I Disagree with the Bible on Wealth Creation: Money is a measure of good and evil

One of the problems I have always had with the Bible, going all the way back to bible school, which I had most Sundays from age 5 to the 8th grade, was this idea that a rich person was evil and working against God unless they gave away all their material items during their life and wholly dedicated their life to God, in every way. I have never read the Bible that way nor interpreted religion with such narrowmindedness. Making money and religion were always two separate things as defined by the old powers of Europe, and I really didn’t have a personal approach to it until recently, when I spent a considerable time in the deserts of New Mexico writing my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and specifically the chapter where I say, “Money is not the Root of all Evil.” There I argue that America has been a different kind of invention that couldn’t have been understood during the Biblical period, nor when the Romans decided what books of the Bible to include in the Council of Nicaea. Cultures have been hindering themselves with this problem for many thousands of years at this point, and it’s caused a lot of problems. But before you can come to a rational conclusion on the matter, you have to go against literally every pastor, minister, and biblical interpreter that has ever been known because I think they all got it wrong and that they have been holding civilization back, and creating many of the problems we see today politically, and have actually empowered evil to thrive behind the definitions as they have been interpreted by institutionalism, as the Roman Empire was undoubtedly inspired to do.

A few of the most controversial passages from the Bible regarding wealth come from the Book of James 2:6 “But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you and draw you before the judgment seats?”  Then again, with Jesus saying in Luke 18:25 that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God,” There are many others, of course, littered throughout the Bible and I would argue not so much that they are wrong, but that they don’t capture the entirety of the morality of money. I have personally been able to forgive the Bible for these definitions, which run counter to the essence of a life well lived, but at the core of how the political left attacks conservatives is this deeply rooted guilt of making money and taking care of the poor. Because if a conservative has made a lot of money in their life, then by association, they will turn away from the Bible because it doesn’t fit their life experience with definitions like what the Bible provides. But with all other things, especially in the definitions of evil, which are well articulated throughout the Bible, then those get tossed away as well. My argument has been that the concept of American capitalism, as established by the wonderful book The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, is that in the times of Jesus, nobody had good definitions of money and how they were moral markers in a healthy society. And who would have expected the writers of the Bible to ever figure it out during that period of human history? Indeed, proper definitions of the value of money in a culture did not arrive upon the human race until Ayn Rand did it in her outstanding work, Atlas Shrugged, in 1957. And such a definition would have only come from a culture like America, which was vastly different in its use of capitalism than any other place in the world.

America was created to answer an ancient problem: living life free of kings and regional governors. In such a society, the only way to get rich was to obtain permission to be so by schmoozing up to the powers that controlled the region people lived in. And this is undoubtedly the issue during the teachings of Jesus. To preach the ways of God that he was, away from Jewish institutionalism, was a severe rebellion in those times. It was an unheard-of menace, so they plotted to kill him. And, of course, the people who were protecting their wealth would have been the villains of what Jesus was preaching. But there wasn’t an America even conceived of at the time, and the writers of the Bible never could imagine anything like freedom being possible. So the problem persists for a nation like America that it was built around a religious connection to ancient documents that defined money before the concept of individual freedom had been worked out politically. And for the human race, that is a very recent development. It’s even more recent than the work of Karl Marx in Europe. There is a morality to money, as applied by the United States, that is quite a good measure that is fundamental to rooting out evil in a society that is very much the topic of our present politics and is the theme of our times. 

I benefit from knowing many people in my life who are very rich. In some cases, they are extremely rich, and I have been able to see up close how that wealth creation has benefited the world around them. Adding to that an extensive study of comparative religion and reverence specifically for biblical research, I can see how definitions working against the rich, or materialism in general, would cause people problems. But I would say the Bible is wrong about wealth creation and the “rich” in general while being “right” about the definitions of “evil” itself. We can’t just pick and choose what we like in the Bible and toss out that which we don’t, which most religions do, no matter what their source material is. Instead, I would say that wealth creation has benefited from inventions in politics over the years and that the criteria for rich people have changed with the creation of America. Money helps a healthy society measure the morality of a culture in ways that institutions have never achieved after many centuries of trying. In a free culture, those who make money do so because society values something they produce for that society. But we associate wealth creation such as the Biden family has achieved as a sell-out of his office to the rivals who would like to destroy the concept of capitalism to hide their evil actions behind the traditional definitions they can’t live up to. But for a person like President Trump, who has acquired all the material items and wealth that could be imagined in a single lifetime, then used that wealth to fight for the cause of truth and justice, then suddenly the Biblical definitions aren’t broad enough to encompass the morality of money as a representative of a life well lived. Then, in that case, all wealth creation is not equal; it is good and bad among the wealthy, and how they have made their money roots out their behavior in ways that benefit moral discourse. And in that way, the right kind of wealthy people are paramount to a healthy society, especially in contrast to those who were likely just as Jesus spoke about in his time with the metaphor of the camel and the eye of the needle. 

Rich Hoffman

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George Lang: The Morality of Money

I get asked often why I like George Lang, the Ohio senator for the 4th District, so much. I cover a lot of topics, and having so much respect for an establishment politician doesn’t often seem like they are elements that are conducive to each other. I think it’s the same kind of anxiety that is often witnessed when showing respect for Ayn Rand while still having great reverence for the religious right, the hard biblical conservatives. How can you serve the God of money and still serve God because we think of those things as opposed to one another? Yet, while Ayn Rand was an atheist, she was able in her work to cut through the true value of the measurement of money in a culture in very beneficial ways that are well represented in great American novels like Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. And few people in the world understand the morality of money more than George Lang, not in serving it as a deity of its own, but as a measure of good human conduct. It’s a side of politics that not many people get to see, especially translated by a media culture that has no way to express such a topic to the public, because they don’t understand it themselves. However, an economic report coming out will show Ohio in a very favorable way. The time of improvement is when George Lang has been in Columbus as first a representative, then as a senator. I see his fingerprints all over the detailed findings showing the state of Ohio becoming quite an economic powerhouse. I’m not allowed to talk about it yet, not in detail. But I was quite impressed with it, and it points to some not-so-well-known attributes that come directly from George Lang’s Business First Caucus, where he has stayed very focused, along with a handful of other politicians in Columbus. And that is very unique among any political class because if they don’t understand the “morality of money,” they quickly become the detriments often talked about in the Bible who lose their way and get distracted by every shiny thing. And by walking that tightrope, George Lang has done some extraordinary things as a senator that is making Ohio much better off than the federal government as a whole that is suffering significant hardships under Joe Biden and the other looters of the Beltway culture. 

You may have to turn up the volume, but this room paid great reverence to Senator Lang, which was well deserved.

A few things happened recently, I was in a meeting with a bunch of people from Columbus who expressed themselves with great respect to George Lang, and they wondered if the people of Southern Ohio knew how good he was behind the scenes when people weren’t looking. Of course, the answer is yes; most people do know. And I was also recently up in Columbus at the Statehouse talking to many people, and the running joke about “Georgie” is that he doesn’t want to talk about anything but a business-first agenda for Ohio. And it wasn’t a derogatory reference, but one of respect for being able to go to Columbus and, with all the pressure from various factions, to stay focused on the real measure of success for any state or federal government, and that is its financial health. Without financial health, society really can’t be moral. People can function morally independently. But society can’t function without revenue and healthy businesses to provide jobs for people; a society really can’t function without wealth. I’ve known George for many years, well before he was going to Columbus as a politician. I remember him well as a trustee in West Chester, Ohio, where the business first policies were well laid as a foundation for the greatness that is seen there today. George Lang has always had the idea of getting the government out of the way of the creative output that makes businesses happen, and that has translated to tremendous growth wherever his attention has been applied. And now, as a Senator for the 4th District, his influence has been rubbing off on other politicians very favorably, even into the Governor’s office. I have seen up close and personal that Governor DeWine and his Lt. Governor Jon Husted have significantly benefited from George Lang’s focus on business first and supporting infrastructure as an administration that has made business much more of a priority than it has been previously. 

Usually, when we talk about business, politics, and money, the first thing that pops into our minds is corruption. You can’t serve the two gods, God, and money, equally. That is the way that we have been taught incorrectly as a civilization. By doing good things, by having the means to work and be productive, the measure of morality is often in money. Good people tend to find that money is a direct measure of their personal morality. The many socialists who have been trying to infect American culture for more than a century now will apply that money is the root of all evil and that only collective wealth redistribution can establish morality. But actually, the opposite is true. Money directly measures moral conduct when it represents productivity, innovation, and strength of character. When money is corrupted, it comes from those most lazy who seek to align the power of government to get as much of it as possible without having to do work. So the government is used as a wealth extractor to redistribute wealth to the unearned. Behind most bad economic reports in state and federal governments all over the world, this is how corruption occurs. 

Yet, when government is applied to remove the barriers to morality toward the creation of businesses in which families can build lives around as job creators, then great things happen, and the morality of that good conduct directly translates into the health of a state government. I’ve seen George Lang perform in very good ways morally under tremendous pressure without ever compromising himself in the process, and that’s not easy to do in such a high political position. It would be very easy to stumble a toe under such pressure, but George Lang handles it always with great care and grace because he understands those basic Ayn Rand rules of money as a measure of morality. Rather than empowering those who would do anything to get it without the productivity that makes it, George empowers the kind of Adam Smith economic value that should be at the heart of every economic policy throughout the world. This is why the rest of the country is currently struggling and will continue to do so as long as Democrats continue to pervert the relationship between business and government. But Ohio is making a dramatic turnaround economically into something that is very respectful and is on its way to becoming one of the best states to live in America, which is saying something. George Lang has been in Columbus long enough to have rubbed off on the culture there, and they reflect his eternal optimism and industrious spirit. So, when people wonder why I love George Lang so much, it’s for all these reasons and more. He is the real deal, and he understands the morality of money and the need for the goodness that is represented by wealth creation. And for the very few who truly understand that unique ratio, the world is always a better place. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Arrest of President Trump: It’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ in real life, but with a better ending

It was eerily similar to the end of the great book Atlas Shrugged, where the arrest of John Galt resulted in the torture of the main character in similar ways as Jesus Christ was captured and tortured. The arrest of President Trump by a desperate, thieving government was almost a word-for-word script of the classic novel by Ayn Rand. Even though the book was always considered extremely over-the-top science fiction, we had now seen in 2023 the future so dystopian when that book was released in 1957 to be completely accurate. You could attribute the arrest and prosecution of President Trump to precisely the same reasons as John Galt was arrested. Or even Jesus Christ. It is beyond coincidence that all this is happening during the holy week, with Good Friday coming, where Jesus Christ was killed for his threat to the established order. It also reminded me of the killing of Socrates and many other names throughout history who have threatened the established order, which resulted in their arrest and torture to preserve their corruption from the eyes of the public. I’m sure objectivists will want to argue that President Trump is anything like the pure, Ayn Rand characters of flawless bravery, but it’s the only thing that came to my mind as I watched Trump fly on his big private plane to New York, to stay in his golden tower among the skyline, a lifetime of achievement building up to his remarkable life. And his life of individual achievement threatened this dystopian monstrosity of a corrupt government that wanted more than anything to destroy its rival. In this case, President Trump is the presidential frontrunner. You could almost place the villain of Atlas Shrugged, Mr. Thomson, who is the president of the United States, in that book with Joe Biden. But as bad as Atlas Shrugged is, as a story about how government abuses its power, the real world of this prosecution of President Trump is far worse and more sinister. Even Ayn Rand couldn’t imagine the evil we have witnessed in this obvious attempted destruction of Trump.

President Biden, like his fictional counterpart, Mr. Thompson from the book, knows what they have done. They acquired power through massive election fraud, and that evidence is clear for all. But this arrest of their political rival only confirms to the extreme extent the corruption we have seen on the surface. The fear they have shown toward Trump is something we have only established in the worst of our fictional explorations in movies and novels. A polite society does not even acknowledge this level of corruption, there are few mechanisms of psychology to acknowledge such a thing, yet there it was for us all to see. Trump being arrested by a phony legal premise and having his fingerprints taken and paraded around as a captive of tyrannical authority. It was the evil of a state-controlled government intent to suppress the ambitions of all people everywhere to the same sacrificial government as we have seen from the Aztecs, the practitioners of human sacrifice in the land of Canaan, or the cannibals of the South Pacific. These despots of tyranny only know one thing, which is governed by the dominant, the most power-hungry, and the most corrupt, and they seek to destroy any rivals to that understanding. Ayn Rand’s book about these forces has always been one of the best to put the finger on this very evil power and explain it to an audience as a work of philosophy that no human society had ever managed to capture. This tyranny was explored but not very well understood in the story of Christ. History has watched so many characters who take on an enormous persona for personal freedom emerge through history only to have the established order seek to preserve itself emphatically. But there hasn’t ever been a work of art that so intensely captured the nature of that evil than Atlas Shrugged

But where I have always thought that the end of Atlas Shrugged had John Galt compromised from the overall theme of the book, this arrest of President Trump was an awakening that I never thought I would ever see happen in the human race. Literally, the entire world watched; there was never a bigger stage, a more extensive example of abuse, of tyranny where all the stops of corruption were pulled out and laid naked on the stage for all to see. It almost had the theatrical impact of the play Equus, where the characters appear nude for the audience to tie their mind in knots from the morality of it all. Or the immorality of it instead. This arrest of President Trump is how the book Atlas Shrugged should have ended. Trump was bigger than the small-minded people seeking to arrest him. It had more of a Superman feel to it, where finally, a member of the human race had transcended the corruption and tyranny of thousands of years of small-minded abuse.   The same forces that used to burn members of the Protestant reformation at the stake were suddenly eclipsed by this massive figure that President Trump had become. The feeble government of Mr. Thomson only had corruption to blow into its sails as a shocked world saw them naked and afraid by the towering figure of Trump and the MAGA movement outgrowing their feeble attempts at control. This was a government that didn’t know what to do, so it did the unthinkable, and a moment in human history hatched a new kind of individualism. Trump had transcended their menace, the worst they could impose, and through it all, he looked bigger than the system itself.

The end of Atlas Shrugged resulted in the complete collapse of the government and its communist assumptions. The deal John Galt offered to the tyrannical government that imprisoned him was for the losers of existence to get out of the way of the producers who essentially were responsible for making everything. I’ve had a relationship with Atlas Shrugged for many years, and I have witnessed up close and very personally the extreme hatred the political left has for the book. It strips away an assumption made by Karl Marx and other leftist philosophers about how society is constructed. That teamwork is more important than individualism. But the truth is that the political left is slow, cumbersome, and bureaucratic, and they just get in the way of the fast-moving individuals who have all the answers and innovation at their fingertips. And the best thing in any society is to get out of the way of those people. Yet a government like Joe Biden’s can’t accept that reality, that they are just useless in the scheme of things, and that the power President Trump has is something no amount of government force could ever possess. And in their attempts to maintain that power over thousands of years of attempted government, they had never succeeded. Yet President Trump did something that history had never seen before; he transcended the state’s power in new ways. Characters like him in the past would have been burned at the stake, thrown to the lions, and killed a thousand other ways to prevent the reality from settling in that it is not the state that runs the world. It’s individuals. And probably no place else but America could such an ostentatious exhibition have ever been displayed. President Trump could have never even happened if not for our Constitution, free speech, and economic system. And because he did, he grew into something that even the most corrupt government in the world had lost control of. And that is a sequel to Atlas Shrugged that I have always wanted to see. It’s better than the book, and the future is much less bleak because of it.

Rich Hoffman

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Paul Ryan was Just as Bad as Nancy: The Never Trumper hatred runs deeper than the SWAMP wants to admit

There will be, of course, a lot of hard feelings over the next decade or so.  People like Paul Ryan, who thought they understood the world, arrived at power as Speaker of the House in the wake of John Boehner, only to learn that it was all a ruse for them.  Everything they knew was wrong, and they had built their entire lives on falsehoods.  Such revelations come hard to soft minds, and to protect themselves from the inevitability of reality, they build up political beliefs to protect themselves from the truth as the universe knows it.  And that was never more clear than when former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan went on CNN early in 2023 to talk about what a loser President Trump was, from his point of view, and attempt to establish his platform of political philosophy that now shapes the Fox News Channel as one of its advisors.  The Murdoch kids at Fox News are looking to make their own mark, unlike their father, who was never exactly a “conservative.” Roger Ailes was the mastermind of Fox News when it was best.  Now it is a husk of its former self.  It has good reporters like Tucker Carlson still doing good work, but the days of Bill O’Reilly are long gone, and with it, its reputation as a conservative network.  They have aligned themselves with the Paul Ryan types of Never Trumper, thinking that they could see the future but what they have bought into was a realization that many figured out many years before the start of the Tea Party movement.  People like Paul Ryan were being pushed out of office, and Trump was just the start of it. 

It was obvious that Paul Ryan went on CNN to attempt to sell his view of the world to the public despite of the evidence when he said that “Trump was a loser; he cost them the House in 2018, then again in 2020, and cost them the Senate in 2022.” That statement was the fantasy of a delusional person who failed to see the political world as it was happening.  The House was lost in 2018 because Ryan was a Never Trumper who failed to get behind Trump’s agenda.  In 2020 it was lost because, partially under the advisement of Ryan at Fox News, that network played a part in the election fraud that occurred on a massive scale, as many Never Trumpers joined Democrats to protect the SWAMP from an outraged and very conservative public.  Americans are much more conservative than many want to admit in the political world, especially those concerned with turning America into an element of a one-world order.  And Paul Ryan has found himself outside of that movement essentially from the beginning.  He lost his Speaker job because he ran away from conservative ideas; he listened to John Boehner regarding protecting the “institution” of the Speaker job, as the crying John Boehner left his office in disgrace because the pressure was getting too hot.  I should know, the former speaker, Boehner, is a neighbor of mine, and we have many mutual friends.  I know why he left his Speaker job and handed it over to Paul Ryan, who also found he couldn’t hack the pressure coming from the Tea Party element of the Republican Party.  These are people who couldn’t take the heat, and they left the kitchen.  And now they are angry at the source of the heat.  People don’t want their kind of global conservativism.  They want constitutional sovereignty, and they want American exceptionalism.  Paul Ryan and John Boehner, along with many current holdovers, want the institution’s protection as a mainstay of the SWAMP and all the corruption that comes with it.  And they are as surprised as anybody at how wrong they were all along. 

I was a fan of Paul Ryan when Mitt Romney picked him to be his Vice President in 2012.  I thought Ryan would be a great Ayn Rand economic mind because he was very much a supporter of Atlas Shrugged.  That was encouraging.  But as soon as the Romney people got a hold of Ryan, he abandoned Ayn Rand’s ideas of objectivism and adopted the progressive Romney platform without much of a fuss.  As soon as he did that, I didn’t have a lot of hope for him or Mitt Romney.  I had an invitation to hang out with Romney, Ryan, John Kasich, and many other prominent-name politicians when they came to West Chester, Ohio, along with Kid Rock, to do a big shindig.  I was offered a VIP opportunity, but I turned it down.  I had a lot going on, and I wasn’t going to go out of my way to meet a person who abandoned Ayn Rand’s ideas just to fit into a RINO Republican version of global politics.  I wanted Romney and Ryan to win.  I hoped everyone would come together and do good things for conservative values, but I was really let down by Ryan, and I didn’t want to bring my wet blanket of skepticism to the event, which would have soured it for everyone else.  I was hoping to be wrong about Ryan and the gang.  Of course, I turned out not to be, but I wanted to be.  Instead, we found out that all those RINOs who were at that West Chester event would find themselves on the political out just a few years later because they did not represent the Tea Party movement that was quickly emerging due to the obvious socialism of the Obama administration.  The national debt had just hit 10 trillion, and people were furious.  They were going to push out these kinds of politicians, and it was apparent even back then that Paul Ryan was playing for the wrong team.     

Now the national debt is 31 trillion dollars, just 12 years later, and Paul Ryan, thinking he’s the smartest guy in the room, represents that inflated number.  The game works like this, Republicans play nice and work on bipartisan legislation with Democrats.  Democrats work their progressive agenda toward destroying America as a sovereign country, and they feed the fires of globalism.  And everyone is just supposed to sit around and be happy about it.  So people picked Trump in 2015 because they didn’t like Paul Ryan and the other RINOs.  And the more people pushed for Trump, the more election fraud had to be committed to hide all the RINOs behind the curtain playing the globalism game.  And by 2022, people realized that there wasn’t much difference between Paul Ryan, John Boehner, and Mitt Romney than even the most radical Democrats.  So we are fighting all of them, which is why we don’t have representation in the House, the Senate, and the White House.  But we are getting there, and Paul Ryan keeps setting himself up as the vehicle of stupidity because he’s exposing himself not to be the smartest guy in the room.  He has only been able to project himself that way because he surrounds himself with losers who don’t understand these things and use ideological ideas to mask reality.  Ryan plays well to a crowd like that.  But years ago, I knew better, as did many Tea Party types.  So much so that we did other things when we had a chance to meet them personally.  And we didn’t miss him when a few years later, he was no longer Speaker of the House.  We didn’t lose anything politically when Nancy Pelosi took over from him.  But what was lost was the mask he wore which she didn’t.  And at that point, we could see what was really going on, which is where things are presently, politically.  Paul Ryan was just as bad as Nancy Pelosi.

Rich Hoffman

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Want to Know Why We Aren’t Using Ivermectin to Treat Covid: Read Ayn Rand’s ‘Anthem’ to understand

More so than before Trump was in office, Ayn Rand’s work has absolute power in identifying who the enemy of our modern times is and what can be done to defeat them. Before Trump, there were many considerations, and nobody really knew whether or not the American Constitution would hold up under the Obama presidency. But now we know it will. Trump was a good, Constitutional president, and he showed the world just how powerful America could be if it followed its Constitution. It took him essentially just a few years, even under great fire, to fix many things that had been long paralyzing our country from the countless attacks that came from those unnamed enemies over the last century. Even with all their efforts, America could snap back into good effect quickly, and that is what we learned with Trump, historically. So now that we have seen the Constitution tested authentically, we can now turn our attention to the enemies and understand them and their motives so we can eradicate them from our lives. And to do that, I can’t think of a better writer, or creative person, in all human history that has put their hand on who that enemy to humanity is than Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand is the Holy Water to evil in the world. They hate her, and for great reason. But she is very much a product of American culture. Specifically, under this current Biden administration, the most significant authority of what is wrong with the kind of people who want to end America. And of all her works, I would say that her book Anthem, from 1938, is the best at showing who those enemies are and what they want to drive us all to, and I’d recommend everyone to read it now.

I read many books; it’s one of my favorite things to do. I’ve read Brave New World, Animal Farm,and 1984. I’ve spoken a lot about the novel by Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward from 1888, which projected a socialist utopia across the world. These are all dystopian novels that many consider irrefutable classics in literature, and they have gone to a great measure to shape our modern world and our opinions about authority and government. But a better and more hopeful dystopian novel has never been written than Ayn Rand’s Anthem. I’ve read all her books many times, and I don’t think there is a better novel of this type out there. Anthem isn’t very long; you can easily read it in an afternoon. But its scope and story are undoubtedly influential and insightful. As a Russian immigrant who suffered greatly under communism and retreated to America for a safe haven, Ayn Rand took her unique perspective and passion and translated it into this magnificent masterpiece. And even though at this point it is nearly 100 years old, it is as relevant today as it was then, perhaps more so. I tend to think that everyone knows these books until I hear the constant complaints by many regarding Covid protocols and the lack of use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to treat the virus, and I say to them, “didn’t you read Anthem? That’s what the whole book was about?” Of course, the look I get back is mystification. “What’s Anthem?”

Essentially the point of the book is that a future society has regressed along the Vico Cycle back to a theocratic society that has retreated to a time before technological invention. A village council of wise people called the Council of Candlemakers spent 50 years inventing and getting it approved, the great new technology of making candles. The lead character, who has never known anything about the world like the rest of society, but social collectivism, doesn’t even have an understanding of the word “I” or “me.” Yet through a series of accidents, he discovers a lightbulb deep in a tunnel that has been hidden from the world hundreds of years in the past, perhaps even thousands. And upon discovering the light bulb (again), he takes it to the Council of Candlemakers, expecting them to be thankful. But what he finds instead are a bunch of threatened people who have spent their whole life inventing the candle and sharing it with the world. The lightbulb would destroy their power and prestige in their community which has far more power to them than the convenience of using lightbulbs over candles in that particular society. Many before Covid came along couldn’t understand such a reference. But now, they have seen it firsthand. Ivermectin is that modern lightbulb that the health authority class is threatened by. They want power and control, not a solution to Covid, and there you have it; we have the evidence of the villains in Anthem, except clearly now in real life in a way that people can understand. 

The book, as I said, is very easy to read. It’s short. But to make things even easier for new readers, or even old readers of Ayn Rand, The Atlas Society back in 2018 turned Anthem into a graphic novel, which was then turned into a series of videos that were easy to watch. Eighteen episodes will take viewers through the entire book. When The Atlas Society did this work, Trump was in the White House, so I guess the effort went unnoticed. People had an Ayn Rand character in the White House, and people dropped off interest a bit because of it in this kind of reading material. Ayn Rand was very popular during the Obama presidency. Now that Biden is in the White House, which continues that “enemy” of America perspective, Ayn Rand is making a comeback. I have had so many people talking to me about Ayn Rand and wanting to know more about her that I decided to do this to make it easier for people to get easy access to all her great works. The difference between now and the past obviously is that Constitutional element. In Ayn Rand’s day, she saw only a gradual erosion until the world would literally be destroyed in the way it was in Anthem. But a hundred years later, the American Constitution is still intact and is working. Of late, the Biden Vaccine mandates have been slapped down by the Supreme Court in a healthy way, so we have survived a lot of trouble since Anthem was written. But understanding the motives of the bad guys is another matter. They are still doing their work, and we now must know what they are after and stop them in the tracks. For that, Anthem will help a lot.

The villains of Ayn Rand’s novels are very much a real thing; we see them every one, in our communities, our national governments, our businesses, and even our families. It can be hard to see them because of the emotion that comes with our relationships with them that can cause us not to want to know the truth. Yet the truth is the truth, and if we really want to solve our modern problems, we must not turn away from it. Literature is a great refuge to get our thoughts together and to seek solutions, and to do that; you must know how to identify the problem. Nobody but Ayn Rand was better at articulating that problem, and Anthem is a masterwork of hers that everyone should read. And to make it as easy as possible, the graphic novel videos are fantastic introductions to her work or tenacious reminders of its relevancy. Yet whatever the case, Anthem is the only way to understand Covid-19 because all other reasons for rationality fall short otherwise.

Rich Hoffman

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I Love Corruption: Knowing the nature of people is worth more than the wealth of the measure

Corruption is Good if you Capture Human Behavior

Personally, I love corruption. There is a chapter in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, called “Money is Not the Root of All Evil, It Reveals It,” that deals specifically with this unique way of looking at the world. Corruption is caused by the insecurity of a person, or a group of people, in their ability to produce. A person lacking corruption and is confident in their ability to produce will not seek shortcuts to success because they understand that the opportunities for which money is generated are always available to them. Whereas the cheaters trying to scam their way through each day feel they will only get a few open doors to financial opportunities in their lives, and they will bend their ethics to step through those open doors. Now all too often, those open doors are traps set by other people for the opportunity to take whatever value someone else has, and the whole game can seem very treacherous and bloodthirsty. But the value is in the money, which then reveals the content of the game’s characters. Once you can see and measure what people will do for money, you can then know everything you need to know about them and turn their efforts toward the success you want to see happening. Corruption shows what kind of people are playing the game, and knowing who is corrupt and who is not is very useful in playing the great games of value. There is a lot of evil in the world that would not be seen if we did not have the value of money to measure it and witness what people will do to get their hands on it.

I tend to view many things in life from the perspective of Poker. The religions of the world have tried for centuries to figure out the motives of mankind and to contain ambition behind otherworldly rules of conduct that, like Santa Claus, might get you into Heaven if you are a good little boy and girl. When religion doesn’t work, we turn to governments to regulate behavior, and the fear of being put in jail might keep us all honest and trustworthy in our interactions with each other. But what these methods essentially only do is to push corrupt behavior deep down and out of sight. It essentially makes all of society like a Thanksgiving Dinner with a family that doesn’t really like each other; when we pass the corn, it’s always very civil and polite. While behind everyone’s backs, there is always plotting and scheming going on. But at the table everyone is polite. That is what we generally have in society and why we are so shocked when we discover that corruption has been happening. Like how shocked many are to learn that Dr. Fauci has been a corrupt administrator in government health for most of his career. He can hide his corruption behind the façade of social rules and conduct. But when we study what he is willing to do for money, or how money moved from government to government employees as him acting as the broker for funding, the need for power is instantly recognizable, and that behavior tells us a lot about the people we are dealing with. The measurement of money reveals a lot about the people trying to possess it. The most corrupt people are the most insecure about how the value of money is generated. People least corrupt understand that money is produced from the value of production. But those naturally lazy and not wanting to produce in life will have all kinds of insecurities about their ability to acquire money and will jump easily at every opportunity to become corrupt to get it because they don’t think many such opportunities will come their way in their lives.

It really comes down to the question of what we want to know about people and if we want to really know it. Governments would like to believe that human behavior can be controlled through fear, such as fearing the law, fearing the power of government, or fearing the opinions of others. Religions believe that good conduct can be controlled in society by fearing what might happen to you in the afterlife. And if only you might listen to them, then maybe you might have everlasting life. Instead, to my eyes, a good poker game tells you everything you need to know about people, and a good player can control what everyone at the table is doing and thinking based on how big the pot gets. Poker is a uniquely American game that is born out of pure capitalism, and it’s actually much more moral than we have been led to believe by the same forces who today want us all to fall into centrally controlled socialism. Playing Poker reveals a lot about the characters playing the game to acquire the total sum of the pot bet between game rounds. The good and honest player will be willing to toss away a bad hand and play again in the next round. The corrupt player will try to cheat and stuff cards up their sleeve to pull out when the pots are significant because they fear they might miss such an opportunity if they don’t cheat in some way to make the conditions of the game more favorable to them. To my eyes, knowing such information about people is much more valuable than in the value of the money itself. Money is just a measurement of value. But what people will do to have it is far more critical. 

So it is in that way I see corruption as a good thing to see because it tells you who you are dealing with. The rules of society might make the preacher look like a bastion of Heavenly summation. But when alone with children of the congregation, they might be abusing them all in the name of God. Or the politician might seek legislation to provide good conduct in social interaction while they are taking money from a donor to do something voters don’t want. But the temptation of money makes it hard to turn away from. The social face may look like an outstanding citizen, complete with power dress and nice shoes. But what goes on in the politician’s mind is another matter, will they take shortcuts to get the money, or will they hold true to constitutional principles? Are they worried that they only have a few chances in life to make wealth for themselves, or is every day an opportunity to hit the jackpot and they play the game for the joy of it, knowing they will have plenty of chances for success because of their character? These are the fundamental ways to understand social behavior, and yes, corruption is just one more measurement of a thriving culture. If we have a society with a lot of corruption in it, we obviously need to change something to inspire different behavior. But we can’t delude ourselves into believing that the rules of mankind might encourage good behavior. Instead, we must understand that we must first see it with some kind of measurement and act on that knowledge. Pretending that corruption isn’t happening because we refuse to measure it is not a way to solve problems. Half the battle is in knowing, and when we have money to measure corruption, we can then see a lot that is true about the health of our society, which I find extremely valuable.   

Rich Hoffman

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The Difference Between Me and Ayn Rand: To Strike or to Fight

Ayn Rand is a Good Place to Start, I like to Stand and Fight

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. I have read many books over the last four decades, but the author that is specifically American and deals specifically with the evils of our present time is Ayn Rand. Books like hers would not be produced by any other culture other than an American one, and the specific challenges we have now are addressed in those works, so it’s the quickest way to get people to what they need to know by referring them to her. I was delighted when President Trump was elected because, in many ways, I felt he was the main character from The Fountainhead and that America would prosper quite a lot by having an Ayn Rand type of hero in the White House. Ayn Rand fans have found my Gunfighter’s Guide blog site a safe place to think about big things for many years. The people I get along with most are people of the Objectivist philosophy, a branch of philosophy created by Ayn Rand, which I would say is a natural evolution of thought going back to well before Plato in Greece. It helped that Ayn Rand came from Russia, where communism ruined her life and the lives of everyone she knew. Fleeing to America, she had a platform to express those disappointments, and that became her great American novels. Most of all, Ayn Rand identified a very treacherous enemy, which I would simplify as the great fight between the lazy and the ambitious. Most of the world’s governments are in a fight to appease the lazy while profiting on the ambitious efforts, including parasites like the Davos crowd who want the same without the burden of even being in a government. But that’s not to say I agree with everything Ayn Rand said or did. For quite a long time, I have been doing my own thing that requires some explanation that many are having when they talk to me, as they have been lately very ambitiously, about Atlas Shrugged because it is so relevant to the world we see today.

I have several problems with Ayn Rand; first of all, she was an atheist. While that can bring a fresh perspective to a way of thinking, the lack of spiritual curiosity is too rigid for me. I have my own philosophy going on; I would never count myself an Objectivist or a disciple of Ayn Rand, which is why I’m not more involved in the various groups that evolved out of Ayn Rand. Too many people who call themselves Objectivists are just as religiously rigid in dedication to her as Christian people are to Jesus Christ. I have a problem with group behavior in general; all of them have the problem of insisting that their point of view of the world is the final nail in a coffin. Any challenge to their superiority results in conflict. In Ayn Rand’s case, her supporters tend to like to mimic the events of the book, to Strike against the world and deny it of their talents, hiding in some remote places in society and letting everything fall apart. That is my main problem with Atlas Shrugged; it’s built on the premise of Striking, which I am against in every way that you can imagine. I am a person who is against limits to my ambition, and I propose to fight those who get in my way instead of running away from them. I write my own books, and my latest, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, is my argument that it is far better to be a Gunfighter than an Objectivist in society.   Ayn Rand came late to the American experiment while it was under attack by global socialism pushes. In history, America had done great things long before she came along, even though our educations have sought to remove that evidence from our eyes. Essentially, the gunfighter mentality of western expansion was an approach that worked and should further be projected to the world at large instead of all this “striking” business. It’s like some wife that is trying to convince her husband into something she wants him to do by denying him sex. Withdrawing work in our society is not a solution, I would say we need to fight for our right to be productive, not to yield to the forces that are trying to shut it all down.

There were characters in Ayn Rand’s books who refused to the very end to hide from the parasites of existence, but my view of the entire effort is that it’s a feminine one. Women look at conflict differently than men do, biologically. I see no reason to yield to the lazy just so they don’t rob my existence, and that is essentially the plot of Atlas Shrugged.   Deny the world of your great effort until they say uncle and beg you to return to society to save them. Because by themselves, they will choke and destroy their lives. Then there was the problem with Objectivists over the Trump Presidency. He was too compromising to be the uncompromising figures from The Fountainhead. Ultimately, Objectivists had a problem with him as a person. That is where I separated myself from them during 2015 and 2016. Instead, I found the game of Poker and the smell of gunpowder to be much more effective in doing the same, in protecting the integrity of the ambitious while knocking down the efforts of the lazy to loot off the productive. When dealing with people with all types of backgrounds, we can’t afford to be rigid. It’s like landing in some foreign country and expecting them to know your home language. You have to adjust your thought to the people capable of considering it, and by such measures, you can win over everyone. Ayn Rand’s run and hide suggestion don’t appeal to me. I prefer 100% of the time to stand and fight. And I’ll fight over anything and everything.   But to me, that fight is more like winning at Poker with all the skills needed to win each round than in surrendering integrity to the masses. 

With all that said, there isn’t a better story out there than Atlas Shrugged at identifying our times’ problems. Where I disagree with Ayn Rand and Objectivists in general, it’s really a matter of strategy. But to understand the issues we are dealing with, which is why we are talking about Ayn Rand again a year into the Biden administration, which is ripped essentially straight from the pages of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand is a great place to start.   I would blame her rigidity in thought, her either-or approach to things on being a European immigrant who never fully recovered from what the Soviet Union did to her family. She became a libertarian in America, supportive of loose sex and drugs, and had a rigid political view which formed her concept of Atlantis in the book. Many of her followers are looming out there, disconnected from the problems of our times as much as they can be. They will not help the Biden administration have success off their efforts. They will Strike and let him die on the vine. But for me, that is a boring way to approach this problem. I much more respect the attitude of Andrew Jackson, who would dual anybody in a gunfight at the slightest provocation, and in essence, brought our government under a proper kind of control for the first time since the creation of the Constitution. President Trump reminds me a lot of President Jackson; he’s just as combative, just not with guns. But it is in that attitude I see its best to eliminate the enemies from our lives. And it’s the position I have with my Gunfighter’s Guide. Playing Poker with the enemy and taking all their money and power is much better than running and hiding. But Ayn Rand is a great place to start for the person looking for answers about why things are the way they are.

Rich Hoffman

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Ocasio-Cortez and Republican Sex: What’s at the heart of all communist activity

Sex and Ocasio-Cortez

It’s not just because Ocasio-Cortez looks like the donkey from Hee Haw, but the suggestion that the socialist advocate had regarding her belief that Republicans were frustrated with her because they wanted to date her and ultimately wanted to have sex with her said a lot that was laughable. It goes well beyond the suggestions of sex lifestyles in general, but more to the mass psychosis that tends to follow liberalism ultimately. And it reminded me of the excellent book about communism from Ayn Rand called We the Living, which I’ve said for years, should be required reading for every school child as a fundamental background of education in America. Without meaning to, Ocasio-Cortez, otherwise known as AOC, put her finger on a significant problem in liberal politics, the assumption that Democrats have better sex than Republicans and that the value of that endeavor is far greater among socialists and communists than in capitalist building Republicans. As a young person in her early thirties, the former bartender and waitress have had plenty of people who wanted to pollinate her young body, ignoring the face, of course. Luckily for biology, men were built to engage in sex with a knothole in a fence if needed to procreate our species. Men can at times not be very discerning about where they plant themselves in sexual engagement. They are wired that way because not everyone can be pretty, and not everyone can get the best-looking mate to provide DNA to the next generation. And when a young woman like Ocasio-Cortez has spent time around men twice her age who have wives at home that are well past their prime and are withering away in front of their faces leaving beauty a distant memory, young women like the socialist from New York and her young body and smooth skin can seem appealing. AOC has obviously confused this condition with reality and tried to make it fit her worldview. It comes from being young, and the great apprehension women have at that age because they realize that their female gifts are going away, and a world without those things is scary. 

Democrats, by nature, are too focused on sex because they never really develop themselves emotionally beyond their teenage years. People like Ocasio-Cortez, who aren’t very smart, naturally turn to the biological observations as the center of their mentality, leaving them to think that a night out in pursuit of sex is worthwhile. Sex is a shared practice; it takes cooperation to engage in it. And as long as the rules of sex are understood and prioritized, it makes it easy to control mass populations. It was never an accident that the internet made it possible to have so much access to sex and that online dating was such a centralized feature. Liberals, and their communist roots, as articulated well in that Ayn Rand book, have always intended the destruction of the American family by removing the kids from their parents, promoting divorce among the adults so that the state could manage their affairs, and that a lifestyle of sex obsession would dominate the minds of the masses in every way possible. Communism loves sex because it’s the ultimate communal activity, and sex with more than one partner is the ultimate expression of abandonment of the concept of private property. When Ocasio-Cortez sees that Republicans are moving away from Democrats in a way that she can’t control as part of the progressive caucus, her instinct is suitable to attempt to reel them back in with sex talk. It has likely always worked for her as a young woman needing tips in the service business, and those same rules generally apply in politics where favors are a currency equally desired. 

But Republicans are different; they think about more than just sex. They find joy in starting businesses, building houses, families, acquiring new cars. They enjoy making things, not so much the wasted time ritual of pursuing sex for an evening. Sex, of course, can always be enjoyed, but so can other things, like building a business and providing jobs to lots of people. Many people who are Republicans or who become Republicans learn that there is much more to life than sex and they handle aging much better because life doesn’t end at 30 when everyone’s bodies start to rot away back into dust. In many ways, the trajectory of the Republicans is a natural order that is consistent with all life. Hopefully, before it’s too late, people realize what a waste of time sex is before they get too old to have the choice taken from them in an undesirable body, kind of where people like Ocasio-Cortez are now. Once women like her have wasted their lives sleeping with everyone they can out of some infantile need for a shared experience, they hit a wall they can never come back from. The crises won’t be so bad for them if they have other things going on in their minds because people won’t want to sleep with them once they lose their sex appeal. In the Ayn Rand book, it is there that I learned that the term “Let’s Party” came from way back in the 1920s. The intent was to empower the youth, out with the old, in with the new, so that communal politics could take hold and rule the day with Karl Marx’s philosophy. That same trait is in our current culture, where older people are cast aside, and everything is catered to young, new-bodied people craving sex at every moment. 

However, such small-minded pursuits are creepy, and when compared to the many other options that a person finds in a capitalist culture, sex is easily avoided. There are many other things besides sex, and Republicans figure that out, even if biologically they still feel the tug. In a capitalist culture where it’s much more fun to develop a mind and build something new is an option, then temptations like those suggested by Ocasio-Cortez are much easier to ignore. And for her, that is a significant crisis because she has built her entire political platform in selling communism and socialism to the world through her young, flowering body, which she took for granted would always serve her. But now the panic is the same with all feminists who waste their early lives running around topless and having reckless sex with every degenerate that suits their fancy. The government does not make a very good husband, and older people don’t want to waste their time with someone everyone in the world has had sex with. It becomes a gross reminder of young bad decisions when other things become more attractive to a developing mind. And that is a little secret that most progressives nurture at the most fundamental level. Sex is a very primal thing. It’s a big deal to teenagers for biological reasons, but as humans, we do best when we find other things to do with our time than spending it on such a wasted effort. But socialists have built their entire political philosophy around such wasted efforts, and when they see people not joining them, it is the scariest thing in the world to them. This is where Ocasio-Cortez finds herself early in 2022. There is no nice man to settle down with. There is no future. And her body is aging, and all she has is a history of socialism, of dedication to the parental state to offer to someone who might want to share a life with her. Which, of course, is unappealing to any sane person with a developed intellect. At that point, relationships become a private property argument; nobody will invest in something that everyone can have for free, whereas liberalism always fails. Conservatives prosper, and ultimately that significant gulf between them can never be brought together.

Rich Hoffman

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The World Needs Leaders


“The world doesn’t need more piano players in a saloon, more drinkers, more card players, or prostitutes’ What the world needs most is leaders.” Quote from ‘The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business’
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The Debt Attack: It starts with 1.9 Trillion in new spending, but the aim is much more dangerous

To understand the most recent Covid relief bill that our government used to perpetuate massive progressive spending, you must understand that the government behind governments, what some would call a “shadow government” is pushing for all this reckless debt so that they can get rich forever off the interest rates.  Just like the credit card company that is trying to get the latest 18-year-old teenager their first official card to max out and make it so they can forever barely make their minimum payments, the very rich who fancy themselves as the puppeteers of the world governments have sought to secure their financial holdings forever by making it so everyone owes them money borrowed at a high rate of interest for the rest of their lives.  This latest 1.9 trillion-dollar escapade used Covid as an excuse, just as they did when they used it to alter election law to put themselves in power, but its not the end.  The Biden administration is already looking at a multitrillion dollar infrastructure bill to add to it, placing our national debt well out of range to where normal GDP could ever hope to pay it off.  It’s a different kind of military strategy, this one not coming from the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor, or the London Blitz.  These battles aren’t fought with guns, troops, or even nations.  These are attacks from a wealthy class of financiers who want to rule the nations of the world through debt, and they have their people in place within the United States now by using Covid-19 as a power move to alter laws, suspend the constitution, and thus cripple our nation of any righteousness due to the now overwhelming debt that they pushed their politicians to enact to fulfill their global strategic goals. 

Now, I don’t say all that to panic anybody.  Strategically, I see a way out of all this.  It won’t be pleasant for the people who have done all this to us, but I can see a way out.  A path of future explosive growth and a complete collapse of the other world economies that should allow for a great reset of our own.  If the current push is to set the world economies under a great reset toward communist control, which the extremely wealthy shadow government wants, the way to defeat them is the opposite way, by wrestling away the management of our government from them and casting them aside while other new sectors of the economy function under a constitutional republic—the way its supposed to be.  By removing the villains from the process, first by identifying them, then undoing their antics, then cutting them off from future endeavors, there is a bloody path out of this mess, so its not the end of the world. 

However, with all that aside, the continued insults of the little checks they have been sending our way—the latest, this $1400 little thing per person who makes under $100k per year essentially, are a real problem.  They think so little of us that they believe these relief checks are enough to distract us away from all the other spending they are wasting our money on for causes that nobody supports.  This certainly isn’t what people voted for.  When they say elections have consequences that only holds true if the elections are a true representation of the people’s wishes, not a made-up election with fake ballots filled out with mail-ins and flimsy rules made up because of Covid-19 to alter state election laws.  To pass this 1.9 trillion-dollar mess, give most of us a little cheese, then go spend massive amounts of debt on blue state bailouts from poorly run Democrat regions is an abomination of all logic and a true insult.  The $1400 checks will be gone as fast as people get them, just like their tax returns and people will be back to barely scraping by as the government stifles our economic activity with even more micromanaged incompetence by them for the aims of their masters, certainly not the American people who vote. 

Then as I said in the video above, the government caused us to lose that money, $1400 doesn’t come close to covering the massive losses we have all experienced.  Just think of the sports teams who could have had people sitting 3 feet apart instead of 6 and could have filled their stadiums and sold lots of beer to cover their concession costs.  Think of the restaurant owners who have gone out of business trying to comply with fake Covid laws.  Think of all the companies that have folded because of all the stay-at-home orders and the loss of productivity from everyone suddenly “working from home.”  Think of the loss in sales of every company, the raises people didn’t get because companies were barely making it and couldn’t cover their basic business loans, let alone expanding payroll to give out raises.  There are literally trillions and trillions of lost dollars just from 2020 that are lost opportunity cost, stuff that will be gone forever because government tampered with our lives in such a destructive way.  Then they think they can make it right with a silly little $1400 check?  We need about 10 of those checks to get close to where we should be.  Likely 50.  For some companies, the losses are in the millions.  That’s a lot of $1400 checks.  The fact that the government thinks these little checks come close to making things right says they either have no idea how bad the situation is, or they do and just think we are that stupid.  

But it was never about fairness, or even protecting us from a virus.  It was always a corral of us like a flock of beef being ushered into a slaughterhouse by a bunch of ruffians using fear to steer us where they want us to go so they can make money off us by hanging debt around our necks for the foreseeable future.  The kind of debt that this government has signed us up for wasn’t by accident, it was an attack, an assault against us all.  It was the work of a shadow government of financiers who see our government as just one asset in their portfolio and they laugh as we point to the constitution and cite rules and regulations that are supposed to regulate their imposition into our lives.  They will say, those who have the gold rule, and they have stolen all our gold.  They think they own us, and they think these deals they’ve made with this trillion in extra spending will chain us to them for all our lives while they profit off our suffering.  Well, I see a collapse of that entire system that they aren’t prepared for.  And I would urge you to prepare your minds for that time, because its coming close.  They are doing what they are doing now because they don’t know any better, even the shadow government is not prepared for what they created.  When all that comes crashing down, as it is poised to do, there will be a great reset and we have to make sure when it does that, we know what we need to do.  I wouldn’t say its all doom and gloom.  But people will be impacted, so make sure that you aren’t one of them. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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