The Newark Holy Stones and the Lost Civilization of Atlantis: Why we should all value David Wyrick and his very good work

I’ve talked about it before, but I don’t think there is anything more important in the archaeological record than the discovery of the Holy Stones of Newark, Ohio, in the stone mound found just to the south of the prominent site there. The Ten Commandments written on a stone that predates the publication of the Bible in North America is nothing short of jaw-dropping, which was undoubtedly the case when a very interesting person by the name of David Wyrick found what they call The Decalogue Stone in a stone box buried at the bottom of a very large, and ancient mound in 1860. Wyrick was digging in the mound with four other helpers when they found the stone box buried in a well-preserved tomb complete with a featured skeleton that Indian legend said was a very important person. Legend said that each time someone passed by the 50-foot mound, they put some kind of stone on it to pay respect. And by 1860, in a very remote part of the world outside of Columbus, Ohio, the entire mound was covered with enough stones to fill a wagon 15,000 times. So the mound had been there for a very long time. The material dating around the dig site was around 50 AD. But the stone itself could have been even much older. The entire problem with the stone was that nobody who could write ancient Hebrew should have been in Ohio at that time, and the mound culture that built Newark was already being associated with Adena and Hopewell Indians, and they wouldn’t have any concerns about the Ten Commandments. So rather than embrace the find, then and since, the liberal community of academia set quickly to plant their feet and discredit David Wyrick. 

It was mainly Democrats who moved to prove that the Newark Holy Stones were fakes. Yet all over North America, more stones were found that had the same essential problem, and entirely different people found them. The 1800s until about the 1920s was a unique period in America and science in general. Institutionalism had not been fully established, and adventure was the pride of the day because people could settle in a new land without a lot of government to restrict them for the first time in known history. So fresh ideas had time to develop, and adventurous thoughts were very much in fashion. Spiritualism was a popular social topic, and amateur archaeology in digging into the history of the previous cultures was exciting and unrestricted with limits like we have today with the Native American Graves Act, which is built on the premise that Indians were the indigenous culture that had their rights taken from them by the emergence of a hostile European conquest. Such laws were, in fact, created by the types of critics that immediately came forward to prove David Wyrick a hoax because the man was trying to prove that one of the Lost Tribes of Isreal had escaped into America after the destruction of the Second Temple at a time when it was generally accepted that ocean travel was not possible. It was also popular then to talk about Atlantis, contemplate the possibilities of an ancient culture that was very advanced, and consider what that might mean to the human race. As the Progressive Era took hold and the intentions of socialism were being slid under the door, the attempts to get control of society as the rest of the world already had been experiencing was fully underway, and the Democrats who were seeking to establish such an institutional world after the loss of their cause during the Civil War wanted nothing to do with robbing Indians of their heritage by saying that white-skinned Europeans with their Bible culture were part of the mound culture.

Yet, that is precisely where the evidence is pointing, but not quite the way that David Wyrick thought of it. What liberals don’t want to admit to, which is the key to most every argument against them, is that it’s the Vico Cycle at play with American Indians. And the dates for that influence go back much further than the early institutional controls of archaeology and anthropology care to admit. They have, over the last hundred years, purposely tried to fit all discoveries to the Liberal World Order narrative and have ignored the facts that were right in front of them all along and discovered in America during a very unique period of adventure that is unique to any culture then or since. There is no telling how many stones like the Newark Holy Stones have been found that are in private collections. One of the reasons we do have these stones with the Ten Commandments on them, which is one of the best examples of all that have been found, is because of David Wyrick and his obsession to prove that they came from the Lost Tribes of Israel. It was the equivalent at that time of admitting that the 2020 election was stolen. The Liberal World Order desired to say that election fraud was impossible where the evidence all points to the fact that it happened in massive amounts, enough to put lots of people in jail and change the fate of many millions of votes. Democrats wanted the system to save a narrative they wanted for their Progressive Era plans, where newly created Lincoln Republicans saw the Bible in everything, even in Indian culture, which didn’t fit the narrative that Europeans were bad to destroy the history of indigenous people because liberals needed that narrative to set up their goals of destroying the concept of America with guilt since they had lost the slavery argument and had to try other methods if they were going to bring Karl Marx to the newly formed country and get control of institutionalism everywhere.     

Yet what the proof is showing now, in the 2020s, is that the Newark Holy Stones are part of a lost culture that were likely descendants not so much of the Lost Tribes of Israel but from the destroyed civilization of Atlantis. It looks like a very advanced culture in North America well before the last Ice Age was destroyed by an earth-killing cataclysm around 11,600 years ago. And this Atlantis culture was interacting with the entire world at the time and was sea-faring to allow for global trade. And they had a vast empire in North America after the cataclysms because the various Indian tribes were scattered everywhere once their advanced culture was destroyed. There has been a lot of talk about Atlantis being a continent that sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, which I think could be a possibility given what we know about the impact radius that created Saginaw Bay in Michigan. Crustal osculations could account for a major shifting of the oceans over land masses that could push them down, just as the weight of ice had created the Great Lakes. The earth’s crust is still pushing up against those lakes in those places. The earth is not perfectly round, and after a major impact with a comet around 11,000 years ago, it would have been possible for a land mass the size of Australia to be sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. And keep in mind that the ocean levels at the time would have been 400 feet shallower. So there would have been a lot of coastal areas that would have been different in the times of Atlantis, and this would explain a lot of things about how a planet-killing event leaving only a few survivors around the planet to start over again with the knowledge of previous culture and all the myths born from them, that were so similar, yet developed their own peculiar traits. Given all that, it’s not at all inconceivable, as the evidence points, that the Ten Commandments and Hebrew writing come from something like an Atlantis culture that moved from North America into northern Africa and then over into Egypt, where early sons of Israel would have learned of the Atlantis stories and their culture early in the days of Pharaohs. As we remember, Joseph ran Egypt during a 7-year drought because he interpreted the dream of the Pharaoh, who was so grateful that he gave him the keys to the kingdom. And in that way, Moses eventually would have knowledge of all this before the Exodus and the 40 years in the wilderness and the building of the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments, which it could be argued are the essential ingredients for all civilizations that want to last a few years. So yes, I think the discovery by David Wyrick is one of the most important finds in the world’s history. We are now unraveling the possibilities and understanding our own story of the past, which is far different from what we have been told.    

Rich Hoffman

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The Deathbed of the Liberal World Order: Giorgia Meloni and the Italian populist foundation

Why is the left so upset over Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s next prime minister? After all, she’s a woman. They wanted more women in politics and in powerful positions. So why are they calling her such bad names, calling her the next Benito Mussolini? Well, we all know the answer. It was never about women or people of color. It was always about making people feel guilty so that they would vote for progressive, liberal policies. And across the world stage, they see people everywhere reject the Liberal World Order as it was designed over the last two centuries and is falling apart in front of their faces. After all, what is fascist about the Brothers for Italy party that Giorgia is now the head of when the party platform was all about family first and nationalism that is such a threat? Well, when a bunch of communists and socialists declare that it’s a “far right” party, they mean that everything to the right of Karl Marx is radical and intolerable, and it’s the same argument we see play out everywhere. And it’s pretty funny to watch all their previous arguments fall apart across the world at the same time. If they really wanted more women in politics, they would be happy and proud of Giorgia for winning such an important seat. Instead, liberals have been exposed as the hypocrites that they always were. They didn’t want women in positions of power or minorities. They wanted liberals and thought that by appealing to their rights, they’d trick them into becoming liberals for all the various liberal parties. And it has all backfired. Instead of spreading Liberalism for the Liberal World Order, Giorgia Meloni is fighting for the rights of traditional Italians and their families. People overwhelmingly voted for her because they supported those values. 

But it’s not just in Italy where a conservative revolution is happening, or women find themselves a prominent part of it. The MAGA movement in the United States has a lot of women who are on the front of a conservative wave that apparently the Liberal World Order thought was just a Trump concept. As I’ve said for years now, Trump was a creation of that populist need. Someone was going to fill it. The 2016 election was supposed to be for liberals about preserving their Liberal World Order, of which the Washington swamp was built, by breaking glass ceilings, so long as the glass was broken by old hippie flower child progressives like Hillary Clinton. They didn’t expect that Laura Boebert, Marjorie Tayler Green, and Kari Lake would be the face of the MAGA party going into 2022 and 2024. Who will be the face of the various Joe Biden impeachments in congress? It won’t be the losers of Nancy Pelosi’s victimhood congress of identity politics.

Marjorie Tayler Green has been slowly building up her brand by being everywhere so that when Republicans take the House, she will undoubtedly be one of the leaders delivering justice many of us have long been seeking. Even though President Trump is still the face of the Republican Party, many up-and-coming leaders are women and minority candidates filling school boards, congressional seats, and governor races with a new kind of Republican populism. This isn’t the party of the uni-party anymore, of Liz Cheney and those types of Republican sell-outs. The political spectrum has moved away from socialism. People listened to lunatics like Ocasio Cortez and other hard-left progressives, and they’ve had enough. This hard right, hard left description was always an invention of the leftist media culture worldwide. People themselves were never that far left. They were tricked into moving in that direction through identity politics. But given a choice, they’d rather have a conservative person of color than a liberal one. And they’d love to vote for women, so long as by doing so, they get a family first, country first representative. That is what the election of Giorgia Meloni exposed. 

An even bigger miscalculation has been on immigration policy, the same stupidity that came straight of the office of George Soros and other global insurgents. They bet everything as members of the Desecrators of Davos on immigrant migration, voting in favor of the party that gave away the most stuff. Angela Merkel in Germany was tricked by pressure from the Green Party into adopting more progressive policies, increased migration, and green energy to hold onto power. She is kind of like the Tim Ryan of Ohio trying to hold off the MAGA efforts of J.D. Vance, who is poised to beat the liberal senate candidate. Only the Green Party was far left, and they drug Angela more to the left because of the political pressure, which was built on sentiment rather than an accurate representation of what people wanted. And those policies have been devastating to Germany on all fronts. And in America, the open border policies will be the stake in the coffin of the Biden presidency. Sure, they cheated to steal the election and put a person too dumb to know where he was in the White House, so they could make all these progressive dreams happen. But what they didn’t expect was for many of those immigrants to come into America and support Trump, at a ratio of nearly 50%. That was not the plan, and now they don’t know what to do. People aren’t going to vote for the kind of socialist hells they left behind. They want the American dream, and it’s clear that Joe Biden is against that dream. Despite how viciously the Administrative State tries to destroy him through legal shenanigans, Trump is their man and will continue to be. 

Populism is forming worldwide, wherever the Liberal World Order has ruined people’s lives, and there is nothing that can stop it. It was never Trump that made the movement. The movement made Trump, and now that people like Giorgia Meloni have seen the playbook on how to beat the Paper Tigers of Liberalism, others are following to do the same. The Liberal World Order is dying and bleeding out. The media is trying to pretend that what everyone sees is not happening. They hope that if they try to call Giorgia Meloni names like some bullies in a public school toward children who aren’t wearing the most popular fashions, they can miraculously resurrect their Liberal World Order from the deathbed. But it’s too late and has been for a while. We are seeing the last gasps of Liberalism as the hippie losers and communist slugs from the previous century dreamed of, and it’s all falling down around them. People do not want the Administrative State of a Liberal World Order run by Davos’s Desecrators. They never did, and that Liberal World Order was so arrogant in their assumptions that they thought they could manipulate everyone to their cause. And they couldn’t. Italy is just the first of many who are turning away from the fantasy of the European Union. That union is being rejected just as Brexit was, and other countries will follow, including France and Germany. The Liberal World Order tried to trick people into Liberalism with racist or sexist made-up guilt. But now, the blinders have been pulled away, and the hypocrisy is evident to all. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Hypocrisy of Democrats and Global Progressives: They love to kill kids as babies until they want to use death as a way to get gun control

It’s not even about the obviously disturbed kid who shot up young students and a teacher in a school in Uvalde, Texas. Salvador Ramos was an obviously disturbed 18-year-old kid who shot his grandmother in the face and then went on a rampage to the nearby school for all kinds of bad reasons, which we’re learning more and more about by the day. It is about whether an administrative state in the form of government can stop violence like this from happening. While it is my argument that they are the cause of it. And to disguise their complicity, they seek gun control to hide their obvious social failures. Ramos was a product of progressive society; immigration is undoubtedly part of his story especially living right on the border with Mexico and Texas. He had turned toward the “EMO” life as described by others. There isn’t much talk about a stable parental structure for him, certainly not a strong father figure. And he was projecting warning signs toward violence that the authorities, who are supposedly watching every one of us all the time with every keystroke on a computer, failed to pick up on. It almost looks as if progressive politics wanted this kid to snap, so they could exploit the carnage to advance their agenda. Ramas bought his guns right after his 18th birthday, put pictures of them online, and sent messages directly to a recipient talking about what he wanted to do with them. The FBI was watching, and they should have picked him up. Yet they didn’t. They either wanted him to commit the acts, or they were just stupid and lazy. Or a combination of both. The mass killing was a complete creation and failure of progressive politics, the John Dewey view of the world. 

But only within a few hours of the murders Joe Biden and many from his political caucus were exploiting the violence to support their gun-grabbing agenda as if they really thought that this tragedy was justification for advancing their long-established plans, the disarmament of society in general, so that they could rule everyone through an administrative state with even more power. Looking at the situation clearly, if the administrative state was at fault for this shooting, which it is, then why would anybody in their right mind give them more control? It was an absurd notion, yet we saw Beto O’Rourke attempt to do that very thing, pushing for gun control legislation which the communist left desperately wanted so they could implement their Marxist plans for America without even hiding it. Smartly, President Trump will give his speech to the NRA on Friday anyway, as he should. This exacerbated the gun grabbers even more because Americans see the game, as I’ve talked about many times before. They are losing feeling to these mass casualty events because they understand that the government is far more dangerous to their lives than the crazy Salvador Ramos types. So, they aren’t responding to the wall-to-wall news coverage. They are buying more guns, and they still support the NRA, even more after these tragedies, not less. So when Joe Biden gave his little speech talking about how “they” need to stand up to the gun lobby, he’s essentially forgetting who the gun lobby is. It’s not some administrative state competing with them for power; it’s the people who are really in charge who have decided that the government is more of a risk than the next government-produced lunatic.

You can see the hypocrisy in the abortion argument; the same people who are pointing to the murdered young kids in a school are advocating for the murder of kids just 9 or 10 years younger while they are babies in a mother’s womb. For some reason, murder while a child is in the birthing process is a mother’s right to choose, but when progressives advocating for a strengthened administrative state want to value life, they use school shootings to push for removing guns from society. The liberal television commentator Whoopi Goldberg actually went on a rant about confiscating all the assault weapons of Americans as if that were an option. Without considering that by doing so, we would surrender our lives over to be managed by lunatics like her? Meanwhile, there are mass shootings every day in Chicago, and nobody seems to care. There are cries to defund the police and restrict their ability to establish law and order. Mexico’s drug cartels have been empowered like never before to bring murderous drugs into America to eradicate our population with intoxication and mayhem. Nobody cares about the lives destroyed by drugs from the illegal cartel trade or the many murders and beheadings that occur along our border to maintain their “turf.” All of those are creations of a progressive administrative state. Yet, the assumption is that we are all so stupid that we might be pulled into a sad story of even more incompetence, the failure of that system to teach Ramas properly. Instead of becoming a productive member of society as a member of the immigrant community, he became an emotionally fragile killer. And gun control legislation will do what exactly, Whoopi? 

America is a society of guns; they represent protection not just from gangs of thugs and delusional killers but from the administrative state’s failures that are currently grabbing for power in maniacal ways. And no amount of emotion will change how Americans view that situation. Other places in the world may have gone along with the gun control scheme, but they have miserably paid the price. Most notably in places like New Zealand and Australia during the lockdowns from Covid, where the police state grew into all the frightening realizations of a dystopian novel. When Joe Biden asked the question as to why these school shootings are only happening in America and no place else, well, that’s because America hasn’t been stupid enough to give the government that much power. After all, as we can see throughout the world, they will abuse it. Other countries, like China, have killed off their political rivals, and people know not to stand up to authority; otherwise, they will be destroyed. Other countries also don’t have such open cultural standards as we do in America.

No place on earth does so many nationalities interact with each other with all kinds of religions so well. There are always bound to be tensions, but most countries don’t have close to the type of diversity that America does culturally. So there are shootings that happen, and there is violence. But in our media culture that reports every bug killed crossing the road, other countries in the world have control of their media conduct, and the world never hears about the killings, the political sabotage, and the many different ways that violence is conducted upon the citizens. For instance, they don’t have their version of Salvador Ramos in China because they would have locked him up the first time he put on a dress and posted it online. He would have just “disappeared” from society. And that is the kind of world that progressive Democrats like Joe Biden want in America with gun confiscations. And the sick part about it is that they only care about the lives lost of children when it gives them some political victory. But not before. Otherwise, they are the party of death, and they produce people like Salvador Ramos by the bucketloads. And they will kill again, and often. But those killers are nowhere near of a threat as the blunders of the centralized administrative state.   Americans are onto it, and they aren’t falling for the scam.

Rich Hoffman

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The Milgram Experiment: Covid was worse, but this time, on a global scale–what did we learn?

We know one thing for sure about the massive government takeover experiment of Covid-19, they attempted to throw the entire world under a rule by authority, and it failed along the same lines as the Milgram Obedience Experiment indicated in the 1960s. The reports have been out there for a long time; the governments of the world and all the power players who want to use governments for their own aims of global domination know what Stanley Milgram, the psychologist, intended to demonstrate, that a dangerous percentage of any society is willing to obey orders even if those orders go against their own self-interest. That was what the dumb lockdowns were all about and the social distancing; it was the Milgram Experiment on a massive global scale. When Stanley Milgram wanted to know to what degree and percentage a sampling of men he had brought in to conduct his experiment would perform under pressure, he was unveiling a riddle that authority types would salivate to and abuse for their own evil intentions in the years to come. Corporations and governments would often use the Stanley Milgram Experiment in the future but never had anybody witnessed the entire world attempting to perform the experiment on such a mass scale. The guilty parties would be the usual suspects, the Desecrators of Davos, so to unleash Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset. But why they thought it would work was based on those initial test results that nobody in academia would ever get away with today. Although, as I say it, the entire world, based on the activism of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci almost exclusively, performed the same test hoping for a different result. So for those who say that the Milgram Experiment could never be done in modern times, we just lived through it with Covid. 

Milgram hired an actor to pretend to receive an electric shock from several participants who would respond to instructions from an authority figure, the person giving the test. If the actor got a question wrong, the test administrator would instruct the participant to administer various degrees of electric shock to the actor. Of course, the participants had no idea that the shocked recipient was an actor. They believed that they were genuinely administering electric shock and that the screams they heard from the actor were real. So when told to administer a shock, the participant would turn a dial-up to conduct the pain. The shocks would start at 15 volts, then increase to 150, 330, then ultimately go all the way up to 450. The astonishing aspect of the experiment was that out of all the participants, 65% of them administered the lethal amount of 450-volts even as they could hear the pain of the actor screaming from concealment. In some of the cases, the actor went so far as to pretend to have died, but the participants did as they were told by the administrator anyway. The experiment proved something terrible about people. Even though they knew better, if told to do something, most people would do it because their need to comply with orders was more substantial than their free will to think for themselves. 

Well, those in the world who love to have power over other people salivated over this news. And since the experiment, they have been taking advantage of that 65% of the population ever since. Now there has been some debate about the validity of the study. For instance, all the original participants were men because it was the 60s, and that’s how it was then. So it could be argued that women would have had more empathy toward their screaming victim and perhaps would have been less inclined than 65% to administer the shock. Or perhaps women were more willing to follow orders, and the percentage might have been higher. Many say we will never know, but as the results of Covid show, we do have a better understanding. Out of all the earth’s population, the final numbers look to be in the 40% range of all people who will follow orders in society even to their own detriment. We can base that on the reaction of people who adopted masks when the CDC told them to wear them. We can see who took the vaccine shot in the opening days of administering them. We can see who complied with the stay-at-home orders, chose to work from home during the pandemic, and toughed it out, and ignored social distancing and other mandates. The gamble that Gates and Fauci and their many conspirators within the world’s governments made was that the percentage would be higher for the compliant, more like the Milgram Experiment from the 1960s rather than what they ended up in reality. Many people complied to the government’s face but did what they wanted when they thought nobody was looking. This is important because of what China just did to Shanghai. China had, over the years, killed off many of their non-compliant types, so the experiment there was to see how many people they could lock in their homes to the point of starving to death, only patrolled by a little dog-sized robot in the streets telling them to stay put. In America and places in Europe, the population proved to be way too independent for that kind of control. 

So, what did we learn? Well, I think the news is good. America was founded on far less a percentage of people, somewhere between 15% and 30% of the population. We know that if a movement can gain that much of a following, there will always be between 40% to 60% of any given population that will follow the orders of the minority, even if they disagree. That is how corporations have been ruling over their workforces for years, but they haven’t been able to change the nature of the people themselves. Only their social behavior. That same problem arose during the Covid mass experiment and international execution by denying hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to Covid patients even though it would have saved lives. By allowing people to take medicine, it would have been the same as letting the participants of the Milgram Experiment know that the person receiving the shock was only an actor. And the scam wouldn’t have worked, which was, in this case, a massive power grab by the Desecrators of Davos for a global Great Reset of all economies into communist-controlled centralized planning, that, of course, they would oversee through the United Nations. Yet not the correct percentage of the global population fell for it, and two years into the scam, there were way too many non-compliant and even angry people. They always knew that a certain percentage of the population would do whatever an authority figure told them to do. After all, we start as babies being told what to do by a parent. Then we are told what to do by our teachers in public schools. By our church. All kinds of authority figures. Most people never grow out of that mode and learn to think for themselves. But what is that percentage? Well, the experiment of Covid, which was a massive Milgram Experiment on a global scale, showed that not enough people would fall for it, and for those who want to rule the world through fear and anxiety, that was terrible news. Which, for the rest of us, is very good. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Lincoln Day Dinner of 2022: Battles coming, going, and brewing

It’s always good to talk about nice things, and the Lincoln Day Dinner for 2022 for the Butler County Republican Party was undoubtedly something good to talk about. Like I say all the time, politics is a blood sport. People aren’t always supposed to get along. So it’s not the function of a prominent Republican gathering at the Savanah Center in West Chester to just have everyone get along, even though they did. The goal of politics is to get the best people into public offices that can be obtained. Often the best management of any resource involves pressure applied to individual vision to draw it out for the public’s benefit. In Butler County, with Todd Hall as the party’s Chairman, it has undoubtedly been a success story. Butler County is a large, wealthy county in Ohio; it has over 400,000 people and a major national university. And every officeholder position in the county is held by a Republican. That is something to say and provides a good indication of what the people of Butler County are really like. But it’s not easy to manage all the ‘A type” personalities who get into politics for their communities. The people who run for office don’t tend to be the shy types, so managing all those personalities, especially when they sometimes get cross with each other, is quite a challenge, and Todd Hall does the job well, which culminated in the evening at that dinner which was nothing short of magnificent. 

Mike Pompeo came in to speak at this Lincoln Day event, along with the nationally bestselling author Vivek Ramaswamy, who managed to find time between Fox News media appearances to give a rousing speech to a hungry room of freedom fighters. Warren Davidson, of course, was there and was instrumental in bringing Mike Pompeo in, fresh from the Trump administration, where we all had the feeling of reloading for the next round of political battles that were coming next. I had a chance to talk to Jim Renacci a lot as he came down from his campaign for governor of Ohio, which is going well. There were many people from all over the state of Ohio who came to this Butler County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, which filled the Savannah Center into every crevasse. It was great to see so many friends in one place simultaneously. The battles that everyone fights for are worth it, especially on evenings like that one. During primary season, like the one we have this year where there are so many contentious races, such as the governor race where Mike DeWine is running for re-election, and Jim Renacci was challenging him, it would be easy to have factions of discontent which wouldn’t even be able to shake hands. But the event’s mood, led by Todd Hall and guided by the diligent hands of hundreds of volunteers who worked behind the scenes for the party’s best interests, provided an atmosphere that felt more like Mar-a-Lago from Trump’s Florida home than just another political gathering. Every last touch had behind it a love of country and an intention to do good in the world. Different people, of course, have different ideas about what good is, but the pursuit of it was apparent for all to see. 

It’s not like the Butler County Republican Party was playing things easy; they recently endorsed Jim Renacci for governor over the incumbent. In the audience was Justice Pat DeWine, the son of the governor.  Jane Timken was in the audience, and Mike Gibbons, who are both running for the hotly contested Senate seat soon to be vacated by Rob Portman. There were literally hundreds of contentious side stories that could fill novels that interacted in the halls of that grand event, but what impressed me was the candor with which it was all presented. Todd Hall’s management style with all these unique personalities allows for hotly contested debate and personal battles that still celebrates the achievement voters get in the end, and that is something special. Politics is tricky under the best of circumstances, but routinely pulling off successes like what Butler County enjoys is quite an accomplishment. Of course, behind the scenes come the unifying elements of Ann Becker, whom I’ve known for many years now, going back to the Cincinnati Tea Party, which she led. Debbie Lang who always brings energy to everything she’s around. Joe Statzer and Mark Murphy work on all the details. There is a long list of people behind the scenes who make the Republican Party of Butler County, such a great organization. I single out Todd Hall because it takes a unique person to give all these diverse personalities autonomy and to trust that people will find common ground and build from that position rather than break out in fistfights from the many different perspectives that so many officeholders have. Guided by a less skilled hand, everything could turn out to be a disaster rather than the success story that it continues to be. 

Ultimately, the Lincoln Day event is a good team builder, and they are always nice to go to when the people putting them on so much love what they do. But what the public gets is a strong party that represents them where it matters most. Contention in politics is good; it forces the best people and best ideas to the surface to manage on behalf of the voters, and Butler County is an example of how it should be done everywhere in the country. The Butler County Republican Party is the example that everyone should be following, especially in the newly Trump-led Republican party. The management style it takes to unify so many diverse personalities is the stuff success seminars are built on. To have an evening in the height of election season just to take a breath of fresh air is nice. But the reminder of why so many people get into public office and how an army of volunteers behind the scenes contribute their time and energy without ever thinking about pay tells a story that is worth recognizing. If not for them and the tireless hours of work that go on behind the scenes, there would not be a great Republican Party of Butler County. There would not be a Republican in every Butler County political office. The strength of the party is because of all the effort that countless people put into it, and by the leadership of Todd Hall to have just enough guiding force to keep people together just enough but not to impose on them any dictates which might threaten their unique gifts for which voters could then select as representatives. The whole evening was just as impressive as the Butler County Republican Party is itself. It reflected many thousands of hours of hard work and an ambitious eye toward tomorrow; whereas bad as things look on the national horizon, in Butler County, Ohio, all is great and getting better. If such a formula could project itself nationwide under the next Trump presidency, there is a lot to be excited about in the years to come. Because ultimately, politics is there to serve the Republic for which we all fight to make a stand, and the voters are in charge and respected by the guiding light of hard-working people who genuinely understand how to do it right.

Rich Hoffman

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The Desecrators of Davos: Vivek Ramaswamy has a plan, and we should listen

One thing that Americans underestimate is just how much people worldwide hate them. They hate them for their concept of “individualism,” which contradicts everything they have been taught, from infants to an elderly state. The idea of individualism is specifically an American idea born under the umbrella of freedom. Most people worldwide do not have that luxury, so they resort to what they know and understand, their placement in the pecking order of existence based on the authority figure of their culture. Americans have a constitution that empowers the individual against government controls, and almost every home from sea to shining sea has a firearm or several in it. We really don’t need a standing army because every home is its own military. So, we tend to have a live and let live policy when it comes to the world. Yet, that world plots and schemes endlessly to take us down by whatever means possible, and they spend time thinking about these things 24 hours a day, seven days a week, forever. They never sleep or stop thinking about it. This is undoubtedly true of Vladimir Putin of Russia. It is very much true when it comes to Xi Jinping of China. Pick your authoritarian ruler anywhere in the world; they are thinking about bringing down America. 

Yet, no group of dictators is more of a threat than what I call the Desecrators of Davos, the members of the World Economic Forum who have hidden quietly in Switzerland and other European countries and intend to rule the world from beyond the rules of governments. They are much more dangerous than Putin or Xi. They control the money and policies to which those authority figures react to. And they have their eyes on America and have for a long time. They have plotted and schemed behind the scenes, ignoring our laws destroying our financial system all within the context of a smile on their faces looking like a bunch of progressive radicals who love socialism and communism across the ocean. But in reality, they have embedded themselves into our political system through finance and are now deploying their long-established plans. When I said that Ukraine and Russia were not the threat we should be paying attention to, I mean that the Desecrators of Davos are much more dangerous. Much more dangerous, and the plot they have revealed to the world, in their own words over the last few years, is much more sinister than anything they are showing us on the nightly news.

In many cases, the corporate networks are in on it because the Desecrators of Davos own their flow of finance. So the employees of those networks will do anything they say, whether they believe it or not. And it is there that we must turn our gaze to defend America from its enemies. 

In many ways, the political left in America is a creation of many years of ruthless dictators shaping policy through a complicated spy network during most of the 20th century. They created a European desire to spread Marxism to every corner of the world. They show themselves in America through the Democrat Party and the RINOs from the Republican side who aren’t very deep thinking and have a higher value in getting along than in standing up for the idea of America, at all costs from enemies both foreign and domestic. I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. Looking behind the curtain at what they don’t want you to look at, and there it is clear what they have been up to. I don’t dislike Wall Street in any way. I don’t think we should end the Fed. But through the actions of the World Economic Forum, penetrations of the political left into all aspects of culture and using the stolen money of the Federal Reserve created through bad policy of quantitative easing, which was then given to people like Larry Fink at BlackRock to buy up American companies with stock buys created by the asset bubble that the Fed created out of thin air, now we can all see the method of attack into America. 

I was headed in this direction before Vivek Ramaswamy wrote his now-famous book on the matter Woke, Inc., and the excellent work he has done at CPAC 2022 puts it all on the table. I have run into Vivek several times over the last year and listened to his pitch in person at the Republican Headquarters in Middletown, Ohio, in May of 2021, and I found his argument compelling. Then he gave a great interview to The Epoch Times at CPAC, and compared to the work I had been doing; it was quite clear that the Desecrators of Davos is the threat we all need to look at to protect America from its latest barrage of enemies. Ramaswamy has a plan, and we need to get behind it and not get distracted by the other events of the world. Specifically, Ukraine. Remember, Kamala Harris went to Europe two days before Russia invaded Ukraine and pushed to make Ukraine a member of NATO, which everyone in intelligence knows is the biggest hot button issue of concern for Vladimir Putin. It’s like knowing that throwing gas on fire will have an explosive effect. The Biden administration, working directly with the members of The World Economic Forum, provoked war between Russia and Ukraine to divert the world’s attention from their genuine desire, controlling all fossil fuels to satisfy their insanely ridiculous plot to make climate change the primary issue in global politics, which they would then control through finance into the world’s biggest companies. 

I understood what Vivek was saying as an insider from Wall Street who had done very well for himself. But he was at a point, much like Donald Trump, where he wanted to give back and do something good. But in practice, we all saw just how manipulative the Desecrators of Davos were when we saw the compliance approach from government mandate to individual companies all over America, with the vaccine mandates. They were eventually found to be unconstitutional, but in September of 2021, nobody really knew how to react, and companies went straight into compliance mode without questioning the politics. It was dangerous, but it did reveal the plot to destroy America coming from the Desecrators of Davos rather than from China or Russia. Who was telling the Biden administration what to do with the vaccines? Was it just pharmaceutical companies looking for a stable government check? Or was it something else? Well, all roads point to the doorstep of the Desecrators of Davos. They are desecrators because they have been funding the destruction of America from the inside out, using our own money and wealth to perform the task. And they think it’s funny. They are cheerful about it, which was evident while watching Davos’s last year’s coverage. As I read Klaus Schwab’s books, listened to him speak, and observed Larry Fink’s behavior of BlackRock, who sits on the board at The World Economic Forum, the threat to America was quite clear. And as I listened carefully, and personally one on one with an insider like Vivek Ramaswamy, it has all become evident. But more than anything was the understanding of what the Fed has been doing to help, as revealed in the excellent book The Lords of Easy Money. A Fed populated with bank presidents who have been suckered into the climate change religion, would they support the strategy of Klaus Schwab and the gang in Davos? You bet they would, and they have.

By the way, Vivek Ramaswamy has a new book coming out this year, (2022) and I think it will be a great one! I’ll be the first one to get it!

Rich Hoffman

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Bugs Bunny and the Desecrators of Davos: War in Ukraine with the Russians is just a diversion

I remain disinterested in the conflict in Ukraine. As I have been saying, and continue to, it’s all big-time wrestling on the world stage. Of course, I feel bad for all the innocent people caught in the crossfire of a bad government on full display. I have been comparing the whole thing to one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons, Hill Billy Hare. In that cartoon, Bugs Bunny dresses up like a woman and gets the hunters trying to kill him to fight each other in a square dance, ultimately getting them to jump off a cliff together. In this case, the Desecrators of Davos prop up the United Nations, who is playing the role of Bugs Bunny.

On the one hand, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine and guy who made his way to fame playing a piano with his penis, is the guy we are supposed to rally behind. Ukraine is the creation of the United Nations and embodies all the hopes and dreams of progressives everywhere. Then you have the thuggish Russians who want to restore the old Soviet Union to glory like some territorial mobster. And we’re supposed to pick sides between bad and bad with this issue. All these teams are terrible, and we’re supposed to feel motivated to care. We essentially went from talking Covid, Covid, Covid every day, 24 hours a day to now Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Before that, it was Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia until we learned that Hillary Clinton with the Durham Report actually spied on President Trump while in the White House and tried to blame it all on the Russians who are meant to play the role as the big baddies on the world stage, the way a villain in WWE is introduced. It’s all phony and is a deliberate mess that will eventually end with both sides collapsing and being picked up off the mat by the Desecrators of Davos. 

Oh, but Rich, what is with this sudden fascination with the World Economic Forum and these massive conspiracies that are global? Well, it’s obvious what has happened. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be president as this New World Order was well planned for decades. President Trump was a significant impact on their plans; he was never supposed to become president the first time, and once he was elected, these “globalists,” as they are called, the Tragedy and Hope fans of Carell Quigley, panicked. The Looking Backward Bellamy utopian socialists, the global Karl Marx fans. All the enemies of capitalism advocates for global domination panicked and accelerated their plans, resulting in what we see now. And because of that, they have had to come out of the shadows, and we can clearly now see their footprints tiptoeing through the paint they have painted themselves in the corner with. Their footprints are easy to see if only people would look at them. They still are hidden from a lot of people because people tend only to see what they do regionally within their own cultural bubbles. In this case, those cultural bubbles are defined by whatever country they happen to live in. In their efforts to get rid of Donald Trump, they had to pull all kinds of strings that had been hidden to reveal their true purpose. That is why I call them now the Desecrators of Davos instead of the “elite.” I don’t see them as elite in any way. I don’t even like the term globalists. They don’t rule over us. But they control our money, which is the hook they have in all our lives and what they are after with this Russian invasion. 

Here’s how you can know what’s going on. Even though the United Nations essentially created Ukraine, the amount of corruption that has flowed through the country has made many progressives very rich, such as the Biden family. The Clintons in America and many in Europe use the country too for all sorts of nefarious purposes; the Desecrators of Davos led by Klaus and the gang from the World Economic Forum don’t like that Zelensky was elected there. He is Ukraine’s populist version of Donald Trump, and they want to get rid of him. The Desecrators of Davos wish to get rid of populism everywhere, and the best way to do that is to teach the people in Ukraine a lesson when they vote wrong for the incorrect types of people. But then, on the other side, you have probably the wealthiest person in the entire world, Vladimir Putin, who controls a vast portion of the fossil fuel market. In the United States, the Desecrators of Davos, through banks and finance, are destroying the fossil fuel industry with ESG scores. What are they going to do to Russia? Suppose the Desecrators of Davos want to make a zero-emission world. In that case, they have to get control of all fossil fuels, so this war in Ukraine gives them a chance to push Putin into overplaying his hand, losing his grip on power, and setting up the Desecrators of Davos for the cleanup. They intend to collapse all the world’s economies anyway, using China to carry the next stable currency replacing the American dollar. Hence, gaining control of all the energy sectors is critical to their plan. Xi Jinping in China will learn at the end that his country too will fall under the power of the Desecrators of Davos. They are all being played for the eventual end of money and oil as we know it now. 

With that said, it’s essential not to take our eyes off the ball. These plans, as I said, are much more accelerated than the Desecrators of Davos wanted to deal with.   They have gotten themselves into all kinds of trouble with Covid and the election fraud case in America, where it just won’t go away. They don’t have control of the media the way they wanted to have it by now. People are onto the games Larry Fink, and many of the American money managers have been caught playing with the Fed. Jerome Powell knows he wants to raise interest rates, but nobody on Wall Street wants that asset bubble exposed for what it is. This power grab allowed foreign investment to backdoor our constitution and to turn us all toward the Desecrators of Davos as the next global power. All that is pretty sinister stuff, much worse than the wall-to-wall coverage over Ukraine and a phony invasion over phony territorial Russian desires. The war isn’t about that. It’s meant to unify us all behind a bad choice and a bad choice, so we get used to accepting only having bad choices to pick from. It’s the same Desecrators of Davos plan that came out of Covid, accepting the changes to our economy that those losers want to give us and to accept mediocrity as the new norm. Ukraine is all about bad choices and purposely putting innocent people in the middle of trouble. But while everyone is looking at Ukraine and Russia, remember that it’s Bugs Bunny playing the music, and who might that be? Well, it’s the Desecrators of Davos, the global elite as the media calls them. Those obscure investors who aren’t dressed for war with military uniforms but suits, ties, and a nicely ironed shirt about to play golf in Scotland. This war isn’t about tanks, weapons, or even military deployment. It’s a distraction from the attack on our financial infrastructure as we speak and keep our eyes on everything but what matters most. The Desecrators of Davos intend to take over the world while we are otherwise entertained. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Best Option for Dry Fire Practice: Having a great relationship with your firearm

Not to take anything away from one of the most incredible people in the world, Tommie, the owner of Premier Shooting in West Chester, but I am excited to report on a great new dry fire technology that many people may not know about. I mention Tommie because she told me about her exciting new dry fire range at Premier, the latest craze in shooting, for a good reason. Much of the time, dry firing involves a laser in the gun instead of a bullet and can be measured against a target by some electronic method. It’s becoming more common to use a smartphone for dry fire action. More sophisticated dry fire can be utilized like they do at Premier. There is still nothing like live fire with a real bullet striking a real target. But dry fire can be a great way to stay proficient with a gun without all the expense of firing live ammunition and can be every bit as enjoyable. Well, I have found that practicing for my Cowboy Fast Draw events a wonderful invention sold by the Cowboy Fast Draw Association called the Gunslinger Mark IV laser targeting system that I finally treated myself to, and I’m in love with it. It has been around in the fast draw community for several years but has only recently been perfected to a near-perfect system, as shown in the video above. I can’t think of anything better than this as a dry fire option for people looking for a home dry fire solution to their shooting needs. Practicing with one of these dry fire systems makes the range time much more valuable. I’m certainly not saying gun enthusiasts should replace range time for dry fire time. But that dry fire will make that range time much more useful. 

As I say all the time, especially these days, it’s essential to have a relationship with our Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment. Some people lose touch with the Constitution because they live in areas where they get used to concessions to utilize Constitutional rights in favor of collective need. For instance, in urban areas where it’s almost impossible to shoot every day in the backyard, it’s hard to maintain a relationship with your favorite firearms because they stay locked up all the time. One of the things that I like most about Cowboy Fast Draw is that it allows me to have a wax firing range in my workshop that makes it possible to shoot every day. When I want to fire real lead bullets, I go down and see Tommie at the range. But it’s not possible to shoot every day for me, because of time really, so having a range in my home makes it that much more practical. For many years now, I have enjoyed going into my shop and shooting at my strike plate range. But, for me, that wasn’t enough. I want to shoot while sitting in my reading chair and watching movies and football games. So I had been looking to get one of these Mark IV laser targeting systems, which essentially does everything my strike plate range does, except fire actual primers. Firing live fire rounds in the house and having wax bullets explode all over the living room just was not possible. But with a laser, I can shoot all day and all night long, as much as I want without the expense of using up rounds of ammunition. 

This particular unit is unique because it was invented by the Cowboy Fast Draw Association for the specific problem of fast fire and the need to register the hit in thousands of a second. Much dry fire activity is specific to just hitting a target and seeing how you do from shot to shot. The added element of speed is something special. Whenever the laser hits within the 8″ circle on the target system, it picks up a hit and measures it within fractions of a second. The light blinks three times in practice mode to let you know that your shot is coming. Then the light comes on solid and counts the time it takes you to hit the target. I not only use my target system for fast draw for all types of target shooting. I shoot from 30′, 21′, 15′ down to 5′ like I did in the video, up close so that the camera could pick up the gun and the hit in the same frame and still see the indicator. Even better, the unit is free from an internet connection, so nobody is snooping around on you while you are target shooting. It’s free of internet control, leaving target shooting the personal relationship between you and the practice and nobody else. Other types of dry fire where the smartphone is involved are giving vast amounts of information on all of us to some data collection company. So while convenient and neat, there is a cost to the technology. The Cowboy Fast Draw Association people make the Mark IV advance the sport. So, it’s a trusted source of shooting applications that makes using the Mark IV a much better experience. 

Best yet, the Mark IV Laser system allows shooters to have that daily relationship with their guns. It takes away a lot of the taboo that politics has placed on guns over the years and will enable users to use their firearms more for sport than just self-defense. Practicing with dry fire lasers has the feel of shooting baskets in the driveway. Shooting is a sport just like basketball or football—even golf. But until dry fire technology evolved to the level it is now; it wasn’t possible to practice with firearms virtually anywhere at any time of day. With the Mark IV, as I showed I was using inside my RV, shooting can be done anywhere. Even in a McDonald’s parking lot in Vail, Colorado, while you are waiting for the grandkids to get a Happy Meal and use the restroom. And the system is so reliable that it works perfectly every time. Once you have one of the Laser Training Cartridges that ignite the laser and allow the shot to fire down the barrel, you can shoot all the time, with the only cost being batteries for the cartridge. The total cost of the whole setup is around $800 for the laser and the targeting system and can all be purchased from I buy from them all the time, and they are always good about delivering high-quality items. I even recently ordered from them on New Year’s Eve, and they fulfilled the order that very night. They are like dealing with the way America used to be, always attentive to the customer’s needs, and competent. So overall, I can’t recommend one of these dry fire units more for all the reasons I mentioned and more. The best thing about it is that it takes shooting into the realm of every day and allows shooters to become much more proficient with copious amounts of practice than they could get otherwise. And making better shooters with much more handling only helps everything, from Constitutional consideration to the advancement of shooting sports, because more people can now participate. There is no downside, and for shooters everywhere, knowing that something like this is out there is something that could be life-changing in a good way.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats Own The Crime Spikes in America: Yet, there is something more sinister happening than just stupidity

Even though it’s an election year and Democrats everywhere want you to forget about their defund the police movement, the crime rates that we are seeing today are entirely their fault. The amount of lawlessness present in our current society is incomprehensibly reprehensible. When I was a kid, I thought you could go to jail over stealing a pack of gum. Now, you can sell drugs, smuggle people over the border, rob your neighbor and steal everything they have, and expect to get away with it. Places where there isn’t much concealed carry, have seen crime rates spike, vandalism, rape, abuse of every kind going through the roof. Gangs are flourishing, just as the cartels of Mexico are. And on a global scale, every type of criminal, even political ones, is thriving like never before. Criminals created these policies of no legal enforcement, and they are not motivated to change their behavior, except to trick voters into keeping them in office so they can do more damage. But don’t think for a second any of this is by accident. No, what we are seeing with this decriminalization of criminal conduct is a more powerful attack, long-planned. From the Soros-backed district attornies to the empowerment of the drug cartels to harass good people like some villains from an old western, the real target has always been our concept of constitutional law in America. All Democrats, to some extent, especially if they call themselves progressives, desire to destroy our idea of a constitution and collapse it into something reinterpreted by new forces of a criminal syndicate operating out of the United Nations. So when they wanted to defund the police, they meant to destroy America at its core of constitutional law and that oath that binds us all together.

Now I’m not one of those people who cry at the thought of a “thin blue line.” I have always had a wary eye toward law enforcement and an even more scrutinous opinion about military service. I am not a fan of “service” to something “bigger” than ourselves. That type of terminology is just more rhetoric from the Bibles of collectivism. The political spectrum we are all told is essential isn’t even on the scale of what the Anti-Federalists who gave us the Bill of Rights were ever thinking. They would be apocalyptic at the level of Federal control they see today.   For instance, the political scale of fascism on the right and communism on the left is entirely wrong, yet nobody in our media gets it right. Even Tucker Carlson on Fox News and Sean Hannity talk about our society in terms of that scale, trying to stay “fair and balanced” within it. While preaching about our “leaders” all the time and where they are on that scale, they still salute fallen soldiers and cops crying over their role in the “thin blue line” and feel they must answer to where they are on that scale, to the right, left, or center. But in my world, it’s all on the left. Fascism is a concept of the left; Hitler was a socialist. None of what the modern media calls the “political left or right” is what is in our Constitution. Our way of law and order in America isn’t even on the scale of what the rest of the world is doing, which is just another form of attack from global forces at the American way of life. 

Just because a cop comes into a Waffle House at 2 AM with a gun on their hip is not a call to worship for me. Under a corrupt administration, that may be my next enemy. If we agree to serve the Constitution, we have common ground. I will be armed too, and a gunfight right then and there would not be to anybody’s advantage because we at least want the same type of society, governed by our Constitution’s rules. But if politicians come into power and try to force changes in Constitutional law, like what we have seen with Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, then that cop might become the new enemy. Federal troops might be good guys under the Trump administration, but those same armed forces may be the enemy breaking down your door at 6 AM with the media truck filming from down the road under Biden’s DOJ. So when a bunch of soldiers comes into that Waffle House at the same hour, all looking for a nice omelet, you won’t see me going over and thanking them for their service. Instead, I would keep my eye on them, weary of their intentions because I might not like who is giving them orders as soldiers following orders. A system never has a higher priority over individual will, and that is what we do when we blindly worship the “thin blue line” or a flag-waving soldier. They may be friends at a Fourth of July parade. Still, they can turn into a menace in a moment over whoever controls the region’s politics, whether they adhere to Constitutional principles or whether they want to get rid of them for something new entirely. 

And that is the actual target radius that Democrats have been caught on with these spikes in crime. I will say that we need police, and we need the military, even if we must keep our eye on them at all times and always keep our own guns nearby in case things go wrong. But the attack on our American Constitution is an attack on the idea of the pronoun “I.” The concept of individual ownership, of one’s own life, children, wife, house, and car. By unleashing a crime wave upon America, the real target is the idea of self and to surrender that self to the blob of collectivism. That even the rich person is equal to the homeless person. The drug addict is privileged to the big screen television of the rich person who has led a clean life, worked hard at a job, a family, and other material possessions to show all that hard work. The Democrats want to erase that measure of work, the possessions that a person acquires over time, and to make it so that the incentive to do so is pointless. And in that way, we would give up our American way of life and begin to accept something else designed at the United Nations. That is what they are after; it’s not that they are crazy. Their attack on America is purposeful and long-planned. Their target against us is in destroying the concept of any form of self-possession, such as “my thoughts” or “my work.” Before Democrats and communists worldwide can ever have a collective-based society, they must remove the pronoun “I” from American culture.

For those who have traveled worldwide, you might instantly recognize this problem when away from America’s shores. The concept of “I” is much removed from daily conversations. Instead, the idea of “We” is much more prevalent. That is undoubtedly prevalent in China, India, and Vietnam. The concept “we” is the center of their society. And increasingly, we see this in Europe as well. And Democrats in America are intent on bringing it to America, and that means attacking the Constitution of our law and order society that protects all ideas of “I” and “My” and replacing that emphases with “we” and “us.” That is where the law enforcement trick comes into place because what are they in service to? We honor police officers and military troops not as individuals but as sacrifices to a “greater good,” a system beyond oneself. So just as in the discussions of the political spectrum being fascism on one side, which might include police brutality, and overly-centralized state-run communism on the left, the entire measurement is focused on a sacrifice of the self to the consumption of the whole. The soldier is no longer a representative of the self; they are now embodiments of a larger body for which they are but “one.” Do you see how they played that little trick? And most everyone in society has fallen for it. So this is a problem far more significant than just defunding the police and seeing crime waves ensue. That was part of the plan all along. It’s part of the Democrat’s desire to eliminate the concept of an American Constitution altogether. And it is there were the many divides of our country start and end. 

Rich Hoffman

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Martin Luther King Jr., was a Communist: Getting on the same page by reading the same book, ‘Atlas Shrugged’

Atlas Shrugged is a Good Place to Start to Understand Today

I never needed to honor Martin Luther King, nor Nelson Mandela for that matter. Not because they were black leaders. I have never been a racist, nor will I ever be. I would have always treated Martin Luther King as a human being because I don’t see color in people. But I do see communists and other Marxists quite clearly, and King was two things that I can’t stand, he was an adulterer, and he was a communist. That makes him a piece of crap in my book, so there is a bit of slight at hand in honoring the Civil Rights leader with a day of his own, where it’s just one more excuse for people to take a day off work and not to be productive. It was Democrats who mistreated people of color. It was Republicans who freed the enslaved people and tried to empower blacks after the Civil War. It was Democrats who stood in the way of treating Blacks as equal people. So, Democrats don’t get to lecture all of us about how not to be “racist.” And they certainly don’t get to put a communist like Martin Luther King on a pedestal and lecture the rest of us about voter rights using Marxist ideas hidden behind a mask of equality to sell a federal takeover of our elections. To grapple with so many evil characters in our government and their nature, I would point to a portion of history where people were starting to get it, before Trump even entered the presidential race the first time, where thoughtful people were re-discovering Atlas Shrugged, the famous Ayn Rand novel, and seeing play out in reality what she proposed in 1957 about the descent of America into a collectivist nightmare. After all, she had seen it before, in her home country of Russia. And during the late Tea Party period that I’m referring to, around 2010 to 2013, I saw the same kind of resurgence of Atlas Shrugged that jumped on people’s minds as I am starting to see everywhere I go today, after just one year of Joe Biden. People see through the haze and are looking for answers, which Ayn Rand has provided in what I consider the great American novel. 

During that period I spoke about, 2010 through 2013, I did quite a lot of work to help sell the movie version of that book produced by Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro. It has been on my mind because it’s really been since then that I have seen the kind of interest in Atlas Shrugged that I am seeing today. Last week I had no less than 20 different people whisper to me as if they were going to be arrested for saying it, “this all reminds me of Atlas Shrugged.” Meaning, what has been going on with the Biden administration and the state of the world in general, especially with Covid, the Great Reset from the United Nations and World Economic Forum, and other elements of the daily news. As long-time readers here remember, I did quite a lot of work for those movies, to promote them, to talk them up on the radio, and to help sell Parts 1 through III door to door in a hostile media climate that wanted nothing more than to destroy the movies and everyone who made them, just for making them. Many people were shocked by how the media world treated Trump. Well, I wasn’t because I saw how the media and general establishment in unionized Hollywood treated the filmmakers of Atlas Shrugged for daring even to try to make those films. 

My History with Atlas Shrugged

The three movies were hard to make and cost John Aglialoro a lot of money. But he loved Ayn Rand’s book, and he was determined. Even though the three movies had the same general characters from the book, which I would say is about 10% of what’s actually in the book, there were different actors for all three. Hollywood was canceling culture the actors who worked on Atlas Shrugged, which was the first time I had seen this new corporate wokeness. Well, actually, I saw it for the first time when I was in Hollywood myself working on a project, and between takes, my politics naturally came out. I was the only hard-core Republican on set. Everyone got along fine, but I never got an invite to come back. I had a feeling at the time that would be the case, but that’s how it works in Hollywood these days. And by the time Atlas Shrugged the movies came out, it was even worse. From that perspective, the cancel culture of wokeness was written on the wall for a long time, many decades. We just saw more of it the more the villains of our day realized that they didn’t have control. 

There is a scene at the end of the book, and the movie, where they are torturing John Galt for not giving himself over to their looting nature, the villains of the story. Even though the characters are fictional, the situation is not. I have never read a book out of the many thousands I have that best articulated the problems of our current time more than Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. She lived it in Russia and came to America and put it in perspective for all history to identify. When Trump was in the White House, it was essentially an Ayn Rand character that we had there. People who understand Atlas Shrugged were happy about it. People who hate Atlas Shrugged hated it for the same reasons they despised Ayn Rand. There is a science to it which I’ll explain in further work. But for now, people are back to where they were during the Obama administration. They are looking for answers, and they know that Atlas Shrugged is a key to that understanding.

My thoughts on Ayn Rand have evolved over the years. I still like her a lot. I have been invited many times to be in the Objectivist movement, which is her philosophy essentially. The Ayn Rand Institute carries a lot of weight politically. But I’m not an Objectivist. I’m not much of a group player at all. I enjoy my freedom to think independently. Ayn Rand was too sexual for me. She also was much more libertarian than I am. For me, no drugs, no drinking, and no bad behavior. She was an atheist, and she loved to be naked. I’m neither of those things, so I have adopted my own kind of philosophy, which I see as a continuation of the debate she started with her books. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged nine times that I can remember. There may actually be a few more times included. There are a lot of really good ideas in the novel, and for readers today trying to understand what they see in the news, I would highly recommend it. And that is why people are starting to bring it up again, because it’s so relevant to what we are seeing today, especially coming from the Biden administration and the Biden crowd. They could easily be villains from Atlas Shrugged without any exaggeration. In that great novel, Ayn Rand put her finger on the problem and literally predicted the future, including our pains with Dr. Fauci. And with that realization, people are looking to reread the book so they can see how it ends, which to my mind, is a great idea. Because how it ends is literally how it ends in real life.

Reading Atlas Shrugged will help identify the new age villains that have leeched themselves onto new global commerce, the pacifying moocher who means to kill intellect rather than people. Destroy their minds, not their bodies, because the bodies are needed for labor upon the state and its controls. And this is most reflective in the grand scam that is Martin Luther King Jr, a cheater, a communist, and ultimately a mask to sell Marxist ideology behind the accusation of racism. And by accepting King as a great leader of the Black movement, it did two things, it sought to erase the Democrat Party’s complicity in racism that caused all the trouble, and it lowered our guard to the menace of communism that was seeking to destroy our country starting with our Constitution. Most everyone can agree that racism is terrible. But like the villains of Atlas Shrugged, we didn’t see the worst part of it, the looter nature of the movement itself and its design to make good people into villains while the villains ran the world one name-calling utterance at a time. When I was a kid, everyone worked on Martin Luther King Day. But these days, many people were home sitting around doing nothing productive, just as the villains of Atlas Shrugged would have planned all along. 

Rich Hoffman

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