Clay and Buck Avoid the Obvious: If you aren’t talking about election fraud, you aren’t serious about solving election problems in America

Of course, there was election fraud, massive amounts of it. And it makes sense if you understand the nature of those who want to be in power. The temptation is all too real for them. The foreign influence in our elections in America is a serious problem that nobody wants to discuss because they like the money, and it fits into their view of things. But I found it stunning to listen to Clay Travis and Buck Sexton try to talk about the election results of 2022 without talking about election fraud. They wanted to talk about everything, but what wasn’t the problem. Voter engagement, policy communication, ballot harvesting, and why Republicans need to get on board with the exact mechanisms, like get-out-the-vote campaigns at gun shows and country music concerts. But none of that will matter if Democrats, and specifically rival foreign powers, have control of our election system and can essentially put anybody they want into power despite who we vote for, just by cheating the margins in states where loose voting laws still allow for the Covid mail-in ballots days ahead of an election. And with such a mechanism with loose restrictions on who can vote and how many times they can, the essence of that election fraud problem is built into our elections these days. The media culture that protects it is this margin-beating assumption where the vote counters know the trends and can then know how to stuff the ballots to tip their pick over the top. That clearly happened in Arizona with Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake. And until that issue is dealt with, nobody is really serious about winning honest elections. You can’t win if you are not allowed to cross the finish line. 

I generally like Clay and Buck, who have replaced Rush Limbaugh on his Excellence in Broadcasting radio show starting at noon on radio stations all over the United States. They are pretty good, and if Rush Limbaugh were alive today, he would likely agree with me. I think Clay and Buck get it, too, with the microphones turned off, as most Republicans do. But for anybody with a corporate media gig, they know that election fraud is off-limits. Every communication company with some relationship with the World Economic Forum has put a wet blanket around any talk of election fraud because that is how they stay in power. That is how they plan to implement all their big ideas for world domination by the year 2030. If they can’t control elections, they can’t perform their plans for the Great Reset, which is complete control of the world’s economies, and to surrender all human activity to the pagan cult of Earth Worship represented in today’s climate change. I’ve been saying it for a long time. I don’t make a living off corporate media, so I don’t care what they think of me. But people who work for some big media companies, including local outlets, know the rules, and election fraud is off-limits. Yet, given the obvious nature of it in this 2022 election, it was stunning to listen to these two smart guys talk for a week after the election about everything but the actual problem. It doesn’t matter how nice Republicans are or how much ballot harvesting there is. When you count votes as Katie Hobbs did for our Arizona governor campaign, nobody will ever win elections again unless they kiss the ring of the Desecrators of Davos. And if that limits voter engagement in the future, that only helps the bad guys because it makes it easier to control who wins, which has been the case where the evidence has been pointing for decades. This isn’t just a 2020 thing. 

In every race, many of which are still counting votes for election day of 2022 by Thanksgiving, weeks later, the slow counts are all about ballot drops which they calculate how many phony ballots have to be inserted into that next drop to knock off the percentages for the rival. For instance, in the case of the ballot drops for Kari Lake, it was known that if she got 60% of the rural vote, she would easily win as Governor of Arizona. So the vote counters put into those ballot drops, each one based on the result of the previous one, inserted double counts, dead people, drug addicts who traded drugs for a filled-out ballot in a Walmart parking lot, which would then water down the margin for whoever they are counting. In the case of Kari Lake, therefore, she trended in the 50s, not the 60s, and that allowed Katie Hobbs to hold her lead from the city votes and squeak out a very narrow win. Everywhere we see these very narrow wins, this is the process of what is happening. The vote counters look at the results of each ballot drop, and they are mixing bad ballots for their chosen candidate in the following drop to count and wear away the opposition. It will be easy for Kari Lake to challenge those votes in a hand recount because the cheating was blatant. Katie Hobbs couldn’t afford to lose, nor could Democrats in general, and they didn’t care who noticed because corporate media had set up a cover fire to keep the questions from even being asked. 

Not that it’s a massive conspiracy, but this is the Vico Cycle I’m always talking about entirely at work. Of course, the kind of people who want to have power over others will protect a system where an aristocracy can rule over the many, and the type of people who crave such a life are very many. They don’t want a merit-based system where actual performance puts people in power. And you’ll find that most corporations are filled with these kinds of people. Most people hold their noses and give up a lot of their personal integrity to get along with the people who rule in their society at whatever level they are participating. For all the reasons that Clay and Buck, so they could be on the air and continue to do their show on corporate media platforms and continue to be contributors on Fox News, they have no choice but to play along with the narrative, and that is actually part of this cheat mechanism. If people want to get paid, they’ll shut their mouths, protect their place in this untalked-about aristocracy, and be happy about it. Just as nobody was supposed to question the Joe Biden vaccine mandates flowed down through human resource compliance paths. This means of controlling speech by essentially controlling the means of earning a living and whether a critic can have a job is appalling. If Rush Limbaugh were still doing that show, he would talk about election fraud. He was independent enough to push back against his corporate sponsors, whereas Clay and Buck just don’t have that personal power, and few people do. That is why preserving this aristocratic rule over the many is so enticing. Once power seekers find themselves in the comfort of that club, they will do anything to protect it, including lie, cheat and steal. And even if they know something to be fake, such as election results, they will hold their nose and put up with it because they want to keep working for the very types of people who are committing the crime. 

Rich Hoffman

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China is Hiding its Guilt: They’re late to the Covid game, but their actions show their intent

China is Hiding their Guilt

There was a bit of humor coming from Don Jr online where he posted, “Florida man found dead in a mansion along with 29 other corpses. Two tons of cocaine and fully automatic AR-15s: Authorities say deaths Covid-19 related.” See, he gets it, and so do most people these days. Covid has been a scam, a giant government cover-up for crimes they got caught conducting to destroy American sovereignty and to deliver us all to the clutches of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” They have killed people with Covid by not allowing them access to Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine and instead insisted on some ridiculous notion of hiding from the virus from behind a mask, social distancing, and partnerships with drug companies to force mandated vaccines that don’t work, all to drive a narrative they started in China with government money, to make the virus through “gain of function” with Dr. Fauci at the center of it all. China facilitated all this nonsense and put itself at the center of the action. Now it’s all out of control; two years later, many people died, lives ruined forever, and economic destruction that wipes out the terror of even the worst of our natural disasters. Covid-19 is government stupidity at its highest. Never underestimate what weak-minded people will do to stay in power. Tragedies like Covid-19 are the results, and this has been the worst that we have ever seen in human history. So, of course, a cover-up, like what Don Jr. mentioned with tongue in cheek, is sure to follow, and that’s precisely where China finds itself today. 

It would be funny if it weren’t so true and malicious; I remember it well and reported on it here at this blog site, the New Year in China from 2020 to 2021. They were feeling pretty good about themselves. They celebrated with crowded streets, packed nightclubs, and a finger in the eye of the United States. Trump was leaving the White House, and they would be dealing with their kind of insurgent, President Biden. There would be no more trade war. There would be no criticism of their communist government. China had launched Covid, helped out their United Nations friends with leverage only China could have produced, a virus under the cloak of darkness in the highly unregulated communist country, and it set the world ablaze with Covid protocols invented by a conglomeration of socialists and Marxists at the World Health Organization. That New Year, while the world still was under lockdowns, caused by China’s virus, China was showing how open they were, how well their “communist” government had managed the virus, and were open for business and their continued quest to sink America and the West as GDP competitors in the world marketplace. China was out to put us all down, destroy our cultures, and have us crawl to them for help. That was how 2021 started. But it ended a different way, on the cusp of the Beijing Olympics, which China was now hosting, and they had a problem. The eyes of the world would not go away from Chinese affairs.

China has a different problem now; they have a closed society to control what their people see and hear. But over the last few years, many books have been written in the West about how Covid was created and who was responsible. The most damning I have read is the Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci. In that one, it becomes clear that the American Defense Departments and many other political characters wanted to develop bioweapons in China because things could be done there due to their authoritarian government and their closed media to the outside world. They don’t have a Bill of Rights in China, so the authoritarian government can do pretty much anything they want. That was attractive to Democrats in America, so deals were made, and viruses to be used for bioweapons potentially were spawned. China figured they could play all these forces against each other at some point, which is just what they did as Trump was looking to impose trade deals on them that would hurt them dramatically, economically during an election year. China wanted to get rid of Trump, so they “unleashed” the virus. Was it an accident? Well, it’s just as much of an accident as Don Jr’s joking reference to drug cartel deaths being counted as Covid deaths. And now that information is flying around out there, China can’t put it back in the bottle. 

Their response has been to shut down their seaports, some of their most significant cities, and to show the world that they are just as vulnerable to Covid as everyone else. This is a far different China than the one from New Year’s Eve, going into 2021. Just a year later, the western media, books, television, blog sites like this one which has Chinese representatives looking at it every day, but they are unable to do anything about it, have forced them to penalize themselves like the rest of the world is, not because they believe that anything they do will help with the virus. If these governments wanted to solve the Covid problem, we would treat the virus and end it. Instead, now, China and all their conspirators have been caught in the lie, so they must now double down and, in so doing, penalize themselves so they can hide their guilt in the matter, to begin with. Gone is the arrogant audacity of the Chinese government; now they are in full cover-up mode, and the Olympics has only made that problem worse for them. 

But there is also an implied threat in what China is doing. By shutting down several supply chains due to Covid issues, China is warning the world that if they insist on blaming the communist country for its role in creating and spreading Covid, the wheels of the world will stop. The supply chains coming out of China can come to a halt, which will only hurt everyone downstream. So there is that slightly veiled threat that is very much a part of the reality. They are cornered rats who owe the United States alone trillions and trillions of dollars. Trump is already saying that if he gets to be president again, he’ll go after China for the money. Based on his past actions, I believe him.

China now isn’t so confident in its haughty actions because instead of the world coming under their control, as they planned, it is now coming after them in ways that China has no means to control. That is the problem with a tightly controlled government that won’t participate in full disclosures; they are vulnerable most to the opinions of the outside world, which have not been contained. And what’s coming from that outside world is blame, lots of it. And deservedly so. The Covid actions are a little too late for them; the world is pushing back against the health tyranny that came from Covid, and China is now late to the game. That cover won’t last long, so then what? What can China do to fend off the anger of the world? Well, not much. Everyone is coming for China and wants satisfaction from the incursion into their lives, and tempers are hot. Politics will change in America and what that means to China is bad things, very bad things. And believe me, I’ve read the books; China deserves every bit of what they will get. 

Rich Hoffman

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Brian Williams Signs Off: The smoke on the horizon that all progressives see coming

The Smoke on the Horizon

I had some very interesting thoughts about Brian Williams signing off his show on MSNBC, The 11th Hour, for the last time.  About the same time on Fox, the long-time news guy Chris Wallace was leaving for CNN, and Steven Spielberg, along with Disney, was reeling from the rejection of West Side Story that had just been released to theaters.  All kinds of mystification were transpiring at many levels of our society. Still, it all pointed back to one essential thing, something that had been brewing since the creation of America really.  Brian Williams could see, as they all could, that with Trump gone from the White House for a year, Democrats controlling all the levers of power couldn’t duplicate the success of the previous administration, and now they were folding under the pressures of their party.  The cracks were just too big.  Dr. Fauci had just been caught representing our government in creating a bioweapon, Covid-19, in a lab in partnership with China to cause a great reset in the world, and he had been caught.  IN CASE NOBODY WAS PAYING ATTENTION, Robert F. Kennedy’s book, The Real Dr. Fauci, was still the best seller on Amazon for several consecutive weeks.  That meant that millions and millions of people were getting their hands on the content to learn just what role Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci had played in a global insurrection using Covid-19 as the cover story.  And to pave the way for that plan, many Democrat types had got themselves involved in some form or another in election fraud, to steal the election from Trump and give it to their hand-picked guy, Joe Biden.  And that wasn’t working out too well.  People weren’t buying it, and institutionalists like Brian Williams have been some of the first to see the direction the world is moving in. 

To see the story clearly, I think you need to look at the history of the United States as a whole, at the time when the Whig Party broke up and split into two factions, the Republicans who would go on to become the party of Abraham Lincoln and the “Know-Nothings” which was advocated by America’s most famous novelist and sensationalists, Edward Z. C. Judson.  Why were they called the “Know-Nothings” you might ask?  Well, when people asked them about their existence, members would say, “I know nothing.” They were a secret society of the Native American Party who were very skeptical of global powers moving to America as immigrants and bringing dumb, European ideas with them.  Democrats at that time were pushing to split the country in two because they were all about slavery and wanted to preserve it.  Those forces were at work against each other for most of the 19th century. Of course, after the Civil War, many factions were guilty of serious crimes, and progressivism from Europe came in as the Know-Nothings feared always they would and steered our country into a different direction using institutions to help the pill go down.

This went on for over the next hundred years, the rise of institutionalism and the class structure that European immigrants had brought with them to America to turn a free country into just another European territory essentially.  Sigmond Freud came along as a seller of institutionalism to discuss the practices of sex.  Albert Einstein sold physics, Carl Jung sold dream analysis.  Many fields of science arrived from universities copying Europe to create archaeology, paleontology, geology, astronomy, and many other “ologies.” The European answer to the problem in America was more education that was controlled by Edward Bellamy’s fans and the book about socialism Looking Backward.  Institutions were formed to give a tapestry to society that showed sophistication and innovation, just as the novel Looking Backward did projecting society into the future of the year 2000, all in an attempt to sell the work of Karl Marx to a gullible public on their heels after the Civil War.  The political left from Europe, the come lately that the Know-Nothing Party had warned everyone about, led to the Astor House riot and several others across the country that were very violent over essentially immigration issues.  The Know-Nothings believed the Come Lately’s did not have the country’s best interests in mind, and history showed their suspicions to be correct.  Yeah, compared to those riots, the little thing that Democrats saw on January 6th, 2020 was nothing; it was kiddie pool stuff. 

Progressives from the Democrat and Republican Party hoped to mask all these issues with institutionalism which worked for a while thanks to a few World Wars and several other regional wars like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  But essentially, the worry of mid 19th century Republicans and Know-Nothings who had formed out of the former Whig Party was still very much alive.  The concerns had not abated generationally because they were human in scope.  People who came to America came for freedom, but different people had different ideas of what freedom was.  And Europe, then later, the rest of the world was all too jealous to allow such a thing to occur, and people, real people who have to make a living every day, saw that as the case.  Now being someone who reads a lot of history, I knew a lot of this, but after Joe Biden was sworn in under the most scandalous circumstances, I hit the road with my wife to see what America was really about.  I learned that much of the country is still as it was initially.  They didn’t like institutionalism and wanted to be free of it.  It had nothing to do with President Trump.  He was just the latest vehicle that they thought might give them insulation from global nosiness.  They were still very much rebels in their hearts and minds, which the institutionalists know.  They know how many people really voted for Trump, and they know how much they had to cheat to make it happen.  They know what they did with Covid, and they expected to hide it from the public.  But, the public isn’t buying it because institutionalism is not providing the cover that Democrats and other liberals expected it would, as it had in the past. 

The failure of institutionalism has been evident for a long time, but you can really see it when films like West Side Story come out, and the early reports from Disney about their Star Wars Hotel, which is falling flat on its face with woke politics.  People don’t want that garbage; they never did.  People don’t care what college celebrities like Carl Jung say about dreams or scientists say about global warming manipulating data as they have with Covid to create a political platform.  People see through this stuff, as they always have.  And they want options.  And now that progressives went all-in after over a century of planning and manipulation, they are suddenly like the teenage daughter who was full of rebellion, wanting to run off with her boyfriend, smoking, and getting tattoos to declare her independence.   Once she had her freedom, she realized that smoking ruined her skin.  The tattoos stretched out as she got fat sitting around on her third husband in 10 years while she waited for a government check to arrive in the mail so she could get groceries.  The rebellion of instituting institutionalism was long over, and now people like Brian Williams could see the smoke on the horizon headed their way.  It was the same angry Americans who had been abused and treated terribly by these classes of people looking for social insurrection.  And now the table has turned on them, and it’s only going to get worse.  I should know, I’ve seen these people up close, and they are not happy.  

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, FDR Knew Pearl Harbor Would Be Attacked: It’s the same game then as we see now

Never Forget Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Day isn’t as celebrated as it used to be, and I think that’s sad.  People need not forget what it meant for a surprise attack against America, which drug us into World War II.  We didn’t want to be in the war; Americans didn’t want to be in World War I either.  And when we refused, the Japanese attacked us anyway, forcing us essentially to answer the call and join the world war to end all wars.  Then in the wake, we were known worldwide as the new empire, and socialists around the world tried to demonize us into the territorial conquerors and second coming of the British Empire.  Most of us have forgotten history or didn’t learn much to start with, but for me, thinking about Pearl Harbor Day, knowing what we all do now, looking back, the hindsight is quite clear.  I would refer to one of my favorite books, The Way of the Fighter by Claire Lee Chennault, the general of the famous Flying Tigers. I am quite confident that President Franklin Roosevelt knew that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor.  He kept the carriers at sea and only put noncritical battleships in port in the harbor there in Hawaii.  Things that big don’t happen by surprise, but FDR wanted to drag America into the war, like all progressives and globalists desire.  It wasn’t the first time, and it certainly wasn’t the last.  We also know that the FBI knew about the terrorists of 9/11, and I said of Covid that it was the launch of World War III.  China was attacking America with a virus they created with American money and partners of our own government for a globalist agenda fulfillment in the same manner that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  No, that’s not a conspiracy, we have the records that show it all, and now that we do, we can say with certainty that FDR purposely allowed for Pearl Harbor to occur because, to him, it was an effort at the “greater good,” as he saw it.

It is clear, especially after the “Red Decade,” where communism was very much alive worldwide, especially on the political left, that the Roosevelt administration supported its growth worldwide.  As a progressive, like Woodrow Wilson from World War I, when the results of that war almost put Americans into the League of Nations, the global desire for a one-world government would not disappear.  As I have said before, it might be remembered that while France, England, and America were dividing up the spoils of the world at the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler was created there.  And so was Ho Chi Minh, who would end up being the communist insurgent in Vietnam, which caused the war there.  Few people know that Ho Chi Minh was a busboy at a local restaurant near Versailles. He tried to get an audience with Woodrow Wilson to plead with him to relieve Vietnam of French influence as it was a territory at the time jealously guarded.  Globalism was always a thing; those efforts never went away; they only got worse as technology made the world smaller.  The spirits of the perpetrators were always vicious.  Ho Chi Minh was inspired by the American Revolution and wanted to free Vietnam from the French with American help.  But, Woodrow Wilson had no intentions of bringing harm to the claims of his friends, the French, so Ho Chi Minh, as a very young man, was swatted away.  So he went with the communists down the road, who welcomed him with open arms.  Several decades later, we had the Vietnam War.

Yet that was the warning Claire Lee Chenault had in his famous book. If we did not stop the communists coming out of Russia into Northern China, America would be drug into fighting the communists in the wake of World War II in the East perpetually. Of course, many years later, with Covid, he was correct.  We had a war with North Korea, which is still a political problem.  We had a war with Vietnam which the world was quick to proclaim that the American Imperialists lost, of course.  We have a very real economic war with China now and their desire to take over Taiwan and destroy the economy of America for daring to challenge them with new trade deals, which Trump was successfully implementing.  They had to get rid of him, to knock him off the great chess game these globalists had been trying to play for over 100 years, since air travel and telephones became possible to shrink the world.  It all started at the end of World War I. By the time World War II was provoked by the same characters, poking Hitler, molding him then once the war was over, taking those Nazi’s and making them Americans for the space program, the game in the East was to deplete Japan and China into collapse so that the Chinese communists could grow into power.  This is what happened just four years after World War II, and the United Nations was created to keep the world from ever fighting again.  It was kind of like what we did with the Patriot Act after the 9/11 bombing or the Covid protocols in 2020 to set the course for Democrats to conduct legal election fraud. 

We’ve seen this game over and over.  The point of World War II, by the globalists at the time, Neville Chamberland and the Royals of England were not stupid; they worked with Hitler to help him and force the world to unite to defeat him.  And in the wake, communism, socialism, and the United Nations would be created.  And whenever the nations of the world needed to unify, they would come up with some new war to steer our opinions, like the Gulf War, the war with Iraq, or Afghanistan.  Once those wars had done their public relations, the globalists would just turn off the machine and get back to the global agenda; global communism disguised any way they could sell it to the public.  So there is no question, given all that, FDR knew what he was doing; he did what all progressives in his position have done for the last century, George W. Bush included.  They played the globalists’ game and did what the Skull and Bones Society at Yale said to do in their lobby, make “War” in the world so that social progress could be aligned to those who intended to rule us all.

Americans had to drop their sense of independence and had to be kicked into World War II, and FDR was going to play his part.  He sacrificed a few to go after what he and many considered the “greater good.” Just as Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci are doing now, not with tanks, planes, and guns, but with control over the medical industry and our very health.  Why kill people with bullets when you can kill them through a doctor or control them with their medical history?  Yes, we don’t want to forget about Pearl Harbor.  Our government knew about it and killed their own soldiers to drag America into a global alliance with other nations who didn’t want to be our friends.  They just wanted to cut us down and bring us under their control.  And they still want to do it today.  But we have more clarity with history than we did at the end of World War II.  This time, people are on to them.  This is why studying history is essential, and those who have, know all this all too well.

Rich Hoffman

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They Killed James Bond: A warning to us all that nobody escapes from progressives

They Killed James Bond

Studios were surprised in Hollywood when the new James Bond film No Time To Die didn’t blow the doors off the box office over its opening weekend.  Like every other underperforming fool these days, they wanted to blame Covid, which governments created to commit election fraud, not that they killed James Bond in the movie.  Who thought that was a good idea?  After 60 years of narrow escapes, they found a way and a time for James Bond to die at the end of No Time To Die. They probably should have taken their own advice given to them in the title. It was just another disappointment that we are all getting used to strong, white, male characters that progressives think they can kill in stories and replace them with women or people of color for the sake of the visual aspects of things and that people would accept it.  Over the last two years, as we have waited for this movie to come out, the rumors of the next James Bond being a woman, a gay guy, or all kinds of other things have been discussed openly.  When the movie finally opened, enough people had enough.  It leaked out that this Daniel Craig James Bond was going to die, and people weren’t exactly in a rush to see it happen.  It’s not enough to make a technically good movie; James Bond is one of those special cases where he’s a hero who always gets away, like Bugs Bunny.  But then again, Bugs Bunny is pretty much banned these days too.  Any strong characters without obvious flaws in the mind of progressives are a danger to their politics, so they look to get rid of them and replace them with flawed, mortal characters who are easy to control by the government. 

This isn’t unique to the Bond film franchise.  I have written many hundreds of thousands of words about the failure of Disney to handle the Star Wars franchise.  It was astonishing that given all the great resources they had in Star Wars left to them by George Lucas, that they screwed it up so badly.  Yet when I saw The Force Awakens back in 2015, it was clear that when they decided to kill Han Solo, the plan was the same as Bond.  Kill off Anglo-Saxon white men in the public’s minds so their rule over mankind will end, starting with stories.  Then replace them with people of color and women, and make them like it.  That was essentially the goal of the new Star Wars films, and people rejected them so severely that the brand is now permanently damaged.  Disney has a new CEO who has been brought in to fix things.  Lucasfilm is also moving people around who like Star Wars to repair the brand, which will take years if possible.  I think they’ll make things better, but the damage is already set.  Some things you can’t tamper with.  If a character has a special place in people’s minds, you better treat them well and not take them for granted.  Otherwise, don’t expect to use them to drive box office results while at the same time appeasing all the anti-capitalist radicals who have infiltrated leftist thinking for communist domination of the world. 

Star Wars is an easy one to see because it’s so obvious.  As big of a company as they are, Disney never understood why people liked the film franchise.  Some of the plotlines they have introduced then rejected over the last several years indicate that Kathy Kennedy never understood why the films she was invited to produce worked, like the Indiana Jones films and all the Steven Spielberg projects she was a part of.  Because she thought she could interfere with what the public liked and that as long as space creatures and spaceships were flying around, that people would buy a ticket to her liberal propaganda.  Well, as it turns out, that’s not how things work.  People want heroes they can believe in.  People worth watching who manage to outsmart the bad guys. That’s why people buy a movie ticket.  Reality is tough enough.  When people enter a darkened theater, they want to see hope. 

I think movie box office results are some of the best votings there are.  People truly vote with their feet.  It’s not easy for Democrats to cheat the vote because they still can’t control what people like.  Ultimately people decide what they like and see and if they don’t want to see James Bond getting killed.  Then they won’t see it happen.  They might catch the movie on cable later, but they aren’t going to pay money to see it happen.  One of the clear political strategies that China has in mind for America and all the Davos insurgents is to rob our culture of hopes and dreams and instead show that even James Bond eventually gets it in the end.  Filmmakers seem to want to praise those types of people at cocktail parties rather than being blamed for being just another capitalist producer who put profits over the party.  The ultimate check on that power is to reject those films at the box office, which happened with the new James Bond film.  They killed Bond.  And the box office reflects that people didn’t want to see it happen. Just as Disney killed off Han Solo and thought they could replace him with some Dora the Explorer character, and they’d still make money.

Yet to continue to hide these things from the public, every time they get caught, Covid is used to hide the incompetence of the participants.  No Time To Die was supposed to be released in early April of 2020.  It has had its release date pushed back many times, finally hitting theaters in October of 2021, really at a terrible time for a Bond film.  This is what the Great Reset looks like, folks.  Incompetent people release their movies that used to be valuable to the public.  The public forgets about them and moves on to other things, and when the results don’t come out the way stakeholders expect, well then, they blame Covid.  Ultimately, governments have interfered with the marketplace, and the bootlickers have wasted more time appeasing them than actually trying to make a movie people want to see.  The governments are the new audience to appease, not the popcorn-eating public, and these projects are flat and boring.   And coming out of a disappointing time when governments tried to completely take over our healthcare with a made-up crisis in Covid, built in a Wuhan lab in China by Dr. Fauci NIH funding, movie producers are trying to take away anything that might be considered good in our movies and entertainment.  Their message to us is, “see, even James Bond gets it in the end.  Not even he can escape our power.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us, given what we have seen from authority figures in 2021.  The bad guys wrote this latest James Bond film as propaganda for the future they want to control.  That understanding makes me proud to see that people didn’t get suckered into it and decided to stay home.  No Time To Die didn’t come up short at the box office because of Covid.  People are starving for reasons to get out of the house.  They aren’t scared of the virus.  No, they don’t want to see one more icon of western civilization killed in front of their faces, which was the intention of the woke James Bond of this modern age.  People voted in a way that Democrats couldn’t steal, and it shows in the box office ultimately. 

Rich Hoffman

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It’s Time to Make January 6th a National Holiday: Standing up to tyranny is a good thing that should be celebrated

Make January 6th a National Holiday

There are all kinds of ways to fight and defeat an opponent.  And that is precisely what we are experiencing in America; it’s not a fight so much between liberals and conservatives, but sovereignty over global order.  Corporations want that international order because it makes it easier for their lazy minds to plan.  Suppose the whole world is under one type of government. In that case, it dramatically simplifies operating in all those different countries if the United Nations is calling the shots, instead of The United States doing this or China doing that.  The corporate push to stabilize government systems, even toward communism, is very attractive to large corporations, which is why we have seen so much wokeness in America recently.  The fight has been to defeat sovereign Americans, rip it down, get rid of the flag, singing the National Anthem, history, all things that would remind Americans of their good past.  Then to rebuild it all back up under a United Nations type of world view.  This is certainly a commitment of the Biden administration.  Recently he announced that he was going to invite the United Nations to critic America on racism.  The same kind of tampering goes on with climate change.  We are being introduced to a new way of thinking globally, not domestically.  The corporate world wants to deliver to the United Nations a change state intact for its products.  But without the connection to American history.  And what we do know of American history, it should be an embarrassment about slavery, Indians, and the evils of capitalism.   

They don’t want to crush us into destruction.  They want to rebuild us into their desired consumer.  So with that in mind, you can see why election fraud occurred, and Trump was removed from office.  He told the United Nations that he would always put America First. Of course, every corporation that had already invested in the global change couldn’t have that.  They were too far down the rabbit hole to turn back by 2016 and 2017.  The machine was well in motion, even at Disney.  Most of America’s corporations had sold out and invested in the new global way of seeing the world.  We were told that even at our local zoning meetings.  It was too late to change back to the way things were.  Covid was created in the Wuhan lab in China by Dr. Fauci’s NIH people working with Bill Gates and several other progressive investors to use the virus the way it had been planned at Event 201 in New York, to create a Great Reset all across the world and a Build Back Better plan that only communists would find attractive.  This leads to our present problems that are blowing up in the insurgents’ face because Covid failed to spark a Great Reset in America.  It has worked in places where the government is most active, like public schools and government buildings.  But the American people haven’t fallen for it, which has created a lot of alarm among the globalists—the UN members who desperately want global socialism and the corporations who have already invested in that reality. 

For the globalists, the game was over on Election Night 2020; on November 3rd, they had done what they could and found 45,000 votes to put Biden over the top in the critical states for an electoral college victory.  The corporate media had sat on the Biden laptop October surprise, which easily impacted enough votes to flip the election from Trump to Biden.  Later even Democrats admitted that they would have voted differently if they had known what was on the Biden laptop and how it connected to China.  But all these crimes were committed behind a veil of Covid safety, giving a cover story unlike anything in the history of the world, and nobody was worried about ever getting caught.  Later, through state audits, we would discover that the political left and their corporate supporters went into a frenzy on election night, cheating in many uncoordinated ways, especially once the Vegas oddsmakers had called for Trump around 9 PM.  At that point, five states stopped counting, and in desperation, Democrats found the votes Biden needed. Still, it would take over a week after the election to make it happen to commit all kinds of crimes along the way, such as not letting observers witness the count.  Laws were being broken, an election was being stolen, and the globalists were daring us to make an aggressive move.  The threats were getting pretty rough.

When it came time to certify the election around January 6th, there were a lot of people who could see that things were wrong and they weren’t going to stand for it.  Some of them showed up at the Capitol in Washington D.C. to show their anger and protest.  Maybe they were baited by the FBI.  It doesn’t matter; what matters is that looking back, many of those people were right to question the election.  And what they did by occupying the Capitol was a proper thing to do.  It shouldn’t have turned to violence, but then again, election fraud shouldn’t have happened.  Our government should not have sold out to the global forces pushing for socialism under the umbrella of the United Nations.   People had a right to be upset about it.  It certainly wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened in our country.   Looking back on it, maybe it was one of the best.  In hindsight, it makes a lot more sense now.  It’s good to know that at least some people weren’t going to be suckered into our country’s theft and were willing to show up to do something about it. 

For that reason, I will start celebrating each year’s January 6th as a kind of Independence Day. I’ll buy fireworks and fly my flags to remember a modern instance where tyranny had to be fought and that some people showed up to meet it at the people’s house.  The fact that the government has unfairly prosecuted participants at that January 6th event only confirms what they are trying to hide.  When a government becomes abusive, especially when they are guilty of doing wrong, you know a replacement government is needed.  When they are holding people in solitary confinement when radical billionaires like George Soros are running around free, you know the system is not working on behalf of the American people.  But as I said, that was part of the plan, to separate us from our past, of our history.  Of our notion of sovereignty.  That is why we have current open borders so that our idea of America can be destroyed. We can be rebuilt under the control of the United Nations and the sustainability plans that they come up with at these climate conferences.  At the time, I didn’t see anything wrong with the protests of angry voters at the Capitol building on January 6th.  I thought it was healthy for politicians to see what might happen if they got caught double-crossing the American people, which they had.  I thought they were getting off easy and that a bit of protest with some broken windows was a fair warning.  Because of the crime, the collaboration with China over creating Covid-19 and using it to cheat an election to put in Joe Biden by corporate controllers was an unforgivable crime.  It was treason of the highest order, and we should celebrate that there are still people in America willing to stand up for the law, which is what they did on January 6th

Rich Hoffman

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Shooting From the Hip: The cost of socialism in any society

Don’t Learn to Stay in Your Lane

While I was working on the themes for my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, one of my most important stops was the British Museum and sitting in the places where Karl Marx had written his books that literally changed the world.  While in London for this investigation, I took my family to the best restaurants and spent some time investigating the areas around parliament to understand the radical swings of their class structure and how anybody could even think that what Marx put down in his books was good.  After sitting in Marx’s same seats in the museum, I confirmed what I already knew; Marx was lazy and worked his ass off to prove it.  Yes, that is a paradox of terms, but that was what the guy was suffering from.  While his family sat at home, broke and hungry, Marx and Engles at the British museum tried to show the world why the capitalists were evil.  And many in British society who enjoyed the nice things in life felt guilty because they either acquired a lot of power from socializing or other methods, and it rotted their minds with unearned doubt.  So they formed political parties like the Labor Party in England and the Democrat Party in America.  Other places around the world, too, adopted Marx not because they thought it would make a better world but because it gave more centralized power to governments. Hence, the idiocy of Karl Marx spread like wildfire in a dry forest, and rage of destruction swept over the world.  But to my thinking, fires are good, and it benefits people to see things for themselves. That’s why what I wrote in my book was necessary.  Without the stupidity of Karl Marx to highlight the benefits of capitalism with a defense of it in my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, people may never have seen the differences between the two. 

Learning to Get Better

That’s what has happened with Marxism mixed in with capitalism; people didn’t notice the little things slowing us all down and constraining productivity.  Marxism has embedded itself in almost everything we do, but people did not see it as it was happening because as long as they could buy their cars, get milk at the grocery, and send their kids to school, they didn’t pay much attention.  But I did notice that it has been a source of constant frustration for me during my entire professional life, which started when I was still a teenager.  One thing about me that has always been criticized was that I “shot from the hip” too much.  People would say that I didn’t take careful aim in my life and take my time when shooting at targets.  That, of course, was a metaphor for my thought processes in how I manage things.  To others, I have always been the reckless cowboy who was too impulsive to be trusted.  Yet mysteriously, everything I have always touched succeeded.  I understood it on a conceptual level, but years later, when I would finally write a book about it, I had to understand it.  Like Marx, many people in the world are too lazy to become truly good at anything.  They grow up, they grow lazy, and they are content to be average.  So they bring this attitude to their businesses, and for their lazy minds, Marx was a kindred spirit.  While they wanted to make money in life, they didn’t want to work too hard to get it, so they adopted little bits of socialism along the way to make it so that they wouldn’t have to work too hard.  This point became very obvious to me once I started the sport of professional gunfighting for competitions.  I watched for years how real gunfighters could draw and shoot a gun by drawing from the hip in under a second.  It seemed impossible to me, but I wanted to learn to do it, so I began the learning process, and once I figured it out, all these other elements became very obvious.  Obvious enough to write a book about what I learned.

Shooting from the Hip is Good

One of the premises of communism is equality, which we hear about all the time now that Biden has been inserted in the White House to preserve these gains Marxists have made around the world.  But for equality to indeed happen, we must cripple those who are the best and fastest in life at certain things.  I often compare this metaphor to a hay bail truck full of farm animals traveling down the road at 45 miles per hour.  Up behind them, storming down the highway at 120 miles per hour, is a fancy sports car that can take curves on a dime and run all day long at 200 mph.  Socialist society says that the fancy car has to stay behind the truck because that is the constraint, that is the average, and to be fair, everyone needs to build their life off the average.  The speedy car is supposed to slow down to 45 mph and not pass.  Socialist society creates rules like double yellow lines to keep everyone staying in their lane so that socialism and communism can occur.  However, in America, the rules have always been in reverse.  The fast car was encouraged to pass or have a speed lane to travel in to go as fast as possible.  Speed limits aren’t made for the best and most competent; they are made for the average, the slow, and the lazy-minded.  Those who can’t or won’t think too fast to avoid an accident.  Therefore, the speedy car is penalized and encouraged to be less than it is in a democracy where the majority of the people decide what the average behavior should be.  This is how our businesses have been crippled and how the government has enforced converting America from capitalism to socialism over time.  Through rules and regulations intended to force people to stay in their lanes, not shoot from the hip, and ignite Karl Marx while suppressing Adam Smith.

I’ve always been that guy who shot from the hip, and I’m very proud of it.  Even now that I’m later in my life than when many of these things have been said about me, learning to shoot in Cowboy Fast Draw activities has shown me the essence of becoming better each day.  What seems impossible today may be quite possible tomorrow if only you put a little work into it.  That is what America did best in the past and still is better than anyplace else in the world mired in socialism and communism.  This is also how many of our corporations had become so woke, just as the politicians of England did when scrappy old Karl Marx worked himself to death trying to create a philosophy of government that justified his laziness.  I didn’t feel I could say that based on just my opinions of reading his books.  But I could say it after I sat in his seats and saw the world from all of their perspectives.  Marxism and its birthplace there in London intended to be in the world that hey bail truck going 45 miles per hour.  They created rules in life to protect the feelings of the slow and lazy from the speedy and competent.  And when they called me names like “cowboy” and a person who “shoots from the hip” too much, they might as well have been calling me the most derogatory names humans could call each other, hoping to peer pressure me into accepting average behavior.  But I never will.  Instead, I’ll explain the differences to people with a mind to hear it, and I’m not about to ever accept getting stuck behind slow traffic on the highway.  The goal of all of us should always be to get faster, wiser, and better.  Not to accept the lazy and dim-witted who want to rule the world but are too lazy to do it. 

Rich Hoffman

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Election Fraud is Real in Maricopa County: There are many involved in “criminal intent” who must pay

Election Fraud Happened and the Perpetrators Must Pay

To begin understanding the problems coming with the Maricopa County, Arizona audit results, which show significant voter irregularities, is the definition of criminal intent.  Even though I feel sorry for everyone involved in the sad death of Gabby Petito, when she turned up missing and her fiancé drove home in her van to his parent’s house alone, red flags started jumping up everywhere.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened.  It looks presently that young Brian Laundrie told his parents what happened, and they helped his getaway.  Eventually, the FBI will want to charge the parents with aiding and abetting instead of turning over their kid to authorities once they knew about a crime, the murder of Gabby Petito.  In helping their son get away from authorities with a ten-day head start, they committed criminal intent to commit the crime of hiding evidence and impeding a criminal investigation. It’s a tragedy, but it’s all over the news so people can have some reference point for why what happened with the election fraud case of 2020 is so much worse.  When any person or a group of people intend to hide evidence, sway opinion on a criminal matter, or deliberately sabotage a criminal investigation, they are guilty of criminal intent.  It doesn’t matter if it is two losers committing election fraud in the back of a van in a Wal-Mart parking lot, or it’s the United Nations attempting to infect our legal system with billionaire bootlicking investments hoping to use the Cloward and Piven Democrat playbook to overwhelm our system of government to topple America so that they could take over as the world’s global power.  It’s all criminal intent, the intent to commit a crime that becomes a prosecutable case mandating justice.

With the Cloward and Piven strategy, I am surprised that more people don’t quickly see what’s going on here.  Personally, I don’t think there is anything particularly smart about Francis Fox Piven and Richard Cloward, who came up with the strategy.  If you are a Marxist, socialist, communist, and sympathizer of all forms of collectivism, their approach has the genius of cockroaches.  They are parasites feeding off the efforts of others, and they tend to survive in the vilest conditions.  But they hate capitalism, and they have always hated America.   And their methods gained renewed attention around the world during the Obama administration.  People didn’t have much tolerance for their hippie drivel during the Reagan administration. Still, Bush and Clinton set the world up for “The New World Order,” and to get there, Cloward and Piven were going to be used to get the world equal with each other, which meant America would have to be brought down. That’s where we find ourselves today, some twenty years later.  To review the Cloward and Piven strategy, you can understand it in four basic steps, overload a system, encourage chaos to ensue, then take control. That’s when socialism and communism are introduced as the new management method.  Once you show that capitalism cannot solve the problem, centralized authority is utilized to take over.  That is what the United Nations is doing to America, through Covid, through UN regulations, and with their intent to commit election fraud to overthrow our country and to restructure it under the umbrella of the United Nations. 

Most of the world’s billionaires are in on the plan because they have already leveraged their assets to the United Nations strategy.  For them, it’s access to increased market share.  They are highly motivated to join the United Nations way of looking at the world and were more than willing to direct their businesses in that direction.  That is how the media companies became involved in election fraud.  The United Nations did not want Donald Trump to be president again.  Neither did China.  So they conspired with liberals within America to overthrow our election with massive voter fraud.  They used a Cloward and Piven strategy to attack our system from every direction and install a known criminal in Joe Biden who would open the gates to the kingdom they wanted.  Biden would never stand up to them because he couldn’t afford to.  They had the goods on him, so he was a safe install.  That is when these liberal forces stepped outside of the American legal system and decided to commit election fraud on a mass scale. They’d use those same billionaires to control the messaging, especially the internet, and contain the story.  In their minds, they hoped to overthrow America within a few months of the new Biden administration. 

Yet, what we found in the election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, and will likely see in many other places from the 2020 election is this Cloward and Piven strategy gone crazy.  It was unorganized theft from many disjointed directions, so the evidence is abundant.  But they felt secure in making mistakes because they never feared getting caught.  The planners, in this case, thought that American election laws were irrelevant compared to events around the world, so sloppiness was accepted.  For every conspirator who promoted hiding the election fraud because they wanted good jobs under the new regime of the United Nations, they tagged themselves with “criminal intent.” With every manipulator of bandwidth, of web traffic flow, of every media writer and commentator who attempted to hide what had happened with election fraud, they have all committed criminal intent.  They deliberately committed a crime against the United States and tried to cover it up.  Just like what is happening in the case with the poor girl Gabby Petito.  Stealing votes is not acceptable; it’s theft of a person’s property, their right to vote.  Voting is the spine of our republic, and tampering with elections is one of the worst crimes that can be committed.  The murder of a person is horrible.  But so is the attempted murder of a country.  It’s all murder.  And those who assisted with the crime are all guilty of criminal intent.

With the results of Maricopa County, our country is on a course that will have to decertify the Biden election.  It will take a while to do other similar audits.  But the crime scene is clear to us now.  We can see that a crime did happen, and there are conspirators involved in the process.  It is no longer speculation, and those most guilty are those hoping to bluff their way out of the mess they’ve put themselves in—the laws of our nation matter.  The United Nations does not get to override us, which has been the assumption all along.  Many of our political class don’t want to know about this evidence because they’ll have to admit that the election fraud was an act of war.  That the Cloward and Piven strategy against us mandates that we do something about it.  And many of them don’t want to have to face that reality. They’d instead go to The Louvre in France and eat a croissant on the dirty streets of Paris and consider themselves worldly and cultured than to fight the United Nations and their pawn in this game, China.  But we must face facts, our election was attacked, we have had hostilities from foreign countries attempt to overthrow our nation, and we must answer the bell.  We didn’t ring it; they did.  And now they must pay.

Rich Hoffman

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Netflix Propaganda Trying to Prop up Joe Biden: Turning Point 9/11 and the War on Terror

Netflix Tries to Help Joe Biden

To say the least, the new Netflix movie Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror was one of the worst pieces of propaganda that I have seen in a long time.  It was essentially an explanation of the Biden administration pulling out of Afghanistan so recently that it covered all the current events of August 2021.  It was as If community organizer Barack Obama had been whispering in the ear of Joe Biden after all, telling him and his administration precisely what to do with Afghanistan, letting him be the face of it. At the same time, Obama and his Nantucket friends worked on this documentary for Netflix to sell to the public.  The documentary series, which is five episodes long, sounded like a speech written and performed by Barack Obama.  It was an utterance of progressivism in all its despiteful colors.  But it’s worth watching because it’s always good to understand how the other side thinks.  After showing the history of 9/11, before and after the event that eventually gave so much power over to the federal government intruding American privacy forever, the series went right up to the scripted withdrawal of American troops by the Biden administration.  It was an attempt to whitewash the troop exit by blaming every conservative president over the last 40 years, including Ronald Reagan.  But the Democrat presidents, such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama get a free pass which led to Joe Biden having to clean up the whole mess with a message that ended the program with a solution.  If only people loved each other more, none of the terrible things that happened with the war on terror would have occurred.

The series never addresses why the anti-capitalist terrorists of Osama bin Laden flew planes into the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.  Only, it insinuates that we had it coming because we helped Afghanistan fight the communists of the Soviet Union during the years of Reagan and that we had all that anger coming.  So, we were supposed to take our medicine and accept the terrorist activity instead of going into a rage against every terrorist we could find and torture them until we were satisfied. We could infiltrate every terrorist network in the world.  While it was true, America was attacked, and people expected someone’s head on a plate, and the government under Bush at the time had to give them one.  Someone’s ass needed to be kicked.  And kick it, we did.  The documentary questions the sanity of this approach as if defending American ideas was something that we shouldn’t do.  These are the same forces advocating for ANTIFA, for Black Lives Matters burning down cities, and for Marxism wherever they can get it.  These are also the same people who don’t want sports players standing for the National Anthem or even saying the Pledge of Allegiance anywhere.  We are dealing with radical America-hating tyrants here who made this Netflix documentary, and it should make anybody sick to their very souls.

As I explained recently, winning the war with Afghanistan or anything regarding the War on Terror has been impossible because we have many in politics who indeed are domestic terrorists who want to see the end of America and the rise of the United Nations.  They generally take money from George Soros or Michael Bloomberg and many other liberal billionaires functioning outside the election parameters of our republic, and their plans are already well established.  Our soldiers could fight in Afghanistan every day for the rest of their lives, and those domestic terrorists in our government would not let them win.  Many have open alliances with China, and China wants to re-establish control of a kind of Silk Road through Afghanistan to acquire mineral rights and the black-market drug trade.  And they want to leverage Taiwan, so they wanted Americans out of the region.  It’s Vietnam all over again; terrorists in America wanted communism and were undermining patriotic efforts at every turn to make it happen. It’s the same thing in Afghanistan. 

I used to watch interviews of John Wayne, who made the great film The Green Beret, to motivate the American war effort in Vietnam and see him so dejected throughout the war.  He made movies about gunning down enemies who were defined as villains.  But in the case of Vietnam, the enemies were political.  The soldiers did their fighting and were good at it.  But the objectives were deliberately kept obscure to allow communism to flow into the country and take over as the big industrial country of America was forced to yield to village antagonists and be embarrassed on the world stage.  That is precisely the same strategy in Afghanistan.  The Taliban loves their goats a lot more than their women.  They have nothing to lose, so they fight with no fear.  They have been radicalized to the extreme and politically poised to win by hiding in the mountains until America was defeated from the inside out. Of course, China was whispering in their ear.  And to swallow the whole thing altogether, Obama and Biden did what they always wanted to do, pull out of Afghanistan and attempt to blame it all on a Republican president.  And if anybody questioned them, they would scream, “COVID” and try to force everyone to put on a mask and hide from the world while they did their bidding. 

Whether intentional or by sheer stupidity, the true essence of 9/11 was that the CIA and the FBI screwed up.  They didn’t speak to each other and let the terrorists slip by to commit these monstrous acts.   And in the aftermath, just as we have seen with the Covid playbook, the government passed more laws, expanded the government, and made travel harder, all in the name of protecting America from further terrorist attacks.  But if the FBI had been doing their jobs in the first place, 9/11 never would have happened.  Based on what they did to the Trump campaign, the radicalism of their liberal ranks, it is believable that they might have let 9/11 happen on purpose so that our government could expand. They could usher in such a way some globalist utopia that the United Nations would manage in the way that Sir Thomas More imagined.  It sounds like a good idea when you are sipping wine in the backyards of Georgetown. Still, things get more confusing when trying to apply such things to real life.  Some people would vote for Trump as a solution in the future, and goats in Afghanistan have more political capital than a good-looking woman who they beat to a bloody pulp just for letting her skin show in public. Radical religious zealots and sheer stupidity caused 9/11.  And when Americans indicated that they were willing to give up some freedoms to have some safety, well then, the government thought it had a formula for world takeover working with communist governments, first in the Soviet Union, and now today, China.  This has left the rest of us to feel abandoned and confused as our government ran off without us to make deals not in the interest of the United States but by forces against us because that’s where the power of tomorrow they think will come from.  Like John Wayne from years ago, we couldn’t fathom the betrayal, the masks of evil we were presented with.  This is why until recently, we didn’t see it.  But now, even tricks like this documentary aren’t working.  People nowadays, enough people, see through it all to the truth. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Legal Case Against Dominion: How it will all come down between public versus private

How the Dominion Case will Play Out

Literally, everywhere I go, I’m being asked about what will happen with Mike Lindell’s discovery of election fraud and all the work Dr. Frank has put into the effort.  At the Cyber Symposium, Dominion pulled the nuclear button. They had help from the judicial system, US District Court Judge Carl J. Nichols.  This is the same judge who had not upheld the TikTok ban from President Trump, so he’s one of those guys.  An activist who looked good on paper until the bombs and missiles of real philosophy challenged his judicial opinion.  That judge was a philosophy minor in college, and you know what that means; he studied all the wrong people adopting too much Immanuel Kant and a heavy dose of Plato.  Under pressure, we saw what he did, so it’s no surprise at all that he failed to give a proper First Amendment defense when Dominion pressed for the advancement of the lawsuit against Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, and Sydney Powell.  The point of the lawsuits was to shut those guys up and make them afraid to reveal what was possible with the Dominion machines.  And it worked with most of the networks; Fox News wouldn’t touch anything on election fraud for fear of lawsuits, CNN was flat out pretending that everything was on the up and up, while smaller networks like Newsmax, OANN, and Real America’s Voice flew under the radar for a while, until Dominion started to turn their aggression in that direction.  I was interested in what Alan Dershowitz was going to say on the matter as a defense, and once I heard it, it’s all obvious now.  So, here’s the latest translated into common sense.  If you have been following this story on Frank, you might have some framework to work with, but it’s still very murky, on purpose, and filled with chaos to keep the essence of the case shrouded in fearful speculation.

The threat is that this is a free speech debate and that if Lindell and the others lose, then we will forever lose our free speech and thus any hope at Constitutional Law in the future.  But I see a bluff, much like Biden has tried to do with Covid.  It’s not much different from a football game where an offense tries to trick a defense into jumping offsides on a 4th and 1 with a hard count.  Everyone needs to relax and not jump offsides. Don’t let them bait you in a panic. Dominion’s most robust case is to scare people into inaction because they don’t have anything to stand on if they have to go to court. After all, their argument is weak.  They want to be a private company acting in the public interest.  Dershowitz revealed his argument while filing an appeal on the case movement, and it pretty much nails down the bluff to a silly banter.  They may have a lot of money to throw at appearing threatening, but in a court of American law, they can’t hope to be both public and private, which is just what they are proposing.  Dominion can’t have it both ways. 

It’s essentially the same argument that Facebook, Google, and Twitter have.  They have allied with a private company with the governments of the world while behaving as state actors, and that’s going to fall apart.  They developed a lot of power to abuse this paradox out of the good graces of a trustworthy American public, but they burnt that same public.  Now it’s time for that legal challenge to occur.  It’s slow because they’ve poured so much money into the political system, and many politicians have taken it.  But people are voting out those bought-up candidates and replacing them with firebrands like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Tylor Greene.  I can report from personal knowledge that from school boards to governors to Senate races, a new breed of fighting Republicans is coming, and by the time it’s time for Trump to run again in 2024, it will be a very different world.  These court cases have a shelf life, and for Facebook and Dominion, their strongest hour is present.  They will only get weaker over time.  So for them, they took a risk to go all-in on these lawsuits and committing themselves to election fraud and the cover of it.  Many of these plans were created in secrecy with an unsuspecting public.  Well, they aren’t so gullible now, and they will demand legal action.  Of that is the separation of public versus private endeavor.  Can a private company act in a public capacity?  Well, no, not without destroying the very essence of a republic.  And even activist judges will not go that far because they would lose all their power if they did.  They are willing to play around with such ideas, but they won’t destroy their professions when the rubber hits the road.  And that will spell doom for Dominion and the other tech-related companies involved in the very public 2020 election.

You might ask, how do I know these things?  Well, let’s say I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Yes, they have teams and teams and swarms of teams who are working on these cases.  But much of it is a bluff; it’s a 4th and 1 on the 30. They’ll take a timeout, take the 3 points, and hope to play keep away for the rest of the game before Trump gets re-elected in 2024.  Meanwhile, we have the House and Senate to win majorities in, and these court cases need to play out in the waiting game.  Just remember that each month it goes on, public support for Dominion will erode.  Facebook is bleeding off-market share as younger users turn to alternatives.  Facebook is the thing their grandparents used.  Their market model was built for public tampering. Once this legal issue of private versus public ownership is settled, they will already have reduced support from the public for their platform, and they will die off, just as MySpace did.  They are very vulnerable to destruction based on their actions. They have bet all in on a global society that will abolish the American Constitution and replace it with some global charter that they helped create. 

I talked to a well-respected judge a few days ago. He felt that there were no other means of dealing with the federal government but with armed insurrection that our only hope was to rebuild our country from the ground up in our local communities.  And I get that.  That sounds fun to me. I’d love to be part of some historic gunfight that took back our country from the evils of globalism.  And while I respect him too much to correct him, I think it will all go down another way.  It’s going to come down to this legal issue of public versus private, and the judicial world will have to go against the tech companies, like Dominion, for their survival.  When judges must pick between the mobs who will attempt to lynch them at a local restaurant or their ability even to make a living, they will choose the living and bolt the doors to their homes to keep the punks and losers out at gunpoint.  And when Trump returns in a few years, the stage will be set for a massive revolution of capitalism that people will be more than happy to embrace.  But all that will be triggered by the work that Mike Lindell has been doing, legally.  The pressure may be scary, but the path out of it has been revealed, and Dominion has shown us the way to their destruction.  It’s just something that hasn’t happened yet, but it will, as sure as you’re reading this. 

Rich Hoffman

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