United States without firing a single weapon, aside from the initial attack on 9/11. To review my thoughts on what brought about this war in the first place, click here.

Through our schools, we have been taught to reject all value. They have placed every American into a straightjacket of doubt. They’ve taken away our war games on the playground by demonizing the gun. They’ve instead provided the distraction of sex to satisfy our aggressive whims. They have taken away our God, so to replace it with their own version. The Muslims have made it clear they will tolerate no criticism of their belief system and expect the world to bow at their feet or be destroyed.

This is a real problem. Speaking with people who tend to be radical Muslims is frustrating, since they chose to be second-handlers to rationality. They have allowed someone from a distant time and place to dictate their beliefs. It’s the same frustrating argument I’ve had with radical Christians who declare that there were never dinosaurs because they aren’t in the Bible. It’s the same argument I’ve had with Mormons who swear that Joseph Smith found the golden plates that founded that religion in his back yard. Or it’s the same argument that I’ve had with Buddhists who believe literally that Siddhartha Gautama fought off three temptations under the famous bodhi tree. All these forms of religion are a form of evasion which take the responsibility of discovery away from the second-handler who wishes for their thoughts to be given to their minds, not earned through observation and reason. Religion certainly has its place in helping a person understand the mysteries of their eventual fates, but the powerful dictators of the world have always used religion to club their subjects over the head into carrying out their tyrannical desires. Religion and its beliefs have been the cause of many wars, including World War lll.

It was only in 622 A.D that the prophet Muhammad performed the Hejira traveling from Mecca to Medina marking the start of the Muslim era. Ironically this is also the start of what is known as The Dark Ages, where religion attempted to suppress any knowledge of anything that didn’t fit their world view. Much like the modern radical Christian will reject science because knowledge threatens their belief system–such as rejecting that dinosaurs walked the planet, many religious fanatics in The Dark Ages believed that by denying science they could carry on the illusion of their evasion. Religious leaders encouraged this behavior because it created classes of second-handlers who were all too happy to allow a religious leader to think for them, and instruct them how to behave.

I’ve worked with several devout Muslims over the years and watched them do their prayer toward Mecca at certain times of the day and I’d ask them why the hell they were always on the ground praying. They would tell me that they’d hope that Allah would notice their obedience and that they’d follow the example of Muhammad, and that if I wished eternal life, I’d pray with them.

They would give me the look of fear when I declared to them that I don’t give my obedience to anyone—living or dead, of the flesh or of spiritual form.

“Americans, you don’t understand,” they’d tell me. I’d then remind them that they were technically “American” and that the reason there was separation of church and state in The United States was so that people could pray on the ground if they wanted to—or not. It didn’t have any bearing on the quality of an American whether or not they are Muslim, Christian, Mormon or anything else, because religion is not what makes an American. It’s the value that a person has that makes them American. Religion is just a reflection of value—it doesn’t “provide” value.

What is typical of most dictators is that they use “religion” or an idea that can unite a belief system into a limited frame of thinking and this is what is being done with the Muslim radicals and how those extremists were pushed into running airplanes into the World Trade Center—the symbol of the American economy. It is that act which caused America to destroy our Constitutional principals in pursuit of safety and spend ourselves into debt while the enemies of The United States licked their lips in delight as a hungry wolf eyes its prey.

Russia Today began broadcasting in 2005 as a propaganda arm of Vladimir Putin resurrecting the crushed and humiliated superpower of The Soviet Union and went on an offensive against The United States under a false flag premise. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW HE HAS DONE THIS. To this very day, he is using Russia Today to infiltrate the American mind the way the KGB infiltrated our government to plant the seeds for our own destruction right under our noses, by appearing as a friend until it is too late. Analyzing Russian behavior of late, they already believe that it is too late for America.

China has worked with Russia before, so they are happy to continue their role of using their upcoming superpower status to buy up property all over the world particularly in the Caribbean, at the front door of the United States. Of course all these transactions are with smiles and handshakes, much in the way that Russia Today is catering to Ron Paul supporters to “earn” their trust, while actually planning sinister military maneuvers in the future. America can do nothing about these land purchases, because China holds such a large portion of The United States debt. Go ahead, read about it for yourself at the link below.

Americans have been trained to be second-handles, to be passive, to embrace peace, to turn the other cheek and allow our enemies to steam roll right over us. We’ve been trained by the enemy themselves, under the false flag of “peace” through the music of the Beatles, and the British Invasion, through the hippies, the racists, the feminists, the Neo Nazi’s, the religious fanatics, and the “academics,” to turn away and pass no judgment. “Judge not least ye be judged.” “Do not throw stones in glass houses.” “Turn the other cheek,” this is what we are told to do as radicals took our Ten Commandments down off the wall of our courthouses, and as Muslims showed their desire to build a Mosque on a “conquered territory,” (The World Trade Center Site) We turned away from our aggressors and turned on the television and watched Americas Got Talent. Our youth do not have the heart for war, and our enemies know it. American youth are more concerned about legalizing drugs and whether or not they can marry their same-sex lover, rather than thinking about Russia stealing away the American Constitution with subversion. Yes, many former KGB agents are sipping vodka and congratulating themselves on a job well done.

Yes dear reader—it has already happened and the enemies of America wish to cast the world into another period of The Dark Ages run under a communist flag. There is no question any longer, the intentions are right out in the open. The enemy has used the classic strategy from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War—they have prevailed over those who have already lost. America has already lost because it does not see a need to fight. The will to fight has been breed out of our young like a puppy neutered at birth, and they did it by infecting our minds with passivism. They did it by earning our trust then slitting our throats when we least expected it—metaphorically speaking. Just like those Muslim extremists watched closely by the FBI in Florida failed to act against the suspicious terrorists, because they were too passive, made that way by a radical religion who lashes out at anyone who questions their intentions. This is how airplanes were hijacked and lives were lost, and America attempted to spend money to solve the security breech when the real villain was our lack of ability to determine right from wrong in the first place. America hopes that the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA can do what we’ve all forgotten to do, and that is call a villain a villain. Americans have become evasive second-handlers because in just two generations, we allowed the enemy to destroy our minds, and our will to protect ourselves.

Manipulation of this magnitude is certainly within the realm of the KGB and even our own CIA. And the ramifications have already happened. The war has already started. Your town is already occupied. Your school, your government buildings, your White House no longer listens to the wishes of the voting public, but to those who hold their purse strings, and that money is no longer home grown in America. The new atomic bomb is not nuclear and destructive in its capacity. It’s economic and is aimed at devaluation of the dollar and crushing the standard of living for every American so that their will is broken, and that they will easily eat out of the hand of Putin, or The Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, World War lll is already over a decade old. We just didn’t know the war started because we had our massive military ready to fight, we had our planes on the launch pad, and we had our missiles pointed where we thought the threat was. But the attack did not come from weapons, but from the destruction of the idea of what being an American is. And for that, no weapons are needed, just a corruption of our ideas, and a manipulation by the spies of the world who work on behalf of their governments—our enemies of war. Our enemies knew they could not beat us head to head in a military fight, so they used the oldest trick in the book taken from the pages of Troy—they used the Trojan Horse. But this time there isn’t just one enemy who has penetrated our ideological walls to get the enemy behind our lines, but many. And one of them is certainly Russia Today.

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Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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NASA Fights Back: The Obama film “2016” coming soon

Dear reader, if you are still in denial that Barack Obama is a planted—created personality fashioned by the enemies of America you can stop your skepticism at this time. The new film by Dinesh D’Souza produced by the great Gerald Molen called 2016 will bring to light just how serious and to what extent Obama was placed into our culture to dismantle it. But you don’t have to wait to see D’Souza’s new film. The evidence is all around us. But first, check out a preview and short talk by that director at CPAC.

It is well-known that climate science is the altruistic fantasy of the progressive movement which is why Al Gore was the primary advocate and President Obama is now carrying the torch. To believe in climate science to the effect that the human race is so audacious as to actually overcome the effects of the sun and induce planetary warming with the pathetically small levels of greenhouse gas that our society emits, is preposterous. Yet progressive advocates who desire global socialism seek to use climate science to destroy all of society in an Aztec like sacrificial worship of the divine God called Mother Nature. But those mind-bending, catatonic, progressives are in error and in case you missed the memo, 49 former NASA scientist and astronauts sent a letter to the current NASA Administrator Charles Bolden admonishing the agency for its recent role in advocating that man-made C02 is a major cause of climate change. You can read that letter to Charles and see who signed the letter below.  (CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW) 

This letter went to the same Charles Bolden who was a figure of great controversy a few years ago. In 2010 Charles gave an interview where he revealed that President Obama told Bolden that his primary objective for NASA was not to send more astronauts to the moon, or even to bring about the next generation of the Space Shuttle. It was to reach out to the Muslim world and make them feel good about themselves.

Bolden in that clip obviously eats out of the hand of President Obama and is either so concerned that NASA will receive more budget cuts from Obama’s administration, or Bolden has been put in place to advance the global socialism Obama intends. It is clear that President Obama is not interested in NASA’s former greatness in being the kind of organization that invented Velcro and put men on the moon, but desires the rest of the world to become more proficient in their space programs with the United States out-of-the-way.

Many think that President Obama is a Muslim, although he has said that he’s not. It seems odd however that Obama would put so much emphasis on Muslims. He is not concerned with Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Scientologists, or even Christians—but Muslims. The employees who built the reputation of NASA have had to watch President Obama dismantle all their hard work with trivial nonsense and a pattern of behavior that anyone can see clearly.

Obama has purposely put a stop to NASA and done what the Soviet Union during the Cold War only fantasized about—ended the National Aeronautical Space Administration dominance in travel outside the globe in a progressive quest to honor Mother Nature. You see global warming freaks who wish to worship their incestuous Mother Nature desire to make their mother happy by ensuring nobody can ever leave Mother’s home. To make their mother happy, they are willing to cut out the legs of anyone who might escape Mother’s home. In this case it is NASA who promises to take mankind off planet earth, but progressives don’t want to see that happen, because they require captives chained to earth to believe their rhetoric and give them power.

If manufacturing and other industry were to move into space then who would listen to the preachings of the global warming freaks? To what God would the globalists sacrifice to? The progressive globalists would see that the control of their Mother Nature would be diminished as humans colonized the moon, and Mars, and built huge space stations to live in orbiting the planet. Mother Nature would have to look up at mankind as they leave her loving arms and she might be very sad.

The global warming freaks are like those suck-ass siblings who never leave the side of their mothers, and hope to bend the entire family around their illness in sacrificial service to their corrupt mothers. In this case it is Barack Obama who speaks on behalf of the global greenie weenies. His dedication to the Muslim religion is a convenient excuse to deter the efforts of NASA into productive executions of their energy. And then forcing NASA to buy into the global warming conspiracy by threatening to cut even more funding to the agency from the Obama Administration serves both objectives. Global warming advocates get respected NASA scientists to endorse their sorcery, while Obama pretends he’s making reasonable budget cuts. But in essence the action on behalf of the government is the threat of a thug bullying someone to force them to act against their reasonable thinking.

But not all NASA personnel is willing to play along, and that is the nature of their letter to Charles Bolden. It is commendable that those men and women named in the letter refuting the science of Global Warming as used by the progressive machine of Barack Obama and Charles Bolden were willing to stick up for themselves when it has been obvious that they have been coerced and bullied into action that was not in their best interest.

As we brace ourselves for D’Souza’s new film 2016 the evidence of Obama’s treachery is not in some far away conspiracy theory—it is happening right in front of us all. It is noticeable in many small ways. But it’s easy to see it in the big things too. Barack Obama is a climate science voodoo subscriber that desires to make Mother Nature proud of her children by not straying too far from home and cleaving to her breasts for milk and sustenance. The greenie weenies wish to make mother proud and chastise all those who wish to grow away from her grace.

In reality those global altruists are as sophisticated as the ancient Aztecs and their obsession with human sacrifice in a belief that the still beating human hearts ripped from a slain victim will bring water and food to their people. The modern equivalent is Barack Obama, Al Gore and other progressives who deem themselves the priests of a global mass sacrifice. They would see NASA destroyed and every American driving a Smart Car designed for children—because that’s how they see us all—as their children. That is, until a group of NASA scientists decided to stand up for themselves and the agency they helped to build—and told Bolden and his boss Obama—to go to hell.

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