Vote Todd Minniear for Liberty Township Trustee: Getting to know the candidates in Liberty and West Chester Townships.

Vote for Todd Minniear for Liberty Township Trustee

Like I did for the school board candidates at Lakota for the 2021 election, I have clips of the various candidates to help make decisions.  Like the school board candidates, I support some and recommend changing some of the incumbents in Liberty Township.  These clips deal with trustee candidates in Liberty Township and West Chester, two of the most affluent and great places to live in the United States.  And they are examples of just how great a small government is when you have just three trustees managing things.  So, of course, for this next election, the goal is to keep the government small, effective, and accountable.  I say all that because we do have some significant government types who are running.  Trent Emeneker calls himself a fiscal conservative but had a “meet and greet” at Liberty Center with a known Democrat.  You can see by the video clips that he’s not worth a vote so that I won’t waste much time on him.  In West Chester, the choice is clear.  Mark Welch is a personal friend of mine not because he’s a politician, but because over time, and common ways of looking at things, it just evolved that way. He’s many reasons West Chester has been so successful, and we certainly want to keep things that way.  There are two seats open, so the second should be Lee Wong.  Lee and I have not gotten along over the years, but in this case, he’s working well with Mark and Ann Becker as a trustee, and we want to keep that going.  So the trustee race in West Chester is easy.

However, Liberty Township is more complex; it’s far more complicated.  I live in Liberty Township.  I have lived in Liberty Township for about 45 years of my life.  I spent nearly a decade living in other places worldwide, but my wife and I returned to Liberty Township after the 1990s and loved it very much.  Yet, I have paid a lot more attention to West Chester than Liberty for a good reason.  In West Chester, I was involved in the Tea Party there; Ann Becker was the president of the Cincinnati Tea Party, a pretty big position.  George Lang, a senator now, was a trustee who was getting voted against during every meeting.  We worked hard to put Mark Welch in the second spot to help George get the votes he needed, and it worked very well.  And we went to work to fill the West Chester trustees with all those Tea Party types of candidates.  History will show how smart that was.

Tea Party people are not crazy radicals.  They are fiscal conservatives, small government-minded, and rooted in American traditions.  So I enjoyed the experiment in a small government that was going on in West Chester that has produced magnificent results.  Because of the population density of West Chester, there have been lots of Democrats who have tried to push for a city designation.  The latest is Trent Emeneker.  They want to be a city because it creates more jobs for the government, which drives up costs, bureaucracy, and the overall feel of the community.  Between those three names, George Lang, Mark Welch, and Ann Becker, West Chester has managed to stay lean and sharp, making for a wonderful place to live and work.  Better than just about any other place in the country. 

In Liberty Township, there have always been these Agenda 21 Comprehensive Plans that liberals write and conservative trustees have then followed which has been highly unsatisfying for a guy like me, a long term resident who knows what Liberty Township was like before all the tag-alongs moved in from other places and brought all their big government ideas with them.  And now there is the Agenda 2030 plan that the United Nations has put out, and if you read it and also read the 2020 Comprehensive Plan for Liberty Township, you’ll see that the same person might have as well written them.  Of course, they weren’t, but the ideas are the same.  This is what you get when you hire many kids trained in good, liberal colleges who have been taught that the United Nations would rule the world and that any interpretation of sustainable development must come from those socialists and communists on the world stage.  When any trustees commission a plan like the Comprehensive Plan for 2020 or any previous revisions, you essentially get a bunch of liberals who decide what your community will look like.  I can say that George Lang had quite a challenge when he pushed back against this trend in West Chester.  I know some of the personal stories, and thank goodness George did push back in constructive ways.  But in Liberty Township, even though the trustees are usually what everyone considers “rock-ribbed Republicans,” they get pulled into the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 game of serving the United Nations instead of the real history of Liberty Township and the reasons people moved to the area, to begin with.

Every time I have to navigate one of the many dumb roundabouts in Liberty Township, it reminds me what suckers our local government has been toward this United Nations strategy.  I know all of them and have over the years.  They consider themselves conservatives and don’t think of the United Nations game.  Only people who do some research into the matter would know the strategy of how the United Nations embedded itself into all local zoning to lay the groundwork for a future of sidewalks, roundabouts, electric energy, and an eventual carless society.  It was a plan from the United Nations that sought to turn capitalism on its head to implement its objectives. They got away with it because people generally don’t look for the United Nations fingerprints on these kinds of Comprehensive Plans that the trustees follow in their decision-making processes.  Because of this adherence to a United Nations comprehensive plan, I have not been interested in Liberty Township politics at the same level as West Chester.  The frustration with them is just too much a pain in the ass.  They are good people; I like my trustees, two running for November, Tom Ferrall and Buck Rumpke.  But they are big government guys who have philosophies that lean towards development and not personal freedom.  For instance, many local developers want to know that someone is following some comprehensive plan to understand what property to buy and how to invest in the future.  But, to make a good community, there are many more factors to consider, and in Liberty Township, they often don’t come to light. 

To make matters worse, one outstanding trustee that Liberty Township had was David Kern, who recently died.  He was a Tea Party guy, and an influential Republican before the world fell into a tailspin.  But he was old when I was a little kid in Liberty Township, and my brother used to play with their kid at their nursery off Millikan Road.  Once David Kern was no longer a trustee, the government of Liberty Township moved much more toward the United Nations than the personal liberty and sovereignty of the United States.  David used to like to poke sticks in these kinds of comprehensive plans.  He might eventually vote on them, but he at least would argue the matter to see how strong they were.  It was a good balance to have someone like David Kern on the Liberty Township Trustees for many years.  Yet since his death, a guy like him has been missed. 

So when it comes to this election, I was pretty bored with it until I met Todd Minniear at the West Chester Tea Party forum recorded in these videos.  I like Buck Rumpke as a candidate and Republican, but he’s coming over from zoning. As I said, most zoning people have been saturated over the years through their educations with this massive United Nations plot to “Make Europe Great Again.” I have written voluminously that one of the great insecurities of America is the lack of history and culture that we have as a young country, compared to Europe.  So we assume that Europe, the mother country, is the way to emulate, and many of the Liberty Township residents have evolved into thinking the same way.  A wine purchased from Europe has a much higher value than a wine purchased from a vineyard by the Rumpke landfill.  They may be just as good, but it’s the stigma that people care about.  When I hear Buck talk, it’s evident that he’s been saturated with this global way of thinking. He’s a small-town guy who worked hard all his life at the family garbage business, and he wants to show how cultured he is by adopting all these woke, globalists’ points of view. He’s a super nice guy, but he thinks wrong about the big things.  And I would put Tom Ferrall into that same category.  Big government guy who wants to show how cultured he is by supporting all these dumb roundabouts and other European features. I’ll end up voting for one or the other, but my first pick will undoubtedly be Todd Minniear in a two-seat race. 

So Todd and I have met each other on several occasions.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Todd was on the front line protesting against what DeWine was doing during the Covid lockdowns. He’s smart, and he gets it. He’s a Tea Party type which excites me because of the success that we have seen in West Chester.  To have a guy like Todd in Liberty Township might help take things in a more successful direction.  Todd Minniear challenged the DeWine administration in court and won over the Covid lockdowns, and he is extremely intelligent.  Talking to him reminded me of David Kern.  What an excellent opportunity to get a great trustee onto the Liberty board.  People like Todd Minniear do not come along often.  Clearly, by watching the videos included here, you can see my two picks by how well they spoke.   Todd was by far the most articulate of the evening, and he’s willing to do that extra work that is often necessary.  When we talk about “liberty” in Liberty Township, we are not talking about blind compliance to some United Nations Comprehensive Plan or other dumb rules that hold us back.  Sometimes we need people we put into such positions to push back against the rules because the people making the rules may not have our best interests in mind.  That is the case with the United Nations.  They want Liberty Township to look like Europe, not America, and if you follow their ideas, that’s exactly what we’ll get.  Todd has a history of challenging the rules, which is precisely what we need in Liberty Township.

After the forum, I spoke to Todd a bit, along with other very smart people in the room, and had questions for the bright young mind.  I noticed that Todd had the great book that I value quite a lot, The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.  That is a book that describes the moral obligation of leadership lower in the pecking order of life to push back against authoritarian rule.  The book proposes several instances where it is the moral obligation to lash back at a higher authority for corrupt regulations and edicts.  For example, in this case, we should have had more trustees, state reps, and senators who openly fought the unconstitutional vaccine mandate.  For Joe Biden to issue an executive order demanding that all federal employees take medicine or lose their jobs, we needed more local officials to reject the premise.  Instead, most everyone has caved from lawyers to human resource departments for fear of drawing attention to themselves.  When Governor DeWine issued the mask mandates of last year, Butler County’s Sheriff Jones was one of the first in the country to say no, we’re not going to do that.  We need many more politicians in prominent positions who will behave this way when pressed, and Buck Rumpke and Tom Farrell are certainly not those guys.  They will be the first to put on the mask and follow the rules, like good Republicans who care more about adherence to the law than whether the laws are correct and just.  Todd Minniear cares about what’s truly right or wrong, and for me that sets him into a stratosphere all his own. He’s a lot better than the other two guys, and I will be voting for him. 

Like most of them, this election season proposes good things for those with the guts to say yes to them.  It takes courage to try something different, but sometimes it takes courage to stick to what’s working.  In West Chester, it takes guts to keep things solid as they have been.   To resist the tide of corruption that wants to open the door to a bigger government, to loot off the efforts of what made West Chester great, to begin with.  Yet, in Liberty Township, it would take guts to vote for Todd Minniear and take a great community and make it noticeably better.  Liberty Township has enjoyed a cascade effect from West Chester for years.  But now, there is an opportunity to make Liberty Township its unique kind of good truly.  That won’t happen with Buck Rumpke or Tom Farrell by themselves.  It would take a truly smart intellect and a person willing to do the extra work in Todd Minniear to pull it off, which is a fascinating prospect. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Good Guy J.D. Vance: There’s a long way to go, but he’s certainly one you’d like to see get there

A Good Guy, J.D. Vance

Nancy Nix continues to be a great example of influence leadership in Butler County, Ohio.  I attribute the success of any endeavor, whether it’s a successful business or a political community, to the strength of its influence leadership, which I spend a lot of time talking about in my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  Influence leaders are not the ones who put a spotlight on themselves; but instead, they work as leaders in ways that aren’t traditionally measured for the success of any enterprise.  And that’s what Nancy does, and how I finally was able to meet J.D. Vance after many other opportunities to do so came up short.  I had wanted to meet J.D. since he is running for the Rob Portman senate seat.  I had been writing about how much I like Jane Timken in that role.  I had liked Josh Mandel because I know him as a Tea Party guy.  But I’m not crazy how he has managed the pressure once he did get essential seats.  Timken just picked up an endorsement of Kristi Noem, which meant a lot to me, but the big drawback there is that she’s too close to Mike DeWine.  When I have talked to her personally, she is quick to explain the complexity of that relationship.  I give her some room there because everyone has to have some representation as a party leader even if she doesn’t agree with everything they do.  But the question is, to what effect would other things be accepted in accepting a few screwballs here and there?  Some other candidates for this Rob Portman Senate race are not viable, likely under 10%ers who just muddy the water.  But J.D. Vance is one whom I’ve wanted to like because I liked his book Hillbilly Elegy when it first came out, and I have thought he did a great job in the media covering that book and talking about Trump’s White House.  Yet he seemed too good, so I have had questions for him that you could only tell upon meeting someone, and until Nancy managed to get us together, I would have never otherwise known. 

When reading the Hillbilly Elegy, I had thought that it was precisely people like J.D. Vance who should be managing our affairs in government.  After all, he checked all the boxes; he was a lawyer trained at Yale, worked in the tech industry, was a Marine, and rose from the ashes of Middletown, Ohio, which is literally in my back yard to move into great things of personal achievement. They made an interesting Netflix movie about his life and family based on the book, and I wondered if his wife was as sweet and understanding in real life as she was in the book and movie.  As it turned out, she was.  And when meeting J.D., you can tell without a shadow of a doubt that he is a good guy.  A very good person and the reason for it is that he had a good family.  Sure, the Hillbilly Elegy was about severe dysfunction at certain levels. Vance’s mother is now known so well for her history of substance abuse.  He had a wild childhood that crushes most kids in most families, most of the time.  As J.D. says in his book, he is astonished to come from his childhood and into this new life as a normal person.  I don’t think I am too surprised that J.D. is such a good person because even with all the dysfunction with his mother, he had a very good family otherwise.  Many people inside the Beltway politics don’t know that those from the mountains of Kentucky and West Virginia, on down into Tennessee and Virginia, are pretty intelligent.  They have been ridiculed and made fun of in every way that society can make fun of a people.  But I’ve known them all my life, and I have had family members go through the same kind of thing as J.D. has.  Luckily my parents were rock solid, but I have cousins and aunts and uncles who were every bit as troubled as J.D. Vance’s mother was.  It often comes from being too smart for their own good, which gets them into trouble, and they turn to drugs to shut out the voices of logic that run counter to a crazy world.  Reality is just a little too real for them, and they collapse on themselves.  But in J.D. Vance’s story, his strong and deep family is pretty standard among the people I know, and yes, they are Trump voters.  They listen to Alex Jones in the garage through a rebel radio network.  I have family, in fact, that still lives down in the areas of Kentucky, such as Slade and Buckhorn, who are so suspicious of census workers that often those government workers disappear, never to be heard from again. 

I had a few copies of the Hillbilly Elegy; I bought the updated paperback when it came out after the Netflix film was released, and J.D. had added the new afterword at the back of the book.  There he explains that he took his book proceeds and bought the property down in Jackson, Kentucky, where his grandparents were buried, and stated that he wanted to preserve the land so that his kids could enjoy it as he did.  I brought that book with me for him to sign at our meeting, which he did.  Yes, J.D. Vance is a really good and sincere person.  He is the real deal.  But my concern was how would he hold up under the pressure of politics once the honeymoon was over and his Mr. Smith Goes to Washington moment was over.  After all, it’s not a question as to whether he can get elected.  J.D. has some great campaign people.  He has great fundraising and support.  He is great at television and other forms of communication.  He has a supportive wife.  You can check all the positives.  Is he tough? Well, he had to be to come out of childhood without being a mess.  Can he stand up to corruption?  I think he has no tolerance for corruption and can afford to stand up to it, knowing that he has a good family to lean on no matter what happens in his life.  So, I asked him the question I wanted to ask, why I needed to meet him. “So what will make you different than Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, other Mr. Smith Goes to Washington types who get into the Senate with great intentions only to get buzz-sawed in that corrupt culture?” And he said the only thing that could be the correct answer; he said, “well, it’s going to take a coalition of about 8 or 9 people, and from there, we can begin to turn the tide.” It was good to hear that he understood that beyond just campaign talk.  Everyone has great ideas when they are trying to get elected.  But very few know what to do once they get there.

J.D. Vance on the Warroom

J.D. Vance was ready for the buzz-saw.  His wife was there, and I could see her look; it was the look of a supportive wife who would have enjoyed being anywhere but there because all the handshaking was not her thing.  But in her was that same kind of unconditional and dependable love that J.D. had with his Mamaw.  How do I know, because I have a wife like that, and I had a grandmother much as J.D. did.  Appalachia women from the mountains and the wild men they married and tamed.  It’s a Middletown, Hamilton, Ohio kind of thing.  And when you find a wife who understands, then it can make a person nearly invincible.  And for those reasons and more, J.D. Vance is a good option for that much-needed Senate seat. There’s a long way to go in the race yet. Still, I would love for a person like J.D. Vance to fill such a seat when the world is desperately hungry for those kinds of people to manage our government with influence leadership and a tremendous personal foundation for truth and justice for all.  I want to see how all these candidates hold up under the pressure in the upcoming months, but I can at least say now, I am cheering for J.D. Vance.  I hope to see him intact at the finish line.

Rich Hoffman

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A House Divided is OK: What I learned from Gretchen Wollert’s book ‘Born To Fight’

Its Better to be a House Divided than to put up with Evil

When Gretchen Wollert sent me an invite to review her new book, Born to Fight: Lincoln and Trump, I’ll have to admit that I was a little skeptical.  And I always think about that skepticism whenever I bring out a new book as I am now.  Many people are out there writing books, so how are you supposed to know one from another now that publishing has decentralized?  Ironically, we live in a time when more books are produced and sold globally, yet human beings seem to have lost the means to their intellect.  But there was something about Gretchen that I liked a lot, so I read her book and found it quite good.  It was more than just another book on Trump riding on the coattails of his presidency.  What she did that was unique was compare President Lincoln and President Trump in a parallel that was oddly similar in so many ways.  Not to mention was an unusual reminder of the times we live in and how they aren’t much different than how things were before and after the Civil War.  Where I didn’t expect to learn much new for me, it turned out that Gretchen’s comparison over more than 100 years of American history was the exact thing needed to answer a question I had been thinking about a lot lately, whether we should be a house divided or value the ways we are different.  And to accept that fate. 

In my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I have many quotes that I like a lot. Still, as I read Gretchen’s book, one came to mind how the Civil War started essentially because Lincoln was elected. Soon after he won his re-election, he was killed by a radical leftist, an actor from that social order, just a few days after the war was over.  JFK was killed very early in his term, again by a radical leftist—an open communist that many think was deeply tied to a newly created Deep State.  By the time Trump came along, the killing of presidents had changed. My quote reflects this transition as such: “Once the dandies of the world took ownership of production, the means to a living, a new way of killing people has become fashionable–the ruining of their reputations or at least the attempt of it. These days we call it “cancel culture,” but that is just a new name for an old practice: that replaced the honor of a gunfight to the death to preserve honor and integrity.”  The attempt to kill Trump was under the new method of erasing him from existence, starting with Twitter.  The modern belief is that a killed reputation is better and cleaner than actually shooting someone in the head, removing them from life itself.  We might now look at the behavior of the political left and our modern Deep State and be shocked into inaction by the evil of it all, but it’s not new. It’s a repeat of history over and over again.  These repulsive forces against the righteousness of America will never go away until they are defeated and utterly destroyed.  There has always been an assassin element rooted in political parties in America, so far always on the political left, and our good Christian sensibilities have usually turned the other cheek over and over again, empowering the bullies.  But what is happening now is not unusual.  It happened before, which is what Gretchen was able to capture wonderfully in her book.  And if we don’t put an end to it, we will see assassinations physically or by social ostracization well into the future.  There is no making peace with it. 

The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business

Now Lincoln tried to bring everyone together by stating that a “House divided cannot stand.” And to this day, many Republicans are still saying it, and they are always the first to compromise.  That gives the wild communists always left-leaning the power and leverage politically.  They know Republicans will move off their position; they never meet anybody halfway.  Democrats take and take and take until there is nothing left but an empty husk of the country.  And if you don’t do what they want you to do, they plot to get rid of you in every way possible. That’s how they function.  They know Republicans don’t want a “house divided,” so they are always looking to show just how much the house is divided.  And they use that leverage to dominate the right in every way.  That is until people voted for Donald Trump, and he was willing to fight the good fight against the Deep State, much to the political left’s consternation.  But this time, the left was slipping, and they had to get rid of Trump before they lost their grip on power, which I would argue has already happened.  The left has power on paper.  But they do not have the hearts and minds of the masses, and that brand has been forever damaged.  They are presently living a very slow-moving death. 

I closed Gretchen’s fine book thinking that America can stand as a divided house.  Ultimately, Lincoln picked a moral war that killed hundreds of thousands of people for the idea of freeing the slaves.  The battle was a bloody mess, and it had to happen to do what was right in the world.  Trump, in his way, had to stand up to China and the jealous villains of the world who wanted to see the end of America. Trump’s America First platform was, in its way, a demand for freedom from the clutches of Chinese communism that had been well planned and was well on its way before Trump took office.  The violent reaction to Trump being elected was much the same as the South had toward Lincoln.  There will always be these violent uprisings when people pick a president outside of the forces that think they are in control.  And to take a page out of President Roosevelt, which I think is another good comparison to Trump, peace is no good if we allow evil to boil into life.  Specifically, Teddy Roosevelt said, “the pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer.” When we see evil, we are compelled to face it down and destroy it.  Not to make friends with it. 

Ultimately, that is what I learned from Gretchen’s book.  For her point, she wanted to show how similar the lives of Lincoln and Trump were.  But it’s in the context of history that the more powerful message is clear to all.  As the American people, we always have picked the right kind of fighters to do what needs to be done.  The forces that want to keep us under control have always sought to kill off our champions for justice, which we have seen in our own time with how Trump has been treated.  But as we’ve seen, this isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.  We must allow for the house to be divided, not to sacrifice everything to unite it.  We need to have our battles; we need to fight the fights.  And through the smoke, we need to see who wins.  But to accept evil, no, we can’t do that. 

Rich Hoffman

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People are Slow to Realize Things: But they aren’t going back to sleep

It takes People a Long Time

So, we’re a few days into the election fraud presentation by Mike Lindell at the Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and there have been plenty of bombs dropped.  There was election fraud.  At the same time as the Symposium began, Governor Cuomo resigned from his position in New York over the many sexual harassment claims made against him.  I would argue that he had to resign and that there were sexual harassment issues, to begin with, to divert attention away from the worst crimes of Covid deaths that occurred in New York.  All these blue state governors will continue to be picked apart for mistakes they made during Covid.  Sexual harassment and resignation are a lot better to deal with than murder committed by political necessity.  But the timing couldn’t have been more obvious.  A big juicy story was happening simultaneously as the public trial led by Mike Lindell on massive election fraud fronted by China to steal the 2020 election.  It illustrated an obvious problem that is keen on everyone’s mind.  Knowing what we know about election fraud, what are we going to do about it, an open war with China because of what we did?  Can we even think of something like that with our house so divided? After all, Democrats seem perfectly fine with China, so we must have an internal civil war first before we can even ask about foreign hostilities.  For most people, it’s time for pre-season football.  They want to think about anything but any of these things.  This is why the criminals expected to get away with the crime in the first place. 

What’s worse, the evidence points to Dr. Fauci and his involvement in the Wuhan Lab in China and their deliberate tampering of a coronavirus into the transmissibility straight into the human population.  The more Dr. Doom has worked the ropes to inspire mask mandates and a return to Covid protocols, the more guilty he has looked.  Things were so nice back then, where the government was in complete control.  They want so much to return to those days.  All the talk about the Sturgis Bike Rally is a super spreader when in reality, they only had a few hundred cases last year out of half a million people.  It’s laughable, yet they are reaching for anything to divert the fact that U.S. taxpayers helped fund the bioweapon of coronavirus through the Fauci-controlled NIH.  And now, thanks to Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, we can see enough voter irregularities to understand China tampered with our elections in a big way.  Given the historic approach provided by the Democrats against Trump and the sheer thought that Russians might have tampered with our elections in the United States, what in the world are we supposed to do with the evidence we have that China did.  Russia was pure speculation, and we all watched the circus.  But now, we have the packet captures that tell the story of China declaring war against the United States by establishing a coup of our president. We have an intelligence community that we also pay for with taxes that let it happen.  Or should we say, encouraged it to happen for their reasons? 

The trouble is people like you and me; dear reader is on the front of things like this.  We understand this story, but many out there who are on the blue pill plan, really want to fill out their fantasy football picks and to get some chicken wings somewhere.  They must get their kids to soccer practice; they don’t have time or room for these kinds of issues.  But they are, by sheer audacity getting exposure, and they are learning.  They are getting wise to the questions about their government that many of us have been asking for years.  It just takes them a while to get there.  But they will get there.  That is why suddenly there is a push to go full Green New Deal, full Squad Socialism.  To go all Bernie Sanders all the time.  Democrats have been playing around with communism and socialism for most of our lives.  But they haven’t gone all-in until now.  They hope to hide all these massive mistakes; I’d call them crimes before regular everyday people catch on.  When ordinary people realize what happened in the 2020 election, they are going to be mad.  When they learn that China unleashed the coronavirus on America to torpedo our economy in an election year and that Dr. Fauci helped them do it with Bill Gates blowing in the sails of destruction, they are going to be mad. 

The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business

The government hopes to survive if they can turn America into an authoritarian state completely before that point.  But I can say that the masses are already onto it.  The Sturgis Rally has over 700,000 people, and they aren’t wearing masks.  And people are more openly talking about election fraud in everyday conversation now. It’s losing its conspiratorial edge and is becoming mainstream acceptability.  That means for the government that their goal of vaccinating a majority of the population isn’t going to happen.  A majority of the people are laughing at directives from the government, and people are getting more comfortable at not accepting that Joe Biden was legally elected.  Admitting to the problem is the first step in solving the issue, and people are going through that process now.  While many of us have been there for a while, we are watching a substantial majority of the population refusing to listen to the new mask mandates and fear peddling that got us all in trouble in the first place.  While it might all look so scary, I would offer that it has been a time long coming.  If Trump were still in office, many of these corrupt forces would still operate in the background.

Mike Lindell has a good point which has been made in his Symposium over and over again.  If Trump had won, everyone would have just gone back to sleep.  With China removing Trump from office, they advanced things too fast for the comfort of the American people, and now everything is collapsing.  And not even announcing that a sacrificial lamb in Governor Cuomo is stepping out of power can stop it now. California’s Newsom will be the next to fall.  Then next, Mike DeWine in Ohio will follow; there are many ramifications that the political left doesn’t want to see happening on an entire collision course with reality, and they know it will hurt.  They can only hope that by the time it does, America will be a communist country. 

I wouldn’t say this is a time for panic.  We are simply waiting for the rest of the world to get it, and I see it starting everywhere.  Americans are waking up, ordinary Americans, BW3s attendees, fantasy football players, those types of people.  And that’s why the left is panicking and is in trouble now.  We have all been frogs slow cooking in a hot bowl of water.  Suddenly the water was turned on high to a boil, and now we have been jumping out of that hot water for our self-preservation.  And we can see who has been putting us in that pot to cook, and we’re mad.  I would say it’s about time, and I can’t wait for more to join the chorus of anger.  But at this point, the chain reaction is unleashed, and there is no stopping it now.  And I think I’ll enjoy watching what happens next.  It might be destructive, but it will lead to the restoration of our republic, and there’s nothing terrible about that.

Rich Hoffman

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The Tea Party Movement is Alive and Well: But there are different ideas about what “good” is

A lot of Old Friends and a Lot of New Friends

There are many talks now about the Tea Party as if the movement ever really went away.  Many are amazed to hear that there are still Tea Parties in various communities.  I can say that I know of many who are still functioning through the Trump years into the present, and they have been thriving.  The most significant difference was that they weren’t being covered in the media the way they had been, so in that way, a lot of people think that they went away.   But I had been to a few Tea Party events with the West Chester Tea Party over the years, so I had known firsthand that they were still functioning.  Including recently when I was invited to come and speak at one of their meetings on Critical Race Theory and how it applied to Lakota Schools.  Now with Trump out of the White House and functioning as a ghost from Florida, the foundations of his presidency are very much alive and well.  The Tea Party movement can once again be heard.  They never went away; it was just that the noise of the world made it hard to listen to them.  Yet when I arrived at a meeting for the invite cast my way, I was even amazed at how many people were there.  It was a packed crowd.   The church where we were meeting in West Chester couldn’t have held more people; it was pretty amazing to see.  I go back in time with the West Chester Tea Party for over a decade, and they were always a big one with great crowds.  But the crowds now were bigger than back then, which says quite a lot.

It was great to see many of the old faces from back then.  But it was even better to see many new faces.  My participation with the Tea Party in West Chester sort of faded out in 2014 when Trump started to look like he was going to run for president.  Then by 2015, it was clear that I made the turn toward Trump while many other Tea Party members supported Rand Paul and his dad Ron Paul along with Ted Cruz.  In those early days of the Trump campaign, nobody was taking him all that seriously.  But for me, I knew that the fight we had to conduct would be unconventional, to say the least, and that Trump was the perfect guy for the job.  My wife and I had several grandchildren by this point, and we often had visits from them on the same days as the meetings.  It wasn’t any particular thing, just really supporting different candidates for the presidential run in 2015 and 2016.  I still returned to the Tea Party for specific meetings on essential topics, but gradually I went from an every meeting attendee to a once or twice year participant. 

However, returning for this little presentation on Critical Race Theory, I couldn’t help but make some additional observations.  Over the years, many of the Tea Party candidates that emerged into public office I had stayed close with.  Many of them are now mainstream candidates and doing great work.  But the elements of the Tea Party itself were very much still in the rock-throwing phase, so the guilt of trust had formed along those lines that were noticeable.   Back in the early days of the Tea Party in West Chester, many officeholders attended every meeting.  Now, not so much.  There were a few here and there, but generally, there was a lack of trust in all elected officeholders that hadn’t been there before.  My position on rock-throwers is that it’s a critical part of any management. That’s how you can determine whether or not ideas hold up or not.  Yet, if you are successful as a rock thrower, you will eventually find that you will win and become the mainstream.  And that is a different animal. That’s the point when you will be the one responsible for making decisions instead of criticizing others for making them, and for many, that is a tough transition. 

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As I said, I maintained several of my relationships with Tea Party candidates who are now very much at the core of the Republican Party, and I’d like to see it stay that way as long as the shelf life of those officeholders holds up.  But there is a perception that just being in the office leads directly to corruption.  That is one of the reasons in my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business; I talk so much about playing poker because, in politics, that is often the game we are playing, just by the default mode. I’d love to have a republic with Jesus in all the offices; it would be a great world if that were the case.  But often, and this is one of the reasons that Trump thrived in politics, the people you are dealing with are sleazy and up to no good.  But they can be made to your purposes if you play the game correctly.  From what I could see of the modern Tea Party, many didn’t think that such a game should be played in politics, that the effort to install purity was the ultimate goal for officeholders.  But experience said many of those pure minds would wash out the moment evil touched their sensitive souls, and then you are back to square one with those positions. That’s why I think playing poker is a much more appropriate metaphor for officeholders.  Poker is all about managing deceit for the gains of the pot without losing along the way.  I have always felt that the Tea Party produced many good poker players who do a good job today without losing themselves.  But they needed to be more like Trump and less like the apostles of Jesus who easily fold once vast evils of the political world wash over them in the combat of ideas.  I don’t think it’s a void that can’t be worked out, but it was certainly present in the modern West Chester Tea Party. 

One thing that could not be debated was the intent, and at that West Chester Tea Party meeting, there were plenty of people who intend to bring good management to elected office.  They may disagree about the means, but the intent is clear to everyone, and interest in that intent is as strong as ever, perhaps more so.   The Trump Presidency had shown people that much of the evil they thought was out there indeed was.  If there was ever a question about the kind of corruption Ron Paul always talked about, Trump rooted it out for all to see, and we are better off for it.  Everyone deals with such information differently, but at least now we all know and don’t have illusions about it.  What we do about it now is, of course, the real story that is evolving day by day.  But putting up with a communist and socialist world with the complete take over of our government by foreign attackers, well, that’s just not going to happen.  I could see it clearly in that West Chester Tea Party meeting.  And I know it from my political friends who I’ve known as long if not longer than my start with that same Tea Party over a decade ago.  Accepting evil in politics was not in the cards, but like most things in life, the wins and losses come in how we play them. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Government is in a Panic: Their lack of control terrifies them

The Government is in a Panic Over their Lack of Power

I’ll talk to anybody anytime, anywhere, and that’s been my policy for many years.  But it’s been a while for me speaking at the West Chester Tea Party in Ohio, where I’ve been affiliated with them for many years—going back 11 years to the year of 2010.  Well, these are crazy times, and I was happy to be invited back to give a little presentation to a very large audience about Critical Race Theory in Lakota schools.  But as I was speaking, I was thinking through the years to the first times I told an audience in public about the Marxism that was integrated into the John Dewey public education system and what kind of reaction I had as a result.  People, of course, didn’t want to believe it, the free babysitting service that is public education was just too lucrative for most parents, and they didn’t want to deal with the fact that they were sending their kids to Marxist education camps.  Now, a decade later, I was saying pretty much the same thing, and all the heads in the audience, and everywhere really, were nodding in agreement.  Finally, they understood what had always been there and were ready to take action against it.  I was thrilled to see such warm faces that used to be pretty hostile, listening to what steps they could take to alleviate the situation in the public schools.  Yet, it also provoked in me a bit of frustration.  I am always right about these things, and I’m not a young pup.  I have a long history of pointing out these problems, and people are always slow to listen. 

But I’ll repeat it, I’ll go out on a limb and explain the circumstances of our present, what the vaccines are all about, what the masks are for, what and why the government is behaving the way they are.  What I’m saying is not a conspiracy theory; it’s an understanding realized ahead of the facts arriving to confirm it.  Yet, I hope that people will listen and make adjustments to their lives so they can get through it all well.  The government is not all-powerful.  But they want to be; they fantasized that they would be. That’s why many government workers entered government service because the secret little bullies that were deep inside their subconscious wanted to push people around.  Maybe they are second children in their families and were always picked on by an older sibling, which inspired them into government work. Perhaps they were themselves the oldest child and want to remain always the bully throughout their lives.  Maybe they aren’t brilliant people, and they want authority to mask their lack of intelligence.  Whatever it is, the government is full of people who are not very smart and have deep authority issues that remain unresolved throughout their lives.  I would say that my take on government is that you need it and that we as a society should work hard to put the best people we can in government to manage things, just like we would a business.  But that approach is not yet in the majority opinion.  The founding fathers envisioned such a society, but that is not what we have today.  We have all been too lazy to manage government in that way, and the results have been that the worst and least intelligent end up in government, and they want to rule the world to prove that they are worth something. 

The need for authority is why many government types gravitate to Marxism and soft-edged socialism.  It is a vehicle for them to rule over the masses while looking like a benefactor of goodness along the way.  That is precisely how the Marxist literature moved through state school boards to be imposed on public schools all across America.  As government officials, it was the secret need that they had to embrace Marxism to justify their desire for ultimate control over everyone and everything.  And that brings us to the big test which had long been planned in 2020, a “Great Reset” of the world’s economic and political system into outright Marxism led by China on the world stage.  After the Tea Party movement in America scattered around the world to the Brexit situation in the United Kingdom, the protests in Hong Kong, and many other places, the Davos characters needed to protect their global investments. They turned to socialism and communism to do so.  That put all the world’s countries at the doorstep of China to consume, and scientists created the Wuhan virus to invoke the Great Reset through mass panic globally.  It was the standard Cloward and Piven crush that so many government villains were engaged in so that the Kotter change state would give rise to a new global government that had long been planned. 

These authoritarian characters worked hard through money and influence to get rid of our elected President Trump, and they picked his final year in office to unleash their plan.  Covid was released to facilitate that change state, and off it went into the destruction we see presently.  Yet now there is a problem.  It didn’t work.   There are still too many people who think independently, and this little problem hadn’t been figured out in Davos by the billionaire planners.  They did not accommodate the necessity of all human beings, the desire to self-govern.  Not everyone has the guts to self-govern, but most people want to have that option.  The Covid protocols did not create the planned change state, and now there is egg on the face of everyone in on the scam, the governments of the world, the media bootlicking what they thought were going to be the party leaders under communism.  The many academics who embraced communism over one hundred years ago. It’s the kind of topic that doesn’t usually come up when taking the kids to soccer practice.  Or when we go out to dinner, nobody talks about these things.  People don’t often share thoughts about their political beliefs, even though they probably should.  That way, people would have known just how radical their kid’s teacher was or their school’s principal.  Or their CEO.  Their water meter checker. Everyone.  If people had been more honest with each other, nobody would be as surprised as they are now. 

But now, with the election fraud being exposed and China’s role in unleashing the coronavirus, the government is turning to the grand cover-up; they want to have lockdowns again because they worked before.  They want to bring back the mask mandates.  They want mandatory vaccinations because they are testing their ability to control mass society.  And what they are getting in return is a rejection.  Sure, some people are going along with whatever the government says, but there will always be those 20% to 30% of the population that will refuse.  Because of that refusal, that leaves the government exposed to their crimes, and that truly terrifies them.  This is why they are panicking now, doing everything they can to impose authoritarian rule because they fear getting caught and being exposed more than they fear being constitutionally wrong.  Most of them do what they do because they are Marxists and looking to get rid of the constitution anyway. They’ve gone too far already ever to go back.  They are all in; they’ve pushed their chips into the center of the table and are betting everything on total authoritarianism.  And you can bet that they are terrified of losing it all.  Which, I would say, will be the result.  We have the winning hand.  They don’t, and they will lose.  But until they realize that, it’s going to look a lot scarier than it is.  Because going total authoritarianism is the only move they have to make. 

Rich Hoffman

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What January 6th Was Really About: People are sick and tired of being lied to

Government Has Lied to Us One Too Many Times

It continues to be a talking point, this desire of Democrats, and some Republicans, to abuse their positions of power to hide outright crimes committed within the Beltway culture of Washington D.C.  That is what the January 6th Commission is all about.  It’s just another witch hunt meant to hide the crimes that politicians have committed, in their alliance with China as a hostile foreign nation, their part in committing election fraud, in the active coup of a sitting American president.  Of their knowledge of the Covid origins as a man-made virus unleashed upon the world to create a “change state” socialist economy for which the political class would rule over.  The desire to distract from those crimes is why they have picked January 6th as a hill to die on.  And in the end, that’s just what will metaphorically happen to them. I’ve said it in other places; think of the IRS abuse with Lois Lerner, think of Benghazi, the Hillary Clinton emails.  Think of the FBI working with Democrats to destroy Donald Trump before he ever got to the office.  Think of all that, then take away the hope of justice from another Trump term, and yes, you have some outraged people out there.  But instead of dealing with that, the criminals in our government have sought to dig their hole even deeper, pissing people off even more.  It is the finest example of arrogance that can be displayed for public view on a mass scale.  And that, in essence, is what all the drama is all about.  The criminals need a cover story from the judgment of the good.

The truth of the matter is, some people, enough people, are waking up.   Being woke isn’t so much about editorializing people and their free speech as much as it is the realization that we had a nightmare of compliance that everyone had been functioning from for many hundreds of years.  Suddenly through the miracles of options created in the free culture of America, it has exposed these kinds of crimes so that they are apparent.  Where Nancy Pelosi hopes that the emperor has no clothes apply to her and her friends, the evidence has shown that people can see her naked and aren’t willing to go along with the gag any longer.  Some people are, but many are not, enough to make things rough for the future of Democrats and RINO Republicans who just wanted to play along with the game enough to enrich themselves.  The old rules of the Beltway are being challenged.  People are tired of the games and in paying for them.  And the start of the fissure started on January 6th when the old rules were put to the test and what scared the politicians was that the public wasn’t willing to go back to sleep only to be consumed with that same old nightmare over and over again.  This time they were awake for good. 

I know it’s scary to see how bad some of these people are and witness how many of them are so devoid of character that they would participate in the destruction of America over just making a few dollars.  This temps many to rationalize that money is the root of all evil, but as I say in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, money reveals this kind of behavior which is great.  Money shows us all what people will do to get it, even if it’s committing crimes.  Otherwise, how would we know the difference between a criminal and a hard worker?  Money brings people their values to see, so there is value in seeing the truth from behavior.  Just as in Trump, his presidency was valuable because the pressure of him wanting to do a good job, in wanting to drain the swamp, has shown us just how nasty that swamp was.  I think a lot of us suspected it.  Every year, we would talk about it around the Thanksgiving table with our families before the football games started.  But so long as we were somewhat left alone in our lives, we were generally unwilling to do anything about the criminals in government who were getting away with murder, literally in many cases. 

But now we know, and we have seen a lot over the last decade, really going back to the start of the Tea Party movement.  I remember how scared the politicians were of the Tea Party. This education organization was formed without a leader to evoke reform in government and get the nation back to constitutional ideas.  I remember how stunned the bad guys were when Glenn Beck filled the Mall over a Labor Day weekend speech he made in 2009, a year after Barack Obama was president.  We remembered that Bill Ayers, the American terrorist, had launched Obama’s campaign in his living room.  And now we had a socialist in the White House, and we weren’t happy about it.  Tea Party members would peaceably gather, and they were made fun of, belittled everywhere, and ostracized to no end for just wanting goodness out of our government.  Trump was born out of that movement.  Trump did not create the movement.  None of the government criminals is willing to consider that admission; it would be the end of them.  Trump was put in place to finish what the Tea Party started.  And when that criminal government took Trump away, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

January 6th was just the start.  The Mike Lindell symposium that he is about to unleash over the election results, the continued Trump rallies, and many thousands of blogs and podcasters have only become angrier over what was witnessed over 2020 and into 2021.  There are too many of them to change their mind, and they are not willing to be as serene as they were in the early days of the Tea Party because now, unlike then, we know better.  The bad guys have been revealed.  They have been hostile.  And they have worked with foreign powers to undo our nation.  Sure, the internet, which our governments and their corporate sponsors control, will try to remove my ability to say what I am saying here, but it doesn’t matter because we are all thinking it.  And they can’t remove thoughts as much as they’d like to.  People don’t like the government.  People don’t trust the government.  And now that the government has taken away their happiness, with mask mandates, threats to put their daughters in a draft, threats to make kids go to school with drag queens, CRT in those public schools that are too expensive for the worth of free babysitting service, people who otherwise wouldn’t have been politically activated are now active.  They tried to do the right thing and solve these matters with a vote, but the government criminals took that away from them too.  So the result is anger and lots of it.  Anger that won’t go away quickly.  It won’t send people back to complaining about the government at Thanksgiving dinners before football games.  Now it’s carried over into everyday life.  When people cannot enjoy their life, they will turn against the government that gets in the way of that happiness.  And that is the consideration that nobody on that criminal side figured out before they dug this deep grave for themselves.  And why they will be so surprised as we start filling that grave in with metaphorical dirt.

Rich Hoffman

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John Boehner Misses the Cause of the Capitol Riot: It wasn’t Trump–it was politicians like the former Speaker

John Boehner isn’t a loser because we’re mean, its because he thinks like one

What nobody wants to admit, and this is very clear in the comments John Boehner uttered while promoting his new book on his life and times as Speaker of the House was that the violence at the Capitol was because people did not want to go back to having politicians like him running Washington D.C. again.  The violence at the Capitol was as much a rebuke against John Boehner as it was against election fraud which the establishment types that Boehner loves so much didn’t want to hear because they weren’t and still aren’t prepared to fight that fight.  Those kinds of Republicans, “John Boehner” types of Republicans are not ready to fight that kind of fight, where they stand for something, anything.  What John Boehner gives us is what he shows on the cover of his book, a cigarette chain smoker sipping on a wine glass.  His cover reminds me of James Comey actually who made similar references to wine drinking in his book on his termination from the Trump FBI.  These people like the social parts of the political jobs in Washington, but they don’t like the work.  It wasn’t Trump who egged on rioters, it was people sick of the political system John Boehner represented, and people didn’t want to return to those days, especially with Mitch McConnell coming out at the same time as a major RINO Republican just like John Boehner.  The fault for the riots fell on the shoulders of the many politicians who let down the voting public, and that is where any blame should be distributed. 

As I said in the video above, I know John Boehner through good friends of mine who are also good friends of him.  A review of my hundreds and hundreds of articles from the time when Boehner was Speaker of the House will show that I was very critical of him because he was anti-Tea Party.  And I was very Tea Party.  I remember a meeting with the Boehner people in 2010 where I asked them how we could get out of the United Nations, because at that time there was so much concern about the smart meters that was being put on our homes, and it was all driven by the United Nations looking to bring the world under a one-world government.  The Boehner people sort of laughed at the request as if my thoughts were driven by conspiracy theory.  Then there was another time where Obama had made some appointments that were impeachable offenses, and I had the evidence and the legal position in my hand.  I rode my motorcycle through the January rain to hand-deliver the contents to John Boehner’s office personally, which I did.  They of course thought the idea of impeachment of President Obama was ridiculous.  I tried to work with John Boehner, to bring him into the fold, and he stiff-armed all of us in our local community who were trying to stick to a Constitutional small government.  He was a big government guy who was much more of a Democrat than a Republican and it caused a small civil war in my community which he became so sick of that he retired.  He was a cry baby who embarrassed us with his estrogen-laced diatribes and it was obvious he wasn’t up for the job.  So, we pushed him out and replaced him with the great Warren Davidson—a much better pick who represents us to this day. 

Then to make matters worse, Boehner turned around and became a pot lobbyist for legalized marijuana.  Personally, for me, I am as anti-pot as I am Hell or the poisons of the Devil himself.  I’ve ended entire long-time friendships with people just because they tried pot, so for me, it’s a deal killer.  As much as I thought John Boehner was a big government RINO who was certainly part of the problem in Washington when he started to become a pot lobbyist, that was the end for me.  I pulled back from some of my political activity around town because I didn’t want to deal with him at events.  He made me as sick as a person can become sick.  That’s how I felt about John Boehner before he came out to slam current members of the freedom caucus like Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz and attempted to put a final nail in President Trump so that he could hopefully get good enough press coverage to sell a few books.  It was and is one of the most disgusting things in politics that I can think of, largely because I know a lot about the inside story of the crying loser that is John Boehner.  What he said to the media about Trump and the MAGA movement is a gross distortion from a mind in denial of what caused Boehner and others to be pushed out of public office.  People like Rob Portman, whom I also know.  I don’t know him well now, but I knew him well when he was first getting started.  Who he is today is nothing like what he was when he first got into politics and it always sickens me to see that transformation change, from a hopeful small government freedom fighter to a wine sipping pot advocate that wants to make love, not war, when the war against our very lives is on our doorstep. 

To hear Boehner crying about why he failed as a Speaker because everyone is so angry these days, that social media allows people to voice their opinions too easily making it hard to rally people behind a common cause only displays to me a lazy politician who wants things to be as they were, where you worked 9 to 5 and shook hands with the enemy for a fabulous nightlife of banging wine glasses and talking about golf.  It’s not against the law to be a wimp, and John Boehner is a wimp.  But when you represent a community and then try to force an agenda down their throats advocating for globalism over Constitutional principles, then that problem is on you.  People got sick of politicians like John Boehner.  I met him here and there, but he was always distracted and aloof like he couldn’t wait for his next drink.  By contrast, I’ve been able to get in touch with Warren Davidson many times since his term started, and that’s with many hundreds of thousands of people in that district competing for attention.  Davidson is a good hard worker and an honest politician.  Boehner is lazy, sloppy, and a dredge on the system who wants peace because he’s too stupid and comfortable in life to fight for anything.  And the Democrats knew it.  And Trump was a fighter like Davidson, and these are the kind of people we have been replacing the Boehners in government with.  Just like a kid who was cut from a high school sports team, Boehner can make up all the reasons for his failure that he wants.  But the truth is that he caused the Capitol riots and those like him.  People were so unhappy with the thought of returning to those crooked days of wine glass deals by RINOs that they were ready to fight.  And in that case, instead of just thinking about it, they stormed the Capitol in protest.  The fault wasn’t there’s, it was in people like John Boehner.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Mysterious Middletown Mound: What the Giants of Ohio have in common with election fraud

Not to just spawn off conspiracy theories, I took a moment to go to a site that honestly pisses me off to no end, the Middletown Mound near my home, literally just a few minutes north above the Great Miami River to show a site where I will bet everything that there are the bones of giants within the contents of the mound shown in the video above.   I say that because it is well known now that it’s twin, the Miamisburg Mound just a few miles upriver from the Middletown Mound has known large skulls found within it and full skeletons of people 8’6” in height.  The people who excavated the mound were so terrified of the contents that they have not returned to excavate the mound since 1869.  Its not as if people didn’t know about the mounds or the giants, but the government came along and built the Monsanto Nuclear site right on top of this ancient complex, which dated to 200 B.C. to 1000 B.C.  All this was chronicled in a little booklet called The Brief Historical Background of Miamisburg Mound that cost $3 and was passed out at the May 1975 Explosive Safety Engineering Conference conducted on site by the Monsanto Research Corporation.  Copies of that little booklet are still floating around among the local residents.  Of course, the Monsanto site of Mound Laboratories is tied to Wright-Patterson Airforce Base and all the Hanger 18 mysteries that involved alien retro engineering and the nuclear war program in general, right there on the site of a city of ancient people who were 7 to 8 feet tall—people who would make Shaquille O’Neal look like a little fellow. 

The point of the matter is that there is still excavations that could be done at Miamisburg that would prove the point that I’m making.  And its twin, the Middletown Mound as you can see in the video is just sitting their untouched for all this time, except for some obvious looting that took place many years ago that likely has giant skulls stuck in some private collection because nobody wants to get busted by the Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act.  Which was the point in my video, modern politics has decided that Native Americans as identified by the traditional Indians of cowboy movies should be exploited as an argument against the creation of America.  That’s why I addressed that issue quickly in my book, because to understand the real story of America and ironically the history of the world, you have to redefine what a Native American is.  Obviously, we aren’t talking about cultures that existed in a vacuum in 1750 A.D. or 500 A.D.  These mounds look to have been built a thousand years before Christ, before even the Greeks were doing anything about considering philosophy as an educational opportunity. 

Because of the politics of Indian exploitation by modern politics, we are avoiding a real truth to our ancient past that likely would be very valuable to understand, which is why it makes me pretty damn angry to think about.  As I pointed out, the evidence is right there in front of our faces, and there has been so much of that evidence already destroyed.  And people in the know understand, which is why there is no desire to do any kind of real excavations and to discover what kind of giant bones are in those mounds in a modern sense so that we can properly study them and move this topic beyond speculation and into the realm of science fact.  I would suggest that we have enough reports to ask the questions and to draw some basic conclusions which is what I do.  But to get into the place where we actually can write new history books and make new laws based on new understanding is something we should be eager to do as a society, but clearly are not.  The goal of modern politics is to exploit races of people based on an assumed history that evidence is showing rapidly was not correct and needs updated interpretations on what a Native American was or should be. 

For instance, there is so much evidence that there was a massive culture of these giants roaming around the Ohio River Valley that we could have that debate now based on the limited information we do have.  Even the very popular Serpent Mound has reports of 7 foot skeltons there, so this isn’t some regional anomaly involving the Great Miami River.  These giant bone findings are everywhere reported.  That leads to the question as to why aren’t they in museums? Well, the answer to that is the same as why nobody will admit to election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.  The cost of that admission is greater than the management of our present society can afford to accept.  To admit that there were advanced cultures in North America well before what we would call Indians is to deal with a larger problem the world has seen since its inception, that of the Vico Cycle, of cultures that rise and fall constantly and the reasons for those failures pointing to the kind of problems we see in modern politics.  Obviously, any culture wants to believe they have the answer that nobody has previously had before, so to maintain that illusion to themselves, they chose to either destroy prior evidence to the contrary, or to ignore it even when its in front of their faces.  Which is the case of the Middletown Mound shown in the video above.  The evidence is being selected to be ignored, because modern politics does not want to surrender their ability to exploit Indians for their progressive causes, in this case to argue that the United States should have never been created, and should be disassembled and rebuilt as some global woke culture under a communist government.  Thus, the Giants of Ohio remain a mystery still, but not because there isn’t evidence, but because of political sentiment desires to pretend that they have all the answers and that they aren’t just another failure on the great wheel of the Vico Cycle and the continued failures of every culture that chooses to ignore those hard lessons of birth and creation. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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When People No Longer Listen: Biden tripping up the steps

Tripping up the stairs was just an accident, but placed among all the other anxieties that are starting to really pile up, the Biden people are learning quickly how difficult it is to rule over people who don’t want you or like you.  The media is learning that there is a lot more to it than just manipulating election numbers and declaring Biden a winner on election night and setting in motion a media story that supports that view of the world.  People know who they voted for and it wasn’t Joey boy Biden, the Beijing bastard suckling the tit of communism from the mother country invading America.  People are looking for an excuse to defy the Biden administration, its becoming a game.  Since the announcement that if we were all good little boys and girls—ooopps, I used pronouns, then we might get to have our families over for the 4th of July.  Wow, isn’t that nice of the government, to let us do that?  Then there was Rand Paul finally standing up to Dr. Fauci on Capitol Hill this past week over the stupid mask mandates.  More and more people are now sick of Covid and the government and they are ready to lash out at someone somewhere.  And of course, Joe Biden was feeling the pressure when he went up those steps to Air Force One and tripped like a fool in front of the world.  Not only do we have a government of incompetent people running things, by force, because they stole the election over Covid, but the fool can’t even go up the steps of an airplane.  Yeah, things are mounting for the Biden people in ways they have no plan to deal with.

I would say I’m surprised but that would be a lie.  In fact, I am not shocked by any of this.  I could have told everyone what was going to happen the week after November when the election was up in the air and nobody knew what was happening in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona as we watched the vote count slowly go from Trump to Biden.  The Deep Staters thought everyone would just take it and go away accepting this implant of theirs, Joe Biden.  Generally, people were pretty nice about it, but here’s what nobody thought of—the American need to rebel against unjustified force and the passive aggressive methods that people will go to in order to express themselves.  I would argue that these passive aggressive methods are far, far worse than any Capitol riot that the Democrats are now so terrified of.  Once you get people against you, there really isn’t any way of putting the Genie back into the bottle.  Then the danger for the Biden people is that we are really only a few months into this mess and people are already feeling too comfortable thumbing their noses at American authority. 

You would have never seen Trump trip up the stairs.  He might have had an issue, but he would have smoothed it out quickly, he certainly wouldn’t have dug himself deeper by continuing to fall again and again then running up the ramp like a child and saluting before doing that little old man jog into his office on the plane.  It looked weak and it showed a person who is not competent to rule over others.  Then with Trump, he was very respectful of people’s rights to have differing opinions and he held close to the Constitution during his entire presidency.  Biden loves to give rules, but he has no intention like all Democrats do of actually living up to any of them.  They love to rule, and they expect respect whether people believe it or not.  They demand compliance.  That’s why Biden ran up that ramp and hid in his office after falling because he knew the unspoken rules were playing out at that moment.  People are quick to unfollow a fool who can’t walk up the stairs, especially when they have too many rules and regulations and are starting to cost them a lot of money. 

Gas prices are already going up because of the dumb energy policies of Biden and this congress, and that is cutting into all of our wallets.  I had to fill my car up twice this week instead of just once, and we are all seeing it.  Those contrasts with Trump are going to continue to grow, and the worse it gets, the more rebellious people will grow.  The push backs on Covid and the government mandates on masks are just a sideshow at this point, evidence of people’s discontent aimed at an issue everyone can see.  But the deeper sentiment is one where people don’t like being ruled by an embarrassment of a person.  If people are going to be told what to do, they at least want to think well of the person representing the authority.  Without that buy-in, mass discontent is setting the stage for quite a coup of our own.  You can’t fake it till you make it in the real world, you have to have the goods and Biden can’t even walk up the steps.  That was the message of the week for the Biden people.  They aren’t going to be able to fake leadership. People are looking for every chance to tear away at him and his administration because they don’t like being lied to, they don’t like being manipulated, and they don’t like or did they vote for Joe Beijing Biden—and everyone knows it.  You can’t give people something they don’t want and expect them to just go along with it for the good of the Deep State.  We are about to see why……………….

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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