Vote No by Saying Yes: How Great Issac Adi and Darbi Boddy are for Lakota

Issac Adi and Darbi Boddy for Lakota School Board

I could tell you many stories about politics that are dire and would make you want to climb under a rock and never get involved again.  But sometimes, some stories are fantastic, and that is the case with the two endorsed Lakota school board candidates, Issac Adi and Darbi Boddy, who are running to replace incumbent Democrats in November of 2021.  Every event I have been to with these two has been good; a few examples are shown below.  The video might be a little rough, but it’s what they say that matters.  Darbi and Issac work well together and are as unselfish as I’ve ever seen in politics, in any position. I’ve said from the beginning that I supported four candidates for the school board, but in this race this year, the Republican endorsement is what matters.  In the past, liberals have infected the school board, so critical race theory and transexual policies became part of the dominant conversation. They have managed to hide their intentions by calling the school board “nonpartisan.” Well, we know that nothing in politics is “nonpartisan,” especially the Lakota school board.  But when this idea of supporting school board members for Lakota came up, I never thought that two of them who would win the endorsement would like each other so well. That’s when the “can you imagines” started coming to my mind, where the school board represented the conservatives of Butler County, Ohio truly, and that they worked well together.  It’s one thing to have conservative votes on the board to manage things the way voters expect, but that they would perform functional management is a bonus that didn’t seem possible. 

Vote for Darbi Boddy

For instance, Issac Adi went door to door in my precinct, letting people know who he was and when to vote for him.  My wife noticed him in our neighborhood, and they struck up a conversation at the end of my driveway.  Issac recognized her immediately, which I thought was remarkable considering the number of people he has met over several months, including big names like Jim Jordan.  I would imagine his head is spinning with all the people he’s had to shake hands with, so it did impress me that he remembered my wife.  That is one thing about Issac Adi; he is one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met in politics.  He truly cares and is a good person.  So he remembers people and cares about them long after the handshake.  Of course, he wanted to know where I was which my wife told him I was babysitting my grandkids inside the house.  So he came up to see me and talk for a bit. 

After talking and catching up, I noticed that Issac wore Darbi’s campaign sticker on his shirt.  He was doing the hard work of going door to door on a pretty hot day, full of enthusiasm after talking to many hundreds of people personally, and he was promoting Darbi along the way.  Now I know that they are both endorsed and are part of the same team.  But the way the vote occurs, they very much have to run individually.   The top vote-getters are the ones who win in these kinds of elections, and it’s always hard to beat an incumbent.  The union vote and latte-sipping liberals always show up on election night, making it hard for conservatives to get a lot of votes.  But here was Issac promoting Darbi just as much as he was promoting himself.  And as I understand it, Darbi has been doing the same.  She was out promoting her and Issac as a team, not just individual candidates.  For any election, that is a pretty unique concept that doesn’t have a lot of historical precedents. 

Adding their votes to that of the current Lynda O’Conner would be a game-changer at Lakota.  I have been to other events where I have seen the three of them talking, and the chemistry is just there.  You can see it from a long way off. I’ve been dealing with school board issues in many districts around Ohio for twenty years, and I have never seen such a good combo.  Seeing Issac that day took some of my natural cynicism toward politics into a place it had never been before.  It seemed possible that at Lakota, something good had a chance to happen.  They are both so much better than the other alternatives, and if people had an opportunity to see that for themselves, these two could get elected.   There are still very significant obstacles, but as hard as they have worked throughout September and into October, it seemed like more than a fantasy and more of an eventual reality.  Usually, when I think of the Lakota school board, I typically think of severe dysfunction and people who do not know what they are doing with the money.  But here were genuinely competent and hard-working people who actually liked each other, at least as much as I’ve ever seen in politics, and there was a chance for great things to happen at Lakota for the first time in forever. 

Vote for Issac Adi for Lakota School Board

Issac had to eventually leave and return to the campaign trail from my house, but it took a while.  I enjoyed his company so much that it took us a long time to say goodbye that day.  I can say that I have been talking actively with many of the old No Lakota Levy people preparing ourselves for levy fights in the years to come.  The current school board has been trying to find the time to put one up for a vote to satisfy the out-of-control spending the teacher’s union expects.  This was an election year. Otherwise, the current board would have proposed a tax increase this year.  Likely, they’ll wait until next year now that they’ve agreed to give all those teachers sitting home on Covid excuses a raise that they’ll have to pay for next year.  But a levy fight is so damaging.  It’s much better to support a new school board that would manage the money that we already give them, which is a massive 200 million-plus budget.  If you can’t teach 17,000 kids on that, you have problems.  But the school board has never listened. Instead, they have attacked businesses for more money, like trolls always looking for a shakedown of tax revenue to pay for their reckless and infinite spending ultimately. Lakota’s school board has been deficit spending for their entire existence; no matter how much money we’ve given them, they never find a way not to spend more than they take in.  When they did have a surplus for a bit because of declining enrollment, they couldn’t wait to waste it on something new.  With this prospect of an actual conservative school board to replace the majority of liberals, great things can happen.  Issac and Darbi have done the work to get people to know who they are.  Now it will be up to the voters.  For the first time in many of their lifetimes, they have a great choice as the Lakota school district residents.  They can vote for the same old tax and spend liberals that have screwed up so much at Lakota.  Or, they can vote for Issac Adi and Darbi Boddy, who enjoy each other, work hard, and care to give the board a conservative majority for the first time.  If voters don’t vote for them, then when the tax increases come, people won’t be able to complain about it because they had a chance to say no to those tax increases by saying yes to Darbi Boddy and Issac Adi. 

Rich Hoffman

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Trent Emeneker is a Liberal in West Chester: Relative to Butler County, Ohio, the trustee challenger is a Democrat in disguise

Trent Emeneker Wants to Be a Liberal Trustee in West Chester, Ohio

Not a surprise; I’m a Mark Welch guy in West Chester.  Of course, I’m supporting Mark Welch for re-election to the West Chester trustees. He’s had that job for a while and has done a fantastic job.  West Chester, Ohio, is one of the greatest places to live in all of America.  As I said in the video above, I have recently returned from Jackson, Wyoming, which is per capita one of the wealthiest places in the United States.  I love Jackson Hole, Wyoming; I enjoyed shopping there with my family.  It was all very nice.  But it’s not nicer than West Chester, Ohio.  Not by a long shot.  I’ve been all over the United States and seen a lot of nice areas to live in.  When people vote for West Chester to be one of the best places anywhere to live, they aren’t kidding.  And Mark Welch gets a lot of credit for making it that way.  The process started long ago when Senator George Lang was a trustee and implemented a small-government philosophy, which the trustees still adhere to currently.  Small government anywhere, minimal, competent, government leads to prosperity.  A big, bloated government, especially filled by incompetent people, leads to corruption, disaster, and high costs to maintain that government.  In this upcoming race for re-election in November of 2021, Mark Welch is the small-government guy with a proven track record.  End of the story, vote for Mark and enjoy another term in office to keep West Chester great.

But there are always challenges to these kinds of positions, and this year is no different.  Liberals are always trying to replace conservatives as trustees, representatives, commissioners, everywhere.  And to do that, they have to pretend to be Republicans when, in fact, they are Democrats, relative to the kind of politics that we have in Butler County, Ohio.  The challenger this time is a guy by the name of Trent Emeneker, a recently laid-off employee at GE who needs something to do, so he decided to run for West Chester Trustee.  Now on paper, Trent will say that he’s a former Marine and a registered Republican.  However, the Democrats had a recent fundraiser for Trent hosted by the old Lakota school levy supporter Kathy Wyenandt at the AC Hotel at Liberty Center.  I was at the Roosevelt Room across the street around 5:30 PM on the Tuesday of that fundraiser and learned all about it from some little birdies who came to that back table complaining about the $10 drinks at the cash bar.  I didn’t know Trent much but thought it was strange that a so-called “fiscal” conservative was having a fundraiser with a Democrat, even if only a few people showed up.  I didn’t pay much attention to the guy until that point, but the fundraiser was enough of suspicion to inspire some research.  After all, who would question a former Marine?  Well, maybe people should ask those with a military record more often and not just assume they will be good officeholders.  That is how we ended up with General Milley.  In today’s military, many progressives are coming out of that system, so we can’t take anything for granted, which looks to be the case with Trent Emeneker.

The biggest problem with Trent is that he wants to hold a vote in West Chester to make the township into a city, which has long been a progressive plan wanted by people who attended Kathy Wyenandt’s fundraiser.  Do you know why they want to make West Chester into a city?  It’s not to better pay for roads and other social services.  We do well now with partnerships with Butler County to operate a great community with low crime, high service value, and without an income tax.  Liberals want to make West Chester a city to create more office positions for people who wish to sit in and get attention. I’m thinking of old-school levy supporters like Joan Powell, who has pushed for this city thing in West Chester for a long time.  With a city comes city council seats like what they have in Middletown and Mason.  Then, of course, there are significant positions such as mayors, vice mayors, and other offices.  Government expansion is what we are talking about, and for liberals, it’s a chance to do something progressive and raise taxes to pay for everything.   Right now, West Chester is run by essentially three trustees and a fiscal officer.  Parts of Butler County that are cities do not run better than West Chester.  The track record is unavoidable. 

Yet that is pretty much the campaign of Trent Emeneker.  Somebody that not even GE thought was worth having around since they let him go as part of their Covid-19 resizing. He wants to get on West Chester’s Board of Trustees and push to become a city so that more liberals can have some office to sit on and create more bureaucracy, such as what happens everywhere that government expands.  With West Chester interacting with hundreds of thousands of people in the residing area, providing services to them all efficiently and with a budget surplus most of the time, what else is there for Trent to do but complain about making government bigger?  This is where the “fiscal” conservative on his signs comes into play.  If he was a real conservative, not just somebody who might have voted for George Bush in the past or every other RINO like John Kasich, he does not think like a conservative.  It’s not enough to complain that the current Trustees spent millions of dollars on landscaping at the new exit off the highway.  Hey, when you manage your money, you can do that.  I like coming off that exit and seeing it look classy.  The amount of money that is generated off the Union Center exit in West Chester is enormous.  Planting a few flowers doesn’t make the current trustees fiscally reckless. Instead, they respect the great businesses camped out in West Chester because the trustees have protected them from the overly intrusive government Trent wants. 

These kinds of campaign theatrics used to work when people didn’t know better, but in West Chester, everyone can look at a track record of success.  Then to propose that government is what makes something great, which most liberals believe and what gives Trent away as a liberal, is to slap away everything successful in West Chester.  And that’s what would come with a vote for Trent Emeneker.  He can sell himself as Goose from Top Gun because he spent ten years in the Marines in the back of a Navy fighter.  I might like Top Gun, but I don’t know if I’d want Goose managing the money in my home township. I’d need more than that.  What matters to me is that he was so invaluable that he ended up on the lay-off list at GE when they decided they needed to reduce their workforce after Covid hit.  Why would he make a good trustee again if an employer didn’t even want him?  And when Democrats are pushing to get you elected, what does that say about the person running?  Yeah, I’m sure Trent is a nice fellow.  He probably is a nice husband and father.  But keep that guy away from money.  Because he’s a liberal in disguise, and he wants to expand government and change what has been working for us all very well already.

Rich Hoffman

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Issac Adi: The Superstar of Lakota

Issac Adi for Lakota School Board

I’ve been a fan of Issac Adi, the very bright star within the Lakota school district running for the school board. He’s talented, smart, hardworking, extremely likable. He’s just a beautiful person in all the ways anybody could hope.  But I was wondering if it was just me who thought that way.  After all, I’ve been hoping for good conservative candidates to run for the Lakota school board for years.  And when we did get them on the school board, the current board would assassinate them in radical ways to get rid of them.  However, I learned just how well-liked Issac Adi was at a recent GOP event where many top-level office holders attended to speak and celebrate the fall ahead of the upcoming election.  Usually, when these kinds of big GOP events start, current officeholders are announced for recognition, and when they called out Issac’s name, the whole crowd erupted into applause.  People knew Issac and were cheering him on for a position that may be one of the most demanding offices to penetrate with Republican representatives in the state, the Lakota school board.  Issac was doing well, and people see that he is one of the brightest hopes yet of properly managing Lakota’s school board that we’ve had in years. 

Issac Adi with Jim Jordan

The GOP has endorsed candidates before, but mainly in the past, school boards were considered non-partisan as schools were supposed to be above and beyond politics.  Schools were always supposed to be for the children, and the school board members ideally would always put kids first and their family’s needs as priorities.  I know many administrative roles in public schools, and they aren’t blatant Marxists looking to overthrow America.  But the teacher’s unions are, and they run the schools, all public schools.  And by default, when one side tries to play nice, and the other side wants to play with every dirty trick in the book to win, guess who has the advantage?  I was at a recent school board meeting with Lakota’s board, and I listened with great pain at the excuses for Covid quarantines causing work stoppages and how intrusive the masks were.  The superintendent at Lakota isn’t a crazy radical. Still, he does try to make everyone happy, and there is no other way to make anybody happy because of the teacher’s union’s demands.  They want progressive causes like mask mandates implemented, and if they don’t get their way, they will make life miserable for everyone. 

A Grand GOP Event in Monroe, Ohio

I was thinking of what a positive person Issac is after watching him getting his picture taken with Jim Jordan of Ohio.  Jordan is an international celebrity because of some of the disputes he has been involved in over the years, and oddly as it might seem for a school board candidate, but Issac looked very much at home with Jim Jordan.  It was easy to see Issac in a dispute with the LEA union without things getting to the point where everyone left that evening angry at each other.  Jordan has a skill where he is a likable person even when he’s arguing with someone.  That is a skill missing on the Lakota school board since I started paying attention to it decades ago.  Issac has the presence of a superstar, and his likability personally rubs off on everyone.  Issac would be uniquely qualified to ease tensions instead of exacerbating them when dealing with some of these problematic school business issues.  It was apparent when Issac was around high-profile politicians that he had the same skills, which is something to get excited about.

A Very Large Crowd Cheering on Isaac and other Big Names

As ugly as politics can sometimes get, that event where Issac Adi and Jim Jordan were both at was a friendly reminder of what is possible in politics.  Regarding Lakota, the teacher’s union has made doing any business with the public school such a miserable experience.  But when you take a break from the arena and take some time to have a nice meal together and enjoy a sunset, the GOP in Butler County is such a tremendous asset to the community.  Most of Butler County, where Lakota schools are located, is populated with Republicans.  The goal of the teacher’s union is to take all they can for their members and to turn more children of Republicans into Democrats, which is why they want to mask mandates, same-sex bathrooms, and start sex education in the 3rd grade.  Then they want infinite amounts of money spent on their unionized employees and impose more tax on properties to pay for it.  Only the best of any person could have the will to deal with them.  Yet it is because of events like the GOP gathering we had recently in Monroe, Ohio, that puts in place so many good officeholders, and it’s exciting to see that Issac Adi will be one of them. 

When I talk about politicians, I often talk about their shelf life, the amount of time it takes the system to grind people down from hopeful managers into spit out garbage.  Then, term limits should remove them from office, but all too often, we will get another two decades out of officeholders that stay in those positions.  But in Butler County, we’ve managed to get many good officeholders through a lot of community engagement. I’ve watched them come into the office and do great work for a long time while still having shelf life left in their lives.  Issac has quickly found a home among the GOP and has embraced it so authentically that it will only continue the great reputation that the Butler County GOP already has for a track record.  People like Jim Jordan don’t and can’t come to every event they are invited to.  Neither can Frank LaRose.  But that they come to Butler County often says so much about how important the region is on the stage of national politics.  People like Issac Adi keep that prospect fresh on everyone’s minds as the GOP grows into the future. 

Best of all, Issac is not a phony, and there isn’t any temptation of him becoming one.  That is another trait of Butler County office holders that is a recent trend.  I wouldn’t have been able to say the same thing ten years ago, but I can say it today.  I can’t think of many politicians in Butler County who are phonies, and I would attribute that top to bottom to the structure of the Republican Party.  From the donors to the ground walkers.  When everyone gets together as we did on that night Issac Adi and Jim Jordan took a picture together, the world is easy to see that it’s worth fighting for.  And when so many good people get together in one place, the problems are much easier to see in all their purity.  Once the conflict with a teacher’s union starts making things murky, at least we can know that people like Issac won’t be pushed off by themselves to be ridiculed by the union activists.  He has a support system that is a relatively new thing and combined with his great personality; he will help make that Lakota school board something special instead of the monstrosity it is today.  But it all starts with a rising new star, and for all our benefit, Issac Adi is there, shooting across the sky, and I look forward to what the future that comes from him shows to the world. 

Rich Hoffman

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Thank Goodness for Jennifer Gross’ H.B. 248: Fighting Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

It’s the question everyone who has a job or employs people are asking.  What are they supposed to do about the Biden executive order that makes government workers, contractors, or any business with more than 100 people mandating that everyone get vaccinations?  Worse even than that, it is how Biden’s plan pawns off all the work onto human resource departments to do their dirty work by using OHSA as an enforcement agency.  So now, several days after the initial executive order notification, most of the political commentary has reacted to how audacious the order was, how un-constitutional, how incredibly tyrannical it was.  But few have broken down the path to solving the problem which businesses and people want to know.  There are quite a few people indifferent to the vaccination, they don’t like hearing the government ordering people around, but they have the vaccination and are indifferent to the order.  Many people, a high percentage of most workforces, 10% to 20%, aren’t going to get the vaccination and would go to war with the government if any attempt at coercion is attempted.  It’s one thing for an out-of-touch communist-driven Biden administration to write some order on a piece of paper and give a little speech about it.  Doing it is quite something else, and it appears that Biden and his handlers want to provoke violence from that demographic.  They are almost asking for it.  So, what are any of us to do about it?  Here I offer some thoughts and direction that will help, especially relevant to the state I live in, Ohio.

As I said in the video above, I had a chance to talk to many people from the time I wrote this to when Biden made his announcement on Thursday, September 9th.  In that video, I mentioned the Ohio Attorney General David Yost was joining several other states in a lawsuit against the Biden administration over the executive order. Still, I was thinking of a talk I had in the presence of the Secretary of State Frank LaRose and was surprised how unified the state Republicans were against Biden.  Even DeWine was not supportive, which given the political situation, he doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room anyway.  But what was encouraging was that several direct actions were already hot in the statehouse to protect the people of Ohio from a mandatory vaccination and businesses from being imposed to do the work that the federal government couldn’t with forced compliance.  Hanging OSHA out to dry the way that Biden had, it was evident by the people I spoke to that the legal hurdles were ominous against the executive order, especially with the flow down of official procedures that OHSA would have to use to measure any compliance.  For instance, companies who deal with routine ISO audits understand how complex these things can be, and for OSHA, Biden had just signed them up for a nightmare that likely would never get settled between the White House and the agency itself. 

Aside from months and months of red tape in defining what OSHA would be doing as a compliance officer of forced vaccinations, Jennifer Gross, the House rep from my district, already had House Bill 248 cooking on the stove.  That bill is a total ban on forced vaccinations in Ohio.  There are some amendments that are needed, and the House has some idea how to get them applied to make everyone somewhat happy.  Thank goodness Jennifer had that process already started so that passage can be accelerated to match the language of this recent executive order.  That is the first path to providing exemptions that will further complicate what Biden’s people want to do with forced compliance.  From my understanding of the amendments, it will essentially give the people who presently don’t want to get the jab a means to preserve that right.  The trick is in getting businesses off the hook in doing the dirty work of government compliance.  There is also a Vaccine Nullification bill moving through the Senate that will go even deeper, especially now that the executive order’s language is known.  George Lang has been working on this one. It will further provide protections for businesses in Ohio to separate them from the burden of forced work demanded by the federal government onto businesses who don’t have such work as part of their business model, such as the obligatory testing requirement.  Who does that and keeps up with it, an already taxed human resource department?  Things like that will emerge as the legalisms get applied that the Biden administration either didn’t think of, or they hoped that businesses would jump offsides off a hard count.  I think they knew this executive order wasn’t going to fly, but they tried to spook Americans into jumping anyway. 

All those mechanisms will be working in the background for the next several months, but I offer a more direct path to push back on.  I thought of the idea while speaking with Josh Mandel at a GOP event.  We were both in line to get some food, and they had run out of green beans, so we had a moment to chat about this topic. He’s running for the Rob Portman Senate seat, so I was surprised how much he was willing to make the election fraud that went against President Trump a campaign issue.  I was impressed with his ability to speak about it clearly and with conviction.  It’s something that more and more establishment GOP types have been willing to discuss openly.  Mandel might take that establishment tag personally, but he has been in some respectable GOP seats. He is running for the Senate, so it’s like I say, eventually, when you throw rocks, you win and find yourself in the establishment.  And that is precisely what’s happening with the admission of election fraud in the 2020 election.  Fox News might be afraid of lawsuits from Dominion for even discussing the possibility of election fraud.  Mitch McConnell may not want to shake up the system that has enriched him so much to take a moral stand against fraud even though it’s obvious and in front of our face.  But the trend among current officeholders now that they’ve seen the information coming out of Maricopa County in Arizona and Fulton County, Georgia, was that there was enough fraud to overturn the election, so the effort is picking up steam, politically.  Much more so now than there was eight or nine months ago.  And in another year, election fraud will be the talk of everyone. That’s where all this is headed, and the smart money knows it.

So rather than attacking Biden’s unconstitutionality with the forced vaccine mandates, and other terrors he has been a part of in such a short period, the best way to hit Biden, where he and the Democrats are weakest, is with election fraud.  They can’t defend election fraud, and many of them are guilty of being a part of it, even if they only have third-person knowledge and didn’t ask questions about the matter, hoping to benefit from the chaos.  By all accounts, we will find out that Biden should never have been president.  We will question everything he ever did while in the White House.  Yes, it will be a legal mess, but mixed in with this forced vaccination issue.  If you want to beat Biden on his audacity with the forced vaccine mandates, then the way to hit him and the Democrats, in general, is not to take the eye of the ball of election fraud.  I think they are trying to hide anyway because there is lots of evidence of election fraud.  The media is still making fun of the premise that Arizona and other states are exploring the idea of decertifying their elections.  For many in the establishment, this is an incomprehensible idea.  Yet, it is gaining steam.  The report that will come out of Arizona soon will make the case, and several states are talking about following them.  This won’t be laughable when Josh Mandel and the other senate candidates have their election.  It will be everyday talk.  So, we might as well start that process now and hit the Biden people where it hurts most.  Not so much in what latest unconstitutional imposition they throw at us, but in what they are trying desperately to hide.  Because that is where they are most vulnerable.

Rich Hoffman

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Matt Huffman Understands Good Government: Conflict is critical to a properly run republic

People like the Title to my New Book, for good reason

First, I have to say that I appreciate all the kind words I’ve received over the title of my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  As I said in the video above, they have been whispering to me their enjoyment, almost as if they were afraid to say it in public because the word “gun” is in it.  Yet, that is entirely on purpose.  A lot in The Gunfighter’s Guide will challenge previous assumptions, the most of which is the nature of conflict in business and why we as a culture need to embrace that conflict more as we have in years past.  For a long time now, where we have been going has led to so much corruption because the value systems have not been on success, but in getting along.  Strangely enough, I was at an event with Matt Huffman, the President of the Ohio Senate, and he gave an excellent speech that displayed his understanding of this very need for conflict in any civil exchange.  Politics is a blood sport and was always intended as such.  They fight so that we don’t have to in general society.  But this is also the expectation in business as well.  If there isn’t conflict in a discussion, then why have the conversation.  All the consensus-building efforts that we have seen coming out of our academia are out of step with the American way of doing things.  It’s like telling us that American football shouldn’t be about putting on pads and hitting the other guy as hard as you can to stop them from scoring a touchdown, but that we should all play flag football, and that scoring isn’t all that important.  The title of my book evokes a truth that many people understand, and I appreciate that this early in the process, people already understand the need for a philosophic presentation of this very American concept.

Matt Huffman has done great in Ohio as President of the Senate

I had wanted to tell Senator Huffman how proud I was of him and the Ohio Senate in general for passage of Senate Bill 22, which took away Governor DeWine’s health directives over Covid-19 and future overreaches with legislative control.  If Huffman, George Lang, Terry Johnston, and much of the senate body had not moved to pass S.B. 22, Ohio would have been impeded by the recent Biden push for mass closures and mask mandates over the recent Delta Variant.  I thought it was a big deal when the Senate did what they did, and the House followed quickly.  DeWine had cut the entire legislature out of any covid protocols allowing the Governor to become a ruthless dictator over rights of health decisions which put white coat bureaucrats entirely in charge of all our lives.  And it went on for way too long, essentially because nobody wanted to have a conflict with the Governor.  Yet nightly at the Ohio capital, on other things, there were riots and vandalism over social causes that nobody wanted to deal with, and times were looking very bleak.  Trump was being pushed out of office by a group of radicals who were not afraid of conflict. Conservatives were not being met in the same fashion, allowing activists to roll over logic and goodness without fear of reprisal.   You might remember around Christmas of 2020 going into 2021 when I mentioned that Matt Huffman might be the next president of the Senate and that Governor DeWine’s powers would finally be quelled after a year of behaving like a complete tyrant off the rails and out of control. That’s what happened, Huffman was sworn in during the early months of 2021, and he went right to work doing what the legislature had been hoping to do for a long time, stand up to DeWine and return Ohio to civility with a proper government. 

Huffman told his story a bit of how contentious it was standing up to Governor DeWine, who did not want a fellow Republican senate to override his veto of S.B. 22.  DeWine tried to use the necessity of a single point of action to manage emergencies, which was always part of the poison pill of Covid-19.  It was presented as beyond legislative control where the Dr. Fauci types would manage our lives instead of our elected government because of an emergency health crisis.  But our constitutions do not indicate that liberty and freedom are only temporary factors of our daily life.  Even during an emergency such as tornado impacts, hurricanes, or health crises, all people still have their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  And sometimes, we have to fight to maintain those rights.  This is what Huffman, Lang, and the rest of the Senate did when they told Mike DeWine to pound sand and suck it up.  They were going to override the Governor’s veto and take away his health directives.  DeWine had abused his power, and he needed a slap down.  It was an example of how proper government should look. It was the suitable alternative to open warfare with people storming the capital to retake their rights over the Covid restrictions.  In every state, the House and Senate must fight like that on our behalf, and in Ohio, it happened.  Fighting is not a bad thing.  When fighting turns to permanent damage, that’s another story, but people who enter the bloodsport of politics should understand that’s the nature of the game.

That is, after all, the theme of my book and why people are saying under their breath that they like the title so much.  It alludes to the American understanding that conflict is at the heart of our “republic.” When the law wasn’t present in times past of western expansion, the gunfighter’s brought some form of order to those far-flung regions.  Many people were killed in cold blood and drunken violence, but the presence of conflict was the first foundation for law and order.  If someone did something to someone, the threat of a gunfight was a genuine menace, and people thought twice about it.  And if they were caught killing in cold blood, the community often hung people right there on the spot, killing them.  Many times, innocent people were hung.  But people did think twice before engaging in destructive behavior because people were not afraid of conflict as they are today.  In so many ways, you have to look at our academic approach to conflict during the last century and question whether or not we have all been poisoned with the pill of globalism so that our republic would fall under those same conditions.  So it is certainly my goal with The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business to resurrect the sentiment that conflict is good and healthy for maintaining a proper republic.  Not necessarily with violence, but in how Matt Huffman, George Lang, and others did with S.B. 22 in 2021, which has saved Ohio from a tyrannical Biden administration looking for ground cover for their many scandals.  Without the conflict with DeWine, Ohio would still be imprisoned by the white coats of bureaucracy.  It seems rare these days to see such conflict and courage, but it does happen; there are Matt Huffman’s out there who understand good government and utilize it to the proper effect.  And people understand that in my title, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, something important has been missing in our business and political cultures that need to be dusted off and resurrected to full effect.  And then, and only then, is when America is back and will sustain itself for the world well into the future.   

Rich Hoffman

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Ohio is Number One in Corruption: Jim Renacci wants to be the Ron DeSantis of the state to fix that

Wind Turbans in Ohio, part of the progressive push to change the state into Green Energy

It’s not murky for me at all.  Mike DeWine screwed up as governor of Ohio. He must go. He needs to be primaried, and the Republican brand in Ohio restored to honor before a general election where a Democrat will have to be defeated at the ballot box for control over our state.  The behavior of Democrats in the House and Senate indicates that they have a plan.  That plan is to exploit Ohio as the number one state in the category of corruption and to use that to implement their changes toward even more progressive agenda desires, which ironically has caused most of the problems so far.  DeWine has been hiding his vast incompetence behind the Covid crises, like many in government have, and now it’s gotten Ohio Republicans in trouble, and that situation needs a fast solution.  And one of the first Republicans to offer that solution and throw his hat in the ring has been Jim Renacci.  I was happy to have a chance to talk to Jim Renacci a bit this past week one on one. It’s the first time I’ve had that chance since his run for Senate against Sherrod Brown a few years prior.  Renacci has an exciting story which I touch on in the video above, and I had thought for a while, well before he announced that he would officially run for governor, that Jim would be suitable for it.  His pitch is essentially to be the Ron DeSantis of Ohio, open up markets and opportunities, and bring to the state good management that is no-nonsense and productive.  But more than anything, he wants to clean up the corruption and repair the Republican brand tainted by Mike DeWine and John Kasich, both progressives who opened the door to all this corruption, to begin with. 

I thought Jim was joking when he told me that Ohio was the number one state out of all 50 states in corruption.  That didn’t seem possible to me, but sure enough, I went home and looked it up, and that is the case as of 2021.  When DeWine was running for governor, many Tea Party groups were already saying that DeWine would be a corrupt governor, but people were willing to give him a chance.  As it turned out, they were right, and DeWine has essentially run as a Democrat most of the years that he’s been in office.  To hide his many missteps, he has turned to Covid to rescue him as many blue-state governors have, and that was, of course, to conceal the underlying corruption.  That is the obvious problem when a governor who is supposed to drive on the right side ends up on the left.  A collision with oncoming traffic is inevitable, and that’s what happened with the FirstEnergy debacle in Ohio that Mike DeWine has his hands all over.  The net result is that Democrats are currently planning to exploit these collisions and take seats in the House and Senate because of the corruption and capture the governor race with a damaged DeWine.  So Democrats currently aren’t willing to make any deals with Republicans as they wait out the next election because they can smell the blood in the water. 

I’ve said it before, House Speaker Larry Householder and other Republicans did wrong when they allowed FirstEnergy to pour a lot of money into the Republican Party.  That allowed the FBI to make a bribery case out of the tragedy involving a few nuclear power plants being pushed to shut down.  But things are not always the way they seem.  FirstEnergy was fighting for its life as the Obama administration targeted traditional forms of energy such as coal and nuclear in favor of solar and wind.  I found a few of those ridiculous wind power turbans in Greenville, Ohio, in the video above.  I had seen them all over the United States this year, and it was insulting to see them in Ohio.   A more significant push is going on that is far more corrupt than FirstEnergy trying to buy off politicians like Larry Householder for their survival.  Jim Renacci understands that kind of corruption because he’s been a victim of it himself.  He got into politics as a businessman who had lost his Chevy dealership by that same administration who tampered with the markets to create a change state at GM.  The collapse of General Motors into bankruptcy meant that the government could help restructure them into producing eco-friendly cars, which is what they are presently doing.  The bailout they received from the government was just as corrupt as anything FirstEnergy was involved in.  The difference was that the Obama administration controlled the DOJ.  And when Trump was president, the same radicals were still running the DOJ because he refused to act in such a corrupt way and call them out on their activism.   So now the FBI, run by those prominent government activists, wants to destroy companies like FirstEnergy unless they embrace these new wind and solar Obama initiatives.  They are picking winners and losers, which led to the corruption that eventually involved the many Republicans caught taking money from FirstEnergy so that they could keep their nuclear power plants open. 

I would say that this kind of corruption is going on in all states, and all their legislators are involved in some way or another.  But in Ohio, it’s a Trump state, and it has a target on its back for progressives that go way beyond reasonability.  That means we have to take a stand with this governor race and clean things before the general election vote for governor takes place.  Republicans have to take that step with a governor prospect that can rebuild the party behind an anti-corruption platform, and for me, Jim Renacci is just the right kind of guy for the job.  President Trump likes Jim quite a lot, and a Jim Renacci ticket that is pro-business, anti-corruption, and knows how to stand up to progressive tricks is just the ticket for the current challenges. I’m against corruption of any kind.  I don’t want my state tarnished with any corruption, let alone being number one in the entire country.  That is just embarrassing.  Not acceptable.  So when Jim Renacci sat across the table from me and looked me straight in the eye and told me what he wanted to do with being the Ron DeSantis of Ohio, I was just a little encouraged.  Ron DeSantis is the new gold standard for which all Republican governors should aspire, and if Renacci has that kind of scope for the governor job in mind, well, then that’s something I can get excited about.  So far, other candidates haven’t announced themselves for the governor race, but I don’t think this is something we need to fool around with.  Republicans need to understand the battle plan.  We need to retake the House at the Federal level, and we need a leader to do that.  We need to unite behind that cause and the people who can make that happen.  And we have to repair the corruption problem left in DeWine’s wake.  That will take someone like Renacci, who is dedicated to the cause, can get Trump behind the effort, and is willing to do the job in two steps, repairing the Republican Party, then defeating the Democrat challenger.   It helps when you can talk to someone like Jim to see if they are up for such a big job, and based on my experience, he is. 

Rich Hoffman

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How To Lie With Statistics: Bill Gates and his big secret

Bill Gates and the Way to Lie with Statistics

I’ve been watching all the press for Vivek Ramaswamy’s new book Woke, Inc: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam and Mark Livin’s American Marxism, and it has been frustrating.  They are poking around the rim to a much deeper problem, and that’s a baked-in ingredient to the original scam.  And that scam is very much a part of all our lives, a recent invention that touches us at every possible level.  For that very reason, I set the conditions of my recent book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, at a time before the progressive era.  We need real answers to these problems, not just asking the questions. That’s not to say Woke Inc or Mark’s American Marxism are not good books.   They are great books, and everyone should read them.  But they are short on solutions.  We all know that first you have to ask the questions, but like most things in our modern world, the answers are never entirely within reach, and many people spend their whole lives looking for their fulfillment.  But they can’t get it because of a bit of scam that started at the start of the academic age where technology passed over the airwaves and into people’s living rooms.  Where television and advertising attacked people’s intellect in ways they had no previous intellectual defense mechanism.  And an age was created where billionaires and corporations could function in ways that no king of England ever could, through subversion of all national sovereignty hiding behind a façade of free-market capitalism when in fact, the villains are among the worst dictators the world has ever known.  Bill Gates comes to mind.  Gates is a guy who gained a lot of wealth early in his life.  So he replaced the ambitions that typically occupy paying off mortgages and raising children with climate change and vaccination obsessions. Over time, it has warped his mind into a villain for all liberty lovers everywhere. 

I guess I had read it before.  The book was so old that I read it first years ago.  But I didn’t know until recently that Bill Gates had put his blurb of approval on the front cover when the book was released to the public in 1993, at the height of Microsoft’s rise to power.  The book How to Lie with Statistics was initially published in 1954, and much of it reflects a time long forgotten when the average income for most American homes was much lower than it is today.  Seeing one of these modern versions of these books with Bill Gates’ name on it, after all the Covid mess, the election discrepancies, the push for a Green New Deal, the multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, it was to me like a Batman villain leaving behind some hint that the source of the crime was within reach, but that the villain knew people were not smart enough to figure it out.  It was as if Bill Gates was saying, “the answer is right in front of you fools, but you do not have the minds to see it.” His endorsement of this old book by Darrell Huff is pretty much mockery if you look at it in reverse, from the comfort of hindsight.  What Vivek and Mark and many other modern political pundits and writers missed when analyzing contemporary events was that the villains of our day were using the methods of this little obscure book.  Well known among the billionaire activists of the world are books like this, to commit open crimes right in front of our faces.  Rules for Radicals come to mind, as well as The Communist Manifesto.  They have positioned themselves as the most intelligent people on earth who have the most money, so naturally, we assume they know what they are talking about.  But what they want is revenge for being geeks or domination of the world, such as George Soros has always been after.  If there is any law we need in this world if we are not going to have honest elections and put our billionaire in the White House, then we need to eliminate certain kinds of donors whom we know use their money for evil to undo our Constitution.  George Soros certainly falls under that category, but then again, so does Bill Gates. 

Bill Gates little Secret

Lying with statistics didn’t start with those modern terrorists.  Human beings worldwide never really figured out how to filter media such as radio and television once our private time went from fixing tractors to suddenly watching I Love Lucy on tv each week and the ads that accompanied them.  Suddenly, we were inundated with statistics of every kind because statistics told a story, such as how many people like to ride school buses and how much meat men and women eat on Tuesdays.  We never solved the validity of statistics in any society on earth and who tells the story.  What happened to us was that honest people continued to earn honest livings on farms and factories, coming home to their families each day as dutiful Americans. Still, the scum bags, the shysters, and scam artists of every kind and the activists who wanted to rule the world found a new game in town, the art of manipulation through mass media and the ability to lie with statistics so that social movements could be moved toward those who wanted power.  Bill Gates knew what he wanted to do with his life.  He was already rich and could have anything he wanted in the world.  But what his money couldn’t buy was public sentiment for his religion of global warming.  But he could use his money to influence opinion with all kinds of statistics, and that is how it started with him and where we find ourselves to this very day. 

How the scam works

All the villainy we have seen involving Covid-19 is described in the book How to Lie With Statistics.  Without question, Bill Gates endorsed this reprint of the book as a kind of hint, a game he was playing with the world, a catch me if you can sort of thing.  He did it again in 2015 when he put the book on his summer reading list with other books about vaccines and other troubling issues.  It’s an easy book to read; it’s certainly not complicated.  Other books like it have been written since, yet Bill Gates picked this one to endorse personally.  Not exactly the book of a modern genius. Instead, it’s like the Rosebud from Citizen Kane, where Gates would destroy the world to save it from human beings and their statistical improbabilities of climate change, only to leave everyone confused as to how it all happened.  But Gates can laugh and look in the mirror, declaring that he initially gave us all the hints.  But we were too stupid to see it, so in that way, he can then transform all his guilt onto us.  After all, he was the honest patron who told us how evil he was and what he planned to do.  It was our fault that we let him do it.  Do you see how that works?

All the math on Covid was wrong, purposely misleading just as they say to do in How To Lie With Statistics.  When colds used to be counted by deaths, this new method measured everything in cases.  Like the example in the picture of the farms that increased over a five-year period, it wasn’t farmed property that changed.  It was just that the rules were changed to give more properties the qualification of being a farm.  What governments worldwide did following Bill Gates and his money began to measure things differently regarding colds.  They did it because they wanted Bill Gates funding, something that Gates had the money to give away even though he could care less about any of it.  Money could buy for Bill Gates love or homes.  But what he wanted was influence over power-hungry people who didn’t care what statistics Bill Gates gave them.  For a fee, they’d take it and run with it, and in so doing, people like Gates were able to purchase up most of the media culture.  And people never noticed faulty statistics from honest ones because everything was hidden behind a common assumption in all media, that other people more intelligent than we were made all the statistics we heard about.  But what the gag and crime were always meant to hide was that the people making the statistics weren’t so smart.  They were vicious and evil.  But to mask it from themselves, they even gave us the method they planned to use against us, to our doom.  But they knew we would not even look at it and would fall for their scams anyway.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote For Mark Welch: Shooting guns, solving problems and making the world a better place

Vote for Mark Welch

If West Chester wasn’t one of the best places in the world which demonstrates what small government looks like and how much prosperity can occur when proper management at the level of government is applied, I can’t imagine what it would be.  West Chester, Ohio, has the population density to make it a city, but over the years, it has stayed small, where just Trustees run the community’s needs, and it has flourished.  What started as a kind of Tea Party dream, with two members getting elected to the Board of Trustees and applying fiscal responsibility and limited government concepts to the day-to-day business, George Lang and Mark Welch, West Chester has been proof of what good government looks like.  Even during the government-induced pandemic over coronavirus.  Even as many businesses struggled to stay open all across the country or find employees to fill their vacancies, West Chester has managed to see astonishing growth in some ways.  Much of that points back at the policy set by the conservative trustees who have been running things in West Chester for over a decade.  Lowering the cost of doing business, reducing bureaucracy so that things can happen, West Chester would be, for me, the example of what good governments everywhere in the world should look like.  When we debate about government so much, we could always offer West Chester an example of where the government goes right.   

A lot of that credit goes to Mark Welch, who has been with the trustees in West Chester for a while now, a few terms. He’s been that critical second vote when George Lang set the stage for much of West Chester’s success.  Then as George moved on to a position in the Senate, Mark carried the torch for the next generation and continued the policies that made West Chester wonderful.  Mark has been great at the significant and minor issues, so much so that often you never even hear about the things he is doing.  I often say, especially in management positions, that if you are good people won’t even know you are there doing a good job.  Its when managers in government make themselves part of the story that things start going wrong.  Then, the more people you add to a process, the worse it gets.  And thus, that’s how you get a bad government.  The federal government that we are always talking about is just such an example.  It’s big, nobody takes responsibility for anything, and they always make themselves part of the story on everything.  Their goals are usually to make themselves known by looting off the efforts of others, while Mark has always been a facilitator of other people’s dreams and needs.  He doesn’t get in the way of some big project that wants to come into West Chester.  Instead, he finds a way to get rid of the obstacles so that something new could be born.  Whether the project is a significant new company or a hot new entertainment venue, West Chester has thrived because Mark and other conservatives have created an environment where productive output wasn’t penalized but rather encouraged. I’ve been all over the United States, and you’d be hard-pressed anywhere to see four highway exits that are better than the ones in West Chester with a diversity of options, per capita income, and future opportunities.

Shooting with Mark Welch

Mark Welch is up for re-election this year, which he should have no problem with.  But for many of the new residents of West Chester who don’t hear much drama from their trustees, especially with a community with such a high population density, they wouldn’t know about it because the government isn’t in their face about every little thing.  Yet I think it would only be wise to pull back the curtain a bit and share with everyone what I know of Mark Welch, a guy who goes shooting with me often at Premier in West Chester, a great gun range at Port Union off RT 747.  Included here are a few video clips of our last trip just to let people be a bit of a fly on the wall.  I go to Premier often to shoot various guns and to blow off some steam.  I enjoy almost everything in West Chester, from the steaks at Jags to the fine dining and shopping options at Voice of America.  And I love Voice of America Park, another great story that we could write books about.  But commercially, I spend most of my time at Premier, and often Mark is there too where we manage stress at the gun range and often contemplate the origin of the universe.  The other day, it occurred to me that people don’t get to see that side of Mark, and they should because it’s what makes him unique in government. 

When Premier Shooting first opened, Mark and I were there for the grand tour, which was very special.  To have a classy gun range in such an elegant town with so many business and residential options was such a treat, and we’ve enjoyed it now for several years.  They have added a nice walking trail around the big fishing lake and turned the whole property into a country club setting that is great for escaping from business during a lunch break. That’s how I use Premier Shooting as a place of stress management.  And now, primarily because of the policies Mark has nurtured and a small government approach, Harley Davidson is building a new superstore next to Premier.  Adding this business to the rest of the options in that area is an incredible achievement. It is just another example of what can be done when the government doesn’t make itself the story but gets out of the way.  Mark likes to see new things being built as much as I do, but he’s as far away from the type of intrusive politician who always wants to stick their nose in everyone’s business.  That is precisely why Harley Davidson is building such a large store that will be a great gift to the community. 

Shooting the Colt .45

Talking to Mark the other day while we were up at Premier shooting the guns in the videos shown here, we talked about the new Harley Davidson store as we watched an excavation team work machinery leveling the site for a foundation.  Mark was like a kid brimming with excitement at what such a place would mean, and I sort of thought for a moment how unusual it was for a politician to have that kind of attitude. I’ve been around many politicians over the years who would look at a situation like that and find some way to insert themselves into the story and try to take credit for all Harley Davidson’s efforts.  But not Mark.  In an actual small government, conservative fashion, he likes seeing things happen.  If he can help them along, he’s happy to do it.  Yet, it never crosses his mind to loot off the efforts of others.  He wants to help make things happen, which is one of the premier ways in which West Chester has remained one of the best places to live in the world, even as economic downturns have hurt communities elsewhere.  West Chester is lucky to have Mark Welch.  But to Mark’s mind, he truly wants what is best for West Chester in the ways good management always does, by getting out of the way of those who make things happen in the world.

Rich Hoffman

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How America Defeats China: ‘The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business’ shows you the way

How To Defeat China

As I said in the video above, the strategy guide I just wrote, which is released on August 28th to everyone else, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, can and will stop China’s aggression in its tracks and send it tumbling the other way.  I wrote the book as a very anti-Marx answer to the incredibly audacious Marxism that has been brewing worldwide for more than a century now.  In America, the cycle goes something like this, Democrats were defeated in the Civil War, and slaves were freed.  Democrats took reconstruction as a personal assault and repositioned themselves for revenge by adopting European progressivism, and a means to undo the Republic for which defeated them in the war.  30 to 40 years later, they partnered with various mobsters, most notably Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, to strategically destroy the Christian purity of America with gradually more audacious progressive policies.  During the Cold War, the Soviet KGB infiltrated the Democrat party with open doors and many American institutions with outright communism to destroy their primary rival from within.  In the 1990s, after Russia went bankrupt, China became the next global carrier for collapsing America with communism which they have stated openly they wish to do by 2035.  Even the Biden administration has warned that this is the intention of the Chinese as he has shown to have an open arms policy with them to help them with their cause.  That leaves the rest of us with this long history to sort out and defeat for the continuation of our Republic.  And there aren’t many friends in the publishing industry, print media, or on the networks who aren’t in on the flip from a capitalist country into a communist one.  Many have already placed their bets on the American collapse and want to see it happen.  Yet, to me, it’s straightforward.  Not that it won’t take work from us to perform, but I would offer that the collapse of the entire Chinese communist push and global commitment to it could be destroyed by the contents of my new book.  Most specifically, by the very definition of one word…………………..gunfighter. 

The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business

Gunfighters were a new invention in the world created in America under American ideas.  The very notion that any individual could grab a gun and carve out space for themselves for their interests divorced from the rules of the rest of the world was completely new when Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill were carving out a name for themselves during the late period of western expansion.  The romantic notions of a lone sheriff like Wyatt Earp standing alone against a band of desperados with a gun on their hip and against all odds became the very nature of American character that the rest of the world wanted to follow.  It also posed the greatest threat to the global communists that anybody could imagine.  Immediately as America found itself united with the Buffalo Bill Wild West show up until the turn of the century, liberals had discovered their means to erode at it with their pick of the American Indian to use as their Asian counterpart, their means to begin the guilt trip that would go on for the next 100 years.  Communists wanting to spread the works of Karl Marx in Europe were concerned that if America wasn’t brought down, the rest of the world would never catch up.  So they pointed their sharp tongues at American media and avoided the guns of the gunslingers, and attempted to fight on that front.  They avoided a direct conflict of deadly duals that had been settled many times over on dusty streets in the now mythical Wild West because they knew they couldn’t win that way.

But the little secret that nobody has been talking about is that the rest of the world, especially communists, fear the American gunfighter’s notion.  In much the same way that when we think of Japan, we think of the samurai sword.  When the world thinks of Americans, they think of the cowboy, the gunfighter, and the myths and legends of rugged individuals who braved the unknown without a government to tell them what to do.  This concept is the terrifying one in the world to them and is the greatest weapon that our free society could wield in our own defense.  So what I have done in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is to take readers back to the way of thinking that occurred before the rise of progressivism in America to the gunfighters seeking fame and fortune as free people after Republicans freed the slaves in the Civil War.  The period that followed showed the greatness of American industry off the backs of the gunfighters who paved the way for the rise of the greatest economy ever.  And the divorce from Europe that made it possible was by the gunsmoke of gun ownership empowering individuals to govern themselves. 

The great weakness of Marxism that nobody wants to talk about is that it collapses when aligned to the choices of individuals.  And even those below-the-line thinkers who vote for liberal causes and Democrats generally have individual desires.  What they do in their private lives undoes Marxism at its core, which is why communism always fails.  It’s falling in China presently.  Yet, the deep roots of liberal society have sought to cover up those failures by propping up the Chinese communists falsely, and the clock is running out on them as we speak.  Their desperation knows it, which is why they are so desperate now to make their global push toward a one-world communist government, with China leading all the nations from the United Nations.  That added pressure has caused them to make lots of mistakes that are poised to be exploited.  And the way to pour salt in that wound is to remind them that the American Gunfighter is alive and well.  We will not have a dual in the streets with the Chinese and fight them to the death with guns. Instead, the symbol of individualism that comes with gun ownership and the desire to self-govern as armed citizens is enough to undo all their plans.  As scary as things look, they are more terrified than you are, dear reader.  Which I also address in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  As I talk about in that book, I often tell poker stories, and we have a good hand.  A winning hand.  The river card will confirm it soon.  All we have to do is keep pushing up the bets because the Chinese communists are bluffing.  They don’t have what they need to win.  And for them, the reminder that Americans are ultimately not what their government shows the world but are more like those old gunfighters than anybody dared to admit.  At our core, we are still like those individuals who traveled west with our guns and ambitions to live unburdened by any means.  That realization to the communists of the world, whether they are the Marxists attempting to infiltrate America or the honey pots of the Chinese spy network looking to extort people like Eric Swalwell and Nancy Pelosi at the source of corruption.  Americans are not defined by leaders but by their rights and desires protected by private gun ownership.  And that reality is how China can and will be undone, and the script will be flipped, and the American Gunfighter will be the symbol of Truth, Justice, and the American Way well into the future by free people of all colors and sexes.  But first, Marxism must be defeated everywhere. 

Rich Hoffman

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Sometimes Doing the Right Thing is to Break All the Rules: The answer to Mark Levin’s ‘American Marxism’ question

Sometimes Doing the Right Things Means You Have to Break the Rules

One of my favorite lines from my new book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is that it “is the losers of the world who make up the rules of life.” There are many lines like that in what I’m calling a conservative book on strategy, but that one is more relevant to me due to the nature of our current politics and wokeness in our corporate structures. I’ve read many hundreds of books from conservatives and liberals over the years. It’s always been frustrating to see liberals putting out books like Rules for Radicals and The Coming Insurrection while we have failed to answer. In contrast, on the conservative side of things, the books come out as warnings about what’s coming rather than giving people a means of dealing with them.  Liberals have been audacious in assuming they were important enough to steer the entire human race in the direction of their choosing, making up rules that we as conservatives always follow to the letter.  The essence of all our outstanding literary achievements and countless hours of talk radio has been to work within those rules and be good people by pointing out the evils of liberalism.  All the while, the rules were made by radicals and losers from the beginning to doom us all, and we have been following those rules right over a cliff to our peril.   I love books, all books, by all people, even by the other side politically.  If it’s a book with binding on it, I likely love it.  Because even books by those I disagree with teach me something.  And as I said, I have read a lot of them and have been waiting for someone on the conservative side to come up with some book on conservative strategy.  But it never came, and now with things the way they are now, I figured I would just sit down and do it myself, resulting in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.   The publisher sent me a few advanced copies ahead of the August 28th release date, where the book will be available wherever books are sold.  Yet, I did take a moment to enjoy holding the book and going through it due to the long journey it took to produce it.  Finally, a book on conservative strategy was here.  I didn’t care if I wrote it or if somebody else had.  I was just happy to have it in my hands.

Its been the most frustrating thing to watch, liberals creating rules we all live by, then as we were killing ourselves with terrible thinking, such as Critical Race Theory, a lack of defense about capitalism, a lack of defense of our family structures, our religions, our president, our businesses—everything, the liberals who have been writing these books on strategy for years were rolling in the mud like pigs after a feeding frenzy.  How could we help facilitate so much evil in the world just by following the rules?  Well, that has been their trick, the liberals, and they figured that out about us many years ago among the gangsters of Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde.  The gangster era was what was left of the old gunslingers of the Wild West. It was a direct result of progressivism that crept into American society at the end of western expansion.  Instead of facing down our enemies on a dusty street in a duel to the death in the pursuit of justice, our criminals hid in the shadows and functioned outside of our Christian sentiments.  Once Democrats in Chicago observed the Midwest antics of Capone’s mob and the elusiveness of Bonnie and Clyde all up and down the Mississippi River, they had their game plan, which they use aggressively to this day.  The book was Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, and the top people of the Democrat Party used it to create the kind of world we are dealing with now.  They made the rules because they had been losing as a progressive movement that desperately wanted to take over America from Europe. We followed those rules to our present circumstances. 

I read the books, especially Rules for Radicals and The Coming Insurrection, and was thinking, “these aren’t very good books.  Why are they so popular?” They looked to be self-published, poorly written monstrosities that I wouldn’t think would survive the book reviewer critics of liberalism.  Yet they made it through, picked up some big endorsements, such as Hillary Clinton, who was obsessed with Saul Alinsky for many years, those works made it to the top of the Democrat platform at the national and international level.  Meanwhile, as I said in the video above, this isn’t negative toward Mark Levin’s new book selling like hotcakes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, American Marxism—conservatives read and write books pointing out the problem. Still, we never are pretentious enough to write our strategy guides to answer those problems once we see them.   I think Mark’s new book is excellent.  It points out the history of Marxism as it has infiltrated America for years. I’ve been pointing that out on this blog for decades too, but what are we supposed to do about it?  American Marxism says we need a movement to stand up to Marxism.  But how do we do it?  Well, that’s when I decided to sit down and write a counterpoint to one of my favorite books of all time, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, which is 2500 years old.  I thought it was time the human race has an update and one from an American perspective.  Something that would answer the question that Mark Levin and Sean Hannity have framed for us.  But a means to achieve success at all the levels of our lives in a way that hasn’t been done before. 

So if I was you, dear reader, which I have been, the question on your mind is why did I write the book and not some genius war general or former president of the United States?  What makes me qualified?  I tell quite a story of my background, which you can find on the sidebar of this website that will offer insight into that very question.  But honestly, I think many of us could have written The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  Most of us already know the answers, but we are too nice and too good to do often what needs to be done.  We need to understand why breaking many of the conventional rules that have been imprisoning us morally is the correct action.  And of those rules that have been holding us back is this notion of pretention.  That any of us should never assume that we have the answers to save humanity, well, I would say, why not?  Why not you?  Why not me?  Why should we surrender to a hostile political left full of hate and evil?  Because the rules of our life tell us too?  Well, that’s why one of my favorite lines from the book states that the losers often make the rules of our life because they have to find some way to cripple the good and just so that they can have a shot at winning the future.  And we have generally accepted this sabotage gleefully because our value judgments were in being good people who follow the rules.  But when the bad guys made the rules, then what?  Well, that’s what The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is all about, and I’m very proud that it’s coming out to offer options where many of us just haven’t had them before.  Sometimes, to do the right thing, you have to break the rules.

Rich Hoffman

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