The Event 201: They had it planned all along, and we have a right/obligation to fight them

It should make you very angry that The Event 201 that was held on Friday October 18, 2019 in the Pierre Hotel in New York, which is discussed in detail below in a Glenn Beck video on the topic, because it ended up being the playbook for how the Covid-19 pandemic was played out and utilized to advance Agenda 21 priorities for the United Nations across the world. This little “war game” has had a negative impact on all our lives. Originally, when the Covid-19 virus broke out of China and the media so quickly jumped on it to advance their strategy, I surmised that the whole response to the virus had been hatched at the Devos Economic Summit in January of 2020 by the rich and famous for the same goals as The Event 201 crowd. Likely however it was a natural evolution of thought, some attending that conference in New York didn’t want to wait for things to play out over the coming decade and wanted to apply the strategy to Trump’s election year politics so they might unseat him, or control him in the critical months leading up to the election, so they picked the Covid-19 virus to apply to the scenario spelled out at The Event 201 and went all in, and much to their surprise, it worked far better than any of them could anticipate. Its certainly not a coincidence that what we have seen play out over Covid-19 is almost a page for page duplication of the war game scenario from The Event 201. Watch Beck’s coverage on this for more information.

The big variable that nobody really war gamed correctly though is the American reaction to it. Sure, people obligingly obeyed the stay at home orders and destroyed their economy to save lives because Americans are good people who trusted what the authorities were telling them. Trump himself got suckered into the whole thing because many of the players at The Event 201 were telling him that millions of people were going to die, so he had to do something. Thankfully in hindsight, we can say that everything was overplayed, but in real time, there was no way to know. Well, actually, I knew from moment #1. I never thought Covid-19 was legitimate and was anything but an attack on American sovereignty. I have the benefit of living in the Overman cave where my perspective of the world is all knowing and certainly above the fray. So, I can afford to have such dangerous thoughts, and as it turned out, I was more right than I wanted to be.

To make matters worse, we know now that the whole response to the Covid-19 virus was a complete hoax meant to fulfill the simulation conducted at The Event 201, and we know that because any solutions beyond social distancing, stay at home orders and a destruction of the global economy to “save lives,” was pursued even knowing that there were solutions that were off script that presented options, like the use of hydroxycholoroquine, and Far UVC light to quickly disinfect any virus pandemic and its spread. Those solutions that President Trump brought up were vastly ignored, or ridiculed because they did not drive society toward the kind of objectives that were desired by The Event 201 exercise, which was the fulfilment of the Agenda 21 objectives and driving the entire world toward a one world government management of such events in the future. But as we have said, there was something they didn’t count on and as academics, they always tend to make the same mistakes.

Its not that I advocate violence, I’m a law and order kind of guy, and as everyone who reads what I say often know, I see gun ownership as the ultimate protection from outside forces from destroying the American Constitution. And if there is one thing that was very obvious as a result of the Covid-19 government reaction to the viral outbreak, its that changing our laws in America was very much part of the plan—laws that were created through stress and emergency powers to act as a change state for future legislature. The minds at The Event 201 and the World Economic Summit—along with most United Nations meetings and conferences with the World Health Organization which are clearly attracted to social Marxism want to destroy the American Constitution by using our own legal system to do it, our police, our governors, our own political system so that means we must stand up for ourselves and that has been the variable that they did not account for. I was a little surprised that it took so long, but most people are willing to give “authorities” the benefit of the doubt, myself included. I feel fortunate to live in a part of the world where we have a fantastic Sheriff who “gets it,” and never turned into an authoritarian hack, even though Governor DeWine gave him a license to do so. But many police departments and liberal mayors and governors across the nation went too far and showed us all precisely why we must have a very strong Second Amendment well into the future. Domestic enemies and foreign terrorists against our way of life of capitalism are hard at work to destroy us. So, we must defend ourselves. And the protests that are erupting all over the United States are actually critical to that process.

We must fight, hopefully not violently, but we have to stick up for ourselves and remind our politicians that they work for us. It is the American people who decide how many cops we have, how many military troops, how many politicians and what they should be paid. We are not powerless in the process; we are the process. So in times like these we must use the First Amendment—which I use often. And we must be ready to use the Second Amendment if our authority figures abuse their power that we gave them and turn that power on us. It may come to blows, and we must be ready. I am hopeful that Trump can get his arms around all this. After all, in an election year he has all the ammunition he needs to sink the Deep State, so maybe we won’t have to use our own force to retake our country from the villainous creatures that are behind the Covid-19 scam. We have proof the FBI set up General Flynn, that they were actively trying to have a coup of our president, that John McCain was behind it all along—we know that Biden is sinking in corruption and sex scandals—there is plenty for Trump to pounce off of. But we still must remain vigilant and let Trump know what its going to take to keep our support. We don’t want to get along with our enemies. We want to destroy them and get them away from our Constitution. We are not obligated to play nice with people who torpedoed our lives and ruined our jobs. We have every right to retaliate, and that’s what we need to do with these continued protests. Its that or physical violence, and I think the politicians involved would prefer the signs and crowds. To Hell with the social distancing. If they really wanted to solve the virus problem, they’d be using UVC light to combat the spread of the virus. All they want with social distancing is to keep people from exercising their right to assemble. And that’s the straw that has broken the back of The Event 201 strategy. As Americans, we must let the world know that the buck does stop with us, and that they don’t rule over us, and they never, ever will.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “The Event 201: They had it planned all along, and we have a right/obligation to fight them

  1. PREACH!!
    We knew this from the get go. Agenda 21 is indeed the end game. Shit we were preaching in ’11 is coming to fruition. Things will start to move faster after this test run.The disappointing finding is how sheepish Americans have become. They are primed for socialism/communism. It’s good to see the protesters but they are less than a tenth of a percent. And even fewer patriots are really in the know.
    Best thing the sheep could do is turn off the boob tube. That thing will dumb you down in record time. Especially now.
    Don’t stop TKR. There’s SO MUCH MORE.
    copy/paste please


    1. You can always copy and paste. These articles are for educating people who don’t typically think about these things as much as you and I do. People like to be sheep and in a democracy, they put us all in danger. That is why we have a republic, but the concept doesn’t work if governors overrule thought and act perpetually out of emergency. That is why all this is so insane, and why it was a tactical attack on American values, and not a reaction to a viral threat. They had this planned all along, and a lot of naïve people were deceived. We weren’t, but in a majority rules culture, that’s how they get sheep to keep them in power through panic.


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