Mark Welch Questions Covid-19 in West Chester: The aftermath

You can hear the pain in Mark Welch’s voice at a recent meeting of the trustees in West Chester, Ohio where they discussed the Covid-19 nightmare that has shut down the economy of the region for reasons that made little sense to anybody. Mark is running for the 52nd congressional seat in Ohio that will take place by mail-in ballot by April 27th, and after watching this very sincere video where the topic of this discussion starts at the 1 hour and 15 minute mark, it is clear why I support him in the election. Mark also is a small business owner and he’s not happy, like many people aren’t. They don’t understand why their livelihoods have been robbed by shutting down the American economy, and more specifically, why Governor DeWine of Ohio has gone several steps further than the Presidential guidelines to lead the nation into a travesty of economic doom that we now know will be somewhat alleviated on May 1st when Ohio will re-open for business once President Trump laid down the federal guidelines for such an activity. Even political insiders like Mark are perplexed as to what just happened, and why. It has rocked the world this whole reaction to the global pandemic called Covid-19 out of Wuhan, China, but as Americans we expected better, and what we got was a fresh taste of harsh communism by tyrants we thought where our friendly neighbors and we have had the sharp, and sinister breath of death down our backs by a new generation of brownshirts, most of them working in our media.

Of the governors who dealt with the Covid-19 situation best, it was South Dakota’s Kristi Noem. She was heavily criticized by that new generation of brownshirts who were obvious Chinese communist sympathizers in the media because Kristi defended the Constitution to the very last moment and as a result, people respected her and the coronavirus cases were greatly minimized in that state which is more rural than most. But the results overall were very effective. Obviously the brownshirts in the media wanted her head on a plate for not following the national shutdown through peer pressure that ironically started with a Republican governor in DeWine who wanted to be the first to race to the bottom of everything you shouldn’t do as a governor. Kristi resisted it and certainly came out on top as one of the best Republican governors as a result. The governors of South Carolina and Texas also did well. But the worst was Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan who essentially became a modern version of history’s most vicious tyrants using the threat of the coronavirus to enact very rigid climate change proposals straight off the pages of the New Green Deal. It was communism here in America bypassing any legislature considerations through emergency order to rule by force, and it was disgusting. Kentucky was a close second behind Whitmer.

The truth of the matter was that the virus was never that scary. I said so much very early in the process and if I could see it, everyone else could too. DeWine should have known better as the political leader in Ohio. Its one thing to listen to a liberal climate change activist like Amy Acton, the Ohio Health Director, it’s quite another to give her a blank check to set policy under a state of emergency stress and to let her ruin the lives of millions to save a few hundred people. The rationale for the whole endeavor never made logical sense because the premise was rooted in emotion over one political topic marketed by the World Health Organization for big international objectives that were never really about the virus itself. It was about changing human behavior from the outset by using fear to control that behavior. So being right about the origins of the virus and who was to blame, I’ll also say that the continued methods outlined to return to normal is just Dumbo’s feather again. “You can fly if only you hold this feather, you can return to work if only you social distance, and wash your hands.” Its been a scam from the beginning to spread communism into the free markets of the West and now that everyone can see it, the governors have to walk back out of the mess they have put themselves in to have some success at saving face.

But its too late for that, the governors who most ruined their economy by shutting down everything and ruling with an iron fist the people of their state have Hell to pay. They have not been collecting sales tax. In Florida, which runs off tourism, the Disney Company has lost tens of millions per day due to the shutting down of the economy which surely delighted the climate activists which that company had been a part of, especially with its ownership of ABC News. Now they have felt the sting of liberal activism during an attempted takeover by communism to rule in America. Once there were a few protestors in Ohio that started on April 9th going to Columbus by a handful to let DeWine know they were sick of the shutdowns and destruction of the jobs there, Michigan became even bolder and emerged on Lansing in large numbers to protest the very progressive Whitmir. It didn’t take long for the pitchforks to come out which alarmed even the most staunch communist advocate at the World Health Organization—and their “save the world by staying home together” campaign. Americans will do just about anything to save a life in the short run, but once they smell the fish in the water, they will be looking for someone’s ass to sling from a flagpole and that is where we find ourselves and the governors know it, especially the ones who screwed up the most. They must continue to pretend that all these measures to avoid the Covid-19 virus are still valid because if people find out that they were scammed all along, things will get even worse, far worse. You can’t take people’s jobs and stuff them in their homes hiding like a bunch of cowards for over a month and expect everything to work out well. The reckoning is coming for them and they are hoping that they can keep the boogie man alive just long enough to save themselves.

I think of this whole thing as beneficial. Most people doubt that the things I say about the push for communism was real in America, because they don’t see the effort in their lives. They know the Channel 12 reporters and might go have a drink with them under normal conditions and think of them as friends. But the moment the governors put down lockdowns, unconstitutional lockdowns at that, the local media went around and attempted to shame businesses into compliance and even beat on their chests about terrorizing children at playgrounds. The police wouldn’t come to a home out of fear of coronavirus to conduct law enforcement in the city of Cincinnati, but they sure would show up to put police tape around a playground in a public park so kids out of school couldn’t play on it. And if a company had a Covid case, they were quick to place the information on the front page of the news attempting to make a minor viral outbreak into a death sentence to shame the employer into closing to join the rest of the economy in stopping completely. But it was never real, it was all pure emotion and now people can see that for themselves, and the real fear now is not of the virus, but of the people’s lives ruined by trusting public officials who abused their power and now must face the music reluctantly after playing their part in destroying America for foreign enemies who made the effort all too enticing through stupidity, greed, and a hunger for being little dictators in the long lineage of such people that have evolved out of communism. It wasn’t the virus that ended up being so dangerous coming out of China, it was their ideas of communism that came from the World Health Organization to promote the idea as a reaction to the virus and split America in two literally, and in many ways, violently.

Rich Hoffman

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