Our Flag is Still There: Obama isn’t sleeping well these days

Much like during the War of 1812, our flag is still there, despite the domestic terrorist attempts to destroy it. After all, that is what we are dealing with, domestic terrorists who now run our government and have been working to destroy America from the inside out for many decades now. So it’s nice to hear that Barack Obama is not sleeping so well these days. He’s worried about the disjointed media, meaning that the government has been unable to control the media the way the communist movement intended. And Obama wants to see Australia-style gun confiscation in America because the writing is not going well on the wall where the opposite thing seems to be happening. As a community activist and drug user, Obama has been committed to this destruction of America for his entire life. And so far, it hasn’t happened yet, and it appears to become less of a possibility now that people are showing massive mistrust in the government as opposed to how it was when he was president for two terms. The common belief is that this current Biden administration is actually the third term of Obama. That it is Barack Obama who is whispering in the ear of Biden and that he is really in control. But I don’t think so. Obama himself was always a puppet. It’s the people who controlled him who are really controlling Biden now. And because of all their terrorist efforts, they have the world we are living in now, where Trump hasn’t gone away, and people are more dug in than ever against the causes of progressivism. And it has frustrated their movement. 

I never accepted that Barack Obama was President. But you didn’t see me attempting to host an insurrection against his administration. Instead, I worked to help get Romney elected. But he turned out to be a major RINO, and we ended up with another term of Obama, just barely. I never believed that the birth certificate that Obama produced way too late was real. Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona made a good case for the fraudulent nature of the document that was eventually released to the public. The problem was that it had digital elements at a time when birth certificates had no possibility of computer-generated images. So, there were a lot of problems with Obama. As I’ve said many times, and the media underreported the story severely, Obama’s political career was launched in the living room of a known Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers, a precursor to the modern-day Antifa terrorists that are certainly government-sponsored and saw a lot of activity during Trump’s administration. While January 6th, protestors of election fraud sit in jail; all the leaders of Antifa are free and waiting for their next government-sponsored terrorism campaign. So, hindsight makes it more evident that the Barack Obama presidency was a planned terrorist attack against the flag itself. They inserted a foreigner into our White House, hid his communist radicalism behind skin color; remember, we weren’t allowed to have judgments against Obama because we had to all prove we weren’t racists, even though it was Republicans who fought the Civil War to free slaves. Going through those years, people became very frustrated. Looking back on it, it’s all obvious what was happening. And people wanted a change, and that’s how we ended up voting for Trump. 

Barack Obama and his handlers of insurrection created the political climate we see now. You would have thought that they would have learned that communism doesn’t work; they never got control of the media in Cuba, Russia, Germany, or China, all the places where the communist model was being utilized. To think that it would work well in America, the place where all those places were fleeing communism to have an opportunity for freedom, the plan was to take that option away and that people were somehow magically going to accept authoritarian governments. Obama now has that same blank look that Bill Gates had when he realized that Covid wouldn’t work because states had rights the federal government couldn’t impose on. Oppps, just a small oversight in their plan to destroy the world with a One World Government. America has this crazy thing called the Constitution. And apparently, they didn’t study that in their maniacal schemes. These plans always sound great in the halls of academia, where Obama learned his radicalism at the University of Chicago, where Ayers the terrorist recruited him for an inside job that the Democrat party fully supported. Hide the communist radicalism behind a well-spoken person of color. And hope to guilt people into accepting authority rule of centralized government. The intentions of a communist coup are now apparent to everyone with eyes to see. During Obama’s years, people were reluctant to admit it to themselves. They wanted to give Obama a chance, to prove that they weren’t racist. But I knew it all along. One of my most popular articles to this day was one I did about nude pictures of Obama’s mom, who was a sleep around and had relationships with lots of communist men. It’s likely Obama has no idea who his father was because of his mother’s scandalous life. No wonder he was a druggy, a communist, and attracted to domestic terrorists. And for all those reasons, the people who hate America found a way to put him in the White House. And now they are so arrogant about their ability to rig elections and manipulate the media that they can put a brain-dead slug in office, and nobody even challenged them on it. It all started with Obama. 

Now they see that power slipping; they thought they controlled the corporate media. But now, the media has gone underground and is more independent than ever. And people aren’t afraid of the government because there are over 300 million guns in homes all across the country. The government just isn’t big enough to go door to door and impose authoritarian rule on everyone. They couldn’t do it during Covid, which was a test for a Great Reset. And now that people have been burnt trusting the government, it will be harder than ever to impose any government authority on anybody. Especially since the government does not control the media the way they hoped to by now. So yes, Obama isn’t sleeping very well.

The plans he has been involved in all his life are falling apart, and Trump is still the pick of the people. And Obama and his fellow government insurgents don’t understand why. Just as the English thought they were going to destroy the young country of America easily during the War of 1812. They found out that the war took too long, and people were too dug into this idea of being free to scare them over, back under the flag of England. Communism has been resisted in America, and now that people are awake, it’s hard for the progressive communists to do anything. And that’s why Obama isn’t sleeping well. This wasn’t how the plan was supposed to go. People were not supposed to run from Obama and into the arms of the ultimate flag-waving capitalist, Trump. This isn’t how the communist revolutions in other places went, so they had no idea that Trump would even be a possibility or that people would elect someone like him when the going got tough. But they did, and despite all the efforts at terrorism, our flag, and our country, is still around.

Rich Hoffman

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They Hate Trump Because He Recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel: The ancient evil at the heart of everything

Of course, there is more to the extreme hatred of President Trump than just that the Liberal World Order can’t control him. There are some really evil people out there, many of them have embedded themselves into our government taking advice from past trends of known history, and they hate Trump because of the high bar he brings with him. The level of expectation that a person like him from the capitalist private sector imposes on the communist central government types who strive to be professional bureaucrats who do very little all their lives but expect to make small fortunes off the taxpayers. No, it’s much more profound than any of that, and it essentially goes back to the beginning of known time, when the God Yahweh had an ancient battle of rebellion against the Mesopotamian God Baal and his ensemble of detrimental deities, Moloch, Ishtar, Marduk, and many others. If you know your biblical history, you know that Abraham was born in Mesopotamia and was picked by God to inhabit the promised land, which became the land of Canaan, named after the seed of Adam, the famous Cain. God picked this land as the territory that would contain the eventual descendants of Israel, and the rest was history. The fight over this particular stretch of land which goes back tens of thousands of years, much longer than traditional historical dates have recognized, and it essentially embodies the rebellion of Yahweh to wrestle control of the region away from Baal. To biblical purists who think of Yahweh as an all-powerful god who created the universe, the context is that God was very frustrated with his chosen band of rebels whom he rescued from Egyptian tyranny and handed through great force and bloodshed the land of Israel, which they never seemed to appreciate. Every time God turned his back, it seemed like the people of Israel were always cheating on him with the worship of Baal, which continues to this very day behind the backdrop of Middle Eastern politics.

If you read the Quran, it becomes very obvious that it was written around 610 AD as an Arab response to the Christian Bible put together by the Council of Nicaea 325 AD to create the Bible as we know it today. Clearly, the Quran was putting their own names and stories to the Biblical characters to hijack the rebellion that created Israel and to inspire their people to continue the ancient fight over the land of Canaan, specifically the reverence to the Kaaba stone in Mecca that dates to the stories of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Behind all this is the worship of the God Baal, who wears the mask by the name of Allah in the Quran, Alif Lam Mim, the (All-Knowing). I don’t know anybody else saying that; I say it based on a tremendous amount of research and working out this problem over several decades. But to take a lot of circumstances and to place it all within a framework of understanding, this is a strategy that we see happening currently behind the movement of radical Islam, the efforts of the World Economic Forum, and global politics as we interact with it. When we ask the question, why do people hate each other so much? What is the difference between Western and Eastern civilization? It all points back to this essential element. Israel and the founding of it became the foundations of Western civilization. But it didn’t come first; it evolved out of rebellion, of Yahweh rebelling against the other pantheon of ancient gods such as Baal, Moloch, Ishtar, and many others, Earth’s first inhabitants. And the trend and desire to shut down that rebellion and to put the world back into the control of those sacrificial gods of destruction and mayhem. When we look at Jerusalem’s history, especially at the Temple Mount, and see how the Islamic faith currently occupies it with the Dome of the Rock and threats of war at any moment over the claim to that fame, we see this ancient rivalry in full play as it always was. 

Islam is an oriental religion, essentially, where the emphasis is on collectivism and the worship of all the old pagan deities under the umbrella of Allah. For instance, the strategy for the U.S. government to embrace radical Islam but reject Christianity is rooted in this essential difference. Western civilization developed the individual and even created a savior in Jesus Christ to be placed equal to God during his time on Earth, which is an appropriate metaphor for all of Western Civilization, especially America. Where the goal of Islam is to find reverence in the muddy middle, never to elevate one’s mind to such a lofty perspective. For the world’s governments, this is what they want in the people they want to rule over, compliance, meekness, servitude. So, Islam serves tyrannical governments much better than Christianity. But essentially, if you look at the world, the gods of the Indus Valley, going all the way over to China, Indonesia, Polynesia, the early Americas, South and North, the pagan gods are all essentially the same, and they all expected out of mankind the same type of cult of sacrifice and reverence. It was that crazy lunatic Yahweh that decided to break away and create Western civilization out of a land he decided was the promised land which then became the land of Israel. 

With all that in mind, then it could be understood that there was a lot of consternation in the world when fresh out of World War II, and sympathies were very high because of the terrible mistreatment of the Jews by Hitler, to give those poor people a state of their own. So, Harry Truman, a fan of the Bible, went against many of his advisors and supported the United Nations’ resolution to create the state of Israel in 1947. Of course, this greatly angered the Palestinians, who have been at war with the concept of Christianity and the laws of Yahweh for many thousands of years. Then lining up with the Jubilee calendar in 2017, President Trump did what no other president had done: further recognize Israel as a state of its own, but that he acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital. Then, to make matters worse, Trump also put an American embassy there. This was an act of war to the rest of the world, and for those behind the Muslim radicalism of terror campaigns to turn the world away from personal courage and back to the worship of Baal behind the mask of Allah, this was devastating. So, we have seen since a radical campaign of all-out war against Western civilization because of the reality of Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel an intense hatred and globalism strategy toward the destruction of all traces of such support. Israel is the defining symbol of Western civilization and the stated efforts of the God Yahweh. And now, Trump and Trump’s presidency have shown the world how quickly Western culture could dominate the old pagan beliefs and scare them. As ugly as it is these days, the thing to know is that it’s only that way because President Trump stirred up the bee’s nest by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that Western civilization is far from being destroyed, and the old gods of Baal worship are not close to being implemented on a global scale. America still stands in defiance, and Trump represents that ancient defiance in ways that the Eastern cultures don’t understand or appreciate. Yet to understand it for all its true intentions, Islam is only a mask for Baal worship which has always been the villain of all civilization, everywhere, throughout all recorded time.    

Rich Hoffman

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Freedom is More Important than Money: Fox News and Corporate Communism will lose as history remembers

There continues to be an almost cult-like reverence at the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, as if controlling a person’s employment reassured the Liberal World Order that they could control what people thought and did. After all, that is precisely how the system is designed under the new China rules for global communism. There is an institutional assurance to themselves that they are in control and can punish people of contrary thought by controlling them economically. If they can’t control people literally with their means of making a living, then through digital currency, they hope to shut people off from participating. Then, of course, they fantasize that they will control the entire world as a small minority by essentially controlling the means of making a living. If the goal of Karl Marx, which is the inherited system the Chinese adopted, and the World Economic Forum is seeking to implement it through every corporation by controlling finance through companies like BlackRock was to control the means of production, then this newer method of centralized control of people’s incomes takes that goal to a much different level. So there was much celebrating when Fox News listened to criticisms and finally fired Tucker Carlson from the number one-rated television show on cable prime time after a settlement with Dominion. They thought they had silenced Tucker and punished all critics of this Liberal World Order almost as if it were a sensual delight. Tucker was gone from Fox News, and the bad guys out there thought they had done something to protect themselves from people like Tucker and the MAGA movement’s growth. But I had a very different opinion and one that is worth perspective. 

The first thing I said about the Tucker Carlson firing at Fox News was that I was happy for him because it must have been frustrating to bend his show around Rupert Murdoch’s and his family’s obvious philosophy. Fox News has always been politics-lite, going back to Bill O’Reilly. It was more conservative than the other stations, which had been trending toward the communist left since the 90s. But it was never representative of mainstream America. There has always been this fantasy that is at the core strategy of this corporate communism movement, which Fox News has obviously bought into, which believes that the content providers create culture and not the market demand of the public. This is a fundamental difference between communism and capitalism. For instance, I think the most recent John Wick movie is one of the best movies ever made. I didn’t see one trace of Woke behavior in it; fans have rewarded it with great box office numbers. However, the belief is that if the communist mind takes over the entire entertainment industry and that people will not have any choice but to go and see their offerings that are filled with all kinds of government propaganda and liberal utterances, that the public will still show up and consume their product because they are bored and will do anything no matter what the quality of the product is. Which, of course, is blowing up in their face. This problem of there always being some kind of John Wick hitting the market need of the public is something that the controllers of the World Economic Forum who want open Chinese-style communism don’t understand. And that is why they were perplexed at the tremendous support that Tucker Carlson had when he announced he was going to continue his show on Twitter. They thought that if they controlled the platform for speech, they could control what people thought and consumed. They are not prepared for competition.

And yet that is the key to a moral society; it’s one that has competition in it for the attention of the masses. I realized this up close and personal several times in my life. Well before Tucker Carlson had a very high-profile de-platforming strategy utilized against him, I have been through it several times. I’ve been doing these kinds of things for a long time, writing, speaking, and undercutting government centralized authority systems, and I’ve seen every kind of attempt to deplatform me hoping to change my behavior. And what I discovered, even if I always knew it in the back of my mind, was that people like options, especially options in thinking. And given a choice, they will always explore those choices. This has been the problem with communism from the start. It’s one thing to impose communism on a suppressed culture of poor people, which is undoubtedly the case in China. The Chinese people have always been more compliant, and to their own defense, they don’t know any better than what the current communist government is offering them. The ability to have an air conditioner and a car is an amazing concept, so a very authoritarian government is not something they would know to question. But in America, that’s a different story. Choice is the key to culture and to economic power. Choice is expected, even demanded. So controls over the supply chain, entertainment options, and even news feeds are failing dramatically, and much of that desperation can be seen in Fox News firing their number one personality, as if sacrificing something very valuable to them would win them appeasement in the circles of this Liberal World Order. 

With his new Twitter show, Tucker Carlson will be free and gain a much larger audience than this modern cord-cutting public would otherwise give him. And if there was one primary thing that was driving the MAGA movement in general, it has been the decentralizing of news. That has certainly been the case with me. I’ve had offers from everywhere to run my own radio show. I used to do a lot of work with Clear Channel in Cincinnati and Michigan as a spot filler. And to host shows that were already known in established markets. But I have found running my own media is much more valuable. Not having the limits imposed by some dimwit corporate pinhead is worth more than the wages otherwise earned.

There are many ways to make money, especially for a person like me, and there are always people willing to pay because when you are a valuable personality, there is always someone who wants that value. And that is certainly the case with Tucker Carlson, who would be lucky to see 4 million viewers on a good night. He will be able to reach more people than that with his own news show, so I’m sure he’s happy about it. He will find he can do more and talk about more without trying to stay in the lines of what Fox News established for its employees. I was surprised that Tucker stayed with it as long as he did. I suppose the paycheck was good, but for people like him, he can make 20 million dollars anywhere. The limits were otherwise too frustrating to him, and you can see this last year he has almost been daring Fox News to fire him, to free him from his confines. Which I fully understand. Freedom is often much more valuable than money if all things are otherwise equal. And that is where this corporate communism model will ultimately fail and be laughed at in the memory of history. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why We Love Freedom: It’s the key to economic viability and production in any culture

It’s one of the things I like most this particular time of year, the spring months ahead of summer, when stores like Cabela’s put out their Holiday attire. With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July coming on the horizon, there are a lot of patriotic garments that they offer to satisfy the sentiments of their customer base, which, to say the least, are not Karl Marx fans. It’s always a reminder to me of where people are generally, away from the news and in reality. When I travel around the country, it’s pretty easy to see where people are politically. And Cabela’s understands that, as does Bass Pro. The same company essentially owns them, but they know their customers, and I enjoy going there to see what’s the latest in outdoor trends. These stores, dedicated to adventure and patriotism, are such wonderful assets, and I have never gotten tired of the Cabela’s in my neighborhood of Cabela’s West Chester, Ohio, since it opened. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time there. On this particular visit, I found a really nice Under Armor camouflage shirt that would be perfect for the summer season and all the outdoor activities I have planned. And it had a nice logo on it that said “Freedom.” It was a whole marketing line of t-shirts they have in all kinds of colors and styles, and they were selling like hotcakes at a maple syrup festival. I bought the shirt and other related items and immensely enjoyed the experience. But I had to ask myself as I watched others doing the same thing, what does everyone think that “Freedom” means? Why do we say it? Why was it such a powerful marketing tool? Under Armor is trying to appeal to those sentiments, so why was it such a powerful statement that might provoke someone to buy it, as opposed to a statement that might say, “Compliance?”

What do we mean when we say we want and expect “freedom?” Freedom from what? Freedom from government, Freedom from our parents? Freedom from work? Freedom from corporate influence, hostile governments, greedy financial institutions, politics, taking our kids to soccer practice, public schools that can’t spend our money correctly and waste it trying to indoctrinate our children into a Marxist ideology? We have a lot of hooks in us by the nature of living life. But if we had to put our finger on the specificity of the meaning of Freedom from an American perspective, the way Cabela’s is marketing it is the Freedom to live your own life the way you want to. It’s undoubtedly not Freedom from responsibility. And the more successful you are in life, obviously the pressure of responsibility increases. But what is specific about American Freedom is the notion that the value of a developed individual life is recognized as significant, and the results of that development and uniqueness benefit our national culture. In America, you can be a slug, barely rubbing two pennies together and living out of a van, nearly homeless, or you could work hard and become an executive for a major company. In America, you can literally have access to anybody at any level. A woman can date a multimillionaire if she is attractive and can get their attention, as opposed to a more controlled society that works within a caste system, as it is throughout India, Nepal, and into China. In Iran or Pakistan, a woman might be the most beautiful person in the world, but nobody would know because of their regimented society. And the hope to date or even marry someone outside of that rigid system is an impossible concept. 

In America, we have an expectation of choice. We can choose to be successful or not, to spend time with people of any level of input. Of course, you would have to work hard to move through social circles, but if you choose to work toward those goals, the doors are open to the hard worker, and we have that Freedom of choice. And you see that when you travel and go to summer activities where people have RVs and boats, earned assets that represent their hard work or lack thereof. I am always amazed by the variety when I go to campsites with our RV and my children. Some people have multimillion-dollar rigs decked out with all the luxury one could imagine. Many times, those rigs are more elaborate than their homes. And they might be parked next to some scrappy dude who hasn’t washed in a week living out of a tent in the bed of his truck with an American flag stuck out of the hood with a crude drill hole applied to stand it proudly upright. And they will talk and kid around with each other without any pretense of snobbery. They subconsciously appreciate each other’s choice to live a free life. And the results of those decisions provide different toys in life to enjoy. But they celebrate their ability to make that choice and not have a government or social construct make it for them.

This is why China must steal nearly a trillion dollars a year in intellectual property theft because even with the rigged financial system that has put them on the front burner for corporate communism, their culture is dying regarding creativity. They might have a lot of hard workers and an obedient society ready to do whatever they are told. But they aren’t very creative, which is common in communist cultures. Yet invention comes from Freedom. Good ideas are born when people are free to think outside the box. I have had several occasions in my life where I’ve had to deal with the United States Patent Office, and let me tell you, it’s always very busy. There are a lot of good ideas in America born every day, and those ideas come to those who are free to have ideas and are bold enough to act on them. And boldness comes from Freedom of choice. When people are free to express themselves either boldly or rigidly, there are consequences to that behavior that have predicted results. But when people are not free to think for themselves and act accordingly with some sort of market incentive, a society quickly shows the results in stagnant behavior. So in that regard, which is why Cabela’s markets “Freedom” the way they do, Freedom is an essential ingredient to the potential for a vibrant and inventive society. And that’s what we celebrate in America, the Freedom of choice. And from those choices, we have seen proof that society flourishes without a complicated caste system driven by religion or politics in limiting options for the human experience. And that’s what we celebrate on our patriotic holidays, the ability to have a choice. And perhaps to show off our new boats, campers, fishing poles, guns, the things we could buy because we chose to take a risk and hit it big, or work hard all our lives and treat ourselves to a new toy. Or just to spend time outdoors with family and friends because we have the leisure time to do so. Freedom is important to the American lifestyle, and it’s more than a tagline that refers to the period of the Founding Fathers. It’s an important attribute of our economic viability and our culture’s purpose. And it’s always under threat by oppressive forces that are jealous of it, and it’s something we must defend diligently. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Way to Have Honest Elections: Just call Frank LaRose in Ohio, and he can show you how

How could anybody not think that election fraud is a real problem? After all, look at the amount of money that is at stake, the enemy countries out there who want to put people sympathetic to their cause in our government for leverage. Likely, election fraud has been a significant problem the entire time that mass media has been involved in the conduct of our election cycles. We should be looking for cheating everywhere, all the time. And to maintain secure elections, we must take the process seriously, and that just hasn’t been happening. The election fraud of 2020 goes way beyond hurt feelings that Donald Trump didn’t win and that Republicans didn’t maintain control of the White House. The fraud was so ostentatious that it was no longer speculation of election fraud but a grim reality and to what extent it was occurring. Obviously, there were political class members on both sides who wanted to see election fraud happen to maintain their control over the government institutions themselves. Mitch McConnell comes to mind, as do people like Bill Barr: the FBI, the corporate boards of major media companies. What we had once suspected was now a confirmed reality, and now in the wake of all that a few years ago now, there are still those who want to deny that it did happen so that they can continue to benefit from the rigged system and allow global influences to manipulate American interests for the goals of insurgents hostile to the American idea.

Yet the solution is relatively simple now that we know what we know, and rather than argue with people about election fraud and deal with all the many court cases that are required to fix it, there is no hope of such a thing happening by the time of the 2024 election. So what is anybody supposed to do? With such a massive election fraud machine that literally has millions and millions of greedy hands in it to manipulate toward controlled advantage, what options can a government that is supposed to be ruled by the people utter to save its election system from the barbarous pirates of finance and political discourse? Well, I happen to know Frank LaRose, the Ohio Secretary of State, a bit, and I would gladly put you in touch with him to learn what he has done in Ohio to secure elections. I would say that what Frank has done in Ohio toward the goal of election integrity should be the standard for the rest of the nation to follow, and it’s all very simple. Of course, the bad guys are suing him left and right because they know how good his policies are for secure elections, and they are hoping to see his methods overturned in court by the 2024 presidential election because, in the game of “lawfare” the way liberals like to fight, they have no chance of winning any Democrat seats in Ohio without election fraud. So they are in a bit of a panic. The two best things that Frank LaRose has done to secure elections is to mandate a photo ID that is government issued. That can be a driver’s license or just a card issued for free by the BMV. Very easy to get and is the basic way to ensure that the person voting is who they are. The second thing that is done in Ohio is probably the most important, which is a real problem in this modern age of early voting, is that vote counts need to be counted by election day, not many days after. 

The way the game works, and it’s a well-thought-out scam that Democrats and some Republicans have fully endorsed over the years under the banner of “fairness,” is that mail-in ballots were ripe for fraud because they could be added or subtracted depending on what the final vote count margin actually was. In Ohio, there is early voting, but the general rule is that everyone must put their pencils down by election night, and the vote counts are due. Ohio achieves this by inputting those votes into the system as they come in so that by election night, they can be part of the vote. States like Pennsylvania don’t start counting those votes until election day, which is how this mess of counting votes days after the election began, and election results were not known on election day but days later. States that continue counting after the election, which was the case in several state races involving congressional seats, already know the margin they need to put their favorite person over the top, so they keep counting mail-in ballots until they reach their target. And if they don’t have enough actual mail-in ballots, they make them up until they do. That’s simply no way to manage any accurate election, and it has purposely opened the door to rampant election fraud. Remember when Pennsylvania, over the weeks after the election came up with a million extra votes to put Joe Biden over President Trump? And the courts didn’t want to touch the case because it would open up the entire system to a complete lashing, and nobody had the stomach for it. Frank LaRose was brought in to testify how Ohio managed, and many in the process know this little trade secret. But admitting to it would essentially commit thousands of well-respected people to a guilty plea of sedition against our country. Election fraud is serious, and many people went way too far and got caught doing it. The most recent example is the monstrosity in Arizona with Katie Hobbs, who essentially managed her own election. Good election security essentially comes down to having a good secretary of state. If you don’t have one, you can forget about it. It’s that serious.

But rather than cry about it, just fix it. If everyone wants to prove they have honest elections, then at least ensure that early ballots are counted by election day, like in Ohio. And that will stop this trend of counting votes after election day, as we have seen becoming a major problem over the last two elections. Democrats knew what they were planning to do to cheat the 2020 election; they warned us ahead of time that Trump would appear to win in a landslide and that over the following weeks, Joe Biden would pull out the win. Well, they did that because they knew what the voting margin was that they had to come up with regarding fake votes. And that was their strategy all along, and why they allow their candidates to run their campaigns in their basement because they really think people are so stupid that they won’t see what they are up to. The best thing is to remove the temptation to cheat by ensuring that results are counted by election day and not after the results are known. The gap was so significant in Pennsylvania that this problem became apparent. So in the future, for those who want honest elections, just let me know, and I can put you in contact with Frank LaRose, and he can help your state run a fair election. And you better do it before 2024 because Democrats are planning to cheat again wherever they can. It’s part of their campaign strategy disguised as some “get out the vote” effort. But in reality, it’s just planned fraud, and the way to keep them from doing it is with some simple ground rules. And by doing as Ohio has, voter integrity will become much better. And the election results will be noticeably improved. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Trans Movement that Started at the Stonewall Inn: Violence is their preferred mode of expressing themselves because it has worked

Scientifically speaking, we may be dealing with retarded malcontents from other dimensional realities when trying to understand a vast evil that entered our world during the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots.  As I explain all the time, most paranormal activity, I think, can be explained through quantum mechanics, and to that understanding, there are likely many lifeforms who live below and above our four-dimensional reality, and they have their own motivations.  We might rationalize them as the spirit world, but they are there, and to work with or through us, it’s difficult to do it directly but to do it spiritually, we can at times communicate with them.  Some of us can hear their voices quite clearly, others not so much so.  Intoxication seems to be a vehicle to allow these otherwise restricted minds to interact with our reality more often and more accessibly.  But given the history of the world, we should not assume that these voices are intelligent.  Just because they come to us from other dimensional realities, we should not assume that they are the best their world offers.  Because they are talking to us, we might otherwise apply that they are not of a sane mind and may seek to dominate our spiritual world because they have been discarded in their own.  That would certainly explain the antics of Ishtar and her other deities from the times of Mesopotamia, which actually may not be so old at all, but are working as openly in our world of today as they did in the reported times of pre-Biblical associations in the land of Canaan, and the Mesopotamian valley, then extending down to the early civilizations of Egypt.  Studying the life of the actual person, Ishtar, I think she may have been a deranged fool, not an object of worship, as she has taken on that role even in our present society, and she makes herself most known when technological boosts show her that our world is outgrowing her rule from the shadows. 

The 1960s was a challenging time in America, we were the new superpower in the world after the creation of the United Nations in a post-World War II relationship, and the KGB was looking to undermine American life with all kinds of psychotic tricks, drug use, and cultural destruction, most recognized by the hippie movement.  China today has resumed that level of discontent, but many doors were opened during the 1960s to purposely kill off American culture from the level of the youth and hopefully stop all the technological innovations that were coming from us that the rest of the world just couldn’t put their finger on.  So it should not be surprising that in the summer of 1969, as America landed people on the moon, the KGB aggressively undermined our society and many other competing forces, including occultists who wanted to see global communism.  Gay lifestyles were illegal then, so it was quite a rebellious thing for the people who gathered in Greenwich Village in New York City, at the mob-owned gay bar, a kind of speakeasy for its time, the Stonewall Inn, and participate in that lifestyle.  To enforce their anti-gay policy, the police would often raid this bar for operating without a license and arrest everyone.  But they’d be free within a few hours and would resume their gay lifestyles back at the bar.  The mob would bribe the police behind the scenes to keep the place open, and things went on like that for quite a while.

When we talk about gay and perverse sexual lifestyles, it was the goddess Ishtar who, all during written record, all around the world, has represented the life of the prostitute and enjoyed watching human beings having sex.  And the more perverse sex, the more she was interested, and people all through the years would engage in such activity hoping to win her appeal and maybe have her sprinkle some fertility their way in the way of luck, productivity, or just plain good fortune.  In that regard, a place of drunken action in one of the biggest cities in the world, under the occult attraction of the anti-American forces, would be a great place to evoke the attention of the goddess, especially one month before the moon landing, which had the world jealous with rage at the time.  So this time, at the end of June of that year, the police raided, but the people fought back, all in the name of gay rights.  It was there that the gay men, the lesbians, and the transexuals who had been forced to live closet lives in a very Christianized America fought back, and a riot took place that started the Pride movement.  And from there, the rest was history.  Gay people saw radicalism and violence as their way to advance their lifestyle and not be worried about social prosecution.  And from that Stonewall Riot until the present, the Pride movement, the arm of Ishtar’s cult of sexual perversion, rampant pornography, and massive prostitution, has been unleashed on American society with the military intent to bring it down.  Ishtar herself has seen many civilizations rise and fall from her perspective and could care less about America.  But the attention she gets from her worshipers has made her a rockstar in the spirit world, giving her many reasons to continue her quantum abuse across dimensional space and time. 

So it should come as no surprise that after a trans-liberal shot up a Christian school in Nashville, where the authorities worked hard to suppress the manifesto of radicalism that the shooter left behind, that violence is the preferred method of expressing themselves.  We saw transsexual Rocky Horror Picture Show lunatics storm the capital to make the entire issue about gun rights, not their sexual predilections that just caused the death of many innocent Christians.  We have also watched many trans activists vandalize lawmakers’ homes and move further to the aggression of violence to advance their agenda of the Cult of Ishtar.  They do it because it worked at the Stonewall Inn, and since then, they have not seen a resistance from society to inspire them not to.  And their movement is driven by the ancient Goddess Ishtar, and foolishly they assume that by appealing to her, they gain the power of expression that extends into the afterworld.  Their empty, drunken minds open them to the evils of Ishtar’s world, either from her directly or her many minions.  But the mistake comes in thinking that she has intelligence, or a moral role in the superiorities of mother earth worship, which ultimately points to the worship of her, worship of Aphrodite, of Venus, of Isis, of all the voices of the spirit world who are likely too stupid not to abuse their position from other dimensional realities to a species of the dumb and lazy who would rather get action from the spirit world than to do for themselves with the tools of their own existence.  For the lazy, help from Ishtar is like the mother they never had, so they listen to her insanity for destroying the world because they are too insecure to do anything else.  And in this fashion, the Cult of Ishtar has been unleashed upon our world to deal with.  And we see her violence and chaos in our modern news stories, which will continue until we stop allowing it to happen.  Of course, trying to rationalize with them is a foolish enterprise that will never work.

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, Lakota Schools Are Letting Boys Use the Girls’ Bathrooms: Why liberals hate Darbi Boddy

I think the only reason many anti-Darbi Boddy people hate her with so much conviction is that she does not look like the bottom of a foot, as most other education types do. Most people who do work in the field of education are not what you might call attractive. Instead, they look like potatoes that have been left in the basement too long on one side and are in a perpetual state of rot. That thought came to my mind as I saw Darbi Boddy, the second-year school board member from Lakota, at the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, a glamorous event celebrating conservative values each April with Ron DeSantis speaking about his education reforms in Florida. Darbi was dressed well, and a long line of people wanted to take their pictures with her. There was quite a crowd, but we did get a chance to talk about how things were going and what she had in mind for the future as one of the most important political offices that any property owner could vote on. We send so much money to these public schools only to have them used against us as a backdoor for extreme liberalism distributed like a weed into our community with the intent to rot the minds of our youth. When you get a chance to meet Darbi, it would be hard to understand why so many people hate her. But it becomes apparent when you look at the line of people waiting to shake her hand and take a picture with her. Fellow school board members Kelley Casper and Julie Shaffer could never get a reception like that, and jealousy is undoubtedly a factor in the way that women get jealous of other women for obvious insecurities.

For all those reasons and more, Darbi Boddy is one of the most controversial figures in Cincinnati politics; she is a Butler County version of Marjorie Taylor Greene, only with a softer presentation. She and I did get a chance to talk about a few Lakota problems, and one was the transgender radicalism that is exploding in all public schools across America as a clear strategy by progressives that was unfolding. Darbi, unlike me, thinks that public education can be fixed or at least improved. Where I tend to think all elements of public education are ready for the junk pile, I am happy to see at least that people like Darbi want to try and make it work, especially considering how much money gets wasted on it in our community. And to that point, she told me about some of the challenges regarding boys and girls’ bathrooms that were trying to emerge again. Listening to her talk, she sounded very reasonable, leaving it clear to the mind of any decent person the precise point of view that people hated Darbi for purely cosmetic purposes and because she was a conservative more than any other reason. I was impressed with her statement that her main reason for dealing with many of the problems she has become wrapped up in is because she wants kids to have a stable environment to work in. And the liberal politics was intrusive to them, especially the trans bathroom issue where boys were using it as a means to get into the girl’s bathroom. Of course, at a recent school board meeting, the rest of the board stated clearly that they didn’t think that was happening. But then, after the meeting where Darbi brought the issue up for a vote to put the issue to rest, Lakota spokesperson Betsy Fuller stated that only under exceptional circumstances were boys being let into the girl’s bathroom and that the issue was distracting for students who would rather not think about those kinds of things.

After speaking with Darbi, I always leave with the thought about how bat-crap crazy women can be with other women, just over cosmetic looks, and how nuts Democrats are who are so full of hate, they want to protest the sun coming up. Darbi’s argument about removing political radicalism from kids so they can just be kids makes a lot of sense. But then again, Lakota schools are filled with radical, progressive liberals, from the school board down to the class-to-class teachers who are teaching CRT and are supporting trans activism, and those people, if left unchecked, are looking for a co-parenting relationship with the community’s kids, and to teach them all the wrong kinds of things. If Darbi wasn’t there to protect them, who would? The radicals would say that the best way to protect the kids would be to get rid of Darbi because she is the center of political controversy. But without Darbi, these people would have unhindered access to children, which is a terrifying thought, when you find out how radical some of these people really are. Darbi, in person, behaves very professionally and has genuine sincerity for the betterment of children in the classrooms. And the people who hate her hate that she’s a conservative who is not afraid to express it in public. And they hate her because of what they intend to do to innocent kids, which Darbi stands in the way of. 

You always have to watch it when the public relations people are controlling the message, and Betsy Fuller made it clear without trying, that boys were being allowed in the girl’s bathroom under unique conditions, as expressed in an email to the media after Darbi proposed a ban on the entire idea, for the safety of all kids. At a fundamental level, boys are dirtier than girls, and if they don’t sit down while using the restroom, they tend to make a mess of the seat, making it very inconvenient for the girls who have to use it after them and it’s just not fair to the girls. The other school board members were a bit outraged by Darbi, for all the reasons stated that they would be, but that didn’t change the fact that Lakota is supporting transgender radicalism, which is more of a religious issue than one of political inclusion, which is an entire problem of its own under a separation of church and state argument. Public schools have made it clear that religious references such as the Ten Commandments were not allowed to be displayed, but then they are very supportive of the rainbow flags of the Pride movement, which is a direct correlation to the Cult of Ishtar. That support was evident in Betsey’s statement to the press; they prioritize inclusion among kids that identify with gender questions, which are purely political in their progressive push culturally. And as Darbi made it clear to me, kids just want to be kids. Adults are trying to push all this sex agenda radicalism onto them, abusing that innocence between the child and adult relationship that is often detrimental to the child’s development. When you really peel back the layers of hate that have been applied to Darbi just for existing, it becomes clear that it’s not because she’s a bad school board member. Quite the opposite, I think she is the best out of the current four, and Lakota would do well to get four more just like her.   And if they did, at that point, Lakota schools might actually serve the community well and spend the vast amounts of money that are sent to them by the community wisely. And kids might be able to have one thing less to worry about than adults with radical political agendas who want to pervert children sexually for their own maniacal purposes. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Cult of Baal: Worshiping nature is the whore of evil

Mother Nature is a whore that has seduced many to her plight, and we see her work in our modern times by way of climate change worshippers, who defy righteousness in favor of the lazy, yielding to the mysterious forces of antiquity. I see the Holy Bible differently than many people do; for me, it’s not just the word of God interpreted through mankind for the understanding of a ransom that Jesus paid to die for our sins, but it’s a key to suppressing the nature of sin itself. And in the case of our subject, the worship of sin as a moon god from Babylon and other references of antiquity, it’s not enough for me to say that we are all prone to sin and that to earn God’s reverence, we must acknowledge Jesus and turn a focus on the afterlife as the goal of our existence, surrendering our lives to the forces that have always plagued it. Even if God made heaven and earth, good and evil, I see the task of the human being and the evolution of Western civilization to be a champion for righteousness that is unique in the universe. And the creation of America as the product of that philosophic contemplation. Suppose the forces of existence are at war with each other, and God set them against each other purposely. In that case, it isn’t enough to just yield to them and hope for eternal life, but to conquer them in the classic battle of East versus West, with the West being the creation of an entirely new religion and philosophy that is very much at war today. But the forces of old have always wanted to conquer Western civilization and beat it back into the ground from which it sprung forth, and it’s just as alive today as it was before the creation of the Christian and the concept of righteousness that was born from that rebellion of Yahweh against the forces of an ancient religion that predates the cultures of Sumer and Egypt. 

The Bible is a miracle of human intellect. It was a divorce from the blind nature worship that permeated all existence for many thousands of years before its contemplation from the Hebrews into the organized texts of the Council of Nicaea. And among the pantheon of the known gods to our mythology of existence is the war between Yahweh and the Zeus-like God Baal. Before there was anybody else on earth, there was this classic struggle between East and West civilization embodied in these two rival factions. And a careful reading of the Bible will show clearly that it wasn’t Satan or Lucifer that were the primary villains of the Bible, but it was Baal worship and his pantheon of gods who were devoted to the worship of conditional nature as the universe presented it. Not the domination of nature as the Lord, God Yahweh intended, chronicled through the rebellion of his chosen people after the antics of Noah and the conquest of the promised land. Why was the land of Canaan promised? Yahweh intended to conquer Baal and show that a society with his Ten Commandments would be superior to the societies that worshipped Baal with sacrifices and a yielding of intellect to the forces of nature. Over time the names of these gods would change a bit depending on the culture, but the personalities would not change, and they are with us today in the same kind of classic struggle. Baal very much has worshippers in globalism, especially the core beliefs of the World Economic Forum in every reference toward climate change and the politics of the Left. It’s a classic problem that never came to a proper resolution as our interpretation of history has ignored the core issue, and that collision is very much the theme of our modern times. 

I think Jonathan Cahn has done a great thing in his most recent book, The Return of the Gods. I have a long history with Sumerian chronology and their gods that I recognize going back 450,000 years. And the worship of Baal, Ishtar, and Moloch are just a few of the maniacal characters that have always been working in the background toward destructive intentions for the human race. I think many millions of these evil forces live in the realms of quantum mechanics and whisper to us all the things that aren’t good for us and want to see our consumption and destruction for their own rival purposes. By the time Yahweh came along with his rebellion against these forces by segregating his people, his family lineage of chosen people, there had already been a prehistory that largely did not survive analysis that predated the great flood. I think Jonathan Cahn’s work with his book in capturing those three main deities as a threat to our modern world is perfectly valid and all too true.   Baal, or whatever name anybody wants to give him, is the threat he always was, and the spirit of his menace is alive and well in modern politics. The same villainy that drove the events of the Bible is precisely the same as we see today. And God would be just as frustrated with our reaction as he was then. God often viewed the antics of the Israelites as cheating whores who turned from him to return to the worship of Baal and the other gods of the region. 

But there is more at stake than just the salvation of all humanity. Western civilization evolved from the rebellion of Yahweh, and it has shown itself to be far more effective than anything the worship of Baal came up with. And that same challenge is at the center of everything political now. Baal is still the God of much of the world, no matter what name they give him. And the war against Christianity is a very real menace. Global forces are conducting the destruction of America in the same way that Nebuchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem after the people of Israel had turned to Baal worship over Yahweh’s Ten Commandments. And knowing that there is no reason to wait for Jesus to return and defeat the forces of darkness in the last battle of Revelation. Only what is needed is for Americans to regain their pride in righteousness and to live their lives in such a way that rejects Baal worship and rubs the faces of evil in the dung heap of their sin and their loathing lives. That is the path to Baal worship when it is said not to judge, lest ye not be judged. I would say, judge, and judge often and be more righteous than the enemy because the enemy is real. The enemy is ancient. And the enemy is before us now in the form of climate change and radical leftist politics. There is nothing new about them, they have destroyed many millions of lives over tens of thousands of years, and they are on our nightly news now. It’s Baal all over again; he never went away. We lost focus on defeating him because we assumed that just by acknowledging Jesus Christ, we were doing all that was required of us. But then there is the game between Western and Eastern civilizations and the need to win one way or the other. To play the game of fighting evil with good and destroying the enemy that all future generations require. Baal is still the threat that he always was. But our yielding to the forces of evil is what must change, perhaps for the first time in history. America was created to destroy evil, and it’s time we play that game to win instead of letting evil ruin the lives of all it touches. And to understand that, we must understand that Baal is still a threat and defeat him with righteousness. Then to apply Western civilization to cast light on all the shadows of evil that permeate through the communist movement that is worldwide and is hard at work to evoke our personal destruction.

Rich Hoffman

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Attack of the Billionaires: It’s like treating alcoholism with a keg of beer

Like the sons of the queen from the great Shakespeare play Titus, the sons of George Soros intend malice and destruction for America by many of the same manipulations expressed in a microcosm within that famous play. With these frequent visits to the White House under the mask of a Biden presidency, illegally secured by globalist forces through massive election fraud brought on by Covid regulations, by the sons of George Soros give a window into what Americans have discovered about their government. They aren’t in charge of it, and we have allowed these billionaires to get in behind the scenes and shape policy in ways that voters have lost control of. And if Trump had never become president, we would likely have never discovered it. And as bad as George Soros and his sons have been, the reach of their ill intent goes much further than just them. When we look at a wide selection of billionaires, such as Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, and many others, it is quickly realized that we have a lot of whores in our government who will do anything for easy money and these billionaire types have been caught using their excessive power through finance to essentially destroy the concept of America through a lot of easy money. In some cases, like with Peter Theil and Elon Musk, their activism has been beneficial toward restoring the Constitutional Republic, which America was designed to be. But then, in the case of Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, George Soros, Bloomberg, and many others, the plan by them has been to secure their political position in the world by using their finance as a weapon of war to change the country into their vision, not the one represented by popular vote. 

The 2024 election was never going to be about policy, as the RINOs want, the Never Trumper types who keep trying to throw these soft-shelled Republicans into the field to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. It’s almost funny to watch their childish attempts. Who in their right mind thinks that Asa Hutchinson is going to do anything positive for Republicans? It’s like treating alcoholism with a keg of beer. Only one Republican is offering himself into the presidential race with any serious chance of beating the kinds of menaces that are actually controlling America, and that is President Trump because he’s a billionaire and can afford to play the game the way the other billionaires are playing it against our country. We’re not talking about easy Republican positions such as cutting taxes and having a firm stance on abortion. We are dealing with a kind of evil in politics that far extends into the kind of manipulations only explored most effectively in our lives through the art of Willian Shakespeare. It’s not a surprise that Alexander Soros, one of the most active sons of George Soros and his globalists friends, has visited the White House so much. They have been caught in more ways than one and likely wouldn’t even be talked about if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016. But they have been caught, and people see what the problem is, and Trump is their champion to get it back under control.    So no matter what the news has stated on the matter, no matter what the influences have been against President Trump, people know that at this point in history, Trump offering himself to the White House is the best way to beat this influence of the billionaires from their purposeful destruction of America. 

Do Ray Dalio and people like Larry Fink intend the destruction of America? I’ve read all their books, especially Ray’s, and the literature of Larry Fink’s friends in the World Economic Forum, and I would say they have an insane view of the future that does not incorporate the United States and capitalism in any way. They want a micromanaged future where governments they control through finance manage the entire global population. And that they don’t see what they are doing as destructive. They view themselves as helpful, as an insane person might view “help.” They don’t like the invisible hand of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations; they want the centralized authority of Karl Marx, which is how so many corporations have been scammed into globalism.   It’s hard for them to trust that innate nature of people, as has been the case in America. So the attacks toward the moral premise of the country’s foundation have been to erode away that “invisible hand” with financial influence in a way that destroys the way a Republic is supposed to function. And these billionaires continue to throw wood on that fire with a scam that is perpetuated by the media because many people in the media are the same kind of whores as is common on a K-Street corner. They perform different tasks to get it, but whoring out integrity for the exchange of easy money is the primary driver of much of this evil and deceit that we have witnessed over a long period of time, and the Republicans have failed to meet that evil until President Trump came along late in his life with all his power of brand to fight it. And people gravitated to him, understanding what the real problem was. We didn’t have enough mean tweets in our culture to fight the real villains because the billionaires were spreading around too much money to the donors, and all the regular politicians who were struggling to raise enough money to even run for office weren’t free enough as people to have their own opinions on things. 

I know I am glad that President Trump is willing to even put himself out there at this stage of his life. That he’s a fighter and is so well revered when he shows up at cage fighting exhibitions to thunderous applause shows that the folks out there get it. They understand what this fight is all about. But the billionaire class out there thinks falsely that the world of globalism will be a new version of aristocracy, which they will be in charge of because of their wealth. They may have had success in life that made them very rich, but they have lost their minds on how they could or would use that wealth to control others. In America, there is an expectation that government would get out of the way of ordinary people, and work in the background, whereas European socialism takes center stage. And that is the vision of these billionaire influencers. They want the China model, which they have helped prop up. China didn’t get all its power from being the smartest on the planet; they have the finance from the World Economic Forum to spread parental communism to all the nations of the world like some overly concerned parent might not let a child ride a bicycle without a helmet. The kid just wants to ride the bike, but the neurotic parent is afraid of every scratch and dent that might occur along the way. So it is the neurosis of the billionaires that is the real problem, their insecurity in protecting what they think makes them so unique, which is their wealth. In an aristocracy, they have more meaning because of it. In a free society, they are only as important as the next person. They may be able to buy more toys, but their influence is just the same as the beer-drinking MMA fighter, and they find that appalling. But Trump supporters get it and are looking to him as a billionaire to fight off those corrupt influences. And the political world should be glad that Trump is their champion. Because if people didn’t have that hope, they would turn to more aggressive methods, and the billionaires wouldn’t like those. And no trips to the White House would be able to do anything to prevent the inevitability. 

Rich Hoffman

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Beer Drinkers and Wine Tasters: A reality in politics that the Never-Trumpers haven’t figure out yet

A stark contrast was evident to me during a very expensive dinner I was at with many very smart people from all kinds of political backgrounds. The people who were trying to argue for Ron DeSantis being a good alternative to Trump were also the same people claiming to be experts on red wine, white wines, and their various vintages. I’m not a drinker at all, by any means. There is a running joke in my family that I enjoy only three kinds of beverages; the first is water. The second is milk. And the third is Mello Yello, my favorite soft drink. In many ways, I have never grown up to think of adult beverages as something I value. I still drink like a pre-teen, and I have no desire ever to change that. But at social occasions, I will sip on a beer or wine to experience life as its presented. I’ll do that to some extent with alcohol, but when it comes to other things, such as marijuana, in any shape or form, I have a lifelong policy against it, and I will never join in the behavior. I have never done that kind of thing privately or in a group setting, and never will. But I’ll try what they offer with beer and wine and listen to people tell me why one wine is better. Yet I don’t know the difference between vintage wine or new wine from Kroger that was plucked from grapes last week. It all tastes the same to me. And to that point, I’ve never been a small fork, big fork kind of person either. Which fork do you use for your salad, and which for your main meal? My sophistication on these kinds of things is to pull out my pocketknife, which I always have on, even when wearing a $1000 suit, and stick it into my food to eat as if I were at a campfire. 

That’s when a very smart and highly educated guy who was trying to help me told me that I was drinking my red wine in the wrong glass as one of our waitresses wanted to pour me some from the most recently opened bottle. I put a wine glass in front of her to pour; she hesitated as this guy explained to me why. “You are supposed to use the wide-rimmed glass, not the narrow one; the red wine likes to breathe.” I then looked and noticed a difference, so I put the bigger glass in front of her and she poured away, and everyone at the table giggled at my expense, which I played up. I have no desire to know those kinds of things, and I think it’s funny that people think those kinds of things are important, and to them, it is. I prefer to think about really big things, and those kinds of topics seem small to me. But jokes caused by the circumstances are opportunities to find common ground, so we were all having the costly dinner dressed in our best attire, and we had a little fun at my lack of knowledge on these things. In my world, I am happy to offer other people some emotional leverage on me because it makes all the other discussions easier. My thoughts are rigid, so a social perspective concession helps make hard conversations more digestible. But because of the news of the hour, I noticed something about this event, which was paramount to the trouble with politics.

Even after all the trouble Trump is in, the RINOs and Never Trumpers are mystified as to why people still support him. The wine-drinking Democrats who locally can be found in my area at Cooper’s Hawk but generally are found at wine tastings at Martha’s Vineyard, Mackinac Island, and other highbrow places are mystified as to why Trump is leading in the polls and he actually gained in strength after the Alvin Bragg indictment. With the same skill that they put into worrying about what silverware to use during dinner or which glass the wine goes in, they are making decisions about politics that do not represent the beer-drinking public, the general people out there who actually vote. The same people who will drink a warm Bud Light out of the back of a pickup truck on a night at the local demolition derby. People do not want aristocrats who understand the difference in wines when the world is falling apart. People don’t want to be ruled by some dumb rules as to which fork to use during dinner. Most people will never have a chance to attend one $500-a-plate dinner in their lives and think about the difference between white wine and red wine. And they certainly don’t want to be ruled by people who do, and when you peel back the layers of the “hate Trump at all cost” movement, they haven’t yet figured out that people don’t like them because of their aristocratic wealth or access to the finer things in life. People want a government that works for them, which is what Trump has offered. And they’ll crawl through broken glass to get it. 

It’s the beer drinkers who decide elections. And in a world where people work hard to be elite so that they can work their way into social respect because they know what fork to use or what glass the wines go in, they expect some kind of payoff, which has been ingrained in us from thousands of years of evolution. But that’s not what people want out of their elected representatives, and much of our political class has never figured it out, and realizing that destroys assumptions they have had about life their entire lives. It’s not that the finer things in life aren’t fine, or shouldn’t be enjoyed. I enjoy them when I get a chance to experience them, even if my idea of eating a finely cut steak is to punch it with my pocket knife and to stick it in my mouth like a skewer. The key to political victory is in the beer drinkers who are just as happy with a warm beer out of the back of a pickup truck as with a fine bottle of white wine. Or maybe not even drinking at all, and would prefer a glass of water to intoxication of any kind. The masses are not running for a path in life to aristocracy. And they don’t want to worship people who are so pretentious. There will always be people who will want to take those extra steps in life, but that is on them, not on a social respect that they expect will come with their knowledge of fine wines and cheese.    Even though he is very rich and can afford the best things in life, Trump is just as happy with a bucket of chicken as he is with a great steak from an expensive restaurant. And that’s why no matter what the aristocrats of society throw at Trump, people will vote for him anyway because he has shown a disdain for those pretentious types, not a reverence. And that is ultimately why those who have spent much of their life thinking about such things, like James Comey and many others, hate Trump so much. Because Trump represents a rejection of everything they value as a civilization. And Trump is a reminder that that is what voters value as well, and that realization hurts their feelings and dictates their political persuasion as RINOs and Never Trumpers who will never understand until it’s too late for them.

Rich Hoffman

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