Covid-19 was predicted in the great novel, ‘Atlas Shrugged’: George Lang is placed on the OHIO 2020 Task Force

With the election put off, and the only method to vote is by way of mail-in ballot which was a disaster perpetrated by our government’s panic over the coronavirus induced by scientists who read all the wrong data for models that never came to be, it is good to see that George Lang who is currently running for the senate has been appointed to the OHIO 2020 Task Force to lay a foundation back to economic recovery in Ohio. George is a good guy to have on that 24-member task force which is bipartisan and geographically diverse representing urban, suburban and rural communities across Ohio. It drives home the importance of having good representation on these kinds of boards because when government gets in the way of people and their business, if the wrong kind of people are on these task forces, a lot more can get screwed up. What we have seen in Ohio as a result of scientists putting up the alarm of inaccurate modeling is absolute economic devastation completely self-imposed. So the danger to us all has already happened, but without someone like George on this task force who understands the necessity of economic activity, the pain would otherwise just be starting.

As much as I hate to say it to those who don’t like Ayn Rand, the author, but this entire Covid-19 virus was predicted nearly page for page in the great American novel, Atlas Shrugged. The book was written over half a century ago, and some of the scenarios were changed in reality from the fictional concepts spelled out in the book, but the day by day happenings and rather rapid decline of our society globally happened in precisely the way Ayn Rand predicted. And it wasn’t by some luck, she had seen it before in the Soviet Union as her father and family were tossed out of their life into becoming fugitives from the mob of communism. When Ayn Rand started writing in America her novels were faced with sharp criticism as the trend toward socialism was just trickling in during the 30s from the progressive movement and the conservatives were too wrapped up in Bible studies to see what was coming. So, Ayn Rand was thought of as a bit of a kook, and a wild mind seeing boogiemen everywhere. There was a desire to trust centralized government and she was saying the opposite.

We could point back in history, particularly during World War II, but also the other wars, the Korean and Vietnamese conflict to study the need of governments to enforce compulsion for a greater good coming into conflict with a free society, such as nationalizing industry at times and invoking the draft—compelling private people to join and possibly die for the state and the reckless mandates of inferior government minds who deem our lives expendable if only the banner of nationalism might survive. It was just that kind of outrage that communists infiltrated American society in the 50s and 60s to take advantage of the terrified people who didn’t want to be drafted into a war with communism in Southeast Asia. Instead, communism was in our universities, and seeping into our labor unions at an alarming pace and offered all those terrified people afraid of the draft an umbrella of safety in the herd. Either way, communism was entering America with either the bullets and bombs of Vietnam or the pot smoke of the hippie movement.

Ayn Rand had the problem figured out as the news of the day was taking place over the subsequent decades. Again, it’s because she saw the fast fuse of communism in Russia where she had to flee to avoid its destructive force. Her great book We the Living should be required reading for every human being on planet earth because it serves as a warning about how these things arise in cultures. The plan for communism in America was a much slower boil and to this day there are many radicals who join into government and have very communist and socialist ideas about things, and they are so ingrained in their thinking that they don’t even realize where those thoughts came from. And every time there is a government task force like the one George Lang is on anywhere in the country, those minds come forward and start setting policy that even more changes the way we do things in America from a capitalist state to more of a socialist one. So, its not always an emergency which destroys constitutional liberties like what we have experienced with Covid-19 and then government’s reaction to it, it’s what happens during the reconstruction period. Because destroying and rebuilding is always part of the way communists work their way into any economic system.

Even in the book Atlas Shrugged, the villains thought they were doing the right thing. They thought what they were doing was for the “greater good,” and to them it was selfish for the “engines of the world” the business leaders and other entrepreneurs to insist to keep the profits of their work and not share with the rest of the world, so the intention of the villains was to compel them to do so against their will. We clearly saw this happening in truly alarming ways during the Covid-19 outbreak, government was very quick to take away liberties for their version of the greater good, because they thought they knew better what the greater good was. To make that compulsion less violent the villains of Atlas Shrugged and of this updated government induced crises used fear to unify people toward a common goal which eventually led to tying every person in the world to the safety and security of everyone else, which essentially froze private action through thought. It was a paralysis of action that the world had never seen before all at one time and was astonishing to witness on such a scale. Except that Ayn Rand had predicted it in her great novel, Atlas Shrugged.

I’ve known George Lang for a very long time. He is a very balanced thinker, he can speak to a guy like me whose always ready for a fight over Constitutional grounds and five minutes later speak with Governor DeWine without getting wrapped up in the emotions of the moment, and that is one of his most valuable traits. People wonder why I trust him so much because he’s not calling for impeachment every five seconds or is willing to sit on task forces like this Covid-19 one peacefully. Well, its because every year for Christmas George gives out free copies of Atlas Shrugged to people as presents, and he’s done this for a very long time, longer than he’s know me. George understands what makes markets tick and why business is the tock of a state’s lifeblood. Without business, there is no state, only pent up angry people looking for a job. At the center of all civilization is the notion of producing something of value and then developing a means to get that value to people who need it, which is what we term a “job.” Now that so much has been destroyed of our jobs, I can’t think of a better person to help fight to get them created again, and in helping to shape the economic development of Ohio. Without him the villains of Atlas Shrugged would have no challenge to their collectivist intentions. But with George, we have a fighting chance, and most of the time, that’s all we need.

Rich Hoffman

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