It is Terrorism Behind the Covid-19 Outbreak: We can now prosecute those responsible

So its time to start making the case that everyone, or every organization who has attempted in some way to use the coronavirus pandemic as cited by the World Health Organization in a fearful way to change behavior, especially in America, as a terrorist. After all, that’s what terrorists do, they use fear to make a point. They don’t always have to be dressed up like some desert slugs walking in from the ruins of the Middle East. They can be working professors out of Harvard and/or run major television networks. They might even be doctors advising governors and presidents on policy regarding how to deal with a virus outbreak. They might be rich people fresh off the board with Microsoft who want to scare everyone into emitting a zero-carbon footprint to deal with climate change. Anyone who has used terror to manipulate politics to advance their own point of view could classify themselves as a terrorist and the behavior surrounding Covid-19, the “China Virus” is certainly that. I think we are now well beyond the point of saying that the models the scientists were using to predict the viral outbreak coming out of China that has paralyzed the world and shut down the economy everywhere were accidentally wrong. The way that doctors and media outlets have used that wrong information to instill fear and behavior change on just America is enough to classify them as global terrorists, and its time we start dealing with them in that way.

If a ship captain is drunk and runs their ship into a harbor killing many on accident, they would still be charged criminally with negligence. If a pilot landing a plane crashed killing many on board, they would be criminally investigated and blamed for the killings. If a train operator allowed their vehicle to pick up too much speed and crash through a derailment killing many thousands of people, they would be blamed for the conduct. So it should not be considered otherwise that the doctors and scientists who got all these models of death counts wrong with the Covid-19 shutdown of the American economy wouldn’t be held accountable. Let’s say it was an accident, they should still face jail time or other criminal prosecution for screwing up our society and ruining the happiness of so many people—even if they did so with the best intentions in mind. But, and this wouldn’t be hard to prove, if they did it with the intent to change the behavior of people with terror, then what they did was just as wrong as those 9/11 terrorists who crashed two planes into the World Trade Center to harm the American economy back in 2001. 19 years later, climate change activists and many professional scientists with an obvious hatred of capitalism have used the Covid-19 outbreak as political cover for their terrorism and it hasn’t taken long to reveal their true intentions. Already the governor of California is stating that this coronavirus is an opportunity to usher in a whole new “progressive era.” So the concept that everything behind Covid-19 is an act of terror, not a health concern as it is being disguised, is a true representation of what we are dealing with as a nation. And those openly participating are behaving with criminal conduct, not good intentions.

I’m convinced that Mike DeWine of Ohio has bought into the deadliness of the potential for this viral outbreak, because he trusts the scientists. I don’t think President Trump has, but he’s always being accused of not listening to the professionals, and with the media ready to blame him for every death that “could” happen as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak—he doesn’t have much choice but to play along. They certainly got his attention by saying millions of people were going to die as a result of this virus outbreak and each day when that doesn’t turn out to be the case, they revise the goal posts to fit a narrative that is meant to change behavior in America, everything from “social distancing” to wearing masks. Mike DeWine believes he is saving lives by being one of the first governors in the country to issue stay at home orders essentially shutting down the state. In my book, it was his decision to be a leader and to not fall for the antics of terrorism coming out of the science community that is full of climate change activists—so he is guilty for what he has done—even if he meant well. Someone must pay for the trillions of dollars lost, and for the loss of our way of life. He, nor does anybody get to say, “we’re all in this together,” then just go to bed thinking they saved the world from an invisible enemy. That enemy was never really the enemy, it was just a virus that most people became sick from and got over. Some people did die of complications like what happens with just about everything that people do. There was nothing all that unique about this virus, only that it was being weaponized to attack western civilization and it had terrorist soldiers in place to advance the dialogue and scare politicians like Donald Trump, and Mike DeWine into suspending our constitutional rights and altering our lives due to the sheer terror of potential death. Yet there is nothing that says that by staying home we are saving a single life, or that slowing the spread is doing anything but prolonging the inevitable. Where the real cure is to get the virus, stay home for a few days, then return to the world immune to coronavirus in the future, the doctors and scientists of the world have interrupted nature to invoke behavioral change that was not meant to save a single person, but assist them with advancing a progressive, socialist agenda in North America.

There is clearly enough evidence for even a mediocre lawyer to establish intent on this case on a scale for which the world has never seen. Pick a target, we are in a target rich environment, from CNN to Dr. Doom himself. We could certainly throw in Amy Acton from Ohio into that mix. I’m willing at this point to blame her for using global models corrupted with information out of Italy, Spain and New York to set policy for Ohio. Her choice to make decisions off bad data makes her guilty of all the misery she has caused in Ohio. The death toll in Ohio could be said to be the same regardless of coronavirus. Death of any kind is bad, and it looks nasty to the front-line workers and people who handle the body bags. Its not good under any condition. But to associate Covid-19 with an emphasis on a daily death count scoreboard is meant to make people just look at this virus and to sell them on behavior change as justified by an inaccurate measure. When the measure is deliberately, or accidently inaccurate and we are making decisions off it, then someone must pay for the results. And when we find out that all these death counts were propped up to advance lifestyle changes in western cultures it was terrorism that was being applied and that is a criminal enterprise that must be punished. No matter who it is perpetrating it. We need to view them not as heroes of science, but of terrorists representing climate change and seeking socialism around the world by convincing people to give up their rights for some made up greater good. And that is what we are dealing with, not well-intentioned scientists, but outright terrorists who have simply changed tactics and are presenting us with a new problem, those who seek to take advantage of our trust in order to advance political objectives.

Rich Hoffman

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