Dr. Fauci Learned Too Late: Americans will never accept the limits of an administrative state

The Limits of an Administrative State

In a lot of ways, I’m grateful for this mass chaos that we are seeing today.  I have been warning about it for so many years. Finally, there is context to the warnings.  Now people who don’t think about these kinds of government problems very much can see the cost of what a bad government can bring them.  I wish it weren’t so costly, but I think people needed to see it in a way that impacted them.  In their busy lives of paying the bills and picking their kids up from soccer practice, most people don’t have time to think very deeply about the things that impact them most.  And in many ways, the pressure put upon Dr. Fauci under the coronavirus management has been a fantastic exhibition of why the concept of the Administrative State is a perpetual failure every time it was tried.  But too often, these failures have been hidden behind successes that happen by accident.  Because President Trump left the White House and Biden came behind him, it left Dr. Fauci exposed.  As soon as we took away the positive sales talk of Trump, Covid-19 and its perpetrators were left open to their commitment to administrative failure. I’ve been talking about the Edward Bellamy book Looking Backward because it was the formation essentially of big government at the start of the Progressive era, from the perspective of 1888.  And its stupidity in assuming that creating an all-powerful administrative state would be the cure-all for corruption and door for all future progress was misplaced from the start.  Many have always known this, but not enough could see it clear enough to act on that knowledge, that is, until now. 

From the Sunday Morning interview with the defender of the progressive administrative state, Ted Koppel, Dr. Fauci was exposed.  It’s clear that during all the lead-up to the pandemic crises role-playing that had been done at events like Event 201 in New York during October of 2019, that the American constitution was not discussed as a limiting factor to crises management on a global scale.  No matter what role Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci had in creating the Wuhan virus through gain of function research in partnership with China, it is quite evident that they did not understand how Americans would react to their protocols.  At first, people gave Dr. Fauci the benefit of the doubt.  They allowed lockdowns.  They allowed for masks, social distancing, and all kinds of crazy ideas created by the administrative state Edward Bellamy and Karl Marx had always dreamed of.  One world functioning under the rules and regulations of medical professionals to essentially nationalize all industry under a Covid emergency.  But Americans expect a plan to solve a problem.  They were never going to accept a perpetual change state where the medical industry that we count on to keep us healthy would become some parental government figure telling us what to do all the time, over everything.  And that ultimately is what Dr. Fauci didn’t understand at the beginning, which he is learning about now. 

Do I think Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are the intentional embodiment of evil?  No, I think they are typical bureaucrats who create evil by injecting themselves into a process as an administrative impediment to innovation, which is typical in all bureaucratic management bodies.  From their perspective, they were doing the right thing.  But see, that’s the problem.  The definition of the “right thing” is always determined based on the limited understanding of the characters involved. The administrative state that manages all that activity, as Edward Bellamy fantasized about, and progressives for the last 150 years have been trying to implement through our education system, was always going to be determined by the weakest links, which is something Americans ran from in Europe.  It was the cause of westward expansion.   Whatever anybody thinks about the destruction of the Indian nations, or the battles to free people from slavery, the revolutions, the piracy in the Caribbean, it all came from people wanting to be free of the administrative state, not chained to it more.  People like Dr. Fauci followed rugged Americans to their homes and now, through the media, were in every part of their lives.  So when there was no plan for getting rid of Covid, it would only be natural that people would grow to hate Dr. Fauci, as they hate all people who constantly intrude on their lives.  It’s clear now that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates never understood how Americans think or why, among others, in the administrative state. 

To indicate that Americans have a misplaced belief about individual rights over the demands of a public health crisis is not to understand the essence of our country.  Progressives like the billionaires attacking America like Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and many others have shown why we all want freedom from an overarching administrative state.  Whenever a thought process is siloed, as it is in the case of a heavily bureaucratic government where someone like Dr. Fauci sets a policy that everyone else must follow, then you are limited in your life to the limits of such people.  If they are not the smartest in the world or even the best, people will get frustrated and get stuck behind them.  For instance, I say this often, but when people tell you to stay in your lane, what they mean is that they expect you to stay behind some big truck on a highway that is only going 40 mph up a big hill, and they don’t want you to pass them.  They want you to follow the rules and to lower your own speed limit and expectations to the weakest link on the highway.  But Americans like to travel at their own speed, and if they come upon such a slow-moving vehicle, they expect to pass.  When the administrative state says they cannot give them room to pass, there will be angry people.  And Dr. Fauci obviously never planned for that reaction, which he should have considered from the outset. 

Before this debacle of the Biden administration and Dr. Fauci’s massive failures, by sticking himself into all our lives so recklessly, people tended to forget about the slow-moving trucks once they could pass.  By the time they got where they were going, their tempers lowered considerably, and life went on.  But now, because people have been restricted for so long, and there are no plans for a fix, people are getting justifiably angry.  America was founded as a solution to the administrative state.  We left the world to start our own life in North America.  We did it to be free of people like Dr. Fauci.  Not to become more managed by them.  Free people will give them the benefit of the doubt until it goes on too long and they get tired of being stuck behind the slow-moving truck. “They will not stay in their lane forever.” It’s a lesson Dr. Fauci and the rest of them learned too late.  No matter how good the intentions were, the rule in America is that administration state incompetency will not be tolerated, whereas it’s generally accepted in the rest of the world.   They accept it in other countries because they have learned to.  But in America, the nature of the people who make up the country and have a constitution that limits the powers of government on purpose, the concept of yielding to infinite authority isn’t in the cards.  Eventually, people will pass the administrators, and if their goals were to slow down society with their slow-moving truck, they would always end up disappointed.  The hatred of Dr. Fauci and the political division that has erupted over Covid is healthy, and it’s good for people to see it this way instead of through actual violence.  Perhaps this lesson will sink in and make us a better society.  But it won’t change America into an administrative state. Instead, maybe now people will listen better when we warn about it in the future. 

Rich Hoffman

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Darrell Brooks, the BLM Rapper MathBoi Fly: The killer of Waukesha is in custody

The race war that the political left has created against traditional America has left more misery upon the innocent prior to the Holidays in Wisconsin. Read the most recent information about the killer’s identity here:

Watch it while you can


Rich Hoffman

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UC Davis Makes First Move For Gun Confiscation: Why buying guns is the best vote that they can’t steal to save the republic

Buying More Guns is Great

It’s not as if we didn’t see this coming, but here is the case established by a liberal from the University of California Davis setting the story for anti-gun legislation under the Biden administration.  This is how the game goes, as I explain in the video above.  Garen Wintermute published a report in the Journal Injury Epidemiology stating that “upward trends in firearm purchasing, violence, and political extremism are converging to put the USA at risk for disaster in the months ahead.  We have no time to waste if we are to prevent the loss of thousands of lives and emerge with our democracy intact.” So this was one of the goals of Covid-19 was to establish the relationship between mass public health emergencies and the rights government could or should have under them.  When the government says something is a public health emergency, you see, that is the trigger for a suspension of constitutional rights. That’s the way they are playing this game.  And this professor at the liberal University of UC Davis is playing his role as an “expert” with an informed opinion that then demands legislative action by the political class.  (Yes, this is why I’m one of the most banned people on the internet.  All my IP addresses are shadow-banned, but the information gets out anyway, even in drips.  The bad guys don’t want you to know these kinds of things)  But the game is there for all to see.

Of course, what is never discussed is why tensions are so high in our country and so divided.  Well, that’s simple; it’s the political left who has attempted to drag right-minded people to their side of things with coercion and violence, or else.  That tends to make people angry, so angry that they are looking for some retaliation.  Some people do bend the knee and cave to the political pressure socially.  But there are many, around half the nation, who just won’t. I’d say the “absolutely won’t” is about 30% of the country with approximately 30% who are what they call “independent,” people who are indifferent to politics until it hits them in their homes.  They stay out of all conversations about political topics and positions of morality until the price of gas or milk goes up, then they become engaged.  But the political left has attempted to drag people kicking and screaming toward socialism and communism that has caused the reaction of buying more guns to defend themselves, which is the subject of this concerned political hit piece by the professor from UC Davis. 

With more than 300 million guns in America, there are very few shootings, statistically.  Those that do happen don’t usually occur by NRA types. It’s the drug users and sellers, the gang bangers, the lost pot smoking liberals who shoot up schools.  People from the radical left, not from the conservative right, use guns to kill people.  So this article has no basis in actual reality, only in building up a perception so the Biden administration can entertain the basis for gun confiscation.

In contrast, they still have the power to try it.  With the poll numbers being what they are and a change of party in the House and Senate coming, the Biden administration knows it doesn’t have much time to act on its radical gun-grabbing plan.  So that is the function of this liberal loser, writing this article as a “gun expert” about the possible public health emergency that gun violence could cause due to the rough waters ahead in a divided country.  The political left, after all, will be losing lots of seats, and to defend their loss of political power, they will attempt to create riots in the streets and harm people for it because—well, that’s all they know how to do.  They use violence and the threat of it to get power.  And when they lose power, they use violence and the threat of it to get it back.  That is why people have rushed out to buy so many guns because it gives them some political insulation from this insanity.   It makes people feel safer to have a home full of guns because they can’t trust their government. 

This has been the story of Covid-19, to establish an epidemiology case, to argue not on the merits of the Second Amendment, but on the grounds of public health, a new way to approach the issue of communism, that the public good outweighs the rights of individuals.  Did you see that coming, dear reader?  Pretty slick legal trick they are trying, but that’s the playbook.  Notice how the mass shooter from Las Vegas was never heard from again?  Or the many mass shooters in public schools were revealed to be marijuana-smoking liberals?  Or how the FBI tampered with evidence in the San Bernadino case during the Christmas season a few years back where they allowed the media into the killer’s apartment a few days after the shooting disguising it as “being transparent” when the real goal was to “destroy evidence at the scene of the crime.” That’s how these liberals get away with their crimes; they provoke the problem, then attempt to erase their footprints in the process.  What we have here with the professor from UC Davis is a radical in the crime approach, setting up the story before the crises could be announced to the world by the Biden administration.  It’s all so fascinating. 

Of course, Americans are correct to buy lots of guns, as many as they can afford. It’s the exact reason that we have not yet lost our country to the criminal attempts of the climate change United Nations insurgents who are controlling the Biden administration.  Imagine if we didn’t have guns?  How far they would have gone during Covid at stealing away our rights as a free people?  These attackers were behind the Great Reset targets that started gain of function research at the Wuhan lab sponsored by the American government’s Dr. Fauci, all to set up this legal merit to using public health issues to destroy constitutional protections.  If there were no guns, what would give them pause in their aggressive actions—the law, which they have shown they are willing to break openly?  Many Americans see what the political left is up to.

I certainly do, and my many readers here do, too, even with all the shadow banning.  In many cases, people are only getting this information at sites like this one.  Even the most alternative media out there doesn’t go far enough to explain these processes as they occur.  But enough of us see the writing on the wall, and we have responded with a healthy protest of buying guns to protect ourselves from this out-of-control, criminal government.  Knowing people who buy lots of guns and use them often, I can say that they haven’t given up on the ability to vote these losers out of office.  I certainly haven’t given up on our republic.  But before we turn to a socialist or communist government under the United Nations, we need to know that we have insulation from the attacks of our government against us.  And that is why gun sales and ammunition are so much higher than they have been in the past.  There is no shame in it. I’m not worried about any of my many neighbors and friends who have enough guns to fight off an army from their homes.  It’s not them who are the threat. It’s the intentions of this Biden government who has no problem stealing elections, selling us out to the United Nations, and creating Covid-19 under gain-of-function behind Trump’s back in 2017 under Dr. Fauci to create a bioweapon dedicated to the Great Reset goals of the United Nations.  Guns are our last line of defense from being sold out to other sovereignties, and I encourage people to go out and buy more, more and more.  In many ways, it’s the most honest vote we can have, one they can’t steal. 

Rich Hoffman

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Peter Navarro’s ‘In Trump Time’: Dr. Fauci must pay for his criminal conduct with Covid and his part in the Great Reset

Peter Navarro’s Book Has the Goods

I’m sure the plan by the characters of globalism articulated in the Quigley book Tragedy & Hope thought they had all the bases covered for a communist takeover of the world during the 2020 election season.  They had Dr. Fauci on board, a sponsor, Bill Gates, and many other billionaire types committed to the cause of complete insurrection of sovereignty into global compliance.  They worked with China to hatch the coronavirus in the Wuhan lab to ruin the world’s economies and use election fraud created by the chaos to destroy the Trump presidency.  The plan was to usher in the Great Reset that the Davos crowd was heavily invested in.  They had control of the corporate media, they had most of the corporate culture on board with wokeism, and they certainly had complete censorship by the Big Tech companies to control the message.  They were all in on the worst military attack known to the human race in 2020 when Covid-19 was created by people in a lab and allowed to leave China to start a chain reaction of destruction that we are still suffering from.  But one thing they didn’t count on was that the plan would get out despite their tight media controls.  Books from Trump administration officials like Peter Navarro would get out and be unleashed to the public.  For instance, Molly Hemmingway’s book Rigged was recently released, articulating how election fraud occurred in the 2020 election.  But the behind-the-scenes decisions about how everything transpired were eloquently told with great bravado in Peter’s book, In Trump Time, just released.  And what an injection of truth and fortune it was demanding action toward the criminal conviction of Dr. Fauci himself. 

By the end of the book, I arrived at two main conclusions, which any sane reader would also reach, the election of 2020 was rigged at many levels, not just at the presidential level, but all the down-ticket races as well.  By all practical accounts, the Democrats do not have actual majorities in the House or Senate.  The American people support nothing they are doing presently, and many Democrats feel that pressure.  What occurred in the election was a party coup, and the Trump administration knew it.  But they were up against the clock and didn’t know how to get the information out as fast as it needed to because they needed time to assemble all the pieces.  I understood that and reported as much along the way.  I knew it would take years to prove the election fraud, so it was challenging and frustrating for people like President Trump and Peter Navarro.  They knew from the inside out that there was fraud, but the system was built against them.  The Davos crowd bet on the clock to run out on the legal issues and planned for everyone just to shut up and comply halfway into the Biden administration, so they could have cared less what Trump or any of his supporters thought about it.  But they didn’t account for a free press of alternative media such as books and new social sights like Gettr to bypass their controls on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. 

I remember how it was, so it was nice to hear how the insiders at the Trump White House were dealing with it.  I had said early in the process, March 16th, 2020, that Covid-19 was like a terrorist attack, more like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor than an accidental viral outbreak.  The globalists, the Davos people, the characters of Quigley telegraphed all their movements with Event 201 in New York just months before, so nothing about Covid surprised me.  But what I did learn from Navarro’s book was how right I had been from the start, even before Rush Limbaugh had caught up to where I was.  At that time, I think I was the only one to figure out what was happening.  Other commentators like Candice Owens came to things faster than Rush did, but at the time, most everyone thought Dr. Fauci was some saint from the NIH who was a god to the CDC, and our lives were all linked to every decision he made without question.  I knew from the very first day that Fauci was a fraud.  I said it here.  I said it everywhere.  And Peter Navarro knew it too as early as January 28th, 2020, when they had a meeting at the White House to discuss travel bans from China to contain the effects of the virus. 

Well, now we know that on that very same day, January 28th, Fauci received an email letting him know in writing that Covid-19 was created in a lab and was unleashed out of China.  So, he knew that a travel ban would have been wise in the meeting with Navarro and Trump.  But he wanted the virus to get out of China.  And he continued to withhold that information for many months after, lying to the American people, to the president, perjuring himself before Congress, Fauci committed many crimes. Because of it, many people died and suffered trillions of dollars of losses in the process.  Those who didn’t die were ruined in other ways.  Dr. Fauci, the highest-paid government employee who just received a raise and was promoted within the Biden administration for a job well done, is the perpetrator of the worst crime of death and misery ever conducted upon the human race.  And he must be held accountable.  That is what is most apparent about Peter Navarro’s book, In Trump Time.

I often call Covid-19 a scamdemic.  Or a “plandemic.” It’s obvious who the villains were; Google was in on it, much of our government was, many other nations recently at the G20 Summit were.  Anyone attached to the United Nations idea of a “Great Reset” was part of it.  Anybody who talks about “Build Back Better” was in on it.  It’s not like it was a secret.  The apparent giveaway was that they didn’t want to talk about treatments to Covid, like hydroxychloroquine.  All they wanted was to use the virus to alter election law and to sell vaccinations, or the concept of centralized government control of viral outbreaks, which in this case, they created so they’d have a reason to advance the crises.  It was a fake crisis, but the virus was real.  I still have not recovered my sense of taste after two years of likely having Covid several times.  I have never thought of Covid as anything more than a cold, but some people have experienced severe reactions because it was not meant for humans.  It was meant for a bat.  They engineered it using gain of function funding from our own NIH to attack humans and create this crisis, which we are still dealing with.  The damage that followed in the wake is not just economically, which is a massive number, but in millions of people’s health and well-being.  And ostentatiously criminal.  Many people need to be punished for what they did, and Peter’s book only provides more proof to my previous opinions.  What is different with this book is that it comes from someone on the front line of the crises, and now he gets to tell his story.  And it’s a story that was not part of the plan for the Great Reset.  Thank goodness we still have a free market press, where there are publishers who will give people like Navarro a chance to tell such a story that demands justice before we do anything in the future.  We must deal with Dr. Fauci and his criminal class of bureaucrats and global cutthroats for what they did to all of us.

Rich Hoffman

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My Problem with The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates: The Second Amendment is the best and most efficient way to check the power of tyrants

It was almost humorous to watch Jerry Nadler’s reaction to testimony on the Second Amendment before congress during the last week of October 2021.  It’s not like the question was new, but the answer was perfect and stated what everyone needed to hear.   The Second Amendment is for preserving American freedom, even if its government loses its way and suddenly federal troops under orders from unconstitutional mandates mean that the police and military are suddenly the bad guys.  Further, it’s not for anybody to suspend their constitutional rights while the government figures it out in court, which can drag on for years and ruin lives in the process.  Suppose the government is wrong by not following the constitutions we all swore to protect and start acting out of other interests, like United Nations greenie weenie rules that only they came up with. In that case, a corrective measure is needed. The ownership of guns and their use is there to preserve individual liberty from tyranny.  And tyranny is a lot of what we have seen up to this point.  Fortunately, there haven’t been any shootouts over the preservation of our rights.  I think the reason why is most Americans know that they have those gun rights.  They have not taken too seriously the criminal government officials like Dr. Fauci that Disney has celebrated as some god of the universe.  Luckily the government hasn’t pushed itself onto people yet to the point where pulling a trigger is the only logical answer.  But we have come very close over the last few years, so perhaps this testimony was a suitable warning to progressives just how much rope they would be given to hang themselves.  But to be clear, Second Amendment rights are the last resort against a tyrannical government, such as we have now.  It’s not intended for hunting or to be micro-managed by caliber and to have a government taxing ammunition or deciding what a militia is.  The Second Amendment is for preserving our lives and our Republic from the bad guys. Suppose the military isn’t following those rules and are acting by some orders from corrupt officeholders. In that case, gun rights are meant to be that critical layer of protection for the individual. 

This is the reason I don’t typically discuss the book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.  Not because it’s philosophically wrong or not rooted in good legislative law.  I like the book quite a bit and am very supportive of people who understand it as officeholders.  As was proven during Covid-19, we had tremendous corruption by the various health departments and governors of America until local pushback against unconstitutional mandates, such as sheltering in place and mask-wearing, were realized.  It was the worst display of tyranny that the world had seen in one swipe, and I can say that one of the first to push back against Governor DeWine in my state of Ohio was our good Sheriff Jones, who refused to enforce the mask mandates.  As an example of the Second Amendment topic here, if Sheriff Jones had not stood up as a Lessor Magistrate in the pecking order of government offices and DeWine had instead ordered the National Guard to go door to door with mask enforcement, then that would be the last straw for a proper government.  A defense of liberties would have to be utilized through gun violence.  If not for local officeholders such as sheriffs, trustees, and House and Senate members, we saw through Covid that government would keep taking and taking until there is nothing left.  So I fully support The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates as a concept of federalism that keeps our government honest. It takes the edge away from having to resort to gun violence to protect our individual lives.

The 2nd Amendment is not for Hunting Animals, its is for Hunting Tyrants

But I have an additional wrinkle in my life that many don’t have; I don’t recognize any authority created by mankind as a higher magistrate to me.  I don’t recognize any living creature on the face of this earth as superior to me in any way.  All the titles created by mankind have been to do various jobs, whether work, politics, or social structure.  They only have value within the scope of the act they are attempting to manage.  But in life, I don’t recognize anybody as my superior, so the Lessor Magistrates is a bit of a problem for me.  Because it means you have to acknowledge that someone is your Upper Magistrate, which I won’t do.  I expect political figures to defend their turf under the federalism of our Republic, where the power starts from the bottom and works its way to the top.  And it concerned me greatly for a while to see this gross attempt by the federal government to assert itself as a centralized authority under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, which is still happening by the Jerry Nadler types. Still, many more Americans from the beginning are behaving more along with the proper management of a republic instead of some communist democracy.  But there were several terrifying moments along the way that I thought I’d have to turn to the Second Amendment for justice and to hell what happens after.  But because of the Lesser Magistrates and some good work by our Sheriff and our House and Senate members, they took away DeWine’s powers and restored to some extent the way our government is supposed to be managed. 

Yet, suppose the Lesser Magistrates had not stood up to the Upper Magistrates. In that case, you can bet that tyrannical governors like DeWine would now be turning to the National Guard to enforce their Covid protocols.  The United Nations, behind Covid as a push for a Great Reset, has had to watch this process with incredible frustration.  Much of their plans for a complete collapse of the American economy so that they could redistribute that wealth across the world were perplexed when all these governors stood in the way of a president they inserted illegally into the White House.  Governors like Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis stood up as Lessor Magistrates to the grotesque imposition of the Upper Magistrates, which then took away the pressure for gun violence as a last resort. 

Credit does go to Representative Chip Roy, however, for explaining to Jerry Nadler the essence of the Second Amendment in a very healthy way.  Suppose the authorities aren’t following the American Constitution and are seeking to impose some mandate upon me with a threat of violence. In that case, it’s time to turn to the Second Amendment for justice without a second thought.  Anybody not following the Constitution in any government is violating the agreement we all make under it.  At that point, it may be time for guns to blaze in defense of order and freedom. Compliance with tyrants and unjustified Upper Magistrates is not expected.  We aren’t even supposed to surrender our rights and to sort it out in court.  The point to deal with the conflict is at the point of the crime.  So in that way, I support our government and expect the Lesser Magistrates within the structure of federalism to push back against central authority whenever needed.  But if they don’t, I have my way of fighting tyranny, and it wouldn’t be a second thought for me. I’ve been on edge over this issue now for almost two years and am always a fraction of a second away from my unique way of saying no to tyranny.  Thank goodness for the Lesser Magistrates, though, that hasn’t happened yet. 

Rich Hoffman

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Shooting From the Hip: The cost of socialism in any society

Don’t Learn to Stay in Your Lane

While I was working on the themes for my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, one of my most important stops was the British Museum and sitting in the places where Karl Marx had written his books that literally changed the world.  While in London for this investigation, I took my family to the best restaurants and spent some time investigating the areas around parliament to understand the radical swings of their class structure and how anybody could even think that what Marx put down in his books was good.  After sitting in Marx’s same seats in the museum, I confirmed what I already knew; Marx was lazy and worked his ass off to prove it.  Yes, that is a paradox of terms, but that was what the guy was suffering from.  While his family sat at home, broke and hungry, Marx and Engles at the British museum tried to show the world why the capitalists were evil.  And many in British society who enjoyed the nice things in life felt guilty because they either acquired a lot of power from socializing or other methods, and it rotted their minds with unearned doubt.  So they formed political parties like the Labor Party in England and the Democrat Party in America.  Other places around the world, too, adopted Marx not because they thought it would make a better world but because it gave more centralized power to governments. Hence, the idiocy of Karl Marx spread like wildfire in a dry forest, and rage of destruction swept over the world.  But to my thinking, fires are good, and it benefits people to see things for themselves. That’s why what I wrote in my book was necessary.  Without the stupidity of Karl Marx to highlight the benefits of capitalism with a defense of it in my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, people may never have seen the differences between the two. 

Learning to Get Better

That’s what has happened with Marxism mixed in with capitalism; people didn’t notice the little things slowing us all down and constraining productivity.  Marxism has embedded itself in almost everything we do, but people did not see it as it was happening because as long as they could buy their cars, get milk at the grocery, and send their kids to school, they didn’t pay much attention.  But I did notice that it has been a source of constant frustration for me during my entire professional life, which started when I was still a teenager.  One thing about me that has always been criticized was that I “shot from the hip” too much.  People would say that I didn’t take careful aim in my life and take my time when shooting at targets.  That, of course, was a metaphor for my thought processes in how I manage things.  To others, I have always been the reckless cowboy who was too impulsive to be trusted.  Yet mysteriously, everything I have always touched succeeded.  I understood it on a conceptual level, but years later, when I would finally write a book about it, I had to understand it.  Like Marx, many people in the world are too lazy to become truly good at anything.  They grow up, they grow lazy, and they are content to be average.  So they bring this attitude to their businesses, and for their lazy minds, Marx was a kindred spirit.  While they wanted to make money in life, they didn’t want to work too hard to get it, so they adopted little bits of socialism along the way to make it so that they wouldn’t have to work too hard.  This point became very obvious to me once I started the sport of professional gunfighting for competitions.  I watched for years how real gunfighters could draw and shoot a gun by drawing from the hip in under a second.  It seemed impossible to me, but I wanted to learn to do it, so I began the learning process, and once I figured it out, all these other elements became very obvious.  Obvious enough to write a book about what I learned.

Shooting from the Hip is Good

One of the premises of communism is equality, which we hear about all the time now that Biden has been inserted in the White House to preserve these gains Marxists have made around the world.  But for equality to indeed happen, we must cripple those who are the best and fastest in life at certain things.  I often compare this metaphor to a hay bail truck full of farm animals traveling down the road at 45 miles per hour.  Up behind them, storming down the highway at 120 miles per hour, is a fancy sports car that can take curves on a dime and run all day long at 200 mph.  Socialist society says that the fancy car has to stay behind the truck because that is the constraint, that is the average, and to be fair, everyone needs to build their life off the average.  The speedy car is supposed to slow down to 45 mph and not pass.  Socialist society creates rules like double yellow lines to keep everyone staying in their lane so that socialism and communism can occur.  However, in America, the rules have always been in reverse.  The fast car was encouraged to pass or have a speed lane to travel in to go as fast as possible.  Speed limits aren’t made for the best and most competent; they are made for the average, the slow, and the lazy-minded.  Those who can’t or won’t think too fast to avoid an accident.  Therefore, the speedy car is penalized and encouraged to be less than it is in a democracy where the majority of the people decide what the average behavior should be.  This is how our businesses have been crippled and how the government has enforced converting America from capitalism to socialism over time.  Through rules and regulations intended to force people to stay in their lanes, not shoot from the hip, and ignite Karl Marx while suppressing Adam Smith.

I’ve always been that guy who shot from the hip, and I’m very proud of it.  Even now that I’m later in my life than when many of these things have been said about me, learning to shoot in Cowboy Fast Draw activities has shown me the essence of becoming better each day.  What seems impossible today may be quite possible tomorrow if only you put a little work into it.  That is what America did best in the past and still is better than anyplace else in the world mired in socialism and communism.  This is also how many of our corporations had become so woke, just as the politicians of England did when scrappy old Karl Marx worked himself to death trying to create a philosophy of government that justified his laziness.  I didn’t feel I could say that based on just my opinions of reading his books.  But I could say it after I sat in his seats and saw the world from all of their perspectives.  Marxism and its birthplace there in London intended to be in the world that hey bail truck going 45 miles per hour.  They created rules in life to protect the feelings of the slow and lazy from the speedy and competent.  And when they called me names like “cowboy” and a person who “shoots from the hip” too much, they might as well have been calling me the most derogatory names humans could call each other, hoping to peer pressure me into accepting average behavior.  But I never will.  Instead, I’ll explain the differences to people with a mind to hear it, and I’m not about to ever accept getting stuck behind slow traffic on the highway.  The goal of all of us should always be to get faster, wiser, and better.  Not to accept the lazy and dim-witted who want to rule the world but are too lazy to do it. 

Rich Hoffman

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Anna Perez Understands: Overcoming America’s inferiority complex and becoming your own shepherd

Overcoming America’s Inferiority Complex

As I was promoting my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business,I discovered the show on Real America’s Voice, The Water Cooler, with David Brody.  I contacted the producer Anna Perez about coming on and talking about the book’s contents because it seemed that they would be interested.  This is the same network that produces The Warroom and Dr. Gina, so they have some good things going on there that people are just discovering.  I certainly fit in that category.  Here I was promoting a book, but my personal feelings limited my reach to an audience with clear parameters regarding the massive amounts of injustice that we see play out politically.  So Fox News was out.  Newsmax was too wishy-washy.  They wanted to be a Fox replacement, but they were shying away from the real sources of the problem.  One American News was stuck in what we’ll talk about here, a kind of inferiority complex common among conservatives for all the reasons we’ll discuss.  So what I found in Real America’s Voice was something different.  They were confident, hungry, and asking all the hard questions.  I had a person the other day asking me on Gettr what a replacement for Fox was during a discussion and when I said Real America’s Voice, they shunned it away as if it was a radical right-winged network of religious freaks.  To that, I could only say, the crazy lunatics who are the current problem in the United States would say that anything to the right of Vladimir Lenin is a “radical right-winger.” The entire political scale has been moved and measured so that I would reject the whole premise.  Real America’s Voice represents most American beliefs, and I have found I enjoy them very much.  And I have become quite a fan of Anna Perez’s produced show The Water Cooler.  It’s more fun than The O’Reilly Factor, which made Fox News what it became, and it indeed points to the future of what our country will become once we sort out all this current mess and get Trump, DeSantis, or Kristi Noem in the White House again. 

Anna Perez has done several shows over the last several weeks when she has hosted The Water Cooler as David Brody has been out, that deals with the lack of masculinity in our culture.  Of course, we all know why, especially now.  Our society was primed for a global takeover, and the attackers wanted an easy way. So they watered down the necessity of men with all kinds of sexual viewpoints that would underline toxic masculinity in our culture and replace it with this kind of “beta” male that most women don’t want.  The rest of the world doesn’t identify with masculinity these days, and they certainly understood that to conquer the United States, men needed to be neutralized.  So of all the news reporting going on, Anna has been contemplating why we have allowed ourselves to fall for this concept of toxic masculinity in a busy news cycle.  It’s at the source of everything bad that has been happening to us as a country.  When attacked, the men are running away; they are not standing and fighting.  This goes back to every time society told us that it was OK to cry; we should all hug and express our feelings.  When public schools started promoting this kind of behavior twenty years ago, more people should have seen the intent.  But here we are, and Anna Perez is one of the only ones out there these days asking the question correctly and often.

I essentially wrote my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business as an answer to this problem.  It is a guidebook to solving many of these contemporary issues.  But to sum it up concisely to answer the question, I discovered the answer at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, as my book was going through the last parts of the editing process with the publisher.  I had long been thinking the same things as Anna has been, where are the men, why are they so ashamed, and how could we wake them up?  Well, oddly, the answer is one that essentially answers the old Saul Alinsky question about Christians and how the left can permanently paralyze conservatives into defensive positions when attacked.  The leftist attackers exploit a part of the conservative brain that puts them perpetually on the defensive, and now with the lack of manhood to defend such actions, there was no defense mechanism.  This was further obvious to me while at a funeral recently where the church was decorated with images of the shepherd guarding the flock of sheep, meaning Jesus playing the role of shepherd and the congregation being the sheep. That’s an excellent idea in church, but when some crazy leftists step in and take out the shepherd, they gain control of the sheep, and that’s what we find has happened to us.  The sheep might be upset about it, but they still follow whoever the shepherd is.  So for the world’s malcontents and evildoers, they understand that the way to beat conservative America is to fight to become their shepherd.  Replace their god with government, and most of the battle is already over.

I propose in my book for the reader to become their own shepherd and look back to the great gunfighters of American culture as the reference.  Take away the willingness to cooperate as a group of sheep and be your own shepherd.  It will help your business, your community, but most of all, your family.  But there is an additional problem that must be solved, which I discovered at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. It’s the inferiority complex that most Americans have about how young our country is and how we assume that Europe and other places are wiser than we are because of the depth of their history in arts and sciences.  While Buffalo Bill was touring his Wild West show around Europe, even he became enchanted with the Europeans honoring him as a great representative of American culture. That endorsement filled a need that he and most Americans had to be respected by the mother country.  Even now, most Americans still view Europe as the big brother or parent to impress.  There are many great things about America, but our weakness is that we don’t have a vast history of showing that our culture works instead of the other cultures around the world who do have deep histories.  That inferiority complex has prevented us from fully embracing an America First platform.  Sure, there are 30% of all people who get it.  But there is still another 20% who are too insecure about assuming that they are equal or even better off than European or Asian culture.  Then there are the below-the-line thinkers beaten in life who become liberals and want to be sheep all their lives. 

I talk about all this in the clip above; it’s a topic that could use much discussion.  But Anna Perez is tapping into the issue by identifying the toxic masculinity problem.  We can see the shadows of the conspiracy, which is undoubtedly a global trend.  I remember reading the Fifty Shades books a few years ago to understand why women were so hungry for those books, which were essentially about sadomasochism.  I found the lead character repulsive and excessively weak.  From a female perspective, there were all kinds of things going on. The politics of our times have sought to remove men from society to expose that need in women.  The goal has been to replace men as the family’s shepherd and replace them with the government.  It was essentially a coup of every American home.  I wrote my book as a guide to get out of that cycle and to think not just like a man again, but as a culture of shepherds, not sheep.  And what makes us that way, and why are Americans different than other places in the world?  Well, it starts with the invention and cultivation of the gun in our culture.  Not as a weapon of death and destruction.  But in becoming shepherds of our destiny and leaders of business, industry, and family.

Rich Hoffman

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Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium: The race to communism

The Race to Communism

It’s happening on Frank Speech.com on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of the first week of August 2021, the Cyber Symposium that shows clearly there are founded questions about the 2020 election that at least casts doubt on the results.  I would offer professionally that Mike Lindell will show vast voter fraud that stole the election away from the people’s pick in Donald Trump.  Instead, they gave us a phony corporate shill in Joe Biden, a rubber stamp selling machine that seeks to trade American sovereignty into global unity.   I always say, don’t listen to what people say because people, for the most part, will lie and say anything out of self-preservation.  But always pay attention to what they do, such as the CNN hit piece against Lindell ahead of the Symposium where they always preface this story as “false claims” without having any idea if there are actual claims.  And to always point to their support foundation of “election officials” as the arbiters of truth because they are the experts in the matter.  Just like Dr. Fauci, who has been caught funding gain of function in Wuhan with communist China cooperation and millions of dollars of funding from the NIH, we are all expected to accept what “experts” say without paying any attention to what they do.  The election officials of 2020 in the controversial areas in question got caught rubber-stamping the results as they do in every election, and they weren’t prepared for a challenge. Now they are all involved in a cover-up of their guilt.  That is what the smart money says happened, and the proof is coming out. That’s the point of Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, after all.   As CNN noted, they hired nine cybersecurity experts to poke holes in Lindell’s theory.  But remember, Lindell is offering 5 million dollars to anyone who can prove him wrong.   Wait and see if any of these nine experts go to the Symposium to collect.  Of course, they won’t, because what they say is not the same as what they do.   CNN inspired them to say Lindell was crazy.  But they didn’t pay them 5 million dollars.  Mike Lindell is, and do you think a single critic will go collect the money?   There is your proof in Lindell’s favor.

The great race presently was mentioned on that CNN piece.  The fear that the insurgent side has, which is the radical progressive left, the corporate soothsayers who have bet their company’s futures on the Chinese domination of America, and the international globalists who have always been jealous of America, is that American voters will lose faith in the election system and of the institution of government itself.  Should that happen, which I would say for many people has already occurred, the ability to scam the public, in general, will be lost, and terrible conflict will follow.  That is why CNN and other news organizations from the outset claimed that any reference to election fraud was “false” and “without proof.” Because they couldn’t afford for America to lose faith in its elections, but after what they did to Trump over the last four years, and how they did not rally behind a popularly elected president, that hypocrisy will always live with them.  They are guilty and forever will be of taking those first shots in this new Civil War.  They will never be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again because it was they who pushed him off to break into thousands of pieces, to begin with.  Harassing Mike Lindell from putting his money behind uncovering voter fraud will only push people further toward Lindell and the eventual truth of the matter.  And that is the race that the left is engaged in.  They know that it’s coming.  Right now, it’s a portion of Trump supporters, roughly 30% of the country.  But when that number increases over 50%, which is happening now, the real danger begins for the established order. They hope that Covid, mask mandates, and lockdowns might push people into socialism. The acceptance of centralized authority functioning with complete control might occur before people get so angry that politics will change forever.

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And that’s what I referenced in the video above, the gulf between people like you and I who are always out front on these issues, sometimes by decades, and the mainstream blue pill types who are always slow to come to the realizations.  It is hard for many people to realize that there is so much corruption because acknowledging that requires them to do something.  And they don’t have time or energy to do anything about that.  Most people are raising kids, dealing with elderly parents, illnesses of their own.  People all work somewhere or want to be.  Then there are lots of video games to play, lots of shows to watch on streaming services, television cable, going out to eat.  There are many things to think about; nobody has much room to think about a corrupt criminal government.  And that’s why so many criminals became involved in government because they knew they could get away with crimes, and nobody would notice.  The reporters these days are lazy; they want to get their 400-word articles done as quickly as possible.  The TV people say what writers tell them to, and everyone is just going along to get along, so there hasn’t been a check on the system for years.  Of course, there was election fraud.  There always is.  The difference this time was that the political left panicked when Trump got over 70 million votes despite everything that was done to stop Trump.  So on election night, many political factions committed fraud without coordinating well with each other, and they ended up stepping through the wet paint they had painted themselves in the corner with.  And we can see the footprints going off in lots of directions.  Some of the cheating was cybercrime from China.  Some of it was the mail-in ballots.  The dead people.  The wrong paper.  Some were suppression polls, such as calling Arizona early while people were still in line voting.  The election fraud came from many panicked activists who threw a hail-marry for the end zone late on election night after the Vegas odds had called the election for Trump.  The election officials, some of who were Trump-hating Republicans whose own financial interests had been compromised, and in their laziness of being caught rubber stamping, found themselves in the middle of a controversy none of them were prepared for.  After all, nobody ever checks election results.  America always accepts them, until this time resulting in nobody knowing what to do.   But it was CNN and many others on the left who opened the door to election integrity.  They were the first to pull the bricks out of the wall that is now coming down. 

Everyone knows the story is getting out, and the mainstreamers are starting to question things.   That is the race to implement massive socialism, and even communism in America before a majority of the people wake up enough to do something about it.  For the Trump voters, they already did something about it when they voted for Trump.  I went over this past weekend to a funeral in Southern Indiana, and let me tell you how many Trump flags I saw lined along people’s property.  I stopped counting at 200, and there were many more than that.  People get it.  Lots of people get it and are fully awake.  It’s not Mike Lindell that CNN fears, and the government in general. He’s just a guy putting his money where his mouth is.  Mike knows; that’s why he’s paying 5 million dollars to anyone who can prove him wrong.  But what CNN fears and the government of Biden does even more so is that people will figure all this out before converting America into an authoritarian state similar to China, Venezuela, or Cuba.  That is their only hope that they can delay the inevitable until they have complete control.  And that is the truth behind everything we see.  Just always remember, it’s what people do that matters.   

Rich Hoffman

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Blue Origin’s Spaceflight: The unfortunate cost of being one of the world’s most hated men

What Should Have Been

I wanted to enjoy the rocket launch of Blue Origin as it occurred in July of 2021.  But, hey, it’s Jeff Bezos. I’ve written many good articles on Bezos in the pre-Trump days, but he’s come out as so anti-Trump, that it’s impossible to like the guy.  But as a big fan of commercialized space and the steps Bezos had played in making it more of a reality, I did my best to put all that aside to support what he did when he went to space with three other people to prove that traveling into space could be so easy that anybody could do it.  And it was, the space flight itself was great.  The Blue Origin rocket itself was brilliant.  It took off effortlessly with minimal infrastructure and flew out into space without any sign of struggle.  The booster rocket returned to earth and landed like a special effect from some excellent science fiction movie.  It was so good that it didn’t look real.  Then, the capsule containing the passengers came back to earth and landed almost where they had all taken off.  Nobody emerged from the vehicle looking chaotic or stressed out. It was smooth as silk and quite an achievement for commercial spaceflight.  Jeff Bezos even wore a cowboy hat before and after to understand the kind of mentality it will take to commercialize space. That space flight itself did not have to involve pressure suits and other inconveniences.  In all those ways, the flight was enormously successful. However, spaceflight was never going to be the problem.  The problem was Bezos himself.  As one of the world’s wealthiest people, that, of course, makes him a target of every bootlicker there is.  Add to that the awkward nature of Bezos himself, where he always comes out sounding like a Bond villain, even at a birthday party, and the PR for the spaceflight was just terrible. 

After what Amazon did to Parler after the Trump election of 2020, it was the final straw for me.  Amazon is a great place to buy books and just about anything else you might want, but now they had made themselves political activists, and that was the beginning of their eventual doom.  Their branding would be harmed forever.  Now that won’t matter, but it will slowly rot Amazon in the years to come because they essentially alienated 80 million Trump-voting Americans, which will be a real problem in the future.  I responded by moving my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, from Amazon’s Bookbaby and moved it to a more conservative publisher, which took some effort.  Amazon is the largest bookseller globally, so my current publisher lists books there, but I was not about to publish my book with Amazon, even though they have tremendous resources.  It comes down to Jeff Bezos and his activism that is the problem.  I often forgive, to some extent, rich people and how they have to appease the mobs of progressivism. Still, Bezos has gone too far in trying to control the corrosive elements of progressivism by becoming one of its spokesmen.  And that is what ruined his spaceflight.  After the historic flight, Bezos gave $100 million as a donation to liberal causes to the communist Van Jones, which was simply unforgivable. 

I get it; Bezos didn’t have any blacks on the space flight, so he had to do something for the black community to justify his picks for space.  But that didn’t stop the onslaught of hatred that emerged after the flight, everything from the rocket looking like a penis to Bezos’s cowboy hat during the journey.  People don’t like Bezos because he presents himself as a progressive hack.  Like many other modern people of great wealth, they think the future is in globalism, so they have worked against American tradition to favor a change state government that liberals will run.  And that dream is falling apart in their hands, running like water between their fingers, and Bezos seems to have an understanding of that.  After all, Amazon knows that conservative books are outselling liberal books by a lot so that the trend won’t be going in the direction of Van Jones.  Bezos has gone all-in on betting that liberalism would win anyway, and that has created a level of tension that is ever-present with anything attached to Blue Origin.  Of course, Bezos shares that problem with the Walt Disney Company who has also gone all-in on a progressive world of tomorrow.  But like Virgin Galactic’s journey to space, they made the mistake of miscategorizing space travel as an extension of preserving the earth rather than escaping from it.  Bezos made comments about looking back on the earth from space and appreciating that we are all in it together or something stupid like that; it came out sounding terrible.  Not something people could feel proud of. 

That’s the sad part of the story; what should have been a great day came out as a bla.  A perfect feat of engineering that involved many thousands of people turned out to be all about the odd personality of Jeff Bezos.  Nobody cared about his mom, his brother, or the other passengers because the entire event came out as a pr appeasement of progressive erosion to give a rich person a ride into space.  The scope of the effort was lost in the hatred toward Jeff Bezos by a public that decided it just doesn’t like him.  And if he were the kind of person who could care less, it would at least be honest.  But he tries to pull the shades over everyone’s eyes, including Van Jones.  To cover that ground of oddness, he just tossed $100 million to a devout global communist from CNN, giving more power to an enemy of Americana all the while trying to appeal to the cowboys and Trump voters by wearing the cowboy hat.  What he ended up doing was making everyone mad.  The story of space was lost in the drama, which is saying a lot.  With such an outstanding achievement into the vastness of space, all people saw was a way to poke fun at Bezos, one of the world’s most hated people.  But people don’t tell him they hate him because they want a chance to maybe get some money from him at some point.  Yet as I say all the time, you can tell a lot more about people by what they do, not necessarily what they say.  And that is what came in the aftermath of the Blue Origin space flight; people could only find fault in an otherwise faultless flight.  A journey to space without error, as predictable as the hands on a clock, but as hated as a pile of cow dung.  The public would have instead had anybody else go to space aside from Jeff Bezos. That’s what’s sad about the effort; rather than advance space travel, it had the feeling of setting it back by decades.  Giving that big check to a communist as payment for letting the socialists and the communists of the world let Bezos go to space came out as an ominous message of appeasement rather than freedom.   It said to the world that we are slaves to it and the communist greenie weenies who inhabit its service like a virus of thought that seeks to chain humans to earth forever and never let go. 

Rich Hoffman

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America Was Meant to Divorce the Class System: Answering a good question

America was Never Meant to have a Class System

When I posted the video for this article, I received an excellent comment asking a great question.  When talking about a class system in America and recognizing it, this person wanted to know what to do about it.  Here is the comment:

“All well and good, but how do we the people reign in corruption in our government from our meager station? When my best year is working in a machine shop, I made $63,000; someone like Hank Johnson makes $174,000 plus perks.  Look up Hank Johnson’s quote about Guam.”

My first instinct was to reply to this guy and say, “well, this is why I wrote my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, to undo this very notion of a class structure in our political world.” That is, after all, how you fight it.  The thing to do is to understand what is happening then divorce yourself from that class system. Don’t let them call you Middle Class or anything as such.  Ignore their class system, function without it.  Of course, his question is that we’re all in it whether or not he likes it.  And to that, I would say, read my new book; it tells you exactly how to function without a class system, but one of earned merit.  But that is kind of cheap to say, “go read my book.” That’s why I wrote it and why it’s separate from something like an article on this blog.  It’s an actual strategy guide for undoing many of the corrosive forces holding back our current society, whether raw progressivism or malicious communism using a class system to enforce their control over the masses.  Or the cost structure of your company and its success or failure and the ultimate connection it has to your ability to make a living.  An answer to a question like his deserves at least some perspective.  Yes, my book would help him, but some context to the problem is well worth answering.

In the video above, I talk about one of the most important things to both males and females that there is in the world, the pecking order of our species and where we reside on it.  I attended a lecture on Joseph Campbell many years ago in Washington D.C., where this topic was covered, and it has always stuck with me.  Not because I agree with it as an accepted reality, but because it truly is one of the most significant elements of human society anywhere in the world.  Our entire public school system is built around this premise, so the people that want to control us, like the guy mentioned in that question, use the pecking order system as a way to preserve their reality.  Once we become adults and accept our pecking order station in life, whether it’s at the top or the bottom or somewhere in between, we typically stay there the rest of our lives.  The guy who accepts that he’s not very smart marries the safe girl who balloons up into a big hipped pillow of flesh in her middle years has kids that don’t like him, and who stays in middle management his whole life was put there through the pressure cooker of adolescence by society, and he never questioned it.  He accepted it and moved on to living life.  That way, when a government tells him to wear a mask or pay huge taxes, he pays the money without question and does what he can to avoid conflict and work from week to week to catch the next Sunday NFL games, which he genuinely enjoys.  If he’s daring, he may put $5 into the office pool and play the brackets of NFL teams who pick the most winners from week to week.  He might treat himself to BW3s and a cold beer that his wife won’t know about if he wins. 

That previous paragraph might sound like a sad case, but it’s a situation to some degree or another what a majority of people believe about themselves.  I used the example of a guy because it’s genuinely understood.  Women have the same problems but with a different focus.  Did I marry the right guy for my children?  Is this the best house I could get as a nest for my family?  Did I get the best DNA for my children using all my female charms to do so?  Again, these aren’t things we talk about, but they are the things that concern us most.  The higher up the pecking order, the better spouse you get, the more resources you have access to.  How much do you fight to rise to the top, or is it better to keep your head down and accept where they put you in life?  These are the things that keep all of us up at night.  The pecking order mentality is a carryover from years of evolution in our species.  But intellectually, as I argue in my book, America came along to shatter that reality.  And for a period, we did just that.  Over time and with the introduction of progressivism from Europe, masking outright Marxism, the class system has crept back into American vocabulary to present us with today’s problems.  The solution to those problems is to cast off the class system. 

My book demonstrates that the American Gunfighter was romanticized the way they were because it showed that people of all stations in life could throw off the class system.  Gunfighters like Wild Bill and wild west performers like Buffalo Bill Cody demonstrated that through western expansion, not old money from Europe, people could become wealthy and independent through panning for gold, winning at gambling, or gunfighting bad guys in dusty streets.   I would point to the magical Second Amendment and say to anybody that the key to casting off the class system in America is in the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment.  The right to own and carry a gun for your self-defense means that you cannot be forced into a pecking order position where the strongest and fastest can step ahead of you in life and take the best spouse and the most money.  If you can shoot, you can have the world at your feet.  You can be small, fat, tall, and ugly, but you can also be rich just like anybody else in aristocracy, and you can have a clean and independent life if you dare to.  That is the short answer to that original question.  For the long answer, I’d say read the book.  But to get to the gist of it, pecking orders are a shackle on our minds that we need to be free of.  Gun ownership is the first step to taking those shackles off not so that you can shoot people who are in front of you.  But so that you can know that they can’t force themselves on you and push you into a position on that pecking order where you don’t want to be.  And it is in that mindset that freedom is born. 

Only when you stop acknowledging the class system can you bring down the aristocrats of old who want Marxism to put them in the upper class to have the best of what the world offers without actually being the best at anything.  To the point that Hank Johnson rules over the hard-working machine shop worker because he makes more money, well, the assumption is that money indicates where we all are on the pecking order of life.  If an ugly guy tries to pick up a nice-looking woman in a bar, she won’t pay him any mind and will blow him off quickly.  At first glance, fair or not, she doesn’t want his DNA to make a bunch of ugly kids.  But, if that ugly guy has a lot of money, well then, she will likely talk to him. She’ll put up with the ugly kids for the nice house and not worry about money for the rest of her life. That’s the effect of the pecking order. We’ve allowed those rules to shape our culture in such away.  But when someone like Hank Johnson makes more money than us, we accept that he is higher up the pecking order than we are, so we naturally obey him, even when we know better.  The key is to stop thinking like that and to start thinking like a gunfighter.  You don’t have to shoot anybody to make your point.  All you need to do is stop playing their game and know that you can be anything you want; you can make all the money you wish to, if only you dare to in America. 

Rich Hoffman

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