The Arrest of Peter Navarro is Unforgivable: Compliance to a corrupt government is not an option, Revenge is coming

I’m glad to see that Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon are pushing back against the obvious harassment they have had to endure as a result of the bogus January 6th committee in congress, especially after the arrest of Navarro at the airport in front of everyone when it was clear they meant to embarrass him to the furthermost extent they could to make an example of him. Navarro, the author of the excellent book In Trump Time and a member of the Trump White House team regarding trade policy, is a similar target as others have been, such as Roger Stone, where the government, guilty of many crimes of their own, have been seeking to destroy members of the Trump White House to send a message just like mobsters would, that they were not welcome in town, and that if they chose to play in the world, they controlled, the targets would be punished. Well, that’s not how it works in the world, especially not in America. Peter Navarro or nobody else from the Warroom podcast owes the January 6th Committee anything. The Jan. 6th Committee in congress led by Nancy Pelosi and known scandalous characters like Adam Schiff is meant to hide their complicity in election fraud, which is the entire point of why people were upset on January 6th, 2021 anyway.   To talk about anything else is simply harassment and nothing else. The purpose of the Commission and the ridiculous arrest of Peter Navarro is to show the public that the government is in control and that if you step out of line, the power of government will come down on anybody, even against someone who has “executive privilege.” 

Taking the emotion out of the situation is hard because if there’s one thing I can’t stand in the world is a bully. But this behavior indicates that the other side is losing. For those who hear stories like this and get worried, or perhaps worry that the FBI might show up outside your house too and arrest you, understand that the reason for the show of force is because they must cover up their lack of integrity and value. And when you are missing those things, whatever side you represent on a matter is soon to fall. The abuse of government power is meant to hide the lack of validity that the perpetrators actually have. They are very vulnerable to their personal ideology; in other countries where people are much more compliant than Americans, overhanded efforts like what was done to Navarro work. But that’s not going to work in America. They have gotten away with it up to this point because Americans have had a pretty good life and tend to let other people live and let live. But when you mess with their lives and freedoms and put them under some heavy-handed authority, that’s an entirely different matter. A fraction of the population puts compliance ahead of justice 100% of the time, but in the United States, those people are much less common than they are in Europe or Asia. And what the January 6th Commission assumes is that compliance with authority is the priority of most people, which is a terrible miscalculation for them. Fighting back against the tyrannical authority is what is expected, at a minimum, and Peter Navarro, in reaction to what the FBI did to him during the arrest at Reagan International Airport, is doing just that.

To set a precedent for the future, the arrest of Peter Navarro at the airport, rather than at his home as he lives right next to the FBI building in D.C., and strip searching him, putting him in leg irons, in solitary confinement, and using John Hinkley’s cell to do it all—the attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan—was a panicked overreaction to the political conditions of the future. To punch the MAGA movement in the face the way they did only now opens the door to having much worse done to them in the future. The Trump administration tried to work with opposition forces to build more of a team environment, but the SWAMP creatures of D.C. wanted nothing to do with him. Instead, they sought to destroy the Trump presidency by throwing everything they had at him and his staff, Navarro being one of them. And now they are starting to panic because it’s evident that Trump won the 2020 election, the election fraud is being exposed, people do not like Joe Biden, even nonpolitical people, and the fear that Trump will be back is a real terror to these corrupt people. So, they should be worried because they know what they have done. But going so far over the top and arresting Navarro the way they did, knowing that they are only making the other side angrier, looks like a suicide plot more than a harassment effort. But to analyze their situation, they don’t understand how to do anything else but harass people. There is no second strategy. They have top-heavy force and nothing else. That’s the real indicator of their true position.

Any fantasies that the members of the January 6th Commission and their Beltway supporters had about China-style authority control over the population are out of the window. That kind of behavior is not going to work in America. Americans gave those authority figures the benefit of the doubt so long as they stayed out of their lives. But the genuine fear about the January 6th Commission is that people were mad that day; they were angry at election fraud and having their President taken from them. And by arresting Peter Navarro, for no reason at all, only to show they could, they have only ignited more anger. Compliance is not on the minds of these angry people. Everyone has learned some hard lessons over the last several years, as the relationships of many politicians with China have become more commonly known. We saw what the political class wanted to do as authority figures during Covid, which was an artificial pandemic that they are still holding on to; Americans aren’t going to sit around and be pushed by bullies. There will be payback for all this, and as it happens, the aggressors will only have themselves to blame. The election fraud that the January 6th Commission was meant to hide unleashed an anger that, at the time, only a few felt comfortable publically displaying. That anger is real, and even grandma living alone in her house with a shotgun and an old blind dog, is feeling it. They want revenge against this out-of-control government, and they will elect President Trump again to get it. People are counting the days until they can cast a vote against this tyranny, and if that vote is taken too, well, then January 6th will look like kids playing on the playground. The government is not in charge of the people in America. Just because people have been friendly to the government up to this point, it is because they didn’t believe that the government was as corrupt as it obviously is. But now everyone knows better, and the arrest of Peter Navarro only confirms what many have long suspected. And they aren’t going to just sit back and take it. They will fight back, and the other side won’t like the results. 

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Value of Corruption’ at The Patriot Awards: Knowing the bad guys in a confusing world

It was an honor to be invited to speak at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley, Ohio, which is a classic building in northern Cincinnati, on a topic, I feel very strongly about, “The Value of Corruption.” People enjoyed the speech I gave, so I present it here in a couple of versions, one in a way that I usually provide in my walk and talk sessions. The other is from the event itself. It’s a nice theater with a lot of sound bouncing around, so I am presenting it both ways for the clarity of the presentation. The Patriot Awards were meant to reward hardworking patriots and constitutional defenders from the Southern Ohio area, and it was a very nice tribute to American patriotism. The purpose of my speech was to articulate what the fight is we are really fighting in the present state. The word patriotism gets thrown around a lot, but it can be hard to really get a mind around concepts that have often been with us all our lives that point us in the other direction. For instance, until a few years ago, it was fashionable to think about someone like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg positively because we admire the wealth they gained in life in a capitalist culture. But we know now that money is only a tool for them to gain power over others, so we need some new definitions of good before we can actually see and understand the kind of villainy they have perpetrated against the United States. And that all starts by understanding the wonderful measures of money. 

Money is not the root of all evil; it reveals it, which is a chapter in my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. We typically measure the value of money by what it can buy, not so much by what people will do to get it. But just changing that simple measurement gives the value of money a completely different understanding, which I find useful in understanding corruption, which I find very valuable in this increasingly volatile world. Under traditional measures of money, we have loved Bill Gates and many of the billionaires like him who participated in this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. And they have used that poor measurement to hide their treacherous actions against America. They have used their money as a weapon against the country that gave them the best opportunity to make it, which leaves us with all kinds of emotions directed at people like that. So a measurement that is more conducive to reality is something people want. It was appreciated at The Patriot Awards for sure because people looking for constitutional preservation are certainly trying to sort out their feelings on those types of matters. And there is nothing that brings people who are paying attention more anxiety than watching the Biden administration and the various characters at the World Economic Forum treat America like some second class nation where the spoils of war were already being divided up by the looters of the world as if nobody in North America had anything to say about it.

In my speech, I told several stories that point out the differences in how Americans think about things as opposed to the rest of the world, especially in Europe and Asia. Not that those other cultures are bad, but the way they think is not conducive to making money for the value of what making it provides to a good and moral society. Making money can produce extreme villains, like Bill Gates and George Soros, but it does more to reveal the content of the character of those making the money that otherwise would never be seen. Much of that social mask is always present at the World Economic Forum, where I call them the Desecrators of Davos because they hide their need to control others behind masks of social good. But when you have a measure of corruption, by seeing what people are willing to do to get money and what they aren’t, then you can see many truths they would otherwise like to hide behind. That comes to a sharp point in my example of the wild west saloon and the various characters who would like to appeal to the new sheriff through relationships forged exclusively to give them an advantage in making money. To learn how to clean up a town of corruption, the most crucial factor is to what extent people crave as much money as they can get through the easiest means of obtaining it. In the case of Bill Gates, it’s all about vaccines for him. Not that he wants more money to buy cars, women, and homes, but because he wants to run the world’s governments to satisfy his beliefs about climate change, which is more of a fanatical religion to him than a practical science. 

I have examples of corruption regarding Mitch McConnell, the Republican senator that many would agree is an extreme RINO, in my speech. He plays a conservative on TV, but in truth, he uses his office as leader of his party to protect his family’s shipping business with China. Mitch is pro-China, all the time, and he has shown to what extent he would attack anybody who threatens that relationship. He is hardly what we would call a real conservative, but we wouldn’t otherwise understand his behavior if it wasn’t for the Value of Corruption. We call people like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton corrupt all the time, and they deserve to be referred to that way. But much of what they do is hidden behind a façade of kindness hidden behind the charity, which allows the value of money to hide what they truly were willing to do to obtain it. For years these political criminals have been able to hide their malice behind the good tidings of charity, much in the way that was discussed in my speech. If the new sheriff of a town announces who he is, then all the corrupt criminals would seek to cover up who they are with ass kissing and boot licking, which is very common in modern-day politics. By luring the corruption out into the open, the way the Trump administration has in recent times, it has shown many of these political characters for what they always were, which wasn’t so easy for people to see because the criminal conduct was so aggressively hidden behind the definitions we had for money, which prevented us from seeing the true nature of the participants. So I was happy to give the speech and to that specific group. As I said to them, it only takes a small minority of people with value to beat a whole society of corrupt people because of the nature of the people conducting the behavior. They need to loot off the value of people who have it in order to live so that always puts them at a disadvantage over those who have value. This makes them easy to beat once people understand the level of corruption they are dealing with regarding those people. Corrupt people are easy to beat once their leverage of cover is revealed. And that is the case with modern politics as well. The people fighting for patriotism and constitutional preservation will always have the upper hand because it’s what they have that the corrupt want most because, they don’t have that value, to begin with, and must lie, steal, and cheat to get it. 

Rich Hoffman

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Trump Swings For The Fences: The Kemp win in Georgia only means the President can afford to take chances

I always thought that the David Purdue race for governor in Georgia would be an uphill battle. Trump’s endorsement has a lot of power, and his record is outstanding. Still, it would be a stretch in Georgia to beat the incumbent Brian Kemp for many of the same reasons it was going to be hard to beat the establishment RINO Mike DeWine in Ohio. It’s hard to beat an incumbent for one because they have the power of the office to run from. And it takes a real organized effort to knock someone off the top of the mountain, and David Purdue didn’t have that. Trump’s endorsement was a revenge pick, more than a practical one, and down the stretch, the money didn’t line up with the passion. If Trump didn’t have a personal vendetta against Kemp, he likely wouldn’t have put his name behind Purdue. David Purdue never was able to define his campaign as anything other than fighting election fraud, and voters in Georgia were obviously looking for something to vote for, not against. There’s a lot of funny business regarding elections in Georgia. Still, as I said leading up to the primary election, the establishment types were betting everything they had on Georgia, so it would be tough to do anything there. In many ways, I would point to this circumstance and remind everyone not to take anything for granted when it comes to the general elections in the fall. The SWAMP is not going to go quietly in the night. They have everything to lose and will fight to keep it; whether it’s money, cheating, lying, stealing, whatever they have to do, they will do it. And it will take more than what David Purdue put forth in Georgia to beat them.

The media was all too happy to underline the loss of Trump’s endorsement. They ignored all the other wins he has had, which was to be expected. The Never Trumper types are hoping this means that the Trump brand is damaged forever and that they might be able to put up Mike Pence, someone from the Trump administration but isn’t Trump. To me, it’s obviously wishful thinking. David Purdue was never for what Trump is and always acted as a person drug into the race to challenge Kemp rather than someone who was passionate about winning. So the Trump endorsement has its limits. Trump can afford to swing for the fences, and he does. That has given him more home runs than not, so the essence of the Kemp win isn’t so much a strikeout but rather the affordability that Trump has to take risks on candidates that might not otherwise have a chance. Obviously, voters liked Kemp in Georgia and needed more to take a turn from him. They needed more than election fraud to drive their passions.

Yet there is a more sinister tone to the haughty banter after the Kemp win, the hope by the media and Never Trumper types that election fraud was not something that voters cared about. Purdue made it a one-issue race, and after the primary election, it’s clear that voters wanted more than that. Election fraud is hard for people to admit to, like acknowledging that a loved one is an alcoholic or that a spouse is cheating on you. Mainstreamers want to believe that they can vote and that it will be counted honestly so they can return to their lives without worrying about it. So there is a natural reluctance to put the thought out of their heads. While most believe there was election fraud in the 2020 election, they don’t want to live with the knowledge that it will require them to do something more severe, like scrutinizing those who count the votes. They want to believe that Brian Kemp is a good person because to admit otherwise will require work on their part that they aren’t willing to commit to. People are prone to ignore an injustice if it means they can live in peace. And obviously, there are many in the Beltway culture, Mike Pence included, who are counting on that timidity to allow them to stay relevant in the political world. It should be remembered that Trump picked Pence to be his Vice President because he wanted to drive a wedge into the Never Trumpers, to begin with, to put one in his administration. Trump did that with a lot of people because he thought the strength of his personality could convert them over to justice. I would say that, for the most part, Trump significantly improved the conditions around him. Still, he was never going to be able to use his sizeable positive personality to change the behavior of those who insist on keeping their minds below the line. 

The hatred for Trump is to hate the concept of Making America Great Again. Instead, the Never Trumpers, including Mike Pence, believe more in the survival of institutions rather than in reshaping them for positive outcomes. So it wasn’t a loss for Trump that David Purdue never could get that message across. If it had been Trump running, the priorities would have been different during the campaign. Trump would have been “for” things rather than just stating that he would fight election fraud, which few people want to admit is a problem, especially those who have committed it to preserve institutional power. MAGA is powerful as a movement, but you can’t use it as a golf ball driver when you really need a short putt. You might still be able to make the shot, but it’s not the best tool to use. In truth, Georgia, in the decertification process, isn’t needed. There is plenty of criminal conduct already proven in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, with governors who will get behind the decertification movement. Georgia was the last refuge of the Never Trumpers, and we learned a lot by watching them in this primary race.

In many ways, watching all the anti-Trump forces spike the football over the Kemp win is like a football game where the losing team has been down 60 to 0, and they get a field goal at the end of the game. The crowd cheers because there is something to be happy about, but they will still lose the game. The disappointment for the MAGA voters is that they wanted the shutout. They wanted as much of a perfect record for Trump as possible. But, Trump is willing to take chances. He does not play it safe. And as a result, sometimes there will be misses. Trump has playing golf seven holes in one, and you get that by hitting the ball hard and trying to skip all the little putts that get you to the green by hitting over the obstacles or through them. Sometimes that means that the ball will go into the rough. But if you play it safe, as many people do, you won’t get those holes in one. So by force of personality, Trump has an excellent win ratio. He can afford a David Purdue here and there, and all it means to the political world is that the Trump brand is so strong that he can take risks others can’t afford to. It doesn’t mean that the Never Trumpers will start winning, and MAGA is on the decline. 

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, There is Lots of CRT at Lakota: The evidence was at the school board meeting that occurred on 5.9.22

I say it all the time, don’t judge people based on what they say, but by what they do. And over the question of CRT (Critical Race Theory) in Lakota schools, the answer is undoubtedly there for all to see by what they do. Even though the radical elements of the school attempted to hide their bad conduct by making the new school board member Darbi Boddy the center of attention, they showed their true colors at the school board meeting on May 9th, 2022. It was a marathon meeting that went over 3 hours long. I was there for over 4 hours, and it ended with an impassioned speech by Issac Adi, wanting to put a definition to the question about CRT being taught in Lakota schools. The teachers, of course, deny it, as does the school administrative leadership. But the evidence is in the students themselves. They use all the CRT language in what they say about “white privilege” and the values of American life in a historical context. Even though an audit of the teaching materials at Lakota would undoubtedly show massive amounts of CRT present in every classroom, you don’t even have to go that far to see it. On the topic of sexual grooming in the halls of Lakota and CRT, all you have to do is look at the pictures the radicals put on the backs of their chairs for the official video of the Lakota school board meeting to learn all you need to about what is going on in the classrooms. They changed the names of CRT to other things to shake people off the trail but to see what’s really going on and study what the kids are learning about their country and society in general; the evidence is right there. It might be by a different name or method, but the intent is the same.

The anger at Darbi Boddy was that she didn’t follow the school’s rules to protect teachers from outside judgment and for the public not to learn about the progressive radicalism seething within the halls of one of the largest public schools in Ohio. Just for trying to discover the extent of the damage, the Lakota superintendent Matt Miller issued a trespassing order against school board member Darbi Boddy which made national headlines, banning her from setting foot on any school grounds–even though she is a member of management. At the end of the meeting, Issac struggled to find the words to define CRT and how to find it in the teaching methods at Lakota. Darbi had gone into the schools themselves to find that evidence. But truly, the evidence came to the school board meeting that night in all its ugliness. And it could be seen and heard in the speakers who attempted to fire Darbi Boddy from the school board just for asking the questions about CRT, which they want so much to conceal. And in their anger, they displayed all the proof we needed. 

Critical Race Theory has been around for quite a few decades, and it started coming to us through entertainment programming, such as what MTV was famous for. The 1619 Project sought to make CRT more of a civil rights platform politically by putting the teaching into the schools through federal and state dollars flowed down into every public school. This has been going on for a long time. Their goal was to reinterpret American history and turn the slavery issue into a means to backdoor Marxism into American life behind the guilt of racism. The 1619 Project entirely means to erase the start of American life and repurpose its creation as invalid because it was built on slave labor starting in 1619 when the first slaves were brought to North America. Of course, these attackers of American life get all the history wrong; it was the British government that brought slavery to America. The Revolution that created America started the process of freeing slaves globally, and it was Republicans that eventually did it. That is the true history that should be taught in our schools. But students being taught by The 1619 Project flow down influence through the front groups like Black Lives Matters have been taught that white people have privilege and that they owed black people reparations for that privilege. Until very recently, until really last summer after the release of Mark Levine’s book American Marxism most Americans weren’t aware of this teaching going on in their public schools. School boards were trying to put a friendly face on the activity because there wasn’t much they could do about it, so they tried to hide the fact from even themselves with all the feel-good awards that go on politically. But the effect on the kids was unmistakable. Children are now the products of this teaching, and it shows in what they have learned and now communicate to the world. 

I spoke at the 2-hour and 51-minute mark in defense of Darbi and to illustrate how sexual grooming had been introduced to children through the Pride Movement, which has hijacked rainbows to soft-sell alternative sexual lifestyles to young people. Of course, this led to a lot of heckling from the audience that wasn’t heard much by the video audio because the microphones were feeding the video source, and the audience didn’t have microphones. But you can see by my reaction when the audience was being ostentatious, and they were like that all evening, for the entire length of the meeting. They came to fight and prove their point. And the purpose of their aggression was to hide what they were up to. And it worked for the most part. This isn’t the kind of thing that the media circus provoked by the school board to get rid of Darbi Boddy wanted to report on. Their story angle was that the community didn’t support the new school board member and the demands for her resignation forced her off the board. But that’s not the story they got, and you could see the disappointment on their faces around 10 PM that night once they had missed all their media deadlines for the 11 PM news. Rather, the support for Darbi Boddy from the audience was much stronger than anybody thought it would be. I was certainly one, but I wasn’t the only one. And that was with the audience packed with radical lunatics who obviously have a very aggressive political agenda against the kids in the school, as was evident by the backs of their chairs and the signs they held up during the whole meeting. 

To know that CRT is being taught in Lakota schools, just look at what they do and what kinds of kids have been produced from the public school. Listen to what they say, which was a lot during that meeting, especially toward the end. Then judge that based on what they do, the signs, the heckling, the attempt to pack the room to give the media cameras the illusion of public sentiment. Like I said to them, the room was a small one; it didn’t represent anything close to the 8000 voters who had just voted for Darbi Boddy to do precisely what she was in trouble for, to uncover evidence of sexual grooming in Lakota’s classrooms and to get CRT out of the school altogether. She wasn’t going to be able to do that following rules that the teacher’s union created to hide their bad behavior. But in actuality, she didn’t even need to do that much. The evidence was at the school board meeting. Radicalism was apparent for all to see. Many of the people who supported Darbi Boddy were afraid to come and speak, and I can see why. In the video, you can see where my wife got entangled with some of the most vocal radicals in the audience. They called over the police to seek protection because my wife challenged them to a further debate after the meeting was done, and they didn’t want to do it. Most people don’t want to go to a school board meeting to fight, but the radicals clearly came there to do just that.

The media circus created by the school board in an effort to get rid of their newest member-only reported that part of the story, ignoring the worst elements that were openly displayed for all to witness. The only conclusion that could be made from the meeting is that CRT and sexual grooming are happening aggressively in Lakota and all public schools. And that those same radical elements which have been crying to defund the police over the last few years need a taste of their own medicine. Those who don’t want to see CRT in their public schools should develop their own slogan to defund the schools for the damage they are causing our children. The pain that Issac Adi was trying to articulate at the end of the meeting is the unsaid aspect of the whole enterprise. Public schools are very political; they are political indoctrination machines intent on turning our kids against us as a nation. Groups like Black Lives Matters and The 1619 Project have made them so through the funding machine at the federal and state level. We will never see CRT if we attempt to make public schools non-political, which most board members want to do. They want to save public schools and to make them centerpieces of the entire community. But public schools are too far gone for that; the corrosive political influence of Marxist extremists has already been doing their work for many decades. They wanted to blame Darbi for destroying that illusion, and it didn’t work. Rather, the evidence was all around them, and they could not see it because they didn’t want to admit to themselves the obvious. CRT isn’t just all over the walls of Lakota; it’s in the radicals who were the products of public education right in front of their faces. And it was disgusting to see.    

Rich Hoffman

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The Honesty of Deception: Biolabs in Ukraine, Covid murders, and the Desecrators of Davos wanting to rule the world

Often the best propaganda in the world is the truth. Obviously, someone like Vladimir Putin would know that and use it to his advantage, which is the case of the leak from Russia about the many Biolabs in Ukraine that apparently have sponsorship from the United States and were a concern during the invasion. Things haven’t been going as well as Russia would like in that war, and Putin needs to change the story in his favor. But the guilt of the Western socialist countries trying to play chess with the former communist country turned pure statist allows for information warfare to be utilized by an opposing party, and its clearly working to Putin’s advantage. Putin also knows that the American government does not represent the American people; that has been the problem with globalism in how John Kerry believes in it. As Kerry said to Klaus Schwab’s Desecrators of Davos group, the politics in the United States is volatile currently, so climate religion will have to be fought by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. So we have an entire political class in America that hostile foreign actors have captured, whether from the Desecrators of Davos, China, Russia, wherever who are off and doing malicious things to America without the voters supporting them. That’s the volatility Kerry talks about as he represents the Biden administration. Putin knows this and sees this.

Just as he did during 2016 when Russia knew bad stuff about Hillary Clinton, that information found its way into Wikileaks and eventually the media in general. I was a part of that. I actually had the opportunity to be at the Ecuadorian Embassy in England where Julian Assange was held up during all that information warfare, so I saw it close. The information may have come from Russia, but Hillary Clinton conducted the villainy just as these Biolabs were kept secret and are now exposed to the world by Russia. It’s good to know about them; our own government has been lying to us. Russia is exploiting that information to make them look like good guys. But he’s only helping us with this information to justify his own actions. That doesn’t suddenly make him a good guy on the world stage. 

Many people don’t know that the entire Democrat Party in America was created by the Russians and their massive network of disinformation warfare that has been going on to take down capitalism since 1919. The party platform of Democrats is essentially a KGB creation meant to destroy America during the Cold War. Today they have aligned themselves with the Desecrators of Davos, who are now at war with Russia over the Ukraine matter. Russia is fighting for nationalism as the Desecrators of Davos are fighting for global domination. But they are all bad characters and always have been. Bad, in this case, is determined by their hatred of the American Constitution. Anyone working against that should be said to be a villain in the world. Having Russia tattle on the illegal and malicious work of our government in Ukraine may be helpful in the goals of American national preservation. Still, it doesn’t make the MAGA movement of Trump suddenly aligned with Putin. It just means that the creation of the KGB for a century is suddenly working against the interests of Russia’s desire to maintain national power. China and Russia are aligned on this topic with the MAGA movement in the United States for the same reasons as the Democrats, and the Desecrators of Davos within the World Economic Forum are aligned for mutual benefit. The United Nations are the most obvious threat in the world presently. Information warfare thus can become the most confusing element in society because it is happening by almost every faction, and for ordinary people, it’s impossible to tell what’s going on. 

Not to sell my book at every opportunity, my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, but this is precisely why I wrote that book. One of the strategy aspects I point out in it is understanding the American game of poker very well and learning to master the elements of deception, which comes naturally with all human interaction. Poker is a game about managing risk and rewards through the manipulations of information warfare. Are the other players bluffing? Do they have a good hand? Are they going to go all in, or will they fold? Poker is a great game that I play every day. I have a poker table set up in my professional office that I play every day. And the people I deal with all the time play it with me. It’s not about wasting time when people should be working in life; it’s about teaching the arts of deception and making the elements of the games of life work to your advantage to win in those engagements. But by becoming proficient with poker, people can then train their minds for the deception that comes with all elements of the human race. To ask the world to be honest and straightforward is too much. Humans are not inclined to such behavior. That’s not to say they aren’t genuine. Putin, in his revelation of the Biolabs, is being honest. Putin and Wikileaks were sincere about the Spirit Cooking from John Podesta’s email where his password was easy enough, “password,” to discover. The Clinton campaign was involved in a scandal against Bernie Sanders and the DNC that year. All that was true. It wasn’t Putin’s fault Hillary was crooked. He exposed it for his advantage, just as he’s doing now with the Biolabs. But the value of the exchange comes from the chips that are on the table in the games of life. Deception is honest if you know how to read it, and that’s why I teach all those around me to understand the American game of poker. Its all about managing risk while understanding value based on the level of deception the other players are throwing your way. They may not tell you what they are up to, but you can tell by the way they bet, by how they shift in their seats, and by how they hold their cards. Yes, as I teach in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, poker is a great way to defend yourself and grab an advantage in a deceptive world run by deceptive human beings who use their creativity for malice at every opportunity. 

The trick is in not expecting the other players at the table to be honest, but to react in their own self-interest and see the honesty of that preservation as the indicator of the truth. The Desecrators of Davos don’t get to rally all their enemies behind them against Russian nationalism by showing a constant flow of children dead in the street, as Dr. Fauci contemplates retirement on the propaganda networks hoping to put the mistakes of Covid and their mass casualty policies behind them. Russia may be putting out an all-out assault of information warfare, hoping to create a Civil War in America to keep a unified front off their borders. But the United Nations is a more significant threat and was the originator of the mess in Ukraine, to begin with. The Desecrators of Davos types have brought so much corruption to that country and set off the global conflict. But to see things clearly, everyone needs to understand the game and what kind of wins can be won from it. Russia is not suddenly our friend. But the pressures of the game can be, and that’s what we are seeing coming out of this war between Russia and Ukraine and the manipulations from the Desecrators of Davos. It can be hard to tell who the good guys are and the bad guys. Perhaps they are all bad guys. But the value of the victory is how you can tell what’s morally correct and what is not. And the Biolabs in Ukraine coming out of what we know about Covid is a big win for all of us who stand for truth and justice. The pressures of war have revealed things of great value, and its time to go all in.

Rich Hoffman

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The Watergate of Butler County: When politicians try to get rid of other politicians by abusing the law

There have been many problems with the Roger Reynolds case in Butler County, Ohio since Fox 19 did a story during the 2021 election season featuring several prominent Republicans in a corruption scandal. One of which was a guy I have known for a long time to be an excellent auditor for the county in Roger Reynolds. Reviewing some of the details of the case, I considered it a simple land dispute among long-time neighbors. Reynolds has lived in Butler County much of his life, and sometimes, relationships like Thanksgiving dinners can get wobbly. And when you have family involved and emotions, and you are trying to be a public servant still, sometimes the gray areas can blend in the lines a bit. But as I said, when I think of Roger Reynolds, I think of high quality, competent public service, the best that government can offer. I have always been and continue to be very proud to have Roger Reynolds as the auditor for my county. I am proud of how the public officials generally conduct themselves in Butler County. I understand everyone doesn’t get along all the time, but for government, I think the public officials in Butler County are some of the best in the country, so I took exception to the hit piece by Fox 19 in Cincinnati. And how that real estate case ended up with charges from a grand jury of three felony indictments and two misdemeanors related to corruption, which could lead to 7 years in jail, was baffling. That is until I read a fantastic book by Geoff Shepard about Watergate called The Nixon Conspiracy

We all know Watergate, the breaking in of the DNC headquarters by G. Gordan Liddy and others on behalf of President Nixon to do opposition research. As it turned out, Nixon was innocent of the whole thing. In documents released in 2018 finally by Geoff Shepard, who worked on the case for 50 years trying to defend President Nixon from the embarrassment pushed upon him, we have learned that the prosecution didn’t like Nixon. They conspired with the law to get rid of him. Nixon never knew what the prosecution had given by way of a “road map” to the Grand Jury. And that forced him to react in all kinds of ways that looked guilty, leading the court of public opinion to put so much pressure on Nixon that he just resigned for the country’s own good. And after getting to know the situation involved in this Roger Reynolds case, that is precisely what has been going on against him. The law has been abused by many political rivals, the mushy Republicans who just don’t like Roger for several reasons, which I’ll get into. But they have taken the complaint of someone and blown it out of proportion to fulfill a politically motivated manipulation of the law and gross abuse of power that really is unforgivable. How do I know? Well, I know the players on all sides. I generally like them all. I view the situation more like a human resource problem than a legal one. But the abuse of power and manipulation of the legal system to be weaponized is another matter. This one goes all the way up to the Attorney General of Ohio, David Yost. The pressure campaign coming out of Yost’s office was essentially the same applied to Nixon. 

I wouldn’t have let myself think any of that was possible until I found out about the Grand Jury submission by the prosecutors in the Nixon case that was completely fabricated. We all would hope that journalism would have figured all that out a long time ago. It shouldn’t have taken 50 years to figure it all out. But it makes you wonder how often that kind of thing goes on, especially by those who knew they got away with destroying a president. They tried it again with President Trump. And apparently, that tactic is used all over the United States by politically motivated prosecutors and law enforcement that think it’s their right to override the voters’ opinion by destroying the lives of the politicians they elect, just because they don’t like them. In Roger’s case, he’s really good at his job, which certainly makes politicians who don’t want to work that hard to be upset. Roger is a total disclosure guy who opens his books to show all how he spends money. And many don’t want to open their books up in such a way.

Additionally, politics can be friendly. Everyone shakes hands at the picnics. They hire each other’s family members out of kindness. That is until Covid comes along and re-wrote the attendance rules. Roger’s office let go some of those family members because they stopped showing up for work, and of course, that upset other elected officeholders who decided that they’d get Roger back. Now to me, that’s an easy problem to solve. People can shake hands and smooth things out. But things get out of control when they take the law into their own hands to try to destroy people’s lives out of pure meanness. Clearly, David Yost and his advocates wanted to force Roger Reynolds out of office just as Nixon had been pushed. Roger has done the right thing and stayed on the job to fight this out. And this past week, the Supreme Court supported him.

At the heart of these accusations of corruption is an audiotape, which I have included here. On it, Roger supposedly asked for a 200K consulting fee to help navigate the developers through this real estate endeavor. I’ve listened to that recording many times, and I only hear a very astute professional talking business with businesspeople. Now for some career politicians who want to destroy the life of a guy who is a pain in their neck, I think they heard what they wanted to hear. When you read the paper trail of the case against Roger Reynolds, it becomes quite clear that there are a lot of “feelings” articulated in the accusations. This is what courts are for, and without all the political tampering that has been injected into this case, resolutions would smooth out on their own. But what has happened is that the case was taken over by political activism in how rival employees try to sabotage each other in the workplace. And it is not reflective of the Butler County Republican Party. Instead, the pressure of an outstanding elected representative in Roger Reynolds has challenged many who aren’t so good and don’t like it and have plotted his demise. And that’s not how things are supposed to work in politics. Aside from the pending case, which is Roger’s business with the other parties involved, he is also up for reelection, making this recording all the more critical. I’ll be voting for Roger Reynolds again. I think he has done a fantastic job. I like his rival in this election, Bruce Jones. I have a lot of good history with Bruce. But on this election, the guy on the recording included here is the kind of guy I want doing the business of auditing in Butler County. And if he makes other politicians mad with the pressure of his greatness, then that’s all the better and a job very well done.

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci is the Trump Candidate for Governor in Ohio: The corrupt DeWine counts on the swamp to protect him in a low turnout primary

I know it’s tough. Nobody likes Mike DeWine, the current Governor of Ohio. Even the establishment Republicans who have kissed his ring and endorsed him through the State Central Committee. Everyone I talk to would like to vote for an option, but they think the reality is defined by corruption and that DeWine’s money machine will win in the primary no matter what happens with Jim Renacci. Since the primary is near, I must remind everyone of how it was in 2016 when Trump was on the ticket. All the same, characters were backing John Kasich. He was the establishment guy, the unbeatable goliath. Trump didn’t stand a chance.

Nobody cared because Trump was just an old television celebrity who wrote a few books when I went to events and met Trump. In the political world, that’s how they saw him. What did he know about politics? I would go to VIP events and see seat reservations for all the well-known area Republicans who went unfilled. The people who ended up sitting in those seats were truck drivers, factory workers, and other pick-up truck driving, flag-waving patriots who were there for the same reason I was, to vote for a guy who most represented us, not the Deep State Swamp. Of course, after Trump beat Kasich in Ohio, the political world was shattered, and those empty seats quickly filled with supporters who were nudging in front of me to get a picture with President Trump. I didn’t care. I was happy to see it. Trump brought unity to the Republican Party in ways I had never seen before, and as for John Kasich, he disappeared from the earth quickly. Where is he today? Well, he and Dr. Fauci are likely in a hot tub together someplace hiding from the world, which would be good advice for them.

If the Trump Republicans show up to vote for Jim Renacci in the May primary, DeWine will be defeated. I know the risk is that whoever comes out against DeWine will be remembered. He’s like that. He is a powerful politician not because he is good but because he runs his place in the Republican Party like a mob boss. Get on his bad side, and you’ll find yourself swimming with the fishes. He won’t physically kill you. He’s a shrimpy little man and would be easy to swat away. But he has made up for that over the years with political command of the world around him.   There is a reason Ohio is the first state in corruption among all 50 states. It’s not just the FirstEnergy scandal driven by greenie weenie assaults on Ohio’s power grid; it’s because of how Mike DeWine runs his political circles. Nobody wants to work with Mike DeWine the day after an election where they got caught speaking out against him. It’s a huge risk to their careers. I get it. But just remember, fortune favors the bold, and the way politics is supposed to work is that these politicians work for us, not the other way around. Mike DeWine is number 1 in corruption because of this sentiment. He uses politics to gain power he doesn’t otherwise have, which we saw firsthand during Covid. Mike DeWine ran Ohio during his first term as Governor well to the political left of most Democrats. He runs as a conservative but the minute he wins an office; he legislates to the extreme left. 

I said months ago this was how it would be; all kinds of good Republicans smell the blood in the water and think they can beat DeWine because he’s so weak politically because of how terribly he destroyed people’s lives during the Covid shutdowns. Mike DeWine was just as bad as even the worse of the Blue State governors. In many ways, DeWine led all governors into the shutdown protocols, which opened the door for the massive devastation that occurred to Ohio businesses during Covid. Even more troubling, Mike DeWine asked the legislature for emergency powers a year before Covid happened in 2020.   DeWine has a history of serving the United Nations much more than he does the United States, and he seems to be involved in every Deep State scandal with his ear to the wind. We’ve seen some scary stuff from Mike DeWine during his first term as Governor of Ohio, and we have a chance to remove him and put someone much better in power. Someone much more Trump-like, or even more specifically, like Ron DeSantis of Florida. With Jim Renacci, we have a chance to have a candidate like that. If the Trump supporters show up on primary election day and vote, Mike DeWine wouldn’t have a chance. To me, it’s a low-risk endeavor. But the traditional machine politicians who have thrown themselves behind Mike DeWine know that primaries don’t have typical voters in them. They are the Central Committee types who care about politics seven days a week, not just one time a year or every four years like what we see in popular elections. So for them, voting for Renacci is a gamble many of them can’t afford to lose because it’s all about voter turnout, which they don’t think will be very robust.

Jim Renacci, who I have gotten to know a bit over the years, is the only candidate for Governor in Ohio who can call President Trump any time he wants. Blystone is a good guy in this Governor’s race. And I like Candace Keller and others who want to get involved. But in a tight race, and this is what the DeWine people know, all those challenges are going to split the rebellion vote, meaning the smart money will be left behind DeWine, and the Governor would then win a second term, even though he doesn’t come close to deserving it. DeWine has played this game before. He knows what the other establishment Republicans know, that primary elections are low voter turnout endeavors, and people likely won’t be thinking about Trump. So they will be shy to rally behind Jim Renacci and vote for him in the primary. The actual die-hards who want to see change and reform will split their votes up among the other challengers because none of them could get their act straight before the election, and chaos prevails, giving us more of Mike DeWine. That is how corruption stays in power. That is why we still have Mitch McConnell as the projected leader in the Senate. That is why more people in Congress do not fight to defend our border from illegal immigration. That is why the Swamp just gets deeper and deeper in Washington. In the end, the Swamp is deep because people keep voting for it. The fault ultimately falls on the voters for supporting it in elections like this one. People complain about how corrupt Mike DeWine is and how it would be great to get rid of him. They know that the 20 billion investments from Intel are coming to Ohio despite Mike DeWine, not because of him. Ohio is a great place. It just has had bad, bad governors, from John Kasich to now the extreme leftist from Yellow Springs hippie town, Mike DeWine. And with a perfect alternative right in front of our faces in Jim Renacci, the only Trump candidate on the ballot, the option we have is evident if only we have the guts to take it. 

There is a difference between supporting Trump and being a Trump candidate. I think most of the DeWine challengers are supportive of Trump. But when I first met Jim Renacci, for the very first time, it was coming off Air Force One with President Trump and Melania; the best First Lady America has ever had. Trump had asked Jim to run against Sherrod Brown in the Senate so that Republicans could gain a seat in the Senate. Jim almost beat the long-time progressive. He came very close. And in this case, DeWine is a very weak candidate. He is very weak with the Republican base, so if we are ever going to take down an establishment RINO, this would be the time. For those who want to vote for Trump and want an Ohio version of Ron DeSantis’s style of government, Jim Renacci is that person.   But first, people have to have the guts to show up and vote in the primary, at a time when most people are thinking about spring and summer and aren’t thinking about politics. It starts with voters. If they stay home and allow corruption to gain another term with Mike DeWine, then who is it to blame? Voters have a chance, but do they have the guts to take it? I certainly think it’s worth doing, and I will be voting for Jim Renacci no matter what, with great enthusiasm. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Nixon Conspiracy: It’s much worse now, assassinate the individual to preserve the Beltway

After reading The Nixon Conspiracy, by Geoff Shepard, coming up on the 50th anniversary of Watergate, it is evident that Richard Nixon was a very good man, an excellent president, and that the world owes him an apology. Shepard in 2018 was able to unseal documents that showed the prosecution’s roadmap against President Nixon, which was presented to the Grand Jury at the time, was 100% a political hit. It took him 50 years of research as an original defense team member to gather all the evidence to show it. You might recall that Hillary Clinton was part of the prosecution as a young person then. This case brewed in Shepard all these years as he has spent his life trying to prove that Nixon was innocent and what he found out was that the prosecution really had nothing in their prosecution road map that was the truth. It turned out to be very similar to the modern-day Russian Dossier that Democrats funded; it was wholly made up and withheld from the defense during the time of the trials that put several Watergate conspirators in jail for a bit, G. Gordon Liddy, Howard Hunt, some ex-CIA Cubans, and John Dean. He later flipped his story to the prosecution angle once he realized that the whole thing was a political hit on Nixon that none of them would survive. The cover-up always answered the pressure from the media and a prosecution that conspired with the judges in the case to abandon all due process, particularly the 5th and 6th amendments, and destroy a popularly picked president.  Nixon wasn’t one of them, he was an outsider, and even Republicans wanted him out. So, they used the system to get him out and bring untold destruction to our country, which has never really recovered. 

This is relevant to our present circumstances because we just watched all this happen to President Trump, except on steroids. We did with the Washington D.C. Beltway culture to empower all the malcontents in the same way Vladimir Putin was empowered after invading Crimea to invade Ukraine presently because nobody had responded to him with force when it happened the first time. Putin crossed the red line, and nobody punched him in the face. So, of course, he made more extensive plans for the future, which we see playing out today. I did read Bill Bar’s new book, One Damn Thing After Another, this week and found it wholly unremarkable except for the revelation of what a Beltway type of person thinks, which is how many of the prosecutors and judges got pulled into the conspiracy against Nixon, then Trump in the context of the three branches of government wanting to assassinate the presidency out of sheer resentment by the type of person the people of the country picked to sit there. Barr has a certain arrogance, a belief that the system is more significant than any individual, and a hatred for what the individual represents to the system they have served their whole lives. But more than that, they hate the people who are individuals out there in flyover country who don’t respect their power in Washington. That, in essence, was what Watergate was all about. After the killing of the Kennedys, a new kind of political hit became the latest fashion. And the playbook was tried out on Nixon. It was successful. So it was then applied for the next 50 years culminating in a four-year period of two impeachments, a phony Russia, Russia, Russia investigation against Trump using the exact same methods. And when none of that worked, they pulled the nuclear option with Covid to change laws and rig the election. Bill Barr clearly knows that’s what happened, but like John Dean before him, Barr altered his story to preserve the system at the expense of the individual. Trump needed to be brought down to protect their system at all costs. 

But that system doesn’t serve the people; it serves the Beltway. And when we elect presidents that they don’t like as the popular majority in the nation under the electoral system, the system has created ways to terminate that action because they control the rules and regulations of our land and in the case of the declassified documents from Watergate unsealed in 2018 finally, we see that the prosecution made up the entire narrative and that Judge John Sirica conspired with the prosecution ahead of all court dates to seal the deal before the deal was ever presented. Only so many years later, after some of these people have died away or retired into oblivion, can we see things clearly. And by now, the media has hammered this story into the public consciousness. When people think of Nixon and the Republicans, they think of corruption. The Washington Post reporters who broke this story with the help of Deep Throat, who drove the narrative in public, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, saw themselves as the fourth branch of government, co-equal. True or not, they would bring down President Nixon and change how the public felt about him. Nixon, a good guy, tried to play fair, but the game wasn’t fair. For him, it was like playing Battleship. The media and the prosecution would send a missile his way, and he blindly had to figure out where it was coming from on the board on the other side. Is it G1 or M24? Eventually, as the impeachment trial kicked into gear in the House, Nixon felt it would be better for America if he resigned. He wasn’t sure if his people had actually screwed up, so he didn’t see any way out of it. He had his share of Bill Barr lawyers telling him to preserve the system at the expense of the individual, so Nixon resigned. He shouldn’t have. He should have fought it out. But that is hindsight talking. He wouldn’t have known just how deeply corrupt the system had been against him. Only 50 years of investigation would reveal that. 

Geoff Shepard has written the most important book on Watergate that has ever been done. All the movies, other books, and countless hours of commentary have been wrong. Just as they turned out to be one-sided against Trump. We are seeing with Watergate assassinations against the people’s right to pick their Executive Office representative. They did it to Nixon. They actually tried to do it with Reagan. Still, after he actually took a bullet from Hinckley in his first term, the Beltway backed off, not wanting to be associated with further public relations issues. Reagan was a skillful actor, and they feared his ability to communicate. But they certainly did it to Bush, who complied like a loser. And Trump was not an option for them; he never was. They were going to teach us all a lesson for voting for him in the first place. And those people are still very much in power. And they won’t give that power up willingly. It will have to be forced from them in very uncomfortable ways. But at least now we know. Geoff Shepard has written the paramount book of the Watergate experience and showed the nation just what a good president Nixon had always been. But the system was too corrupt for him and for the people who picked him. And what we now know is that system is much worse now than it was in Nixon’s day. The corruption now is much, much worse. 

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Batman’ is an 11 out of 10: The root of all corruption comes from bad parenting

If you are thinking of seeing The Batman at the movie theater, waste no more time doing so. Just go do it. I think the new film in the Batman franchise is one of the best ever, and it’s a top 50 movie of all time, directed by Matt Reeves and acted by Robert Pattinson. Just talking about good movies; they just don’t make them much better than this one, at nearly 3 hours long. Technically it hits all the cylinders in a very satisfying way. The music is great, the cinematography, sound design, direction, acting, everything is fantastic. There is a love for this subject that obviously comes out of the filmmakers. They painstakingly put that love into every shot of the film, and it shows both behind the camera and in front of it. When you think of a movie that has been done so much, it is easy to be skeptical that anything substantial could come out of a new version of Batman. But this was clearly a fresh take on an idea that Warner Bros. has been building for nearly a century. And it culminated in this film. It reminded me of one of my favorite Dirty Harry films from back in the 70s called Magnum Force. It explores corruption on both sides of the law and why there is a need for good people to step in and fight for justice. But there is, of course, more depth to it than that, and that is why this film is an exceptional one with great artistic value for a culture like we have in our modern one in desperate need of clarity on the definitions for existence. There is big stuff in The Batman that is valuable on many levels, and for that reason, I can’t recommend it enough. I’d give it an 11 out of 10 stars. Go see it now!

I’d go further in scale in recommending this movie because there is an underlying element to it that says a lot about modern culture and its failures. This is the best Batman character I’ve ever seen in any form, comics, television show, or movie. At no point in the film does this Batman waiver in his resolution to fight for good and to fight for justice. He is never tempted or shoved over the edge, only to be redeemed later. He is solid throughout the entire film, and in the end, he becomes a great leader instead of a hiding recluse. Coming out of the Covid years, there is a lot that this film has to say about the state of our world. And this is not a Hollywood progressive offering of nonsense. It’s an honest story examining real human issues, and as Batman faces those issues, he is a solid pillar of virtue through the entire event. Apparently, they are planning to make three of these Batman movies, and if they put the kind of effort into the following two as they did this one, I can’t imagine what that will look like. The amount of work it took to make this The Batman movie is on a big scale that it would be hard to duplicate, ever. The focus on all the little details is overwhelming. This is Hollywood at its best. It’s just a shame that we can’t get more films like this from an industry that has turned so radically left politically. I would not say that this Batman film is political in the way of Republicans and Democrats, but it does explore in detail the cause of all corruption and gets into the weeds in a better way than even the best of the mobster films ever produced. In many ways, I kept thinking of Scarface from the 80s as a comparative film to what they pulled off with The Batman

Yet, the best part of The Batman is that it honestly explores the nature of evil and what leads to all corruption, and that is when the adults let kids down. Parents’ impact on children is a real, unexplored problem in our modern society. Governments have even attempted to replace the parents in society with government supervision, which has worsened the situation. We now have a culture in real life that has produced millions and millions of villains like the Riddler in this movie, the primary bad guy. But I found myself understanding the Riddler quite a lot.   Who could blame him for his anger when the world he sees is so corrupt, and all the parental figures in his life were robbed away from him? The constant theme in The Batman is the cost to young people when adults let them down. When dad runs off with a cheap whore. Or when the District Attorney spends the night in a risqué club instead of staying home with the kid’s doing cocaine with young women draped from his arms. When kingpin fathers manipulate the entire police force and have illegitimate children all over the place, leaving those kids to feel abandoned and broken as adults. The real villains in The Batman are the parents who fell short and left their children without something to hold on to, turning them into adults, broken and vengeful.   What is the cause of all crime and corruption, bad parenting? As I sat watching the movie, I looked around at the glassy eyes of the parents taking their kids to see this film.   Could the parents relate to the good guys or the bad guys? Or was it just too much for them?

I understood Batman and the Riddler. At the end of the film, I loved the question, which was the same posed to Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force. Who is good, and who is bad?   What does it mean to fight for what’s good when most of what’s going on in the world are so bad? Is any of it worth fighting for at all? Should we just leave the world and head for the country as Catwoman did at the end, warning Batman that his fight for justice would likely kill him? And when Batman said to her that he had to try to save the city, it’s the same things we are now saying about our country. Is it worth saving? Should we fight at all, given all the corruption that we see? It’s a worthy question, one that we are all asking in our own specific ways. These are complicated things to think about, but this movie, The Batman, has a definitive statement on it, and I think it’s a great definition that will take time for many to let wash over them. This is a movie worth seeing for more than entertainment. It’s what families should watch together and figure out their place after that where they fit into the puzzle. And hopefully, in the end, the resolution is that they’ll want to be more like Batman than the other characters.   And parents will want to be good role models for their kids instead of just the lately louse that fills the halls of corruption in almost every institution created by mankind. Despite the enormous responsibility it requires to bring children into the world, it is worth doing. But the job only gets more complicated the older they get, and if there is a lesson in the movie, The Batman, failing in that job can lead to all the corruption we see in Gotham City and the greater world in general. 

Rich Hoffman

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Populism is the Weakness of Davos: The Fed has sold us all out, and now we have to rethink how much power they should have

As scary as it is, we’ve been here before in America. We can survive this, even as we learn of the sinister forces that have embedded themselves into our government and are presently threatening the world and everyone in it. I will admit reading Christopher Leonard’s Lords of Easy Money opened my eyes to a terrible menace at the Federal Reserve. I am thankful that there are people like Thomas Hoenig out there who was the star of that book and were soft “Rs” on the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) as the bank president of Kansas, who was during a reckless period of quantitative easing was the only dissenting vote on the 12 person committee. If all twelve members of the FOMC were like him, I would say that the Federal Reserve would do what it was supposed to do, which is manage the value of the American dollar in a proper way with the world. But, when members of that FOMC are extreme liberals or overly educated in Keynesian economics like Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, then the propensity for trouble and eventual scandal is all too tempting and justifies everything that President Andrew Jackson feared about central banking in America. And for that matter, this argument goes back to a significant dispute between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton wanted a strong central government, whereas Jefferson was the king of the Anti-Federalist position against them. Time has only proven Jefferson and Jackson correct about them. And today, we find ourselves in precisely the reason why they were so dangerous. Our current Fed has created an exacerbated “monied aristocracy” that has sold out our country to globalism and is a significant problem. If not for Hoenig’s dissenting votes, we might not know how bad it is. If not for those decisions, for finance reporters like Christopher Leonard, a liberal, he may not have been drawn to this story, which probably nobody thought would ever see the light of day. But because he did, we know that the Fed has created a massive asset bubble that has opened the door to major foreign influence and set us up in a vulnerable way to the Party of Davos, where Larry Fink directly has been the bridge that has connected them all, the Party of Davos, the Fed, China, and progressive woke politics pressed directly into all our lives in a very destructive way. 

Knowing all that, of course, people are worried. They think it’s all too late, that we’ve all been sold out, and that it’s over for America. But fortunately, this is an old argument in America, and we know how it can end because President Jackson showed us how to go about this. The amount of dollars involved is much more significant today than it was in 1828, but the concept is the same. Should there be a central bank running the money of America? Can it run correctly? And what are the dangers of a Federal Reserve getting out of control to where they no longer represent ordinary people but fall under the supervision of a foreign entity like the Party of Davos, where Larry Fink sits on the Board of Trustees at the World Economic Forum. When people talk about the “elite,” they are talking about these types of people, people who control the money supply and its value. Most people glaze over when talking about money. They just want to know that the money they earn can buy them a tank of gas or lunch. They don’t like the meetings in Jackson Hole, where the FOMC meets yearly and geeks out over finance talk. I personally find it all fascinating. I follow the meetings in Jackson Hole, which is where I bought my new Stetson cowboy hat, the white one I have been wearing everywhere these days. I like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, because many important things happen there, and it’s a very nice town. I don’t have a problem with the Fed as long as all the members of the FOMC are like Thomas Hoenig. Actually, I’d want them to be more conservative than him. I think we need a way to manage our money. But we must always watch the kind of people who are in charge of our money. I don’t expect it to be a perfect system. But I don’t expect the Fed to sell us all out as this modern Fed has. And for the monied class to use those mistakes to destroy our country was always the worry. Jackson and Jefferson were right from the beginning.

Ultimately, I think the fix at the minimum due to our current problem will be much more painful than what the country went through when Jackson was president. There will be lots of pain resulting from the Fed’s coming out and the eventual collapse of the asset bubble they have created. The Party of Davos has bet everything on this monied class sell-out by our current Washington D.C. culture. It doesn’t take much imagination to trace everything regarding election fraud, Covid, and the constant press attacks on Trump, the two impeachments, and investigations on the criminals who have been built off these artificially created asset bubbles. Suppose you peel back the curtain on Hillary Clinton’s Durham revelations, or the Biden laptop, or the FBI falling under control of the disptribution of budget money, or the Department of Defense activism into global affairs. In all those cases, you will find at the root of that Hydra of Evil the trillions and trillions of dollars the Fed printed out of thin air that allowed Wall Street to sell as assets to investors in a scam that will prove to be the most significant corruption case in world history. I would advise everyone to cash out their 401k plans now before the bubble bursts because it will. It has to. And the Party of Davos people are hoping that there is some major war in the world that can divert people’s eyes from the matter before they figure it out. Put this statement on your calendars, the Wall Street investment managers could not afford a second Trump term, and now that they know one is coming anyway, they are scrambling in panic. Their sell-out of our country is going to be noticed. 

But for everyone else, they can rest assured that the weakness of the Party of Davos people, people like Larry Fink, who we all have to deal with in some way or another, whether through our investment portfolios or our companies where BlackRock representatives have taken control of management, the biggest fear they have is in the rise of populism, just as it was in Jackson’s day. Trump is a populist, and populism is rising worldwide in reaction to what people see. They may not understand how dangerous this current Federal Reserve asset bubble is to the American economy, and thus, to the rest of the world. But they know that the mysterious “elites” are up to no good, and they instinctively know to be skeptical of them. I don’t think of those people as “elite.” I don’t even think of them as being smart. I know that the Fed doesn’t control the American economy. But the Fed and the government itself are terrified of losing control of their “monied class” in the Beltway. Ultimately, when we talk about draining the swamp, we are talking about taking control of our money from the centralized planners. We will survive that exchange. But they likely won’t, and as they go down in flames, they are going to scream and protest. It will be ugly, but the pain will be felt by those who have made their livings stealing our wealth and using it for their own means.

In populism, the people who actually do all the work will be empowered. And as we deal with the current crises and look forward to Trump being the president again in 2024, while on Biden’s watch, the Fed needs to have its collapse. Larry Fink needs to be shown for the fraud he is, and the Party of Davos needs to have their hands cut off from our money supply which they are using to invoke the world into their domination. It’s time to take our country back, starting with reform at the Fed, with an audit at the very least. And possibly, a complete reconstruction of how we manage the value of our dollar. The members of the FOMC are obviously not able to fight off corruption, and it’s time we start there in properly reforming our country with an American First policy that is defined by our money. And to Hell with the bandits who have been caught trying to rob it.

Rich Hoffman

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