George Lang Wins: The DeWine name becomes a liablity in Republican election races

The good news is that George Lang won this round of primary votes for the upcoming fall election that will take place for the 4th Senate Seat in Ohio against the Democrat Kathy Wyenandt, the Lakota school levy activist. There were lots of election activity and some interesting things to observe during the delayed primary election of 2020 from the Mike DeWine mistake of cancelling the live election. Many of the school levies that did pass likely only passed because of the low voter turnout with the ridiculous mail in ballot system. We could talk about all the individual races across the state and issues, but the bottom line is that the mail-in voting was a disaster that certainly had an impact on the primary heading into the next phase. That makes George Lang’s victory that much stronger given the circumstances as he had a 3-way race. The biggest surprise of the evening, which I suppose wasn’t so surprising given the nature of Mike DeWine’s failure as a Republican is that his daughter lost the prosecutor job she was seeking even with huge donations coming her way to help. It looks like the DeWine family has lost their political clout due to daddy’s handling of the Covid-19 virus. Sure, the media likes him, he’s been on CNN and MSNBC regularly and among Democraps, a high approval rating. But among Republicans, Mike DeWine and his family’s political legacy is in jeopardy, which provides the clearest path forward for the temperament of Ohio these days.

What is telling, and I don’t think I’m giving away any strategic secrets here, as the turnout was low due to the mail-in ballots. But the most motivated voters did give us a temperature of the water on election night of 4.28.20, the re-run of the March 17th primary that Governor DeWine interfered with much to his daughter’s detriment. Kathy Wyenandt running unopposed as a Democrat for the 4th Senate Seat had 12,328 votes whereas George Lang under the Republican ticket had 12,339, just a few votes ahead of his upcoming opponent. He would have won by a few votes in his own challenging race. However, Republicans did vote for other people, 8,107 voted for the very controversial Candice Keller which is a lot considering how much trouble she was and without a party endorsement at the state and local level. And even Ding Dong Lee Wong managed to get 4,471 votes. That’s a potential number of additional votes that could vote Republican of 12,578 in the upcoming November election with low turnout, but impassioned participants. Even looking at the radical Candice Keller who had made what the press these days calls “homophobic” it is a large number of conservatives who could have cared less about party affiliation and political correctness to go to the trouble to vote for her. Its something to take note of.

The trend however to watch is how $321,000 in dark money could not get DeWine’s daughter elected to prosecutor in the little county of Greene in Ohio where their family home of Yellow Springs is the place where they should do best in any election.. I often think of Yellow Springs as hippieville relative to the kind of politics that is normal in Ohio so it is quite astonishing that Alice didn’t beat her rival David Hayes who won by a fairly substantial margin. For instance, the other race I was following closely was the one between my friend Mark Welch and Jennifer Gross. Mark had 4,918 for the 52nd House Seat he was running for where Jennifer Gross came up with just a bit more, at 5,281. For Mark, it’s hard to get your voice out of West Chester where he is known, but Jennifer had the same basic handicap. So, a logical mind would figure that voters gave the woman a chance in that situation. Here’s the breakdown of the various communities throughout the 52nd district with 1000 provisional ballets still left to count, which easily could close up the current margin.

WC –
Welch 2,574
Jennifer 2,449

Liberty –
Jennifer 1,699
Welch 1,439

Jennifer 1,040
Welch 848

Howeeverr in Greene County Alice only managed 8,122 to what Hayes had in 11,605. What that means is that over $300K in spending, having the DeWine name, and being a woman couldn’t close the gap and win the seat, which says a lot about just how much damage the DeWine name has these days. If Mike DeWine was half as popular as the national media wants us to believe, because of his actions in turning Ohio into essentially a socialist state, his little girl would have won that race. But she didn’t come close.

It brings to question in a normal election where people could walk up and vote as they should have, how much does the DeWine name hurt or help a candidate? By the evidence of this election where only the most motivated voters participated through a pain in the ass ballot mail-in system, walk-ons would likely be harsher. George Lang, I know didn’t want a Mike DeWine endorsement. It was offered and George respectfully declined. He gets it, his instincts on these kinds of matters are quite immaculate, and that was before DeWine screwed up so badly on the Covid-19 response. This is also a lesson the Trump administration has had to learn over Covid-19. While it might win a few hearts from the other side to play along with the coronavirus pandemic, the gains are short lived, and eventually the base is where the votes are. Republicans are independent self-reliant people while Democrats are part of a victim class. Trump was going to be blamed for any Covid death by the media so he sought to cut his public relations losses by playing along. Little did he know that the doctors in his administration wanted complete economic collapse as war gamed at the World Health Organization and their Marxist management. And DeWine followed Trump over the cliff, but by only going further. Trump gave a little, DeWine expanded a lot becoming one of the first of the draconian governors in the United States as the political left threw praise his way to encourage the behavior. And in the process, it would seem that DeWine has destroyed his political clout irreparably. I think Trump can get it back, but DeWine went too far, and people will never forgive him.

One thing that is quite clear, this upcoming election in the fall of 2020 will be one for our lives, we’ll never forget it. Not only will the local races be critical, but on the national level, it’s a do or die situation for both sides. Unlike the campaign slogan from George Lang’s rival, Kathy Wyenandt—its not “people over politics,” its literally one side or the other and the winner takes all. There won’t be any shared opinions after 2020, the political left went too far with Covid-19 and the politics are already obvious in small elections like this recent primary. Alice DeWine is obviously paying for the sins of her father, and that trend will stick to the DeWine name forever. Which means, just about anything is up in the air come November. But what people don’t want to hear more about is face masks, PPE, hospital capacity, and more “social distancing.” The liberal policies of the medical industry have worn everyone out to a lifetime of socialism, and they are done with it. And those cracks are now obvious in the primary election of 2020.

Rich Hoffman

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Comes to Pennsylvania with the Coronavirus: Health director Rachel Levine is a transvestite

What the hell is going on in Pennsylvania, no wonder people are so upset there and are protesting Governor Tom Wolf and that thing, Dr. Rachel Levine. Homophobic? We’re not supposed to look at the health director of Pennsylvania and not see the obvious problem, some modern progressive sentiment that belongs in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, instead of a serious discussion about medicine. It was Governor Wolf who appointed that very ugly man, who has decided that he wants to be an even uglier woman. And now that confused man is in charge of the health policy of a state that is destroying the lives of its residents, and everyone is supposed to not criticize because some political movement has decided that its unfashionable. Hey, a guy who doesn’t even know what he is shouldn’t be making policy for anybody. We might feel sorry for him. We may advise him to get some psychological help. We might do a lot of things out of compassion for such a lost soul, but putting such a mess of a person on the microphone everyday to talk about fighting a major pandemic is beyond tolerance, and I’d be mad too if I lived in Pennsylvania.

I thought Amy Acton in Ohio was bad as a health director. I was skeptical when the liberal leaning Mike DeWine appointed her recently out of Ohio State as something of a greenie weenie activist. At least Acton is a woman who knows she’s a woman. She’s not a bad person. She reads. She has redeeming qualities as a human being so long as she’s not in charge of our lives, which through this Covid-19 pandemic she has now been appointed. So a natural resentment over anybody who makes decisions that affects us all is expected. The problem is that all these state governors have staffed these health director positions with very progressive minded activists, thinking that it was a nothing job that wouldn’t spend much time in the public eye, so most people don’t pay much attention to those appointments.

But through the government lockdowns following the rest of the world over the cliff in turning off our economies in fear of a silly virus, these left leaning activists have been center stage every day showing their vast incompetence as the governors have been exploited by their picks. Amy Acton seems like a smart lady, well natured, but has been in reality a gullible, global idiot. She set policy in Ohio that copied the New York and Italy models and applied them to a state that had little in common with those high death counts and economic decisions were made that were devastating. In Pennsylvania the situation is all that but worse, the poison pill has been given to the public who is a transsexual he/she that looks like it should be a character in a horror movie instead of a serious health professional, and it is insulting.

I have said from the start of the Covid-19 viral scare that the entire situation was political and that was never more obvious than in seeing what kind of people the governors have put in place as their health directors. Out of all the people Tom Wolf could have picked in Pennsylvania, he picked a transvestite to run his health department. Why? How is anybody supposed to trust the opinions of someone who can’t even look at themselves in the mirror and know what sex they are? Then to listen to the media refer to “it” as a “she” is even more insulting. When such a creature utters that everyone is in danger and needs to social distance, and to stay locked in their homes afraid of a stupid virus when there is plenty of science out there that could fight the virus, then everyone is supposed to be happy to listen and obey orders from such a person? I don’t think so. And we’re not supposed to be critical of the creature Levine because we don’t want to be called names by the same idiots who have attacked every means of fighting the virus instead of letting the virus take over our nation at every step? I can’t imagine how the logical people of that state feel about having to look at that thing, “Levine” every day to find out what new state order is going to come there way and ruin their lives even more as they watch their jobs evaporate and the incomes die. To make it all worse, the governor delivers the news with a transvestite. It’s a nightmare of a scenario that has become a reality.

No matter what the politics are, people confused about their sexuality need help, we shouldn’t be taking advice from them. Talk about science deniers, which those of us have been called who doubt that social distancing and lockdowns are the way to deal with Covid-19. What’s more than a science denier than to look at a physical body and deny that it’s a man when it clearly by all scientific measures, is. Instead, Rachel Levine says to us about itself, “I don’t like the body that God gave me, so I’m going to call myself a woman.” Well, the same could be said about the Covid virus, “I don’t like that people drive too many cars, or that they spend too much money, or are too dependent on oil. So I’m going to call the Covid-19 virus more dangerous than it is to invoke social changes to my community and since I’m the health director, you have to listen to me, or you could be jailed.” How’s that for a science denier activist put in charge of a state’s approach to health and now the economy? It’s insane!

It just goes to show what particularly the liberal minded governors are up to, and their followers. They are up to activism, in cramming down our throats now that they have power their view of the world. When we elected Trump because we were sick of being on the receiving end of that behavior for years, radicals like the Governor of Virginia, of Michigan and this Tom Wolf guy have decided to push our faces deeper into their radical politics with appointments of obvious activists like Rachel Levine. Without a care of how it looked and daring anybody to criticize him or else be called homophobic, fired from their jobs, and castigated from society for noticing the obvious they are daring us with great audacity to even think about questioning their moves. The lack of respect for a normal American society has been audacious at best, even dangerous. Because anybody who would put “that,” Rachel Levine in front of television cameras every day to tell the people of Pennsylvania whether or not they could work or be forced onto unemployment is pushing Americans too far, well beyond what is acceptable for even the advancement of a progressive society—progression meaning, beyond a Christian nation founded under God. Rather the new god is something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tom Wolf probably thought it was funny at the time of the appointment. But now that nightmare is on his watch, and he must deal with it. Its been embarrassing, and it won’t get better for him. That is a genie that won’t fit back in the bottle, because the bottle was meant for a woman in this case, and Rachel Lavine is a man.

Hey, its not our business what someone chooses to do with themselves, until they are in charge of what we do in life.  Then the rules shift to the choices people make to qualify for telling us what to do in the first place.  And there is a lot to question about the Pennsylvania health director.

Rich Hoffman

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The Dummy DeWine: Masks were the last straw

I can’t remember when I have been angrier than when I heard on Monday that the very dumb Governor DeWine mandated through his little girlfriend, Amy Acton made wearing masks mandatory before going back to work or to participate in the economy as a consumer. It took me two full days to get over it, somewhat. What comes after a “directive” like this, in the future if things don’t make people feel safe are we going to have to change the color of our hair to make it less scary, are we going to do anything if it makes the world feel safe? Are we going to yield individuality to collective submission, because that’s what this whole mask thing is? No, I am not in this with everyone else. The f**king governor of Ohio does not “compel” me to live for other people, especially when the whole Covid-19 virus has proven to be a complete hoax. We are not to be directed and compelled into giving failed politicians a cover story for their mistakes, which at this point is what Governor Mike DeWine is doing with this continued sorry story of him getting suckered by Amy Acton and the American CDC into overdoing this whole virus outbreak that wrecked our economy and so many lives within it. For the last 24 hours I have seriously considered leading a mob of freedom fighters up to Columbus to rip that little bastard out of his seat and to fight it out with whatever forces came to defend him—because he has overstepped the Constitution of both Ohio and the United States and he doesn’t care. He figures he has family on the supreme court, he’s been around in politics a while and can protect himself legally, so he thinks he can hide behind little words on a printed page. A good ass kicking would bring more justice than an out of control governor who has abused his power under emergency powers with no time limit set to when he might give those powers back—if ever. That is the worst part of it, he is clearly drunk on power and now he’s using power to protect him from the fallout of his many failures.

Then I thought, you know what, I’m going to go ahead and wear a mask in public, not the way they want. Its not going to be one of those stupid surgical masks where you have to smell your own breath all day and get hot and uncomfortable because daddy government said so. I’ll do it my way, like I always do, and they can deal with the results of that. If they are going to make masks fashionable, then why not go with it. After all, this isn’t the only time I’ve thought about a mask, and the way I like to dress, I would have been arrested for dressing that way prior to Covid-19. And here the governor himself is giving me permission to dress with a cool mask in public which will then allow me to cheat all the face recognition technology that is tracking me everywhere I go. The more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded, so I’m going to have a little fun with it, because the idea is so preposterously stupid, you can either get into a lot of trouble by taking anger to DeWine’s doorstep, or you can make a positive out of it. So that’s what I’m going to do, and I’m now looking forward to it.

I’ve explained how the Covid virus was promoted to our culture and why many times over at this point, and I think DeWine knows he got suckered. But he has been an attorney and he knows even when the client is guilty, and you know it, you still have to defend them. Its your obligation as an attorney. So you defend the indefensible and you sow doubt hoping to convert some of the members of the jury enough to hang it. That’s what DeWine is doing now with the reopening of the Ohio economy. He’s showing he has power and control by overemphasizing the danger, because if we accept that there never was any real danger than he suddenly is very complicit in the destruction of millions of lives and billions of dollars lost to sheer stupidity.

Making people wear masks in public before going back to work is his way of controlling the narrative, the Covid virus is still out there, we must be careful. Its like people being afraid of going into the ocean after the movie Jaws came out. The fear was fiction, but so long as people believed it was real, they could be controlled through that fear. Covid-19 was a political attack by Agenda 21 advocates and dumb DeWine bought the whole story completely and suckered all of us into detrimental conditions because of his sheer stupidity. Now he sees it, and like any lawyer, he has to defend his client and position even when the evidence is overwhelming against him.

I could tell hundreds of very bad stories of my experiences over the last several weeks and I survived it all without a God Damn Mask! This trend to make us responsible for other people’s perceptions of safety is a dangerous one, and its un-American. It was born out of communist advocates and DeWine has bought into that as well. He should know better and should have been a better leader to protect us from those types of dangers. But he failed by buying into the communist propaganda—“we’re all in this together.” That our lives belong to other people and that if we go into public without a mask, then we are endangering others in the process. It is for that reason alone that none of us should ever wear a mask. We should not empower the anti-American forces behind Covid-19 by forcing entire populations to dress a certain way, behave a certain way all under the directive of an executive order. The level of abuse of power is unfathomable. And how long will we have to wear these masks in public, and why do we have to have a “new normal,” where we run and hide from tiny viruses? Governor DeWine can’t tell you, but he sure does know that flattening the curve will save lives, even as we know that the guidelines for the CDC has allowed for every ailment known to the medical profession to be blamed on Covid deaths. It was a scam how the models were projected, it was a scam how they counted deaths, and wearing masks and social distancing have proven to be worse, not better for fighting the virus. And DeWine is dragging us into his own bad decisions where he got suckered and expects us to help sell his failure back to ourselves.

The danger of this action and why we should all be angry is that the case law that will come out of this terrible judgment is that in the future if people are afraid of alpha males, then we may be required to wear weak little shoes and project ourselves as beta types. Or maybe people are scared of loud noises, are we going to turn our entire society into A Quiet Place? Once you go down this path with masks, you open the door for all kinds of lunacy. And I’m sure DeWine believes he’s saving lives, but stupid people think all kinds of things. That doesn’t mean they get to have unlimited power. The directive to wear masks to go back to work was a step too far in a series of steps that were all too far, each one of them. It’s one thing to watch politicians make terrible mistakes, and everyone who bought into the danger of the Covid-19 virus have, its quite another to be chained to them as prisoners, and to be chained to every other person in the world who is terrified of their own shadow. And for me, that’s not a tolerable condition, and one that demands further action. And if I must wear a mask, I’ll wear the kind I want and with the kind of flare a person like me requires.

Rich Hoffman

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The Event 201: They had it planned all along, and we have a right/obligation to fight them

It should make you very angry that The Event 201 that was held on Friday October 18, 2019 in the Pierre Hotel in New York, which is discussed in detail below in a Glenn Beck video on the topic, because it ended up being the playbook for how the Covid-19 pandemic was played out and utilized to advance Agenda 21 priorities for the United Nations across the world. This little “war game” has had a negative impact on all our lives. Originally, when the Covid-19 virus broke out of China and the media so quickly jumped on it to advance their strategy, I surmised that the whole response to the virus had been hatched at the Devos Economic Summit in January of 2020 by the rich and famous for the same goals as The Event 201 crowd. Likely however it was a natural evolution of thought, some attending that conference in New York didn’t want to wait for things to play out over the coming decade and wanted to apply the strategy to Trump’s election year politics so they might unseat him, or control him in the critical months leading up to the election, so they picked the Covid-19 virus to apply to the scenario spelled out at The Event 201 and went all in, and much to their surprise, it worked far better than any of them could anticipate. Its certainly not a coincidence that what we have seen play out over Covid-19 is almost a page for page duplication of the war game scenario from The Event 201. Watch Beck’s coverage on this for more information.

The big variable that nobody really war gamed correctly though is the American reaction to it. Sure, people obligingly obeyed the stay at home orders and destroyed their economy to save lives because Americans are good people who trusted what the authorities were telling them. Trump himself got suckered into the whole thing because many of the players at The Event 201 were telling him that millions of people were going to die, so he had to do something. Thankfully in hindsight, we can say that everything was overplayed, but in real time, there was no way to know. Well, actually, I knew from moment #1. I never thought Covid-19 was legitimate and was anything but an attack on American sovereignty. I have the benefit of living in the Overman cave where my perspective of the world is all knowing and certainly above the fray. So, I can afford to have such dangerous thoughts, and as it turned out, I was more right than I wanted to be.

To make matters worse, we know now that the whole response to the Covid-19 virus was a complete hoax meant to fulfill the simulation conducted at The Event 201, and we know that because any solutions beyond social distancing, stay at home orders and a destruction of the global economy to “save lives,” was pursued even knowing that there were solutions that were off script that presented options, like the use of hydroxycholoroquine, and Far UVC light to quickly disinfect any virus pandemic and its spread. Those solutions that President Trump brought up were vastly ignored, or ridiculed because they did not drive society toward the kind of objectives that were desired by The Event 201 exercise, which was the fulfilment of the Agenda 21 objectives and driving the entire world toward a one world government management of such events in the future. But as we have said, there was something they didn’t count on and as academics, they always tend to make the same mistakes.

Its not that I advocate violence, I’m a law and order kind of guy, and as everyone who reads what I say often know, I see gun ownership as the ultimate protection from outside forces from destroying the American Constitution. And if there is one thing that was very obvious as a result of the Covid-19 government reaction to the viral outbreak, its that changing our laws in America was very much part of the plan—laws that were created through stress and emergency powers to act as a change state for future legislature. The minds at The Event 201 and the World Economic Summit—along with most United Nations meetings and conferences with the World Health Organization which are clearly attracted to social Marxism want to destroy the American Constitution by using our own legal system to do it, our police, our governors, our own political system so that means we must stand up for ourselves and that has been the variable that they did not account for. I was a little surprised that it took so long, but most people are willing to give “authorities” the benefit of the doubt, myself included. I feel fortunate to live in a part of the world where we have a fantastic Sheriff who “gets it,” and never turned into an authoritarian hack, even though Governor DeWine gave him a license to do so. But many police departments and liberal mayors and governors across the nation went too far and showed us all precisely why we must have a very strong Second Amendment well into the future. Domestic enemies and foreign terrorists against our way of life of capitalism are hard at work to destroy us. So, we must defend ourselves. And the protests that are erupting all over the United States are actually critical to that process.

We must fight, hopefully not violently, but we have to stick up for ourselves and remind our politicians that they work for us. It is the American people who decide how many cops we have, how many military troops, how many politicians and what they should be paid. We are not powerless in the process; we are the process. So in times like these we must use the First Amendment—which I use often. And we must be ready to use the Second Amendment if our authority figures abuse their power that we gave them and turn that power on us. It may come to blows, and we must be ready. I am hopeful that Trump can get his arms around all this. After all, in an election year he has all the ammunition he needs to sink the Deep State, so maybe we won’t have to use our own force to retake our country from the villainous creatures that are behind the Covid-19 scam. We have proof the FBI set up General Flynn, that they were actively trying to have a coup of our president, that John McCain was behind it all along—we know that Biden is sinking in corruption and sex scandals—there is plenty for Trump to pounce off of. But we still must remain vigilant and let Trump know what its going to take to keep our support. We don’t want to get along with our enemies. We want to destroy them and get them away from our Constitution. We are not obligated to play nice with people who torpedoed our lives and ruined our jobs. We have every right to retaliate, and that’s what we need to do with these continued protests. Its that or physical violence, and I think the politicians involved would prefer the signs and crowds. To Hell with the social distancing. If they really wanted to solve the virus problem, they’d be using UVC light to combat the spread of the virus. All they want with social distancing is to keep people from exercising their right to assemble. And that’s the straw that has broken the back of The Event 201 strategy. As Americans, we must let the world know that the buck does stop with us, and that they don’t rule over us, and they never, ever will.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Aren’t We Using Far UVC Light to Kill Covid-19: Its all about the Rod of Aesculapius

Ahhhhhhh, I would have thought that before we moved to the lockdown measures and wrecked our economy with trillions of dollars of cost that the all knowing doctors on President Trump’s staff would have advised that we should be using this technology of Far UVC to kill the coronavirus in its tracks as far back as January. I mean, I know hindsight is 20/20 but this technology is not new. Hospitals use it all the time to disinfect their facilities, and it has been gaining momentum with mass transit companies to more thoroughly and more rapidly to clean seats and vehicles before turning them back over for another round of passengers. I would have thought that using Far UVC light to kill the Covid-19 virus while the thing was still being leaked out of China to pillage the world would have been the very first measure to take to combat it. So let’s put it this way, I was more than a little pissed off when President Trump brought the issue up during the Thursday press conference and Dr. Scarf Lady acted surprised, as if it were the first time anybody had discussed it. That’s when it was obvious to me that Trump knew of the technology and was continuing to look for solutions and he brought it up when he did to put the doctors on his staff on the mic in front of everyone, because if he didn’t do it that way, his ideas would have simply been discarded as the press had with hydroxycholoriquine. Trump as the CEO was doing what he was supposed to do, bring up ideas, but in so doing, he revealed the deeper layer to what has been going on which should severely make you and everyone else extremely angry. Here’s why, and please do refer to the videos on this article for a deeper understanding.

The solution to any pandemic obviously by the science of our times is coming not out of medicine, but from physics, which is where the research and development emerged to use a third kind of UV light to kill viruses in a mass disinfection type of way without destroying the body tissue of people in general due to exposure. More aggressive UV light, such as those that come from the sun of course can cause cancer and cataracts if people are exposed to them for too long. The Far UVC light is a weaker version of the light that typically does not penetrate the earth’s atmosphere so viruses in our biological cultures have not developed a defense to it, and are easily killed when exposed. I didn’t think much of the rivalry between physics and the medical industry in regard to using UVC light to fight Covid-19 until the extreme backlash against President Trump was unleashed at that press conference because if the plan had been truly to fight the virus, the media, the doctors and the politicians would have been happy to have another option. But as I have been saying, and the proof was in the medical community’s reaction to the science, that the virus was always meant to be used as a vehicle for a “big pharma” solution such as Bill Gates’ vaccine and the Google tracking system meant to get chemicals in all of us so that the entire human population could be regulated and monitored in the way that doctors have wanted for years. This crises was made up, because the real solutions were coming from other sciences, but as solutions to the pandemic were suggested, the old Rod of Aesculapius refused to listen.

I have never trusted doctors, when I see the Rod of Aesculapius I think of stupidity and corruption. The symbol of the medical industry is based on the Greek mythology from around 300 BC of a cult that formed at that time to create healing temples where it was believed that the God and son of Apollo himself, Aesculapius was the father of modern medicine. Well, Aesculapius had a thing for snakes and was very skilled in the use of drugs and surgery and had developed a reputation for raising the dead. Zeus was so concerned that Aesculapius might make mankind immortal that he killed the father of medicine with a lightening bolt. When people discovered the body in the temple they also found dead serpents inside. When those creatures were picked up to be examined, they slithered away when dropped and so it was thought through the cult that followed that there were healing powers involved and that’s how the snakes ended up being the symbol of medicine. But over time, its not Aesculapius that was the aim of the industry, it was that of Zeus, to keep immortality from emerging from the cult of medicine, but to slowly kill mankind and send them back to the house of Zeus, never to emerge independent of the very jealous Greek god. Even to this day as we think of doctors as some of our highest orders of intelligence, because of the massive amount of schooling that is involved, their goal is not to make us better, but to keep us under control to the forces of nature as the “gods” designed them many centuries ago. So I don’t trust doctors, I never have, because their very foundations are corrupt and wrong.

When critics of President Trump say he should trust what scientists tell him, well, this whole Rod of Aesculapius story is precisely why nobody should trust them. Doctors should always be questioned because they look first toward pharmaceutical options as opposed to true science that overcomes even death to solve problems for mankind. Our medical industry isn’t really looking for solutions, but to stay within the parameters of Zeus, so that we too won’t be struck down early in life for clamoring too close to immortality. But if you speak to someone from the other sciences, such as physicists, they will talk about immortality and evolving sciences with an emphasis on growth for the human species. All the sciences do not have the same goal. As I’ve said many times the medical industry wants to carry a life from birth to death in a predictable way that falls under the care specifically of the Rod of Aesculapius, but not from Aesculapius himself, but from his murderer, Zeus. That is why Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have been avoiding any talk about using Far UVC light to solve the Covid-19 problem. It should have been the first thing we did instead of all this social distancing nonsense and stay at home orders to stop the spread of the virus. It was always from the beginning about controlling people, not helping them. Trump has obviously figured it out, but he’s now on the hook for trillions of dollars and millions of wrecked lives because he listened to the medical professionals. He wants out of the problem, where the doctors want the problem to persist because it gives them power over life, much the way the serpents slither around the symbol of their industry. Dr. Brix’s reaction to a solution from physics was obvious, she was not comfortable with it at all, and that said everything. If she’s so smart about medicine, how could she not have heard about Far UVC light?

In truth, we should have Far UVC lights everywhere that there are mass gatherings of people, such as in our businesses, amusement parks, sporting events, everywhere. Getting more Far UVC lights into our public places should be part of reopening our states so that we never have to go through this mess again. But the panic over Covid-19 was never a problem the doctors wanted to control. They instead wanted to use it to change behavior around the world and they abused the trust that people have in their industry on purpose. They didn’t want to kill the Covid-19 virus and save people from death. They simply want testing to jack up the cases so more people would be afraid of a death that might come, and push people into their homes and off the streets for far left political strategies such as collapsing the price of oil, saving the earth from pollution by getting the cars off the roads, and implementing every kind of Agenda 21 fantasy that the World Health Organization could slide under the door. Far UVC light could kill this Covid-19 virus and anything else that comes along, but the scientists of the medical industry didn’t want that. Instead, like their god Zeus, they worry that mankind is getting too far away from nature, so they sought to kill us all by sending a lightening bolt into our global economy. And of course dear reader, you know the rest of the story. It was only the snakes that slithered away, and those snakes are in our media, in our doctor’s offices, and in our politics. And now you know the significance of that and why you can’t trust a thing they say.

Rich Hoffman

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George Lang Proposes a 20% Cut in Politician Pay Until Economy Returns: Why should government be paid for a bad job, until they fix it?

Just as a reminder, make sure to get your vote in by April 27 to be counted for the Ohio primary, and if you are voting in the 4th Senate District, make sure to vote for George Lang. The contents of this article will easily explain why he should be the best, and only pick for the upcoming election on November 3rd. In thinking about that election George would like to remind everyone, especially in the wake of the government’s reaction to Covid-19 that Governor DeWine offered to formally endorse George for his new senate seat as Lang makes the transition from the House to the Senate once he wins. But George told him thanks, but no thanks. “Your endorsement won’t help me in Butler County.” That was before the many tragic government mistakes that were made before Covid-19 became all any of us could think about, due to its ruinous nature of our state and federal economy and global sources as an intrusion.

George recently offered some much needed leadership now that Governor DeWine sees the writing on the wall, that Covid-19 is coming to an end, whether he wants it to or not, and that George as a representative in congress offered some advice to get Ohio back open for business and how to get our economy moving again. I thought the letter was fantastic and I share it with all who would like to read it below. There are three main points to this letter that should tell any voter why they should vote for George Lang. Many of his rivals in this primary election have pointed to George as too much of a political insider, and something of a silhouette of the Republican Party. Well, as I say, I have known George for a very long time and I wouldn’t waste my time being friends or even knowing someone as long as I have with George if he wasn’t the real deal and a genuinely good person. And as is obvious by this letter to the Governor over a post Covid-19 life in Ohio, George is far from some insidious, complacent insider. Rather he makes three points that were rather powerful and would be very helpful if only the rest of the House, Senate, and the Governor himself had the courage to implement them. First is that all the politicians involved in restoring the Ohio economy should take a 20% cut in pay. The 2nd thing is that Ohio should enact some very creative tax laws to help rebuild confidence in businesses to invest their time and money back into their previous endeavors because government has eroded that confidence due to the overly nanny state infusion they enacted out of panic to the coronavirus. And third Ohio should enact a Constitutional amendment that gives state legislators veto power over any governor’s executive order with a super majority vote by both houses as a safety net if under future emergencies, a governor like DeWine, meaning well, but has lost their mind over the pressure, can’t destroy our state with a massive lack of leadership. We have a House and Senate for a reason and in the future, we should use them to help governors not make the kind of mistakes that DeWine did over Covid-19. Here are the contents of the letter in a few different forms to make it easier to consume its contents.

Governor DeWine,

This requests you open all Ohio businesses on May 1st and offers ideas for how to do it.

I am reaching out to you to express my deep concern about the continued closure of so called “non-essential” businesses in Ohio.

It has become clear to me that despite the nature of COVID-19 and its seriousness – we cannot allow the cost to be more expensive than the cure. While I applaud your effort to save lives, our economy is now suffering greatly. Thousands of small businesses simply will not survive this assault. As small businesses fail, this will lead to a significant decrease in tax collections and have a negative impact on all levels of government.

Our citizens have expressed frustrations as liberties were taken from them without a vote, destroying lives and livelihoods. It is already too late for some companies to recover; it will now take years for other companies to recover from the damage done by the wholesale shutdown of our state. These actions do not bode well for the confidence in our medical experts and elected officials.

We can no longer justify the continued closure of businesses across this state when supermarkets, Liquor Stores, hardware stores and other businesses that draw people can be open. For every day that passes, businesses will die reducing jobs, income, tax dollars and our states ability to fund many things, including infrastructure that need to be done. It is important that leaders throughout our state develop a plan to assist our businesses to help them return to high productivity and profitability for our region. Furthermore, we should be prepared to weather the next crisis, whether it be financial in nature, natural disaster, or attack.

We need to provide businesses with a road map. Now, more than ever, Ohio employers need a sense of predictability. As much as possible, impacted industries need a mapped-out process of what their re-entry into more normal operations will look like and how long it will take. Time is of the essence because many business owners are barely hanging on – we need to give them as much clarity as we can about what is coming soon.
We should allow businesses to reopen with as few restrictions as possible – businesses know best how to protect their employees, customers, and vendors. If we do put any restrictions on, the state should offer a dollar for dollar tax credit so the business can accommodate state requirements (no unfunded mandates).

In the spirit of “We are all in this together” – All state legislators, the Governor and Lt. Governor should take a 20% pay cut until Ohio GDP returns to pre COVID-19 levels. Several legislator’s have already recommended this.

State budget cuts made during the pandemic will remain in place until Ohio GDP exceeds 10% of pre COVID-19 standards.

We have already adopted that Unemployment Claims during the COVID-19 pandemic will not count against an employer’s experience. Thank you. Two more unemployment issues to be adopted:

If an individual is on and receiving unemployment benefits because of the COVID-19, as soon as their former job is available, their COVID-19 will end.

No employee can be terminated for refusing to come back to work until they feel it is safe – If they choose not to return to work following the full opening of their businesses work sector – they will not be paid (unless an employer chooses to pay them), and they will become ineligible to receive continued unemployment compensation. Further, the employer at his/her discretion, can eliminate or replace any position within 12 months of the business sector being opened by the Governor, without the business bearing any unemployment impact by those choosing not to return to their job.

All state license and renewal fees should be prorated to account for the days the business/individual was not able to work.

If a business is collecting an escrow account on behalf of a borrower, they are not required to pay the bills associated with the account if the borrower is behind on paying – example, a mortgage lender will not be liable for paying income tax or insurance on a residential loan if the funds are not in the account.

Commercial Activity Tax (CAT): The upcoming May 11th filing and payment deadline should be extended. In addition, CAT liability should be based off an estimate of this year’s gross receipts instead of the prior year’s gross receipts as is current practice. Numerous businesses are currently not operating so to gather the information to file and pay the taxes is also going to be difficult, not to mention the strain on cash flow. We can have a “true up” at the end of 2021.
Net operating losses (NOLs): Ohio should model what the federal government enacted under the CARES Act. For losses arising in tax years 2018, 2019 and 2020, a five-year carryback is allowed (taxpayers can elect to forgo the carryback). This law also applies to pass-through businesses and sole proprietorships. Consideration should also be given to making similar changes at the municipal level.
Other Regulatory relief suggestions:
• Extension of additional state reporting deadlines.

• Declare a moratorium on state tax audits currently underway for a reasonable period, and halt additional audits.

• Consider some way to prevent or provide relief from the lawsuits that almost certainly will be coming after the pandemic is over, such as work stoppage due to inability to meet social distancing mandates.

• Consider a meaningful sales tax holiday period for industries that were particularly hard hit due to forced closures, such as the entertainment and restaurant industries, to entice Ohioans to support those entities.

Sales Tax
Give all retailers that were forced to close because of the pandemic a 30-day sales tax holiday. Allow them to keep the tax money for 30 days. Could be a full month. For instance, if we can open on May 15, allow the tax holiday to be the full month of June.

We should offer a sales tax holiday for all PPE equipment purchased by businesses, combined with a 100% tax credit for the purchasers.

We should encourage local governments to offer a property tax reduction commensurate with the number of days non-essential business were shut down.

We should push for a Constitutional amendment giving the state legislators veto power over any Governor executive order with a super majority vote in both houses.

Warmest Regards,

George F. Lang Craig Riedel
State Representative State Representative
House District House District

Paul Zeltwanger Mark Romanchuk
State Representative State Representative
House District House District

It’s one thing to complain about a situation, it’s quite another to put your name next to your mouth and make it part of the debate record and these suggestions by George Lang let the larger world see what kind of guy he really is. Why shouldn’t the politicians involved in the economic recovery of the state of Ohio, or of the federal nation take a pay cut until everyone is back to work and the world is functioning from pre-covid impacts? They should feel the sting of financial impact more than everyone else, they should not be insulated as they have from the realities of their bad decisions, and still have a full bank account. It takes a lot of guts to make a statement like that yet George has. There should be hundreds of names signing this letter to the Governor, yet as is obvious, there are only 4. Politicians like to complain and posture themselves, but few are like George Lang and really mean things when they say them. And even fewer are willing to lead. They want the title of a leader, but they don’t want the responsibility. Obviously, George has no problem with leadership, even when he’s in the minority opinion.

As a reminder for this primary vote, it’s happening by mail because Mike DeWine screwed it up with a bad decision to overrule a judge just hours before the primary election was to be held back in March. First you must request a ballot from the board of elections, then you fill out the information and send it in. They then mail you the actual ballot. You fill it out with colored circles then put that inside an envelope that goes into another envelope that you then must get back to the board of elections by April 27th. So, if you haven’t taken all those steps yet, you likely won’t make the window. But you should still try, or if you are stuck in the middle of the “pain in the ass” mode of actually filling out the mail-in ballot, you should plow through it and complete the process. Voting for George Lang is important. We need a guy like him out there fighting some of this mindless stupidity on our behalf. So make sure to vote. And also, share this with a friend so they can also make a good election decision. Government has not yet taken away our right to vote, although Governor DeWine has come pretty damn close. We certainly don’t want to see this trend continue, so vote to ensure that they don’t take it from us. Let them know who’s really in charge, and certainly don’t surrender your rights and liberty to a bunch of panicky politicians. Vote for good guys like George Lang to go fight them on your behalf so we can all do the work of rebuilding the world with government out of our way, not sticking their fat asses right in the middle of our business as they have with Covid-19.

Rich Hoffman

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The Masks of Communism: Understanding why central authorities want us to all be equally ugly

So by now dear reader you know that the World Health Organization is filled with Marxist revolutionaries, such as their leader Tedros Adhnom. It shouldn’t be any surprise then that they had such a close alliance with China—which many modern people don’t think of as being totalitarian communist, but they are and have been. I have spent many hundreds of thousands of words explaining that to everybody back when it wasn’t “cool,” to talk about. Tedros, is essentially the Fidel Castro of the modern age, instead of wearing around the military uniform to show his dominance over the population he conquered by force to overthrow the Cuban government to bring in a communist regime, he wears a suit and works at the head of the World Health Organization hoping to spread communism around the world disguised through United Nations policies hidden behind health concerns. So also you should know by now that just about everything they are saying, and have been through the World Health Organization and all organizations that spawn off them, is not for your health and safety, but for the perpetuation of communism flowing out of China to the rest of the world quiet maliciously. And that evidence was never more clear than in the push to wear masks in public.

There has been quite and aggressive push in the United States as a reaction to the coronavirus to force people to wear masks if they go outside and interact with the public. I have had the many opportunities to travel the world and in Asia as many know, many people wear masks in public even when there isn’t a pandemic. While this might look health conscious and be considered proper PPE for average, everyday citizens, what it really represents are compliant personalities who have soaked up the propaganda of communism and how individual lives must consider the lives of others even before leaving the house. The World Health Organization has been up to this communist propaganda for a long time because their aim is and continues to be well into the future, the sustaining of life on earth from the perspective of current day geology. They view people as a nuisance on earth, and to save our planet, there needs to either be less people on it, or the people need to be centrally controlled through communism by central planners who will look out for the earth first. Those tend to be the type of people in other countries, especially Asia who listen to the nonsense of the World Health Organization and have allowed for communist ideas to migrate into their lives.

The idea that American culture would start wearing masks out in public is quite an insult, and those who do are obviously those who are prone to the cautions of the political left who want to believe that big brother government knows best and can offer protection to the timid minds of the participants. Rather, from the Marxist perspective, wearing masks to control virus spreading has nothing to do with safety, but everything to do with psychology. After all, what makes people more equal than to all be equally ugly. Forget dressing up with that nice attire to impress people in public with good looks to match and expensive cologne. There is nothing like smelling your own spit with a mask across your face to hide your nice features while a rubber band is draped irritatingly over your ears to pull at them every time you turn your head. Oh, but its for other’s safety that you do such a dumb thing. However, what they don’t tell you is that you are being trained to think not just of others, but to ignore your own comforts in sacrifice to a greater good that is defined by central planners in government who will then tell you that we must do this and that to save the earth from our human footprints. So once you accept wearing a mask in public to save others from you, then you will also accept that you must do what central planners propose to save whatever else they deem important.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I was thinking the other day how many times I have been correct about very jaw dropping revelations well before the rest of society accepted them, such as knowing that James Comey was a lying con-man very early in the process of the Trump investigations as the political left were trying to push him out of office with conspiracy. CNN asked me, and I still have the video up in a few places, “do you think that James Comey lied” while on television with a group of Trump supporters. I indicated that I did, which at the time seemed like a crazy conspiracy. We were all trained from babies to trust the FBI, how could I think such a thing many wondered. Well, when it came to this China Virus, Covid-19 I was absolutely the first to say what a massive conspiracy it was to advance communist ideas out of China and it was done completely on purpose. The World Health Organization and the American CDC already had airtime purchased in the media to advance their strategies. Even digital roadside signs were telling us everywhere we went just like out of some dystopian novel, “we’re all in this together.” By the time governors in America were shutting down the economy in the United States, just as the world had reacted, the World Health Organization was banging champagne glasses together celebrating a successful military attack on western culture financially before anybody knew what was going on. They took advantage of our trust in “experts” to exploit that trust for military gain of communism over capitalism and they had struck a victory that impacted nearly every American and European to follow their orders to the letter and not even question their motives. And to make matters even better, they were starting to wear those stupid masks in public just as Asian countries had been doing for years.

I’m not here to tell you “I told you so,” even going back to the many warnings I have provided about public education because in many ways, they have set up this communist push through their curriculum for decades. The trust people have in corrupt communist doctors doing the bidding of the World Health Organization directly for China military intentions started in our public schools. People trust experts and they learned to from their experiences in public schools. If experts tell them to wear the stupid masks so that everyone is “equally” ugly and disgusting, then they’ll do it because they have been trained not to question authority and to do as they were told so that they get that good little grade on their paper. Perhaps if they rat out their neighbors to the central authorities, they might get a lollipop, or a nice pat on the head. I emphasize all the times I have been right in the past not because I want a cable show like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, but because I want to see people free to live their lives and appreciate what capitalism can do for society. I do these articles for free because I want society to prosper. And I want you to know dear reader that the push to wear masks is just another scam meant to change your behavior for communist plots that have been out there for a long time. There is nothing new about them, but they are now out into the mainstream in American culture and communists are making their move against us without gunfire this time, but with ideas communicated through trusted doctors and medical professionals disguised as being for our own good, when the reality is far from that.

Rich Hoffman

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Calling Their Bluff: Go on out there, back to the world–its not as dangerious as they are telling you

The big secret that many of these politicians, both Republicans and Democrats are trying to hide about the terrible economic impact they allowed themselves to be tricked into believing over Covid-19 is that they need you to think that every dumb thing they did was for a good reason. Yet it wasn’t. That is the reason for the drive for testing after all, to justify their failure with some data that looks scary. And for all their idiocy in bypassing the state legislators into creating law through governor directives regarding social distancing and stay at home measures, all which were completely unconstitutional and massive intrusions on all our lives. They must justify all their failure by something otherwise we might just march onto our capitals and rip all their lame asses right out of their office seats. They need you to believe that reopening America will be dangerous and that you might “die,” if you do so too early and don’t follow the doctor’s orders—we might have a reignition of the virus outbreak and have to shut everything down again. All this fear has nothing to do with reality of course, it’s about control of the message and keeping people believing that all this damage that the politicians caused by following the World Health Organization to our dooms was a good idea. It has nothing to do with reality, but everything to do with justifying their panic. So the way to beat them the correct way is to not be afraid, reopen our businesses and prove to the world that we aren’t a bunch of chicken shits—and that the virus was never really deadly. We need to call their bluff. Life needs to get back to normal without social distancing, masks and social isolation—and we need to rub it in all their faces to drive the point home—because Covid-19 was always a scam meant to drive the world toward communism.

All this was of course reported in the great book Plato’s Republic with the analogy I use often of the cave. The doctors of our present society are the people in that story who have learned to predict the shadows on the cave walls and they want to keep that power over mankind. But some of us are free of our tied-up position where we must get our information by those experts, and we are free to get up and look around to discover what causes the shadows on the cave wall. If you know the story, you understand what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t, the story of the cave is a warning from thousands of years ago Greek society about listening too much to experts, because they are often wrong and crave to keep a people stupid and facing the cave wall where they have power in predicting what the shadows mean. That is what Covid-19 is all about, it’s a power grab to support Agenda 21 United Nations strategies from academia to force mass society to look at the cave wall where they control the images with fear, and the cost has been horrendous. They deserve what happens next, which is to challenge their fears with bold audacity.

If this information is unfamiliar to you dear reader then perhaps it would be easier for you to watch the great movie, THX-1138 from 1971 by George Lucas before he made the Star Wars series. It is essentially a futuristic version of Plato’s cave analogy, where the main character wakes up from his controlled state where the authorities of that time keep everyone overly medicated and focused on the efforts of that government completely. What the World Health Organization has been proposing due to the coronavirus are obvious steps in the direction of the concepts explored in that movie. It should come as no surprise that the leader of the World Health Organization is Tedros Adhanom who has in the past been a Marxist revolutionary, which is key to understanding what the real intentions of the Covid-19 reaction was all along, it was never that the virus was dangerous. But it was meant to control people’s thinking to the level where centralized change agency could take place and a Marxist revolution erupt once people’s daily lives had been conditioned to accept the authority of the state by eroding individual rights due to the actual fear of death. If you are trained to see the signs, which are abundant in literature, art and history, then anybody could see from the beginning what was behind the Covid-19 pandemic as the World Health Organization called it, to trigger what we have seen all around us, a surrender of capitalist values to those of outright authoritarian Marxism.

It is the responsibility for instance of governors like Mike DeWine of Ohio to know these things so they can be leaders. He should know that these kinds of things have happened in the past, such as one demonstrator at the capital tried to point out about the Nazis in Germany. The protests in Ohio were not from Neo-Nazis which are always leftists in their gatherings, but from people concerned that Ohio under the directives of Amy Acton were following in the footsteps of Germany toward their Third Reich activism prior to World War II. And to answer the governor regarding the use of swastikas and the Nazis, it was abundant from indigenous tribes in Ohio to use swastikas often. It was the Nazis who copied the Celtic cultures of yesteryear who put a bad name to them with their own authoritarian abuses, its not the swastikas themselves that were the problem. Because the cultures of North America had a very intimate relationship with swastikas well before any formal European outpost was established in the New World. DeWine is supposed to understand history and art so that he could make good decisions about the present as a leader of the state and the Republican party. Instead he has shown himself vulnerable and shallow and easy for crazy radicals like Tedros Adhanom to exploit from the World Health Organization. Instead of a communist revolution with physical troops like Mao had in China, or Castro had in Cuba, or wherever your favorite communist erupted on the world scene, Adhanom controlled the message through health policy, which the American CDC picked up, whispered in the President’s ear with the exploitation of millions of lives lost. Then state health directors overly educated in Marxist colleges—and yes, Ohio State is one of them—so that people advising governors like Amy Acton could utilize Marxist strategies behind good will health advice to ruin the American economy.

It was always a military incursion hidden through the Trojan Horse of health concerns and to see it, we all must have an understanding of the past and the thoughts that emerged from them, or even the warnings of our artistic culture from films like THX-1138. It is unlikely that George Lucas would make that movie today, in many ways, he’s one of “them” now. Its just too pleasant to plug into the Matrix and enjoy life at that level of the celebrity in San Francisco. But as a younger person he saw authoritarian danger clearly and made a great movie about Plato’s cave analogy—which is exactly what the WHO and the CDC are using to attempt a global coup of capitalism in an election year to disrupt the direction of the world economy back to one where the communists stay in control. Nothing about social distancing, wearing masks in public, and house arrest was ever about safety. It was always and continues to be about controlling our behavior and breaking us like a horse to a new normal of environmental communism instead of our raw independence that we have known up to this point. Its all about messaging and to understand that, Plato’s Republic was written 2500 years ago. Yet its as contemporary as the latest Fox News broadcast. Nothing much has changed in human thought from then until now. And the same enemies are trying their tired old schemes, only this time they did change the approach. They used the literal fear of death to convince us to listen to them. And in so doing, give over control of our individual lives to maniacal communists in global organizations who truly and without pause, want to rule the world.

Rich Hoffman

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When its time to Overthrow the Government over Covid-19: Compliance was never an option, only respect until failure was obvious

There is a major disconnect from those pushing big changes to our society through the efforts of the Covid-19 lockdowns—they seem to think that people will just follow them without some kind of armed conflict. They even seemed surprised that people are showing up at state capitals protesting governors and ignoring social distancing guidelines and violating the stay at home orders—and those gatherings are growing more rambunctious by the week. Even as I report this the lawsuit against Amy Acton in Ohio is falling flat because the courts have decided that she is a hero due to her position among the governor’s staff and they are stuck with the results of this pandemic. Even the Trump administration is trying to make a good story out of this tragedy by being proactive. After all, when Trump was told that millions of people would die if he didn’t shut down the economy, they essentially made him liable for death by that knowledge. Nobody in the courts are willing to prosecute a well-intentioned public official, especially when Ohio’s Mike DeWine himself overruled a judge to stop the primary election of 2020 all in the name of safety. But, people are people and these government types are supposed to work for us, we don’t work for them and when they get out of control and the courts no longer work, as we see happening now, then the time is ripe for us to put a stop to them and retake control of our government with any force necessary.

It is healthy to see people protesting and questioning the social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders. Most of America, myself included, gave officials the benefit of doubt for about 2 weeks, but we expect results in this country. The rest of the world has a lot more tolerance for totalitarian influence, we don’t in the United States. If you are going to shut down our lives and destroy our jobs, you better have a damn good reason and as the evidence becomes clearer, obviously that is not the case. Covid-19 has been in the United States longer making herd immunity more of a solution. There are also drugs that can treat Covid-19 that the president was quick to point out taking the edge off the global menace desire for mandated vaccines. Social distancing was a strategy created by global Agenda 21 types, and it was at best a theory, it certainly wasn’t scientific fact. All these policies, the social distancing, the stay at home orders were recommendations at best. That governors made them orders is flimsy law that people went along with for what they perceived was safety at the time. But time has proven that they were likely not helpful at all in slowing down the virus and its impact on society. These recommendations were processed without any due process by any state legislatures under emergency powers with no end in sight. And now that a few weeks have passed and nobody sees an end to it, people are thinking of taking matters into their own hands, which is a healthy way to view things.

It is unlikely that pin headed geeks like Bill Gates working with the World Health Organization thought that Americans would rebel against these Agenda 21 orders. I have in fact read all the documents from the United Nations and their intentions for Agenda 21, and I have always laughed a bit. The world just doesn’t understand Americans and their tendency toward personal freedom. The rest of the world is much more compliant, so of course they think people will blindly follow them if they stage a power play. But in America, it has actually been surprising that people went along with these stay at home orders and mandates for social distancing for as long as they have without somebody beating up some authority figure. After all, there aren’t enough cops, or military personnel to suppress 300 million Americans—especially when they are pissed off, as they are now. It says a lot that people haven’t yet taken up arms to defend their rights since its obvious the courts are not on the side of justice due to this massive government debacle. Its not our fault that the government screwed up and ruined so many lives. So it would be foolish to trust them to fix it without some rebellion from us.

We have seen more than theory now how people in power behave under a sustained crisis and I have been thinking a lot about when and wear a pushback against government should take place. How much rope do we let them have before we forcefully take back our government? It’s just not acceptable to let some of these state governors impose obvious tyranny without having their powers checked. If the courts are going to play along with the corruption of the governors, then what choice do we have. Well, the liberal minded think that the game is over and that they win, people with those things taken away have no further recourse so they need to comply the way the rest of the world is. But that of course is not an option. Even though our Constitution in America is just a thin piece of paper, it is the laws we agree to under our flag and if it is violated, then we have a need to defend it, even against the law if it takes it upon itself to go wayward. And that is where many on the political left are mystified by the reaction, because it obviously wasn’t in their plan. They assumed that compliance to such stupid made-up laws like social distancing and shelter in place would last longer. But it hasn’t. People have watched those measures destroy their lives and they want some government ass over it, and they deserve to have that day of rectification.

For myself I am willing to give the government a bit more slack because Trump is president. Even though I think he got suckered into this whole Covid-19 mess, I see that he’s making it work for positives, such as stopping illegal immigration. He’s taking away the Democrat platform during an election year, so those are good measures to make out of an absolute tragedy. But if there were a Democrat in the presidency, then I would say that we are well passed the point where forceful retaking of our government should occur. These governors should consider themselves lucky that people aren’t storming the capitals and ripping them out of their office chairs in retaliation for what they’ve done. One observer from the political left seemed outraged that some protesters were showing up with guns—well yeah. Why wouldn’t they? They do understand that tyranny is not acceptable in America. That if the courts side with corrupt, and abusive governors, that a means to correct that situation must take place and that’s where we are folks. Staying in a lockdown mode is not on the table. Destroying America with fear is not in the cards. We’ve had enough, its time to break the shackles, challenge the merits of the law, and get America moving again. Compliance just isn’t part of the American DNA. We are compassionate—but we ain’t stupid.

Rich Hoffman

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Rule through Peer Pressue: Understanding how our society got suckered by Covid-19

I often feel like I’m pretty well synched up with people like Rush Limbaugh. I have often felt that people like him and Glenn Beck got some of their ideas for their shows off my blog site, because usually I write things before they talk about them on their shows. Rather, reality indicates that they arrive at their own conclusions but their process toward the truth is similar to mine, and that is where the coincidences occur, in the same deductive thinking manifesting at similar times without direct contact, but through rational thought. But it did surprise me that Rush Limbaugh admitted last week that he had been trying to solve the reason that conservatives are so easily shamed through name calling, while Democrats typically stick together and are so good at defining a social narrative. Well, to me the answer is extremely obvious, and it can be traced back to the liberalized educations most of us get in public schools. As adults those foundation experiences freeze our minds into compliant action and that is the driver of most modern problems. I know Limbaugh understands the problems of modern public education, but it seems clear that the depth of that trouble is just now becoming aware for him. It seems he is having a kind of epiphany as a result of the Covid-19 virus that is finally helping him solve that long standing problem.

The question at hand was how good Republican minded people were suckered in to this whole Covid-19 scam which was a liberalized platform to use a real virus to bring about leftist platform needs. Such as President Trump being convinced by medical terrorists acting on behalf of the World Health Organization into closing down the American economy due to a fear of having massive amounts of dead people stacked on his presidency. Bill Gates was one of those terrorists, as was Dr. Doom of the CDC. Amy Acton from Ohio, attached to Governor DeWine was another, their input of doom and gloom froze Trump and DeWine and once frozen, they were paralyzed to act, as was the rest of us. Then as the efforts to reopen the economy were advanced, suddenly anybody not believing in the social distancing measures, or in wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus, anybody wanting to step away from those methods were attacked by mass groups of people in the media, in the political class, and activists on social media. Literally, the argument was made, if you leave your house until medical officials declared that it was safe, you would be responsible directly for killing people. For the first time on a mass scale, liberals were able to convince most Americans that their desire to act independently was going to cause the death of other people and that it was selfish to have such a desire. Well, of course this is absolutely absurd, yet many good people were falling for it, so the question as to how and why such a method was effective at all has been the topic of the day and nobody really seems to have a good answer, so I’m happy to explain it.

The problem isn’t in some modern context but in the roots of our learning as children. First you must understand that all public schools are set up wrong from the start. Public education was always a lofty social idea, but it has never been right in how and what it teaches. The liberal terrorist Bill Ayers understood the nature of public education always and has been very open about it. He’s important because he remains to this day as a big advocate, especially in the Chicago area for public education and teacher unions listen to his socialist style propaganda. The readers here might remember the controversy that Obama’s presidential campaign was started in Bill Ayers living room, of course we were all told this was a vast right-winged conspiracy—but as we know now 13 years later, it was all quite true. Anyway, Ayers has always said correctly that public schools were sorting machines. People say that public education is broken and that kids come out of them not very smart, well that’s because the goal of any government school is not to actually teach kids anything. Public schools are sorting machines that produce people of different classes for their adult lives and the thought processes learned in public schools literally do last a lifetime.

Public schools are very psychologically organized to herd people into various classes which are always driven by very liberal thought. For young males, the pretty, popular cheerleader types of girls are dangled out in their very short skirts to steer those youth into sports where they learn team concepts and other rules of social discourse so that they can be “popular” and date the “popular” girls. The band chicks are the second tier, they pull in the band boys and that becomes another class of people. Then there are the social outcasts who smoke cigarettes while at school and are in the various shop classes. The making fun of other students to herd them into one of these three classes isn’t punished by the administrators, its encouraged. Its part of the culture itself and as we see, children quickly develop friends to protect them in a herd-like fashion from the peer-pressure that the various classes inflict. Those patterns for friends then sets up a lifetime of such a desire which then allows governments to easily control people for their entire lives psychologically. That is why this Covid-19 thing worked so well, and why very maniacal people were audacious enough to try it. It was driven by the same peer pressure that kids in school suffer under only on this scale it was that social distancing was going to save lives once the World Health Organization told us that millions of people would die. Why didn’t we question that premise, well because we psychologically accepted that the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control were populated by smart doctors and that class was above our own—or at least above our pay grade. So, it was assumed that we would follow them because they were a superior class of intelligentsia.

I could write a book bigger than War and Peace on this topic alone, but unfortunately, nobody would read it because such a realization is just too difficult for most people to overcome. They see the results every day, but they have to admit a whole lot of things that are uncomfortable about why they believe the things they do before they can solve the problem of the present, as to what they actually believe. That fear gap is what keeps everyone’s mouth closed and allows the liberal activist always to have the upper hand. Because they don’t have such a sense of self, so they cannot be shamed into behavior, they have long ago yielded to it as the popular kids, so as long as they believe what is popular, they never worry about being on the outside looking in. They just agree and go along which is what Covid-19 exploited in our culture by global terrorists trying yet another method to destroy the American economy, even if they had to use the world as their shield in acting out the aggression. It was stunning to hear people like Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge and even in the beginning Alex Jones behave in lines with the World Health Organization and believe that Covid-19 was going to kill us all, because they had a natural respect for the classes of people who ignited the fear. That respect wasn’t placed in their minds with merit, but by their public educations as children. Under duress, they quickly moved into a default mode and made decisions based on that position. The same thing happened to President Trump and Mike DeWine certainly got suckered into it.

But to answer the question as to why, well, there you have it. We are programmed from youth to think certain ways and to trust certain people. We may have thinking minds that question things, but peer pressure often overtakes logical thought because we have accepted as a species that majority opinion is more important than the truth. The way to move up in life, which is also taught to us in public schools is to get a good grade, agree with your teacher, don’t make waves, and good things will happen to you. You get to date that pretty, popular girl. You may even get to be the homecoming king or queen if you do everything correctly as defined by the public school. And if you are a rebel, they’ll throw you out into the smoking pit and put you in shop class to ensure that you never make more than $35K per year. The way to move up in life is to do what “they” tell you, and that is why these global terrorists tried this stay at home order method and encouraged social distancing. People ostracized from their peer groups and being addicted to friendships and associates would seek a replacement, and that is why the daily reports from governors became so quickly important to us. Stuck in our homes, and removed from our peer groups we sought to trust a new peer group, government. And they became our new religion and sought to bring down the American way of life. That dear reader is how we found ourselves in this situation and why liberals feel they can dish it out, but never expect to take it. Because we are all wired to accept these social class methods as a means to control our herd mentality. Few see it for what it is, except for those who never fit in any of the classes and rejected the premise from the start of their lives and have fought it all along. Those people are rare, but they are out there, and they saw the truth from the very beginning. It was easy for them. Rush Limbaugh is one of those people, but he needs to see the bigger picture for the programming that public education played in all our lives to really see the truth—which I think he is coming to now.

Rich Hoffman

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