Covid-19 is a Friend of the Lazy and the Marxist: The loss of happiness in life was on purpose

Another way that Covid-19 has been an effective attack from China against our economy has been in essentially attacking the tenants of Adam Smith’s approach to economics with an overly managed economy instead of the invisible hand of self interest which so greatly sets it apart from other economic systems around the world.  I am personally one who believes that kids shouldn’t be able to graduate from high school unless they have studied and can prove they understand Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.  I read it a long time ago and honestly, I thought until recently that it was much further read than it has been.  And for many young people, they get heavy doses of Marx in college and Keynesian economics specifically, but they have not studied enough the economic systems that run America, nor have they been taught why the American system is so superior to all other economic systems which the results of lifestyles obviously show in competitive comparisons.  And that is why few people see the obvious, that Covid was an attack on American culture in many ways, but ultimately it has been a mad professor Marxist attack on the fundamental way of life that drives the American economy, through competition and the pursuit of customer fulfilment that drives dollars through happiness instead of raw necessity.

I don’t talk about it much because I think it was one of the most useless things I’ve ever done, going to college.  I remember well getting up every morning and having breakfast over in Coryville on the campus of the University of Cincinnati when the little restaurant opened there, well before classes started.  Most of the books that were assigned reading I had already gobbled up a week or two into the semester, so I was reading the big books that were only offered to graduate classes because I didn’t want to wait.  I was taking economics as the major and I absolutely hated all the classes by the extremely liberal professors.  They were so stupid and to wash myself of that filth they were teaching I was reading Adam Smith at 5 AM until about 8 while I had my breakfast of omelets and bacon at my usual booth in the corner, 7 days a week.  I’d read this great foundation book full of wisdom as I watched the other college kids come and go before class totally aloof to the great wisdom that was in The Wealth of Nations.  I found I looked forward to that little quiet time I gave myself each day on campus, but I detested the classes because they felt like mind control.  I found that to wash the filth off me I would give myself another 3 hours at the end of the day to continue reading and in that way, I managed through the college years intact.  I pretty much ignored what any teacher had to say because they were not equipped to understand the great classics like The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.  My pursuits, the morning meal, the end of the day meal, and my books stacked up on my booth table encouraged me to read a lot of big books that were way beyond the college experience and I had arrived there by the benefit of the invisible hand, the Natural Law of the universe, the pursuit of happiness—the key to the great joy and power of the American economy. 

My wife right before Christmas came home blistering with rage, ready to turn over a car and eat it, she was mad.  Because of Covid our bank was down to just a few tellers at the window, the lobby had been closed and the Butler County Health Department was in their business wanting to shut them down because of all the mandatory quarantines they were experiencing.  My wife was waiting for 20 minutes to get money for Christmas shopping since the lobby was shut down and the only way to interact with the bank that day was through the drive thru window.  Then as she finally arrived at the window the teller pulled down a shade and declared to all in line that it was lunch time for them.  Come back in an hour.  Well, my wife blew up.  She knows all the people and they did serve her when they saw how irate she had become.  But due to Covid, the experience at the bank had been altered into a chore instead of a nice experience where they send through suckers when she has the grandkids with her to make the exchange a pleasurable one.  But she needed more money so she went back the next day and the entire branch was closed because the last two tellers had tested positive for Covid so the bank just ran out of employees to keep the place open.  The fury continued. 

And that has been the main theme of Covid-19, not to mention the false positives, the stupid masks, the ridiculous and unscientific social distancing, all new terms for a free American society—now there are all these dumb and cumbersome rules that government has imposed to reduce happiness greatly in our day to day exchanges.  And we have had to come to accept that if we want to stay open as a business, or even have a job, that we must comply.  Well, that’s the theme of Covid-19 really, control, loss of happiness, and accepting massive government overreach that impacts us even at the bank, thus that is why my wife was so angry.  Its one thing to see a sporting event with no fans in the stands, its another to see the movie industry collapse, to lose the ability to go to a restaurant and talk through plexiglass windows like we are all living in an aquarium.  Covid-19 has been attempting to change the way we fundamentally do business, to turn our economy into that of Karl Marx and away from Adam Smith, and it has all been on purpose.

Covid-19 has empowered the lazy to stand up to the industrious and keep their jobs.  Covid has penalized the people who refuse to work from home and to not drive their cars down the road for the ultimate goal of the Marxist types of lowering their carbon footprint to save an earth that will just be hit by an asteroid killing everyone on it in a few thousand years anyway.  But it all sounds good if it changes the economy from a thriving one to one micromanaged by a central government.  It has made me think back to the college days where I saw with my own eyes how stupid the professors were and their students who were not reading every morning and night like I was.  They just wanted to get laid and spent most of their time thinking about those kinds of things.  If the college was teaching Marx, they didn’t care.  They did what they had to do to get a passing grade and they got out of school and onto a job.  Then later when a country like China sent in a Trojan Horse virus to ruin our economy they didn’t see it coming and didn’t care.  Just like in college, they did what the teacher told them to get a passing grade and they were too lazy to even ask the deeper questions—like, should we be doing any of this?  Well, not in my family.  As far as I’m concerned there is only one economic system, and its that one of Adam Smith.  Nothing else will be acceptable.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Trump’s Path to Victory Through Mike Pence: The sad reality of the fight ahead

As I said in the video above, Trump has a pretty easy and unquestionable path to victory on January 6th, 2021.  Take away all the theater with the House and Senate and it really comes down to Mike Pence.  He can deny the dual submissions by electors in the seven contested states and Trump will win with a majority of electoral votes, 232 by 222.  And from there, its pretty much over, end of story.  Trump serves another 4 years.  But of course, that is an unfathomable consideration considering the narrative that has been created by a media of foreign insurgents.  They will be so surprised by this action that the nation will literally burn to the ground.  But at this point I think it will happen either way.  Life as we knew it will likely not return to normal for decades.  It will take a long time to heal after all this and the scars may never go away from this one.  So, if there is a bit of sadness in my voice, without an ostentatious presentation of any kind, that would be the reason.  Then to answer the question, which side has the right to be president, well of course that’s obvious and a non-partisan answer.  The Democrats, the media, the foreign interests should have never tried to cheat in the 2020 election, and should have played it straight.  But they didn’t and now these are the results.  Since they will deny until they die, we are stuck with these kinds of things and we’ll have to fight it out.  But if Pence has the guts to do it, Trump wins re-election easily because ultimately as President of the Senate, Pence has the obligation to certify the results as he sees fit.

Without question, we will see a very Trump-like display of patriotism during the first week of January 2021.  But no matter what happens with the election results, it’s a sad occasion and we have all been robbed of a nice victory and security of Americana.  Rather than the attackers from the left recognizing that America picked Trump and a pro-America first policy with 80 million voters, we have half the country, below the line thinking types, who have taken an oath to destroy the country and when caught to deny until they die.  They will never admit to their crimes, they will work with all their breath to destroy our country, and it won’t end with a Trump election.  At this point, even if Pence did get cold feet and failed in his task, which I wouldn’t blame him, Beijing Biden will always be an illegitimate president and the anxiety and violence will continue well into the future.  We won’t get our celebration of restoring the country to an America-first policy, as we have over the last 4 years because there was always an undercurrent of resistance to it from never Trumpers and Democrats that was ever present.  But like some secret, long pushed down in a marriage in order to sustain the union, now its out of the bag and we can’t put it back in.  We know just how much the anti-American, anti-Trump forces hate us, and there will never be any reconcile with them, ever.

That’s why its so sad ultimately.  We all know how we feel about each other now and society will never fully restore until the anti-American forces are defeated.  And that will come at a tremendous cost.  But also, as I said in the video, when we have these kinds of problems, we must always do what is legally correct.  If everyone is going to be miserable anyway, we must stick to the rule of law and follow that to the resolution.  If anything, good could come out of this election it would be that in the future, the cheating states might not have their electors counted.  At this point, that is the only path of justice short of actual judiciary approvals, which they have shown they will not involve themselves with.  So yes, it comes down to Mike Pence to do the right thing and he’s in position to do it.  The fever may get so intense that we could be looking at lynchings, but that’s OK.  If we follow the laws, its worth doing.  Ignoring the law in any way will only make the situation worse.  And when the violence hits the streets, we must be ready to meet it head on and not allow for the fantasy that our country will be ruled by fear and fear alone.   We must establish that our country runs by logic, and rules.  And for those who break them, there are consequences. 

Justice shouldn’t feel like this, Trump won, history and the evidence will show it, however these insurgents, the same losers who are behind the Covid communist attempts to give us all a “new normal” have ruined everything for everybody.  They have brought this intrusion on us all and made us feel this way and it has left many of us in astonished shock, that people we thought were our friends have actually been planning our deaths and submission—totally.  Worse was the Beijing Biden speech just a few days ago complaining to the Trump administration that he wasn’t getting access to briefings.  That’s why they had to have such a stupid guy running for president, someone who would speak at such events without giving a thought to the audacity of it all.  Surely there will be Democrats half-witted and lost to intelligent thoughts who will feel robbed and cheated the way we have, only they won’t have a mind toward evidence, only public speeches by foolish dopes who will scream that the fake election they stole was just stolen from them, and they will hit the streets in fury looking for a fight.  And we’ll be forced to fight them in ways that will hurt a lot of people and its so unnecessary.  Yet, right is right, the law is the law and we either have law or we don’t.  The attackers in this case who meant to steal this election from Trump didn’t care what they destroyed to get their way and that is the heart of our problem.  Even with a victory by Trump, the problem of these insurgents functioning in our society will still exist.  They have pushed Republicans around for over a century and we’ve taken it all along, so they expect to keep this presidency by pushing us around more and taking it.  But if Pence sticks up for himself on behalf of the administration, the melt-down will be explosive, and many just aren’t ready for that.  But we have to do it, because they have put us in this position to defend the law against the lawless, and corrupt.  Such lowlifes don’t care about the consequences leaving it to us to care about, the Trump supporters who want the nation to prosper and stay intact.  The other side wants the fall of the nation, the fall of the Constitution, the fall of capitalism.  And in many ways, either way they get what they want for a while as we untangle the mess.  So, I agree with your unsaid sentiment dear reader.  Its not fair.  But still, we must do what’s right, and of course, its not easy. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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A National Debt of $30 Trillion: An attack meant to crush us as a nation

So, with the new Covid relief bill, now signed with all the pork that is in it, the national debt will shoot up to $30 trillion, which is unfathomably reckless, and much of it will have occurred under President Trump’s watch, which was just another trap intended to give politicians looser purse strings in the future.  Meanwhile the enemies of western civilization are looking to completely crush America with blinding debt to destroy our society.  They can’t beat us in the marketplace, they can’t beat us with the military, so they have turned to debt to be the invader, and it has been doing its crushing work.  That leaves the obvious questions that has been asked, and will continue to be, if President Trump created so much debt to get the economy rolling again, then why is he so great?  Why are budget hawks from the Tea Party willing to give Trump a pass but not Obama?  Really anything over the $20 trillions is dangerous since it is much higher than our nation’s GDP, so what and why is the difference.  Well, the answer is actually pretty easy, but it takes a Trump to pull off the upset, which has been the case over these last four years.  And without turning loose the free market as Trump has, there is no chance in catching that national debt, so this idea of government recognizing this fact and that they have conspired to work against Trump to push the national debt up over the $30 trillion mark tells us really who the enemies are domestically for the behavior has rooted them out from the woodworks and displayed their evil for all to see.

I have not worried about the national debt up to this point because with Trump the debt was more investment than just raw spending, the way a socialist like Barack Obama spent money.  Under Trump there has been around $15 trillion of additional wealth created through just the stock market, which compounds out into society in all kinds of interesting ways, so the money to pay back the debt has been established.  It would take around two years of another Trump administration to get the debt clock running backwards.  But an interruption in administrative policy was always the risk.  And obviously even Republicans are wary of the responsibility.  Too many of them have taken money from China, or let the enemy have too many goods on them that they don’t feel free to act appropriately to deal with all that new wealth and turn back the debt clock.  When I say goods in this instance we know now that China has sent in many honeypot spies to infiltrate politicians everywhere and they are compromised accordingly, which gives China and other foreign entities complete control over their lives, which allows for extortion, or investment into their campaigns depending on behavior.  China wants America in debt so they can crush us.  And they don’t like Trump’s plan of paying for the debt with growth they will never be able to catch with their own GDP.

All during the Christmas week of 2020, as talk of removing Trump from office was at a fever pitch, and the FBI was giving press conferences on shootings and RV bombings on Christmas Day to keep our minds from learning the details of just how extensive the cheating network against the president was, to cheat and steal an American election, the media talk was about how China would overcome our economy in GDP within the decade—which is pure propaganda.  For that to happen, Trump would have to be out of office and a Chinese stooge like Beijing Biden would have to be in office to continue the rubber stamp accounting that got us into trouble to begin with.  For the money to keep coming to the political class, what we call these days “The Swamp” America’s economy has to tank and the politicians have to help it along recklessly as they have been doing and are now caught in gross over reach as was the evidence of the latest Covid bill that Trump refused to sign due to the small amount on the relief checks that the government was going to issue the people—a measly $600 dollars.  Thankfully Trump did not fall in that trap and is waiting out the clock before signing, because the plan is to blame the bill later on Trump, just as the last relief bill was established.  When Tea Party types point to the debt and complain, the swamp creatures plan to point at the outgoing Trump and to say “see, it was your guy.”  When in fact they are using the China virus as the means to drive the panic driven debt that was intended to empty our treasury with growth debt for which China would be there to buy up and control us even more. 

I don’t think Trump will be out of office still, and if he does, there won’t be a clean Biden transition.  The evidence on voter fraud is just too great.  So, nobody can say what that will do to continuity of the Executive Branch, since nobody has even seen such a thing before.  I think we will operate as two nations in a civil war for quite some time, which may be great.  It may halt spending all together because nobody wants to make a move against the other.  If the spending can be stopped and the growth that Trump started can manifest, then I see a rollback of the debt clock within a few years.  Trump has always had a plan to deal with it, which has caused the panic we have seen in 2020, especially with Covid.  Our economy was attacked to sink Trump at the ballot box, but that didn’t turn out as they wanted.  There are now so many loose ends that the fingerprints of the enemy are clearly seen which wasn’t the plan.  But China as a communist country had no other means to harm their rival and try to boost up themselves because their entire plan for boosting their GDP is to steal wealth from America and repackage it into China.  That is why they have put so much effort into crushing our economy directly through debt, but in why they have committed so many resources to infiltrating our political class to weaken them any way possible. 

Truthfully, we can’t afford to not have Trump in the White House, because the Swamp knows it has already signed up for a debt forgiveness plan that would involve giving up American sovereignty and surrendering to government control by the United Nations as the debt will be called and we’ll have no choice in the matter.  Due to our own mismanagement and without a way to convert the wealth that was stolen from us and putting it back into the economy under an Adam Smith freedom movement, the plan is to freeze us as a nation under the crushing debt and to gain control of us all.  As Trump has been playing a dangerous game, it really comes down to someone like him, a free person who understands money, who can pull off the upset.  But its also another reason why the Swamp cannot allow him to be president again and actually fix the debt problem.  Because a collapse of the American economy is the only way China achieves their goals.  So, with all that in mind the enemies of America are easy to see, they are the ones who want to continue spending money with these big trillion-dollar bills that no politician ever plans to pay back.  And they want Trump out of the way so they can blame the debt on him as they use these new standards to approve even bigger and more disastrous bills that will crush us as a country and turn everything over to China, who now is controlling the United Nations.  And at that point, they think it will be all over. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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$600 From the Government is an Insult: How little they think of us

To say the least, I was deeply insulted with the stimulus bill that congress sent to President Trump the first time, where silly little payments of $600 were poised to be sent out to every man, woman, and child.  All that while adding billions of pork spending to all types of greenie weenie proposals, and international bail outs.  It was an audacious attempt to appease the public and hide some really bad inflationary efforts to further destroy our economy with debt burdens that would far outlast the next generation and was as thoughtless as a baby picking its nose.  It was horrendous in its considerations and that they thought so little about us by offering only $600 for all our troubles in 2020 was mind blowing in its sheer stupidity.  Even the push by President Trump to get more money to people, of $2000 isn’t near far enough.  Try $30,000 to start with.  The cost to us all that this dumb government has imposed on us is unfathomable and has been a serious letdown.  Unforgivable really, $600 doesn’t come close to giving back to anybody what they lost in 2020 which was one of the most mismanaged years on record.  The government in general going all in on removing Trump from office started it with impeachment for criminal actions Beijing Biden was actually guilty of, then when that didn’t work, they went all in on Covid-19 wanting to shut down the economy completely ruining our lives at every level just so they could blame it on Trump, destroy the economy that flourished under his time in office, and keep him from getting re-elected.  It was all a political show and it pulled in everyone, even President Trump.

What we endured was 100%, made-up fiction politically motivated and using voters as collateral damage.  Government didn’t care what lives they ruined, how miserable they made us, who went bankrupt do to their mismanagement.  And now, where it is obviously a scam, the entire Covid “pandemic” where even the Trumps have to keep reminding people that it was a valid virus so they don’t look like suckers for allowing Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci to scare them into supporting the lockdowns, everyone is dirty due to their support of the China scam to destroy the American way of life.  Everyone from network executives, to the billions and billions that Disney has lost to blue state governors hungry for power through emergency orders, virtually everyone was suckered and is now reluctant to admit to the damage they caused.  How else would Bob Iger explain to investors why the stock has dropped so far—“oh we were under a global pandemic!  Its not my fault.”  Covid-19 was meant to take advantage of everyone’s good nature and to exploit them for an overthrow of the world toward communism, and to remove Trump from office.  But nobody thought of what happened next, the aftermath where lots of pissed off Americans were looking for some relief from a government that had let them down so emphatically, and recklessly.  Knowing all that, the government came up with $600, a measly amount that for many lunches in Washington D.C. is the cost of a daily meal.  How audaciously ignorant.

The truth is that many state governors including some Republicans used and abused their emergency powers to gain power over the economy and held that power entirely too long which has cost average people tens of thousands of dollars per household.  And the lawsuits are coming for which even with a progressive judiciary those governors won’t win.  The only defense for their abuse of power that they can use is to play up the pandemic as real and a threat to everyone so that nobody jumps all over them for the misery they have caused.  In a million years none of these politicians will admit in the light of day what a mistake they made with Covid, because they can’t afford to.  Covid-19 will be known to history as the dumbest thing that humans have done to themselves by allowing very unsophisticated politicians to be suckered by a communist plot to destroy their competitor in the United States with a self-imposed suicide.  And now we’ve survived with the damage and we want our money back.  But government doesn’t have it.  So they threw this measly amount at us because they think so little of us then made it worse by bailing out the rest of the world hoping to keep the pitch forks at bay by everyone for doing their job so terribly that they sought to appease the voters and the globalists all within the same bill.  I’m happy Trump rejected it after some initial feedback such as mine, but it’s the intent of the bill we should all be concerned with. 

The way I see it the government through their mismanagement of our country in reaction to Covid borrowed from each of us, the taxpayers of America over a million dollars of opportunity cost.  They squandered that money away during 2020.  They gave us a measly $1,200 check at the start of the disaster back in April and May of 2020, then it took them the entire rest of the year to come up with $600.  That’s it!  The rest of that money was wasted then given away in further debt to the rest of the world because those idiots thought that the United Nations would be running everything anyway so appeasement now would soften the blow later—or so they thought.  Meanwhile we can drive through all our neighborhoods and see the many restaurants that are now out of business, the foreclosures on homes, the manufacturing facilities that have been shut down due to tyrannical health departments drunk on power destroying our economy in the process all for the dirty little secret that they wanted the economy to tank so that voters would take it out on Trump in the last election.  But they voted for him anyway.  So to cover up all this evil, Democrats conspired to steal the election, for which even Republicans in on all this scam played along with hoping to certify a Beijing Biden administration to keep all this monstrosity hidden from the public.  But its out, we know, we’ve seen it and lived it, yet they thought so little of us that they actually thought $600 would settle the matter. 

It really comes down to respect, our government does not respect us, and this bill was the evidence.  Many of us have thought that way for long before Covid, but now everyone knows.  The audacity of it all has been mind numbing yet illuminating.  Nobody can doubt the dishonesty of our government anymore after 2020, after the phony impeachments, the phony Covid, the phony election and for all our trouble and the mess they left behind we’re supposed to be happy with $600.  Or $2000?  To make things right with me and my family it would take millions.  Opportunity cost is a very real thing and losing an entire year of a thriving Trump economy is an attack on my life and my family and I’m not happy about it.  That was before the cheat in the election and all the rest of the nonsense.  To abuse government office the way these idiots have is abysmal.  I can put up with mistakes in judgment, but what I can’t put up with is a purposeful attack on my way of life, spending millions to do it, then giving me back pennies on the dollar.   It is reprehensible to even think about!  And no matter what the government comes up with as a pay back, it will never be enough. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Understanding Natural Law: There is no place for communism, socialism or Marxism in the world

Not to make things overly simplified but what it all comes down to, it is about natural law and understanding it which makes up the divisions about everything in any culture.  If it is said today socially that we are a “divided nation” it is because the people of that society have different understandings of natural law.  The means for which people measure political affiliation is purposely disjointed, America has endured over 100 years of attack by foreign powers, by countries, banks, political idealists seeking desperately to hold on to their passive aggressive monarchies, their dictatorships, their centrally managed societies which give a few power at the top subjugating people under them in every way possible, just as the idea has recently been introduced to America through Covid-19.  We don’t have a political spectrum in America where the radical left are Antifa and the radical right are racist fascists like the Nazis.  Looked at that way everyone between that spectrum is a radical leftist, and to this day a vast majority of people have been deceived from birth into believing such a thing.  Yet, as I have said time and time again, the more people learn about life and about themselves, the more to the political right their personal ideologies move which was certainly the case in the United States during the formation of the country.  Because back then it was generally agreed upon what natural law was and the roots of it could be found in the pages of the Bible of Christian text.  But the aim of socialists, Marxists, Maoists, communists, progressives, all the same thing essentially by different names was to erase natural law from our institutions and our lives and replace it with the laws of whimsical men and women until a takeover of our great nation was fulfilled.  They didn’t think it would happen fast, but now that more than a century has transpired, the footprints of their movement are obvious to our eyes today, after the first four years of the Trump presidency. 

In the video above I gave what I think is a pretty good modern interpretation of what natural law is, for those who have lost touch to it.  People who are very religious, as the Trump legal team obviously is, have a trust in natural law that is naturally conducive to their studies of the Bible.  Its easy for them because they have already put their trust in the faith that it takes to be a religious subject.  Very religious people have already taken the step to accept the Bible’s definition for natural law by just accepting that things are what they are and that’s all there is to it.  However, and this is largely how the Marxist infiltration started in American colleges starting with 100 people in the 1905 group the ISS, (intercollegiate socialist society) which slow brewed socialism in various institutions over a long period of time.  For those who claim to be “smart people” or intellectual leaders of some kind, blind trust in faithful religions just wasn’t acceptable so they rejected the natural law of our Christian society and started leaning toward the laws of man for their political ideology.  And we’ve seen the result as frogs slowly being cooked after all these years toward socialism and communism with the temperature slowly being turned up at our education institutions since that 1905 date.  What I share with them is that I don’t just blindly follow anything.  My life is not ruled by faith, but by reason and logic.  However, the easy way for looking at something is to either reject a premise like natural law because it requires faith to believe it, or scholastic evidence to reject it, as our colleges and public schools have done, especially under the guidance from communist inspired labor unions.  My argument however would be that everyone is wrong and that they should have pushed themselves for the answers intellectually, because the true answer to natural law requires a bigger view of existence than what has been known two thousand years in the past. 

I would state emphatically that natural law is present in the positioning of Jupiter in our solar system, which has allowed earth to happen with life on it as the big planet has acted as a vacuum cleaner in space to suck away gravitationally all the asteroids that might have destroyed the earth over the last 30,000 years of human development.  Asteroids do get through and strike the earth, but at a much less rate than if Jupiter wasn’t where it was in our solar system.  Perhaps Jupiter has given the human race just enough time to evolve into a thinking species that could escape earth and flee to space for its continued survival before the next asteroid does get by Jupiter and strikes the earth.  We could also look at our own immune systems and say that the plight of our white blood cells is to fight off invaders in the form of disease.  Or on a more grand scale, perhaps that is the point of our entire universe, to act within a body of many universes according to the many thoughts of multiverse quantum understanding in advanced physics where there are more than 10 dimensions that are interacting with us all the time.  The “creator” may well be the body we all fight to keep alive just as our own bodies have many such cells keeping us alive, and within them, perhaps an infinite parade of fighters and seekers of justice to do their part to make our body good and whole.  Natural law may very well postulate that the purpose of our very existence all across our known universe is to keep that cell healthy and doing the good work of justice within the very body of God, for which he, she, or it is just one massive body of billions all fighting it out on a cosmic plane inconceivable to our point of view, but that natural law agrees on any scale is the right thing to do.  Therefore, the United States was formed to make our universe healthy and whole for the purpose of justice in a multiverse of teaming life. 

And from that perspective, the morality for the Constitution of the United States could and should be accepted even by those who struggle with faith in what they can’t see understanding that such laws permeate everything that existence is built upon.  And for that reason, we should fight for it.  The thoughts of Marxism that have corrupted our minds for so many years are those very viruses we are meant to fight to do our part to keep life happy and thriving even if its just here on earth in our countries and homes, or whether we are on the other side of the universe millions of years from now, which to the universe might only be a second of cosmic time, the rules still apply and the work we do today is just as relevant as the world of tomorrow.  And knowing all that, we cannot afford to be a divided species, nor can we be accepting of other ideas as if the world were big enough for all thoughts and feelings co-existing.  A virus wants to kill the body and that is what communism, socialism, and Marxism have wanted from the beginning and there is no co-habitation with them.  The only law that matters in the world, or in the universe is natural law, our idea of God simplified for our very minds through the invention of the Bible so many years ago.  But we know more now than we did then, and natural law is just as relevant as it was for the traditional Bible thumpers.  It wasn’t that faith was the prerequisite for understanding the magic of America’s constitution, or Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, but it was in the scale for which these things were measured.  And when that scale has matured, the key to life and happiness is always within the beauty of natural law.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Why I Call Myself Cliffhanger: Stopping the long standing suffering of the philosopher at the hands of “democracy”

As I said in the video above, I’m not trying to sell you a book.  This book that I’m talking about is The Symposium of Justice that was published in 2004.  It has been out there for a while and long ago stopped giving any substantial income on its sales, which is fine with me.  It was a bit of a big deal in the 2000s, before Barack Obama was elected, I met some interesting people in Hollywood because of it, people actually liked it so much that they wanted to make a movie out of it twice.  But I learned more about the world from that book and my observations which have only become more acute over the years than the opposite reaction that usually permeates.  My problem at the time which is now more illustrated than ever are that the great philosophers of any time are usually killed or driven insane because their observations often stir up the leeches of democracy so intently that to preserve themselves from the needed social changes they would have to embark on to survive in the change state of the philosopher in question, they’d be at a loss.  So, the plots to kill and destroy the new thoughts become a priority and history tells the same story over and over. 

People have been asking why I stopped using my real name on these articles and have instead been referring to myself as Cliffhanger.  Well, to be honest it is because of the events of 2020 that I have found all the strength needed to deal with the problems from my old book.  When I wrote it everyone, especially the agents on Wilshire Blvd, several which were really into The Symposium of Justice, not necessarily due to its literary quality, but conceptually.  I wrote the book when I was in my early 30s as a direct experience I had with local politics and dealings with the FBI and a mayor at the time where to correct the situation the only options was violence because what was being covered up was the same thing that killed off a long string of philosophers from Socrates, Cicero, Nietzsche and even in a more modern sense, Robert Pirsig.  My thoughts were that if people were going to be free to think in big ways, philosophically, then they should also learn to kick some serious ass, to preserve their minds long enough for the attackers to have their schemes beaten, and themselves destroyed for their ill intentions.  Like I say a lot, I’m not a kiss and tell type, but there were some A listers in Hollywood on the production side and actor side who were into The Symposium of Justice and there were lots of philosophic beliefs that are filled in its pages.  But for all the reasons that Cicero was murdered by the plots of Mark Antony and is crazy wife, I found myself operating something of a philosophic underground which within a few years, became the blog site, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  The rest is history.

Up until this year to keep the memory alive of the titled character in The Symposium of Justice I have been using the name Cliffhanger in my shooting sports, especially Cowboy Fast Draw.  When I interact with that group they never call you by name, but by your alias.   I’ve gotten used to it so much that now, especially with the events of 2020 and my growing pride in the work I did with The Symposium it has now become second nature to me and an official name I am using.  The problem at the time with The Symposium was that it was way too far out there for most people at the time. I mean the idea that a huge international organization called “The System” conspiring together to control the minds of people through radio towers that manipulated the pituitary gland of people to inspire them into consumer behavior in a maddening plot to take over the world seemed pretty far fetched even for lovers of science fiction and dystopia.  Then to have an action hero who is a part time grill cook at a local restaurant called Republics, but at night a menace to the villains violently and unstoppable stretched belief too far.  As a throwback to Zorro or Batman, Cliffhanger was something else, more of a character out of an Ayn Rand novel.  But instead of fleeing to the mountains to avoid a tyrannical government Cliffhanger was beating to a pulp the villains of The System with bullwhips to the point of audacious vigilante justice forcing anybody to contemplate the nature of law and order, which was the point of the book.   

Not to give away the ending, which I won’t for those who haven’t read it, but it was based on a real event and was my final statement on what justice meant to a society.  In it a hit man has figured out who Cliffhanger is and he’s about to kill his family in a restaurant for the spectacular fear it would generate in the community and thus, the fear that would follow making it easier for The System to control the thoughts and actions of the residents—long before there was a thought of Covid-19 or Covid-20.  Once the hitman realized what a good person Cliffhanger and his family were he realized what a loser he had been and figured that to redeem himself even a little during his life that he’d commit to that act immediately so instead of even trying to kill Cliffhanger, he would instead kill himself and do one good thing in the world as a last act, which after a lot of violence, is precisely what he did.  When you write something like these thoughts collected in The Symposium of Justice, but at the time George Bush was the president and nobody was really talking about the deeper conspiracies of government except for the real loons of extremism, it was a tough concept to grapple with, which is what happened in Hollywood.  Their comments to me was “couldn’t we have more action with the bullwhips and less philosophic talk?  If that was possible, we could make a deal.”  I of course said that wasn’t possible and would water down the point of the book.  They’d of course say that people would still read the book in bigger numbers so it would be good for marketing.  It happens all the time. I would say, but it would die a B movie death which is actually worse than not being made into a movie at all.  That kind of thing went on for two years then died on the vine when Obama was elected president.  Then I turned my eyes toward the Tea Party movement and away from the entertainment industry. 

Yet the book and all its conspiracy came true in 2020.  You could change the water towers into cell phones, and the United Nations into The System but the efforts were the same and I had spelled it all out in The Symposium of Justice so many years ago, and I was proud of it.  Because if I could nail down all that looking forward, then I could nail down the path out of the storm, and as a crisis in our lives, it showed me that I had the proper flashlight to get out of it and to show people how they can get there too.  So, it has been with great pride that out of the mess of 2020 and massive disappointments that I have had in our government, with the exception of Trump, I have been thinking of my talks with industry people about politics and entertainment and I am very happy with my work on The Symposium of Justice.  It wasn’t easy to write, it wasn’t easy to hear the criticisms, and I often felt like Cicero.  Only I never accepted that “democracy,” that foolish notion that the masses have more intelligence than an individual through collective salvation, and that the secret to beating them all I had touched that long ago filled me with a pride that felt more like a breakthrough.  And for that, I sign each of these articles appropriately, and with great enthusiasm.  I don’t fear at all death or insanity perhaps for the first time since a collection of cells made up a human body.  And within that admission, a real hope for the future is visible.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Cody Wilson is Back: The Feds raid Polymer 80 as they boot-lick Beijing Biden

For perspective, this article reflects that the only government I recognize is the one by Donald Trump as President and understands that the maligned elements that have committed crimes to overthrow his administration, which was the will of the people in two elections mandates re-gaining control of an otherwise out of control government.  Hostile forces have penetrated our political process and pushed us all into an uncomfortable reality, so the views in this topic understand the problem and how to fix it.  With that in mind, it is the Second Amendment which provides us the tools to Constitutional edit our government in the appropriate ways needed for stable management of our country’s affairs, so given what we know now about the events of 2020, politically and socially, it is quite clear that we should all be doing whatever we can do to correct this situation.  And with that in mind, buying a gun, making a gun, and learning to use a gun is a patriotic duty.  Everyone should be doing it with a mind of taking our country back from a lawless confederation of apathy, corruption, and foreign infiltration into our highest domestic offices, particularly at the Department of Justice and the FBI.  There is more than enough evidence of their corruption, so the burden falls on us to take their power away from them, and of course, they won’t give it back willingly, so it is there that we must contemplate the next steps. 

Obviously you can’t have a just society if criminal enterprises are running your government and that is certainly the case as the ATF looking to lick the boots of an anti-gun Beijing Biden administration raided a ghost gunner manufacturer recently by the name of Polymer 80.  As I explained in the video above, Polymer 80 is one of the good guys out there making essentially gun kits with AR 80% lowers that can be purchased and assembled at your home.  The legal argument is that the gun parts made do not make a gun a gun.  It is made into a gun by the action of the buyer.  But now that the government run by the same deep state that conducted a outright coup against President Trump during his entire first four years in office, putting their finger to the political winds are now looking to Beijing Biden to remove the Second Amendment from American society so that an all out switch from capitalism to communism can occur by our debt holders, the Chinese, and the many politicians hungry to make such a deal for a magnificent payday for them.  Selling out a country is big business for liars, cheaters and thieves, but first guns must be removed from a free people so that they can more easily be conquered.

The problem for the government is that no matter how many laws they make on gun shows, on FBI background checks, and mental sustainability of gun owners, that if private people can make their own guns in their garages and basements that cannot be serial number tracked, than any efforts that the government might undergo to control guns in America flies out the window, which is how it should be.  A government that will cheat in elections, that will attempt to overthrow elected officials, not just with Trump, but at several city council seats around the country and members of various state legislatures, when a government will interfere with the vote of a free people they show themselves incapable of approving or disproving whether or not individuals can own firearms or of what type.  The criminals don’t get to pick the modes of defense that an innocent victim utilizes to protect themselves from tyranny. From that perspective, Polymer 80 was doing a great service to the public which is why the ATF was inspired to raid their facility and take a shot across the bow of the “ghost gunner” movement. 

Likely the real target of the raid was Cody Wilson at Defense Distributed, to let him know that the federal government was going to come after him and try to bust him again for manufacturing what they call the Ghost Gunner 3, which is a milling machine that is small in size that can cut an AR 80% lower out of a block of material.  It can also cut the frame of a Glock and an AK47 once you download the blueprints online.  From there you buy all the individual parts from gun suppliers to make the rest of the gun which can all be purchased or made un-serialized and from there, a ghost gun is made for defense of our country.  The government has tried and failed in many court cases to take down Defense Distributed and to wipe out Cody Wilson himself as he is something of an anarchist international hero.  But the government has not been able to do so under any merits of a case.  Cody’s defense of his actions and of his company are that he’s only in the information business and that is protected under free speech.  Unable to get to Cody Wilson, the ATF wanted to pave the way for a Biden administration war against guns picked the easier target of Polymer 80 to begin their campaign.

Its good to see Cody Wilson back in action at Defense Distributed.  As many know who have followed me for a while, Cody was busted for sex with an underage girl back in 2018.  I give more details in the video, but the essence of it is that the federal government entrapped Wilson because they couldn’t beat him in court, so they watched him and watched him and watched him with lots of legal and illegal surveillance waiting for Cody to stumble a bit and from there a girl lied about her age, had sex with Wilson, and the feds arrested the Defense Distributed creator spectacularly and wanted to throw him in jail for a long time.  After a few years of hard legal work, Wilson made a plea deal to be registered as a sex offender, but gaining the ability to get back to Defense Distributed, which was a good idea and one that puts a lot of energy back into preserving the ghost gunner market.  The injustice is clear as we can see from political comparisons.  For instance, the Hunter Biden laptop is out there, people have seen the contents of sex with underage girls and that Beijing Biden knew about what his son was doing, yet Hunter isn’t being labeled as a sex offender.  But Cody Wilson is. 

Messing around with any young girls is dangerous, and Wilson knew the risks, Hunter Biden exploited his power and position to abuse girls, but the game is dangerous in any fashion and not worth the headache.  Cody Wilson thought the girl was 18 and I believe him.  He’s not the same as Hunter Biden.  Girls lie about their age all the time so that they can get access to older men who are hungry to have youth in their lives.  Hunter Biden knew his girls were too young, and we have evidence that such things are common among members in our government.  Yet they weaponized it in relation to Cody Wilson to pick and choose law enforcement depending on where people stood politically.  And since the government couldn’t beat Cody Wilson in court, they picked a law out of thin air and used that to bust the Ghost Gunner.  But that’s how these dirty dogs play, so its good to know.  And its also good to know that Cody Wilson is out of jail, out of trouble, and back as the leader of Defense Distributed.  People understand what happened, which is why they need to make ghost gunner guns, and not sit around waiting for that same corrupt government to tell them what they can have or can’t.  The criminals are not people like Cody Wilson, but it’s in the government that attacks innocent people for ultimate controls over social order, and that is the case we have before us.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Employee of China, Tom Cruise and His Rant: A suck-up to the communists, the A-List actor was just a tool

It’s a story that I consider to be a little one for the gossip columns, except that it involves selling Covid-19 in the way that China has been targeting us.  The reason I keep talking about entertainment culture, movies, television, music, publishing is because that is how China has been attacking, not with guns and military troops, but with culture.  Recently my wife made a comment about how there are no love stories in movies anymore, there are no love songs, that kind of thing.  It came up while we were watching the latest season of The Crown which was featuring Princess Diana and her teenage love of American music.  My wife noticed that these days Hollywood is more concerned about woke culture, movies that don’t put an emphasis on love life so not to inspire Americans to fall in love, get married and start families.  The strategy of confusing people and their sexual roles is on purpose so that people don’t start families, but they look to government to be their new family.  Its all quite an elaborate strategy which all media companies are in on, because they think that’s where the next generation of money is.  Disney certainly believes that, Bob Iger has positioned Disney with communist China because he thinks that’s where the future is.  And Tom Cruise does to, all of Hollywood knows it, or at least thinks it.  And that is the reason for the Tom Cruise rant last week which after all that time of analysis nobody seems to understand.

Many people, even conservative people came out applauding Tom Cruise while on the set of Mission Impossible 7 for dressing down his crew for not standing six feet apart, so to keep the production moving, so to avoid a shut down.  As I was listening to all these interviews and reading the trades on the story I received a letter from my congressman’s office about an out of control Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer who was mandating the quarantine of a person until further notice by reciting a few Ohio revised codes, which I will get into later with the specifics.  But it was just one example in my hometown of a massive abuse of the law by health directors in relation to Covid-19 which as I have been saying extensively is China’s way of selling communism to the American people through health departments in the states instead of trying to sell climate change to people through their politicians.  By disguising green agenda items as a health crisis, the attackers of liberty in America have simply tried a new approach in controlling people, and Jennifer Bailer in Butler County, Ohio was throwing her weight around, unconstitutionally and trying to intimidate private citizens with unchecked power.  And clearly what Tom Cruise was trying to do on his movie set was to appease the health directors that are watching his movie production closely that he is abiding by all the dumb rules they have imposed on them.  As Cruise said, he has health insurance companies on the phone with him each night, along with industry producers and financiers who are watching his production closely to see if Hollywood can make movies again.  So the A-list actor found himself in between a rock and a hard place, which many business people have found themselves in just to have the ability to work, and the trap worked.  As a spokesman for Hollywood, Cruise gave into the pressure and took it out on his crew, for which many quit due to the massive insults anyway.

The power has gone to the heads of people like my Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer, just as it has all across the country.  As health geeks of little importance in the past, China and the money and influence they have poured into the country, as Bill Gates has helped China do with his money and influence by the millions, have empowered these health directors into becoming tyrants and implementing their hopes and dreams of a “green new deal” of open communism just to earn the right to work.  And from that pressure, for people like Tom Cruise who wants very much to be a hero of Hollywood and get that industry back to work after the Covid-19 shutdowns in a state that has a government gone full dictator there shutting down everything unless you appease the health director gods, the actor wants to prove that a movie can be shot even with all the restrictions.  Add to that, that Cruise is dating his 38 year old co-star on that film and he probably wanted to get some sexual favors from her that night by showing off his power and concern for everyone’s safety, Cruise gave China everything it wanted in validating the severity of Covid-19 by one of America’s most trusted actors, a full meltdown on the set about the severity of the virus that of course went viral and within a few days was being talked about by everyone everywhere. 

And that is how they play this game, the enemies of America.  They trap stupid fools like Tom Cruise into fighting on behalf of the bad guys, the overreach of the health departments and government in general by accepting that they have the power to shut down their movie set over any little thing, even though the whole scheme is unconstitutional and would never hold up in court.  Just like Jennifer Bailer in Butler County, Ohio is out of her mind mandating the quarantine and loss of personal rights of a resident to comply with rules made up on the back of a napkin by the CDC following the World Health Organization who ultimately follow China who created the virus to begin with to undo capitalism in the world just as China kept their economy open and did not perform testing so they could show that they had the virus under control while tricking everyone else to increase their testing and shut themselves down like fools while China kept making money and demonstrating how great communism worked because they kept their planes flying, and their manufacturing rolling along as if nothing was happening in the world at all.  It was all a scam from the beginning and continues to be for those who can see the big picture.

Of course, the big liberal George Clooney from the Cincinnati area chimed in as if what he said mattered.  Its ironic that he and Cruise are both from Cincinnati and do have a connection to the mainstream of America.  Clooney thought it was great that Cruise cared about his crew enough to call them out, which of course was what these actors ultimately do, is sell propaganda to a public who just wants to watch movies for entertainment.  By going on a rant, Cruise sold to the world that we should all be terrified of Covid-19 and respect the health directors when they threaten to shut us all down.  But they are all phonies, Cruise, Hollywood, China, all of them.  Bill Gates especially along with his communist buddy Doctor Dumbass.  The truth is as it is in all our communities, including mine with the out of her mind Jennifer Bailer, or Amy Acton who is still on the secret Santa list of Governor Mike DeWine in Ohio, the health directors are just as worthless as they were before Covid-19 and just as powerless.  They can give recommendations and advise us of things to watch out for.  But they don’t have any Constitutional authority to shut people up in their homes indefinitely or to ruin our businesses.  Their mandates have no proof, and everything they have done to gain power has been illegal and has come straight from the Chinese who want to destroy us all.  And yes, even Tom Cruise has shown himself to be a stupid stooge of their ill intent and has been a disgrace to our nation.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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What’s The Difference Between Osama bin Laden and Bill Gates: Both seem to be sanctioned by the state against capitalism, yet one was hunted down and killed, the other is smiling on TV

Like most things these days, conspiracy theories are being found to not be conspiratorial.  Many of us, certainly I have been saying it, that communism is what our schools are teaching these days.  Nobody can dispute it, but they used to.  Well, Bill Gates has always had a lot of conspiracy theories swirling around him, largely by his own doing.  He has made some really stupid comments over the years, intentional or not about climate change and to what level human populations should be managed by a central government in order to save the planet from those pesky humans.  Well, because of his relationship with Covid-19 and the various government agencies behind it, such as Doctor Doom himself, Dr. Fauci, and his early statements toward President Trump being responsible for the massive deaths from the recent coronavirus if he didn’t shut down the government, Gates put himself at the center of the controversy on purpose.  Gates and his crazy wife have been heavily involved in the World Health Organization, shaping the CDC response to Covid, and has a more than cozy relationship with the leaders of communist China.  At first everyone wanted to trust the authorities when they said Covid-19 was deadly, so they gave people like Gates the benefit of doubt.  However, it was very suspicious when Gates withdrew from the Microsoft board of the company he created with Paul Allen on the same weekend that governors started shutting down the American economy with lockdown orders through health departments in various states.  It was Friday March 13th when it happened and by Sunday the 15th, Mike DeWine of Ohio had started a chain reaction which would turn the world upside down economically with what now looks like a communist plot to infiltrate every society on earth for the end goal of eliminating the carbon footprint of capitalism in order from their perspective to save the earth from humans by destroying their activities. 

On this site I have predicted and been confirmed on everything I have said about Covid-19, its intent, the flaws, and how the story is falling apart as there is no evidence anybody in government actually knows what they are doing.  Nobody can prove that masks work, they can’t even prove how many people have died of Covid-19.  Almost every statistic coming from Covid-19 is as flimsy as voter counts in Pennsylvania and Michigan during the 2020 election cycle, made-up stupidity by incompetent government officials who are saying what they are saying obviously hoping to get some of the easy money that Bill Gates has been spreading around like fish food in an aquarium.  It has been and continues to be that everything related to Covid-19 is terrorism, because it’s the fear of it that has been advanced by advocates of lockdowns and mask wearing without any real proof that anything anybody is saying is true.  It is the fear that it “might be true” that has been driving the narrative which in and of itself has been acts of terrorism, using fear to advance a political position.  In this case the hopes and dreams of the advocates of coronavirus, even to the nations involved like China, has been to save the planet from climate change.  Using Covid-19 lockdowns as a training for human effort to stop climate change is the terrorist effort at work. 

In the video above I used the fun little movie recently called Godzilla: King of the Monsters as the correct metaphor of that plot line where the crazy wife of the protagonist joins a group of international terrorists who are looking to unleash all the ancient monsters of the world to destroy humanity but thus saving the earth from those same humans from climate change.    When I first saw the movie I thought it was an interesting concept, almost as the political left were seeking to justify their own occasional insanity by humanizing their terrorists into appearing to be compassionate people with big hearts. I thought then that the main villains reminded me of Bill Gates and his lunatic wife Malinda, but that was before Covid-19 was ever unleashed as a weapon of the left meant to attack prosperity and capitalism bringing down competing cultures to China.  But after watching lots of Bill Gates interviews and those of his wife over this past year where ABC and CBS and all the other mainstreamers who proclaimed Joe Biden won the presidency and there was absolutely no cheating involved, “even though the evidence of voter fraud is stacked now with mountains of proof that nobody wants to look at” the obvious terrorism of Bill Gates is out in the open leaving to question, why aren’t we hunting him down with the same vigor we did Osama bin Laden?

Hey, we embarked on a 20 year war in Afghanistan, we destroyed Iraq over Osama bin Laden over the 9/11 attack back in 2001 on the World Trade Center which ended up killing nearly 3000 people and destroyed two big symbols of capitalism in the world in New York.  The bin Laden strategy obviously was to kill people to get the attention of his targets, capitalism in the world, but to disrupt commerce and trade hitting markets financially to advocate for his desire to destroy the culture of the west.  Bill Gates obviously wants to do something very similar, he is attacking the culture of the west by partnering with the World Health Organization, which is a front for Chinese communism and the spread of it to all economies, in slowing the human imprint on earth in preservation of climate change initiatives that are very much part of the overall United Nations strategy.  Knowing Americans won’t listen to some foreign government like the UN when it comes to climate change, they instead came up with this Covid-19 scam to sell the need to reduce human activity, by forcing them to stay home, not to drive, not to meet in public, and to break their ties with church and family to replace those connections with a big brother government that is contact tracing everyone into a Brave New World.  What Gates has done isn’t any different than what Osama bin Laden did, both have been using terror to change human behavior, and it looks like both were willing to destroy lives and property to perform their task. Denying hydroxychloroquine to people that might save them from death is after all, murder—isn’t it?

So why hasn’t Bill Gates been arrested?  Why isn’t the FBI raiding the Gates home and hauling him and his wife off as terrors of the state?  Is it because they have too much money to be treated in such a way?  Everyone wants a piece of it who works in our government?  What is the difference between Osama bin Laden and Bill Gates as terrorists?  Is it that one is sanctioned by the state for their own goals of a partnership with China and a more powerful central government?  Bill Gates has been smiling through all these interviews when some of these hard questions are coming up, yet he does not feel he has done anything wrong or that any justice will find him.  He is almost poking us all in the eye with his terrorism.  So why?  He’s obviously no friend of America, you won’t find him quoting Thomas Jefferson any time soon or those of Ben Franklin or Adams.  He is looking to put down America and mold it into the governing body of the United Nations.  And if terrorism is the tool, then that’s fine with him, as it is obvious that most of our government agrees with him.  So why did we spend so much money fighting Osama bin Laden if the same rules aren’t applied to Bill Gates?  Well, we all know the answer, but isn’t it a shame to know such things?

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Ayn Rand Dream of West Chester, Ohio: Small government leads to prosperity most every time

Its not all that surprising, I remember well when people squawked an awkward eye at me and would say, “you are so intelligent, and well spoken, and hardworking, but you f**k it all up when you start talking about these damn conspiracy theories and call teachers’ communists.  You lose everyone when you say things like that.”  Well, my reply has always been, “it’s the truth, and the conspiracies are hidden behind the reluctance to name the beasts what they really are.  It would be dishonest to not name them properly.”  Ironically now, after several decades and due to the Trump election of 2020, the masks are off, and nobody is hiding it any longer.   For instance, the Lakota school system in my home town has created a whole lot of energy satisfying the needs of Black Lives Matters including a new diversity position meant to inform the school board of any acts of resistance to wokeness, without qualifying that BLM fully intendeds to bring down the values of western civilization starting with the family—to essentially replace the school as a parent in kids lives and push out the biological parents so that we can all raise each other in one big Marxist village, like it is done in Africa.  So rather than assimilation into the American values of our intent to create schools with instructing young students the five basic elements government schools were to teach, 1 the existence of a creator who made all things, 2 the revelation of a moral code of behavior with the assumption of the Creator’s intent, 3 the responsibility of mankind for the way the treat each other, 4 the goals of mankind to live beyond their years on earth and to embrace their immortal character, and 5 in the next life mankind are judged for their likely conduct.  Those were the goals of Ben Franklin as the new nation contemplated the intent of public schools, yet we know and are sure of it from their own teacher union mouths that organizations such as BLM working with the school board in my community intends to replace God and the individual family that produced the child with central government and a blind obedience to them for the rest of their life in dependence. 

But where it counted most, the little town of West Chester, Ohio, literally invented as I grew up from a race car driving teenager racing cars in dramatic ways in the very fields that now host a vast economy of West Chester before there was a single building to get in the way of speeds in excess of 100 mph, a paradise similar to Ayn Rand’s most fantastic concepts in her famous novels rose up along I-75 to give an opportunity to people that no government on earth could create.  And it all started with a small government that was purposely kept small from the beginning of the making of West Chester, where temptations to become a city were fought off, along with the creation of a Democrat oriented city council.  In West Chester, as investors discovered the small government and taxation policies of the new community, within 30 years the area exploded into a surrounding community of 400,000 people with around 100,000 living in the direct region with a per capita income among the highest in the nation, and becoming one of the top 100 places to live in America. 

With the same foundation rules applied that informed us that our public-school systems were following paths of communism based on hard core Marxism, introduced to our tax paying base through the local teacher unions, West Chester led by a few very good politicians were able to keep those Marxist ideas out of the development of the community starting with the first farm field that was converted to a 5 or 6 story building committed to business and commerce.  One politician who I consider a very good friend was George Lang who every year for Christmas passed out copies of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s great classic novel to people lucky enough to be on his vast Christmas list.  And he lived the book in his business dealing and shaping of the political structure, which West Chester to this very day show distinctly. While most communities in 2020 all across the United States are struggling and working with declining conditions, starting with their school systems followed by their local economy, West Chester operates with little debt and still manages to attract large business investments creating something of a paradise that wouldn’t be found many other places on earth with such large populations, but a quality of living that would only be imagined in other years in history. 

With all the bad we have learned about by government after the Trump election of 2020 and the potential of foreign infiltration we have learned about by communist China in the wake of those election results, I find it amazing that West Chester ever came to be at all, knowing some of the behind the scenes problems that communities up and down the highways of Ohio are experiencing, and especially in Northern Kentucky around the international airport there. Life is hard in those communities where they squawked at the potential infiltration of communism into their city councils and school boards without question—but now see that its too late to stop.  In West Chester because government was kept purposely small and the philosophy of Ayn Rand was embraced by those running things, the results are obvious.  Just as the four years of President Trump embracing the same type of ideas has blown the doors off conventional big government approaches that have strangled people for years.  Now that those masks of communism have come off in defiance of President Trump, it becomes clear quickly what has been going on all along. 

I’m not here to rub everyone’s nose in it, I’ve been talking about these things for a long time.  But West Chester which I have often talked about because I grew up with it and watched all the right things happen inspired by people I actually knew who were in charge of it, and running against the tides taught to us in school which valued Marxism much more than capitalism going against Ben Franklin’s original ideas for creating a public school in the first place, the quality of life that were created for people who follow raw aspects of capitalism and reject the tenants of communism and Marxism are obvious.  Given the challenges of 2020 that were artificially caused by big government, such as the ridiculous Covid-19 mandates that were actually communism in disguise given to us directly by China’s desire to destroy our American culture which hungry politicians looking for campaign donations were eager to embrace, the small government of West Chester has been able to thrive as much as possible in the wake of disaster, more so than most other places.  Even better, the Butler County Sheriff has resisted the insanity of an out of control central government and acted on behalf of the people to close the door on power hungry governors and power drunk health directors by putting himself between them and the people who elected him.  Which is also a big part of the story.  A story I have always valued, but one where I am these days, deeply appreciative of.  West Chester is a fine example of what works to point to and show the world what they should be doing, and why.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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