How the Rothschild’s Made Their Money Off Waterloo: Secrets revealed from the cryptic text of ‘Finnegan’s Wake’

I suppose its time to carry you dear reader further down the rabbit hole. For a long time, I have treated my readers here like children learning the alphabet for the first time, patiently allowing the language of query to percolate from a question mark into an exclamation point. That’s not to say that it’s anybody’s fault so much. Information has been purposely withheld, so there isn’t any way that you could know certain things unless you had access to uncorrupted source material not altered through the public education system. But its time I think to take a new step and to share with you a new layer to the great mysteries of life. To answer the question which started this journey so long ago against the traditional mode of public education to the present is to understand a key book in my own education process—my college. The story goes that I attended traditional university on several occasions believing that I had to in order to secure a good living. But after my own business experience early in life, and a quick understanding of how the world really worked I needed more and traditional education didn’t have it. So I found my education in the most obscure book in the English language—Finnegan’s Wake.

Finnegan’s Wake is a cryptic key to many things in life and over the course of the year 2015 I will refer to it more and more often because it’s directly relevant to our present subjects. It’s very relevant to the here and now of today. For instance, any conspiracy theorist will point to many of the present financial problems and contemplate about the Rothschild family and the global bankers who dangle world leaders from their fingertips to control the world through the money supply. That family specifically is responsible for much tampering in the marketplace and political movements from all sides of the social spectrum strictly so that they can profit from the turmoil. I learned very early about these political dealings not from conspiracy theorists but actually from Finnegan’s Wake and its many lyrical puzzles which are carefully concealed from the lazy and uninitiated—particularly the unlearned. I am extremely proud of my unique education because there are only a handful of people who have really tackled the James Joyce novel Finnegan’s Wake including lettered academics, to the level of mining from its depths the intentions of his vast work.

The novel was written to begin civilization again once the forces of destruction have ripped it apart. It’s something of a human time capsule encompassing many religious and political beliefs through historical context containing nearly 70 different languages in the text. Unlike James Joyce, I am not content to surrender to this circular born again motif—but to change it with the strategy and force of the overman. But that simple disagreement does not violate the treasures which can be found in every paragraph of the very elusive book, Finnegan’s Wake. For instance, I will provide the passage from the novel which discusses how Nathan Rothschild took over the bank of England and made his family into one of the most powerful in the entire world. The footprint of it is placed within the Wake to disguise it from the book censors and religious fanatics of Europe who had their coffers open to such maniacal influence. Yet boldly, Joyce told the story as follows. (Before continuing the misspellings below are on purpose, they are a type of language written by Joyce for a means even more mysterious and dangerous to those not acquainted.) But I will explain that in greater detail later:

What a warm time we were in there but how keling is here the airabouts! We nowhere she lives but you mussna tell annaone for the lamp of Jig-a-Lantern! It’s a candlelittle houthse of a month and the windies. Downadown, High Downadown. And numbered quaintlymine. And such reasonable weather too! The wagrant wind’s awalt’zaround the piltdowns and on ever blasted knollyrock (if you can spot fifty I spy four more) there’s that gnarlybird ygathering, a runalittle, doalittle, preealittle, pouralittle, wipealittle, kicksalittle, severalittle, eatalittle, whinealittle, kenalittle, helfalittle, pelfalittlegnarlybird. A verytablenad of blaeakbardfields! Under his seven wrothschields lies one, Lumproar. His glave toside him. Skud ontorsed. Our pigeons pair are flewn for northcliffs.

But yet what gives away this historical moment? This passage which preceded it from the previous paragraph on page 10 of the Viking Press edition published in 1939:

Toffeethief, that spy on the Willingdone from his big white harse, the Capeinhope. Stonewall Willingdone is an old maxy montrumeny.

OK, what does all that mean? Well my teacher Joseph Campbell was the first to detect it in the 1944 publication of his Skeleton Key where it was accused that the House of Rothschild actually defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, not the Duke of Wellington. Spying on the great battle which held Europe’s fate in its outcome, Rothschild’s agent upon a hill gathered news of the battle and knew the happenings of the course of the battle before the government in England knew anything of the Belgium conflict. It is entirely possible that given this reach of influence that Rothschild had enough sway to turn the tide of the battle against Napoleon. The giveaway in the passage is not only the spy for Nathan Rothschild at Waterloo but the description of the seven superimposed shields suggesting the seven “sheaths” (physical, astal, mental, buddhic, nirvanic, anupadakic, and adic) which according to occultists, clothe the essence of the soul. The one left would of course be Nathan Rothschild.

Essentially what happened can be best read from the excellent article below with a link to the original story. It is about how Nathan Rothschild played both sides against each other, those of the English forces and those of the French to become the most powerful family in the world at the time. His wealth grew to such an extent that there wasn’t a kingdom on earth that could stand against his power as he had grown to control the money flow of currency in Europe. So he didn’t care to become a king or to rule any nation with a formal title, he simply ruled from controlling the money supply as the King had to bow to Rothschild’s feet if he wanted a strong economy. Keep in mind the following took place in 1815. Imagine the amount of information collected today and for the same purpose by modern families of like mind.

Their [Rothschilds] unique spy system started out when ‘the boys’ began sending messages to each other through a network of couriers. Soon it developed into something much more elaborate, effective and far reaching. It was a spy network par excellence. Its stunning speed and effectiveness gave the Rothschilds a clear edge in all their dealings on an international level.

Rothschild coaches careened down the highways; Rothschild boats set sail across the Channel; Rothschild agents were swift shadows along the streets. They carried cash, securities, letters and news. Above all, news — the latest exclusive news to be vigorously processed at stock market and commodity bourse.

“And there was no news more precious than the outcome at Waterloo…” (The Rothschilds p. 94).

Upon the battle of Waterloo depended the future of the European continent. If the Grande Army of Napoleon emerged victorious France would be undisputed master of all she surveyed on the European front. If Napoleon was crushed into submission England would hold the balance of power in Europe and would be in a position to greatly expand its sphere of influence.

Historian John Reeves, a Rothschild partisan, reveals in his book The Rothschilds, Financial Rulers of the Nations, 1887, page 167, that “one cause of his [Nathan‘s] success was the secrecy with which he shrouded, and the tortuous policy with which he misled those who watched him the keenest.”

There were vast fortunes to be made — and lost — on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. The Stock Exchange in London was at fever pitch as traders awaited news of the outcome of this battle of the giants. If Britain lost, English consuls would plummet to unprecedented depths. If Britain was victorious, the value of the consul would leap to dizzying new heights.

As the two huge armies closed in for their battle to the death, Nathan Rothschild had his agents working feverishly on both sides of the line to gather the most accurate possible information as the battle proceeded. Additional Rothschild agents were on hand to carry the intelligence bulletins to a Rothschild command post strategically located nearby.

Late on the afternoon of June 15, 1815, a Rothschild representative jumped on board a specially chartered boat and headed out into the channel in a hurried dash for the English coast. In his possession was a top secret report from Rothschild’s secret service agents on the progress of the crucial battle. This intelligence data would prove indispensable to Nathan in making some vital decisions.

The special agent was met at Folkstone the following morning at dawn by Nathan Rothschild himself. After quickly scanning the highlights of the report Rothschild was on his way again, speeding towards London and the Stock Exchange.

Arriving at the Exchange amid frantic speculation on the outcome of the battle, Nathan took up his usual position beside the famous ‘Rothschild Pillar.’ Without a sign of emotion, without the slightest change of facial expression the stony-faced, flint eyed chief of the House of Rothschild gave a predetermined signal to his agents who were stationed nearby.

Rothschild agents immediately began to dump consuls on the market. As hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of consuls poured onto the market their value started to slide. Then they began to plummet.

Nathan continued to lean against ‘his’ pillar, emotionless, expressionless. He continued to sell, and sell and sell. Consuls kept on falling. Word began to sweep through the Stock Exchange: “Rothschild knows.” “Rothschild knows.” “Wellington has lost at Waterloo.”

The selling turned into a panic as people rushed to unload their ‘worthless’ consuls or paper money for gold and silver in the hope of retaining at least part of their wealth. Consuls continued their nosedive towards oblivion. After several hours of feverish trading the consul lay in ruins. It was selling for about five cents on the dollar.

Nathan Rothschild, emotionless as ever, still leaned against his pillar. He continued to give subtle signals. But these signals were different. They were so different that only the highly trained Rothschild agents could detect the change. On the cue from their boss, dozens of Rothschild agents made their way to the order desks around the Exchange and bought every consul in sight for just a ‘song’!

A short time later the ‘official’ news arrived in the British capital. England was now the master of the European scene.

Since then there have been many financiers who have essentially done the same thing. In our current time George Soros comes to mind. These are men, who crave power and dictatorship over mankind in various forms, yet they tactfully supersede the election process to just take power through the manipulation and open theft of money and once they gain control of such things, they can control the legislation system that might otherwise convict them.

A system of government to stand against such abuses of power rose in the communist and socialist movements—however, little known to everyone’s mind it too was a creation by these global manipulators to limit the power that governments might gain and to keep everyone off balance allowing the financial families to reign as a global aristocracy in control of everything and everyone. And for the most part it has gone unnoticed for many, many years. Only recently with the rise of the Internet has some of this discussion against these money controlling families really taken off. But for those who have read and attempted to unlock the secrets of the classic novel, Finnegan’s Wake speaking out against the Rothschild family was very dangerous business, and could get a book banned in 1939, even from Paris where Joyce lived for quite a long time during his writing years. So he coded the information so that future aspects of civilization might know, and put a stop to the practice.

The answer to these kinds of tyrants is in pure capitalism as people like Rothschild, and Soros cannot compete in a world where honor is given to those who make things instead of just to people who have a lot of money. A thief can acquire a lot of money. That doesn’t make them good people. But the creation of wealth in the first place is an honorable endeavor if the value between making money and making wealthy assets is distinguished. That is an important consideration that deserves contemplation because those types of decisions are before us now. And to unlock the correct answer I usually turn toward the recorded history protected through obscurity from censors in Finnegan’s Wake. The information there is protected from the stupid and manipulative because it’s too hard for them to unlock. But for us, those who read here often—the soil is rich for new ideas to grow and the seeds for such an endeavor are located within the complicated paragraphs of Finnegan’s Wake.

It is time to graduate.

Rich Hoffman

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Open Letter to Adam Winrich: Good guys do sometimes wear black

Back in the day my family was one of the first to do slow motion and dramatic set photography with bullwhips. But as I’ve said in an article titled the Class of 2005 of the young people coming up through the bullwhip community at the time, nobody really catapulted bullwhip work as brilliantly as Adam Winrich did. He has since broken nine Guinness Book of World Records in the field of whip cracking and makes his living exclusively doing shows as a bullwhip artist. And when it comes to photographing bullwhip work Adam has excelled there as well. In the beginning he watched a lot of my videos to find ways to improve on them. Now, these days, I watch his, because he does so many unique things with bullwhips. It was because of him that I learned how to cut a soda can in half with a whip. He has for the last decade been the premier whip cracker of our time, and I’m proud of him.

It was at Christmas dinner that I heard my son-in-law had received a new Go Pro camera from my daughter. The conversation migrated to what could be done with a Go Pro camera which of course ended up into a bullwhip conversation. Upon that, my brother let me know that the number one video on the Go Pro website broadcast over the Xbox network was a whip cracker by the name of Adam Winrich who had made a fantastic video using a Go Pro Hero3 camera combining slow motion and very well set up camera shots.

The video is quite beautiful to look at, the firewhip work was very well done, and the ability to show perspective of how the whips work from the view of the whip cracker is extremely unique, and admirable. Adam’s Go Pro work takes much of the excitement of being a whip cracker and puts regular people into position to enjoy it, which is marvelous. It is a very useful tool in advancing the sport.


So this next part is not intended for my normal readers here, but for Adam himself. Things like this are so hard to explain in an email. So pardon the deviation. If there was an opportunity to work for a film studio owned by a controversial conservative pundit deeply in love with traditional American values—is that something that would be attractive? The project I’m currently working on, which heavily involves bullwhip work could use a nine time record holder who is nice and young and can handle the innovations that this particular studio is looking for.

This particular individual is uniquely placed into the heart of the entertainment industry because of his success as a political pundit and even those from the political left are seeking refuge among his growing stable of stars. Within the next five years, his particular studio will be poised to directly compete with the Hollywood product model, and within ten to surpass it. Let’s see, that would put Adam Winrich right around 43 years old about that time and likely still in good shape to teach a new generation all the fantastic skills of bullwhip work.


I’ve been working on this Cliffhanger character for the last ten years refining things so that it’s a unique enough concept that can hold water for a new generation, but the goal has always been to popularize again an appreciation for the western arts the way westerns used to. But young people can’t identify with westerns any longer, so a new way to present that type of value based material has to be utilized. I’ve done a few bullwhip gigs for the Hollywood crowd and they just don’t get it. That’s why they are going out of business. They certainly aren’t poised to do anything positive for the western arts. But this one guy is–the catch is that he’s political.

The last film festival that I participated in was in 2009, since then I have used my skills to help real causes in the real world, but I don’t do bullwhip work professionally, so I don’t have to worry about not getting bookings because of my political beliefs. So it can be risky to embark on these kinds of adventures. But it can also be worth it. So it’s kind of a loose offer. There are a lot of things up in the air that has to be settled, but the first criterion has to be of interest. We live in an exciting time, and opportunities are certainly there for people who can see easily over the horizon.

There are opportunities with camera systems like the Go Pro to really change the way dramatic stories are told. I’d personally like to see something like Lash LaRue re-emerge without the camera tricks to cheat the stunts. Whip work has for the first time in history an opportunity to be done in a way that can stun audiences so long as there is a narrative justification for the suspense—and there is no better way of achieving that than with real stunts captured by camera systems like Go Pro.

So what does the schedule for Adam Winrich look like over the next ten years? Interested? These days, I’m busy writing, I still do a lot of whip work, and likely always will, but for this proposed project, I can’t think of anybody more committed to the art, and nobody more poised to bring a wow factor to further innovations. So before I make a pitch, I’d need to know some basic fundamentals. Could be a lot of fun, because in this case the hero does wear black—black as night.


Rich Hoffman

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Spengler’s Decline of the West: Stepping out of a cycle that promises social destruction

So, what is the task for the overmanwarrior, those who look at the world and think that a cycle of stupidity and irreverence is long overdue for a severed divorce from the human race? Well, the effort of these many writings, my books and general approach to the meaning of life is to rebel and achieve through that escape velocity the perilous grip of Oswald Spengler’s great book, The Decline of the West—published in 1932. in that monumental work Spengler illustrates properly, and with the blow of a hammer upon the head, the fourfold cycle of history which forever repeats itself over and over again with a birth, death and resurrection that is holding mankind to an infantile state of development perpetually. Spengler’s four part cycle is derived from Goethe which is a developed idea from the Greek mythological sequence of the Four Ages–Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron, which in turn is a counterpart of the Hindu Round of the Four Yugas, Krista, Treta, Duapara, Kali. For western civilization specifically through global attempts at kingdom building—the fourfold cycle of phases of society is theocratic, aristocratic, democratic, and chaotic.

An example of a theocratic society would be that of modern Islam. After the Sykes-Picot agreement in the waning days of World War I the societies of Arabia moved from a democratic society united under the Lawrence of Arabia and fell after the betrayal into a chaotic society that is currently seeking to reinvent itself. There is now a mild obsession with Allah and the concepts of a theocratic society—which is to say that the leaders and official policy is divinely guided. The Middle East is attempting to give rebirth to itself as Europe, which is still in an attempt at democracy, is trying to reverse the cycle and drag that part of the world backward on their psychological path of self-destruction and resurrection. Europe itself is slanting quickly toward chaos as the psychosis of the typical resident is hell-bent like moths to a flame to renew their society in the same manner.

In the United States the chaotic period in a mild way accelerated in the 20th century jumping through the cycles at lightening speed with the help of technology, radio and television as new inventions. The typical progressive and New England Victorian was much in love with the aristocratic notions of a small privileged few who ruled over all others. But quickly as the enchantment for the masses of socialism and communism spread across America during the “Red Decade” of the 1930s a strong sense of democracy blasted its way onto the scene for the second time in America’s young history. The first time was after the War of 1812 as the settlers from aristocratic Europe brought a mentality with them that quickly quelled the fires of revolution sending adventurers and those of religious persecution westward to flee from the oncoming social parasites. After several failed presidents and a basic philosophical battle with the notion of freedom, the Civil War was fought which plunged America into chaos. It was reborn as a mild theocracy at the turn of the 20th century then moved quickly through Spengler’s four cycles once again. After the labor unions had their destructive result with democracy, the nation was once again plunged into chaos only to now seek to become a theocracy–again. This is the fundamental desire of the Tea Party message—to be a nation divinely guided, and why the Glenn Beck message resonated so strongly as the national debt under presidents Bush and Obama spiraled out of control.

The IRS in targeting the Tea Party is simply the same as the modern European at the United Nations hoping to drag the Middle Eastern to the bargaining table—their societies are in different phases of the four-cycle process and human inclination resists greatly going backwards on that scale instead of always forward. The Washington D.C. culture in modern America wishes to think of itself as aristocratic where the labor unions want a democracy. But the Tea Party seeing the chaos of all those failures is seeking to restart as a theocracy—divinely led. However, the secularists still profiting off the previous periods of chaos do not want to move into a theocratic phase since it will mean an end to their particular rule of man’s mind. So the national consciousness of Americans is moving toward a theocracy with the rest of the empowered being drug along kicking and screaming for chaos—which has already occurred—but they wish it sustained.

So where dose all this put us as a society of human beings? Always in a state of birth, death and resurrection leaving most of the world’s problems impossible to solve since all nations of the world are not going through the same periods together. It is important to understand that these phases are not mandated, they represent a deep psychological neurosis that is part of the human evolution process that it has never graduated from. This mentality goes back to the first Neanderthal with their large craniums attempting to construct an organized society from their nomadic existence. They did, and those four cycles emerged and it is within those cycles that much death and loss of progress can be blamed. Spengler’s cycle is like a treadmill to nowhere which takes us always back to the same spot no matter how hard we work—and its rather ignorant.

The only way to stop that train to nowhere, that cycle of stupidity is to emerge philosophically beyond it without going through the death of one type of society and being reborn again like a child destined to always perpetually make the same mistakes as a parent—just because they taught you to make those mistakes. True independence for the human mind insists that this concept be entertained, that human beings step off the treadmill and into a fate of their own making. Otherwise, the cycle of death, destruction and perpetual resurrection will continue on into infinity always bringing with it lost gains re-found as if they were brand new only to discover much later that they were never lost, only covered up by social ignorance and political structures that prevented nurturing.

The overmanwarrior fights to step off that treadmill and emerges as an independent human mind facing destiny for the first time without knowing how the story ends. It takes courage, a lack of desire for power over others, and it takes a love of adventure for uncharted territory. The term overman is intended to take man’s mind away from its anchoring to this childish behavior of Spengler’s and to fight for the right to free will away from the cycle of Goethe.

There is no way to ever advance as a civilization until that cycle of personal destruction is broken. So that is the purpose of all this writing, and the term of the overman. It is truly time to graduate away from the ignorance of our past—to learn from it—but to leave it behind to build something truly new, and not the same old garbage that has plagued us for infinity. It appears even the stories of giants in America that I occasionally write about who clearly had an advanced understanding of mathematics during the Archaic Period in the Ohio Valley built for themselves an elite social hierarchy that resembled the typical European aristocratic society. They failed, died as a culture through their incestuous ways, then were plunged into chaos after democratic attempts only to be born again as the Adena and Hopewell Indian tribes moving back into a theocratic society until they were supplanted eventually by new groups of Indians—also theocratic in their social hierarchy who were then replaced by the building of a new country in America who were leaving behind the aristocracy of Europe to begin a new theocracy under the hand of God to start all over again like a rebellious teenager who eventually grew up to become a fat middle-aged—defeated soul who dies and seeks their resurrection anew in the afterlife.

My argument against all this is that it’s pointless, and its time to view the world in a new way—and our role within it. To comprehend that view, it takes an overman—a mind that overtakes man’s addiction to that cycle of destruction. Only then will the decline of human civilization stop and advancements truly take root.

Rich Hoffman

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Caltech Capitalism: An explaination of ‘Interstellar’s’ “blight”

I was surprised to learn while reading a recent book by a physicist I respect a great deal regarding the science of the movie Interstellar how limited the views of science really are. While attempting to discover a way to insert the concept of a blight into the film as the primary reason for earth’s cataclysmic disaster pushing human kind off the planet, Kip Thorne, the author organized a dinner meeting with Jonathan Nolan the screenwriter, at the Caltech faculty club, the Anthenaeum. Also attending the dinner was film producer Lynda Obst, the biologist Elliot Meyerowitz, Jered Leadbetter—an expert on diverse microbes, Mel Simon, an expert on cells that make up plants, and David Baltamore, an expert about everything regarding biology.

The challenge was to discover how plausible it was for a blight to consume the food supply on earth due to relatively natural occurrences. In the film Jonathan and the Director Christopher Nolan wanted a natural disaster in the story that would force humans to make a decision, so they set the story a bit into the future, yet the population on earth was rapidly declining, and technological advancement was regressing. The scientists attached to the film, and the attendees of that dinner found it hard to believe that scientific endeavor would decline so rapidly in such a society—which I thought was astonishing. After all, it’s happening right now.

My son-in-law and I were discussing this very problem just last night–if it hadn’t been for Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher who wrestled away from socialist England much of its industry back into privatization, most of the great technology we are enjoying today would not have happened. Our society would regress as opposed to the leaps it made in the 80s and 90s to what many neglect these days as common occurrences–such as cell phone technology. It took political vision and commitment to privatizing industry that was using science to usher in the technical leaps that we have been seeing. However, the danger is that much of that work is has-been technology and for the generations coming from the years of the Bush presidents, Clinton and Obama, much of the science has returned to the type of dinner discussions occurring at Caltech for the Interstellar blight meeting.

Most college professors know that most of their funding comes from the tax payers, so their view of the world tends to be left leaning progressive. People tend to attach their politics to what feeds their mouths, not so much what they believe is right or wrong based on personal judgment. So those brilliant scientists at Kip Thorne’s meeting were already missing a major ingredient to the success of science before their meeting on the blight even took place. After reading about the meeting it is no wonder that so many top scientists believe in global warming as a manmade occurrence—as their funding often comes from government, and government wants to propel such myths so to gain more control through organizations like the EPA on regulating industry. In much the same way that the aforementioned scientists found a type of blight for the Interstellar film plot line, they also find evidence of global warming to gain grant money for their research leaving the discovery process of scientific data contaminated with liberal politics.

Yet the point of the meeting was to find a form of biological blight appropriate for the Nolan storyline—so it was under a capitalist endeavor that the scientists even gathered to discuss the topic. Without the potential profit of making the movie Interstellar, the motivation for even having the scientific discussion would not be present, and those same faculty members would talk among themselves not sharing with the world the brilliant science of their efforts. It was just another reminder of how science should be attached more to business rather than government.

The dinner meeting went on for some time and many topics were discussed. Jonathan Nolan is my kind of screenwriter. He is concerned with many of the same types of themes that I am, the danger of collectivism, the regression of human spirit when the profit motive is taken away, and the strength of the individual over the mob of democracy. Those are topics that Kip’s scientists are typically weary of as they come often from the liberal side of the tracks, particularly Lynda Obst who is one of those liberal Hollywood producers that are always talked about attending Obama fundraisers thinking that he is the second coming of Christ or the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses. Yet Lynda was in the business of making money. At the time it was Steven Spielberg who was attached as the director of the film, and there is an expectation that his films must garner a certain healthy box office take—especially in regards to science fiction. But Nolan was staying away from the typical man-made doomsday scenario that most writers guided by Obst would typically be comfortable with. If not for the profit motive, the dinner meeting would not have occurred at Caltech with any purpose but for scientist to talk about what projects they were working on.

The result of the dinner was the type of blight that is known in the science world as a lethal generalist blight that would run rampant over the earth consuming the oxygen humans need to breathe. As the atmosphere is 80 percent nitrogen and the lethal blight feeds off of nitrogen it has an endless supply of nutrients for its parasitic destruction of plant life. The byproduct of the Interstellar blight is CO2 which of course is a byproduct of human breathing which would gradually consume the oxygen in our atmosphere slowly killing everyone who depends on oxygen to live. But before arriving at that conclusion many scenarios were discussed, such as an AIDS virus that could quickly evolve into a far more contagious form that was airborne. Another scenario proposed by Leadbetter was that people might panic due to global warming and fertilize the oceans to produce algae that would eat much of the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide via photosynthesis. This could be done by throwing a lot of iron into the oceans to help feed algae growth. However this massive growth might then kill off all the fish and plant life starving humans from the rich food supply there. Another proposal by Meyerowitz contemplated that ultraviolet light streaming through our atmosphere’s ozone hole could mutate an enormous bloom of algae growth creating new pathogens that would again wipe out plant life in the oceans then jump on land to do the same. All those are interesting ideas, but also point to the dangers of not having a screenwriter like Jonathan Nolan who came up with a strong premise that actually made these scientists think. Typically, what would have happened is that a clueless screenwriter enamored by the nice meal and wine at such dinners would do whatever the scientists proposed and hoping to get another writing job, would kiss the ass of Obst. This would have taken Interstellar’s plot and made it into something like The Day after Tomorrow or some other cheap environmentally charged message film that would falter at the box office because it does not speak to the core of the American film audience—rather just the fringe government driven scientists at universities.

If the faculty at Caltech was more attached to capitalism instead of government driven socialism discussions like the one that took place for Interstellar would take place all the time and be aimed at more profitable measures—which would be a great thing. Instead of brilliant scientists like Thorne, and the others sitting around at the Anthenaeum contemplating the universe as they wait for tax payers to funnel money through the government to arrive at their science experiments, the goals of such discussions under capitalist endeavor would be to align profit with science to arrive at a new market—and therefore a new human creation. There needs to be a lot less government involved in those types of meetings and a lot more capitalism. It is only because of Jonathan Nolan and later his brother Christopher that Interstellar took a unique approach that pushed scientific validity to a level that was unusual for a big screen film produced by the studio system. And if such endeavors could do wonders for a simple movie, just think what they could do if private enterprise was more engaged directly with the likes of Thorne, Leadbetter, and Meyerowitz.

Rich Hoffman

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Cliffhanger as a Gift: Evil beyond the tesseract

Christmas presents are more about what people you care about think of you than so much in what you get. For instance, one of my daughters’s bought me two extremely rare Joseph Campbell books that are beyond treasures. They are literary classics that are difficult to find in rare book stores in places like New York, let alone Ohio. But using, she was able to get her hands on them and give them to me—which I will devour. My other daughter bought me a simple Jurassic Park t-shirt that is vintage from the 90s which is simple enough.   For whatever reason, I never bought one in the 90s, and would have loved to have one. I almost bought one while at Universal Studios but didn’t quite get around to it. So she bought me one for Christmas this year—because she knows that I want one, but that so many other things usually get in the way that I just didn’t get around to it for myself—like the Campbell books. So my kids took care of me. But the best present I received this year is actually for the first time something I created. It is a written character I created over a decade ago and my wife has been gently prodding me to return to. Now that I have with the series of stories called The Curse of Fort Seven Mile she rewarded me with the newly embroidered pull-over seen below with the simple name of Cliffhanger stitched across it.image

The reason for her encouragement is due to the fact that my intentions for Cliffhanger are epic, he is a hero unlike any ever created in literature or mythology at any point in the human drama. He is on a scale that is epic, more so than the Biblical characters such as Noah who was chosen by God to survive as mankind was wiped clean by a wrathful Yahweh. Cliffhanger is not David from the same book who haphazardly brings down the giant Goliath only to become a king that can’t keep his pants on getting himself into trouble in a sexual context due to his buckling under the reigns of power. Cliffhanger is not Moses who must flee Egypt and the Pharaoh. Rather than part the Red Sea to escape into the wilderness, Cliffhanger would stop and fight every one of the soldiers seeking his destruction—so in that regard and many others he is the strongest literary character ever put into a story and my wife thinks that the world is in desperate need of him. So when she learned that I was returning to that character in my artistic work, she was very happy which was reflected in my Christmas present.

But it’s no small order, let me say that. Human beings have been conditioned to accept that nothing on earth is perfect. This trend has been established by our religions to hold us tethered to control by the deities of mythology. Even our heroes are flawed flesh that is destined to return to God by means beyond the design of the human race. We are taught to accept fate—not to make it. The trouble is, when we approach problems in such a manner from budget concerns to psychological family issues, we are always looking for someone else to solve our problems instead of ourselves which often means, we never reach a solution. We spend our days praying for some supernatural aid to help us, and most of the time it never does leaving us either feeling dejected, or unworthy of the grace of Gods.

So to write about a character that is inwardly empowered and self-reliant to such a measure that he does not reject the values of religion but does not surrender to passivity either is a very delicate balance that can be extremely difficult. To create a character in this day and age who does not fear anything—anything at all—yet to be compelling in a narrative is a particularly difficult hat trick. To be a superhero without any superpowers but a highly developed intellect might otherwise be a recipe for youthful rejection. But, as my wife and I have talked about many times for many years, the world needs new heroes as the old ones have either been killed and slaughtered, or are failed people who eventually let us down. The world needs to see a character who does not fall, surrender, or react out of fear so that they can see what it looks like—and take a step in human development that has been placed before us for a long time but not yet acted upon.

In Islam there is a reason that they don’t allow criticism of their Quran characters—it’s because they are all terribly flawed and if people actually considered the quality of the characters that they were sacrificing their lives for, they would have second thoughts. So the religion requires non-thinking so that followers can believe in the flawed prophet Muhammad, the vengeful Allah, or the pacifist participant of his own life in following orders to a fault in Abraham. These flawed traits are bred into our human nature by the mythologies which form our religions and they lead us as a society to perpetual war and doom—stifled with intellectual stagnation. Cliffhanger is intended to step beyond those limits.

But its one thing to think something, it’s another to make it real, to flesh it out in a story that interacts with other characters which challenges the premise. I felt good in doing that in The Symposium of Justice where Cliffhanger was introduced. But I had only touched the tip of the tip of an ice . I wanted a character so strong and so powerful that his greatest challenge was in standing against the real villains of the universe, those beings from an ultra advanced future civilization that can step across space and time to manipulate through disguise and dreams our present civilization through subtle means. Because here is the quandary of our times, all time and its events are occurring at the same time, the expansion of the universe as an entity is still a measurement made within the dimension of time—so the reason and cause of it is still a mystery because more information is needed to contemplate it—which is missing unless the additional dimensions of quantum law are considered—those beyond time. And civilizations that advance to the ability to use entire solar systems—and galaxies for their energy hundreds of billions of years from now are still anxious about their role in the universe and their need to move beyond it—as the universe is not infinite, but doomed to destruction as well within billions of years. So what’s beyond the universe? Well to discover it, or find a way to last long enough as beings to find out, those advanced cultures have their own insecurities and fights for power. But their war is not so literal, but more passive aggressive because of their advanced state. So they journey back and forth through time and space manipulating the past to affect the far distant future. It is not ancient aliens out there more advanced than we who have always been causing human beings trouble; it is a further developed ghost of ourselves using quantum physics to manipulate our time to benefit theirs. How better to wipe out a future political rival than to just eliminate their bloodline `from millions of years in the past by entering their dreams and lives as a parasitic entity hell-bent on destroying them with temptations of intoxication, adultery, and other reckless living.

The more I read about the gods and goddesses of mythology, which I’ve done a lot and continue on each year, the more this tesseract idea of fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional villains seems valid. So to defeat such creatures there is only one way—and that is a new hero not bound to terrestrial limitations—and evolution of the human being that is well beyond anything yet created who isn’t just roaming the earth fighting evil, sex trafficking, drug distribution, political upheavals, and all manners of human terror—but to fight against the manipulators of history itself, those outside of the living world who step across millions of years of evolution like steps from one level of a house to another. Because evil, as we define it in the context of our own lives is a big entity which encompasses the universe as a whole and to defeat it requires a new kind of hero—not one with super powers, or even the grace of some God like the womanizing slug Zeus, but a human being that has grown more than human to the eternal well of life essence which our bodies simply catch through living bodies so that the root of evil can be explored properly, and identified by a clueless, busy audience.

That is the task, and why my wife has encouraged me to the effort. So for Christmas while I dive down that deep well of difficult scholarship to bring to the surface a story which covers that enormity my wife gave me a reminder of how that character of Cliffhanger should be emblazoned with memory. It is one thing to wear such an emblem that is created by others, but in this case, Cliffhanger can come from nowhere else, and by seeing such a creation, it is a reminder to me of how important such a character can be to the emerging world mythology. The only restriction is the difficult task of telling those stories from a place deep in the gut where they reside. And her Christmas present will help me greatly. That is the benefit of Christmas and a wife who understands how difficult, and important the task is.

Rich Hoffman

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The Indian and Christian Cover-up: A relic from my past made present

One of the byproducts of resurrecting my old company Cliffhanger Research and Development for the slate of current projects starting in 2015 is the memories of the past that were good at the time, but matured over time into something better. It hasn’t been just recently where I have dedicated myself to completely changing the way people think about virtually everything. I have always known that it would likely take a few hundred years—but the effort is worth the wait. And in my case I started trying to re-educate people at a very early age.


When I was just 22 years old I started a philosophical line of t-shirts that were poised to directly compete with the No Fear Gear line. One particular shirt from that line sold by the multitudes. It was so popular in 1992 that I literally sold a shirt right off my back since it was the only one left. I remember it vividly, I was in the food court at Tri-County Mall wearing a shirt design seen in the below pictures. I was buying food at one of the restaurants there, and the clerk loved the saying on my shirt so much that he literally bought the shirt I was wearing since I was sold out at the time. I left the mall shirtless and proud.


I knew it at the time but the design on that shirt featuring the Indian on the back was more than just a message against development over Indian lands. I have been particularly obsessed for most of my life at the casualness that archaeology has been destroyed in America so to preserve the belief that Indians were the first inhabitants of North America—which wasn’t true, and that they had higher wisdom over the new capitalist country—which wasn’t true, and that American’s had no right to westward expansion over Indian land—which of course is preposterous. Indians didn’t own American land—they lost the war for it as one culture came out on top, and that was the end of the story as far as I was concerned. Yet it wasn’t quite enough.


I spent several evenings in a Waffle House restaurant drawing the designs that became the Cliffhanger line of shirts, and this Indian one provoked much talk around my booth as I purposely ate my omelet each night while coming up with just the right concept. Most watching me draw the picture thought that it was a conversation message. Others thought it was religious—especially accompanying the saying that was on the front. Others thought that I was up to something else all together. For me it was a fun moment and I had a taste of what it must have felt like to be Pablo Picasso in Paris creating his art for the first time to a skeptical audience with great voraciousness and eccentricity. My sketches were relatively simple artistically, but the story they told was quite extensive and worthy of discussion that erupted around the Waffle House at 4 AM in the morning.


Those who know me today understand why I blame Christianity for being a weapon against historic understanding. Many churches—particularly in Europe are built on old “pagan” sites so to show how the new religion had conquered the old one. In much the same way we are presently going through the same purge with the religion of Islam as they are deliberately attempting to carry mankind into another Dark Age with sheer intimidation and brutality. But before the Muslim, European conquistadors were just as brutal eradicating the Mayan, the Aztec and gradually all of the North American tribes not out of desire for their land so much but to destroy the intelligence of a people who came long before during the Archaic Period—in that little known age from 8000 BC to about 1000 BC well before the Hopewell and Adena Indians came to be during breeding with the Chinese who had been trading in the area in the years leading up to 1421 AD. What was being done was a religious purge by one over another and the great crime against not only the Indians, but humanity was that the last remnants of their mythology and folklore was wiped out and destroyed with great aggression. The unfairness to them was not out of broken treaties due to greed, but in suppressing what was already in the New World that the powers of Europe wanted to conceal.


Living in Liberty Township, Ohio I watched first-hand as construction crews plowed right through burial mounds of the people from the Archaic Period discarding the bones and relics like trash found around the footers of almost every American home—where construction crews fresh from their lunch breaks toss in their discarded trash too lazy to carry it away from them off site—so they bury it once the backfill the foundation of a home. Native Americans used the Great Miami River as a main artery to get deep into the land of Ohio and Liberty Township was a popular hunting ground and burial-place. That history was wiped away, first by the greed of the developers but there was something even more sinister at work. There was a deliberate erasing of history going on by the zoning boards at the time who were supposed to protect the past. Without question many of the deals which destroyed the archaeology of my Liberty Township were struck from the pews of churches where developers and zoning officials broke bread together over communion to approve new developments before the public hearings on Monday evening knowing that Indian mounds were present. And so it goes that most of the only remnants of archaeology left in Liberty Township are those from the English settlers who came shortly after the French and Indian War. Progress was used as the mask that destroyed the evidence of a culture that had long been in America before even the Hopewell or Adena. I should know because I walked nearly every mile of farmland in Liberty Township when I was a kid and I know what was destroyed to make way for the various neighborhoods who now overload the voting booth at election time in favor of Lakota schools—named after the Indians only in the hope of hiding the real crime of erasing their culture from memory—because of their pagan roots.


So I poured all that emotion into a t-shirt design and started a company around the premise which did quite well carrying me all the way to a large apparel trade show in Chicago by the age of 24. Most people my age were still immature partiers looking for their way through life—but even then I was being called an old man whose mind didn’t fit my age at all. At Chicago many of the older trade show patrons were astonished by my designs, and my age. Inside the McCormick Center there were very expensive deals taking place, but at night I was sleeping under the stars next to the lake at Meigs Airfield—because I couldn’t afford a hotel in Chicago at the time. I spent my last dimes to attend the show with my product line and to send my family to the south to open our store and manufacturing facility for Cliffhanger Research and Development in Gatlinburg Tennessee.


It all started with that simple shirt designed at a Waffle House in 1992 and the controversy that followed. It was a good controversy as it made people think which my real intention was always. I knew even then that I wanted to commit my life to changing not just the way people think but what they think about. Of course it’s not a short process, and currently I’m only twenty years into the project.


One of the treasures from my children’s childhood was that I gave them copies of their own versions of that shirt so that they could learn something from the message—particularly the one on the front. My kids grew up sleeping every night in their shirts and eventually wore them so thin that the material nearly wore away into dust. So for Christmas this year I had a reprinting done and gave it to them as one of their presents. They had asked me five or six years ago for new updates and it took me a few years to dig up all the old stuff so I could get the original artwork—but in 2014 I finally got around to it once again. Now they can use them for sleep shirts as they did once before or just have them in the closet for conversation with their own kids. There are plans to resurrect some of the other designs to bring out a modern line of t-shirts which is fun, but it will never be the way it was in 1992 when expressions on t-shirts were a fairly new concept. Today such expression is everywhere, so the shirts don’t have near the same appeal even though the art on them is timeless. It’s a different market in a different time. It is unlikely that anybody, anywhere would purchase the shirt right off my back these days as they did then—because everyone is so overwhelmed with messages of all kinds that nobody pays attention to little things anymore—like what people are wearing and what they mean.


But for my family it was fun to resurrect the design. It signifies the start of a quest that I knew very well from the outset at that Waffle House long ago at 4 AM in the morning as springtime winds beat at the window through layers of pouring rain that I was making some kind of history in the process. That journey would likely extend out for a few centuries but the starting point was literally at the restaurant table with a nice steaming omelet freshly made accompanying my obscure designs that for a few nights had the entire restaurant peering over my shoulder and asking questions that would resonate through the halls of time.

Rich Hoffman

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Making Omelets: The essence of leadership

Another aspect to the perils of collectivism is the cheerleader for the concept of a “TEAM” especially when great emphasis is placed on the specific terminology. One of the premier drivers of social and economic socialism is the desire to hide one’s cowardly behavior under the blanket of society pointing to the greedy management of some organization to rise up against and overtake. But then there are those who provide justification to the cowardly by becoming abusive tyrants when given authority through position who are clueless and inept attempting to hide their minor dictatorships behind the concept of a “TEAM.”

Many years ago I worked at one of many fast food restaurants and without question I was one of their most productive workers. However, the manager there and I did not get along. She was a raging feminist who was attempting to live all her life’s failures through her career decisions hoping beyond hope that a successful management career would somehow off-set two decades of diabolical personal decision-making mistakes. She looked for respect not by earning it, but simply because she had schemed some executive within the company to give her responsibility and that by simple virtue of a nameplate identifying her as a “boss” she had earned the right to infinite respect. Well, she was wrong.


At this job I was just a grill cook—but I was the fastest in the area and I could work two lines by myself saving the company two staffed positions, sometimes three, four, up to five so I knew the value I brought to the table. I also knew that this manager’s role within the company was purely ornamental; after all she was a young woman who helped their staffing numbers—especially in management, and fit the profile of what corporate wanted to see on paper for their labor statistics. However, she was ineffective as far as official management duties often carrying her store over staffed, under stocked, and ill prepared for dinner rushes. And because she treated everyone like slaves on her personal plantation the workers would lay down on her and refuse to give her a good shift of productive output—because they didn’t respect her. They simply showed up to collect a check.

I’ve always believed in authenticity so I never pandered to her authority or the company overall. I let her know that I could see that she didn’t know what she was doing and I offered to help her help herself if she needed proper counseling on how to perform such an elusive task. But of course she thought she knew everything so she refused to listen—instead she chose to pick fights with me at every turn which ultimately sealed her fate.

When a member of corporate came through the drive thru window to check on things and see how the store was operating—he asked how things were going. I told him that the store manager had no idea what she was doing and that she was pushing his margins toward the negative needlessly. Of course he wanted to know more where I proceeded to disassemble her piece by piece which was easy because she had been hiding her ineptitude behind a love for her title and the authority it wielded. When she had to actually be accountable, she was absolutely clueless and had no resort but to fall on her feminist teachings accusing the executive and me of being prejudice against her because she was a woman in a man’s world and all that other nonsense. Of course I told the executive that too, right in front of her which sent her deeper into defense without being able to bring up anything professionally which justified her continued existence as manager of that store. Instead she leaned on her title, her authority, and her sex to shield her ineptitude from further social judgment.

The executive gave her another store after that encounter putting her into a really bad neighborhood where the workforce was much more antagonistic toward management. The store was already performing poorly so she couldn’t screw that up any worse. She had a nervous breakdown within two months and actually ended up in the hospital for psychological treatment. The reason was that she had to actually perform to hold her job and not rely on titles or even her feminism to shield her incompetence—so with no other option to lean on she had a mental breakdown as her only escape from the situation.


I felt bad for the manager only in that she had to take things so far before she actually listened. But she should have known better than to think I was going to let her abuse me and others just to fill her own ego with pride as a second-hander. I used that example of failed leadership because it is one of the easier to explain—and one of the shortest examples of how top down incompetence can fuel the collective desire for communist concepts like socialism, unionism, or committee driven consensus—it is because leaders fail to lead when they place the value of their positions on a nameplate or organization chart instead of the actual performance of the position.   In my past I have so many examples of such conflict with authority similar to that above story that I can’t even remember them all—given that I have an excellent memory, it should provide context to the multitude. Behind me is a dark and bloody river of many such conflicts and people from my past reading this—which of course they do can offer nothing in defense because they know it’s all true. The difference is that I never felt compelled to join with others to solve any of these problems. I simply confronted those targets with the truth about their real desire for power—and exposed them to the people who fund the endeavors.

There have of course been more men than women but in general there are far too many people who enter the work force believing that a title of authority will grant them power they otherwise don’t have. Once they get this power they find they need their egos constantly massaged and instead of their productive effort going into making money for their company’s needs, they use the workforce as their personal playground of boosting their own internal worthlessness. They often use authority to mask their own incompetence which they hope will go undetected from behind their commands. But it never does—people can naturally detect bullshit and immediately set about ways to protect themselves from it—which leads often to collective unification against a tyrant. So in the end both sides end up wrong and the business suffers or goes out of existence all together unable to produce a profit.


I have been in the business of making omelets and to do that you have to break a lot of eggs. In that metaphor of course eggs represent the ego of the type of people who fall in love with power out of their own insecurity. This has been exposed at the Lakota school district, many businesses, and within several organizations and I have behind me a lot of omelets made and eaten by grateful financial interests. And the omelet making will continue wherever I am at the time—because I personally have no tolerance for abuse of leadership. It’s not a mystery that requires collective endeavor to stand up against—all it takes is a good heart, a clean conscience, and a will to do well. If one possesses those traits they will find that they can move mountains and solve the world’s problems just by showing up for work without malice or social gratification.

Most businesses that fail do so because of poor leadership at the top. Most organizations are weak and next to worthless because they have people running them who care more about the nameplates on their desk than in accomplishing the task at hand. And government is filled with poor leaders who seek office not on merit but by popularity allowing them to believe they are important when in fact they are just more examples of detrimental human frailties. The way to fix all these issues is to recognize the attributes of proper leadership as the values are removed from social consensus and instead based upon individual performance. And for the worker who thinks they are at the bottom of the food chain and not able to do anything about the tyrant they work for, take it from someone who knows very well, if you are a superior worker and bring a good heart to your business backed by honesty you will find that your employer will value you far more than the guy with the brass nameplate on their desk. And your counsel will be very valuable because it is so rare these days to have such authentic people on a payroll.   Don’t be afraid to expose an idiot when they present themselves. The cost in not doing so only brings misery to more people for a longer period of time needlessly. In the end, it’s not just you who will suffer, but everyone else.


A TEAM is not something where everyone contributes equally. A “team” is where a leader rallies people behind a common cause not out of duty—but respect. Not everyone is capable of being a leader. Most people are terrified of it. But if you are one of the rare few who are of leadership quality be careful when nameplate lovers start using the word TEAM to describe an enterprise. The reason they do it is to cover their own ineptitude and to piggy back off your efforts so they can use your leadership to mask their own fallacies using the designation of a “TEAM” to perform the task. When a politician says the words, “we did it as a team” look carefully at what is going on behind their words—because there is likely something hidden there they are trying to mask. Likely what it is will be a series of abused people who have done all the work and lost the credit to a politician who seeks to associate themselves with success by gradually taking over the enterprise by putting their nameplate upon it and expecting their authority position to allow them to do it without question. When that happens there really is no choice, its time to make some omelets by breaking several eggs and making something positive out of a bunch of broken shells and the contents which ooze from them once shattered. It takes a leader to do the shattering and to see the need for an ordered up omelet.

Rich Hoffman

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The Nights Before Christmas: White House guilt in the IRS targeting of conservative groups

Shhhhhhhhh, do you hear that dear reader?  SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  It’s a few nights before Christmas and not a creature is stirring…………..not even a mouse.  Instead, they are all huddled together in the cracks of society planning what to do next.  If you listen carefully you can hear them making their plans at damage control.  Did you wonder why Obama suddenly showed courage and support for Hollywood in the face of North Korean aggression when he had blamed an anti-Muslim video for the whole Bengahzi incident?  And could the timing of the Cuban deal have come months before, or several months later—instead of right now.  And how about the executive orders in favor of amnesty?  SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, listen carefully.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released a report Tuesday that found the Obama White House turned the IRS into a political organization that has spent years attacking conservative groups.  Yet with all the noise surrounding Christmas, the 18 trillion-dollar debt, the Korean crises, the Cuban crises, the Chinese crises, the declining Russian economy, the parade of scandals following the Obama White House like tin cans chained to a beat up car hosting newlyweds after a shotgun wedding, the race wars in America, the plummeting gas prices, there just isn’t any room in people’s minds for the most important news item of them all—how the government from the very top used the IRS as a personal weapon to attack political rivals so that their regime could stay in power during the 2012 election.  Here’s some of what the report said:

“The Internal Revenue Service has compromised its traditional position as an independent tax administrator,” the report found. “The IRS’s inability to keep politics out of objective decisions about interpretation of the tax code damaged its primary function: an apolitical tax collector that Americans can trust to treat them fairly.”

The report indicated that improper IRS activities began with a 2010 comment from President Barack Obama, who said some of the Tea Party groups were being funded with corporate money, and “we don’t know where this money is coming from.” That criticism was prompted by Democratic reactions to the Citizens United case in the Supreme Court, which many Democrats blamed for allowing the wealthy to pour more money into campaigns.

Five days after Obama spoke in 2010, former IRS official Lois Lerner spoke at Duke University and said many wanted the IRS to “fix the problem.”

“The pressure to ‘fix the problem,’ as articulated by Lois Lerner, originated with President Obama and senior party leadership,” the report found. “For twenty-several months, from February 2010 until May 2012, the Internal Revenue Service systematically targeted conservative tax-exempt applicants for additional scrutiny and delay.”

“As prominent Democratic politicians and the media condemned conservative non-profit groups, the IRS sought ways to rein in the groups’ political speech,” the report found. “Lois Lerner initiated a ‘c4 project’ — careful to ensure that it was not ‘per se political’ — and called applications filed by Tea Party groups “very dangerous” because she believed that they could undo existing IRS limits on non-profit political speech.”

That led to additional scrutiny of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. The report said that while a few groups were targeted with the words “progress” or “progressive” in their title, almost all were conservative-leaning organizations.

The decision to target conservative groups was followed by later decisions to cover it up, and blame lower level workers for the initiative.

The report also blamed Obamacare, which gave the IRS a key role in implementing Obama’s health program, for turning the IRS into an arm of the White House, when it should have remained independent.

“Evidence shows an IRS responsive to the partisan policy objectives of the White House and an IRS leadership that coordinates with political appointees of the Obama administration,” it found.

It said efforts to cover up the scandal were ultimately led by Obama himself. Obama initially said the IRS’s actions were inexcusable, but later said there was not a “smidgen of corruption” at the IRS.


Yet there’s a good bet that the report will be largely ignored.  Most of the premier newscasters are on vacation using replacements to fill the airtime while everyone has their eyes on the Christmas Holiday and time with families.  The story will likely die on the vine as everyone is thinking about everything but the IRS.  Even those who do watch the news over the holiday season do not give it much weight as their minds are heavily encumbered with social obligations—and that is all by design.  Obama and his White House simply overloaded the news cycle with news bits with such density that most people’s heads would simply explode if they tried to take it all in.

So punishment for the IRS crime and the “smidgen” of evidence pouring in from the White House will go unpunished.  When the senate released their report about the waterboarding torture conducted by the CIA under the Bush administration—the entire news cycle covered the story even as Paul Gruber was testifying on the Hill about the deceptions that helped Obamacare get passed as a new tax because Americans were too stupid to notice—his words.  But regarding the White House aggression in using the IRS as a personal political weapon next to nothing will be said, even on Fox News because all the heavy hitters are on vacation and by the time they come back in January, there will be new things to talk about and the IRS story will be old hat—and uninteresting.

But the proof that the White House was involved from the very start of the scandal is there.  You just have to listen very closely to hear it.  SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Do you hear it now?  Good, so can I..  Now, what do you want to do about it?

Rich Hoffman

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What’s Behind the Cheap Gas: A big secret meant to be hidden through appeasment

I’ve always reported that the oil industry and the price of oil per barrel was a scam. It was always artificially inflated to fulfill the strategic aims of foreign aggressors. And while the price of oil has plummeted during the 4th quarter of 2014 dropping gas to under $1.99 per gallon at the pump just days before Christmas giving consumers thousands of extra dollars for that needed shopping spike in economic data returns, there is much, much more going on that is not all that good. First and most obvious is the OPEC desire with the United Nations to push Russia out of the Ukraine and punish Putin for his expansionist aggression. After all, the United Nations was created to take away the edge of war through mutual economic destruction instead of with military action, and this is what the UN working with OPEC is doing to Russia to crush their economy without any troop movement.

For those worried about World War III and Russian aggression—do not fear that inept pimple on the world’s ass–they are not the real worry. Just as Putin threatened to cut off natural gas into Europe if they raised a hand against his Ukraine aggression, the UN in conjunction with OPEC has lowered the price of oil to cut down the Ruble and prevent Russia from having the ability to act aggressively. With the Russian economy collapsing due to the low oil prices, Putin cannot afford to act aggressively and will have to return to the table of diplomacy—just as the United Nations wanted. That is what is called passive aggressive terrorism on both sides—both powers have defanged each other so that publicly no hostilities will percolate and they will return to back-slapping in Geneva soon enough without war. China may buy up Russian assets to “help” them, but that will be the extent of the aggression.


Yet, there is something more to the matter which has suddenly filled American pockets with an instant raise to their weekly salaries. Hmm, what might that be? Hmm, what could it be…….Keystone? Hmmmmmm.

Fracking in America has been wondrously successful as it has uncovered natural gas reserves that are so abundant that most of the companies who invested in the fracking infrastructure have come to realize that they can’t make much money just because the new discoveries of cheap and clean energy is nearly limitless. Politicians have tried to regulate fracking out of contention through legislation and EPA activism—but in spite of those efforts, boundless quantities of cheap energy have been discovered. Largely due to high oil prices, America turned inward to solve the problems of crippling energy prices and discovered a major boon to the energy business. Hollywood has attempted to help politicians maintain the status quo which empowers OPEC dramatically with movies like Matt Damon’s anti-fracking work, but it hasn’t taken and Americans have embraced fracking anyway.


The traditional oil industry doesn’t want the hydraulic fracking revelation of cheap energy that is as close to free as it could possibly be. So the prices of oil are being dropped through market manipulation at this particular time to put money in pockets of the American market ahead of some very difficult decisions that must be made regarding the pension systems in many cities. Also during amnesty illegal immigrants have been given Social Security rights along with other citizen assistance programs sponsored by the government. To pay for all this the government needs higher tax acceptance, and they hope to get that by putting more money in the pockets of American consumers so that once again they will give freely of themselves as they did at the voting booths during the 80s and 90s. It is that short-sighted and silly. In the process of that objective the U.S. government removes the appeal of fracking away protecting the energy industry structure that currently exists, global bankers get to leverage their investments behind a temporarily strengthened dollar, the United Nations gets to flex a little muscle to keep Putin in check and Iran losses some of its ability to develop nuclear weapons by reducing the size of their economy by simply cutting their global allowance. And Americans will hopefully go back to sleep once they can put gas in their cars at under $2 per gallon.

But energy prices could be cheaper yet, and that is what the industry is really terrified of—and these global bankers that come up so often in conspiracy theorist dialogues and communist banter—like that of Elizabeth Warren—are in trouble. Hydraulic fracking puts the power of the global economy back into the hands of Americans and makes it so that the wealthiest capitalist country in the world no longer has to play with the toys of the rest of the world making them once again self reliant. So gas prices have been reduced to take American eyes off the obvious before they notice.


So while its nice to see gas prices drop so low that we can once again fill up an SUV for under $40 per tank, it is ultimately a trick designed to take American eyes off hydraulic fracking and the self-reliance that will ultimately follow. Once Americans realize that they can have energy for next to nothing all the problems talked about above—especially the pension system crises that is no longer coming—its here—will exacerbate without resolution collapsing the system that the government mismanaged. There won’t be additional funds to bail the government out of short-term trouble. They have really screwed up and they hope that low oil prices will take the edge off the American temper.

But it’s all fake, the increasing value of the American dollar, the low gas prices, the global intentions—its all about covering up the really bad economic data coming out of the fourth quarter GDP in North America, the mismanaged government programs and their need for tax payer bailouts with valueless money cheapened by quantitative easing—because if America goes the way of the Ruble the whole world will collapse economically. Even China will collapse because they need Americans to buy what they make. Without that market, even though China holds much of the 18 trillion dollars of current American debt, they will never get their value back if capitalism doesn’t drive market influence in some respect. China cannot live on their own with exports to Russia and Europe—so they need America more than the United States needs them. The real issue is the one that nobody wants to talk about—American innovation without government assistance—but in spite of it—has developed a technique in hydrolic fracking that makes America self-reliant and if Americans learn just how much—they will throw their support behind the cheap energy and become isolationists once again as they were before the creation of the United Nations. Because after all, who wants to be forced to associate with such reckless global personalities as those currently manipulating these oil prices. They stay in power as long as the fish bite on their hooks thrown into the water with lucrative bait. But if Americans stop, they find themselves all out of a job—including the global banks who really want the ultimate power of 21st century kingship. Fracking is a threat to them—and is the premier reason we should all support it.

Rich Hoffman

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Panty Waste: Florence Mall evacuates because of a loud noise

There used to be a term that was very common while I was growing up terming properly the type of behavior we are seeing today—whether it is the Sony studios pulling a film lampooning about North Korea or a bunch of Christmas shoppers running out of the Florence Mall because a CO2 tank blew up at the food court. That term was “panty waste.”

Panty waste meant that someone was so useless that they didn’t even deserve to be the waste material created during the construction of panties which we all know is next to worthless. Not only would such a material not make the cut into an actual garment intended for women and all the waste product that emerge from their southern regions, but it wouldn’t even find its way into the plans for such a thing. Once a panty is made, the left over material has no place to go but in the trash, and such panty waste doesn’t even get the benefit of being soaked in minstrel blood, sexual waste, and genital leakage. That is how bad being “panty waste” is.


Panty waste is not even talked about any longer, because it might hurt someone’s feelings. It’s too derogatory and mean spirited—even sexist. It implies that women are not as strong as men—or equal to them by the feminist definitions of our day. So nobody has any proper words to describe who terribly cowardly it is for shoppers to become scared enough to run out of the Florence Mall just because they heard a loud noise—and overreacted to it being a possible gun shot.

I’ve blown up lots of CO2 type containers, and I’ve shot a lot of guns, even had them pointed at me in aggressive ways on several occasions and let me tell you, anyone who ran from the Florence Mall on Saturday December 20, 2014 just because a silly little CO2 tank blew up, are best defined as “panty waste.” Anyone who cowardly transferred their neurosis into the disguise “but my children had to be safe” trying to hide the fact that you are panty waste to begin with, you have now doomed your children to becoming panty waste in the future with your cowardly behavior. Shame on you.

Children should not be taught to be such cowardly specimens. They should be taught that panty waste is not a good thing to be indulged in by some confused man who wishes to wear high heels with fish net stockings. Panty waste is the worst of the worst because it’s not even material fit for the occasional skid mark absorption that panties are technically supposed to utilize.   Most panties are not the Victoria Secret types of G-strings, but those balloons that overweight women often wear not to entice a sexual partner, but to provide comfort after a day of shopping at the grocery store while the bearer picks their ass constantly between the aisles when they think that nobody is looking. Once in the laundry basket, those used panties are likely to turn off anybody from wanting to engage in sex with the regions of the female that produced such a monstrosity leaving the wash as the only next destination. Panty waste is not even fit for such a disgraceful existence.

So for those who ran from the Florence Mall because of a loud noise, they are the modern embodiments of panty waste. To the Sony executives who pulled their Christmas Day comedy satirizing North Korea, they too are panty waste because of their cowardly behavior. And if you generally cry every time something scary happens and run for some authority figure in your life—you are panty waste. Geez, even some liberals knew the difference such as Obama and George Clooney. I mean, they are really wimpy modern men weakened greatly by progressivism and even they know that enough is enough when it comes to North Korea and Sony.

Once again we have our education system to blame for all this useless sensitivity. They have nearly banished the word panty waste out of political correctness calling it “hate speech.” But in many ways, panty waste is the only tactful way of describing such a cowardly society. That society was largely shaped by modern public education backed by government lawyers, lobbyists of sensitivity, and progressive hate baiters. They are responsible for making so many detrimentally neurotic people who ran from a shopping mall as soon as they heard a loud noise.

The proper behavior would be to hear the noise, determine whether or not there is danger by judging the circumstances—then taking action. In this case once the direction of the loud noise was identified and it was seen that a bunch of oriental people were scrambling to contain their accident at a little restaurant then it would be concluded that they had some kind of cooking mistake—and you could quickly return back to your business. If however it did turn out to be a crazed gunman shooting innocents—then the proper thing would be to engage the target directly and disable the aggressor. If in doing so you take a few bullet shots—the moment the target is disabled, you get yourself to the hospital before you lose all your blood. Try to plug up the loss the best you can during transit. But don’t stand around waiting for someone to save you—save yourself and those around you quickly and instinctively—then get on with business. Don’t be a panty waste.

There is no sympathy for those who behave like panty waste. They tend to vote for every school levy that comes their way, every police levy, every fire levy, every tax increase that comes up because they want some authority figure to make them feel safe—because they are essentially panty waste. They empower terrorists to be meaner than their natural courage would normally allow just in providing such an easy target. When panty waste is so easily scared, it makes those who hope to terrorize others so much more embolden that their attempts might be successful giving terrorists that momentary jolt of power which they crave so aggressively. Those terrorists may find themselves in the end arrested and jailed, but not before the momentary power of ruling over others provides a spike to their sappy egos.

Just because the term “panty waste” isn’t used anymore does not mean that it shouldn’t be. There needs to be some way to describe cowardly behavior and that was what evacuating the Florence Mall was. It was cowardly behavior. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and business resumed as normal just moments after the chaos, but for all those would be terrorists out there watching the behavior of the panty waste at Florence Mall—they were empowered to believe that if a simple little CO2 tank could create such havoc than other easy things might work as well—giving their ego starved intellects the jolt of confidence they need to engage in aggression against Americans. Being panty waste makes our society more dangerous, not less. And there simply isn’t any other word to describe these modern events created by our public education system of pacification and over-reaction all in the name of safety.

Rich Hoffman

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