Don’t Play Nice With Democrats, They are At War With Us: Say NO to more funding

Shut Down The Government

Here’s a news flash, we are at war!  We are not in a situation where we, as Republicans, are required to play nice with Democrats.  No matter what you think about election fraud.  No matter what you think about the border.  No matter what you think about the cover-up of our political machine helping China develop a bioweapon in coronavirus at the Wuhan lab with NIH funding by Dr. Fauci.  We are under attack.  Democrats are trying to collapse our system of government, of our country, and we have the means to stop them. It’s not with elections during the midterms.  It’s not with the reinstitution of President Trump.  It’s actually upon us now, with the vote on the Hill to raise the debt ceiling and refund the government at the end of September.  We are already terribly in debt because we’ve played too nice.  We let the United Nations sucker us with Covid and trillions of dollars of new debt.  What is happening is a classic Cloward and Piven strategy meant to crush the American dollar and America as a sovereign nation.  We have domestic enemies who are helping bring it about.  Yet, we still have the power in our hands to stop it.  We still control the flow of money.  We can say no to raising the debt limit, and we can refuse to fund the government past the September deadline.  What are you afraid of happening?  What could be worse than losing your country?

Look, already, the government has taught people to live without the government. What will the media do when the government shuts down and people can’t go to the National Parks?  We already shut down the government during Covid.  I went to six National Parks this past year, and most of them had just reopened.  At Yellowstone in June 2021, they had only been open a few weeks after the government shutdown over Covid, and honestly, life still went on. Suppose they shut down over a lack of funding. Who is going to care?  People will rearrange their plans and get on with their lives.  This isn’t how it used to be where Republicans were the first to blink in such shutdowns; they would accept the blame for the whole fiasco.  No, we’re in a real new world now.  These days, if you stand up to Democrats by throwing all this in their face, you will be rewarded by voters; even illegal immigrants will vote Republican.  Because everyone likes a fighter, and everyone wants to see people in power defending the underdog.  This is the first time we could have a government shutdown where the Democrats would get the blame.  The public won’t care a bit.  By taking this leverage away from Democrats now, you will take it from them forever. 

And to put an end to the trillions that Democrats want to spend with that communist infrastructure plan they want to pass.  Just take away their ability to borrow money.  The number one extortion piece that China has over the United States is our debt.  Democrats want to feed that power for an overthrow of America. That’s why they are against the Pledge of Allegiance; that’s why they want people to protest the American flag.  Do they hate America, isn’t that obvious yet?  Who doubts that now?  They have virtually come out and stamped their hatred of us right on our foreheads.   So why play nice with them?  Why shake hands?  Why pretend that the Senate is a country club of legislators who all want what’s best for America because they aren’t.   Many of them are domestic enemies to our Constitution, and they say it in the open.  Why not take them at their word?  Why play nice with them?  Would you want history to remember you opening the door and letting in the Trojan Horse that destroyed the war?

Many would argue that the Trojan Horse has already been unleashed, that the battle has already been launched, and that the globalists are already marking the war won.  That it’s too late.  Well, for that to happen, suckers must give them the money like the robbers they are.  Like Jesse James holding up a train promising to let all the women and children live if only the train’s occupants would hand over all their money, the Democrats are doing the same with our country.  Remember, Jesse James was a staunch slave-owning Democrat, and he was and is just like these modern Democrats.  Thieves, radicals, and political insurgents.  They do not want to work together for a better country.  They want to hold us up, steal our money and our lives, and turn over our country to the globe for a reward in an upcoming insurgent government.  So, the robbery is taking place for the naysayers and negative barnacles who think the fight isn’t worth having, but the goods have not left our hands.  Raising the debt ceiling and renewing the federal government’s funding is when that takes place, and Republicans would do well to hold tight, even shoot it out with the bandits.  But don’t hand it over.

Republicans are talking tough about the upcoming vote.  Democrats are threatening to do it all without them, which would be fine.  Never put your name next to a loser.  The Democrats, through election fraud, have managed to take the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.  Let them choke on it.  Let them be the ones to fund all these ridiculous projects.  Let them be on the hook for it.  Let them hang on to it and make them pay later.  There will be a later if Republicans hold tight.  Burn the horse with all the troops in it. Don’t let them in the gate, then go to bed only to slaughter you in the night.  Kill it before it gets to you under hidden schemes and actions of aggression intent for other nations, not those of America.  It’s all very simple; without the shared guilt of a broken economy, of an outright insurrection, Democrats will be left alone and afraid.  They will have nobody but themselves to blame, and when it all comes crashing down, it will be their party that will feel it most.

Then and only then can we talk about reforms.   They can’t steal the votes of the Republicans in our republic.   They can override the votes, but they cannot steal them from a live person voting on the House floor and talking to the media after.  Do not give them the leverage of your acceptance.  Leave them alone on this, and ultimately to blame.  Americans will back a fighter.  They will not support an accomplice who helped rob them of their wealth and country.  The power is truly in our hands.  Democrats only win if we surrender.  At least make them fight for it.  Fire back for a change and play chicken with the intent to crash headlong into their ranks.  Be willing to take damage from the action.  But don’t play nice with them.  Playing nice will be a sure way to lose this game, and in losing, we lose our country to the forces obviously against it.  And even though it may be scary now, remember, history has a long memory.  Finding a little bravery today and standing up to these bandits and insurgents will be worth the memory tomorrow.  Yet yielding to them will only pay embarrassment for the rest of your lives and the memory of it in the centuries to come.

Rich Hoffman

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Biden Was Created to Represent America’s Demise in the World: China’s master plan

Biden is Just the Mask

Hey, I’ve been talking about this for a long time.  Many who have read here and have known me for the last twenty to thirty years, even longer, know that I am seldom, if ever, wrong.  Eventually, the things I say end up happening exactly as I said they would, and I’ve been doing it long enough to have a vast track record.  So, when I tell you that Afghanistan was a phony war meant to empower terrorists, to justify a global shift in power structures, you’ll understand that there is some merit to the statement.  As I said in the video above, you could fit the whole Taliban army into an American football stadium for the NFL.  Why didn’t we win the war?  Well, we weren’t allowed to, starting from the top.  Who is the top? Well, I’ve told you that too. It’s the people talked about in the book Tragedy & Hope, from Carroll Quigley.  They exist beyond the governments of our nations, they pour the money into building those governments, and they consider themselves beyond Constitutional laws, or any laws so far made by any legislative body, anywhere. It’s the precise reason people like George Soros are left to roam free instead of thrown in jail for all the tampering with the operation of the American republic that he has conducted.  In the end, his money runs our government and the media that acts as its mask against reality.  These forces built the Taliban to appear ominous, to scare us into accepting a global reality. Still, in truth, they are just a small group of people who could easily be beaten if anybody wanted to. 

When Joe Biden gave the speech when the Americans were killed at the Kabul airport by suicide bombers, he put his head in his hands, giving a picture that would show the world that the American Empire was falling, it looked to be a little too staged.  Old Biden was doing what “they” told him to, just as they had practiced it.  After all, like his wife, Dr. Biden, Joe cares about how the world will remember him, and he wanted to go down in history as an American President.  He would have done anything to get that title, including selling out himself ultimately to get it.  He was just the pick for China, which it will be revealed controlled the election process of 2020.  The set-up was years in the making, including setting up the dejected Russians to be the future fall guys.  By the time the actual election fraud would take place, people would be tired of the topic. They would ignore the power move China made with electronic voting machines to allow massive tampering and a coup of an American president.  China created and unleashed Covid to create a smokescreen of election fraud during 2020 and torpedo the American economy while China tried to repair itself after the Trump tariffs.  And they picked Joe Biden out of all the Democrats because he was an old broken man who represented the America that had been.  China and the rest of the Davos crowd meant to put Biden in power, remove Trump, and sell America’s decline to the rest of the world.  And that’s how Biden ended up with his head in his hands the day those Americans died in Kabul.  It was a staged event from the start, and Biden was playing his part. 

That’s the thing that everyone is having a hard time with getting their minds around.  We have a corrupt government in America that became that way because we trusted all the wrong people too much.  The vaccine mandates likely have a more menacing future as planned, but for the present, it’s all about Big Pharma buying government to push their products the way they always intended Obamacare to do.  The chaos of the news cycles is meant to hide from our minds the criminal conduct of governments across the world into trying to unite all power under communist China. They’ve said as much themselves; it was our fault that we didn’t listen.  And they showed that power off by sabotaging our election and watching us act like fools crying about the Constitution while our country was burning to the ground looking for some lawmaker somewhere to sweep in like Superman and save the day.  Only this was real life, we’d have to do it ourselves, but China bet everything that we wouldn’t.  They put in place the weakest of all the presidential candidates in Biden, a feeble old man that represented America to the world.  Old, a fading memory, bumbling, falling, a mockery of disrespect.  And they showed that they could push out a real tough guy in Trump and that the American vote didn’t matter in the least.  It was all part of the plan.  Biden was put in power by foreign interests; the evidence was on the Hunter Biden laptop.  People have seen that evidence, but the people who saw it were attacked rather than be allowed to expose it.  We are dealing with unimaginable evil here, which is beyond the capacity of most people.  Yet, it’s right in front of our faces.  Biden was made, and he’s sold to the world to represent the end of a dying country.  Once that is established, China will be free to make its power move and rule the world.  They intend to use Biden to start that process. 

Just remember, the whole trouble with the Taliban and all the military equipment left there in haste to arm them, just as we did with ISIS in the Middle East, was to fuel destabilization where another world power could fill the vacuum.  China plans to be that force, and Biden did precisely what they told him to do.  Oh, it wasn’t China directly, but it was the communists who are so in love with Mao in the Biden administration who took the next page of Mao’s Little Red Book and wrote the next Biden speech.  Of course, Biden was too stupid to ask questions. That’s another reason they picked him.  While everyone thinks that Biden is the leader of the free world, China knows better.  So do the communists in the Biden administration, like Susan Rice and Jim Comey working from the shadows as an influence leader in the intelligence community.  Of course, they didn’t like Trump; he was working on our behalf to stop all these plans.  But they wanted more than anything to show us that they were in charge and were going to stay that way.  They wanted us to feel hopeless and to give up.  To rob us of our belief in self-government.

Meanwhile, they have been pouring tragedy after tragedy on us, hoping to overload us into just tapping out forever and to surrender our republic to the forces of the world that have always been jealous of it.  It wasn’t like 70,000 Taliban would have been easy to beat if we fought all these things directly; we have more than enough freedom fighters to take back our country.  But because we remain caged and obedient, arguing about wearing a mask and threatening to kill pushers of the mandatory vaccine, the real villains work in the world unencumbered.  And as long as they enjoy that freedom, the world will continue to burn.  It won’t be enough to re-elect Trump to office.  No, we’ll have to help this time, and we’ll have to be involved in the fight.  Just remember, I told you so.  The sooner we act, the better it will go.

Rich Hoffman

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They Banned Me on LinkedIn: Another case of a private tech company doing government work as an arm of censorship

LinkedIn Banned Me over Election Fraud Discussion

I’ve never been a fan of social media.  Sure, to promote the blog and some of my work to people interested in it, I have used Twitter in the past and YouTube. I’ve never done Facebook. I’ve always viewed it as garbage for a lot of reasons.  When everyone in the world was using it, and I wasn’t, people thought it was odd.  But as is usually the case with most things, I turned out to be correct.  Facebook is a creepy attachment of the government, which took over a private company to do its public bidding.  Eventually, the courts will work it out, but I’m not giving away free stuff to the government through Facebook data collection until then.  But I have a book out and on my professional profile on LinkedIn, which I’ve had forever since it started as a site; I was banned because I accepted election fraud on my feed as I was talking about my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  They saw my responses and found them detrimental to good conversation, and they banned me, which pissed me off.  The thought of some weak-kneed progressive pieces of crap having some influence over my life was more than enough to set me on fire, which I’m sure they’d enjoy knowing.  But that’s what I get for participating in their stupid free social media platform.  It’s their playground, and we all chose to play in it on their terms.  Yet, I won’t be going back to LinkedIn.  They are no different from Facebook or Twitter, and all the rest of those government traps put on the internet freeway to manage society from a new kind of compliance standpoint.  Accept that 2+2 is 10, or you will be banned from the platform and not allowed to play in any reindeer games.  They can pound sand.

Oh, of course, they try to kill you with niceness.  LinkedIn keeps sending me emails telling me how many hits my site is getting, trying to contact them to turn the site back on.  They want me to produce a government I.D. of some kind, either a driver’s license or a passport with a photo of the front and back, and send it to LinkedIn to review whether or not my site has been banned by accident.  What bothers me is that they should know my personal information.  By forcing the government I.D., it has a creepy orthodoxy that is all too related to what’s going on with the attempted vaccine mandates.  My message to all those skinny jeans losers running LinkedIn who are dumb as a rock; it’s a free site.  It can come and go, and I could care less.  They were better off with me being a content provider. They’ll miss me more than I’ll miss them.  I am not accepting a partnership between a professional social networking tool and government intrusion.   They are acting as agents of the government, and that’s where I draw the line. I’d rather spend my social media time on platforms like Gettr, Gab, and Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech. 

Yet think of the audacity of these social media platforms inspired by communist China.  They view themselves as members of the government, censoring the public.  For LinkedIn to become an arbitrator of truth over election fraud, for instance, is way over their mandate.  As a professional, if I want to talk about election fraud, it is part of the public debate.  It might harm me professionally, or it might help.  That is up to the marketplace to decide, and I, as an individual, determine how I want to play it.  But LinkedIn took it further; they were editing speech and claiming it’s for civility causes that they made up independently.  Essentially the goal of LinkedIn is to create and enforce wokeness in corporate culture, not just to connect people for job placement or professional engagement.  Their goal is to lure in professionals with the nectar of professional communication but to embed in them wokeness as established by the global rules of government into thinking what they tell you to, and keep an excellent lucrative job, for you to follow those rules without question.

I had put on my feed on LinkedIn a good video by Anna Perez from Real America’s Voice about Larry Elder and the election in California.  I commented that Democrats wouldn’t have a chance if they couldn’t cheat, and for that, LinkedIn freaked out, pulled down my page, and started the process I reported on the government I.D. issue. It’s the same argument about a private versus public company.  If LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter, or any of the rest of them want to be employees of the government, then they need to announce that.  It’s not their job to shape the argument of election fraud, which is a problem.  They don’t get to hide behind a private façade to avoid litigation for a government conspirator doing public work.  Yet that’s what they did; they participated in the election narrative by limiting one side from presenting the evidence to facilitate the false report that there wasn’t election fraud.  Well, professionally, if a company or CEO is trying to operate a business in California, isn’t it something they would be concerned about to know if Larry Elder was going to be the governor and Newsom was going to be recalled?  I would think so.  And if LinkedIn were concerned about the “business community,” they’d want to see such speech conducted for the betterment of society in general. 

However, like the rest of those older social media platforms, LinkedIn was created to do what they are attempting to do in 2020 and 2021, tell people what to think about things and be soft arms of government agency and compliance.  Ultimately, they are how wokeness has been spread into American culture, and we should be pretty angry about it.  I am more infuriated that I gave them a chance than anything.  It was disappointing to be so right about them; I was hoping for a bit that maybe they were different.  But no, they are just as bad as the rest of the communist scumbags.  And I am done with them forever.  Rather than send them my government I.D. so I can play in their sandbox, I would instead put 100 times more energy into seeing their demise.  Fighting for election integrity, change the governor of California and ultimately the tech companies that reside there, and putting Trump back into office to fix all these massive screw-ups that we have seen at a record pace since Biden was put into power.  All those woke companies who have been seeking to erode the American Constitution with social media bylaws created by tech geeks and their Starbuck’s-stained fingers have attempted a coup.  They deserve punishment, which will come their way very soon.  They never had a right to operate as government censors.  They can do what they want as a private company, but when they involve themselves in public work, well, that’s a different story.  And that day of reckoning will come quick.  For my part, I won’t miss them, and when the opportunity comes to sink them, I won’t hesitate.  They crossed the line, and there is a cost for that.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats Only Have Two Choices: The crush between a rock and a hard place

Democrats are Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I’ve spoken to many people over the last 48 hours who are genuinely terrified about the depth and evil of what they see in the opening days of the Biden administration.  Now we’ve talked about it a lot here at this site and the Rumble account that hosts the videos I put on here, and I have to say that I’m not surprised by any of it. We’ve always been at war.  It is sad that people are being killed, whether in Afghanistan or other ways politically driven.  But in many ways, we are better off knowing what’s going on and seeing the results rather than allowing them to loom concealed in the background of everything corrupting our very essence of American ideals and the spawns of capitalism which free the world from tyranny.  With all that said, I am not the nightly news, and this site does not thrive off the misery to keep people coming back.  Usually, when I write something, it isn’t to scare my readers and watchers but to give them hope and a solution to the problems.  So, within that scope, I see a great deal of good coming out of the present circumstances, so to relieve your minds, I’m happy to share. Knowing these things, it’s by no means an opportunity to sit back on your heels and let everyone else fight these battles.  But if we fight the battles that need to be fought, I can assure you that one of these two paths of resolution will mature into a solution for our country shortly. 

Many people don’t know that Marjorie Taylor Greene filed three articles of impeachment against Joe Biden.  One is over issues involving the CDC; one is over the national security crises at the southern border.  And the last is over the mishandling of Afghanistan.  Most of the media looked at the move by Greene as a publicity stunt; however, these articles of impeachment are much less of a stunt than the actual actions by a Nancy Pelosi Congress in attacking President Trump.  Nobody in the media or congress will take them seriously today, but tomorrow……well, let’s say there’s some meat there to consider.  I was at an event with my congressman, Warren Davidson, such a good guy, and he sees the situation just as clearly as Marjorie Taylor Greene.  He has a much cooler head for a reputation, which isn’t necessarily a fact, just a reputation. Something to consider.

Congress looks very poised to flip back to Republicans in 2022, so Democrats will lose their majority, and Republicans will then be able to consider these articles of impeachment at that time.  And the Senate is very much at play unlike the attempted Trump impeachments.  This time the Senate may have the votes, and even some Democrats may vote for impeachment.  Why?  Well, I’ll explain that in a moment.  Now, know that impeachment is very much on the table as we go from 2022 into 2023.  I know many will say we can’t wait that long.  The country will be destroyed by then. That may be true and is, I think, part of the progressive plan to destroy America before America can fight back.  But I think the resolution of the American people has surprised the progressive attackers, those billionaire class of people from Davos, the Chinese communists, the Agenda 21 types in the United Nations, the members of Socialist International who are now hiding their names under dozens and dozens of philanthropic non-profit foundations.  I don’t think they expected the MAGA movement to still be so strong well into 2021, and there is panic presently in their ranks.  America will still be America by the election of 2022. 

Then there is the other problem, Dr. Frank and Mike Lindell’s work on election fraud.  The incredible rise of new news networks such as Real America’s Voice, which hosts the Steve Bannon Warroom, and the Water Cooler has replaced what Fox News and the O’Reilly Factor gave to Republicans.  If corporate Wokeness so well described in Vivek Ramaswami’s new bestselling book Woke, Inc. thought it could control the flow of information through censorship with Twitter, Google, Disney, Linkedin, Facebook; they were sadly mistaken.  Replacements of information flow quickly rose such as Gab and Gettr and Newsmax, One America News, and other sources have grown as fast as the deceptions against us by those corporate hosts have done their malice.  The election fraud story is getting out from the 2020 election.  Most people believe there was a fraud, and the evidence is not contained within the corporate media structure, which is a real problem for Democrats.  Again, they planned to have all this trouble put to bed by the middle of 2021, and it’s only picking up steam; it’s not going away. 

The election fraud problem is a real challenge for Democrats because they can’t prove there wasn’t fraud, even though people believe there was. Now that Afghanistan is such a disaster for the Biden administration, many Democrats are already thinking of cleaning their name of him. Because they think he’s going down anyway. Kamala Harris is not ready to be a President.  So, the cracks are more than a problem in this dam of information. It’s all about to break for them, and they are looking for an excuse to free themselves.  That leaves them two ways to clear their name from the failed politics of this internationally driven Biden administration; they can throw Biden under the bus on the election fraud and begin to support these state audits.  That information would clear them from the continued support of the failed administration.  Or they could vote to impeach because they are outraged by what has been happening in Afghanistan, where incomprehensible neglect and stupidity led to many people being killed. America was shamed around the world with a military loss that will never be forgiven.  In that way, Democrats will have to pick their poison.  Their decision will be which one they could hope to survive from.

And ultimately, that is how you win this game.  We don’t need to storm the capital with guns or fight this corrupt government in the streets.  We already have a checkmate on this chessboard.  They hope that you’ll go to the bathroom and take your eyes off the board so they can cheat their way out of it.  But I am saying that it’s too late.  They have already lost by one of these two paths.  The urgency of those paths will be because Democrats will have to distance themselves from Biden over Afghanistan.  People are still upset about the Democrat debacle over Benghazi.  But this Afghanistan situation is much worse, and it’s happening every day.  The Biden administration can’t survive this, but only through their international sponsorship, which is very happy that America looks like fools over the issue.  But for Democrats not getting money from international sources must go back to their districts and raise money. Nobody wants to give money to losers who caused the embarrassment of Afghanistan.  So, there you have it, that’s where we are all going, and it looks like tomorrow will be a better day because of it.  Still, we must do the leg work.  We can’t sit on our laurels.  We must fight.  Yet, we can at least see the objective and the result.  It’s within range for us to take our country back.  It’s certainly not hopeless.

Rich Hoffman

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Biden Threatens Businesses With Covid: When anti-science becomes a weapon of cover-ups

Remember the FEMA Camps?

I’ve told everyone before what Covid was, why it was made, and what the world’s governments plan to do with it.  Just as a reminder, this push to impose vaccines on businesses and the Biden administration’s mask mandates are strict because they have no legal authority to do so.  So hoping that peer pressure will do all their work that the law forbids, they are implying to businesses that if they don’t enact stricter than the CDC policies for managing Covid, then they might create a perceptual unsafe work environment for their employees, forcing them out of fear of litigation to adopt the Biden tactics. That’s all it is.  Like China, the Biden Democrats and many foreign agents of mass corruption connected to this administration are in deep trouble with many things they have been caught in.  Such as the election fraud of 2020, which is presently unraveling, the debacle of Afghanistan, which will make Iran look silly in comparison.  The economy is tanking, and the Biden people need something to blame since their policies are stifling growth.  Oh, and also, Larry Elder is about to win as governor in California punishing Gavin Newsom for his lockdowns there harming one of the world’s biggest economies. They need a story to take people’s eyes off the southern border, which is a mess.  So many terrible things have been unleashed in the opening months of a corrupt Biden administration that these losers hope that Covid will save them once again.  Notice how Dr. Fauci has lost his mind over this Delta variant just as Rand Paul pressed him on his connection to the Wuhan lab in China and the funding by NIH of Covid.  We now know Covid was made in the lab there for what the Chinese imply is a bio-weapon.  Yeah, Covid is all those things, meant to hide these crimes and more.  The masks and vaccines are not about health maintenance at all.  And the push for vaccines has to have a majority of people near 100% to hide what the vaccine will do to people.  Suppose statistical sampling is 100%, and we all of a sudden have mysterious deaths, sterilization, and other ailments creeping into society within a few years. In that case, nobody will see that healthy people who did not take the vaccine are not suffering the same conditions.  If everyone gets the jab, nobody will know the difference.  This is what you get when malicious, bad people take over a government and get caught doing ill will on people and still hope to cover up their debacles.

I’ve heard these stories for years, and now it’s pretty clear where the old fears of FEMA camps came from.   I think the area I’m in outside of Cincinnati was designated Sector 5.  Troubled people were to be taken to the railyards just south of Indianapolis to be quarantined.  It was never quite clear who would go there, would it be sick people somehow made that way by the government or holdouts against some government mandate like resistance to the vaccination.  But given the conditions of our times, the forces at play have hit the panic button, perhaps too soon, and now we see what we see.  But it’s not a surprise to me at all.  Those FEMA camp rumors look to be more fact than fiction, and those were ten years ago.  I remember the pictures of the plastic coffins stored on the side of railroad tracks for what purpose nobody could imagine.  The world was simpler back then; nobody could imagine a day where the government would stop the economy and force all of us to stay in our homes under force.  Now it’s not so scandalous. 

I always took those kinds of things in stride.  I think the people who run these government agencies are idiots, and they can be easily beaten.  If they decide to intrude on our lives, then we are free to fight them.  I generally leave them alone as long as they leave me alone.  I don’t want such people in charge of my health or safety.  No doubt, they have been talking about this for a long time; the rumors made it out onto the Alex Jones show, well before YouTube made that show one of its first targets of censorship.  Now we know why, and we know that Big Tech was in on this game from the start.  Like I said in the video above, this is all anti-science. It’s been covered in Ayn Rand’s book Anthem, where people far in the future are dazzled to discover the light bulb again.  Their tyrannical society had traded science for submission.

I don’t think all of the government is in on the gig, but many federal employee types find complete authority attractive.  The Big Tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook played their part as government censors immediately with Covid.  They were in on the game plan from the start, and that would be the first place to go to prosecute for the attack on our country.  They denied medical help to people sick with Covid by censoring references to hydroxychloroquine and Regeneron cocktails to manage the virus.  We were meant to have the virus manage us, not science containing the virus.  That was always the plan from the very beginning, and many people knew it.  The conspiracy theories may not have been as sinister as we thought regarding the FEMA camps, but there was more truth to it than fiction, and we are in that nightmare now. 

But what caused the nightmare?  It was the cover-up of the crimes, and I don’t think what we see now was how things were supposed to go.  The Donald Trump presidency was not supposed to happen, and it pulled the scab off the wound created by the SWAMP too early.  The Democrats and their puppet masters had to push the panic button to lay ground cover for the many crimes they were caught in, which we see now.  They are caught in this election scandal, and people are unwilling to hide behind a curtain of wokeness to conceal the truth.  They might have in 2020 when this Covid game was first played on us.  But not now.

We know too much.  Everyone knows that the best measure to fighting off viruses is a person’s immune system.  Vaccination is a means to managing a virus in a society with weakened immune systems and wouldn’t be wrong if that were the case.  Yet, that’s not what we are talking about here.  I would never undermine my own immune system with medicine unless it were necessary.  And it’s not necessary.  This virus was created as an attack, not as some occurring natural threat, so the solution to it is not in vaccinations, but in politics, where the virus was really created.  And for the government, mandates are about as tough as wet paper holding up a paint can.  They have no legal grounds at all.  They have no power.  All they have are implied threats which are designed to scare a workforce into acting against employers.  That then forces employers to adopt the government policy to protect themselves from potential litigation.  And that’s all the government can do, is scare people into compliance because the actual science is weak and full of corruption.  As human beings, we should know better, and they think that fear will rule over logic.  But then again, these are the same idiots who have entangled themselves in all these cover-ups.  With their track record, why would anybody think that something they do would work now?  Think things through, dear reader. Don’t be a buffalo watching all the other buffalos being killed around you and just standing there grazing.  Because they think you will, stand there and take it.

Rich Hoffman

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Screw Our Freedoms: ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ would have been different if written in Deadwood

Screw Our Freedoms, no, I don’t think so

It was pretty amazing to see the massive panic coming out of the Biden administration over the vaccine push and mask mandates.  Stunning really, from celebrities to Dr. Fauci himself, last week leading into this one has been a test of sorts for this global push for a central government to take over all day-to-day activity.  But for that to happen, they had to scare us into imprisoning ourselves into the cage they intended for us.  Instead, what happened was that they found most of us refused to enter and are running about doing our own thing regardless of their taunts.  That left Arnold Schwarzenegger to tell us on CNN to “screw your freedoms.” Dr. Fauci said pretty much the same, something in direct reference to Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, as over a million people descended on the Sturgis Bike Rally, an annual event I talk about a lot.   Despite the Covid warnings of the new “Delta variant,” people went anyway and didn’t wear masks.  People were getting tired of the government crying wolf every day, and they were finally starting to ignore them.  I would argue that people should have stopped listening to the government months ago, but ultimately, people were getting it, and the government has been in a bit of a panic.  So much so that Biden avoided talking about the evacuation of Afghanistan but instead deflected comment to the booster shot to the vaccine that would be available soon.  Covid is their cover story to hide all the crimes that have been committed, even when the world was on fire and all they wanted to talk about was a glass of water. 

This is Where We Are

God bless Kristi Noem, who went to Sturgis herself after a week of the press following Dr. Fauci and trying to put tremendous peer pressure on her to cave to the gods of Covid.  She rode her horse onto the stage at Outlaw Square in Deadwood carrying an American flag in front of a large crowd and gave an excellent speech on freedom.  The optics were tremendous, and you could tell by what the media didn’t show.  Hardly anybody covered a prominent American governor riding her horse carrying an American flag while wearing a cowboy hat down the streets of Deadwood, South Dakota, at all.  But for Kristi Noem, it was her answer to the criticism.   It was a kind of Braveheart moment in this new American story, and it infuriated the government.  Wait, Kristi Noem is the government.  So was Donald Trump. Let’s say instead, these insurgents connected to international Marxism have infected Washington D.C. and other academic circles with the intent to overthrow our American Constitution.  How about that?  We don’t want to overthrow the government.  We want our government to resume administrative power and take away the leverage that the spooks, kooks, and losers of international Marxism have over us presently.  We let them have that leverage after all out of niceness, and they misread that niceness as weakness.  But that niceness has expired.   

This is what Leadership looks like

While all this was going on, I read Vivek Ramasamy’s new book Woke, Inc. a few times, which I liked a lot.  But, there was a lot I didn’t like at all, which I attribute to him being on the inside of corporate America for a long time—even being tempted by the fruits of globalism.  I loved his book because I loved his perspective.  But as I closed the book for the third time in a 70 some hour period, I concluded that Vivek is still learning. He’s a brilliant guy who has made a lot of money, but he’s still the kid in India who grew up with a caste system spoiled by American capitalism.  He thinks the modern Woke problem can be solved like the story he recites in the book The Brothers Karamazov, where the Grand Inquisitor committed Christ to death because the Church no longer had a use for Jesus.  Jesus Christ had served his purpose, and now it was time to die and let the Church handle things.  Well, we can’t help where we are born, and I’m perfectly open to people fleeing from where they came from to come to America for a chance. I’m even more for America spreading its influence to many of those places so that they can get western civilization in their back yards, which makes what’s happening in Afghanistan that much more of a tragedy.  But in America, when we get tired of being poked in the eye by some bad guys, we won’t be kissing them on the cheek and leaving quietly as Jesus did in that story.  The Brothers Karamazov is a very European story. That’s not how things are done in America, or at least they haven’t been.  And that planned assumption that Americans would passively sit around and be bossed around was a bad one from the start.  Yes, there are plenty of bootlickers in America who will.  There are more who won’t, and that is what’s going on with the masks and the vaccines. 

Liberty or Death……..but where are the deaths?

I only bring up Vivek because he wrote a reasonably significant book that the mainstreamers have fully embraced.  He represents many people who hatched this Covid plan, and clearly, they don’t understand Americans.  I was enormously proud of Kristi Noem when she hoisted that flag on stage atop her horse in Deadwood.  I had just returned from that exact spot a few weeks ago.  Deadwood and South Dakota, in many ways, are vestiges of freedom that people growing up in India or Russia can’t even imagine until they see it for themselves.  And even then, the culture change is dramatic. It’s not an accident that Mike Lindell held his Symposium in South Dakota. That’s where the heart of America is, and you can certainly feel it when you visit. It’s a long way from Wall Street and the hacks of investment that Vivek knows.  People who ride horses, shoot guns, and love their American flag aren’t putting up with what they are seeing, and the current government is just now getting a feel for it.  These kinds of Americans aren’t going to be controlled by Facebook or Google. They’ll just come up with their alternative.  They aren’t wearing masks or have the government tell them to take the medicine they don’t want.  And if the government gets too pushy, they’ll get shoved back.  When people wonder why Afghanistan is the “graveyard of empires,” as Biden calls it, they haven’t seen anything yet when they try to go door to door in Ohio or South Dakota to confiscate guns and force people to take a vaccine.  Instead, they will see something far different from what Vivek Ramaswamy proposed with his example of Christ versus The Grand Inquisitor.  If The Grand Inquisitor tried some of that stuff that he tried to pull on Jesus Christ in the city of Deadwood, or Sturgis………well, I would promise that he would have been shot dead before he ever had a chance to sentence Christ to death.  Fyodor Dostoevsky’s great book would have been a short story instead of a great literary classic if written in Deadwood.  And the bad guy would have died quickly and spectacularly under a hail of gunfire.   The American way to fight these things ultimately isn’t with a kiss on the cheek, but a hand on our guns and the willingness to defend ourselves when pressed by an authoritarian government that does not have our best interests in mind.  And it’s good to see people finally sticking up for themselves because that is ultimately the way to peace where such a tragedy could be avoided.  Do like Nancy Reagan used to say, “Just Say No.”


Rich Hoffman

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The World Needs Leaders

“The world doesn’t need more piano players in a saloon, more drinkers, more card players, or prostitutes’ What the world needs most is leaders.” Quote from ‘The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business’
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The Biggest Cost of Election Fraud and Covid: A loss of trust in government forever

People Have Lost Trust in Government, Completely

Yes, the cracks are breaking loose in the dam of progressive sentiment that was meant to hold back the election fraud of 2020.  Likely, election fraud has always been there, and both sides, Republicans and Democrats, have known about it.  And they haven’t minded; the game has been rigged from the beginning.  Corporations can pick and choose the winners of elections with digital voting machines. If a politician greases the skids before the election, they can almost always know that they will win because election fraud can make it so.  Perhaps the most remarkable thing we learned during the Trump presidency is to what extent this election fraud has been occurring and has been shaping our republic not by our vote but by the pay-to-play scams at the heart of the various digital voting machines. Those machines can switch votes to whatever money can buy, as the evidence is revealing.  For reference, I would refer to the Maricopa County discoveries as well as the Fulton County evidence into election fraud recently flipping votes to Joe Biden from Donald Trump.  That isn’t a fantasy from a Trump-voting public; it’s a fact revealed reluctantly by many sources because the fraud is so blatant.  That provoked Democrats to scamper to some defense; the legislative body in Texas fled the state to avoid voting for voter reform attached to voter ID there.  Biden himself went to Pennsylvania to get in front of the story, beginning to do their audits.  But the cracks in the dam are cracking open faster than they can plug those cracks.  It’s at a point now where they won’t be able to stop it. 

Many people would be in trouble in a world functioning from justice, and they may be before all is said and done.  But criminals who will commit election fraud on the scale it was performed are also capable of other tricks to hide their crimes, such as the whole situation with Covid-19.  I said it initially, saying that Covid was created to push Trump out of office because the Chinese were losing their trade deal with him, and their economy was declining fast.  So, they had to eliminate Trump (China) to satisfy their global domination goals and worked with the American Democrats to advance their cause.  The DNC has essentially represented the Chinese communists in our American government. They all wanted to get rid of President Trump and the audacious notion that we, the people, could elect our representative in the White House freely.  Doing what China does, and how they control so much of our media anyway, they went about unleashing a weaponized coronavirus to shut down our economy. At the same time, they kept theirs open, bringing great harm to the rest of the world economically. 

Some history on the SARS virus disputing the NOVEL designation

But in America, people have grown tired of hearing about stupid Covid lockdowns and the dumb idea of putting on masks to go into public.  Those were diversions instigated by a communist-controlled medical industry intent to conceal the strategy of China against America for which the Democrats were their agents.  Oh, I know, that sounds very conspiratorial.  But the puzzle pieces are in the box, folks, and we can see the pieces with the edges.  The rest of the puzzle isn’t hard to assemble if you look at it.  Dr. Fauci was caught in the act with China and the weaponized Covid-19 variant.  The media cut a deal with China thinking they would rule the future, in many ways that the media did in the 80s when they thought Japan would rule the world economically. We’ve put this puzzle together before. There’s nothing fantastic about it, just in believing that people would be so audacious to think it would work and that they’d get away with it.  People are tired of Covid and started ignoring the health administrators from the government, and now they are looking at election fraud, which Covid was always meant to cover.  And now the story is breaking loose.  Democrats can’t stop it. 

It starts with the death counts of Covid.  There are many pro and against factions trying to dissect the death count numbers from year to year, starting backward in 2020 then tracing the trend back to 2019, 2018 on to 2001 and beyond.  And guess what, the trends per year are not significant.  Certainly not to justify the half a million-plus people they say have died in the United States.  Death counts were altered to manipulate the data to make Covid-19 appear more deadly than it was.  And once people figured out that Covid wasn’t so deadly, they stopped listening to the government.  Now that the covers are ripped off Democrat’s scheme with China for world domination, they want that safety blanket back.  If people aren’t afraid of dying, they will be more open to looking at the election fraud that Covid was used to remove Trump from office and perform a coup instigated by international, hostile forces.  For some strange reason, everyone in this malicious behavior thought they would get away with this monstrous behavior.  But they’ve all been caught, and they have no idea what to do about it.

Yes, there was election fraud. A lot of it.

As everyone goes into cover-up mode and the media tries to walk back their complicity into spreading Covid-19 lies, and their responsibility for actually killing people by denying them information about hydroxychloroquine and ultraviolet light as a means of containing the coronavirus escalates, the real tragedy is slowly coming to the minds of the criminals in our government.  People have lost trust in the government.  It may take a century to build back all the trust that has been lost in our government over the last decade.  President Trump was an attempt by the people of our American nation to believe in that government once again.  But the government’s behavior in trying to remove people’s choices is something they will never forget.  The government has lost its authority by crying wolf too often and using the fear they instigated to perform a political insurrection.  It won’t matter if nobody goes to jail, or we fill them with the white-collar criminals of the Beltway for what they’ve done; the net result is that a loss of trust in government for the sake of it has been eradicated and won’t be quickly built again.  To earn back that trust, it would take a near-perfect government many years to repair because people won’t forget. They’ve been burnt, abused, and lied to.  And they see it now, and the cost of that is more damaging than any legal matter.  When people laugh at the Biden administration over this Delta variant of Covid in a silly attempt to distract people away from the election fraud issues or to show command over the people to get a mandatory government vaccine, you can see that nothing the Biden administration does will have any weight to it.  People know what happened, and Biden and his Democrats have lost the American people’s trust, which will turn out to be the most significant punishment they’ll ever receive.  And they deserve the pain of it.  They sold out our country, and they have to pay for that.

Rich Hoffman

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The Power of “Ghosting It”: Attacking Trump supporters isn’t enough

The Nature of Power

Nobody with a sane mind will dispute that what has been going on with Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg is an abuse of power in the extreme. The means of defending ourselves from the incursions is where the primary problem resides.  The frustration for the insurgents on the political left, which is global, is that the Trump Organization is attached to Donald Trump in a way it hasn’t seen a hit against its brand.  People still love and respect the Trump Organization even as there have been hits against its reputation by radicals looking to destroy the brand and destroying the business’s income.  That is how the left has operated for years, and it’s the only gas they have in the tank.  They have no actual means of destroying people or companies but hope to change the way people feel about them.  But, as we have seen through the election results of President Trump, even though on paper it showed that Joe Biden had won the election because the official titled participants certified the election, the truth about the vote comes out in math all across the country.  Despite all the attempts to tear down the Trump brand, well over 70 million people voted for Donald Trump in the election. They continue to support him even now at rallies and personal statements in every state across the country.  That is the actual vote by the people and is why the Trump Organization hasn’t been torn down yet.  The leftist’s attacks depend on people to stay in the lines created by society, manipulated by the legal system, and conform to the social controls of history to work.  But they haven’t been working, so the system itself is getting desperate and attacking anybody close to Trump that they can get a hold of to destroy any potential that Trump might resume his climb into the Executive Office as an elected representative.

This case illustrates perfectly why so many people in the world clammer for power or their perception of it.  One of the reasons my management method of “Ghosting It” is so effective is that it exists by living outside of the definitions for power that are generally instilled in our culture from its inception.  The reason people want power, whether it is political power, power within a community, a family, even within a friendship, is because they count on titles and official capacities to shape the world to their liking.  We all want to believe in our legal system. Still, unfortunately, such as the case with the Trump Organization, the New York prosecutors have gained power by title so that they could, in essence, control the definitions of law and order.  Since we have lost our connection to Natural Law in America, it thus allows for any tyrant to acquire power and use that power to destroy their enemies.  In this case of Trump, the left is terrified Trump will continue to break the rules and run for president yet again, which will destroy all their long-established plans.  Many of which have been in place for over a century.  The progressive effort in society has sought to remove Natural Law, family strength, and an economic grip on capitalism since the 19th century.  They intend to “progress” beyond those American concepts and seek to destroy any reference that might root the country to those ideas, and they are out for blood to continue that path.  That is why they have been working so hard to corrupt our legal system over so many decades.  They want desperately to have the kind of power they are showing in New York, to interpret the law, and to use it as a weapon to achieve their political desires.  We see the same behavior currently working against Rudy Giuliani where they have taken the law license of the former mayor just because he has been representing Donald Trump on legal matters. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been talking about two legal cases that came about before the progressive era took root, the Wild West period. In this case, Laurence Murphy gained control of the law in New Mexico to edge his rival, John Chism, out of the cattle baron business.  And we saw it again when the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, paid a killer to shoot Wild Bill before he could become sheriff and clean the city up from the crimes that were happening there that were making a lot of money for a lot of people.  I point those out because comparing things to western history, relatively simple politics shows the intent of vile evil people wonderfully.  Most people can agree on the facts when presented against the context of history long over the horizon of concern.  It is much harder for people to decide that the same type of thing was going on against Trump with James Comey, for instance, who had weaponized the FBI to control the kind of people who could be elected into representation roles in the American government. The message to us all has been that if we elect someone, the intelligence community from a Deep State perspective doesn’t approve of, those people will be destroyed by the law, which has been happening to Donald Trump since he announced he was running.  None of the enemies thought Trump would survive, and they are perplexed that he continues to survive.  So for them, the next best thing is to go after people close to Trump, hoping to erode him with a lack of support.  The other method they utilize, which they were caught on this past year, was election fraud.  If a candidate isn’t destroyed by some miracle in the media and people vote for them anyway, they will cheat.  This has likely been going on for many years.  It was just this past election where Trump was the one who had over 80 million votes, not Joe Biden, where they had to cheat so bad that they got caught this time. 

But to their minds, getting caught isn’t the worst thing in the world because they still have the power of the law to abuse to hide their crimes, which is why they have spent so much time and energy trying to acquire control over many years.  They always wanted to have James Comey types out there running the FBI for the political insurgency.  And they always wish to have liberal prosecutors to go after their political enemies, which is the whole intent of attacking the Trump Organization.  Thus, the way to beat these villains is to keep our law and order rooted in Natural Law.  And to stay committed to that fight, the public conflict must come from “ghosting it.” Trump has an instinct for it, as do most great leaders; they always have.  I have lately put a definition to it that allows others to utilize the tactic.  The way to beat progressives of radical leftism is to be bigger than them, have more maneuverability than they do, and take away the fear they expect to utilize by controlling the legal process.  Trump is “ghosting it,” so they will never catch him.  No matter who they attack, Trump has made himself untouchable by using his legendary status built over a lifetime and is unleashing it now in a way that no institutional controls can manage.  And that is the sunny side of the gruesome stuff we see now, especially coming out of New York legally.  The old tricks won’t work anymore, because as the Trump Organization proves, people still have all the power.  And maybe for the first time in history, controlling law and order from a government standpoint isn’t working.  Cheating the vote wasn’t enough because there are still many Americans and supporters worldwide who know better, and they aren’t giving up.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump is “Ghosting it,”: Defeating the enemy in the way they can’t defend

Ghosting It is the way to Beat the Enemy

It’s something I’ve been aware of as a management method for quite a long time, several decades now.  The publishers picked up on it in my new book, and through the editorial process, the term I use to recognize this method called “Ghosting It” has taken center stage as the cover design had just come my way for approval. “Be a ghost, be a legend, be successful” is what it says on the cover of my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and what we are seeing from President Trump is a perfect example of it happening in life in front of our faces.  When I first started fleshing out the concept that isn’t new, it was a new way of looking at the importance and subtleties of leadership; it was well before Donald Trump’s presidency.  As I said in the video above, another great example of “ghosting it” is Tom Brady, the NFL quarterback.  There are others, but Trump and Brady are both excellent and successful in life in ways that defy traditional leadership recognition.  I had used the method for years myself and started putting the book together well before Trump even announced he was running for an elected position back in 2015.  But once he was president, I shelved the idea because I felt people saw it happening in live time, the kind of leadership that truly made the world go around.  Traditionally, going well back into the stuffiness of Europe, it has been generally accepted that simple titles were all that was needed for leadership; once a title was obtained that people would follow them based on that social designation.  I have always said that the concept of leadership was wrong.  That leadership was much more obscure and powerful if only people understood it, so my term “ghosting it” evolved along those lines.  Once Trump had been successful as president, I saw that people needed to understand it as the various harassments started coming to be known a few years into the presidency.  So I resurrected the book idea and found a new publisher for it after the Parler debacle at Amazon. Now it’s about to be released, just in time to make a great point about what comes next in the freedom movement. 

We are making the rules up for this new kind of media as we go, so I don’t know if I am supposed to call the videos I do for this blog every day “podcasts,” vlogs, broadcasts, or what.  But early in the process, when it was apparent that Trump would not easily win the White House for a second term, people would need help walking through things.  I was never worried about what I was seeing because of my understanding of “ghosting it.” I always figured Trump could lead from his home in Florida and that the actual White House was irrelevant.  We had just witnessed some of the greatest crimes in history.  I reminded people from day one of starting my new Rumble account to host the videos that this process of sorting all the crimes out and pursuing justice over them would take a long time, at least a few years, perhaps an entire election cycle.  We were, after all, at war and have been for many years prior.  This was a kind of civil war where the enemy did not want to face anybody with guns in the street or fists to faces. Instead, they intended to kill our side with vague definitions of patriotism that would deny us a rallying cry of perceptual victory.  We were winning with Trump, with an excellent economy, with a renewed patriotic spirit, so the enemy, in this case, sought to deny us the definitions of victory so we would have no way of measuring how good things were.  Their complete strategy orchestrated from the shadows of government was to obscure the definitions of success so that we would not be unified behind the insurrection they were hosting against American ideas at the most fundamental level.  And for the enemy, they thought that by removing the title of president from Trump, that we would only be able to wallow in defeat, and that we would give up on this idea of freedom in our country and surrender ourselves to the mask police of global intent.

However, the curveball that America’s enemies can’t hit is the leadership ability of “ghosting it,” which Trump, after a lifetime of branding himself into a legend, was able to do.  And this past week leading up to the 4th of July for 2021, he has been doing it wonderfully, leading from the “ghost” position, which my new book explains in detail using metaphors of the Old West as the foundation for understanding it.  In many ways, Trump is much more powerful out of the White House than in it, leaving all the criminals involved in releasing the Covid virus and the election fraud that followed in its wake very vulnerable.  The pressure of Trump’s speeches on the 4th of July and his border visit during the same period has put a kind of pressure on the Biden administration they are not prepared for in any way.  And they are crumbling before our eyes.  When Trump told a group of visitors who had stood in the rain all day in Sarasota, Florida, that there was no mathematical way Biden obtained 80 million votes, notice how you did not see the Biden administration come to its defense?  Because they can’t, they know how they won that election; they had the help of many millions of people who made it happen, illegally, of course.  But they can’t dispute Trump’s claims.  All they can do is hope that people don’t notice or listen.  This is the essence of “ghosting it,” when they think they have killed you as a leadership rival, you take your legendary status, your hard-won reputation, and apply it like a ghost and terrorize those confined to the limits of the rules of life.  Live people have to live within walls and stairs to move around a house, for instance.  But a ghost can be everywhere, all the time, all hours of the day and night.  And they cannot be killed.  They can exist here, there, and way across the other side of the world as ghosts, which is precisely what Trump is doing to the forces that attempted to run him out of Washington D.C. as our representative by shoving him out of the White House and taking his nameplate off the Oval Office door. 

This criminal conduct would have just gone on longer if not for what happened in this last election, even with the inflation. The other damages to our economy, to get back to a foundation of law and order, we had to go through this process. We had to have a person in a leadership position like Trump who could fight this fight on a level the other side can’t understand or deal with legitimately.  The media culture that props up people like Biden has to be destroyed by methods they can’t understand, by rules they cannot live by because they are phony, most everything they embark on is.  They cannot win if “ghosting it” is applied to the situation because they live their lives to make it impossible for them to utilize.  I do explain all that in my book.  It took a while to work out the concepts to understand the obscurities of “ghosting it.” Still, I recognized early on that if more people understood the idea, even going back to 2012, we could advance the freedom movement, which has always needed a fresh approach. To return control of our government to the people who are supposed to be controlling it.  The same skills are required in sports and business, even in family management.  But for the people who want to maintain a constitutional republic in America, “Ghosting It” is the way to go.  If you don’t care about the titles of leadership but the results, then you can be like a ghost and can harass the enemies of America to the point where they will be terrified just at the mention of your name.  Trump can be president without the White House, and that is what he’s been doing lately, which will give us results that have never yet been tried in any country. But it’s happening now and to a significant effect.

Rich Hoffman

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